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A FAQ by Doctimus Prime ([email protected])

Version 1.0
Created 4/22/02
Last Updated n/a


1. Introduction
2. Controls
3. Characters
           -My opinion         
4. Secret Characters
           -Black Arachnia
5. Megatron X
           -Info about him
           -How to get to him
           -How to beat him
           -How to play as him
6. Bonus Games
           -Sunset Showdown
           -Sunrise Showdown
           -Disc Hunter
           -Escape Race 100
           -Escape Race 200
           -Kid Mode
7. Ending Bios
8. Other neat stuff
9. Credits and legal stuff

                                  1. Introduction

"The Beast Wars Rage On!"
Ok, I'm assuming that people reading this FAQ are familiar with the 
Beast Wars, because I don't feel like getting too in depth into it.  
The basic story is that 2 factions of transforming robots, Maximal and 
Predacon, crash land on a prehistoric planet.  They assume the forms of 
powerful local creatures to protect themselves from an element known as 
Energon that is abundant on the planet.  It can be very useful, but it 
can kill these robots if they have long-term exposure to it.  The evil 
Predacons intend to destroy the Maximals and take the energon, while 
the Maximals try to protect the planet from their evil counterparts.
This game is a generic fighting game developed by Takara, Bam!, and 
Genaza (Yes!!).  
                           2. Controls
L----- Serves no purpose
R----- An Energon blast that takes away some of your energy; therefore, 
it cannot work if your energy meter is low.  Also, it has little effect 
if your opponent is in beast mode.
D pad- Serves no purpose.
Z----- Jump
A-----When in robot mode or beast mode, this converts you to vehicle 
mode.  When in vehicle mode, it changes you to robot mode.
B------When in robot mode or beast mode, this converts you to vehicle 
mode.  When in vehicle mode, it changes you to beast mode.
Analog- Moves your character. The board is three dimensional, so you 
are not limited to just forward and backward with the analog.  You can 
also circle around your opponent, which is very useful.
C left---The character uses their strongest weapon.  Hold the button to 
charge in robot mode.  Release when charging noise is highest and the 
screen goes dark to use the character's super move. Note: Supers can 
only be done in robot mode.  In the other forms, a strong move will be 
done, but not a super.
C up----The character uses a bomb attack. Hold the button to charge and 
release for a stronger attack in robot mode. In all forms, the bomb is 
also heat seeking.
C right---The character uses their hand-held gun in robot mode.  Hold 
button to charge with more intensity.  In beast mode this does your 
beast's strongest move.  In vehicle mode, your character will do a high 
powered dash.
C down---Block
                              3. Characters
In this game, there are eight regular characters and five secret 
characters.  Despite their stats being different, there is really no 
advantage of one over another, so it's really in the eye of the 
beholder concerning which character is the best.  All ratings are 
purely my opinion.


Name: Optimus Primal
Function: Maximal Commander
Quote: "Well, that's just Prime!"
Bio: Optimus Primal commands the surviving Maximals after the Axalon 
crash-lands on a desolate prehistoric planet.  Primal is courageous in 
battle, and often risks his own safety for the sake of his fellow 
Maximals.  He transforms into a powerful mechanized gorilla with a jet 
powered hoverboard option for flight capabilities.  Primal is 
determined to defeat the Predacons and return to Cybertron with his 
comrades.  His leadership abilities are critical to the Maximal's 
Special: "My turn!"  Primal flashes his shoulder mounted cannons and 
In My Opinion: Primal has one of the game's strongest beast modes.  
This makes up for having the slowest robot mode in the game.  All of 
his robot mode moves are slow, which can be a major disadvantage.  I 
always use his last costume because it makes him look like Optimal 

Name: Cheetor
Function: Reconnaissance
Quote: "Ultra gear!"
Bio: Cheetor has the personality of a typical adolescent, naturally 
possessing youthful pride and vigor.  Though he is skilled in combat, 
he tends to act recklessly and can endanger his teammates.  He is 
generally well-liked by his comrades, and performs very well when 
properly supervised.  Cheetor's beast mode is a cybernetic cheetah, 
equipped with retractable thruster wings that provide high-speed flight 
Special: "Double arm blaster!" Cheetor puts his hands together, forming 
a cheetah's mouth and fires.
In My Opinion: Cheetor is a good all around bot.  His beast mode has 
several fast moves and his bombs are very effective.

Name: Rattrap
Function: Demolitions
Quote: "Let's get it over with"
Bio: Has a tendency to disregard authority, and does not get along well 
with his teammates.  Despite his personality glitches, Rattrap is a 
very effective and resourceful combatant.  His beast mode is a 
metallized rat positionable wheels that provide a secondary vehicle 
mode.  Although Rattrap is relatively small in size, he is surprisingly 
aggressive, and should not be underestimated.
Special: "Gotcha" Rattrap aims his pistol and fires.
In My Opinion: Rattrap has the coolest beast mode of any bot.  I just 
can't get enough of his dig move.  His robot mode is average, however.  
The best part about him is that one of his alternate colors is his 
original body.

Name: Airrazor
Function: Reconnaissance
Quote: "Ascend!" 
Bio: This majestic female Maximal prefers to operate remotely, 
observing Predacon activity and providing intelligence reports.  She is 
in touch with the nature of the planet, and shares much in common with 
the other remote operative Tigatron.  She is good-natured and gets 
along well with her comrades.  As a falcon, she can easily soar into 
enemy territory undetected.  Her third mode is a unique jet 
configuration that is also effective as a water vehicle.
Special: "Gale Blast!" She leaps and sends a blast of wind.
In My Opinion: Airrazor has the coolest beast mode moves of any 
character, even though none of them are too accurate.  Her bombs in 
robot mode also annoy me to no end.  She was given a transmetal mode 
for the game, since she never got one in the show.


Name: Megatron
Function: Predacon Commander
Quote: "Yeess!"
Bio: Megatron, the leader of the Predacon forces, is a cunning 
mastermind with a complex personality.  His goals are to defeat the 
Maximals, restore Predacon rule over Cybertron, and ultimately achieve 
dominance over the entire universe.  Megatron is immensely intelligent, 
and is not easily defeated.  His greatest downfall is his over-inflated 
ego.  Alternate mode is a powerful mechanized T-Rex with retractable 
hover engines that provide flight capability.
Special: "All power to weapons!" Megatron fires with shoulder mounted 
In My Opinion: Megatron has the best of everything, despite being slow.  
His beast mode is the slowest in the game in my opinion.  I usually use 
his gray and white colors because that is the color scheme of the 
Decepticon Megatron.  One of his alternates is also Megatron X (see 
secret character section).

Name: Tarantulas
Function: Scientist
Quote: "Behold the science of terror!"
Bio: Constantly spinning webs of deceit, Tarantulas is the definition 
of an evil genius.  He performs wicked experiments and creates 
perversions of science as he works in his secret lair.  Perhaps the 
least trusted of all the Predacons, Tarantulas possesses knowledge that 
is both shocking and deadly.  His Transmetal spider beast mode can also 
transform into a motorcycle-like vehicle mode for high-speed transit 
Special: "Surprise!" Tarantulas unloads with his spider leg machine 
In My opinion:  Tarantulas has a good beast mode.  His webbing will 
immobilize an opponent for several seconds, giving him plenty of time 
to unleash some of his nastier attacks.

Name: Waspinator
Function: Infantry
Quote: "Oh goody!"
Bio: Although he is rather naive and short sighted, Waspination is one 
of Megatron's most dependable soldiers.  He has a tendancy to grumble a 
lot, which is occasionally justified due to the nature of his 
assignments.  One of the most resilient of all Cybertronians, he seems 
to recover from any level of punishment that his physical form endures.  
His beast mode transforms him into a giant wasp, and he also has the 
ability to convert into a jet for a swift and effective vehicle mode.
Special: "Bye bye" Waspinator a blast of energy surges from his body.
In My Opinion:  Waspinator is fast in all of his forms.  His beast mode 
is especially useful, because his stinger blasts prevent an enemy from 
transforming for several seconds.  He was never given a transmetal body 
on the show,but it's good to finally see something where he dishes out 
as much damage as he has received.

Name: Terrorsaur
Function: Air Infantry
Quote: "Well well"
Bio: A scheming, deceptive villain whose primary goal is to replace 
Megatron and lead the Predacon forces.  His unhealthy desire for power 
causes him to be impulsive and reckless.  Even his most brilliant plans 
sometimes fail as a result.  Terrorsaur has a keen sense of treachery, 
and Megatron recognizes him as a powerful asset to the team despite his 
flaws.  He transforms into a pterodactyl for beast mode, or a jet-like 
form for vehicle mode.
Special: "Prepare to terminate!" Terrorsaur blasts energy from his 
In My Opinion:  Terrorsaur has the second coolest beast mode moves in 
the game, next to Airrazor.  His robot mode is ok too.  He was another 
character that was never transmetalized on the show.  He was dead 
before the Transmetals were created.
                                  4. Secret Characters

There are 5 secret characters in Transmetals: Black Arachnia, Megatron 
X, Ravage, Starscream, and Tigatron.  I'll cover Megatron X in his own 
section.  I'll make something clear, their stats are exactly the same 
as the regular characters that they look like.

Name: Black Arachnia
Function: Predacon Espionage
Quote: "Ready to rock and roll"
Description: A skinny version of Tarantulas.  Also has a black and 
purple color scheme.
Special: "You're ancient history!" She blasts machine guns from her 
spider legs.
How to get her:  Highlight Tarantulas at the character select.  While 
holding the Z button, tap the A button to select Tarantulas.  Scroll 
through his colors, and she should be the last one there.
In My Opinion:  She doesn't rate too high with me; however, it is funny 
seeing her in beast mode.  She is just a long, skinny spider.

Name: Ravage 
Function: Decepticon Covert Agent
Quote: "Implementing termination!"
Description:  Black Cheetor with a silver chest.  On his chest is the 
Decepticon symbol.
Special: "Decepticons forever!"  Puts his arms together, former a 
panther head, and fires.
How to get him:  Highlight Cheetor at the character select screen.  
While holding the Z button, tap the A button to select Cheetor.  Scroll 
through his colors and you will find Ravage.
In My Opinion:  One of my favorite characters.  I love his cool Russian 

Name: Starscream
Function: Decepticon Air Commander
Quote: "Decepticons, attack!"
Description:  Waspinator with a green body and a yellow behind.  This 
is the color scheme of the original Waspinator, who appears in the 
Special: "Pathetic fool!"  Starscream fires an energy blast from his 
How to get him: Highlight Waspinator at the character select screen.  
While holding the Z button, tap the A button to select Waspinator.  
Scroll through his colors and you will find Starscream.
In My Opinion:  Best way to use Waspinator without actually using him 
is to play as Starscream.  He is chock full of his signature phrases 
from Transformers: The Movie.

Name: Tigatron
Function: Maximal Reconnaissance
Quote: "Let the hunt begin!"
Description: White version of Cheetor with stripes instead of spots.
Special: "By the Matrix!"  Tigatron forms a tiger head with his hands 
and fires.
How to get him: Highlight Cheetor at the character select screen.  
While holding the Z button, tap the A button to select Cheetor.  Scroll 
through his colors and you will find Tigatron.
In My Opinion: Cool, although he says, "By the Matrix" way too often.
                                   5. Megatron X
This character is so elusive and so unique that I feel it is 
appropriate to give him his own section.  He is Megatron with a bright 
red and orange color scheme.  On top of that, he also has huge wings on 
his shoulders.  His voice and actions are the same as regular Megatron, 
except that he also has a diabolical laugh, which you hear at the 
beginning of a match against him.  He is also very fast in robot mode, 
although he seems slower than regular Megatron in beast and vehicle 
modes.  I think he is supposed to be the Ultimate Megatron form that 
was obtained in the show when Predacon Megatron mixed sparks with 
Decepticon Megatron.  
To get to a meeting with Megatron X is quite simple.  Beat the game 
with any character on any difficulty level with any time limit.  This 
task is easy on the first few difficulty levels and gets gradually more 
difficult as you get to Hard and Very Hard mode (duh). 
The first few times you encounter Megatron X, he can be close to 
impossible.  This is because no matter what level you get to him in, he 
is always set on Very Hard difficulty.  This makes it kinda tough when 
you're first starting out.  I know it because it took me a while to get 
his patterns right and to come up with a strategy.  I first beat him 
with Optimus Primal, and since I beat him then, I have perfected a 
strategy that will beat Megatron X in two rounds every time.  WARNING: 
This method may seem cheap, but it is nearly 100% effective.  My motto 
is it's only cheap when playing against a human opponent.  Also, it 
works better if there is no time limit.  Ok here goes (notice: things 
with a ** indicate addons to the technique):
                             Beat Megatron X

Once the match starts, convert to beast mode.  Every character has a 
beast mode move that will be very effective against Megatron X (or any 
other opponent on Very Hard difficulty).  Do the following move if you 
have the following:
                  Optimus Primal: Chest Pound (C-Right) Primal pounds 
his chest and it produces three energy waves around the ground.
                  Cheetor: Roar (C-Left) Cheetor roars an energy blast 
at an enemy.  It also produces a short distance energy wave on the 
                  Rattrap: Dig (C-Right) to Charge (C-Up) Use this 
combination to get behind your opponent and hit their vulnerable back.
                  Airrazor: Wind Blast (C-Left) Airrazor flaps her 
wings and creates a gust of wind.
                  Megatron: Ground Stomp (C-Right) Megatron stomps on 
the ground, sending one wide distance energy wave on the ground.
                  Tarantulas: Energy Blast (C-Left) Tarantulas fires a 
short energy cloud in front of him, hitting everything in close 
                  Terrorsaur: Sonic Scream (C-Right) Terrorsaur opens 
his beak and emits an energy blast.

While in beast mode, hit Megatron X with the corresponding beast mode 
attack for your character.  Some of the moves are short distance moves 
so be ready to get uncomfortably close to X.  If you hit him with these 
moves, he will instantly fall over.  After he gets up and stops 
flashing, hit him with it again.  Repeat this process until his Energon 
resistance runs out and he converts to vehicle/beast mode.  If he 
converts to beast mode, convert to vehicle mode and fly in a circle 
around him while hitting him with homing missiles (C-Up).  
Occasionally, hit him with a dash attack (C-Right) if you manage to get 
behind him.  If he changes to vehicle mode, convert to robot mode and 
charge for your super, then hit Megatron X with it.  He will fly around 
you and never fight back. Just keep hitting him with it until he either 
dies or transforms. Then, repeat the whole process over again.  
                                Play as Megatron X

I am more than confident that there is a technique to play as X.  I 
know that because Megatron has only three color schemes to choose from.  
This hints to the fact that a secret character must occupy the fourth 
spot.  That is the case with Tarantulas, Waspinator, and Cheetor.  I 
have also read on several code pages that have methods to get X.  All 
attempts for me to successfully use those codes have failed, but I have 
sent inquiries to several people concerning the code.  Hopefully I will 
have a confirmation on a successful technique to get him.  The method I 
have found on two code pages is Beat X on any difficulty, then 
highlight Megatron on the Character Select screen, hold Z, and hit A.  
He should be in the fourth slot for Megatron.  I haven't gotten it to 
work, but if anyone has, contact me.
                                   6. Bonus Games
Along with fighting in arcade, vs. mode, and team battle mode, there is 
also a category full of Bonus games.  They're fun and cool in their own 

Sunset Showdown---

"A 1-on-1 quick draw gunfight!
Fire before the enemy does!
When 'Fire!' is displayed, Z will fire!"

This is the easier of the two gunfight games.  It reminds me of the 
quick draw game in Kirby's Adventure.  After beating all eight 
characters, you start to fight them in alternate characters, secret 
characters, kid mode characters, and skinny versions of the characters.  
The game's record is 20 wins, which is easily beatable.  I got 42 
straight wins with Starscream.  Just remember to not hit Z until you 
see the word "Fire!" or you instantly lose.

Sunrise Showdown---

"A 1-on-1 quick draw gunfight!
Fire before the enemy does!
When 'Fire!' is displayed, hit down first, then Z will fire!"

This shootout is tough.  Once it says, "Fire!" you hit down to load 
your gun.  Once you hear the clicking sound of your loaded gun, hit Z 
to Fire!   Your gun won't fire unless you hit down first.

Here is what each character says during the shootouts:
Optimus Primal: 
      Win: "Disappointing, isn't it?"
      Lose: "It was unavoidable."
      Win: "Wanna get slagged again?"
      Lose: "Eh ha ha ha.  I'm a goner."
      Win: "Not bad.  Want another shot?"
      Lose: "I'm just no good."
      Win: "The pleasure was mine."
      Lose: "That hurt."
      Win: "New package, same product. Losers."
      Lose: "Blast it."
      Win: "Victory is mine."
      Lose: "That's impossible."
      Win: "Waspinator not scrap this time."
      Lose: "Back to CR tank for Waspinator."
      Win: "You're pathetic."
      Lose: "Aaahh."
      Win: "Enjoy the peace."
      Lose: "By the Matrix."
      Win: "I want no witnesses."
      Lose: "No."
Black Arachnia:
      Win: "Waste of ammo."
      Lose: "Aaahh."
      Win: "I nominate myself to be the new leader!"
      Lose: "I shall return!"
Megatron X:
      Win: ???
      Lose: ???

Disc Hunter---

"Collect as many falling discs as you can!
Analog stick to move.
Z to jump.
C-Left, C-Up, C-Right to attack."

This is simple enough.  The black discs count as one, while the gold 
ones are 10.  25 discs will fall in the variety of black and gold.  
Whoever gets the most of the 25 discs wins.

Escape Race 100 and 200---

"Press the buttons rapidly to transform and escape from the explosions!
A B C-Left C-Up C-Down C-Right 
Press rapidly
Don't just press the same button!"

Rules are simple, but I personally think this task is hard.  You press 
the sequence as fast as you can and you will win.

Kid Mode---

This is one of the funniest aspects of this game.  Pick a character and 
they will be midget sized.  Also, their voices get high and squeaky.  I 
didn't think Waspinator's voice could be any funnier.  Basically, all 
the same rules of vs. mode or arcade mode apply.


Simple.  You look at a character and can manipulate it any way you 
want.  You can also find out info about the character.  You can also 
look at secret characters but they have no explanation.
                                  Ending Bios

There may not be much of a story to Transmetals' story mode, but each 
character (including secret guys) has an ending bio similar to the 
Mortal Kombat games.  Please note that these are not word for word 
bios.  They scroll too fast in the game so I wrote the jist of it.   
Here they are: 

Optimus Primal:
Primal's leadership skills eventually result in the destruction of the 
Predacons and the capture of Megatron.  The Maximals attach Megatron to 
the exterior of an Autobot shuttle and fly back to Cybertron.  Little 
do they know that Megatron's arm has gotten free of his bonds.  Are the 
Beast Wars over or are they just beginning?

Rattrap's resourcefulness eventually results in the complete 
destruction of Megatron.  Back on Cybertron, he can be seen in the 
local restaurants saying, "We're all gonna di...dine!"



Megatron successfully destroys all of the Maximals.  After achieving 
this, he enters the Autobot Ark and destroys the legendary Optimus 
Prime, ensuring a definitive victory for the Decepticons.  In 2005, the 
horrible transformer Unicron attacks Cybertron.  With the Matrix 
destroyed with Prime, can anything stop Unicron?

Tarantulas eventually escapes Earth and manages to return to Cybertron, 
where he is granted a promotion from the Tripredicus Council.  He 
returns to prehistoric Earth commanding a massive space fleet saying, 
"If the beast wars aren't over now, they soon will be."


Terrorsaur defeats Megatron and assumes command of the Predacons.  He 
also eventually defeats the Maximals.  Unfortunately, his arrogance 
prevented him from getting the Predacons back to Cybertron as the First 
Ice Age begins to settle in.  Maybe a couple of years frozen will teach 
Terrorsaur a lesson about leadership.

Ravage eventually gains access to the Ark.  There he implements a new 
duplication technology, where the memories, appearances, etc of 
existing robots can be put into a protoform.  Ravage quickly gets to 
work cloning all the decepticons, including Skywarp, Megatron, and, of 
course, Soundwave.  After his job is done, they head to transwarp space 
to conquer the galaxy!


Black Arachnia:

Starscream successfully wipes out both the Maximals and Predacons.  He 
then goes to the Ark, where his body lay in stasis lock.  He merges his 
Waspinator body with his original body, finally making himself whole 
again.  He then heads back to Cybertron. 

Megatron X:

                                   8. Other Neat Stuff
Some things in TFBWTM don't seem to belong in any category.  I guess 
you might call this a secrets section.  Here goes:

Get Faction Battle Cries---
Go to Team battle mode.  It doesn't matter if it's one or two player.  
For the first team select the four Maximals (Optimus Primal, Rattrap, 
Cheetor, and Airrazor) then select "Ok."  Optimus will say something 
along the lines of "Battle ready team," and Rattrap will say, "Go 
Maximals!"  Do the same for the Predacons and Megatron will say 
something similar to his troops, while Waspinator declares, "Go 

Cool Looks---
The following are cool looks for the robots.  They can be found when 
you select them and scroll through their colors:
Optimus Primal: Optimal Optimus (last color scheme.  Blue and yellow)
Rattrap: Old Rattrap (Last color scheme. Black and orange)
Cheetor: Young Tigatron (only other color scheme for Cheetor)
Airrazor: Evil Airrazor (Black and silver color scheme)
Megatron: Decepticon Colors (The gray and white color scheme looks like 
the original Megatron's)
Tarantulas: Cyber Tarantulas (His last color set.  Dark Blue color 
Terrorsaur: Old Terrorsaur (His old colors.  They are red and white.)

Battle Funny Characters in Sunrise/sunset showdown
To battle Kid Mode and skinny characters in Sunrise/Sunset showdown get 
20 wins.  After that they should appear.
                                 9. Credits and Legal stuff      
Ok here goes.  I'd like to take time to acknowledge all of my sources 
for this FAQ:

1. codes.ign.com and www.gamefaqs.com where I found the codes for all 
the secret characters except Megatron X.
2. www.n64cc.com for the Megatron X codes
3. My cousin Thomas Diamente for inspiring the format of the Characters 
section as well as obtaining most of the shootout quotes.
4.  Bam! Entertainment and Genaza for making a cool game, which, if 
this game were never made, my faq would have been pointless.
5.  Myself for finding out everything but the codes

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