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WordDoc:        ShrekFaq.doc
Text File:      ShrekFaq.txt
Authors:        Harold Zatorski  (hzatorsk)
Email:          [email protected]
Revision:       1.0
Revision Date:  January 23, 2002
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This FAQ is about 98% complete. I am missing a few eggs and someone may 
wish to hint on the fairies. If you'd like to donate tips… Drop me an 
email and I'll add them.


Copyright © 2002, By Harold Zatorski - No commercial publication.  
Cannot be offered for sale, printed, or offered in commercial 
publication without express permission.  Personal use is permitted as 
long as you do not charge a fee, and provide it ENTIRELY UNMODIFIED 
with appropriate credits and copyright in place.

Special thanks to: agghyson (formerly: MonsterManiac).   Agghyson 
contributes help in the Gamefaqs.com/Xbox/Shrek forum and helped me 
several times where I have been stuck.  All of the race mode 
information, many of the tips and shortcuts and finding my mistakes are 
his work.  We all should especially thank him for the how-to on the 
tough egg in the top of the Red Dragon castle and the final Merlin 

Check out cheatcc.com or gamefaqs.com for the latest version.

Getting Started

Okay everyone that is just getting started! You are going to need to 
learn to jump. That'll make all the difference in your play.  
When you jump, you can only get so high. By jumping off an object, you 
can jump again and get higher. Many of the jumps you will jump at a 
different object than what you are really aiming for. While in the air, 
you can control to some degree which way you move. This will get you 
the height necessary to jump off yet another wall or object. 
This entire game is pretty much coordination in jumping and running.  
We all spent quite a bit of time practicing and getting better at the 
jumps. This game starts out HARD!!  But I find I can now do this jump 
almost every time with little effort. Keep at it... it does come to 
you. It will get easier. :)  

Rating yourself

This game starts out hard!  Very hard.  Unless you already possess that 
magic touch you will probably need several hours to develop the skills 
to jump properly.  It really does get easier as it goes.  Expect to 
jump a lot and master multiple wall jumps for greater heights.  Keep at 

N – Newbie – You've played the less than an hour and sometimes forget 
you can run with the trigger.  Bouncing off one wall is easy, two walls 
tricky and three very difficult to impossible.  You catch fairies by 
accident and run from the area with hearts in a panic looking for more 

S – Skilled – You've played several hours and mastered most jumps.  You 
run most of the time and can balance precariously in the strangest 
spots.  You know where all the hearts are!  You catch fairies with ease 
and are no longer humored by burps and farts.

M – Master – You've put ten hours into this game and think it is too 
easy, you are upset because you want to solve all six missions at the 
same time with one guy.  You don't need hearts.  

Read the mission carefully

If you don't know what to do… Did you read the mission book entry for 
that mission?  Since the mission book is built into the game, you 
should really take a look at it from time to time.


To date, there are no known hidden cheats.  Saying this will most 
likely cause someone to discover one.  The game has a built in cheat 
mode where you can 'buy' cheats by earning coins in the 'race' mode.  
See the race mode for more information.

Solve only one mission at a time

Don't collect fairies and eggs and try to solve other missions at the 
same time.  If you accidentally solve another mission, instead of 
finishing the one you are attempting the game forces you to lose your 
progress on the partial completed missions.  Only the 'solved' missions 
are saved.  I spent quite a while working on an egg in the Red Dragon 
castle and once I got it… and after forgetting this little tidbit I 
managed upon the dancing cow and gassed her (solving that puzzle) and 
lost my egg.


Each of these levels are sorted by world and then the individual 
mission.  Each mission has a 'story' mode and a 'race' mode.  

You must complete the swamp to open up Mother Goose World and 
Sweetville Industrial Park.  Once you start solving missions (i.e. good 
deeds), other worlds will open up.  The required number of deeds are 
listed with each world throughout the FAQ.

What'll you get if you finish all the story mode missions.  Well… we 
won't spoil that for you.  Let's just say... There are no secret or 
bonus worlds. 


Run! – Also, if you miss fairies, or can't get a fairy at a certain 
location because it moves too fast or too soon. Watch where they go. 
They only have a few spots that the stop at and they alternate between 
them.  It is not uncommon to run back and forth between two locations 
to catch one.  Also, watch where they are low to the ground.  The 
fairies muck about throughout the worlds and they are not hidden.  We 
did not document their exact locations, as they are easy to spot.

Race Mode

Race mode is used to earn coins to buy cheats with. You race against 
time to solve the same puzzles over again.  While we think all of the 
race mode missions are possible, you'll probably find most to have very 
limited time and are quite difficult.  The race mode is rated by how 
hard we found them to do and the amount of time you are given.  It will 
appear with the mission hints as:

  (Race Mode: ### seconds / Difficulty - Special comments)

If we have not successfully accomplished the 'race' mode for a given 
mission, there will be 'unknown' rating or comment.  That means we may 
have not tried it… or we may have tried it a hundred times and were not 

By the way… Buying the cheats prevents you from progressing in the 
game, but you do need to complete all the race modes to finish the 
game.  We listed the cheats at the end of this FAQ.

What do you get for finishing all the race modes… …we don't know!  

Shrek DVD Movie Game Hints

First... be sure to get the right DVD if you are renting.  Our video 
store split the DVD 2 disk set into a fullscreen and a widescreen Disk 
2 rental. (They may not give you both disks when you rent Shrek.) I had 
to harass them into letting me swap the disk 1 rental for a disk 2 
rental when I discovered this minor issue.  Disk 2 has the hints! 
Second... They really suck. If you have already watched Shrek before 
and don't really want to shell out the $4 or so your video rental store 
wants to see it again... save your money.   It consists of the Ogre's 
sign painted with a question and the next button on your remote 
displays a sign with a picture painted on it.

Here is the text of the hints from the DVD:

"How do I help a six foot knight over a thirty foot wall?"
Picture:  Ogre kicking night

"How do I knock out a knight if I don't have a giant hammer?"
Picture:  Ogre farting on knight

"How do I cook a chicken?"
Picture:  Ogre burping through a torch on a chicken

"How do I cook three chickens?"
Picture:  Ogre farting through a torch on a chicken

"How do I knock out a knight?"
Picture:  Ogre with hammer hitting a knight

"How do a pick up a spare on a seven ten split?"
Picture:  Ogre throwing knight at two other knights on a wood plank"

The Swamp

This is not a 'real' level.  It is a training area that teaches you to 
run, fart, burp, jump and fight, jump down into the pit and follow the 
mirror's instructions.

You must complete the swamp to open up Mother Goose and Sweetsville 
Industrial Worlds.

Mother Goose World

(Requires: The Swamp – in other words… you must do the swamp first)

A couple of missions can only be done at night.  You must punch the 
clock face on the tower to change it to night.  You do not have a lot 
of time before it returns to day.

1 – Corral the Sheep

Story Mode: 
Pick up the little sheep and throw, drop or kick them into the corral.  
The wolf will remove them.  Beat the wolf unconscious then kick him 
through the tunnel out of the farm. 

Race Mode: 44 seconds / Fair
There are four sheep on the farmland and one hiding behind the barn.  
On your first try just try to find the last sheep so that you won't 
search for it when you have no time.  You must kick them in, it will 
save you time.  Kick them on the hill just a little past the fence.  
Try to find out where is the best for you to kick them in.  Now you are 
ready to do it.  In addition, even if you miss (a little short) the 
wolf might kick them in if you are lucky.

2 – Put the Eggs into the nest.

Story Mode:
You must pick up and carry the small egglings to the nest while 
avoiding being beat up by the big Humpty character.  A little skill 
kicking and tossing is required.  Once they are in the nest, they will 
stay there and not escape. 

Race Mode: 39 Seconds / Hard
Same thing as the sheep only tougher.  You can't miss this time.  Also 
you must get the egg on the wall first or it'll fall behind and will be 
almost impossible  to get (time consuming).  You must kick them a 
little past the tree and don't miss.

3 – Gas the Cow

Story Mode:
Punch the clock face and it will turn to night.  Run over to the farm 
side and chase down the cow, you must fart on the cow.  I run in 
circles and fart many times quickly (then I sit back down and continue 
playing Shrek:) 

Race Mode: 14 Seconds / Easy - Fair
RUN! You should also know to jump off the clock tower and run straight 
to the tunnel to save time.  Practice the path in the daytime so you 
know it cold!  Don't aim straight for the cow… run around her and 
she'll cross your farts.

4 – Wake the Guards

Story Mode:
Nighttime, punch the clock and the guards go to sleep.  Punch them 
several times and they will wake up.  Two guards are usually near the 
two watchtowers and the third inside the gate. 

Race Mode: 14 seconds / Fair to Hard 
Wake up the guard punch each of the guard 4 times and go toward the 
gateway so you do not lose too much time to get the last one. You must 
try to have at least 3 second to wake up the last guard.

5 – Eggs

(Race Mode: 64 Seconds)

1. Egg in Pink shoe - Door in heel of shoe.  Jump and perhaps bounce 
off a wall and go towards back of shoe.
2. Farm Barn/Tower - Tough to find at first,  Get between tree and barn 
facing tree.  Jump off tree to barn and go around to other side of 
barn.  A lined up running jump will make it to the tower and egg.
3. Egg on top of Arch – Some claim to jump from clock tower,  Most have 
either jump and bounced off the tree or beat up the big humpty dumpty 
on the grassy hill and jumped off of him to the Arch.
4. On top of porch awning.  – Inside the gate go around to right side 
of the porch.  This is a two wall jump.  Jump off the right hand wall 
and aim towards the wall next to the porch awning.  Jumping again 
should put you on the top.
5. Inside the lookout tower – Near the Porch Awning jump on the wall 
and run into the tower.  You may need to stop and jump at the correct 
place instead of falling into the tower bottom to keep from missing the 
6. Above the 'horsemen' between the watchtowers – Beat up the horsemen 
and jump off the horsemen to get the additional height.  Some have used 
humpty here as well.

6 – Fairies

(Race Mode: 70 Seconds)

Sweetsville Industrial Factory

(Requires: The Swamp)

1 – Shut off the Whistles

Story Mode:
Shut the Whistle punch the middle one first so they become busy re 
lighting them you go to the back. Redo the middle and go for the front. 
Finish in the middle.  Then only try the closest to them so there will 
always be on the middle.  

Race Mode: 39 seconds / Easy

2 – Frankendrop

Story Mode:
Punch and kick to get him out of the ring.  Some like to punch 
continuously while running in circles around him.  Get him out of the 
ring 3 times without leaving yourself.  

Race Mode: 31 seconds / Fair - Defeat him if you find him easy, you 
should do it without a sweat. The difficulty is the timer.  You must 
not fall out or you'll have to start over and you don't have time for 

3 – Stop the Machine

Story Mode:
Stop the machine. The machine is inside the factory. Kick the 2 workers 
out of the room and guard the door. 

Race Mode: 49 seconds / Very Easy
This is easy but you cannot allow them to restart it.  Just kick them 
out and be sure that when you start the machine, you have enough them 
left to do the objectives.  Stop them before they enter the factory.

4 – Flush the Slingshot Kids

Story Mode:
You must catch these little slingshot guys (you can carry them safely), 
carry them to the yellow plates and drop kick them into the pipes.  
There is one guy at the start of the level  Catch him quickly or he'll 
jump into the river.  The kick point is easy to find and you kick him 
across the river into the pipe.  If you miss… you have to get him back 
and try again.  The second is down on the main ground area at one end 
of the level.  It is easy too.  The third is tricky.  You must kick the 
slingshot kid up to the fighting rink area, jump up there yourself, 
catch him, then take him over to the elevated pipe on the far side of 
the rink and carefully carry him to the kick point.  You'll see the 
place to kick him to when you get near the kick point.  

Race Mode: 47 seconds / unknown

5 – Fairies

Race Mode: 74 Seconds / unknown

6 – Eggs

(Race Mode: 48 Seconds / unknown)

1. Way up - Go to the other side of the river and then near the edge,  
the are to metal pipes up pointing to the other side of the rive.  You 
must run up the big one and catch the egg
2. On the fence - you could try to walk on the fence or go in the river 
at the bottom and run up the red metal floor.  If you aim right you 
should go over the fence with the egg in your possession.
3. On the boiler :  near the stock piled barrel to the right of the 
level  is a boiler like item with a clearly visible egg on it.  Jump on 
the barrel and land on it.  Push up to not slip and jump to the egg.
4. Pipes : near the boiler (see 3) there is a pipe going up, walk on it 
until you reach the egg.
5.  Hi Frakendrop !!! : go to where the ring is and walk the plant 
where  you must throw the 3rd slingshot kid.  Continue on the pipes to 
the egg.
6.  Factory :  It is on top of the door there is a arch way where it 
is. There are to way, either enter the factory and climp up to a 
walkway.   Or head back for 5 and jump through the archway.

The Crypt

(Requires: 5 Good Deeds)

1 – Witches

Story Mode:
You can't attack the witch until she is gassed.  Fart on the witch and 
then punch her.  Another neat little trick… since the witches bump you 
a lot, I find that beating up on most (but not all) of them before 
starting other missions reduces the damage I take when chasing 
skeletons and fairies as the stunned witches stay down permanently… 
unless you accidentally punch them all. 

Race Mode: 59 seconds / Hard
No real secret here just beat them fast. There are four on the main 
level, one on the hill and one near the entrance of the crypt.  There 
are onions on the corner of the house where there is the skeleton and 
the spider mom.  You must hurry and try to use your fart intelligently.

2 – Get the bats

Story Mode:
You simply need to touch the bats,  They will fly off and you'll have 
to find them and touch them again.  They hang out in the top of the 
crypt.  This is not real hard… but it took some multi-walled jumps.  
Tip: They are where there is RED light.  Look up for the red light 

Race Mode: 47 seconds / unknown

3 – Skeletons / Music

Story Mode:
Pickup and carry the skeletons all the way to the bottom of the crypt.  
down there you'll find a speaker horn on a pole.  It is actually in a 
room one level up from the floor.  You must kick the skeletons up to 
that room and 'help' them into the speaker room.  Get all three in 
there and let them dance.  Look for a low spot where the skeletons can 
be kicked to.  You may need to jump up quickly and give them another 
drop kick to make it all the way.  

Race Mode: 157 / unknown

4 – Spiders

Story Mode:
Collect the baby spiders and take them to the big mommy spider. Pick 
them up and carry them. This is too easy!

Race Mode: 76 seconds / unknown

5 – Fairies

(Race Mode: 67 seconds / unknown)

6 – Eggs

Race Mode: 75 seconds / unknown

1. In crypt in cubbyhole on floor - Just walk around on the floor look 
into holes, you'll find it.
2. In crypt on top of awning – About two stories up… this egg is tough 
to get.  I finally balanced on curved awning and jump carefully as high 
as I could.  You'll need to keep forward pressure to keep from sliding 
3. On top off walls near the cemetery - Work your way along the tops of 
the roofs.
4. On top of the church – Simple wall jump off of the right wall.
5. ?
6. ?

Prince Charmings Castle

1 – Burn the Jesters

Story Mode:
Push this guy around and get him cornered by a torch.  Turn, jump and 
fart on the torch to burn him.  If you find them near the thrown room, 
use the chili pepper in the next room (wall jump to get it) to light a 
fart on them. 

Race Mode: 98 seconds / unknown

2 – Prince Charming

Story Mode:
You need to kick and punch this guy all the way up to the princess' 
bedroom where you (and he) will score.  If you let him get around you… 
he returns back to his throne. 

Race Mode: 44 seconds / unknown

3 – Kill the Rats

Story Mode:
Kick the rats around and kick them up into a source of fire (torch or 
fireplace).  You may also stun them and pick them up (momentarily) for 
a drop kick.  

Race Mode: 56 seconds / unknown

4 – Kick the Prisoners out the Window.

Story Mode:
Pick up the prisoners and carry them. The window in question is the 
dungeon window.  I find a drop kick about where the light hits the 
floor does the trick.  Not very hard once you know where to take them. 

Race Mode: 122 seconds / unknown

5 – Fairies

(Race Mode: 69 seconds / unknown)

6 – Eggs

1. Dungeon #1 - One is easily found in a small room off of the dungeon
2. Dungeon #2 -  The other is difficult!  It is in the very center of 
the room above your jump height.  Stand in the center facing the way 
you did when entering the room, turn 90 degrees to the right, bounce 
off of that wall, then the wall 45 degrees to the left, then the back 
all.  Jump each time and you should hit the back wall above the ledge.  
From there you jump back and touch the egg.  …on about your 50th try.
Above your head where you start: bounce off the back walls and you 
should be able to jump to this egg.
3. Above the catwalk - Run across the bridge, around to the right and 
jump up on the platforms.  You can bounce/jump to the egg from the 
4. Above your head – When you start the level.  One is directly above 
you.  Jump off the walls to get up there.

Race Mode: 74 seconds / Fair

Get the first one over your head and then speed dash to the dungeon.  
Get the one in the cell and do a double wall jump to get the one high 
up.  If you tried more than 2-3 times to get either the first or the 
third, you had better restart to be safe.  Now go inside the princess 
chamber and get the one in the fireplace.  Last is the one over the 
planks.  Jump to your left while exiting the chamber and go on the wood 
plank there.  Go on the top on and jump on the first plank. Jump past 
the chili to the second one and then do a wall jump at the end to get 
the last egg.


(Requires: 15 good deeds)

1 – Shut off the red valves

Story Mode:
One red valve that was tough for me to find was in a small room at the 
very top.  This room also leads via a tunnel to the egg in the cage 
above a steam leak.  

Race Mode: 187 seconds / unknown

2 – Flame the guards.

Story Mode:
Pretty easy.  There are plenty of chili peppers where you need them and 
these guys follow you well.  Fart, turn and burp to burn them. 

Race Mode: 180 seconds / unknown

3 – Save the Engineers

Story Mode:
Pretty straight forward.  Grab the guys and bring them to the control 
room.  A couple were found up high on pipes.  You have to climb up 
after them to get them down. 

Race Mode: 177 seconds / unknown

4 – Ice cream queen

Story Mode:
You'll find her by finding the small room with the engineer, the guard 
and the slingshot kid that requires you to jump up and traverse along 
horizontal narrow pipes.  The room also has a chili pepper in the two 
steam jets up on a platform by the back wall.  Sneak past the steam to 
enter a hidden room.  Along the left wall of 'her' room, there is a 
chili pepper.  Burp on her (fire) three times and she's toast!.  There 
are hearts close by so don't risk it. You can leave the room and come 
Race Mode: 99 seconds / unknown

5 – Fairies

(Race Mode: ??? seconds / unknown)

6 – Eggs

(Race Mode: 119 seconds / unknown)

1. On fan with a belt.  You can climb up onto the belt and jump around 
the left side of the top blade.  
2. In cage above the steam jet.  There is also another way to get to 
the egg from the tunnel that leads from a small round room.  In that 
room, jump to the platform and jump backwards from the signboard into 
the tunnel.
3. One egg in the room before the Ice cream queen.  On the floor around 
the left side.
4. ?
5. ?
6. ?

Red Dragon Castle

(Requires: 20 Good Deeds)

1 – Light the torches

Story Mode:
You'll need a source of ignition…perhaps those arrows that keep hitting 
you!  Take an arrow in the back and fart while standing over the 
torches.  Only the large yellow torches will light.  

Race Mode: 120 seconds / Easy - Fair
Move toward the castle to get the first one.  Do the 2 ones on the 
sides.  Then go to the right of the castle and to a wall jump inside a 
balcony to enter the castle.  Jump up and you will see another one 
nested in twigs.  The last one is on the upper left of the castle wall.  
So continue to the tower and jump forward until you find the last one.  
You have plenty of time if you don't waste it.

2 – Put out the baby dragon's fire

Story Mode:
Notice how the little dragons are breathing fire on the knights, run up 
and grab a knight, then take him to the fishy pool.  If you run up the 
ramp properly, the little dragon should follow you. 

Race Mode: 79 seconds / Fair – Hard
Head backward to the first dragon.  run down with the guy, and go to 
the pool.  Be careful sometimes they get stuck so you must wait for 
them.  The second one is on the right of the castle.  You MUST catch 
the guy before he falls down.  If not restart, it will take to much 
time.  You need at least 30 seconds for him.  Grab a guy away from a 
previous dragon and fall down with him.  Drag the dragon in the moat 
all the way up.  That's it.

3 – Fish to the pool

Story Mode:
Fish are slippery, pick one up, run, go back and grab it, run, go back 
and grab it.  If you pay some attention to the timing, you can mentally 
gauge when you should regrab it.  This keeps them from escaping. 

Race Mode: 342 seconds / unknown

4 – Gas the Cow (again)

Story Mode:
Yep… pretty easy, you have done it before in Mother Goose land, but 
this time you don't have to do it at night.  She is at the top of the 
Red Dragon Castle.  Getting there is much harder than actually gassing 
her.  At least now, you can get a good look at her dance. 

Race Mode: 110 seconds / Easy
Too easy, I did with 20 seconds to spare, I didn't fall down.  You 
must  hurry to the left of the castle fall down and go to the chamber.  
You know all that if you did it once… so go over the fence and to the 
left do a wall jump on the platform and another one. Take the heart if 
you need and go to the right tower (not the completely top one, the 
middle one) and do a wall jump on the edge of the up one to land on the 
balcony with a huge door.  Do a wall jump on the side and hold right to 
land on the edge on the right side.  Wall jump to the bridge and cross 
it then go right and do a double wall jump to land near the stair way 
to the cow.  You know what to do to get your prize, so do it.

5 - Fairies

(Race Mode: 139 seconds / unknown)

6 – Eggs

(Race Mode: 149 seconds / unknown)

1. Top of Red Castle - The egg is in the center of the room at the top 
of the Red Dragon Castle.  You fart on a torch and move closer to the 
egg, you should have fart at least 3, maybe 4 times (stepping forward 
each time) before the fire comes to you should be thrown at the egg.  
2. Near Top of Red Castle - There is another egg on the dragon shaped 
candelabra hanging in the same castle area.  From the bridge with the 
onions, jump to the small platform just under the balcony with the 
hearts.  Turn and look at the right side of the candelabra.  Jump.
On the Roof Awning.  The corner (opposite end of map from castle) you 
can jump up on a small shelf and then to the white wall, walk around to 
the end and jump on the awning.
3. Under the bridge - This is easy, drop down into the moat and get it.
4. In the castle window - You need to go around to the right side of 
the castle and jump (using the wall) into the window (near the flag).  
Run around and fall down through the trellis and your only exit will 
net you the egg.
5. Inside the white wall (round corner section):  Kinda tough to 
explain, but there is a round section of the white wall near where you 
start the level that has a doorway in it.  If you bounce and jump you 
can make it up to the higher walk area.  Turn around and look inside of 

Merlin Dark Tower Fortress of Pure Evil 

(Requires: 25 good deeds)

(Race Mode: 221 Seconds / unknown )
You start with no intro, but you know you want to get to Merlin. There 
are three doors you must pass you can meet him. 
Door number 1 : The first room where the TNT kegs appear. They look 
like basketballs with legs.  If the keg gets hit by a flame, it will 
light up (start smoking) and you only have 2 seconds before it 
explodes.  In addition, if you let it by the door, eventually (usually) 
it will blow up on its own.  On this level, there are onions on the 
right side of the room up in a little tower (wall jumps).  There is 
also a fireknight.  Ignore him and go behind the fence area where a keg 
appears.  You must grab the keg and kick him over the fence to where 
the door is.  Jump over there and grab it again, stand by the door, 
Jump and fart to make it explode.  It is possible to hold the keg 
inside fence and when the fireknight hits it with a flaming arrow… kick 
it to the door and let it explode in one step.  

Door number 2 : In the next room there is another fireknight, and a 
walking table and chair (really!). Before doing anything I knock out 
the monsters and drag them to room one! It makes harder to get the keg 
but once you know how to kick it, they are a lot less of a nuisance 
here. However, it is time consuming, so not a good idea for race mode. 

This room has the only available Hearts.  You need to do wall jumps to 
get up to the catwalks and you'll see them in a cubbyhole.  Do a wall 
jump to land on one of the small floors and do another one to a longer 
small pass way.  Here is the cunning part: Wall jump on the opposite 
wall side (from the hearts) and you'll land on another platform/catwalk 
above. Then, it is long jump to the hearts.

Just go back, get a keg and blow the second door. Get more hearts if 
you need them. 
Door number 3 : There is only one fire knight so drag his carcass to 
room number one. There are onions on the higher arch. To get to the 
door, you must go down and wall jump on the farthest side of the metal 
bars. You want to land where the knight is. Get a keg and (and more 
hearts if you need them) and blast that door silly. Also, if you jump 
near the door something will fire at you, what I don't know (perhaps a 
fireknight), so just be careful. 
Antichambre (French for room before the master room) : There is a 
fireknight and Merlin. First kick the fireknight to the first room, he 
starts just next to the door and heal yourself again. Then do a wall 
jump on the pillar then on the wall to land on top of the pillar. Jump 
on the edgeway and go kick or punch Merlin until he disappear. 
Go heal yourself, Merlin won't be back here, This is the point of no 
return after you proceed there is no way back to the hearts, Go get 
some hearts.

The library : Once you enter a gate will close. Merlin up there but 
first you should get rid of the monster creating box (it's already 
tough without having to worry about knights and furniture). Hit the 
monster and they will eventually disappear. After a couple, A keg will 
appear take it and stand near the orb. Merlin will shoot, the Keg 
exploded and the box is gone. Now for the big cheese. Double jump on 
the sides of the fire place to get where Merlin his. Your goal his to 
hit him. What I did was to hold right shoulder (run and go in circle 
and every times I get near him punch. Because I run fast he almost 
never it me and I hit him. I will disappear to appear elsewhere and 
shoot 3 pink fire ball. After a while he will appear only down near the 
fire place. Jump down and finish him. Pray you have enough energy left, 
but you should.  After a loads of punch he'll collapse and Victory is 
I won't tell you how it will 'finish' so "enjoy" and do your best :)

Other Tidbits

Spotted Merlins:

We don't know what these are for, so if you figure out a use for them… 
Please let me know!

There are Red Merlins that pop up in places and they quickly disappear 
in pink smoke.  If you stay a certain distance back from them, they'll 
hang around for a few seconds so you can see them.  We haven't been 
able to do anything like catch them or punch them.  

There is also a Merlin in the prince charming castle.  Where you boot 
Prisoners, if you quickly do wall jump to either get the egg or try to 
get inside the window, You will see pink smoke.

Fun things to do:

On the giant map.  There is a chili.  Just eat the chili run a little 
then turn around and burb.  You'll see quite an explosion.

The Cheater's Guide

Race Mode Earns Cheat tokens

The game does have a cheat feature built in where you can use the 
'race' mode to solve the same missions you have already seen against 
the clock.  If you do manage to solve a mission in race mode, you get a 
dollar!  Three bucks will buy you a cheat.

You must first complete four regular missions. Then on the select level 
map, press start. Only level completed in regular mode are available in 
race mode.

Tip:  Using the XBOX memory functions, copy the Shrek Saved game from 
the hard drive to a memory unit. Then, buy the cheat and play with it. 
Then you can later copy the memory unit saved game back and put the 
Shrek game back to its 'non-cheating' mode (and restore your three 
coins) and buy another cheat.

Play with the cheats if you must… However, expect the game to label you 
a cheater!  You should know the cheat, is just for the moment, as it 
will lock up the game. Once a cheat is on, you cannot progress. Cheat 
only for fun or to practice a mission.   (If anyone finds a way around 
this, please let us know!)
Also, let us know which ones are cool and which ones suck!  

Cheats we've experimented with have comments:

Invincibility:   Nothing can hurt you!
Infinite flame:  You always burp fire.  
$ For Merlin:    Does not seem to do anything.
Fast Mode:       You move faster, but so does the other characters.
Slow Mode:       ?
Chalk Mode:      ?
Cyber Shadows:   ?
Infinite Flame:  ?
Infinite Gas:    ?
Leak Mode:       ?
Low Gravity:     ?
Plastic Mode:    ?
Super Flatulence:?
Super Strength:  ?   

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