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Super Mario Bros. Deluxe for the Game Boy Color
SMB2 FAQ (aka "Super Mario Bros. for Super Players" mode, "The Lost Levels") 
Version 3.1
Written by BWA ([email protected])

update history:
-ver 3.1-  July 14, 1999: Fixed some of the arcade levels, now that I got the ROM of VSMB 
^_^... Please note that my email address has changed (to "[email protected]").
-ver 3.0-  June 1, 1999:  Bits of info added, mostly about differences from the SNES 
version... (I just picked up a used copy of "All Stars" a few nights ago...)  Comments 
added in sections 2 [Changes...], 4 [Warps] and 5 [Invisible 1UPs].
-ver 2.1-  May 28, 1999:  Added location of Warp Zone to World 4
-ver 2.0-  May 27, 1999:  Added the rest of the invisible 1UP mushroom locations!
-ver 1.0-  May 26, 1999:  first run...

--Table of Contents--
1.  Introduction
2.  Changes made from the SNES "Lost Levels" version
3.  Infinite 1UP opportunity location
4.  Warp Zone locations
5.  Invisible 1UP/power-up locations
6.  Arcade version level layout
7.  Conclusion/Contributors

1.0  --Introduction--

This FAQ covers ONLY the "Super Mario Bros. for Super Players" mode in SMB Deluxe.  There 
seem to be a good number of FAQ's already written that cover the other parts of the game 
[i.e., how to unlock the secrets, where to find everything in the challenge mode, etc.]  
But there didn't seem to be any good info on this particular mode, so I thought I would 
write it up...  Having grown up on the arcade version of SMB (which was a mix of levels 
from SMB and SMB2), I thought I could add some useful insights as well.

In case you don't know, "SMB for Super Players" is actually the Japanese version of Super 
Mario Bros. 2, which was released for the [defunct] Famicom disk drive in 1986.  Never 
released in the US until the SNES release of the SMB All Stars "Lost Levels" (we got Doki 
Doki Panic instead...)  There are a few changes that were made to the game, which you may 
have noticed if you've played the Lost Levels.  You might wanna note that after world 3, 
the piranha plants still come out even if you are standing next to the pipe!  So be 

**To unlock the "SMB for Super Players" mode, you need to get the high score in the 
original 1985 model, which is 300,000 points by default.  The easiest way to do this is 
to go to the end of level 3-1 and do the turtle-on-the-stairway trick when you are 
**small**.  This way you can jump off after you get to 8000 points and walk **under** the 
shell and jump straight up again without accidentally kicking the shell off of the steps.  
Keep doing this until you get enuf points then kill yourself and you've got the high 
score!  Look for the Luigi head on the mode selection screen...

2.0  --Changes between the original/SNES version and GBC version--

Well, a number of things have been done to make the game a little bit simpler.  I went 
out and bought a used copy of the SNES "Super Mario All Stars" a few days ago (and 
subsequently played through the first 9 worlds in one sitting), so let me be nitpicky...

--First of all, there is no longer a difference between Mario and Luigi.  Originally, 
Mario had more mobility (he could stop faster, had less "braking distance" ^_^) and Luigi 
could jump higher (and further).  In the GBC version both characters are exactly the 
same.  But you can still push select on the world map to switch between the two--but it 
makes no difference whether you use Mario or Luigi.

--The graphics are a little different from the original... the original Famicom version 
used different graphics for the ground, trees, etc., in the background, and also the 
mushrooms had eyes ^_^.  In the original, poison mushrooms looked similar to normal 
mushrooms but were just colored differently.  In the SNES and GBC version, they look 
totally different and have a skull & crossbones on them, to make them easier to 

--There is no wind in any of the levels.  A couple of levels in the SNES "Lost Levels" 
had wind that either blew left or right [most notably in the middle of world 5-1 and in 
world 7-3], and a few jumps were only manageable if you waited for the wind to start 
blowing to the right, so that it would "push" you that extra couple of blocks of 
distance... This was removed from the GBC version, and it looks like the longer jumps 
were shortened to make them possible without the wind.

--At least a couple of jumps in which you needed to time your bounce off a flying koopa 
troopa (turtle ^_^) were shortened, most notably in world 4-3.  It is now possible to 
make this jump withOUT using the flying turtle at all.  (anybody remember this from world 
6-3 of the arcade version? that was a nightmare...)

--In world 3-1 of the SNES version, the last trampoline was a super trampoline instead of 
a regular one.  This allowed you to jump OVER the flagpole, but also led you to a 
negative warp, back to world 1.  This is not possible in the GBC version.  It was also 
possible to jump over the flagpole in world 1-2 (thanks to the invisible coins), but 
again, not in the GBC version.

--AND... there appears to be no secret world 9.  I believe this was added in the SNES 
"Lost Levels" if you beat the game without warping... well, I beat the "Super Players" 
mode without warping, saving, OR continuing, and still no world 9.  So I'm just assuming 
its not there... (In case you're wondering, I got 127 lives at the beginning of world 1-1 
and never looked back... ^_^ actually, I used about 90 of them, and that wasn't even my 
first time thru!)  If you did get world 9 on the SNES version, it was just one big water 
world with Bowser in 9-3 (still haven't actually killed him...? Never gotten that far 
with fireballs).  9-4 was another water level, but the word "Arigatou" was spelled out in 
Katakana (for those of you that can't read Japanese)... which means "Thank You!"

--LIKEWISE... there is no World A, B, C and D.  These were 4 super difficult worlds added 
to the SNES "Lost Levels."  Last night I got to D-4 (without warping), got all the way 
past the first Bowser **with fireballs!**, but fell into a stupid lava pit right before 
the real Bowser... I gave up after that... Anyway, I'll try again today.

--And BTW, the "Mario Physics" are totally different in the SNES version... I would think 
the GBC is closer to the original Famicom version, as it was for the original 1985 game.  
In the SNES version, the bounces off of the turtles were exaggerated, making some of the 
difficult jumps a LOT easier.

3.0 --Infinite 1UP opportunities--

Yes, the bouncing-the-turtle-shell-off-the-stairs trick still works in the GBC version, 
but they seem to have made it easier (you won't fall off by yourself, so once you get the 
bounce correct, you're set for as many lives as you want).  There were a few places I 
found that this was possible in the "Super Players" mode, but most of them are well 
disguised and very difficult to pull off:

--World 1-1:
At the VERY beginning, where you get the first mushroom.  There is a turtle walking back 
and forth above 4 blocks, trapped between 2 solid blocks to the left and right.  A  super 
mushroom is in the second block.  First you have to get the mushroom, and punch out the 
third brick, while getting the turtle to walk back and forth quickly on the 4th brick. 
(He won't walk off the edge by himself, so don't worry)  Then you have to punch out some 
of the blocks above, and if you're good, you know what to do from there...

--World 2-1:
At the VERY beginning, get the first koopa paratroopa on the bridge to hop over to the 
left where the steps are... you know the rest.

--World 6-1:
Near the beginning, there are two opportunities very similar to that in world 1-1... the 
first with a buzzy beetle and the second with a koopa paratroopa.  Both are very 
difficult because they **will** walk OFF the edge on their own, unlike the turtle in 1-
1.... good luck...

--World 7-2
In the middle of the level, after you come out of the first pipe and go for a few 
screens, there is a flying turtle that you have to knock down onto a set of three 
**descending** steps.  Good luck, this one was tough.

4.0 --Warp Zones--

Yes, we all know about warp zones, but in the "Super Players" mode, there are also warp 
zones that take you BACKWARDS (in addition to the normal "forward" warp zones of course).  
The reverse warps of course you will want to avoid.  Here are most of the locations, I 
think all of the forward warp zones are listed, but I could've sworn there was one more 
negative warp on the SNES version...?  If you find any, contact me...

--World 1-2: [Warp to World 2]
The standard "go-over-the-top-of-the-last-pipe" location, just like in worlds 1-2 and 4-2 
of the 1985 Original mode.  Once you get over the wall, watch out for the 2 piranha 
plants!  This one takes you to world 2.

--World 1-2: [Warp to World 3]
A few screens down, after the second piranha plant, there is a buzzy beetle next to some 
steps... in the left most brick above is a beanstalk.  There is an invisible coin above 
the buzzy beetle, but you'll have to hit it jumping off of the first step to reach it 
(unless you're big).  It's above the middle of the three blocks that the buzzy beetle 
occupies.  This takes you to world 3.

--World 1-2: [Warp to World 4]
Take the same path as the warp to world 2 (above), but as soon as you go over the wall at 
the end of the normal level, go down the first piranha plant pipe.  You'll end up in 
another part of the level, where you will end up in a "dead end."  Hit some invisible 
coins, and go over the wall to find the warp to world 4!

World 3-1: [Warp to World 1]
The first of the reverse warp zones... this takes you back to world 1!!!  Just try going 
down all of the piranha plant pipes near the beginning.  It's the pipe with a bunch of 
bricks (and one invisible coin) above it.  You'll be taken to an underground bonus area 
with a lone bullet bill cannon.  The pipe at the end leads to the warp zone.  But if you 
don't like your choice, they placed a pit to the left of the warp pipe so that you can 
commit suicide instead. ^_^  BTW, in the SNES version, this warp zone was also found if 
you went over the flagpole.  You needed to use the trampoline to jump over the flagpole, 
but this was changed in the GBC version (the trampoline was a super trampoline in the 
original, but was changed to a normal trampoline for the GBC version).

World 5-1: [Warp to World 6]
Near the end of the level after a long jump over a couple of flying paratroopas, there is 
a row of 5 bricks above a row of 3 bricks.  The top-right brick is a beanstalk, but 
unless you are big, it's a slight challenge to get up there.  You have to jump and curve 
back in mid-air... after a bonus cloud area with a lot of coins, you'll fall down to the 
warp zone area, to world 6.

World 5-2: [Warp to World 7]
Over the pipe at the end, just like every underground world... this takes you to world 7.

World 5-2: [Warp to World 8]
Shortly after the halfway point, there is a beanstock in a VERY hard to reach place, you 
have to jump off the rising elevator just right, and hit a brick to your left.  This 
takes you to WORLD 8!

World 8-1: [Warp to World 5]
A warp zone in world 8 can't be good news... ^_^  Near the end of the level, there is a 
pipe that you can go down which takes you to a bonus water level.  The pipe at the end 
will take you to the warp zone.  Unfortunately this time there is no suicide pit... ^_^

5.0 --Invisible 1UP's--

As in the original 1985 game, there is an invisible 1UP somewhere in every first level of 
each world (i.e., worlds 1-1, 2-1, 3-1... etc).  **PLEASE NOTE** that these 1UPs will 
always be there even if you did NOT get all of the coins in the previous *-3 level, as 
was required in the SNES version (like in the original).  For example, in the SNES 
version, the 1UP in world 2-1 would only be there if you got every coin in world 1-3 
without dying on that level after the halfway point.  (you had to get all of the coins in 
the same run....)  Or if you warped to that world, then the 1UP would be there as well.  
In the GBC version, the 1UPs are there **no matter what**

Apparently some of the levels have invisible power-ups hidden as well [i.e., Super 
Mushroom if you're small, Fire Flower if you're big].  Here are a few that I've found so 

--World 1-1: [1UP]
Not too far in, after the first poison mushroom, after the next pipe, right before the 3 
little goombas.  Two blocks away from the pipe to the right, jump straight up.  (there is 
a little green tree in the background at that spot.)

--World 2-1: [1UP]
Near the end of the level, you must jump on the trampoline, and launch yourself over the 
water (there are blocks that you can hop on if you opt NOT to take the trampoline... but 
then you would miss this 1UP), and land on the 3 blocks near the top of the screen after 
the water.  The 1UP is above the 3rd block.

--World 2-1: [PowerUp]
A little bit into the level, but not quite at the halfway point, about a screen or two 
BEFORE the first trampoline.  There is a mushroom platform, and an invisible coin about 2 
or 3 blocks from the right.  Get on top of it and there is an invisible block to the 
right that holds a power-up.

--World 3-1: [1UP]
A screen or two after the halfway point, there is a tall pipe right after the 2nd bullet 
bill cannon, with a paratroopa flying vertically.  Make a running jump to get on top of 
the pipe... the 1UP is above the pipe just on the left (you have to stand on the very 
left edge and jump straight up).

--World 3-1: [PowerUp]
Right after you find the 1UP, go down the next pipe to a secret underground bonus area.  
This will lead you **backwards** to a point before the halfway point.  It's a dead end 
and almost looks like you are forced to commit suicide, but there is a hidden power-up 
against the wall to your right, and a beanstalk in the bricks right above the pipe that 
you came out of.

--World 4-1: [1UP]
Just BEFORE the halfway point, after a 7 step stairway.  Flush against the right wall 
after the stairs, jump straight up.

--World 5-1: [1UP]
Right after the stairway preceding the long jumps (in the section where there was wind 
blowing in the SNES version), fall flush against the right side of the stairway.  Jump to 
find an invisible coin, then get on top of that and jump again to find the 1UP!

--World 6-1: [1UP]
Near the beginning, where the paratroopa is trapped in its little "cage"... punch out one 
of the blocks below (there is a super mushroom just to the left under the trapped buzzy 
beetle) to let the turtle out, and the 1UP is above the middle of the 3 bricks.

--World 7-1: [1UP]
Shortly after the midway point, right after the 2 hammer bros.  The top set of bricks has 
a mushroom in the fourth or fifth brick from the right hand side.  At the very end, there 
is an invisible block with a 1UP. (you're likely to hit this on accident in an attempt to 
catch the aforementioned mushroom... ^_^)

--World 8-1: [1UP and poison mushroom]
Right where the 3nd hammer brother is.  There is a brick stairway, where the hammer 
brother comes down from, and you can go either above or below.  There is a bullet bill 
cannon below, and a super mushroom in the first "step."  Go **below**, and flush against 
the right side of the stairway (about 4 blocks to the right of the ground cannon) is the 
1UP.  Ironically, on the same screen just to the right (two blocks left of the next 
cannnon), there is an invisible poison mushroom... ^_^

Phew!  Can't believe I found all of those... but there might also be a number of 
invisible power-ups (super mushroom/fire flowers) that I haven't found yet.  I'll be sure 
to list these if I find them.  Again, if you know any, don't hesitate to contact me!

6.0 --Arcade version levels--

I just got the VSMB ROM for Nesticle X.XX--Happy happy joy joy!  The arcade game is 
entitled "VS Super Mario Bros" BTW...

For a good fanpage on "VS Super Mario Bros." visit:
Excellent page, even has map comparisons of the arcade version vs. the original game.

DISCLAIMER: This section of the FAQ has almost nothing to do with the GBC game, this is 
just for information sake for SMB freaks out there... like me ^_^

Okay, the arcade version of the game is nowhere to be found in SMB Deluxe, but just for 
information sake, I thought I would go back and list which levels were used from each 
game in the arcade version.  Here's a list from memory, and I don't have World 8 levels 
listed, because in the arcade version, I never made it that far... ^_^  Keep in mind that 
wherever I say "Same as original game", I mean that it is the same basic level layout as 
SMB1, but **always** with some added twists, moved power-ups, and added pits and 

BTW, the infinite 1UP trick does NOT work on the arcade version.  There were only a few 
places you could work it (end of world 6-1, end of 5-2, beginning of 8-2), but even if 
you're lucky enuf to knock the flying paratroopa in the right direction, you could only 
get one 1UP at a time, after which the points go back down to 8000 and stay there... 
after which you usually fall off. 

--World 1--
1-1: Same as original game...
1-2: Same as original game...
1-3: Same as original game.  Also, there was no ground before the stairway at the very 
end, you had to jump from the flying platform to the steps.
1-4: Taken from 1-4 of SMB2, the "Lost Levels."

--World 2--
2-1: Same as original game.
2-2: World 7-2 of original game... which is the same as 2-2 but with more bloobers.
2-3: World 7-3 of original game... which is the same as 2-3 but with turtles on the 
2-4: World 6-4 of original game... which is the same as 1-4 with more fire windmills.

--World 3--
3-1: Same as original game, but the turtles on the steps at the end were little goombas.
3-2: Taken from 2-2 of SMB2, the "Lost Levels."
3-3: Same as original game...
3-4: Same as original game, but added pits around the dual sets of fire windmills...

--World 4--
4-1: Same as original game...
4-2: Same as original game, but the beanstalk warp zone only takes you to World 6. [not 
6, 7, and 8]
4-3: Same as original game...
4-4: World 5-4 from the **original** game... which is the same as 2-4 of the **original** 
game with more fire windmills, including the GIANT windmill at the beginning.

--World 5--
5-1: Same as original game...
5-2: Same as original game...
5-3: World 6-3 of the original game.  Only the sky is blue, not black. ^_^
5-4: World 4-4 from the **original** game.  Which is the maze... I guess they just 
switched the world 4 and 5 castles.

--World 6--
6-1: Same as original game...
6-2: Same as original game...
6-3: Taken from world 4-3 of SMB2, the "Lost Levels." This level was a major pain in the 
a$$ in the arcade, as it was the first time you had to time a long jump off of a flying 
turtle... especially since you only had 4 lives and if you lost them all, you had to 
continue from the beginning of the world (i.e., 6-1)
6-4: World 5-4 of SMB2, the "Lost Levels,"  with some extra twists added towards the end.  
Tough cookie the first time I got there...

--World 7--
7-1: Same as original game, but with a **lot** of added pits...
7-2: Taken from 6-2 of SMB2, the "Lost Levels." (underwater level)
7-3: Taken from 6-3 of SMB2, the "Lost Levels." (bridge level)  Some new twists were 
added, the bridge had a lot of gaps near the end, and the mushroom at the midpoint was 
7-4: Same layout as 7-4 of the original game, but the correct path through the maze is 
different.  Here it is: Bottom-Top-Top, Bottom-Top-Bottom.

--World 8--
8-1: Same as original game.
8-2: Same as original game.  The 1-UP is changed to a power-up.
8-3: Same as original game.  The first power up is removed, the 2nd is still there.
8-4: Same as original game, same maze.  The invisible coin that lets you jump up to the 
floating pipe is one block higher, requiring a running jump to get up on.  When you save 
the princess, she gives you a poem:

	100000 PTS ADDED


I don't know if you get a different poem for using Luigi.  I'll figure it out later... 
maybe... ^_^

7.0 --Conclusion/Contributors--

While I admit that I have been rather anti-Nintendo the past couple of years, this game 
is absolutely incredible.  The only thing I wish they would have done is added the 
original arcade version of the game.  Here's hoping for some Blaster Master, Bionic 
Commando, and some of the other NES classics as well... ^_^  [Maybe even FF1-3? I know, 
that's a stretch...]

--Contributors to this FAQ--
Billy Fisher  for pointing out the warp to world 4.  

 for giving me the arcade version ROM.  THIS WAS AWESOME STUFF, I 
never thought I would ever get to play the game again.  Visit his page at:

This FAQ is copyright 1999 by Brian Youn (BWA).  If you wanna use this FAQ, please give 
me credit somewhere.  And if you sell it for money, I want a cut of the share... ^_^

--Brian Youn, [email protected]
The University of Texas at Austin
All Rights Reserved.  I was kidding about the money, don't you dare sell this FAQ...

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