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Tear Ring Saga FAQ Ver. 1.0
Last Updated 7/19/01
Created by R1-Kai ([email protected])

Hello, everyone!  This is my very first attempt to make a FAQ so please 
bear with me if you see any mistakes or errors.  I'll try to fix and 
add more stuffs as I go on.  I see that no FAQ has come up for this 
game so I thought I would write one, for being a fan of this game 
myself.  Email me if you have any comments, questions or found any 
error in this FAQ.  I hope people will enjoy this game even more with 
this FAQ.  Enjoy!

Copyright R1-Kai

Here is the usual statement for copyright.  Feel free to distribute 
freely but not for profit or for money!  This FAQ was created to help 
those others who are unfortunate enough to not knowing what to do in 
this game (and if it wasn't for others, I wouldn't be able to play the 
game myself).  And also credit me or let me know if you are going to 
use this FAQ elsewhere.

Ver. 1.0
For the time being, I just listed method of recruiting characters in 
each scenario where it is appropriate.  Please note that I did my best 
to write best spelling for name of each character, but it is just hard 
to name it so right in English from Japanese...  So please use your best 
judgment for the name of each character, it would differ depend on 
each people.  For later version, I would like to add events and secrets 
in each scenario (but most of them are already discussed in the board 
so you can look there too).  And also list of weapons, magic, items and 

Ver. 1.1
Fixed some minor errors
Added a section of appropriate level up of some characters for their 


1.	A bit about the game itself
2.	Skills learned from level up
3.	How to acquire characters

A bit about the game itself

Tear Ring Saga is a traditional simulation game which is very similar 
to Shining Force and Super Robot Wars series.  What attracts people to 
love this game is the characters, their interactions with other 
characters, hard work required to play thru the game and some 
unexpected events (such as a rare critical hit by an enemy which makes 
you start over the scenario and such).  You can of course play thru the 
game without getting all the characters and secrets but what fun is 
that when you play this game?  This game is considered to be a sequel 
of Fire Emblem series, even though this game is not made by Nintendo 
itself.  This game was tentatively titled Emblem Saga at the beginning 
but I guess they were afraid of copyright with the Nintendo or 
something and it was change to Tear Ring Saga.  I think Tear Ring Saga 
is a great title actually, since I don't see anything about Emblem 
throughout the game.  I'm glad that this game came out for Playstation 
because I was sure that Nintendo would never make their games for 
other systems.  I hope sequels for Tear Ring Saga would come out in the 
future so that I won't mourn too much if Nintendo makes Fire Emblem 
for Game Cube and such (I'm not so worried about their upcoming Fire 
Emblem game for Game Boy Advance).  

Level up for some characters
As you already know, characters gain skills when they level up at 
certain level.  But for some characters, they learn special skill 
depend on their level and their job.  This section covers those 
characters that need little bit of attention when they level up so 
they can learn all the necessary skills.

Learns Strength of Gale skill at Princess LV. 8
Learns Talent skill at Princess LV. 10
She should be promoted after Princess LV. 10

Learns Strength of Continuity skill at Magician LV. 19
He should be promoted at LV. 20

Learns Strength of Blazing Wind skill at Gold Knight LV. 12
He should be promoted at LV. 11

Learns Strength of Shield skill at either Iron Knight LV. 12 or 25
If you want to acquire Shield skill fast, promote him at LV. 11

Learns Strength of Heaven's Star skill at Swordsman LV. 15
Should be promoted any LV. Of your choice after he learns the skill

Learns Strength of Life and Death skill at Magician LV. 15
Learns Strength of Geomancy skill at Sage LV. 15
Choice is up to you to learn either skill (you can only learn one of 
them), but Strength of Geomancy is preferred.

Other than above characters, all characters will learn their 
appropriate skills as they level up, regardless of their job.  And if 
you don't know what above skills are, please wait until I add a list 
of skills on later update.  For now, just know that you can get above 
skills for above characters at those levels.

How to look at below list: Scenario / Character Name / How to get each 
character or required character to get each character

1 / Ahkis / From the start

1 / Kate / Joins along with Sasha

1 / Ryunan / From the start

1 / Garo / From the start

1 / Sasha / Talk to her with Ryunan

1 / Kurais / From the start


2 / Pram / Visit bottom right house with Ante

2 / Batsu / From the start

2 / Ejekiel / Select him before scenario starts

2 / Julia / From the start

2 / Lee / Select him before scenario starts

2 / Naron / Select him before scenario starts

2 / Rafin / From the start

2 / Ante / From the start

2 / Luca / Select her before scenario starts

2 / Estel / From the start


3 / Narcis / Visit bottom right house with Ryunan


4 / Rakel / Visit top left house with Sasha

4 / Matel / From the start

4 / Vega / Talk to him with Julia


5 / Maruju / Talk to him with Ante

5 / Siek / Talk to him with Ryunan (he looks a bit different than 
usual Dark Soldier) or he will come to talk to Ryunan


6 / Mel / Clear Scenario 4 without killing her and you talked to 
Narcis back in Scenario 3

6 / Norton / Talk to him with Sasha

7 / Roger / Talk to him with Mel

7 / Toms / Talk to him with Batsu

8 / Yuni / From the start

8 / Katori / From the start

8 / Jeno / From the start

9 / Merriel / From the end of Scenario 8

9 / Narcis (2nd time) Make sure you talked to him back in Scenario 3, 
talked to him with Ryunan
(But runs away again with 1/2 of your money)

10 / Leni / There are two known ways to get her
1.	Take over the castle before Mintz gets in (but that way, 
you will only get Leni and Mintz won't join you)
2.	Let Mintz go into the castle and wait a turn.  An event 
will occur where you will see Leni running away.  Now take 
over the castle and Mintz will join you.  You will be able 
to recruit Leni in Scenario 17.

10 / Mintz / Take over the castle after Mintz goes into it

10 / Bilford / Either talk to him with Sharron after you talk to her 
with Rafin or clear the scenario without killing him or Sharron

10 / Sharron / Talk to her with Rafin or clear the scenario without 
killing her

11 / Erisha / From the start

11 / Samson / From the start

12 / Atrom / From the start

13 / Meruhen / After you clear the scenario

13 / Chrishinu / After you go into the enemy ship

14 / Pram (2nd time) / Visit the white house with either Holmes or 
Batsu (Holmes is recommened)
But she have to be abducted on Scenario 10


15 / Lilie / Visit the church with Atrom

15 / Sun (Sen?) / Talk to her with Frau. Or clear scenario w/o killing 

15 / Frau / Talk to her with Matel. Or clear scenario w/o killing her

17 / Leni / Once you saw her escape in Scenario 10, visit the house on 
right (little above the bridge) with Mintz and you will be able to 
recruit Leni

17 / Shirow / After you clear the scenario

19 / Ropal / Talk to him with Ryunan or Sasha


22 / Leonheart / From the start

22 / Jakaria / After you clear the scenario

23 / Bard / If Narcis is alive, Bard will appear in turn 6

23 / Liseru / Talk to him with Bard

24 / Sierra / Kill Sigen before free battle 5 (Bridge of Seal). When 
you move Ryunan on world map, she will join
(or she will join on Scenerio 31)

25 / Rebecca / Visit 3rd house from the bottom left

25 / Letina / If you saw all of her events up to this point, visit the 
same house where you would get Rebecca (Letina will join instead of 
Visit the house after you kill Marco with Kurais

Here is a brief outline of how to recruit Letina:

1.	After Scenario 8, put both Ahkis and Kurais in Holmes' army
2.	Then put any character from [Sasha, Kate, Rafin, Estel, Norton, 
Roger, Mel] in Holmes' army as well
3.	Go to Uerute Kingdom (same place from Scenario 2 where you get 
to select a character from 4 characters).  You will be able to 
recruit one more character from ones you did not select before 
(Rainel will replace the place of the character you selected in 
scenario 2).  Here, pick Ejekiel the Axe Night.
4.	Go to Beruje (Beruje is a town between scenario 1 and 2) and an 
event will occur for Letina, Kurais and Ejekiel (Letina is the 
sister of Ejekiel by the way).
5.	After clearing Scenario 13, visit Beruje again with Kurais but 
make sure he carries the Water Drop of Healing (either from 
treasure box of Scenario 8 or buy from tool shop of Maru, looks 
like a water drop).
6.	After clearing Scenario 15, visit Beruje again with Kurais but 
now make sure he has Talisman (Omamori).
7.	After clearing Scenario 19, move Holmes' army to Beruje
8.	During Scenario 25, kill Marco the Gold Night with Kurais and 
Marco will tell you where Letina is.  Then visit 3rd house from 
the bottom left.  Letina will join you instead of Rebecca.
9.	After free battle 6 on Holmes' army, an event will occur where 
you will have to make a choice.
1.	[I can't do that!] Letina will leave.
2.	[Okay, if you say so] both Kurais and Letina will leave 
unless you have Ejekiel


26 / Lina 
/ For route A, Visit the 3rd house from top left with either Ahkis or 
/ For route B, talk to her with Ahkis and clear the scenario

29 / Re Ne / Talk to her with Atrom

30 / Yohda / After you clear the scenario

31 / Sierra / She will join here if you did not recruit her yet
Visit the house in the middle with Sigen

34 / Hagal / Talk to him with Mintz

36 / Benu / From the start

40 / Senete / From the start

40 / Tee Eh / After 4 turns, an event will occur and she will join

40 / Ahfrid / After 4 turns, an event will occur and he will join

Special thanks goes to

Enterbrain/Tienarog for making such a great game

Mawang-nim (www.mawang.net) for all his hard work which helped me 
greatly to make this FAQ possible

And all other people

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