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FAQ by mewthepokemon
Email: [email protected]
Date of last revision: 7/20/2002
Version: 2.5

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                             000000	       ______      000000
                           0000           /                00000
              OO0000000000000            /___                 000000000000OO
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                            Space Channel 5 Part 2 FAQ v 2.5
                                 For Dreamcast AND PS2
                      The first and best FAQ for SC5p2 on the internet!

NOTE: Any correspondence sent to me since June 1, 2002 has not been 
recieved. Please resend anything you may have contributed to 
[email protected] Sorry for the inconvenience!

Table of Contents

A. Introduction

B. Story & Characters 
C. Controls
D. Modes
F. Japanese to English (Renamed) (Has lyrics!)
G. Dancing Modes

H. Walkthrough 
I. Hidden Rhythm Points (NEW)

K. Hints/Secrets/Oddities/CODES 
L. Wardrobe
M. Other Space Channel 5 Part 2 Resources (not in the FAQ yet)
N. About, Copyrights, Submissions, Sources, and Contact Information


Contact me! Contact info is at the very bottom of this FAQ.

(A revision history I know you all will read is at the bottom of the FAQ)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Space Channel 5 Part 2 saves automatically!

A. Introduction

Hello! This is my second and long awaited FAQ. I've planned the Space Channel 5 
Part 2 FAQ for quite some time (since my SC5 FAQ), and I am finally pleased 
to bring it to the gaming public. Feel free to drop me a line! See the last 
section of the FAQ.

It seems that UGA has deemed Japan worthy of a sequel to the ultra-fun
Space Channel 5 and boy have they improved. SC5p2 is much more fun and varied
than the quite linear predecessor. Mexican Flyer gets a face lift, as does the
game's engine. I can't really describe what makes SC5p2 so much better than
SC5, so it's best that you play the game.

This FAQ is based on the Japanese Version of SC5p2 and will update for the
North American version if Sega chooses to release one. Since it is based on the 
Japanese version, I will slip up I am sure (I don't know nuch Japanese), so 
please email me with corrections. See the last section of the FAQ.

MY RIGHT TO IT AND PROSECUTE. (Copy. Right. Get it? Copyright! AH HA HA! 
Actually, that was lame).

B. Story & Characters
|       |
| Story |

Ah, yes. It's been a while since the defeat of Blank in Ulala's first try
at a report show and things have been going fine. However, this is video game 
land so something has to go wrong again. This time another mass transit port 
has been invaded by the Orodians and the captives are being forced to dance. 
Ulala, now famous for her little Blank defeat is called again for 
"Ulala's Swingin' Report Show".

SC5 and SC5p2 are dancing games, where you are given a set of moves, and you
have to repeat them to the beat of the music. It's like simon says, but so much 

Basic Plot: Purge, a psycho and the game's villain, has decided 
that he wants to make the ultimate dance troupe by forcing the 
peoples of the galaxy to dance. From there he'll take over everything 
with his famous dancing troupe. He sends his henchman, Shadow, to 
brainwash everyone and to capture the Space President, Peace. 
Peace is the first of two people who has the power to stop Purge
in his tracks.

Purge also realizes from watching TV (see intro "Ulala's History" 
movie) that the second person who can put a stop to his plans is Ulala. 
Her ability to groove definitely poses a threat. Purge has also ordered 
Shadow to incapacitate her if he can.

|            |
| Characters |

All information has replaced my personal descriptions of each character
(this does not apply to Shadow or noise).
All character info was submitted by DiosDelSol (Thanks!).

Ulala (Ooh-la-la. NOT Yulala)
The Ever-Famous Space Channel 5 Reporter
Birthday:  May 30th
Blood Type:  B
Recently having used her powers to save the galaxy, she's not a 
newcomer anymore, but her director, Fuse, still gets her grumbling 
almost daily.  Her dream is to become the number one reporter in 
all the galaxy!

Birthday:  September 21st
Blood Type:  O
Formerly a very talented director of a news team, he's obsessed 
wtih getting good ratings and is sometimes a bit too harsh with his 
reporters.  More than anything else, he fears losing his reputation.

Space Channel 42 Reporter
Birthday:  September 5th
Blood Type:  AB
By the age of 19 she had enjoyed a four year career as a teen idol.  
Her jealousy for Ulala is pushing her down a path of self-destructive 
behavior from which she might never recover.

(from GameFAQs message boards -- SC5p2, Extra Report Differences?, Post: Shinya 
Parin (Pudding's clone) is just a copycat that did plastic surgery and is 
actually 48 years old and was in a band when she was young. There's other 
interesting info, it's all in the bios. See her in Extra Mode, Report 3

Reporter for a pirate broadcasting station.  He once saved Ulala's 
life.  He tends be a loner and a wanderer, popping up and disappearing 
again on a whim, going wherever his search for truth takes him.  This may 
have gotten him into trouble lately, though, as it seems something bad may 
have happened to him.  The last anyone heard from him, he was about to 
go do a little sneaking around somewhere, and now no one knows what's 
happened to him.

Eastern Milky Way Space Policewoman
Birthday:  June 5th
Blood Type:  A
As noted in her theme song (which she wrote herself), she is a very 
beautiful woman, and is very devoted to maintaining law and order 
in the galaxy.  Her hobbies include reading, swimming, and space horse riding.

(from GameFAQs message boards -- SC5p2, Extra Report Differences?, Post: Shinya 
Pine's evil sister from Extra Mode, Report 3. She is a lot more hardline
than Pine. As an example she is notorious for towing away people's space bicycles
away even if they only chain them in front of the Space Police station. 
If you read her bio in the characters' list you can see all their differences.

He wants to bring a smile to the whole galaxy, and is always ready 
is the space president to achieve this.  They say that when he 
sings his musical energy is so powerful it can melt rock and make hearts cry.

Space Michael
An adored superstar rockin' the Galaxy and a dancer so legendary as 
to surpass space and time.  After a certain scandal at Space Channel 5, 
he took over as the new chief, and has been watching over Ulala ever since.

Ulala's private platform driver.

Members of the mysterious dance group under Shadow's control.  
All that can really be said to describe them is that they function 
off their program and really don't seem to have any mind of their own.  
Their eyes can shoot a beam that forces its victim to dance.  

Your main bot character boss. He's not a level boss, but sort of a figurehead
who controls the bots. He's always in Ulala's way and troubles her through most
of the game's first part.

Very little is known about him, except that he is the leader of 
some huge, mysterious dance group.

C. Controls

Controls for the Dreamcast and PS2 are virtually the same, except for button 

This is the default control scheme.

Left, right, up, down are all what they seem

Shoot = A (Dreamcast), X (PS2)
Hey = B (Dreamcast), O (PS2)

For any extended direction (i.e. shooooooooooooooo) hold the appropriate button 

D. Modes
From the main menu, you can select one of four gameplay modes, or two other 

|                |
| 1 Player Modes |

~1 Player Report Mode:
 Play through Space Channel 5 Part 2 in classic fashion.

~1 Player Ulala Dancing Show Mode:
 Mimic the Morolians a certain amount of times to collect them and move on to
 the next Morolian for collection. Mess up once and you go back to the beginning
 or the previous Morolian. This section also features songs from the original 
 making this a nostalgic hit!

|                            |
| 2 Player Cooperative Modes |

~2 Player Cooperative Report Mode:
 Play through the standard reports with Player 1 in charge of direction and 
 Player 2 in charge of "shoot"s and "hey"s. Quite fun. This section also
 features songs from the original SC5, making this a nostalgic hit!

~2 Player Ulala Dancing Show Mode:
 The same as 1 Player UDS Mode, but with the same control scheme as in
 2 Player Cooperative Report Mode. Also fun, but less so than 2 Player report 
 mode. This section also features songs from the original SC5, making this a 
 nostalgic hit!

|                          |
| Profile, and Option Mode |

Profile Mode simply shows each character. Pushing the A (DC) or X (PS2)
brings up a little info on each character.

Option mode modifies data, see Japanese to English for translation.


Here is where I list differences between SC5 and SC5p2 and the DC and PS2 
versions of SC5p2.

|                                           |
| Space Channel 5 VS Space Channel 5 Part 2 |
|           (Dreamcast Versions)            |

1) Normal Battle Mode (see Dancing Modes section) also limits how many
   times you can incorrectly repeat the dance.
2) The hearts indicating how many messups you can make from SC5 have been
   modified to be placed at the bottom of the screen. For each 5 messups 
   you have a single heart with a 5 on it is displayed.
3) In SC5, the graphic that switches between Ulala and the person you are
   dancing against quickly enlarged, switched to the other graphic and 
   made a "ZAP" sound. In SC5p2 the graphics are more varied and also 
   enlarge with the "ZAP". The difference is that a charge goes through 
   the hearts from the graphic when it becomes Ulala's turn, and it 
   goes in the opposite direction when switching to the other character.
4) Moves have been extended. This means that instead of just plain 
   "shoot," you can also be required to hold A (DC) or X (PS2) to get a 
   "shooooooooooooooooooot". This also applys to "hey"s and any direction.
5) Dance sequences that have lots of music of but only a few moves are much 
   more revelant in SC5p2. (i.e. "...............shoot..................").
6) When battling a boss, your rating percent dissapears and is converted to an
   amount of yellow stars. Afterwards, the hearts dissolve into a spark,
   fly back to where the percent reappears and adds itself to the percentage.
7) In normal dance mode hearts are pink. Boss battle mode uses yellow STARS. In
   SC5, all hearts were pink and were used for boss battles.
8) The loading screen reads "Now roboading" as opposed to "Now moloading." 
   There are also a set of robo pictures that appear and dissapear in white 
   circles as the game loads.
9) In order to ensure improved graphics, levels will stop mid way through a 
   report and load the next part. This is not an annoyance.
10) Ulala and her dance troupe will stomp/tap dance as well as dance to the 
    rhythm during boss fight breaks. (Nice feature!) Ulala simply danced in SC5.
11) Mexican Flyer (the SC5 theme song) is remixed several times in SC5p2.
12) Rating percentages no loner determine if you progress to the next level.
    You only have to not run out of hearts.
13) You sometimes are required to push two or more directions before shooting. 
    Your shot will go in those directions!
14) Depending on how well you are doing, the music will be affected. This only
    occured in SC5 Extra Level 4 - News Studio.
15) Send me differences. See the submissions section.

|                                   |
| Space Channel 5 Part 2 DC vs PS2  |

1) Graphics on the PS2 are noticeably different, according to IGN and 

F. Japanese to English
If you're like me, and can't read Japanese, then this section is for you.

Main Menu:
1P Report Mode
2P Cooperative Report Mode
1P Challenge Mode
2P Cooperative Challenge Mode

In game menu:
Restart area since last load
Restart entire report
Quit and go to main menu

(The game saves automatically)

Options menu:
(from GameFAQs message boards -- SC5p2, DEADSCREAM Discoveries, Post: Alana)

Sound (Stereo/Mono)
Vibration (On/Off)
Key Assign (Press A to access)
Settings Reset
Karaoke-Style Subtitles (On/Off)

Level end screen:
Your rating
Record rating
Number of secret morolian points successfully found

|                |
| In-Game Lyrics |

All submission for the in-game lyrics come from 
DEADSCREAM/LAZYTEENSCLUB (Thomas Hostetler - [email protected])
and someone anonymous.

NOTE: This section will eventually be removed and put in a specialized
FAQ which will be the entire translated script for SC5p2. Watch for it
to arrive late summer or early fall 2002.

LEVEL 1 - Ulala Vs. Shadow

Shadow: We are Orodians
Ulala: Change yourself somehow
Shadow: This is our chance for horror
Ulala: We'll defeat you

LEVEL 1 - Boss

Purge: My name is Purge
Ulala: Nice to meet you
Purge: We will own everything
Fuse: Dance dance ????? (????? are words presently untranslated)
Purge: ????? ????? nice
Fuse: ??????????
Purge: ????? ????? nice
Fuse: Through and through ????

Purge: Hey (Hora is something in Japanese that you say to get
            someone's attention).
Purge: ????
Fuse: There there
Fuse: Ga ga (there is no literal translation for "ga")

Purge: Here's a challenge for you
Fuse: ??????????

(The words change on this next part depending on how well you do)

Purge: Amazing courage
Fuse: We'll defeat you


Purge: We won't give up
Fuse: Challenge accepted, shoot!

LEVEL 2 - Pudding

Fuse: Wh-what?
Ulala: What?
Pudding: Good evening everyone! It's Pudding!
Ulala: AGAIN?!
Pudding: C'mon!
Ulala & Pudding: Let's play

LEVEL 2 - Boss

Ulala: What's this?
Ulala: (gasp)Our president, Peace, is stuck on top of a huge plant!
Peace: Come help Ulala! Please! PLEEEASE!
--before jump--
Peace: Ulala, come over here!
Ulala: Jump!
--next jump--
Peace: Quicky! Come help!
Ulala: ??
Plant: Shuriken, shu, shu, shu
Fuse: Look out Ulala!
Plant: Shu, shu, shu, shu
Fuse: U la la la!
Plant: Shu, shu, shu, shu
Fuse: U la la la!
--flower grabs her*--
Fuse: Ah, Ulala, are you okay?!

2ND BOSS: Pon Pea Lilly

Shadow: Your President is ???
Shadow & Pea Lilly: Waltz battle!
Ulala: Let's Dance
Shadow: Waltz!
Shadow: Waltz!
Shadow: Waltz!
Shadow: Take this (korede mo ka)
Ulala's Group: Take this (korede mo da)
Shadow: Take that (sorede mo ka)
Ulala's Group: Take that (sorede mo da)
Shadow: Take that (arede mo ka)
Ulala's Group: Take that (arede mo ka)
Shadow: Take this, take that, to the end! (korede mo ka, sorede mo ka, saigo
da zo)
Ulala's Group:Take this, take that, decide! (korede mo ka, sorede mo ka,
kimerun da!)

Peace: Ulala, thank you (Ulala, arigatou)

LEVEL 5 - Freeing of Jaguar

Jaguar: Who is the real one?
Ulala: The real one is who?
Pudding: Shoot the real one with the B button beam
Pine: Shoot the fake ones with the A button beam

LEVEL 6 - Purge Vs. All

Purge: More love comes to me
Pine: I'll stop you
Purge: More love
Pudding: I'll stop you
Purge: I refuse [to stop]
Jaguar: I can't allow this
Purge: Everyone make noise
Morolian: (subtitle) I can't allow this

LEVEL 6 - Purge Vs. Ulala 1 on 1

Purge: Ulala
Ulala: Purge
Purge: Ulala
Ulala: Purge

G. Dancing Modes

When playing through Space Channel 5 Part 2, you will encounter two different
ways that dancing is done.

|                    |
| Normal Battle Mode |

What you play in about 70% of time is called normal dance mode.

In Normal Battle Mode, you will encounter a series of character who throw
dance sequences at you. You simply repeat them as best as you can (hopefully 
perfectly). The perfect sequences raise your percentages, messed up sequences 
drop the percentage in addition to subtracting one heart from your amount 
left. Run out of hearts and you get a game over. Messups available are 
indicated by hearts. Rating percentages are for record purposes, but it 
is generally good to have a high percentage. 
|                  |
| Boss Battle Mode |

The other 30% of the game is called boss battle mode.

Boss battle mode is similar to normal dance mode, except that things count 
for a whole lot more. Once again you are given a set of dance moves, except 
that these tend to be a lot longer a more complicated that when in normal 
mode. Your stars are reduced significantly in amount when compared to hearts, 
and they are yellow. Deplete your stars to zero and you get a game over. 
Bosses have a long life, and can go through several changes before they 
admit defeat. Percentage is not available here.

H. Walkthrough

Although noted in the VS section, it should be noted that there has been a 
significant change to how progress is made in the game. No longer must 
you attain a certain percentage of viewers, but you simply must not 
deplete your hearts or stars to zero. This is not always easy.

If you want to know the exact dance steps and timing, go somewhere else. 
To write out the timing accurately and put it in ASCII is more trouble 
than it's worth.

Here's another interesting thing to note during gameplay:
When Ulala finishes a battle, sometimes a flash will appear as she dances
in time to the rhythm. If you push the default shoot button at the EXACT
time the flash appears, then some Morolians will appear for a split second.
These count as rescues. Also, there are also battle finish bits without the flash
but with these hidden points, once again push the default shoot button and you'll
rescue Morolians.

|                     |
| Report 1: Spaceport |
After a quick little movie, we finally get to see our beloved "Ulala's Swingin 
Report Show" screen again. After that, we finally get to see 
Ulala in motion for what maybe the last time.

The level starts out with Ulala walking in the main spaceport doors and doing
a little commentary (listen to her "goota morning!"). From there she goes right 
up to her first dance battle with Shadow and the Robos. Seeing as this is the 
first battle, the moves are quite easy. Mostly, two of the same sequence, 
with increasing speed.

After normal battle 1, Ulala progresses through several more battles, all to 
the Mexican Flyer Tune Remix. The next is once again Shadow, with his little
Robo minions. As with the first battle, moves are two of the same, in sets
of two. (i.e. left, left, shoot, shoot). In this battle the "Hey" is introduced.
At first the "shoot"s and "hey"s are grouped together (i.e. shoot, shoot, hey,
hey). They do mix together in the last part. The last move is a prolonged move
where you shoot Shadow himself. This battle is important as you rescue many 

After battle 2, you move onto the last battle of the level, again against Shadow.
At first it begins with some singing followed by a shoot, but then it moves into
a normal battle (i.e. up. down down shoot shoot shoot). This battle is long, but
is easy. The standard tap a foot tip should be in force by now to help you keep 
rhythm. After battle 3, you move on to the boss.

| Boss:  Singing Robots |
Three giant robos appear at the microphones to start a little concert with
Purge on remote. A little singing followed by a dance sequence quickly begins 
an easy round 1. Round 1 is a tad easier than the last two battles.

For round 2 and 3 , things get a little trickier. The giant robos give you 
dance moves, combined with "shoot"s. This sounds easy, but the sequences 
can be tedious and very fast. Eventually you will end up shooting in more than
one direction at once. (You'll see).

|                      |
| Report 2: SpacePark  |
Ulala begins her extra report by walking through a little room with 
characters from SC5 making cameos. Once again Shadow appears and 
off we go.

After the door for the entrance into the SpacePark has opened, Ulala is 
on a track in a sort of aquarium. The track platform is not moving 
at this point. Shadow throws a short battle at you. Beware the echoes 
here; if you aren't paying attention, they'll mess you up.

After the echo battle, the platform Ulala is standing on starts 
to move and we get a jazzy soundtrack. Ulala realizes that the school children
from SC5p1 (battle with Morolian Morolina) have been captured again. As usual
she must save them by "hey"ing the vines when they have children in them and
"chu"ing when they don't. Eventually you will amass a little band of kids who
enhance the soundtrack while you dodge energy balls from Shadow.

From there, the platform on the track stops moving and you deal 
with Shadow once more before you change rooms. He uses quick moves
in this short battle.

In the next room, you rescue the children's (they're being held 
hostage if you can't tell) teacher and another student. Shadow is 
leading this battle. Sequences vary quite a bit and most certainly 
are trying. If you succeed, then you earn the teacher and student, and
you can watch Ulala jam to the other side of the room. Watch for the
"shoot shoot shoot."

| Boss 1: Pudding |
In the next room, it's our favorite rival: Pudding! This sequence 
confused me at first, but it's actually quite easy. Pay close attention
to the rythm and push down in accordance with the rhythm. Yes, down
operates your guitar, drums, etc. "Shoot"s and "Hey"s are also used by 
Pudding. She creates quick, long sequences that can very trying.

In round 2 of the battle, Ulala and Pudding are behind a wall of water competing.
Once again pay attention to which direction Pudding is moving to hit the guitar
movments correctly. Pudding uses QUICK single button/direction moves here.

If you are successfull, you'll be able to see Pudding get kicked off her own 
stage and then Ulala has a little celebration.

~End Boss (Corrections supplied by Tan Pak Wong and Omar Corunt)

After Pudding, you normal battle with a singing flower lady to rescue hostages 
and the flower lady herself. Music does get annoying here, but if you are 
able to rescue the lady, then the birds will shut up some and harmonize.

From there you go to boss 2.

| Boss 2: Plant |
To kick things off, the plant will shoot seed pods at Ulala in short, quick 
sequences. Depending on how well you play these sequences can be hard or easy.
Ulala begins climbing the plant, dodging flowers, and shooting pods. 

After that the plant decides to shoot his flowers at Ulala, which she dodges
with "Whiah!" or "Ha!" Fuse sings about her to the plant. An easy part of the
boss battle.

Eventually a vine knocks the camera out, and when vision is restored, we see 
Ulala being held in place by the plant's vines.

The hostage part is long, complicated. Long sequences with no moves and then 
sudden movement prevail, or long, repetative sequences occur. It is imperative
that you have good memory.

| Boss 3: Pea Pon Lilly |
After Ulala frees herself from the vines, the main plant pod drops out onto 
the floor and we are able to see that it is a robot. Shadow appears and 
begins directing this pod robot in a waltz battle. 

Sequences here are those kind that start, with no moves, then sudden, 
single movements. A great deal of moves are in 3s (left, right, up) as it IS
a waltz battle. If you outlast this part, then you're home free for this report. 
(After a little concert where you don't dance).

You also see Peace get taken again.

|                        |
| Report 3: Space Police |
| (One long boss battle) |
This level begins with Ulala and Fuse zooming through the sky to their next 
report. Unfortuneately Pudding has been speeding to this next scoop and has 
caught the attention of the Space Police. The police confuse Ulala for the 
speeder and they begin attacking Fuse and herself. 

The Police begin by trying to drop bombs on Fuse, and Ulala has to shoot. 
Sequences involve rapid steps, but aren't too hard. After the dropping 
idea has thwarted, the Police try a variant of shooting bombs at them 
from a different angle. Sequences alternate between "Shoot" and "Hey" 
most of the time, making this easy. The Police try a third approach, 
in which they start to power up their laser. Sequences here are
similar to "shoot.shoot.shooooooooooo.shoot!" This also occurs with 
the "Hey"s.

The police try their third and last approach. Ulala jumps onto the SP 
ship. The chief and her minions make a drumset materialize, while Ulala 
and her driver, Noise, do the same. Sequences here are average fare to 
quick, but become tedious after a while. Eventually you won't be able to 
think about what you're doing because the moves will zoom right by. Again, 
use down for all your drum moves.

Win, and you get a message from Space Michael summoning her to the SC5 Broadcast
Satellite/HQ as Shadow and the Robos are attacking. ("SHIMATTA!" is a general
exlamation that you say in Japanese.)

|                                               |
| Report 4: Space Channel 5 Broadcast Satellite |
This level opens up with Ulala jumping out of her SC5 broadcast ship
and rocketing along through space, all the while avoiding Robos. Several
battles take place here, some with shooting and one with Ulala actually
kicking the Robos. Sequences are full of fast timing.

The last battle has you rescuing some sort of flying squad (why a TV
channel would have these things is way beyond me). It becomes imperative
that you rescue their leader (he's really large) to get the good ending to
this scene. Tapping a foot would be wise.

Once Ulala has been able to successfully enter the SC5BS, we see her
running down the main corridor with doors flying up in her wake. Two short
battles take place to remove Robos, and then one long one with a door
that zooms Robos and humans by. If you are able to successfully rescue
all cheerleaders, then you get a little cheer in English that many will find

Ulala, seeing her peril in the form of a security door sealing, leaves the
squad behind and uses a long "downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" move to slide under the

Once again we are in the main room of the SC5BS (the one where you see
Blank in SC5 Level 4 Normal), and we see that Space Michael has been 
taken hostage (again) by Shadow.

| Boss 1: Shadow with Space Michael |
This section happened to have the creepiest music I'd ever stumbled
upon the whole SC5 series. This battle is a long doozy in the effort to
rescue Michael from Shadow. Making a great cameo appaearance is Evila (of
which there are four), this time in the roll of supporting Ulala.
Sequences follow standard boss fare--some quick, some long and complex, 
some normal. You do not have very many misses here, so watch those stars.

NOTE: For those of you who are like me and know the Evila battle dance 
steps from the original Space Channel 5, you'll be pleased to know 
that the first part of this boss battle are those exact steps!

Ulala's dance pattern is that of Michael's "Thriller" afterwards and the 
music is reminiscent of Michael's pop music. If you can sucessfully navagate
the complex dance steps, you'll win Michael, who stangely fits into this game.

He gives you three dance steps (left, down, up) and you go to boss battle 2.

| Boss 2: Purge with Giant Robo |
What toughie this can be. Several transformations and low amounts of stars
all contribute to the fact that if you didn't fail on Shadow with Michael,
then you'll fail here.

The scene opens up with Ulala and Company (Michael, and the four Evilas) 
landing on the cental platform that rises out of a bottomless pit. As soon 
as the elevator lands on the main platform in this scene, it splits and 
we hear the Mexican Flyer remix for this level start up again.

Purge and his Giant Robo show up, one in front, and one behind the dance 
troupe. Peace is inside Robo. To kick things off, Purge sets up dance patterns 
that can be traced by lighting up the circles on the wall in the order that 
they were done. It's easy at first, but the timing necessary farther on in 
the sequence can be harder. Before the hard parts begin, however, you duel 
with the Giant Robo (easy), and then turn back around for Purge's 2nd round.

The 2nd round patterns are done the same way as the 1st round, but as said
before they are much harder and longer to do, with spaces in the rhythms
throwing everyone off. Eventually, Purge decides that being hit so much
by Ulala may be a bad thing, so he moves behind Giant Robo.

(Transformation 2) If you pay attention, you'll hear Michael say that 
you need to move in the opposite direction of what Purge says. This particular
transformation is not too hard, but requires excellent timing.

(Transformation 3) If you're not out of stars by now, then pat yourself
on the back, you're making it just fine. 

In transformation 3 we see Purge get PO'ed at the Giant Robo, and blast his
head somewhere. Purge slams his little flying gizmo onto the place where the
head was, and he takes over movement of Giant Robo. Once again, if you are 
paying attention, you'll hear Michael say "Let's shout!" In laymans terms,
this means that you need to push down whenever anything but shoot or a 
direction come out of Giant Robo's hand speakers. This transformation is long
and you had better be keeping rhythm somehow to conquer this.
As you play, more people will show up to help Michael shout. Another thing
to notice while playing is that as Giant Robo shouts "DANCE!" he stomps
on the floor, and you can see the Satellite slowly starting to collapse.

Eventually Fuse, who has managed to enter the SC5BS will zoom into the room,
helping to do the final shouts and deliver the final blow. A long, charged shoot
will run your way, and a beam to deliver the final blow to Giant Robo will be
shot....and reflected back at you. Fuse, ever the wonderful producer, shoots
between the beam and Ulala, taking the fatal blow. A "down" is sent your way,
and Ulala is left to chase Fuse, crashing, to the edge of the platform and down
to his death. Giant Robo and Purge teleport away.

~End Boss 2.

Space Michael shouts for everyone to get out of the collapsing satellite
(brought on by the battle), and he leaves too. Ulala's private platform
driver, Noise, swoops over to Ulala and takes her out.

As you can tell, Ulala is out of enthusism for dancing. She's all the more
PO'ed at Purge and Shadow for killing her life mentor. However, Noise
tells her to get movin so that her platform can get out of the SC5BS
before the whole place explodes.

This last battle sequence could almost qualify as a boss battle (stars
are used instead of hearts). Moves are tricky, quick, repetetive and
will absolutely shatter your ability to win over this report. Pay VERY
close attention and move quickly. As always, keep rhythm.

As Ulala escapes the Satellite, it explodes, and she is left to scream
for Fuse......

|                    |
| Report 5: Purge HQ |
If you still have trouble keeping rhythm, then I suggest playing challenge
mode. It helps immensely.

The scene starts with a night vision camera on Ulala and Michael, who've
snuck into Purge HQ. Pudding drops in, joins the team, as does the Morolian
Reporter we've seen in between reports (the soundtrack explains). 
The squad moves up a bit only to find that Pine has also decided to 
help Ulala in this latest report.

An alarm is tripped, lights come on, and the troupe runs into the first
of three rooms designed for defense. These rooms are quite interesting,
the show of a console's ability while keeping everything retro.

Remember the circles that show the Robo's on the screens that say "Now
Roboading"? Those circles are on the walls of these rooms, without the
Robos. What you do here is watch the order in which the Robos appear
in the circles and dance in the direction they're pointing. All dance
sequences in the three rooms end in shoot. Keep rhythm for all three
rooms and remember that it's quite important to keep as many stars as
you can, as you'll need them in the top-down room. Rhythm speed is steady,
except that you occasionally are thrown a spaced sequence.

After sucessfully conquering all three rooms, the troupe is dumped through
a hole in the floor with each person standing around Ulala, who is in the
middle. Simply repeat the sequences, account for rhythm speed changes, and
watch your "shoot" in particular. Sequences depend on your ability to react

After you win the top-down room, a door opens and you hit a Roboading screen.

| Boss 1: Shadow Band! |
Shadow and company appear, all as a band. Each character's instrumental
element pull together here to tickle us pink and make us think of how brilliant
UGA was to think of this! Pudding pulls out her guitar, Pine pulls her drums,
Michael his whoops and "DANCE!", the Morolian Reporter has no instrument,
and Ulala pulls out a piano.

Keeping rhythm is once again vital (can I say that enough in here?) and all you
are obligated is to push down, "Shoot" or "Hey" when called upon. Directions
do not matter here. Sequences vary from long to quick but all are complex.

| Boss 2: Shadow/Jaguar |
These sequences follow a steady rhythm and make a lot of logical sense.
Simply use "Hey" instead of "shoot" on the Shadow with the different
pose. You do not have a lot of stars for this area, so do not mess up.

If you can "Hey" the true Shadow enough, then he'll be freed and Jaguar
will join the troupe. They all jump into an orb, and go to Purge TV.

|                           |
| Report 6: Purge TV! Show  |
| (One long boss battle)    |
Eew! Who gave this crossdresser a TV show?!

This report opens up with Purge taking a glory trip, and Ulala's orb
landing. The complete troupe of Ulala, Pine, Morolian Reporter, Michael,
Jaguar, and Pudding all come down the stairs and begin to cross towards
Purge to do battle. Ulala is in her classic SC5p1 costume.

Purge will sing here, and the troupe will retort WITHOUT singing. After
the singing, a quick, three step sequence will follow. This part isn't hard.

After that, the Robos making Purge have a fat head will fly off towards
Ulala and Co. along with two bigger Robos. This is a normal dance sequence
that depends on speed.
| Final Boss 1: Purge Crossdressed |
Following the second battle, Ulala struts ahead of the dance troupe and
is whisked high up to battle one on one with Purge. There are not too many
patterns to mimick, but those ones are akwardly timed and can depelete your
scant amount of stars. "Shooooooooooooooooooooooot" type sequences are here
and in bountiful amounts. After that, Purge sends up his ship so that it 
transforms into Super Purge.

| Final Boss 2: Super Purge |
Ooh, what an interesting looking boss. Most of this transformation is purely
dodging beams of energy thrown at you. These are the most trying sequences of
the entire game. Repetetive in great amounts to cause confusion. (i.e.
rightupleftuprightupleftuprightshoot) (If you can't read that then you 
can see why this transformation is particularly hard).

Ulala can only dodge so much, and she gets shot and mortally wounded.

~End Final Boss 2

Ulala, for all terms and purposes, is dead. Coming to her memory are those
children that she rescued. They cheer her on, and tell her to clap along.
This area is not particularly hard. This occurs two more times, each time
with two more characters from the standard dance troupe appearing, to 
tell the beaten up Ulala not to give up. Between each is some easy clapping,
with the crowds cheering "U-la-la!" Ulala finally comes back to the living
and takes on Super Purge again.

| Final Boss 3: Super Purge (Final Transformation) |
This battle got me really into the game and had me humming the Ultra Mexican
Flyer Remix along with Ulala and the crew. This sequence is blindingly
fun, definitely hits the nostalgia, and thus removes the difficulty.

Ulala, the troupe, and everyone she's rescued, are all suspended in midair,
all at different levels. Ulala is now flame Ulala (also from the original
Space Channel 5 when you get 95%+) and she's changed outfits. Everyone
is charged and ready to go, and it's now time to finish Purge forever.

Purge sings "LA LA LA!" to the Mexican Flyer beat and Ulala, Inc. must
use down to in the same rhythm as Purge's "LA!"s. Move and along with the 
music and hit the "shoot/hey"s when you're supposed to.

To finish everything off, we see that Fuse isn't dead after all and everyone
"Shoot shoot shoot"s Purge into space.

~End Boss Battle and Report Mode!

From here, a few words are said, and the now immortal SC5 ending of
Fuse and other ships making a path of stars for everyone to dance on
to end the game.

The credits feature Peace singing a song, the original Mexican Flyer
and Robos all around. Once again the credit ending "UP!" has returned.
Hit it to make a super score come out. (Mine was 212.5%!)

~~~You've beat Space Channel 5 Part 2.....normal!

|                   |
|    Extra Mode     |
There are indeed extra levels in SC5p2. Select them from the Report 
selection screen by selecting any report whose text are in GREEN. 
The most noticeable changes for extra mode are more complicated dance
patterns, and reduced star amounts. The new challenge definitely 
makes extra mode worth playing. Levels do not deviate from the
original courses, so I will only detail the noteworthy differences for
each level.

Report 1: Most patterns here are reversed. (i.e. left right instead of right left)
          You rescue different people. The boss does not deviate pattern.

Report 2: Patterns again are reversed. The battle before Pudding is
          mostly the same. Pudding is the same. Boss uses faster moves
          in greater amounts.

Report 3: The level is the same until you actually battle Pine's sister, Texas.
          Texas has Morolian deputies, and she also sings a different
          intro song. The whole sequence is very different at the beginning
          but it will switch to a familiar pattern.

Report 4: The level beginning is the same. Inside the Broadcast Satellite, Ulala
          battles two sets of Robos and then turns RIGHT. The funniest difference
          to all the extra levels is that at the two doors, you actually rescue
          BLANK! It's quite comical to see him dancing as if he has nothing 
          Ulala. (Blank is SC5's chief boss). The long boss battle gives you less 
          When you have to move in the opposite directions, the sequences are 
          and different. The DANCE part of the battle is also different and has
          faster sequences.

Report 5: The only difference is that your star amounts for the entire level are
          severely reduced.

Report 6: You only get two stars per star renewal.
          You get three from Ulala's death onwards.


What are these hidden rhythm points? In the game you can press
the default shoot button at certain points in the soundtrack
which will cause Morolians to appear momentarily on the screeen.
These are the hidden points and the more you find the better your
score and percentage. Your third stat on the level select/ending
screen is the number of points found in a single run of a level.

A vote of thanks goes to Sanagi for all his help here as well
as those of you who helped on the message board. These are
Sanagi's words and I will be gramatically correct them in the
next FAQ edition.

REPORT 1 (7 points):

#1 & #2: The part where Ulala does a few kicks and poses 
right at the very beginning. The sound cue is the 
BAM---BAM---BAM part. The last 2 (BAMS) are the hidden notes.

#3: After saving the rich old guy and the pink lady, 
push at the moment when they stop to strut their pose.

#4: After defeating Shadow in the second battle. 
The rescuees do some pose again with a 'WHOOOO!'.  
Hit the button as they shout out.

#5:  After saving the space guide (shadow battle 3), 
they all do the same 'winning pose' with another 'whoo!' 

--tip for #3, 4 and 5 is just listen to the music, if you're 
familiar with Mexican Flyer then you know where the music 
stops briefly before it loops again, and the secret point 
is right where the song stops before it loops. pardon my poor 
knowledge in music, hence the awkward descriptions... :p

#6:  Before entering the control bridge(boss), ulala will turn 
around and say: 'Channel wa...... *so*no mama'.  push at the 
'SO' part.  it's trickier than the rest of her 'Channel wa...'s 
because it has a longer pause than the others.

#7:  When she says "Space Channel 5." I'm not sure,
 but it's either "*Spa*ce Channel 5" or "Space *Cha*nnel 5"

REPORT 2 (10 points):

#1 & #2:  Same as of #1 & #2 of report 1.

#3: After saving the kids on the moving platform, 
they'll go "YAAAAY!" push at the "yaay!"

#4:  After saving the teacher, push at the "YAAAY!"

#5:  Ulala will say: 'Channel wa, *SO* no mama...'

#6:  After Pudding pops up, she'll say something like: 
     "minnasan konbanwa!   *PU*ddingDES!" Push at the "PU"

#7:  After saving the "nature diva" push when they go "WHOOO!"

#8:  Ulala goes "Channel wa..." but she doesnt say the rest, 
     I think your only cue is the chirp of the bird that 
     replaces "sono mama".  The trick here is to push AFTER 'wa'.

#9:  This one is tricky, you have to listen to Ulala for the cue.  
     When the camera starts focusing on the giant plant boss, 
     she'll say something and you must push at the same time 
     she starts talking.

#10:  Once you the 2nd form of the boss collapses to the ground, 
      you have to push around 1.5 or 2 seconds after it falls down. 

REPORT 3 (9 points):

#1:  As Pudding zooms towards Ulala, she goes: 
     "Scoop itadakiiii~~~*~*!"  You have to wait for her to stop 
     then press, but dont press after she runs out of wind, you 
     must press at the same time she stops.  

#2:  As she flips her hand at the camera, push. 

#3 - #6:  I'm not sure how many here, but the cue 
          lies on the back up singers behind Pine, basically the 
          singers will just repeat what Pine has to say, and push as 
          they start singing for each line... for example:  
          ~Pine: 'Watashi wa Pine.'  
          ~Singers: ' *P*ine!'

#7:  Ulala and Noise will strut a pose before the 
     drum sequence starts, and Ulala will go "*H*AAAH!"  

#8:  Kinda hard, you have to know the celebratory drum rolls, 
     the hidden point is on the very last note of the long drum roll.

#9:  "Channel wa... *SO*no mama."

REPORT 4 (39 points):

#1:  After saving the platoon of skydivers, they will spin 
     around then *grunt*. Again listen to Mexican flyer as a guide.  

#2~#?:  You MUST save the captain of the 'fying brigade' 
        otherwise you wont get any. As they glide downwards 
        they'll be chanting: "HU!'~~~*HA!*~~~HU!~~~*HA!*"
        Keep pushing on every 'HA!' part.

#?:  "Channel wa... *SO*no mama."

#?:  You must rescue ALL members of the cheering squad including 
     the technicians and the other extras.  As they start cheering: 
     "*GO* *GO* *GO* *GO* *SPA*ce *CHA*nnel *5*'!" push on every 
     beat until "Channel 5" (there are 7 of them), then 1 every 
     2 beats. This then resumes to 3 continuous beats. Repeat process.

It should go: 1~2~3~4~5~6~7~X~8~X~9~X~10~11~12  (pls count by 4 beats)


REPORT 5 (5 points):

#1:  "Channel wa..."  "*SO*no mama!"

#2:  As each member prepares their instrument, push on every 
     3rd of 4 beats.  Take Space Michael for example.  
     On the first beat he goes: 'WOOOO!' count the suceeding 
     beats and hit the third one.

#5:  When the team poses along with Jaguar.

REPORT 6 (3 points):

#1 & #2:  Same as reports 1 and 2

#3:  After the clapping sequence when ulala opens her 
eyes and says something, push at the very last word.  


Here is where I answer my most asked questions and those posted on the
GameFAQs message boards. Please submit your questions to me!

Q) What is that third number on the end level screen?
A) That number is the number of secret Morolian points that you found
   while playing through the game. That stat is also found on the level
   select screen. See the rhythm points section.

Q) Does SC5p2 support the VGA box? (DC only)
A) I believe it does, but I am NOT sure.

Q) Where did you get this game?
A) I managed to preorder my copy from theRage.com. Some people have had a hard
   time lately with them, but I personally haven't. I suggest posting on the
   GameFAQs board asking where are reliable places to get this game.

Q) Why is it so hard to find Dreamcast copies of SC5p2?
A) SC5p2, to the best of my knowledge, is not being produced for the Dreamcast
   any longer. Why? Sega planned to make three batches of the game for the DC.
   The first in February 2002, the second in March 2002, and the last in April 
   2002. Smaller stores only got a limited amount of copies to sell, without
   more shipments. Import stores, in the grand scheme of Japanese gaming, are
   quite small, and thus only recieved a limited amount of copies. Those who
   preordered are probably going to be lucky enough to recieve their copies,
   if they didn't from the previous two shipments. Unless you live in Japan or
   have the ability to shop Amazon.co.jp then you basically are out of luck
   and will have to find a used copy.

Q) You mention in a Space Channel 5 Part 1 FAQ that you've written. I've looked
   everywhere and I can't find it! What gives?
A) My SC5p1 FAQ is only for the American *Dreamcast* version of the game. The game
   is essentially the same, so you can use the walkthrough to help you in the PSX

Q) What are they singing in the game?
A) Go see the Japanese to English section. I have some lyrics there.

Q) Do I have to use down for the instrument parts, "DANCE" parts, etc?
A) Well, no you don't. That's what the in-game instructions say. You can
   push left or right as well to accomplish what you're doing and get a different
   pose. I like to alternate what direction I'm pushing as I play. Pushing up
   just gives you what they do when you push down.

Q) What's the big deal about Peace?
A) Yes, I am finally glad to be able to tell everyone this! You see, Pine is the
   Space President, elected for his magic singing ability to melt any heart and 
   any ill-doing. Purge realizes that he has to remove Peace from the picture or
   all his plans are forfeit.

Q) Where can I get this game's music?
A) You have to import the soundtrack discs from Japan. There are four volumes.
   The first two are "Chu" and "Hey" and contain the game's music plus selected
   remixes. Volumes 3 and 4 contain pure remixes. Try CDJapan for purchase. Also,
   the soundtrack explains certain things from SC5p2 as well as fill in stories
   taking place in the background.

Q) Where do you post?
A) I post on GameFAQs. I try to stay active on all the SC5 boards, but I tend
   to look at the SC5p2 DC and SC5p1 DC boards more often.

Q) Can you mail me a copy of your FAQ?
A) Nope, sorry.

K. Hints/Secrets/Oddities/Codes
|       |
| Codes |

~~~Submitted by: Richard Davies (Papercut)

Watch Mode (Dreamcast)

Pause during any game (1 or 2 players, normal or Ulala Dance mode).

Hold down the Left and Right triggers then enter the following button

B - B - U - L - A - L - A - L - A

U and L represent directions on the D-Pad.

Note that when pressing D-Pad Up you have to hold the D Pad up long enough
for none of the three Pause menu items to be selected (there is a fourth
'null' menu item). Play around with it, you'll get the idea.

If you get it right you'll hear a confirmational 'mmmm' from Ulala herself.

Then unpause the game to have the Dreamcast play through the game perfectly
for you. I would recommend removing your memory card before doing this,
because any unlocked secrets will be auto saved in the process.

In addition, you can enter the code a second time to turn watch mode off.

The code, once entered, is persistent. Watch mode will remain switched on
between games.

~~~Submitted by: ArchAngel

Watch Mode (Playstation 2)

Pause during any game (1 or 2 players, normal or Ulala Dance mode).

Hold down L1 and R1 then enter the following button sequence:


If you get it right you'll hear a confirmational 'mmmm' from Ulala herself.

Then unpause the game to have the PS2 play through the game perfectly
for you. I would recommend removing your memory card before doing this,
because any unlocked secrets will be auto saved in the process.

In addition, you can enter the code a second time to turn watch mode off.

The code, once entered, is persistent. Watch mode will remain switched on
between games.

|         |
| Secrets |

Rez and Space Channel Part 1 Game Save costume unlocking

A Rez game save on any VMU plugged in will unlock costume no. 12, a
Rez-style white wireframe version of Ulalala. I don't think there is any
other way to unlock this costume.

A Space Channel 5 game save will unlock costumes no. 28 and 29,
Blank and Cecil Aroma (Boy Toy) respectively. Ordinarily these costumes are
unlocked after 10 hours (for 28) and 20 hours (for 29) play time.

I have the European releases of Space Channel 5 and Rez, and got hold of the
Japanese release of Space Channel 5 Part 2. Both of the European game saves
were able to unlock these extra costumes.

Both my sc5p1 and Rez save games are virtually complete with almost all
items unlocked, so I don't know if any particular progress is needed in
either game for this to work.

L. Wardrobe

One of the neatest features of SC5p2 is the ability to choose
how Ulala appears in gameplay or who she will play as. There are 40
outfits and 12 accessories. To operate the wardrobe select the option 
from the menu and then do the following:

(Credit for some details in this section goes to aDoL_iVxX 
([email protected]))

Select the outfit number you desire with right or left; 
Any outfits with ?????? are not unlocked and cannot be played as. 
Push A (DC) O (PS2) to preview the outfit. Push the same button once more and the
camera will zoom in to show the outfit from a direct view. Pushing the same button
once more selects the outfit for play, and you'll be taken back to the game or 
main menu.

To select an accessory push down to move to the accessories (any accessories with
????? are not unlocked.) Push A (DC) O (PS2) once to preview the accessory, A 
(DC) O (PS2) 
again to select it.

Playing well enough in a level (if you already selected an outfit or sometimes 
will cause the wardrobe will appear between levels.

A heartfelt thanks to those of you who contriubuted to this section! Contributors 
   Thomas Hostetler - [email protected]
   Jan K
   Kim Hyung-Il
   And someone who wishes to remain anonymous
NOTE: If I missed you for credit, then please email me with sufficient proof that 
contributed. Only serious queries please.
| Outfit list |
~~Unlock by each outfit by following what is in the (parenthesis).

1) White Ulala Outfit (Free)
2) Pink Ulala Outfit (Beat level 2)
3) Orange Ulala Space Outfit (Beat level 3)
4) Orange Ulala Space Outfit with helmet (Beat level 4)
5) Pink Striped Ulala Outfit (Beat level 5)
6) Classic Ulala Outfit (Beat level 6)
7) Beat Up Ulala Outfit (Beat extra level 6)
8) Ulala's Final Boss Outfit (Beat the game)
9) Blue With White Diamond Ulala Outfit (Score 24% on challenge mode)
10) Chinese Ulala Outfit (Score 100% on challenge mode)
11) Powder Pink Ulala Outfit (Get 100% on level 1)
12) Rez (Have Rez save file)
13) Pudding (Get 100% on level 2)
14) Pine (Get 100% on level 3)
15) Synchronized Swimming Suit - Play over 34% in 
    Challenge Mode with Costume #32
16) Michael Jackson (Get 100% on level 4)
17) Jaguar (Get 100% on level 5)
18) Peace (Beat level 2 on extra mode)
19) Noise (Beat level 3)
20) Evila (Beat level 4 on extra mode)
21) Genius Suit (?????)
22) Japanese Tourist (Save him: level 1)
23) Music Teacher (Save him: level 2)
24) Fat Chef (Save him: level 1 extra mode)
25) Little Asian Girl (Save her: level 2)
26) Space Guy (Save him: level 4. Don't make a single mistake on 
    last group of first section)
27) Old Lady (Save her: level 1)
28) Blank (Have SC5 Part 1 save file)
29) Boy Toy (Have SC5 Part 1 save file)
30) Robot (Silver) Suit - Play over 7% in 
    Challenge Mode with Costume #32
31) Robot (Matcho) Suit - Play over 14% in 
    Challenge Mode with Costume #32
32) Purple Morolian (Beat the game)
33) Boss Morolian (Get 100% on levels 1-6)
34) Channel 88 reporter (Beat level 3 on extra mode)
35) Manto Purge Suit - Play over 100% in 'Ulala Dance' Mode with Costume #32
36) Blue Stripe Ulala Outfit (Beat level 1 on 2p mode)
37) Pink and Red Camouflage Ulala Outfit (Beat level 2 on 2p mode)
38) Gothic Ulala (Play game over 30 hours)
39) Pink Dress Ulala (Score 53% on 2p challenge mode)
40) Black Ulala (Score 53% on 1p challenge mode) 

| Accessories List |
Thanks to LazyCatsClub (Thomas [email protected])
for this list as well as those of you who submitted
for this section. How to unlock them is in LazyCatsClub's words.

1) Microphone
2) Frying pan
4) Wisk
5) Lolipop
7) Giant spoon
8) Coffee mug
9) Japanese fan
10) Rose
12) Leek

Here's how to unlock them. Basically, accessories go with 
characters in the game. Like the giant spoon,  frying pan, 
and wisk all go with the fat chef characters. To unlock these 
accessories, all you need to do is look at the character profiles 
for the characters who carry accessories. If you look at the 
fat chef's profile, it then unlocks the frying pan. That's why, 
if you've noticed, after you look at character profiles, it
saves your game. This is because it is saving accessories you 
get by looking at profiles. So that's how you do it.

N. About, Copyrights, Submissions, Sources, and Contact Information
|                        |
|About & Copyright Notice|

My internet handle is mewthepokemon. This is MY FAQ. Period.
It's mine so you need to have my permission to post anywhere or sell it
(see email at top of FAQ or at the bottom of this section).
This document has a copyright. It is registered in the copyright office of the
United States. Posting this FAQ without permission makes you liable to face a
lawsuit. Selling it for profit (or selling it, for that matter) without my
permission will certainly earn you a lawsuit. GameFAQs, and other
copyright licensees cannot give out permission to use my FAQ. 
Only I can. So ask me. Asking most times will give you a yes. My heck, ask!

Space Channel 5 Part 2 FAQ (c)2002 Everett Parra (mewthepokemon)
Parts of Space Channel 5 FAQ used in this FAQ (c)2000-2002 Everett Parra 

Primary Copyright license granted to GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
Copyright license granted to GameWinners (http://www.gamewinners.com)
Copyright license granted to Cheat Code Central (http://www.cheatcc.com)
Copyright license granted to Cheat Planet (http://www.cheatplanet.com)

This FAQ and myself are not affiliated with Sega, LTD. or Sega of America. 
The characters, names of characters, Space Channel 5, Space Channel 5 Part 2, 
Dreamcast and other intellectual properties owned by Sega, LTD. or Sega of 
America are the property of Sega, LTD. and Sega of America. Sony, Sony 
Playstayion 2, and any other intellectual properties owned by Sony are the 
property of Sony. Any other intellectual properties used in this FAQ are the 
respective property of the person(s) to whom they are registered.

|                                   |
| Submissions & Contact Information |

Yes, I like submissions. Please follow these steps when sending in a submission.

1) Clearly state your submission. Vaguely worded submissions 
are generally ignored.
2) State how you want credit. (Name & email, name OR email, no credit). If you 
catch me in a bad mood, I won't chase you down to find out how you want credit.
3) Make subject line "Space Channel 5 Part 2 FAQ"

To contact me feel free to use any of the following...you can contact me for 
just about anything, not just submissions.

Email: [email protected]
MSN Messenger/Windows Messenger 
(for Windows xp) email: Email me and ask for it. I've been spammed a lot lately.
I love to talk with FAQ readers and will readily give you my msn contact address.
Yahoo ID: mewthepokemon
ICQ: 137885237

|         |
| Sources |

OK, here is where I list sources that I used in the building of the FAQ. 
Submissions (unless otherwise noted) are credited on the spot.

Source: Space Channel 5 FAQ by mewthepokemon. Used with permission (it's mine 
anyway). Used in (modified from original form): 
                Characters, About Section, ASCII Art, Table of Contents.

Source: DiosDelSol. Used information submitted about Peace.
|                |
| Update History |
Updated and corrected walkthrough
Updated FAQs (go see it)
Clarified on the watch code
Updated general grammar errors
Added basic plot!

Added corrections to lyrics
Added Planet Groove to permissions
Added manual character descriptions
Accessories unlocking filled in

~Not Released~
Added FAQ

Added more to translations
Started FAQ section

~Not released~
Corrected Wardrobe
Added Options Menu Translation
Renamed "How to Navagate the Menus" to "Japanese to English"

V1.5 (4/12/02)
Completed Wardrobe!

V1.4 (4/7/02)
~Not released~
Added PS2 Watch Mode Code

V1.3 (4/1/02)
Added lots of wardrobes...thanks!
Added Parin and Texas to Characters

V1.0 (3/13/02)
Finished all walkthroughs
Added wardrobe section
Added Noise to Characters

V0.9 (3/11/02)
Finished Normal Level Walkthroughs
Added small detail to Challenge Mode

V0.7 (3/9/02)
Added more detail to Report 2 walkthrough
Corrected Pudding Instuctions
Started Level 4 Walkthrough
Fixed mispacings cause by internet formatting

V 0.5 (3/6/02)
Added Modes, some walkthrough, vs, etc.
Formatted for GameFAQs
Day I recieved SC5p2

V 0.1 (Not released) (2/24/02)
FAQ layed out

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