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Pinky Monkey Town (Gameboy Advance)

Screen Name (Message board): Squirtle15
Version 1.2

My Email : [email protected]


I.        Contents
II.       About This Game
III.      How To Contact Me
IV.       Legal Information
V.        Version History
VI.       The Characters
VII.      The Controls And The Basics
VIII.     Places List(Incomplete)
           A. Your House
           B. Toy Shop
           C. Electronic Shop
           D. Plant Shop
           E. Link House
           F. Lucky Draw Shop
           G. Playground
           H. Factory
           I. Hammer Arena
           J. House Of Puzzles
           K. Keytello Arena
           L. Candy Maker Machine
           M. House Of Monsters
           N. House Of Wisdom
           O. Card Club
IX.       Mini Games List (Incomplete)
           A. Candy Guess
           B. Factory Panic
           C. Monkey Arena
           D. Puzzle Road
           E. Shouting Monkey
           F. Keytello
           G. Card Game
X.        Shops List (Incomplete)
           A. Electronic Shop
           B. Toy Shop
           C. Furniture Shop
           D. Plant Shop
           E. Lucky Draw Shop
XI.       Tips
XII.      Versions
XIII.     Credits
XIV.      About The Author

In this game, you get to controlled a monkey (you can choose either
the pink one or the white one) which looks funny : ). This game
requires you to buy furnitures and stuff for your house and you need
money! In order to get money in this game, you need to play mini
games or considered a "job" in  thias game. You can gain lots of
money by playing the mini games around and when you think you're a
millionaire, you can buy more stuff than ever for your house! Mind
you, this game is in Japanese but, you don't need to understand the
language to play this game since it's really simple.


Easy! Email me at [email protected] to contact me. You can
ask me any question related to this game and please, no foul
languages or my dad will scold me : ( . Regardless, you might want to
visit the board so that I can easily communicate with you.


Copyright 2002

This FAQ can only be used for these sites:


This FAQ can't be copied or published for money in any way. (Keep
this in mind) . Ask my permission first in order to use this FAQ. In
order to know how to contact me, see the "How To Contact Me" section.
Again, do not steal my precious work! Hope you understand and enjoy
my FAQ!


Version : 1.3
Created : 8/12/2002
Info    : Wow! What a quick update you say? Oh well, just for the
sake of
          finishing my FAQ I guess ^ ^ Add new things from the shop
          section! Another new tip and more info about the Lucky Draw Shop!

Version : 1.2
Created : 8/10/2002
Info    : Add some more items! The places lest is complete! Finally!
          yeah, also add new tips! Check it out! ^ ^

Version : 1.1
Created : 8/3/2002
Info    : I'm so sorry because I actually mess up my FAQ because I didn't
          follow the format :P Sorry if you can't read my FAQ! So, I
          updated my FAQ so it will look nicer ^ ^ Oh yeah, I also add
          some new things which are new places - House Of Wisdom and
          Card Club - and I also add a new mini game called CARD GAME!
          Check it out!!! ^ ^

Version : 1.0
Created : 7/27/2002
Info    : Covers almost every aspect of this game. Shop and Mini game
          are still incomplete! Reveals a little bit about the game and
          basics. Still more to come! ^ ^


Note that I CREATED the names myself since I do not know the actual name ^ ^ Oh
yeah, if i ever missed one single character, please contact me! I'll give you a 
credit for it !Also contact me if you ever discovered the characters's real name!


Pink Monkey      : A pink monkey with small eyes, long tail and innocent
                   look. Themain character! ^ ^

White Monkey     : A white monkey wearing a blue collar? Sparkling
                   (Sheesh) Suitable for someone who hates Pink!

RoboCom          : A robot with a monitor as his head and unknown body.......
                   and he even talks too! He owns the Electronic Shop and
                   sells you Electronic  related stuff.

PlantBoy         : Sorry for the awful name :P Anyway, he has short
                   always smiling no matter what and sells you Plant related
                   stuff! (He also sells you doll!)

ToyGirl          : Again, sorry for the awful name ^ ^ She has long hair
                   blue eyes. She owns the Toy Shop. She sells you toy
                   related stuff! (Visit her often if you love toys!)

OldMan Gen       : Well, he is old with white hair and motionless eyes. He
                   owns the Furniture Shop and sells you lots of furniture
                   related stuff such as colorful tiles and walls!
                   (Note that this also covers carpets!)

Grandma Gen      : She has pink cheeks (oohhh, Pikachu's going to be
                   mad!) She has white hair and wears spectacles and she
                   have a cute cat! She owns the Lucky Draw Shop. Drop by
                   whenever you feel like visiting her cat! Trust me, it's
                   real cutie!

Angeby           : A cute angel inside House Of Wisdom! I'm not sure
                   it's she or he but I'll try using HE now:P He has a
                   ring floating above his head and he loves apples!


More details to come, please wait!


This section covers ALMOST all of the places in this game but it's not
complete! Please wait for more update!

Location      : Location of the place. To be more specific, I'll use the
                MAP. Upper Map(means that you'll have to push the up
                if you're at the lower section of the map. Lower Map means
                you'll have to push the down button if you're at the upper
                map section!

Info          : Info about the place.

Things To Do  : What you can do at the place.

Comments      : My comments about the place:P


Your House

Location      : Lower Map - Middle of the town, opposite the Plant Shop.
Info          : An ordinary looking house
Things To Do  : Arrange your stuff, play with your toys and see your
Comments      : Not much but try to put stuff you love the most in your
                so that it would look really nice!
Toy Shop

Location      : Lower Map - Beside Your House.
Info          : Red Building that looks like a trader machine.
Things To Do  : Buy Stuff.
Comments      : Cool shop that sells neat things!

Electronic Shop

Location      : Lower Map - Beside the Plant Shop.
Info          : Building that looks like a computer.
Things To Do  : Buy Stuff.
Comments      : Cool talking computer!

Plant Shop

Location      : Lower Map - Opposite Your House.
Info          : Looks like a doll of a dog.
Things To Do  : Buy Stuff
Comments      : Wow, flowers REALLY do make you smile : )

Link House

Location      : Lower Map - Opposite the Toy Shop.
Info          : Looks like a mailbox.
Things To Do  : Link to another Gameboy Advance. (GBA)
Comments      : I haven't use this one yet. Any experience on using it?
                Please email me!

Lucky Draw Shop

Location      : Lower Map - Opposite to the Electronic Shop.
Info          : Green Building with white roof.
Things To Do  : Play the Lucky Draw game.
Comments      : Not much.... See the SHOPS LIST section for more info!


Location      : Lower Map - Beside the Electronic Shop.
Info          : Well, it does look like a playground.
Things To Do  : Reset your game the GOOD way.(See TIPS section for more
Comments      : If you want to reset your game, USE THIS PLACE!!!


Location      : Upper Map - Opposite the House Of Monsters.
Info          : Looks like a Factory.
Things To Do  : Play FACTORY PANIC.
Comments      : Visit this place a lot!

Hammer Arena

Location      : Upper Map - Beside the Factory.
Info          : Looks like an arena with big hammers.
Things To Do  : Play MONKEY ARENA.
Comments      : Good place for entertainment.

House Of Puzzles

Location      : Upper Map - Opposite to Keytello Arena .
Info          : Loks like a road of puzzles.
Things To Do  : Play PUZZLE ROAD.
Comments      : Annoying place. You'll spend less time here.... Exception
                those who loves puzzles vey much!
Keytello Arena

Location      : Upper Map - Opposite to House Of Puzzles.
Info          : Looks like a chess board.
Things To Do  : Play KEYTELLO.
Comments      : Cool place for those who loves thinking game.

Candy Maker Machine

Location      : Upper Map - Beside House Of Monsters
Info          : Looks like a candy factory.
Things To Do  : Play CANDY GUESS.
Comments      : If you love candy, visit this place often. :P

House Of Monsters

Location      : Upper Map - Opposite to the Factory.
Info          : Looks like a stadium with Big monsters surrounding it.
Things To Do  : Play SHOUTING MONKEY.
Comments      : Easy game, easy money!

House Of Wisdom

Location      : Upper Map - Opposite to Card Club.
Info          : Looks like a tent.
Things To Do  : See your fortunes and change your name.
Comments      : WARNING!!! This place is dangerous!!! Always SAVE your
                game before entering!Why? See the tips section for more

Card Club

Location      : Upper Map - Beside House Of Monsters.
Info          : Looks like a hand holding cards.
Things To Do  : Play CARD GAME.
Comments      : You'll not visit this place often unless you love card


That should help you going through this game. And please wait for more


MENU(Please take note that this only applies the Menu screen)

A      Button      - Confirm button.(Confirming your choice)
B      Button      - Cancel button. (Canceling your choice)
L      Button      - Do nothing.
R      Button      - Do nothing.
Start  Button      - Do nothing.
Select Button      - Cancel your Menu Screen. (Return back to normal
D      Pad         - To scroll up, down, left and up as well.

YOUR HOUSE(Note that this also applies certain places as well)

A      Button      - Make certain things move. (EX: Your toy robot)
B      Button      - Make a menu with three choices appears. They are:
                     a. Take a walk.    (Go outside your house)
                     b. Keep items.     (This will make your furnitures
                                         stuff disappeared from your room.
                                         Don't worry, you can take em' out
                                         again anytime you want!)
                     c. Take out items. (This will bring you to a screen
                                         where you can take out items that
                                         you bought!)
L      Button      - Do nothing
R      Button      - Show you an item's status
Start  Button      - Do nothing
Select Button      - Cancel your Menu Screen (Return back to normal
                     Brings out 4 menu which are: SAVE, HIGHEST SCORE,
                     and RANKINGS.

When you start your game, three options will appear.

New Game

Choosing the first choice will make you able to start a new game.
Choosing the second choice will make you able to continue from your
previous saved data(info on saving is above!)
Lastly, choosing the third choice will bring you to the option screen.


There are four pictures in the option screen.

_______________                               _______________
|             | Music                         |             | Music
|Picture Of a | ON                            | Picture Of  | STEREO
| Pink Monkey | OFF                           |  a Big Drum | MONO
|wearing a    | Here, you can choose whether  | played by   | Change the
|  headphone  | you want the music to be      |  someone    | type of
|____________ | turned o or off.              |_____________| muic.

_______________                               _______________
|             | Text Speed                    |             | Umm...actually,
|Picture Of a | SLOW MEDIUM FAST              |Picture Of a | I have no
|  Japanese   |                               | green Eraser| what
|text in a    | Here,you can change the speed |with shocked | this
|  green box  | of your text.                 | face        | do!
Sorry :P
   |_______________  |


This section covers some of the mini games and it is not complete! Sorry
for the inconvenience!
Oh yeah, the "How to play" part MAY be wrong so, sorry!:P

Difficulty  : The difficulty level of the games.
Bonus       : What you get if you beat the all the levels in the game.
Note that if it's
              'Unknown' it means that I have yet to beat all the levels
in the game!

Gain        : What you gain after each level.
Profit      : How much you get after you beat the game. ( only applies
              that gain money)
How To Play : Instruction on how to play the mini games.
Rating      : The rating o the games. The higher the better.


1 - 3    = Not recommended.
4 - 6    = Play it.
7 - 10   = Easy money!
10 above = Definitely or Must PLAY!


Difficulty  : Medium.
Gain        : Money.
Bonus       : Unknown.
Profit      : Depends on your bet (usually small)
How To Play : There are 3 candy packs and there are 3 hands below the
              Oh yeah, you must put your bet, sorry :P You must choose
              candy pack holds the love shape candy. If you get the
              shape one, you'll lose. The pack changes everytime so, be
              careful! Oh yeah, if you win, you'll get to double your
              winning money! Recommended in certain conditions.
Rating      : 8


Difficulty  : Easy - Medium - Difficult - Really HARD!(Depends on the
Gain        : Money.
Bonus       : 250 000 to 300 000 !
Profit      : Extremely BIG!(I do mean EXTREMELY BIG!!!)
How to Play : There are three conveyor belt. One is at your upper right,
              other one is at your upper left and the last one is just
              you! During the game, tags with different colors appear on
              conveyor belt. I think you can already guess how to play
              game :P I'll tell you anyway. You must put the tags in the
              box with the same color!

              EX: Yellow tag = Box with a yellow tag at the front.

              Oh yeah, in order to reach the uppers conveyor belt,
              just push either the R button or the L button.
              In order to reach the bin, just press the A or the B
Rating      : 15!!! Cool!


Difficulty  : Medium
Gain        : Money. (note me if I'm wrong)
Bonus       : Unknown.
Profit      : Small
How to Play : There's a scrolling bar at the bottom with grey blocks
              across the bar. When the block is in the center, you'll
              to move and hit your enemy before he does! ( Still
              but BIG THANKS goes to Chuckl163!!! )
Rating      : 3


Difficulty  : EXTREMELY HARD!
Gain        : Free Stuff!(Note me if I'm wrong)
Bonus       : Unknown.
Profit      : -
How To Play : Simple! In this game, you're given a little time and you
              to maneuver yourself in an ANNOYING puzzle road!!! Trust
              it is annoying. You'll have to push the right, left, down
              the up button in order (I think) to find your way out of
              puzzle road. Oh yeah, this game is not worth your time at
              but, you might want to try it since you can find some
              items in this game for your taking!!! And yes, it is FREE!

Rating      : 4 1/2


Difficulty  : Easy - Medium - Hard (Depends on the level.)
Gain        : Money.
Bonus       : Unknown.
Profit      : Need I say more? REALLY BIG!(About 100 000 per play if you
              well enough but, Factory Panic still gives you more money
              though ^ ^ )
How To Play : The game looks a lot like from the Bomberman series but,
              instead of putting bombs around, you'll need to 'shout'
              Japanese word in order to banish your enemy! Beware though
              since some of the enmy have the ability just like yours in
              order to banish you as well! Avoid the big word at all
              You'll lose a life if you got hit by your enemy! The game
              harder as the level increases but it is really worth your
              You might want to play this game often since it scores you
              amount of money in short time!
Rating      : 12!!!


Difficulty  : Hard
Gain        : Unknown ( I haven't beat the com. once in this game!)
Bonus       : Unknown
Profit      : -
How To Play : Easy. It's just the same with Othello. If you do not know
              to play Othello, well, I can't say more :P
Rating      : 5


Difficulty  : Hard?!
Gain        : Money
Bonus       : Unknown
Profit      : 19 980 maximum per turn so, I assume the profit is Big!
How To Play : I don't know yet how to play the game but it game is a lot
              like CANDY GUESS since you need to put your bet! (That's
              I know the maximum money you can get per play ^ ^ )
Rating      : 8 (I don't know, but, I think this game deserves this!)


This section covers almost all the shops and again, it is not
complete!:P I will keep updating my FAQ so please be patient! Until
then, please enjoy
the rest of my FAQ!!! Oh yeah, remember that I created the names myself
please don't laigh :P !


Items                                   Price
-----                                   -----
1.  Kitchen Set                       300 000
2.  Table Set Deluxe                  550 000
3.  Toy Box                            27 700
4.  Cake Fridge                        33 700
5.  Snowman Fridge                     34 800
6.  Blue Fridge                        39 500
7.  Lollipop TV                        22 000
8.  Chocolate TV                       26 800
9.  Normal TV                         220 000
10. Spaceship TV                      300 000
11. Red Telephone                      15 100
12. Blue Telephone                     16 000
13. Orange Telephone                   16 800
14. Normal Telephone                   30 000
15. Yellow Vacuum Machine               9 800
16. Red Vacuum Machine                 15 800
17. Normal Computer                    79 800
18. Weird looking Vase                119 000
19. ?????                             169 800
20. Laptop                            187 000
21. Blue Computer                     220 000
22. Yellow Shining Bulb                23 000
23. Red Headlamp                       51 300
24. Blue Headlamp                      51 300


Items                                    Price
-----                                    -----
1.  Trader Machine!                     80 000
2.  ?????                            1 200 000
3.  Pocket Mirror                        3 800
4.  Green Plane                          4 800
5.  ToyRobo                             19 800
6.  Dancing Rod                         29 900
7.  ?????                              650 000
8.  Sound Box                            5 800
9.  Musical Umbrella                    12 000
10. ?????                              800 000


Items                                    Price
-----                                    -----
1.  Red Wall with Yellow Spots           3 000
2.  Orange Wall with Blue Spots          3 000
3.  Biscuits Wall                        5 000
4.  Blue Wall with Blue Wave             5 000
5.  ?????                                7 500
6.  Stone Wall (Grey)                    7 500
7.  Wave Wall                            7 500
8.  Cracked Brown Wall                   8 000
9.  ?????                               10 000
10. Yellow Wall with Orange Lines       25 000
11. ?????                               29 900
12. Hearts Wall                         30 000
13. Star Wall                           30 000
14. Stone Wall (Brown)                  33 000
15. Cake Wall                           50 000
16. ?????                               85 000
17. Grass Carpet                         2 000
18. Snake's Skin Carpet                  3 300
19. Black and White Tiles Floor          3 500
20. Blue and Dark Blue Tiles Floor       3 500
21. Yellow and Red Tiles Floor           3 500
22. Trail Carpet                         4 000
23. Brown Square Floor                   5 000
24. Light Brown Square Floor             5 000
25. Wood Carpet                          8 000
26. Colorful Marbles Floor              10 000
27. ?????                               13 000
28. Chocolate and Yellow Table          55 000
29. ?????                               62 000
30. Golden Table                       143 000
31. ?????                              190 000
32. Golden Table 2                     300 000
33. ?????                              388 000
34. Star Table                         455 000
35. ?????                              700 000
36. Pink Pillow                          2 500
37. Red Candy Pillow                     2 800
38. Pink Monkey Pillow                 400 000
39. White Monkey Pillow                400 000
40. Green Chair                          3 300
41. Blue Chair                           4 000
42. Table with Heart Pattern            15 000
43. Red Chair                           29 500
44. Pancake Table                       55 000
45. Golden Chair                        77 900
46. Long White Chair                    80 000
47. Brown Chair                         95 000
48. Rocking Chair                       98 700
49. Blue Sofa                           39 800
50. Orange Sofa                        109 000
51. Blue Sofa				   175 000
52. Wooden Bookcase           	     8 500
53. Plastic Bookcase			    12 500
54. Yellow Rack				     9 800
55. Red Rack				    14 800
56. Green Rack				    19 800
57. Cabinet					   135 000
58. Bed            			     9 000
59. Pink Bed				    10 000
60. Comfy Bed        			    26 800
61. Super Bed                           29 800
62. Basket Bed                          32 000
63. Double - Decker Bed                 78 000
64. Curtain Bed                        350 000
65. Golden Bed                         430 000
66. ?????                              850 000
67. Fountain                         1 700 000
68. ?????                            2 100 000
69  ?????                              900 000
70. ?????                              900 000


Items                                    Price
-----                                    -----
1.  Chick In an Egg Doll                 6 000
2.  Trumpet Cat Doll                    10 000
3.  Bunny Doll                          43 000
4.  Puppy Doll                          60 000
5.  Black Mouse Doll                    81 000
6.  Mouse With Big Head Doll           100 000
7.  ?????                              104 000
8.  ?????                              130 000
9.  Goburi Doll                        300 000
10. Talking White Bear Doll            300 000
11. ?????                              840 000
12. ?????                            1 200 000
13. Yellow Plant                         2 500
14. White Plant                          2 500
15. Blue Plant                           3 200
16. White Flowers                        4 300
17. Pink Flowers                         5 200
18. Red Plant                           10 000
19. Green Plant                          4 800
20. Mint Plant                           5 000
21. Green Plant 2                        5 300
22. Mint Plant 2                         5 300
23. Green Plant 3                        8 000
24. Green Plant 4                        8 300
25. Rose Plant                          10 000
26. ?????                            1 000 000
27. Golden Tree                      2 800 000


Unfortunately, I have yet to discover the secret of this place....
Grandma Gen just sit there with her cat saying well.... Japanese word.
Just visit her often and something different will happen. You'll have to
wait patiently and yes, this shop does not have anything that you can
buy :(. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you more about this shop. I was playing
around one day, buying stuff for my house and there i went to visit her
(actually, i want to visit her cat :P) Grandma Gen said something and
the lucky draw machine behind her started to roll and a green ball came
out of the machine. I have no idea about it and it seems that nothing
actually happens! Maybe I'm wrong (99%) so, please, email me if you know
something about it :P (I'll give you credit for it!)

Here's another info! This might be wrong but, your odds of winning is
higher when you get the ball from Grandma Gen. I've got a green one just
in case you forgot. ^ ^ I've won candy guess 5 times in a row which nets
me about,
450 000! COOL! Try it yourself. Just visit them often! You will
eventually get the ball! (Please email me for more info~!)


Easy Money
To get a big amount of money, just play 'FACTORY PANIC' a lot! If you
refer to the "MINI GAMES LIST" section, the bonus for beating all the
levels in this game is.... 250 000 - 300 000! Trust me, I'm not joking!
Here' an example :

Target Money    : 1 000 000
Factory Panic   : X3  to X4
Candy Guess     : X20 to X10
Shouting Monkey : X10

I'll explain a bit. If you multiply the outcome of the game, you'll get
the target money. So, I assume you know the profit for shouting monkey
if you need to multiply it by ten to get
1 000 000. (I'm doing a little bit of math :P)So, you see, FACTORY PANIC
is your GoldMine!!!

Better Chances Of Winning
This is only for FACTORY PANIC! When you play the game, you WILL come to
a time where it looks like you're going to lose.(Both of of the conveyor
belt have tags and almost fall to the ground!) Fear not! With a press of
this magic button, you can take your time, relax a little and plan which
one you should take first. Oh yeah, and yes, it is the START button :P
Hope this helps you to win better!

Resetting Your Game
Never ever reset your game ten times in a row! Why? It will delete your
data! If you need to go out to the menu screen, go to the playground and
reser your game the GOOD way! Remember this so
you wont regret later!

House Of Wisdom Glitch
For the second time, I'll remind you to..... save your game before
entering..... Why? When you come to a screen where you can change your
there will be lots of Japanese word right? And you can't jnderstand em'
That's all right. Now, here comes the bad part! After you choose the
option, the screen will turn white!!! FOREVER!!! Maybe It's just my game
I think there's 90% of freezing in the game if you do that. I don't
think it will freeze everytime you do that since I got away once : )
(That is my first visit to the house !) I think you need to put a proper
name! That's the way I got away the first time. Well, how do you put a
proper name when you can't even understand Japanese??? Well, I just
choose 'Different' Japanese word everytime! Just avoid choosing the same
word everytime. To make things simple, here's an example :

Imagine that the alphabets is the Japanese words!

1) Proper name

- It looks like this : idtweicoetaslp

2) Non proper name

- It looks like this : aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Did you understand? I hope you do ! If you don't, then email me at
[email protected] ! I'll try to explain a little better! :P

Puzzle Road Freebies

Hey, I actually found out something! It's about 'Puzzle Road'! You can
get items from the other version (see related topic for more info!) of
the gme!!! Cool right? The only drawback is that it's really hard to win
this game but it's worth it!!! (Please note me if I'm wrong!)

Lucky Ball

If you got a ball (any color) from Grandma Gen then, consider yourself
lucky! Why? Because it will make you really lucky! It might just me but
it really did help me playing candy guess! You might want to visit
Grandma Gen often!

More tips to come, until then, wait for my updates!


I sould have told you about this earlier so, listen carefully. ^ ^ I
discovered something really neat! There are differences between the two
versions! (when I said VERSION I meant the pink monkey and the white
monkey) Please note me if I'm wrong!

Pink Monkey Version
1. Can buy Pink Monkey Pillow. (refers to the SHOPS LIST section)
2. Can't buy White Monkey Pillow.

White monkey Version
1. Can buy White Monkey Pillow.
2. Can't buy Pink Monkey Pillow.

I'm so sorry but these are all the informations I have right now! I will
keep updating my FAQ and please, if you want to share something with me
about this game, please email me and tell me about it! (You'll be in the
credit section!)


I would like to thank to all these people for helping me in my FAQ!!!

1. Without a doubt, BIG credit goes to Chuckl163 ([email protected])
   helping me A LOT in this game!!!
2. Credit also goes to my friend who helped me making some of the names
   the items!
3. StarFish for making this great game!
4. Myself for making this FAQ!!! YAY!


My name is Squirtle15 and I live in Malaysia. I'm so eager to make this
FAQ since it's my FIRST one!COOL!!! I really appreciated all your
contribution (especially to Chuckl163) and I hope this FAQ would be a
big success! I will try to write another FAQ for action type games then,
I'll move on to RPGs which are my current favourites! Again, I will like
to thank all of you who helped me before! Oh yeah, any emails about this
game will be answered shortlyby me after I finished reading it so, don't
be shy and send those emails!!! Until then, see ya!

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