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1] Copyright and Legal Information
[2] Introduction
[3] Walkthrough
  1) Starting your Adventure
    a. Twinleaf Town   
    b. Route 201 and Verity Lakefront
    c. Sandgem Town
    d. Route 202
    e. Jubilife City
    f. Route 203
    g. Oreburgh Gate
    h. Oreburgh City
  2) On towards the 2nd Gym
    a. Route 204 and Ravaged Path
    b. Floaroma Town
    c. Route 205 and Valley Windworks
    d. Eterna Forest
    e. Eterna City
  3) Going After the Third Badge
    a. Routes 206-207
    b. Mt. Coronet
    c. Route 208
    d. Hearthome City
    e. Route 209
    f. Solaceon Town
    g. Routes 210-215
    h. Veilstone City
  4) To the Fourth Gym
    a. Route 214 and Valor Lakefront
    b. Route 213
    c. Pastoria City
    d. Route 212
  5) Before the Fifth Gym
    a. Route 213 and Valor Lakefront
    b. Solaceon Town and Route 210
    c. Celestic Town
  6) Collecting the Sixth Badge
    a. Jubilife City and Route 218
    b. Canalave City
  7) Preceding the Seventh Gym
    a. Route 209 and the Lost Tower
    b. Valor Lakefront
    c. Twinleaf Town and Verity Lakefront
    d. Route 211 and Mt. Coronet
    e. Routes 216-217
    f. Acuity Lakefront
    g. Snowpoint City
  8) For the Final Badge
    a. Acuity Lakefront
    b. Veilstone City
    c. Hearthome City and Route 208
    d. Mt. Coronet and Spear Pillar
    e. Valor Lakefront and Route 222
    f. Sunyshore City
  9) Seeking the Championship
    a. Route 223
    b. Victory Road
    c. The Pokemon League
 {Optional Areas}
  1) The Underground
  2) Pal Park
  3) Fuego Ironworks
  4) Iron Island: Getting Riolu
  5) The Three Lakes: Verity, Acuity, and Valor
    a. Verity Lakefront: Getting Mesprit
    b. Acuity Lakefront: Getting Uxie
    c. Valor Lakefront: Getting Azelf
  6) Fullmoon Island: Getting Cresselia
  7) Route 209: Getting Spiritomb
  8) Old Chateau: Getting Rotom
  9) Battle Zone: Getting Heatran
    a. Fight Area
    b. Battle Park 
    c. Routes 230-229 and Resort Area
    d. Route 225 and Survival Area
    e. Routes 226-227 and Stark Mountain
  10) Spring Path: Getting Giratina
  11) Snowpoint Temple: Getting Regigigas

 {Extra Stuff}
  1) Poketch Applications
  2) National Pokedex
  3) Mystery Gift
[4] Frequently Asked Questions
[5] Contact Information
[6] Credits
[7] Revision History
[8] What to Expect in Future Updates

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This guide was made to walk those playing either the American Pokemon Diamond 
or Pearl through their adventure. While Pokemon isn't a terribly difficult kind 
of game to understand, anyone can have problems playing almost any game, for 
whatever reason.

When you first start your new game, you will be introduced to the game's basics 
by a character named Professor Rowan. He will ask you some questions, and 
within these questions you will define your character's gender, name, and your 
rival's name. Thankfully you're given the option to skip many rudimentary 
lectures about the game you're playing. If you're not familiar with the game's 
controls, you can always pick the option to listen to the lecture concerning 
them within the conversation with the Professor. After all that, your adventure 

 1) Starting Your Adventure

                  =-       a. Twinleaf Town        -=

As soon as your adventure begins, you will see a television show about some 
group that failed to catch sight of a red Gyarados. After that, you will find 
yourself in your room of your house. Like previous Pokemon games, you'll see 
Nintendo's current-gen television console hooked up to your T.V. This time 
around, Nintendo's Wii is their current-gen television console, and one is 
appropriately hooked up to your television, which is a nice touch.

Contrary to previous Pokemon games, your PC does not contain a Potion inside of 
it. In fact, no longer does any PC anywhere hold items. All items this time 
around are always carried on your person. This, however, is not problematic, 
because you can carry up to 999 (yes, that's three digits) of all items in the 
entire game with you at all times. 

Walk down the stairs, and your mother will greet you. She recommends that you 
go check on your friend, who will also be your sparring partner (a.k.a. rival)
in this game. Go ahead and leave your house. Your mother will bother one more 
time to remind you that you don't have any Pokemon of yourself, and because of 
such you shouldn't wander into tall grass where Pokemon may roam. As soon as 
you're outdoors, you'll see four houses. The only two that matter to you are 
the ones with mailboxes. Of the four houses, walk to the top-left one with the 
mailbox, and up to the door. 

As soon as you reach the door, your rival will come bursting out of it, and 
into you. After he converses with you, he'll forget something and return into 
his house. Follow him into his house, and up the stairs into his bedroom. He'll 
talk with you once more when you get upstairs, and will leave soon after. 

For some reason, there seems to be much more dialogue and character interaction 
this time around. While that's a good thing, it still takes up your playing 
time! I suggest you go into your Menu (by pressing X) and select "Options". I, 
myself, have the text set on "Fast". I'd do the same if I were you.

Leave your rival's house and walk north to Route 201. 

                  =- b. Route 201 and Verity Lakefront -=

Your rival will stop you and talk about that television report about the red 
Gyarados. After suggesting that both of you go and see if your local lake has 
such a creature, he asks you to lead. With him following, head west to a place 
called Verity Lakefront. Coming soon is when you get to choose your first 
Pokemon! You'll see a 2x2-sized patch of dirt leading up to a gap in between 
the trees. I suggest that you save as soon as reach the dirt, as you'll soon 
have no control over events and will no longer have the option to save in case 
you want a specific starter (such as having particular stats, or gender).

As soon as you cross the patch of dirt, your rival will begin to talk to you, 
and afterwards you'll both enter the lake through the trees. When you both 
enter the area, you'll see Professor Rowan, this time in person, and either the 
male or female character that you didn't choose as your gender when you began 
the game talking to the Professor. After a conversation between the two, 
together they will leave, with the Professor leaving his briefcase behind.

Your rival will lead you into the tall grass, against your mother's wishes, 
and, surprise, wild Pokemon attacks you! Both of you look into the briefcase to 
see if you can use one of the Professor's Pokemon to help you get out of this 
jam, and you get first pick. 

Your selection is a Grass Pokemon called Turtwig, a Fire Pokemon called 
Chimchar, and a Water Pokemon called Piplup. The most naive question that could 
possibly be asked at this point is which one to choose. I will_not suggest to 
you a particular starter Pokemon. However, very unlike previous Pokemon games, 
this time there is not a singular starter that will have an easier time or a 
harder time battling against the many Gyms. This time around, the game is much 
more balanced in that aspect, although I'd like for you to know that Chimchar 
is one of the _very_ few new Fire Pokemon in this game. With this in mind, if 
you know you like Fire Pokemon, I highly suggest you get Chimchar.

After you two have chosen your Pokemon, you both will fight each Starly 
separately. After you win your first fight (Notice I didn't give you any 
battling tips), either Dawn (your female friend) or Lukas (your male friend), 
will come and pick up the briefcase that was left behind and run away. Once the 
two of you leave the lake, walk east to Route 201, where you two will meet the 
Professor and your friend. After a long conversation, with both your rival and 
yourself surprised at the lack of anger of the Professor, you two will split 
ways. After the whole conversation, you will suddenly appear at your house.

After your mother talks to you some more, she'll give you the running shoes. 
Hold the B button to run. This time around, you can run inside buildings! Run 
outside and towards Route 201 in order to continue your adventure. Run east 
through the brush. On Route 201 you'll find low-level Starly and Bidoof. After 
you walk past the first patch of grass, for a free Potion, walk upwards and 
then west on the raised land. Continue to walk far west until you come upon a 
group of flowers. Press A while looking west, but 2 steps away (2 steps away, 
as in if you walked two placed east from standing on top of) the western-most 
flower. You'll pick up an invisible Potion.

Know that no one will battle you on Route 201, so continue east until you reach 
Sandgem Town.

                  =-        c. Sandgem Town        -=

When you first arrive, your friend (again, either Dawn or Lukas) will stop you 
and lead you into Professor Rowan's laboratory. There, the Professor will ask 
you to keep the Pokemon you chose and for you to collect information about the 
Pokemon you see on your travels with a device he'll give you. After you agree, 
you'll receive something called a Pokedex from him. With this device, you can 
learn detailed information about each Pokemon that you've seen and captured on 
your travels. After more talking, run out of the lab.

As soon as you leave the lab, your friend will take you on a tour of the town's 
featured locales. On the short tour, she briefly explains the Pokemon Center 
and the Pokemart. After she leaves, you can collect an antidote at the beach 
below, to the left.

Notice that you can already wirelessly trade with people nearby you in person 
at the Pokemon Center. You can trade with friends as well as battle low-level 
Pokemon against each other. Other than that, you can send text messages. Other 
than these wireless features, at the Pokemon Center you can sign your Trainer 
Card with your very own signature.

As your friend suggested while giving you the tour, you should return to your 
hometown, Twinleaf. When you walk into your house, your mother will give you a 
Journal after hearing about the major help you're giving the Professor. Things 
you do in the game are automatically recorded in this Key Item, so if you have 
forgotten what you did last, you can always check this. Not only that, but if 
you haven't played your game in a long time, when you start the game the 
journal will autmatically appear telling you what you did last of significance  
in the game.

After that, the mother of your rival will walk into your house looking for him. 
Your mother will volunteer you to take a package from your rival's mother to 
her son. After all this, return to Sandgem Town and head north to Route 202.

                  =-         d. Route 202          -=

When you arrive at the first patch of grass, your friend will stop you and show
you how to capture Pokemon. After the demonstration, he or she will give you 5
Pokeballs and will leave afterwards. In this Route, you will encounter your 
first Trainer battles. If you're new to Pokemon, know that you cannot capture 
any of your opponent's Pokemon, and any Pokeball that you throw will be swatted 
away and will be forfeited permanently. 

The first Trainer you will fight will bring a level 5 Starly against you. Know 
that there is no escape from a trainer battle, so be well prepared and save 
before each one. This Starly will know Quick Attack, which will do much damage 
to a level 5 starter Pokemon. To ensure survival, raise your starter Pokemon to 
level 7 through defeating wild encounters, and capture and slightly raise a 
Bidoof or Starly if you have much trouble. I, myself, had all three starter 
Pokemon from trading with someone else locally and restarting my game twice. 
However, I had to capture a junk Pokemon to meet the 2-Pokemon requirement to 

After the first fight, there's a good chance your Pokemon are pretty beat, so 
backtrack over the ledge (avoiding the high grass) towards the Pokemon Center 
below you. Backtracking will be common in your adventure.

The next trainer that will fight you will send out a level 3 Bidoof first. 
After your first fight, this shouldn't be a problem at all. After the girl's 
first Pokemon goes down, she'll send out another level 3 Bidoof.

Not just the first two, but also the third is also a mandatory fight! He'll 
begin and end the fight by sending out a level 5 Shinx, an Electric Pokemon. 
Shinx will mostly use Leer, which lowers the defense of a Pokemon, and will 
occassionally use Tackle.

Those were the only three Trainers you'll find on Route 202. Obviously the 
developers wanted to make sure that noone got too far without fighting other 
trainers. Before you leave the road, pick up a visible Potion in the grass to 
the left. Up next is Jubilife City, where your rival's mother said her son 
would probably be.

                  =-        e. Jubilife City       -=

As soon as you enter the city, your friend will confront you. She or he'll tell
you that your rival went by the Pokemon School within the city.

There are many places of interest in this city. However, most of them are 
off-limits, especially the Global Trade Station, which only becomes accessible 
after you collect your first Gym badge. The Pokemart in this city has a second 
person standing behind the desk, who sells Air Mail for 50 Pokedollars and Heal 
Balls for 300 Pokedollars (100 Pokedollars more than normal Pokeballs) each. 
Just about every single person inside the city will first refer you to the 
Pokemon School, so go there.

There are many students at the school, but you merely want to give your rival 
the parcel you were bringing him from his mother. It just so happens his mother 
accidentally packed two Town Maps, which is one more than your rival needs. As 
a good buddy should, he gives you the other one! After your rival leaves, you 
can read the blackboard to learn information about malignant status conditions 
of Pokemon.

After you leave the school, walk north, only to be stopped by a man claiming to 
have invented a special Pokemon watch, this "Poketch." In order to get a free 
Poketch from him, you need to find three clowns in the city and answer their 

1) One stands almost immediately east of the man, walking around in front of 
the Pokemart. He asks you if Pokemon grow by defeating others and gaining 
Experience Points. The answer is "Yes", which rewards you with a coupon, #1.

2) Another is at the very northwestern area of the town, near a two-door blue 
building. He asks if the moves of a Pokemon can have a type like the Pokemon 
that uses them can. The correct answer is "Yes". He gives you Coupon #2.

3) The last one stands in front of the city's television broadcasting building. 
He asks you if Pokemon can hold items, and the answer is "Yes". He gives you 
Coupon #3.

Hand the man his coupons, and he rewards you with a free Poketch! This device 
will eventually contain 23 different applications! Right now it shows the time 
(which goes by the DS's built-in clock), it functions as a calculator, it 
functions as a Step Counter (which can be reset at your will), and it can show 
the health of your party of Pokemon. The Poketch is always on, and you can 
toggle between its functions by pressing the big red button on the right of the 
touch screen.

Exit through a building to the northwest and talk to a man in a red hat inside 
the small building to receive an Old Rod from him. With this item you can now 
fish. Route 218 to the west is a nice fishing spot, but you cannot go any 
further into the Route, as it is mostly made up of Water.

In the northern apartment building within Jubilife City, a young woman on the 
first floor will give you a Pokemon-held item called the "Quick Claw". This 
speeds up the attacks of your Pokemon (not the Pokemon itself) when it holds 
this item in battle.

Don't head north to Route 204, as it leads to a cave that is blocked off for 
now. Instead, head east to Route 203.

                  =-         f. Route 203          -=

When you first arrive at Route 203, you are challenged to a battle by your 
rival. He starts the battle by sending out a level 7 Starly. This is your 
fourth Pokemon Trainer battle, and I myself am already surprised by the quickly 
rising difficulty of the game. He will next send out a level 9 starter Pokemon 
that has a natural advantage against the one you chose. I, myself, had a close 
match against him. Because most of these earlier battles are rather simple, I 
can't give you much helpful information, as brute force wins early on.

In the first area, the battles are much tougher, although you can avoid every 
single one of them, as opposed to Route 202. Of the two items in this area, 
there's a very-accessible Pokeball within a Pokeball soon upon exiting the 
fight with your rival. There's also a Repel way north, which can be very 
helpful. It'll repel most Pokemon whose level is equal to or lower than your 
lead Pokemon's level--another reason to level your Pokemon a lot.

I, myself, avoided all the fights because I didn't want my Pokemon to level up 
too quickly. If you have no Gym badges and your Pokemon level up too quickly, 
they can become unruly, and especially so if you got them in a trade--that's 
very important for those who restarted twice to have all three starter Pokemon. 
East is the Oreburgh Gate, which is a cave that leads to Oreburgh City.

                  =-       g. Oreburgh Gate        -=

Upon immediatley entering the cave, a man will greet you with a gift. The 
Hidden Machine given to you, number 6, contains the move "Rock Smash". This 
allows you to break away certain rocks (you can tell what you can break by just 
looking at them). Luckily, you don't have to teach your Pokemon this 
utility-only move this early on, as the Oreburgh City Gym badge is required to 
use it outside of battle--it's only good use.

Both trainers in this place can be walked around. You'll mostly find Geodudes 
in this place, which are pure Rock-type Pokemon. Exit this small place, only to 
immediately enter Oreburgh City itself. 

                  =-       h. Oreburgh City        -=
                  =-   FIRST GYM - Leader: Roark   -=

You're almost there--you're so close to going up against your first Gym leader 
of the game. Early upon walking into the city, a boy will escort you to the 
location of the first Gym, with your rival standing outside its front door.

According to your rival, the Gym leader isn't there! Apparently he has gone to 
work in the mines. Before you go, retreive a free Dusk Ball from a woman 
walking around the second floor of the first building you saw when you entered 
the city. In the very next building to the right, a girl on the first floor is
willing to trade you an Abra for your Machop (you can catch one in the grass 
immediately above the city) Another feebie can be collected from a boy of the 
second story of a building to the southeast of the city. From him you can get a 
Great Ball.

The only path you can take is south towards the mine. If you maneuver yourself 
to the northwestern-most part of the field, you can find hidden Stardust in the 
left corner of the slagheap. You can also receive a free Super Potion from the 
man working with his Machop in the southeastern-most part of that same area. 
From this immediate area, go down into the actual mining area past the 
descending slope.

In the mines, you are liable to get attacked by wild Rock-type Pokemon, such as 
Onix and Geodude. After you go down the major slope, you'll come across an area 
with a gigantic lump of coal in the middle. Walk around it and talk to the guy 
in between two pieces of rock. That would be Roark. One you've talked with him, 
he'll immediately leave, presumably for his Gym. Walk around the right side of 
the coal, since the left has a ledge to it (although there is an escape rope in 
a Pokeball to the left).

Roark's Pokemon Gym is open for business! He is by far one of the toughest 
first Gym leaders I have ever seen. There are two very valuable Pokemon that 
are available to you. If you chose Turtwig, you can raise him or her up to 
level 13, at which it will learn Razor Leaf. If you didn't choose Turtwig (and 
Piplup's Bubble isn't much help), you can catch a Budew at Route 204 (north of 
Jubilife City), which learns Mega Drain at level 13. Either of these Pokemon 
with those moves will prove to be very useful at this Gym. Since both of these 
levels are somewhat high for not even having beaten the first Gym leader, it 
would be advised to fight any skipped trainers.

Gym Leader Roark's Pokemon are:
(1) Geodude:  Lv. 12
(2) Onix:     Lv. 12
(3) Cranidos: Lv. 14

After you win, you get 1680 Pokedollars, TM76 (Stealth Rock), and the Coal 
Badge (Look at your Trainer Card to see it!). With this Badge, your Pokemon 
will be able to use HM06 that you received just before entering the city. You 
can also rub the League Badge with your stylus or finger while looking at it on 
your Trainer Card in order to make it shine. At first it's dull, but you can 
rub it until you see four white lights sparkle.

Before you leave the city, head to the Pokemon Center. You'll notice that no 
one blocks the escalator. As soon as you walk down it, a woman at behind a desk 
will summon you, and from her you'll receive the Pal Pad Key Item. With this, 
you can register the WiFi codes of your friends so you can play with them 
online. Remember how you used to be blocked from the GTS station at Jubilife 
City before? Now that you have your first Gym Badge, that's not the case 
anymore! In addition, you can choose your online avator by speaking to the 
older guy to the left. Depending on your Trainer ID, you have 8 different sets 
of four choices to choose from.

Since you can go no further without a Bicycle, all you can do now is 
head back, west towards Jubilife City.

 2) On towards the 2nd Gym

As soon as you begin to leave Oreburgh City, your rival will slam into you 
from behind. He points you out to a place called Eterna City as the next 
available Gym. Route 207, the path north of the city I said was impassable 
without a bicycle, your rival also tells you requires a bike. As you enter the 
Gate, you can now smash the rocks within it, providing you used HM06 on 
something. If you travel north through it, further than previously accessible, 
you can collect TM70 (Flash) and some Stardust from the floor below. In order 
to travel further in the basement of the Gate, you need a bicycle or a Pokemon 
that can surf.

While you're here, you can collect the Memo Pad Poketch app from the owner of 
the Poketch company, of which the building is located at the northwestern part 
of the city. You couldn't do this before because you hadn't had one badge yet. 
Come back later to receive another app after you get two more badges.

After you're done with touring the GTS at Jubilife City, travel north towards 
Route 204. You will see your friend and Professor Rowan talking to a couple of 
people. It turns out that you and your friend are going to double team Team 
Galactic (Your first double battle)! They will send out against the two of you 
a level 9 Zubat and level 9 Wurmple. This fight should be too easy. After you 
win the battle, someone from Jubilife TV Company will give a Key Item called 
the Fashion Case. With all this done, the Television Station building is open. 
You can tour that as well if you like. If not, head towards Route 204 again!

                  =- a. Route 204 and Ravaged Path -=

The only new addition to the Pokemon here is Budew, which you might needed to 
have used against the first Gym leader. There are three trainers before a cave
shortly ahead of you, a cave called the Ravaged Path. This cave is rather
small, and the only path you can really travel is right back out off to the 
right. However, slightly to the left is TM39 (Rock Tomb).

The first trainer that will battle you when you come out of the cave is 
difficult to dodge, and I wouldn't bother attempting to dodge her every time 
you pass by. Take out her Budew and Cherubi with ease. The second person 
willing to fight is a lot easier to dodge. You can later return and cut down 
some bushes to find a woman who will give you TM78 (Captivate). Along the path 
you'll come across TM09 (Bullet Seed). Route 204 is very short, as you soon 
arrive at Floaroma Town.

                  =-       b. Floaroma Town        -=

I tell you what--this place is ridiculous. There are more flowers in this one 
place than in any other one Pokemon game. If you haven't noticed yet, the 
Pokemarts you continue to find are selling more and more items, especially 
here. Out of all the new items, the Net Ball is probably of the most importance 
to you, that is if you're having difficulty capturing Water and Bug-type 

A woman in the flower shop will give you an Aspear Berry if you talk to her. 
Another woman in that same shop will give you the Sprayduck watering can, so 
you can water the berries that you may plant on your adventure. Make sure that 
when you come across a berry tree that was planted in a place before you ever 
got there to pick it as soon as possible. All plants die off eventually, and an
accessory for your Poketch that you acquire later in the game only tracks the 
plants that you have planted.

It won't take you long to find Team Galactic huddled in a corner at the top-
left part of town. Why don't you pay them a visit? At first that'll do no good 
to you, so walk a little ways east through Route 205 until a girl stops you and 
asks you to take care of the space-outfitted men. Return and you'll see that 
they've disappeared. Go through the trees and you'll find them once again, with 
their backs to you. Apparently they're trying to take "Sweet Honey" from this

Fight them. This is not a double battle, but you'll be up against both, one by 
one. The first Grunt will send out a level 9 Wurmple. You won't have issues 
with this Pokemon. The second Pokemon the enemy will send out is a level 9 
Silcoon. After the first fight, the next Grunt will only send out a level 11 
Zubat. When you beat them, the man they accosted will pick up an item they 
accidentally left behind and give you this "Works Key". The man will also give 
you some Honey. He tells you that if you use it on a sweet-smelling tree, 
Pokemon might be attracted. An example of what a "sweet-smelling tree" might 
look like is off to the right. Exit when you're done, which you are.

                =- c. Route 205 and Valley Windworks -=

On Route 205, where the girl first stopped you, notice that you cannot travel 
northward to the Eterna Forest, due to some Team Galactic Grunts standing in 
the way. Notice the windmills as you soon pass into Valley Windworks what I 
consider the first visually impressive object in a Pokemon game ever--the 
windmills. Fight the person standing in between you, and getting inside that 
building. He has a level 11 Glameow. 

So you know, Route 205 has a completely different set of wild Pokemon to 
capture. Anyway, I personally am enjoying the occasional Internet jargon usage 
in the game such as "noob" and "owned". Well, the person you apparently "owned" 
just locked the door behind him when you beat him. Unlock the door and just 
walk right on in, but not before healing your Pokemon!

As soon as you walk in, the guy who you recently defeated tells you that he is 
going to alert his boss. I'm going to assume you're fighting the first person, 
and not the second in this small building. The first guy throws his only 
Pokemon, a level 11 Cascoon at you. I caught a level 9 Shellos right outside 
that defeated it in two hits of Water Pulse. I personally skipped the second 

Walk right up to the guy with red hair. Apparently he's one of Team Galactic's 
three Commanders. Commander Mars challenges you to a fight. He first throws a 
level 14 Zubat at you. The Zubat will immediately use Toxic on any Pokemon you 
throw at it, which badly poisons, that is, poisons a Pokemon that damages more 
HP every turn, as opposed to normal poison. The next Pokemon he sends out is a 
level 16 Purugly that's holding an Oran Berry (which automatically cures 10 HP 
when you whittle its health down to halfway). Don't feel bad if you had trouble 
with both of these Pokemon, because I did too. 

1280 Pokedollars isn't enough to pay for the crap that fool put you through. 
After all that, Team Galactic leaves, and you get nothing for reuniting a 
daughter and father. Anyway, on your way out, know that Drifloon will appear 
right outside the Valley Windworks building every Friday. It's level is around 
the 20s and it is of the Ghost/Flying-Type. Surprisingly, poison won't kill 
Pokemon in the field this time around. It'll simply reduce their HP to 1 before 
going away. You soon learn this after dealing with the many Pokemon of Team 

When you've healed your Pokemon head north through Route 205. There is almost 
no trainer here you can't skip. The lower path leads to nowhere right now, but 
if you take it, there's an Antidote hidden on the seemingly useless platform. 
Remember that running will always attract the immediate attention of anyone who 
looks around for trainers. Also, just because a person walks around doesn't 
mean they won't fight you. It certainly lowers the possibility, but there's one
non-stationary female picnicker here that will fight you.

Towards the end of Route 205, there is a house with a couple inside. The woman 
will offer you a bed to heal your Pokemon and rest yourself. Mine were pretty 
beat, so I suggest you don't risk things and take a nap. Later when you have 
Cut, you can skip the Eterna Forest as you go through Route 205 and collect 
SilverPowder (Ups Bug-Type Moves) and TM82 (Sleep Talk). In addition, a woman 
nearby in the initially-blocked area will give you a "Big Tree" for your 
Fashion Case. After you heal up, head the only way you can go, right into the 
Eterna Forest.

                  =-       d. Eterna Forest        -=

Soon after you walk into the forest, a girl named Cheryl stops you to ask a 
favor. She doesn't want to go through the forest by herself with Pokemon that 
tend to appear in pairs and Team Galactic on the loose. Help each other out and 
find the exit together, because as she said, there's "safety in numbers". This 
also happens to be the very first time in Pokemon history where you, the gamer,
has the opportunity to fight wild Pokemon in Double Battles. 

Cheryl uses a Chansey level 15, and isn't bad at all in the actual fights. The 
only real time she'd get in your way is if you're trying to capture a certain 
Pokemon. She'll cause the one you're trying the catch faint quite often, which 
can get really annoying. There are many new Pokemon in this place, such as 
Murkrow and Buneary, so I suggest that you spend some time in here if you're 
interested in your Pokedex. However, know that you cannot capture any wild 
Pokemon if there are two in the field, and it also becomes much more difficult 
to escape from battle. Noramlly you'll have to make one faint.

While it is difficult to capture Pokemon now, however it is very difficult to 
black out, as after each battle Cheryl, as she promised you, completely heals 
your Pokemon (presumably with her Chansey). That's a very good thing, 
especially since it's rather difficult to run away from fights in the forest.

There are a couple mandatory trainer battles. This first time, the enemy has 
more than one Pokemon per trainer. The first two sent out are a level 9 Wurmple 
and a level 14 Pachirisu. After you defeat the first two, the third, a level 13 
Beautifly will come by itself, though you won't be given the option to change 
your Pokemon at the switch no matter what.

After the first mandatory trainer battle, you fight a pair of psychics who only 
send out one pair of level 15 Abra's. The two of them do one thing, and one 
thing only--Hidden Power. At least you get more money from Double Battles than 
Single Battles.

Only two Double Battles are mandatory. While they are pretty cool, they take up 
a lot of time. After them, I used a repel and ran way up north through the 
grass, passing by every pair of trainers. There's nothing that special in this 
place to pick up. To go anywhere, you need Cut. As soon as you make it to the 
exit in the northeastern area of the forest, Cheryl will leave you. 

This means that you can go back and capture anything she prevented you from 
capturing. However, this also means that you're on your own, and you won't be 
healed after every battle from now on. However, when you return much later with 
an Eevee, head to the rock in the southwestern part and level up your Eevee 
around that rock if you want it to evolve into the Leaf-Type Leafeon. Do 
whatever you feel like needs to be done before you leave, then head to Route 
205 towards Eterna City.

Really, the second, smaller part of Route 205 doens't deserve its own section. 
Walk over the bridge, fighting the fishermen only if you want to and collecting 
the berries to the north, and cross over into Eterna City.

                  =-        e. Eterna City         -=
                  =- SECOND GYM - Leader: Gardenia -=

There is a_lot to do in Eterna City. You may not even know where to start, and 
you're probably wondering what's up with Team Galactic walking around. First of
all, I think it's pretty obvious from the header of this section that you can 
go up against your second Gym. Luckily, there's no side-quest needed to 
challenge the Gym leader, so you can beat that whenever you feel like. Before I 
go into further detail about the Gym, there are many other places of interest 
in the city that you need to know about.

First of all, east of the Pokemon Center, inside of which is a woman who gives 
you the Happiness Checker app for your Poketch, is the house of the Underground
Man. Talk to the older man towards the mid-right part of the house to receive 
an Explorer Kit. This is a very important device, as a lot occurs underground. 
Go ahead and take up the older man's challenge and walk outside in order to go 
straight underground to see how it feels like. 

As soon as you go underground, you'll be greeted by Roark, the leader of the 
first Gym you beat quite some time ago. No, you won't fight any Pokemon down 
there. Return to the old man and he'll give you three traps for your 
underground playtime. He next asks you to dig up some treasure spheres for him. 
He explains that you should go to the yellow dots on your map and use your 
stylus to find places to dig. Tap the screen to find places to dig. After you 
dig some spheres up, talk to the old man again. He'll give you three spheres. 
He next asks you to go bury some spheres--do it! Remember where you place 
things, bury something, and return. He'll give you the Digger Drill in return.

It's good that you have the Digger Drill now, as the entire time you've been 
working towards being able to make your Secret Base! Just like the last game, 
you can make your Secret Base anywhere you like, but this time on the walls of 
the underground. I'll cover the Secret Base in more depth in a later section of 
this guide, but for now know that when you use the Digger Drill, like a TM, it 
breaks. Don't worry, as you can always trade a sphere underground for another 
one. Anyway, you can return to the surface and collect a Plain Table, a Wooden 
Chair, a Small Bookshelf, and a Buneary Doll from the old man for your Secret 
Base. Use the stuff he gave you to complete his final test for a Turtwig Doll.

Just before you leave, talk to him again to learn how to get rid of the 
annoying boulders in your base. 
(1) Find a friend's Secret Base
(2) Go to your PC and steal your friend's Flag.
(3) Run back to your PC with the Flag.

This is something that can only be done with a friend, so if you can't play 
with someone else right now, I suggest you move on.

It's good that you got that out of the way, because there are many more things 
to do. You'll notice that the Bicycle Shop's owner is gone, and apparently is 
at Team Galactic's base to the north. Go there, only to be stopped by someone 
named Cynthia, who will give you HM01 (Cut). We'll worry further about this 
when it's time to beat the Gym.

The Herb Shop, which sells inexpensive medicine that makes your Pokemon unhappy 
with you is to the right of Team Galactic's Base. The Name Rater, who rates 
names and allows you to give Pokemon new nicknames is east of the Pokemart, 
which now sells Nestballs, sitting on the first floor of the condominiums. Also 
on that same floor is someone willing to give you a Chatot in exchange for a 
Buizel, which I conveniently caught from Route 205 right before I fought 
Commander Mars. His "Charap" will be at the same level as and the same level of
the Buizel you give him.

Now you can focus your attention on the Gym. By the way, there's a Super Potion 
behind it. You'll have to walk through the trees from the left. Anyway, I 
trained at Route 211 to the east in order to help me win.

The Gym's leader will greet you and tell you that you must defeat all other 
trainers before you can get to her. Walk through the door after she leaves. 
It's your job to find the competition. This Gym might as well had been a Ninja 
Gym, with Fighting Pokemon, as the people are pretty hard to spot. I'll help 
you about by getting you to each of the trainers.

(1) Walk north from the entrance until you reach where the Gym leader obviously 
will eventually appear at. Walk left through the trees from that green platform 
nearby. Immediately walk south, and press A on the person hiding in the corner.
    This person's Pokemon is a level 15 Cherbi and a level 15 Roselia.
(2) The next trainer's location is told to you by the first trainer you 
defeated. As stated by her, she's past the two boulders down to the left.
    This person has a lvl. 14 Budew, a lvl. 13 Budew, and a lvl. 15 Budew.
(3) The previous trainer also hinted that this next one is in the middle of 
three trees. While you did pass these trees on the way to the first person, 
only now do they appear. As you walk back towards the entrance, you can't miss 
her standing behind the middle of the three fake trees.
    This girl merely wields a level 17 Turtwig...good luck.
(4) You are told that your next opponent is beside four flowers. From the 
entrance, walk east and up the long path to find a blonde haired girl in the 
corner. This girl is also the last. After her, the Gym leader appears.
    She uses one level 17 Roselia.
Gym Leader Gardenia's Pokemon are:
(1) Cherubi:  Lv. 19
(2) Turtwig:  Lv. 19
(3) Roserade (w/ Sitrus Berry): Lv. 22

There are many helpful Pokemon that you can bring to this fight. There's 
Chimchar, that learns Flame Wheel at level 17, or its evolved form Monferno, 
which learns Flame Wheel two level later at 19. In addition, there are many 
Flying-type Pokemon as well as one good bug Pokemon (Kricketune) that you can 
bring to this fight, so this shouldn't be too difficult.

2640 is the amount of Pokedollars that you get, in addition to TM86 (Grass 
Knot), and the Forest Badge, which allows you to use Cut outside of battle and 
makes all Pokemon up to level 30 obey you without question.

3) Going After the Third Badge

Before you go after Team Galactic, if you have seen 35 Pokemon head south to 
the gate towards Cycling Road. The man who is Professor Rowan's assistant and 
your friend's father is waiting to reward you with your progress on your 
Pokedex with an Exp. Share! With this, raising weaker Pokemon becomes a lot 

Anyway, with Cut, you can now go a great many more places, such as Team 
Galactic's base at the northern part of the city. Before you head into the 
building, cut the bush to the right and collect TM46 (Thief) off to the right.

Only two of the four people here will fight you, and they're the couple 
standing near the stairway. They, together, both send out a level 13 Wurmple 
and a level 14 Zubat. Glameow at level 14 replaces the Zubat, whenever you kill 
it, and Cascoon at level 13 replaces the Wurmple, whenever you kill that.

You can skip everyone on the second floor if you like with ease. On the third 
floor, the first mandatory fight will start off with a level 12 Wurmple pitted 
against you. The second Pokemon will be a level 12 Silcoon. Lastly, you will 
fight a level 12 Zubat. The second fight on the third floor will have a 
scientist use a level 15 Kadabra against you. 

On the fourth and last floor, you'll see a man and a purple-haired woman 
staring at each other. Talk to the purple-haired girl to start a fight with 
Commander Jupiter and her level 18 Zubat and level 20 Skuntank holding a Sitrus 
Berry. I had one Pokemon left with 9 HP when I beat her; so don't feel bad if 
you struggled. Her Skuntank is ridiculous, I know. Out of her stupidity and 
your dumb luck is how you'll most likely win that battle. After you win, Team 
Galactic will leave, so talk to the Bicycle Shop owner. He'll thank you and 
then leaves.

Before you leave, go get yourself a Bicycle from the man you just helped out. 
Unlike the last game, which had you switch out bicycles every time you wanted 
to do something different with your bike (either do tricks or go really fast), 
this time all you have to do is press the B button to change between the third 
(for tricks) and fourth (for speed) gears--way more convenient! If you try to 
exit west back towards Route 205, a man will stop you and say that you can go 
to Hearthome City by the way of Cycling Road. Remember that you can only mount 
your bike when you're still, but you can change gears at any time. Go ahead and 
register it for your Y button in the menu.

Don't bother heading east, as there's only TM12 (Taunt) way below on Route 211, 
which is rather useless unless you like pulling tricks, such as Taunt + Bide 
combo or you like collecting things. Head south towards Cycling Road/"Route 
206" instead.

                  =-       a. Routes 206-207        -=

When you first arrive at the Cycling Road, you'll notice that you cannot 
dismount your bike at all. There will be a slew of trainers along the path, and
it is extremely difficult to dodge them all, even though many can be dodged, if
not by skill but by luck. Most of the cyclists here use electric Pokemon, so 
bringing either a Ground or Rock-type Pokemon would prove useful.

As soon as you pass this short road, you can get a free "Flag" (for your 
Fashion Case) from the blonde-haired girl in the building to the south. After 
you pass the actual biking part, you'll still be on Route 206, but you can now 
cut down some bushes and walk right under the bridge, capturing some new 
Pokemon along the way if you want. The featured Pokemon under the bridge are 
Ponyta and Stunks. There's a Poison Barb to the northwest, which boosts Poison-
Type moves when a Pokemon holds it, and Wayward Cave (which is dark inside) is 
to the north.

Eventually go back to the main road when you're done. Route 207 is right below 
Route 206. Almost as soon as you enter, your friend shows up and asks you to 
pick a hand that's behind her back. I picked the left hand and she gave me the 
Vs. Seeker (Key Item that allows you to refight trainers) and the Dowsing 
Machine (Poketch app that acts as an Item Finder, except much more practical). 
After you're done talking with her, she will leave. Now the road splits--you 
can either take a detour and heal up at Oreburgh City down below, or you can go 

Since there's nothing about Oreburgh City that's new that I can tell you about, 
I'll continue to walk you through the game as if you didn't break and continued
east. You'll soon run into a mandatory Double Battle. They will send out one 
pair of a level 19 Ponyta and Pachirisu. This is an actually difficult battle, 
as both of these Pokemon have the ability to hurt many significant weaknesses.

There are no further mandatory battles before you reach Coronet Mountain unless 
you want to get a hidden Rare Candy next to a hiker near a bridge that's hard 
to miss. I suggest you heal before you head into Mt. Coronet.

                  =-        b. Mt. Coronet         -=

When you walk into Mt. Coronet, you'll head south then east some. At a pair of
ramps, a blue-haired man will stop you and quote what's apparently Pokemon 
mythology. After he talks for a bit, he'll leave. You really can't go far yet 
in this cave. You'll have to be able to use Surf to go anywhere else but the 
short exit to the right.

There's also not much to collect here for now. There's an ether hiding on a 
rock up the ramp above you, and below you there's nothing but more water to 
tread. You can either break rocks using Rock Smash to head east, or you can 
walk over the ramp above and walk around. Either way, nothing happens here, and 
there aren't even any new Pokemon to capture. Once you're done with this place, 
which is probably now, exit to Route 208.

                  =-         c. Route 208          -=

There's an X Speed on the platform down northward, so you don't have to bother 
going after it, unless you're dying for 250 Pokedollars. The Hiker is a 
mandatory fight, unfortunately. He'll send out two level 17 Geodudes, but 
that's nothing you haven't dealt with before. "LOL" is all I have to say. This
is the third time I've seen slang used in a Pokemon game. First noob as soon as
you walked into Oreburgh City, second "owned" when you went into Valley 
Windworks, and now "served" by this Hiker right before you head into a new 
locale. Graphics weren't the only thing enhanced about this game.

The second hiker looks like he's a mandatory battle, but he actually does move 
around from time to time. However, do you really want to dodge a guy that 
difficult to dodge every time you go by here? I didn't think so, so beat up his
one level 19 Onix--no problem. You have the ability to capture a few new 
Pokemon in this area, and right before you reach Hearthome City, the Berry 
Master's house is to the northeast. In his house is a girl who will give you 
the Berry Searcher app for your Poketch if you answer yes to her question. All 
you do now is walk east into Hearthome City.

                  =-       d. Hearthome City       -=

Almost as soon as you walk in, a woman's Buneary runs into you. After thanking 
you for allowing her to put her Pokemon into its ball, Keira, a Pokemon Contest 
Judge, tells you to drop by the Contest Hall so that she can thank you properly
(i.e., a gift).

This is another big city, just like Eterna. Unfortunately, nothing new is sold 
here, which may seem surprising at first (like, where's the Great Balls?), but 
remember that you haven't even beaten the third Gym yet.

When you first enter the town, it's pretty much a dead end. You can't go 
anywhere else for now, as two men block the east gate. The guy standing near 
them will give you a Happiny Egg. If you want this Baby Chansey, drop off a 
Pokemon at the Pokemon Center and pick it up from him. As soon as you pick it 
up from him, turn to your Pedometer on your Poketch--reset it. It'll hatch in 
10,240 steps, so save before it hatches so you'll get exactly what you want.

Anyway, go by the Pokemon Fan Club, which is straight ahead behind the man in 
the red cap standing before you. The Chairman (man, does this place look 
familiar!) gives you a Poffin Case, which boosts the various different kinds of
visual appeal to Pokemon. In the apartment building to the right of the Pokemon
Fan Club, a woman on the second floor will give you a Shell Bell, which 
restores HP to a Pokemon that inflicts damage upon another.

If you want to make Poffin for your Pokemon, you can enter the house next door 
to the left of the Pokemart. You use berries to make the Poffin, which increase 
the visual attributes. 

East of the Pokemon Center is a girl named Bebe. After you talk to her, 
"Someone's PC" when you access a PC turns to "Bebe's PC" from now on, which 
doesn't really do much, but happens in every Pokemon game.

Before you go after the bigger stuff like the Contest and the Gym, take a 
stroll in Amity Square. You have to take a cute Pokemon with you to enter, 
although that Happiny egg you just receive probably won't hatch for a long, 
long-butt time. Hopefully you caught something like a Pachirisu on Route 204.

At Amity Square, you can get a lot of free items. Almost as soon as you enter, 
you can get TM43 (Secret Power) to the right. TM45 (Attract) is also towards 
the top of this place. A girl tells you near the east gate that you should talk
to your Pokemon often, as it will pick up things for your Fashion Case. I got a 
Green Scale as soon as I talked to my Pachirisu after her. North of that girl 
in the left old building is an Amulet Coin, which doubles the money earned in 
battle when held by a Pokemon. There's also a Spooky Plate, for turning your 
Arceus into the Ghost type. Arceus is the very last Pokemon, number 493, which 
can change into many different Elemental types when you give it plates.

Back to business: Go to the Contest area and this city's Gym leader, Fantina, 
with her crazy purple hair, will leave. When you enter the place, the person 
you helped out earlier when you entered Hearthome City, Keira, notices you as 
she was talking with mother. Apparently, your mother is the famous Johanna. 
Keira gives you Glitter Powder for your Fashion Case. As Keira leaves, your 
mother will give you a Tuxedo for you to wear when you enter contests. Walk up 
to the man at the counter to get free Mild Poffin from him. The middle counter 
is for when you compete alone, the one on the right is for practicing, and the 
one on the left is for competing with friends in the Super Contests.

Let's fight your rival. Attempt to exit the place, having saved beforehand if 
you think you need to. He has a level 19 Starly, a level 20 Buizel, a level 21 
evolved starter that has the elemental advantage of yours, and a level 20 
Roselia. Flay him. Receive 2100 Pokedollars from him. He'll leave to challenge 
the Veilstone Gym. Now even though you haven't defeated the Gym (with a still-
absent leader), Route 209 is already open. By the way, have you looked at your 
Trainer Card yet? Fantina ought to look rather familiar--she's definitely not 
the next one you're after.

                  =-         e. Route 209          -=

Soon after you enter, take the Good Rod off the hands of the guy fishing. A 
mandatory battle with a level 19 Bonsley and level 19 Mime Jr. occurs right 
before you can go any further. Don't talk to the Pikachu, as it is a trainer in 
disguise. Walk east then north a bit. If you take a rather difficult bike path 
to the left, you can get a Calcium. You can avoid the trainer at the top of the 
immediate mud slope if you walk in the grass, but that'd be annoying to do 
every time, wouldn't it? Take the hidden Awakening on the rock near the mud 
slope, and take the slope and clobber that girl's 5 Bidoofs. Pass the monument
on the right, as it does you not good, and head into the next town.

                  =-       f. Solaceon Town        -=

I'm not fond of skipping Gyms, but Fantina is way out of your league for now. 
The very first man you see on the road in this place will give you the Pokemon 
History app for your Poketch.

The Pokemon Day Care Center is here, where an older couple raises two Pokemon 
for you. Basically, while you leave your Pokemon with them, for each step you 
take, that Pokemon gains 1 Experience Point under their Care. If you leave two 
Pokemon of opposite gender and similar species, an egg (that will be the 
female) might be given to you after such two parents are left for a while.

If you leave a Pokemon with the woman, exit the house and return, there'll be a 
man sitting down who will give you the Day Care Checker app.

Off to the right, there are ledges that lead to different places. Take the 
second ledge to reach the middle house, where a woman will give you a Seal 
Case, which allows you to decorate your Pokeballs.

The Solaceon Unown Ruins are furthest east, after you jump the rightmost ledges 

The only way this town makes up for its severe lack of things to do is the fact 
that the Pokemart has one new item for being purchased, which is the Dusk Ball
--something you'll learn to love not too long from now. Pass this place and 
head through Route 210.

                  =-       g. Routes 210-215       -=
You can pass almost everyone here, either it be through the grass or by 
crossing the platforms with the bike in fourth gear. Before you come across 
a cafe, a woman on an earth platform to the right will give you TM51 (Roost). 
There are three people you can battle in this cafe. The collector on the right 
of the table has three Sudowoodos. The one on the left has three Mr. Mimes. The 
woman in the center has a level 22 Clefairy. No one else fights you. The woman 
sells you Moo Moo Milk for $500.

You'll notice that behind the shop Psyducks are blocking the path. At this time 
there's nothing you can do about that.

Obviously, it never stops raining at Route 215--that also affects the battles.
Water and Electric moves' power is enhanced, and Fire moves' power is 

The first mandatory fight against the Ruin Maniac starts you off against his 
level 21 Bronzor. This is especially difficult if you're relying on Monferno to
fight it, as Fire's power, again, is weakened against a Steel_and_Psychic, of 
which allows it to exploit Monferno's secondary Fighting-Type. The next thing 
sent out is a level 23 Shieldon--probably the first of this Steel-Type you've 
ever seen. Water moves are especially effective this time.

The item the nearby man circles is an Ether, so if you don't feel articulate 
enough to snag it, don't worry about it. Just be careful when passing him by. 
The Karate guy looking the away from you will give you TM66 (Payback). When two 
bridges meet on a raised platform, there's a hidden Honey on the right flower. 
As you continue around that platform, you can cut down the grass at the upper-
right part of the screen to fight a karate guy in order to get a Fist Plate 
(for that Arceus you won't be getting). If you passed the previous karate guy 
through the brush, there was a Guard Spec. down from the southern bridge as you 
came across two raised bridges.

Don't be fooled by the eventual clear path between trees--there's another 
karate guy hiding behind the bottom one. Instead, pass through the grass. 
Before you come across the last mandatory battle for this location, there's 
TM34 (Shock Wave) behind some grass that can be cut.

All four Pokemon thrown at you are level 23 beasts. The first two are Glameow 
and Monferno. Monferno when defeated is replaced by Gyarados. Glameow, when 
defeated, is replaced by Kadabra. This is one tough fight. I barely got by this
fight, which is why I'm happy that I got you, and now you, go to Veilstone 
City. Notice that as you passed through the building, the man said that he 
couldn't go to Celestic City due to some Pokemon blocking the road. That could 
mean to get to Celestic City that you need to take care of those Psyduck...

                  =-       h. Veilstone City       -=
                  =-  THIRD GYM - Leader: Maylene  -=

With your first look at the city, you might notice that a major Team Galactic's 
headquarters is stationed here, guarded at all entrances by some of their 
members. As you walk the only way you can, you'll notice that it's not going to 
be convenient walking from place to place, as almost everything is elevated on 
top of rocks.

At the first fork, take a right and heal at the Pokemon Center. The two houses 
above the center won't do anything for you, but the department store left of 
them sure will. This is the first time you've ever gotten a real Pokemart 
upgrade, so take advantage of this opportunity to spend the money you've 
collected up until now. I'll give you a rundown of the different floors.
(1) Medicine and Items
(2) Battle Items and their permanently upgrading versions
(3) Utility and Greatly-Damaging Technical Machines
(4) Dolls and other Miscellaneous Secret Base Items
(5) Vending Machines

Also, on the second floor, the one of the women behind the counter will give 
you the Counter app for your Poketch.

Leave the department store when you're done. At the next fork, you'll 
immediately notice craters with asteroids in them. They are there so that if 
you have a Deoxys transferred from a GBA game, you can press A on each one of 
them to change the form of your Deoxys at any time you please. The Normal, 
Defense, Power, and Speed forms correspond to each of the four asteroids in the 

North of the fork in the road is the main entrance to Team Galactic's massive 
building. South is where everything else is. As you go south, you'll notice the 
Casino, called the Veilstone Game Center, and the building to the right of it 
where you cash in for prizes. In order to get a Coin Case to make use of these 
places, continue past these places to the end of the road, and go inside the 
house on the farthest right.

Inside is a clown, who asks you to guess in which of his hands, which according 
to him are behind his back, is a coin. The answer is random; he changes it. 
He'll reward you with some more, lol, slang ("A winner is you!"), and the Coin 
Case, which you can use to gamble at the Veilstone Game Corner.

By the way, the left house has a girl inside that will massage one of your 
Pokemon a day, in order to make them happier with you. Often you'll get items 
for your Fashion Case from the massaging procedure.

If you continue past these two houses, you'll meet your friend, who seems to be
worried about her Pokedex. It really is a short conversation. Ahead of you is 
the Fighting-Type Gym of Maylene's.

This Gym has a puzzle that isn't too terribly difficult. However, due to the 
nature of the puzzle, it would be very difficult for me to explain to you 
exactly how to push the sliding wooden boards in order to get to Maylene. The 
idea is to push them so that entrances open to you so that you may get to the 
Gym leader. Regardless, I can clue you in on which trainers that you can't not 

The only mandatory fight is the man in the bottom-right cubicle. Black Belt 
Rafael only has a level 28 Meditite to send out against you.

While there is only one mandatory fight, however the guy directly in front of 
Maylene is tough to miss. I suggest that you don't waste time trying to dodge 
him in case you might have to reenter this Gym too many times. While you are 
going to want to heal right before the big fight, unfortunately all the sliding 
wooden boards reset. It's a good thing the puzzle isn't difficult itself.

Black Belt Colby, the one right in front of Maylene, has three level 25 
Machokes. I hope you've caught on before now that, and even the guy standing 
near the door told you, that Flying and Psychic Pokemon are the way to go.

After you've healed up after those two or more fights, go ahead and fight 

Gym Leader Maylene's Pokemon are:
(1) Meditite: Lv. 27
(2) Machoke:  Lv. 27
(3) Lucario (with a Sitrus Berry) :  Lv. 30

My suggestion is a Flying-Type for the Meditite, a Phychic-Type for the 
Machoke, and a Fire-Type for the Lucario (as it's a Fighting/Steel-Type). If 
you are having trouble with this fight, you can walk down Route 214 to train 
your Pokemon. By the way, a Psychic will stop you on your way out.

When you defeat Maylene and receive 3600 Pokedollars from her, you'll receive 
TM60 (Drain Punch), and the Cobble Badge, which enables you to use the hidden 
move Fly outside of battle.

As soon as you leave the Gym, your friend who was standing right outside while 
you fought will walk up to you and ask for some help. Apparently, the reason 
she was bummed out was because Team Galactic accidentally got a hold of her 
Pokedex. Help her out and meet her at the warehouse, which is immediately above 
the west entrance to the city.

Meet your friend near the west entrance to the city and together whip the two 
blocking your way. As your friend sends out her level 25 Clefairy, the first 
two enemy Pokemon sent out will be a level 25 Beautifly and Dustox. A level 25 
Stunky replaces the Beautifly when defeated. When Dustox goes down, a level 25 
Croagunk replaces it. If your friend's Clefairy suffers, she'll replace it with 
her own level 25 Kadabra.

After you defeat them, they tell you that whatever was in that warehouse was 
moved to Pastoria City. HM02 Fly is inside the warehouse, so go get it. Next up 
is the Fourth Gym (Water), which remarkably takes almost no time at all to 
beat, very much unlike the first three Gyms. The next thing you do would have 
been to head south from Veilstone City to Route 214, but first you ought to 
collect the Marking Map app from the Poketch company owner first.

4) To the Fourth Gym

                  =- a. Route 214 and Valor Lakefront -=

Route 214 is short.  In fact, almost everyone can be skipped other than the 
psychic with her level 22 Ghastly, level 24 Kadabra, and level 23 Misdreavus. 
However, the large man in blue is impractical to continue to skip every time 
you pass by Route 214, so I suggest you beat this collector's three low-level 
Roselia at 20, 22, and 24. By the way, there's TM28 (Dig) in the cave to the 
very left. Also, the man inside won't do anything if you show him an Unown.

In the beginning of Valor Lakefront, there's not much other than grass. Make 
sure you don't miss that painfully obvious Paralyze Heal. As you continue, 
you'll come across a woman who has been locked out of her house. Pass her by 
for now, and take a left, since the guy towards the right says that there's 
been a major blackout at Sunyshore City. At the Seven Stars Restaurant, you can 
partake in no less than five double battles at your leisure.

Honestly, I've never seen a Route with this many houses on it. In fact, Valor 
Lakefront together with Route 213 probably has more houses than some towns! At 
the very southwest of Valor Lakefront, which technically is Route 213, right 
under a swimming pool, is a PP Up. In fact, opposite at that PP Up is the Game 
Director's house! He tells you to come back when you've filled up your Pokedex.

Pass these two short areas by and into Route 213.

                  =-         b. Route 213          -=

The split-second you cross over into Route 213, walk into the left house. Talk 
to the clown in the corner and he'll give you TM92 (Trick Room). Before you 
walk into Hotel Grand Lake below you, pick up the Suite Key on the left side of 
the concrete, two steps away from the building. Head back to where the girl was 
to receive a Lava Cookie (a nostalgic Full Heal). When you go back to and enter
the Hotel at Route 213, talk to the Police Officer so that he'll heal your 
Pokemon. Remember to pick up the Red Shard to the left as soon as you exit the 

When you reach the beach, go ahead and fight the beach girl's level 23 Bibarel. 
There's no reason to walk through a mostly peaceful Route 214 and Valor 
Lakefront, only to have to dodge a single person every time you pass. Continue 
west for quite a bit. The first fisherman you see won't fight you, but the 
second one will, though both have their backs turned.

Don't pass the hut by, as the guy inside might give your Pokemon a Footprint 
Ribbon if your Pokemon has a "top-quality footprint". What this means to you is 
that if your Pokemon likes you, he'll give it a silly Ribbon. Not a bad 
freebie, in my opinion. Shortly upward is Beauty Cyndy with her level 23 
Glameow. I wouldn't want to avoid her either, or at least I don't want to pass 
her by and be surprised. I'm sure you might feel the same way sometimes. TM40 
(Aerial Ace) is behind the breakable rock somewhat guarded by the large man 
north of it.

This wasn't as short as the other ones, but it wasn't long either. Travel north 
until you can no longer travel in that direction and of course move west from 
there. You have now finished the traveling right up until Pastoria City, home 
of the Fourth Gym.

                   =-         c. Pastoria City          -=
                   =- FOURTH GYM - Leader: Crasher Wake -=

While this isn't a shrimp town, there could be bigger cities. The house 
immediately below you as you enter has a green-haired boy (you had to talk to 
his sister in order to tell that the person was a boy...) inside that will 
award you a Ribbon if she sees the lead Pokemon excelling in a certain visual 
attribute, such as Cute, Cool, Tough, etc.

From the Pokemon Center, two houses down and one to the right is the Move 
Tutor's house. If you trade him Heart Scales he'll teach your Pokemon moves. If 
you surf east from his house, then eventually north, you'll find a Mystic 
Water, which increases Water-Type moves by 10%. in a Pokeball in an alcove. 
Also, the house at the west exit has a woman inside who gives you a different 
berry every day you meet her. She has 17 different berries that she'll give 
you, and after 17 days, she'll restart her gift-giving cycle back to the first 
berry she ever gave you.

At the Pokemart, Quick Balls are now sold--perfect for wild Abra. Not only 
that, but Great Balls and Super Repels are sold at this typical Pokemart. By 
the way, when you buy 10 Pokeballs, you're given a free Premier Ball. It's not 
better than a Pokeball, and does nothing special. It's free and merely looks 

Also here is the Safari Zone! This time, you're finding Pokemon in an exotic 
marsh. You pay $500 for 500 steps and a supply of 30 Safari Balls to capture 
all the rare Pokemon with. On the second floor of the main building is the 
observatory, where you pay $100 to take a look out at the Safari with the 
Binoculars. Using them, you can search what Pokemon are available for capture 
in the different areas. This doesn't guarantee an actual appearance of the 
Pokemon you spotted, but it does give you an idea of what's available. 

The safari swamp is at the very top of the city, and the moment you start a 
$500 session at the Safari Zone, a green-haired person on the right will give 
you HM05 (Defog). Because there are almost no areas in the game where you will 
need this, I suggest you don't even teach this to a single Pokemon. After you 
receive this Hidden Machine, I suggest you simply head to the Gym if you're not 
interested in capturing Pokemon.

There are three mandatory fights in the Gym. I'll walk you through the small 
puzzle first. Walk forward, then left towards the stairs. Walk south towards 
those stairs and step on the Orange button, lowering the water level. Walk down 
the nearby two flights of stairs and move around the other side of the wall, 
through the opening in the right. From here, walk through the only other 
opening, over another set of logs. Travel up two flights of stairs in front of 
you and hit the green button, raising the water level. Walk completely around 
towards the blue button.

Sailor Damian fights you with two level 24 Wingulls. Walk south over the raised 
logs and fight Tuber Jacky's level 26 Buizel. East you'll soon fight Tuber 
Caitlyn's level 24 Azurill and Marill. Travel north and hit the green button. 
Walk down the button set of stairs, skipping the orange button to your left, 
and hit the orange button at the very bottom of the path. Travel north over 
three flights of stairs. Walk all the way around and, lol at "That's just how I 
roll". Anyway, this fool sends out two level 24 Shellos's, and a level 24 
Wingull. Hit the blue button and the Gym leader is yours.

Gym Leader Crasher Wake's Pokemon are:
(1) Gyarados: Lv. 27
(2) Quagsire:  Lv. 27
(3) Floatzel (with a Sitrus Berry):  Lv. 30

I suggest an Electric Pokemon for the Gyarados and Floatzel, and a Grass 
Pokemon for the Quagsire. The reason I don't suggest a Grass Pokemon for 
Floatzel is because it knows Ice Fang.

$3600 is your cash reward, as well as TM55 (Brine). The Fen Badge allows you to 
use Defog outside of battle, as well as forces all Pokemon level 50 and below 
to obey you, which is very cool. 

After him there's not much else you can do in this town. You can talk to the 
Team Galactic member standing near the swamp safari, afterwards who runs off. 
Run after him and save. Talk to him again and your rival fights you. He starts 
off with a level 26 Starly. He'll change the Pokemon among his team at any 
time, of which includes a level 25 Roselia, a level 25 Buizel, and an evolved 
level 28 starter with the advantage over yours.

You can do a couple things. You can train at Route 212, which is something I 
badly needed to do, or you can continue to follow the Grunt to Route 213. I 
will spend time in the next sub-section talking about things worth mentioning 
in Route 212. If you feel powerful enough to take on Pokemon leveled in their 
mid-thirties (what you'll face in the fifth gym, which takes almost no time to 
get to), then search for "Route 213 and Valor Lakefront" and skip ahead.

                  =-         d. Route 212          -=

As you leave Pastoria City, there's a hidden Full Heal in the puddle below. 
When you reach Route 212, west of Pastoria City, know that a bicycle cannot 
cross the mud up above. You'll often get stuck in the mud, although you'll also 
not find any Pokemon in it. To get unstuck, spin your character around in 
place. If you enter the mud from the rightmost edge as possible and walk two 
steps north and one to the east, you can find a hidden Hyper Potion.

The first person you come across won't fight you. Any of the fights here occur 
during constant rain, and since the only reason I'd bother coming here is to 
capture Pokemon and to train, you'll need to remember that. TM06 (Toxic) comes 
up soon after the first fight.

Before the first fight and before you collect TM06, you can see a log extending 
off of a raised earth platform guarded by bushes. First, go under the log north 
and collect the Revive. Once you do actually cross over the log itself after 
having cut down a bush or two, you can collect an X Special north and fight 
someone else. From this location, you can travel west, fight a Parasol Lady and 
collect a Zinc shortly afterwards.

Eventually, all methods of travel, either through the mud or not, leads you to 
a house with a trainer in front. In the house, you can trade the shards you 
might have collected along your adventure in exchange for Technical Machines. 
In fact, the plaque hanging in the back of the house tells you what TM you get 
in exchange for the shards. The girl on the left also tells you that you must 
get ten of these shards in order to make the trade.

As you walk left, there are many more people to fight, and just about all of 
them can be avoided. However, I don't know why you're here if you're avoiding 
fights. TM62 (Silver Wind) can be collected by riding over a log (the fact that 
those wire-like lines are logs is confirmed by the scientist near the log 
towards the TM). On the other side of that same platform (accessed by cutting 
bushes north of a bridge below) allows you to cross other logs. One takes you 
to a hidden TinyMushroom in the bottom-left corner of the 2x2-sized earth 
platform. As you continue west, the police officer standing around won't fight 
you, unless it's nighttime.

South from him are more battles and soon a visible Antidote. While you begin to 
leave the area, there is a mandatory Double Battle against a couple Rangers. At 
first an Aipom and Prinplup both at level 21 are sent out. Another level 21 
Prinplup replaces the first one, and a level 21 Marill replaces the Aipom.

As soon as you leave the rain, there's an Elixir hidden behind the first 
signpost you see. TM11 (Sunny Day) in plain view waits behind some bushes that 
can be cut. All around this Pokemon Mansion are people willing to fight you. 
There are also many more police officers surrounding the whole campus willing 
to fight you only at night.

Once you get into the Mansion, you can head right and pick up TM87 (Swagger) 
from where the master of the estate stands in a room. In the rooms to the left, 
you can pick up a Burn Heal in the first room's trashcan. In the second room to 
the left, a woman will give you a Soothe Bell. As you can plainly see in the 
adjoining room to the left, there is a Great Ball there.

In the garden of the Mansion are a couple nice Pokemon here and there. If you 
come back after you get the National Pokedex, return here and talk to the owner 
of the Mansion. Say "Yes" twice in order to listen to him rant, and he'll 
mention that he found a Porygon, which isn't in the Sinnoh Pokedex. The Butler 
will leave the room, so follow suit. Walk back into the room to hear that the 
garden now has a bunch of Pokemon that weren't there before. When you're done 
training, I suggest you fly back to Pastoria City, and head to Route 213 from 

5) Before the Fifth Gym

                  =- a. Route 213 and Valor Lakefront -=

When you get to Route 213, go to the beach and head east. You'll see that same 
Grunt again looking out to the ocean. Talk to him, and after listening to him 
talk to himself, he'll take notice to you and run away again. Pass through the 
entire beach and head through Hotel Grand Lake.

As you exit the hotel, you'll soon hit Valor Lakefront. Take a right at the 
Seven Stars Restaurant, and you'll see the Grunt once more. Speak to him and 
he'll run north. Follow him, and the next thing he'll do is fight you when you 
speak to him next. Knock his one level 25 Glameow out cold.

That's the last you'll ever see of him, but regardless head north and you'll 
soon see Cynthia, the one who gave you HM01 Cut at Eterna City. She'll ask you
if you have seen the group of Psyduck on Route 210, which you have. Even if you 
say you haven't seen them, she'll give you this SecretPotion for them.

Using a Pokemon that can use HM02 Fly, with this method go to Solaceon Town, 
which appears blue on the map.

                  =-  b. Solaceon Town and Route 210  -=

Solaceon Town hasn't changed a bit since you first saw it, so head immediately 
north to Route 210.

When you reach Route 210, simply head north to where the Psyduck are standing 
behind the cafe. Press A on one of them to be given the option to use the 
SecretPotion on them. As soon as the potion cures their headache, Cynthia will 
come from behind and asks you to deliver an Old Charm to her grandmother in 
Celestic Town.

As you head further into Route 210, you can pick up a Super Repel off to the 
left. In the tall grass, there are three little kid ninjas who will pop out of 
nowhere and fight you. If you walk straight north through the brush you are 
sure to fight one. If you look closely at the grass, you can see their small 
green hats. The Dowsing Machine app (a.k.a. Item Finder) can also locate them 
for you. A Hyper Potion is in the middle of the grass.

Eventually you will run into a foggy area, which sucks. When you fight in your 
battles here, everyone's Pokemon miss physical attacks much more often. Moves 
that can't miss like Aerial Ace and non-physical attacks such as Psybeam are 
very welcome. Walk around the right side at first. Hiding under a green hat is 
a ninja, who has two Zubats, a Golbat, and a Skorupi. Walk west over the ledge, 
skipping the grass. Fight the inevitable fight with the Ace Trainer and her 
level 27 Ponyta and Grotle. She's not afraid to switch them out, by the way.

Pass the two people walking around the elevated ground, as you have more fights 
coming up. Fight the Ace Trainer on the even higher platform if you want, but I 
wanted to preserve myself. The log (looks like a wire or rope) to your left can 
be ridden over with your bicycle. While you don't have to fight the hidden 
ninja boy to get to TM30 (Shadow Ball) south of the next log, you do have to 
fight the Karate guy, so make sure to get your Flying and Psychic-Type Pokemon 
ready for his one level 29 Machoke. Right before the ground turns green, walk 
blindly down the stairs.

A boy to the right down there guards a Smoke Ball (which when held by a Pokemon 
enables the holder to flee from a wild battle without fail) with his level 25 
Croagunk and Golbat. To the left walk into the mandatory fight with a trainer's 
level 27 Hoothoot and Noctowl.

Walk north, then west over the bridge. If you're beat, you can skip the Veteran 
above you, who only guards four berries. I was in bad shape at this point, so I
simply headed west towards Celestic Town. By the way, come back to this route 
once you have the ability to use the Hidden move Waterfall so you can get a 
visible Wave Incense and a hidden Meadow Plate for the Arceus you don't have.

                  =-       c. Celestic Town        -=

Thankfully, nothing stands in your way from immediately healing at the nearby 
Pokemon Center. At the Pokemon Center, a man to the left will give you a Great 
Ball if he sees that your lead Pokemon likes you. 

If you travel west from the Pokemon Center, an elderly woman will stop you and 
speak of an angry and threatening member of Team Galactic who stands near the 
shrine down from the stairs above you. Yes, that's Cynthia's grandmother. 
Before you deal with him, check out some other aspects of this small town.

In the house to the very bottom-left, a man will give you the Analog Watch app 
for your Poketch. Now you can check the time with style I guess, as that's the 
only reason people nowadays wear analog watches--style.

In the very top-left corner of the town is a house that acts as a Pokemart. In 
fact, the house sells exactly the same stuff, with the addition of the Timer 
Ball, a ball that "becomes progressively better the more turns there are in 
battle". The man wearing glasses inside this building will give you 
BlackGlasses, which when held by a Pokemon powers up Dark-Type moves.

After you've checked all that there is to see about the town, and that was it, 
you can talk to the Team Galactic member guarding the entrance to some ruins. 
He gives you the option of kicking his butt or not. His level 25 Beautifly and 
level 27 Croagunk isn't anything you probably haven't dealt with before. Not 
only that, this town isn't foggy like what you used to deal with not too long 

After you win the fight, Cynthia's grandmother will thank you and offers for 
you to check out the ruins.

Walk inside the Pokemon-free ruins. Check the painting in the back of this 
small room and Cynthia's grandmother will give you HM03 (Surf), which opens an 
entire new world of places for you to explore...but not now. You need the 
Hearthome Gym Badge to use it. As soon as you leave the cave, the man you saw 
back in Mt. Coronet right before the 3rd Gym will introduce himself to you as 
Cyrus. Apparently he's the leader of Team Galactic, with a weird-butt vision of 
changing the Pokemon world as you know it. Cynthia's grandmother is now in the
main building at the top of the town, but you can pay her no attention.

For now, fly to Hearthome City.

                  =-      d. Hearthome City        -=
                  =-  FIFTH GYM - Leader: Fantina  -=

There's not much you can do in this city that you couldn't do before, except 
for fighting Fantina, user of the Ghost-Type Pokemon and leader of the fifth 
gym you'll face.

When you walk in her Gym, take the elevator up. You'll come across a series of 

The first puzzle says, "Question: 3 plus 5 plus 7 is? Answer: <-2 ^16 ->15"
The answer is 15, I hope, so walk through the door on your right.

What happens if you get it wrong, you ask? You get to immediately fight one of 
that Gym leader's followers, I answer. Do you know what else I say? I say that 
you need some training. So, like the girl in the middle door says, throw the 
quiz so you can battle with her, or anyone else in this Gym you think you need 
to level up from. Hopefully the 8 screw-up trainer fights will help you get to 
where you need to be.

In the room on the right, take the elevator to get to your next quiz.

This next puzzle says, "Question: 12 plus 28 is? Answer: <-30 ^40 ->50"
The answer to this one better be 40, so to get close to the Gym leader take the 
door in the middle.

Same as last time go up the slow elevator and receive your next quiz.
The third quiz asks, "Question: 3 times 13 is? Answer: <-39 ^93 ->33".
I'm so glad Pokemon is getting children to become more familiar with their 
times tables and elementary arithmetic skills. It might have evidenced the 
heart that Nintendo puts into their games if it wasn't for the fact that your 
Poketch also functions as a calculator. Oh well--left door.

The final test is "Question: The first room's answer? Answer: <-2 ^16 ->15"
Now this one stumped even me. Luckily, I did the trial-and-error work for you 
and figured out that it is indeed the right door.

Quack Fantina's Pokemon are:
(1) Drifblim: Lv. 32 (Has a secondary Flying-Type)
(2) Mismagius (with a Sitrus Berry):  Lv. 36 (Pure Ghost)
(3) Gengar:  Lv. 34 (Has a secondary Poison-Type)

And if you need to return to a Pokemon Center, I'll list the Doors for you:
1st Door: -> (Right)
2nd Door: ^ (Middle)
3rd Door: <- (Left)
4th Door: -> (Right)

Know that Normal-Type moves won't affect any of her Pokemon. However, some 
things you wouldn't think would affect Ghost-Type Pokemon, such as Flying-Type 
moves, do. Take advantage of the fact that many Ghost-Type Pokemon have low 
Physical Defense, even though Flying-Type moves are powered with Physical 
strength. Of course, there's the old-fashioned Psychic-Type way, with which the 
Kazza the girl in Oreburgh City might have traded for your Machop would work 

This is a very difficult battle. Almost anything you throw at Mismagius can be 
easily beaten. It's almost a pure might struggle here. Fantina will use a Hyper 
Potion on any Pokemon you get into the red health zone, every time. Because of
this, you need to make sure you cause her Pokemon to faint from the yellow 
zone. If you have problems matching the levels of Fantina's Pokemon, I suggest 
you go back and fight people in Route 212 or fight wild Pokemon in Route 211, 
which is west of Celestic Town.

The reward is not enough for what you had to go through. The only thing worth 
mentioning is that her Relic Badge allows you to use Surf outside of battle. 
You also get a measly 4320 Pokedollars and TM65 (Shadow Claw) for damaging her 

Anyway, as soon as you leave that wretched Gym, Cynthia finds you and suggests 
that you should check out the library at Canalave City. With no time to lose, 
shine your Relic Badge in your Trainer Card--you don't dare let _this_ one dull
after dealing with a Gym like that. Now that you're done here, fly over to 
Jubilife City, from where you will Surf west to Canalave City.

6) Collecting the Sixth Badge

                  =-  a. Jubilife City and Route 218  -=

When you arrive at Jublife City, head to the Poketch Headquarters at the 
northwestern part of the city, and receive the Link Searcher from the President 
now that you have five badges. He also tells you that you will probably get 
another when you get your Seventh Badge. Also, if you ever forget how to use 
one of your Poketch applications, you can head to the third floor of the 
Poketch Company building and check the computers to learn how to use each one. 
For now, let's just focus on the sixth gym badge and leave this place to the 

As soon as you get to Route 218, surf north around the trees and grab a Rare 
Candy from the northeast corner. Notice the whole new set of wild Pokemon 
you'll be encountering in the water. Take the north path above the rocks if you
don't want to fight anyone. If you take the southern path, you will eventually 
have to fight a Guitarist with his level 31 Luxio, even if you skip the two 
fishermen. Oh, and did anyone else catch the "fishing is for the win" from the 
fisherman on the bottom? XD 

Passing this route, you'll reach Canalave City almost immediately. As soon as 
you reach the building that connects the two places, your friend's father (also
Professor Rowan's assistant) will stop you and upgrade your Pokedex. Now your 
Pokedex can display the differences between how male and female Pokemon look. 
When he leaves, notice the policeman at the top of this room saying he's 
thirsty. However, none of the game's four drinks (Bottled Water, Soda Pop, 
Lemonade, or Moomoo Milk) will satisfy him, which is somewhat of a 
disappointment, as such a thing uncharacteristically contrasts previous Pokemon 

                  =-       b. Canalave City        -=
                  =-   SIXTH GYM - Leader: Byron   -=

Don't become distracted by the beauty of this city. Be very aware that as soon 
as you cross the bridge your rival will fight you. Heal at a Pokemon Center and 
save before you deal with him.

In the very first house you see when entering from the east, a girl to the 
right in this building will give you TM48 (Skill Swap). Above this house is the 
Pokemart, where there is a plethora of new items being sold. The Repeat Ball, 
Ultra Ball, Hyper Potion, and Max Repel are now sold here. In the house right 
above the Pokemart is where the Move Deleter resides.

Above the last house is the bridge, Pokemon Center, and an old hotel. The girl
on the left in the Pokemon Center tells you she got the Hidden Machine Strength 
in the Lost Tower on Route 209, a tower I told you to avoid when you first 
passed it. In the old hotel is where you begin a quest to capture the rare 
Pokemon Darkrai, but you cannot begin that quest without the Membership Card 
key item, which can only be obtained through a special promotional event of the 
kind that Nintendo tends to hold in Japan only. It looks like you're out of 
luck, unless you have a friend with or you yourself have an Action Replay 
device from Datel Electronics.

Time to fight your rival. From the concrete, one step onto the wooden bridge 
and two more after that makes three steps before your rival stops you for a 
challenge. He starts off with his level 31 Staravia. Following, he will send in 
a level 35 evolved starter (or fully evolved if you chose Prinplup as your 
starter) that has the elemental advantage over your starter. Afterwards he will 
send in a level 30 Heracross (Bug-Type), and then a level 32 Buizel. Lastly you
will fight his level 32 Roselia. I honestly can't imagine anyone having trouble 
with him if you have recently beaten Fantina. $3500 is your reward.

As you can see, this city somewhat would have been a dead end if it wasn't for 
the dock, accessible from the southwestern part of city. As soon as you feel 
like it, the sea captain is willing to take you to Iron Island. After you take 
care of the Gym, I'll cover the library and then getting the HM Strength.

Because you at least have the fourth Gym Badge, and because of that can control 
all Pokemon up to level 50, there's no reason not to fight anyone in this Gym.
Not only that, the moment you beat this gym, you'll be able to control all 
Pokemon up to level 70, which is light-years away from where you are now. 

In this Gym, Steel Pokemon are used, so get used to using your Fighting, 
Ground, and Fire-Types. While Water and Electric-Type moves aren't super 
effective, they're the only other two moves that aren't "not very effective", 
and Poison-Type moves don't affect Steel-Type Pokemon at tall. Steel Pokemon 
are pretty much what the old, old-gen Ghost and Rock/Ground Pokemon used to 
be--those immune to the typical stuff, except Steel are immune to a tad more 
than them.

The first obvious fight is against Black Belt Ricky's one level 33 Steelix. If 
you have a well-balanced team, his Steel-Type shouldn't give you too many 
problems. While the next fight off to the right on this very floor (the colored 
platforms are super-elevators) may not be mandatory, it's one of those that'd 
be annoying to skip every time. I suggest that you fight Worker Gary's one 
level 31 Onix, not only out of convenience but also so that your Pokemon don't 
fall behind in level. Out of the four elevators, take the one on the very far 

When you reach the next level, take the next one down. This next mandatory 
fight against Ace Trainer Cesar (who said "noob"...) starts off with you 
against his level 30 Skorupi (which is a Poison/Bug-Type?). He next sends out a 
level 32 Steelix. From here is pretty much a straightforward until it splits 
into two paths. Of the two moving platforms, with one going up and the other 
going right, take the one going up. Don't take the next one you see, as the one 
guarded by Worker Gerardo's two level 29 Onix's is the one you want to take.

Go ahead and walk right into a fight with Black Belt David's level 30 Onix and
level 32 Steelix. Take the U-turn of platforms to the south, and then descend. 
Ace Trainer Breanna has one level 33 Azumarill (Water-Type?). You'll eventually 
come across the red platform that takes you straight to Byron.

Gym Leader Byron's Pokemon are:
(1) Bronzor:   Lv. 36 (With secondary Psychic-Type)
(2) Bastiodon: Lv. 39 (With secondary Rock-Type)
(3) Steelix:   Lv. 36

Only until after I met Byron did I learn that Roark was a boy (I also modified 
this guide's usage of pronouns when I found out). Roark is this guy's son. Now 
normally I'd start off using Fighting-Type moves if it wasn't for the fact that 
they will only do 1x the amount of damage to it. Only Fire-Type moves are super 
effective against it. Because Byron also uses Hyper Potions like nobodies' 
business, I used a slightly weaker Fire move to lower its HP to the point where 
one more-powerful Fire move would kill it without fear of it being healed 

Bastiodon will use Flash Cannon, which is a Steel-Type move...which did 5 Hit 
Points of damage to my level 37 Empoleon. Make sure you're prepared against 
that. His Steelix isn't anything special that you haven't dealt with before, so
after his Bastiodon, you won't have to worry about a thing.

Take his 4680 Pokedollars, TM91 (Flash Cannon), and his Mine Badge. With the 
Mine Badge, you can use the hidden move Strength outside of battle (when you 
get it very soon) and now all Pokemon up to level 70 will "obey you without 
question", which is nice. From where he is, take the right moving platform and 
hold that route until you reach the very bottom. Now you can leave without 
dealing with his Gym's silly maze.

As soon as you leave the Gym, your rival will congratulate you. He asks you to 
follow him into the library, so do so. Nothing occurs on the first two floors 
of the library. On the third, your rival will seat you down next to your mentor 
buddy and Professor Rowan. Now I really do enjoy this. This game truly does 
incorporate more story than the previous Pokemon games. Professor Rowan talks 
of the Mirage Legendaries (this game's legendary triplet) and sends your mentor 
buddy to Lake Verity, your rival to Lake Acuity, and you to Lake Valor.

Suddenly an earthquake occurs. Before you leave, remember that only on this 
third floor can you read any of the books, and every bookshelf has a book that 
you can read. You can now leave the library. Once you get outside, a sailor 
tells your group that an explosion came from Lake Valor--where you were 
supposed to go, and where two mysterious men guarded the actual lake.

There are quite a few things that you can do now. You can fly to Solaceon Town, 
traveling south to reach the Lost Tower on Route 209 for the Hidden Machine 
Strength. You can fly to Veilstone City, where you can head straight to 
Pastoria City to get to Lake Valor--you have less wild Pokemon to deal with if 
you approach Lake Valor from Pastoria City, as opposed to Veilstone City.

Because you don't want to get behind in your side-quests, let us first collect 
Strength from the Lost Tower, south of Solaceon Town on Route 209.

7) Preceding the Seventh Gym

                  =- a. Route 209 and the Lost Tower  -=

When you fly to Solaceon Town, immediately head south and straight into the 
Lost Tower. 

The first floor is fairly empty. You will come across many Ghost-Type Pokemon 
of a level much lower than yours. The only reason I have only mentioned this 
place now is because that without the sixth badge, Strength is useless. In 
addition, you've probably seen only one or two times in which you could have 
used it.

On the second floor, I suggest you fight Youngster Oliver's pathetic team of a 
level 16 Stunky, Shellos, and Kricketune. No--it wasn't for the Oval Stone that 
he "guards", but for the added convenience.

On the third floor, you're forced to fight Roughneck Kirby's one level 19 
Cleffa. Behind him is a Revive. You can walk around the next loser.

On this next floor, you're going to have to fight someone, so I suggest the 
Young Couple Mike & Nat who has one pair of level 19 Murkrow and Misdreavus. 
TM27 (Return) is the Pokeball you see towards the bottom of the screen.

On the last floor, the woman on the right will give you a Cleanse Tag, which 
reduces the amount of wild Pokemon encountered if held by your lead Pokemon. 
The woman on the left will give you HM04 (Strength), so now that you're done, 
leave this place. Unfortunately, an Escape Rope won't make that process any 

Next, all you have to do is fly to either Pastoria or Veilstone City. My 
suggestion is, again, Pastoria, as there are less wild Pokemon battles before 
you reach the actual lake. Regardless of the city that you fly to, from them 
head to the Valor Lakefront.

                  =-      b. Valor Lakefront       -=

When you get to Valor Lakefront, head west through the forest on a path that 
used to be blocked by two men. When you get there, it'll look like the whole 
lake was blown up. The first person you see won't fight you, but the next 
person you see will fight you no matter what. She sends out a level 33 Glameow 
first and Croagunk second. Only three of the six Team Galactic members will 
fight you outside, but that was the only mandatory fight. South of where you 
entered the lake there is a cave. Go inside.

In the cavern you will see Commander Saturn. Save before you talk to him. He 
first sends out a level 35 Kadabra. Next he'll send out a level 35 Bronzor. 
Lastly he'll throw a level 37 Toxicroak (Poison/Fighting-Type) holding a Sitrus 
Berry at you. After you take his 2960 Pokedollars, he'll leave. As you walk 
back outside, you might notice that every one of the three that wouldn't fight 
you before have left along with him. When you talk to one of the two that you 
didn't have to fight before (providing that you beat him), he mentions that 
Team Galactic is probably conducting its business near Twinleaf Town--your 
town. Let's see if we can do anything about that.

                  =- c. Twinleaf Town and Verity Lakefront -=

When you reach your hometown, immediately head northwest into the Lake area. 
When you arrive, you'll see Professor Rowan, who was talking with a Team 
Galactic member. There are two double battles here, and you have to deal with 
both of them.

Starting off with the first two Grunts, the first pair of Pokemon thrown at you 
are a level 33 Glameow and level 32 Silcoon. A level 32 Golbat replaces the 
Silcoon, and a level 32 Glameow replaces the first one.

In the second fight, the first two Pokemon sent out are a level 32 Stunky and 
level 31 Beautifly. A level 33 Glameow replaces the Beautifly, and a level 32 
Glameow replaces the Stunky.

Walking near your friend and Commander Mars will not automatically activate an 
encounter. Instead, save beforehand you talk to Commander Mars, and you'll 
fight him again! He'll start off the fight with a level 37 Golbat. Next up 
comes his level 39 Purugly. This Purugly is fond of putting you to sleep with 
Hypnosis. Lastly, he will send out his level 37 Bronzor (w/ Levitate). Take his 
3120 Pokedollars.

After the fight, Commander Mars will tell you that at Team Galactic's 
headquarters is the captured Mesprit, "the Being of Emotion", Azelf, "the Being 
of Willpower", and Uxie, "the Being of Intelligence." When he's done and gone, 
Professor Rowan will ask you to go to Lake Acuity and find out if your rival is 
okay. Before you do, surf southwest across the lake to pick up TM38 (Fire 

Head to Celestic Town and then go west across Route 211. But before you do, I 
highly suggest you heal and stock_up on supplies. Now it's time to use up some 

                  =-   d. Route 211 and Mt. Coronet   -=

West of Celestic Town is Route 211. There are a couple fights although not one 
of them is necessary to cross. However, if you talk to the person looking out 
towards the grass, you'll be given TM77 (Psych Up). When you have Rock Climb 
and Rock Smash, you can come here for TM29 (Psychic).

When you get into the actual Mountain, remember that you're trying to head 
north. Immediately move the boulder above you out of your way with a Pokemon 
using Strength so that you can pass. Before you go down the slope, break the 
rocks up to your left to reach a Rare Candy. When you take a left turn after 
you go down the slope, you'll reach a new, foggy place. Only now do the wild 
Pokemon encounters become more powerful.

When you reach the foggy area, go ahead and pick up the Stardust behind the 
breakable rock. If you want, you can completely skip this entire area and head 
north on one path to reach an ascending slope to the right. However, you would 
be missing many items. A Revive is behind a moveable stone towards the upper-
middle part of that foggy area. If you pass where the Revive is and break one 
rock up, you'll pick up a Full Restore--very nice. Close near the water towards 
the upper-right part of the area, there is a Max Elixir. Some Light Clay is in 
the middle of the body of water on a small 2x2 platform of land. Some Soft Sand 
is on one ledge lower than and to the right of the main pathway.

When you come out of the foggy area from the ascending slope, you can simply 
walk around until you reach outside to Route 216.

                  =-       e. Routes 216-217        -=

Now this is one good-looking place to travel in. First of all, where two 
bridges run across the higher section of this area, in the top-left corner is 
an Ice Heal. I'm sure you've also noticed by now how you slow down in the 
snow--there's nothing you can do about that.

Up above, if you've taken one bridge north to where the Ice Heal was, take the 
other bridge south to where Ace Trainer Laura will fight you with her one level 
37 Lopunny. By now you should also have noticed that Hail during battles will 
buffet any Pokemon that isn't of the Ice-Type. If you didn't take the higher 
path, which I suggest because there are no random battles in the Hail, it 
doesn't matter much because both wind up in the same place. Personally, I 
fought as many people as I possibly could, not because I'm an idiot and want to 
take an early trip back to the Pokemon Center, but because the next Gym is in 
Snowpoint City, which is immediately east of the Acuity Lakefront.

Besides, very soon is a lodge where you can heal up, as well as the fact that 
you should always fight absolutely everyone not worth dodging in the future. 
Walk into the lodge and fall asleep in the bed. When you're done, fight the 
Skier right outside, heal again, and save. From there, walk north into Route 
217. When you return with Rock Climb, remember that there is TM13 (Ice Beam) at
the end of a path past many trainers.

When you reach Route 217, you'll soon notice that it is hailing like mad here. 
As you walk north, you'll run into a mandatory fight with Ace Trainer Dalton, 
who first throws a level 34 Raichu at you. Next up comes his level 38 
Hippopotas (Ground-Type), who changes the Hail up into a Sandstorm. His final 
Pokemon is a level 36 Pelipper.

Luckily there are no random battles here, because the trainers themselves are 
good enough for you or me. If you see what you think might be an item Pokeball 
in the middle of nowhere, sometimes it might be a Ninja. Now there is one Iron 
out there, but you should really make sure before you check. Last time I fought 
everyone merely because there was a lodge up ahead--now it's perseverance. 

Funny enough, TM07 (Hail) is southeast of a house that's near the left of the 
route. In that house is a man who said he dropped his Hidden Machine Rock Climb 
in the snow. Do you know what that means? Pick up this HM08 (Rock Climb) that's 
_right_ outside his house, to the northeast. Go back inside and talk to him to 
receive an Icicle Plate for the Arceus you don't have. As you continue up this 
route, watch out for crazy, spinning trainers. I suggest you, after receiving 
the HM, go immediately across the snowfield to the right. Hug the walls and 
you'll find another house. The girl inside will give you a Spell Tag, which 
intensifies Ghost-Type moves when held by a Pokemon.

You'll notice that after the house is a rock and a dead end. If you have an 
Eevee and level it up when near that rock, it will evolve into a Glaceon. 
Unfortunately, you'll have to take the time to walk all the way back over to 
the left. Black Belt Luke up ahead is almost impossible to miss. He doesn't 
have anything you haven't handled before, however. Unluckily, he wasn't the 
last of this Route. Coming up soon is Lake Acuity, but before that, you'll have 
to fight Ace Trainer Olivia's level 37 Roselia and Seaking.

When you cross the first patch of grass after Olivia, you'll run into Lake 
Acuity, with a not-so-severe hail.

                  =-      f. Acuity Lakefront      -=

Almost as soon as you reach this place, the path decidedly splits. You can 
either talk to the two Team Galactic Grunts guarding the actual Lake, or you 
can head east to Snowpoint City. You'll reach Snowpoint City soon enough, so 
for now, help out your buddy like you originally intended to...or not. They 
won't fight you--they're there to keep out Snowpoint City's Gym leader, not 
you. Unfortunately, you'll have to hold off dealing with Team Galactic and find 
the Gym leader; don't they tend to hang around in Gyms?

Along the way as you walk east, towards the top of a grove is an Ultra Ball. 
There is a lot of grass for wild Pokemon to bother you in, so continue the 
annoying path east. Luckily, this is a short route.

                  =-       g. Snowpoint City       -=
                  =- SEVENTH GYM - Leader: Candice -=

Upon reaching this place, you'll notice another dock--this dock takes you to 
the three special areas on a massive island in the northeast part of the Sinnoh 
region. You can only make use of this guy's boat once you've become the 
region's Champion.

The Sailor near the Pokemon Center says that there's nothing much to do around 
here. He's right. In fact, apart from the Gym and the Temple in the back, 
there's only one thing you can do. In the northwest house, a girl is willing to 
trade you a Haunter in exchange for a Medicham (which could be caught in the 
previous Routes), and that's it. That's the town.

What makes the Pokemart unique is its Snow Mail...yeah, let's heal at the 
Pokemon Center and get the next badge.

This next Gym just looks annoying, and it is. Basically, you have to run into 
the balls of ice at high speeds in order to break them. Not all fights are 
mandatory in this place, but they might as well be, seeing as you're going to 
have to run all over the place every time you reenter this place. 

Go ahead and get all fights out of your way. Aimlessly go all over the place 
and fight as many people as you can--I'll walk you through the puzzle once 
you've fought everyone, healed, and returned. Because of such a difficult task, 
you will need to understand that people here will never ever run up to you and 
fight. People will only fight you if the other person and you meet face to 
face--another annoying slow-down to this process.

Ace Trainer Isaiah's one level 39 Quagsire is one mandatory fight--he's to the 
right of the inner circle. One the left of the middle circle is Ace Trainer 
Brenna with her one level 39 Snover (Grass/Ice-Type). To the very bottom-left 
of the Gym is Ace Trainer Sergio, with his level 37 Floatzel and Sneasel. In 
the top-right corner, there is a hidden snow pad right above Ace Trainer 
Savannah, with her level 35 Pelipper, level 37 Steelix, and level 36 Golduck.
Walk left from Savannah to reach the near-last trainer.

In the upper-left corner, Ace Trainer Allicia sends out a level 37 Sneasel and 
then a similarly leveled Tentacruel. The trainer north of Savannah and nearest 
to Candice, Ace Trainer Anton, has one level 39 Snover to throw at you.

Now get out of here and heal. Up next is my D-Pad-pressing guide to reach her, 
and then my commentary on Candice herself.

When you get back, just one space to the left of the wooden stairs straight in 
front of you, run north while sliding into two ice balls.

Go back to the entrance and do the exact same thing on the other side of the 
wooden stairs immediately in front of the entrance, breaking three more 

From here, slide to the right and the north to the corner. There are two snow 
pads to your left. Slide over to them, and then walk over to on top of the left 

Slide down until you reach another snow pad, then slide left into another 

From there, continue to slide west and south alternatively until you reach a 
padding of snow just southeast of Ace Trainer Sergio.

From there, slide north, then west into a wall, then north again onto another 
padding of snow.

Slide to the right onto a hidden snow pad, then one more time to break the 
snowball down below. Now go in a south, west, and south alternating pattern 
until you're southeast of Ace Trainer Sergio again.

From the pad of snow, go up once onto another pad, and then north again until 
you hit an ice obstacle. Next, slide right. From here, return to the entrance 
(by heading towards Sergio).

At the entrance, slide the very same direction you went the first time you went 
anywhere. Slide west into Ace Trainer Allicia, then all around her until you 
hit the ice obstacle on the very left. Slide right into another snowball. 
Return to the entrance, Sergio style.

From the entrance's big padding of snow, slide into the snowball to the very 
bottom-right. Travel north, then north again until you're on the bottom of two 
pads of snow, side-by-side. Travel west to break another snowball.

In the very same direction you traveled the very first time you went anywhere, 
one step left of the wooden stairs north of the entrance, travel north. Slide 
west into Ace Trainer Allicia, then south, then east.

Return to the entrance Sergio-style and face the Gym leader.

Gym Leader Candice's Pokemon are:
(1) Snover:    Lv. 38 (Ice/Grass-Type)
(2) Sneasel:   Lv. 38 (Dark/Ice-Type)
(3) Medicham:  Lv. 40 (Fighting/Psychic-Type)
(4) Abomasnow (w/ Sitrus Berry): Lv. 42 (Ice/Grass-Type)

I hope you came well prepared for this fight, because I know that I never want 
to do any of that again. Fighting and Flying-Type moves work very well against 
Snover. I used Fire-Type moves against Sneasel. Personally, with a level 41 
Staraptor and Infernape, the first two went down in one hit each.

The next one is an oddball. However, Flying and Ghost-Type moves are what work 
really well against it. It's immune to nothing, and only Fighting and Rock-Type 
moves' power is halved. I went back to my Staraptor with this one. With the 
assistance of the hail, Medicham went out in one turn.

Abomasnow is the evolved form of Snover. I didn't use the same thing I used for 
Snover, because Candice is keen on using Full Restores on her Abomasnow, even 
if it isn't in red health. I took it out in one hit with what I used on Sneasel 

As you might tell, I would have difficulty in understanding why anyone would 
have any trouble with her. If you have a scenario, which you think may make it 
harder for some people, tell me the plight and I'll be more than happy to guide 
those people in a paragraph replacing this one.

Take this girl's petty cash of 5040 Pokedollars, your TM72 (Avalanche), and her 
Icicle Badge, which enables the use of Rock Climb outside of battle.

Now that you're done here (she won't talk to you about the Lake yet), go heal 
at a Pokemon Center. Before you head west towards the Acuity Lakefront, fly to 
Jubilife City (now that you have seven badges), and receive the Move Tester app 
for your Poketch. Fly back and head west towards the lake.

8) For the Final Badge

                  =-      a. Acuity Lakefront      -=

When you reach the entrance to the Lake, you'll notice that the two Grunts have 
split up to either side of the entrance. They won't fight you, so you can 
assume that someone already has. Obviously your rival blew them out of the way, 
because now he's backed up Commander Jupiter into a corner. When everything has
been taken care of, you can pick up TM14 (Blizzard) at the very top-right part 
of the lake. Notice that the grass around the Technical Machine is pretty much 
the only place where you can fight that area's Pokemon without it hailing.

This didn't take too long unfortunately (adding story to the Pokemon games can 
only be a good thing), so now the only place you have left to go is to where 
Team Galactic HQ is, Veilstone City.

                  =-       b. Veilstone City       -=

If you haven't noticed already, you can travel to new places with Rock Climb. 
You can pick up a Full Incense (I've no idea what it does) to the left of the 
Pokemon Center. Now that you got that, it's time to head to Team Galactic's 
Headquarter, at the northeastern part of the city.

When you arrive on the premises, you might notice the Grunt that wasn't 
standing there before. Talk to him and he'll run away, leaving behind a Storage 
Key. From the looks of things around this joint, you'll have to infiltrate the 
base indirectly. While it probably wouldn't have been a problem to simply fight 
your way past every single one of those suckas, you can't fight your way 
through their steel doors.

Because you can't waltz right in and take over their operations, head over to 
where you helped your friend retrieve his or her Pokedex, near the storage 
facility. With the Storage Key, walk right past the guy "guarding" the door, 
picking up the obvious Dusk Stone on your way downstairs.

The scientist won't fight you, but the Galactic member down towards the right 
sure will. You don't have to fight him, but he's also placed inconveniently in 
your way. Besides, he only has one level 37 Golbat. As you pass him, go ahead 
and pick up the Zinc. This next guy you can't dodge. Apparently, you're the 
first intruder ever in their building, but with that intruder being you, they 
better hope they don't get another. He has a level 35 Dustox and Bronzor. Prove 
to him you're bored of his too-common choice of Pokemon. From there, go ahead 
and head upstairs.

The oddly placed guy in this room won't fight you nor tell or give anything of 
use to you. On the next floor, however, you will have to deal with one Grunt's 
level 37 Glameow. When you arrive at two warp panels, the right one will take 
you to TM49 (Snatch), while the other will have you progress further in their 
base, to the room on the left.

In that room on the left, obviously take the only other warp. From this room, 
take the stairs up. In here, the warp on the left _eventually_ takes you to the 
exit, while giving you the opportunity to pick up TM36 (Sludge Bomb) and this 
"Galactic Key" along the way. The right path leads you to TM21 (Frustration), 
but you need the Galactic Key first. No matter what you want to do, go to the 
warp. On the way down, there is a scientist with two Kadabras, but you don't 
have to fight him. The Grunt past him won't fight you, so pick up Sludge Bomb 
and the Galactic Key. 

If you really want TM21, you will have to fight the Galactic member in between 
the two staircases with the warp you took. He has a level 32 Wurmple, a level 
36 Dustox, and a level 34 Cascoon. On the floor above him, the guy looking away
won't do anything, but the guy down the hall will fight you with his one level 
37 Stunky. The next guy running up and down the halls looking almost every 
which way is fun to dodge. I did it both times I passed him. Use the Galactic 
Key on the door to get TM21 (Frustration) in the adjoining room.

Do you know what there's left to do here? Nothing. With the Galactic Key, 
apparently you _can_ waltz right into the main entrance of their headquarters. 
Exit this place through the warp since you've collected everything. As you come 
near the exit, use the Galactic Key to open the door. 

After you heal at the Pokemon Center, go to the main entrance of their base. 
Take the left or middle door and use the Galactic Key to continue to the next 

What comes next is rather interesting. You have the option of taking on two 
Grunts separately, or together. If you want to fight each one individually, 
fight the first Grunt when he's looking up, and then the next as she looks 
left. If you want to fight them at the same time, pass the guy on the left as 
he looks right, then come into the view of both of them when that guy on the 
left continues to look right (he'll face either north or east). Both of them 
first send out two level 36 Golbats. The female Golbat is replaced by level 34 
Silcoon, and the male Golbat is replaced with another just like it.

As you continue, know that bothering the scientist will result in a battle. Off 
to the right, taking the warp at the top takes you to a purposeless room, while 
the warp on the bottom eventually takes you to the Max Revive on the other 
side. Obviously, only the warp near the scientist takes you anywhere.

In the room that you are taken to by that warp, you have the opportunity to 
rest and heal up. By taking the stairs, you soon wind up in a double battle. 
The first pair of enemy Pokemon is a level 36 Stunky and level 35 Croagunk. A 
level 36 Croagunk replaces the Stunky, and a level 35 Stunky replaces the first 
Croagunk. Lastly, you'll face a level 35 Glameow.

Eventually you'll come upon three warps. The upper-left one merely takes you to 
one Elixir. The upper-right warp takes you nowhere, so that leaves the bottom-
left one as the warp you want to take. When you arrive in the room that warp 
takes you, ascend the staircase.

Here is the very last room of Team Galactic's HQ. I suggest you heal (at the 
beds) and save. As soon as you walk into the room, Galactic Boss Cyrus will 
start a fight with you. He'll first throw a level 40 Murkrow (Dark/Flying-Type) 
at you. Note that Cyrus will use Super Potions often. After the Murkrow will 
come his level 40 Golbat (Poison/Flying-Type). Lastly, he'll use his level 43 
Sneasel (Dark/Ice-Type). When you win the fight, he'll honor your power by 
giving you a Master Ball.

Take the man's suggestion and leave by the warp. Unfortunately, you'll have one 
more major fight up ahead. Neither of the scientists in the next room will 
fight you, but talk to Commander Saturn in the room afterwards to start another 
battle. He'll first send his level 38 Kadabra. Next up is his level 38 Bronzor.
The last Pokemon you have to fight at the Team Galactic HQ is Saturn's level 40 
Toxicroak (Poison/Fighting-Type).

Take Saturn's advice (did you have a choice?) and press the button on the 
consol. Apparently, Cyrus has gone and shackled something in chains on Mt. 
Coronet. As you take the yellow warp out of there, you'll notice that the path 
to the green warp has been cleared, allowing you to leave. Don't forget to pick 
up the PP Up on the left side of the building after you leave.

The Coronet Mountain is obviously the next place you need to go. However, there 
are multiple entrances to it. The way you want to enter that will allow you to 
progress in the game's story is traveling west from Hearthome City. 

                  =- c. Hearthome City and Route 208  -=

Before you head straight into the mountain, know that a very pivotal point will
occur in the game. In fact, up ahead is pretty much the ending of the game's 
plot. After this, only the Eighth Badge and the Elite Four will be in between 
you and the game's end. Because of this, head to the Pokemart and prepare 
yourself (make sure you carry two Pokemon Center trips-worth of supplies) for 
one long journey ahead. In addition to many healing items, buy many higher-end 
Repels and many, many Dusk Balls. Dusk Balls, when used in dark places and at 
nighttime, have the highest chance of capture over all other conventional 
Pokeballs, at 4x (Ultra Balls are at 2x). Oh, and get an Escape Rope.

Don't bother healing now if you haven't taken care of everyone at Route 208. If
you think that absolutely no one will stand in between you and Mt. Coronet, go 
ahead and heal and head that direction. If not, don't bother and beat all the 
trainers that might needlessly hurt your Pokemon before you take one_big_trip 
into the mountain.

Once you've cleared every trainer that might get in your way, heal and then 
head straight to Mt. Coronet, past Route 208. Use normal repels over the grass 
in Route 208, and then once you get into Mt. Coronet yourself, begin to use 
your Super and Max Repels. Wild Pokemon should be the last thing to waste your 
time and Pokemon's health.

                  =- d. Mt. Coronet and Spear Pillar -=

When you arrive in Mt. Coronet (the part where you start using Super and Max 
Repels), either by breaking the rocks below or by running around over the 
ramps, move towards the left. You can if you like, now that you can surf, pick 
up the Dawn Stone at the very bottom of the cave. In this room, move all the 
way around to the very top-left part, past the exit on the left. Surf right 
across the small expanse of water. Pick up the obvious Protein. When you get to 
the very right, carefully walk along the edge and rock climb to the next area.

Walk the only way you can in the next place, picking up the obvious Max Potion 
and the not-so-obvious Ether hiding at the stone on that same elevation. When 
you have the option of traveling further, instead head down to collect an 
Escape Rope. TM80 (Rock Slide) is in this convoluted area in addition to a 
Revive. I'm not going to give directions in this silly room, but I will tell 
you that you want to leave this room by the dark opening in the upper-left, and 
not the exit to the bottom-left.

When you go into the next room, walk up the obvious staircase. After you reach 
the next room, head immediately to the stairs on the other side, picking up a 
hidden Max Revive in this dead-end room. Of course return to the three-way 

In the three-way room, a Grunt that's difficult to dodge has one level 40 
Beautifly. I suggest you dodge her unless you think you can act first and end 
the match in one move. Further in this room is a guy who's actually not that 
hard to dodge, believe it or not. Basically, he only looks up or down--not left 
or right. Run around the first rock when he's on the left, and then pass the 
next rock also when he's on the left. Only move to in front of the door when 
he's out of sight. Walk outside afterwards.

When you come outside, you can stop using your Super Repels and switch to the 
normal Repels as you walk through the grass--your job right now is 
preservation. In the first patch of grass is a hidden Full Heal. After you 
climb one set of rocks (climbing the second set will only net you one hidden 
Nugget), walk south-west, moving stones to avoid the massive patch of grass and 
break the rock at the very bottom-left to pick up a hidden Max Potion.

In the entrance to the mountain on the very right, there is a hidden Ultra Ball 
up a big ramp going up. However, continuing this way does you no good, as you 
cannot climb waterfalls, not having the Hidden Machine or the Eighth Badge. 
Because of this, you might as well exit and head for the other entrance to the 
same place from the far left--which requires no Repels to get to.

When you re-enter from the left, use a Super Repel and run up to climb the 
wall. The Grunt only looks left, even though he will battle you. The next Grunt 
isn't so easy to dodge, although it's not that difficult. You can pick up an 
obvious, though hidden Escape Rope at the rock below on your way out.

When you go outside, know that there's no reason for you to walk into the big 
expanse of linear grass unless you're dying for a Rare Candy. Outside, the only 
other thing of use to you is a hidden Big Mushroom, towards the very bottom, 
which is also the very northern-most part of the downgrade. There are two more
entrances into the mountain--you want to go up, so walk all around towards the 
left to continue to the insides.

In the next room there's nothing, so continue up the stairs. South and above is 
an inevitable fight with this Grunt and her level 38 Bronzor and Glameow. 
Hidden on a rock directly below that fight is a Stardust. Unfortunately, you'll 
have to fight one more Grunt, with his level 37 Bronzor and Golbat. Head up the 

I tell you what--Game Freak hates you. In the biggest battle of preservation 
ever, they throw _another_ mandatory Grunt fight at you in this next room. She 
starts off with her level 37 Golbat. If you have an unhealthy habit of raising 
your Pokemon perfectly equal like me, forget about it for now--at this point 
only use what works best. You fight a level 37 Glameow followed by a level 37 
Bronzor, after which the fight ends. Anyway, I must say--isn't this room 
foreboding or what? Check out the design. You don't have to save before you 
walk outside--I always tell you where to save.

You have one last annoying fight to deal with, and this time it's a Double 
Battle! First up is a level 38 Dustox (Flying, Rock, Fire, and Psychic moves' 
damage--2x) and Stunky (Ground 2x). The second set is a level 38 Glameow 
(Fighting 2x) and Croagunk (Psychic 4x, Flying and Ground 2x).

Up next is the end. Congratulations for surviving this far. It's not easy to 
tell when you lose control, so I'll tell you how many steps are too many before 
you save. Using a reset Step Counter (Poketch app 04), walk 12 steps from in 
between the two Grunts, and then save. If you feel that it was somewhat 
difficult to _perfectly_ understand my directions, you might as well save in 
between the two Grunts. When you take the 13th step towards Commander Jupiter, 
Commander Mars, and Boss Cryus, you cannot turn back.

Cyrus will summon either Dialga or Palkia. Can we say epic? After Cyrus rants 
some more, you will gain control again. Walk in between Mars and Jupiter, 
knowing that two level 41 Bronzors will come your way first, and with the help 
of your rival kick their butts. A level 42 and level 41 Golbat will replace 
each Bronzor. By the way, the left Pokemon on the bottom screen is the bottom 
health bar, just in case the double pairs confused you. A level 46 Skuntank 
replaces the level 41 Golbat, and a level 45 Purugly replaces the level 42 

Thank the heavens that your rival heals your Pokemon before he leaves. After 
some dialogue, I suggest you pause it for a while once you start to see either 
Dialga or Palkia radiate--you don't see that many cool things in Pokemon that 
often. Hooray! The Pokemon you helped out not only stopped the world from 
ending, but they also stopped Cyrus from ever attempting to end the world again 
by breaking his chain. Cyrus, having been pwned, will take his vengeance on 

He'll start the fight off with his level 45 Honchkrow (Dark/Flying-Type). Cyrus 
will withdraw Honchkrow in a heartbeat with his level 45 Gyarados (Water/
Flying-Type) if you do significant damage to it. Gyarados will also be the 
Pokemon that follows a fainted Honchkrow. If Gyarados ever uses Giga Impact and
your Pokemon survives, know that Gyarados must recharge after he uses it. Third 
comes Cyrus's level 48 Weavile (Dark/Ice-Type). Lastly, all you have to deal 
with is Cyrus's level 46 Crobat (Poison/Flying-Type; he was nice to his 

Take his 8640 Pokedollars like this sucka was a Gym leader, because he was just 
as tough. When they leave, your friend and Professor Rowan come to give you 
some words of encouragement. Luckily, you have the option of using your Pokemon
Center's worth of healing supplies that I told you to buy. That, and you have 
the option to save. Now I'm going to describe both Dialga and Palkia.

Dialga at level 47 is a Steel and Dragon-Type:
(+) Fighting and Ground-Type moves does twice as much damage to it.
(-) Normal, Ghost, Steel, Electric, Water, Bug, Psychic, Dark, Rock, and Flying
    -Type moves do half as much damage. Grass-Type moves do one-quarter damage.
(x) Poison-Type moves do no damage to it whatsoever.

Palkia at level 47 is a Water and Dragon-Type:
(+) Dragon-Type moves do twice as much damage to it.
(-) Steel-Type moves do half as much, and Fire and Water-Type moves do only 
    one-quarter as much damage to it.

With this in mind, adjust your starting Pokemon accordingly. I suggest you 
capture it. There is absolutely no reason for you not to. Not only that, but 
don't ever use a Master Ball on a rare Pokemon that's stationary. Always use 
things like Dusk Balls, Timer Balls, and Ultra Balls. What if you luckily came 
across a non-stationary legendary that runs away when you first see it? Those 
are times for Master Balls.

Anyway, make sure you save immediately after the Cyrus fight, and after you 
heal your Pokemon. After I got it into its red health, with it pwning one of my 
Pokemon in one move (either Pokemon has its own super move which causes it to 
charge the next turn), I caught it with my _first_ Dusk Ball--see how awesome 
these things are? I bet that you'd really feel stupid if you used your one 
Master Ball on it. Now, of course the Dusk Ball won't capture it in one try for 
everyone--I was somewhat lucky. However, I promise you that capturing it 
without a Master Ball isn't that hard, even without dumb luck.

Your friend and Professor Rowan will take you away from where the fight with 
either Dialga or Palkia was. However, don't immediately leave. Instead, because 
you really don't want to come back up here a second time, run ALL the way back 
up, past where the legendary stood, and pick up a special item. If you have the
Diamond version of the game, inside the Pokeball is an Adamant Orb, which 
increases the Steel and Dragon-Type moves of Dialga. If you have the Pearl 
version of the game, instead will be a Lustrous Orb, which increases the Water 
and Dragon-Type moves of Palkia.

Unfortunately, after everything you can't fly away, even if you're on top of a 
mountain. I used some of my Super Repels and rode my bike in the fourth gear 
way down and out. However, the moment you go outside for the second time (where 
it snows) is when you can fly away. Now where to fly? There are two places of 
interest--Celestic Town and Pastoria/Veilstone City. 

What is there to do at Celestic Town? If you head there and speak to Cynthia's 
grandmother in the big house at the top of the town, she'll show you a picture 
of the legendary that you didn't have the opportunity to capture in your 
version of the game. After you see that picture, that other legendary is put 
into your Pokedex! That's actually important in this game, since merely seeing 
a Pokemon is enough for it to count as a significant entry in your Pokedex--
just like in the Pokemon anime.

I suggest you continue your game by going to Pastoria City, since there are 
less wild encounters along the way as opposed to Veilstone, even though they 
are geographically just as close to Route 222 to Sunyshore City. No matter 
which way you come from, you end up at the Valor Lakefront.

                  =- e. Valor Lakefront and Route 222 -=

It seems that there's so little to do now, with the entire plot of the game 
completed seven and a half-ninths of the way through the game! At least you got 
more dialogue in this game than in previous installations of the series.

By the way, if you took towards Valor Lakefront from Pastoria City, you could 
have used Rock Climb to nab TM05 (Roar), for whatever that's worth. 

Once you actually reach the Valor Lakefront, there are many more opportunities 
to make use of Rock Climb. If you use Rock Climb at the very southeast part of 
this place, going down towards a cut-off house that technically lies in Route 
213, a man inside will give you the Poketch app Coin Toss. In the trashcan in 
that same room is a Max Revive. Further down from that house is a Protein. East 
and north of that house is a Rare Candy. East and south, however, is nothing.

If you use Rock Climb behind the developer's house and continue, going every 
which way, you will eventually be able to collect TM85 (Dream Eater), on the 
other side of the bushes of the house of the girl you helped out a long time 

Notice that the guy blocking the road to Sunyshore City is gone. You almost 
don't have to fight a single person at Route 222, but I felt like celebrating 
my imminent 8th Gym Badge retrieval early and fought everyone.

On the actual road first up is Rich Boy Trey, with his one level 43 Luxio. Way 
past the grass on the left of the road, in the middle of three branches is a 
hidden Full Restore. Next up on the actual road is Beauty Nicola, with her one 
level 43 Lopunny. If you deviate north from the road before the dirt turns into 
concrete, you will have the opportunity to cut past some bushes for a Carbos (a 
Honey was to the south). 

Next up is a Police Officer, who will fight only if it is at nighttime. After 
him is another opportunity to have a Double Battle. I choose not because they 
take too long. A level 43 Mantyke is all that Sailor Marc has. Next to him is 
Tuber Conner, who only has a level 43 Remoraid. Last is the only mandatory 
fight of Route 222, pitting you against Sailor Luther. He has a level 37 Feebas 
first, and then sends out a level 40 Machoke. His Gastrodon (Water/Ground-Type) 
at level 43 comes last.

On the beach is the Pikachu Fan Club and the house of someone who gives you 
stuff for showing him certain big fish Pokemon. I only fought Tuber Holly's 
level 43 Remoraid, as she's the only one who actually looks for a fight at the 
beach. A hidden Honey is in a patch of grass past a breakable rock. Not only 
that, but if you surf further from that patch of grass, you can find a hidden 
Big Mushroom in some more grass.

Next up is Sunyshore City. You've almost collected your final badge. I'd be 
excited if I were you.

                  =-       f. Sunyshore City       -=
                  =- EIGHTH GYM - Leader: Volkner  -=

As soon as you exit the other side of the gate, Flint of the Elite Four will 
run up to you and ask if you'd please fight this city's Gym leader. Of course 
you'll help him out. Now this city is weird. I'm going to try to describe 
locations instead of places, so bear with me. 

If you want to leave this city going north and expect to get anywhere, as 
Jasmine (Gym leader in Gold/Silver/Crystal versions) pointed out, you'll need 
all 8 badges, so don't bother heading towards Victory Road for now.

New at the Pokemart is Steel Mail, the Luxury Ball (which captures like a 
Pokeball, but acts like Gold/Silver/Crystal's Friend Ball), and nothing else.

Northwest of the Pokemart is obviously the Seal market. It's the only place in 
the game where you can buy Seals for adding special effects to your Pokemon's 
Pokeball entrances during battles (just in case you hadn't figured that out by 
now). The man wearing glasses will sell different Seals every day, and his 
selection's rotation restarts every week.

At the very northeast part of the city, a girl named Julia might give you 
Ribbons starting the day after you meet her if you tell her stories.

In the southeastern-most part of town is a Thunderstone inside a Pokeball, and 
up the rocks to the right is a house inside of which is a man who gives you 
different Poketch apps based on the different natures of the Pokemon you show 

He starts off wanting to see a Pokemon with a serious nature, and if you show 
him a Pokemon with such a nature, he'll give you the Calendar app. Next, show 
him a Pokemon with a naive nature to receive the Dot Artist app. Lastly, show 
him a Pokemon with a Quirky Nature to get the Roulette app.

Volkner isn't at his Gym at the moment, so meet up with him at the lighthouse, 
which is at the very southeastern-most part of the city. After he brags a 
little to you, he'll leave. Before you go, look through the binoculars for 
something really cool--a view of the castle where the Elite Four and the 
Champion reside!

Flint has been standing at the door of Volkner's Gym, so talk with him now that 
you've found Volkner and he'll leave.

In the first neat room of his Gym, School Kid Tiera has one level 44 Pachirisu 
to throw at you. In the second room, fight Guitarist Jerry's one level 44 
Luxio. In this second room, you obviously have no other choice than to hit the 
blue button three times.

After you hit it for the third time, run around to the left and fight School 
Kid Forrest and his one level 44 Mr. Mime. Following the match, hit the nearby 
blue button, and then hit the green button. Now the path to the right has been 
opened. Obviously the Pikachu is Poke Kid Meghan, wielding four level 41 

In the next room, you'll probably have to beat Guitarist Lonnie. Beat his level 
44 Raichu to continue. Press the red button on the right once, then immediately 
walk south from it then left towards the other red button. South from the 
second red button is Ace Trainer Destiny, who wields a level 44 Kadabra and 

Walk up the ramp to the left of Destiny and fight Guitarist Preston, who starts 
the battle with his level 42 Luxio. After that will come his level 42 Bibarel.
Hit the green button up there twice, and then run around (the electricity 
doesn't hurt you nor block your path) to hit the blue button. The last trainer 
that stands between you and the last Gym leader is Ace Trainer Zachery, with 
his level 44 Steelix and Medicham. Notice that you can run down from Zachery to 
a new exit out of here. It took me two trips to beat all of the trainers here, 
so I definitely needed to heal after the second trip. You heal and return too.

When you return to the third room, complete the same button-pressing sequence 
in addition to playing around with the red button down to the right (typically 
the first one you ever press), in order to get to the Gym leader.

Gym Leader Volkner's Pokemon are:
(1) Raichu:    Lv. 46
(2) Octillery: Lv. 47 (Water-Type)
(3) Luxray (w/ Sitrus Berry):    Lv. 49
(4) Ambipom:   Lv. 47 (Normal-Type)

Man, I don't know what to tell you. I took all four down in one hit, and I only 
used my level 44 Infernape (Using Close Combat against Ambipom), and my level 
45 Torterra (Using Earthquake against Raichu and Luxray, and Razor Leaf against 
Octillery). I noted the types of the Pokemon that weren't obviously the 
Electric-Type to help out anyone who had trouble figuring out what to send in 
next. In fact, I had to be told by someone else that Volkner's Luxray was 
holding a Sitrus Berry. You should know your type weaknesses by now.

Take this guy's 5880 Pokedollars. Also take his TM57 (Charge Beam) and Beacon 
Badge, which allows you to use the Hidden Move Waterfall outside of battle, in 
addition to allowing you to control any Pokemon at any level at all times. 
Notice while you leave that your rival isn't a certified trainer. Regardless, 
you kept your promise to Flint, and you're almost at the end. Up next is Route 
223, which is also known as Victory Road.

Before you leave, know that you have only completed the first of the three 
endurance tests in this game. The first endurance test was you up against Team 
Galactic at Mt. Coronet. The second is Victory Road. Some may consider Victory 
Road to be tougher than Mt. Coronet. No matter how you feel, you should take 
Victory Road with the same amount of seriousness as Team Galactic, which is 
impossible, so take it instead with the same amount of seriousness as Mt. 
Coronet as a whole.

Having stocked up on supplies and having healed, talk to Jasmine on the beach 
to receive HM07 (Waterfall), which replaced my Empoleon's Aqua Jet perfectly 
(Same PP, double damage, and there's the added HM usage). 

All there is left to do is to head to Route 223.

9) Seeking the Championship

                  =-         a. Route 223          -=

As you surf past Jasmine, dodge the first two trainers as best you can. 
Remember that your main priority is self-preservation. The first trainer that 
you have to fight is Swimmer Oscar, who has a level 38 Mantyke, a level 40 
Remoraid, and a level 42 Mantine. Don't feel bad if the wild Pokemon and 
Trainer's Pokemon are at your level, because the path to the Elite Four is 
shorter this time around, and you can always use Repels, if they even work. 
After Oscar is a double battle; first pair is a level 37 Wingull and level 39 
Marill. The second pair is a level 42 Quagsire and level 40 Wingull, followed 
by a level 41 Pelipper and Golduck.

After you defeat Colton and Paige, swim left around the rock on the left to 
avoid the girl swimming wildly, but not too far as to run into the male swimmer 
even farther left and north. When you reach shallow waters, pick up the Pearl 
at the top and swim around the shallow waters to avoid the sailor. Swim and 
walk around the left, and carefully dodge the woman. 

Reach the shallow water above as a safe haven. In order to dodge as much wild 
Pokemon as possible, head towards the shallow water that is off to the right.  
From there, surf north avoiding the swimmer. After that, all you do is surf up 
the waterfall.

                =-           b. Victory Road              -=

Of course take the opportunity to heal up at the Pokemon Center. If you look at 
your map, it'll look like you've gone a lot farther than it seems you have. 
Note that you can also fly here. Victory Road will be one of the many places 
that you'll be using to train, in addition to Route 223. It only took one Max 
Repel to reach Victory Road, and it'll probably take another two to pass it. 
You can now head into the cave.

Take the opportunity to train inside Victory Road. None of my Repels would even 
work when I first came here, as almost all Pokemon were of a higher level than 
me. Don't be in a hurry to pass this place by until your Pokemon are all at 
least level 50, or 55 if you want to immediately head to the Elite Four. I'm 
serious too. Almost everyone who reaches the Elite Four in this game 
immediately returns here to train once they've learned that they cannot defeat 
the Elite Four. At the very least you should train until your Repels work...

Going down the rocks after the first bridge will only get you TM41 (Torrent) 
and a fight with Psychic Bryce, and her level 43 Haunter, level 46 Gengar, and 
level 46 Alakazam. After you pass the second bridge, if you head down the slope 
and fight Bird Keeper Hana with level 46 Noctowl level 48 Staraptor, you can 
get a Full Heal.

After you pass the third bridge, obviously head down the rocks and head left 
until you reach a slope going north. You'll run into an inevitable fight with 
Ace Trainer Mariah, with her level 46 Golduck and level 48 Blissey, which might 
be the first time you've seen this Pokemon. A hidden Max Elixir is hidden at 
the end of that particular elevation of earth. Take the two slopes into the 
room on the left.

In this place, alternate your bike's two gears to clear the different ramps. 
Immediately head left, and then work around towards a Max Ether. When you break 
the rocks below the entrance and head south, don't push the first boulder down. 
Instead, fight the Ace Trainer Omar, who has a level 45 Rapidash, Carnivine 
(probably the first time you've seen it), and level 48 Rampardos. Push the 
second boulder down, break the rocks below it, and push the boulder back up. A 
mandatory fight comes up with you against Ace Trainer Sydney's level 46 
Clefable (most likely the first time you've seen it) and level 48 Torterra. 

Lastly in this place, know that the boulders won't do anything different unless 
you return from above, after which you will run into more puzzles and a chance 
to fight a Double Battle (of a level 47 Staraptor and Whiscash) and collect 
TM71 (Stone Edge) as well as a Full Restore. There's an optional fight with 
Veteran Clayton. He has a level 47 Staraptor and Hippowdon, the latter of which 
I'm sure you haven't seen before. Head down the slope above Veteran Clayton.

In the next room, make sure that you don't accidentally jump off a ledge after 
you rock climb down. You'll have a fight with Black Belt Miles and his one 
level 49 Machamp, which you might not have seen yet. See all the wonderful 
opportunities to fill up your Pokedex? Obviously, you will need to head down 
the next slope.

In the next room, pay attention to the gap in the rock while you swim, and at 
the same time notice the inevitable fight with Psychic Valencia. She has a 
level 44 Chingling and level 48 Chimecho, which you probably haven't seen by 
now. There's an optional fight with Ace Trainer Henry running up and down with 
his one level 49 Honchkrow in this room if you're interested. Not only that, 
but there's one other optional fight with two Ace Trainers below Henry, but not 
before you pass a hidden Pearl on the left. They have a level 47 Gyarados and 
Medicham. Eventually past those two in that direction is a Rare Candy.

Head up the waterfall, picking up TM59 (Dragon Pulse) on the way up before 
fighting Dragon Tamer Ondrej (Green hair), who has one level 49 Gabite (Dragon/
Ground-Type) on the way up towards the left. On your way out, there's a hidden 
Big Mushroom on one of the rocks.

In the next room, you can pass Veteran Edgar for now in order to get a Razor 
Claw to the left, or get a Zinc past the big man guarding an opening in the 
wall (who leaves after you get the National Pokedex) to the right.  Once you 
get both of these things, fight Edgar, and he'll throw a level 45 Tentacruel, 
Golem, and level 48 Empoleon at you. After that fight with Edger, rock climbing 
to the left will eventually net you TM79 (Dark Pulse)in a small room. Rock 
climb to the right to fight Dragon Tamer Clinton, who first has a level 46 
Gible to fight you with. He sends out the same thing next, followed by a level 
49 Gyarados. After Clinton comes the exit, and you'll know the way after that.

                  =-     c. The Pokemon League     -=

When you get inside, heal first. Buy four Pokemon Center's worth of supplies at 
the shop, because you'll be battling five people--the Elite Four and the 
Champion, like in every single other conventional Pokemon game. 

By the way, I had 144 Pokemon seen in my Pokedex before I went up against the 
League. By the time I was done, I had seen 150, enabling me to pick up my 
National Pokedex just as the main portion of my game ended. You too can 
simultaneously finish the main game and immediately collect your National 
Pokedex, which allows you to do all the fun stuff after the Elite Four. 

Before you do fight Elite Four, you'll have to battle your rival as soon as you 
try to talk to the lady in front of the entrance.

Your rival first has a level 48 Staraptor. Secondly will come the fully evolved 
starter that has the advantage over yours, at level 53. Third will be his level 
50 Heracross (Bug-Type). Fourth will come his level 49 Floatzel. Fifth will 
come his level 51 Snorlax (Normal-Type), which I bet you've probably never seen 
by now. Lastly will be his level 49 Roserade. After you receive his chump 
change and pouting, the Elite Four and Champion are all yours.

Just in case you'd like to know how I did it, I'll list what I brought with me:

Pokemon Team:                          Items:
Alakazam w/ TwistedSpoon  Lvl. 57      Potion x 11           Burn Heal x 20
Torterra w/ Shell Bell    Lvl. 56      Super Potion x 20     Ice Heal x 20
Empoleon w/ Mystic Water  Lvl. 57      Hyper Potion x 24     Full Heal x 30
Infernape w/ Charcoal     Lvl. 57      Max Potion x 2        Full Restore x 3
Staraptor w/ Sharp Beak   Lvl. 56      Awakening x 30        Max Elixir x 2
Dialga w/ Adamant Orb     Lvl. 47      Antidote x 30         Revive x 20
                                       Parlyz Heal x 30      Max Revive x 2

Now it can be argued that I came over-prepared as far as items go, however I 
don't think that fighting the Elite Four and the Champion with a team that's 
mostly below level 55 is wise no matter who you are. I also suggest that no 
matter what you bring, you bring along just as many Hyper Potions and Revives.

I didn't use Dialga at all, and I barely used the supplies I brought with me, 
but there's no way I want to risk losing money over saving anywhere within the 
league itself. Also, my Torterra had about five other items that I gave it. I 
gave it a Big Root if I wanted to focus on its Giga Drain attack in the 
upcoming fight, or I gave it BlackGlasses if I wanted to focus using its Crunch 
attack. In addition, Miracle Seed boosted its Grass-Type moves and Soft Sand 
boosted its Ground-Type move Earthquake. Iron Ball enabled it to hit Flying-
Type Pokemon with its Earthquake attack, so make sure that you also have your 
Pokemon hold the item that they'll best make use of for the upcoming fight.

When you're prepared yourself, talk to the lady who will check your badges. 
When she moves to the side, save the game. Walk through the doorway.

As you walk up the elevator and past the door that locks behind you, notice 
that you can't surf through that locked door, unlike the earlier Japanese 
versions. This is proof that the Elite Four door glitch cannot be exploited in 
the NTSC (American English) versions period.

    +-------------------- Elite Four Aaron: Bug-Master ------------------+
    |         Pokemon           |  Level  |            Type              | 
    | #1      Dustox            |   53    |         Bug / Poison         |
    | #2     Beautifly          |   53    |         Bug / Flying         |
    | #3  Drapion(Sitrus Berry) |   57    |      Poison / Dark           |
    | #4     Vespiqueen         |   54    |         Bug / Flying         |
    | #5     Heracross          |   54    |         Bug / Fighting       |

The Dustox and Beautifly go down like any other Dustox and Beautifly that 
you've fought hundreds of times before. Only Ground-Type moves are super 
effective against Drapion, which has many anti-grass moves. Heracross also 
isn't anything special.

Take his 6840 Pokedollars and compliments and head to the next person.

    +------------------ Elite Four Bertha: Ground-Master ----------------+
    |         Pokemon           |  Level  |            Type              | 
    | #1      Quagsire          |   55    |       Water / Ground         |
    | #2      Whiscash          |   55    |       Water / Ground         |
    | #3      Sudowoodo         |   56    |           Rock               |
    | #4 Hippowdon(Sitrus Berry)|   59    |          Ground              |
    | #5       Golem            |   56    |        Rock / Ground         |

Don't be fooled by her claims that she's the Ground-Type Pokemon master, thus 
causing you to put some Water-Type out in front. Grass-Type moves are the only 
moves that are super effective against Quagsire. Whiscash, like Quagsire, is 
only vulnerable to Grass-Type moves; however, Whiscash is also much quicker 
than Quagsire, and much more powerful--it will give Bertha the chance to use a 
Full Restore.

For a lover of the Ground-Type, Bertha sure is lacking in her own department. 
You can send in anything typical for the Rock-Type Sudowoodo. Hippowdon is her 
first Ground-Type, so Water, Grass, and Ice-Type moves each do twice as much 
damage to it. Be warned that Hippowdon will automatically summon a Sandstorm. 
If you have any Grass and Water-Type Pokemon, keep them for Golem, as it is 
four times as susceptible to those Pokemons' types of moves.

Take her 7080 Pokedollars and compliments and head to the next fight.

    +------------------- Elite Four Flint: Fire-Master ------------------+
    |         Pokemon           |  Level  |            Type              | 
    | #1      Rapidash          |   58    |            Fire              |
    | #2 Infernape(Sitrus Berry)|   61    |        Fire / Fighting       |
    | #3      Steelix           |   57    |       Steel / Ground         |
    | #4      Lopunny           |   57    |           Normal             |
    | #5      Drifblim          |   58    |       Ghost / Flying         |

For a Fire-Type master, Flint also doesn't do well in his own field, like 
Bertha. Like the typical Fire-Type Pokemon, Water, Rock, and Ground-Type moves 
do double damage to Rapidash. Because you probably have used your Water-Type of 
your team to death, have a Flying or Psychic-Type to deal with Infernape.

While Steelix can still be fought with Fighting and Ground-Type moves, it has a 
lot less Special Defense than Defense. Because of this, I suggest you use 
either Fire or Water-Type moves against it. Because I was wearing down my 
Empoleon, I brought out my Infernape.

Only Fighting-Type moves are twice as effective against Normal-Type Pokemon, so 
Lopunny was one Pokemon I used Close Combat on. Drifblim was the only Pokemon 
out of them all that intimidated me. Rock, Ghost, Electric, Ice, and Dark-Type 
moves are super effective against it, and forget Poison, Grass, Normal, 
Fighting, and Ground-Type moves. It's Aftermath ability is deadly, and it can 
waste Dark-Type moves when you really need them for later.

Take his 7320 Pokedollars, useless compliments, and leave.

    +------------------ Elite Four Lucian: Psychic-Master ---------------+
    |         Pokemon           |  Level  |            Type              | 
    | #1      Mr. Mime          |   59    |          Psychic             |
    | #2      Medicham          |   60    |    Fighting / Psychic        |
    | #3      Alakazam          |   60    |          Psychic             |
    | #4      Girafarig         |   59    |      Normal / Psychic        |
    | #5 Bronzong(Sitrus Berry) |   63    |       Steel / Psychic        |

Take advantage of the fact that Mr. Mime has low Physical Defense, so I did and 
switched my Torterra's Shell Bell with BlackGlasses, to make sure I didn't use 
up too much PP. However, it has high Speed, so allowing it to survive more than 
one turn was out of the question.

What a pleasant surprise--Medicham. I really can't say I know of a Pokemon that 
I hate more than this one, and maybe Meditite before it. Only Flying and Ghost-
Type moves are good against it, unfortunately. At least only Fighting and Rock-
Type moves are the only ones that aren't very effective, because you might need
all that you can muster to take this thing down fast. Be warned that Medicham 
has an Ice Punch waiting for your Flying-Type.

Treat Alakazam exactly as you did Mr. Mime. The difference is that he's faster 
and more powerful, so you'll really need some good luck to survive it. Note 
that Alakazam has the move Focus Blast, which is a high-powered Fighting-Type 
special (as in, not-physical) move. Focus Blast is something you might want for 
your own Psychic-Type to deal with those Dark-Type Pokemon.

Unfortunately, only Bug and Dark-Type moves are super effective against 
Girafarig, which is a bummer because this Pokemon actually has decent defense. 
It's actually a rather weak Pokemon, so the fact that not much is super 
effective against it really isn't all that bad.

Lastly, Bronzong is only twice as susceptible to Fire-Type moves--nothing else. 
While Bronzong comes in two varieties, this particular one isn't the one that 
absorbs Fire. You shouldn't have problems with this.

Take his 7560 Pokedollars and good tidings. You are about to face supposedly 
the strongest trainer in your game. The Champion is the only one now in between 
you and the end. 

Make sure you arrange your team before you enter the Champion's room!

    +------------------ Pokemon League Champion Cynthia -----------------+
    |         Pokemon           |  Level  |            Type              | 
    | #1     Spiritomb          |   61    |       Ghost / Dark           |
    | #2      Milotic           |   63    |           Water              |
    | #3     Gastrodon          |   60    |       Water / Ground         |
    | #4 Garchomp(Sitrus Berry) |   66    |      Dragon / Ground         |
    | #5     Roserade           |   60    |       Grass / Poison         |
    | #6     Lucario            |   63    |    Fighting / Steel          |

Spiritomb has no weaknesses, but Poison-Type moves are ineffective, and it 
can't even be touched by Normal, Fighting, and Psychic-Type moves. If you have 
an Empoleon, you should use it because all of Spiritomb's attacks are weak 
against Empoleon's Water/Steel-Type.

Milotic has a weakness to Grass and Electric-Type moves. The only thing that 
Gastrodon is weak against is Grass-Type moves. So far, nothing seems to be much 
of a problem.

Garchomp may be the first Pokemon ever to give you a very, very serious 
problem, unless you have Ice-Type moves. Ice-Type moves are 4x, and Dragon-Type 
moves are 2x as effective. Poison, Rock, Fire, and Electric-Type moves are no 
good to use. Don't send out anything that is of the Steel-Type, as it can use 
the move Earthquake. Take advantage of the delay of Garchomp's Giga Impact, and 
using a Flying-Pokemon so its Earthquake and Brick Break won't be as effective 
is a good strategy too.

After Garchomp, Roserade and Lucario is pretty much the fight. Neither of the 
last two are that powerful, and you probably know their weaknesses.

The 13200 Poke is nothing compared to the fact that you are now the champion.

Your team will be entered into the Hall of Fame after that, and Professor Rowan 
will join you and Cynthia. Who could have asked for a more awesome Hall of Fame
debut and Credits? Congratulations!

After the credits, the game will end and next time you start up your game, you 
will be in the bedroom of your house. Check your Trainer Card to see a new star 
added to it!

When you walk down the stairs, your mother will relay a message to you from 
your rival, who says that the ship at the dock of Snowpoint City is now 
available to you, and that's true. Only Champions are allowed to that big 
island that you've been gawking at, wondering what's there. You can go there at 
any time you want now, but I'll be talking about those locations later.

Thank you for using my guide. I hope I was able to help you in whatever it was 
that you might have had trouble with. I plan to continue to update this guide 
with all the stuff you can do after you beat the League at later times, but 
for now, enjoy your victory.   

                             {OPTIONAL AREAS}
1) The Underground

The underground is actually a surprisngly fun thing to do with your friends. If 
you haven't learned the basics of the basics, you need to find the Underground 
Man at Eterna City first. If you don't know what to do with him, you can search
for "e. Eterna City", and look for him in that section. 

You can make a secret base anywhere you like, and visit your friend's secret 
bases as well. I'm going to run your through the possibly confusing parts of 
the basics. The main activity is digging up spheres, which is the game's name 
for the minerals that you dig from walls. These spheres is the main currency 
used underground. They come in different sizes, and there are 20 merchants 
scattered underground who will barter with you. Spheres are acquired by digging 
in walls that are near the moving yellow sparkles on the map. Tap the screen to
find them. Press A on the wall to begin a mining minigame, or on the ground to 
disarm a trap.

In the mining minigame, your objective is to uncover the many different items 
beneath different layers of rock. You have a Hammer and Pick-Axe at your 
disposal and a certain number of swings before the whole wall comes tumbling 
down, ending your game. You can get normal items in addition to spheres.

When you press X underground, a whole different menu comes up. You can set 
traps to annoy your buddies when they're trying to capture your flag. Eight of 
the twenty merchants down there will give you spheres in exchange for spheres, 
and you can give them spheres in exchange for traps. Eight of the twenty 
merchants will trade spheres and Secret Base Goods with you. The last four of 
the twenty simply will buy treasures from you for spheres.

If you don't have the right-sized Sphere, but have multiple-smaller spheres of 
the same type, you can bury them in the same place and get one combined sphere 
of increased size. However, the sizes don't stack exactly. For example, a Red 
Sphere 07 and Red Sphere 16 will yield only a Red Sphere 18. Because of this, 
it is advised that you only stack when you have to, and stack the smallest 
things as possible onto the bigger things. You'll find that you'll eventually 
run out of room, so stacking will eventually be inevitable.

You'll occassionally dig up some Treasure, which basically is an item that has 
a use outside of the Underground. Either you can sell them to those four 
particular merchants, or you can select them in the menu and send them straight 
into your Item bag. If you dig up a Fossil, you can take it to the scientist 
behind the counter at the Oreburgh Mining Museum and have him turn it into a 
level 20 Pokemon for you (walk right back in after you leave and he'll already 
be done with the procedure).

Capturing other people's flags of their bases is what actually does some good 
for you, in a way. When you capture your first flag, yours is upgraded to a 
Bronze Flag, which gives you the ability to place a dozen items underground, as 
well as the opportunity to remove one boulder.

After you have registered three flags, your flag becomes a Silver Flag. With 
this, you can now put away up to five big boulders (four more than you use to 
be able to), and decorate your room with 15 decorations.

After you have collected ten flags, your flag becomes a Gold Flag. After you 
get this, you can put away ten big boulders (five more possible than before). 
While you can't put any more items in your room, you can now use a Radar 
function on your PC, which can help you search for your own spheres, traps, and

50 is the magic number. With a Platinum Base flag, you can remove the remaining
six boulders in your base, in addition to your Trainer's Card being upgraded 
with a star--the only practical Trainer upgrade before beating the Elite Four, 
unless you're an avid Super Contestant kind of person.

If you feel that it takes too much time to get the spheres to get goods for 
your base, you can always buy some up above like at the fourth floor of the 
Veilstone Department Store.

That's the Underground covered for you. To speed up the tedious process of 
running to your friend's base and then back to yours 50 times, I suggest you 
two put your bases close together. 

2) Pal Park

The National Pokedex opens up a world of things to do after you've beaten the 
Elite Four. One of those things is Pal Park.

Pal Park is located at the very end of Routes 219-221, which are south of 
Sandgem Town. Along the routes you will encounter Pokemon in their mid-30s, as 
well as minor trainers who are willing to block your path. If you hug the east 
and northern walls towards Pal Park, you will only have to battle one 
collector. By the way, TM81 (X-Scissor) is just below the entrance to it.

While Pal Park can be reached before you acquire the National Pokedex, it's 
worthless to you until then. I'll continue the explanation as if you have that 
Pokedex upgrade.

When you first arrive at Pal Pak, Professor Oak will stop you, though he'll 
only be there if he gave you the National Pokedex earlier. He gives you the 
Trainer Counter Poketch app. When he leaves, he says that he will stay at 
Eterna City.

In this place there are two people of interest. There's a girl to the left who 
will give you the Kitchen Timer Poketch application (#21) if you show her a 
Snorlax. After you show her the Snorlax, she'll give you the Color Changer 
application (#22) if you show her a Kecleon.

The man standing in between the counters will ask you to participate in the 
hunts if you have the National Pokedex. After this, a new option will appear in 
the Startup screen if you have a conventional Pokemon game in the GBA slot when 
you turn on your game. 

A "Migrate from (Insert Game Name Here)" option will appear when you start up 
your game. You will always have to transfer 6 Pokemon that are inside boxes 
every time you transfer, though you can only do the process once a day from any 
GBA Pokemon game. The transfer is always permanent, so it only goes GBA -> DS;
not the other way around. The transferred Pokemon retain absolutely every_
single_detail that they had in the previous game. In addition, all HM moves 
must be deleted from the Pokemon that are transferred, even if it's an HM that 
Diamond or Pearl retained. I suggest you find that game's Move Deleter in order
to make the transfer work.

Once you've transferred Pokemon, you may hunt them in the Pal Park to find them 
again. You're equipped with just enough Park Balls (which act like Master 
Balls) to recapture all your Pokemon. Remember what I said about every_single_
detail being retained from the previous games? I didn't lie. Not only will you 
find the same Pokemon in the Park, but the Original Trainer Name and 
Identification Number, as well as what ball caught them (even though you're 
"recapturing" them with Park Balls) is kept intact.

The Pokemon you transferred will be in an area in the small Park that they're 
normally found in. Your fish Pokemon will be in the lake to the southeast, for 
example. After you find all your Pokemon again, the round (which has no time 
limit) will end. 

In order to collect all 493 Pokemon in the world, you need to transfer from the 
GBA games (especially the previous starter and legendary Pokemon). The Pal Park 
will help you do that. Also note that you do not have to have the National 
Pokedex in the GBA game to make the transfer--you're not trading; instead, 
you're extracting Pokemon from those games.

3) Fuego Ironworks

This place is well hidden, and can be accessed as soon as you can surf. To 
begin to find this place, head to Floaroma Town and head east to Route 205. As 
soon as you get to the first bridge over water, surf west completely downstream 
(you can tell it's downstream by the current, not the direction) until you can 
go no further; if you surf to the east from the bridge as far as you can go, 
you can pick up TM24 (Thunderbolt). 

When you reach the Fuego Ironworks, you can travel south into the northern part 
of Floaroma Town for a Miracle Seed; make sure you don't accidentally drop down 
over the ledge, causing you to go all the way back.

Around the right side of the building is a hidden Max Potion. There is an 
interesting and retro (as far as Pokemon games are concerned) "puzzle" inside 
the building. However, it's more fun to figure out how to do it all yourself 
than for me to explain it to you--besides, you don't need to beat this place to 
go further in your game.

There are only three battles and three free items on the ground. Burn Heal, 
Fire Stone, and Rock Incense can all be found. However, if you want to reach 
the man in the middle of the room (don't be tricked by trying to enter from 
above; enter from below), you'll be forced to fight Worker Conrad's one level 
33 Rapidash.

The big prize of this place is not what Mr. Fuego gives you, another Fire 
Stone, but what's next to his furnace--TM35 (Flamethrower)! This is the perfect 
move to teach your Infernape, over its Flame Wheel.

After you get the free TM35 (you can always buy more for 10,000 Coins at the 
Veilstone Game Corner), there's nothing else to do here. You might as well 
leave this place.

4) Iron Island: Getting Riolu

Another optional area that serves little purpose, Iron Island, can be accessed 
from Canalave City. Before you go to Iron Island, drop off one of your Pokemon 
at the Pokemon Center, making sure you have no more than five in your Party. 
Yes, the most important reason to come here is for the Riolu Egg, which will 
eventually turn into Lucario!

So head to Canalave City, and ask the sailor on the left side of the water to 
take you to Iron Island.

When you arrive, pick up a hidden Max Ether on a small rock above the stairs. 
No one is at the house for now, so head straight into the opening in the rock.

In the room that the slope on the left takes you is one trainer is an Iron 
Ball, which makes Flying-Type Pokemon and Pokemon with the Levitate ability 
susceptible to Ground-Type moves!) inside a Pokeball, and one trainer.

South, soon into the room from the right slope of the entrance, is an Escape 
Rope. A Super Repel is all the way around towards the right. A trainer, 
Picnicker Summer, has a level 31 Staravia and Cherrim, and is difficult to 
dodge on your way down.

In the room down from the slope on the right, there are two trainers walking 
around, a Max Ether, TM23 (Iron Tail), and a hidden Iron. The room down from 
the slope to the left after the elevator is where you need to go.

Down there, a trainer named Riley will accompany you, because the wild Pokemon 
are apparently "restless". Dodge the first two hikers, as Double Battles take 
too long. On the other side of them is an Ultra Ball. An Iron Plate, for the 
Arceus you don't have, is hidden on the very bottom-right part of the room. The 
first mandatory Double Battle down here is with the two Ace Trainers (they have 
Green Hair). First up is a level 31 Ponyta and level 33 Pelipper; a level 34 
Floatzel and level 33 Sudowoodo come next. Lastly is one level 31 Haunter.

Like the Eterna Forest, your team will be healed after each battle. The second, 
and only other mandatory battle down here is with leftover Team Galactic 
Grunts. The first pair of enemy Pokemon is a level 31 Zubat and level 32 
Glameow; a level 32 Stunky replaces the Glameow, and another similar Zubat 
replaces the Zubat. A level 32 Croagunk replaces the Stunky, and a level 34 
Golbat follows the second Zubat.

After that fight you get the Riolu Egg! It takes 6,400 steps to hatch it, so 
make sure you reset your Step Counter (#4) and save at 6,000 steps before it 
hatches so you get exactly what you want. Riolu doesn't evolve into Lucario at 
a specific level. Rather, it evolves when it levels up during the daytime, 
providing that it is happy with you.

Leave by the elevator below, which will eventually take you outside, but not 
before you go by a Shiny Stone inside a Pokeball.

That leaves not much else to do here. In the empty house will be Byron if you 
beat the Elite Four. He'll talk to you about his sons, and then give you a 
Metal Coat, which can be used to evolve Onix into Steelix or Scyther into 
Scizor. He'll leave after that.

5) The Three Lakes: Verity, Acuity, and Valor

                 =- a. Verity Lakefront: Getting Mesprit -=
Like the three legendary birds of the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions, the three
legendary dogs of the Gold, Silver, and Crystal versions, and the three 
legendary (rocks?) of the Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald versions, this game has 
its legendary trio.

I'm not sure what to call this Pokemon, as it doesn't look like it's based off 
of any real life animal, but it's up for the grabs. This Pokemon takes almost 
no time to capture, and can be captured after your game's exclusive legendary 
has been captured.

For this particular Pokemon, fly to Twinleaf Town and head west to Verity Lake. 
Surf into the middle of the lake and press the A button on this Pokemon. It 
will teleport away, as that's the reason I didn't tell you to save.

After it leaves, Professor Rowan will ask you to use the Marking Map (#13) 
application of your Poketch to search for it. If you move about aimlessly by 
foot or by bicycle, Mesprit will show up on that map (you can't use your 
Pokedex, unlike how you might have done so for the legendary dogs), so go to 
where it is.

Now this Pokemon will move away from you a lot of the time. Whatever you do, do 
not fly at all. What you should do is try to plant yourself in between the edge
of any location and right next to an area with wild Pokemon in it. 

Walk back and forth in between those two areas and this legendary Pokemon will 
run to a new area each time you cross boundaries. Continue to change location 
by walking back and forth until it appears near you in an area of wild Pokemon.
This Pokemon will most likely be the one you will see first when you go into 
the grass. If you don't see it that often, then use a Repel to keep the weaker 
Pokemon at bay.

When you do find it in the wild, it'll be at level 50, and it's a Psychic-Type. 
I suggest you use a Pokemon with an ability that keeps it from fleeing, or use 
a move that does the same. However, I used a Master Ball because it is one of 
two legendaries that moves about in this game, with Cresselia (I'll talk about 
her in the next section) being the only other. 

Mesprit, if you don't have a way of keeping it still, will retain all damage 
and status conditions afflicted upon it from all previous encounters. Unless 
you defeat it, removing it from your game, you can continue to find it again 
and again. However, you won't have a chance of capturing it unless you use a 
move like "Mean Look". You cannot count on putting it to sleep to keep it from 
fleeing, but putting it to sleep does increase the likelihood of capture.

There are two others like Mesprit, except they don't run all over the place.

                  =- b. Acuity Lakefront: Getting Uxie -=
Uxie is not as difficult to obtain as Mesprit, as it stays put and doesn't run 
away when you encounter it. Fly to Snowpoint City and travel west towards 
Acuity Lake.

When you arrive at the lake, and remember that this one also doesn't show 
without your game's exclusive legendary being already taken care of, surf 
towards the middle island.

Once you reach the island, you can go ahead and walk in. Save before you press 
A on this creature, as it's at level 50, of the Psychic-Type, and there's only 
one of these. You should know that Fighting and Psychic-Type moves are the only 
moves that are not very effective against it, as you want to make sure that you 
don't kill it.

Because it is inside a Cave, use the Dusk Ball, even if it isn't at nighttime. 
This Pokemon is rather difficult to capture, so don't lose hope because your 
first twenty Dusk Balls failed. Remember that there's an option to use "Item 
used last", to speed things up.

Don't you dare waste more than 20 Dusk Balls on it. That's 20,000 Pokedollars 
down the drain. Remember that there's always the possibility of a first-throw 
capture. If it's not caught within the first 20 Dusk Balls, turn off your game 
even if it's caught by number 21--the Pokemon itself is not worth more than the 
money you spend on the Pokeballs to capture it with.

If you think you're special, and no one spent more time on it than you, think 
again. I, myself, had to restart after having to use 20 Dark Balls the first 
time, and the second time it took 8 Dusk Balls. And I'm sure that there are 
even worse stories out there, of even worse luck, so don't complain to me or 
anyone on any message board about it.

                  =- c. Valor Lakefront: Getting Azelf -=

A lot has happened at Valor Lake since you took care of business at Mt. 
Coronet. Now this lake has filled back up and is healthy again. In addition to 
giving you the opportunity to capture another rare Pokemon, TM25 (Thunder) can 
be found in some grass to the southeast part of the lake area.

In the same way you caught the other two, this legendary also resides in the 
very center cave in the middle of the lake. Also like last time, make sure you 
save before you capture this level 50 Psychic-Type.

Like its brethren, Azelf is also annoying to capture. Again, don't use more 
than 20 Dusk Balls trying to catch it.

With the capture of Azelf makes the last of the trio for you to deal with. 
Unless you are dying for a Psychic-Type Pokemon, none of these Pokemon are that 
special or useful. However, it is nice to put your name (as in Original Trainer 
ID) on a legendary, to call your own.

6) Fullmoon Island: Getting Cresselia

After you get the National Pokedex, a side quest becomes available to you. The 
sailor's son in Canalave City is sick. Go to the house that is the closest to 
the sailor and his boat. Inside will be that sailor's son in bed with his 
mother beside him.

When you press A when near the boy, his mother will comment on his health, in 
addition saying that the boy has been muttering "Dar... Dark...is 
watching...me..." Obviously Darkrai, the Nightmare Pokemon, is giving this boy 
a hard time. Exit the house and talk to the sailor.

He tells you that he needs a Lunar Wing from Fullmoon Island in order to awaken 
him. If you accept his request, he'll take you to that place.

Fullmoon Island isn't that special. Not only that, it's small and the only 
purpose it serves has to do with this side quest and filling up your Pokedex 
with one legendary. Walk the only way you can go, into the woods, when you get 

Don't be afraid to immediately press A when near Cresselia. It'll merely leave, 
just like Mesprit, leaving behind a Lunar Wing in the Pokeball. When you return 
to the sailor, he'll take you back to Canalave City soon after.

Walk inside his house and approach the kid in bed. The kid will awaken and the 
father will come and leave. You get no reward...except that now Cresselia is 
off somewhere in the wild. Like Mesprit, go after it, using your Marking Map 
Poketch application (#13) in order to check its location.

Use the same, extremely effective strategy I gave you when you went after 

Do not fly at all. What you should do is try to plant yourself in between the 
edge of any location and right next to an area with wild Pokemon in it. 

Walk back and forth in between those two areas and this legendary Pokemon will 
run to a new area each time you cross boundaries. Continue to change location 
by walking back and forth until it appears near you in an area of wild Pokemon. 
This Pokemon will most likely be the one you will see first when you go into 
the grass. If you don't see it that often, then use a Repel to keep the weaker 
Pokemon at bay.

Cresselia, like the legendary trio, is at level 50 and is of the Psychic-Type. 
You'll also want to be able to keep it from escaping somehow, as, like Mesprit, 
it'll flee the first chance it gets.

Remember that Cresselia, if you don't have a way of keeping it still, will 
retain all damage and status conditions afflicted upon it from all previous 
encounters. Unless you defeat it, removing it from your game, you can continue 
to find it again, put it to sleep to prevent it from fleeing, and continue to 
use Dusk Balls or other non-Master Balls on it until it is captured.

However, you should use your Master Ball on either Cresselia or Mesprit, so one 
of them shouldn't be a problem to you.

7) Route 209: Getting Spiritomb

This sidequest gives you the opportunity to capture yourself a Spiritomb. If 
you look at Route 209, you'll notice that it arcs once. At the absolute very 
bottom-right part of the bend, there is a broken tower, which looks like a 
hollow rock structure.

At first you can't do anything with it--not without an "Odd Keystone". To get 
one, you will have to either go to Hearthome City and head west into Route 208, 
or head to Twinleaf Town. 

As soon as you enter Route 208, below the Berry Master's house will be a Karate 
Guy hiding down near some trees to the right of some tall grass. He will give 
you an Odd Keystone. At Twinleaf Town there is another one, hidden near the 
middle of the left side of the pond as you surf on it.

Go back to Route 209 and place that Odd Keystone on the broken tower, which you 
find out is called the "Hallowed Tower", by what is written on it.

Now here comes the tedious part. You have to go underground, and when you do 
so, you need to have "met" thirty-two people.

Look at your Trainer Card while Underground. You'll notice many different 
statistics. One of those statistics is "No. of people met". That number needs 
to be 32.

However, it's difficult to understand what this means. Basically, you have to 
go into someone else's base while they're in it and while their base is open. 
You have to talk with this person, though you don't have to select any of the 
options given to you such as "Give Gift", "Greet", or "Question".

However, you don't have to meet 32 _different_ people. In fact, you can run in 
and out of your same buddy's base 32 times and speak to him or her 32 times in 
a row. If you get your buddy to stand one space away from his or her base's 
entrance, it can actually be a fast process.

After you have met 32 people, return to the Hallowed Tower.

Save your game before you press A on the Tower, for a level 25 Spiritomb will 
now attack you. Every time you capture another Spiritomb, it also will be at 
level 25. Spiritomb is of the Ghost/Dark-Type, which means that it has no 
weaknesses. It also has a 50% chance of being male or female, and Spiritomb 
eggs will hatch in 7,680 steps. I caught it with one Quick Ball at the 
beginning of the fight.

After your first fight, the Tower will "crumble" again, even though it has 
never changed how it looked once. In order to have the opportunity to capture 
another Spiritomb, you need to find another Odd Keystone. Additional Odd 
Keystones can be dug up in the Underground. However, you unfortunately _will_ 
be forced to see an additional 32 people, but not 32 additional people since 
you put in the odd keystone , in case you had seen more than 32 since you got 
your first Spiritomb. In other words, no matter what, 64 is all you need for 
the second Spiritomb to appear, and no matter what, 96 is what you need for the 
third, etc.

8) Old Chateau: Getting Rotom

In Eterna Forest, there is an old building towards the back, accessible only by 
cutting down some bushes. Gardenia may be standing near its entrance, and will 
briefly talk about it before leaving. 

The only wild Pokemon inside the building are low-level Gastly. In the room 
straight ahead on the first floor is an Antidote in a trashcan to the back-
left. On the second floor, the first room on the left has an Old Gateau (which 
acts like a Full Heal).

Also on the second floor, past the door at the very north is a hallway. In the 
room accessed from the very left door of the hallway is a Dread Plate for the 
Arceus you don't have. TM90 (Substitute) is in the room on the opposite side of 
that hallway, to the very right.

There is a room, second door from the very left in the hallway, with a 
television in it. If you press A on the television at night and select the 
option to "Thump" it, the legendary Pokemon Rotom will attack you at level 15. 
This makes it the lowest-level legendary Pokemon ever. You need the National 
Pokedex, however, for this to happen. 

Rotom is of the Electric/Ghost-Type, so Ghost and Dark-Type moves are twice as 
effective against it. Also, know that Flying, Poison, Bug, Steel, and Electric-
Type moves' power is halved when used against Rotom. Normal, Fighting, and 
Ground-Type moves are completely ineffective against it.

Be very careful with it, since it's at a low level. I caught it with full 
health, merely paralyzed, with my third Dusk Ball. After you catch it, you 
might as well leave.

9) Battle Zone: Getting Heatran

                  =-        a. Fight Area          -=
After you beat the Elite Four, an entire new region opens up to you, called 
Battle Zone. To access Battle Zone, head over to Snowpoint City, where at the 
far south of the place is a sailor who will take you there.

As soon as you arrive, your rival will give you his updated plans of improving 
himself. Someone named Buck will show up while your rival is talking. He'll 
challenge your rival's claims of becoming the best, and also bets that he'll 
reach the treasure at the Volcano (Stark Mountain) towards the north of the 
Battle Zone before anyone else. Your rival obviously doesn't give a flip, 
because he says that right now he'll be heading to the Battle Tower.

Buck will then actually introduce himself as Buck as your rival leaves. Buck 
himself will then leave, and that leaves you to do whatever you want for now. 

At the Battle Zone, there's quite a bit of new places to explore. For now, I'll 
be explaining about all there is to see in the general area.

In this town, called Fight Area, are people who might block your path almost as 
soon as you have reached the place if you don't have the National Pokedex. You 
won't be able to go any further for now if you don't have at least that. For 
details on the National Pokedex, use Ctrl + F to search for "2) National 
Pokedex" in order to quickly go to that section of this guide.

Anyway, at the very northwestern part of the Fight Area is a fisherman who will 
give you the Super Rod. In the Pokemart in the Fight Area is an older woman who 
will give you the Scope Lens, which boosts the holder's critical-hit ratio. 

In front of the entrance within the Fight Area to the Battle Park will be your 
rival on weekends, every Saturday and Sunday, ready to fight you with his 
strengthened team. He'll have level 60s, so be prepared.

                  =-        b. Battle Park         -=
You access the Battle Park by an entrance from the Fight Area. Once you go 
inside the building that leads towards Battle Park, five receptionists will 
stop you and give you a Point Card. Everything that you might need to know 
about the Battle Park and everything within it can be explained by the first 
three receptionists.

Once inside the Battle Park, there's a Razor Fang at the bottom-left corner of 
the Park. As soon as you walk in between the two entrances of the Exchange 
Service Corner on either side of the road, "Tower Tycoon" Palmer, who looks 
like your rival's older brother, will run into you just like him. After he 
greets you, your rival will run into you just like Palmer. Both leave without 
saying much.

Inside the Exchange Service Corner, the left counter will give you items for 
your Battle Points and the right counter will give you TMs for your Points.

There are many prizes to be won at the Battle Tower, but if you manage to beat 
100 matches in a row, you'll earn a star for your Trainer Card. Every so often, 
like the 21st and 49th consecutive battles, you will face Tower Tycoon Palmer, 
who has, by far, the strongest Pokemon you'll face inside the tower.

Lastly, for the Multi-Battles, you may use any person you have teamed up with 
in the game before as a partner. That includes Cheryl from Eterna Forest, Mira 
from Wayward Cave, Riley from Iron Island, Marley from Victory Road, and Buck 
from Stark Mountain. All of these five people will use _much_ stronger Pokemon 
to help you out in your Multi-Battles than what they originally used. That 
about covers what you need to know about the Battle Park and Battle Tower.

                  =- c. Routes 230-229 and Resort Area -=

While you can immediately head north to Route 225 towards the Survival Area and 
towards Stark Mountain, know that Heatran is level 70, so let's procrastinate 
as long as possible before you head _way_ up into Stark Mountain. From the 
Fight Area, head east to Route 230. Remember that if your path is blocked, it's 
because you don't have the National Pokedex.

Before you head into the water, know that there are some Kelpsy and Grepa 
Berries north from the water. Go ahead and fight everyone you can, as you will 
need as much power as possible to handle Heatran. However, I still used repels. 
The first couple of trainers can turn into a Double Battle if you want it to be 
one. Because such battles take too long in my opinion, I didn't make it so. You 
can just talk to them separately if you want to fight them that way.

Swimmer Sophia will start off with a level 50 Mantyke, then finish with a level
52 Mantine. Swimmer Sam has a level 51 Chinchou (Water/Electric-Type), and its
evolved form, a level 51 Lanturn. Remember that Electric attacks won't harm 
either of Sam's Pokemon--I forgot...

The trainer who swims in circles, Swimmer Glenn, has a level 51 Seel (Water-
Type) and Starmie (Water/Psychic-Type). In the small island north of Glenn is a 
hidden Carbos to the north, behind a breakable rock and a visible Rare Candy in 
a Pokeball to the east. Also in the small island are quite a number of new 
Pokemon to the Sinnoh region.

Past the small island are quite a number of trainers. To the top of the water 
route is Swimmer Mallory, who has a level 50 Seel (Water-Type) and level 54 
Dewgong (Water/Ice-Type). Only Fighting, Grass, Electric, and Rock-Type moves 
are super effective against the Dewgong. Towards the middle of the water route 
is Swimmer Joanna, wielding a level 50 Luvdisc (Water-Type) and level 54 Lapras 
(Water/Ice-Type). Past Joanna is Swimmer Kurt, who only has one level 53 
Crawdaunt (Water/Dark-Type).

While you do technically cross over into Route 229, you don't have to do a 
thing there because the path to the Resort Area to the south completely 
bypasses it. However, at Route 229 are battles to be fought, items to be 
collected (Protein/Big Mushroom/Nugget/Full Restore/Reaper Cloth), and new 
Pokemon to be found. Spend as much time there as you wish before and after you 
visit the Resort Area. Route 228 is to the northwest from Route 229 by land.

Once you get to the Resort Area, you can do a couple of things. To the very 
southeast part of town is a visible Nugget inside a Pokeball. Other than that, 
there are berries to pick and then there's the Ribbon Syndicate. 

When you enter the Ribbon Syndicate, you'll need at least one Pokemon on your 
team that has 10 Ribbons or more if you plan not to be kicked out. Once you 
show them a Pokemon that has at least 10 Ribbons, making you a full-fledged 
member, you can deposit that Pokemon and bring anything you like from now on.

At the front counter are three Ribbons up for sale. You first have the option 
of paying for a Gorgeous Ribbon for 10,000 Pokedollars. The Royal Ribbon will 
then be sold for 100,000 Pokedollars. Lastly, a Gorgeous Royal Ribbon will be 
sold for a stupid 999,999--the maximum amount of dough that you can hold. If 
you ever purchase the last one, the Ribbons sold will recycle back to the 
Gorgeous Ribbon. The biggest perk of being a member is a free daily spa 
treatment, on the second floor, for one of your Pokemon. The amount of 
happiness that your Pokemon grows by from a spa treatment is far greater than 
if it was given a massage by the girl at Veilstone City.

That's about all there is to do around here. Now that you've become more 
familiar with the Battle Zone and now that you've procrastinated a little 
longer, you might as well fly back to the Fight Area and head north to Route 

                  =- d. Route 225 and Survival Area -=

Now I could listen to this song almost all day. If you rock climb immediately 
to the left, you'll find a visible HP Up in a Pokeball. Immediately north is a 
weird trainer set-up. So you don't have to get yourself in a needless Double 
Battle, press A separately to the trainer on the bottom-left and upper-right. 
Bird Keeper Audrey to the bottom-left has a level 52 Farfetch'd and level 54 
Swellow. Psychic Daisy to the upper-right has a level 51 Slowpoke (Water/
Psychic-Type) and level 55 Slobro. PkMn Trainer Ashlee to the upper-left has a 
level 50 Zigzagoon and level 56 Skarmory. To the right of this immediate area 
is a Rare Candy behind shrubbery.

Now this area is over-the-top. It'd be difficult for me to explain exactly how 
you need to pass this place, because the trail is all over the place. Luckily 
for you, it's a short route distance-wise, and there's only one direction to 
go. Just know to run away from Raticate (Normal-Type), as their Super Fang move 
halves your Pokemon's HP, or just use repels. The basic direction is to climb 
high and cross bridges to curve south towards the left, where you'll eventually 
reach a house, but not before a couple of optional trainer fights and a Revive.

Inside the house is a construction worker who will give you some Fresh Water. 
To the left of the house behind some shrubbery is something called Lax Incense. 
If you give that item to a female Snorlax when you breed, instead of a baby 
Snorlax hatching from the egg, a baby Munchlax will. After the house the route 
will become more direct, so that will allow me to walk you through the rest of 
the route.

Up the slope next to the house is a pond. If you surf across the pond to the 
left, you will reach a visible Dubious Disc inside a Pokeball. That item will 
evolve your Porygon2 into a Porygon-Z. If you walk down the grass path on the 
right side, you won't have to fight Ace Trainer Quinn's level 53 Pinsir and 
Mightyena. Past him the path is pretty straightforward until you reach ground 
level, as in, you're no longer on a rocky elevation. To the left of the slope 
that took you to ground level is Ace Trainer Deanna with her level 53 Flaaffy 
and Tropius (Grass/Flying-Type). To the left are some berries, most notably the 
Tamato berry, behind some shrubbery.

Heading to the right, opposite of Ace Trainer Deanna, will do you no good, as 
you might have soon figured out if you had traveled north a bit, above the 
visible dead-end. Rock climbing the wall on your way out nets you a battle with 
Dragon Tamer Geoffrey. He has a level 53 Dratini and level 55 Dragonair--both 
pure Dragon-Type. Your reward is the Dawn Stone behind him. After all this is 
the Survival Area.

At the Survival Area, a karate man in the house at the very bottom of the town 
will give you TM42 (Facade). Why was there only that one thing to do here? You 
need to know that the only reason there's a town called Survival Area is so 
that you have a resting place before you go into the biggest wild area of the 
entire game. Stark Mountain is up ahead, so bring many healing supplies as you 
head east to Route 226.

                 =- e. Routes 226-227 and Stark Mountain -=

For such a big area, I'm thankful that the song for Route 225 carried over. If 
you take a look at your map, you'll see Route 228 at the far right. You don't 
need to go there, and because of that I won't walk you through it. You can if 
you want to, however, access that place from Routes 226 or 229, but it's 
optional anyway. Obviously there are battles, TM37 (Sandstorm) and other items, 
and Pokemon like any other place. Know, however, that there is a constant 
Sandstorm in that area. The Move Tutor is also there, who teaches all four 
generations of fully-evolved starter Pokemon 150 Att/90 Acc, 5 PP moves.

Back to route 226, if you rock climb to the immediate north, you can travel 
west back into the Survival Area to a house. Left of the house is a hidden Max 
Revive. Inside the house is a hiker with nothing to give. By the way, use Max 
Repels. You only have one healing stop at Route 227. If you rock climb back 
down, then to the south rock climb back up, you can fight Ace Trainer Graham's 
one level 56 Skarmory. Below him two platforms is a visible Carbos. Above him 
are some berries. 

Continue through the ups and downs until you shortly get to an optional, though 
dividable Double Battle, but not before you collect a visible Lagging Tail 
inside a Pokeball along the way. Bird Keeper Geneva has a level 53 Golbat and 
level 57 Xatu. Dragon Tamer Stanley has a level 56 Seadra and Gyarados. 
Fighting them only nets you TM53 (Energy Ball). Down from them is the ocean to 
the right. Inside the grass that you can only access by rock climbing, right 
before you reach the ocean, is a hidden TinyMushroom.

Once you hit the ocean, you have the option of fighting Swimmer Lydia's three 
Pokemon. She has a level 52 Bibarel, Azumarill, and Sealeo. Immediately south 
of Lydia is a water path that takes you to a hidden Big Pearl on some beach. As 
you soon reach land with a house on it, don't miss the Pokedex upgrade from the 
hiker inside the house. After your Pokedex gains the capability of reading 
Pokedex entries of different languages (basically, now a certain 14 foreign 
Pokemon's Pokedex entries can be read in other languages), the hiker will 
afterwards give you the option to trade him a Finneon for a German Magikarp.

The list of the Pokemon that are affected by this:

Surfing the water path south of the rocky barrier to the right only takes you 
to one fight with Swimmer Wade. He has two level 51 Carvanhas, and one level 54 
Sharpedo. Surfing north from the house will have you come across a small inlet 
of land with a hidden PP Up. Now surf the water path above the rocky barrier to 
the right to reach land again. Soon you will have the option of heading right 
to the completely optional Route 228, or to head north to Route 227 and 
eventually to Stark Mountain.

Once you hit Route 227, you'll immediately notice that volcanic pumice and rock 
are falling--while that won't ever stop from here on, it won't affect your 
battles. The first ramp requires the top gear, fourth, of your bike to cross 
over. Because you'll be healing soon, I didn't pass Ace Trainer Saul's one 
level 55 Tauros. PkMn Ranger Felicia's level 57 Lickitung and Vigoroth are also 
optional opponents. Jump down one, but not two ledges, and then move towards 
the left to eventually come upon your rival and Gym Leader Crasher Wake of 
Pastoria City talking. After they talk with you and leave, make sure you heal 
inside the house before you continue up the ramp.

After you heal up and walk up the ramp, ride your bike like a madman across the 
barely 1 foot-wide log. As soon as you get to the other side, Buck will talk 
with you some more. If you want, you can hop down the ledge to your left and 
collect a Zinc after you ride your bike back across the other log. After this 
you have to fight Ace Trainer Mikayla, who wields a level 56 Meowth, Persian, 
and Hypno. If you rock climb to the land down below, you can pick up a visible 
Charcoal to the right. After the detour, heal again and head back to where Buck 

From where Buck stood, cross the grass to the only place you can go, and jump 
down two ledges. Fight Black Belt Griffin, who has a level 57 Cacturne (Grass/
Dark-Type) and Machamp. As you head up into the actual Stark Mountain, rock 
climbing to the left nets you a visible Life Orb, a hidden Protein which makes 
you backtrack, and a possible fight with Dragon Tamer Darien's one level 60 

There is a visible Ether inside of a Pokeball in the upper-right corner of the 
grass field you pass while heading left to inside the mountain.

Once inside, push the boulder first to the right, then _down_ the slope until 
it can go no further. To the left from down there is an Escape Rope, while 
towards the right is an old puzzle. Push two of the boulders on either side of 
the one in the middle right once, then push the middle boulder either up or 
down from the other side to get by. When you get to the split, take the 
southern one first for an invaluable PP Up. Then travel back the other way up a 
ramp to the next elevation.

Push the boulder left to pass, then move around towards the left to pick up a 
Burn Heal. Break the next rock to reach the next level, but only push the next 
boulder far enough for you to get to the next slope, so you don't close off the 
Full Restore on the other side of the second slope back down on the same level. 
On your way through the dark opening, your rival will complain about having 
gotten owned by Buck. Walk through the dark opening.

In the next room, Buck will talk about literally "owning" your rival, and will 
then team up with you. There are three points of interest inside this gigantic 
cave that I'll explain how to get to.

If you're interested in a Flame Plate for the Arceus you don't have, walk left 
from the fork in the path, then down the slope above, then up the slope to the 
left. Then walk forward to reach a slope going down to the left to find the 
hidden item at the wall. Down from and to the north of the plate is a Technical
Machine, as you should see a visible Pokeball.

If you're interested in TM50 (Overheat), walk left from the fork in the path at 
the beginning, the down the slope above. From there, walk north completely, 
then move left, pushing a boulder out of your way, to get to a fight with Ace 
Trainers Stefan and Jasmin, who wield a level 57 Larvitar, level 59 Drapion 
(Poison/Dark-Type), and level 57 Magcargo. Past them is the TM.

In order to pass all unnecessary crap and just get past the great room, first 
start off going right from the fork. Travel north immediately (but not going 
down the slope) by simply breaking the rock on the higher elevation, then 
continue going up until you reach a slope going down to the left. From there, 
travel north for a short distance, then immediately travel west, breaking a 
rock along the way. Afterwards, travel up the slope going south to run into the 
only mandatory fight in the whole cave, pitting you against Dragon Tamer Drake 
and Black Belt Jarrett. 

First up is a level 57 Vibrava (Ground/Dragon-Type) and level 59 Machamp. A 
level 57 Seadra replaces the Vibrava, and a level 57 Dragonair replaces the 
Seadra. From that fight, move around left, then north, then east, then down the 
slope. At the bottom of the slope, push the boulder across to the right and out 
of your way so you can go up the second slope. Once you go up the slope, Buck 
will leave you. Walk into the dark opening and Buck will leave after you talk 
to him. 

From wherever you are, use an Escape Rope. Once you are outside of the cave, 
fly to the Survival Area. Walk into the house to the left of the Pokemon Center 
to find Buck again. Buck was apparently given a lecture by the older man, as he 
says that he'll put the Magma Stone back where he found it. Now in order to get 
the opportunity to fight Heatran, you will have to run all the way back up the
mountain the same way as last time. The next time you reach that room where 
Buck originally got the Magma Stone, Heatran will instead be there, waiting 
for you. 

Heatran won't attack first, so get up to his face and save. Note that you're 
inside a cave, so no matter what time of the day it is, you'll always get the 
4x capture rate out of your Dusk Balls.

Heatran, when you fight it, will be at level 70. It is of the Fire and Steel-
Type, and it has a 50% chance of being either male or female. However, even if 
you manage to get a male and female Heatran, they will not mate inside the Day 
Care Center in order to perhaps produce another one.

Ground-Type moves are 4x as effective against it and Fighting and Water-Type 
moves are twice as effective against it. Normal, Flying, Ghost, Psychic, 
Dragon, and Dark-Type moves are half as effective against it, and Bug, Steel, 
Grass, and Ice-Type moves only do one-quarter as much damage to it. Heatran is 
immune to Poison-Type moves.

It has the moves Lava Plume (80 Spec. Att/100 Acc, a Fire-Type move that may 
induce Burn), Scary Face (which harshly lowers your Speed), Fire Spin (15 Spec. 
Att/70 Acc, a Fire-Type move that traps your Pokemon for 2-5 turns), and Iron 
Head (80 Phy. Att/100 Acc, a Steel-Type move that may cause your Pokemon to 

Know that it took me three restarts, using 30 Dusk Balls the first two times, 
and then catching Heatran with my 19th, or should I say 79th, Dusk Ball. After 
that, use another Escape Rope and leave forever if you'd like--you're done. 
Congratulations on capturing Heatran!

10) Spring Path: Getting Giratina

If you have beaten the Elite Four and gotten the National Pokedex, another rare 
Pokemon becomes available for your taking, called Giratina. Once you have met 
the two requirements, you'll notice on your map a new area, called the Spring 
Path. The Guide Map calls it "The fourth lake of Sinnoh that was kept secret." 
However, you won't see a lake within the spot on your map. Obviously you'll 
need to access it from Route 214, so go there.

When you arrive at Route 214, preferably from Veilstone City, travel halfway 
through it until you see a new opening in the forest to your right. Travel 
through the path, continuing into the new area, called "Sendoff Spring".

I suggest you use repels for the grassy field. Obviously climb the rocky wall. 
Move around the other side of this donut of a structure and climb down into the 
center of it. Walk into the Turnback Cave. I strongly suggest you get a Pokemon 
that knows Defog--not because you're worried about seeing well, but because you 
don't want to miss your attacks when you fight Giratina. 

As you enter, you'll notice a pillar in front of you that says, "...Past three 
pillars...to the sleeping...before 30 is surpassed..." What that means is that 
you have 30 tries to get this puzzle right before...I've never failed that 
badly myself, so I wouldn't know. Don't worry--with a little advice, you can do 
it in one try.

On the upper level of the room you'll find four doorways. What you're going to 
find frustrating is that where it takes you is not always the same place. When 
you enter a door, you'll wind up in one of three places--a room with a lot of 
rocks all around inside of it, the entrance from the other side, or a room with 
a pillar in the center. Walk into the doorways until you find a room with 
breakable rocks all around.

What you're looking for is irregularities in the rock formations. Usually, in 
the symmetrical rock formations, is a rock out of place near one of the doors. 
The door you need to talk into is the one _opposite_ the odd one out--that 
means you need to find the asymmetrical formation, then choose the correct 
formation on the other side to advance. There are a couple of formations that 
don't follow this pattern, like this:
\  or  ^  or  /  or  <  >  or  \  \  or  /  /
\      v      /

I honestly have no clue how these work. I do know that I successfully advanced 
by walking up for the third formation. I also went down for the second 
formation, which turned out to be successful. If you're having problems, like 
the rest of the world and myself, here's a good rule of thumb: When in doubt, 
don't go back the way you came from.

Anyway, as you continue this process, you'll eventually come upon a pillar. 
When you read the inscription on one of these pillars, there'll be two numbers. 
The top number shows how many different pillars that you've come across (you're 
gunning for three, like the hint at the entrance said), and the bottom number 
shows how many times you've failed. Remember that you want less than 30.

When you come across a pillar and the top number says "3", it won't matter what
doorway you take, as you will walk straight into Giratina's chamber. My bottom 
number was 12, just in case you were curious. Walk up to Giratina's face and 
save. Press A to begin your fight with this monster.

Giratina is at level 70 and is of the Ghost/Dragon-Type. The four moves of it 
are Slash (70 Phy. Att/100 Acc, Normal-Type move with a high critical-hit 
ratio), Earth Power (90 Spec. Att/100 Acc, Ground-Type move that may lower 
Spec. Def), Heal Block [100 Acc, preventing you from healing for 5 turns (you 
can still use healing items, however)], and finally, Shadow Force (120 Phy. 
Att/100 Acc, Ghost-Type move where Giratina disappears the first turn and 
attacks the next).

From this, you may or may not have figured out that a Normal/Flying-Type 
Pokemon like Staraptor is immune to three out of Giratina's four attacks. 
Unfortunately, you won't be able to use a Dusk Ball (which I hope is the only 
thing you're using) on this legendary while it has disappeared. 

It took me 18 Dusk Balls to catch this beast. Congratulations on capturing it! 
When you're done, the inscription behind the thing reads, "This is...That where 
life sparkles...That where life has faded...A place where two worlds
overlap..." You don't have to use an Escape Rope, because any doorway will take 
you to the entrance of Turnback Cave. Notice that the inscription on the wall 
in the entrance has changed. Now it reads "...Past three pillars...offer up
...to the...before 30 is surpassed..."

Interesting...whatever. Leave this place forever--I know you want to.

11) Snowpoint Temple: Getting Regigigas

There is one last rare Pokemon you can get without the need of a special 
Nintendo event-acquirable item (it's something else this time), and that is 
obviously Regigigas. This Pokemon is at Snowpoint City, in the temple there, so 
go there.

Now you're going to be stopped by a woman at the entrance. If you've beaten the 
game and gotten the National Pokedex, instead of being turned away, you'll be 
asked to leave...but not before Candice of that city's Gym will walk up and 
give you permission. Apparently Cynthia thinks you're good enough--you are, so 
don't worry about it. However, Regigigas, when you do find it, won't fight you 
unless you have its subjects, the three Regis, from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/
Emerald--that's the something else--you need them.

Doesn't that suck? Well...I don't know what to tell you other than don't bother 
continuing unless you have those three with you.

...have 'em? Good. Obviously in the first room go down one floor. In the next 
floor down you can go ahead and pick up the Calcium on the way down to the next 
floor below. In the next room, you can break the rocks if you don't want to 
waste steps for your repels.

In the room where it actually takes skill to pass, start at the very left side. 
Slide down into the steel rock on the left side of the ice, in the middle of 
it. From there, slide right. After that, slide up into the rock on the right 
side of the staircase, and then slide left back into another steel rock. 
Following, slide down onto the only space without ice, then slide right into a 
steel rock, south into the back wall, west into the left side, north into the 
steel rock from the bottom side, right all the way to the other side of the 
room, then north to where you need to go.

In the next room, you'll need to push the boulder from below then right over 
the icy pad in order to make a stopping point. This gives you access to the 
NeverMeltIce inside the visible Pokeball.

Up next is the last room, which is obvious from the immediately visible 
Regigigas. There is a steel rock surrounded by icy tiles close to the entrance.
As you stand on the normal ground above the iciness, position yourself one 
space to the west of that steel rock. From there, run south, sliding past that 
steel rock on the right into a non-icy space in the puzzle below. Slide south 
into the rock, then east into a steel rock, then north onto another non-icy 
space, then west into a steel rock, south into yet another steel rock, and then 
finally east right into a steel rock right in front of the monster.

Don't worry about it automatically attacking you, so walk right up to it and 
save directly in front of it. This massive Pokemon is at level 70 and is of the 

It's moves are Confuse Ray (guess what it does), Superpower (120 Phy. Att/100 
Acc, Fighting-Type move), Stomp (65 Phy. Att/100 Acc, Normal-Type move that may 
cause flinching), and Zen Headbutt (80 Phy. att/90 Acc, Psychic-Type move that 
may cause flinching). It's ability "Slow Start" halves its Attack and Speed for 
the first 5 turns of battle.

While I didn't have the easiest time whittling down its HP, I caught it with my 
first Dusk Ball (that's using only one, ever) while it was in critical health 
and paralyzed. Congratulations for capturing this Pokemon when you do. Use an 
Escape Rope to get out of there when you want to.

                               {EXTRA STUFF}
1) Poketch Applications

The Poketch is an extremely useful device. It can do many, many things to help 
you on your adventure. In this section, I will list each application of the 
Poketch and how to obtain it. 

On your Poketch, if you rapidly press the red button, the applications will 
stop immediately appearing and a number will appear in the upper-right hand 
corner of the device, showing you which number that app is assigned. I am going 
by that number when I list the applications numerically.

Poketch Application                        Where to Obtain and How
#1 Digital Clock              This application comes with the device when you 
                               first receive it from the Poketch Co. President.
#2 Calculator                 This application comes with the device when you 
                               first receive it from the Poketch Co. President.
#3 Memo Pad                   You receive this application from the Poketch Co. 
                               President after you've obtained 1 Gym Badge.
#4 Step Counter               This application comes with the device when you 
                               first receive it from the Poketch Co. President.
#5 Your Party                 This application comes with the device when you 
                               first receive it from the Poketch Co. President.
#6 Happiness Checker          A woman in the Eterna City Pokemon Center will 
                               give this application to you.
#7 Dowsing Machine            Your friend will give this application to you as 
                                soon as you enter Route 207.
#8 Berry Searcher             A girl in the Berry Master's house on Route 208 
                               will give this application to you if you answer 
                               yes to her question.
#9 Day Care Checker           If you leave a Pokemon at the Day Care Center in 
                               Solaceon Town, a man inside the center will give 
                               you this application.
#10 Pokemon History           The first man you see when entering Solaceon Town 
                               from the south will give this to you.
#11 Counter                   A woman on the second floor of the Veilstone 
                               Department Store will give you this application.
#12 Analog Watch              You'll be given this by a man in the bottom-left 
                               house of Celestic Town.
#13 Marking Map               You receive this application from the Poketch Co. 
                               President after you've obtained 3 Gym Badges.
#14 Link Searcher             You receive this application from the Poketch Co. 
                               President after you've obtained 5 Gym Badges.
#15 Coin Toss                 If you reach a house accessible only by rock 
                               climbing from the Valor Lakefront into Route 
                               213, a man inside the house will give you this. 
#16 Move Tester               You receive this application from the Poketch Co. 
                               President after you've obtained 7 Gym Badges.
#17 Calendar                  Show the scientist in Sunyshore City a Pokemon 
                               with a Serious Nature to be given this.
#18 Dot Artist                Show the scientist in Sunyshore City a Pokemon 
                               with a Naive Nature to be given this.
#19 Roulette                  Show the scientist in Sunyshore City a Pokemon 
                               with a Quirky Nature to be given this.
#20 Trainer Counter           Professor Oak will give you this at the Pal Park 
                               after you've obtained the National Pokedex.
#21 Kitchen Timer             Show a certain girl at Pal Park a Snorlax for it.

#22 Color Changer             Show a certain girl at Pal Park a Kecleon for it.

#23 Matchup Checker           You may only obtain this application as a part of 
                               a Nintendo promotional event.
#24 Stopwatch                 You may only obtain this application as a part of 
                               a Nintendo promotional event.
#25 Alarm Clock               You may only obtain this application as a part of 
                               a Nintendo promotional event.

It is unfortunate that three of the applications cannot be obtained by any 
other way than by cheating or waiting for some Nintendo promotional event, but 
until then you have 22 useful applications to help you in your adventure.

If you have any trouble understanding how to work any of these applications, go 
to the third floor of the Poketch Company building in Jubilife City. When 
there, look at the four different laptops in the room to check explanations for 
the different applications.

2) National Pokedex

In your game, there are initially 150 Pokemon that can be seen. In all Pokemon 
games, the local professor would ask you, the new trainer, to help him collect 
data on all the Pokemon of that region. In this game Professor Rowan asks the 
same thing, except in this game you only have to see the 150 Pokemon--not 
capture them.

All Pokemon can be seen and many can be caught before the game is beaten at the 
League. However, after the game has been beaten, there isn't a whole lot more 
that can be done until you have gotten the National Pokedex.

As you may know it, there are 493 Pokemon in total. However, your Sinnoh 
Pokedex only shows data on 150 of them, even if you have a Pokemon that isn't 
of that 150. The National Pokedex, which is an upgrade that shows all Pokemon 
entries, can be acquired by seeing the 150 in the Sinnoh Pokedex.

After all that has been done, you can go to Professor Rowan's lab. When you 
show Professor Rowan your Pokedex, he'll congratulate you just as Professor Oak 
from Kanto suddenly walks in. Oak will then proceed to upgrade your Pokedex.

Now, so much becomes available with the National Pokedex. For example, Pal Park 
and Fullmoon Island.

After Professor Oak leaves, Rowan will give you the Poke Radar, which is used 
to detect new kinds of Pokemon in normal places.

After you get the National Pokedex, your friend will be standing outside of 
Professor Rowan's lab and will give you many helpful suggestions, such as 
pointing you out to Bebe, the person who manages the Pokemon boxes (who will 
give you an Eevee now that you have the National Pokedex!). Bebe is in the 
house east of the Pokemon Center at Hearthome City, by the way.

3) Mystery Gift

You might have known the Mystery Gift option in previous Pokemon games as 
Mystery Event. Mystery Gift has been somewhat of a widely known secret for a 
while now. Basically, when the Mystery Gift option is acquired in a Pokemon 
game, you are enabled to acquire free gifts from a certain source, such as a 
console Pokemon game.

In all games, the method acquiring the option of "Mystery Gift" has stayed the 
same. There is always a certain person somewhere in the game who, after you do 
something else in the game (like beat a Gym), will ask you to give him some 
input about whatever. The same method works for this game.

In order to get the Mystery Gift option, you must first go to Jubilife City and 
walk into the TV Station. Walk up two flights of stairs to the third floor. On 
the lower half of the room is a man speaking to a woman. 

When you talk to him, he'll ask for some input about a couple things. For the 
first pair of words, using ABC mode to quicken things up, put "EVERYONE HAPPY". 
Answer "WI-FI CONNECTION" for his second question.

After you've done this, save your game. When you start up your game, Mystery 
Gift will be a permanent addition. If you have a GBA Pokemon game inserted and 
you can Migrate Pokemon, the main menu will scroll to show the Migrate option 
in between Mystery Gift and Nintendo WFC Settings.

Like the previous Pokemon games, Mystery Gift is only useful if Nintendo takes 
initiative and creates a use for it, such as receiving goodies for your Pokemon 
Gold/Silver/Crystal from Pokemon Stadium 2, or having the ability to scan E-
Reader cards and receive goodies from Pokemon Colosseum for your Pokemon Ruby/
Sapphire/Emerald games.

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