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           A retrospective package containing R-Type and R-Type II
          for the Nintendo and Irem Arcade Games from 1987 and 1990
           ASCII Entertainment and Agetec for the Sony PlayStation
                             Anti-Bydo Manual
                  Compiled by Mark Kim (Vesther Fauransy)
                              Gamma 0.0.2
            Date of Completion: November 18, 1999 (No Time Given)
          Date of Public Release: November 18, 1999 (No Time Given)

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  This FAQ chiefly runs through the Instruction Booklet included with
  the R-Types CD Case and the R's Library included with the actual CD
  at the R-Types Menu with the exception of some custom rants, tips,
  and recommendations made by the creator of this file.  If for any
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I didn't create this file so that some hack-writer can just slack-off
and get paid for it!!!


May 24, 1999
You might have ran into either R-Type or R-Type II at your local arcades
(depending on where you lived), but the reason why Irem and ASCII joined
forces together was to help you leave your quarters in your pocket for
these two retro shooters.  Now be warned that R-Types contain R-Type and
R-Type II in their entirety, bugs included.

November 18, 1999
Just a Legal Mumbo-Jumbo update on this file.

Since R-Type Delta is ULTRA HARD, maybe I'd better create an FAQ for
R-Type Delta.  Though it might be tiring (since it's going to be a brand
new file through my original means), maybe I'd better give you some
General Tips in the future.


- Newsflash
- What is R-Types?
- Story of R-Type
- Story of R-Type II
- Basic Controls
- The R-Series Plasma Cannon
- Powerups Available
- User Settings
- R-Series Spaceship Descriptions
- R-Type History
- Enemies
- R-Type
  * Stage 1: First Encounter
  * Stage 2: The Cave
  * Stage 3: Mega Battleship
  * Stage 4: Frontline Base
  * Stage 5: Bydo Den
  * Stage 6: Transportation System
  * Stage 7: City in Ruins
  * Stage 8: Planet Bydo
- R-Type II
  * Stage 1: Ruins
  * Stage 2: The Cave
  * Stage 3: Warship Armada
  * Stage 4: Resource Acquisition Area
  * Stage 5: Iron Recycling Plant
  * Stage 6: Planet Bydo
- The Do's and Dont's
- How to suggest fixes
- "R" Links
- Acknowledgements


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If you wanted to play R-Type at your arcade, but you can't find R-Type
at the Arcades anymore, then I highly recommend that you rent this one.
If you are a hardcore R-Type fan, then you can buy this one.  Either
way, I highly recommend that you just buy R-Type Delta if you have a
Sony PlayStation, even though R-Type Delta is a 3-D Conversion of the
popular Irem Arcade Game.


R-Types is a collection of two arcade versions of R-Type and R-Type II
ported into one disc at their entirety, 100% original, 100% untamed, and
100% perfect with all the bugs included from the arcade.  R-Type was a
popular hit throughout the arcade mainly because of the use of a detachable
"Force Pod" that added some much-needed strategy to this genre.  R-Type II
didn't do as well as the original due to the fact that it was actually the
original game with some new features.

Although Sega did a good job porting R-Type to the Master System (back in
1990), the translation wasn't arcade-perfect: There were some lost frames
of animation and/or cut elements that was vital to arcade-perfect quality.
NEC did a fine job porting the entire R-Type game in its entirety, though
the two-player alternate play wasn't intact.

Nintendo, Irem, and Jaleco joined forces to help bring R-Type action to
the Nintendo systems of old.  The GameBoy Version of R-Type was not even
close to the arcade counterpart mainly because it's missing two stages
from the Arcade Version.  Super R-Type was based upon R-Type II, but the
true R-Type II Feeling wasn't there at all (though there were a few stages
from R-Type II that were also included with Super R-Type).  Jaleco released
R-Type III exclusively for the Super NES.

After Jaleco released R-Type III for the Super NES, this would be the last
time an R-Type Game would be released for the Console Systems.  However,
much of the reason why this game has always been talked about is because
of the graphics, force pod feature, plasma cannon charging, and the super
challenging gameplay that sets this shooter apart from other shooters.
Since enemies attack in all directions, your best friends are the Detachable
Force Pods and the Force Bits, which lots of arcade goers liked.  Irem
would then join forces with Racdym and ASCII to create R-Types, a collection
of two Arcade R-Type games (R-Type and R-Type II) untouched, untamed, and
100% original, bugs included.  There are a few features in R-Types that
the Arcade versions never had.  Now R-Type Delta is coming up for the
Sony PlayStation, only this time Irem, Racdym, and ASCII will try their
best to show R-Type in its true potential.


In the beginning of the 22nd Century, when civilization achieved an
unparrallel level of peace and prosperity, a mysterious evil appeared
without warning...

Their vibrations broke through the wall separating the dimensions.  They
clung like parasites to all life forms, minerals, and electronic devices,
and eventually multiplied like a plague.

Their next feeding ground is Earth, and on their way to our planet,
methodically and mercilessly ravaged every planet on their path.  We call
this kind of evil, BYDO.


We commenced a counterattack on THE BYDO EMPIRE using a just-completed,
multi-dimensional next generation fighter called THE R9.  Unfortunately,
NOT A SINGLE R9 returned safely from battle.  Now our last hope lies
within the final R9 in our ranks.

We have specially formulated this special R9 with a brand new weapon
arsenal crucial to our success against the Bydo.  We can only launch
this R9 and pray...


A short amount of time has passed ever since the "Final R9 Savior"
eradicated Bydo by destroying the core responsible for much of Bydo's
multiplication.  You, the pilot of this "Special R9 Savior", thought
that Bydo was FINISHED forever.


The Bydo Empire began to multiply like a virus to exact justice against
our planet.  The empire has upgraded much of their "assets" in order
to succeed in ravaging Earth as their feeding ground.

Knowing that the Bydo won't give up at all, we have created a Super
Power Spacecraft called THE R9 CUSTOM, equipped with state of the art
weapons, and a more powerful version of the R9's trademarked rechargeable
Plasma Cannon.  The R9 Custom is crucial to the hope of our race.



D-Pad: Select Items in the Menus, maneuvers your R Spaceship during

Shoulder Buttons: Not used

Square: Plasma Cannon System, Normal Fire.  Hold the button down to suck
up raw, blistering droplets of Plasma Energy.  Release this button to
let loose a powerful Plasma Flurry.

Circle Button: Plasma Cannon System, Rapid Fire.

Cross Button: Attach or Detach Force Pod in gameplay, Confirm Items in

Triangle Button: Cancel Items.

Note: You can change the settings through the Option Menu in this game.


* Destroy the enemies using your R9's Plasma Cannon and your Force Pod
  that you will get later on.

* Destroy the Power Armor and obtain the Powerup Crystals for increased

* Use the force button to attach and detach your Force Pod.

* Hold down the Fire Button and release the button to diffuse droplets
  of Plasma Energy.

* The Force Pod can be attached either in the front or the back.

* Any contact with enemies, enemy fire, or any concrete contact will
  destroy you.

* The game is over when you run out of R9's.

* Unlimited Continues allow you to continue your quest against the

* Try different combinations of the Force Pod and the Plasma Cannon
  for effective attacking patterns.


Hold the Plasma Cannon (Normal Fire) down to charge the cannon with
Plasma Energy Droplets.  Release the Normal Fire Button to fire the
amount of Plasma Energy that you have accumulated.  If the Beam Meter
is full, then the Plasma Cannon will fire the most powerful Plasma Wave
Shot available in the game.

R-Type II
Hold the Plasma Cannon (Normal Fire) down to charge the cannon with
Plasma Energy.  Release the Normal Fire Button to fire the amount of
Plasma Energy that you have accumulated.  Although you can fire a
powerful Plasma Wave Shot when the beam meter is full, if you wait
until the beam meter fills with Orange and flashes, and if you
release the fire button at the right timing, you will release a huge
array of raw, blistering, alien-melting droplets of Plasma Energy
that spreads like a wave.

Since a Diffusionary Plasma Wave Blast (THE MONSTER BLAST) takes
longer to charge than a normal Plasma Force Wave, you will need to
judge whether it is worth the effort to fire a Diffusionary Plasma
Wave Blast or not.


When you destroy a Power Armor, a Powerup Crystal will appear

Force Pod Crystals
Force Pod Crystals allows you to build up your own Force Pod and shoot
a variety of weapons only available to those holding the Force Pod.  The
following Force Pod Crystals give you these following weapons:

Blue: Reflective Laser.  Fires in three directions, and reflects off at
geographical formations.  This weapon is pretty lousy to use against a
horde of flying enemies, but it's useful against some of the Boss Fights.

Red: Sky Attack Laser.  A powerful laser that travels in the direction
in which your Force Pod is attach to your R9.  At Force Level 2, it's
nothing more but plain-old Lasers, but in Level 3, the Lasers become
more powerful.  Not for use against ground enemies.

Yellow: Ground Attack Laser.  Fires both up and down and travels along
the edges of geographical locations.  Best used against a horde of
ground creatures, but lousy to use against Air Enemies.  In addition,
certain bosses will require the use of this lousy weapon.

Green: Search Laser.  ONLY THE R9 CUSTOM CAN USE THIS.  Fires two lasers
that responds to enemies and rotates 45 degrees.  Not a powerful weapon
as I have to speak.

Grey: Shotgun Bomb.  ONLY THE R9 CUSTOM CAN USE THIS.  A short-range
weapon that explodes right in enemy contact.  At level 2, the range
leaves a lot to be desired.  At level 3, the range is a lot better
than before.  This is perhaps the most powerful Force Pod Weapon

Speed Up Crystals: Increases the maneuverability speed of your R9/R9c.
You can have up to 5 speed-ups, though 2 should be usually enough.

Force Bits: These prototype Force Pods will protect your warship from
above and underneath.  You can have a maximum of 2, and THIS IS THE MOST
IMPORTANT ITEM OF ALL TIME.  In R-Type II, there isn't that many of these,
so try not to lose a single life at all.  If you are getting REALLY close
to the Bydo Planet Core and if you don't have two of these, YOU COULD

Homing Missiles: Two missiles will home right into an enemy with its
heet-seeking capablilities.

Air-to-Ground Missiles: These missiles descend diagonally, and creates
a napalm-like explosion over a small area.  ONLY THE R9 CUSTOM CAN USE


If you are renting R-Types, then you may notice that there's more to the
two retro shooters inside the Disc.  Besides, some extras and some info
about the R Ships, Bydo, and other cheesey extras (The R Dictionary is
acceptable, but I don't like the cheesey FMV's) were saturated inside
the game.

Disclaimer: This section of the document is basically based upon the
Genealogy of the R Library during gameplay, and is trademarked, patented,
and copyrighted of Irem Software Engineering, all rights reserved.

Model Name:     R-3 General Purpose
Length:         10.3 m
Height:         10.1 m
Width:          8.0 m
Weight:         16.6 t

Operation ship developed for space flight.  Its canopy provides great
visibility and will be used in the new versions of the R-Games.  Equipped
with a pair of manipulators, this ship is used for a variety of tasks,
such as building facilities, conveying materials, and collecting spaceships.

* Manipulator
* Control Pod
* Twin Engine

A pincer shaped device for maneuvering objects in space.  The mech tandoms
made from shape memory allow and various sensors allow the Manipulators to
perform complex work.

Control Pod
Device used to direct the machine's movements, allowing for smooth control.

Twin Engine
Engine unit that gives the R-3 great mobility, equipped for the first time
on an R-Series Craft.


Model Name:     R-5 Tugboat
Length:         16.0 m
Height:         10.9 m
Width:          5.8 m
Weight:         29.0 t

This R Series craft is used as a space-based Tugboat.  Suitable for a
variety of situations due to its variety of unit options.  Eventually,
this unit will be equipped with a Plasma Wave Cannon, while an Asteroid
Belt Blaster can be equipped as one of the R-5's options.

* Engine Unit
* Subgenerator

Engine Unit
The R-5 can be equipped with a large engine capable of towing large naval
vessels.  The engine size can be variated to accommodate the weight of
different vessels.

Used to recycle electric energy from leftover active energy, prompting the
R-5 to use less fuel.

Model Name:     R-7 Test Combat Spacecraft
Length:         17.4 m
Height:         11.0 m
Width:          6.0 m
Weight:         38.8 t

Basically an upgraded R-5.  The first vehicle to venture into space.
Used as a test bed for the force pod system and the Plasma Wave Cannon.
However, the crew were killed in an accident during one of the early test

* Force Pod Conductor
* Force Bit Conductor
* Option Generator

Force Pod Conductor
This device used to control and direct Force Energy, which wasn't stable
at the time of testing.

Force Bit Conductor
This device holds the Force Bits around the spacecraft.

Option Generators
This system creates energy by using a catalyst from an experimental mech.

Model Name:     R-9 Mass Production Model
Length:         16.2 m
Height:         10.6 m
Width:          5.1 m
Weight:         31.0 t

This R Spacecraft was used in R-Type released by Irem (distributed under
license by Nintendo) back in 1987.  The R9 was equipped with the first
version of space armor used in the Earth Civilization Bloc.  The addition
of both the Wave Unit and the Force Control Device were key factors in its

* Polarized Light Canopy
* Plasma Wave Cannon
* Force Bit Conductor

Polarized Light Canopy
This canopy protects the pilot's eyes from UV and X-Rays.  An element
infused in the canopy adjusts the level of protection to compensate for
the type and intensity of rays received.

Plasma Wave Cannon
Called the Wave Cannon in the actual game, this tool is the meat and
potatoes of the R-9.

Bit Conductor
The R9 shares the same Bit Conductor Version the R7 used, but with a
higher stability level than the R7.

Model Name:     R-9 Custom Production Model
Length:         13.5 m
Height:         9.2 m
Width:          4.2 m
Weight:         22.0 t

The design of this unit incorporates data from the First R-Type Game
released by Irem in 1987.  Used in sub-space combat, this R9 has been
modified to use a more powerful Plasma Cannon called THE SPREAD WAVE
CANNON, tailored to suck up more droplets of Plasma Energy than the
Savior's version of the Wave Cannon.  This spacecraft was used to
vanquish the Bydo once and for all in R-Type II.

* Diffusionary Plasma Wave Cannon
* Armored Canopy
* Force Bit Conductor

Diffusionary Plasma Wave Cannon
A modified version of the Savior's Plasma Wave Cannon, this cannon
was designed to carry a higher capacity of raw, blistering, Bydo
melting Plasma Energy that spreads like a wave.  Also called the
SPREAD WAVE CANNON, play R-Type II and hold the Plasma Charge Button
until the meter fills with blue and flashes orange.  Takes lots of
time to charge up.

Armored Canopy
Unlike the "usual" canopy, this canopy is equipped with sensor
elements that read external data and projects the image on the inside
of the canopy.

Force Bit Conductor
This accessory is shared with the R9 Savior played in the original
R-Type released by Irem in 1987.  There was no need to modify this
accessory since I'm assuming that you have played R-Type during
the 80's.

Model Name:     R-9B Mid-Range Cruising Equipment Model
Length:         34.5 m
Height:         14.9 m
Width:          5.4 m
Weight:         49.5 t

Very hard spaceship to maneuver due to the length and weight of this
R Machine but has long-distance cruising to compensate for the lardy
statistics.  The wide sphere of influence provided by the R9b is STRICTLY
IMPORTANT when fighting the Bydo Empire, which proves that the R Series
have the flexibility in meeting the various challenges in battle.

* Fast Pack
* Long Range Driver
* Propellant Tank

Fast Pack
An engine unit set up to run the spacecraft at a surprisingly high

Long Range Driver
A precision-crafted device used for long distance travel, linking
navigation system to ship's controls.

Propellant Tank
This tank holds extra quantities of propellant for extended trips.  The
R9B can be equipped with either one or two of these at a time.

Model Name:     R9D Long Range Precision Firing Equipment Model
Length:         24 m
Height:         15.5 m
Width:          7.2 m
Weight:         41.8 t

The R9D is equipped with a long-range beam that was developed to fire
accurate and potent shots from great distances.

* Long Range Cannon
* Disk Radome
* Balancer
* Forced Cooling Duct

Long Range Cannon
The record distance fired by this ship so far is about 380,000 km
(about the same distance between the Earth and the Moon) BUT firing
the cannon at full strength has been banned due to problems with the
Cannon Cooling System.

Disk Radome
Calculates data very accurately for long distance firing of the Long
Range Cannon.

Stabilizes the ship allowing for extremely precise targeting.

Forced Cooling Duct
This device releases heat created when the Compression Cannon fires,
preventing overheating.

Model Name:     R-9e Early Warning System Model
Length:         18.4 m
Height:         15.8 m
Width:          14.8 m
Weight:         36.2 t

The R9e was tailored to patrol the outer planets of our solar system.
The main feature of this ship is the collection of data, but it's armed
with a few weapons to fend for itself.  The R9e collected info from the
first Bydo Encounter, which was vital to the second battle with the
Bydo Empire.

* Data Pod
* Multisonar
* Disk Radome

Data Pod
A large memory deviced used to save all collected data.  One disk holds
900 Petabits (1 Petabyte is equal to 1,000 Gigabytes), and each pod
holds up to 128 disks.

A wide-range of sonar insturments.

Disk Radome
An outfitted radar capable of surveying the entire celestial sphere.

Model Name:     R-9f Arm Type Control Unit Test Model
Length:         24.5 m
Height:         16.4 m
Width:          5.3 m
Weight:         43 t

The R9f was employed for experiments even after the first R9 blastoff.
This machine was used to modify any existing Force Control Systems.  No
Plasma Cannons was equipped, though.

* Control Arm
* Multijoint
* Armored Canopy

Control Arm
This rod was improved and is capable of sending data directly to the
Force Control Unit.  This prevents mishaps when the unit is used.

This accessory can be furnished with experimental parts, and the joints'
connections can be removed in an emergency.

Armored Canopy
An improved system of the same canopy shared with the R9c Super Power

Model Name:     R-11a Frontier Patrol Model
Length:         9.6 m
Height:         4.3 m
Width:          2.9 m
Weight:         6.3 t

The last mass production model in the R-series based on the R9 Savior.
Compared to the R13, it is highly valued for its capability.  Compactly
designed specifically for planetary combat, some units were provided
for use as armored police vehicles.

* Wave Cannon
* Bolt Cluster

Wave Cannon
The same weapon shared with the R9d.  Though has a shorter range than
the R9d's Cannon, it has less time and maintenance.

Bolt Cluster
Multiple EM shot system designed to attack in a wide spread in front
of the ship.  Frequently switched by the pilots to missile launchers due
to modest firing distance of the Bolt Cluster.

Model Name:     R-11b Patrol Spinner
Length:         9.6 m
Height:         4.3 m
Width:          2.9 m
Weight:         6.3 t

A variation of the R11, this small ship is typically used in city
environments.  Its small size makes it ideal for this job, and the R11
uses a lock-on laser to minimize damage and casualties.

* Lock-on Laser
* Missile Unit

Lock-on Laser
Locks on to targets quickly, and fires rapidly for a certain amount of
time.  Issues such as decreasing output and overheating needed to be
addressed due to the weapon's long irridation time.  The addition of
another unit allows for simultaneous three shot capacity.

Missile Unit
Developed for a variety of missile based weapons, depending on the
combat style.  The most commonly used types are homing missiles and
Air-to-Ground Missiles.

Model Name:     TP02 Pow Armpr
Length:         14.8 m
Height:         18.6 m
Width:          14.1 m
Weight:         12 t

A compact transportation container for conveying energy for "Force"
Improvement, missile weapons, etc.  A strong/flexible machine utilized
for many purposes.  It was reported one time that a POW unit was
damaged in a Bydo attack turned on friendly forces.

* Container Part
* Bania egs

Container Part
Designed to store shipping materials or other items.  Not capable of
holding much weight, but is very durable because of its spherical armor.
In one case the front of the unit was converted to a cockpit allowing
it to be used as a weapon.

Bania Legs
These legs allow for both walking and flight.  Machines equipped with
perfect Bania Legs are able to maneuver in space.

Model Name:     FC02a-Force
Length:         Unknown
Height:         Unknown
Width:          Unknown
Weight:         Unknown

This piece of Bydo Flesh has a catalyst function that can convert injected
energy into a different form.  This power is composed of both physical
strength and mental intelligence.

* Bydo Flesh
* Control Rods

Bydo Flesh
Made up of parts collected from Bydo Machines.  Still unknown whether
these parts are of organic or mineral origin.  Can be converted to three
different forms by adding different energies.

Control Rods
These four rods control the Force Pod's movements.  Each of these is
adjoined to the Bydo Flesh by synapses that are concealed under the

Model Name:     BT00 Bit
Length:         6.2 m
Height:         6.2 m
Width:          6.2 m
Weight:         Data Vanished

The Force Bit was developed to create Force Energy using human means.
Only partially completed, the unit was equipped with a function to
counter the enemy's energy, and sent out on the R9.

* Artificial Core
* Control Shell

Artificial Core
Energy life was created within the sphere.  When used with the Sky
Attack Laser, it attacks with extra energy.

Control Shell
An outer shell which covers half of the Energy Life and revolves
around the core.


Note: Just in case you won't have enough time to read the extras that
is included with the R-Types Disc, I have managed to copy the Histories
from the R's Library (included with the R-Types Disc).  In order to
accomplish this, I had to leave my PlayStation ON while trying to
write all of this down from the HISTORY section of the R's Library from
the R-Types Menu!

Legal: The R-Types History contained in the R-Types Disc are registered
trademarks, patents, and copyrights of Irem.  All Rights Reserved.

2043: Spacecraft planned.  Spacecraft development project (called the
  RX Project) was started and headed by Dr. Jim Client.

2045: General machine equipped with R-Engine model type 3.  Problems
  with output inertia control.

2047: Program modified.  Machine equipped with 12 rocket motors for
  stability, 4 motors added.  RXT1 Skeleton completed, a simple machine
  designed for experiments and not equipped with armor.

2048: RXT1 improved, equipped with armor for test with Japanese
  Spacecraft SAKURA.

2051: RXT1, formerly named R1A, begins practical use.  R designation used
  because of the shape of the canopy, and the original project name.

2055: New, standardized RXT2 enters development.

2063: R1 Class models, R1a through R1j, created by modifying minor parts.

2065: With the unification of the Manned Mobile Unit, R1 series
  production ceases.

2067: R2 series (RXT2 Base) enters use.  The MMU becomes standardized.

2075: R Twin engine developed.  R2 series ends with model R2d.
  Production of R3 series begins (units interchangeable due to MMU

2083: R3 models become ready for use, equipping twin engine gives this
  series high mobility.

2088: Development of low output model wave cannon begins.

2098: Exploration Spaceship rolled out, development based on a new theory.

2102: FORERUNNER, an exploration craft begins maiden journey, expected
  return on June 27, 2120.

2103: Compact R Engine successfully equipped to ship.  Low output (RS
  3rd engine E-Unit) completed.

2104: R4 series with E unit engine finished.

2108: Low output wave cannon model completed.  Development begins on
  R5 series spaceships.

2112: FORERUNNER receives a signal from space of an unusual living body
  and energy increase.

2115: R5 series unit equipped with a low output Wave Cannon Asteroid
  blaster.  Not provided for public use, because of equipped weapon.

2120: FORERUNNER returns with a section of the BYDO, a compact high
  energy/living organism.

2121: R series selected for use in the mission against the Bydo Empire.

2122: Production of General Operation models halted with R5F, due to
  weapon development.

2123: Development begins on experimental (RX6).  No pilot, but has a
  high output wave cannon.

2125: Compact, high energy, organic weapons project started in a lab
  near Jupiter.

2127: An RX6 is tested with a power release booster attached to the
  wave cannon.

2129: When the power booster overloads, causing unstable energy
  vectoring, a regulator is added.

2134: Contact with Jupiter lab lost.  SKY HOPE spacecraft investigates
  and finds 3 million meters of space missing.  A Bydo fragment is
  located in the missing space area that includes the Lab.

2136: Experimental R7 Model, requiring a pilot and equipped with a high
  output wave cannon is introduced.

2141: Succeeded in controlling the super compact, high energy organism
  called THE FORCE POD.

2143: Experiment combining the Force Pod with the R7 fails.  Attaching
  the Force Pod to back of R7 causes regulator to overheat when cannon
  is fired.  R7 evaporates.  Force Pod retrieved undamaged and unscathed.

2144: Development of Artificial Force (The Force Bit) begins.

2147: Unmanned spacecraft RX8 finished.  Equipes three R Engines (Type 4)
  and two E-Units.

2151: Results of RX8 wave cannon experiment are good, Force Pod experiments
  also completed successfully.

2153: Decided to develop RX8 for a pilot (R9).

2154: High output wave cannon finalized.  These are 5.7 times more powerful
  than its low output counterparts.

2160: Artifical Force a success though unstable.

2162: PLOT TYPE R9 is introduced, a highly mobile patrol unit with a low
  output cannon.

2163: Here begins the first Bydo Mission, an R9 Squadron is assigned, and
  this will be the first space battle against the Bydo Empire and for the
  people of Earth (Irem's R-Type in 1987).

2164: January.  An offensive weapon experiment, using a cyber interface
  to receive signals from the pilots nervous system is started.

2164: June. THE SEED OF BYDO affair.  Crushed by the PLOT TYPE R9 Group.

2165: The second strike against the Bydo Empire.  Confirmation of Bydo's
  regeneration received.  The R9 Custom Model (Super Power Spacecraft) is
  sent to destroy Bydo once and for all (Irem's R-Type II in 1989).


As with the Histories, I have left my PlayStation ON in order to type
the information word by word from the R-Types Disc (From the R's Library
on the R-Types Menu).  Notice that in order to get Bydo's point value,
I had to use a Game Shark Pro to discover the amount of points you get
for defeating Bydo.  I hope you enjoy reading the data as much as I
had to leave my PlayStation on just to read the Data that is stored
on the R-Types Disc!

Legal: Enemy Data contained within the R-Types Disc are registered
trademarks and copyrights of Irem.  All Rights Reserved.

R-Type Enemies

Power Armor: 200 Points
A 2-legged machine used to convey energy.  Leg parts are tucked away
when the machine is flying.

Pata-Pata: 200 points
Fighter ships that always attack in groups.

Bink: 200 points
Bink is its Earth-given nickname.  It provides transportation for

Scant: 500 points
A human mobile weapon captured by the Bydo Empire.  Capable of firing
a condensed Wave Blast similar to the R9's.  Takes one to two Plasma
Wave Blasts to destroy.

Bug: 200 points
Unmanned attack pods continuously produced by weapon plants captured
by the Bydo Empire.

Cancer: 300 points
An older version Bydo weapon used for wide area control, also capable
of hovering.  Cancers are bad news since they like to follow your R9.

P-Staff: 500 points
Automatic missile launcher.  Was used as a guard device until its
control system was taken over by the Bydo Empire.

Blaster: 100 points
Small battery located on the front lines.

Shell: 200 points each "Turret"
Bydo defense unit, if the control system is destroyed, the entire
unit will explode.

Tabrok: 800 Points
Interceptor unit.  The interior of the unit is equipped with numerous
micro-missile pods.

Doppleganger: 5000 Points
A combination of electronic and Bydo technology.  It guards the entrance
to another dimension.

Gouger: 500 Points
A biological weapon, its present look reflects the Bydo's manipulation
of its original form.

Brood: 700 Points
Abnormal biological weapon created by the Bydo.

Zoid: 500 Points
These creatures live within the Brood, they attack when they sense
objects close to them.

Wick: 100 Points
A Bydo converted creature with a natural tendency to travel in groups.

Worm: 200 Points each "eye"
Covered with a tough shell, these creatures guard the Cyst.

Cyst: 8000 Points
A huge living creature that controls and reproduces the Worms.

1KM in length this craft comes equipped with a space navigation system.

Main Engine: 800 Points
Provides extremely powerful thrust for the Warship.  Also fires a
three-way energy projectile.

Standard Gun Tower: 200 Points
Standardized gun emplacement found on almost all warships.

Multiple Gun Tower: 700 Points
Medium sized gun emplacement with many barrels.  A necessary unit for
fending off air attacks.

Spare Engines: 600 Points each
Controls the vertical direction of the Warship.

Large Gun Tower: 300 Points
Equipped with thick armor improving its durability.

Space Navigational Radar: 600 Points
Special radar tracks ship's course in sub-space.

Particle Inhaler: 600 Points
Block for collecting space particles to be used in propulsion systems.

Laser Tower Block: 800 Points
Equipped with two horizontal firing laser weapons.

Front Fort: 400 Points each turret
Located on the nose of the Warship, this section bristles with weapons.
Made of organic parts that perform automatic repair functions.

Main Core: 10000 Points
Attached with Bydo Energy, this is the Warship's Navigational System.

Cytron: 400 Points
Initially developed to destroy asteroids.  Attaching the Bydo produced
cellular wall, and rapid unit reproduction.

Geld: 200 Points
A combination meka/creature, they eat cellular walls to expand their
nests and always travel in groups.

Compiler: Made of three "parts".  5000 Points each part.
A warship used to destroy facilities, capable of dividing into three
sections and attacking.

Slither: 800 Points for the Head, 300 Points for the Body Units
A multi-jointed crustacean.  When its head is destroyed, its body breaks
into small pieces.

Pursuer: 300 Points
A highly-mobile crustacean equipped with a bionic laser oscillator.

Cheetah: 800 Points
A combination of machine and creature.  It grows like an organic organism,
but uses a computer for mental functions.  Fires powerful beams.

Mid-phase Cheetah: 400 Points
The mid-phase of the Cheetah's growth.  The Mid-Phase fires small but
powerful beams, making the Mid Phase as deadly as the full Cheetah.

Bellmite: Control System: 2000 Points, Shell Unit: 300 Points
A Bydo culture, an organic outer shell controlled by an electronic center.
The shells must be destroyed first before the electronic conrol center.

Dop: 1000 Points
Unmanned, highly armored transport container.  The pink core is its
Achilles Heel.

Newt: 500 Points
An Arthropod which walks on walls and spits bullets.

Bold: 1500 Points
A massive floating obstacle, does not have an attack but is very durable.

Fast: 200 Points
Small size offensive unit.  Equipped with excellent sensors for dodging

Sonar: 400 Points
Alarm system hidden in a garbage disposal system.

Bronco: No Points
A runaway disposal machine.  Its control system is broken and it will
attempt to dispose of anything.

Mikun: 200 Points
A spiritual creature produced by the Bydo, it flies aimlessly looking
for things to do.

Win: Unbreakable
An immortal creature that cannot be destroyed with human weaponry.

Bydo: 15000 Points
The true enemy, it is covered in evil and mysterious energies.  Cannot
be damaged without a special energy weapon.

R-Type II Enemies

Power Armor V2: 200 Points
A 2-legged automated container used to convey items.  The V2's coloring
will differ depending on the item being transported.

Crack: 200 Points
The second stage form of the Bydo creature weapon.  Infused with a
progressive keratin, it has a metal texture.

Clint: 200 Points
One of the creature weapons.  Continuously produced for the Bydo Offense.

Harsh: 300 Points
A water-based offensive system automatically triggered by invaders.
Fires missiles at its enemies.

Cannon: 200 Points
An unmanned defensive unit.

Doken: Unbreakable
An indestructible mobile platform for the cannons.

Boguard: 300 Points for the Head, 100 Points for the Body Units
Formed from wrecked system pieces, it has lived in the sandy soil of
the fortress for a long time.

Remodeled Cancer: 200 Points
A modified version of the original Cancer in R-Type.

Audrey: 100 Points for the Gun, 200 Points for the Tower
Continuously produced in the warship's factory, it is an automatic gun
tower used for air defense.

Gydocker: 600 Points
A human machine modeled from a combination of enemies.  Its attacks
consist of a particle beam weapon and the Bits that surround it.

Osborne: 200 Points
An armored unit transport that is also a powerful and capable walking tank.

Subatomic: 5000 Points
Built from the salvaged wreck of the Doppleganger in R-Type, Subatomic
was created with planetary destruction in mind.

Breams: 200 Points
A native creature processed by the Bydo to perform as an attack torpedo.

Battallion: 200 Points
This enemy is capable of converting between a pillbox and a two-legged
walking unit.

Ovum: 200 Points
The egg of a native creature that rises from the bottom of the sea, and
hatches upon the making contact with an object.

Lady: 500 Points
A ferocious aquatic creature converted by the Bydo.  These enemies move
through the waterfalls.

Duster: 800 Points
Sprinkles oxidizers that float on the water.   It is capable of
releasing Battallions, produced internally from its abdomen.

Barakus: 7000 Points
An aquatic animal infused with the Bydo's solution.  It has an abnormal
attack pattern and the top of its neck is its weakest point.

Planet Bombing Warship
A Bydo warship used to capture planets.  It is equipped with homing
missiles, a wave laser, and a vertical laser.

Guntak: 200 Points
An unmanned spacecraft produced within the warship.

Corvette: 3000 Points
A large movable fortification equipped with a laser cannon and a missile
system.  A separate central control part remotely operates the vehicle.

Wargs: 200 Points
A mechanical arthropod that remains in the base and slams into intruders.

Dagya: 100 Points
Moves along on a track and will convert and attack when provoked.

Ollie: 500 Points
A highly durable floating tank equipped with a powerful glide cannon.

Rios: 10000 Points
A high-speed tank stored in the resource mining area.  Destroys the
surfaces of the walls.

Oberos: 500 Points
A metal insect, which creates a nest with the metal from its body.

Kayberos: 500 Points
Oberos's male counterpart, Kayberos is able to destroy the metal nests
of Oberos in a moment.

Blender: 4000 Points each "bubble"
A defense line consisting of three power reactores, supported by laser
cannons and an active wall system.

Bakes: 500 Points for the Head, 300 Points for the Body Parts
A large creature that lives on the Bydo emperor planet.  After maturing,
it will be fed to the Womb.

Manth: 200 Points
A creature on the Bydo emperor planet.  Ironically its gene structure is
very similar to that of a human being.

Dogra: 300 Points
Covered with super strong leather, these are the Womb's final defense

Womb: 15000 Points for the first core, 5000 Points for the second core
Cloning mechanism that retains the caputred R9's for their metal, which
it uses for reproduction.


Released in 1987 at the arcades (It was distributed at the United States
by Nintendo of America), R-Type became a popular hit mainly because of
the gameplay and the use of the Force Pod.

Note: Rants were given right after beating R-Type with a Game Shark Pro.
For Game Shark Codes, please look up at http://www.cmgsccc.com, which
is Code Master's Game Shark Page.

Also, please try http://www.irem.co.jp and see if you can locate an
Official R-Type Trilogy Page there.

Stage 1
Sections: 3
First Section: Outerspace
Second Section: Entering a Bydo Base
Third Section: Doppleganger's Section

This is possibly the easiest level to complete in all of R-Type.  You can
get used to the many elements of gameplay starting on this stage.  There
are plenty of powerups available so try to get them all.

All the enemies are cake and can be shot in one shot.  Watch out for the
floor at the bottom as touching the floor will cost you one life.  Try to
avoid the debris as much as you can.  Just before the confrontation against
the Blue Robot, there is a Power Pod carrying a Reflect Laser Crystal.
Use Power Shots against the Blue Robot or just toss the force right into
the Blue Robot.

Once you enter the base, you will encounter a band of circular turrets.
One turret is different from the others.  If you can destroy the different
turret, then all turrets will go down.  Now maneuver all the way to the
free areas of the base.

When going up against the red robots, stay at the extreme left and let
the missiles do the dirty work for you.  However, if you don't have a
force pod with you, then be sure to fire power shots at a rapid pace.

Weak Point: The green center

Easy boss.  Just charge up a power shot and release the shot and the
Force Pod right at its weak point at the same time.  If your timing
is right, then Doppleganger will go down in a short time.

Stage 2

A cave filled with mysterious creatures and strange mutations.

Be careful when going up against the many mutations that travel in a
diagonal direction.  They take one power shot to be destroyed.  However,
if you have a Reflect Laser handy, then you should just use the upper
and lower laser concentrates

When taking up against the abnormal mutations and gobs of strange
cellular organisms, try to destroy the container that is throwing the
cellular organisms.  This way you can lessen the resistance created by
the cellular organisms.

Once Worm appears, all you have to do is to destroy the eyes that fire
strange lasers.  Again, the Reflect Laser works well.

Keep the Force Pod at the back of you at all times and let the Reflect
Laser do the dirty work for you.  Be careful not to hit Worm at all since
it can hit you even with the eyes destroyed.  If you have to drive away
from the Cyst's Weak Point (Eye while it's exposed), then throw the Pod
and call it back so that you can do some damage.  Once the force Pod is
back at the back of your ship, then try to hit the weak spot with all
you have.

Stage 3

The boss of this stage is huge that alone it is the entire stage.  You
fight against the back of the ship which fires massive energies of debris
and then make your way to the bottom of the ship, and then at the front
end of the ship to destroy the main core of the Warship, which is vital
to much of the Warship's movements.

>From the back of the ship, once you see the shuttle, throw the Force Pod
until it is destroyed.  Don't call it back yet.  Once you are about to
fight your way under the ship, then make sure that you have the Ground
Attack Laser equipped since the enemies appear dead-close.

You will be able to get the Air Attack Laser at the middle of the ship's
bottom battle.  When you get to the front end of the ship, try to get your
Force Pod at the back of the ship so that you can attack the Front End.
Be careful of their lasers, though.

The Core will fire massive amounts of energies while the weak point is
closed.  The energies can be destroyed.  Once the eye opens up, slam the
core with everything you got, but don't rush because there is no time
limit while destroying the heart of the spaceship.

Stage 4

A tough stage because of the cellulose that is laden throughout the
base.  From this stage on, you are on your own.  Nearing the end of the
stage, you have to carefully navigate through the Cellulose that is
blocking your way.  Use energy shots to destroy the Cellulose and make
your way to the fight against the Compiler.

The blue orb is their weak point.  This is one tough boss because of its
massive attacks.  When it splits up, try to destroy one unit before it
reattaches, but don't get sandwiched.  You may need to abuse the Force
on this.

Stage 5

Mysterious Crustaceans inhabit the Den.  There are worm-like creatures
that will explode if you destroy the head, and creatures that act like
faster cancers.  Also, crustaceans that fire lasers will come up to you
so hold your ground.

Tough boss because the shells of the boss will try to destroy you.  You
cannot damage the central part of the boss unless you destroy the outer
shells first.  Don't let Bellmite corner you or that could be your last.

Stage 6

The transport system moves really fast and you don't have much time to
destroy the transport systems so just avoid them.  It's hard to maneuver
without losing lives because at times the corridor may be narrow and the
transport systems will give no room for error for almost all of the time.

There are no boss characters in this area.

Stage 7

A Recycling Bin.  The enemy attacks are quite severe here.  They attack
in many directions.  Also, explosions will come up from time to time
so keep on your guard.  Your main concern is at the near-end of the
stage where oodles and oodles of bugs will come up and attack you.

You get no points for destroying the Bronco but you must destroy it
anyway.  Aim for the Blue Orb.  Even no points is the case, you can
still get points for destroying the Trash which shower around the area.
Once enough trash is destroyed, then you can take the Bronco without
any further problems.

Stage 8

This stage is really difficult.  Enemies will come up at many directions
attacking you at high speed.  Also, beware of the revolving energy ball
that travels around the air since it can't be broken.

When the mucus which is blocking the creature opens, throw your Force
Pod and an Energy Shot at the same time, but be careful of another Win
that is spitted right through his mouth.  Now all you have to do is to
carefully maneuver your R9 through the highly-infested area to save the
Universe from Bydo Destruction forever.


There's no need for excessive explanation here.  It's just an enhanced
version of the first R-Type released under the Irem Brand Name in both
Japan and the US.

Note: You are on your own in R-Type II so don't expect too many tips
on this file.  Feel free to e-mail me for tips if you want, though.
Helpful rants were given right after beating R-Type II with a Game Shark
Pro.  For Game Shark Codes, please look up at http://www.cmgsccc.com,
which is Code Master's Game Shark Page.

Also, please try http://www.irem.co.jp and see if you can locate an
Official R-Type Trilogy Page there.

Stage 1

Yet another base where the Bydo Empire is planning to re-multiply their
forces hoping to destroy the universe once and for all.  You will face
hordes of Bydo Armada created from a combination of Bydo Flesh and
biological energies.

Try to get a Diffusionary Wave Shot up close when the hatch opens up and
move out of the way so that your R9 doesn't get toasted.  The alternate
way to destroy Subatomic is to let the Reflect Lasers and the Napalm
Missiles do the work.  Nullify the Blades and be careful of the beams
that come out from the head.

Stage 2

You will face hordes of Kamikaze creatures.  And then you will face
multi-purpose tanks that become harder to destroy if you don't nullify
them quickly.  Then you will face hordes of Tadpoles from beneath the
sea and Octupuses that fall down below the waterfalls.  Now you will
face a crab-like hombre that has severe attack patterns before reaching
the final fight against Barakus.

The best way to destroy this fiend is to toss an Energy Shot at the
orb-like neck at the top of the creature first, and then toss a Diffusion
Shot up close once the creature's orb-like neck is at the bottom.  If
you don't destroy it quickly, be prepared to do some serious fighting
underneath the sea and dodge its dive bombs that will kill you.  Don't
fight at the top because you will definitely lose there.

Stage 3

An armada of spaceships will attack you with lasers, bombs, wave beams,
and whatever you can think of.  Hopefully, you should be able to destroy
these Spaceship Elements before they cause further problems.  However,
you need to know when's the good time to have the Force Pod attached to
your front or back because there will now be times when you have to
attach the Force at your back.

The individual control pods provide power to the Corvette and shoot
lasers that can't be blocked.  The main ship has severe attacks so keep
that in mind.  Your best bet is to just concentrate on destroying the
Control Pods while avoiding the severe attacks.

Stage 4

Moving Platforms, deforming turrets, hard-to-destroy tanks, and a high
speed tank called Rios is what creates the highly-resistant force of the
Mining Field.  The enemies will attack in full force so just concentrate
on staying alive in this stage.

Maneuverability is important in this manner because the screen will
scroll at high speed and it's weak point is at the center when it's
exposed.  Rios has several attacks from a spread laser to heet-seeking
missiles.  Not one of the easier bosses because of the scrolling of the
landscapes and the high amount of attacks the tank generates.

Stage 5

Welcome to the Puzzle Capital of R-Types II, where you see Insects create
nest after nest of Scrap dust.  Insects also devour Scrap Dust like the
Tasmanian Devil from Warner Brother's Looney Tunes (Looney Tunes and
Tasmanian Devil are copyrights of Warner Brothers).  You have to determine
whether you should destroy the Insects or not because this becomes a game
of Logic on the first part of the stage.  In the second part of the stage,
maneuverability becomes tight and enemy attacks become even more severe.

Destroy the three bubbles and the Blender is defeated.  This boss is
rather difficult because the platforms can destroy your R9 if the wall
hits you.  Maneuverability is extremely austere because every time the
platform is touched by fire of any kind, it rotates.  Also, there are
enemies who will tilt the platforms, causing a disadvantage at times
because you have to concentrate on the bubbles of the Blender.

Stage 6

This is totally hard.  Not as hard as R-Type Delta (as foresaid on
recent issues of PSM Magazine by Imagine Games Media), but the aliens
will attack in full force.  You will go up against strange worm-like
creatures and a horde of strage cells in Part 1.  Now you will go up
against tight defense scouts that spit lots of debris that will prevent
you from going deeper into the Empire Star.  If you don't have enough
power-ups, then this stage will be impossible to beat unless you have
the Game Shark, OF COURSE!!!  However, if you want a fair fight, then
you definitely need Bits at the top and bottom of your ship.  Insane
feel of the Force is also required.


The Select Button will insert more credits if any and the Start Button
will act as the Arcade's Start Buttons so don't get pissed if you
lose lives like crazy on this stage.  If you are playing this stage
from R-Types, then no big deal, but if you are playing this stage at
your local arcade, then have at least $80 handy.

You will have a difficult time with this boss because of the following

* The Kidnapped R9's will try to destroy you when commanded by Womb to
  attack you.
* Strange Cells will also attack.
* Oodles of Energetic Debris will come through as well.

Try to use Diffusion Shots and throw the Force at the two cores of the
Womb and be sure to dodge the cells, the energetic debris, and the R9s
that come up later on the stage.


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* The R-Types Booklet that is included with the R-Types CD Case
* The R's Library at the menu of R-Types
* Irem (http://www.irem.co.jp)
* Code Master's Game Shark Page: http://www.cmgsccc.com
* Agetec and ASCII Entertainment: http://www.asciient.com and

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* Irem for creating a shooting game series that is insanely hard and
  has excellent gameplay.  The latest entry of the R-Type Trilogy is
  R-Type Delta for the PlayStation.

* Racdym for helping Irem out on their R-Types Release.

* Nintendo of America for releasing R-Type I at the arcades.

* ASCII and Agetec for releasing R-Types AND R-Type Delta in the US.

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R-Type: (c) 1987 Irem.  Licensed to Nintendo of America for the USA
R-Type II: (c) 1989 Irem.  All Rights Reserved
R-Types: (c) 1987-1999 Irem and Irem Software Engineering.  Produced in
association with Racdym.  All Rights Reserved.  Released in the USA by
ASCII Entertainment and Agetec.

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