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WDL: World Destruction League Thunder Tanks FAQ and strategy
guide (note: I mean startegies not a walkthrough.)for PS2.
Copyright© 2001 Herring in LV
E-Mail suggestions to [email protected]

Version Updates:

4/12/01 V 0.1 Just started to write strategies and tips

Table of contents:
Chapter 1 
Part 1: Controls
Part 2: The modes of play
Part 3: The tanks and how they add up
Part 4: Methods of kills
Part 5: Strategies
Chapter 2 (subject to change contents and chapter #)
Part 1: Thanks and contributions

Intro: This game was made by 3DO who also made the Army Men games,
the Might and Magic series, and now, the World Destruction League
Series. The game is simple. Drive your tank, and blow everyone up.
Sound easy enough? You have to capture the flag(s), fight in a 1-on-3
Free For All, kill drones, avoid nukes your opponent launches, capture
the most flags, capture the most waypoints, and come out on top. Did
I discourage you? Sorry about that but it is literally a blast! I
thought this would be a lame duck, but this is my favorite tank game.
Tokyo Wars comes close, but this was pure genius (considering this
is sort of a mindless-destruction game I think that's an oxymoron).

   I know that nuking the level and blowing up buildings is not
everyone's favorite game, but give this game at least one chance. If
you don't like it, that's ok. More into aerial combat? The next WDL
game is titled War Planez: where altitude meets atitude. I was bothered
for a few minutes while I played because i didn't see anything with
the anchor on the box and the co-anchor (she should be the anchor since
she has more than enough IQ) until I beat 4-5 levels and I saw them
just making fun of me (sorta) and the guy pulled a string on his jacket and
the sleeves fell off. The guy (anchor) is a bit of a womanizer, so
don't shout at me if you are offended.   

Chapter 1
   P.1: Controls (going by easy and arcade style)

  R1/L1: Strafe left and right.
  R2: Use special ability
  L2: SpyCam
  D-Pad: move
  X: Fire main cannon
  []: Fire special weapon (not ability)
  /\: Next special weapon ("" "")
  O: pervious special weapon ("" "")
  R3/L3: analog sticks do nothing in this control setup

   P.2: Modes of play
Tournament: easy normal hard
Deathmatch: 3-10 kills
Frenzy: 3-10 kills
Capture tha Flag: # of flags

   P.3 The tanks and how they add up
Key: Size is, well, size and the categories are out of 5, 5 being 
best in my opinion, and my opinion on the tank.
M-1A3  size: Medium. Cannon: swivel
Speed: ****-
Handling: **---
Power: *****
Crushing rating: ***--
Special: I don't think it has one...
Opinion: It's OK, not great, not bad. Steering was a little awkward.

Rhino  size: medium to small. Cannon: Stationary
Speed: ****-
Handling: ***--
Power: *****
Crushing rating: **---
Special: Haven't noticed it...
Opinion: This is a CHEAP tank! 3 hits to kill the M-1A3!

Marauder size: small. Cannon: swivel
Speed: *****
Handling: *----
Power: **---
Crushing rating: **---
Special: Total Anihilation: ***--
Opinion: although power seems low, it adds up VERY quickly since it
is a chain gun. Special does medium damage and destroys most nearby

Wraith size: small. Cannon: swivel
Speed: ****-
Handling: **---
Power: **---
Crushing Rating: *----
Special: Cloak/alien sniper: ***--
Opinion: Cloaking does squat against human players and the snipe is the same as the main
cannon only it zooms in. Big whoop. It's a decent tank though.

Aries size: medium to large. Cannon: stationary
Speed: ***--
Handling: ****-
Power: ****-
Crushing Rating: ***** (ow!)
Special: Rocket slam: ***** (note: *****)
Opinion: Oh! Daddy! It's a keeper! Most fun I've had yet in a tank!
The special kills ANYONE up to 5-6 tanks in 1-hit! One bad tank.

Banshee size: medium. Cannon: yet another swivel...
Speed: ***--
Handling: **---
Power: *----
Crushing Rating: **---
Special: Sonic Blast: ----- (What is this crap?!?!?)
Opinion: Special does squat. Just looks nice. Ok tank, IMO, I don't
like the swivel turret tanks. Power is low, but adds up faster than 

DragonFly size: tiny. Cannon: Stationary
Speed: *****
Handling: ****-
Power: **---
Crushing Rating: ----- (only things that are blown up)
Special: Hover/shield: ****-
Opinion: Lives up to it's name because any other tank can smash it
without a problem. The shield reflects attacks, and the hovering
makes you invulnerable to mines. The tank is like Twisted Metal's
Mr. Grimm minus the tremendous power.

Scorcher size: medium. Cannon: swivel
Speed: ***--
Handling: ***--
Power: **---
Crushing Rating: **---
Special: Ring of Fire: ****-
Opinion: A decent swivel tank with my weapon of choice: a flamethrower.
Power quickly adds up and has a decent special. Has a hard tim toasting
the short (height) tanks like the M-1A3.

FLF-E size: medium. Cannon: Stationary
Speed: ***-- or *****
Handling: ****-
Power: ***--
Crushing Rating: *---- (sad, but it's still fun)
Special: Fly (hold both strafe buttons):*----
Opinion: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! this is a fun/funny tank! The special's
only use I can find is self-destruct by landing in enemy, and to get
to the other side of the level in a few seconds. The only major 
downside is this thing can't take any punishment! An empty water
tower fell on it and BOOOOOOM! It died. The funniest thing
is that this tank can drive upside-down! LOL. 

Titan size: HUGE! Cannon: Stationary
Speed: ***--
Handling: *****
Power: ****-
Crushing Rating: ****-
Special: none...
Opinion: The biggest, meanest tank I've seen yet. When you fire, the
shell from the shot is 3/4 of DragonFly's size! 3-hit cannon kill.
Not much else to say...

Manticore size: medium. Cannon: swivel
Speed: ****-
Handling: ***--
Power: ***--
Crushing Rating: ***--
Special: Digital Barrier: ***** (!)
Opinion: Special got a 5 out of 5 because it makes an indestructable
barrier! Gunshots are absorbed and it serves as a wall. If placed
strategically, you can stop on a healing power-up and make yourself
invulnerable while you wait for your health to regenerate! You may think
this special sucks when you use it at first, but if you try to use
strategies, you may like it.

   P.4 Methods of kills
-You can blow them up with your cannon
-Run 'em over at high speeds.
-Let the drones blow them away.
-Corner them and throw a nuke while they aren't looking
-drop 10 to 20 mines on one spot
-Use aerial strike
-If the situation presents, have YOUR drones kill them.
  This is kind of pointless now that I think about it.

   P.5 Strategies
In tournament mode, there are 3 stages. 1st stage= 1 opponent on one team
2nd stage= 2 opponents on opposing team. 3rd stage= 3 (!?!?!?) opponents
on enemy team and can be extremely hard. Each stage is composed of 4
levels. 1st level= kill all enemies. 2nd level= capture the flag.
3rd level= Capture the most flags. 4th level= Capture the most waypoints.
1st level is straightforward, and I'm pretty sure you will toast them.
2nd level is a little tough since you have to get up to 4 flags with so
many enemies. 3rd level can be a joke; same as capture the flag, only
enemies can't steal flags you already brought back. 4th level is
tough. You have to stay on these little areas (look like parking spaces
with CAUTION-taped ramps) until they turn red. You get a few drone tanks
to defend the spots, and there is usually 8 spaces. With 3 opponents,
this is a challenge.

Chapter 2
Thanks to 3DO for a good tank game, Gateway for the computer that I'm
typing from, you for reading this. That's all I have for now.

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