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             ____'  ____'  ____' ___'    ____'  ____
            (-|    (-|_,  (-|   (-|_)   (-|    (-(__'
             _|     _|__,  _|    _| \_,  _|__'  ____)
            (      (      (     (       (      (

                      {}}}}}       {}    {}
                      {}   {}       {}  {}
                      {}    {}       {{}}
                      {}   {}       {}  {}
                      {}}}}}       {}    {}

FAQ for: Tetris DX (Gameboy/Gameboy Color)
Author: Dallas ([email protected])
FAQ #: 004
Version: 2.2
©1999, Dallas ([email protected])
Date: 10/9/99

WOW! I have found yet ANOTHER person with even more OUTRAGEOUS scores 
than the former "Tetris King". These are true official scores, because 
these people have shown me proof they have gotten these score. 

Hello again. Here is another update. I have found somebody with AMAZING 
Tetris DX scores, I have posted them in the high scores section. Guess I 
am not the master of Tetris DX after all.

Hi. This is my 4th FAQ that I have written so far. This one is on Tetris 
DX for Gameboy/Gameboy Color. This FAQ contains codes, hints, tips, etc.
So if you don't want help on this game, then don't read this because it 
is a spoiler for the game. Thank you. 

Table of Contents:
i. Version History
ii. Introduction
iii. History of Tetris
iv. About DX
I. Types of Play
II. Controls
III. High Scores
IV. Hints/Tips
V. Codes
VI. Gameshark Codes
VII. Credits
VIII. Future FAQ's
IX. Disclaimer

i. Version History
2.2 - Added yet another high score. This one is even more OUTRAGEOUS 
      than before. I will update every time I find a new high score that
      is worthy of being in this FAQ.
2.1 - Added new high scores in the high scores section. The person who 
      got these scores is definetly a Tetris MASTER. Also added some 
      screen saver codes.
2.0 - Finished all the rest of the FAQ. If I get any new codes I will be 
      sure to post them.
1.0 - Added Information up to Roman Numeral # III. High Scores

ii. Introduction
Hi. I have written this FAQ for Tetris DX because it is a really fun and 
addicting game to play, and I am pretty good at it (Can't call myself 
the master at this game anymore) and I thought everybody should know 
hints, tips, codes, etc. So that they can become great tetris players 
too. I have gotten very high scores (but not as high as one person (see 
high scores)), and I saw that this game had no FAQ's written about it, I 
also saw that someone requested an FAQ for it. So here it is. A complete 
FAQ for Tetris DX. With this guide, (Hopefully) you will become as good 
a tetris master as me.

iii. History of Tetris
Tetris is a puzzle game. Different shaped blocks fall from the top of 
the screen to the bottom, and your goal is to erase lines of blocks as 
they fall. You need to fit the shape that falls into an empty space in 
your lines below. Your objective is to not let the blocks overflow to 
the top or else you lose. There are many, many Tetris games out there. 
For computer, Gameboy, N64, PSX, etc. But the best one for Gameboy is 
Tetris DX.  Some other Tetris games are: Tetris Blast, Tetris plus, 
Magical Tetris, The New tetris, Classic Tetris, and so on. There are 
lots of them. 

iv. About DX
Ok, So the name of the game  is Tetris DX right. So what does the DX 
stand for you ask. It stands for Deluxe. It is a tetris game for the 
Gameboy and they added a DX after it. Any game you see a DX after it is 
a game that is made for the gameboy Color. All though you can still play 
Tetris DX on your black and white gameboy, it is much better to play on 
your color gameboy. It has great colors and sound. There are 7 different 
shaped blocks in the game so I have drawn them out below to give you an 
idea of what they look like: 
 _ _      _ _ _     _ _ _ _    _ _    _ _ _    _ _ _      _ _     
|_|_|_   |_|_|_|   |_|_|_|_|  |_|_|  |_|_|_|  |_|_|_|   _|_|_|
  |_|_|    |_|                |_|_|      |_|  |_|      |_|_|

Overall this is a very good game, so 
here is my rating on a 10 scale:

                          __________ ___________
                         | Category | Out of 10 |
                          __________ ___________
                         | Graphics |   7.5     |
                          __________ ___________
                         |  Sound   |   8.0     |
                          __________ ___________
                         | Control  |   9.0     |  
                          __________ ___________
                         |Game Play |  10.0     |
                          __________ ___________
                         | Overall  |   9.0     | 

The game has good graphics, they could be better but they are good 
considering this is a gameboy game. The game has great sound so I gave 
it an 8 because I like the variety of music it has. Control is very good 
so I gave it a 9. Game play is very great, this game will addict you. 
Tetris is the kind of game that keeps you coming back for more. So 
overall Tetris is a great game so I gave it a 9.

I. Types of play
First of all, here is an Example of the Playing field of Tetris DX:
                       |                      |       |
                       |  _ _ _               |_______|
                       | |_|_|_|              |_ _ _ _|
                       |   |_|                |_|_|_|_|
                       |                      |_______|
                       |                      | NEXT  |
                       |                      | PIECE |
                       |                      |       |
                       |                      |LINES: |
                       |                      |   24  |
                       |                     _|       |
                       |                    |_|SCORE: |
                       |      _ _           |_|  900  |
                       |_ _ _|_|_|_         |_|       |

Ok, here are the types of play:
1. Marathon - The marathon is where you just play and see how high of a 
score you can get.  So it is just basic gameplay to get a high score. 
You can set the level you want it at from 0 to 9. It does go higher than 
level 9 but you can't choose higher than level 9.
2. Ultra - Utlra mode gives you 3:00 minutes to see how high of a score 
you can get and to see how many lines you can get. This mode really 
gives you a challenge if you want time trials.
3. 40 lines - This mode is to see how long it takes you to get 40 lines 
cleared. It is timing you from when you start and until when you erase 
40 lines. Your goal is to erase 40 lines in the lowest time possible. To 
see my high scores for all of these modes see the HIGH SCORES section, 
to see if you can beat me.
4. Vs. Com - this mode lets you play against the computer. When you 
select it you can choose Easy, Normal, or Hard. Then it shows how many 
wins you have got. Your objective here is to keep the lines as low as 
possible at the bottom of the screen. And try to erase lots of lines at 
one time, that way it will make more lines appear on the computers 
screen and vise versa. The computer mostly copies your moves so get rid 
of as many lines as possible or you will lose.

II. Controls
A Button - Selects; Rotates Blocks
B Button - Cancels; Rotates Blocks
Start - Selects; Pause
Select - If pressed with start, A and B will restart game.
Control Pad + - Moves blocks; Moves selections.

III. HIGH scores
Here are the high scores that I have gotten as well as other scores from 
Greg ([email protected]) and  Alex Montanus , these guys are the KINGS at 
tetris. I don't have good scores for Ultra, Vs. Comp or 40 lines because 
I mostly play Marathon:

Greg ([email protected])(The new Tetris Master) 
Marathon: 687,060 (AMAZING!!!)
Ultra: 58,701 (WOW!)
40 Lines: 1:50 (OUTRAGEOUS!) 

Alex Montanus ([email protected])(The Tetris King)
Marathon: 606,051 (WOW!)
Ultra: 16,553
40 Lines: 2:03
This guy really is the tetris King

My Scores:
             ___    ___    ___     __      ___
            < | >  <__ |  <__ |   <  |    /   \
MARATHON:   / | \    / /    / /    | |    | | |
            \___/   /_/    /_/    <___>   \___/

             _ _    ___    ___    __
            | | |  <_- |  <__ |  <  |
ULTRA:      |_  |    | |    / /   | |
              |_|    |_|   /_/   <___>

             ___     _    ___    __
            /_  \   (_)  /_  )  / /_
40 LINES:    _< <    _    / /   | _ \
            \___/   (_)  |___>  \___/

              ___     __      ___
             /   \   <- >    /   \
VS. COMP:    | | |   /(>\    | | |
             \___/   \_\_>   \___/

In case you can't read my scores they are:
Marathon: 87710
Ultra: 4971
40 Lines: 3:26
Vs. Comp: 0 & 0 (Haven't played it that much)

IV. Hints/Tips
Well here are some Hints/Tips to help you become a Tetris Master, 
hopefully with this information you can become as good a Tetris Master 
as me. Hehehe.
Hint/Tip #1: Always look for empty spaces that will fit your pieces.
Hint/Tip #2: Make sure that you always look at the piece that is going
             to fall next, this way you can think ahead of time where
             you are going to place it.
Hint/Tip #3: If there are no empty spaces to fit your block, put it 
             somewhere where you know it won't mess up the whole game
             for you. Remember you can always get rid of a misplaced 
             block by erasing lines.
Hint/Tip #4: DO NOT try to get rid of 1 line whenever you can. Build up 
             your blocks on one side of the screen and leave 1 row empty
             so that you can put a row block into the space and you can
             get a Tetris (4 Lines Erased). This will really boost your
             score and it will give you a better % of tetris' on your 
             records (In the beginning when you choose your name, push
             select to see your records).
Hint/Tip #5: No matter how high your blocks get, keep playing. I have 
             had my blocks 2 empty lines from the top, and I got them
             all back down to the bottom. It is never too late to still
             win. So keep playing no matter what.

V. Codes
To make a block rise instead of fall. This code gives you more time to 
think where you want to place a block. Ok here it is: _ _
First of all, this code doesn't work with the square |_|_| blocks or the
Row blocks (4 blocks in a row).                      |_|_|
Ok, here is the code:
When the piece falls down press and hold the left or right button. Keep 
holding it to make the piece press up against the side of the screen. 
Then press A or B very quickly to make it rise back up. This is not a 
very useful code but hey its better than nothin'. Submit codes to 
[email protected] I will give full credit.

Screen Savers:
Fish Screen Saver: On the first demo that appears when you don't press 
start, press the SELECT button.
Confetti Screen Saver: On the 2nd demo press A.
Chalkboard Screen Saver: On the 3rd demo press B, this could take a 

VI. Gameshark Codes
I don't have any at the moment. So if you want to, send some to me at 
[email protected] and I will give you full credit for them. Thanks.

VII. Credits
Nintendo for making the game.
Me for writing this. LOL.
and... any of you who send in codes. Thank you

Here are all my FAQs by Number:
#001: Adventure Island (NES)
#002: Adventure Island III (NES)
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#004: Tetris DX (GBC/GB)
#005: Donkey Kong 64 (N64)
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#007: Motocross Maniacs 2 (GBC/GB?)
#008: Arkanoid (NES)

IX. Disclaimer

X. The End
FAQ #4 Complete. I hope it was useful. Thanks for reading it, BYE!


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