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Star Wars: Starfighter FAQ
Ver: 1.0
By: Vahe Oughourlian aka Jedcred
Email: [email protected]

This is a FAQ for Star Wars: Starfighter for the Playstation 2(tm) from 
the wonderful people at Lucasarts. Star Wars, Star Wars: Starfighter, 
etc. are all registered trademarks of Lucasarts Ltd. Playstation 2 is a 
registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment of America.

1. History/Updates
2. Story
3. Gameplay/ Controls
4. Walkthrough
5. Gameplay tips
6. Conclusion

1) History/ Updates
2/21/01 - This is the first version of the Star Wars: Starfighter FAQ! 
It is also my first foray into the world of FAQ writing!

2) Story
Introduction: (straight from the manual)
 The life of a starfighter pilot can be lonely. Strapped into your 
starship, the outside world is reduced to nothing but a crackling voice 
in your helmet. The laser blasts that zoom by during the heat of battle 
serve as a reminder that each time you take off from the hanger, you're 
not sure if you'll be coming back home.
 Now, a ragtag group of three pilots wants to save Naboo and the galaxy 
from the oppressive schemes of the Trade Federation. The only question 
is: Can you help them?

 Join the young rookie pilot Rhys Dallows, the tough mercenary Vana 
Sage, and the pirate captain Nym as they band together and face off 
against the Trade Federation in over 14 unique missions that span three 

Characters: (also straight from the manual, as well as my own personal 
comments :-)

Rhys Dallows
 Born on the edge of Theed, Naboo's capital city, Rhys is a strong-
willed rookie pilot who always dreamed of joining Bravo Flight. Raised 
by his schoolteacher mother, Rhys never really knew his freighter pilot 
father, who went missing during a routine mission. Much to his mother's 
alarm, Rhys always yearned to follow in his father's footsteps and 
travel the galaxy.

 Rhys got his chance to suit up when he was invited to join Bravo Flight 
and defend his homeworld. While he still had much to learn about space 
combat, he quickly found guidance in ace fighter pilot Essara Till, the 
daughter of a Naboo politician. Under Essara's tutelage, Rhys learned 
both defensive and offensive maneuvers.

Personal Comments:
 Rhys is the typical Nubian, nice, honest, and wholly uncorrupted, 
unlike his other two counterparts. He is the character that looks like 
all Nubian pilots do: wearing an orange jumpsuit and the old-style 
helmet and goggles. He is very much that guy-who-never-knew-his-father-
and-yet-wants-to-be-like-him guys (very Luke Skywalker!)

Vana Sage
 A disenchanted starfighter pilot, spy, and adventurer, Vana grew up on 
Alderaan and left the planet at age 15 to work side by side with several 
bounty hunters. Her adventures took her to Naboo, where she served in 
the Royal Security Forces. Vana felt at home there, but also believed 
the government was foolish not to build up a stronger military force. 
After Vana's requests to strengthen the military were rebuffed, she 
decided to leave the planet.

 Since, Vana has gained a reputation for workign for the highest bidder. 
Recently, she used her keen tactical mind to capture teh alien pirate 
Nym for the Trade Federation. Vana is still employed by the Trade 
Federation, but is beginning to feel uneasy about the alliance.

Personal Comments:
 Vana is the black human character you see in the ads and on the cover 
of the game. She is very Han Solo: works for money, but has a good set 
of morals that she follows. If you're wondering why she's very 
militeristic (being an Alderaanian), Alderaan began disarmenment _after_ 
the Clone Wars, which probably is discussed in Episodes II and III. Her 
relationship with Nym will obviously lead to some "complications."

 Orphaned at an early age, Nym is a Feeorin, and alien species found on 
a few Outer Rim worlds. Criminals on the planet Lok raised Nym, but his 
meager upbringing gave him plenty of time to hone his tactical skills. 
Regarded as a brilliant tactician, he is a respected pirate captain. Nym 
is just greedy enough to keep his pirate crew in business, and often 
plans non-violent raids among the Core Worlds.

 Nym's banditry recently became bothersome to the Trade Federation, who, 
in turn, hired Vana Sage to capture him. While Vana was able to briefly 
detain Nym, his crew helped him escape from the clutches of the Trade 
Federation. As a result, Nym is more than willing than ever to put Trade 
Federation targets in his sights.

Personal Comments:
Nym (don't you love the plethora of one-word alien names like Chewbacca, 
Worf, Ackbar, and Nym?) is the "smart" pirate. Like Vana, he has some 
sense of morals, but is more of a pirate than anything else. His voice 
is probably the coolest in the game, and he is the first person you 
start out with that has wingmen.

The Ships: (these are the ships of the characters, and is the same as 

Rhys: N-1 Starfighter
 This sleek yellow starship is elegant and practical. It is known for 
its agility, precision control, and raw speed. The ship is also equipped 
with strong deflector shields, but be aware of its disadvantage: you 
have a limited number of secondary weapons.

Primary Weapon: Laser Cannons (2x)
Secondary Weapon: Proton Torpedoes (don't recharge)
Advanced Secondary Weapon: Advanced Proton Torpedoes (This weapon swarms 
toward multiple targets when used against tight enemy formations).

Personal Comments:
 This is the fastest starfighter in the game, and the one you will lose 
control of the most. Use the torpedoes wisely, as they pack a punch but 
are not really worth using on fighters unless you are facing only 

Vana Sage: The Guardian Mantis
 A hyper-maneuverable ship with two top-mounted wings and a third 
ventral wing, the Guardian Mantis can enter a stealth mode adn brake to 
a complete stop. An on-board astromech droid named Mod-3 is used for in-
flight repairs.

Primary Weapon: Sensor-Guided Nano Missiles (Opponent must be targeted 
and tagged with the secondary weapon for the nano missiles to track.)
Secondary Weapon: Ion-Enabled Sensor Tags (Drains enemy shields and 
allows nano missiles to track targeted opponents.)
Advanced Secondary Weapon: Ion Encumbrance System (Completely disables 

Personal Comments:
 This ship looks like the shuttle or the T-16 turned upside-down. The 
primary weapon can also be fired like lasers, so don't worry about the 
lock-on unless you really want to. The ion cannons recharge, so you have 
"infinte" secondary weapons. The one thing that is useful about these 
(which I think is very cheap, accually) is that you can take down the 
shields of an enemy ship with one shot, and finish her up with nano 
missles, rather than plowing throught the shields first. Despite what 
the description says, this ship is still less maneuverable than the N1.

Nym: The Havoc
 The Havoc is among the most experimental and dangerous craft. The 
bomber was recently stolen by Nym and his crew, who then made numerous 
modifications to the already deadly vessel. Equipped with heavy shields 
and an automatic rotating turret gun, the Havoc also boosts six laser 
cannons and two bomb chutes.

Primary Weapon: Dual Triple-Laser Cannons
Secondary Weapon: Energy bombs (Target using the special blue targeting 
sight on planetary missions.)
Advanced Secondary Weapon: Plasma Scourge (With an effect like napalm, 
this weapon can destroy multiple targets at a time.)

Personal Comments:
 The Havoc is basically a big, flat wing that is the slowest of all the 
fighters. Due to its size and shape, this is the ship you need most to 
roll with the right analog stick. Its bombs pack a wallop, and also 
recharge (they are a lot like the rail cannons on the Defiant from Star 
Trek: Deep Space 9). The trick is on ground missions, where the 
targeting for the bombs is on the ground. If you are going to shoot 
something in the air, aim high.

3) Gameplay/ Controls
 Gameplay is a bit different from that of Star Wars: Rouge Squadron. An 
essential thing to learn how to do is to roll with the right analog 
stick. Pulling up and diving are faster than going left and right, and, 
in canyon runs, most of your time should be spent on your side. Moving 
side to side with the left stick also kind of makes you slide, so 
rolling and pulling up and diving is more precice.

 Like Rouge Squad, you also get medals, but instead of compleing certain 
percentage objectives (very hard, btw), you now complete certain 
secondary objectives that land you medals that open up new stages. Also, 
you have the option of playing on easy, medium, or hard. 

 The analog sticks are used for ship control, while the digital pad is 
used to issue basic wingman commands.


L2: Brake                                 R2: Boost
L1: Fire Primary                          R1: Sniper view(hold to zoom)

            Up: "Attack my target"
Left: "Protect my target'     Left: "Report in"
            Down: "Protect me"

            Triangle: Target nearest opponent or cycle through targets
Square: Target in reticle     Circle: Fire secondary
            X: Fire primary

Select: switch views (outside or inside ship)
Start: Pause

Left Analog stick: Ship control (Up, Down, Left, Right)
Right Analog stick: Roll left and right

R3:(press on right analog stick) straighten ship

4) Walkthrough
*Note: some objectives appear after you complete an objective, or 
something occurs in the story. Those objectives marked with a (*) are 
those that appear during the mission.

WARNING: There are slight spoilers in this walkthrough. Usually these 
spoliers deal with people who die or certain other things that happen 
during a mission.

Mission 1: Naboo Proving Ground
 Primary Goals: Destroy all first Area Mines (9)
                *Destroy all second Canyon Mines (20)
                *Destroy Training Droid (1)
                *Destroy all Holo fighters (7)
                *Defeat Essara
 Secondary Goals: Destroy all Bonus Mines
                  Complete Mission in under 4 minutes
                  *Win race against Essara
 Pilot: Rhys in the N-1

 You begin this mission in a canyon, and it is a good time to feel out 
your ship. Follow Essara's instructions. You will get to a clearing in 
the canyon. The mines here are very easy to destroy, and you should have 
no problems. Be careful, however, because the mines blow up if you get 
too close. In this clearing, there are 9 mines.

 After you destroy all the mines, you will get a new objective from 
Essara (if you pause, it will appear in your primary objectives list). 
The mines here are also very easy to destroy. If you need to, slow down 
with the brake. The last shot is a bit more difficult, in that it 
contains two mines. There are 20 mines in this canyon.

 You will reach another clearing, where Essara will tell you to destroy 
the training droid. Do so, and complete another objective.

 Next, you will chase two holo fighters (one at a time) down the canyon. 
In this section, you may also destroy the mines to complete the 
secondary goal. Accelerate quickly and avoid the sides to kill the two 

 In the next clearing you reach, you will be attacked by holo fighters 
in two waves of three. They are very easy to destroy, and you should 
have no problem.

 Right after you destroy the last holo fighter, Essara will challenge 
you to a race through the next section. Just boost intermittantly and 
avoid the canyon walls to win. Right after, she will challenge you to a 
duel; whosever shields go down first is the loser. Essara has a very 
quick turnaround, but it should be no problem. Loop around and hammer 
away, and then the mission is complete.

Mission 2: The Royal Escort
 Primary Goals: Protect the Royal Starship
 Secondary Goals: Royal Starship takes no hull damage
                  Destroy all Merc Daggers in under 1 minute
                  Rhys destroys all Merc Dianogas
 Pilot: Rhys in the N-1

 The mission begins with the Queen meeting with the Trade Federation, 
but the Federation starship runs away while you and your wingman are 
beset by mercenary fighters of three types: Daggers, Morningstars, and 
Dianogas. Daggers are the ships with the three wings coming over and 
around the cockpit (much like the "clutch", if you've ever read "I, 
Jedi"). The Morningstars are the ones with three wings extending from 
the ship, and the dianogas are smooth, oval ships. They attack you and 
all you have to do is fend them off. This is a good time to practice 
using the R1 button to "snipe" the fighters from afar. 

 The Royal starship can take hits, but cannot take so many as to damage 
the hull, which makes you lose the secondary goal. Destroying the Merc 
Daggers in 1 minute is a bit more difficult, but use the triangle button 
to cycle through targets to get to the daggers. If you are having 
trouble, use missles to destroy them.

 There are only 4 dianogas, but they're tough. Use missles if you have 
any left. 

 The mission takes place outside an asteroid field, but you will quickly 
drift in. The asteroids are not hard to dodge, just be careful.

Mission 3: Paths Cross
 Primary Goals: Destroy all scarabs
                *Destroy all Hunter-seekers
                *Defeat Merc Fighters
 Secondary Goals: Tag all scarabs
                  Complete the mission in under 4 minutes
                  *Destroy all Merc Fighters
 Pilot: Vara in the Guardian Mantis

 At the cutscene at the end of the last mission, we see Essara and Rhys 
get hit by enemy fire. At the beginning of this mission, we meet Reti, a 
Toydarian (like Watto from Episode One) who rescues Rhys and clues him 
in as to the fate of Essara. Then we skip to Vara, who is still employed 
by the Trade Federation, and currently is engaging in battle tests. 

 Scarabs pop out from the Trade Federation landing vessel, and the 
Federation guy jabbers about different types of tests on the scarabs. 
All you need to do is destroy them. To complete the secondary goal, use 
your secondary fire to "tag" them. When you hit them, a blue circle will 
highlight the target as well as the customary red circle. Now you can 
fire at any angle and the micro missles will track the scarab.

 After about 5 or 6 waves, Vara will pick up a coded transmission 
describing the failure of the Mercs in the last mission, due largely to 
your efforts. However, the Trade Federation doesn't want to let you in 
on this little secret, and begins sending Hunter-seekers after you. 
Defeat them, and in a short while some Daggers and Morningstars will 
come in. Destroy them quickly, and you will complete the mission.

NOTE: Defeat does not necessarily mean destroy completely. The primary 
and secondary goals involving the Mercs are _two_ _different_ _things_. 
You can make the Mercs run away if you want to, and have "defeated" 

5) Gameplay Tips
 These are all gameplay tips and suggestions made up by me. They are not 
necessarily the best tips, but they are good tips on how to make you a 
good Starfighter pilot.

1. Rolls are your friends. If you repeat this mantra too many times, 
don't blame me if you pig out on eggrolls :-) Seriously, though, rolls 
allow you to orient your ship as well as dodging laser fire without 
moving a whole lot. This does not mean if you roll all the time you will 
be invincible (like Anakin Skywalker, "Ooh, let me roll, and no one will 
hit me!" _sarcasm_). On ground missions, especially those with canyons, 
tight spots are a breeze if you get used to rolls. Learn to use rolls to 
orient the Havoc(Nym) to get better firing positions, due to the large, 
flat nature of the craft. Also, rolls impress your friends!

2. They may just be computer programs, but your wingmen are also your 
friends. If they call for help, help them out. If you have trouble with 
a large target, call them for help. Finally, if you are in trouble, 
definately call for help. They're programs. They have no other choice.

3. Learn how to use each ship's uniqueness to your advantage. For Rhys, 
use your speed and agility, as well as the power of your torpedoes to 
your advantage. Boost and leave others eating your space dust. For Vara, 
learn how to "tag and forget". Though most games with "fire and forget" 
missiles have programming that decreases the likelihood of the missile 
hitting the target unless you visually follow the missile, Star Wars: 
Starfighter offers a wide view, especially in space. Learn how to tag a 
few people, then fire like crazy. You'll hit a few. For Nym, learn how 
to drop off bombs at the right time. _You will be damaged if you are too 
close when the bombs go off!_ Also, utilize rolling with him.

4. Snipe, snipe, snipe, snipe, snipe. It may be considered cowardly (by 
some, not me), or it could be considered skill. You will live much 
longer if you snipe at your enimies first, especially at higher 
difficulty levels. 

5. For controller handling, you need maximum comfort as well as utility. 
I suggest you get the little controler handle covers (I don't know about 
you, but my hands sweat A LOT). They are about 5 or 6 bucks, but they 
are very much worth it. In general, keep your first two fingers on the 
shoulder buttons, and use the other two to support the controller (you 
never know if you have to accelerate or decelerate, roll, snipe, and 
fire lasers at the same time, do you? ;-). Keep the left thumb on the 
left stick (duh!) and use the right thumb for the right stick. Move it 
to the buttons when you need secondary fire, or target selection. 

6. Power slides and snap rolls are cool, but are a little difficult at 
first. To power slide, accelerate, let go of the accelerate button, then 
roll and pull up at the same time. Due to inertia, you will continue to 
go in the direction you were going, but now facing in the opposite 
direction (and hopefully, at your enemies). Snap rolling is  constant 
accelerating, rolling, and pulling up (no deceleration), but it does 
take a little longer, more space, and less skill. 

6) Conclusion
 I have made my best effort to include everything I could at the time of 
this writing. If you have any questions, please e-mail me. However, some 
things like codes (which, by the way, you have to be either very good, 
very lucky, have an inside source, or just get later from the company 
and add to your FAQ; most of the time, it is the last situation) I will 
add later on when they become avaliable. Check at www.lucasarts.com or 
at www.gamesages.com. DON'T E-MAIL ME FOR CODES, PLEASE!

"This document Copyright 2001 Vahe Oughourlian, Jedcred, or Jedgoku"
"So too bad!"

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