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1. Legal Stuff
2. FAQ
3. Extra Stuff
__________________________________________________________           1. Legal 

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2. FAQ____________________________________________________

Q: What are the green, blue, and red herbs used for?

A: The herbs are for health. They can be combined along with the green herbs. Below 
is a chart of what will be healed when the certain herbs are combined.

G= Green Herb
R= Red Herb 
B= Blue Herb

G by itself= will recover 25% of your health
G+G= will recover 50% of your health
G+G+G= will recover 100% of your health
G+B= will recover 25% of your health and will heal poison
G+R= will recover 100% of your health
G+B+R= will recover 100% of your health and will heal poison

Q: Which way do I flip the switches on the bottom floor?

A: Flip the switches in the following order: up, down, up, down, up
Then the power supply should be OK.

Q: How can I easily kill the big alligator?

A: This is very easy to do, what you do here is when he is chasing you find the red 
light on the left wall, press the button and a cylinder shaped tank should fall out. 
Wait until the giant alligator has it in his mouth, and then shoot. It only takes 
one shot to kill him with any gun. If you’d like to experiment try shooting him with 
different weapons.

Q: Where do I find the valve handle in the “B” scenerios?

A: The valve handle is in the room outside of where the safe is that contains the 
map and some greanades.

Q: What is the combination to the safe?

A: The combination for the safe is 2236.

Q: How many EX files are there?

A: There are 16 of them

3.Extra Stuff_______________________________________________

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