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Star Trek: Invasion is copyright 2000 Activision, Warthog, Paramount and 
Brady Games. This file is to be distributed without charge and unedited. The 
latest version can be found at www.cheatcc.com and www.gamefaqs.com. I know 
the information in this list can easily be copied and presented as original, 
but plagiarism, like piracy, can eventually deter creators from producing new 
material. Give credit where credit is due, and support the hard-working 
individuals who put years of their lives to make our lives more entertaining. 

Special thanks to George Lu for the technical jargon above and at the end of 
this FAQ regarding piracy and plagiarism.  

Star Trek: Invasion FAQ version 1.2

Revision Details

1.0. - My first attempt to get it right
1.1	- Updated level number chart, the numbers in the hint book are wrong.  
Updated some weapon data. I also learned to spell the word "missile".
1.2	- Updated Weapon data, added level names to chart, added secret weapon 
locations and how to get them all. Added NT to the chart.  Added lots of 

Optional Level Objectives and weapon information

This FAQ is designed to NOT reveal any spoilers about any level in the game.  
You can complete the game without all of the following information.  However, 
you will be missing many interesting parts if you ignore the following.  No 
details will be exposed at all about the levels, only the fact that there is 
another objective involved, what that objective is, but not EXACTLY how to 
get it.

Following will be a list of the level numbers from the level select screen.  
You will notice that new ones open up but that some may not be unlocked, 
although you are past that point.  You will also notice upon completion of a 
level, sometimes it will state "Secrets Found: 0/1".  There will be no clues 
before you start the level that you were to try to find a secret, and there 
are no clues afterward on how to find it.  That is what this FAQ is for.  Now 
you will be prepared.  

Without reading this FAQ, there are a few ways to find out if you are missing 
a secret, but some you will never find out except by chance.

Clue 1: Please notice at the level select screen that there are 5 emblems in 
the top right corner.  If one flashes on the level you are about to enter, 
that means that you have the opportunity to earn a medal in that round. 

Clue 2: After completing a level, it states you missed a secret.

Clue 3: After completing a few levels, you notice that, at the level select 
screen, some boxes are not selectable.

That's it, there are no more clues that I know of from within the game 

Here is a legend on how to read the following list, read it carefully, or be 
confused, your choice.

T:  This means there is a hidden time limit within this level.  Beat the 
level with greater than 40% accuracy and within the time limit to unlock 
secrets, such as levels, medals and awards.  I will NOT tell you what the 
time limit is in this FAQ.  Just keep trying, and watch that accuracy rating.

NT: This means there is a hidden timer on the mission, but it doesn't unlock 
anything except a bit of Praise by Worf.  Not worth the effort.

S: This is a secret level, unlocked by doing something in another level.  
Usually they are unlocked via the previous level (ex. 5 unlocks 5a and 5b), 
except for 13c which is unlocked a different way.  If there is no S, then the 
level is unlocked naturally as the game progresses.  All a, b, c levels are 

M: In this mission you have the opportunity to win a Medal.  There is usually 
a T next to this as that is the way to win it, DO IT FAST!  Getting all 5 
unlocks a secret.

W: There is a hidden weapon on this level, somewhere.  Find it and tractor it 

TB: Use your tractor beam on an object to unlock a secret.

If there is nothing next to the level number, then there is nothing to do 
except beat the level itself (which isn't always easy to do).

That's it, there is nothing more to it, but now you will be armed with the 
knowledge that there is something else to do on the level besides finish it.  
I can't imagine the frustration someone would have seeing that they missed a 
secret and kept trying to beat the level faster and faster, only to never 
figure out that the real secret is that there is a hidden weapon on the 
level.  So without further ado, here is the level list.  

1 Raw Recruits, Part 1: T
1a Raw Recruits Part 2: T
1b Seek and Destroy: S, NT
2 Unusual Suspects:
2a Without Order: NT
3 Rightful masters: T, M
4 Bad Altitude: T
4a Escort Service: W, S, NT
5 Alien Chronicles: TBx2
5a The Infernal Machine: T, M, W, S
5b The Host: S
6 Prey for Danger: NT
6a Piercing Encounters: W, NT
7 Red Sunset:
8 Edge of the Abyss: T, M
8a Best of Enemies: 
9 Shackled:
10 The Breeding Grounds:
10a Silent Stock: NT
10b David and Goliath:
11 Killing Time:
12 Moving Heaven and Earth:
13 The Bigger they Are, Part 1: T, W, M
13a The Bigger they Are, Part 2:
13b Deadforms: W
13c Deadspace: S
14 No Mans Land, Part 1: W, NT
14a No Mans Land Part 2:
15 The Sentinel Returns: T, M
16 End of Eternity:

Secret Weapons, and How to get them.

4a: Enhanced Polaron Beam.  While defending the ship, a com-channel will open 
up with an alien proclaiming, "We are the rightful masters of the Universe (a 
friend of He-man, no doubt), you shall be eliminated…blah, blah, blah." When 
you see that, a group of three fighters warp in and are heading straight for 
the front of the big ship.  One of them, AND ONLY ONE, is flashing red.  You 
will have about 10 seconds from the time he appears until he whusses out and 
warps away.  Needless to say, you need to missile his ass to death, however, 
you can blow up dropped weapons, so don't shoot two many.  It's a pretty 
useless and weak weapon anyway.

5a: Photonic Missile.  Holy cow is this one rough.  But the weapon is soooooo 
sweet.  One shot of this bad boy and any small fighter is toast.  Its fast 
and homes in too.  Anyhow, when you blow off the one shell of the spine 
vessel, it tosses out this power-up.  However, where?  Well, its not close to 
the ship at all, its almost out of reach of the actual rapid fire weapon he's 
blazing away with.  It is closer to the end that is firing than it is to the 
end that is not firing (of course). Very hard to find but well worth it.  

6a: Enhanced Trilithium Warhead.  When the Borg are attacking the Typhon, 
look for a small asteroid near the big one.  Blow it up.  Pick up crappy non-
homing, weak weapon.  As the Borg would say, "using it against us, is 
futile", as they slap the crap out of you.

13: Plasma Burst: Bah, another crappy weapon.  At the second split inside the 
cube, its down the path to right if the turrets are on the floor.  It's right 
dead center of the tube, but is kind of transparent and hard to see in the 

13b: Anti-matter salvo. Damn bugs.  When the median vessel releases those 
stupid crates, it's announced over your com-system.  When the second wave is 
released, go blow them up.  One of the crates has this weapon in it.  Editors 
note: (I think many of these weapons are a trick as all the crappy weapons 
are just tossed out with the garbage by the enemy, like this one and the one 
in the Borg cube, and the one in the asteroid.  They want you to use these 
crappy weapons against them because they know it won't hurt them.  It's a 
trick I tell you, a trick! The good weapons you have to fight for like the 
one below and the one at the Spine ship).  

14:  Enhanced Pulse Phaser.  YOU MUST GET THIS WEAPON!  This is the best 
primary in the game.  The flashing red dude from 4a must have lived, because 
he is back, and he brought friends.  Fighters come warping in out of 
everywhere.  While flying straight, look at your radar, most of them are in 
front, but there are a few that warped in surrounding you in back but in a 
scattered formation.  Remember the color of missiles on your radar?  Well, 
look at one of the enemies that warped in behind you that appears to be 
firing a whole cluster of them at your ass.  Well, that's him!  Lock and 
load, because he doesn't chicken out this time, and watch that you don't blow 
this weapon up by accident with a big missile.  My game was prone to lockup 
after kicking the crap out of this level.  Once it is over and the cut-scene 
of the Typhon leaving the atmosphere starts up, just start banging the X 
button to skip it and get to the stats.


Here I will state what the weapons are, what they do when they fire, and 
whether they are chargeable or not.  No details on how effective they are 
against enemies will be given at this time.  

Weapon Tips

1. Generally homing secondary weapons are weaker, dumb fire are stronger.  
One Quantum Torpedo won't even take out the weakest of enemy craft, use 3 
instead.  Don't fire Quantums at close range, and don't even waste them 
against large ships.  
2. Some weapons are better against shields than hulls.  The Polaron Beam will 
take down a big ship's shields in seconds.  
3. Beam weapons are generally stronger but either have a shorter range or a 
slower fire rate (as in the case of the Compression Phaser)
4. On larger ships, look for the flashing on an opponent's hull to determine 
if you are hitting the right spot.  If their health bar doesn't seem to be 
going down, you are using the wrong weapon or hitting the wrong spot.  Change 
your tactics.
5. Some weapons are better against certain enemies than others.  Usually a 
"stolen technology" weapon is the most effective against those it was stolen 

Primary Weapons:

Phaser (Type 9)
Fire Type: Beam
Range: Short
Charge effect: NA

Phaser (Type 10)
Fire Type: Double barrel pulse
Range: Medium
Charge Effect: Black hole, very slow vortex weapon

Compression Phaser
Fire Type: Beam
Range: Medium
Charge Effect: NA

Pulse Phaser
Fire Type: Double barrel pulse
Range: Medium
Charge Effect: shield

Enhanced Pulse Phaser
Fire Type: Double barrel pulse
Range: Medium
Charge Effect: NA 

Polaron Beam
Fire Type: pulse
Range: Medium
Charge Effect: Homing triple missile

Charged Polaron Beam
Fire Type: Double barrel pulse
Range: Medium
Charge Effect: NA

Enhanced Polaron Beam
Fire Type: Triple barrel pulse
Range: Medium
Charge Effect: Energy Fan

Fire Type: Double barrel beams
Range: Medium
Charge Effect: NA

Pulse Disrupter
Fire Type: pulse
Range: Medium
Charge Effect: Short range beam, very strong

Antimatter Salvo
Fire Type: Double barrel pulse
Range: Medium
Charge Effect: NA

Plasma Burst
Fire Type: Double barrel pulse
Range: Medium
Charge Effect: NA

Pressor Beam
Fire Type: Double barrel pulse, NOT A WEAPON, it simply pushes objects around
Range: Medium
Charge Effect: Short Range Beam, THIS IS A WEAPON

Secondary Weapons:

Photon Torpedo
Fire Type: Dumb fire missle
Range: Long
Charge Effect: NA

Quantum Torpedo
Fire Type: Homing missle
Range: Long
Charge Effect: NA

Gravitic Mines
Fire Type: Floating mine
Range: none
Charge Effect: NA

Tractor Beam
Fire Type: NA
Range: short
Charge Effect: Tosses object a short distance away. Holding button down once 
locked in will lock it into its present position, allowing you to fly with it 
in front of your craft instead of dragging it behind.

Photonic Missile
Fire Type: Homing missile
Range: Long
Charge Effect: Fires homing missile that passes through enemies and heads for 
another target

Trilithium Warhead
Fire Type: Dumb fire missile
Range: Long
Charge Effect: NA

Enhanced Trilithium Warhead
Fire Type: Dumb fire missile, press button a second time to detonate
Range: Long
Charge Effect: NA

Trilithium Mines
Fire Type: Floating Mine
Range: none
Charge Effect: NA

Protomatter Missile
Fire Type: Homing missile
Range: Long
Charge Effect: NA

Stun Weapon-not in the 1player game, not sure where this one is
Fire Type: pulse
Range: Medium
Charge Effect: NA

Decoy Craft-not in the 1player game, not sure where this is either
Fire Type: holographic decoy
Range: Short
Charge Effect: NA

Cloaking Device
Fire Type: NA
Range: NA
Charge Effect: NA

Fire Type: NA
Range: Long
Charge Effect: Dumb fire bomb must be charged to fire, let go of button to 
release, drops like a bomb.  Must pick up 2-3 orbs to refuel power before 
attempting another charge.  Funny thing is, it drops like a bomb, but aren't 
we in space?  Hmmmmm.  Just remember that when dropping this on the asteroid.

Contact Info 

Write questions and comments to [email protected] If you find this list 
blatantly plagiarized or have been charged for this file, please write to me 
with the perpetrator and any other useful information.  

This FAQ was entirely written by myself, Jason Fabisch.  Hopefully you will 
find this FAQ witty, smart and without too many spoilers that may ruin the 
actual levels in the game.  Once again, the intent of this FAQ is to remove 
the question from your mind, "Did I miss something?"

JF, 9/2000

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