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         QQQQ    U    U   AAAAA   K   K    EEEE          3333
        Q    Q   U    U   A   A   K  K     E            3    3
        Q    Q   U    U   A   A   K K      E                  3
        Q    Q   U    U   AAAAA   KKK      EEEE           3333 
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     *              REVOLUTION    FOR    PLAYSTATION2            *
     *              REVOLUTION    FOR    PLAYSTATION2            *
     *              REVOLUTION    FOR    PLAYSTATION2            *

Version 1.0
By Patrick Thompson ([email protected])


This faq is for private and personal use only. If you wish
 to use some of it then email me to find out if you may. I
 will most likely say, yes.  If you are allowed to use any
 information on your website, you must give credit to
the author's name as recognition for his/her work. This
 faq is not to be used for profit, magazines, guides, 
books, etc.

Special Thanks to Kao Megura and John Culbert for the use of
 their guides as my own guide on copyrights. 


I.	Introduction
II.	Controls
III.	Weapons
IV.	Campaign Characters
V.	Campaign Levels Overview
VI.	The Vadrigar
VII.	Island Strategy
VIII.	Cheats
IX.	Credits

Well, this is my first faq so stick with me. Alright on to
 business, Dreamcast just received Quake 3 Arena so this is
 the newest incarnation of  Quake for the Playstation 2
 game console. I haven't played any of the pc versions
 so I don't know much about them. From what I hear, Revolution
plays really close to its pc brethren except for controls and 
just a few tweaks. One of the greater and most innovative
 things about this version is the campaign and being able
 to build up your characters. It's almost like an RPG. 
This game is really good and I recommend it to any person
 who loves deathmatches and the usual FPS matches. The 
campaign resembles Perfect Dark multiplayer challenges. 
However, I can't recommend it to someone who loves FPS 
with single player stories. This is just like the pc 
version in that its based on deathmatches and fragging. 


Quake 3 Revolution features many control setups however 
doesn't support mouse and keyboard. There are 6 control 
setups. Each one is as follows.

A. Standard Control Fig.
B. Advanced Control Fig.
C. Easy Fire Control Fig.
D. Dextrous Control Fig. (Timesplitters control)
E. Legacy Control Fig.
F. Special Control Fig.

If you haven't quite liked the controls of Playstation 2 
FPS, then you can actually use the D- pad to control your
 character. The character control will be just like the
 control of the N64 FPS. Of course it will not be an analog
 stick but it is really, really similar. I believe every 
control fig. has this D- pad support.


There are 12 weapons in the Quake 3 Revolution arena.
 Here are the descriptions of each weapon directly from
 the book and the order that I like them from greatest to least.

Gauntlet- the gauntlet's saw blade and powerful electrical
 charge has got many a gladiator out of a compromising 
position. A lethal hand- to- hand combat weapon, it needs
no ammunition and can create an enormous amount of 
carnage….if you can actually get close enough to

Machine gun- the machine gun's high rate of fire can blanket an
 area with a hail of hot lead. Although not the most powerful
 weapon in the arena, it can be used effectively to protect a
 newly- spawned combatant. Its usefulness should not be
 underestimated, but only a player with a crack shot and
 nerves of steel can fully utilize its capabilities.

Chaingun- with its astounding rate of fire, the chaingun 
makes the machine gun look like a popgun. This welcome 
addition to any fragger's arsenal will cut your opponents
 in two with high- velocity rounds, if they give you half 
a chance.

Shotgun- the shotgun delivers a savage spray of lead shot, 
which makes it a deadly firearm at close range. However, 
its effectiveness is greatly reduced over long distances.
 Remember that reloading between rounds takes a few moments-
 so make that first shot count.

Nail gun- most effective in close combat, the nail gun
 unleashes a cluster of nails at its prey.

Plasma gun- the plasma pulses discharged by this powerful 
Weapon can cause an obscene amount of damage. A handy weapon
 at close- or medium- range, it should be used sparingly as
 its energy supply is rapidly used up.

Grenade launcher- the wide blast radius of the time- fused
 Grenades fired by the grenade launcher is suited to disposing
 of multiple opponents. Used at medium- range, the grenade 
launcher can lay down a terrifying trail of devastation- 
just look out for rebounds.

Proximity mine launcher- the mines launched by this serious
 piece of hardware are programmed to detonate when a 
luckless gladiator is nearby. Triggered by movement and
 able to attach to any surface, they are ideal for slowing
 pursuers. Make sure you have another escape route though
 or you could be on the receiving end of their 
destructive power.

Rocket Launcher- the rocket launcher's ability to cause
 widespread devastation over long distances makes it an
 invaluable Arena weapon. It can also be used over 
shorter distances but be careful when using in confined
 spaces- it's all too easy to find yourself part of the

Lightning gun- the lightning gun discharges a powerful 
bolt of electricity at anyone unlucky enough to cross
 its path. Although only effective at short range, it
 has a devastating effect on its targets.

Railgun- this essentially long- ranged weapon fires
 a depleted uranium slug at incredible velocity 
towards its target. However, in producing the propulsion
 to do this, it is necessary for the railgun to recharge
 between shots, thus causing a delay before it can be fired

BFG-10K- a close relation of the plasma gun, the BFG- 10K
 is the most desired weapon in the arena. Useful at any 
range, this beast of a firearm throws powerful bursts of 
plasma at unwitting gladiators. Requiring limited accuracy,
 its blast can wipe out a whole posse of enemies.

Chaingun, Plasma gun, BFG- 10k, Shotgun, Nail gun, 
Rocket launcher, Machine gun, Railgun, Grenade launcher,
 and Proximity mine launcher


Sarge (Human)
Strengths: Max Health
Weaknesses: Speed

Anarki (Cybronic Human)
Strengths: Max Health, Speed
Weaknesses: Attack Power

Doom (Human)
Strengths: Max Armor
Weaknesses: Speed

Daemia (Human)
Strengths: Max Health
Weaknesses: Max Armor

Klesk (Alien Chitinid)
Strengths: Attack Power
Main Weakness: Max Health


The Campaign stages are fairly easy on difficulty I CAN WIN.
The more harder stages tend to be the elimination stages.
If you are having trouble with a stage find a spot and get
a quick firing weapon. (Frag spot) Let the opponents come
to you and just frag them. Using a quick firing weapon, you get
many excellents.

Tier 2-4
If you are having trouble on the last stage on tier 2,
the elimination stage, then shoot a hole in the wall that
is in the hall leading up to the round, yellow, jump pad.
The weak area in the wall is at the foot of the small stairs.
Go in there. There is a mega health, heavy armor, and a
kamikaze pickup. If you have to, hide in the hole where the
health and armor are. Shoot at people that walk by. Every
once and a while go out and use the kamikaze pickup to
take out all three opponents. But beware, you only have
10 lives.

Tier 4-4
Again if you are having trouble, for for the first part of
the battle stay in the room with the plasma gun and health.
Frag people the second the doors open. For the next part of
the battle, there's only one person. If you need to grab the
plasma gun from outside, go inside, and wait in the first
corner you see. The mega health should be on your right.
He has two paths of going. Just watch them closely.
Remember you have your energy. The last part of the
battle is against Vadrigar for the first time. Never turn
your back to the square ring in the middle of the stage.
Pickup powerups found outside the square. Look for the
Chaingun. Get a distance away and fire on him. It doesn't
take long. Just strafe back and forth while firing.


Here we are, on the last actual stage with a one on one fight with
 the head man himself. Well, lets clear a few things up first.
Vadrigar is a real tough boss and even though it says that 
you have ten minutes to beat him, you have all the time
that you want. Once the time expires, the battle will just
still continue. Take your time, you have five lives.
Alright then, on to the battle strategy.

The second you have control over your character, strafe to the
left or right. It doesn't matter which way you go as long as you
get out of the open. Vadrigar starts off shooting at you. Its
normally with the plasma gun. Now take a second or two
and run toward Vadrigar. You'll fall to the ground below.
Don't worry about taking damage but just try to avoid any
rocket that he shoots. Only a few times does his rocket hit you
and you still be alive. Once you've landed don't worry. He's
above your head and can't reach you. If you haven't moved from
when you landed, there should be one shield generator on your left,
and two on your right hand side. Go for the ones on the right first. 
Now zoom
in and aim up. The first one should be in front of you. The other
generator should be at your back. If you have trouble finding them,
look for a blue light extending from the wall to the platform above
your head. Aim your cross hairs for the orange stones on the wall.
Now walk around and grab the energy, armor, and ammo boxes.
I'd probably wait for them to return again and grab some more.
 Now look for the last generator and be prepared to run to the
room directly under the generator. It should be blocked off until
you shoot the last generator. Once you shoot it make a
break for the room. The second the generator is destroyed,
Vadrigar will teleport down to where you are and the battle
will begin. Now there are two tunnels. You should be in one
now. One tunnel is basically an energy tunnel, and the other is
an armor tunnel. When you're in either one, you need to jump
over the red laser because it triggers grenade rounds being
shot at you. After you make it over the laser run up the
tunnel but stop at the first exit you come to. Do not
actually leave the tunnel though. Now look through the hole,
and try to find Vadrigar. If you see him, shoot at him with
whatever weapon you desire to use. Be VERY, VERY, CAUTIOUS
of incoming rockets shot at you. If you see a rocket coming, just
strafe back into the tunnel to avoid it. Always remember that
Vadrigar can't come into the tunnel. He will come to the 
opening though so be cautious. 

Continue this method for as long as it takes. Now there
 is something SPECIAL that happens during this battle. About 
every game against him, there will be a time when you
strafe into the tunnel to avoid a rocket, strafe back to the
opening and you can't see him or find him. Well, the
reason why is because he'll be down below with his back
against the wall. He should be located on the floor where
you fell to at the very beginning. He'll hide against the
wall at the foot of the entrance of the energy tunnel.
Now, if you see him from where you are, put your cross
 hair on him and shoot him, but whatever you do, DO NOT ZOOM 
IN TO SHOOT HIM. He seems to be sensitive to you zooming in
on him. If you wish, you can go down the tunnel, and jump 
over the red laser. Now strafe a little past the wall and
 fire some nice good shoots. I killed him once with 3 straight rockets
to his back and killed him. Now most times when he gets weak
he'll teleport to his square island above everything. The island
has about everything for him including energy. It's also hard
getting an aim up there before he fires a rocket, so here's the
island strategy.


Now that he's on his island, the whole bottom area is yours.
You can enter what tunnel you want at your own free will.
So get armor, get ammo, whatever it is you need. Now the
decision is up to you what weapon you want to use. My
preference is to go and get a Railgun. Remember, this isn't
my favorite gun but I think it's the best gun for the job.
Now go all the way up to any of the tunnels.
My tunnel of preference is the energy tunnel though
(the tunnel full of energies and has a mega health at the
 very top.) Now strafe to the left of the wall at the very
top of the tunnel. It should not be much. Now before
you start to zoom, let me tell you that Vadrigar will shoot
a rocket while you are zoomed and you can't see it. He must
shoot just below your zoom or at some kind of angle but he is
 able to nail you with it. This happens very, very, very
 rarely though. Now once you have zoomed, look up at his 
square island. Your cross hair should be right between the
Quake 3 computer on the left and the wall on your right.
There shouldn't be much room in between. If you did it right,
there aren't many weapons you can use. You can use your
quick firing weapons but they don't take off that much. The
Rocket Launcher is too slow moving and might hit the wall.
 The BFG will shoot one to two shots then the rest usually
 hit the wall and hurt yourself. The only gun left is the
Railgun. Now aim it and fire. If you're positioning yourself
Well then the battle shouldn't be to much longer. My shots
with the Railgun typically took off 100 energy every hit.
When I finished him one time, it killed him when his
energy was at 176.



Right now, there aren't any known cheats for Quake 3 Revolution,
But there are gameshark codes. These gameshark codes are courtesy
of interact at www.gameshark.com . Once they're off and running
 with Playstation 2 codes, you might want the check  www.cmgsccc.com .

(M) Must Be On                ECBB8E641456E60A
  Max Frag Medals              4C002DEC1456089C 
 Max Impressive Medals         4C002D1C1456089C 
 Max Gauntlet Medals           4C002C4C1456089C  
Max Excellent Medals          4C002C7C1456089C
 Max Accuracy Medals           4C002CAC1456089C 
 Max Perfect Medals            4C002CDC1456089C 
 999 Frags                     4CFF04681456E404
 Max Flag Time                 4C00ACCA14561DA6 
 Never Been Killed             4CFF048C1456E7A5 
 Extra Armor                   0CFF04381456E7A5 
 Machine Gun Ammo              4CFF07301456E404 
 Shotgun Ammo                  4CFF07341456E404 
 Plasma Gun Ammo               4CFF07481456E404
  Chain Gun Ammo               4CFF075C1456E404 
 G. Launcher Ammo              4CFF07381456E404 
 R. Launcher Ammo              4CFF073C1456E404

Thanks go out to EA for their just wonderful games on the 
Playstation 2, Bullfrog for doing one hell of a port and making
it a great game even without keyboard and mouse support. All
Characters, and logos are trademarks of their respective 

If you have any questions, replys, or comments then email me
At [email protected] Any valid information you give
me will be added to the faq and your name will be put under
 the credits.

Keep up the Fragging, readers.

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