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The House of the Dead 2 (THOTD2) 
Arcade and Dreamcast version

A FAQ by Guy "Type R"	
E-mail address: [email protected]
Version: 1.09
Started on:  1.6.1999
Latest version of this FAQ can be found at: 

Note:  Please don't e-mail any question(s) about the Dreamcast version of 
"The House of the Dead 2".  I don't have a Dreamcast, so.....

A. History
1. My life and House of the Dead 2--- the journal
2. What is House of the Dead?
3. Characters and allies in HOTD2
4. How to survive in House of the Dead 2
5. The "level" chart
6. Enemies in HOTD2
7. Elements in HOTD2 that I like and hate
8. HOTD2's sloppy side
9. Funny things to do in HOTD2
10.How to play alone
11.The First Chapter -- A Prelude walkthrough 
12.The bosses' backdoor
13.Credits (coins)
14.Rumors about HOTD2
15.The Ending
16.What I realized about HOTD2's ending
17.Who is the successor?
18.Dreamcast version
20.No Thanks! 
21.Things between can and can't

Chapter A: History

1.15.1999 	Version 0.65: Started this "for beginners" FAQ.

1.18.1999    	Version 0.72: Added the real story of HOTD series, and some
			      errors fixed.	  
1.20.1999 	Version 0.80: Added a "level" chart and some minor changes. 

2.7.1999  	Version 0.87: Big update. Added a tip that can increase your 
			      accuracy (tip 8), some new zombies, a section 
			      about all bosses but Emperor Type Alpha, and 
			      some minor changes in some sections. 
			      Hmm....most of them are just off-topic, but I don't 
			      care. HOTD2 is fun to play, and this FAQ should be 
			      fun to read too. Also, a special thanks to Gamefaq's 
			      warning, I also put something about plagiarism in 
			      the "Can and can't" section. Read if you guys want 
			      to know about this. And just for the kicks, can 
			      someone put Plagiar -ism into their Street 
			      Fighter Alpha/Zero 3 FAQs? Be creative. 

2.10.99		Version 0.95  Added the Emperor Type Alpha strategy, some more 
			      bosses' strategies in the "Bosses' backdoor" section,  
			      fixed Judgement 's knight name from Khar to Kuarl, 
			      fixed the name Judgement to Judgment (that's 
			      what it spells in the game), added one more element 
			      I hate, a  2.9.1999 rant, Hierophant's hide and seek
			      in chapter 5 (bosses' backdoor), a NEW SECTION 
			      called "scientific-methods of finding codes", and 
			      a special "sound" part of Strength Type 205 in
			      "Bosses' backdoor" section. Also, I add a section 
			      about what the story's message is about. See "What I 
			      realized in HOTD2's ending" section.

2.12.99		Version 0.96     Added an easy way to beat some of the 
			         bosses (tip 9), deleting all off-topic rants, an
			         alternate way to beat Judgment (both knight and
			         purple bat) in the "bosses' backdoor" section,
			         changed the hide-n-seek thing about
			         the stage 5 Hierophant, and how to get the 
			         "white idle stance" during the Magician fight.  
			         I'm also deleting the finding codes section because 
			         it's stupid.

2.22.99		Version 0.97    Deleting some stupid texts, changed some 
			        obvious errors, and changed the way to get
			        Magician's "white idle stances" in the bosses
			        backdoor section. Nothing new.

2.27.99		Version 0.99     Add a warning about Game Cave at the end 
			         of this FAQ and give Henry LaPierre a credit. 
	  		         I'm so boring that I add a "HOTD2's sloppy 
			         side" section. I'm talking about the spelling 
			         errors, grammar errors, and voice errors that 
			         AM1 did. Also, some people says that I've gone
			         TOO far with the inability of the beginners. 
			         Well, I admit it. But they will NEVER learn
			         their mistakes about light guns/real guns.
			         Anyway, some of the texts about this are gone:  
			         gone with the wind. :) I'm also trying my best 
			         to polish this faq. Please help... anyone?

3.16.99		Version 1.00     Add an ending section. Still no sign of making 
			         a walkthrough for the rest of the chapters.
			         Not because I'm lazy, but the fact is chapter 2's 			         
			         routes are REALLY complicated (and I just 
			         like to write a walkthrough in order.) 
			         Add a "no thanks" section, and  updated the 
			         credits section. (Still needs to be polished...help...)

3.27.99		Version 1.01    Add a "how to play alone" section. 
			          Add another error in "HOTD2's sloppy side" section.
			          Some minor changes.

3.28.99		Version 1.02    Just some minor changes and fix some (obvious) 
			          errors. Darn it....oh, more people on the credits

3.30.99		Version 1.03    Two (very ridiculous) errors found in "HOTD2's sloppy side"
			          section (#9) and I added a Dreamcast section (#17). Yay. 

4.6.99		Version 1.04    Add another rumor about the "HOTD1 in HOTD2" thing.
			          I also noticed that the DC uses the GD-ROM instead of 
			          a CD-ROM, and the CD-ROM will not read the DC's 
			          Gigadiscs (GD). Darn.

5.8.99		Version 1.06    Add a "Who is the successor" section, and I increased the 
			          requirement on extreme (level 4) in "level chart" section.
     			          Add another tip (tip #10) and yet more people in the credits 
			          section & the "no thanks" section. Updated the "diary", added
			          another error and a rumor.

6.10.99		Version 1.07    Add some proofs about why Harry will be the successor, 
			          some minor changes (spelling and grammar errors, etc.), 
			          updated the "diary", and add some more things about Magician
			         in "bosses' backdoor" section	.

6.25.99		Version 1.08    Added another grammar error.	 

6.28.99		Version 1.09    Added another successor idea.

Chapter I:  My life and House of the Dead 2--- The journal
	Note: This FAQ does NOT contain a walkthrough besides chapter 1. If you want 
the walkthrough for other chapters, simply go to http://www.gamefaqs.com and search 
for "House of the Dead 2".

	Another note: Forgive my English. I HATE to learn English, so some grammars 
and word usage will really mess up. If there are some parts that you do not 
know what I am really talking about, I will fix them by telling me. Thanks. 

	12.18.1998. The date when I last saw The House of the Dead 1 in 
Albany Bowl (Albany, CA) before my Christmas holiday, I said to myself "Gives 
us new a light gun game here, ho!" And it's here. Really here. In 1.04.1999, I 
saw: The House---of the Dead, 2. When I took a good look at the machine, I 
said to my mind, "why in the heck they designed the machine like that?" The 
real screen is now at the bottom, mirrored. What is in front of me is a 
"mirror-mirrored" screen with a glass blocking far away. And the screen is so 
darn small! But.... who cares about that anyway? Three quarters, then the 
start button. Five minutes later, I have been killed by that purple bat (I 
think it is called reaper, but I really do not know WHAT it is) flying around 
as a tsetse fly in a tropical rain forest. Cannot beat stage 1 for the first 
time. Now I know, this game will be the next light-gun challenge I have to 
   	I used up 10 dollars to keep up with my skills. But still, the 
furthest distance I can go (no continue) is the second stage boss. I've 
beaten House of the Dead 1 and Time Crisis 2 WITHOUT USING A SINGLE 
CONTINUE, but why? Why I cannot beat House of Dead 2? That because I still 
need more, more, and MORE accuracy. 
	It's useless to get more information by seeing how other people play, since 
the library is where G [Player 2 in House of the Dead 1] is). Yes, this FAQ is ALL 
by myself. Darn those weak light-gun people. I can only get a dollar every Friday.  
No job, no beg, poor guy. Anyway, I know a lot of things about how to last your 
life marks longer. If you want to be a good House of the Dead player or just do not 
want to be a WEAK light-gun player, read on. 

	This is my very first FAQ, by the way. I made this FAQ because.....I 
really do not want another light-gun player to lose THAT many quarters.
I saw a guy wasted 15 dollars (count it, 15!) to beat the game..... here's 
his rank:

Name: JJJ 
Rank 6  (he sucks!)
Points: 49337 

	If he's THAT weak, why he need to beat the game...?

By the way, he continued either 27 or 37 times. 

	Continuing is now only 1 quarter! Cheap as hell! I used up 4 
dollars to see the whole story instead of doing some practice (well, 
almost). I saw a lot of new things in the later chapters. Like, Magician 
for example, is much cooler than the first one. The red idle stances and 
the fireballs are the main visual difference between the two.
The music is enhanced, and I still love it. Man.....

	I FINALLY beat the game with Gary. For the first time, I wasted 3 
dollars and 25 cents (that's 11 credits). I know you guys might think "you 
suck!", well, try it and see for yourself. I got "Goldman is a zombie 
ending" because I continued 10 times (the last digit of the points MUST be 
0). My rank is number 4, agent rank 3 (expert), and the points are 67580. 
It's not bad for the first time. Really. 

	Yay, another victory! This time, I used 10 credits. Ranked 3,
agent rank 3, and score 70,209 points. I feel I'm getting better
everyday. I got over 30,000 points in chapter 2 already! And uh....
I felt a bit hopeless that I'm afraid of shooting the civilians when
the zombie is really close to them. Ugh..... what will the "level
five" people do? 

	Just 6,000 more points to Rank 1! I'm so happy. =)
Rank 3, agent rank 2 (Top), used 7 credits, and 73,827 points.
When I played Area 51, I found out my accuracy has been
greatly improved. I'm so happy (oops, I repeated....). =] 

	Just 1400 more points to rank 1! Hahaha....
I only continued 4 times, and the first continue is when I
fight Strength. By the way, I didn't lose any lives when
fighting Magician and it uses that "white idle stances"
again. Yo!


(Yeah, I'm really bumped.)

	Hm....I continued 6 times, and I got more than 80,000 points 
(therefore, the Rogan ending is there). Something's funny.
How can I get this high with 6--- SIX, s-i-x, 5+1, 3*2--- 
continues? Let's see.....if using HOTD1's 
scoring system.... (and I give Tristan Kinslow a credit)

	Each civilian you rescue:                       +400
	Each civilian killed by a monster:              -100
	Each civilian you kill:                         -200
	Each monster killed:                            +80
	Each time you shoot a monster's head:           +120
	Each time you are hit by a monster:             -100
	Each time you collect a medal:                  +200
	Each time you obtain a golden frog:             +1000

	Since I continued 6 times, I've lost at least 18 lives 
(do the math)...and I got 2 life ups in stage 1, and 1 in stage 2, 
3, 4, 5, 6. Therefore, I've lost 25 lives (so.... -2500 huh...). 
And I rescued...3....4...2..1..... 10 civilians. +4000 points.
And I shot 1 civilian, and...1...2...0...0... 3 civilians killed by
monsters. A 500 point loss. I got 3 coins and 2 golden frogs 
(+2600), and 1 diamond. So that leaves out the points that the 
monsters (including bosses) are killed and something else. 
Let's see..... (Remember, the points that I lost does not count.) 

	82336	Points I got
-	4000	Civilian rescued
-	6	Continues
-	2600	Coins and frogs
	75730	Points that monsters killed and others

	To be exact, less than 37865/41168 
of the points are from the monsters I killed. 
So my advice is....find the route that has the 
most monsters in each stage and ALWAYS 
aim at their HEADS --- hEaDs, HeAdS, sdaeH, 
h-e-a-d-s, heads! (I think that's enough) 


	Still no Dreamcast. I think I'll buy the U.S version of the Dreamcast instead.
........I need a job....
	Both guns' calibrations in the machine were totally f%^ed up. Every shot seems to 
be inaccurate with James' gun, while there's a 1-in-16th chance that the bullet shoots off 
screen with Gary's gun. Something goes terribly wrong here. I think there will be no 
repairman until summer comes...... 
	When I fought Magician with my 13th continue (because of the gun problem), he uses 
the white idle stances!!! Now I have no idea why Magician did that after THAT huge amount of 
	Played a bit of the original Resident Evil for the PSX....fought the Tyrant...and...huh?
Looks more like Magician to me....could it be.....?
	One final note: EGM and Gamefan have finally put the HOTD2 reviews for the DC in 
their May issues!!! Horray!

	This will be the _second last time_ I'll update this FAQ. Not because this game is boring
by any sort (in fact, it still rocks), but I think this FAQ is really big and messy, as somebody 
pointed out. Many people will agree or disagree, but this is MY decision to stop writing anything....
	So, the very last time I'll ever update this FAQ is when I reach level 5, the unstoppable 
level....it may take months or even years.....  	

Chapter II: What is House of the Dead (HOTD)?

	House of the Dead series is a first-person light gun game that your 
objective is to shoot and destroy zombies, rescue stupid people, fight tough 
bosses, and get a touching but boring ending (actually, this is tragedy). The 
series focuses on challenge more than fun, so it's tough to beat. YOUR ONLY 
magnum guns in the next game.

	HOTD2 is the first ARCADE game that uses the SEGA's NAOMI (Nay-o-mi) 
board (Same board as the Dreamcast's). This board can soup up to 3,000,000 
polygons per second (Playstation only has a maximum of 650,000). So the 
graphics can be "skin-like", meaning that everything looks real (Just look at 
the new Magician Type 0!). The board is also CHEAP! It's about 3X cheaper 
than SEGA's Model 3 board (like Daytona 2) but with the same 
performance. It's about 100-200 dollars, I guess. 

	However, the Naomi still doesn't fix a VERY obvious problem with 
polygons: the fingers, toes, hairs, etc. still can't move. For example: after 
stage 2, Gary/James will raise their left hands and say something like, 
"No one's gonna get away with this!" In reality, the hand should
be closed (a la "the rock" in the game "paper, scissors, rock") . But in the game, 
the hand is open a la "the paper". Now that's what I called sloppy. Sigh.... if
Sony don't fix this with their new chip, then I'll stop playing 3D games (j/k). 
Sony once said, "our goal is to produce film-like graphics". Well, if the hairs
can't even move then the graphics are not film-like. Sigh.....(again)

	I recently found the story of the HOTD series in segadreamcast.net.
Here's the whole preview with NO SINGLE WORD CHANGED, except some 
words that I must capitalize so you will know what's important in this preview. 
This preview is by Gavin. (Oh yeah, and you immediately notice the grammars
and vocabularies...it's so darn good!)


	Once again from the labs of AM1, the second installation of the 
ever popular prequel titled House Of Dead that was destined to be ported to 
Sega's Dreamcast has finally been announced. Many have anticipated such a title 
to be confirmed in some form or another on the Dreamcast.  Therefore to finally 
receive such conformation wouldn't be surprising, but it wouldn't go without notice 

House of The Dead 2 is the true debut game of the power monger Naomi board 
arcade machine, and once again sanguine the blood thirsty customers to keep 
them coming back to test their shooting dexterity.  Even though completion of 
this acclaim title is achieved by the highly skilled, the heart pounding suspense 
and need of quick responsive action keeps you coming back for one more go.  

The storyline is as follows: On 12.20.1998 two secret agents Thomas Rogan and 
'G' successfully accomplished their mission objectives, which was to determine 
the nature of a certain Currien's research, conduct a sweep of the site, confirm 
the status of the research staff and special ops team, take defensive action as 
appropriate, and assist any survivors.    

It was discovered that Dr. Currien was planning for world domination via the help 
of his creation code named Magician.  Magician is the masterpiece of Dr. Currien's 
ghastly work. However, this masterpiece spelled the end of Dr. Currien himself.    
Thomas Rogan and 'G' successfully defeated Magician, however Sophie, Richard 
Rogan's fiancée sadly did not survive the struggle. Shortly after, when Rogan said 
his goodbyes to his love and left with 'G', she rose from the dead. Sophie was left 
unaware of this transformation, but not forgotten of the love that she and Rogan 
had for each other.  

Two years later secret investigators, Gary and James, acted by orders of their 
superiors to go after 'G' in the city. 'G' found out that the master criminal Goldman 
is behind a huge disturbance in the city.  However, this disturbance is in relation to 
the Dr. Currien project from two years ago.  This made 'G' boil with rage, as he tried 
to tackle the case himself. Later, Gary and James join with two more secret agents, 
just in case something goes wrong.  

This is because with regards to the reports of the previous case that happened on the 
12.20.1998, the superiors don't want to take any chances. With adrenaline pumping 
through their veins and their fingers anxiously on the triggers of their guns, Gary and 
James only had 2 things on their minds;  find 'G' and discontinue the disturbance 
before anyone get hurts. But what sort of nemesis will they face?  What is lurking 
within the shadows that is making people cry with terror?  

With a total of six stages for you to conquer, QUICK TRIGGER, FAST REACTION, 
you miss out on any of these requirements, things would become extremely problematic.  

The game runs beautifully at 60 frames per second in hi res. House Of The Dead 2 is 
extremely detailed, and it is like a visual tour. HOTD2 differs from the original due 
to its intelligent improved artificial intelligence's (AI). Now rather than mindlessly 
shooting anywhere in the general direction of the enemy, players MUST BE 
ACCURATE IN THEIR SHOOTING SKILLS . An example of this is that if you aim 
to the face of a Zombie, and you do not aim completely accurately, you may 
take a ear or nose off.  

Conversion times between Naomi and Dreamcast are very small since most of the 
development time for the home versions will be spent on enhancing the coin-op 
originals.   So expect the Dreamcast version to have a deeper storyline, more routes, 
and maybe even a special level.  

House Of The Dead 2 in the arcades is doing extremely well and praised by 
those who have played it.    

Expect more news and a review of House of The Dead 2 soon on Sega X.  
Previewed by: Gavin	

Chapter III: Characters and allies in HOTD2

James -----  Player 1. I do not play him often because he is ugly. Slow 
	       talker and he is like an idiot. :(        
Gary  -----  Player 2. I always play him because he is a fast talker and 
               I just like the right side of any light-gun games.  You see,
	       I don't really want to be a hero.   :)
G     -----  Sub character in HOTD2 but Player 2 in HOTD1.  
Amy   -----  Sub character in HOTD2. She looks like a red dressed woman. 
Harry -----  Sub character in HOTD2. He looks like another Goldman. 
Goldman ---  The boss of the boss in HOTD2. Still Curien (that old man
 	       in HOTD1) like, though. 
Civilians--- Characters you need to rescue, but still stupid. Can't they 
               RUN or something? God, those adults are _complete_ idiots.
	       If they can't run, can they say something more scary, like 
	       "I...think... I think I wet my pants..." (the most famous 
	       line in Breath of Fire III) instead of "thank you for rescuing 
	       me." (okay, so that doesn't very scary at all)? But show 
	       me that you're SCARED!

Chapter IV: How to survive in House of the Dead 2

	House of the Dead 1 is hard at first, but about 3 months, it becomes 
pretty easy to beat, so I use some important (and valuable) information I had 
learned about this type of genre. You will need these to beat every single 
light gun game, like Lethal Enforcers, Virtual Cop, Time Crisis, Area 51, 
and of course, House of the Dead. Ready?

Tip A: YOUR HEIGHT. Of course, you don't want a 4-year old kid to play
light-gun games.... make sure you are tall enough to see the whole 
screen without any trouble (Chair works, but do not fall or you will be 

Tip 1: HOW TO HOLD THE GUN. Put the hand that you usually write to the 
trigger (i.e. if you write left-handed, put the left hand to the trigger). 
Why? Because if that hand writes a lot, it's more comfortable to pull and 
release the trigger rapidly. It's true (I am right handed though). Now use the 
other hand to the bottom of the barrel. DON'T hold the gun one handed or two 
hands around the trigger. You will feel very tired that way. 

	ON SCREEN EXAMPLE: If you have Metal Gear Solid for the Playstation, 
defeat Revolver Ocelot in Baker's booby trap room. You will be treated with a 
cut scene. When Solid Snake says, "Who are you?", watch carefully and see how 
he holds the gun. 

Tip 2: HOW TO SHOOT FAST AND AIM WELL (or better accuracy). First, follow tip 1. 
Second, while use the writing hand to pull and release the trigger VERY 
FAST, use the other hand to hold the gun TIGHTLY. The other way of saying 
this: turn that handgun into a sub-machine gun! That's it. Just do not shake the 
non-writing hand or you will shoot a civilian instead and you thought you are 
aiming at the zombie. Yipes!

Tip 3: HOW TO RELOAD FASTER. There are two ways to reload:
	a) Off screen reload. Follow tip 1 and 2. When you need to reload, 
IMMEDIATELY put your arms under the screen and pull the trigger. Then aim the 
gun again. DON'T put your arm to the left or right side of the screen because 
often you will shoot a bullet on screen instead, and it's SLOW to put in back 
on screen. This is useful if you want to rescue civilians in an easier way.    

	Try to memorize when to reload. I always fire six shots and
then reload with a blink. 

	b) On screen reload. Put the non-writing hand a bit forward when you 
play the game. When you need to reload, put the index finger or the middle 
finger (it's longer) at the end of the barrel (a.k.a. the "invisible hole"). 
This is an excellent trick when the enemy does not move around too much. 
HOWEVER, Sega really wants to eliminate this trick, and ACCURACY is
this trick's nightmare. 

Tip 4: CLOSER ENEMY = BANG, BANG, BANG! When you see 2 or more enemies that 
has no range attacks (i.e. throwing a knife, etc.) on the screen, shoot the 
closer one first. I saw a lot of weak light gun gamers playing James, and they 
always shoot the left zombie first (it's in the beginning of the game). BUZZ! 
Wrong!! If you are not following tips 1 & 2, you will just being whip by the 
closer zombie (the right zombie in the beginning). This tip does not work if 
there is a long ranged enemy(ies) on the screen teamed up. 

throwing stuff(s) at you, shoot those IMMEDIATELY. Forget that 
zombie(s) that throwing stuff(s) for now. Your life is much more important 
than a -1 zombie. 

ORGANISM'S(yep, even zombies) LIFE. If you aim and shoot at the head (a brain 
is inside a head, duh!) 2-3 times, spat. Do not waste your time shooting its 
p***s ----- it's fun, but not worth it. When rescuing a civilian, the 
zombie(s)' head is/are very close (repeat) to the civilian(s)'. Also, some 
enemies who have metal weapons can cover their heads (i.e. Axe zombie).

Tip 7 (being annoyed?): KNOW EVERYTHING. Obviously, you want to know when what 
kind of zombie appears. Play it 3-4 times and you will automatically remember 
everything in Chapter 1 (if you can cross it, that is). Understand each 
enemy's patterns are important in any light gun game (well, except Area51). 
Also, always try to use your familiar route that seems easier to you.

I'm serious here, so don't laugh. Since Vitamin C can let your eye see things 
better and clearly (I think), it is the source of better accuracy. 
Buy a gallon a orange juice and drink 6-8 cups daily. It will improve your 
accuracy greatly about a month or two. Of course, not just orange juice has 
Vitamin C. Orange (balls) works too, just longer. It may not be true, however, 
so don't trust this tip COMPLETELY.  

TIP 9: HOW TO BEAT A BOSS EASIER. This only works if the machine's
screen is small, and far from you (Notice there's also a mirrored screen in the
bottom, and a mirror in the top). Basically, if the boss's weak point does
not move much, you can just PUT THE GUN RIGHT NEXT TO THE GLASS,
and start shooting. This totally eliminates the degree of accuracy. I found this
trick when my wrists feel a little tired after I beat the game again (with 9 continues), 
and I start fighting Hierophant Type B 05. Also, my machine's guns (NOT MACHINE
GUNS!!!) have some fingerprints on the "invisible holes", and I found the laser
"bounces" a little to the right. Jesus! But this trick eliminates this problem too. 
Thank god (oops, it's actually "my god"). I also found that this trick is extremely
effective to Hierophant, especially the head slash. To Strength? To the dragon
of Tower? I haven't tested with these bosses though.

WARNING: NEVER try to hit the glass with too much energy. If you break it,
it's your responsibility to fix it. But I'm always wondering if this is bullet-proof
glass or not. 

Tip 10: THINK. If you just shoot the targets mindlessly, you'll just end up 
dead, fast, especially some games that need a high accuracy requirement like 
Lethal Enforcers and Area 51. To survive longer, you've got to THINK! 
As McDonald Miller (in Metal Gear Solid) says, "your mind is the most 
dangerous weapon, blah blah blah." If you can't think while playing video 
games, you simply just suck at it (if you don't want to improve it, that 
is....), no matter how well you did. Chances of surviving will getting much 
higher if you just think. Well, for example.... when you're fighting 
Judgment and the knight dies, the bat will flying around randomly. IF 
(captalized with purpose) you just shoot mindlessly, you will say, 
"GoDAmnIT!!!!!!" (pretty emotional isn't it?) when the bat smacks you 
about three or more times. And IF you calculate where the bullet will hit 
the bat before shooting, the chance is much greater than you might 
expect (and you will say "YEEEAAahhhh!!!"). 

Let me tell you something: Even games like Resident Evil/Biohazard, R-type, Need 
for Speed, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, and even pinball games requires you to 
think. You can say "think" is the line between a newbie and a moderate. Personally,
I think this is the most important tip in almost _anything_ , not just games.

Last tip: WHEN IN A GAME, BE A PLAYER, NOT A READER. This means all 
the tips above cannot save all of your life marks COMPLETELY. There is a word 
called "luck", you know.

Chapter V: The "level" chart

Here's a little but very handy chart that you might think what "level" 
you're on.  Except the level ones and twos (they just wasting my time),
the other levels will have the layout as shown below. 

Ratings are depend on TRIGGER SPEED, ACCURACY, and REACTION, just like 
Gavin said. All are ranged from 0 to 5.

If you wonder what these mean....... (I understand the non-pure English 
people's feelings...)

		Proof:		Evidence that you're in which rank.
		Trigger Speed: 	How fast you can pull and release the trigger 
			        from one to another.	
		Accuracy:	Chances that it hits bulls-eye, or dead on. 
		Reaction:	How fast your brain alerts you when a 
			      	danger is coming.
	       	Comments:	Things that I have to say.	
               	Common death point: 	The area where most players dies.
      Games recommend for practice:	The title says it all.
  What you'll really have to learn:   	The title says it all.
		Level link:	What "level" you will advance to.
		Sps:		Stands for "shots per second".

	Hope they're easy for everyone to understand.......

	Beginner/novice/newbie, level one, type A 

	Proof: If you've always being slashed by the axe zombies, then you're 
	       in this rank. 

	I hate to say this, but....HOTD2 may be way too hard for the newbies. So...
don't play HOTD2. You had been warned.	

	Beginner, novice, or newbie, level one, type B

	Proof: If you just want to shoot fast and the hell with accuracy (or, if 
	you use the "Side scroll index finger firing" trick)  then 
	you're in this rank. 

	You want to be a soldier with only a handgun equipped? 
Hahahaha.....  (excuse me for a second) 

	Intermediate level two

	Proof: If you've often being bitten by worms or can't cross stage 1, 
               then you're in this rank. 

	If you keep practice, you will become a good light gun player or
a good soldier, someday.

	Expert level three 

	Proof:  a) If you can cross stage 1 but can't cross stage 2 then 
		   you're in this rank.	
	        b) If you've sometimes being hit by owls then you're 
		   in this rank.

	Trigger Speed: 	4  (5 sps)
	Accuracy:	4
	Reaction:	4

	Comment:  Should beat House of the Dead 1 without a continue.

	Common death point: Somewhere in stage 2

	Games recommend for practice: Lethal Enforcers 1 Arcade, Time 
			              Crisis 2
	What you'll really have to learn: MORE accuracy and some 
					  more trigger speed.
	Level link:  Extreme level 4

	Extreme level four (I'm in this rank right now)

	Proof:  If you can beat  Hierophant, Strength, and Magician without 
		losing a life then you're in this rank.
	Trigger Speed: 	5 (6 sps)
	Accuracy:	4.5 
	Reaction:	5

	Comment:  Should cross stage 2 without a continue.

	Common death point: Somewhere in stage 3 or 4

	Games recommend for practice: Lethal Enforcers 1 & 2 Arcade

	What you'll really have to learn: MORE accuracy 

	Level link:  Unstoppable level 5

	Unstoppable level five 

	Proof:  If you can beat the whole game by yourself 
	        WITHOUT A SINGLE CONTINUE then you're in this rank.

	Trigger Speed: 	5 (6 sps and reloaded)
	Accuracy:	5 
	Reaction:	5

	Comment:  I guess anyone who take HEAVY military training 
		  can reach this rank easily. I mean, shooting at
		  a moving helicopter's back wing is easier than you 
		  might think.
	Games recommend for practice: House of the Dead 2 (what else?)

	What you'll really have to learn: Don't be proud to yourself. Keep 

	Level link:  Handgun god level 6 (no information with this one)

	To practice accuracy, try Area 51.
	To practice reaction, try Time Crisis 2.
	To practice trigger speed, try The House of the Dead 1.
	To practice all of them independently, try Point Blank.
	To practice all of them at once, try The House of the Dead 2.

	Note that except Time Crisis 2, ALL games above should
had a home version now. So stop wasting quarters and buy them instead.
Time Crisis 2 for the Dreamcast will be here soon. 

Chapter VI: Enemies in HOTD2

Key:  WP --- Weak point
      ATK -- Attacks
      HP --- Hit points to kill. Ranged from small to large.
             Small-- one hit die
             Medium -- Except head, 2 to 6 hits 
	     Large --- Except head, 6 or more hits 

Normal enemies:

Original zombies Type A (They should have blue pants and no shirt)
	WP--- Head
	ATK-- Bite , 1 arm slash or 2 handed arm crush
	HP -- Medium
	Comment: The EASIEST enemy you can ever face. Appeared
in chapter 1-3.

Original zombies Type B (Their whole bodies should be dark-green)
	WP--- Head
	ATK--- 1 arm slash
	HP--- Medium
	Comment: About the same HP as the axe zombies.
Appeared in chapter 2-4.

Axe zombies (They should have 2 axes crossed in front of their heads)
	WP--- Head
	ATK-- Axe slash or bite if both hands are being shot off.
	HP -- Medium
	Comment: Block shots if the axes are in front of its head. Shoot
at its stomach or its legs to lower its axes. Then shoot its head. Or, shoot
at its brain. It's unprotected at ALL times. Appeared in chapter 1-3.

Frogs (They are green-skinned and say "ribbit" when you meet them)
	WP--- Anywhere
        ATK-- Jump bite
        HP -- Small
	Comment: Idiots. If you do not shoot fast they can be deadly.
Appeared in chapter 1 only.

Worms (They have a mouth with dracula-typed teeth, both pink and green)
	WP--- Anywhere
	ATK-- Jump (what the heck?) bite
	HP--- Small
	Comment: Always come with a pack of 7-10. If you do not shoot all of 
them fast then they can be really deadly. Appeared in chapter 1-2.

Chainsaw zombie (They are thin and hold a chainsaw with each hand)
	WP--- Head
	ATK-- Saw slash (need info if both hands are off)
	HP--- Large
	Comment: Block shots if the saw is in front of its head. Shoot at
its legs to lower its saw. Then shoot its head. Sometimes even the brain is
covered. Appeared in chapter 1-2.

Axe throwers (They are always stay in a building throwing axes at you)
	WP--- Head and only head
	ATK-- Axe throw (2)
	HP--- Small
	Comment: Their axes, if have not thrown, can block your shots. Leaves 
after it throws 2 axes. Appeared in chapter 1-2.

Axe throwers 2 (They looked like Original zombies type A with axes)
	WP--- Head
	ATK-Axe throw (2)
	HP--- Medium
	Comment: It sometimes teamed up with original zombies type A. It can
throw axes as it walks. Appeared in chapter 2 only.

Claw zombies (Robot-like zombies with claws)
	WP--- Head and only head (Anywhere if it comes right at you)
	ATK-- Claws
	HP--- Small
	Comment: Can jump anywhere in the background and jump at you, face 
to face, then slash. Shoot at them as you see it's crawling the buildings. Appeared
in chapter 1-2.

Owls (White, bird-like thing with an ugly face)
	WP--- Anywhere
	ATK-- Bites
	HP--- Small
	Comment: They are VERY FAST, and you may get hit very easily. Luckily, 
you can only meet owls in the second chapter.

Knife-throwing zombies (Zombies with orange shirt and small head)
	WP--- Head
	ATK-- Knife throw (unlimited) or air slash
	HP--- Medium
	Comment: Their knives can block a lot of shots. Your best bet is when it 
moves side by side very fast (it looks really lame in present), instead of 
tracking it, stick and shoot to the point that it may come. The bullet will 
hit it in no time.  Appeared in chapter 2 only.

Fat zombies (Black, fat zombies)
	WP--- Head
	ATK-- Dash attack or flying stomp
	HP--- Large
	Comment: They can take about 3 shots to its head in order to finish it. 
Since its head is pretty darn small, this is one bad a** jerk. Appeared in 
chapter 2-3.

Rotting zombie [Green] (Green zombies with no skin)
	WP--- Head
	ATK-- Bite
	HP--- Medium (small in special situations)
	Comment: A little less HP than the brown ones. 
Appeared in chapter 1-3.

Rotting zombie [Brown] (Brown zombies with no skin)
	WP--- Head
	ATK-- Bite
	HP--- Large
	Comment: About the same HP as the fat zombies. 
Appeared in chapter 2 only.

Rotting zombie [Orange] (Orange zombies with no skin)
	WP--- Anywhere
	Attack--Rush bite
	HP--- Small
	Comment: Appeared in the beginning of chapter 3 only.

Fish (Yellow fish with dracula-typed teeth)
	WP--- Anywhere
	ATK-- Jump bite
	HP--- Small
	Comment: Can shoot while in water. DON'T let it come and bite you.
               Finish them as soon as possible. Appeared in chapter 2 and 3.

Bat (Black body with purple wings that flies in a butterfly pattern)
	WP--- Anywhere
	Attack---Fly bite
	HP--- Small
	Comment: Shoot these bats AS YOU SEE THEM. They will be
	annoying when you see them for the first time. In solo mode, 
	they will come with 3. In a special situation like those behind the 
	cell (in stage 4), they come with 7 or 8. Appeared in chapter 3 and 

Mask zombie (A mask behind its face with 2 claws as hands)
	WP--- Head
	Attack---Claw slash 
	HP--- Medium
	Comment: Pretty much like the original zombies, except the
claws can block your shots. Appeared in chapter 4 only.

Sword zombie (A zombie with a sword in front of it)
	WP--- Head
	Attack--- Sword slash (Need info if both hands are off)
	HP--- Medium
	Comment: Did Goldman killed Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII? I 
mean, the size of the swords are pretty much the same as Cloud's except 
there are green bloods "painting" them. Anyway, they will need a certain 
amount of time to raise their swords and slash you. And that time seems 
PLENTY to me.  Appeared in chapter 4 only.

Double knife-thrower zombie (Blue-white skinned zombie with bold hair)
	WP--- Head
	Attack--- Double knife throw
	HP--- Medium
	Comment: You will meet this zombie in chapter 4, when you didn't 
rescue the water gate guy way back in chapter 3. I found that in 1-player 
mode, only ONE of this zombie will appear at one time. Hey, don't even think 
you can survive FOUR knifes rushing at you AT THE SAME TIME. There's
also one more in Chapter 5.

Commando zombie (They have orange hats and white faces)
	WP--- Head
	Attack--- Arm slash
	HP--- Medium
	Comment: Not much about this zombie. They just seemed faster than 
the original zombies, though. Appeared in stage 3 and 5.

Worm zombie (Looks like a blue "original zombie type B")
	WP--- Head and only head
	Attack--- Bite, Worm bite
	HP--- Medium
	Comment: Except their heads, all parts take no damage at all. If you 
see it open its chest, AIM AT THE CHEST AND SHOOT LIKE HELL (if you can).
You will hit the worm before you can even SEE it (if you're in the heat, 
that is). Appeared in chapter 5 only.

Double blade rush robot (2 blades in its hands)
	WP--- Anywhere
	Attack--- Blade slash
	HP--- Medium
	Comment: You will meet these in chapter 5 only. They will show up in 
front of the car, and there's plenty of time to shoot both of these suckers. Oh, and
one weird thing about this guy: their attacks will NOT cost you a life mark. I 
don't know why, though.

Double blade range robot (2 blades in its hands)
	WP--- Head
	Attack--- Bite, blade throw
	HP--- Medium
	Comment: You will meet these in chapter 6 only. The will show up 
anywhere--- ceiling, walls, and the floor. And nowhere--- it seems like 
they're using teleports or something....

Double chainsaw robot (2 long blades in its hands)
	WP--- Head
	Attack--- Saw slash
	HP--- High
	Comment: Their slashing time is a bit longer than the original 
chainsaw zombie. Probably because you have a hard time to shoot its 
head while it's far from you. Appeared in chapter 6 only.

Original zombie-robot (White robots and nothing else)
	WP--- Head
	Attack--- Single arm slash, Double arm slash
	HP--- Medium
	Comment: Sometimes they use teleports, but that will not scare you. 
In fact, it's the same as the original zombies. Appeared in chapter 6 only.

Slime (Orange "stuff" which looks kind of sticky and icky)
	WP--- Anywhere
	Attack--- Uh...don't know what it's called...."death kiss"?
	HP--- Small
	Comment: Only appears in the clock tower in chapter 2.


Stage 1: Judgment Type 28  (A huge, but headless knight with a large
	Axe [or halberd] on his right hand and a purple bat flying around the 
	WP--- Purple bat (Reaper?)
	ATK-- 2/3 to full energy: Halberd slash (Knight only)
	      Minimum to 2/3 energy: Bat bite (Purple bat only)
	HP--  Knight: Large
	      Purple bat: Large
	Comment: More details in the walkthrough.

Stage 2: Hierophant Type B 05 (Looks like Chariot Type 27 in HOTD1. 
It has a large spear [or called trident] on its right hand)
        WP--- The central heart inside its chest
        ATK-- 1/2 to full energy: forward trident slash or dancing 		
	                      trident slash
	        2/3 to 1/2 energy: Fish summon attack 
    NOTE: Different fish summon patterns if fight in different areas.
	SUNSET BRIDGE: Should be 3-5 from left, then 3-5 from right.
	WHARF: 1-2 left, 1-2 right, repeat. Should be ranged from 2 to 		
	       more than 15.
	        1/4 to 2/3 energy: Forward jump trident slash
	        Minimum to 1/4: Hide, then Left or right jump trident 		
				slash (Sunset Bridge only)
	Comment: To play the Sunset bridge Hierophant,  rescue the man at 
the start of the chapter, then somewhere later you will find a gate with a key. 
Shoot the key and then you will meet a fat guy with  barrels. Then there is a 
girl with a fat zombie. RESCUE THE GIRL. Then you  will get into a house
and you will see a door with a lock. RELEASE THE LOCK. Save the man 
(or not), and you should be on the way to the Sunset Bridge. If you can't save
the car guy, you'll meet a woman locked up behind the gate and 2 zombies
approaching her after a long while. If you can release her, then you'll get
to the Sunset bridge.

	To play the Wharf Hierophant, you can either:

a)     Don't save the girl that is being chased by the fat zombie 
(If you rescue the car guy)

b)     Don't save the woman that is locked up behind the gate. (If you
don't rescue the car guy)

c)     Go to the clock tower.

Later chapters' boss strategies will be in the "bosses' backdoor" section.

Chapter VII: Elements in HOTD2 that I like and hate 

What I like in HOTD2:

     1) The challenge. This is exactly how hard a REAL war is.

     2) The boss music. It's another cool piece of techno music in video 
        games. The tones are REALLY weird, like the beeps in each               
        "section" of the music. 
     3) The fonts that appeared in HOTD2. There are about 7 different          
	  fonts in all, and some of them are really weird looking 
                (and yeah, I'm weird).

     4) Magician Type 0. LOVED the idle stances more than the first game.

What I hate in HOTD2:

     1) Life ups. What's wrong with them? They're few and far between.....

     2) The civilians. Uh....you know what I mean by that, right?

     3) Too Resident Evil/Biohazard like. RE1 got mansion, HOTD1 got 	  	  
	mansion. RE2 has trouble in the city, HOTD2 has trouble in the 	   
	city. What's the point? 

     4) The gun. Sometimes, some shots are just out of scale. Probably
	because of fingerprints messing the lasers.....

     5) James. An ultra ugly guy. He will bring me bad luck. 

     6) The machine. The screen is just too darn small and far away.

     7) The crates and barrels. Most of them take two hits instead of                   

     8) One-player imbalance. Two fat zombies, 3 claw zombies,
	4 rotting zombies, and then 2 commando zombies with 2 worm 
	zombies. My god. I can RARELY save my life with this kind of 

     9)  Some voice errors from the game. "Holy fu-[beep] ing  sh-[beep]!!!"
	(Sorry for that sentence..... but the line is straight from 
	another game called NFL Blitz 99) 

	More will be coming as the plot continues.

Chapter VIII: HOTD2's sloppy side

	This section is about the errors (mostly grammar, voice and 
spelling) that HOTD2 has. I hate to say this, but the errors are simply too 
much. Sega better fix these in the Dreamcast version of HOTD2. Since
the conversion between the arcade and the DC is so small, it will not be a 

	Note:   AM1 is HOTD2's developer. Sega is the publisher of this game.
Hm...AM1...I wonder what AMS stands for....

1)   Voice error:   In stage 2, you'll meet a fat man and a granny (that's right,
a granny) if you don't save the man in the car in the beginning. The 
granny's voice sounds like a MAN'S when she dies. Creepy.

2)   Voice error:   In stage 2, if you don't save the woman behind the
gate (just after you met the fat man and the granny), you'll meet
another woman.....well, sort of. Look at her face; hear her voice...
she's homosexual, and I mean it!

3)   Spelling error: In stage 2, just before you met Hierophant, you'll
hear Gary/James say "Harry, we'll talk latter!" What's wrong? 
(AM1 translators are idiots!)

4)   Grammar error: In the beginning of stage 3, Harry says, "...and a
expert on the Genome theory." The error is obvious: it's _an_ instead 
of _a_ since the letter "e" in the word "expert" is a vowel. My god,
I learned this rule since second grade, in Hong Kong. Also, it's
"of", not "on".

5)   Voice error: When Emperor says, "I am....the Emperor." 
it uses the wrong pronunciation with the word "the" since 
since the "e" in "Emperor" is a vowel. Therefore, it shall
pronounce it into "de". Another obvious error that AM1 did.   
Man...if the voice actors are so uneducated then don't
record from them. Jeez.

6)    Voice error: (Gary's solo mode only) When you killed the sliver
dragon of Tower in stage 3, Amy says, "We're in a serious s--Ahh!-
tate." Of course, there's no way that a person can talk two words at
the _same_ time under normal conditions. (Use _common_ sense, AM1.
That's how you teach me...)

7)   Grammar error: Throughout the game, Goldman says "We, Our, etc."
But I thought there's only one person in Goldman's headquarters and that is 
Goldman. If it isn't a grammar error, then there must be two or more people 
in Goldman's headquarters. In the beginning of stage 5, Goldman says 
"Our Emperor shall awaken soon..." So the word "our" is NOT including 
Emperor. Therefore, besides Goldman, who are the others, and where 
are they? (Help me please...) 

8)   Grammar error:  When Magician says, "Either I get you, or
the Emperor will." This error is a bit tricky: because Magician doesn't
even "get" the heroes yet, Magician should say "I'll get you". 
(Does that mean Magician is not a magician after all?)

9)   Voice error:   In stage 3, a voice says, "James/Gary,
over there!" Well, I had no idea WHO says that, because
that voice sounds like a man's, but we all know what Harry's
voice sounds like. There's only three/four people on the boat.....  
James or/and Gary, Harry, and Amy. It's not Harry, and James/Gary
is hanging on. So it leaves out Amy. But it's a man's voice...
(ARGH!!! I'm going confused and _insane_!)

10)   Emotional Error: Before the boss in stage 3, Gary/James
says, "What is it?" But after that, they are NOT surprised 
(no gasp or anything?) when they see a 5 headed hydra.
Therefore, at least they should say "what is THIS!" when
they see the hydra. (Use common sense again...AM1.) 
Yeah, I'm actually going too far with this one, but who cares.

11)   Grammar error: Before you fight Emperor, Goldman says
"The original sin that man has responsible to..." It should
be "responsible for..." Man, another error that seems obvious 
to me. AM1.....graphics are driving you insane. To refresh your
memory, here's a VERY simple question: What's 1+1*2?

12)   Graphic error: In stage 1, a guy will say "I don't wanna 
die...." Well, nothing's wrong with that line, but there's no,
repeat, NO blood on his back! WTF!!!?

13)   "Family" error (or should I say it's an in-game joke): When you 
rescued the GIRL that was chasing by the fat zombie in Stage 2 (if you 
save the car guy and get the key), you'll have a chance to save her
father. Release the lock and then rescue the fat man. He will say,
"My SON...." Now, I think this is the most ridiculous in-game joke
I've ever heard ever since Metal Gear Solid's "HIDEO" in-game joke. 
My god.....

14)  Graphic error: If you don't rescue the guy on the boat that was chased
by a green rotting zombie (after you fought Hierophant on Sunset Bridge),
the boat will explode. Sometimes, though, the zombie will just stand there
and do nothing. Guess what? If that zombie doesn't have invincibility, it will
become a yummy B-B-Q... 

15) "Psychology" error:  When James or Gary says "G's bloodstains..."
in stage 1, there's an error right there. How the hell they know it is
G's? It may be one of the civilians, the worms, or something else (like 
a ketchup). They just can't jump to conclusion THAT quickly, you know 
what I'm saying!? And thanks to Rafiq ([email protected]) who said
something like this.....

	"........I'm not sure what kind of error this is, but it was one that 
pissed me off. In the first stage after the idiot who forgot his primal instincts of
survival (i.e. RUNNING FOR YOUR LIFE!) and the stupid girl who's backing away
from the Zombie, you past a door, and you see G's bloodstains. I sat there
for a moment thinking "What the hell do you mean G's Bloodstains?! How the
heck could he possibly know?!" The whole thing with O.J. [Simpson, NOT 
an abbreviation of Orange Juice :] taught us that machinery isn't reliable with 
blood analysis, but this guy can do it with eyes! I'm not even sure that G was 
bleeding. In short, I'm just angry that he knew it was G's without any proof......."

16) Grammar error: When you reach Judgement for the second time, the bat 
thingy (that's what I like to call him) says something along the lines of 'Don't 
even think you can get passed me this time." The translators put the verb 
'pass' in the past tense, making it wrong. It's hard to believe these people 
get paid for this...             
          					-Error by *Rafiq*

	 Of course, there are still too more than I expected. Any help will 
be appreciated. 

Chapter IX: Funny things to do in HOTD2
	This section is about some funny stuffs that you can do without
hurting your quarters.  Got milk (oops...)? E-mail me ([email protected]). 
At this time, I found only one of them....

1)       When you rescued (and I mean COMPLETELY rescued) a civilian, 
he/she will give you a "thank you" stuff and he/she will tries to go away 
from the screen. At this point, if you SHOOT at them, they will NOT die 
(the same goes to HOTD1). In stage 4, there's one civilian that I REALLY 
hated. When I rescued him, he just says, "thanks for saving me!" and 
he walks away like nothing's happened. Oh yeah? Taste MY bullets and 
say, "WTF are you doing!"

Chapter X: How to play alone

	Sounds easy, isn't it? Well, wait until you see some newbies joining 
your game while you get to Magician. They will just RUIN your rhythm of heat. 
You keep dying. You feel very angry, but they don't know what the heck's 
going on when 3 direct hits "jammed" you. So you give up, and let the newbie die. 
	You might say "NEWBIES SUCK!" Well, they are, simply for one reason:


	About a year ago, I'm just a newbie to light-guns. But I did improve my
mistakes. How to shoot faster? How to dodge faster? How to reload faster? Well,
I kept playing light-gun games and LEARN while playing them. There is NO
OTHER WAY to make you a good light-gun player without DOING and LEARNING
it. Same as math, english, chemistry, physics.... got the picture?

	Now, let's talk about some ways to _prevent_ newbies from joining you.

1) Simply just say, "That gun doesn't work. It needs to be fixed." or something 
like that. You'll be able to tell whether he/she's a newbie or not since newbies
will not play light-gun games often. If they're newbies, they'll just leave you 
alone. However, if they don't listen to you.... 
2) Say something like, "This game is VERY hard. There's an easy one over there."
Because HOTD series are the hardest light-gun series ever, this should work. Games
like Time Crisis series and Area 51 are just fine. But, if your arcade center only has 
one light-gun game or the newbie is still bugging you...

3) Let the newbie join. Then try your best to focus everything on the right side (as Gary)
or the left side (as James) of the screen, while don't shoot ANYTHING (except 
life-ups, of course) at the left side (if the newbie is James) or the right side (if the 
newbie is Gary) of the screen. The newbie will die quickly, and you'll make a hidden laugh.
If they continue, repeat this step. This step, however, doesn't work if you're fighting
a boss or if you're trying to rescue a civilian. If that's the case....

4) Give the newbie money and ask if he/she can f- off and give you the gun.
This is not an appropriate way,  but what else can I do? And finally.....

5) Buy the machine. That way, you'll always have the freedom to play alone.

Chapter XI: The FiRsT CHAPTER-------- a PrElUdE walkthrough

	Think you can survive the first chapter? Keep in mind that this 
walkthrough will spoil almost everything in the 1st chapter, with Gary's solo 
mode ONLY. Since this FAQ focuses on survival, I do not really need info about 
the next few chapters (so you will die EASILY, hehe...). Here goes.

Slang:   Cap means "to shoot at an animal or a human being's head."
	 Spat means "now eat my bullets."
	 Bang means "to shoot."

	It all begins with a car drove through the screen, with a purple bat 
waited at the roof of one of the tall buildings. As the car drove almost 3/4 
of the screen, the purple bat fled and started the chase. Then.....

		The FiRsT ChaPTER

 			a pReLuDe 

	"We're meeting G over there," said Gary, while still driving. 
After a moment, he saw something in front of him..... the purple 
bat. He stepped the brake in a hard way. The purple bat laughed. 
	"I've already taken care of G." said the bat, with a weird voice.
Gary felt confused, so he got out of the car. "This is only the beginning. 
You're next." The purple fled in front of the library building. It said, 
"Get him!" in a not-so-loud voice. 
	Gary, pulled the gun out of his pocket, put six rounds of bullets 
into the gun's chamber, and he aimed at the street, with two zombies 
"waited" for him....

(I think it's not a bad start to write a kid's novel, but I think it totally 
stinks. I just want to improve my English, so I keep typing. I HAVE TO.)


	You see 2 normal zombies in front of you. Finish them by shooting
their heads. Then shoot the bicycles, and, if you like, try to shoot 
the zombies far from you to see if you are a "sniper" or not. After a few 
seconds, Gary said, "No, not G." and he opens the door. 2 more zombies awaited 
for you. No, it MY BULLETS awaited for their HEADS. After that, Gary said, 
"how could this happen." A zombie will pop out from a chair. Cap it. Then you 
will see a zombie lying on the ground. You can cap it when it rises. Another 
zombie will rise from the right desk. Cap-> Bang-> Spat. Then..

Gary saw something. It looked like a person lying on the ground. Gary ran 
	"G!" He cried.
	 G raised his head and took a good look at Gary. It looked like G 
had been hurt for a while. 
	"Gary...., I tried......" said G. "Don't under estimate the enemy..."
	G pulled out a book from his pocket. The book's title said, "G's 
	"Gary, take this....." Gary had no choice but to accept. Just then, the 
windows broke, and they saw a axe-wielded zombie and a normal zombie.
	Kill the axe zombie first (remember tip 4?) by shooting at its 
BRAIN. Forget that normal zombie for a moment--- it stinks.

	Gary ran towards the window, and turned his face to G. 
	"Amy and Harry are coming to back us up." He said, painfully. It seemed 
like he cannot move at all. "Hurry, GO!" 
	"Thanks G." But Gary did not smile.
	 Gary went forward. He heard a voice from the right side. As he 
looked, an axe zombie had slashed a helpless man's back. 

	Forget that stomach thing, this axe zombie is the worst axe zombie
I had ever seen in HOTD2. Shoot its head QUICKLY and it's game over.

	Gary ran towards the helpless man, still alive.
	"I don't wanna die......" His last speech summoned his death. 
	"My GOD." Gary said. 
	Gary ran forward a little bit, and he heard another voice
in front of him.


	Now it's the time to rescue the first civilian. Follow tip 1 and 
2 and you will be fine. Shoot at its head if you think you are "snipe" enough 
(or good accuracy). 
	This woman's life can change your routes. If you rescue the woman, she 
will say, "please, help him!" and you will run to the left side of the wall, 
to a well that you have to rescue another civilian. Shoot the zombie in front 
of you. Then you will have to face 2 more zombies from left and right. WHEN HE 
CIVILIAN. You can get the first LIFE UP here. Back to the zombies. The 
left one will hit him first, so kill it (duh!), then the right one. If you are 
successful rescuing him, he will tell you the other route to get to the 
back street (Route B). 

	If the woman dies though..... you will face three normal zombies
from the well. After that, follow Route A.

	If the well guy dies, Gary tells the woman "there's
nothing we could do...."  Then follow Route A (recommended route 
for more points).

Route A:

	You will see three normal zombies "ram" the gate and rush you. Nothing 
too hard though. Then you will see 4 frogs. Way too slow than I thought. No 
problems here. Then you will see a normal zombie and an axe zombie. Since the 
normal zombie is RUNNING while the axe zombie is WALKING, you know the 
distances..... after that, Gary says "G's bloodstains...." and the grate will 
bust open from the right side and about 8 pink worms coming out. Shoot them 
QUICKLY. Then, ignore the crates (it reveals a diamond, but who cares about 
points?) and face a chainsaw guy. Legs-> Head-> Spat. Then follow Main Route.

Route B: 

	You get out to the by pass. Then you will see a normal zombie with a 
man crawling the ground (funny:). Shoot the zombie's head. No changes if he is 
rescued or not. Then a normal and axe zombie. Kill the normal zombie->axe
zombie. Use stomach attack. Then the grate busted in front of you and about 8 
green worms coming out. It's easy to kill all of them here. Then Gary said "G's 
bloodstains....." Follow Main Route.

Main route
     You will see the axe thrower. If it throws any of its axes, shoot them to 
save your life marks. Then you will have to shoot the green zombies that they 
come out from the river. They are all one-hit die. Now you can shoot the vases 
to get an easy coin. As a door opens, HOLD YOUR FIRE! A girl will come out, 
then 2 axe zombies. Use the distance rule. After that, you will face 2 claw 
zombies. Nothing too hard here. Next, a pack of normal zombies appear. Easy 
kills. Now you can shoot the red barrels (2 hits) on the left side of the 
screen. You can get a gold frog here. After that, you will see a normal zombie 
with a barrel with its hand, and a civilian at the side of the bridge. Shoot 
the barrel and that's an easy rescue. When she comes towards you, a normal 
zombie will try to kill her. Yeah right. Bang, bang. Now give me that LIFE UP! 

	As Gary ran forward to the middle of a square, he saw the purple bat, 
	"Seems like my advice had no effect." It continues to speak with a
weird voice. "Suffer, like G did." He fled away from Gary, and then a 
headless knight came out of nowhere, crashed all the cars in its way, and made 
a big roar. 
	Gary took out G's file from his pocket.
Beep........(music starts)
Flap, flap, flap, flap ...... flipping pages ....... tracing image.......

(Another different beep) Ah huh! 

			Judgment Type 28 

 WEAK POINT------------------           |                /==\
              		    /	        |               /   \
  	===============    /            |              /    |
        |     /-\     |<--/	     /  |------[]|======    |
        |  /\ \ / /\  |		    /   |        |          |
        | /  \ | /  \ |		   /    |        |======\   |
        | \  / | \  / |		  /	|                ====
        |  \/  |  \/  |			|
        |     / \     |			|
        ==============+                / \
                                      /   \
                                     /     \

            		(OK so the halberd is right-handed but so what)

   As the battle starts, aim the gun at the knight's chest and just shoot as 
fast as you can (use on screen reload). Sometimes, the bat will fly right  
through there and take a stupid hit. If not, though, the bat will fly at the 
top of the screen, and it's your LAST chance to save your life when it 
says "Get him, Kuarl!" About two seconds later, you cannot shoot the 
bat anymore because the knight blocks the bat's view and then SLASH 
you. If you hit it, good job (nah). Around 2/3 of Judgment's life, the 
knight falls and leaves the bat alone. Then it will do one of the following...... 

But wait, here's an.....

	See the street lamps at the top left side of the screen? Well,
shooting at these and the bat will have a GREAT chance of being hit.
Keep shooting at the street lamps until the bat flies to the top of the screen
(a.k.a. when the knight starts to slash you).

a) It charges at you with up then down pattern (5 times) and "smack" you.  
b) It charges at you with left then right pattern (5 times) and "smack" you.
c) It charges at you with far left then far right pattern (2 times) and 
"smack" you.
d) It charges at you with far right then far left  pattern (2 times) and 
"smack" you.

Solutions: (Normally, DON'T track that stupid bat. Instead.....)

a) Aim a little bottom from the middle of the screen and keep shooting.

b) Aim a little right from the middle of the screen and keep shooting.

c) Aim at the far left (its first time) of "Tropic of Cancer line" and keep shooting. 
It basically means "1/4 to 1/3 from the top of the screen". OR, the far 
right (its second time) of "Tropic of Capricorn line" and keep shooting.
It basically means "2/3 to 3/4 from the top of the screen"

d) Aim at the far right (its first time) of "Tropic of Cancer line" and keep shooting. 
It basically means "1/4 to 1/3 from the top of the screen". OR, the far 
left (its second time) of "Tropic of Capricorn line" and keep shooting.
It basically means "2/3 to 3/4 from the top of the screen"

Tropic of Cancer is-- on the earth's globe, at 23.27 degrees north of 
the equator. 

Tropic of Capricorn is-- on the earth's globe, at 23.27 degrees south of 
the equator. 

Either you shoot that fly or the fly "smacks" you, it flies back to the 
far middle of the screen and repeat the process. It takes three shots to 
kill it in solo mode. And.....

If you kill it, you made it! You crossed and survived the first chapter! 

	The bat gave its last speech. "Sir....G..o..l..d....." then it 
fell on the ground.
	While Gary stared at the beast, a red dressed woman running behind him, 
with a man in black besides her. 
	"Amy, Harry!" Gary turned around and cried.
	"Thank god you're all right." Amy smiled.
	Gary did not, though. "What the hell is going on in the city?" 
	"Don't know....." Harry answered. "But it's very similar to that
1998 Curien case."
	"That case?" Gary questioned to Harry.
	Harry ignored him. After a moment, Harry said, "Gary, go and prevent the 
confusion of the city."
	"OK." Gary was still wondering about the Curien case.
	"Let's meet at the Sunset Bridge." Harry continued.
	Amy broke in. "We're counting on you Gary." 
	She sure did cheer Gary up a bit. "Leave it to me," Gary said in a low 

Number of civilians rescued in order to get a life up: 5. (The music is
extended, by the way) 

End of Chapter 1, in Gary's solo mode.

Chapter XII: The bosses' backdoor

	All bosses in this section are much more detailed than those above. And 
by the way, all stories about the bosses are COMPLETELY fictional. And is 
it make sense that I used the equation "E=MC squared" here? By the way,
it will not include the level ones and twos' strategies because this game may be 
WAY too hard for them. 

The first chapter's boss: Judgment Type 28


	After Chariot Type 27 (chapter 1 boss in HOTD1) and Hangedman Type 041 
(chapter 2 boss in HOTD1) defeated, Goldman tries to combine them into 
one. He improved Chariot's armor, but decreases it's speed, and the 
intelligence was down to its IQ into zero because during the experiment, its 
head has fallen off.  He also improved Hangedman's speed, but there's a 
downside: Energy must equal mass of speed of light squared (E=MC squared). So 
he changed its body into a smaller one. Since the improved Chariot has no IQ, 
Goldman must use the improved Hangedman  to control the improved
Chariot, called Kuarl. And thus, Judgment was created. 

               Kuarl is a huge, but headless knight with a large halberd on his right hand. 
	The small Hangedman is a purple bat-like thing that controls Kuarl. 
	They both are called Judgment. 

Weak Point

	 Since Kuarl is almost invincible because of its armor, the only 
         weak point G has found is the small Hangedman.


	Since Kuarl is pretty big, the small Hangedman can't control much about it.
	It can only make Kuarl to walk a bit and do some slashing. But that doesn't 
mean it can't fly while controlling Kuarl. In fact, it can fly in a maximum speed 
of 21.7 mph (fake).
	If the Hangedman has only 2/3 health, he cannot control Kuarl anymore.
Now it must survive on its own. Since speed is its main advantage, he can fly anywhere 
while charging. When close enough, it will quickly bite its target.

How to beat Judgment Type 28: 

Level three: This is  a copy/paste from the walkthrough.

As the battle starts, aim the gun at the knight's chest and just shoot as 
fast as you can (use on screen reload). Sometimes, the bat will fly right  
through there and take a stupid hit. If not, though, the bat will fly at the 
top of the screen, and it's your LAST chance to save your life when it 
says "Get him, Kuarl!" About two seconds later, you cannot shoot the 
bat anymore because the knight blocks the bat's view and then SLASH 
you. If you hit it, good job (nah). Around 2/3 of Judgment 's life, the 
knight falls and leaves the bat alone. Then it will do one of the following...... 

But wait, here's an.....

	See the street lamps at the top left side of the screen? Well,
shooting at these and the bat will have a GREAT chance of being hit.
Keep shooting at the street lamps until the bat flies to the top of the screen
(a.k.a. when the knight starts to slash you).

a) It charges at you with up then down pattern (5 times) and "smack" you.  
b) It charges at you with left then right pattern (5 times) and "smack" you.
c) It charges at you with far left then far right pattern (2 times) and 
"smack" you.
d) It charges at you with far right then far left  pattern (2 times) and 
"smack" you.

Solutions: (Normally, DON'T track that stupid bat. Instead.....)

a) Aim a little bottom from the middle of the screen and keep shooting.

b) Aim a little right from the middle of the screen and keep shooting.

c) Aim at the far left (its first time) of "Tropic of Cancer line" and keep shooting. 
It basically means "1/4 to 1/3 from the top of the screen". OR, the far 
right (its second time) of "Tropic of Capricorn line" and keep shooting.
It basically means "2/3 to 3/4 from the top of the screen"

d) Aim at the far right (its first time) of "Tropic of Cancer line" and keep shooting. 
It basically means "1/4 to 1/3 from the top of the screen". OR, the far 
left (its second time) of "Tropic of Capricorn line" and keep shooting.
It basically means "2/3 to 3/4 from the top of the screen"

Tropic of Cancer is-- on the earth's globe, at 23.27 degrees north of 
the equator. 

Tropic of Capricorn is-- on the earth's globe, at 23.27 degrees south of 
the equator. 

Either you shoot that fly or the fly "smacks" you, it flies back to the 
far middle of the screen and repeat the process. It takes three shots to 
kill it in solo mode.

Level four: You are accurate enough to hit the Hangedman when Kuarl is 
walking, and when Hangedman is flying alone.

Level five: You don't need a strategy.

Chapter two's boss: Hierophant Type B 05


	After Chariot Type 27's defeat, Goldman tried to find its weakness, 
and he found one of them: too heavy. Following the equation "E=MC squared", 
he removed the armor and leaves the flesh parts. However, he still cannot 
change its weak point--the chest. But he can make the flesh parts invincible 
if combine them with metal. Goldman needs a new compound that is both light 
but hard to hit. He was able to find it by Curien's leftovers: the project 
of Hermit Type 6803 (Stage 3 boss in HOTD1). He used this compound to 
recreate Chariot's fleshes, including a barrier that can cover its weakness.
The new Chariot, Hierophant, was born.   

 	Hierophant is a knight-like zombie that has a trident on its right 

Weak Point

	G probably knew about this Chariot project when he became the secret
agent. And therefore the chest is still its weakness. It's the red thing inside
the barrier.	 

	Basically, its attacks are much more like Chariot's. It can dance a 
bit forward, then another bit, then another.....then SLASH at its target. 
Since it's a horizontal slash, it can slash multiple targets at the same 
time. When it had some difficulty forwarding, it can move left or right 
while still dancing forward (like a rap dancer)  and slash its targets.  
If he still has problems, it will summon its little "friends unlimited" 
fish. If Hierophant doesn't hit, it will summon as many as it liked...say, 
around 8 to 15. But if it's hit, the fish will stop jumping. After a while, 
either it summoned enough fish or it loses health, it will jump high and do 
a head slash. And this is its last hope of surviving. 

NOTE: This boss in sunset bridge treats a bit different when it tries do 
some head slashing.  About 1/4 of its health, it will jump off the bridge 
and plays some hide and seek. After a while it will jump from left of right 
of the bridge and head slash you. 

How to beat Hierophant Type B 05: 

Level three: Try to shoot as fast as you can. Use on screen reload since its 
chest will not always move, except that rap dancing and fish parts. You may 
be hit by these two easily, since you may need more accuracy.

Level four: You are accurate enough to shoot at its chest AS SOON AS THE 
BARRIER OPENS (or fast reaction). About the fish thing, try to shoot at its 
chest before even the first fish comes.   

Level five: When it's about to jump (I'm talking about the head slash),
the barrier will open one more time before it jumps. If you hit it, it will
not do the head slash and laugh at you instead. 

	And by the way, the barrier can "laugh" at you by opening 
and closing very fast. I think the hidden meanings are: "hahaha! You 
can't beat me!",  "hohoho!" when doing the head slash, or "hehehe..." 
when summoning fishes.

The third chapter's boss: Tower Type 8000

	Goldman tried to make a new type of monster. He looked at a complete 
dictionary about insects and ancient animals. Unicorn, dragons, spiders, 
hydras, ants....etc. He found that hydras and dragons looked like monsters more 
than animals. So he want to create a monster with the traits of a hydra and 
a dragon. He created a model about this new monster-- 4 headed hydra with a 
sliver dragon in the middle of them. With the compound that is the same as 
Hierophant's, their skin are invincible to bullets. He named this new monster "Tower". 

 	Tower is a 5 headed hydra with a silver dragon in the middle of 
them, and four of the "snakes" are orange. All snakes will share the health
by one-forth. The silver dragon will have its own.

Weak Point
	G found that the mouths are hydras' weak points. Since the dragon 
has some traits of a hydra, this dragon's weak point is the same. 

	All "snakes" (not the dragon) will attack with their mouths. Due to 
energy problems, only one snake can attack at one time.  Since Tower's body 
can take up a lot of energy, each snake will charge oxygen in order to 
have energy to bite. This doesn't mean 2 snakes cannot charge oxygen at once; 
they just cannot ATTACK at once.
	The dragon will set free when all four snakes are dead. Since it has 
no wings, it can only slide "S curved" like a snake. It can charge oxygen while 
sliding. When enough oxygen is in its mouth, it can rise up and bite its target. 
It will repeat the process since Goldman only programmed 1 attack to the dragon. 

How to beat Tower Type 8000: 

Level three: Always aim the snake that is charging and shoot. If two snakes charge 
at the same time, aim the one that will hit you first (duh!), then the second. If 
you didn't lose a life during the battle, they will start charging 2 at the same time
(you'll see 2 snakes start charging together). At the very end, there will be 2 snakes 
charging almost at the exact same time if there's still two snakes at one side are still 
living.  Don't give up! When the silver dragon is free, you'll be in either a sand terrain 
or the water terrain. There are 2 differences:

a) At the start, the water's dragon will attack earlier than the sand's. 
b) You have less trouble to find a time to hit the water's dragon, 
because the sand's dragon always has something to "hide, slide, and bite". 

The strategy is simple: shoot at its mouth AS SOON AS IT'S 
START CHARGING, you'll hear a sound. If it rises up, you 
still can hit him about 1 or 2 shots, but  you just need more 
accuracy to do it.  It takes 3 shots to stop the bite.

Level four: Be careful about the rightmost snake and leftmost snake.
Their bites are more deadly than the other two (I can't tell you why, since
this will spoil the challenge). 

Level five: You don't need a strategy about this boss.


The forth chapter's boss: Strength Type 205


	Goldman found that some of Curien's zombie models are total
 wastes. The Fat chainsaw  zombie, for example, is one of them. Goldman 
tried to improve this zombie into a better one. Somehow, he has found two
 ways to change its model. One is to make it thinner (a.k.a. the chainsaw 
zombie in Chapters 1-3), and another one is to make it bigger. He used 
the same compound to make its whole body invincible, except its head. 
He found that if the compound goes into the brain, it will become a 
dummy instead.  Also, the "E=MC squared" equation has no problems 
at all, maybe because the fat body can make a lot of energy. So Goldman 
tries to make it faster, and it worked. After all this, he gave it the name "Strength".   

 	Strength is a big, blue zombie with a BIG chainsaw holding
with both hands. You will not see its head because the chainsaw block 
the view, if its hands are not raise. 

Weak Point
	G found that almost every zombie's weak point is the head, and 
this boss is no exception. (And how G knew all this?)

	Very similar to run-n-gun, Strength can only run-n-slash with is 
chainsaw. Since speed is its major advantage, it can go to a maximum 
speed of 15.2 mph (another fake). It can chase the target if the target 
tries to escape. Somehow, he has an estimated of 1 or 2 axes in its back.
It can throw at its target if Strength stops.

How to beat Strength Type 205

Level three: This boss is extremely similar to that T-Rex chase in the 
Jurassic Park light-gun game (also by SEGA) except no car bumping. 
Anyway, the chainsaw will cover Strength's head when the hands are
not rising up. You can still shoot it when the chainsaw's not rising up.
But you need HEAVY accuracy to let it get hit because the head is always 
moving. When it rises though, SHOOT!!!!!! That's the main points
of beating him, even if it's running after you, jumping from above, or 
something else. Oh, and if it jumps, you MUST shoot it at least one time
or you'll get SLASHED. If it stops,  it's gonna to throw axes, so be prepared.
At the end, you'll be far from it, but it'll rush you from a distance (crazy dance).
Just shoot the head as fast as you can and it's doomed. 

Level four: If you're REALLY accurate enough, try to shoot at its 
left or right side of its face. The chance is much higher than shooting at
the center of its head.

Level five: You don't need a strategy about this boss. Really.

The fifth chapter's mini-boss A: Judgment Type 28

	 Goldman gives the Hangedman a second chance to kill James 
and Gary.

	Same as chapter one's except the background----- no glassware. 

Weak point
	Same as chapter one's.

	Same as chapter one's.

How to beat Judgment Type 28

	Level three: Exact same strategy as in chapter one's.

	Level four: Same as level three's strategy.

	Level five: You don't need a strategy.

The fifth chapter's mini-boss B: Hierophant Type B 05


	Goldman revived it and gave it another chance. 

	Same as chapter two's except the background. Also, it takes

Weak point
	Same as chapter two's.

	Almost the same as chapter two's. Due to the ocean 
has no killer fish (kind fish only), it cannot summon any of these.

How to beat Hierophant Type B 05

	Level three: Exact same strategy as in chapter two's. Since
this boss takes double damage, it will end faster than the first one.

Note: If you don't kill this boss fast enough (i.e. lose some lives), 
it will play hide and seek.

A special thanks to another hardcore HOTD2 gamer, Kyosuke Kagami 
,which says that the stage 5 boss CAN play hide 
seek if you don't kill it fast enough. Well, it's true, but the exchange is 
another dollar (4 credits).

	Level four: Look at level three's strategy.

	Level five: You really don't need a strategy about it. And I mean it!

The fifth chapter's main boss: Magician Type 0

	 Magician is the masterpiece of Dr. Curien's ghastly 
work. However, this masterpiece spelled the end of Dr. Curien 
himself. Thomas Rogan and G successfully defeated Magician
 (all copied from Gavin's, bah!), and Magician exploded. However, 
the model is in Goldman's hands, and he managed to create 
another one. During the recreation, he tried to improve its 
attacks, and added some skins to cover the wires.  And 
thus, another Magician was created. 

 	Magician looks like a floating robot with moving "skins". 
Compared to HOTD1, it looked more beautiful (or should I say 
ugly). The fireballs was redesigned so it will be easy to know 
it's destroyed or not. And the red and blue idle stances 
(a.k.a. shadows)--- you gotta love this. 

Weak Point
	After Rogan and G's fight with Magician, G found 5 weaknesses: 
its right section of its face, it's upper left arm, lower right arm, the left 
thigh, and the right leg. The left thigh is the biggest "skin" area.
	If you've played the first Magician, then you should already 
know its attacks. It starts with 2 fireballs, then another 2, and then 
another 4 (Your reaction will quickly tell you whether the fireball is 
destroyed or not, unlike the first one). If it lost some health, he will start 
moving very fast and rush its target. Unlike the first one, this Magician's 
moving patterns treats a little bit different. In the first one, the target will 
sometimes hear 2 or 3 "moving sounds"  and then rush the target. This 
one, though, the target will always hear 3 "moving sounds". The patterns are:

Left, left, left;
Left, left, right;
Left, right, left;
Left, right, right;
Right, left, right;
Right, left, left;
Right, right, left; and
Right, right, right.

If more health are lost, it will start using fireballs again, in 2,2,4 pattern. 
After more health are lost, it will start the rushing again. But if there's 
even more health lost, it will start moving far from its target, start charging 
lots of fireballs, and fire at its target. It will charge again when all fireballs 
are gone. This is the only obvious difference between the first one and this one. 
Also, Magician will fly closer to its target with each fireball charge. 

How to beat Magician Type 0

Level three: When charging fireballs, shoot them until all of them are 
destroyed, then shoot at its left thigh. If it rushes, shoot at its thigh. If 
it's last "moving sound" is to the right, then aim at a little right of the 
screen and shoot at this thigh. If it's left, aim a little left of the screen 
and shoot at its thigh. So basically the main weak point of Magician is 
the thigh. If it's start charging fireballs, shoot at the LOWER RIGHT LEG until 
he's firing. Then shoot at the fireballs that is IN FRONT OF YOU (they should 
be lighter). After each charge, Magician will fly closer to you. You have one 
advantage and one disadvantage. Here they are:

Advantage: You have more chances to hit Magician's thigh.

Disadvantage: The fireballs will take less time to hit you.

EXTRA--- the idle stances--- During the fight, Magician will
"zips" here and there, and you will see its "idle stances".  When
it's ready to throw fireballs, the idle stances will be blue. When
starts to charge, they will be red. When it's ready to charge a bunch
of fireballs, they will be white. BUT, if you don't lose ANY lives
during the fight, and before it starts charging a bunch of fireballs, 
the idle stances will be also white during the 2,2,4 fireball attacks
and the charges. The difference? The fireballs and the charges become
faster and they are so fast that GOOD ACCURACY AND FAST 
hit, it will go back to the blue/red idle stances. 
EXTRA-2-------Get points by shooting fireballs------ When you 
reach the Magician and want some extra points, wait until he flies up into 
the air and instead of killing him right away .... shoot the fireballs that 
he throws at you (of course shoot the ones in the middle first though). Keep 
on doing this until you get bored.  After all this you 
can end up with well over 100000 points.  Have fun.

Thanks to Quan Ly for this extra. =P

Level four: Same as level three's.

Level five: You should have played HOTD1 already, didn't you?

The sixth chapter's mini-boss: Tower Type 8000 BETA

	 This Tower is NOT the exact same one that is in chapter three.
Not all attacks are programmed with this Tower, due to a problem of gene 
splicing with the silver dragon. Goldman just leave this one in his building 
and recreate the second one (the one you met in chapter 3).  

	Same as chapter three's. Each snake and the dragon shared 
the health by one-fifth. This boss also takes double damage.

Weak point
	Same as chapter three's. 

	Same as chapter three's except the dragon will attack along with 
the snakes.

How to beat Tower Type 8000 BETA

	Level three: Exact same strategy as in chapter three's. 
Darn, the dragon battle is gone! But be careful that the dragon
take less time to charge than the "snakes". Because of this, if
one snake and the dragon charges at the same time, shoot the 
dragon first.

	Level four: Same as level three's strategy.

	Level five: Trivia question---Why hydras/dragons need oxygen?

The sixth chapter's main boss: Emperor Type Alpha

Story    Note: This story is based on the cut-scene of Chapter 6.
	This is Goldman's masterpiece. Mankind had destroyed 
nature almost completely (in real life, it is true), and nature can 
barely survive. That's why Goldman wanted to create a creature that
rule over, hate and destroy mankind, and restore the nature and
protect the life style (and that's what I WANTED). Therefore, 
Emperor was born. Although it's still in alpha stage, it is powerful 
enough to rule over mankind.

	Emperor looks like a transparent alien with a red orb inside
its body, with about 8-10 blue orbs outside Emperor, as supporters. 

Weak point
	Since it's in alpha stage, G had never seen this creature. So
his file about Emperor is unknown (and yes, even the drawing in G's 
file doesn't match) But obviously enough, its weak point is the red

	First, it will fire the blue orbs, one by one, up to four. Then, 
the blue orbs will merging from 2 to 1, up to four. Then it will 
firing at once. Then, all of its orbs will merge into a sword, then
Emperor will hold it and rush at its target. Then it will do one of 
them randomly, but if it loses some health, Emperor will start to 
"power up" (?) and the orbs will start merging to one of the 
following  bosses: Small Hangedman of Judgment, Hierophant, 
Sliver dragon of Tower, or Strength. If it loses more health, then
the whole Emperor will change into an red orb and the blue
orbs will protect it. When it's start to "fly" close enough to
its target, all orbs will change into spikes and start rushing
to its target.  

How to beat Emperor Type Alpha

	Level three:  

About the first part:

a) If it's firing the blue orbs, one by one, try to shoot Emperor
    before the first one comes, then shoot the orbs based on range.
b) If it's firing the blue orbs at once, try to shoot Emperor
    for a short time, then shoot all the orbs using the
    distance rule.
c) If it's trying to rush you with the sword, quickly shoot at 
    Emperor as much as possible until it begins to slash you.
    Then you MUST be accurate and shoot at the red orb one 
    more time.

The second part (5/8 health remaining):

General note: Emperor will lose health ONLY if the images
	        are repelled.

a)  If the orbs are morphing to Small Hangedman, it will
      either fly from a small up/down or left/right pattern.
      It's very close to you, so be careful. Just shoot at the 

b) If the orbs are morphing to Heirophant, it will do 
     the head slash. Shoot at the chest! One thing that
     seems funny is that the barrier is always open.

c)  If the orbs are morphing to the silver dragon of 
     Tower, it will start charging and attack you. The 
     time between the charging and hitting you is 
     approximately 700 milliseconds. In other
     words, you only have a small amount
     of time to repel it. Just keep shooting at its
     mouth and it'll get hit easily. 
     (Note: You'll notice Emperor is doing this when you 
     can't see the floor)

d)  If the orbs are morphing to Strength, it will start
     "zooming" at you. You only need to shoot at its 
      head, as the chainsaw will not move until it's
      close enough.     

The last part (3/8 health remaining):
     DON'T shoot at the red orb until it changes into
spikes. I think it's simple enough.

	Level four: About the last part, you MAY
be accurate enough to shoot at the orbs even if it's far
away. Good luck. 

	Level five: You may save the world, but you
may not save the nature's future......

Chapter XIII: Credits (Coins)

Note: Your machine's coin requirements may vary....

	You need three credits (One quarter per credit, so count them) to
start the game (In U.S.A). You only need 2 credits to continue. Since most 
weak light-gun gamers cannot even cross the library, it's good to save a 
quarter (I am a pretty poor guy), as no civilians can harm at that point 
(Unlike HOTD1, there are scientists right at the start of the game).
	The guys in Albany Bowl probably knew that I loved HOTD2,
so they decrease the amount of quarters while continuing: from 2 credits
to 1. That's right, ONE! Now that's really cheap. Now I can save 2 quarters
instead of one.

Chapter XIV: Rumors about HOTD2

	There are now five rumors that I have heard so far....

	1) House of the Dead 3 will release around 2.26.2000......
	2) Codes like: Play as G, points gauge in the chapters, 
infinite bullets, easy mode, etc.
	3) House of the Dead 2 soundtrack will releases along with the 
Dreamcast version of HOTD2 (I hope this rumor's real).
	4) The Dreamcast version of HOTD2 contains an enhanced version 
of HOTD1, which is hidden. 	 
	5) Magician is actually a direct rip off from the Tyrant in Resident 
Evil 1. (or vice versa)

Chapter XV: The Ending                

R		After you beat Emperor, it exploded in a way
N	not unlike the Hiroshima bomb. Then....
G	Part 1
|	===========================================================

O	James' Ending:
I	--------------
E	James:   		GOLDMAN!
R	Goldman: 	Friends...it is not over yet.
	James: 		Is that all you have to say!
A	Goldman: 	In time....a successor will come. Farewell friends.
L			(Goldman is doing "the sign of ankh" and commit suicide)
R	(The ending music "the second tragedy" starts)
!	James: 		Goldman, I don't care if a successor will come or not.
	        I will continue to fight.... as long as humans have the 
		ability to live.
W		(James walks away. But later he stops and turns around)
A	James:		Good bye....Goldman.
I	Gary's Ending:
N	--------------
|	Same as James' until the ending music starts.

S	Gary:		Is that really over? ......Was I really right?
P	          Someday..... Until the answer is found....
O		(Gary walks away. But later he stops and turns around)
I	Gary:		Good bye....Goldman.
R	James AND Gary's Ending:
L	No info. HA!
T	Part 2	
!	===========================================================

	And at the VERY end of the music (great music, by the way)....
A	a) You will leave the building. But G, Harry, Amy, and 9 civilians 
R	(should be) are already waiting and waving their dirty hands. The hero 
N	will say a "Thank you" note and...
I		.dnE ehT  
G	b) You will leave the building. But Goldman is waiting for you, 
|	with a green face, green skin, green blood.....(anything else?) 
	The hero will say "GOLDMAN!" and...bang! Bang! Then....
S		ThE EnD.
O	c) Before you leave the building, someone will say the heroes' names.
I	The heroes turn left. Rogan (he looks pretty gay) is there. He says that
L	G and Harry are okay (I thought they both dead). Then he says 
E	something like "On we go, to our next battle..." or something. The 
R	heroes will say something more and they leave the building. 
	No people are outside.....(so... where's the wind?)
A		thE enD.


	To get ending A, you must score less than 80,000 and the last 
digit of your score must be 1-9, but not 0.
	To get ending B, you must score less than 80,000 and the last
digit of your score must be 0, but not 1-9.

	To get ending C, you must score more than 80,000. To get 
THIS high, ALWAYS kill the zombies by shooting at their HEADS. 
Keep in mind that each inaccurate hit to the head may take a part
of its head off, but you will still get 120 points (should be). Therefore,
if a zombie takes three shots to the head, you'll gain 360 points, and so 
on. Since even the original zombies' heads can take more than 2 shots,
that's why you can get so much more points in HOTD2 than in HOTD1. 

Chapter XVI: What I realized in HOTD2's ending

	Over billions of years ago, there's nature, but no mankind exist. 
After 20 years from now (2.10.1999), there's mankind, but nature's gone.
Because we ruined nature and its life cycle. We're wrong. We are the
ones that have to be destroyed. 
	Goldman.....he just want to protect nature and its life cycle. He
knew that Mankind DID hurt the nature. He wanted to destroy its enemy:
mankind. In reality, Goldman is right. We hurt the nature. We hurt the life
cycle that starts from billions of years ago. 
	He sacrifices his life after he said, "in time, a successor 
(me?) will come." What does he mean? Does that mean there's another person that 
hates mankind? There's people who love nature, but don't have the ability 
of "creating" zombies.
	The nature needs to be rescued and being unharmed. If only mankind
has no emotions (hey, zombies have NO emotions!).......

	If you think that I'm talking some nature crap, fine. Don't expect 
to live after 20 years. So please, respect with the nature. Love the 
nature. Don't ruin the nature. I don't know why most people hate  
it....... the ocean, for example. The oceans, seas, lakes, whatever, 
contains plankton. Plankton gives oxygen to all living organisms. 
And guess what? Oil, garbage, and chemical stuffs ruined the ocean life.
Therefore, plankton's production has indeed decreasing. The biggest 
whale, blue whale, ONLY eats (losta) plankton.... so think about it.
People ruined the ocean, and they think "it's nothing to worry about
because the ocean is too big.". Once day when there's no plankton, 
people will just die peacefully because the world simply cannot 
give enough oxygen to all living organisms. 

Chapter XVII: Who is the successor?

 	Before Goldman dies, he said, "in time, a successor will come. Farewell 
friends."  Many people has been wondering at least for some time....who's the 
successor? There are a few possibilities... (by the way, the possibility ratings are
from 0-5.)

1)  A new person: Hm....this new guy will be wearing a black coat, black 
pants (?), and sunglasses just like Goldman. Basically, people who wears 
"sunglasses" in the HOTD series are considered "successor"...... 
(Hey, take a look at Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 1....)

Possibility: 4.5 						Idea by: Me 

2) Harry: You guessed it..... he's the only guy who wears the same clothing 
as Goldman in HOTD2. Hm...a traitor..? HOTD3 will have a good story
if Harry is the successor..... 

Fishy stuffs:

	In the game, Amy and Harry provide you some information about the story.
Although all of the fishy stuff goes to Harry, but first, here's what Amy says in the 
whole game (in Gary's solo mode"), just in case. By the way, the "...." stuff is to 
separate the sections between them.

End of stage 1:  "Gary.....thank god you're all right......we're counting on you Gary."
Near end of stage 2:  "Gary..... I was looking for you Gary." 
Middle of Stage 3: "Gary...back me up!......Yes, this is Amy. Yes, yes. It seems 
		like Goldman have left a message for us....Well he says he'll be 
		waiting for you  in the coliseum at the north side of the 
		city...Gary, over there!.....How could anyone do this...I'll call 
		you when something happens."
End of Stage 3: "Gary, come quickly! We're in a serious (ahh) state!"
End of Stage 4: "I'm alright, but, Harry is....."

There is really nothing suspicious or fishy about what Amy says in the game, but take a 
look at Harry's (fishy words will be capitalized) .....

End of Stage 1: "Don't know, but it's really similar to the 1998 Curien case.....
		Gary, Gary, go and prevent the confusion of the city..... let's
Near end of stage 2: "Well if it's about that, it seems like Goldman...."
Start of stage 3: "Well about the 1998 Curien case, guess who was behind it? It was
		Goldman. He is one of the head of the financial groups, and an 
		expert of the Genome theory. We have to stop him...."
Middle of stage 3: "Are you alright Gary?...... What the?.....The coliseum? It might
		be a trap, but LET'S GO ON..... Gary, you GO THROUGH THE
End of Stage 4: "Gary....the car is parked in the city square. The top floor, building
		at point A0063. He's there. Go Gary."	

	Phew...I memorized almost every word in the game.....but now let's
look at fishy words...

a) "Sunset bridge": I have no idea why they have to split up instead of 
	going together. To be honest, it's not a good idea to split up
	while all they have are 3 handguns (one for each). Gary is no 
	Vulcan Raven (that fat boy from Metal Gear Solid), you see.
	(Okay, so nothing is related to the subject, but....)

b) "Let's go on": This is obvious. Harry knows it's a trap, but what
	he says after that is, "let's go on." I think he should make some 
	PLANS before moving because he's trying to risk THEIR lives 
	without any THINKING at all!  

c) "Go through the underground passage, we'll go this way": Like a),
	I have no idea why they need to split up. And why the underground
	passage? Here's what I think: Harry WANTS us to fight Tower 
	(type 8000). Harry KNOWS Tower is there. And Harry TRIES 
	to end the heroes in the underground so nobody will know.  

Conclusion: Harry will be the traitor of AMS in the next game.

Possibility: 3.5						Idea by: Me

3) Toad: Yeah...sounds weird, but the clouds you saw during the fight 
with Emperor looks like Toad from the Mario Bros. series. But since 
Nintendo and Sega are both hardware (not to mention software) companies, 
I think this is kinda impossible.

Possibility: 1						Idea by: CaptainOfTheRoyalBorder 

4) Rogan/G (or Agent G if you're confused): Pretty darn impossible since G and
Rogan are buddies. However, brainwashing could make this happen...I think.

Possibility: 2						Idea by: Me

5) Sophie: In case you don't know who she is, Sophie is one of the DBR staffs
and later became Rogan's girlfriend (or wife...can't remember...) before even  
HOTD1. In the game, however, Sophie was badly injured when Chariot (first 
boss) slashed her with its axe. After Rogan killed Chariot, she died. Well, that's
the end of her, actually. The reason that she will be the successor is because she's 
dead, and....became a zombie! Okay... I guess I'm pretty off topic here....damn.

Possibility: 0.5						Idea by: Me 

6) The zombies: If the next game's story contains something like, "there's a 
virus that can turn humans into zombies _without_ losing their minds, etc.," 
then  the leader will have a possibility to be a successor. Okay...so it's pretty
much like Sophie's case above, but....

Possibility: 0.5						Idea by: Me

7) Curien's son: Under Curien's profile it says he lived with his son in the 
mansion. But you don't see him do you? He may have escaped only to hook 
up with Goldman later and tell Goldman about his father's work. However, there 
is once piece of contradicting evidence to this theory, on the back of the manual 
there is a picture of the Magician being made it show the magician's torso and 
one arm as well as the top half of the skull gone exposing the brain. Now Curien 
may have gone nuts and used his own son to make the original magician.
You be the judge.

Possibility: 4.99						Idea by:  "M"

	Got an idea? Send an e-mail to [email protected]

Chapter XVIII: Dreamcast version

	Finally..... the Dreamcast version for HOTD2 is here! All information for now are from
James Boone ([email protected]). Here's what he says (again, no single word changed):

	 Here's some of the things HotD 2 has on it:

	A special intro not in the arcade showing parts of HotD 1, including the
courtyard at the beginning, all of the boss, one chainsaw guy, the Magician 
killing Curien, the Migicain dying, and then Goldman walking up
to Curien's body. 

The screen setup is like this:
I.   Arcade
II.  Original Mode [You can collect items (like +8 bullets) and extra
	weapons (like a machine gun, it's hard to use though)]
III. Training Mode
   1. Save victims from different situations.
   2. Kill between 9-10 undead with only 30 rounds and 2 lives.
   3. Shoot 16 barrels within 10 seconds.
   4. Shoot one golden frog with one round while moving on a boat.
   5. Kill Judgement by shooting him a number of times.
   6. Shoot the undead and avoid humans walking past a hallway.
   7. Shoot 8 undead from a long distance.
   8. Shoot the undead off moving cars.
   9. Shoot the undead from a line-up of people.
   10. Shoot a coin in the air without letting it touch the ground for a
	number of seconds.
IV.  Boss Mode
   1. Judgement
   2. Hierophant A (on the bridge)
   3. Hierophant B (near the docks)
   4. Tower A (ends in the water)
   5. Tower B (ends in the sand)
   6. Strength A (not sure of the difference between these two)
   7. Strength B
   8. Magician
   9. Emperor
   10. Fight all Bosses (fight them one after another, but you get a
full life bar each time you move to a new boss)
V.   Rankings (High scores and such)
VI.  Options
   1. Difficulty (very easy to very hard)
   2. Life (one through five)
   3. Continue (one through nine)
   4. Sight Graphic (choose which bullseye you want when using the
   5. Sight Speed (how fast the controller moves the bullseye on screen)
   6. Audio (mono or stereo)
   7. Sound Test Special Effects (750 voice and sound effects!)
   8. Sound Test Music (38 songs from the game)
   9. Controller Configuration (for people unlucky enough not to have
	the gun)
   10. Gun Calibration
   11. Vibration (on or off)
   12. Default

	Both training and boss modes have rating systems.  You have to pass each
one to get a five star ranking.  The stars are golden, when you pass the
fifth star they turn red.  ***Very difficult, I still have 2 left on the
coin training, and both the Emperor and Fight All Bosses to do in Boss

	My comment: WOW! The Dreamcast version of HOTD2 has a 
TON of extras than I can imagine. It even has the music test (one of my 
beloved wish). I'll buy the Dreamcast, the light gun, AND the game 
as soon as I got the money, around 300 dollars (probably when the U.S. 
DC comes). The U.S. version of HOTD2's release date will be the 
same as the DC system (that is, September 9th). I can't wait....

	Also, he also asks if there's an enhanced version of HOTD1
exists in the game. I have no idea, either (because I don't have the 
game, duh).

If you have ANYTHING more to _add_ , and not _ask_ (go figure), e-mail me ([email protected])! Please, don't ask me any stuffs about the DC 
version when I don't have the goddamn machine!!! 

Chapter XIX: Credits

	Thanks to YC Tan ([email protected]) who wrote the very 
first HOTD2 FAQ. I have learned a LOT of new vocabularies there. I put some of 
them over here. Keep in mind that in later chapters, his walkthrough will only
support in 2-player mode, for now (and that's why he can wrote the walkthrough
easier!). Check his faq in www.gamefaqs.com. Without him this FAQ will not 
even exist.

	Thanks to Gavin who wrote the preview of Dreamcast version of
HOTD2. I finally knew the story. THANK YOU. But if members in
segadreamcast.net or GAVIN tells me to remove that from my FAQ, I will do that 
IMMEDIATELY. Hey, it's my first FAQ, and I really don't know everything about
martial laws..... 

	Thanks to my mom who gave me a dollar each Friday. Crap. Just want a 

	Thanks to a person's initial called MMB, who is the ONLY one besides 
me that has some nice gun-shooting skills in Albany Bowl. Although I still don't 
know who he is, he has some of the fastest trigger speed ever. Why I know
this? Because he beat Time Crisis 2 in 14.39 minutes, and the score is over
1,000,000! He even beat HOTD2, but his score is only around 63000, agent rank 
4, and continued either 11 or 21 times (last digit is 1). He is pretty average in this 
game because I know he still needs 1 more element: ACCURACY!!!!!! I need to 
thank him because he encourages me about the trigger speed.

	Thanks to Kyosuke Kagami  who told me
about the stage 5 Hierophant's hide and seek thing. Finally, someone DID
take a (good) look at my FAQ and e-mailed me!

	Thanks to Henry LaPierre and his Alundra FAQ for the warning 
about Game Cave. 

	Thanks to Doug Heung  and
"Vampire Sin"  for pointing that 
I've been gone too far with the beginners. Well....if they learn
their mistakes then I will call that "not too far". 

	Thanks to Tristan Kinslow  
and his HOTD1 FAQ for the ranking system. Although the point
gauge code still hasn't found yet, but I think HOTD2's point system
will be the same as HOTD1's.

	Thanks to Squaresoft and its game "Einhänder" for
the techno music while making this FAQ. The music composer of
Einhänder is Kenichiro Fukui. But I think HOTD2's boss music is 
better...I guess.

	Thanks to Sega for such a great game. 
	Thanks to Albert Einstein for the equation E=MC squared.
(ASCII text cannot make exponents, so I can't put the "2" on the
top [a.k.a. superscript].) This equation is also one of the most 
important equation in science. (Although I used it in a wrong way,
but whatever.) In case you're wondering, E stands for energy, M 
stands for mass, and C stands for speed of light. 
	Thanks to Ottis Lee Pittman ([email protected]), the HOTD1 master,
points out that the newbies ruined his play, and other valuable information 
about light guns. Well, I guess I HAVE to go farther with the newbies after all.

	Thanks to James Boone ([email protected]) for the info 
about HOTD2 for the Dreamcast. To tell the truth, he's a manager of
Electronics Boutique, and this kind of people that love light-gun games
is rare (no offense, though). 

	Thanks to Johnny Arenz  for the supporter
of  "Anti-Game Cave community".

	Thanks to [email protected], Tony Yau 
and Terry Lawrence  for other things about HOTD2.

	Thanks to CaptainOfTheRoyalBorder 
for bringing the idea of the "successor section". 

	Thanks to Rafiq  for the "bloodstains"

	Thanks to Quan Ly  for the Magician's
fireball trick, and....cheesy poofs?  =P

	Thanks to "M"  for the successor idea.

	If you have anything to ask, comment (something that I should add or 
delete), or if you reach "unstoppable level 5", drop a line at [email protected]
I will always send e-mails back to you, if I finished all of my homework, 
that is. I won't bite. I promise.
	No humans (or should I say zombies) or animals (frogs, owls, etc.) 
are killed during the making of this FAQ.  =]

Chapter XX: No Thanks!

	In many FAQs, this section is usually called "the idiot list". But I like 
"No thanks!" more simply because it sounds better. 

	-No thanks to almost all of the people who played Starcraft 
in battle.net. Out of 314 people, only ONE knew what a light gun is. 
This is bad.... (by the way, they don't even know who Guy Montag or 
Winston Smith are...what that means is they didn't even read novels.
Apparently, those who are teenagers are either uneducated or lazy.)

	-No thanks to a person who called me an _idiot_ when I did
a little kung-fu after I beat the stage 3 boss. I usually do a little stretch
after each boss is killed, but... he called me an idiot. Well, you can also 
call Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan idiots. Screw you, hippy!

	-No thanks to another person who interrupt me when I 
fought Magician. In the middle of the fight, he joined. Guess what?
Bad luck happens since. When Magician do the rushing, it will take
two hits in order to repel it. And....you know....I died. I forgive his
weakness (he should be in the newbie rank) because he and me are 
humans, but I don't like people interrupt me when I'm in the heat of
a game.

	-No thanks to the manager of Albany Bowl. When I ask him
"to repair that machine over there because it has some problems" or 
something like that, he says kind of like "ah huh, ah huh, etc." I'm going
to the arcade center in Emery bay from now on.
Chapter XVI: Things between Can and can't 

	Can: You can watch this FAQ with your eyes from any ANGLE 
(binoculars are fine), or pass this FAQ to your friends without making any 
changes to this text.

	Can't: You cannot sell (I have heard that Game Cave sells FAQs...), or 
change this text (like "Guy Type R" to whatever) and post it to various web sites. In 
other words, ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM. Those who did these kinds of stuffs 
are STUPID and DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE ON EARTH. Get a life instead of an 
honor, can they? 

	About plagiarism: Many people, including me, HATE plagiarism. Plagiarism 
means "the appropriation or imitation of the language, ideas, and thoughts of another 
author, and representation of them as one's original work". In other words, if you 
take my FAQ and replace the original author's (me) name with your own name, you are 
plagiarising my work. Don't let me catch you doing it, or else I will E-mail bombing you,
ICQ bombing you if you have ICQ, and possibly even _WINUKE_ you if it's a VERY 
serious case. Winuke is probably (and possibly) one of the MOST HORRIBLE ways 
to finish plagiarists (Yes, even if it's some sort of illegal). Even a kind person like me 
WILL do one to all of the above if you don't listen to me. God, do I hate plagiarism. 
If I just found out about this sooner, my first target will be Game Cave. 

	Why Game Cave, you ask? Well, Game Cave did one thing that was
totally illegal-- SELLS FAQS. Another FAQ author, Henry LaPierre, said 
something like this in his Alundra (great game, by the way) FAQ....

	"Game Cave, for taking people's faqs off the net and selling them to
their customers. They use the excuse that they are actually selling them
their own smaller guide and giving them the faqs from the internet as a
free gift. Guess what Game Cave, in my eyes that isn't right, you don't
even ask the people who wrote the faqs if you can do this."

And here's his warning to Game Cave.....  

	"A specific note to Game Cave, I adamantly deny your use of 
this faq in any way. Do not give it away free, do not sell it, do not give it 
away as a "free" gift to those who buy your smaller guides, do not give it to 
those who buy the game from you, do not tell people that you will give it
to them if they purchase the game from you, do not put it on your 
website................................................. Get the picture? You are not 
authorized to use this faq in any way, shape or form...PERIOD!"

	Now you know the people in Game Cave are actually "faq
bastards". (Pretty off-topic here) Now, they changed their strategies to sell 
everything about video games, including imports, wall scrolls, 
soundtracks, etc. at the "lowest prices". Lowest prices? That's totally 
fake. Repeat, FAKE. Tomb Raider III, for example, $49.99. Is it the 
"lowest price"? When I checked out Target's, it sells for $39.99. 
Even Target's games are cheaper than Game Cave's. Let me just 
say WTF (What the f-)? Keep in mind that it's $49.99 _PLUS_ 
shipping and handling (or COD) AND taxes. I bet those import 
CDs are actually made by them (the cost? No more than 2 U.S. 
dollars) and they dubbed each game's data into the CDs, and 
they sell them for a price for at least 60 U.S. dollars each. If 
you want to buy imports, go to BuyRite instead (www.buyrite1.com). 
Now these ARE the lowest prices over there. In conclusion, never 
trust ANYTHING from Game Cave. They're liars,
cheaters, and mother f-ers (sorry for that word).


This FAQ, the survival guide, the level chart and the first chapter walkthrough 
and everything else included in the FAQ are made and copyrighted by Guy 
"Type R", and there is ONLY one Guy "Type R" and that's me. Period.

As I mentioned previously, no humans or animals are killed during the making 
of this FAQ.  

House of the Dead 2 is developed by AM1, and it's published by Sega Enterprises.

1996, 1998 SEGA ENTERPRISES. All Rights Reserved.

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