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V1.0 February/5th/2003

This document is Copyrighted 2003 ENAY.

PS2/Playstation 2 is a trademark of Sony (c)

Twin Caliber is a trademark of
Rage (c)2002/2003

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The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at:-

This FAQ is dedicated to Rage games, especially Steve Hunt.
Who sadly ceased trading shortly after the release of this
game. At least you went out on a bang, with a true and
original classic game.





    3.1.1 COMPUTER
    3.1.2 FORTMAN
    3.1.3 VALDEZ
    3.1.4 TWO PLAYER
    3.2.1 COMPUTER
    3.2.2 FORTMAN
    3.2.3 VALDEZ
    3.2.4 TWO PLAYER
    3.3.1 COMPUTER
    3.3.2 FORTMAN
    3.3.3 VALDEZ
    3.3.4 TWO PLAYER
    3.4.1 COMPUTER
    3.4.2 FORTMAN
    3.4.3 VALDEZ
    3.4.4 TWO PLAYER
    3.5.1 COMPUTER
    3.5.2 FORTMAN
    3.5.3 VALDEZ
    3.5.4 TWO PLAYER
    3.6.1 COMPUTER
    3.6.2 FORTMAN
    3.6.3 VALDEZ
    3.6.4 TWO PLAYER
    3.7.1 COMPUTER
    3.7.2 FORTMAN
    3.7.3 VALDEZ
    3.7.4 TWO PLAYER
    3.8.1 COMPUTER
    3.8.2 FORTMAN
    3.8.3 VALDEZ
    3.8.4 TWO PLAYER
    3.9.1 COMPUTER
    3.9.2 FORTMAN
    3.9.3 VALDEZ
    3.9.4 TWO PLAYER

4.0 BUGS




Hi there. I was so amazed that I couldn't find a Twin Caliber
FAQ anywhere that I decided to write one myself. And since
the game is so difficult, I feel that it needed one.
I had a lot of trouble with this game too, so let me give
you my hints and tips and how I coped with this great game.
I'm writing this FAQ off the top of my head so it may not be
100% accurate, but it is to the best of my knowledge.

Also, I thought Caliber was spelt Calibre. But the game spells
it like this. Which is correct?



First off I should probably start off by saying once again,
that this game is hard. Because of the nature of this game
I can't really describe the best way to go through a level
since the game requires skill rather than strategy. You
simply need to be good at the game, especially to even stand
a chance on any of the levels past stage 3. Practice makes
perfect. And some bosses require extreme accuracy.
However I will give you lots of tips that will help you on
your way. I'm assuming you've come to this FAQ for help and
you already know the basics on how to play the game.
Otherwise you should read the instruction booklet.
This FAQ is more of a BOSS FAQ. After all, they are quite
clearly the hardest parts of the game.

Although the game is in three difficulties. The bosses still
remain very difficult. All that changes is the amount of
zombies during the level, the number of bullets in certain
guns, the number of TNT you get per continue point and the
maximum multiplier is different. So putting the game on
easy doesn't really make it any easier.
Sometimes infact you get so many bullets it's often easier
on hard because you can afford to let rip. I'd recommend
medium difficulty though, although I haven't tried easy.

Your main concern during the game are the big dark bear
demons and the zombies that crawl on all fours. For the
simple reason in that you die in one hit. There are certain
bits where you have a fraction of a second to react to
the crawling zombies. Shotguns are the key here, they'll
die in one hit. At other times you can remember where they
come from you can shoot off the screen at them and kill them
before they arrive. The next hardest enemy is the bear
demons. They will often come on and charge at you and kill
you in no time. They take a lot of hits too.
Both players will need to shoot quickly and accurately.
Learn where they come on and start chucking TNT at regular
second intervals and try and kill them before they even
arrive. It's worth it. Lock your arms too and use pistols.
This way all your bullets will count. Shotguns are too
short for these demons.

The machine gun zombies can be tough especially when there
are many of them. Chuck TNT everywhere and fire at each in
turn. They spend at least 2 seconds recovering from even
one shot, giving you plenty of time to shoot at many at
once. On hard just go mental with your rocket launchers and
TNT when they arrive and fire everywhere in controlled
bursts. You'll clear up in no time. If you remember a hard
bit and it is fast approaching start throwing TNT into
the distance early. Throw it everywhere :)

On the dark sections lock your hands. This way you'll always
move your light round with your gun.
You'll still need to aim your TNT with the left
analogue stick though.

If you get low on health make sure you throw all your TNT
out, at least you can perhaps fluke it to the next
continue point. You can only have so much TNT anyway
before you're full, so make sure you use it all if you can.
Well aimed TNTs can kill so many people if aimed correctly,
and you get more at each continue point, so there is no point
in saving them unless you're desperate for health or score.


Ok, so you've got a pretty decent array of arsenal at your
disposal. For names sake I will be using what names I am
used to calling them, pressing up toggles between your
pistols and your magnum guns. When you can get them, left
selects your shotguns, I'll always say shotgun though as
both are pretty much the same. And I'm fully aware the
magnum isn't a magnum after reading the instructions.
But since I'm used to saying magnum now, I'll continue
to do so. Down allows you to select Sub Machine guns
and Rocket Launcher whilst right allows you to use the
machine gun rifles.

The first two levels you'll just have the magnums and
pistols, then throughout the game you'll either have a
combination of shotguns with a sub machine gun, shotguns
with a rocket launcher or no shotguns but with the sub
machine gun and rifle guns.
Distance wise the guns are ordered in range:-

Nearest~     Bullet Strength (Scale of 1 to 10)

Shotguns             10
Magnums              5
Pistols              3.5
Sub Machine Guns     1
Rocket Launchers     10
Rifle Guns           0.5


The bullet strength is on a scale of a typical zombie
and with typical bullet strength, depending on distance
of zombie. Where 10 is max strength. As in a zombie
will die with one hit of a shotgun and need many bullets.
Of course not all enemies die with one shotgun blast.
As a general rule, the longer the range, the weaker the
weapon, although the faster in which the weapon fires.
TNT of course can be thrown at all ranges, remember to
use the left analogue stick to aim it.

With experience you'll get used to where you need to use
your guns and for which type. Always use shotguns in
close range, or magnums is shotguns are unavailable.
Try to use pistols wherever possible as they are the best
all round weapon. Use Sub machine guns when out of range
and rifles when further out. Only use Rocket Launchers in
an emergency. Mini guns of course the final weapons,
but since these guns kick arse and have no faults I
won't cover them, just enjoy them when you get them :)
In general only use your long range weapons when you're
out of reach. It's suicide to use your rifles at close
range. They're not strong enough.

You need to get in the habit of crossing your arms at all
times. I do it so often that I find it difficult to aim
without them crossed.
Which is good as I can aim at cross arms pretty much all
the time with little or no effort. To do this, you just
need practice, nothing else. Practice makes perfect!

Make sure you turn the ability to shoot your pal off. This
will help a lot.

Whilst walking towards next sections of the game, scroll
through all your weapons in turn and manually reload them
to full. Not only does it look cool but it'll really help
out later when you're surrounded.

REMEMBER! TNT is practically useless on all the bosses,
so don't even waste your time firing them unless you
think you are skilled enough. It doesn't do much damage
anyway, and it's possible to do all of the bosses without
it. Except of course the last boss though where TNT is the
only way to succeed.


Whilst playing on a 1 player, the computer takes over the
other character. Which is great as the computer is pretty
skilled. On your first go you may find the computer getting
most of the kills. However the computer is not with its
faults. Learn them and help the computer when necessary.
The computer rarely misses but doesn't fire too quickly.
Although at other times the computer can also be almost
unstoppable. The main problem is that the computer uses its
long range weapons far too often. When you're surrounded by
zombies instantly change to shotguns or magnums and clear
up because the computer will stick with the sub machine guns
and inevitably struggle.
Close range combat is where the computer often sucks. However
on bosses, you can rely on the computer a lot. Especially as
the computer knows exactly what's its doing, well in most
cases anyway. On frantic bits with tons of jumping zombies
that kill you in one hit, you'll really need to protect the


You've probably read in the instructions about the multiplier.
You easiest way to get it up quickly is by killing zombies as
fast as you possibly can. Bits where zombies burst through
doors where you can blast like crazy are the best parts.
Equip your shotguns and you'll get one hit kills, perfect kills,
100% accuracy etc. Tons of points everywhere.
Crossing your hands is the second fastest, another is to make
sure you kill one or two zombies with each type of gun per
section so you can get multiple weapon bonus times 4.
Shooting bosses constantly also racks it up quickly.
With practice you can be on max multiplier pretty much all
the time and rack up huge 50,000,000 point scores in no time.
Well on the hardest setting you will, if you're good enough
that is ;)



Ok, so now we've come to the meat of the game. What can only
be described as some of the toughest bosses on any shoot-em-up
I've ever played. Still, I love a challenge :)

There's no doubts about it. You'll need to work together and
both be briefed on what to do. Most cannot be done with one
skilled player and one novice player.
As when one player dies, both die. It's easier to play with
the computer first though on each boss to get some practice
in. In most cases anyway, as when playing with another player
it is possible for them to totally screw an attempt.
Generally though you will need patience and perseverance.


Although the first boss, it's still possible to die pretty
easily. As Valdez and Fortman say, you need to combine your
fire power. This means as soon as the boss appears you both
need to shoot at the target. If you don't, you won't be able
to shoot the boss at all and instead the slowest player(s)
will have to endure some electric shocks. 4 or 5 mistakes
and you're dead.
Firstly smash all the glass up as you arrive, lock your arms
load up your pistols and fire like crazy when the boss arrives.
Manually reload your guns when the boss disappears by whacking
L2+R2. Remember this trick for other bosses. But don't do it
if you've only fired one or two bullets and the gun you're
reloading has a limited supply, otherwise you'll have wasted
a clip for virtually no reason. Unless you're playing on hard
of course where you have a ridiculous amount of clips at
your disposal.

You need not worry about the computer on this boss. He will
be flawless, it's just up to you to quickly fire at the boss
when it arrives on screen.

Not much difference here between the characters except Fortman
is on the left of the screen (I think)

3.1.3 VALDEZ
I think Valdez stands on the right. Same tactics apply, aim
and fire.

Of course both players need to be aiming at the boss. Novice
players beware, if you're too crap, you'll get shocked
constantly and let the side down.
Didn't I say this game was hard?


Compared to the first boss this one is very hard. On the third
level I think. So much so I bet many people don't get past this
boss without cheating. Even though it's only the third level
out of the twenty six this boss is tough. Once you know what
you're doing however this boss is just difficult, yes not
easy, but just not as hard. It also happens to be my favourite
boss. :)
The level itself is not too difficult, but getting to this boss
is a gigantic shock to the senses. You'll need to up your level
considerably, it's quite easy to get to this boss but to get past
it you'll need to increase your skill substantially, missed shots
are not an option.
If you can get past this boss you'll feel a great sense of
satisfaction, with practice you should be able to go
far in the game after this one, however it does get harder.
But not too much. You need practice on this boss, and also oddly
enough practice your physical endurance. After the first few
failures on my first go, I was unable to carry on playing due
to the stresses the game was doing on my hand. My thumbs and
fingerswere hurting like crazy. You need to be geared up.

Anyway, the first and biggest rule is FOR GODS SAKE DON'T PANIC!
I still panic now, even though I know what I'm doing. The frantic
music and grinding soundfx don't help you either, it really does
make you feel fear. That's why I really love this boss.
There's just something about whirring chainsaws that is scary.
It helps to know the layout of the screen first. The layout
from the left to right of this boss goes like this.


Stabbing chainsaw
Power Generator
Stabbing chainsaw
Overhead chainsaw
Power Generator
Overhead chainsaw
Stabbing chainsaw
Power Generator
Stabbing chainsaw


So each of the 3 generators has a third of the total health.
And all 3 need to be destroyed in order for all 6 chainsaws
to stop. 3 chainsaws go for Valdez and the others 3 for
Fortman. So you'll need to repel 3 chainsaws each whilst
shooting the generators. It's easier for each character
to shoot the generator in the corner whilst both go for
the one in the middle.
So that's 5 targets with 2 guns (GULP!)

Ok here are some tips to make things easier. The two
stabbing chainsaws on each side move quite quick but
then move slower when they get close. You won't need to
shoot them too often. If you watch the computer play
you'll notice he sits there with those chainsaws
practically in his face the whole time. Your main concern is
that overhead chainsaw. That's the deadly one.
The chainsaws also drain your health incredibly fast.
So if they get you, you'll to get them away fast.
Help your mate out if necessary.
The first 10 seconds is vital, as the chainsaws will all be
as far away as they can be. Use this to your advantage. Do it
right and you'll take a lot of pressure off yourself.
Firstly, as you're running to the boss, get out your sub
machine guns and lock your hands, reload them to full also.
Then aim for the generator on your side and fire constantly,
as much as you can, either until a chainsaw gets near or
until you overheat. Then press up and change to your pistols.
This will be your weapon for the rest of the level.
If you've done well, you'll have got about 75% out of the
generator at your end. If you both do well on a 2 player,
you'll almost only have the centre generator to cope with.
You need to shoot the stabbing chainsaws in the blade but
*NOT* for the overhead one, for this you'll need to shoot
the handle just below it. I recommend aiming one of your
hands at the overhead chainsaw at all times. Whilst using
your other hand to shoot the other two and generators.
Trust me, it works well, that overhead chainsaw is your
worst enemy. You just need to hang in there and have pure
endurance. The pistols are your best bet. Your thumb will
hurt holding that position against the overhead chainsaw.
On your first few tries your aim will slowly slide away.
Get used to holding back all 3 of the chainsaws first and
not shooting at the generators. Once you've got a feel for
things then shoot at the generators a bit more. Only shoot
with both hands at a generator in an emergency or at the

Your thumbs will ache, your fingers will hurt from shooting,
you'll be fidgeting in your seat, you'll be in a panic.
Just try and keep your cool, hang in there, don't give
up, show those chainsaws who's boss. It's worth it. :)

The computer spends 90% of its time shooting at the chainsaws
on its own side but not much else. It rarely shoots at a
generator. When you lock your submachine guns aim at the
computers generator instead of your own. If you're lucky
you'll completely destroy that generator before the chainsaws
even get near. Be warned though the computer uses the sub
machine guns here. While this may not be an immediate problem
(the computer rarely gets hit if at all) it can be a long term
one. For some reason if the computer runs out of clips. He will
not change to another weapon and instead will just sit there
and be minced to death trying to fire with no bullets left.
Ironically this boss is harder playing with the computer
on easy than it is on hard because on harder settings you
get more clips. So the clips are a time limit, and on hard
it's doubtful he'll ever run out. Taking out the generator
on his side helps though. Leaving you to concentrate fully
on your own side and thus the computer will fire less often.
You'll have to quick though at getting the generators.
If you do need to help the computer out then shoot the
chainsaws rather than the generators. They're easier to hit
and if the computer doesn't need to shoot at them then he'll
aim for the generators instead.

I would say Fortman's side is slightly harder than that
of Valdez. Mainly because it's difficult to see where
you're aiming at the far left generator and its easier
to Fortman to aim at the centre generator, which leaves
Fortman to do most of the generator shooting.
However it's possible to get your guns aimed at exactly
the right angle where you can shoot both the generators
and then when the chainsaws get near they automatically
get hit by your guns as they pass in front of the generator.
Aim to the left of the central generator and directly in
the centre of the one of the left and you should be there.

The only drawback is that you shoot the generators less often
and if you need to do the level in a rush. Such as Valdez
on low health, it isn't as effective. More time is spent
shooting the chainsaws, especially the one at left where
you will be shooting two chainsaws.
Also for some unknown reason the angles of the analogue
stick are at unusual angle which hurt my thumbs quite
quickly holding them in place. For a novice, this will really
hurt. It's also quite difficult to hold them still on your
first few goes because your thumbs are twitchy from the
pressure of the boss.

3.2.3 VALDEZ
Once you get used to being smaller on screen and the obscure
angle of the overhead chainsaw you should be fairly ok.
It's quite difficult though to aim at the far left
generator if you need too at the start with your subs.
Keep one hand on the over head chainsaw and the other swapping
between the generator and stabbing chainsaws. You can get
an angle where you will shoot both stabbing chainsaws and
the generator although it'll take more time to get the
generator time. Don't even attempt to shoot the centre
generator until you've done the far right one.
Then swap your free hand between the two stabbing chainsaws
and the centre generator. It's quite difficult to do this
at first. Hopefully by then Fortman will have taken most
of this generator out. Always keep a hand on the overhead
one. It moves fast.

It's definitely best for the more experienced player to
play as Fortman. Swap pads if you have too for this boss.
The trick is to shoot the more difficult generators first and
avoid one player having no generators to shoot or ones that
are at the other end of the screen.
Get both your sub machine guns out. Get Fortman to lock his
arms and fire at the left generator. Get Valdez to shoot
one arm at the centre generator and the other at the right
generator. This way on most occassions all the generator die
at roughly the same time. If the player playing Valdez isn't
up to cross aiming then instead lock and fire at the far right
one. Get Fortman to do the angle trick by firing at both
generators whilst shooting at the chainsaws. Most of his shots
will hit the centre generator but that is ok as more health
was initally taken off the left generator. Valdez should
concentrate on the one on the right and centre is skilled
enough to do so. Just hang in there and hopefully there should
be no problems. Just beware at all times of the overhead ones.
Phew! :)


Fortman : "Where's its head?
Valdez : "Up its ass!"

This boss is either very hard or just hard, depending on
your patience. Patience is the key to this boss. If you get
angry and fire too quickly, you'll put your mate in danger.
What happens is that the boss spins back and forth between
Valdez and Fortman. And only goes for the player that is
nearest. You'll need to lock your guns here to ensure you
don't miss as much. Get our your sub machine guns too by
pressing down.
OK, think of a ball on a ramp, but think of the ramp as like
a mountain. A sort of triangle shape. The train is flat but
the boss moves around like it's a ball on a ramp and with
Valdez and Fortman at the bottom of each end.
Valdez and Fortman say you need to cover the boss in a
shower of bullets. This is almost what you need to do.

If you don't shoot at the boss it will move towards who
is nearest and gain momentum at the same time. Everytime you
shoot you change the shift in momentum to the opposite
direction. A bit like blowing wind at a real ball which blows
it back up the ramp.

So don't shoot the boss if its moving away from you and never
ever shoot it when it is over halfway in the other persons
half. The problems start if you shoot the boss too much and
send it spinning towards your mate too quickly. This is
a guaranteed health low for the other.

I tend to find it best to fire in short bursts.
Watch the computer to get the rhythm correct. The computer
does it spot on. It's possible if you get the rhythm right
to get the boss stuck roughly in the same area for a long
time. Patience is the key.

If your mate sends the boss over too quickly there is nothing
you can do. You have to be hit. But then often you've shot
the boss so much you end up sending it back at the speed
of light again for your mate to be hit. Lose the rhythm
and you'll often be dead quickly. Only fire constantly when
the boss is about to hit you, halt firing as you as you boss
moves away.

When the boss is not on your half of the train manually reload
both your guns and be prepared.

This boss is much easier with the computer.
Although it's more likely you'll end up killing the computer
on your first few goes by firing too fast.

When you're playing as Fortman you're at the easier end. Lock
your guns and Aim at Valdez, then hold your aim there and
fire rhythmically as described earlier.

3.3.3 VALDEZ
Same as Fortman except you're in the distance, and it's a bit
more difficult to aim. Aim at Fortman and keep your aim there
for the whole level.

Teamwork is essential here, you'll both need to be good at this
in order to succeed. Although it is possible with gun to keep
the boss on your half of the train for the whole level, leaving
the other player to watch in peace. Practice makes perfect.

The winged demon is luckily fairly easy. Mainly due to the fact
this entire boss is dealt with by the minigun.
There is no way to stop being shot at, and you can fire as much
as you like, and you only have one hand to aim with.
If you take too long you will die, simple as that.
So you only need to spend all your time concentrating on aiming
at the boss. Aim at all times at the boss, only shoot at the
other winged demons when the main boss flies higher than your
The only hard time to aim is during the explosions the boss fires
at you, try your best and guess where the boss is, you just need
to be a good aim on this boss. Simple I'd say for most.
Certainly easier than the last two bosses.

The computer is really skilled at this boss. So you should be
fine. Just keep your skill up.

When playing as Fortman you are the first player to jump across
the cliff. Not any different strategy wise except shooting from
a different area of the cliff.

3.4.3 VALDEZ
The only difference with Valdez really is that on one bit you can
shoot at the boss for a further 3 or so seconds as Fortman jumps
across the cliff. Although Fortman joins shortly after

Bit like the first boss really, you can only really die on this
boss if one player is just aiming really badly. Because the other
will have to compensate and shoot more accurately.


This boss is incredibly hard on a 2 player. Not so tough with
the computer. Before the boss you need to kill 4 gun blokes.
You really need to cross your arms at fire at 2 of the guys
each, you'll need all the health you can get. You can if you're
lucky throw some TNT and kill them all before they get chance to
shoot. When the cut scene comes up, lock your arms and choose your
sub machine guns. Press down to select them and fully reload them.
Aim your arms at her and keep them pressed during the cut scene,
skip it and your arms will still be aimed at her.

Basically the woman strolls back and forth, you can't shoot at
her until she starts summoning guys.
Your main concern here is that each of the guys shoot at you
very quickly, it's almost impossible to hit them in time before
they even get one shot on you. What happens is that when you
shoot her enough she'll move to somewhere else on screen.
She is in four parts, so she'll move after 75%,50%,25% health.
The trick here is to shoot her as fast as possible. The quicker
you fire at her and move her onto the next section, the fewer guys
there will be to shoot at you. The worst part is that Fortman
for some reason gets shot at the most. Resulting often in
premature death. Although on a one player game you can often
get through this boss quite easily and you'll be wondering
what all the fuss was about.
Whilst she's strolling about reload your submachine guns and
lock them. Then shoot at her until she starts summoning people,
then unlock your hands, equip your pistols and shoot at both.
Try to lock one of your hands at her at all times and use the
other hand to take out the other guys.

The computer here is pretty skilled at this boss. Spend most of
your time firing at the woman. The computer will do both but
you need to shoot at her more often as he's pretty good at
shooting the guys appearing.

Fortman sadly gets shot at the most on the first 50% of her
health. If you're nearly dead by 25% then forget it. You're
going to die.
It's easier for Fortman to shoot at the woman so make use
of your position.

3.5.3 VALDEZ
Valdez is not much different from Fortman except on the last
section it's more difficult for him to aim at the woman.
But it's best you do as Fortman is in a better position to
shoot the spawning people.

This is where the challenge is.
After you've killed the guys bursting through the windows.
Both get our your sub machine guns and fire at her.
Then when the guys start appearing, the more experienced player
or the person playing Valdez should unlock arms, equip pistols
and shoot at the other guys. It's easier for one to person to
shootat the woman all the time and the other to take out the men.
If you're good enough you can still shoot at her with one hand.
Leaving 3 hands aimed at her.
Remember to equip pistols for the player aiming at her constantly
incase both guns overheat and let them cool down.
The last 25% is the hardest bit. When she's on walkabout throw
TNT everywhere to give yourself a better chance. You'll need to
get all of her health gone in order to run out the window. So
don't stop when you hear Valdez and Fortman talking. Even when
running out and jumping out the window you can still die so
keep firing into the room as you leg it.
Both players should change to submachine guns and reload them
whilst she's on walk about.
It helps slightly to know that a guy is never spawned in the
same place. So you can half predict where they're going to
appear. Look our for the puff of smoke first.
With practice she won't be too much of a problem.
Best to split the responsibility and have each player
performing a different task.


This boss is fairly difficult. It's a mystery to what the hell
Valdez and Fortman are saying. They say you need to shoot the
belly of the worm. Although you can, it's pointless to do so.
It takes off no health at all.
Equip the pistols. You only need to use one hand for this
boss. So choose either. This panic although not to hard makes
you quite fearful as one mistake and its all over, you die
in one hit of the worms belly.

What you need to do is shoot the barrels.
Ok, so there are two barrel types. Red ones and Green ones.
You need to shoot the *RED* ones and not the Green ones.
Although the red barrels look deadly and have a skull on them
and the green barrels look green and friendly if you look
closely, you'll see a biohazard symbol on them. Basically
shoot one green barrel and it's game over. You need to shoot
all the red barrels in order to succeed. Accuracy and patience
is the key here. You only need to fire ONE BULLET to destroy
a barrel. There are six sets of barrels.
Once all red barrels are complete in one bit the boss will
follow you to the next. You roughly have six seconds to shoot
them all before the worm crashes on top of you and flattens
you both. You both die in one hit in any case.
It's easier to wait for the screen to fully stop
scrolling back before you shoot. Six seconds is actually a
long time. The only problem is that each barrel makes a
fairly big explosion and it's often difficult to see where
you're aiming. Not to mention that the boss often sits on
some of the green barrels.
So only one click of the fire button is needed.

The computer never misses here, and always shoot the same
barrels at the same time. You cannot sit back and wait
for the computer to shoot them all. You can roughly see
where the computer is aiming although there is no line
by looking at the hands. If the computer drops both hands
BEWARE! The computer is literally expecting you to clear
up the rest.

Here you'll be on the right hand side of the screen.
(I think) Just shoot the barrels nearest to you or ones
that Valdez can't reach easily and you'll be fine.

3.6.3 VALDEZ
Same as Fortman really but on the left of the screen.
There is one set of barrels, I think the second where only
Valdez can shoot at the single barrel. Take your time. A
whole six seconds for that one barrel, you'll be fine.

This boss could easily get even the best of friends into an
argument. As it's pretty clear who shoots the wrong barrel.
Talk to each other and say which barrels each of you is aiming
for, because if you both shoot at a red barrel, chances are the
person who fires second will hit a green barrel.
The third set of barrels has 3 red ones in it. It's easier for
the person at each side to cross over and fire at the barrels
at the other end. It's much easier
Be warned of the 4th set, although there are no green ones.
It's still possible to shoot the green ones you've pasted
Relax, be calm and learn from your mistakes. It's not hard at
all when you get the hang of it. But teamwork is essential.
Console your friend with encouragement when they make a
mistake, don't blame them :)

Interesting this one. This boss is easier on a 2 player than
with the computer. What happens is that the clown jumps around
the screen throwing meat cleavers at you. 4 at a time.
You can't fire at the boss when it has any cleavers in its
hands. Well you can, but 95% of the time the bullets are
deflected back in your face. The time to shoot the clown is
it goes back to its post to get more. The technique is simple
enough but it gets increasingly difficult the more health
the clown loses. And if you get by a cleaver, it's instant
death. Two cleavers go for Fortman and two for Valedez.
So you need to repel everything in order to survive.
You can use any weapon here on this boss. Except for the
magnums though as they are a bit too short range.
What I do is split my arms at an arc and follow the boss
around the screen. When the clown lands and starts firing
I have each of my arms pointing at either side of him. Then
you can just fire as quickly as you can and get most of the
cleavers before they fire away. As he jumps away to get more
you should manually reload your guns and also lock your hands.
Then you should pummel him as much as possible. As he jumps
away from the pole, unlock your arms, reload your guns once
again and repeat the process.
When the clown is on lower health he'll throw the cleavers
from a much longer distance, you'll need to change to your
long range weapons if you haven't already.

Firstly the computer sucks big time on this level. Whilst he
makes a great job of shooting the boss when it goes for
more cleavers, for some unknown reason the computer fires
at the boss a lot when it still has cleavers. Which basically
means he's letting the side down and slowly killing you when
there isn't a need for him to fire. You can occasionally die
due to no fault of your own due to the computer's idiocy.
Unless of course you kill the clown as quickly as possible.
But the computer's incompetence doesn't stop there.
The computer is just terrible at shooting the cleavers. Which
means you'll need to get all four of them just to be sure.
This isn't a problem until the clown is below 40% health.
But then cleavers move real quick and go off the edges of the
screen and then appear right next to you.
What I do is stay with pistols until the clown is under
half health and then change to the rifles. This way I can
shoot the cleavers off the end of the computers side.
It's the only way to save the computer from dying all
the time.

You don't tend to run around much on this level. Just aim at
the boss as described above and go for the cleavers coming
to you first.

3.7.3 VALDEZ
Same as Fortman really. Although at times you may be out of
range with your pistols more often than not. More than Fortman
for definite. So probably best to stick with your subs.

Much easier on a 2 player, follow the tactics described above.
It's possible to get even the fast cleavers by just firing
constantly in the general direction of the cleavers.

This boss is incredibly hard until you know what you're doing.
This one is even more confusing than the sewer worm and far
harder. Cool music though on this bit. :)
Not so hard when playing with the computer though.
As Fortman and Valdez discuss, one player must move in close
to the mouth for the kill whilst the other keeps back the
claws. You need some practice to get to grips with this boss.
What happens is that both guys take it in turns to move in.
One moves in close and can ONLY shoot at the crabs face.
The other player must shoot at the crabs hands and also shoot
the fireballs coming out of the crabs bottom.
After about 10 seconds the player will retreat and the crab
will turn round. During this period all you can do shoot
the fireballs. After it has fired about 5 rounds of bullets
it will turn round again and then the other player will go
close. This cycle repeats until someone is dead.
The most confusing part is that you will notice that there
is a target next to each claw. You have to IGNORE these.
Shooting them does nothing, you have to shoot the claw
itself. Pistol is the best weapon here, unless it's your
turn to fire close range at the jaws.

I usually press down and equip the mini gun as this point and
just let rip. It isn't possible for the person up close to
repel the claws at all. So don't waste your time trying.
It's hard to know where exactly to aim. What I do is lock
my arms, press the analogue directly up and then move
ever so slightly to the left or right. You'll know when you've
hit the spot as the crab's health will go down.
It seems to be different each time so you'll need to find it
each time. Once you have it, keep still and fire like crazy.

Ok, for the player stood back, this is the harder part. You'll
need to shoot both the claws and also the fireballs at each
side. So 4 different points. Your priority is the fireballs
as they take off 20% of your health in one hit. Luckily the
claws are not as damaging so if you need too. Let the other
player take damage. Just make sure you don't get hit by the
fireballs. If you aim your cursor just outside where the
targets are on each side then you can keep the claws back
fully. You'll need one hand on each claw. Fire balls appear
from behind each claw. What I do if move the hand nearest
that side and aim at the fireballs on the same side. This
takes some practice to get right. You don't need to fire your
pistols fast as each fireball only takes one hit, same
goes for the claws. Don't use anything other than the
pistols, otherwise you'll over heat for sure.

The computer is top notch at this bit. Could fire a bit
faster when in close range, but interestingly when it is the
computer's turn to repel the claws, the claws don't move at all.
Perhaps Rage were unable to get the computer to be able to do
this properly, after all. The computer is completely in your
hands if it screws up. So you've got a lot of free hits there
as the computer has no problems repelling just the fireballs.
This boss like most is definitely much easier with the
computer. You've got a great ally for this boss.
The only downfall is that the computer isn't too great
at repelling the waves of fireballs when the crab turns round.
What will happen is that the computer fill a certain of bullets
and then stop. Remember this and keep firing yourself at
all times until they are all dead. Make sure you are still
using pistols too.

Both characters should use the same tactics on this boss.
Bearing in mind that Fortman stands on the left when the
crab turns round.

3.8.3 VALDEZ
Valdez stands on the right when the crab turns round. Valdez
also goes in for the kill first out of the two.

You'll both need to be good on this boss to succeed. The
hardest bit is for the player repelling the crab arms and
the fireballs. With practice it's not so hard.
Swap pads if you need too if one player is better at the
repelling than the other. Eventually the boss will die but
like the chainsaw boss a bit of perseverance and practice
is required to get it right. As long as you don't get hit
buy any fireballs then you'll be able to survive a long time.
Even if you don't hit the crab much.


Again it isn't clear what the hell you're supposed to do with
the final boss. Fortman says you need to blast the head when it
bends down. You do, but with TNT and not your rocket launcher.
Not too hard the final boss as it goes. Unless you're terrible
at aiming your TNT that is.
The boss will step about and occasionally bend over and shoot
a whole ton of fireballs, similar to the ones that the crab
shoots. Except these kill you in one hit. You must shoot them
all when they appear.
You'll need to guess when the boss is about to bend down and
throw your TNT in advance. Aim between the legs and aim for
about 50-55% of the way up. That will be far enough to land
right where you want it.
When the smaller monsters appear you need to shoot them as
quickly as possible. There are 4 positions that they can
appear. Fortman stands on the left and Valdez on the right.
The two on the left should be killed by Fortman and the two
on the right by Valdez. That's if 4 appear that is, the more
TNT you throw, the more that will appear. It's vital you
kill them as quickly as possible as they are the only monsters
that cause you damage.
When they do appear you get 5 TNTs again. So don't worry if
you used them all up and missed earlier. Hang around long
enough repelling the fireballs and you'll get 5 more.

The fireballs when they appear spread out far and wide.
The easiest way of shooting the fireballs is if you aim
at  the side of the boss at not directly at the boss.
This way you can pick off most of them before they even
come to you. Then you can pick off any of the fireballs
Don't lock your arms and use pistols. Sub machine guns
are a bit weaker and can often get you killed.

When your TNT connects with the head it'll stand up and cry.
The fireballs will disappear and so will a lot of the
So with practice you won't need to fire at the fireballs at
all. Which makes the boss quite simple. What I do is fire
all 5 of my TNT in 2 second intervals once I've killed the
small monsters. That way you've got a constant barrage
of explosions that last for 10 seconds.
With 10 seconds you'll easily hit the head. And that's just
for one player.

That's basically all you have to do until all the health
has gone. Repeat the process, once you get the hang of the
TNTs and shooting the monsters, you'll never see the
fireballs again and the boss will be easy.

The computer isn't particularly bright here. Since the
computer never throws TNT. It's up to you to do all the
TNT chucking. And although the computer is pretty decent
at shooting the small monsters, it's not too great at
shooting all those fireballs. You'll have to help the
computer out on this one. Which makes the boss a lot
harder, although with practice, not too much harder.
When you've destroyed the two monsters on your own side
you can quickly switch to your subs if you wish and help
him. Although in most cases it isn't necessary.

Fortman stands at the left, just make sure you kill the
monsters on your side of the screen first before
helping Valdez on the right. Same tactics goes for the

3.9.3 VALDEZ
Same as Fortman but Valdez does his business on the right.

Not too bad this boss for co-operative skills. It's possible
to succeed even if one player is a bit poor. As long as the
TNTs always connect with the boss, all the weaker player
has to do is shoot the smaller monsters when they appear.
Just follow the tactics above, stay with pistols and you're
sorted. Game complete :)


4.0 BUGS

I've noticed the computer can often cheat and have two
different weapons equipped at once.
You can do this also when you're putting your torch away.
When the torch box disappears change to another weapon you
must be changing when it is flashing light off.
Then you will have the second to last weapon choice in the
your left hand and whatever you chose last in your right hand.
This is only kept though until you change weapons again or it
the end of the level. Useful trick though on parts where you
need medium and short range combat. I always equip shotgun
and pistol.

Another annoying bug is that you can manually reload your
guns more than once whilst your character is moving his hands
towards his trousers to reload, therefore wasting a clip.
When you feel like reloading a gun press the reload button
as fast as you can and watch your clips simply fly away.

A simpler way of doing this is to get out your sub machine
guns. Aim both hands anywhere, and repeatedly hammer all the
shoulder buttons as fast as you can. You'll run out of
bullets within seconds.

On the first and second stages you can press directions like
left and down on the dpad. Fortman and Valdez will attempt
to reach a different weapon from behind them.
Except of course none exist. If you do it constantly it
looks like they're dancing. :)

We've also managed to crash the game sometimes where one
character will get stuck somewhere and when the other player
tries to move on, the screen will just get stuck. It often
happens when the screen suffers from extreme slowdown when
both players are constantly firing rockets from the rocket
launcher with each hand. There was a time at the end of
one of the rooftop levels where Fortman was stuck near
a wall and once the winged beasts were killed Valdez jumped
off the building by himself.
The PS2 then completely crashed and the PS2 needed to be
completely reset.



I really like this game. It's very stylish, a big challenge
and also highly original. It's a big shame Rage Warrington
went out of business, they didn't deserve it.
I'd have been happy with 5 or 6 levels like the House Of The
Dead Games. But 26 levels!!
Fantastic music and gfx too, all credit to the hard work
everyone at Rage put into the game.
Everyone should buy this game. It's simply brilliant.

My highest score at the moment is playing with Valdez on
Hard with the computer as Fortman and it clocks in at
68,394,464. Beat that if you can :)

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V1.0 February/5th/2003

This document is Copyrighted 2003 ENAY.

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This FAQ is dedicated to Rage games, especially Steve Hunt.
Who sadly ceased trading shortly after the release of this
game. At least you went out on a bang, with a true and
original classic game.


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