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An FAQ for...                                              By stevensproat

                                     UNREAL TOURNAMENT
                                          Version 0.1

Sorry, I would've made that ACSII, but I cannot do it, so if you can
write it for me, email me: I would be VERY grateful

1.  Copyright Information
2.  History
3.  Introduction
4.  How To Play Unreal Tournament
5.  Tips And Techniques
6.  Weapon Guide
7.  Item Guide
8.  Game Guide
9.  Arena Guide
10. Credits

1.  Copyright Information

This FAQ was made for the Dreamcast game Unreal Tournament. All
information in this FAQ is copyright Steven Sproat ([email protected]).
Nobody can alter, edited or sell this FAQ for any profit. You may put it
on your site, only if you e-mail me first.
Any websites that violate these terms will face proper legal action.
I will ask you to remove it first, and then I'll take
legal action. This FAQ is unofficial and is not affiliated with any company.

Oh, and this is my first FAQ by the way, so if anyone has any tips,
feel free to e-mail me!
Right, with that out of the way, lets get on with the FAQ!

2.  History

04 Feb, 2002
>Started making this FAQ
>Added some more tips

05 Feb, 2002
>Started weapons

06 Feb, 2002
>Finish weapons

07 Feb, 2002
>Started items
>Finished items
>Started arena guide

08 Feb, 2002
>Added game guide
>Finished game guide
>Finished arena guide
>Finished FAQ, may be future updates

3.  Introduction

Unreal Tournament is the Dreamcast's best FPS (First Person Shooter). Instead
of being the usual
-the-level type game, Unreal is set with you battling against computer 'bots'
in arenas, and to win, you must frag (kill) the other bots a certain amount
of times. The game has many different modes, like:

Deathmatch : Straight forward battle, first to a certain amount of kills wins.

Domination : This is a team-based game.  You and a certain amount of
computer bots must control certain 'points' scattered around the arenas,
you earn more points (score) if you own more 'points' - first team to a
certain score wins.

Capture The Flag: Another team-based game. In this, you have a base and the
computer team has a base. You must invade the
computer's base, and steal their flag, then return it to your base.
However, you cannot return their flag if the computer has it, therefore
you must get it off them if they manage to steal it!

Challenge: This is a straightforward one-on-one deathmatch. You
versus the computer. The arenas here are large for a one on
one, so they can get a bit frustrating searching around for your opponent.

There's tutorials on how to play each type of game, in-game
(providing you've unlocked them, of course)

4.  How To Play Unreal Tournament

Playing Unreal Tournament is very simple. You can play with either the
Dreamcast controller or a keyboard and mouse combination. I have yet to
play with the keyboard and mouse, although I've heard that it improves
your game and makes it
easier to aim. You can change the defauly keyboard and controller button
 configurations, although the default controls arethese:

Analog Stick: Move character around
Double press of analog left or right: Dodges to that direction
Up on D-pad: Secondary fire
Left/Right on D-pad: Change weapons
Down on D-pad: Changes to face your nearest enemy
A button: Aim down
B button: Strafe right
Y button: Aim up
X button: Strafe left
R Trigger: Primary Fire
L Trigger: Jump
Start button: Pauses game, allows you to control team bots

The basic Unreal Tournaments motivation is to move around and kill anything
that moves! There are advanced techniques to be learnt, but let's just stick
to the basics for now. You start out with a Impact Hammer and a Enforcer,
but you move around and pick up weapons. Then, you'll see an enemy running
around. Press the primary fire button rapidly to shoot him
(with everything except the Impact Hammer - which sucks). It's really easy
to play, and that's the beauty of Unreal Tournament, it's so easy and fun to
play. Also, if you check in the options menu from the main screen, there
should be an option of auto-aim. Although this is only available whilst
using thecontroller, it will make you life a lot easier in the world of
Unreal.I suggest that you turn that on, along with the dodging feature.
You can also pick up weapons from dead enemies.

5.  Tips And Techniques

The basic rule of Unreal Tournament is to keep moving. A moving target is
much harder to hit than a stationary one. Jump around. The computer bots
will find it much harder to hit you. Turn on auto-aim and the dodging options
(mentioned above). Learn all the maps well. Learn to use both functions of
weapons, although it's hard to press up in amongst all the fury that's going
on. A good example of this is with the Shock Rifle. If you shoot the second
function, it will release a rather slow but powerfull ball of energy, but then
if you shoot that with the primary function of the Shock Rifle, it will cause
the ball to explode, causing even more damage! When playing Domination or
Capture The Flag, make good use of the bot command function (start). You could
have your teamates attack the enemies' base in Capture The Flag, while you
defend the base, or the other way around. You could assign each of
the team members to defend a certain point in Domination, while you go around
attacking the enemy, making sure they don't attack your base. Some weapons,
like the rocket launcher can hurt the enemy even if you miss them, by
shooting some 'spread damage' as I call it. Make good use of this by making
sure that if you can't hit an enemy for certain, that you
try and hit a wall near them or something. But, if you stupidly shoot the
floor underneath you, the splash damage will hurt you, so be careful!
It is possible to get killing sprees. These can be achieved by killing 5
enemies in the row, without getting killed yourself. When you get 5, it's
a Killing Spree, then 10 is a Rampage, 15 is Unstoppable,and so on. Try and
see how far you can get! You can also get multi kills, by taking out an
nemy, then another up to 3 seconds later. It goes like this
1 > Nothing
2 (within 3 seconds) > Double Kill >
3 (within 3 seconds of the Double Kill) > Multi Kill.
4 (within 3 seconds of the Multi Kill) > Ultra Kill
5 (within 3 seconds of the Ultra Kill) > Monster Kill.
If you are a skilled player, you can kill using headshots, either by the
Sniper Rifle or Ripper. Using the Sniper Rifle, you can zoom in and shoot
your opponent in the head (fun) and sometimes if you're lucky you can manage
it with the Ripper. These features are especially cool in the Sniper Rifle as
you see your opponent being beheaded, with giblets flying everywhere :)

6.  Weapon Guide

When you pick up a new weapon, it automatically selects the most powerful one
in your inventory (unless you've turned this feature off in the options menu).
The order is as followed, from highest to lowest:

Rocket Launcher
Flak Cannon
Sniper Rifle
Pulse Gun
Shock Rifle
GES BioRifle
Enforcer / Double Enforcer
Impact Hammer

For example, if you have a Enforcer, and pick up the Rocket Launcher, it will
select the rocket launcher. However, if you went back and selected the
Enforcer, then picked up another weapon, the game realizes that you want the
Enforcer and keeps it on that, instead of switching to that weapon.

Here is a guide to all the weapons available, with description in
Unreal Tournament:

a) Impact Hammer

Primary Fire: Hold fire button, automatically releases when someone is touched
Secondary Fire: Can be used to deflect shots if the timing's right
Ammo: None
Combo Fire: Aim and floor and release to jump high
This is the first of your 2 starting weapons. In my view, it's pretty useless,
as you cannot shoot from far away, it can only be used close up. Also, when
used close up, you're likely to get straight away by your enemy, and it's very
unaccurate. Avoid at all costs.

b) Enforcer

Primary Fire: Normal firing rate
Secondary Fire: Shot on side, rapid shots
Ammo: Standard Bullets
Combo Fire: Can hold 2 pistols and shoot 2 at a time
This is a pistol. It has a pretty fast shooting rate, and is quite accurate.
The secondary fire is less accurate than the normal fire. You can hold 2
pistols at once, meaning you can shoot both :) This is very fun, and is also
quite a fast way of disposing your enemy. I love this gun, you should learn to
as well :P

c) Shock Rifle

Primary Fire: Energy blast
Secondary Fire: Slower energy blast
Ammo: Shock Core
Combo Fire: Shoot secondary fire, then shoot that blast with the primary fire;
gives a more powerful explosion
A rifle that shoots out balls of energy. This rifle is best used whilst using
the combo fire, as this can be very powerful. I don't use this weapon very
much, I tend to hunt around to find other weapons, as this isn't as powerful
as I like my weapons to be :) Use it as a last resort.

d) Ripper

Primary fire: Shoots out bouncing blades
Secondary fire: Exploding non-bouncing blades
Ammo: Razor Blades
The primary fire shoots out spinning blades, that can be effectivley used
to bounce around corners. The make corner shots very easy, and very cool too
:) The secondary fire shoots exploding blades, that explode on impact against
any surface. Be careful whilst shooting the bouncing blades though, as they
might come back and kill you! Also, headshots are possible withthis weapon :)

e) Rocket Launcher

Primary Fire: Launches little rockets, that explode on impact
Secondary Fire: Launches little grenades that explode after a few seconds
Ammo: Rockets
Combo Fire: Hold down primary fire button to build up to 6 rockets that
shoot at once
The Rocket Launcher is one of my favourite Unreal Tournament weapons. The
reason over this is that it's very easy and fun to use. You could kill someone
in a single hit with this weapon. It shoots off it's rockets fast, and is the
perfect killing weapon. I don't use the secondary fire at all, as I can't be
bothered to take my finger off the fire button to press the secondary one :P
Anyway, this is one on my best and mostly used weapon, so use it with all
your might :)

f) Flak Cannon

Primary Fire: Shoots chunks of hot shrapnel
Secondary Fire: Shoots a shrapnel grenage that explodes on impact
Ammo: Flak Shells
This weapon is very good for close combat, as it can kill almost instantly.
The secondary fired grenade is very usefull for shooting at targets below you,
and can be allright for long-range combat. Use this wisley, as it's hard to
get carried away and keep on pummelling the fire button, as you'll find
yourself with no ammo!

g) BioRifle

Primary Fire: Shoots toxic sludge
Secondary Fire: Hold and release to shoot a larger piece of toxic sludge that
bursts into multiple sludges upon impact
Ammo: Tarydium BioSludge
This is very useful for protecting your bases. As the sludge can stick to
walls, you can cover corridors in the sludge, killing anyone that walks
through. The secondary fire is good, too. Don't use this weapon much, but
it's usefull whenever I need it, mostly in Capture The Flag games.

h) Sniper Rifle

Primary Fire: Shoots a bullet
Secondary Fire: Zoom in
Ammo: High-powered bullets
This is one of the most useful weapons in Unreal Tournament. It is the weapon
of choice for long-range attackers, thanks to the zoom function. Although it's
hard to use the zoom properly using the Dreamcast controller, I've played it
on the PC and it was easy, and superb. My advice is to get a mouse and
keyboard if you plan to zoom around and sniper properly. Anyway...the Sniper
Rifle is an awesome weapon thanks to it's incredible reach. My advice is to
kill you opponent with a headshot, as it kills in one hit. Practice makes
perfect, so go practice.

i) Minigun

Primary Fire: Normal firing rate
Secondary Fire: Faster firing rate
Ammo: Standard Bullets
Ooooh baby! Now this weapon is fun! And it's also a fast killing machine!
This is really a useful weapon, which can kill enemies fast. It can be used
effectively long range or close range. Just, pure fun. I love this weapon,
only the problem is that it eats ammo like errr...my sister :P

j) Redeemer

Primary Fire: Launches mini nuclear warhead
Secondary Fire: Launches and guides a mini nuclear warhead
Ammo: Nuclear Missile
Hmm. This is quite a rare weapon. It is huge, and as it's so powerful, it can
only fire 1 shot. But, make sure you use this weapon effectivley, as it's the
most powerful weapon in the game, and has a HUGE blast radius. Often, people
shooting this weapon kill themselves :P

k) Pulse Gun

Primary Fire: Shoot rapid plasma energy blasts
Secondary Fire: A beam of pulse gets shot
Ammo: Pulse Cells
This gun fires green plasma bolts, that are pretty powerful. The second fire
of the beam is cool, as you can hit multiple enemies with it. I don't use it
much, but it's not bad, overall.

l) Chainsaw

Primary Fire: Forward Thrust
Secondary Fire: Side-to-side sweep
Ammo: None
To be honest, I haven't used this. But I'm guessing it deals a lot of damage
at close-range. I don't like close-range weapons much, so I doubt I'll like

7.  Item Guide

This item is only available in Capture The Flag and Domination. It allows
you to shoot the translocator with the primary fire button, then warp to
that point with the second fire. If you throw it close enough to your enemy
then teleport there, you can telefrag him: killing by teleporting. In Capture
The Flag games, teleporting whilst you have the flag will make you
drop the flag.

Health Pack
Gives back 20 points of health, up to a maximum of 100

Big Keg O' Health
This gives you 100 points of health, up a maximum of 199

Health Vial
Eac vial gives you 5 points of health, up yo a maximum of 199

Thigh Pads
Gives you 50 armour points

Body Armour
Gives you 100 armour points

Shield Belt
Gives you 150 armour points

Damage Amplifier
Dramatically increases the power of all weapons. Lasts for 30 seconds
and makes your weapons glow purple.

Makes you practically invisible for a short period of time

Anti Gravity Boots
Allows you to jump very high. Gives you 3 super jumps. Good for jumping
over the walls in the Face levels in Capture The

Scuba Gear
Never picked this up, but allows you to breathe underwater

8.  Game Guide

Here, I will name all the levels you will play in the Tournament feature of
Unreal Tournament. I played this first in novice mode, and haven't played any
other difficulties, but I think they'd be the same about of frags and
enemies, etc...
If you know of any that are different, please e-mail me at
[email protected] . I've not included the tutorial levels,
as I don't think they're really that useful.


Oblivion - 1 enemy - 15 frags
Stalwart - 2 enemies - 20 frags
Halberd - 3 enemies - 20 frags
Healpod - 4 enemies - 20 frags
Nebula - 3 enemies - 20 frags
Codex - 3 enemies - 20 frags
Pressure - 4 enemies - 25 frags
Deck16 - 3 enemies - 25 frags
Curse - 4 enemies - 25 frags
Liandri - 3 enemies - 25 frags
Barricade - 4 enemies - 25 frags
Agony - 5 enemies - 25 frags


Condemned - Team Size: 3 - 100 points required
Osiris - Team Size: 3 - 100 points required
Coagulate - Team Size: 3 - 125 points required
Ghardhen - Team Size: 4 - 125 points required
Lament - Team Size: 4 - 125 points required
Cinder - Team Size: 4 - 150 points required
Gearbolt - Team Size: 4 - 150 points required
Oldern - Team Size: 4 - 175 points required


Sepuichre - Team Size: 2 - 3 flags required
Niven - Team Size: 3 - 3 flags required
Face - Team Size: 3 - 3 flags required
EternalCave - Team Size: 4 - 3 flags required
Sundial - Team Size: 3 - 3 flags required
Coret - Team Size: 4 - 3 flags required
Gauntlet - Team Size: 4 - 3 flags required
Face2 - Team Size: 3 - 3 flags required
Dreary - Team Size: 4 - 3 flags required
Command - Team Size: 4 - 3 flags required
LavaGiant - Team Size: 4 - 3 flags required


Phobos - 15 frags, one on one combat VS Damien
Flux - 15 frags, one on one combat VS Rampage
Malevolance - 15 frags, one on one combat VS Dominator
Hyperblast - 15 frags, one on one combat VS Xah

9.  Arena Guide


Name                             | Max Bots         | Max Players Splitscreen
                                 |                  |
Agony                            |  6               |  3
Babylon                          |  4               |  3
Barricade                        |  8               |  4
Blockparty                       |  6               |  3
Brickyard                        |  6               |  3
Canyonfear                       |  4               |  3
Codex                            |  8               |  4
ColdSteelPressure                |  4               |  4
Core                             |  4               |  3
Curse                            |  8               |  3
Damnation                        |  4               |  4
Deck16                           |  6               |  4
Depot                            |  4               |  3
Dust                             |  4               |  3
Flux                             |  4               |  3
Gearbox                          |  4               |  3
Girder                           |  4               |  3
Google                           |  4               |  2
Halberd                          |  6               |  3
Healpod                          |  6               |  4
Hyperblast                       |  6               |  4
Industrial                       |  6               |  4
Infernal                         |  4               |  3
Instinct                         |  4               |  3
Liandri                          |  6               |  4
Loathing                         |  4               |  4
Malevolence                      |  8               |  3
Megaplex                         |  6               |  3
Morbias                          |  4               |  2
Nebula                           |  6               |  3
Neotokyo                         |  4               |  3
Oblivion                         |  4               |  2
Outskirts                        |  6               |  3
Paladin                          |  4               |  4
Pantheon                         |  6               |  3
Phobos                           |  5               |  3
Pressure                         |  8               |  4
Sector9                          |  4               |  4
Singularity                      |  6               |  4
Sorayama                         |  6               |  4
SpaceNoxx                        |  4               |  4
Stalwart                         |  6               |  3
StalwartXL                       |  8               |  4
Station Control                  |  4               |  4
Underlord                        |  4               |  3


Name                             | Max Bots         | Max Players Splitscreen
                                 |                  |
Command                          |  8               |  4
Coret                            |  8               |  4
Dreary                           |  8               |  3
EternalCave                      |  8               |  4
Face                             |  6               |  4
Face2                            |  6               |  2
Gauntlet                         |  8               |  2
LavaGiant                        |  8               |  4
Niven                            |  8               |  2
Phalanx                          |  6               |  4
Sepulchre                        |  6               |  4
Spirito                          |  6               |  4
Stormfront                       |  6               |  4
Sundial                          |  6               |  4


Name                             | Max Bots         | Max Players Splitscreen
                                 |                  |
Cinder                           |  8               |  3
Coagulate                        |  6               |  4
Condemned                        |  6               |  3
Gearbolt                         |  8               |  2
Ghardhen                         |  8               |  4
Hood                             |  4               |  4
Lament                           |  6               |  4
Olden                            |  8               |  2
Osiris                           |  6               |  4

10.  Credits

Not many yet, but...

Me: Making this FAQ
Infogrames: Making this awesome game!
Metalica: Providing me with music from my PC to entertain me whilst writing

Any questions/comments/suggestions/tips/spelling errors should be e-mailed to
[email protected]

This FAQ is only to appear on CheatCC, GameFaqs, or my website when it's done

In conclusion, I hope that I have taught you something about this game. Good
luck, and keep on fraggin'!

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