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		EA Rugby 2001 FAQ  v1.0
		For PC-CD Rom
       	        By ADD_ ([email protected])


System Requirements
Game Modes
Game Options
Camera Views
Stadium List
Wish List
Frequently Asked Questions
Conact Info


 This is the faq for EA Sports long over-due Rugby 2001 (formerly 
World Cup '99). Originaly planned for release to coincide with the 
1999 Rugby World Cup in Wales it was unexpectedly delayed, over a year 
later a less than expected (from EA) but none the less highly 
anticipated rugby game is finaly being released, but with so many 
features missing, it can be expected that EA will release updated 
versions (Unless it bombs like EA Cricket '99) in the near future, 
this may be much easier given the versitility of the PC and the ease 
it would take to make simple patches. How ever would EA sports throw 
away potential profits in free updates as opposed to rehased releases 
(FIFA, Madden series).    Enough Politics, a little about me, I'm a 
Kiwi through and through so I am very excited about this game, like 
most New Zealanders Rugby is my life so please understand if i get a 
little worked up. I also wrote the FAQ for Jonah Lomu Rugby for 
Playstation so this isn't too different. 
	ADD_ ([email protected])


Minimum Specs:
Windows 98
32 megs RAM
400 megs free space

Reccomneded Specs:
3D card
64 megs RAM


(This is the defult key mapping)
  General Controls:
Arrow Keys	-Move player
V		-Sprint
ESC 		-Menu

  With the ball:
Arrow keys	-Move selected player
Z,X		-Pass left and right respectively
X then Z 	-Dummy pass left
Z then X	-Dummy pass right
A		-Drop Goal/Punt
S		-Up and Under (Bomb)
D		-Grubber kick/Kick loose ball
V		-Fend/sprint
C		-Touch down(in own in-goal area) 
		 Dive on loose ball in either in-goal area
Any Key		-Score try

  Without the ball
Z(Hold)		-Tackle
Z(Tap)		-Smother Tackle
Z(Repedatly)	-Contest ball in smother tackle
X		-Change player
C		-Touch down(in own in goal area)
		 Dive on loose ball in either in-goal area

  Set plays:
  Scrums, Rucks, Mauls, Lineouts:
Arrow keys	-Push, rotate, dig in the scrum
Z		-Feed ball (scrum)
S		-Rake the ball back (scrum)
Z		-Halfback pass left
X		-Halfback pass right
C		-Halfback pass behind
A		-Halfback run on left
S		-Halfback run on right
V		-Bind/Add players to ruck/maul (ruck/maul)
Z		-Select jumper (lineout)
Z		-Catch lineout ball (lineout)
X		-Tap ball (lineout)

(kick off, drop outs, touch kick from penalty)
Arrows		-Aim kick
A		-Kick
S		-Increase elevation 
D		-Decrease elevation

(Kicks at goal)
Arrow Key Up	-Increase elevation
Arrow Key Down	-Decrease elevation
Arrow Key Left  -Rotate left
Arrow Key Right	-Rotate right
A		-Kick
Z		-Increase velocity
X		-Decrease velocity
D		-Curl left
F		-Curl Right

A		-Tap and run
Z		-Tap and pass left
X		-Tap and pass right


These are 7 game modes in Rugby 2001:
Rugby World Cup - A golbal event progresses from group matches to a 
		  knockout stage, all 20 teams are playable.
Friendly	- Experience the tension and excitement of an 	     	          
international friendly match. Any 2 teams can play in                   
any of the 23 stadiums. Team stats can be altered for                   
a fairer match.
6 Nations	- A European tournament involving England, France, 	 
	  Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales in round robin 	 	  
play, the winner is the team with the most wins.
Tri-Nations	- The "big 3" Australia, New Zealand and South Africa 
		  play each other twice, the winner is the team with 	
	  the most wins. 
Bledisloe Cup	- Three games are played between Australia and New 
		  Zealand, the cup is awarded to the team who wins 2 or 
		  more games, however in the result of a tournament tie 
		  the Bledisloe is retained by the previous holders. 	
	  (The real Bledisloe Cup has been changed to 2 		  
mathes and takes part during the Tri-Nations)
Calcutta Cup	- A single match between England and Scotland for 
the 		  Calcutta Cup, in the event of a draw the previous 	
	  holder retains the trophy.
Training	- Practice your skills with any team in any stadium. 	
	  the following training senarios are available:
		-Tutorial	takes you through the basics of the 	
			game one by one. (recommended for 			
		-Free Game	Practice your running and passing 		-Set 
Kicks	Practice conversions and goal  kicks.
		-Scrums		Practice scrums
		-Lineouts	Practice your lineouts
		-Training Match Use all of the skills you have 		
		  	learnt against a training side with 		
		nothing on the line.


(these options have a sliding bar)
Commentry Volume
Sound FX
Crowd Noise

Detail Level	-Low, Medium, High, Very High 

-Game Settings
Half Length	-2 to 40 mins (4 mins defult)
Replay Size	-Off, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
Wheather	-Dry, Drizzle, Rain, Storm, Random
Time Of Day	-Random, Day, Night (Only affects friendly matches)
Fatigue		-On/Off
Injuries	-On/Off
Auto Replay	-On/Off


Open Play Free Cam	-Generaly looking straight up the field from 
			 behind the team with the ball. Tends to sweep                          
around at the slightest hint of one team                               
gaining possesion making pushing/dig in                                
change buttons. Combines most of the other                             
camera angles. 
Sideline Cam		-This camera runs perpendicular to the goal                             
lines at a low angle. Best camera for                                  
push/dig in, has difficulty tracking                                   
players running down the nearest touch line.  
Isometric Cam		-A more "fixed" camera, parallel to the goal                            
line. About the same as Open Play Free Cam.                            
My personal favourite
Isometric High Cam	-Similar to isometric cam but with a slightly                           
higher angle. 


The 20 qualifing teams from the 1999 Rugby World Cup are included:
Argentina	Australia	Canada		England		
Fiji		France		Ireland		Italy
Japan		Manu Samoa	Namibia		New Zealand
Romania		Scotland	South Africa	Spain
Tonga		Uraguay		USA		Wales

Each player is rated in 9 areas:
Backs:				Forwards:
-Overall	/100%		Overall		/100%
-Speed		/100%		Speed		/100%
-Ball Handling	/100%		Ball Handling	/100%
-Weight		XXXKg		Weight		/XXXKg
-Stamina	/100%		Stamina		/100%
-Height		XXXcm		Stength  	/100%
-Fitness	/100%		Fitness		/100%
-Passing	/100%		Aggression	/100%
-Kicking	/100%		Tackling	/100%

So far the best players in the game are:
S. Larkham (AUS)
A. Walker (AUS)
J. Van der Westhuizen (SAF)
A. Mehrtens (NZ)
C. Spencer (NZ)
P. Montgomey (SAF)
N.Back (ENG)
L. Dailagio (ENG)
G. Bashop (JAP)

A. Merhtens (NZ)
M. Burk (Aus)
G. Qesada (ARG)
N. Jenkins (WAL)

B. Tune (AUS)
J. Van der Westhuizen (SAF)
P. Roussouw (SAF)
S. Teblanche (SAF)

L. Dallagio (ENG)
T. Rodber (ENG)
A. Benazzi (FRA)
A. J. Venter (SAF)
A. Venter (SAF)

N. Perry (ENG)
T. Castainnede (FRA)
T. Horan (AUS)


All 18 stadia form the 1999 World Cup plus an Italian and additional 
Southern Hemisphere stadia are included in the game:

Wales - 
Cardif - Mellennium Stadium
Wrexham - Racecourse Ground
Llanelli - Stradey Park

England - 
London - Twickenham
Huddersfield - McAlpine Stadium
Leicester - Welford Road
Bristol - Ashton Gate

Ireland - 
Dublin - Lansdowne Road
Belfast - Ravenhill Park
Limerick - Thomond Park

Scotland - 
Galashields - Netherdale
Ediburgh - Murrayfield
Glasgow - Hampden Park

France -
Toulouse - Stade Municipal
Bordeaux - Stade Lescure
Beziens - Stade Mediterranee
Lens - Stade Felix Bollaert
Paris - Stade de France

Italy -
Rome -

Australia - 
- Melbourne - Colonial Stadium
- Sydney - Stadium Australia

New Zealand - 
- Auckland - Eden Park

South Africa -
Johanasburg - Ellis Park

None at this time

* Rucks look absolutly terrible, they appear the same as scrums but      
with the tackled player on the ground in the middle of it.
* Rules - Some of the rules are a little off to say the least. (Marks)
* Tackleball, no one attempts to support the tackled player unless you   
tell them to.
* Halfback is often no where near the ruck leaving a flanker to play     
halfback instead of binding the ruck.
* All passes are lofted or slow
* No advantage played for knock-ons
* Players won't get up after a tackle if not held
* Players will run in a circle rather than turn 180
* Push/Dig in are rleative to the camera which often rotates around 
the   play.
* M. Nakauta (Fiji) is a lock not an inside center
* There is no advantage played from knock ons, offsides, etc.
* If you are forced to replace a forward with a back (or vice versa)     
you can never remove that player from that positon.
* Some of the player ratings are very inaccurate.
* When a player is subbed off the commentators continue to call their   
* Substitutions are always listed as been performed by the human team
* No way of telling which players are injured

* More Stadiums
* Provincial teams (Super 12/Hienikin/Currie Cups)
* Set move editor
* Player Creator/Editor
* PSX version
* Internet/LAN/Modem Multiplayer option
* Sidesteping
* Better/Fixed camera angles
* Better rucks
* Better looking fends
* Goosesteps or another way of beating ankle taps
* No. 8 Detatching from the scrum
* The same statistics for every player ie: tackling stat for backs,     
height stat for forwards.
* Quick throw ins
* Better commentry (quantity, quantity and following the action)
* Jersey numbers for substitutes


Q: When is the PSX version being released?
A: Creative Assembly canned teh PSX version stating "a declining          
market"  for PSX games. A PSX2 version is rumoured to be in            
production and is supposedly planned to be released at the same time    
as the PSX2 console in NZ/AUS.

Q: When is Rugby 2001 being released?
A: The full game is schedualed for release on the 25th of August for      
Nz/Aus and the 1st of September for the rest of the world.

Q: Will  be included in the game?
A: Creative Assembly has included most of the new international 
players    for the 2000 season into the world cup squads but sadly not 
all of     them are included (Robinson, MacDonald)

Q: Is there a demo for Rugby 2001?
A: Yes, you can get it from Creative Assembly's web site                
(www.creative-assembly.co.uk), its about 15 megs and features          
England vs Australia with 4 minutes of play. There is also a CD        
based demo that features a few more features(commentry)

Q: Help, I can't win any rucks!
A: Press teh bind button (defult V) a few times to bind some forwards     
and dig in, wait for the oppositions power to drop a bit and then      
push followed by more diggin in, keep doing this a few times. It is    
very effective if you push immediately after the opposition has        
becasue their power will be very low. 
   Some times your halfback can scoot in and pass the loose ball 
before    a ruck forms.

Q: How do I win scrums against the head(feed) 
A: Push as soon as the halfback begins to put the ball in and before      
the power meter appears and keep tapping rake(default X), when the     
power meter appears dig in and wait to push again, you should know     
you have achieved a tighthead when your halfback runs behind your      
side of the scrum.


Jamie Gough for fianaly getting us some info from the programers.
Tony from Creative Assembly for all the info.
The_Bill for getting a hold of an early maual


http://connect.to/rugby	    Jammie Gough's Rugby 2001 site.
www.easportsrugby.com	    Official Rugby 2001 site.
www.rwc99.com		    Official Rugby World Cup 99 site.


You can contact me with questions, comments or if you have anyhting to 
input at [email protected], just no spam or other junk! 

This document Copyright 1998 Adam Bell

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