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pppp        OOO      IIIII   NN       N    TTTTTTTTTTT 
p   pp     O   O       I     N N      N         T
p     p   O     O      I     N  N     N         T
p   pp   O       O     I     N   N    N         T
pppp     O       O     I     N    N   N         T
p         O     O      I     N     N  N         T
p          O   O       I     N      N N         T
p           OOO      IIIII   N       NN         T

BBB      L            A      NN        N   K    K
B  B     L           A A     N N       N   K   K 
B   B    L          A   A    N  N      N   K  K
B  B	 L	   A     A   N   N     N   K K
BBB      L        A       A  N    N    N   KK
B  B     L        AAAAAAAAA  N     N   N   K K
B   B    L        A       A  N      N  N   K  K
B  B     L        A       A  N       N N   K   K
BBB      LLLLLLL  A       A  N        NN   K    K

                  FAQ V1.0
I wrote this FAQ for the simple reason that nobody else would.
In this Faq I will try to cover the main parts of the game,
including some Frequenty Asked Question and some snide commets
if anybody tries to give me S#@t O.K. Now I've got that to you
lets get on with the faq.


Arcade mode Menu

This is mode from the arcade, same levels, different
scoring system. The lay down is pretty simple, when you
start you get to choose from Training, Beginner, Expert 
and very hard. The main idea is to shoot your selection 
of levels and get your way to the top.

Arrange mode menu


Same as the Arcade mode but more levels.



If you need it go to this section. You can choose from
Stage Select (choose which stage to use), Life limit (lets 
you go as far as you three lives take you)and Category (choose
the category). 


Party Play

This is great because you can have 8 players at one time.
You can battle it out for the highest score, have an
8 player tournament or finally have a 4 vs. 4 teamplay
fight to the death.



You Are Dr. Don and Dr. Dan to intrepid explorers.
When confronted and asked to hunt the mythical Gunball
you happlessly accept. The daring duo dash for Point
Blank Island, on which your task is to find the mysterious
parts of the gunball.

Playing the Quest

Using your walking area's

To move Dr. Don and Dr.Dan, shoot the area you wish to move
them to. The same applies to moving when you want to move
in the town. When you go into town, or go into a building
in the town move them to the front of what ever you want
to enter and they will go in automatically.

The status screen

Opened by either shooting Dr.Don or pressing B on the gun



Enemy characters appear as you move.
If you beat them you get money, and some skill.
If you run away you may get some agility


Enemy Charaters

Shoot with one bullet

Cuckoo birds
Shoot them when the pop out of there clock

Stuffed animals
Shoot the sample that they give you

Shoot the little basterds before they get you

Shoot them

Shoot them whn they pop up

These almost always pop up during play

Extra Points 
In the Octopus stage, you can shoot the crab for some 
bonus hit points.

In any of the stuffed toy stages, you can repeatedly 
shoot the glass that shows your target and get many 
bonus hit points.

In most of the criminal stages, you can shoot out the 
windows of cars or buildings and get many extra hit points. 
If you shoot out a window when a criminal pops up, you can 
also get more than 100% accuracy and get more points.

In some of the protecting Dr. Don and Dr. Dan stages, 
you can shoot them and get hits for shooting them. 

Find the Map 
In quest mode, start a new game and go down until 
you see a raft. Run over it to get the map. 

Power Shotgun and Power Machine Gun 
The Power Shotgun and Power Machine Gun in Quest Mode 
are found in the last level. You go to the second town 
(The town without the inn) and head south along the eastern
edge of trees. About half way between that town and the 
small hut, there will be a secret entrance into the forest. 
You must navigate through the forest maze and get into the 
large pond on the other side. Once you get there, head just 
north of the uppermost ducks in the pond and near the center. 
Search around and you should find the Power Shotgun. 
Then, travel south through the pond and you should find 
the Power Machine Gun. These two items are just the Shotgun 
and Machine Gun that can be used an infinite number of times. 

NOTE: To use the Power Shotgun, you must have a dexterity of 
at least 40. To use the Power Machine Gun, you must have a 
dexterity of at least 60. 

Walk Through 

Part 1

At the starting of QUEST MODE. Go down to the raft and pick 
up the map in the raft. Next,  go into the Beach Village. 
Just in case you see someone who says that he/she lost 100g, go 
out of the hut. Then go to the RIGHT of the hut. 
You will pick up 100g. Keep them. The girl won't mind.

Next, go to a boys house who asks for Ruby Kippers. Go north 
east of his hut. Pick up the Ruby Kippers. Keep them. Don't 
give them to the boy. But, if you go into his house, he won't 
hurt you for not giving them to him. But tell you how to use 
them. Next, go to Old Man's Forest. Talk to EVERYBODY. Then 
stick around and hunt U.F.O's. They give you 80-180g a piece!
If you get minimized, use the Plump-Pump to get you to normal size. 
Next go into the swamp and find a Pirrane who gives you a membership
card. Fight him for it.

Once you have the membership card talk to Ribbit the frog and 
he will let you have it. Then talk to the assistant 4 times 
at the club then go to Forest village and talk to the people 
then go to the club and talk to the assistant 4 more times 
then talk to all the people in Forest village again then go 
back to the club for the last time.  
There will be a new assistant who will let you in.

Now that you are in go to the house in the middle of 
the stone circle.  Rosewell will meet you and tell you that 
he will give his peice of Gunball if you kill all of the U.F.O.'s 
around his house (you can see the U.F.O.'s).  After you kill them return to 
Rosewell's house and you will meet an old man who says you have to 
complete one more stage to save Rosewell and get the first 
piece of Gunball. If you stuff up just try again.

Part 2 

Go to First Village Talk to everybody. Go to your left and
keep going till you reach the beach. Go down untill you
see the shop. Go in and Buy a map and some off those mints 
that make you go fast. Next Go off the beach and up
Till you reach gap that goes to the princesses woods *don't
go in yet*. go across from the Woods (outside) and when you
get stopped by the trees just find an entrance.

When you see the gates at the top left corner of the
map go down and enter the village talk to every body 
untill the girl with green hair tells you to tell a
lie to get past The gates. go to the king.

Go to the Pond get the roast duck by fighting the
ducks. Go back to the king. He will tell you to bring
back the princess go to princesses woods.
and go to the building. as soon as she starts running
around take the Spring mints and chase her. once you've
Caught her Go back to the king.

Part 3

I don't have a clue on how to complete this part
Sombody Please help.  
The latest version will always be found at


Please give me some feed back

[email protected]

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