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**********"Torneko:  The Last Hope" FAQ**********
*****************by Andrew Lake******************
*****************[email protected]******************
******************Version 1.4********************

This document Copyright 2001 by Andrew Lake.  This document is intended for
entertainment use only, in helping others to learn about and enjoy Torneko:
The Last Hope by Enyx.  No parts of this document may be copied and put in
any other document, unless with the express permission of Andrew Lake.

This is not the final version of this document.  Here is what you will see 
more of in the future:
What is the Monster Scroll?

*****Table of Contents*****
I   Walkthrough
  A Dungeons
    1 Odd Field
    2 Banker's Mansion
    3 Castle Dungeon
    4 Cemetery
    5 Mt. Fiery
    6 Lost Forest
    7 Toro Ruins
    8 Magic Dungeon
    9 Well
    10 Sword Dungeon
    11 Mage Dungeon
    12 Magic Dungeon revisited
    13 More Magical Dungeon
    14 Ordeal Dungeon
  B Town Info
II  Tips and Hints
  A Combat Info
  B Joys of Melding
  C Art of Stealing
III Game Info
  A Experience Levels
  B Items
IV  Acknowledgments


*****The Dungeons*****

*The monsters you encounter seem to be grouped by dungeon floor, with a few 
exceptions.  The easiest monsters are on floors 1-3, then the next group is 
4-6, then 7-10, then after that, they are just hard, and it doesn't really 
matter too much what monsters they are.

*Each dungeon has a maximum number of items that you can take in.  
Annoyingly, most of the early ones are 0, meaning you can't take in any 
items.  It does get better with the later dungeons, though.

*And now, the moment you have all been waiting for.  The Dungeons:

=The Odd Field=
Floors: 3
# Items You Can Take In: 2
Monsters: Giant Slug, Slime, Bad Gopher, Mommonja
Items: Flame Leaf, Thunder Staff, Club, Leather Shield, Bronze Shield, 
  Bread, Bang Scroll, Herb, Copper Sword, Joy Leaf

Notes:  This is a very useful dungeon to do.  There are a lot of weapons 
and shields laying around.  I would suggest keeping all of the weapons and 
shields you find that have a plus (+1,+2,+3) in preparation for the time 
when you can do melding.  You will be glad you did.  This dungeon is also 
very convenient because it is very short, very easy, and you can bring in 
two items.  Let's say you have a Preserve pot that you filled up on your 
last trip into the Magic Dungeon.  You can't take the items out of the pot 
in town, unless you smash the pot in the process of putting it into storage, 
but you don't want to take it back into the Magic Dungeon, because you just 
brought it out.  Just take it into the Odd Field, remove all of the items, 
and complete the third level.  No problem, you have the items out of the 
pot, you still have the pot, and you probably picked up a few more weapons 
and shields for melding.

=Banker's Mansion=
Floors: 5
# Items You Can Take In: 0
Monsters: Giant Slug, Dracky, Phantom, Slime, Lilypa, Mummy, Brunie, Pillow 
  Rat, Demonite (boss)
Items: Iron Arrows, Silver Arrows, Wooden Arrows, Life Herb, Leather Shield, 
  Strength Herb, Bread, See-All Scroll, Club

Notes:  This is the first dungeon where you get arrows.  Equip them and use 
the L1 button to shoot.  On the final level, you will hear a voice talking 
about the safe.  There is a room on that floor with a Demonite hiding in it.  
You can't see him until you walk up to him.  Defeat him to get the safe and 
complete the dungeon.

=Castle Dungeon=
Floors: 6
# Items You Can Take In: 0
Monsters: Slime, Spooky, Dracky, Giant Slug, Demighoul, Deranger, Slime 
  Nite, Trick Bag
Items: Sleep Staff, Gold Bag, Life Herb, Panic Staff, Skill-X Staff, Bread, 
  Thunder Staff, Blowback Staff, Herb

Notes:  In this dungeon, you rarely get a weapon, but they have plenty of 
staves laying around with different magical effects.  It is a good idea to 
save them until you get to the fourth level of the dungeon and the monsters 
get a lot harder.  For the SlimeNites, try putting them to sleep and then 
beating them up, or use the Panic staff on them.  The Demighouls will clone 
themselves most of the time if you attack them (if you don't kill them in 
one attack), so it is better to take them out with magic.  I saved the 
thunder staves for them, but you can use Blowback and slam them into a wall 
until they die.  The Derangers aren't bad, because they only do weak attacks 
and warp you around the level, so just do physical attacks on them.  

Floors: 6
# Items You Can Take In: 0
Monsters: Giant Slug, Slime, Dracky, Mummy Man, Hammerman, Bigshroom, Army 
Items: Gold Bag, Antidote Herb, Herb, Warp Herb, Super Herb, Strength Herb, 
  Blinding Herb, Bread, Sleep Herb, Panic Herb, Paralyze Herb, Life Herb, 
  Ironize Herb, Dance Herb

Notes:  The tactics for this dungeon should be similar to the Castle 
dungeon.  Save the herbs until you get to level 4, then use them on the 
harder enemies.  The Hammerman can charge up his power for a hard hit.  The 
Bigshroom can poison you and reduce your strength.  The Army Ant tunnels 
through walls to get to you.

=Mt. Fiery=
Floors: 10
# Items You Can Take In: 2 
Monsters: Mad Gopher, Slime, Red Slime, Trick Bag, Brunie, Army Ant, Flame, 
  Iron Turtle, Troll, Goopi, Stoneman
Items: Quicksave Scroll, Pause Scroll, ItemPull Scroll, StepGuard Scroll, 
  Gold Bag, Heal Pot, Paralyze Scroll, Strength Herb, Big Bread, Bread, 
  Life Herb, Exploding Pot, Super Herb, Bang Scroll, Steel Shield, Leather 
  Shield, Pick, Copper Sword, Radiant Scroll, Defense Scroll, Outside 
  Scroll, Hear All Scroll, Iron Axe, Flame Herb, TieDown Scroll, BigRoom 
  Scroll, Scale Shield, Silver Shield, Blank Scroll

Notes: This dungeon is the main source for scrolls.  The only reason it 
isn't a big pain is because you can bring in a weapon and shield if you 
want.  The Brunie can charge up, and so can the Troll.  The Trick Bag can 
steal your gold and run away with it.  They stay on the same level, so if 
you can chase him down and kill him, you can get your money back.  The Iron 
Turtle is strong, but only takes one turn for every two of yours.  See the 
Combat Tips section for tips on fighting these and more creatures.  The 
Goopi is a tough little creature, but it doesn't move.  As a result, if you 
want to fight it, it will always have the initiative.  It grabs your foot 
so you can't move, and sometimes summons a Stoneman to come beat you up.

=Lost Forest=
Floors: 12
# Items You Can Take In: 2
Monsters: Oniono, Bad Gopher, Mommonja, Trick Bag, Mummy Man, Pillow Rat, 
  Bigshroom, Lilypa, Hammerman, Dance Vegi, Crabus, Yeti, Iron Turtle, 
  Wyvern, Shaman, Hork, Berserker, Skeletor
Items: Pretty much the only things you will find are gold bags, except from 
  the gargoyles.

Notes:  This is the first time you encounter Gargoyles.  They have a shop 
in about half of the floors.  When you walk into the room, he will say 
Welcome to you.  There are nine items laid on the floor.  Each one has a 
price.  Get the things that you want to buy, then talk to the Gargoyle and 
pay him.  Don't hurl anything at him or mess with him too much, because he 
is faster than you and hits for around 200.  For stealing methods, see the 
section on Stealing from the Gargoyle.  These gargoyles start selling good 
weapons, with powerful side effects for 4000-6000 gold usually.  In the 
beginning of the dungeon, kill the Onionos if you can.  They frequently 
drop bread, which otherwise would need to be purchased from a gargoyle.  
The Trick Bags again steal your gold, unless you happen to buy a ThiefStop 
shield froma gargoyle.  The Dance Vegi makes you dance, so you can move, 
but not attack.  Just walk away until you stop dancing.  The Shamans, Horks, 
and Skeletors frequently leave behind a corpse, instead of just dying.  If 
another of these creatures goes up next to the corpse, it will come back to 
life.  Be careful of the Berserkers.  If they get to level 2 or 3, it's not 
too bad.  If they get to level 5, they will kill you if they catch you.  
They are fast and hit hard.

=Toro Ruins=
Floors: 14
# Items You Can Take In: 5
Monsters: Phantom, Tah Dracky, Spooky, Deranger, Slime Nite, Demighoul, 
  Druid, Evilamp, Arrop, Druin, Metal Rider, Roguenite, Skeletor, 
  Magiwyvern, Spectet, Demonite, Enchanter
Items: From this dungeon on, you can find just about any item in any 

Notes: I only really did this dungeon one time, to get through it, then 
spent most of my time in the Lost Forest shopping at the gargoyles' place.  
It's a pretty typical dungeon. The Druid creature will warp you and put you 
to sleep at the same time.  Sometimes when you kill them, they will drop a 
Druid staff that lets you do the same thing.  The Druin will be sleeping in 
a corner of a room.  Be careful attacking him, as he will put you to sleep 
and keep putting you to sleep, allowing other creatures to beat up on you.  
The Metal Riders can be tough, since they are faster than you are, and 
pretty strong.  I like the Magiwyverns, because all they do is StopSpell 
you, and they give you a lot of experience (115).  Spectets will Ironize 
themselves, often in your path.  The Demonite will steal items from you if 
you let him.  The Enchanter is a big jerk, who uses different staves to 
confuse you, trade spots with you, or just hit you.

=Magic Dungeon Part I=
Floors: 27
# Items You Can Take In: 10

Notes:  You can encounter just about anything, and find just about anything 
in here.  I think this is the main dungeon of the game.  This is the first 
dungeon in which I started finding rings.  There are occasional gargoyles 
around with their shops.  On the 15th floor, and the 23rd floor, there are 
some strange rooms.  You can't tunnel through the walls with a Pick or 
anything.  There is a strange door with a keyhole in it, but you can't open 
them until you get a key from the well.  When you get to the 27th floor for 
the first time, you will be in a strange diamond shaped floor.  The boss is 
on this level, named DarkEvil.  He looks like a square sponge, or a Fry Guy 
from the old McDonald's commercials.  Every time you hit him, he squirts 
some stuff, and a bunch of other creatures appear.  Just hold your ground, 
and hit DarkEvil whenever he approaches you, and he will die soon.  You get 
3000 experience from him, and then you can bust open the middle wall 
section on the top.  Go forward to place the Banish Chest.  Congratulations, 
you beat the game!  Or did you?

*****Just When You Thought It Was Over*****
After you sit through the credits, it will save your game, and you can go 
on, with some major changes.  First off, the Magic Shop lady will now 
change your class to Warrior or Mage (or back to Merchant) for free!  

The Warrior has 100 skills that he can learn.  These are special attack 
skills to put on his sword or defensive skills to put on his shield that 
aid in combat.  However, the Warrior can't use staves, scrolls, or rings.  

The Mage has 50 different spells that he can learn, but can't use any 
weapons or shields.  He can only learn 30 spells per trip into a dungeon, 
and they forget all of their spells when they leave (although it remains in 
your spellbook).  I believe the spellbook is found at the end of the Sword 
Dungeon, and I think it allows the Mage to use any spell he has ever 
learned.  The Mage also doesn't get hungry, so you don't have to worry 
about any time contraints, except for wind.

Each class has its own special dungeon.  Only the Merchant can go into the 
Well behind the Decrepit Mansion, only the Warrior can go into the Sword 
Dungeon, and only the Mage can go into the Mage dungeon.  At this point, 
you can also go back into the Magic Dungeon, and I don't think it has an 
end.  I have been down to level 35.

Floors: 1
# Items You Can Take In: 5
Monsters: Varies
Items: Scrolls, Herbs, and the occasional Staff or Pot.

Notes:  I suggest staying as a Merchant for a while after beating the game, 
so you can do the Well.  To get to the Well, go to the Decrepit Mansion.  
Go up the left side of the building, under the trees.  Talk to the man 
standing at the back corner of the building.  He will tell you about the 
Well dungeon.  You can choose the difficulty level that you want to do, 
based on how far you have gotten in the Magic Dungeon.  If you have a 
weapon+99 and a shield+99 you shouldn't have much problem on any of the 
levels.  I actually thought the third level was the hardest, since there 
are Berserkers wandering around.  If your shield is +99, even the monsters 
on Level 7 will only hit you for 1.  All you need to do is kill one monster, 
and your levels start flying up.  Anyway, there are three kinds of mazes 
you can have in the Well.  One is a Monster House, with all the treasure 
and monsters in one huge room.  Another is a maze with paths separated by 
water.  A Passage Ring makes these levels real easy, since you can walk on 
the water.  The other form is a maze with stone walls separating the paths.  
That's my least favorite.  There is only one real floor in the Well.  When 
you find the stairs and go down them, you go to another small room, one 
with three bags of gold and a key (for the special rooms in the Magic 
Dungeon).  The amount of gold in the bag varies by what level you chose the 
Well to be.  At level 1, they each have 1800 gold in them.  At Level 9, they 
each have 28,000 gold in them.  That's a heck of a lot of gold for a 
relatively simple dungeon.

=Sword Dungeon (for Warriors)=
Floors: 35
# Items You Can Take In: 0 (Boo!)
Monsters: Normal, but the difficulty of monsters seems to increase much 
Items: On the good side

Notes:  This is really tough.  You should probably go to the Magic Shop and 
get your level up to 5 before venturing in, so you can survive long enough 
to find a weapon.  There are usually good swords and shields laying around.  
The best you can get is an Abacus and a Metabble shield.  The key to this 
dungeon, I think, is earning up a bit on the 4th level or so.  Once you 
have about 40 hit points, you can start killing the Pillow Rats easily, and 
they give you a lot of experience.  The Onionos that run around often give 
you bread, as well.  Once you get up to level 10 or 11, the dungeon becomes 
a bit easier.  Your success depends a lot on luck.  You need to find a good 
weapon and shield, adequate bread for your hunger, and you need to be lucky 
enough not to get any Monster Houses, because you never really get strong 
enough for those.

=Mage Dungeon (for Mages)=
Floors: 35
# Items You Can Take In: 0 (Boo!)
Monsters: Normal, but the difficulty of monsters seems to increase much 
Items: Normal

Notes:  Since a mage doesn't ever get hungry, spend as much time on each 
level as you can, fighting things (until the wind starts to blow).  This 
should help you stay at a good level for everything.  It starts to get 
really hard at about the same time as the Sword Dungeon does, but for a 
different reason.  You start encountering Derangers, Druids, etc., who 
seem to be highly resistant to magical damage.  I had to put them to sleep 
and hit them with my bare hands, putting them to sleep again if they wake 
up.  It's a big pain, and not very fair, if you ask me.  There is a trick 
to completing this dungeon and getting the Magic Sword on the 35th level.  
Here is what you do:  In the Magic Shop, Disperse into the Mage Dungeon to 
the lowest level you have been to.  When you get in there, cast Sacrifice.  
It will either kill you or kill all of the monsters on the floor.  It seemed 
to be about a 50% chance either way from when I did it.  Anyway, if you die, 
hit reset and do it again.  If you kill the enemies, then you will go up 
many levels.  Hopefully, you will learn Radiant when you go up your levels, 
because that will help you see where the stairs are.  You need to head 
straight for the stairs, since monsters will randomly start appearing again 
around the level.  Each trip you make in, you will hopefully make it down a 
few floors.  In this way, you can slowly progress through the dungeon.  When 
you get to the 35th level, start looking for the Magic Sword (strength 30, 
with no special effects).  The 35th is the final level in this dungeon, so 
you can also find the stairs and beat the Mage Dungeon.

=Magic Dungeon Part II=
Floors: 100
# Items You Can Take In: 10
Monsters: Normal
Items: Normal

Notes:  If you go back into the Magic Dungeon after beating it, you can get 
some good stuff.  Get some keys from the Well, and go back to the Magic 
Dungeon.  There are some special rooms on certain floors with special 
treasure in it:
*On the 15th floor will be a room with a door at the bottom of it.  Use a 
key, and the door will open.  Inside are 20 bags of gold, with 1000 gold 
per bag.  
*On the 23rd level, there is another one of these rooms with a door.  Inside 
is two pots, and seven Bomb Crag enemies.  Each spot on the floor has a 
mine trap on it.  If a mine blows up a monster, it will cause a chain 
reaction, destroying them all as well as the pots.  The pots are both 
Melding pots with three slots.  You can take a Warrior into the dungeon 
with his Bust Trap skill (on an Iron Axe) to get these pots.  
*On the 30th level, there is another one of these rooms, but without a door.  
You can use a Pick on the walls of this room to get in.  Inside are eight 
gargoyles surrounding a sword.  The gargoyles are frozen, until you step on 
the sword and try to pick it up, then they will all attack you.  I used a 
Tiedown scroll after I stepped on the sword to prevent the gargoyles from 
moving, then I used a Tradespot staff to switch places with the gargoyle by 
the hole in the wall.  In this way, I got the sword without being attacked 
by any gargoyles.  The sword was an Ice Sword +1, which does double damage 
to fire creatures, and which has a base strength of 25!  However, this 
sword only does 1 damage to ice creatures.
*On the 50th level, there is a big special room that needs a key in the 
bottom left corner.  There is a path set up in a spiral with a treasure in 
the center.  There are a bunch of crystals lining the path, but you can't 
tunnel through them.  Each step of the path is big spikes that do 30 damage 
to you, and you will need to walk through about 80 of these.  At the first 
four corners, there is a Trapdoor trap that will drop you to the next level.  
Sound like something from Mission: Impossible?  Well, you need to bring in 
a Warrior so he can use the Bust Trap skill on the Trapdoors.  The Warrior 
is unable to use a Stepguard scroll, though.  I warped straight to the 50th 
level at the Magic Shop with my warrior, went up about 20 levels killing 
the monsters there, which brought me up to about 120 HP.  Before I came in, 
I prepared some Heal pots with 8 uses each (thanks to Prayer scrolls).  I 
used one and a half of these pots on my way.  The treasure is well worth 
it.  It is a Whirlwind sword, which has the special effect of attacking to 
all eight spaces around you.  If you have a Trap-X ring, you can do it with 
the merchant, just using a Stepguard scroll or two.
*On the 60th level, there is another special room with gargoyles, just like 
on level 30.  In the center of this room is a Golden Pot, which makes a pot 
appear at the beginning of each floor.  There are a certain number of slots 
in it, and you can insert items, but I don't know what that would do.  Just 
having it in your possession makes the extra pots appear.  The pots that 
appear seem to be normal pots that you find everywhere.
*On the 70th level, there is a rather tricky special room.  The room is set 
up like the following:

W    I    W   W = Water
W  M I S  W   I = Ice
W  I I I  W   M = Mimic
W  I I I  W   S = Seal Sword
W IIIIIII W   D = Door
W  I I I  W
W  I I I  W
W  M I M  W
W    I    W

In an attempt to save on the clutter in this map, I did not include the 
walls on the map.  There is a wall around all of the ice, so that there is 
no way to step off of the ice except where the treasure or mimics are, back 
into the doorway, or onto the water at the end (if you have a Passage Ring), 
although walking on the water won't help you at all.  Once you are sliding 
on the ice, there is no way to change directions, but you apparently need 
to make two right turns on the ice in order to get the treasure.  Is that 
the Mission: Impossible theme playing again?  I managed to find a way to do 
it.  You need a bunch of items that you don't want, and a full inventory.  
First, make sure there are a few items in the big room that you start in.  
If there are none there already, then drop some there.  Getting the Golden 
Pot on level 60 helps, as you get a bunch of Preserve pots to put stuff in.  
You can Use or Hurl an item from within a Preserve Pot.  Anyway, the basis 
of this plan is that you stop sliding when you get to any square that has 
an item in it.  Stand outside the doorway, against the outside wall, and 
Hurl three items inside.  This will place an item just above the main 
intersection of the ice.  Slide on up, and you will stop on that item.  Now, 
use an ItemPull scroll to pull in the items from the big room with the 
stairs.  This will place an item at the main intersection.  Slide down to 
that square, and Hurl two items to the right.  This places items at the 
other intersection that you need to go to.  Slide to the right, then up, 
and get the Seal sword.  You can fight the Mimics if you want, but you 
don't need to.  It is important that you keep a full inventory this whole 
time, so you don't pick up these items, and you can still get out.  If you 
pick up the items, you could find yourself stuck in this room with no way 
out but an Outside scroll, because there is nothing to stop you on the ice.
*On the 80th level, there is another room just like the one on the 70th 
level.  In the place where the Seal Sword was, you can find the Seal Shield, 
which completes the set.  Use the same method to get the shield that you 
used to get the sword on the 70th level.
*On the 98th level is a horrible special room.  You need two keys, and a 
lot of luck.  There is a door at the bottom, where you need to use the 
first key.  Every step in the lower half of this room has a slowdown trap.  
Once you get past those, there is a small island surrounded by a moat.  On 
this island is a chest, surrounded by a wall.  At the top is another door 
for the other key.  Surrounding the wall on the island are a bunch of Warp 
Traps.  I have tried many things that failed on this floor, which is very 
annoying, as it takes me about two hours to get to the 98th floor from the 
50th that I Disperse into.  Here are some things NOT to do, as they won't 
work:  Don't expect a merchant with the Trap-X and Passage rings to be able 
to do it.  You can't change rings on the water.  Don't expect a Warrior to 
be able to Landfill the moat, as that also won't work.  Here are some things 
that WILL work:  The Warrior's Ford skill will work to allow you to walk on 
the water, if you have that skill.  You can use that and Bust Trap to make 
this room a piece of cake.  With the Merchant, you have to have a bit of 
luck, to have a big crystal in the room where you start.  If the big crystal 
isn't there, then use a Retry scroll to redo the floor.  First, use one key 
to open the first door, then put on the Passage ring.  Go back to the main 
room, and use a Change staff on the crystal to change yourself into a 
monster (traps don't affect monsters).  Cross over the moat and stand in 
front of the door by the chest.  Wait for the change to wear off, use a key 
and claim the treasure.  The treasure is a Magic chest, with the Loto Sword 
in it (99 strength).

=More Magical Dungeon=
Floors: ???
# Items You Can Take In: 0

Notes:  If you open the Joy Chest in your house, then the Magic Dungeon 
changes into the More Magical Dungeon.  You can't take in any items or gold, 
and you can't go in if you have increased your level at all at the Magic 
Shop.  At least there isn't anything to lose.  The treasure is good, but 
you don't find a lot of weapons or shields around.  Perhaps the Mage would 
be a good choice to bring in, if you are tired of the Merchant.

=Ordeal Dungeon=
Floors: 50
# Items You Can Take In: 20

Notes:  The first floor of this dungeon has Golems and that level of 
creatures on it, and they get harder quickly.  If you can survive a fight 
or two, then you should go up enough levels to survive.  The only items you 
can find are a lot of gold, Identify staffs (so you can identify the 
monsters), and Tiny Medals (once you get past floor 20 or so).  On the 30th 
level, there is a Magic chest, that says it has 0 slots available.  Inside 
the chest is the Loto Shield, with 99 strength!

*****Town Info*****
Talk to everyone in town each time you complete a new dungeon.  Different 
people show up and give you different information on items, weapons, 
shields, etc. as well as new hints on how to do things.  Once you complete 
a new dungeon, people tend to leave and new people appear, so you need to 
get the information while you can.

Banker - Find the safe in his mansion and he will open his bank in front of 
your storage shed.  You can put your money in the bank so that you don't 
lose it when you die.  After completing the Mt. Fiery dungeon, he will give 
you different gifts when you have saved certain amounts of gold with him, 
as shown below:

Gold       Gift
5000       Joy Leaf
10,000     World Leaf
30,000     Melding Pot (6)
50,000     Joy Ring
100,000    Blank Scroll X3
200,000    Hunger-X Ring
400,000    Club +30
800,000    Leather Shield +30
1,500,000  Clone Pot, Vacuum Scroll, Prayer Scroll

Smith - Get the sacred flame in the castle dungeon for him, and he will fix 
the lock on your shed for you.  After you finish the Toro ruins, the town 
opens up, and you can go to him to upgrade your sword or shield in exchange 
for certain items.  After each 10 times you have him upgrade your sword or 
shield, he will give you an important game tip.  Here is the first one:  
"The King is a lefty."  I don't know how I played the game before knowing 

Ed - After the smith fixes your lock, you can start to store things in your 
shed.  It starts out holding 20 items, but every time you come back from a 
dungeon, you can pay Ed 1000 gold, and he will increase the maximum number 
of items you can store by 10, until it reaches its max of 250 items.

Baker - Complete the graveyard dungeon, and he will open up a shop in the 
town square, selling Big, Huge, and Magic bread.

Magic Shop - The Magic Shop opens up next to the graveyard after you 
complete the Mt. Fiery dungeon.  She will sell you an Iron Safe item for 
2000, or she will level you up for your next trip into a dungeon.  Leveling 
up as far as I can tell costs 2000 for the first level, and 1000 for every 
level after that you want to go up.  This gives you a slight advantage in 
the next dungeon you go into, but when you finish that dungeon, you go 
right back to level 1 again.  After you complete the Lost Forest dungeon, 
she will also increase the number of uses of a staff that you may have.  
After you kill DarkEvil in the Magic Dungeon, she will let you change 
classes and Disperse back into a dungeon that you have been to.  She will 
warp you to any floor that you have been to in any dungeon (up to the 50th 
floor), but it costs 1000 gold per floor.  She will also only warp you if 
you meet the restrictions (item number, etc.) for that dungeon.

Melding Shop - After you complete the Toro Ruins dungeon, when you want to 
walk around town, you can go anywhere.  At this time, you can access the 
melding shop and the blacksmith.  For more information on melding, see the 
Joys of Melding section of this FAQ.

Decrepit Mansion - After you beat DarkEvil in the Magic Dungeon, this 
mansion opens up as the Ordeal Dungeon.  This dungeon starts out with very 
difficult monsters.  If you can survive a couple of fights, you will start 
going up levels very quickly.  On my first trip, I got to the 12th floor, 
and Torneko got up to level 42.

Explorer's Inn - This is where a few knights hang out to share secrets.  
They won't let you in at first because you are fat.

Old Man's House - The mysterious old man lives in the southeast corner of 
town.  If you are a Warrior or a Mage, he will tell you about the 
differences in the classes, and he will let you go to a special dungeon 
behind his house.

King - After you beat the game, the king decides to start collecting tiny 
medals.  If you bring him 20 tiny medals, he will give you a King Metal 
Sword.  If you bring him a total of 40 medals, he gives you the King Metal 
Shield.  I got Tiny Medals in the Magic Dungeon once I got past the 50th 
level (one on level 51, one on level 61).  I cheated, getting one Tiny 
Medal and using my Clone Pot to duplicate this one until I had enough for 
the shield.  At 60 medals, he says he will give you another King Metal 
Sword.  I don't know if this one has any bonus, or is any better or 

Well - A dungeon behind the Decrepit Mansion.  See the Dungeons section.

Swords Dungeon -  If you are a Warrior, the Old Man will let you out his 
back door to a small island, in which is the Sword Dungeon.

Mage Dungeon -  The Old Man gives you access to this cave if you are a Mage.  
It is in the same place as the Swords Dungeon.

**********Tips and Hints**********

*****Combat Tips*****

*If a monster charges up their strength, they will follow up with an attack 
that does a lot of damage.  However, this charge is only effective on their 
next turn.  Luckily, it is easy to defuse this attack.  Simply walk away 
one space.  They will follow you, and lose their chance to do a powerful 

*Once you have beaten Mt. Fiery, the banker will start giving you different 
gifts when you have saved a certain amount of gold in the bank.  The gift 
for saving 50,000 gold is the Joy Ring, a VERY nice item to have equipped.  
It gives you an experience point for each turn you take in a dungeon.  I 
got up to level 16 in the Odd Field using this ring.  Just walk around, and 
your level goes up.  This is also the only ring I ever got until the Magic 
Dungeon.  The only problem I had with the Joy Ring is with hunger.  You 
need to have enough bread to keep yourself alive, and if you are passing 
time to get up levels, you are also getting hungry.  A nice partner for 
this ring is a leather shield, which greatly slows down how fast you get 

*For creatures that are slower than you (take one turn for every two of 
yours, like the Iron Turtle), there is a great way to fight them without 
getting hit yourself at all.  Wait for them to walk up to you, then hit 
them once.  Walk away one step and they will follow you.  Hit them again 
and walk away again.  They will keep following you and never get to attack.

*When you are fighting a creature that is faster than you are (they take 
two turns for every one of yours), it can be tricky figuring out how to 
engage them.  If you miscalculate, they will move up to you and hit you 
before you can attack them.  If there is one blank space between you and 
them, then walk away one step.  They will use their two turns catching up 
to you, and you can then attack them.  If they are two steps away, just 
swing your sword and they will walk up to you.

*If you are made to dance (by a Dance Vegi, a trap, etc.), walk away nine 
steps, and the dancing effect should go away.  If you are in a tunnel, they 
can't attack you if you keep walking away, even if you have to make a turn 
and go a different direction.

*There are rooms in some dungeons that have a bunch of water in a 
checkerboard pattern.  At first, it may seem that you can't get through 
this room, but you can, if you just move diagonally.

*In some of the more advanced dungeons, you will see an island an a small 
pond in the middle of a room, with a warp spot and three treasures.  You 
may say to yourself "How in the world do I get there?"  Well, the hard way 
is to be really lucky and have yourself or a monster warp you there.  I 
think that's why the warp spot is there, so you can't get stuck on that 
little island.  There is also a Passage ring that will allow you to walk on 
water, and that is the easy way to get this stuff (if you consider getting 
the Passage ring to be easy).

*You may have heard something about "Wind" in the dungeons that will blow 
you away, removing all of your gold and items.  It took me a long time to 
ever experience it, because you have to spend an insane amount of time on a 
level to do it.  When you have taken about 1900 turns on a level, the wind 
will start to come up.  Leaves blow across the screen and you talk about it, 
so it is hard to miss.  I believe at this point, the game automatically 
casts Radiant, so they make sure you know where the exit is and how to get 
there.  After a bunch more turns, the wind will come up again, saying it is 
stronger now.  After some more turns, the wind returns, saying it is at 
gale force.  After 2000 turns on a level, the wind gets strong enough to 
blow you away.  There is a title you get for being blown away by the wind, 
but make sure you don't have anything valuable if you are going to do it.

*Beware the Berserkers.  They go around killing other monsters on the level, 
and they level up like you do.  They aren't bad if you kill them early 
enough, when they are levels 1 through 3 or so.  However, I had an 18th 
level character get wasted by a 7th level Berserker.  He hit me for over 
200 hit points.  Also, they get two turns for every one of yours.  Bad news.  
You do get a title for being killed by a level 5+ Berserker, but by the 
time you start encountering them, you probably don't want to be killed.

*To make time pass by quickly (to heal up, etc.) without walking around, 
hold down the circle button and the X button.  Monsters will still walk up 
to you, and you will get hungry, etc.

*It took me a while to figure out how to fire an arrow.  You use the L1 
button to do this, once the arrows are equipped.

*If you have a monster in front of you that has a ranged attack (Lilypa, 
Dragon, Enchanter, etc.), if you move straight toward them, they will 
continue to hit you each turn until you reach them.  Instead of moving 
straight to them, move at a 90 degree angle to them, and they will approach 
you, getting one square closer each turn until they are right next to you.  
Then you can slaughter them without mercy.  For example, if a Lilypa is to 
your right in a room, keep moving down until he moves next to you.

*A note on status effects.  Sleep is one of the most useful status effects 
to put on a monster, because they continue to sleep even when you hit them.  
Paralyze is pretty useless, because it goes away once you hit them.  Stun 
is pretty much like sleep, but it is much rarer.  Confusing them can be 
nice, but they still have a (slim) chance of hitting you.

*Preserve pots are great to effectively increase your inventory size.  I 
found that scrolls can be Read from within a pot.  It is thus very useful 
to put your scrolls in a preserve pot, because you can still get full use 
out of it while it is there. 

*Duplicating items:  Once you have deposited 1,500,000 gold with the banker 
(not too hard, once you start in on the Well), he will give you a Clone Pot, 
Vacuum Scroll, and Prayer Scroll.  These tools are important for 
duplicating items.  Here's what to do:  First off, use Prayer scrolls to 
increase the capacity of the Clone Pot to 8 (the max).  If you didn't get 
enough Prayer scrolls in the Well, then duplicate yourself some.  You will 
need to put several items that you want duplicated into the pot, but don't 
put in the Vacuum scroll.  Use the Vacuum scroll to pull the things out of 
the pot.  Unfortunately, your Vacuum scroll is now gone.  You will now need 
two Blank Scrolls.  On each one, write the name Vacuum, to turn them into 
Vacuum scrolls.  Whenever you want to duplicate things, put one of these 
scrolls into the Clone pot, along with three other items to be duplicated.  
Then use your other Vacuum scroll to suck everything out, including two 
Vacuum scrolls.  Thus, you always maintain two Vacuum scrolls, and never 
run out, and you can keep using the pot indefinitely.  It is useful to 
create a backup of your good weapons, shields, rings, etc., but I found 
another interesting use of it.  Take this stuff into the Magic Dungeon, and 
you can duplicate Strength herbs, Life herbs, and Joy herbs, maxing out 
your strength, HP, and level.  This will take a long time, like a couple of 
hours real time, but it makes things a bit easier.

*GoldSlimes are pretty nasty creatures.  They are in the Ordeal dungeon 
after floor 20, and in the Magic Dungeon after floor 80 or so.  They look 
like big golden clouds.  When they see you, they cast MegaMagic, which 
reduces you to 1 hit point.  I frequently saw them, and expected them to 
come to me like any other monster, forgetting that he would nuke me instead.  
That's not very nice.  Just keep some World Leaves handy.  You do get a 
title for beating a GoldSlime, and one for getting hit by MegaMagic.

*****Joys of Melding*****
They did a wonderful job with the melding system in this game.  It has very 
few drawbacks.  Basically, you can meld weapons together or shields 
together to increase their strength.  Any bonus effects on the swords or 
shields combine, and the weapon pluses (+1,+2,+3) all get added together.  
This bonus maxes out at +99.  Below are the bonuses that different weapons 
and shields will give you.

=Weapon=         =Bonus=
Babyfork         Monsters are more likely to drop gold
Dragon-X         Does double damage to dragon monsters
Doll-X           Does double damage to doll monsters
Zombie-X         Does double damage to undead creatures
Windshear        Attack three squares in front of you at once
Pick             Breakable, extra damage to earth, tunneling
SureHit          Your attack always hits
Wind             Does double damage to flying creatures
Ice              Does double damage to fire creatures
LifeDrain        Reduces the Enemy's HP to 1, breaks if too strong
Demon-X          Does double damage to demons
Whirlwind        Attacks all eight squares around you
Seal             Seals enemy skills when paired with Seal Shield*

=Shield=         =Bonus=
Leather          Won't rust, reduces hunger
Explode-X        Reduces the damage taken from mines, etc.
ThiefStop        Prevents stealing 
Scale            Prevents poisoning
Silver           Won't rust
Dragon           Take half damage from fire attacks
Blade            Does minor damage back when attacked
Parry            Increases your chance of dodging an attack
Ogre             Very strong, but increases hunger
Skill-X          Enemy skills are not effective against you
Magic            Magic spells are not effective against you
Seal             Seals enemy skills when paired with Seal Sword*

*I don't think it would be a good idea to meld in a Pick to your weapon. 
Making your sword breakable is a HUGE disadvantage.  If you have ever used 
a pick, then you know that you attack one monster, then it disappears and 

*The cost of melding depends on how many pluses and how many effects you 
are adding to the base weapon.  The base weapon is the first weapon you 
choose for melding, and it is the one that the final sword will be.  For 
example, I had a Dragon-X+35(4) [the (4) means that it has four special 
effects] sword that I wanted to combine with a Metabble+3 sword.  I wanted 
the sword to be a Metabble sword with a bonus, instead of a Dragon-X sword 
with a bonus, because the Metabble sword has a better base value.  As the 
first weapon to meld, I chose the Metabble+3, then the Dragon-X+35(4).  The 
result was a Metabble+38(4).  Thus, I have a better sword.  The downfall 
was that he charged me for adding 35 points and four effects to the 
Metabble sword, which came to about 35,000 gold.  If I had used the 
Dragon-X sword as the base, then I would just have been adding a +3 to it, 
so it would have cost 375 gold.  However, I would still have an enhanced 
Dragon-X sword instead of an enhanced Metabble sword.

*To have a rustproof sword, you need to find a Plating scroll.  I found 
these in the Magic Dungeon.  After you use the Plating scroll, you have 
nothing to fear from the Horks or Zombies!

*When you have the Seal Sword and Shield, it will seal all enemy skills 
when you attack them.  When you attack a monster, there will be a puff of 
smoke.  Once that happens, the only thing that monster can do to you is 
attack.  This works on things that the Magic shield and Skill-X will not 
work on.  If you meld the Seal items into your sword and shield, then they 
have the same effect, if paired together.

*****The Art of Stealing*****
The gargoyles in the dungeons have a lot of good stuff available to buy, 
but it is often very expensive.  What if he has an item that you absolutely 
MUST have, but don't have enough money?  Is there any way to get it?  The 
answer is Yes, there are several ways to steal from the gargoyles, and 
several ways you don't want to steal from them.

*What NOT to do*

*The gargoyles are very strong.  With a normal shield, they will hit you 
for about 200, and they get two turns for every one of yours.  With a 
normal sword, you will hit them for under 10.  Normally, you won't want to 
fight them.  Things that will cause them to fight you are:  throwing an 
item at them, and trying to leave the room without paying.  If you try to 
leave without paying, they will yell "Thief!" and gargoyles will appear all 
over the map and start heading toward you, with blood in their eyes.  Also, 
if you have been declared a Thief, then you will not be able to use Outside 
scrolls or things like that.  All you can hope for is to fight your way to 
the exit, because the next floor will be just like normal.  Even if the 
gargoyle is dead or changed, you will still be declared a Thief if you try 
to leave the room with an item that you haven't paid for.

*Don't pick up an item and use an Outside scroll.  Any unpaid-for items 
disappear from your inventory when you cast Outside.

*Don't think that just because an item has been consumed by you or is 
inside a pot, that he won't notice it.  You will still need to pay him, 
unless it is inside a Thief pot.

*DON'T use an ItemPull scroll on a level with gargoyles, unless you are 
right by the stairs.  This automatically gets you branded as a Thief, and 
the gargoyles come after you.  If you are on the stairs, this should be a 
viable way to steal from him, if you are real quick about it.

*What TO do*

*If you are short just a little bit of gold, try selling things to the 
gargoyle.  He buys any items from you that you drop onto the floor in his 
room.  If you have a Clone pot, try cloning your expensive melded sword and 
shield, and selling a copy of those.

*The easiest way to steal is with a Thief pot.  When you use this pot, it 
sucks the item in front of you into the pot, without anyone noticing.

*Most of the other ways to steal involve the BigRoom scroll.  This scroll 
makes the whole level into one giant room.  When this happens, the gargoyle 
flies away to stand over the stairs.  At this time, you can do several 
things to successfully get away with the loot:
--Use a TradeSpot staff on the gargoyle, and you will be standing on the 
stairs.  If you do this, make sure you are far enough away from him that he 
can't get back to you during his turn.
--Use a Change staff on the gargoyle, and the gargoyle will be changed into 
another monster, one that you can kill.
--Use the Scapegoat staff, either on the gargoyle or on another monster, 
and nobody will notice you.  I have personally never used this method, but 
I understand that it works.
--Kill the gargoyle, if you are strong enough.  You won't be declared a 
Thief when you try to leave the room, because the whole floor is one room.  
You should be able to kill them if you have a weapon +99 and a shield +99.  
Also, an explosion kills the gargoyle instantly, if there is a mine trap 
handy.  I am not sure if the Explode ring will kill them if it blows up on 
you when you are by them.

**********Game Info**********

*****Experience Levels*****
Level     EXP
1         ---
2         10
3         30
4         60
5         100
6         150
7         230
8         350
9         500
10        700
11        950
12        1200
13        1500
14        1800
15        2300
16        2800
17        3500
18        4200
19        5100
20        6000
21        7000
22        8000
23        10,000
24        13,000
25        16,000
26        20,000
27        25,000
28        30,000
29        36,000
30        42,000
31        48,000
32        54,000
33        60,000
34        70,000
35        80,000
36        90,000
37        100,000
38        115,000
39        130,000
40        145,000 
41        160,000
42        175,000
43        200,000
44        230,000
45        260,000
46        290,000
47        320,000
48        350,000
49        380,000
50        410,000
51        440,000
52        470,000
53        500,000
54        530,000
55        560,000
56        590,000
57        620,000
58        650,000
59        680,000
60        710,000
61        750,000
62        790,000
63        830,000
64        870,000
65        910,000
66        950,000
67        990,000
68        1,030,000
69        1,070,000
70        1,120,000
71        1,170,000
72        1,220,000
73        1,270,000
74        1,320,000
75        1,370,000
76        1,420,000
77        1,470,000
78        1,520,000
79        1,570,000
80        1,620,000
81        1,670,000
82        1,720,000
83        1,770,000
84        1,820,000
85        1,880,000
86        1,940,000
87        2,000,000
88        2,060,000
89        2,120,000
90        2,180,000
91        2,240,000
92        2,300,000
93        2,360,000
94        2,420,000
95        2,480,000
96        2,540,000
97        2,600,000
98        2,660,000
99        2,760,000

*****Item List*****
=Weapons=          Strength
Pick               1
LifeDrain          1
Club               2
SureHit            2
Seal               2
Gold Sword         3
WindShear          3
Whirlwind          3
Zombie-X           4
Demon-X            4
Copper Sword       5
Babyfork           5
Doll-X             5
Wind               6
Iron Axe           7
Dragon-X Sword     8
Steel Sword        9
Metabble Sword     12
Abacus             15 
Ice                25
Magic              30
MetalKing          40

=Shields=     Strength
Leather       2
Skill-X       2
Scale         3
Seal          3
Blade         3
Bronze        4
ThiefStop     4
Silver        5
Explode-X     6
Parry         6
Magic         6
Steel         7
Dragon        7
Metabble      9
Ogre          13
MetalKing     40
Loto          99

=Staves=     Effect
Skill-X      Disables the special skills of the target
Scapegoat    Turns a monster to a false priest, other  monsters ignore you.
Thunder      Hits with a thunder attack (25 points)
Sleep        Puts a monster to sleep
Panic        Confuses a monster
Disperse     Warps a monster to a different spot on the level  
Change       Changes a monster to another monster from that level
Dual-Edge    Reduces the enemy to 1 HP, and you to half HP.
Druid        Warps the target away and puts them to sleep
Heal         Heals the target
Blowback     Knocks the target back several squares and hits for 5 HP
Terrify      Makes the target run away from you
Identify     Identifies enemies
Enchanter    Has random effects
TradeSpot    Switches the position between you and the target
Wizard       Has random effects
Clone        Creates a clone of the target
Berserker    Makes the target berserk (break through walls, etc.)
No-Trip      Prevents the target from falling on hidden rocks

*When a staff is down to 0 charges, you can still get one more use out of 
it by hurling it at a monster.  If it hits, it will have the same effect as 
the staff.

*To use a staff on yourself, shoot it at one of those crystal things in the 
middle of the room in many dungeons.  It will bounce back and hit you.

=Arrows=     Notes
Silver       Keeps going, even after it has hit a monster
Tractor      Hits the enemy, draws them to you
Poison       Reduces the enemy's strength as well as damaging them
Magic        Always falls to the floor after hitting a monster

=Rings=     Effect
Rustproof   Prevents rusting
Curse-X     Prevents cursing
Javelin     When you hurl an object, it keeps going through walls
Joy         Gain 1 EX per turn in a dungeon
Strength    Increases your strength
Sleep-X     Prevents sleeping
Hunger-X    Prevents hunger
Pretty      Sells for a lot
Discount    Get a discount from the gargoyles
Monsterwake Wakes up monsters as soon as you step in the room
Explode     Randomly explodes, hitting you like a mine
Hunger      Increases your hunger
Doll-X      Protects from the special effects of dolls
Passage     Lets you walk on water
See-All     Lets you see locations of all treasure, monsters
Confuse-X   Prevents confusion
Poison-X    Prevents poisoning
Thief       Won't wake up monsters when you come or go
Shadow      Allows you to see traps and invisible monsters
Warp        Warps you around the level every few turns
ItemDrop    Drops items every few steps without warning
Trap-X      Prevents traps from affecting you
Heal        Each turn heals some HP

=Scrolls=     Effect
X-Ray         Identifies an item for you
Bang          Hits all monsters in the room
Outside       Warps you out of the dungeon
BigRoom       Changes the floor to one big room
Blank         Able to change into any scroll you have used
See-All       Shows you the location of all treasures on a map
Retry         Lets you redo a floor
Radiant       Shows you the entire map of the floor
Quicksave     Brings an interrupt point when you leave the floor
Hear All      Lets you see the location of all monsters on the floor
Pause         Paralyzes all monsters in the room
Tiedown       Stuns all monsters in the room
ItemPull      Pulls all items on the floor to you.  Angers gargoyles.
TwinHits      Increases the plus on your sword by 1.
Upper         Increases the plus on your shield by 1
Defense       Lowers the defense of the monster in front of you.
Plating       Makes your sword and shield permanently rustproof.
Paralyze      Paralyzes the monster in front of you.
Prayer        Increases the uses of a pot or staff by 1.
Vacuum        Sucks all of the items out of a pot.
Haven         When placed on the floor, provides a spot of invulnerability
Bread         Changes an item into a bread
Stepguard     Prevents damage from spikes
CurseOff      Removes curses from any equipped items
Typhoon       Summons Wind

=Pots=     Effect
Preserve   Lets you store items inside.
Heal       Heals you fully
Change     Changes the item you put inside to something else
Melding    Lets you do melding without the shop
Storage    Automatically sends the item placed inside to the storehouse
Thief      Sucks in the item in front of it without anyone noticing
Exploding  Explodes like a mine if you trip on a rock.  Throw it.
Clone      Any items placed inside are duplicated
X-Ray      Unitentified items placed inside are identified
Golden     Causes a pot to appear at the beginning of each floor

*If a pot has an item in it and you try to put it in the storehouse, the 
pot will break and the items will be placed in storage.

=Herbs=     Effect
Herb        Minor healing
Super Herb  Major healing
World Leaf  Brings you back to life if your HP reaches 0
Blinding    Blinds the target
Life        Increases your Max HP by 5
Big Tum     Increases your Max belly capacity by 10
Strength    Increases your strength by 1, up to 96
Antidote    Restores your strength to full if poisoned
Sleep       Puts the target to sleep
Flame       Chew it to do 70 damage to the person in front of you
Joy         Increases your level by 1, up to 99
Dance       Causes the target to start dancing for 10 turns
Ironize     Turns the target to iron for 15 turns
Wakeup      Wakes up the target
Panic       Confuses the target
Paralyze    Paralyzes the target
Eyedrop     Cures when you can't see right, casts Radiant
Misleader   Makes it so the target sees things falsely
Weed        Does nothing (left over when World Leaf is used)
Disaster    Lowers the target's level by 1
Agility     Increases your speed for a few turns
Poison      Lowers the strength of the target
Warp        Warps the target to a different spot on the level
Berserker   Makes the target berserk, uncontrollable and breaking walls

=Breads=     Effect
Bread        Restores 50 belly points 
Big          Restores belly to full
Huge         Restores belly to full, and increases max belly by 5
Magic        Minimal belly restoration, but beneficial status effect 
Moldy        Restores 20 belly points, causes negative status effect

Tiny Medal

First thanks goes to my lovely wife, Amy, for her constant encouragement, 
and her ideas on how to resolve problems I had in the game.

Thanks goes to Enix, of course, for making such a wonderful game.  Go to 
www.enix.com for a link to the official Torneko web site, as well as other 
Enix games.  The Message Boards they have for each game are very helpful.

Thanks to Raydock Prince and Dowen18 on the Torneko message board for ideas 
on how to handle the 98th level of the Magic Dungeon.

Thanks to Ron (sorry, I don't know your last name) for telling me about the 
Loto Shield on the 30th floor of the Ordeal Dungeon.

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