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"Silent Scope" by Konami
Frequently Asked Questions V1.0
Written by Kevin Falkowski ([email protected])

Table of Contents

I: Story

II: Gameplay

III: Levels/Bosses
     I: Downtown Chicago
	Ia: Rooftop Battle
		Boss Strategy: Scorpion
	Ib: Air Battle
		Boss Strategy: Scorpion Bros.
	Ic: Stadium
		Boss Strategy: Cobra

	IIa: The Highway
		Boss Strategy: Cobra

	IIb: The Hotel
		Boss Strategy: Sniper

	III: Mansion
		IIIa: Through The Woods
		IIIb: Parachute in!
		IIIc: Mansion Courtyard
			Boss Strategy: Tom & Jerry
		IIId: Inside the Mansion
		IIIe: Under the Mansion
			Boss Strategy: Monica

	IV: The Final Battle
		Boss Strategy: Terrorist Leader

IV: Personal Advice

V: Credits

I: Story

The world is held in the grip of terror.  Life as we know it could come
to an end.  A terrorist group has kidnapped the first family, and taken
them hostage!  And it is up to you, a lone police sniper, to take out the
terrorists, and save the first family!

Okay, slapshot.  You've taken on armies of enemies in Time Crisis, and Time
Crisis 2.  You've blown apart every zombie in sight in House of the Dead and
House of the Dead 2.  Aliens have fallen at your hands in Area 51.  And you've
probably shown your policeman's prowess at Lethal Enforcers.  But there's a
difference here!  Back then, all that mattered were quick wits and a quicker
trigger finger.  Back then, the weapon of choice was the handgun.  Not anymore.

This time, you're against an entire terrorist force...your weapon?  The sniper
rifle.  These enemies will NOT always be right in your face, and they will NOT
always be easy targets, but they WILL always be dangerous!  Are you up to the
task?  Throw in some tokens, and find out, with "Silent Scope"!

II: Gameplay

The gameplay in "Silent Scope" is simple from a third person's standpoint.
You find an enemy, you shoot it.  Simple?  Hardly!  You'll be facing enemies at
long distance, moving, ducking for cover...hell, you'll even be facing off against
terrorists from a moving car, and a helicopter!  Sound easy?  Good.  'Cause it's
not.  Ever try to hit a moving target?  At ten paces, sure, easy.  All that
experience you've got with your little 9mm guns is dandy.  But a sniper 
takes talent!  It's a whole new ballgame, chummer, with a whole new set of rules 
you've got to learn.


In the most basic form, your object is to move through each level, defeating all
the enemies that stand in your path.  You've got two things standing in your way.
A lifebar, and a timer.  Either of those run dry in the course of your adventure,
and it's time to put in more tokens!  Basically, kill all the enemies thrown at 
in the time limit, and with minimal damage, and you should be okay!

The Gun

All in all, it's a basic sniper rifle.  Holds 5 shots.  Reloading is automatic. 
but bosses will go down with one shot anywhere.  On top of the rifle is a scope.  
Look through that, and you'll see what you're aiming at.  To simplify things a 
the makers of the game decided to put the scope's view at the top left of the 
Look there, then in the scope, and you'll see the image is the same.  And to use 
Point and shoot.  Just try not to hit anybody who doesn't deserve it.


The scoring in this game's pretty simple.  The better shots you take, the more 
you get.  Shooting a guy in the foot will get him out of your way, but it'll only 
you a small amount of points, whereas hitting someone with a fabled "head shot" 
bag you a lot more!  In addition, if you're ever able to hit two targets with one 
(the bullet penetrates the first and goes into the second), you're in for a good 
And try to be as accurate as you can...snipers need to be!  You'll be graded on 
as well!


When you've got an enemy sighting, a target will appear around them to help you
see the enemy at hand.  If an enemy notices you, this target will be yellow with 
word "Caution" over it.  This means they notice you, and they're pointing their 
in your direction.  If the target turns red, and says, "Warning", you're in 
They're about to fire.  Yes, there is a chance that they'll miss, but there's a 
that they might not.  I would suggest taking out the "Warning" enemies before 
else.  If you don't take them out fast enough, a bullethole will appear on your 
and you'll lose one medkit from your lifebar.  Simple enough.  Get them before 
get you.

Game Modes

There are three styles of games inside Silent Scope...my personal favorite is the
story mode, of which I'll mostly be covering here.  There is also an interesting
(albeit difficult) shooting range mode...and a time attack mode (easy, normal, or 
hard) In which you don't have a life bar, just a time limit to blow through the
enemies in story mode!

III: Levels/Bosses

I: Downtown Chicago

Well, here's where it all begins.  The cops have called in for backup, and you're 
This is a sniper's dream.  You get a nice, cushy, high ground hiding place, and 
don't even know you're here.  The only difficulty is seeing the enemy on the 
I mean, you ARE a sniper...you're supposed to be at a distance!  As the enemies 
targets will appear around them...move your gun to that area, and take them out!
After a bit of that, you'll get the call to take out the enemy snipers on the 
Ahh, a sniper's duel...just what we needed for a bit of excitement!  This is a bit
tougher...they know you're there, and they're ready to deal with you!  Basically, 
stay calm, and take them out as fast as you can.  If they're about to shoot, 
don't feel
bad for letting off a wild shot as a warning...that will usually send them back 
hiding.  After all, getting shot is NOT a pleasant experience!  Continue defeating
enemy snipers, and soon you'll get the call...they've found the First Lady, and 
aren't looking good for her!  At this point, you'll get your choice of levels.

Ia: Rooftop Battle

If you choose this one, you'll be picked up by helicopter, and taken over to the 
where the First Lady is being held...by a big guy with a rocket launcher on his
shoulder!  Great, JUST what this world needed...

Boss Strategy: Scorpion

This guy is NOT easy to take out...he's got a hold on the First Lady, and he's got
friends!  Gunmen at each corner of the building...taking them out from the 
chopper is NOT
easy, but it should be your first priority!  After they're taken out (hopefully 
you can
do it quickly), then you should go after the big man.  Unfortunately, he's got the
First Lady right at his side...and in this shaky chopper, it's easy to slip up 
and hit
her instead...that's not a good thing to do!  Basically, just try to steady 
as much as you can, and try to send a good one home, right between his eyes.  
Either one
good head shot, or ten shots anywhere else will send him sprawling!

Ib: Air Battle

If you choose this one, you'll be picked up in a helicopter...and you'll have to 
fight a
jet!  I don't think THIS one was in your sniper training...

Boss Strategy: Scorpion Bros.

Well...sniping a jet, are we?  Oh yeah, THIS should be easy...well, actually, 
it's not
too hard!  Sure, the pilot's a small target, but the jet's a HUGE one!  It may 
30 shots before it goes down, but considering the load that rifle holds...it 
take too long!  Just remember, whenever the pilot's showing himself in the 
cockpit, take
a shot at him! If you miss, you'll at least hit the jet for a point of 
damage...and if
you hit him anywhere but the head, you'll get in a double hit! (It penetrates 
him, and hits the jet!)  Whenever he's NOT showing himself, just start firing 
at the plane!  Sure, your superiors will chew you out, and tell you to calm 
then again, they're not the ones trying to snipe a jet pilot!  Thirty shots or 
one good
head shot later, the plane's fiery fusilage will fall to the ground, and you'll be
successful in your work yet again!

Ic: Stadium

If you choose this path, you're flown to a stadium, where the First Lady's been 
It's an odd sight indeed...apparently the local football team is here, and they're
trying to be heroes...a sorry sight it is, because the boss is outrunning them 
the football field...with the First Lady on his shoulder!

Boss Strategy: Cobra

I honestly can't give too big of a description of this one...I've had too much 
luck with
it!  It's always been easy for me...point and shoot, one shot in the head, and 
easily gone!  I suppose since that's because I do it fast...but there are plenty
of innocents to shoot around there!  The First Lady on his shoulder, the football 
chasing him...just make your shots count!  Of course, at this distance, anything 
happen!  Just try and end it with one shot to the head...and if you can't, five 
anywhere else should do the trick!

IIa: The Highway

Now, if you took the Rooftop Battle or Air battle, you'll get here...you'll hop 
in a car,
and take off after the First Daughter (if that is the right terminology) and 
partake in
a high speed chase, sniping terrorists as you go!  The movement of the car 
(shaking, and
turning) is BOUND to throw some shots off...just be thankful if you survive!  
throw quite a bit at you here...including a helicopter!  All I can say is take it 
quickly, or you'll pay!  And, at the head of the chase...the bad guy...getting 
away with
the President's Daughter!  

Boss Strategy: Cobra

Okay, the first thing you'll notice is the first annoyance of all snipers.  It 
seems as 
though she's trying to get your attention to the fact that the bad guy's there, 
she's waving her hand in the air....RIGHT IN YOUR LINE OF SIGHT!  So, a couple 
you'll probably be lined up for a nice clean head shot, when all of a sudden, 
BAM, there 
goes her hand, stopping your shot!  A wonderful thing, indeed. Just stay calm, 
and time it 
so that you hit the bad guy, and not her hand.  Just like that windmill hole in 
golf, only with much more at stake!

After you take him out there, he'll stop an eighteen wheeler...and hijack it!  
And off
you are, to snipe him while he tries to run you down!  Basically, the pattern is 
easy here.
You're on the ground.  He drives at you, you try to shoot him in the head.  You 
miss, he
turns around, goes back, then turns BACK around, and tries to run you down again!
Basically, as he drives toward you, aim towards his head, and try for the head 
he drives away, just empty your clip into the back of the truck...it'll do 
After about 20 shots, or one good head shot, he should be gone, and the First 
should be back in custody!

IIb: The Hotel

And if you took the Stadium route, you should get here...to the Hotel, where 
found the First Daughter being held.  This one's pretty simple...they'll give you 
snapshots of criminals inside that you're to take out...find them, and do it!  
The only 
trouble? You're at distance...and the only way to see inside is through your 
So, use the scope's magnification to search through the windows and find your 
Make sure they're the targets you're looking for, then take them out!  If you 
they'll run for cover, and you'll have to wait for them to show themselves again, 
costing you time!  Make the shots count!  And after a bit of that, you'll come up 
against a REAL opponent...a fellow sniper!

Boss Strategy: Sniper

He's on the hotel's roof across from you, and he's using the cover of the sign! 
he always stays on the same plane...he only moves left and right!  So just line 
up with his
head, follow him as he runs out to shoot you, and send a bullet home!  Simple as 

III: Mansion

Well, there's two ways into this place...the more logical, "safer" way of doing 
going through the woods, or you can be flown over, and parachute in!  Can we 
say, "Rambo"?
I knew you could!

IIIa: Through The Woods

You'd think being able to go in quietly with the surprise advantage would be 
easy, wouldn't
you?  Well, you're going in under cover of night, with only your night vision 
fun! Seeing the enemies takes a sharp eye...keep a lookout for a glare from a 
flashlight...or if you're unlucky enough, the sharp line of a laser sight!  A 
couple of
times, someone will shoot a flare into the sky...not fun for the guy with the 
night vision
goggles!  It will pretty much render you blind for a couple of seconds...and 
it'll expose
your position to all the enemies!  Another thing to watch out for are infrared 
one, and you'll have problems!  Take them out when you see them! Soon, you'll 
make it to 
the courtyard...

IIIb: Parachute in!

So you've decided to play it the "Rambo" way...you DO know that a real police 
force would
NEVER do this, right?  And there's a reason...it's SUICIDE! Unless, of course, 
good!  When you're in the air, there's nowhere to go.  No cover.  Just you, your 
rifle, a hope, and a dream.  The first segment is a bit difficult, because of the 
of speed you come in at.  Your first target?  The spotlights.  Make sure to take 
out...with them out, you can't get spotted!  You'll see bodies down below you 
with your
night scope...you can take them out if you like, just make sure to take out the 
first!  They're no harm if they don't see you coming in!  Soon, you'll leap a 
wall, and make
it to the courtyard...

IIIc: Mansion Courtyard

Your first order of business should be to blow the fusebox on the right side of 
building...this throws everyone in the building into a state of 
confusion...perfect for
those midnight raids! Make sure to get a glimpse of the ladies running in from the
pool...sighting them gives you some life back!  Then, you've got more enemies to 
with...the problem is that you're pretty wide open, and they're using every scrap 
of cover
imaginable!  Mainly, again, like you did if you went through the woods, keep an 
eye out 
for flashlights and laser sights...they'll lead you right to a target! Blow away 
who comes after you, and then it's time to fight another boss...or this time, a 

Boss Strategy: Tom & Jerry

If you've been keeping up so far, and not having to throw in a quarter every 
minute, you
should be able to take care of these jokers with no problem...the key is to take 
one out
as soon as they appear!  Train on them, pick one of the two, and shoot him as 
soon as
possible...they're easy, because when you hit them, they pause...just keep 
Either work your way up towards the head (easy, because they're stunned), or 
empty your
clip into him!  Either way, that's one down!  Then, just wait for the other one 
to run
across, then follow that procedure again!  If one of them happens to get a shot 
off at you,
keep an eye out for the projectile...they don't use guns, so you've got a chance 
to shoot
it out of the air!  Basically, work fast and accurate, then you've got them down!

IIId: Inside the Mansion

Now, it's time to head in...the police tell you that they can't follow you in with
backup!  Looks like you're on your own!  Oh, THAT'S a change...anyways, in this 
the action gets fast and furious!  There's not much sniping here, it's a lot of 
close to
mid range fighting!  There's a tactic to remember in this place...you see that 
red circle
that denotes where your gun is pointing?  Well, put an imaginary crosshairs in 
the middle
of it...if you're going to survive in this place, you're going to have to be able 
to take
your opponents down quickly!  If you have to scope everyone you're going to 
shoot, you're
never going to make it!  Keep fighting your way through the halls, checking out 
rooms as
you go...after a long firefight, you'll make it to a set of elevators!  One has a 
in it for some extra life, one has a group of terrorists in it who WILL take a 
chunk out
of you, and the other leads down...down into an underground storage area!

IIIe: Under the Mansion

The elevator doors will open up to a HUGE underground storage area, with lots of 
metal crates all around.  This place will be a test of all your skills!  Around 
you'll have to shoot a lot of long distances, and do it fast...those guys are 
shots with automatic weapons!  Keep your eyes open for enemies at a distance, and 
their targets to get a bead on them!  They'll even be small in your scope, so 
you'll have
to be good!  And soon, you'll make it to a big maze of crates, the other end 
which contains
the President, hanging from the ceiling...and guarding him?  Monica, the armed 

Boss Strategy: Monica

This is one boss battle that's a hard one!  She's shielded on most of her 
body...so you
have to make your shots count!  To make it even harder, at first, she's always on 
move!  She'll hide behind crates, then come flying out towards you...then she'll 
in front of you, and slash you twice!  She then goes flipping out of your 
you know it's not going to be easy to get a head shot!  Keep trying to hit her in 
head and chest!  When she's close, it's a good time to get in a shot...but make 
count!  If you hit her arm while she slashes, or hit some armor, it'll do no 
good!  As
she goes backflipping away, keep your gun trained where her head will be, and try 
time your shot to hit it!  If you hit her head as you're chasing her through the 
her mask will fly off, and she'll leap back to the President...she'll also jump 
back to
the President if you lower her down to five hit points!  Then, she'll use the 
for cover, as a crane twirls crates inbetween you and her!  She'll take every 
shot she
gets, and hit a lot...so you have to be fast!  When she comes out from behind the
President, train where her head is at...wait for an opening in the crates, then 
take your
shot!  If you do it right, you should have no trouble at all with Monica!

IV: The Final Battle

After Monica falls, your attention will be drawn to a man behind a bulletproof 
shield...apparently, this is the man you're after...the man behind the kidnapping 
the First Family!  And he's getting away!  Blow away the bulletproof glass, and 
go after
him!  When you get out back, he's getting away on a boat...and you've only got one
bullet left!  Here's where you learn he's got a mechanism to blow up the entire 
area...and the President's still in there!  And now...it's sniper time.

Boss Strategy: Terrorist Leader

He's out at a distance on his boat...and you've got one chance to make this 
work!  He'll
go through his spiel about you only having one shot left, and such...get his head 
your scope, and make the shot!  Then watch the shot from the "Bulletcam", and 
find what
happens!  A word of advice...the sooner you take the shot, the easier it is!  If 
wait through everything he says, by that time, he's at a far distance, and his 
boat starts
to rock on the waves, making your shot anything but easy!  The sooner, the better!

IV: Personal Advice

And here is the section where I share a few of my techniques on how to be a great 
You can follow them, or you can think of your own...I just think these can make a 
effective sniper! 

A: Stay Calm

This is a game about sniping.  You can't be trigger happy and expect to do 
well...you have
to make every shot count!  And the best way to do it is to not get excited!  If 
you miss
the first shot, don't start shooting wildly!  Stay calm, and stay focused!

B: No Scope

In my opinion, the scope on the gun makes the game rather interesting, and real, 
but if
you look at the upper left corner of your screen, you'll see that the view from 
scope is copied up there!  This way, you can keep your eye on the big picture, 
being able to aim!  If your eye is in the scope, you can't see the big picture, 
and have
to rely on arrows inside the scope...that makes things MUCH harder!

C: Head Shots

When you're up against bosses, ALWAYS go for head shots...if you can end a fight 
in one
shot, it'll save you a lot of time, and a lot of damage...therefore a lot of 

D: Imaginary Crosshairs

Here's a tip to help you in close range combat...instead of looking up at the 
scope all
the time, look at the circle your gun makes...imagine crosshairs in the middle of 
Using that as a guide, put your opponent in the middle, and take the shot!  With 
a little
practice, you can pick them off with no trouble!  Of course, this is usually only 
with close to medium range fighting...at long range, the scope is a necessity!

V: Credits

This is my second FAQ...and it couldn't have been done without a lot of people! 
a list of thanks!

Thanks to:

My buddy Brian, whomout with I wouldn't be half the man I am today!

Eric and Rosie, for letting me perfect my slacking talents around their house, and
giving me somewhere to play Everquest!

U2, Information Society, and Social Distortion, for making some great music 
that's fun
to listen to!  Never listened to remixed U2?  You're missing out!

And to GameFaqs, who give me a place to showcase these FAQs!  Without them, I 
be typing right now!

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