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Welcome to the Top Gear Pocket FAQ.

Version 1.075 updated on 6/11/99 by Daniel Velovic
[email protected]


Table of Contents

1.1  Introduction to the FAQ
1.2  Updates !UPDATED!
1.3  Game Controls
1.4  Q & A
1.5  What to expect in future FAQs?
2.1  Introduction to the Cars
2.2  Type-CO
2.3  Type-IP
2.4  Q & A About the Cars
3.1  Introduction to the Courses !UPDATED!
3.2  Grassland !UPDATED!
3.3  Desert !UPDATED!
3.4  Jungle
3.5  Q & A About the Tracks !UPDATED!
Bonus  Passwords !UPDATED!
Backseat Next Update !UPDATED!


1.1  Introduction to the FAQ

     This is the FAQ for Top Gear Pocket.  Top Gear
     Pocket is for the Game Boy Color and is the first
     game to have the Rumble Pack.  It will only work
     for the Game Boy Color.  So you need to buy a
     Game Boy Color to play this game.

1.2  Updates

     1.075 Version

     The track guide for Desert is up.  The track guide
     is simpler now.

     1.025 Version

     Type-CO and Type-IP are updated plus the Q & A are
     updated.  Game Controls and this Update section
     added.  And a track guide for Grassland.

     1.0 Version

     This FAQ was created.

1.3  Game Controls

     The Instruction manual has some mistakes.  Here are
     the real controls:

     A button is Acceleration, not the B button.
     B button is the breaks, not the A button.
     Select button does nothing, the correct button is
     the Start button.
     Using manual tranmission, down button is to shift
     up and up button is to shift up.
     Turning buttons are left and right.

1.4  Q & A

     Can I copy this FAQ?

     I changed this now.  E-mail me before you copy my
     FAQ.  Some people may forget to do that.  If I see
     any changes when you copy this FAQ, you will be
     forced to play the Game.com.  This document Copyright
     1999 Daniel Velovic.

     Can I help you?

     In future FAQs, I may have problems in a few
     sections.  These sections will be noted as !HELP!
     and that means that you can give me some help.
     My e-mail address will be at the bottom of the

1.5  What to expect in future FAQs?

     You thought that Top Gear Pocket has only 2 cars
     and 3 tracks.  Think again!  When you beat all of
     the open tracks,  new tracks and cars will open
     up.  The password section will be covered in a
     seprate FAQ next update.

2.1  Introduction to Cars

     Top Gear Pocket has only 2 cars when you turn on
     the game.  These 2 cars will get you started.
     Rated from 1 to 10 I's.  They may not be exact
     and changed preety often when possible. This i
     means half a point.

2.2  Type-CO - 4WD

     Top Speed 136 MPH

2.3  Type-IP - 4WD

     Top Speed 141 MPH

2.4  Q & A About the Cars

     Why only 2 cars?

     That's what you start out with.  Duh!

     How can I get more cars?

     Beating the tracks in the game will give you
     more cars.

     Do I have to?


     Are there other types of cars?

     Use that code on the bottom of the FAQ to find
     out.  The password will be removed in the next

     Why does the Type-CO car slide in the tarmac
     turns and not the Type-IP?

     Any car that has higher acceleration then top
     speed can slide in the tarmac turns.  When using
     the Type-CO car, tap the left or right button in
     the turns carefully.

3.1  Introduction to the Tracks

     Top Gear Pocket has 3 tracks when you start the
     game.  The next update will feature expanded
     coverage of the tracks.  Turns will now be like

     Easy Right
     Medium Right
     Hard Right
     Easy Left
     Medium Left
     Hard Left
     Upward jump.

     The reason why I did this is that it will be far
     less confusing.

3.2  Grassland

     This is a simple track for the first time TGP
     player.  All cars do well on the tarmac.

     Distance: 4296 m
     Laps: 3
     Total Distance: 12888 m
     Best car on this track: Type-IP
     Best time: 3:23:25

     Track guide:
     Easy left.
     Easy left.
     Easy left.
     Medium right.
     Upward jump.
     Back to Start for 2 more laps.

3.3  Desert

     The gravel road is a pretty tough track.  I
     suggest you use the 4WD cars.  If you are
     careful, you might win this race.

     Distance: 4829 m
     Laps: 3
     Total Distance: 14487 m
     Best car on this track: Type-IP
     Best Time:

     Track guide:
     Easy right.
     Medium Right.
     Medium Right.
     Medium Left.
     Easy Right.
     Easy Right.
     Upward jump.
     Easy Left.
     Back to Start for 2 more laps.

3.4  Jungle

     The toughests of the first 3 courses, the
     gravel track has some tight turns with jumps in
     the middle of 2 of those turns.  It is the
     longest of the first 3 tracks as well.

     Distance: 7608
     Laps: 2
     Total Distance: 15216

3.5  Q & A About the Tracks

     Are the tracks hard?

     Grassland is a tarmac track.  It's very easy.
     The others are a little harder, but you could
     do it.

     I need a little help on the Jungle.

     It can be a really tough track.  The track will
     be mapped out soon.

Bunus  Passwords

     The password section will be gone at the next
     update and will be in a seprate FAQ called

Backseat  Next Update

     The Desert has been mapped out.  The best time
     for Desert is coming, plus the track guide to
     Jungle.  The Q & A will be updated.  And more.
     Send me any questions on Top Gear Pocket at
     [email protected]!

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