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                       Tony Hawk's Pro Skater FAQ (GBC)
                   Version 0.5 - Last Revised on 03/15/2001
                        By Dallas (sdallas19@yahoo.com)

             http://www.gamefaqs.com - http://www.dallastm.cjb.net


Legal Disclaimer

 This document is Copyright 2000-2001, Dallas (sdallas19@yahoo.com) and may
 not  be reproduced nor retransmitted in any form without advance permission
 from  the author.  It may not be altered, edited, sold, given as an incentive
 to  buy, published, etc. without prior consent from the author.  If the above
 terms are broken, legal action will take place on account of Copyright
 Infringement.  This document is unofficial and is in no way affiliated with
 any company.


Table of Contents

  i.  Introduction and Revision History
  I.  Basic Controls
 II.  Character Information
III.  Gameplay Modes
 IV.  Move List
  V.  Secrets/Codes
 VI.  Information

                    i.  Introduction and Revision History

Despite the lack of features and replayability this game has, it isn't that bad
of a game.  Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (a successful skateboarding game) first
started on the Sony PlayStation back in 1999, and was eventually re-made onto
new consoles.  Just recently, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (sequel to THPS) was
released in North America for the Sony PlayStation and Sega Dreamcast, and
will soon be coming to the Gameboy Color.

The GameBoy Color version of this game may not be the best (in fact, it is
currently the worst version of the game on all systems) but it does provide
some good gameplay for fans of the series.  There are very few stages, but you
have a variety of three gameplay modes to choose from.  Again, it's not the
best game, but it'll do for fans.

Revision History
v0.5 (March 15, 2001): Changed the top and bottom of the guide.

V0.4 (February 23, 2001): Reformatted the guide.

V0.3 (October 22, 2000): Added one basic move I missed in the Move List section
thanks to ONoImStuckInABox@aol.com, as well as changed the maximum speed
capsule amount to 6 in the "Secrets/Codes" section.  Read through and fixed
grammatical errors.  That should just about do it.

V0.2 (October 20, 2000): Figured out all the advanced moves and added them to
the Move List section.  This FAQ is now 100% complete, with all moves,
character bios, codes, etc. and there will be no more updates unless absolutely
necessary.  Thanks for reading.

V0.1 (October 19, 2000): Initial Release; All sections complete; Listed the
basic moves in the game, but due to my excessive lack of figuring things out,
I have yet to find all the advanced moves.  I've done them before, but I can't
seem to remember the controls for them.  Any help is appreciated, otherwise,
I'll eventually get around to finding and adding all the advanced moves.

                              I.  Basic Controls

-- Directional Pad --
   4-way movement in Tournament mode; 2-way movement in Half-Pipe mode.

-- A Button --
   Jump when in Tournament and Versus mode.

-- B Button --
   Brake when in Tournament and Versus mode.

-- Start --
   Pause gameplay; Confirm selections.

-- Select --
   No use from what I can see.

                         II.  Character Information*

-- Tony Hawk --
   Speed:        5 (Blue)
   Acceleration: 1 (Red)
   Brake:        2 (Green)
   Jump:         5 (Blue)
   Description:  Although he may be the "star" of the game, Tony Hawk may not
                 be the best choice to pick for some obstacles.  While he may
                 be fast, his acceleration is very slow, which can cause a lot
                 of trouble in tournament and versus races.  He does, however,
                 accel in the Half-pipe obstacle due to his high speed.  He
                 is probably the best one to choose for the half pipe.

-- Bob Burnquist --
   Speed:        4 (Yellow-Green)
   Acceleration: 2 (Green)
   Brake:        2 (Green)
   Jump:         4 (Yellow-Green)
   Description:  Bob is pretty much equal to Tony Hawk when it comes to the
                 races.  He has better acceleration than Tony, but he also
                 lacks in braking.  Speed and Jumps are fair, and should get
                 him through the races, but the acceleration and braking need
                 improvement.  You won't be winning too many races with Bob.

-- Geoff Rowley --
   Speed:        3 (Yellow)
   Acceleration: 5 (Blue)
   Brake:        4 (Yellow-Green)
   Jump:         1 (Red)
   Description:  The term "Average" pretty much describes Geoff. His speed is
                 okay, but he lacks in jumping.  He may not be the best choice
                 for races with lots of objects that require jumping.  You
                 may be able to win a few races with Geoff, due to his increase
                 in Acceleration, and he is pretty good with braking.  He's not
                 the fastest skater in the world, but he'll suit you well.

-- Bucky Lasek --
   Speed:        5 (Blue)
   Acceleration: 3 (Yellow)
   Brake:        1 (Red)
   Jump:         4 (Yellow-Green)
   Description:  Ideal for races, Bucky has great speed along with some nice
                 acceleration, which is what you need for most races.  You may
                 have trouble stopping in time if something gets in your way,
                 but skilled skaters don't really care about brakes.  You can
                 win quite a few races with Bucky. He is also probably the
                 2nd best choice for the Half Pipe after Tony Hawk.

-- Chad Muska --
   Speed:        2 (Green)
   Acceleration: 4 (Yellow-Green)
   Brake:        5 (Blue)
   Jump:         2 (Green)
   Description:  Chad is a rather Mediocre skater, as he won't win you many
                 races due to a lack of speed, but he is pretty good at the
                 half-pipe.  His high point being acceleration, Chad can net
                 you a pretty high score at the half-pipe.

-- Kareem Campbell --
   Speed:        2 (Green)
   Acceleration: 5 (Blue)
   Brake:        4 (Yellow-Green)
   Jump:         2 (Green)
   Description:  Another good contestant for the half-pipe.  Kareem may seem
                 like a good racer (due to his fast acceleration) but he just
                 doesn't have the speed that the other racers have, meaning you
                 won't win many races with him.  However, he is pretty good at
                 the half pipe.

-- Andrew Reynolds --
   Speed:        3 (Yellow)
   Acceleration: 4 (Yellow-Green)
   Brake:        5 (Blue)
   Jump:         1 (Red)
   Description:  Andrew is the kind of skater that is pretty much good at any
                 obstacle that doesn't require a lot of jumping.  He has pretty
                 good speed and acceleration, making him a good candidate for
                 a race champion, but he lacks in jumping, so watch out for
                 items that get in your path if you are racing with him.

-- Rune Glifberg --
   Speed:        5 (Blue)
   Acceleration: 2 (Green)
   Brake:        1 (Red)
   Jump:         5 (Blue)
   Description:  This guy was built for racing.  He has both the speed and the
                 ability to quickly jump over oncoming obstacles in his path.
                 His acceleration isn't too great, but you can make up for that
                 with speed capsules.

-- Jamie Thomas --
   Speed:        3 (Yellow)
   Acceleration: 3 (Yellow)
   Brake:        5 (Blue)
   Jump:         2 (Green)
   Description:  If there were any more average of a skater than Jamie, I'd
                 like to see it.  He can be used for all events, and doesn't
                 really lack in any category (nor does he exceed in any
                 category.)  You can win a few races and net a high score when
                 racing or half-piping with him.

-- Elissa Steamer --
   Speed:        2 (Green)
   Acceleration: 4 (Yellow-Green)
   Brake:        4 (Yellow-Green)
   Jump:         3 (Yellow)
   Description:  The only female skater in the game, and she exceeds most of
                 the males in overall rank.  All categories are above average
                 except speed, but that should be no problem.  Use her for
                 races and half-pipe and you will most likely do fairly well.

* Each category is given a different color based on it's quality. Red is the
  lowest (1), followed by Green (2), then Yellow (3), Yellow-Green (4), and
  finally Blue (5) which is the highest.

                             III.  Gameplay Modes

-- Half Pipe Mode --
   You can choose from three different Half Pipe types: Burnside-Portland (A);
   SkatePark-Chicago (B); or Downtown-Minneapolis (C).  There really is no
   difference other than setting.  Type C has one wall on the left, with no
   opening on top, the right has a shorter wall, and the street is the
   ditch of the pipe.  Type A and B are just standard half pipes, only with
   different backgrounds.  Your goal here is to go back and forth on the
   half pipe, doing as many tricks as possible within 1:00 minute and try to
   get the highest score possible.

-- Tournament Mode --
   Basically, you are racing against three other skaters throughout 5 different
   stages (Street, Park, Downtown, Harbor, and Skate Park) and trying to rank
   the highest in each race.  At the end of the five stages, the totals will
   be tallied and the winners will be crowned.  Whoever places in fourth will
   be shamefully hidden behind a tree at the end of the tournament while the
   other three are rewarded.  For some reason, the tournament mode seems almost
   impossible to place first in unless you've constantly been playing the game
   for months.

-- Versus Mode --
   Here, you can race the computer in any of the five stages you can race in
   tournament mode to see who wins.  This is a one-on-one match-up between the
   skater you choose and the computer skater (or another human player).  Pretty
   much the same as tournament mode, only you are only racing one other skater
   instead of three, and you only race in one stage, not all 5 to see who comes
   out the victor. Again, this is pretty tough to win for first-time players.

                               IV.  Move List

-- Standard Moves --
   180 Ollie:     A Button (while in mid-air)
   360 Ollie:     A Button x2 (while in mid-air)
   540 Ollie:     A Button x3 (while in mid-air)
   720 Ollie:     A Button x4 (while in mid-air)
   900 Ollie:     A Button x5 (while in mid-air; w/Tony Hawk only)
   Tailgrab:      Down + A (while in mid-air)
   Impossible:    Down + B (while in mid-air)
   Japan Air:     Up + A (while in mid-air)
   360 Shove It:  Up + B (while in mid-air)

-- Advanced Moves --
   Heelflip:      Right + B (while in mid-air)
   Backflip:      Left + B (while in mid-air)
   Method:        Left + A (while in mid-air)
   Indy Nosebone: Right + A (while in mid-air)

                              V.  Secrets/Codes

-- Gameshark Codes --
   Infinite Time (Half-Pipe Mode)                    0104D6C4
   Infinite Power-Ups (Tournament & Versus Modes)    012C84C5
   Infinite Speed Capsules                           0109D6C4
   Faster Turbo Boosts                               01103EC3

-- Speed Capsules --
   During Tournament of Versus races, you will find yellow speed capsules on
   the ground.  You can carry a maximum of 6 speed capsules, and to use them,
   just press Down on the D-Pad twice and you will get a boost of speed.
   [This really isn't a code]

                              VI.  Information

Credits and Sources
  Gave me a basic move that I missed, and corrected me that you can carry up to
  6 speed capsules, somehow.  Ask him about it if you have any questions.

Game Software Code Creators Club - http://www.cmgsccc.com
  Provided the GameShark codes in the above section.

  Submitted the first two codes to www.cmgsccc.com which is where I got the
  GameShark Codes.

  Submitted the second code to www.cmgsccc.com.

  Submitted the fourth and final code to www.cmgsccc.com.

Jeff "CJayC" Veasey - http://www.gamefaqs.com
  Hosted this FAQ on his wunnerful website known as GameFAQs.

Activision - http://www.activision.com
  For making a (rather sloppy, yet) fun game on the GameBoy Color.

Contact Information
Have any comments, questions, suggestions, complaints, contributions, praise,
constructive criticism, or anything else about this FAQ (or any of my others?)
Please contact me via one of the following, and I'll get back to you as soon
as I can.  All questions asked that have already been answered in the guide
will be ignored:

E-mail Address:  sdallas19@yahoo.com
ICQ Number:      100893080

Want to host this FAQ on your website?  Please contact me via one of the above
methods and send me the URL of your site, and I'll give you the terms I have
for webmasters hosting my guides.  If you post this (or any of my other FAQs)
guide on your site without asking first, your host and/or ISP will be contacted
and notified of your illegal actions.


          The latest version of this document can always be found at:

                      GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com
                      DS-99 - http://www.dallastm.cjb.net


Copyright 2000-2001 Dallas Scott.  All Rights Reserved.


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