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                         F A Q  /  S T R A T E G Y  G U I D E
                                 V e r s i o n  2 . 6
                    Written By AstroBlue ([email protected])


Worms is one of the best strategy games around, The reason why? cuteness,humour and the ability
to not taking itself too seriously. I've loved worms ever since the first WORMS came out on 
SNES, but W:A and W2 are much better and the sprites are less shitty looking.

F I L E S -
I have created a wide range of User Files for use with the PC version.
Conor Chapman has also contributed the Quick Reference Chart.
If you want any of the following files go to:
* Roper Training Pack   9KB  4 Terrains & a Settings Scheme File, to practice roping with.
* Flag Pack             4KB  8 custom made Flags.
* Grave Pack           11KB  16 custom made Graves.
* Weapon Shortcuts     61KB  A Printable Quick Reference Chart in Rich Text Format.
* Evangelion Terrain  170KB  Lanscape Eva01 fighting an Angel.
* Reference Chart      88KB  Weapon Shortcuts, WormNET Lingo & Ranks in Windows Bitmap Format.
For other Files (Not created by me) go to The Official Worms Site (worms.team17.com)

 C O N T E N T S
  ii)Techniques (Multi-Player Strategy)
  i)Weapon Usage (Techniques)
  iii)Super Weapon Descriptions
  iv)Which Special Weapon Should I Choose?
  i)Training Medal Times
  ii)Mission Walkthrough
  iii)Deathmatch Tips
  iv)Cheat Criteria
  i)WormNET Information
  ii)WormNET Strategy
  iii)WormNET Lingo
  ii)Nintendo 64
  iv)Gameboy Color
  i)User Graphic Specs
  ii)Soundbank File List

Version 1.0 01/10/99
Added BASIC STUFF,Worms Lingo,Utilities,Super Weapon Descriptions,Which Special Weapon should I
Choose?,Training Medal Times & USER FILE SPECIFICATIONS finished. Weapon Usage 1/2 done.
(Unpublished at GameFAQ's)

Version 1.1 15/12/99
Added Intro,Files i've made,Writers Note,Cheat Criteria & Finished more of the Weapon Usage
section. This FAQ can also now be seen at Gaming Addiction (soon).
(First Published Version)

Version 1.2 16/12/99
More of Weapon Usage is done.

Version 1.3 17/12/99
Finished more of the Weapon Usage and Mission Walkthrough sections.

Version 1.4 18/12/99
Finished more of Weapon Usage, fixed some errors and added some bits.

Version 1.5 20/12/99
Finished Deathmatch Tips.

Version 1.6 22/12/99
More of the Mission Walkthrough is finished.

Version 1.7 27/12/99
Added CONSOLE & PORTABLE VERSIONS section only N64 section has any info though.
Fixed some errors.
Finished more of the Walkthrough off.

Version 1.8 06/01/00
Added controls for the Dreamcast version of Worms Armageddon thanks to Josh Houdek.
Added some info about the Dreamcast version thanks to David Miller.
Added some stuff, took out some stuff.
Mission Walkthrough 48% complete.
This is a fairly rushed version so please report any errors (no spelling errors).

Version 1.9 09/01/00
Added INFO for PlayStation version thanks to Audel Ross Almazan.
Added heaps more info for the DC version thanks to David Miller

Version 2.0 27/01/00
Removed all the personal notes in Version History so it's less chunky.
Fixed errors and changed,removed and added small things everywhere.
Mission Walkthrough more than 50% done.
Added WormNET section.
This FAQ can also now be seen at Video Game Strategy at About.com (soon).

Version 2.1 03/02/00
Added 3 more Missions to the Walkthrough.
Fixed errors in Mission Walkthrough mainly in "Chateau Assasin".
Fixed Ninja Rope Techniques.
Moved Worms lingo to the WormNET section and Renamed it WormNET Lingo
Did usual fix errors I spot and general housekeeping.
This FAQ can also now be seen at Absolute Playstation International (soon).

Version 2.2 19/02/00
Reformated lots of sections.
Added PSX controls thanks to Bobby.
Added CGB version info, How to do the "Using Fire Punch" training.
Finished more of the Mission Walkthrough (nearly done, 8 to go)

Version 2.3 05/03/00
Added Game Boy CoLoR version passwords, Automatic Utilities.
Finished more of the Mission Walkthrough (almost done, 4 to go)
Started Cheat Criteria for N64 version.

Version 2.4 18/03/00
Fixed errors and changed, removed and added small things everywhere.
Finished Mission Walkthrough & N64 Cheat Criteria!

Version 2.5  15/05/00
Added Conor Chapman's Quick Reference Chart to the Request Files.

Version 2.6  13/04/01
Changed e-mail address and removed all trailing spaces.
Fixed some errors and changed formatting.
Changed Request File System to Webpage in AOL Members Space.

|Mouse Controls|
 Move Mouse   = Scroll Terrain.
 Right Click  = Bring Weapon Panel Up.
 Left Click   = Choose Weapon from Weapon Panel.
                Confirm Weapons Target (Homing Missile & All Strikes).
                Confirm Teleport destination.
                If Girder or Girder Starter Kit is selected cycle through girder orientations.
|Keyboard Controls|
 Left         = Move Selected Worm Left.
                Set strike to fall diagonally left.
                If Girder or Girder Starter Kit is selected cycle through girder orientations.
                Swing left on ropes.
                Thrust Left on Jetpack.
 Right        = Move Selected Worm Right.
                Set strike to fall diagonally Right.
                If Girder or Girder Starter Kit is selected cycle through girder orientations.
                Swing right on ropes.
                Thrust Left on Jetpack.
 Up           = Decrease length on Ninja Rope.
                Thrust up on Jetpack.
 Down         = Increase length on Ninja Rope.
 Space Bar    = Use selected weapon-
                * Hold to increase strength in weapon firing speed distance on including but not
                  Limited to Bazooka, Homing Missile, Grenade, Cluster Bomb, Banana Bomb,
                  Holy Hand Grenade & Petrol Bombs.
                * On Super Sheep first press sets him of as his Clark Kent persona the second
                  press transforms him into Super Sheep a third press robs him of his powers.
                * First press releases weapon, Second Detonates it. (Sheep & Moles)
                * Confirm Girder Placement.
 Enter/Return = Once - Jump. Twice - Jump Backwards.
                Drop Weapon from Ninja Rope, Jet Pack ,Bungee Rope & Parachute.
 Backspace    = Once - Jump upwards. Twice - Backflip
 1-5          = Set fuse time on weapons (e.g. grenades)
 - +          = Set min bounce , Set max bounce respectively.

ii)Techniques (Multi-Player Strategy)
 * Remember the Hot Keys for all weapons it's a lot quicker than using the Weapon Panel.
 * It's easier to drown a worm then to kill it.
 * Remembering your worms order and your opponents worms order is very helpful but don't name
   your worms obvious names that go in a certain order.
 * Think about were you place your worms after there go trouble spots are
   - On the edge of a cliff.
   - Were they could be pushed into a mine.
   - Below a cliff (Dynamite alert).
   - At the edge of a cavern with no border or land on the edge.
   - Near or below Oil Drums.
   - On a bridge with nothing below it.
 * Hide a couple of your worms
 * Try to do as much damage as possible without using your go (i.e set off landmines while on
   the ninja rope)
 * Learn to use the Ninja Rope.
 * You have to break a few eggs to make a omelette (In other words worms can be spared if in
   the process you weaken the opposing team).
 * Sheep and Old Women can collect crates.
 * Crates, Tool Boxes & Health can explode much like Oil Drums because of explosions but can't
   overheat and explode because of fire like Oil Drums.
 * Girders are versatile things (nuff said)

i)Weapon Usage (Techniques)
  (Note = I didn't write how many times you have to press the hot key
  to select the weapon because it depends on what weapons you have.)

 Bazooka (F1)            Usage: Aim with up and down keys and fire by holding down the spacebar,
                                The longer you hold it down the greater the velocity the round
                                is shot out of the Bazooka.
                         Damage: 50 max.
                         * Bazooka rounds are effected by wind, Good use of this is vital.
                         * Bazooka rounds if fired along water can skim across the water.

 Homing Missile (F1)     Usage: Set target with left click on mouse and fire the same way as a
                         Damage: 50 max.
                         * Make sure the missile has a fairly clean path.
                         * Homing Missiles are aquatic but make sure they don't go to far

 Mortar (F1)             Usage: Aim like a Bazooka but a single tap of the spacebar fires it.
                         Damage: Explosion-20 max. Clusters-30 max.
                         * Best used by firing at a wall above lots of worms so the shrapnel
                           lands on them.

 Homing Pigeon (F1)      Usage: Target with left click then fire it the same as a Mortar.
                         Damage: 75 max.
                         * More Intelligent version of the Homing Missile, Its path doesn't
                           have to be that clear.

 Sheep Launcher (F1)     Usage: Aim like a Bazooka then one press of the spacebar launches it,
                                Then press spacebar again to detonate it.
                         Damage: 75 max.
                         * Fairly erratic just fire and hope for the best.
                         * Try to remember how hard the sheep is launched out of the Bazooka.

 Grenade (F2)            Usage: Set then bounce with -(low) +(high) then the fuse with 1-5 then
                                throw it the same way you fire a Bazooka (not wind effected).
                         Damage: 50 max.
                         * Make good use of the bounce and time settings on them .

 Cluster Bomb (F2)       Usage: Same as Grenade.
                         Damage: Explosion-20 max. Clusters-30 max.
                         * After the patch the fire in the hole trick doesn't work as well.

 Banana Bomb (F2)        Usage: Same as Grenade.
                         Damage: Initial Explosion-75 max. Each Banana-75 max.
                         * If fired in a cavern with a bunch of worms, It can slaughter the lot.
                         * Remember it bounces a lot.

 Battle Axe (F2)         Usage: Stand near a worm and press the Spacebar.
                         Damage: Halves energy of any worm in contact with the blade.
                         * Usually other weapons can inflict more damage then it but
                           since it halves the other worms energy if it has 200 hp
                           you can inflict 100 damage (Do the math).

 Shotgun (F3)            Usage: Aim with up and down keys and fire by taping the spacebar.
                         Damage: 25 max for each shot (2 shots)
                         * The best use of the shotgun is to knock worms onto mines.
                         * You get two shots so try setting up chain reactions like
                           shooting Oil Drums or mines into worms.

 Handgun (F3)            Usage: Same as Shotgun but all bullets fire out from
                                one tap of the spacebar.
                         Damage: 5 max for each shot (6 shots)
                         * Can be effective in knocking worms off cliffs.

 Uzi (F3)                Usage: Same as Uzi.
                         Damage: 50 max
                         * If you shot a worm with this on a flat or sloping down surface the
                           worm will make like tumbleweed and roll, taking other worms with it.
                         * Makes perfect size tunnels for throwing grenades and such through.

 Minigun (F3)            Usage: Same as Uzi.
                         Damage: 75 max
                         * Can blast a bunch of worms off cliffs.
                         * If a worm is on a thin platform above you stand directly under it &
                           fire up then worm will fly like a bird then drop like a stone so a
                           lot of fall damage will register.

 Long Bow (F3)           Usage: Same as Shotgun.
                         Damage: 15 always for each shot (2 shots)
                         * You can use this to knock worms off ledges or into mines.
                         * Aim so worms bump into other worms and so they all end up falling
                           in the drink on WORMNET I once killed all my opponents worms in
                           one turn.
                         * Arrows make good platforms.

 Fire Punch (F4)         Usage: Press spacebar to activate a vertical punch.
                         Damage: 30 always
                         * Effective in knocking worms of cliffs.
                         * It also cuts vertically through terrain.
                         * If a worm is on a thin platform relatively not that high
                           up you can jump and then activate it to get higher than
                           usual to punch the other worm..
                         * If you accidentally fall of a cliff press F4 then Spacebar
                           to save your skin you won't roll or receive any fall damage.

 Dragon Ball (F4)        Usage: Press spacebar to shot a projectile in the direction your facing
                         Damage: 30 always
                         * Can knock worms off at a lower trajectory than a Fire Punch.
                         * Can knock mines further than a Shotgun.

 Kamikaze (F4)           Usage: Select 1 out of 6 directions then press spacebar
                         Damage: Final Explosion-50 max  Hit by Suicidal Worm-30 always
                         * Careful use of this can be vital, only use if you worms energy is
                           34 at the most.
                         * Can be used with the laser sight.

 Suicide Bomber (F4)      Usage: Press Spacebar.
                         Damage: Initial Explosion-30 max Poison Rate-5 a turn.
                         * Can't see the point, I would use something else like sheep or
                           dynamite really close and it will cause more damage (see Sheep).
                         * Best used if you have a fairly weak worm early that's going to be
                           picked off soon, the bombing inflicts minimal damage but sickens
                           any worms close and above it (Take wind into account).

 Prod (F4)               Usage: Face worm and then stand next to it then press spacebar.
                         Damage: None
                         * Good for pushing a well hated worm to its doom.

 Dynamite (F5)           Usage: Press Spacebar ( Press Enter if on Rope etc.)
                         Damage: 75 max.
                         * You can drop this from a rope or from a jetpack.
                         * Try to use it to fling worms in the air and off cliffs, To do this
                           place the dynamite on the opposite side of the worm the cliff is.

 Mine (F5)               Usage: Same as Dynamite
                         Damage: 50 max.
                         * Use it on frozen worms but Petrol Bombs are more effective.
                         * Use them to guard tunnels but make your tunnels zig-zag to prevent
                           others hitting the mine down your tunnel at you.

 Sheep (F5)              Usage: First press lets it loose second press of spacebar detonates it.
                         Damage: 75 max.
                         * These furry friends can collect crates.
                         * Watch out i've seen them ending up backfiring on the user.
                         * Instead of using a Suicide Bomber or Kamikaze just move your worm
                           really close to the worms your want to kill then press spacebar
                           twice really quick.

 Super Sheep /           Usage: First press releases it, Second press of the spacebar makes it
 Aqua Sheep (F5)                begin to fly, Third press makes it normal again. Press left and
                                right while in flight mode to steer.
                         Damage: 75 max.
                         * Be careful in collecting crates, You only have a minimal amount of
                           time to collect crates and attack a worm before it explodes.
                         * Steer and to blast worms into the water below.

 Mole (F5)               Usage: First press of the spacebar sets him on his way second press
                                begins him digging third press detonates him.
                         Damage: 30 max.
                         * Remember the way it jumps up then into the ground and utilise it.

 Air Strike (F6)         Usage: Press left or Right to set the direction the click on the target
                         Damage: 60 on average.
                         * Leave this till the end.
                         * The force of the bomblets can easily make a worm fly into the drink.

 Napalm Strike (F6)      Usage: Same as Airstrike.
                         Damage: 60 on average
                         * Take wind into account.
                         * And also take height into account, If the land is higher up the
                           napalm is going to have less time to be effected by wind.

 Blow Torch (F7)         Usage: Press spacebar to start diggin'
                         Damage: 15 each time it hits a worm.
                         * Pressing up and down during the torching or (blowing) will change the
                           angle of the torching. Curved or zig-zaged tunnels can be very
                        * Remember you can also cause damage with it.

 Pneumatic Drill (F7)    Usage: Press spacebar to start drillin'
                         Damage: 15 each time it hits a worm.
                         * Drill down a bit before an Earthquake in Mission to prevent falling
                           of cliffs.

 Girder (F7)             Usage: Press left or right to cycle change the Girders angle then move
                                it with the mouse to where you want to place it then press the
                         Damage: N/A
                         *Worm Bridges & Ramps
                         *Sheep Bridges & Ramps
                         *Grenade reflectors
                         *Gaol Cells

 Baseball Bat (F7)       Usage: Set Angle with up and down the press spacebar to batter up
                         Damage: 30 always + fall damage
                         * Hit Worms off cliffs or hit them into other worms near cliffs to
                           start a chain reaction.

 Girder Starter Kit (F7) Usage: U have more Girders
                         Damage: N/A
                         * See Girder

 Ninja Rope (F8)         Usage: Swing low swing chariot come ta, come ta carry me home!
                                Aim for a object then press the spacebar now use left and right
                                to distribute your weight in that direction and use down to
                                lengthen the rope and up to shorten the rope another press of
                                spacebar will disconnect you from the object but another press
                                will send the rope out again using this you can swing like
                                Donkey Kong.
                         Damage: None, with Rope Knocking disabled after the patch.
                         * Swing, let go & swing again (nuff said)
                         * Speeding Up- Press up a little bit before you disconnect from the
                                        rope, When you reattach you should swing faster.
                         * Wall Bounce- Bash your worm against a wall then disconnect the rope
                                        the second you bounce back, You should fling yourself
                                        pretty far.
                         * Flik Around- To get over a obstacle keep swinging back and forth
                                        waking your worm against the terrain as soon as you
                                        start swinging out far enough (and you are almost
                                        vertical) extend the rope out really quickly and lean
                                        in the direction of the obstacle, you should flick
                                        yourself over it.
                         If you have still have trouble e-mail me for a Roper Training Pack
                         (Which basically just contains a lot of terrains to practice on)

 Bungee Rope (F8)        Usage: Set then fall of a cliff don't jump.
                         Damage: Only if you don't use it right.
                         * Use the key pad to gain momentum or swing.

 Parachute (F8)          Usage: Press spacebar when falling.
                         Damage: Only if you don't use it correctly?
                         * Press up to slow descent press down to quicken descent.

 Teleport (F8)           Usage: Point and Click.
                         Damage: Youre worms arse might be on back to front.
                         * None dah!

 Super Banana Bomb (F9)  Usage: First throw it like a Grenade then the next press of the
                                spacebar will disperse the bunch the next press will detonate
                                all the banana's.
                         Damage: Initial Explosion-75 max. Each Banana-75 max.
                         * Throw it at a bunch of worms then press the spacebar twice really
                           fast it should blow them up real good.

 Holy Hand Grenade (F9)  Usage: Same as Grenade.
                         Damage: 100 max.
                         * Just pray to God, Budda, Ala or Elvis.
                         * Remember it only blows when it's still.

 Flamethrower (F9)       Usage: Same as Minigun.
                         Damage: 70 max.
                         * You can kind of lift the worms up and off cliffs if you do it right.

 Petrol Bomb (F10)       Usage: Same as Grenade
                         Damage: 30 on average.
                         * Throw it at a Frozen Worm the next turn it will fry good.

 Skunk (F10)             Usage: One press of the spacebar will set him on his way the second
                                will set of his gas & the third will explode him.
                         Damage: Final Explosion-30 max Poison Rate-5 a turn.
                         * Dig a tunnel under a group of worms then send it down the tunnel.

 Mad Cow (F11)           Usage: Set the amount with the number buttons then let em rip with
                                a single tap of the spacebar.
                         Damage: 75 max.
                         * Move to the opposite direction during you letting them loose to kill
                           worms on both sides of you.

 Old Woman (F11)         Usage: Same as Sheep
                         Damage: 75 max.
                         * Drop between 2 enemy worms so she isn't miss used.

 Freeze (F12)            Usage:Space Bar
                         * Can be helpful if you're halfway on a trip to a worm.
                         * Really if you use this your prolonging the inevitable.
                         / See Petrol Bomb for a sure fire (bad pun!) way to \
                         \ overcome the invincibility of a worm using this.  /

|Manual Utilities|
 Jetpack      * Good for dropping dynamite and such then getting away fast.

 Low Gravity  * If you've run out of Jetpacks and Ninja Ropes this can be a saver.

 Fast Walk    * Helps you travel a grater distance in one turn.
              * Good for getting away quick from dropped dynamite.

 Laser Target * Helpful if you're a newbie, Most useful with the kamikaze so you don't
                waste a worms life.

 Invisibility * Only useful on the net.
 |Automatic Utilities|
 Double Turn Time * Increases turn time by two fold.

 2x Damage        * Increses damage from all weapons apart from Battle Axe.

 Crate Shower     * Showers about 6 crates on to the terrain, 1 is usually a Super Weapon.

 Crate Spy        * Lets you see what is in any crate.

iii)Super Weapon Descriptions

 Earthquake (F2)           * Boom Boom Shake the Room! er terrain? this throws unsuspecting
                             worms and objects clear off there perches by an earthquake.
                           * Only use if you're inland away from cliffs.

 Mail Strike (F6)          * It's a wind effected strike & it's bombs are slightly more
                             powerful than the ones in a Air Strike.

 Mine Strike (F6)          * Watch out! its very erratic these mines bounce everywhere.
                           * A good idea is to use a Napalm Strike before you use it so the
                              terrain is textured so the mines settle faster.

 Mole Squadron (F6)        * Digging version of the Air Strike.

 Scales of Justice (F8)    * Equally distributes out everybody's energy.

 Sally (F9)                * Cluster version of an Old Woman.

 MB Bomb (F9)              * Useless (to a degree) wind effected floating Dynamite.

 Ming Vase (F10)           * Like a cluster version of Dynamite.

 French Sheep Strike (F10) * Best way to describe it is an Air Strike that's missiles bounce and
                             give off flames (very funny).

 Mikes Carpet Bomb (F10)   * Bouncy version of an Air Strike.

 Concrete Donkey (F11)     * Bounces until it makes a bloody big hole in the terrain while
                             squishing worms.

 Indian Nuclear Test (F11) * Scare off Pakistan with Fusion of a ground sinking kind.
                           * Also poisons all worms much like a skunk, But I think
                             the energy loss is slower.

 Armageddon (F11)          * Bruce Willis obviously didn't end up saving the planet, Call a
                             barrage of Meteors or Comets (whatever) onto your Enemy's worms
                             and unfortunately yours as well.

 Magic Bullet (F12)        * Very intelligent version of the Homing Pigeon and causes more
                             damage as well. or maybe it's triangular crossfire.

iv)Which Special Weapon Should I Choose?
 Choosing which special weapon you want can be a simple as the one your most skilled with.
 But here is the Pros and Cons of each weapon which may help you decide.

 This is a Pro /\
 This is a Con \/
 Amount Given x 1           \/
 Delay = One Round          /\
 Damage = 70 max            /\
 Other = Can be aimed
         while using.       /\
|Homing Pigeon|
 Amount Given x 2           /\
 Delay = Two Rounds         \/
 Damage = 75 max            /\
 Other = Homes in doesn't
         need much skill.   /\
|Mad Cows|
 Amount Given x 2           /\
 Delay = Two Rounds         \/
 Damage = 75 max            /\
 Other = 2 can be released
         in 1 go.           /\
         3 can be released
         if you cheat.      /\
|Holy Hand Grenade|
 Amount Given x 1           \/
 Delay = Four Rounds        \/
 Damage = 100 max           /\
 Other = Needs skill with
         Grenades.          \/
         Makes massive
         hole in terrain    /\
 |Old Woman|
 Amount Given x 1           \/
 Delay = One Round          /\
 Damage = 75 max            /\
 Other = Can pick up items. /\
 |Sheep Launcher|
 Amount Given x 1           \/
 Delay = One Round          /\
 Damage = 75 max            /\
 Other = Why use this when
         you can use a
         Super Sheep.       \/
         Can pick up items. /\
 |Super Sheep|
 Amount Given x 1           \/
 Delay = Seven Rounds       \/
 Damage = 75 max            /\
 Other = Can fly it around. /\
         Needs skill.       \/
         Can pick up items. /\
 |Mole Bomb|
 Amount Given x 3           /\
 Delay = None.              /\
 Damage = 30 max            \/
 Other = Bores holes.       /\

 Looking at these results I think-

 Beginners should use Homing Pigeons.
 Intermediate players should use Mad Cows.
 Advanced players should use Super Sheep.
 Ropers should use Holy Hand Grenades.

i)Training Medal Times
Level                 Bronze Silver Gold
Super Sheep Racing    1:30   2:30   3:30
Rifle Range           1:30   2:00   2:30
Crazy Crates          1:30   3:00   4:30
Artillery Range       1:30   2:30   3:30
Euthanasia            1:30   2:00   2:30

The only training mode people e-mail me about is "Using Fire Punch" so here is how you do it,
Walk under the crate on the highest platform and backflip, At the highest point of your jump
Fire Punch & you should collect the crate. Now do the same backflip Punch Combo on the middle
target then Fire Punch the lowest target.

ii)Mission Walkthrough
Note- Walkthrough is subject to differences in what attempt your at on finishing a level
|Pumpkin Problems|
1: Move your worm to the right so it's above the brown patch on the pumpkin, Now aim with your
   Ninja Rope directly below the Oil Drum to the Right and swing up and over to collect the
   crate, Now move so your on the Left side to the worm that was closest to the crate you
   collected and hit him to the right with your Baseball Bat at the lowest trajectory possible,
   He should hit the rightmost mine explode then hit another mine then die.
2: Now stand on the edge of the pumpkin (A crater should be below you) and aim your Ninja Rope
   to the right so you grapple on the leftover vine now swing down and collect the crate.
|Operation Market Garden|
1: Set a Girder horizontal above you so the tip is adjacent to the Horizontal petal of the
   flower above the watering cans spout, Then move to the right a bit.
2: Move to the left off the edge of the petal you were on now aim a Grenade almost vertical
   but a little to the left and fire at half power.
3: Backflip onto the Girder then now go to the nook where the flower meets the watering can on
   the opposite side of the flower, Then fire a Grenade Minimum bounce between the two worms to
   the right of you.
4: Fire down at the stem to the left of you where it meets the flower with the Shotgun, then
   go through the hole onto the flower to the left of you and fire at the worm to the far left
   of you so they fall in the water.
5: If the worm you shot before is still alive shoot him again otherwise throw a Grenade
   Diagonally up and to the right at half power.
6: If the worm below you isn't dead throw a grenade 5 second fuse down at him lightly.
|All Quiet in the Library|
1: Move to the right, A little past the worm to your right, Now face left and let loose with a
   Uzi at him if you did it right he will roll down the book and take another worm with him.
2: Bazooka the Captain close to you
3: Bazooka between the Field Soldier and the Grenadier or at either of them.
4: Do the same as step 3
5: Go right until you get to the Field Soldier then stand just to the left of him and hit him
   with the Baseball Bat so he goes into the drink.
6: Use anything you've got on any remaining worm
* Repeat step 6 till you win a Nuke comes after this step then a Earthquake after step 8
|Cool as Ice|
1: Walk right until you fall of the edge of a cliff to collect your third crate now turn on your
   jetpack and fly right but don't collect the crates above the enemy apart from the rightmost
   one that has a Mortar that might come in handy now fly over Santa's Sleigh and collect all
   the crates left, now fire a Homing Missile targeted at the middle crate above the enemy
   fire it full power directly up.
2: If the enemy isn't dead do a fly by bombing using dynamite or shot another Homing Missile.
|Do the Locomotion|
1: Go right and climb the cliff, Now blowtorch through the tree, retreat back into tunnel.
2: Backflip onto the tree to get the crate, Now place the girder diagonally so you can climb
   onto the trains roof, Now climb up the girder as much as you can.
3: Backflip onto the train then keep on jumping right, To avoid the mine stand on the tip of
   the trains horn then jump across try to make it down to the utility crate use a bungee cord
   if needed but it can get you in trouble.
4: If you haven't collected the crate collect it now use the jetpack to collect the red flashing
|Sand in your eyes|
1: Tab to your 3rd worm (The one on the palm tree) now move left till you get to the highest
   part in the camel's hump now shoot an arrow to the left, Now backflip up the arrow onto the
   camel's head from here shoot the Field Soldier in the head he should hit the mine, Retreat
   back to the arrow in the camel's neck.
2: Tab to your 1st worm (The far left one) and place a girder parallel to the palm left leaf
   so it's diagonal remember your using this as a grapple for the Ninja Rope.
3: Tab to your 1st worm and scale the palm to get the crate now Dragon Punch the worm that is
   close into the water.
4: Sit on the edge of the scorched earth and use your Flamethrower to get the Special Agent into
   the pit.
5: Collect the crate near you then Bazooka the Field Soldier.
6: Tab to your 2nd worm (The one under the tower) and fire a Bazooka or a Grenade into the pit
   sending the Special Agent into the drink.
7: Go collect the red flashing Crate use a Ninja Rope if needed then Flamethrower any worms left
8: Kill any leftover worms.
|Not Mushroom out there...|
1: Swing yourself on top of the mushroom using a Ninja Rope (it's very tricky) now collect the
   and move right enough so you can build a bridge over the mines on the next mushroom, don't
   block the crate on the little mushroom right of the mine mushroom
2: Go over the bridge and collect the crate on the little mushroom then teleport over to the
   red flashing crate.
|Big Shot|
1: Go right and climb the cliff to get to the crate now go left back to the middle of the light
   blue are of the mushroom now jump left then backflip up the mushroom no stand on the highest
   part of this mushroom and fire an arrow at the worms head to the left of you he should hit
   the mine and fly over your head. Now stand on the left edge of the crater and look down and
   fire a arrow at the Sentry, Now retreat to the right, If you did it right the Sentry will
   now kill the Guard with an Uzi.
2: Shot the Sentry to more times with the Bow.
3: Use your Ninja Rope to get on top of the Frog (watch out for the mines) and shot the worm up
   there with an Uzi.
4: Finish him off with anything.
|Water Surprise|
   Note-This level is the hardest level to explain how to do it but if you take advantage of
   that the highest angle you can shoot an arrow is 45º, It became a lot easier so I got
   out my 45 degree set square I use in Tech. Drawing and trigged away, Here is a small ASCII
   drawing of where all the shoots are fired from on top of the louvre, note t means Tree.

         Louvre Diagram              Note= In all positions the worm is facing right and the
         --------------                    worms belly is it's lowest point while on a slope.

              ____A               A= Stand so the light blue triangle points to the crease in
             /   |\                  worms tail.
            /____|_\B             B= Stand so the worms belly is just touching the horizontal
           /     |  \                thin dark blue line.
       ttt/______|___\C           C= Stand so the worms belly is just touching the horizontal
       tttttttttt     \              thin dark blue line.
       tttttttttttt    \D         D= Stand so the worms tail is flat and it's belly is on the
       ttttttttttttttttttttt         edge of the lightest green area of the tree.

 1: Move to point B and fire horizontally with the Long Bow. Then move to point A and fire at
    the highest trajectory then quickly jump to the left and huddle against the tree.
 2: Move to point C and fire at the highest trajectory then go to point D and fire the same way.
    Your worm will die and set off both mines.
 3: Move to point D and fire at the highest trajectory twice.
 4: Backflip up the arrows in the Eiffel Tower now stand on the little bit jutting out almost
    at the top, now place the girder diagonal NNW in direction, Then quickly face the Eiffel
    Tower and backflip then move a little up the girder then back flip to get the crate.
 5: Now, Get onto the Girder and stand on the tip now let go of the sheep make him fly over and
    under the Arc de Triumph into the water and fly him into the enemy worm, Don't worry you
    don't have to be to accurate any little touch from the explosion will make him swim.
|Jurassic Worm|
1: Swing up from one Diplodocuses neck to another with a Ninja Rope until your attached to the
   left ones head now swing over and collect the crate now release the Mole to the left and
   press the spacebar when it's between the 1st and 2nd mines if it isn't going to hit the
   captain when it's close to him press the spacebar again.
2: Swing up like before then use another mole or climb down the moles hole and put a mine next
   to the captain if he dies they will all surrender and you'll win.
|Chemical Warfare|
1: Go right and use a Parachute to drop of the saucepan's handle, Watch out though the wind is
   usually pretty strong then Dragon Ball the Worm down there into the water, Then backflip onto
   the saltshaker.
2: Uzi the Mine of the top of the bottle you should probably hit the Major as well.
3: Go to the left of the Field Soldier and fire up at him with a Uzi he should fall and land on
4: Use a Ninja Rope to flip over the Poison Gas Tank then Mini-gun the Field Soldier
5: Flip over back to where you were before then stand next to the bottle that used to have the
   mine on it and Backflip and release a Skunk.
6: Now for the rest of the turns Poison the Majors with Skunks then Shoot them with Shotgun's
   when they get down to 1, And blast the rest of the Field Soldiers with Uzi's
|No Substitute|
1: From the tip of the gun using a Shotgun fire at the crate don't worry you won't kill it,
   Now collect the crate and backflip onto the Icebreaker (Saw thing) then fire across at the
   Field Soldier
2: Bazooka the Major, Aim just a little behind him.
3: Aim a Homing Missile at the Field Soldier on top of the Palm but fire it up and to the left
   at 2/3 power, He should fall in the drink.
4: Put a Holy Hand Grenade near Artillery then pray n' run.
5: Use Bazooka's and Grenades to kill anything standing or use a Girder to get a higher vantage
   point (repeat till you win).
|Who left the flood gates open?|
1: Shoot directly up at the Secret Agent using a Shotgun, You won't reach him though then get
   up onto the top brown box and shoot at the Field Soldier you also won't get through to him.
2: Shoot directly up again at the Secret Agent with a Shotgun now walk through the hole you and
   the Field Soldier made and shoot him.
3: Place a Girder Diagonally so you can get up onto the brown cable so you can get to the top
   right corner but don't climb up more than 1/3 of it yet.
4: Climb up the Girder and onto the brown cable and shoot at the Field Soldier across from you
   with a Bazooka now retreat to the top right.
Now for the rest of your turns try to do these certain tasks:
* Mini Gun a tunnel into the top right corner.
* Kill the Secret Agent close to you.
* Create a shelter.
* Keep the Homing Missile for the end then Lock it on the remaining worm stand on the edge
  of the land then tap the spacebar (Warning: Only do this if the enemy worm only has a thin
  piece of land between him and the water.
|Super Sheep to the Rescue!|
European Version- 1: Kill you and the worm next to you with the Super Sheep.

American Version- 1: Collect the red flashing crate with the Super Sheep
                  2: Kill the other worm with the weapon you get.
|Hot Stuff|
1: Quickly collect the crate to the left of you then quickly travel right speeding up the
   process by roping along the bottom of the pipe to get to the Utility crate, But never I mean
   never set of the mine next to it, Now put a Holy Hand Grenade next to the worm close by but
   don't bother running away, The reason why? A HHG and a Damagex2 crate  used together create
   one mother whopping explosion that will make a crater the size of the Grand Canyon
2: Now for the rest of the turns try to get the two remaining worms into the drink using
   Fire Punches, Dragon Balls, Dynamite and a Air Strike maybe.
|Trouble on Mount Wormore|
1: Jump across to the other tree then backflip up it, Now  stand on your other worms head & jump
   to get the crate then get back up on your other worms head and flick yourself up onto the
   mountain using the Ninja Rope jump some mines and Uzi a Sentry if you still have time.
2: Get your other worm on top of the mountain using a Ninja Rope then collect the Utility crate
   there and Uzi a Sentry.
3: Collect the Health crate then try to Uzi a Sentry into a mine.
4: Use the Low Gravity and scale the Welcome sign using backflips, now collect the crates up
   there and Uzi the Guard if you do it perfectly you can get 50 out oof him and kill him.
5: Blowtorch into the sign to get to the General.
6: Place Dynamite near him.
7: If that didn't work Uzi him.
|Chateau Assassin|
1: Stack your first two worms up under the Oil Drum so your third worm can backflip onto the
   others then onto the Oil Drum then get the Crate, You can do this and collect the crate on
   this turn if you use the Worm Select.
2: Tuck this worm into the nook under the Oil Drum
3: Stand you worm below the Oil Drum and the use a Short NEE Girder to crate a roof, Make sure
   you create a seal between the girder and the Chateau.
4: Stand on the Oil Drum then place a Long NNE Girder so its bottom edge is touching the top
   right edge of the Oil Drum.
5: Worm select to your third worm then Handgun the Mine across from the top edge of the Girder
   you just placed.
6: Worm select to your third worm again then jump across to the next roof then backflip up the
   next roof to collect the crates now place a long Horizontal Girder
7: Worm select to your third worm again then jump onto the Girder you just placed now walk over
   it and make your way to collect the crates now Hangun the Mine across from you on the tallest
   spire of the Chateau.
8: Skip Go
9: Hide in the same corner the other worm is.
10:Place a Long Horizontal Girder so it's leftmost tip touches the the tip of the highest spire
   of the Chateau.
11:Skip Go
12:Skip Go
13:Jump across to the tallest spire the backflip up to the Girder you just placed then stand on
   edge of it now select Parachute then jump then press spacebar now hold Up and Right until
   your directly above the Major now just press Down (Watch out for the Mine!) now Fire Punch
   him to the right.
14:Jump of the edge of the tree so you hit the mine next to the General or take him with you.
|Rescue Agent Dennis!|
1: Collect the crate to your left then walk to the right until you cannot walk any more then
   face left and let go of the Old Woman (or Boomin Granny if u know the Beasties shit)
2: Walk to the right so that you have a clear shot into the corridor in the E fire your Ninja
   Rope in there then drop down and put Dynamite near the General and Assassin then retreat into
   the corridor in the E by pressing up on the rope.
3: Retreat further into the corridor then Napalm Strike the 2 worms above you.
4: From the Dead End of the E corridor Blowtorch diagonally down and to the left.
5: Send a Skunk up the tunnel you made to poison the Major that's probably still alive above
   you if he isn't up there just Skip Go.
6: If the Major has finally hacked down into the E to you climb up the crater and Bazooka him
   if not just Skip Go.
7: Drill down a little bit (for like 3/4 of a second).
8: Collect any Health Crates in your immediate vicinity then retreat back to your drilled hole.
* If the old 5.0 on the Richter Scale didn't kill them use your Banana Bomb so it rains Bananas
  on them or use your Homing Missile.
|Horny Nuke|
1: Drop down and collect the crate below you then Rope and collect all the crates on or below
   the blue tentacle then retreat below the tentacle and wait for the timer to run out.
2: Rope up and across to the far left crate collecting all Crates and Health on the way then
   walk to the right and Drill between the Purple and Teal tentacles to collect the Indian
   Nuclear Strike press spacebar again after collecting the crate to stop drilling.
3: Rope up to the Guard that should have 125 health now and stand to the left of him then let
   her rip with the Uzi on him.
4: Roll grenade on the Guard you just Oozed
5: Rope across to the to crates that have teleported in on the other side of the terrain then
   rope back using the same Ninja Rope to the Artillery on the Puke Yellow Tentacle and Uzi him
   to the left so he falls down with the other worms.
6: Rope so your dangling down near the three worms down and to the left that let go of a HHG
   then retreat back onto the Puke Yellow Tentacle.
7: Throw (very lightly) a Banana Bomb down with the worms you just HHG'ed.
8: Use Indian Nuclear Test (go for high ground before you use it)
9: Uzi a Sniper into the drink.
10:If they've made a hole Uzi the Guard and Co. if not throw a Grenade over at them.
* Finish off any other Worms.
|Rumble in the Farmyard|
1: Walk to the left jumping the mine from the Hay till you get to the edge of the first wooden
   bit (The carts edge not it's handle and Zooka the Field Soldier then jump.
2: Hopefully your second worm is alive, Now this is hard go to where the last worm Zook'd the
   Field Soldier and aim a Ninja Rope at the mine on the pitch forks handle now flick up and
   over to the Wells roof then collect the crate up there then Fire Punch the worm up there to
   the right.
3: Shoot the Mine of the top of the Pitchfork's handle with a Shotty now use your next shot for
   Field Soldier down with you.
4: Using the left spearhead thing on the roof of the Well as a base abseil down to the crate
   then press up so your back on the roof then stand left of the right spearhead and Blowtorch
   down so you make a hole down through to the Captain and fall down into the captains den.
5: Shoot both of the Field Soldiers you'll probably have to climb over some stuff.
6: Get the Health crate then put a Grenade near the Captain.
7: Bazooka the Field Soldier.
8: Put Dynamite in the bottom left corner of the Captains Den.
9: Shotgun the two worms down with you.
10:The Captain should be standing on a grass patch Fire Punch him into the water.
* Finish any other worms off.
|Wooden Ambush|
Here are just some hints on how to complete this level because every time I tried to write a
walkthrough for it, It was flawed.
* Whats in the crates?
   In order from left to right at the start-
   2x Petrol Bomb > 3x Cluster Bomb > 1x Sheep > 3x Shotgun > 3x Motar > 1x Teleport
   Appears in about turn 3 NW of the Pumpkin- 1x Flamethrower
   Appears in about turn 6 Far North of the Pumpkin- 2x Old Woman
* Take the Boomin Granny for a walk on the right side, The way the branches above the 2 worms on
  the right are designed a Old Woman can easily zig-zag down into there cavern.
* Drown the ones on the left with a Grenade or Sheep but be careful not to drown yourself.
* Shot of mines guarding crates with your Handgun.
* If you set of a mine while using a Jetpack get out of there quick.
|Go Bananas!|
1: Backflip onto the high Grapes then walk to the end of the Grape stem, Now walk off after you
   equipped the Bungee Cord, Now detach from the Bungee Cord and Bazooka the Sentry on the Pear
2: Tab to your 1st worm, Then stand on what's left of the Pear stalk and Bazooka the bottom of
   the Apple Leaf.
3: Don't Tab to your 1st Worm then make your way to the Banana Bungee Jumping like before then
   Blowtorch horizontally through the Banana.
4: Tab to your worm in the Banana now Place a Grenade at the dead end of your tunnel using
   a 5 second fuse and a tap of the spacebar, retreat like hell!!.
5: Tab to your worm in the Banana then jump then mine, Now if the Wind isn't Gailforce blowing
   right stand on the Captains Head then jump of and Parachute to the Crate. If it is Gail force
   blowing to the right Handgun the Captain into the mine, then jump down using Low Gravity
   next turn.
|The Drop Zone|
The wind changes the outcome too much so I will just give the basic gist of how to complete it:
* Tabbing to your rightmost worm always, Parachute down to the Enemy worms and Suicide Bomb them
  so they fly of there perch.
* If the wind is Gailforce blowing to the left always give priority to the leftmost worm.
* Fire Punching the rightmost worm to the left will take out the worm to the left of it.
|Countdown to Armageddon!|
1: Throw a 5 sec Grenade at the Artillery to do this bounce it against the wall to the right of
   him it should land near him and weaken him.
2: Finish him off with a Uzi.
3: Ninja Rope to the Crate with the Girder Starter Pack, only use a max of 2 ropes.
4: Ninja Rope up to the Mayor and Prod him to the left.
5: Fill the Mayors hole with the Girder Starter Pack be more economical by making spaces.
6: Place a Girder above the hole.
7: Place a Girder above the hole.
8: Hope for the best!
|Mars Star|
1: Use the Girder Starter Pack to make bridges for the sheepie place them like this:
    i)    A NE Long Girder, Line up the Bottom Left edge so that its horizontally in line with
          your worms butt and vertically in line with the highest tip of the Octopus's head.
    ii)   A Horizontal Girder, Adjacent to the ledge after the Green Pod.
    iii)  A NEE Short Girder, Placed as an extension of the last girder so it has a little ramp
          at the end of it.
    iv&v) Set out in the same orientation as ii&iii but place it adjacent to the purple pod but
          leave a small gap between the first girder and the purple pod, It might be an idea to
          place the smaller girder first.
2: Let the fluffy one loose and detonate the sheep just after it lands after it jumps off the
   light yellow pod.
|Mad Cows|
This plays more like a Death Match game so here are some hints and tips:
* The Crate that appears on the tail of the left cow on your third turn contains 1x Mad Cow.
* Because of the tight time restrictions of this mission you must move quickly, All the utility
  crates contain Double Turn Time's which are very useful.
* Dynamite placed on the left side of the worm on the head of the cow chewing cud will kill it
* Letting loose with a Uzi on the worm on the far right so it lands near the mine will kill it
* I'm sure more crates containing Mad Cows fall down
|Bazooka on the Rocks|
Like Mad Cows this is a level of pure skill, so here is:
* You have to make a Bridge from the Wildebeest to the cliffs, It's hard because of the
  sensitivity there, If you succeed run like hell so it doesn't get destroyed by a Bazooka
* After making the bridge just negotiate the terrain and kill al the worms.
* If your bridge ends up blown up and you end up in a big canyon dig through the rock face using
  Bazooka rounds from a distance it takes a while though.
* You can either do two things with your worm in the far bottom right corner, 1: make him commit
  suicide or 2: Dig through the rock face using Bazooka rounds from a fair distance away, I
  would do 1 cause 2 takes too long.
|Stolen Goods|
1: Stand on the edge of the E, now face left select Ninja Rope then press Enter twice fast then
   when you drop down a little press spacebar, You should grapple on to the top of the E now
   abseil down into the bottom gap in the E, Now place a Girder so it creates a shelter for your
   other worm.
2: Abseil down like before then Skip Go.
3: Blow Torch horizontally into the bottom gap of the S, Stand a little back from the edge so
   your other worm can fit through to Blow Torch next turn.
4: Walk right up against the wall in the bottom hole of the S then Blow Torch into the hollow
   of the O to get the Homing Missile.
5: Back track to the edge of the E, Then target the Homing Missile on to the worm standing on
   the other worms head and fire almost vertically.
6: Blow torch in to the hollow in the R.
7: Walk to the left until you get to the hollow in the O and Place a Long Horizontal Girder so
   that so the bottom of the P touches the left end of the Girder and the bottom of the R
   touches the right end of the Girder.
8: Blowtorch down onto the Girder.
9: Drop down with the other worm and fire your Shotgun at the left wall so that the bottom of
   the crater just takes a little out of the Girder & then just fire up or wait for your turn to
10:Stand up against the left edge of the crater and Blowtorch up.
11:Place a small Girder connecting your tunnel to the O, Place a Small NNW for best results.
12:Blowtorch into the O to get the Sheep Strike.
13:Launch Sheep Strike onto Enemies.
* If you haven't won yet, Get to the other crate using your remaining Blowtorch and Shotgun
  shells then use the Carpet Bomb on the living worms, If that doesn't work use your Uzi.
|Sinking Ice Cap|
1: Jump up to the right so you can use the Ninja Rope to grapple onto the roof now swing down to
   the worm near the bunny, and stand to the left of him now blowtorch NE but after you hit him
   twice change your direction so your blowtorching horizontally.
2: Use your Ninja Rope to get on the roof and blowtorch into the roof hitting the worm up there
   twice as you do it.
3: Rope to the tree's top and Freeze.
4: Jump off the tree, but choose Ninja Rope before you do it so you can grapple onto the tree
   stump to the left in mid flight, now blowtorch SWW by changing direction.
5: Blowtorch into the Assassin to the left of you.
6: Now kill the last Assassin with your Blowtorch (Remember: You don't have to survive if you
   are not a yank)
|Aim Long, Aim True|
Here's some tips, Because this Mission relies on Grenade skills to much to make a Walkthrough.
* First turn use a Girder Starter Pack and place the Girder's like so:
   i)   A NNE Long Girder between the Red Robot your standing on and the Blue Robot to the right
        of you, Place it so you can't fall down on to the mines.
   ii)  A NW Short Girder, Place it so you can't get blown into the drink.
   iii) A NNE Short Girder to the right of the worm closest to you, Place it so it creates a
        funnel to the worm.
   iv)  A NE Short Girder to the right of the worm on the Red Oil Drum blocking the gap to the
        right of it.
   v)   A NNW Long Girder to the left of the worm on the shoulder of the right Blue Robot,
        place it so it funnels much like Girder No.3 (Just mirrored)
* Use 5 second Grenades the way you have created the funnel layout it should work really well.
* It's hard to desribe but to get the hard to get Worm, But make a Halfpipe with the other
  Girder Strater Pack if you throw a 5 second Grenade it will roll down & damage him.
|Goody Two-Shoes|
1: Collect the Crate then Blowtorch NW through the Blue Shoe.
2: Blowtorch NW.
3: Blowtorch into the Worm to the left of you but make sure you finish it of at least horizontal
   if you finish it off facing downwards you won't be able to get out.
4: Release the Aqua Sheep up and out of your tunnel then fly it over to collect crates then
   attack a worm.
   Here is what's in the crates-
   On Red Shoe- 1x Airstrike
   On Green Shoe- 2x Baseball bat
   On Shoe Box from left to Right-
   5x Mortar > 4x Cluster Bomb > 2x Girder > 9x Grenade > 3x Ninja rope
From now on I'm using tips because it depends on what crates you got:
* If you got Girder's but no Ropes you can use them to negotiate the terrain.
* But Girder's can also be used for shelter.
* The Airstrike can kill both worms on the green shoe if you face it left and place it between
* Use Ninja Ropes to negotiate the terrain then Baseball Bat or Fire Punch them off.
|Trouble in Toy Store|
1: Jump from the Bandaged Bear's Ear to the Trike (You won't take any damage) Now place a NEE
   Long Girder bridging the Trike's handle Bars and the A Block (Like all important Girders
   don't get too close so it doesn't get blown up.
2: From were your standing place A NNW Long Girder Bridging the A Block and the Teddy's Ear.
3: Walk all the way to the other Teddy's head and collect the Health Crate the place a Grenade
   to the left of the Captain by facing downward using a 5 second Grenade then just tapping the
   Spacebar, retreat quickly.
4: Uzi the Captain.
5: Collect the crate near you then walk to the 2nd Girder you placed and Uzi the Sniper.
6: Collect the Health close by then collect the Crate and Health on the A Block then go back to
   the Teddy's head and Mail Strike the Artillery and Grenadier(take the wind into account) it
   should kill them if not Mail Strike them later.
7: Walk down into the Cave between the Bandaged Bear and the Trike and stand on the Bear's arm
   and Uzi into the Assassin's Den.
8: Uzi the Sniper or Captain only if there are other enemy worms alive apart from the Assassin.
9: Skip Go.
10:Uzi into the Assassin's Den.
11:Skip Go.
12:Uzi any remaining worms.
* Now kill the Assassin with any weapon you choose then finish any alive worms off with Mail
  Strikes and such.
|Spectral Recovery?|
1: Blowtorch left.
2: Collect the Utility then Blowtorch SE from the lowest possible point.
3: Blowtorch left.
4: Blowtorch SW.
5: Shotgun twice to the left.
6: Blowtorch SE so you burn through the text ZX SPECTRUM do this by standing a little to the
   right of M, after tunnelling the word SINCLAIR should run above you parallel to your tunnel.
7: Blowtorch left to your freedom.
8: Blowtorch SE and drop down into the cave to get the crate.
9: Place a Small Horizontal Girder so it extends your tunnel.
10:Skip Go.
11:Collect the Tapes in the Crate.

iii)Deathmatch Tips
 * Play a Darksided (Defensive Game) the computers teams are dumb and youll win in the end.
 * Keep all your Strikes for the end.
 * Remember "tis easier for thou to drown a foe, then thou having to use all of oneselves vigour
   to kill a foe"
 * Remember you usually are playing against two teams make them kill each other.

iv)Cheat Criteria
|Mission Earned|
 Earned if you finish that mission.
 Cool as Ice- Laser Sight
 Big Shot- Jet Pack
 Who left the flood gates open?- Fast Walk
 Trouble on Mount Wormore- Invisibility
 Rumble in the farmyard- Low Gravity
 Mars Star- Indestructible Landscapes
 Spectral Recovery- Super Banana Bomb
|Training Earned|
 Earned if you get gold in that Training mode.
 Basic Training- Blood Mode
 Super Sheep Racing- Aqua Sheep
 Crazy Crates- Sheep Heaven
 Rifle Range- Shotgun (upgrade)
 Artillery- Grenade (upgrade)
 Euthanasia- Longbow (upgrade)
 Invincible Worms- Get Elite Ranking in Deathmatch mode
 Full Wormage- Gold in all Training Modes
               Gold in all Missions
               Elite Ranking in Deathmatch

i)WormNET Information
  All INFO from this section has been directly converted from the WormNET Information FAQ
  accessible after the Patch. Some of this INFO is out of date since, their is no ranking system
  on WormET anymore.

All players are ranked according to their points in the WormsLeague channels (WormsLeagueAM and
WormsLeaguePRO). Both of these channels share the same results and it is split into two to
ensure that lower-skill players do not get "picked off" by higher skilled players.

As soon as you have a star in your rank you may play games in the PRO channel and when you have
2 stars or more, you cannot compete in the AM channel.

As you win matches (and points) then you proceed to go up in rank, of which there are 12;
Beginner is the lowest rank (0 points), being a small bronze arrow, ELLTE is the highest rank
(250 points) which is three stars.

Your rank may fall as well as rise,ranks are automatically calculated by the system. Higher
ranks are harder to achieve than the first few ranks.

When you reach the mighty status of ELITE rank, you can then compete in the separate ELITELEAGUE
with the best of the best! Elite players also get a very special blue flaming power-bar!

Note: Scores in the ELITE,ROPE,BnG or Team17 leagues do NOT count towards you rank, just the
games in the WormsLeagueAM and WormsLeaguePRO channels.

Team17 may, from time to time, open up new completion channels (as demonstrated recently with
BnG and Team17 Leagues).

The first important thing to note is that competing in the WormsLeage "costs" 5 points each time
you play. This is automatically deducted from your score upon starting the game. (This is to
prevent people from dropping their connection if losing, since points are given back after the
game, even if you lose.)

You score more points for beating a higher-ranked player and less for beating a lower-ranked

You get points back for losing but finishing the game. The tougher the opponent, the more points
you get back (to a maximum of 4).

E.G A Player has 10 points, it costs 5 to play. He wins the game and is given 11 points, making
a new total of 16.

E.G A Player has 50 points, it costs 5 to play, leaving him with 45 points, He loses the game,
but is given 2 points,making a new total of 47 points.


Made up of channels WormsLeagueAM and WormsLeaguePRO. Both channels contribute towards your
WormNET ranking and it is split into two leagues to give beginners a more reasonable chance of
playing similar skilled players at the outset. When you have at least 1 star in your rank, you
may play in the PRO channel. When you have 2 stars or more, you can no longer compete in the
AM channel. ELITE ranked players can continue to play in the PRO channel.

This is a separate league for the best of the best! Only Elite players may HOST or JOIN in this
channel. Elite players can be spotted in other games by there incredible power bar!

A special league for rope players, in which anyone may play. If you find it tough, get
practising on CRAZY CRATES. This league uses the HORNY landscape and you'll need to be an
excellent roper to compete with the best.

BnG League
This league is a game based on skill, using mainly Bazookas and Grenades. It features no special
weapons, a random terrain and teleport in. This league is reset monthly (around the 17th) and
the winner gets a special flaming RED power-bar and an entry in the WA Hall of Fame on the

This league is a "shopping" game based on collecting the crates that drop each turn. You start
with limited and 5 ropes. The emphasis of this league is fun and less skill, so everyone stands
a chance of winning games.This league is reset monthly (around the 17th) and the 1inner gets a
special flaming RED power-bar and an entry in the WA Hall of Fame on the website.It will be
reset monthly, along with the BnG league on the 17th.


An open channel for games with 2-6 teams. The host may select the teams, landscape and game /
weapons options you use. Games in this channel feature no rope "knocking"/"sliding" and no blood

An open channel for games with 2-6 teams. The host may select the teams, landscape and game /
weapons options you use. Games  in this channel allow rope "knocking"/"sliding" and have blood
fx when worms lose energy.

An open channel for chat only. Anyone may join. Team17 may decide to hold conferences in here!


Ranking Points
The breakdown of points to get to a certain rank is as follows:
       Beginner         0
       Rookie           5
       Amateur          12
       Private          20
       Corporal         35
       Sergeant         55
       Veteran          85
       General          110
       Commander        140
       Major            180
       Field Marshall   215
       Elite            250

Additional Servers
Because WormNET uses IRC protocols, It's resonably easy for us to add additional servers should
the system experience a lot of traffic. All data logging is still done in the UK, but additional
servers will carry the chat text.

Please note that it is currently IMPOSSIBLE to successfully HOST games if your internet
connection is protected by a proxy server (or firewall). The reason for this is that your I.P.
address cannot be successfully negotaited and other players cannot 'see' it properly, which
means they cannot join your game. You can, however join other games without problem.

If you experience problems HOSTING games and can successfully JOIN games without problem, then
please check your internet connection as it's likely that this is causing the problem.

ii)WormNET Strategy
*Remember the closest 1 Player games to what you'll experience on WormNET are Deathmatch Games.
*Learn to Rope really well it will help you a lot.
*Keep the strikes and Homing Missiles for last.
*Chat a lot but don't be a Spammer, Seeing that Phone Ring can put others off so submit what
 your saying at a crucial moment.

iii)WormNET Lingo
 In the chat function on WormNET you'll see some pretty weird shit heres what it all means
|Person Descriptions|
 Lamer   Sad case.
 Newbie  Unexperienced or new player.
 Roper   Someone who's good on the Ninja Rope and uses it heavily while playing worms.
 Wormer  Someone who would rather blow up Pink Annelids then do normal stuff.
|Game Types|
 B&G     A game in which skills using Bazooka's and Grenades are more important then roping
         and other skills.
 Roper   A Game which relies on prowess with the Ninja Rope.
|Moods,Faces etc|
 :)  Your happy.
 :(  Your Sad.
 :o  Impressed.
 :p  Taunt.
 ;)  Winking at someone.
 >:) Your Evil.
 <:( Your saying you or someone is a dunce.
 BRB        Be right back.
 DND        Do not disturb.
 GL         Good luck.
 GG         Good game.
 GTG        Got to go.
 LOL        Laughing out loud.
 NP         No problem.
 OMGTKKYB   Oh! My God they killed kenny you bastards. (only ever seen it used once)
 SNAFU      Situation now all f#!$&* up. (ww2 term hardly used)
 WA or WGN  Worms Armageddon.
 W2         Worms 2.
|Internet Shorthand|
 2          to or too
 4          for
 cya        see you
 k          ok
 l8r        later
 r          are
 thnx       thanks
 u          you
 y          why

  In order of power (Don't tell me the PSX is more powerful then the N64 it only beats it
  in the size capacity of it's CD's/Cartridges, Also power doesn't always mean it's better)

i)Dreamcast (128 bit)

            Hold the Shift button to access game controls in brackets. For example, Select the
            fuse setting by pressing and holding the "Shift" button and then pressing X.

           /¯¯¯¯¯¯\        START- Pause / Quit Menu
       ___/ VMUVMU \____   D-Pad- Same as arrow keys on PC
      / _   VMUVMU      \  A- Fire / (Change Bounce Type / Rotate Girder / Air Strike Direction)
     | / \  VMUVMU  X Y |  B- Jump 2
     | \_/  VMUVMU  A B |  X- Jump 1 / (Fuse Time / Rotate Girder / Air Strike Direction)
     |                  |  Y- Centre Camera / (Worm Select)
      \  +             /   Left Trigger- "Shift"
       \      /\      /    Right Trigger- Bring Weapons Panel Up
        \     __     /
         \___/  \___/

 DIFFERENCES\ *No cheats awarded only Speechbanks and other stuff.
 INFO         *Gain access to the Terrains of Missions in the Multiplayer mode after you finish
               the Missions.
              *Lots of Speechbanks (David says at least 42 but the instruction manual states
               126 the PC version has 49)
              *Long Bow weapon missing.
              *The missions are in different order i.e "Cool as Ice" comes after "Do the
              *Who left the flood gates open? has been renamed to Flood Zone.
              *Mars Star has been renamed to A Crate too Far
              *Euthanasia's has been renamed to Advanced Training (Must be some political shit)
              *VMU Compatibility
              *Worms 2 movies included


 Water Surprise- First, some what follow the pc guide to it! Move one worm about 60% up the
 SECOND part of the TOWER (second being the part AFTER you run up the beginning and backflip
 onto the ledge), then move the second worm on top of the first worm and backflip until your
 on the third part, there, use a girder (which you need to be within about 3-5 millimetres
 away from!), to enable yourself to START to reach the top(place it about middle of third
 partition). Next, use skip go to skip the first worms turn. After that use the SECOND worm
 to place another girder to reach the top, and HIDE under the SECOND girder. (Mail bombs are
 a BITCH!). After that, you'll use skip go again on the first worm, then use the second worm
 to finally get the crate, from there, use Aqua Sheep to reach the general. (* last note, use
 the FIRST "TWO" turns to bomb the mines off the ledges, since you do have 5 grenades and 5
 dynamite sticks!)

ii)Nintendo 64 (64 bit)

            START- Pause / Options
            Control Pad- Left- Replay
                         Right- Select Worm
                         Up- Change bounce type on Grenades.
                         Down- Changes timer settings on Grenades.
            Analogue Control Stick- Scroll Camera, Move cursor & Control Super Sheep
            A- Press Once-Jump Press Twice-Jump backwards & On rope drops weapons
            B- Press Once-Jump directly upwards Press Twice-Backflip
            Z- Trigger weapon (Same as spacebar on PC)
            C buttons-(Same as arrow keys on PC)
            L- Centre View
            R- Bring Weapons Panel Up

 DIFFERENCES/ *Anti Analysing from the 64 makes some graphics blurry some graphics better.
 INFO         *Infogrames made good use of the 64's controller it plays a little bit better
               then the PC version, Using the Analogue Control Stick for flying the sheep is
               genius it almost compensates for all the stuff missing.
              *Long Bow, Petrol Bomb & Napalm Strike weapons missing.
              *30 missions instead of 33, The missing missions from the PC version are
               Super Sheep to the Rescue!, Drop Zone, Stolen Goods & Spectral Recovery.
              *Extra "Special Mission"
              *Only 7 Speech Banks English,French,German,Drill Sergent,Jock,Kamikaze & Soolman.
              *Only a couple of crappy flags.
              *Only a couple of Terrains for use in Random Maps about 15 at my estimation.
              *Euthanasia training removed.
              *No Terrain Editor.
              *No Weapons Editor that I know of.
              *As you play instead of winning options you win team upgrades to upgrade your
               Weapons Stockpile for use in Death Match.
              *Max. 4 teams per game using 4 controllers or sharing 2.


 Water Surprise- Use a Girder to get the other crate then blow all the mines away, Then use the
 Ninja Rope to get the crate on top of the Eiffel Tower then use the Indian Nuclear Test.

 Special Mission- Get out of the way and drop a Donkey on one then hack your way into the
 terrain to get to the other worms.


 Death Match Earned- Beginner- Beginner (Game Type)
                     Inexperienced- Advanced (Game Type)
                     Rookie- Super Banana (Game Type)
                     Novice- Retro (Game Type)
                     Below Average- Shopping (Game Type)
                     Average- Reduce to Rubble (Game Type)
                     Reasonable- 1x Girder Starter Pack
                     Above Average- 1x Ming Vase
                     Fairly Competent- 1x Scales of Justice
                     Competent- 1x Minigun
                     Highly Competent- 1x Sheep
                     Veteran- 1x Mine Strike
                     Distinguished- 1x Mole Squadron
                     Highly Distinguished- 1x Mail Strike
                     General- 1x Carpet Bomb
                     Major- 1x French Sheep Strike
                     Field Marshall- 1x Patsy's Magic Bullet
                     Hero- 1x MB Bomb
                     Superstar- 1x Super Banana Bomb
                     Elite- 1x Indian Nuclear Test

 Mission Earned- Cool as Ice- 3x Laser Sight
                 Big Shot- 3x Jet Pack
                 Who left the flood gates open?- 3x Fast Walk
                 Chateau Assasin- 3x Low Gravity
                 Wooden Ambush- 3x Freeze
                 Bazooka on the Rocks- 3x Ninja Rope
                 Trouble in Toystore- 1x Super Banana Bomb

iii)PlayStation (32 bit)

            START- Pause
            Select- Bring Weapons Panel Up
            D-Pad- Left- Move Left
                   Right- Move Right
                   Up- Move Crosshairs Up
                   Down- Move Crosshair down
            Square + D-pad- Scroll
            X- Shoot selected weapon
            Triangle- Jump 1
            Circle- Jump 2
            L1- Girder Rotation/Bounce
            L2- Girder Rotation/Bounce
            R1- Toggle Name Detail Level
            R2- Worm Select

 DIFFERENCES/ *10 Exclusive PlayStation Missions
 INFO         *Wide Screen TV support
              *No Weapons Editor
              *Can only handle one Speechbank at a time
              *Dual Shock support
              *Worms 2 movies included
              *Max. 4 teams per game
              *Special Weapons won by playing Missions.
              *No Terrain Editor

iv)Gameboy Color (8 bit)

           START- Pause
           Select- Change to Terrain Scroll Mode
           Control Pad- Left- Move Left
                        Right- Move Right
                        Up- Move Crosshairs Up
                        Down- Move Crosshair down
           A- Jump (Change Weapon while in Scroll Mode)
           B- Trigger Selected Weapon (Change Weapon while in Scroll Mode)

 DIFFERENCES/ *Only 14 Weapons- Bazooka, Grenade, Fire Punch, Dynamite, Teleport, Baseball Bat,
 INFO          Jet Pack, Shotgun, Air Strike, Battle Axe, Blowtorch, Sheep, Banana Bomb &
               Armageddon. (not much aye!)
              *No Random Maps uses a password incoperating 4 pictures to access levels.
              *Only 48 Terrains available (16 themes x 3 types = 48 terrains)
              *Up to 4 worms per team with only 2 teams
              *Only Quick Start & Multiplayer Modes available.
              *Bazooka's are weaker, Dynamite is stronger
              *Basically only a CoLoR update of the original worms on Game Boy
              *Cute themed Intro screens for each terrain

              Key- 1: Skeleton
                   2: Pink Worm
                   3: Dynamite
                   4: Red Worm
                   5: Banana Bomb
                   6: Sick Worm
               |Terrain     |Code|Origin    |
               |Hell        |2643|  Worms   |
               |Cheese      |2563|          |
               |Construction|2255| Worms 2  |
               |Pirate      |4641|          |
               |Snow        |3266|          |
               |Desert      |4216|          |
               |Dungeon     |6316|          |
               |Forest      |5413|  Worms:  |
               |Fruit       |1451|Armaggedon|
               |Hospital    |1655|          |
               |Jungle      |2512|          |
               |Tentacle    |3644|          |
               |Tribal      |4136|          |
               |Circuit     |4333| Game Boy |
               |Egypt       |1245|  CoLoR   |
               |Tools       |5226|          |

 ROM RELATED- In order these are the best emulators to play it with
              * DBOY (perfect apart from gradient backgrounds)
              * REW (Map only scrambled slightly)
              * N0$GMB (At least it has gradient backgrounds)
              * SMYGB (Looks OK but crashes a lot)
              I deleted the rom after getting the info I wanted (So don't ask me for it).
              I must also remind you that being in possession of a rom when you don't own the
              Game Pak is illegal (in most countries) and making "back-ups" voids you of your

i)User Graphic Specs
|Terrain Specs|
 Width=1920 Height=696
 Colours=256 max
 Bits Per Pixel=8
 Background=Black 00,00,00
 Format=BMP, JPG or TGA
|Flag Specs|
 Width=20 Height=17
 Colours=256 max
 Bits Per Pixel=8
|Grave Specs|
 Width=24 Height=32
 Colours=256 max
 Bits Per Pixel=8
 Background=Black 00,00,00

ii)Soundbank File List
 All must be in WAV format.
   Recommended Format=
 PCM  8-16 bit  11-22 khz
(Note=Fanfares should be this format as well)

 This has table has been converted from the names.wdb file installed in your User directory
 of Worms Armageddon at the time of installation.

BankEditor Name |       Sample       |          Description (Further Notes)
Amazing!        amazing.wav          Phrase for an excellent shot.
Boring          Boring.wav           Phrase used when worm does something boring.
Brilliant!      brillint.wav         Phrase when a worm does something cool.
Bummer          bummer.wav           Worm does something bad.
Bungee          Bungee.wav           Used when Worm performs Bungee move.
Bye bye         Byebye.wav           Used when a Worm dies.
collect         collect.wav          Collect a weapon crate
Come On Then    Comeonthen.wav       Phrase used to tell you to hurry up!
Coward          coward.wav           Phrase when Worm calls you a coward.
Punch           Dragonpunch          Punch sound effect.
drop            Drop.wav             When a weapon crate drops.
Excellent       Excellent.wav        Phrase for an excellent shot.
Fatality        Fatality.wav         Phrase for when a worm has just died.
Fire            Fire.wav             Worm says, "Fire!"
Fireball        Fireball.wav         Fireball sound effect.
First Blood     Firstblood.wav       Worm says, "First Blood" when killing it's first victim.
Flawless        Flawless.wav         Worm says, "Flawless Victory" when winning a game
                                     without losing a worm or energy.
Go Away         go away              Used when another worm picks on another.
Grenade         Grenade.wav          Worm says, "Grenade!" when a grenade lands nearby.
Hello           Hello.wav            Worm says, "Hello"
I'll Get You    illgetyou.wav        Worm says, "I'll get you!" after being hit by another worm.
incoming        incoming.wav         Phrase when a strike weapon is called.
Jump 1          Jump1.wav            Sound for jumping in the air.
Jump 2          Jump2.wav            Sound for jumping in the air (2).
Just You Wait   justyouwait.wav      Worm threatens revenge.
Kamikaze        kamikaze.wav         Worm says, "Kamikaze!"
Laugh           Laugh.wav            Worm laughs.
Leave Me Alone  leavemealone.wav     Worm says, "Leave me alone" when it is being picked on.
Missed          missed.wav           Worm says, "Missed!"
Noooo!          nooo.wav             Phrase when a worm is blasted off the screen.
Oh Dear         Ohdear.wav           Worm says, "Oh Dear" when dying.
Nutter          oinutter.wav         Worms says, "Oi! Nutter" when you do something stupid like
                                     hitting your own worm.
Ooff 1          ooff1.wav            FX when hitting ground.
Ooff 2          ooff2.wav            FX when hitting ground.
Ooff 3          ooff3.wav            FX when hitting ground.
oops            opps.wav             Shoot and miss near own worm.
Orders          Orders.wav           Order strike
ouch            ouch.wav             Fall and hurt yourself.
Ow 1            ow1.wav              When worm is hurt.
Ow 2            ow2.wav              When worm is hurt.
Ow 3            ow3.wav              When worm is hurt.
Perfect         perfect.wav          Worm says, "Perfect!" when making a great shot.
runaway         runaway.wav          When an object lands nearby.
Stupid          Stupid.wav           Worm says, "Stupid!" when you do something crazy.
Take cover      Takecover.wav        Worm says, "Take cover!" when a grenade lands nearby.
Traitor         traitor.wav          Worm says, "Traitor!" when you shoot one of your own.
Watch this!     watchthis.wav        Worm says, "Watch this!" as it fires.
What the?       whatthe.wav          Worm says, "What the..?" as a grenade lands nearby
victory         victory.wav          Sample used when your team wins.
Yes Sir!        yessir.wav           Confirmation phrase.
Regret          youllregretthat.wav  Worm says, "You'll regret that !" when being hit.

Josh Houdek ([email protected]) for giving me the controls for the Dreamcast version of
Worms Armageddon and a nice ASCII picture that was a bit scrambled in his E-mail but I think I
pieced it together quite nicely. He also told me to note this URL were you can vote for the
best videogame of all time (www.freevote.com/booth/bestvideogameev)

David Miller ([email protected]) for giving me heaps of really useful info on the Dreamcast
version his Water Surprise Walkthrough for DC is "Bellisimo!".

Audel Ross Almazan ([email protected])
For giving me helpful info on the PlayStation version.

Oxide ([email protected])
For Helping me fix W:A temporarily until my Registry became corrupted and I found out a corrupt
Video Driver corrupted the Registry and because the Video driver was corrupt worms wouldn't
work, so I used DOS and /deltree WINDOWS and then reinstalled Windows and now it all works!

Bobby ([email protected])
For giving me the much needed PlayStation controls.

Conor Chapman ([email protected])
For contributing the Quick Reference Chart.


TEAM 17, the best videogame makers, besides Rare and Nintendo.

CJayC and Al Amaloo for maintaining two of the best video game sites in the world and for
posting all my FAQ's up on their sites.


Version       2.6
Update No      17
Size       94.3KB
Pages          39
Words       13798
Characters  92903
Paragraphs   1675
Lines        2414

GameFAQ's CONTRIBUTER PAGE- www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/4127.html

CONTACT's- E-Mail- [email protected]
                   If I don't reply it's either I don't know the answer to the question or your
                   sending me info i already know or someone has sent before you.
           WormNET-Horshack83 or AstroBlue
                   If you want to play against me in WormNET tell me your name on WormNET
                   (Case Sensitive) and I'll keep a lookout for you using the Snooper.

LEGAL JUNK (Not a Chinese boat full of lawyers)
The following sites are the only *official* carriers of this FAQ:

• GameFAQ's (www.gamefaqs.com)
• Video Game Strategies at About.com (vgstrategies.about.com)

Those sites always have the most up to date version, so please check them for newer versions
before sending me a question. You may post this FAQ on your site as long as you abide by the
following rules:

1. You inform me that you're posting the FAQ and give the address of your site.
2. No advertisements are present on the same page the FAQ is viewed.
3. All material is kept in its complete entirety.
4. No material is changed or re-formatted in anyway.
5. You *try* to keep up to date with the newest version.

WORMS ARMAGEDDON is a trademark of TEAM17 Software Ltd.

©  Copyright 1999-2001 AstroBlue

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