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Trick Style for DC                                     |
Publisher: Acclaim                                     |
Developer: Criterion Studios                           |        
Genre: Racing                                          |
By: phillipdc ([email protected])                |
Version 3.5                                            |
Last Updated: 4:37 PM 11/18/99                         |
You can find the lastest version at:                   |
www.gamefaqs.com                                       |
vgstrategies.about.com                                 |
www.cheatcc.com                                        |

1)Udated Info
2)Authors Note
3)My Other FAQ's
4)VMU Game
5)Character Types
6)Character Bios
7)Hover-Ride Boards
8)Race Worlds
9)Track Objects
11)Power-up Moves
12)1 Player
 a. Challenges
 b. Race Guide(shortcuts, tips, powerup locations, etc.)
13)2 Player
 a. Competition
14)Boss Guide
16)VMU High Scores

[1. Udated Info]
Version 3.5 , 11/18/99
-Finished the Race Guide
-Added a new VMU high score
-Added My Other FAQ's

I am all done with this FAQ now, I will still awnser questions and emails and post new
VMU high scores but besides that I dont think there will be anymore updates for this.

Version 3.4 , 11/15/99
-Fixed my recognition page.
-Added The Chosen One to the thanks.
-Fixed the page up a little.

Sorry I haven't been able to the update the FAQ, I have been really busy with work
and other problems but tomorrow I am going to finish the Race Guide and start my new

Version 3.3 , 11/13/99
-Added Dustin's new VMU high score.

Version 3.2 , 11/12/99
-Added US 1 and 2 to the race guide.

I only really have the Race Guide left and slowly but surely I will get it done, I 
have been REALLY busy in Chemistry, because I usually don't pay attention and so I
dont know how to do anything. So its my fault.

Version 3.1
-Added the Reviews section.
-Added some VMU scores and tips.

Sorry I didnt update the Race Guide I got caught up in homework and I had time just
for a small update. Sorry again.

Version 3.0
-Added more questions.
-Finished 1 Player Challenge

Now the only thing left is the race guide which I might update later today, but for
sure will update tomorrow. I am going to the UT and Norte Dame game. ;]

Version 2.9
-Added more cheats.
-Added a new section, FAQ.

Wait till tomorrow, big update coming I will finish challenge and maybe even the race

Version 2.8
-Added some Cheats.
-Added some Race Guide.
-Added more VMU scores.
-Finished Power-up Moves.
-Finished Boss Guide.

Tomorrow I will be back to updateing on a reg basis again and will prob do a huge
update in the race guide, I have been out of town with family problems, I am sorry
for any troubles this caused. I am glad to be back.

Version 2.7
-Added some 1 Player Challenge.
-Added more Race Guide.
-Added my other FAQ's.
-Added new section Power-up Moves.

Version 2.5
-Added more Stunts.
-Added some 1 Player Challenge.
-Finished 2 Player Competition.
-Added a new Secret.
-Added some Boss Guide.
-Added some Race Guide.

Version 2.1
-Corrected a error

Version 2.0
-Added Stunts.
-Added some Challenge.
-Added VMU scores.
-Added Code's/Secrets

Version 1.0
-Added the FAQ.

Ecept some other sections tomorrow.

[2. Authors Note]
This is just the beginning of this FAQ, I will be adding Info and
everything I can find about this game.  There will be more sections
its just that I dont have time to do all this at once, I wish i did.
Please mail me with comments, questions, and suggestions. Thank you.
If you contribute, you will get full credit.([email protected])

[3. My Other FAQ's]
NFL Blitz 2000...............Dreamcast
Thrasher Skate and Destroy...PS

You can find all my FAQ's and at:

[4. VMU Game]
There is also a VMU game that comes with Trick Style, its pretty fun
to pass time on.  You are like a worm thing and you move around hitting
the plus signs and each time you get bigger and the walls will come in
some on random numbers of plus signs.  When you get intervals of 50 plus
signs the walls will go back and you will go back to normal size but you 
will be faster.  So basicly dont hit the walls and try to get the most 
plus signs.  Each sign = 1 point, my higest score is 176 if you beat it
please email me and if everyone does then I can make a section for peoples
highest score and I will go on good faith that you dont lie.

You can pause it by hitting sleep.

After you go past 300 points it resest's to normal starting speed, which means 250-
300 is the hardest part.

[5. Character Types]
Stunters -  are out and out show-offs.  They excel at pulling off the most
outrageous and awe-inspiring stunts.  These stunts let them get to thse 
hard to reach spots that the other competitors may struggle with.  When
racing against a Stunter you sometimes see them disappear early in the race,
only to take the lead by jumping, twisting and spinning from the roof of
some building.

Racers - are in the competition to win.  They get a thrill from speed that 
other racers just can't savvy.  They dont waste time rising to threats or
challenges from other types of competitors.  Competing against a Racer nor-
mally requires one of two strategies: you either play them at their own game
and concentrate purely on the race, or you try to take them out or get ahead
as early as possible using stunts and shortcuts.

Bullies - are peoples not to be messed with.  They relish the physical co-
tact of Trick Style and try to make relish of the other competitors.  Rac-
ing against a Bully can be a scary prospect.  It often turns into a game
of cat & mouse with them chasing you around the course

[6. Character Bios]
POB(place of birth), O/H(occupation/hobby)

Real Name: Sarah
Country: England
Type: Racer
Age: 18
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Wont tell!
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
POB: Unknown
Known Enemies: Mia, Precious Rose
Known Allies: Zak
O/H: Student

Real Name: Brad
Country: Australia
Type: Racer
Age: 25
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Hair: Bleached Blonde
Eyes: Blue
POB: Brisbane, Australia
Known Enemies: None
Known Allies: None

Real Name: Carlos
Country: Cuba
Type: Stunter
Age: 42
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Blue
POB: Guantanamo, Cuba
Known Enemies: None
Known Allies: None
O/H: Celebrity Impersonator, Entertainer

Real Name: Uri
Country: Russia
Type: Bully
Age: 38
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 275 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Ice Blue
POB: Arkhangel'Skoye, Russia
Known Enemies: Max, Zak
Known Allies: None
O/H: Military History Professor

Real Name: Magnus
Country: Germany
Type: Bully
Age: 42
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 375 lbs.
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Blue
POB: Neskaupstadur, Germany
Known Enemies: Kolonel Uri
Known Allies: Mia
O/H: Mercenary

Real Name: Mia
Country: France
Type: Stunter
Age: 24
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 127 lbs.
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
POB: Paris, France
Known Enemies: Angel, Precious Rose
Known Allies: Max
O/H: Spoiled debutante

Real Name: Nettie
Country: Jamaica
Type: Bully
Age: 20
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
POB: Kingston, Jamaica
Known Enemies: Angel, Mia
Known Allies: None
O/H: Powerlifter

Real Name: Unknown
Country: Japan
Type: Racer
Age: Unknown (rumored to be 117)
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown
POB: Aerial Tokyo
Known Enemies: All entrants
Known Allies: None
O/H: Unknown

Real Name: Zachary
Country: United States
Type: Stunter
Age: 16
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
POB: Fettered States of Olde Bayside
Known Enemies: Kolonel Uri
Known Allies: None, but has has a crush on Angel
O/H: Racer

[7. Hover-Ride Boards]
The standard board is the most basic, a good, very all around choice and
offering a balance of speed, maneuver-ability and robustness.  Low cost
makes this style board most popular.  Many competitors happily race on
standard production models.

STUNT BOARD(beat the Japan Boss)
The stunt board is designed especially towards offering maximum lift and
maneuverability.  In doing so, it must sacrifice some engine, thus it makes
the Stunt board the slowest board in the game.

TURBO BOARD(beat the U.S. Boss)
The turbo board doea very much as its name says, it propels rider along
at extremely high speeds.  Excellent acceleration, the highest top speed
in Trick Style!  But a price must be paid for such velocity!  To achieve
the kind of speeds required by today's Trick Style competitors, the turbo
board has to lose some of the body shell.  So remember, dont crash on a
turbo board.  You will regret it!

COMBAT BOARD(beat the U.K. Boss)
The combat board is the 'tank of the track.'  It is heavy, fast and offers
painful results when it hits you.  It handles as a block of steel on a ski.
The extra weight for the body armor hinders the acceleration but the good
type of engines fitted to these are sure still guarantee a very top speed.

[8. Race Worlds]
London: The crowded high rise metropolis that london has become mixes shiny
new Plas-Steel buildings with old and crumbling landmarks like Big Ben, St.
Paul's and Tower Bridge.  Being the first city in the Pro-Tour does not mean
it is a walkover; its towering buildings and traffic-jammed streets hide many
shortcuts for the keen-eyed surfer and many dangers for those new to the tour.

Manhattan: A climate shift has turned Manhattan Island and the rest of New York
tropical.  Old concrete buildings have been literally torn apart by the encro-
aching undergrowth and now the resilient Plas-Steel towers rise up through a
jungle canopy that leaves the streets below dark and humid.  Yet the city has
not lost any of it bustle or vibrancy.  As far as the Pro-Tour goes, the sheer
density of the city always makes for interesting and dangeroud competitions.
Be Warned!

Tokyo: Ariel Tokyo, the star of the east, hangs effortlessely above the Pacific
Ocean and what is left of the island of Japan.  The powerbase for Jugaku, Tokyo
is of course the governmental center for the entire OWC. More importantly (at
least for the general public), Tokyo is the home of the Pro-Tour.

[9. Track Objects]
Speedpads      - when you hit this it will give you a boost
Magnorails     - you can do a speedluge and hook onto them and go where you cant
                 regular riding
Hoops          - they are used as check points in mini game challenges
Speed Hoops    - look like reg. hoops but when you pass through them they speed
                 you up like speedpads
Vehicles       - they are spread out in cities and you can wreck if you hit them
Session Globes - you need to collect them or they are switchable, either way
                 just ride over them
Time Pickups   - increase time remaining on the clock
Powerups       - hard to reach, but they will make you able to do special moves

[10. Stunts]
(to do these in 1 player you need to learn them, do challenge to learn. i was
zak when i did this.)
Ollie        - A
360 Spin     - X
Speedluge    - B
Boogiedrill  - Y
Stall        - after doing a boogie or speedluge hold UP
Backflip     - Double press A while in mid air
720 Spin     - after a 360 spin press X(more points if in air)
Method       - press A then LEFT
Mute         - press A then UP
Stall to 360 - press X while stalling
Hammerdrill  - press Y after a boogie
Kickflip     - press A + X in the air
1080 Spin    - press X after a 720
Handstand    - double press B while stalling a boogiedrill or double press Y when
               stalling a speedluge
Bone         - press A then DOWN
Lugeflip     - double press X while stalling luge in the air
Boogieflip   - "                            " boogie "      "
Gyro         - press A,X in quick succession
Handspin     - press X while stalling a handstand
Doubleflip   - press A after a backflip
Handflip     - double press A while stalling a handstand in air
Tripleflip   - press A after a double flip
Power Globes - Hold L and hit B(dont jump while doing this)
               Hold L and hit X(jump and have time while doing this)

[11. Power-up Moves]
Velocity Luge - Hold L and hit B = 2000 points
Bronx Slam    - Hold L and hit X = 5000 points

Velocity Luge - Hold L and hit B = 2000 points
Insanity Flip - Hold L and hit X = 5000 points

Katana Board  - Hold L and hit B = 2000 points
Insanity Flip - Hold L and hit X = 5000 points

Velocity Luge - Hold L and hit B = 2000 points
Insanity Flip - Hold L and hit X = 5000 points

Velocity Luge - Hold L and hit B = 2000 points
Insanity Flip - Hold L and hit X = 5000 points

Velocity Luge - Hold L and hit B = 2000 points
Revolution    - Hold L and hit X = 5000 points

Velocity Luge - Hold L and hit B = 2000 points
Vegas Special - Hold L and hit X = 5000 points

Wave Dancer   - Hold L and hit B = 2000 points
Insanity Flip - Hold L and hit X = 5000 points

Angel Wing    - Hold L and hit B = 2000 points
Insanity Flip - Hold L and hit X = 5000 points

[12. 1 Player]

(if you ever get lost look for a green hoop or look on the map for a blinking square)

1. Guide Race 1 - At the start, go left and through the green hoop and keep going 
under the magno, turn left and through the hoop, and repeat, then you need to go a 
speedluge onto the magnorail and if you beat him there you pretty much have the race
won unless you crash. Follow it all the way till you get off and go into the pit and
jump through the ring and try to when you are falling down to go through the other ring
and if you do then go right out of the pit and through the ring.  Boogiedrill through 
this ring to break the glass and keep going all the way through the door and you will
have to jump and do a 360 spin in air to get this ring then after that just boogiedrill
the last it has glass and then yuo are done.

2. Globe Switch 1 - There are 5 globes in the bowl area and you must change them to your
color before time runs out to beat him.  Ok, this isnt that hard what you need to do 
is go left at the begining and get the one thats not on the jumps then after that go
up the left wall and try to get both of them in one swipe then come back down and get
that single again because he has got it and turn around and go up the right wall and
try for both in one swipe and then go back and get the single again and keep repeating
till you win because he will miss some sometimes.

3. Magno Race 1 - For me this is one of the hardest things to get on magnorails :[ but
anyways, get right on the magnorail and right after you hit the speed hoop do a
boogiedrill and you should land on the other rail then just keep going and you will
fly right through the ring and then do a boogiedrill to break the glass ring and then
speedluge onto the other rail and just keep going and then you are done.

4. Globe Collect 1 - There is 10 globes and you have 60 sec.  Go right and get the first
globe and then go left and up for another and then just follow the rest right and you
will go through a door and kinda go left a little and get the single right below the 
drop(where the single was in the globe switch) and go up the left wall and get both in
one jump, it will help to do a 360 in air and just land and turn around and go up the 
right wall and jump 360 for the other 2. You are doing pretty good if you have 30 secs
left on the right wall.

5. Stunt Session 1 - Get 8000 stunt points, collect the 5 second bonuses for more time.
At the begining do the boogie and luge and get the 5 sec. Then just go up the walls
and do combo's of backflips and 360 or 720s and grabs. Remember to get the other to 5
sec. bonuses for extra time. They are at the top of both wall jumps. Mine was 8389 
with 14 secs left.

6. Guide Race 2 - This will be a little harder then the first.  Go straight through
ring and turn right and boogie through the glass. Then speedluge onto the mangorail
and just stay on and go through all the speed hoops and you will fly off through
the ring and if you are in the lead you will most likely win now.  So just keep
following the rings right and then you are done.

7. Stunt Session 2 - You are now in a halfpipe and you need 15,000 points.  Ok you
need to do alot of 720's and backflips dont waste time on little moves. Try to do
double backflips at once and triple. There are two 5 sec. bonuses and one 10 sec.
Both 5's are to your right and lefts when you start and the 10 is directly in front
of you. I go 15,250 with 3 secs left.

8. Globe Collect 2 - There are 17 globes you got 2 mins. This one is a little hard.
Go straight and collect all the globes going left and the should you go by the way
you started and go in the door left of that where the pit is with the 2 wall jumps
and get all the globes and jump out and where the walls are in go straight into 
that door and jump across the path getting the 3 globes and then go in the last
room where the halfpipe is and get the 3 globes in one jump and then get the other
2 on the other smaller walls.

9. Hoop Race 1 - This should be easy you are against the clock and all you have to
do is go through the 12 hoops. Go straight and to the right and boogiedrill through
the glass, turn left and go up on the side of the wall and through. Keep going left
and on the wall again but boogiedrill this time for the glass. Then through the door
get some speed and jump off the hill and do a boogiedrill to break the glass in the
air, turn left on the wall and boogie again for the glass. Go through the door, now
jump off the left wall and through the ring and land on the right side and go stra-
ight and through the door and jump for the ring and boogie, turn left through ring
then just goto the end.

10. Globe Switch 2 - You have to switch all the globes in the halfpipe before time
runs out. 1 min. and 30 secs with 5 globes. This is pretty hard because sometimes
he will just switch one right after you switched it. Basicly all you really can do
is follow him and after he turns a globe turn it back and keep getting all the red
globes and hope when time runs out there are all yours.

11. Guide Race 3 - This is hard too, you are going against him and the clock. I
suggest not doing any tricks and just try to win. Go straight through 2 rings and
then go right and jump through this ring. Go straight through the door and up on
the right wall and jump through and land through the rings. Now go straigh through
the door and ring and get ready for a big jump you need to jump through 2 rings
the first one is easy its right there the second one you need to do a spin to get.
Go right and get ready for the magnorail, you will fall in the pit and go through
the ring and jump up the the middle part for the one in the air so you can keep
going, go through the door and ring now go right and through the ring and your done

12. Stunt Session 3 - You have 1 min, to get 20,000 all over the Velerdome. There
is 2, 5 sec's in UK. 2, 10 sec's in the Japan area over the gaps between ramps.
1, 10 sec in the selection area over the gap. 1, 5 sec and 1, 10 sec in the USA
area. The 10 is in the air and the 5 in the pit.

13. Magno Race 3 - This is alot harded than the other Mango Races, so you should
practice a couple of times. My technique for getting on is boogiedrilling instead
of doing a speedluge. So you could try that. Go straight and hit the Mango and
you will ride it all around the US area and then you will shoot off and go through
a ring. Jump in the air and do a 360, then boogie onto the rail and go through the
door. Go off the ramp and through the ring and land on the other side. Through the
other door and boogie onto the rail and you will shoot off through the ring and
your done.

14. Hoop Race 2 - Go straight and jump and do a 360 for the ring go right and follow
the rings and jump, 360. Go through the door and then down into the pit, and go off
the left side and through the ring in the air and down through the other ring. Then
go right out of the pit and through the ring and then right again through the ring
follow the rings through the door and then jump 360 over the gap and you should be
back into japan again. Go off the left ramp and through the ring and the ring in the
air then come down through the other ring. Then cut straight through the middle of
course going towards where the guide guy stands and get the last 2 rings.

15. Globe Switch 3 - There are 4 globes one in each area, basicly just kinda follow
him around and switch all the globes and wait till time runs out or switch them all
this is pretty hard.

16. Final Challenge - You are going to have to use everything you have learned so
far. Go straight and then left around the whole US area getting all the rings,
through the door and into UK. Get ready to jump and do a 360 and boogie onto the
mango, ride it into the Japan area and go off the ramp through the ring in the air
go through the other door and boogie for the mango and shoot off through the ring
in the air and keep going through the door. Then around US again and jump 360 for
the mango in UK and into Japan. Turn left and then through the rings and your done.


(if there is any shortcuts you know that I dont have please email me)

UK 1 - Do the fast start and then go straight hitting all the speeds pads and dodge
the trains and when you come to the steps go the the left and get the powerup globe
no you can do a speacil move. Just keep going and go to the left and on the wall
hitting the pads and make a sharpe right. Keep staying in the left subway tunnel
the 3rd station thing and jump out because there is a train now get ready for the
magnorail, keep going until a ramp and get on and then jump to the other one and hit
the pad and get some stunt points keep going hittin the pads and then you will come
upon a big clock and there will be a ramp to the right jump off of it and do a
boogiedrill (Y) and break through the clock and then do it again to break through
the other side. Now just cross the finish line.

UK 2 - Do the fast start, go right and hit the speed pads and do a boogiedrill
through the clock and then again to get through the ohter side. When you land go
over right and hit the speed pads and then go up the ramp jump to the other peice
now hit the pads. Keep going and you will cross a check point and get on the magno.
Go up the ramp and jump to the left and spin on top of the ledge hitting the speed 
pads and jump to your right to bridge and you will land where the power-up is. :]
Go down the stairs and to the right staying to the right hitting the pads on the wall
and the pads during the turn now you should see some stairs going up, you can speed
luge here to get speed and go across the check point. Keep luging till you go past
the last set of poles and stop because you are make some turns, go left and hit the
pads to the right. Go up the little ramp in the U looking thing and luge and hit the
pads and keep the luge until you get to the thing in the way and go through it, but
dont jump, just go and hit the 2 pads, now just cross the line.

UK 3 - Go to the left in the subway and hit the pads to the right and go in the right
tunnel, hitting the pad to the left. Keep going through the tunnel until the next
station and jump out and hit all the pads on the stairs out. Go to the check and kinda
left, hit the jump and spin to make it over the buses. Keep going hitting all the pads
you can and turn right and go up the magnorail, over the town(if you want the power-
up you must go left up the stairs and go left and break the glass get the powerup
then break the other glass, then go jump off the stairs). Keep going hittin the
pads and then luge it when you start going towards the check point hold it till right
before you start to turn up the wall left. Hit the pad and go up and over the wall
and make a turn left, then another left hitting the pad to the inside. Keep going
till you see some green arrows pointing left and then jump up on the ledge to the left
keep going dodging the poles, follow the path and hit the big jump, then the next
jump to cross the finish line.

UK 4 - Basicly this is 2 backwards so hit the pads at the begining and keep going
and keep to the right and get ready to jump across a gap(if you dont make it then there
is a little tunnel to the left and right back up). Luge through the U thing hitting
the pads, stick to the inside left and hits the pads then go through the check point
luging all the way till the bottom of the last set of stairs stick kinda to the left
hitting the pads, then go to the left pads, then right pads and keep going straight up
the wall hitting the pads on the side of the wall. Turn right hit the pads and go up
the stairs and turn left. Keep going straigh ahead till you see the check point sign,
hit the pad, go over the ramp if you want. You should luge until you see the next check
and road block things and get ready for a big left. Stay on the dirt trail and at the
end jump off the ramp back onto the road and start luging and going back and forth left
and right hitting the pads and get ready for a mango and shot into the air through the
speed hoop and your done.

UK 5 - Right after the start, start luging and keep doing it till the last ramp and
head kinda right and hit the pad, continue through the alley thing until the room
with poles and head right and hit the pads. Then go straight through the tunnel and
left stick to the inside and hit the pad, then go sharpe left up on the sloped bank
to get the power-up its sitting in clean view it shouldnt be hard to see. Then go
up hittin the pad and over and down. Turn right and you will see a check point. Luge
through until the tunnel, head right up the stairs and then right again while booging
to break the glass and luge and then switch to boogie to break glass and go down the
stairs hitting the speed pad, keep going stick to left hitting pads then go right,
hit pad and then over the ramp to clear the buses. Go straight through the buildings
left for the pads and then luge up the hill and over the steps till you get in the
train area stay leftish and hit the pads, until the second train then go right for
doule pad and victory should be yours.

US 1 - Just go straight and keep heading that way and when it starts to wideing its
because there is a speed pad to the left and right and then the walls come back in and
when you start seeing the arrows flashing if you hang to the left you will see a road
block sign go over that and keep going straight down you and you just took a big sho-
rtcut. Keep hanging to the right hitting the pads and when you start coming towards
the bridge go under it if you want to get the power-up globe. Luge up the hill and
under the first check point, after you go under the second check point thing hand right
boogie through the glass and go up the stairs and and get ready for the mango. Go to
the left and hit the pads, get ready for a big right turn and then a left through
another check point, and boogie through the middle and go on the mango and stay on it
and switch to a speedluge before you get off and then go to the right and hit the pads
and your now done.

US 2 - Go straight stay on the road hitting all the pads you can, and when you come to
the stairs do a 360 jump for the speed hoop. Luge up onto the side of the wall hitting
the pads and go onto the upper level and jump off and hit the pads and now get ready to
go up and down. After the up and down jump into the are to your right for the power-up
globe and jump back out. Take a big left then a big right, go down the little tunnel
and start luging down the stairs and stick to the right and go to the separate tunnel
and stay luging down the whole tunnel. Jump onto the middle area through the speed hoop
and then luge up the stairs then hit the pad, start luging again and go down the tunnel
and in the blue tunnel where you should be luging and you can go around the whole walls
here its pretty fun. Then goto the left and hit pads and off the jump, then go right
for the pads and jump. Go straight hanging to the right side hitting the pads and now
your done with 2.

US 3 - Go straight and hit the pads and just stay on the road kinda to the right hitting
pads and then you will make a right turn and cross the first check point. When you get
in the next area go into the pit luge in it to the right wall hiitin the pads. Hit the
pad and do a 360 jump to get the speed hoop. Then you will be in another pit thing and
go right, to get the pads and around the middle piece and left, left. When you are out
you need to make a sharpe left turn. Hit the pads and get ready for the up and over, now
hit the pads and continue foward and hit the pads to the left and go the the right and
hit the pads going up the hill, jump off the hill and land on the platform above to get
the power-up globe and then luge onto the wall hitting the pads. Now just follow the road
going left to right hitting the pads and maybe a little luging and theres the finish.

US 4 - Go straight hit the pad and boogie onto the mango, when you get off the mango
go right and start luging and keep luging until you leave the bridge area and make a
sharpe right turn to the check point. Go up the incline to the left and jump off it to
the rafter thing and get the power-up globe. Go up the big set of stairs and jump off and
do a 1080 to make it all the way to the ledge, hit the pads then go up the hill and hit
the pad then jump and go through the speed hoop and do a 1080 to go across to the other
ledge and continue down and boogie through the glass. When you come to the next check
point go to the left, and hit the 3 pads to the right and go up the hill and jump to the
ledge to the left of the hilly area and hit the pads on top of it and then jump off and
cross the finish.

US 5 - Go straight and stay on the road hitting the pads until you get to the tunnel and
now start luging, you can go all the way around the tunnel. When out go straight and hit
the pads and through the check point. Start luging again down through the subway, stay
kinda in the middle hitting the pads. Then when you go in the area with the hole in the
middle jump down and the power-up globe is in the air, when down there start luging.
Jump up onto the ledge, luge up the stairs now make a sharpe left turn. Start luging
again and go into the pit and stay in there dodging the middle towers. When you come out
hit the jump and do a 360 spin for the speed hoop, keep going until the pit again and luge.
When out go left and through the check point, staying to the left hitting the pads. Off
the first hill with yellow arrows jump onto the ledge to the left and boogie through the
glass and hit the pads and jump down now you finished.

Japan 1 - Go to the left and hit the pads on the wall then to the right and hit the pads,
luge and go straight and up the wall for the pad. Make a sharpe right turn instead of
going up and over and you will see some pads and a loop hit the pads and go over the loop
you will get the power-up globe and be on the other side. Jump to the right or left so not
to fall in the middle and keep going to the left to hit the pads and boogie through the
glass until the ramp comes and jump across maybe with a 360 or so. Hit the pads and keep
going straight. Make a turn right and start luging, now you are going to have to do this
yourself just keep trying to dodge the bars and hit the pads. When out make a left and
get the pad and keep going to the left hit the pads and jump to through the speed hoop.
Jump and do a trick and clear all the jumps now go right to the check point. Stay to the
left and hit the pads then jump over the ledge and go through the pillar area. Now just 
try to luge through the rest unless you are about to wreck and your done.

Japan 2 - Go straight and down the hill hitting the pads while luging, then goto the far
right and and hit the pads and jump across doing a 360 and start luging and hit the pads
in the middle. When you come out go to the left and jump through the speed hoop getting
the power-up globe. Go towards the check point and make a right, stick to the left hitting
the pads and then do a big 1080 jump through the speed hoop and clear all the trains and
land on the other side and hit the pads. Go straigh and jump onto the ledge in front of
you and dont jump off you will it the wall, keep going and get ready for a up and over.
Go to the far right and up the ramp hitting the pads then jump off and luge and keep going
till the next check point and make a sharpe left. Luge and keep luging all the way through
the cave and get when you see the rock tower go to the right and hit the pad and do a up
and over around the rock tower to the other side. Hit the pads and start luging and stay
to the right side and go around the jump and just keep luging and your done.

Japan 3 - Go straight up the ramp and jump across then go straight towards the yellow hall
its to the far right dont follow the other riders they will pass it. Start luging in the
hall and go up on the wall hitting the pads when you leave. Go straight and start luging
again and keep luging and go through the check point and stop luging. Go in the middle hit
the pads and when you are out of the hilly part you will go through a pillar area and the
power-up globe is on the far left. Make a sharpe right and stay up on the ledge hittin the
pads and keep going till the check point. Make a sharpe left and jump off the ramp, go
around the turn now hit the little kicker with the pad and jump to the other side and hit
the pads and dont go into the middle, now start luging and go into the tunnel with the bars
going every which way and dodge them your best and hitthe pads it helps now your done.

Japan 4 - Go to the left or right it doesn't matter just hit the pads and the power-up
globe is right there at the top of the jump and you need to come down in the middle
not to the other side. Jump onto the ledge and luge and hit the pads then jump and go
through the speed hoop, go straight and make a left then a right through the check point
and make a left. Start luging and stay to the left to go around the ledge and get ready
for a up and over around the rock tower like in 2. Luge through the cave and into the
next area and make a left through the check point, luge through this area hitting the
pads. Keep going and you are about to go off a jump, and keep going to the up and over
and get ready to clear the trains again, so do a 1080 across going through the speed
hoops. Start luging and go around the corner and your done.

Japan 5 - This is the hardest race, you must be very careful not to go over the edges!
Ok luge and go left and right before you start going up the little hill get out of the
luge and when you are going up the wall thing jump and do a boogiedrill about halfway up
to get to the other side, I have never made it all the way around while stayin on the road
get ready to jump and do a 1080 and go through the speed hoop, hit the pads on go on
the big loop, then hit the pads and go over the next loop. Go to the right and start to
do a up and over but land in the middle not to the other side. Get ready for a big jump
do a 360 then delay and do another 360 to get across and dont do anything but in the half
pipe thing dont luge or nothing, just keep going and you will start going to a jump will 
come up and you will have to go to the left or right and land on one of the things and be
careful here and just keep going straight its really skinny. Then you will have to do the
delay 360 jump again and just keep heading and when you come towards the tunnel get ready 
for a real hard part you are going to have to go up on the side of the wall and stay on the
little peaice going around hittin the pads helps, but when I did it I kinda went on top
of it, it was kinda weird. Then guess what there is another one do the same thing as before
now you are in a open area and be careful there is a sharpe turn ahead and then it comes
to 2 mango's and boogie onto one of them and now your are pretty much home free.

[13. 2 Player]
!! a. Competition: !!
1. Stunt Session - The first player to get the target score of 20,000. In the US
room there is a 5 sec. and 10 sec. UK room there is two 5 sec. Japan room has a
10 sec. and 5 sec.

2. Globe Switch - In 3 mins you must switch the most globes to your color there
is 13 globes. UK room has 3 globes, US has 3 globes, the selecting area has 3
globes, Japan has 3 globes, and the middle area has 1 globe.

3. Hoop Race - You do 2 laps in the velerdome through the rings. Right in front
of you go through the ring and follow them left around the pit and then through
the door. You have to jump and spin to get the next ring, then get the next ring
to the left and keep going straight through the ring and door and go right and
up the wall, jump and spin for the ring, now go straight through the door and
get ready for the mangorail and you will have to get speed because you will fly
off and go through the ring. Now through the door and ring and you have just did
one lap, now you just need to repeat this whole thing except you dont have to
jump for the ring in japan its now on the ground to the left and remember the 
next ring is always green, if you need help look on the map.

4. Base Collect - You got to collect all the globes your color and put them back
in the central hoop. 2 in Japan room, 1 in selecting area, 2 in UK, 2 in US.

5. US Boss Game - You got to collect the globes and drop them back off at the
hoop, you cant get globes your color. Go right up the stairs and follow the hall
till you get to the halfpipe area and all the globes are in there. 3 on the left
side and 4 on the right and 1 on the ground. Just go back through the stairs and
jump through the ring and go back another globe.

6. Japan Boss Game - You are going to race through the hoops for 2 laps. Follow
the rings on the road and just keep going till you see some road block things
and ollie them and keep going on the road and through rings till you see more
blocks and jump and do a spin to clear it and get the ring. Then ollie again
and thats a lap, now just repeat that again.

7. UK Boss Game - You have 1 min and 30 secs. to get 30,000 stunt points. So
just go for big things no little stuff you dont have time to waste. I got it
with 6 secs left 33,500 points.

[14. Boss Guide]
1. UK:
You got 1 min 30 sec's to get 15,000 points in the stunt bowl, ok no small
tricks here you dont have time. Do backflips and 720, 1080 combos and maybe
a couple of kickflips but really stick to the big stuff.
2. US:
You are in the backstreets, with 8 globes, you are trying to have the must 
globes when times end.  Ok at the begining he will go straight but that is 
the long way so go to the right stairs and follow the hall to the right 
hitting all the speed pads and then when you get to the globe area go all
the way across and get the one on the ground and then come back the hall to the
right hitting all the speed pads, you must get the first globe back before he
gets his back. Then go back the same way and get one in the air, then come back
go again and get another in the air, then when you go this time he should have
got the one on the ground so get it again and take it back and if he didnt get
one in the air and just repeat this till the time runs out and you should win.

3. Japan:
You are at the speed circuit and you are racing guide through hoops for 2 laps if
you beat him you get the last board. Ok go straight and just keep heading that way
getting through the rings, remember to stay on the metal part its the road and the
rings will always be on it and not the dirt. When you kinda go down a little hill
get ready to jump over the road block signs so you can get the ring. After you go
around the sharpe turn get ready to jump for 2 rings in the air you need to do a
spin in air, now jump again over the road signs. Repeat this and you will be the
winner. It should be a close race so you need to use some luge in there on straight
parts so he wont get ahead of you.

[15. Codes/Secrets]
(if you have any codes/secrets please email me)
Hidden Boards:
STUNT BOARD(beat the Japan Boss)
TURBO BOARD(beat the U.S. Boss)
COMBAT BOARD(beat the U.K. Boss)

Signature Stunt:
Each level has a hidden globe which looks like a small sun.  When you pick it up
it will hover around you for a while but it will dissapear, so use it before you
lose it.  Hold the L trigger and press B to do your riders signature stunt

Jump into Japan area:
While in the earthpit/UK area there will be a hill near the fence.  Get speed and
when you hit it jump and do a spin to make it over it.

Get out of Japan when its locked:
Look to where a ramp and the door make a V looking thing and hit the ramp a little
in the middle and not on the top and do a 360 spin and you should make it over the

Fast Start:
During the countdown of the race right when the word "Go" appears hold R and you
should get a little boost.

(enter these under options/cheats)
Win everything   - "citybeacons"
Always win       - "tearound"
Infinite time    - "iwish"
Power-up moves   - "travolta"
Big heads        - "inflatedego"

[16. VMU High Scores]
phillipdc(me) - 176
Romar Armas - 190
Dustin Lambert - 224
Joe Stanley - 576
Steve Hynding - 235
Cavin Raybon - 244
CyaN - 182

[17. FAQ]
Q: How old are you?
A: 16, I am young.

Q: Where do you live?
A: Tennessee

Q: How much is the game?
A: Around 50 dollars.

Q: Have you beat the game?
A: Yes.

Q: How long did it take you?
A: Couple of days.

Q: How do I get more moves?
A: You do 1 Plater challenges and after you win one he will give you a new trick.

Q: How do you do challenges?
A: While you are in the Velerdome just go up to the guide(guy in the middle with red).

Q: What are the blue globes?
A: They are the power-up globes, you can do special moves with them.

Q: I cant find some of them?
A: Look in the race guide for globe locations(if i dont have it, please email me).

Q: How do you unlock the other courses?
A: You must complete the races in UK to unlock US and US for Japan.

Q: Do you know any cheats?
A: Look in the cheats section.

Q: Where do you input the cheats at?
A: Goto options then goto cheats, and just input them.

Q: Do you know how to get on the Mangorails?
A: Well my own technique I use the boogiedrill instead of the speedluge, I find it
   works alot better.

[18. Reviews]
Review by phillipdc([email protected])
Trick Style, a hoverboard racing game, a ok idea but is it really that great? You can 
choose from 9 diffrent characters from all over the world with diffrent style's of 
racing. You have bullies, racers, and the stunters. You have a ok selection of boards, 
but what I really like is the VMU game which comes with it. 

Gameplay(7/10) - You have 1 player and 2 player modes with diffrent types where you 
can get more boards and learn more stunts or do the challenge. The challenge is 
designed well with a nice layout where you have room to practice 100+ tricks and run 
around. Two player is just a race against the other player where can you get points for 
tricks. ect. 

Graphics(10/10) - With the whole thing done in 3D and large course's it looks really 
really good. They have some amazing detail which flows together very well. It's fun to 
watch the amazing stunts when they look so good. 

Control(10/10) - The game is all around pretty simple to use, the movement is nice and 
smooth and its not that diffcult to do moves. Just about anyone could play this. 

Replay(6/10) - You wouldnt want to play this again unless you want to beat scores or 
race friends which gets kinda old unless you can rip some killer moves. Once you go 
through everything to get the boards and more stunts you really have done every thing 
there is to do. 

Overall(7/10) - Great graphics, pretty fun to do all the tricks but the lacking replay 
is what makes this a bad game then fun kinda runs all out and thats why we play games is 
for fun. 

This whould be a great game for a 2 or 3 day rental but I really wouldnt buy it unless 
you enjoyed it that much. To get the VMU game all you need to do is rent it :]. 
Reviewer's Score: 7 / 10

Review by Andrew([email protected])
When Trickstyle came out I was kind of excited. I really wanted to add a racing game to 
my collection. My mom bought it for my little brother for Christmas. Luckily, I had some 
money and bought it off her in October so I could play it. I made the right move. While 
Trickstyle lacks in some areas, it makes up in others. This is a quality game for 

Gameplay: 7/10 - The gameplay is alright. Two player mode seems a bit sluggish but it 
doesn't really have that much slowdown. The vertical cut off screen is a bit difficult 
to get use to. One player mode is fun, but it's really hard. You will be playing the same 
levels over and over just trying to beat it. There are board upgrades and a lot of 
characters to choose from. 

Graphics - 10/10 - This game has great graphics. The courses look so nice that the first 
time I saw them I couldn't believe it. If you want to buy a game just for graphics, this 
is a good game to buy. I can't believe how good the people and courses look. 

Sound - 3/10 - I hate the sound in this game. It seems like it a 5 years out of date. It 
is pretty hard to understand the few words the people say. If you don't mind playing 
games without music, I suggest you press the mute button on your tv. 

Replay Value - 7/10 - This game takes a while to beat. It is a pretty hard game to beat 
so it will take you a while to complete the courses. Also, there are a lot of challenges 
so those will take hours to beat. After you complete the game there is no real thrill of 
beating it again. Multiplayer mode may be fun for a while, but this game will get old 
after you beat it. No doubt about that. 

Overall - 8/10 - This is a great game to have. While it may not be one of the top titles, 
it will keep you entertained for hours. At the least rent this game. If you like it after 
that be sure to buy it. I say this is the 5th best game out of my 11 games. 
Reviewer's Score: 8 / 10 

Review by [email protected]

Acclaim's first Dreamcast title is a looker alright. When I first saw this futuristic 
hoverboard game in action at E3 (on video, not playable) I said, "I will have you." 
So now it's 4 months later and I own it. But now I'm torn. After all of the games I've 
played and seen, you'd think I'd have listened to my own advice. I should have rented 
it first. The best thing you can say about Trick Style is that it looks really good.
So you know what that means...


Awesome Graphics & Framerate 
Beautiful Racing Environments 
Pumping Techno Soundtrack 
18 Tracks 

Tricks Too Easy to Execute 
Combo Tricks Difficult 
Bullying by Other Players 
Control is Difficult to Master 
Long Load Times 
No On-Line Support 
No Michael Buffer (Kidding!) 


Trick Style is the perfect example of style over substance. It looks awesome and plays 
average. There I said it. That was for my own benefit. Hey you'd be upset too if you 
bought this game over NFL 2K or Ready 2 Rumble or...stop it! I can't go on. Sob... Okay, 
so I'm being a tad hard on the poor game. Trick Style is a cool concept and if I hadn't 
said it before, it looks amazing! Where the game ultimately fails is the difficult 
control, the hard to maneuver environments and the horrifyingly easy trick execution.

Did I say this yet? The graphics are out of this world and will wow you until you can no 
longer resist and you must breakdown and purchase it without ever having played it. T
hat's how good the graphics are. The animations of the boarders are a little stiff, but 
you'll have little time to worry about that because you'll be too busy getting smashed 
off of your board by a bigger opponent! But don't really worry about that because it only 
usually costs you the race so that you'll have to start over. It's fun playing the same 
level over and over, because it gives you an excuse to see all of the beautiful graphics
again. Have I mentioned how freakishly awesomely amazing the graphics are yet? 

Once you choose your boarder you can either practice some stunts in the Velodrome or 
continue on and start racing in the U.K. If you choose to practice, you'll learn some 
tricks and have to master them before moving on. Acclaim thought it necessary to not 
include this or any other features in a selectable menu, so every time you jump on your 
board on your way into the Velodrome, the game stops and you are asked if you want to 
practice. Convenient. Sure it only takes 5 seconds to return to playing but those are 5 
seconds of my life that I'll never get back and they tend to add up in this game.

The thing I can't understand is that the game is called Trick Style yet there is very 
little emphasis on doing actual tricks. Pulling off the stunts are easy enough but you 
wouldn't dare trying to pull off any while racing, because one slip up will cost you first 
place. So what's the fun in that? If you can't imagine what I mean take Trick Style for a 
test drive. You'll find the environments cramped and far too difficult to navigate with a 
flying device that has little use for a brake. Of course those tight-cornered, hard to 
navigate, cramped racing tracks are beautifully detailed and will calm your frazzled 
nerves by looking so good. You'll say, "Hey, I don't mind not being able to negotiate that 
90 degree turn for the 80th time because the wall I smash into every time is just so 
darned gorgeous." That's a real gamers attitude for you. Yeah right. This game will make 
you controller biting mad or worse.

Musically the game is very WipEout like, with some good old fashioned turn of the century 
techno, pumping through it. The voices however, are another deal entirely. Every time you 
pass one of these guys or gals they spew out their catch phrase. It will drive you 
completely mental after awhile. The only saving grace is that Michael Buffer isn't a 
playable character. Otherwise you'd have to endure "Let's get ready to rrrrumble..." about 
8000 times per game, like in that boxing game for the DC of which I forget the title. My 
advice: Turn off the voices.

Complaint Dept. Ultimately my biggest complaint is that I think this game was rushed out 
the door for launch to try and appeal to all of the people who have never played and will 
probably never play this sport in their lifetime. So what was the rush? Trick Style is not 
a well balanced game. I have discovered that if you pick your character based on anything 
but strength, you will be pushed around while racing. So then you get this bruiser on a 
board, but his maneuverability blows. Another annoyance is the slight lag time between 
button presses and trick execution. I found it difficult to combo tricks together because 
of this. And finally where is the on-line support? The DC has a modem, so how about 
supporting it for goodness sakes? I hope this modem doesn't end up dead in the water 
before it is even given a chance to prove it's worth. The modem is a big deal to us! Every 
multi-player game should support it.

This game has "rental" written all over it. I know how it is, when a new system comes out. 
You'll want to play all of the games for it just to be dazzled or to impress your friends. 
Trick Style will impress and it will entertain, but eventually the veneer wears off and 
you are left with a stunningly average game which contradicts it's extremely next 
generation looks.

If you have a review you would like posted here please e-mail me([email protected])

[19. Credit]
Thanks to GameFAQs for having the best site for FAQ's and codes.
Thanks to Sega for making this wonderful system.
Thanks to you for veiwing.
Thanks to everyone who loves games.
Thanks to [email protected] for some cheats.
Thanks to [email protected] for letting me use his review.
Thanks to [email protected] for the VMU tips.
Thanks to [email protected] for on how to get out of Japan when locked.

[20. Copyright]
This document is Copyright 1999 Phillip Collier.  To you use this you
must have my express permission and you may NOT alter the content of 
this document in any way, shape or form. This is for PERSONAL and PRIVATE 
use only and may not be sold and/or traded for any reason. If you have
permission you must always update to the newest version and give me my
full credit.

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