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Sega Marine Fishing for Dreamcast FAQ v.1.0 
By E. Watts ([email protected]) 
Updated 7/14/01 
When I returned to finish up collecting items in Sega Marine Fishing, I couldn't 
find a FAQ for the game. At all. So here's a little something to help you with 
the game, since there was nothing for me. 
First of all, if you don't have a fishing controller, you're missing out on an 
important aspect of the game. I only have the Sega brand rod, but Interact also 
makes one. Being able to flick your wrist to cast and having to spin a reel to 
pull a fish in is immersive and integral to the game's fun. 
In June of 2001, Electronics Boutique had the official Sega fishing controller 
for $15, so there's little reason not to top off your experience. 
This FAQ mostly covers the items you can collect in Original Mode, since that's 
where most of the information I was looking for was.  
  1. Mini Game - Fight Training 
  2. Mini Game - Fishing Training 
  3. Mini Game - Total Weight Training 
  4. Mini Game - Casting Training 
  5. Mini Game - Lure Action Training 
  1. Stages 
  2. Item Select 
  3. Lure Select: 
Fish like in the arcade, with time limits and weight requirements. The best way 
to learn to catch specific kinds of fish is to play original mode, and in the 
process of figuring out how to catch specific kinds of fish (without a time 
limit) in order to get all the items, you'll be well equipped for arcade mode. 
Same basic stages as arcade, but no time limits or other requirements while 
fishing. And don't forget the many options, listed below. 
You get an aquarium to fill with items you unlock in mini games and win in free 
fishing. You can turn on all of the following items at once except for the 
seabeds, of which you can only choose one at a time. 
You seem to get items in stages where they show up in the game. In other words, 
you seem to need to fish an area that has an item appearing in it in order to 
pick it up. I'm not sure that all the items appear in the stages before you get 
them. If I'd known I was going to be writing a FAQ, I would've paid closer 
attention. I'll update it if it becomes clearer. 
Coral Reef 1 
Coral Reef 2 
Coral Reef 3 
Coral Reef 4 
Coral Reef 5 
Coral Reef 6 
Stone 1 
Stone 2 
Stone 3 
Stone 4 
Stone 5 
Stone 6 
Stone 7  
Stone 8 
Stone 9 
Stone 10 
Statue of Moai 
Rock 1 
Rock 2 
Rock 3 
Rock 4 
Rock 5 
Rock 6 
Rock 7 
Rock 8 
Rock 9 
Rock 10 
Fixed Object: 
Treasure Box 1 
Treasure Box 2 
Treasure Box 3 
A Sunken Submarine 
A Sunken Ship 
Fighter 1 
Fighter 2 
Giant Ruins 
Giant Building 
State Secrets 
Moving Object: 
Sea Turtle 
Horseshoe Crab 
Tropical Fish 
Diver 1 
Diver 2 
Submarine 1 
Submarine 2 
Sperm Whale 
You unlock the fish by catching the species at the right time (like if there's 
nothing else to unlock with the given lure in the stage you're on), and catching 
bigger fish seems to help. It also seems that you can only unlock them with 
certain lures. So if you haven't unlocked a fish yet, but have been catching it, 
experiment with your lures. See the list of lures below for lures that work 
especialy well for catching certain kinds of fish. The lure that unlocks the 
normal fish seems to generally unlock the metal version as well.  
Giant Trevally 
Bluefin Trevally 
Skipjack Tuna 
Blue Marlin 
Yellowfin Tuna 
Dolphin Fish 
Dogtooth Tuna 
Great Barracuda 
Napoleon Fish 
Shortfin Mako 
Hammerhead Shark 
Bluefin Tuna 
Metal Fish: 
Same list as in Fish, except "Metal" precedes each name 
Seabed 1 
Seabed 2 
Seabed 3 
15 camera tracks or points are available to view all the things you've caught.  
Some of the views are OK, but none are great.  
You can eventually listen to 29 different pieces of music here: 
How to Play 
Coral Reef Original 
Coral Reef Dance Mix 
Coral Reef Trance Mix 
Coral Reef SBF Mix 
The Offing Original 
The Offing Soul Mix 
The Offing Bigbeat Mix 
The Offing SBF Mix 
Shallow Original 
Shallow Bossa Mix 
Shallow Jazz Mix 
Shallow SBF Mix 
Hideaway Original 
Hideaway Techno Mix 
Hideaway Digi Mix 
Hideaway SBF Mix 
Fishing Port Original 
Fishing Port Techno Mix 
Fishing Port Final Mix 
Fishing Port SBF Mix 
Name Entry 
Fight 1 
Fight 2 
Fight 3 
Fight 4 
Play these minigames and you unlock 266 items to win in original mode that you 
can put in the aquarium or that you can equip in original mode. 
1. Mini Game - Fight Training: 
The fish are already hooked. You need to bring them each in without the line 
breaking or the hook coming off. Here's the fish you need to land, in order. 
This also works as a list of which fish are in which fields, for when you've got 
a few specific fish you need to track and catch to unlock them in the aquarium. 
Coral Reef 
Bluefin Trevally 
Skipjack Tuna 
Great Barracuda 
Giant Trevally 
Napoleon Fish 
The Offing 
Dolphin Fish 
Yellowfin Tuna 
Skipjack Tuna 
Dogtooth Tuna 
Blue Marlin 
Great Barracuda 
Shortfin Mako 
Hideaway of Big Fish 
Blue Marlin 
(yep, that's all) 
Fishing Port 
Bluefin Trevally 
Great Barracuda 
Hammerhead Shark 
Bluefin Tuna 
2. Mini Game - Fishing Training 
Spin the wheel of fish; catch the kind of fish you landed on for points within 
the time limit. 
3. Mini Game - Total Weight Training 
Catch lots of heavy fish. You're trying for the most weight in a stage. 
4. Mini Game - Casting Training 
Cast and try to hit moving objects for points.  I find this easier with a normal 
DC controller's D-pad. 
5. Mini Game - Lure Action Training 
Move the lure well and get points. Do it really badly on purpose at first and 
slowly improve your performance to unlock lots of items quickly. The strategy 
works for all the minigames, but is easiest to pull off here. 
1. Stages 
Stage: Coral Reef 
Stage: The Offing 
Stage: Shallow 
Stage: Hideaway of Big Fish 
Stage: Fishing Port 
2. Item Select: 
Some of the items are specific to characters (see under Rods for how to use 
different characters), so I'll put their initials next to items that aren't good 
for everyone.  
Powell (the default guy)=P 
Masala (your fishing guide with the doorag)=M 
The Captain (the guy who tries not to sink the boat)=C 
Most character specific items have to be won while using the character who they 
are supposed to be used by. So if you can't get most of the bandannas, you're 
probably not using Masala enough. Again, vary the fish you catch and the lure 
you use to unlock items you need. 
Powell's Hat P 
Powell's Cap P 
SMF Premium Cap P 
Yellow Bandanna M 
Blue Bandanna M 
Purple Bandanna M 
Sky Blue Bandanna M 
Pink Bandanna M 
Green Bandanna M 
Captain's Hat C 
Captain's Bandanna C 
Captain's Cap C 
Professional Sunglasses P 
Nicked Shaver M 
Awesome Shaver M 
Powell T-Shirt 1 P 
Powell T-Shirt 2 P 
Powell T-Shirt 3 P 
Jinbei P 
SMF T-Shirt M 
T-Shirt for Work M 
Fishing T-Shirt M 
Captain's Polo Shirt 1 C 
Captain's Polo Shirt 2 C 
Aloha Shirt C 
Powell's Pants 1 P 
Powell's Pants 2 P 
Powell's Pants 3 P 
Masala's Pants 1 M 
Masala's Pants 2 M 
Masala's Pants 3 M 
Captain's Pants 1 C 
Captain's Pants 2 C 
Captain's Pants 3 C 
Cruiser (Note: this is a different ship than you start with) 
Coral Reef Dance Mix 
Coral Reef Trance Mix 
Coral Reef SBF Mix 
The Offing Soul Mix 
The Offing Bigbeat Mix 
The Offing SBF Mix 
Shallow Bossa Mix 
Shallow Jazz Mix 
Shallow SBF Mix 
Hideaway Techno Mix 
Hideaway Digi Mix 
Hideaway SBF Mix 
Fishing Port Techno Mix 
Fishing Port Final Mix 
Fishing Port SBF Mix 
EAR PLUGS (no music at all) 
Rod 1 
Rod 2 
Rod 3 
Rod 4 
Taro's Rod 
Masala's Rod (Note: lets you fish as Masala, and use his items) M 
Captain's Rod (Note: lets you fish as the Captain, and use his items) C 
Sky Blue Line 
Purple Line 
Pink Line 
Red Line 
Orange Line 
Yellow Line 
Green Line 
Ghost Line 
Rockey (Masala's golden retriever) 
Apollo (Captain's Labrador retriever) 
Magic Hand (Guides luring in Original Mode) 
Fireworks (Works on Fishing Port stage) 
Ending (Staff roll) 
Effective Item: 
(Can only be used a limited number of times) 
Stamina Drink 
A Strong Line 
A Lucky Charm 
Durable Hook 
3. Lure Select: 
In order to unlock lures, you usually need to use lures from the same class. So 
if you need Big Popper 7, you should try using another Big Popper to unlock it.  
If you're using a sympathetic lure but you're still not unlocking what you need, 
try catching different kinds of fish with it.  
The lures often have specific fish they're good for catching. I'll list those 
fish by initial next to the lures (Sailfish and Stingray are spelled out; Blue 
Trevally is BTre so you don't think it's Bluefin Tuna, even though there are no 
Bluefin Tuna-specific lures). Some lures are best for big or small fish of a 
certain type, of big fish in general, or any kind. That's listed too. 
Big Popper:  
Big Popper 1 GT, Sailfish 
Big Popper 2 Big fish 
Big Popper 3 SM, HS 
Big Popper 4 BTre 
Big Popper 5 Stingray 
Big Popper 6 Any 
Big Popper 7 GB, T 
Big Popper 8 BM 
Big Pencil Popper: 
Big Pencil Popper 1 Any 
Big Pencil Popper 2 T 
Big Pencil Popper 3 SM 
Big Pencil Popper 4 P, ST 
Big Pencil Popper 5 GB 
Big Pencil Popper 6 BM 
Big Pencil Popper 7 NF 
Big Pencil Popper 8 HS 
Big Splasher: 
Big Splasher 1 Any 
Big Splasher 2 GT, GB 
Big Splasher 3 S, P 
Big Splasher 4 Sailfish 
Big Splasher 5 T, GB 
Big Splasher 6 ST 
Big Splasher 7 BTre, HS 
Big Splasher 8 YT 
Deep Diver Minnow: 
Deep Diver Minnow 1 BTre 
Deep Diver Minnow 2 small T 
Deep Diver Minnow 3 BM 
Deep Diver Minnow 4 DF, ST 
Deep Diver Minnow 5 Any 
Deep Diver Minnow 6 Stingrays 
Deep Diver Minnow 7 Big 
Deep Diver Minnow 8 P 
Metal Jig: 
Offing and Shallow stages 
Metal Jig 1 DT, YT 
Metal Jig 2 Stingrays, P 
Metal Jig 3 BM 
Metal Jig 4 DF 
Metal Jig 5 Any 
Metal Jig 6 A 
Metal Jig 7 DT 
Metal Jig 8 T, SM 
Big Metal Jig: 
Offing and Shallow stages 
Big Metal Jig 1  A, big YT, big BM 
Big Metal Jig 2 GB, P 
Big Metal Jig 3 YT (can't be used in Coral Reef) 
Big Metal Jig 4 Big 
Big Metal Jig 5 DF, SM 
Big Metal Jig 6 DT 
Big Metal Jig 7 SM, Stingrays 
Big Metal Jig 8 small Sailfish 
Popper A: 
Popper A 1 small DF, small BM 
Popper A 2 YT 
Popper A 3 small BM, GB 
Popper A 4 NF 
Popper A 5 Any 
Popper A 6 small T, P 
Popper A 7 Stingrays, SM 
Popper A 8 BTre, ST 
Popper B: 
Popper B 1 T, Sailfish, SM 
Popper B 2 YT, BM 
Popper B 3 HS 
Popper B 4 GT, ST 
Popper B 5 P, Stingrays 
Popper B 6 SM, BTre 
Popper B 7 T 
Popper B 8 Big 
Pencil 1 small DF, small BM 
Pencil 2 GT, BTre 
Pencil 3 small Sailfish 
Pencil 4 P, Stingrays 
Pencil 5 NF 
Pencil 6 Big 
Pencil 7 SM, GB 
Pencil 8 T, small DF 
Pencil Popper: 
Pencil Popper 1 small T, small Sailfish, GB 
Pencil Popper 2 small T, small Sailfish, small BM 
Pencil Popper 3 Any 
Pencil Popper 4 DF 
Pencil Popper 5 SM, BTre 
Pencil Popper 6 GT 
Pencil Popper 7 P, Stingrays, ST 
Pencil Popper 8 BM 
Lipless Minnow: 
Lipless Minnow 1 big DF, BM 
Lipless Minnow 2 SM, Stingrays 
Lipless Minnow 3 NF, GB 
Lipless Minnow 4 ST, P 
Lipless Minnow 5 T 
Lipless Minnow 6 GT 
Lipless Minnow 7 BTre 
Lipless Minnow 8 GB 
Minnow 1 Any 
Minnow 2 small DF 
Minnow 3 SM, HS 
Minnow 4 small Sailfish 
Minnow 5 GB, P 
Minnow 6 Stingrays 
Minnow 7 ST 
Minnow 8 small GT, BTre 
For use with your modem. I don't know if it supports the broadband adapter. Does 
anything, besides Quake and PSO? 
I. Fishing Competition 
Downloadable contests.  I haven't done this. 
II. Fish Mail Fishing  
Odd way of communicating with random SMF players. You get messages by catching 
fish. Haven't tried it; seems freakish enough to be good for a couple minutes of 
III. Home Page 
Haven't tried it, since I have yet to be anything but underwhelmed with any 
game's homepage. 
Here's where you save. 
Here's where you load a saved game. 
Here's where you change the options. 
I caught a huge coelacanth in original mode; 261 lbs and some ounces, when I had 
264 items. The border (while playing on a VGA monitor) turned blue (and normally 
it's black) until I returned to attract mode. I'm not sure if this does anything, 
or if it's just a colorful bug.  
Get all 266 items and you get a pleasant little screen when you exit from free 
fishing after pulling in item 266.  
Thanks to Wow Entertainment and Sega for a great game. 
Enjoy your fishing. 
Copyright 2001 E. Watts. You must get approval from me to distribute this FAQ, 
to put it on a website, or distribute it in any other manner. Approval is 
granted for this FAQ to be used on the GameFAQs website. 

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