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   ________________ Mega Man Legends FAQ/Walkthru ___________________
   ________________________ Version 1.7 _____________________________
   ________________  __  ___    ___    ____     _  __________________
   _______________  /  \/   /  /  _/  / __/    / \  _________________
   ______________  / _  _  /  / /_   / / _    /   \  ________________
   _____________  / // // /  /  _/  / /_/ /  / ___ \  _______________
   ____________  /_//_//_/  /___/  /_____/  /_/   \_\ _______________
   _________________  __  ___    _         _   _   __________________
   ________________  /  \/   /  / \       / | / / ___________________
   _______________  / _  _  /  /   \     /  |/ / ____________________
   ______________  / // // /  / ___ \   / /|  / _____________________
   _____________  /_//_//_/  /_/   \_\ /_/ |_/ ______________________
   _______                                                    _______
   _______ ///    /////  /////  ///// /////// ///////    //// _______
   _______ ///    ///   //      ///   /// /// ///   //  ///   _______
   _______ ///    ////  //  //  ////  /// /// ///   //   ///  _______
   _______ ///    ///   //   // ///   /// /// ///   //    /// _______
   _______ ////// ///// //////  ///// /// /// ///////  ///// ________

                    What Are You Looking At ?!?!
                                   - Tron Bonne

                Written By Anthony Hartley (Antookis)
                            ICQ: 5838229

                      WebSite http://wulf.8m.com 
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SYSTEM: Sony Playstation 
TITLE: Mega Man Legends
GENRE: Action/Adventure/RPG
AVAILABILITY: Japan & North America 

 )))))))))))))))) Table Of Contents (((((((((((((((((((

(1).  Introduction
(2).  Version Updates
(3).  !!! WANTED !!!
(4).  Default Controls
(5).  Cast Of Characters
(6).  Locations
(7).  Beginning
(8).  KattleLox Island
(9).  1st Corridor
(10). Tron
(11). Invasion of the Lego Men
(12). Yass Plains
(13). 2nd Corridor
(14). Clozer Woods
(15). 3rd Corridor
(16). Cardon Forest 
(17). 1st Sub-Gate
(18). 4th Corridor
(19). Uptown
(20). Lake Jyun
(21). 2nd Sub-Gate
(22). 3rd Sub-Gate
(23). Battle of the Gesellschaft 
(24). Old City 
(25). Main Gate 
(26). Sub-Cities 
(27). Last Minute Sub-Quests
(28). Diffuse The Bomb!!
(29). Hot Pursuit
(30). Helping Hand
(31). Bag-O-Zenny
(32). Jim's Clubhouse
(33). Kids Collection
(34). Sick Wife
(35). Item Round-Up
(36). Battle Of Eden 
(37). Normal Items
(38). Special Items
(39). Buster Parts
(40). Weapons
(41). GameShark / Pro Action Replay Codes
(42). Enemy Glossary
(43). Extra Stuff
(44). Disclaimer/Thanx 

[1] )))))))))))))))) Introduction (((((((((((((((((((

Alright, first off I would like to thank anyone who reads this walkthru 
and uses it to the fullest. Second, this walkthru is NOT 100% complete, 
nor will it EVER be. However, it does cover almost everything that is in 
the game.
 Also note that this is for the set difficulty level not Hard or Easy.
So you Rent/Buy Mega Man Legends and are enjoying it until a HUGE robot 
smashes you into a trillion little parts. So what do you do? Well if 
your like me, you look around for some help, namely a FAQ or walkthru of 
some sort. Then you cannot find a single one, instead you find a dozen 
Resident Evil 2 FAQS, so what now? Thats what I found myself doing, so I 
decided to make my own walkthru. This is my first walkthru, but I have 
read enough others to get the general idea. Please excuse my constant 
references to other games/movies/things, but this game reminds me of a 
ton of other... Things... Like how the enemies look like a cross between 
Ghost In The Shell and Mischief Makers, and how the towns look like they 
are from Earthbound and how the people in the towns look like they are 
from Quest 64 and how the Corridors look like Tomb Raider levels.
 This Walkthru "borrows" many elements, such as hidden secrets and other 
helpful effects that may not be 100% true (I'm sure they are..still). 
The creators have been credited and the secrets are still being tested. 
If one is unture/does not work than it will be removed in a later 
version. Well on with the guide! 

[2] )))))))))))))))) Version Updates (((((((((((((((((((

Version 1.7   3/03/99

- Converted Entire Faq/Walkthru to new format
- Enemy Glossary Complete

Version 1.6   1/27/99

- Minor changes to most sections.
- More ways to make Zenny added.

Version 1.5  11/28/98

- More Gamehsark codes added such as "Walk Through Walls"
- Bestiary added for more info on Reaver and Bonne bots.
- Slight character name corrections added.
- Ending times (8:00 hours) added for confirmation.
- "Best way to get Zenny" tactic also added to Main Gate section.

Version 1.4  10/9/98

- About the only item actually still left out of this Walkthru has been
  added, the Old Shield has been found!!
- The "Extra Stuff" section has been made to give some more backdrop,         
info and whatever else I feel like putting in.
- More items like the Triple Access Buster part have been added/
- Two more cases added to the "Wanted" section, hope I get some replies!
- Improved upon the "Version Updates", just trying to give a better       
background. WhoopDeeDo!

Version 1.3  10/7/98

- More hidden secrets have been added such as the color change and bad           
boy secrets.
- Added "Wanted" section, which should help this Walkthru in the future
  by solving all unanswered questions or unfound items.
- Fixed the Boat & AirShip code, and added the Random Sounds

Version 1.2  10/1/98

- Since I got my cool new cable connection (it's worth the installation        
cost), I also have a new ISP. E-mail me at my new address       

- Added a helpful "Things To Get" Section to every location much like       
other Walkthru's for RPG's often do.
- Changed and corrected most spelling errors. 
  (mee gose bac to skool to lern to spel propar)
- More cool people added to the "Thanx" section.

Version 1.1  9/20/98

- I must have been the only person in the world who did not find the       
Helmet. After 50 helpful e-mails (even a few ICQ's) I added the         
location of the Safety Helmet.
- The ASCII Title was improved upon.
- HUGE Sub-quest Section added, making this Walkthru twice as   more   
helpful as before.
- Plenty of Tricks added.
- Around 2000 more Game Shark codes added thanks to the Gameshark Club.
- "Character" section added due to lack of any background provided in       
Walkthru >_<
- Professional graphs added full off of weapons, items and ratings!
- Jammed so much other stuff in it hurts.

Version 1.0  9/13/98

- First edition of Walkthru.
- Contains full Walkthru, Controls & Disclaimer.

[3] )))))))))))))))) !! WANTED !! (((((((((((((((((((

 Every good Walkthru/FAQ can never be complete. This is one is not, but 
it is getting closer. If you find ANYTHING that is not included in this 
Walkthru, remember to e-mail me .

                      CASE 1: The Old Shield
                         CASE CLOSED BY:
                           TheFreak &
                          Michael Boyce

                   CASE 2: Sox goes to KattleLox
                         CASE CLOSED BY:
                        Christine Cain &
                           Joe Kain

                     CASE 3: Fun in the Sewers
 If you go down into the sewers (found in the middle of an intersection 
in the downtown area) you will notice is does not have a big purpose. It 
can return you to the 1st corridor, but it really seems to have more 
meaning. If you find anything more to this short location send that 
puppy in!

                      CASE 4: Power Plant Meltdown
 The Old City contains a power plant located past the N door. What its 
use is for is unknown to me. It is not available to access and serves no 
purpose to the game. Or does it? If you can find out why it is there 
(Nuclear Meltdown anyone?) please tell me! 

                      CASE 5: Servebot... To Go?
 If the Bank is fixed after the fight, you can go in at one time and 
talk to one of the tellers. He will say some kids came in and got some 
money. Now a Servebot restraunt is open at the downtown area next to the 
library. Go inside and talk, then adjust the camera to see the little 
tikes behind the counter. What is this place for? Can you go behind the 
counter? What is the meaning of life? If you can answer these questions, 
then remember to send it in!

                      CASE 6: The Lost Boy
Check out the 2nd area of Yass Plains sometime (near the 2nd corridor 
and just before the MarlWolf digging area) and talk to a boy in red by 
the small bridge. He will say he is lost and that is it! Can you help 
him home? Is this even a part of the game? If you find out tell me!

[4] ))))))))))))))) Default Controls (((((((((((((((((((

Analog ----------N/A
Dual Shock ------N/A
Triangle --------Selected Special Weapon Fire, Kick,
Speed up talk, Cancel.
Circle (Held Down) Dash (If Jet Skates are equipped)
 Open Doors, Check, Talk.
X ---------------Jump, Accept
Square ----------Fire Arm Buster
D-Pad Up --------Upward Run
D-Pad Down ------Downward Run
D-Pad Left ------Left Strafe
D-Pad Right -----Right Strafe
Select ----------Overworld/Corridor Map
Start -----------Item Menu
L1 --------------Turn Camera Left
L2 --------------N/A
R1 --------------Turn Camera Right
R2 --------------Auto Aim & Lock
Start+Select ----Reset Game (Must be on Menu screen)

[5] )))))))))))))) Cast Of Characters ((((((((((((((((((

|                   MegaMan "Blue Boy" Volnutt                       |

 Hero of this game and many others. He was found by Barrel when he was 
just a baby. He is now 14 years old and an excellent Digger who works 
for the Casket Family. His past is unknown to him and his friends...Or 
so he thinks. In Japan, his name is Rock Walnut. 

|                           Roll Casket                              |

 MegaMan's childhood friend and companion. She lost her parents in a dig 
when she was a baby. She is now 14 years old and has followed in her 
parents footsteps by becoming MegaMan's Spotter. She helps him in his 
digs by scanning ruins and is the equipment operator.

|                           Barrel Casket                            |

Roll's grandfather. He was a well-known and successful Digger. He helps 
Roll and Mega Man maintain the Flutter.

|                   Data "Lord Of The Invisible Drum"                |
 MegaMan's little mechanical monkey friend. Data can save and replenish 
for MegaMan, as well as  advising him on his next move. What secrets 
does he hold?

|                           Teasel Bonne                             |
Notorious leader of the Pirate family, the Bonnes, T. Bonne has never 
lost before. He has now set his sites on KattleLox island looking for 
the "MotherLode".

|                       Tron "Evil Gal" Bonne                        |
Mechanical wiz, she builds up many robots. She is the younger sister of 
T.Bonne and often cheers him up. And guess what? She's 
14 years old too... 

|                         Bon "Baby" Bonne                           |

Youngest of the Bonnes, despite his big size, he's really just A baby. 

|                        Servebots "Lego Men"                        |

Built by Tron, these little robots are quite funny and clumsy. 

|                           Mayor Amelia                             |

 Former assistant of Barrel while she was in school, she is now 
in charge of Kattalox Island and the people living on it as well.

|              Wily "Mad Genius turned Shrimp Boat Captain"          |

 Don't worry, he may look a lot like the evil Dr. Wily from previous 
Man games, but he's a real nice guy! He rents out boats at the Lake Jyun 

|                           The Inspector                            |

Chief of the Police, he sometimes has duties for MegaMan to take out.

|                             Reaverbots                             |

 Robots living in the ruins. Who built them and why? They come in 
forms and are considered deadly.

|                       MegaMan "MegaGirl" Juno                      |

 His origin is unclear, but he thinks he can decide either life 
or death on the people of Kattelox Island.

[6] ))))))))))))))))) Locations ((((((((((((((((((((((

|                         Kattelox Island                            |

Island where it is said a big, but dangerous treasure is 
buried... maybe the Mother Lode?

|                          Apple Market                              |

Place full of colorful shops. Hang out of Jim and Gang. South 
of Downtown. 
         Important Places: Junk Shop. 

|                            Downtown                                |

Central part of the city. Filled with many Residences. North to Apple 
Important Places: Library, Sub-City Portal 2, Servebots Restaurant (??). 

|                           City Hall                                |

Upper City where the Mayor, Ameila, resides along with the City 
Inspector. North of Downtown. 
Important places: City Hall, Police Station. 

|                            Uptown                                  |

Resort part of the city. Wily's Boat shop resides here. West of 
Important places: Hospital, KTOX Studios, Art Gallery, Wily's Boats, 
Sub-City Portal 3. 

|                           Lake Jyun                                |

Lake west of Uptown. Second Sub Gate resides here. 
Important places: 2nd Sub-Gate. 

|                            Old Town                                |

Industrial part of the city, full of dangerous dogs. East of Downtown. 
Important places: South door, leading to the Main Gate, rear 
entrance of Main Gate, Sub-City Portal 1. 

|                            Yass Plains                             |

Plains leading to Clozer woods. North of City Hall. 
Important places: 2nd Junk Shop, Club House. 

|                            Clozer Woods                            |

West of Yass Fields. Site of Big Dig and 3rd Sub Gate.
Important places: 3rd Sub Gate.

|                            Cardon Forest                           |

Landing spot for Flutter. South of Apple Market. 
Important places: Flutter, Corridor 1 & 3.

|                             Corridor 1                             |

Small ruin at the entrance of Apple Market. This is where you 
rescue the Junk Shop man.

|                             Corridor 2                             |

Ruin you can explore before attacking the MarlWolf. Parts for 
the useful Powered Buster can be found there! 

|                             Corridor 3                             |

Ruin r 3you can explore before Roll rams the fence placed by the 
Pirates at the 1st Sub Gate.

|                             Corridor 4                             |

Ruin inside 1st Sub Gate. Must have Jump Springs.

|                             Main Gate                              |

Mysterious ruin that has no door, where the "MotherLode" is said to 
be buried. You need to activate the Sub-Cities and visit them 
before entering the dark corridors of the Main Gate! 

|                             Sub-Cities                             |

"Living" quarters of Reaverbots.
Keys: Sleeper, Dreamer and Watcher that will open the three 
closed doors in the Main Gate. 

[7] ))))))))))))))))) Beginning ((((((((((((((((((((((

 Things To Get: 
 Power Raiser
 Blue Shard

After the familiar Capcom FMV you are introduced to the games backdrop 
story. Does the guy reading this sound just a little ummm... Anyways 
after a good explanation of the backdrop a cut scene appears and *gasp* 
Mega Man talks! No more Saturday mourning cartoon voice for you! Mega 
Mans voice reminds me of Ranma Saotome, but thats just me. After 
watching the Raiders of the Lost Arc cut scene you begin the game. Get 
use to your controls here because up ahead are some reaver bots (bad 
guys). Notice the map in the upper left corner, that will help you out 
later in the game for sure. Now continue forward, listen to Roll (You 
can speed up the talking by pressing triangle) and look out for the 
onion bots that come out of the wall to the right. Keep your distance 
and blow'em away one at a time. You can take a right or continue on to 
kill two more bots and get some more Zenny (the currency also used in 
Breath of Fire). Go right like Roll says and go through the door. If you 
don't then you may end up in a trap, easy trap, but still a trap. 
Now some bots will jump out from the pillars. Use the R2 command and 
take them out. Continue on until some bots pass you up. Take a right at 
the first open door and shoot the big box. Get the zenny and continue. 
Pass the force field and use R2 around the corner. Blast away at the 
spider bot and go into the next room. Dispose of the two generators and 
open the two orange chest beyond the force field. Equip the helpful 
Power Raiser and go back to the first force field. Now prepare for a 
boss bot. 

Boss: Spike Bot

The trick here is to keep the Bot from moving and turning. Try to keep 
him in place. Take him head on, shoot him 3 to 4 times, move to the 
right as his arm comes down. Once the explosions are over with, move 
back into position, fire, move to the right and repeat till he is dead. 
Not to hard really.

[8] )))))))))))))) KattleLox Island ((((((((((((((((((((

 Things To Get: 
 Broken Cleaner

After the cut scene of the smokin boss (which is STILL active) and after 
the Back to the Future part 2 cut scene, Mega and friends (Roll seems to 
be getting her clothing tips from Claire Redfield of Resident Evil 2 and 
Barrel reminds me of an odd version of Dr. Light) crash land on 
KattleLox island, where the majority of the game takes place. 
Since Mega and friends don't seem to be insured, you are going to have 
to fix the ship yourself. After some talking, walk over to the pint 
sized monkey. Yikes. This guy needs a drum or somethin. Save and talk. 
Continue past the brown sign ahead and the watch the police car drive 
by. Talk to Barrel (Gramps) and watch him leave. Continue past the sign 
again, talk if you want to whoever and enter Apple Market.
 Check the garbage pails and plasma boxes for some Zenny and the broken 
cleaner. One simple way to get Zenny here is to kik the yellow can by 
the first garbage pail, into the back of (not on top of) the Jetlag 
Bakery counter, you will get a bonus 1000 Zenny! One neat thing you 
should be aware of is the secret color change. If you want to change 
Mega's armor color to dark navy or even black you gotta play it bad. 
Kicking vending machines over and over, kicking animals, kicking the can 
in Apple Market into the bakery for 1,000 Zenny, not repairing damaged 
buildings in the City Hall battle, let the bombs explode in the "Diffuse 
The Bombs" subquest, and by shooting the police car and keeping the 
"trunk of cash" in the "Hot Pursuit" sub-quest. When you finally change 
color (it should not take too long) it is pretty impressive.  
 Talk, listen to some music and do what you feel like doing. Once you 
are ready to proceed go into the Parts Center (Junk store) and talk with 
the lady. Say yes and go outside again. Talk and save with Data (The 
monkey) if you would like and go into the small hut by the broken wall. 

[9] )))))))))))))))) 1st Corridor ((((((((((((((((((((((
 Things To Get: 

Take a left and use R2 to take out the bots on the ledge. Continue down 
the ramp and kill ALL the snake bots. They should be easy if you 
equipped the power raiser. Now talk to the man and he will run off. You 
can leave now, but if you want to get the Rapid Fire, continue through 
the door. Watch out for the exploding bots and also destroy the beacon 
to deactivate the leg bots. The easiest way is just to run in and out. 
Don't bother with the other door at the entrance, it is a waste of time 
and power. Leave.

[10] ))))))))))))))))))) Tron (((((((((((((((((((((((((

  Things To Get: 
  Mine Parts Kit
  Splash Mine
  Broken Motor

 Go out and save if you want to. Go back to the Junk Shop and talk to 
the lady. She gives you Mine Parts kit and asks for your name. Say 
whatever you like. That guy on the right sure does look like Ramza from 
Final Fantasy Tactics, but thats beside the point. Go outside and talk 
to Roll. She fixes the kit to make a special weapon. Learn how to use it 
and leave. Watch the cut scene of the unsure police officer. Go back 
into Apple market and Tip toe over to Jim and the gang using the D-pad 
and O button. You can now go into the N (North) door. Watch the strange 
cut scene of Tron and the Lego men. Now you are in downtown KattleLox. 
Go into the library and listen to that great music. Check the garbage 
pails for the broken motor. You can also go down into a sewer that leads 
to the 1st corridor. Watch out for all oncoming traffic. In this game, 
looking both ways pays off. Go into the next N door. Now this place has 
class. Talk to Tron and go anywhere if you would like. Then go to City 
Hall (you can't miss it). Talk with an officer to go inside. Once Barrel 
blast you ears off with a "HEY! MEGAMAN!", listen to Amelia, the mayor 
(who sounds like Ada from Resident Evil 2) and after the talk go out and 
watch Tron run from a little mean dog. Poor Tron. Go to downtown and 
talk to Tron on the pole. Then talk to the constipated doggie over and 
over until a cut scne begins. After the interesting cut scene go outside
watch the liftoff, then talk to Roll. Then things start to get ugly.

[11] ))))))))) Invasion of the Lego Men ((((((((((((((((

  Things To Get:
  Bonne Key
  Digger Lisense B

After the cut scene of Roll running inside to Apple Market, follow her. 
Save here, because this next part is tough to say the least. Now go into 
the Junk shop and buy at least a Range Booster and some defense 
equipment. Go north and watch the cut scene (lots of those things seem 
to come up in this game). Those Mechs look like something out of Project 
A-ko if ya ask me. Here you will encounter your first mission start. 

Boss: Tri Bots

Like it says the Bots have special abilities. Red is has firepower (it 
shoots double what the others can), Yellow has a high hit point 
endurance and Blue is just too fast! What it does not say is that there 
is two hover jets that also can kill you. Jump left and right while 
firing at a safe distance. After this they will begin to move. Go for 
Red first. Chase it down and fire. Easy, just watch out for the constant 
firing. Once it goes down, check it for a key, if it has the key then 
the mission is over, lucky you. If not then collect the power ups and 
Zenny it left behind. You can take out the jets using R2, it makes 
things less complicated. Now go for yellow. This guy will stop often and 
his aim is good. Run back and forth as much as you can. If the coast is 
clear, go up to the vending machine to the north to "refresh" yourself. 
One note here that might help, if you say no and then kik the vending 
machine, a free pop will fall out! However, this can only be done once 
per machine. Once yellow is gone check it for the Key. If the key is not 
with it, this is not your lucky day. Hunt down blue and try to lure him 
in-between the buildings to slow him down and shield you from the shots. 
You can also plant some explosives to do some serious damage to him. 

Boss: Octo Bot

This is the challenging part. Get the key and watch the neat cut scene. 
Seems like mean girl has a soft spot for Mega. Your History! Your Toast! 
Just you wait! So true. Jump and fire when the bot turns round and 
round. Then use R2 when it is standing straight up. Keep your distance 
so that the flame waves will be avoidable. You may actually WANT the bot 
to blow up the buildings, you heard me right, it may help you later in 
the game. When the bot dashes just go under its legs. When it spouts out 
the bombs RUN! The machine gun is easy to avoid if you keep moving. 
After its defeat watch the toasted Tron getaway. 
Go up to Data to save and recharge. Now go north through the skull door. 
Watch a fun cut scene. Mega "The Lone Hero" now faces a new mission. You 
have to protect 3 buildings now and also yourself. Save City Hall first, 
thats your main priority. Take out the red ram bots first, they take 
alot of hits so work fast. Then work on the flying bots. The flying bots 
have around the same abilities as the earlier color coded mechs so 
concentrate your fire on the yellow at first if you can. Just use R2, 
they will miss you a lot so don't worry. You can use the bombs they drop 
to your advantage. Just make sure they are dropped by a ram bot and 
fireworks ensue. The flying bots will often go off screen to fetch more 
ram bots, try to avoid this. Once the flying bots are gone, the Ram bots 
cannot be dropped in. Ignore the news lady as much as you can, she can 
really make you tense up, when you should just remain cool. Take out the 
rest of the Ram bots and when the music ends, run over to whats left of 
the City Hall.

Boss: Bon Bot

Now Bon Bonne comes in. This is not too hard but damaging to say the 
least. Time your jumps and stay close to the bot. When it claps, jump 
and watch out for the black and yellow pole that comes out at times. 
This fight should go fairly quick. The missiles Bon launches are also 
pretty harmless. After the fight watch a cool cut scene with Big Bro 
Teasel. Crack that neck Bro! Well, if you got through all of this 
trouble on your first try, I praise your gaming skills. You now get the 
license from the mayor so you can go beyond City Hall. You can tell how 
well you protected the city by the condition it is in. If you did not do 
a good job protecting the City Hall, the mayors office will be trashed! 
The car outside is fixed up and the police are out to "arrest" the 
pirates. You can buy more blaster parts now. If you go into the fixed up 
car, you can enhance your special weapons too. 

[12] ))))))))))))))) Yass Plains (((((((((((((((((((((((

Once you are done, go north of the City Hall. Once outside the N Door, 
you are greeted by a tank and a smoking police car. Put 2 and 2 
together, plus some Servbots and you get the idea. The best tactic here 
is to run. Go,go,go,go,go,go. Shooting the tanks is worthless since they 
come back (unless you want the Zenny) and the turrets are hard to aim 
at. Going inside the huts are also a waste of time. Now goto the cave 
and to the other side of the plains. You now have 2 choices continue 
north and get some helpful items or go into the next cave. 

[13] )))))))))))))) 2nd Corridor (((((((((((((((((((((((

 Things To Get: 
 Cannon Kit

Note: You can pass this part up if you like.

If you continue upward on the 2nd Yass Plains screen, you will come 
across a hut. Go inside and straight ahead. Take a left and jump over 
the bumps in the ground to the orange chest for some Zenny. Continue 
through the next door and up the ramp ignoring the chest to the right 
(its a trap). Once through the next door take a left into a large room 
with exploding bots and flame throwing beacons. Make a right and go up 
the ramp to the side. Once on the bridge take out the beacons. To the 
right of the bridge is a ledge with a chest. Jump over and take the 
Cannon Kit. Now with luck, jump back onto the bridge and continue or go 
back. It is a dead end if you continue through the door. Leave. 

[14] )))))))))))))) Clozer Woods (((((((((((((((((((((((

  Things To Get: 
  Powered Buster
  Digger Lisense A

From the second Yass Plains screen go to the cave. This leads to Clozer 
Woods and a BIG boss plus plenty of tanks. You may want to save before 
attempting this. Pass up the tanks and you will transfer to a cut scene 
with Teasel. 

Boss: Drill Bot (MarlWolf)

This can begin to get annoying but just hang in there. First shoot at 
the lower treads until they blow. Remember to hit the sides and not the 
back. The MarlWolf has a big energy blast that is hard to avoid so work 
fast. Also keep your distance because it turns fast. Once the treads are 
begin to smoke (which may take awhile) the tanks on the upper levels 
begin to fire full-time. Find a good ledge to climb and take them out! 
Now once that is done find a high ledge and jump onto the top platform 
of MarlWolf. Begin to fire into the hatch like crazy and avoid the arms 
to the side. If you fire fast enough the Servbots that come out cannot 
detonate the bomb they carry. Boom.
Teasel leaves on his fish ship, dazed and confused. Climb up out of the 
pit and Roll will give you a call. Say yes. Watch the funny cut scene of 
Teasel and gang. Talk with the mayor, say yes and get the class A 
license. Best of the Best. You can now make donations to the city. Its 
nice to see it being rebuilt but not vital to the game. Go outside and 
inside the car to talk to Roll. If you got the Cannon Kit, then she can 
upgrade it to Powered buster. Leave for Cardon Forest in the support 

[15] )))))))))))))) 3rd Corridor (((((((((((((((((((((((

  Things To Get: 
  Old Shield

Note: You can pass this part up if you like.

Once at Cardon Forest go into the valley and once out of it, go to the 
left to a small hut. Enter. Keep going forward until you meet up with 
some leg bots. Go left and past exploding and tissue bots until you come 
to the next door. Go forward and up the ramp. Avoid the twirling Dradle 
things (easy) and get ready for a mini-boss 

Mini-Boss: Spike Bot 2

Once you get past the dradle things you come to an intersection take the 
left. Blow up the boxes and get the goodies inside. Ahead is a copy of 
the first boss. You can run and forget about him or fight. If you fight, 
run from his pounding rampage and when he stops, avoid the flying 
spikes. Not much else to say except don't count on those boxes from 
stopping him!
Now take the right door and dispose of the onion bots. Continue until 
you come to some more leg bots. Jump up on the platforms, take out the 
beacons and open the chest for some Zenny. Go on and down the next 
room's ramp. Run along the right wall to find a hole. Check it for the 
Old Shield. Weave through the rest of the room avoiding or disposing of 
exploding bots. Continue past 2 doors until you come out on a ledge. Do 
not open the chest it is trapped, just remember to hit L1 or R1 and X 
right after the message goes away to avoid the three bombs. Keep going 
down until you see two boxes in the wall. Bust through them and get go 
if you want to go back to the outside of Apple Market. If not jump down 
from the ledge with the trapped chest and exit. 

[16] )))))))))))))) Cardon Forest ((((((((((((((((((((((

Once past the valley go up to the cave. The women will run off. Enter to 
see a familiar tank scene. The hippie mobile now backs you up, but you 
shouldn't need it. As a matter of fact if you get in the way, Roll will 
run you over! If you get in the back of the car, you will escape back to 
the Flutter (The crashed ship). In order for the car to advance, you 
must clear the road of tanks. Ignore the turrets and concentrate on the 
tanks. Once you get rid of all 4 tanks Roll will ram the gate. 

[17] )))))))))))))) 1st Sub-gate (((((((((((((((((((((((
 Things To Get:
 3 Starter Keys
 Yellow Shard
 Grenade Kit
 Old Doll
 Old Bone
 Spring Set

After a cut scene of the gate unlocking, Mega goes down on an elevator. 
Go to the right to see the first large refractor. It seems you need some 
starter keys to take out the shield. Go right through the big door to 
start the mission. Creepy place. The Jumper bots look like something 
straight out of Quake 2. Take out the Corps bots nest for lots of Zenny. 
Jump down, go up the ramp and shoot the bridge so it will fall. Jump 
across to the next ledge, use R2 on the nest on the other ledge and jump 
over once the corps bugs are gone to get the first starter key. Go to 
the next ledge, shoot the bridge, jump across blast the nest go into the 
doors. The sun bots here can also be taken out with R2. Next to the 
conveyor belt, pull the yellow switch on the wall to activate it. Jump 
across it, examine the hole in the wall to get a old doll and go forward 
and left to the chest with the Grenade kit. Go up the ramp and Roll will 
tell a quick story. Nice touch. Now run across the ice platforms. Ignore 
the chest for now and continue on. Get the spring set in the chest and 
go on. Check the hole in the wall next to the door for an old bone. 
Here is an easy puzzle room, just zig zag through the switches and run 
through the hallway to pass up the forcefield. At the end of the hallway 
is another starter key. Jump off the cliff and look around the pit for a 
hole in the wall for some Zenny. Work your way back to the ice 
platforms. Let you and the chest fall through the ice onto the conveyor 
belt. The spiked gear at the end will destroy the chest leaving only the 
last starter key. Check the hole in the wall by the conveyor for some 
Zenny and go back to use the control panel. Lower the shield and watch 
the funny cut scene (well I think its funny). Go back into the car and 
talk with Roll. You can get the Grenade arm from the Grenade kit and the 
spring set can give you jump springs (remember to equip!). 

[18] )))))))))))))) 4th Corridor (((((((((((((((((((((((

 Things To Get:
 Triple Access

Note: You can pass this part up if you like.

Leave the car, equip the jump springs and go back into the sub gate. To 
the left of the elevator is a ledge you can jump up to. Walk over to the 
door and enter. Take out the tissue bots and go straight ahead for the 
rollerboard. Then go up the ramp and look in the holes in the walls for 
tons of Zenny, blow up the box at the end of hall and open the chest for 
Zenny. Leave. 
Now is also a good time to get the Triple Access Buster Part. Return to 
the second corridor and go back to the dead end. You can now jump up to 
the chest above and get some zenny. Blow away the boxes, go on and 
ignore the chest to the left and right (both are traps), go across the 
pit of red onion bots, jump up to the ledge, DO NOT open the chest to 
the left, go down to the other end and open the chest for the triple 

[19] )))))))))))))))) Uptown (((((((((((((((((((((((((
 Things To Get: 
 Safety Helmet
 Mystic Orb
 Music Box
 Omni Unit
 Giant Horn
 Broken Propeller

Take the car to CityHall. Time to get the helmet. Go to Yass plains 
through the N door and you will notice the tanks and turrets are gone. 
Jump up on a one of the small hills and you will notice a house with a 
vending machine beside it. Walk in and buy some better items from those 
nice folks from the junk store then go back out. Check the Plasma Box to 
get the safety helmet. Return to City Hall, Call Roll and have her turn 
the Safety helmet into the regular helmet. You now are truly 

                   !!!!! M E G A  M A N !!!!!

 Now go to the Downtown area and open the W door. Once on the other 
side, you will be in Uptown. Whats so up about it? City Hall looks much 
better! If you go to KTOX TV you can play some neat mini games and make 
some serious zenny.

Quick Mini Game Guide
 Just go up to the desk and talk to the lady to play the next two games.

                    +++++ Beast Hunter +++++
With a name like that, it has to rock. What!?! Kik balls and stuffed 
doggies at another automated dog chasing some weird guy thats got a 
stick up his tail? FUN! This game is the easiest since the auto dog 
(woulda been funny if it were rush) doesn't go too fast even on the A 
ranking level. Just concentrate, grasshopper, and the Zetsabre will be 
yours after 16 points on A ranking. After this Roll can combine this 
with the pen-light to give you the Blade arm.

                  +++++ Balloon Fantasy +++++
Here you have to shoot a large number of big bouncing rubber balls in a 
certin amount of time. Make sure to have your buster on good range, high 
rapid rate and descent energy, attack power does not matter. Once you 
get the A ranking, the Mystic orb is yours. Have roll take the orb and 
the MarlWolf shell to make the Shield arm.

You will need the Dash ability to play the next three games.

                  +++++ Straight Track +++++ 
This should just be to warm you up. Hold down Circle then when in Dash 
mode press up on the D-pad for increased speed. Hit as many yellow cones 
as you can. Just keep trying and you will get it. You will get the Music 
Box after getting an A ranking. Give the Box to Roll by choosing TALK in 
the support car and say I won it for you. Cute.

                   +++++ Left Track +++++
Start off by holding Circle, once in dash mode press up on the D-Pad, 
then down and L1 on the turns and don't worry to much about any more 
hard turns till the very end. You get the Omni Unit, a descent Buster 

                 +++++ Technical Track +++++
This course is hard to remember. Make lots of Hard turns and try to get 
lucky by hitting the yellow cones. You will get the Giant Horn which you 
will use later at the Art gallery. This one to say the least, is the 
hardest Mini game.

 Check the garbage pails for zenny and a broken propeller. If you go 
back to the car in downtown you can get the Vacuum Arm, which suks up 
much needed zenny! Talk to the woman painting up on the hill and say she 
needs some red. Now go to the "Dressmaker Hipbone" store in Apple 
market, talk to the clerk and say yes to get the lipstick. Give the 
lipstick to the painter and now the art museum in the middle of Uptown 
is open. Go in check some things out and go upstairs. Talk to the 
painter and give her the doll and bone... HEY!!! You quit your laughin 
you pervert! Alright now go to Wily's Boats. Yep thats right, old Wily 
made it into the game, and in an odd form too. Seems like all the boats 
are gone except one, but that one is broke down, talk to one of the 
maintenance guys twice. Never fear Roll is here! She will use the Yellow 
refractor on the boat (and boy did she get dirty while doing it), Wily 
will let you use the boat. 

[20] ))))))))))))))) Lake Jyun (((((((((((((((((((((((((

Be sure to save with Data, because the next part is tough the first time 
through. Enter the boat and you take off for the next sub-gate. Watch 
the takeoff and get ready. When you get to the sub-gate, the place is 
swarming with enemy subs! The Red subs fire water based torpedoes (the 
ones you should look out for) and the yellow subs fire aerial missiles. 
This mission takes awhile but just keep up the defense and look around 
as much as you can. The jets don't pose to much of a threat but should 
still be shot down. After disposing of all of them somethin not so good 

Boss: Ness Bot

After all the boats are gone, a cut scene appears and reveals the big 
Ness bot. Tron still has that "funny feeling" and then the fight begins. 
I would be surprised if you survive this. Since your health is low 
already a good idea is just to give up, retreat, save and come back with 
full power. Once you do this or keep going, shoot down all the oncoming 
missiles. You cannot hurt this bot... Yet. Wait until you get past the 
canal then begin to fire at its arm then the back guns and finally the 
other arm. Continue to fire as much as possible. Blasters with hi rapid 
rates work well here. After the guns and arms are gone shoot the back 
cannon. Don't give it a chance to fire, if it does the energy ball much 
like the Marlwolf's will hit the boat causing big damage. Just fire as 
much as possible and on target. You should do alright. Abandon ship! The 
Bonnes get away yet again but remain in high spirits. 

[21] ))))))))))))))) 2nd Sub-gate ((((((((((((((((((((((
 Things To Get: 
 Gatling part
 Old Hover Jets
 3 Starter Keys
 Joint Plug
 Rapid Striker
 Red Shard
 Bomb Schematic

After the fight you appear directly in front of the 2nd sub-gate. Go in. 
Go forward, listen to Roll, fight the red onion bots and search the 
holes in the walls for zenny. Keep going down the hall until you reach 
the chest with the old hoverjets. Go back and jump up onto the upper 
ledge and go into the door. Here you will find the crab bots that can be 
shot with your special weapon to be turned over. Take a left keep going, 
open the chest for starter key, go back a little, look for a hole in the 
wall and get the gatling part (ooohhh baby!). Now take the right path 
and check the hole for a ring. Go beyond the doors, past the waterfall, 
into the other waterfall to a chest with the 2nd starter key. If you 
fall into the lower pit below, you will meet the stealth Jumper bots, 
one of the coolest enemies in the game, and most deadly. In the middle 
of the pit on a platform you can get the joint plug from the chest. Take 
out some random sun bots and go into the middle waterfall, turn right 
and go out the other waterfall, jump on the ledge, jump into the next 
waterfall and get the last starter key in the chest. Also check the hole 
beyond it. Now goto the other side of the middle waterfall and enter 
through the door.
Some gator bots will jump out from the water tunnel, so be ready. Pass 
them up if you can and go left. This will lead to a small corridor place 
and if you keep going, you can get a Rapid striker from a chest. Leave 
and go forward instead of into the right path, which is a dead end. Go 
past the odd room with the circular thing in the middle to the refractor 
room. Roll gives you the good news that the refractor should be able to 
repair the flutter! Use the keys lower the shield and exit. Now for the 
expectable. Boss time. 

Boss: Behemoth Bot

Now this is a boss! Use your most powerful weapons and remember to heal 
with canisters frequently. He will leap out at you so jump to the right 
or left then jump again to avoid the shockwave. You can only hit him in 
the head so use R2 when possible and the jump+fire tactic is the best. 
He does not do much else, but you can run around him to gain some space. 
Try not to get close, he will do a dumb looking soccer kik and you don't 
need that. Afterwards, exit the level to get your much deserved piece of 
apricot pie. 
The Bonnes come up with a smart plan in the next cut scene and then you 
come back to the port. Go out and into the car to talk to Roll. She and 
Mega fix the Flutter and you now get to see the inside of the craft. 
Talk to Gramps to find out about the main gate. Go into the last room 
and look around for the bomb schematic in the elegant chest. Then have 
Roll give you the Jet Skates from combining the hoverboard and old jet 
pack. The joint plug was used to make an adapter plug, which gives you a 
much needed third blaster part slot. She also makes the bomb schematic 
into the grand grenade weapon. Also TALK to her and say that she can 
have the ring (now wasn't that sweet). 

[22] ))))))))))))))) 3rd Sub-gate ((((((((((((((((((((((

 Things To Get:
 Guidance Unit
 3 I.D. Cards
 Antique Bell
 Ancient Book
 Target Sensor

Pick the option on the flutter to go to the sub-gate. A simple cut scene 
later, you are there. Go forward and down into the pit. Go to your left 
and into the door. Listen to how bad Mega's reading skills are and 
continue out. Look out for the Jumper Bots! Go to the left and through 
the door. Take out the jumper bot and look in the holes in the walls for 
a Tele-lens. Now go outside and take the right door. Open the chest for 
the guidance unit and then drop down to the shadow bots. Blast them when 
they are vulnerable and go to the other side, jump up to the ledge and 
get the I.D. card from the chest. Check the holes in the platforms for 
Zenny and the Antique Bell. Now go into the doors in the center. Go to 
the left and get the target sensor out of the chest. Go to the right 
path and take a left. Now go right and jump up to the ledge to get an 
Ancient book. Return to the right path and go right on the right path 
(confused yet?). You will come to a large corridor. Go left to get the 
second I.D. Card from the chest and turn on the generator (the machine 
in the middle of the room) by walking up and pressing it. Go back to the 
room where you first met the shadow bots and enter one of the side wall 
doors. Inside you will face/off against 3 spider bots. Move fast, keep 
your distance and use R2. The blow out a chunk of the ceiling 
(highlighted on the mini-map) with your special weapon. Enter the door, 
go down the elevator and prepare. 

Bosses: Cerebus Breed Bot

3 Hell hounds will come out of nowhere. Try to get them to circle you, 
it makes them easy target practice. Whatever you do, do not get in front 
of them. Also move as fast as you can when they start the flame-thrower 
thing. Be sure to have PLENTY of energy canisters for this one. After 
the fight go on to the next door. Twist around the ledge and get the 
last I.D. card. Now go back to the Control room and use the cards. Now 
watch the Main Gate open in all its glory, scaring everyone in Apple 
Market, Uptown, City Hall and where ever else. Leave the 3rd Sub-Gate. 
Have Roll make the Sniper Scope from the Tele-lens and the target sensor 
plus she makes the guidance unit into the Active buster, one of the best 
weapons in the game. Now go back to Cardon Forest. Watch the cool and 
llloooonnnngggggg cut scene of the 2 crafts. 

[23] )))))))))) Battle of the Gesellschaft (((((((((((((

Boss: Jet Fleet
Red Bird Jet

If you have the Active Buster equipped this fight just got alot easier. 
First you have to take out the 5 or so jets. Blow them away while they 
are all in a line and then use R2 to target them.
R2 is about the only way you are going to get a hit in on this mission. 
One by one they will drop out of the sky. Then the Fish craft will hover 
above you for awhile. Watch the cut scene of the hopeless Bonnes and 
then back to action. Fire upon the middle bottom of the craft by using 
R2 to look up as it passes by you. Try to take out the bombs that they 
shoot out at you the best you can, then fire downward toward the right 
wing. Take out as many side guns as you can, then wait for the craft to 
switch sides. After all the weak spots are gone they will fire at you 
with a huge blast. Fire toward the skull part to destroy the craft. 
After this, the Bonnes get away on a cool escape jet. Hopefully you 
still have some energy left for the ship because here comes another 
battle. Just use R2 and the most powerful weapons you have. The Red Bird 
will hit you with a volley of missiles and multiple blast from its guns. 
Take the hits and aim as good as you can. The Red Bird Blows up and Roll 
feels that they should have gone easy on the Bonnes. Afterwards, Barrel 
will talk of the main gate, and you can walk in on Roll while she is 
dressing... Or something to that effect. 

[24] )))))))))))))))) Old City (((((((((((((((((((((

Leave the flutter and head to the junk shop and stock up. Now go to the 
E door in the downtown area. You are now in Old City, an industrial 
place full of dogs that are serious pains in the rear. Dash and jump 
away from them, or kik them either way, they always come back. Go to the 
S door and then right. Well there it is, the main gate. R u ready? Good. 
If not, I suggest you enhance the active buster and your armor to the 

[25] )))))))))))))))) Main Gate (((((((((((((((((((((

  Things To Get:
  Buster Unit

  Autofire Barrel
  Blunted Drill
  Shiny Red Stone
  Generator Part

Enter the Main Gate. Inside you will be greeted with some great music 
(reminds me of Blaster Master for the NES) and a very bright area. Keep 
twisting down the descending tunnel until you come around to a door, you 
know you are there because Roll say "Its one big spiral!". Open the door 
and get the Buster Unit from the chest. Go into the next door when Roll 
becomes out of range. Go in and use the console on the wall to unlock 
the sub-cities. Keep going and blast the Cerebus away. Ignore the 2 
doors and go down the corridor to the south. A Grey Cerebus awaits along 
with some onion bots. Keep going, check the hole in the wall for 
Autofire Barrel (!!) and the Bunted Drill in the chest. Go back and to 
the right side of the corridor, keep going right, check the hole in the 
wall for a shiny red stone then blast the Cerebus from behind! Fun! Go 
back and into one of the other doors to get to a corridor area. You will 
find a Generator part and a dead end. Go back and go into the final 
door. The Cerebus is back so be careful! Dash straight ahead to the next 
door. Go outside, you will be back in Old town. Head over to the door 
mark 88 (You CANNOT miss it) and enter. Now watch a very entertaining 
cut scene. 

Boss: Big Bot Bruno

Whoa! Now that is BIG!!!! Alright start off by just jumping left and 
right, don't bother firing yet. Then when it turns around, bust through 
the fence and walks away, blow it to pieces! It won't know what hit it! 
Muhahahahahahahahaha...Sorry... Heal when needed avoid all blast and use 
the active buster in the thin stomach area. Hide behind the two black 
gates, the only thing it cannot destroy.
The Bonnes walk away in defeat (yeah right), anyways go down they 
opposite gate you came up from to go to the first sub-city.

[26] )))))))))))))))) Sub-Cities (((((((((((((((((((((

 Things To Get: 
 Main Gate Keys

                  ||||| Sub-City #1 |||||
This has to be the coolest level next to Sub-Gate 2. Its like you walked 
on to the set of Terminator 3! Fire and kill ALL enemies, plus beacons 
on top of the roofs of the buildings.
Look up and high, the door to the big tower will not open until 
everything is gone. Once all the Leg and big mouth bots are gone, the 
door will open allowing you to get the Watchers Key. Exit. 

                   ||||| Sub-City #2 |||||
Go to the Downtown area and look for another gate. Enter and prepare. 
This one is easy if you kill everything from a distance. Go to the Tower 
for the Sleeper Key. Exit. 

                   ||||| Sub-City #3 |||||
Now go to the Uptown area. You cannot miss this gate. Inside is the 
largest bot in the game, its harmless really, but it unleashes tons of 
other more dangerous bots so you will have to kill them and the 
caterpillar bot. Shoot its hatch at the back when its open and try to 
keep up with it. The third half will blow off, continue the same tactic 
until it is gone. Go to the central tower to get the Dreamer Key. Exit. 
Drop off the Red stone at the museum then call Roll on the Walkie-Talkie 
for her to make the Drill arm from the Blunted drill. The Autofire 
Barrel and Generator part can be used to make the buster part auto 
battery. With the drill arm, you can finally bust down all those dead 
ends in all 4 corridors! 

[27] ))))))))) Last Minute Sub-Quests ((((((((((((((((

Note: NONE of this has to be done to complete the game, but you are 
missing a big chunk of the game is you pass this all up!
 Mega Man Legends is filled with lots of sub-quests. You should get them 
out of the way now. I put them all in a good order, try to do them in 
this fashion.

[28] ))))))))))) Diffuse the Bombs!! ((((((((((((((((

 Things To Get:

Before doing I recommend saving. Talk to inspector with fixed police 
department (if it was trashed, pay for the repairs). After talking with 
the inspector, go to the downtown area. This is a fast paced bomb hunt. 
Dash over to the woman in orange talk quickly to her and go for either a 
green house by the E door or W door. After this talk to the man in the 
construction hat by the Library. You have a 50/50 chance here and if you 
miss it, your chances of finding it go way down. One thing that helps is 
if all the Houses were mowed down by the Octo Bot. Then you don't have 
to climb or go around houses just jump up on the rubble and get the 
bomb! This may take some time, don't rush yourself. The first bomb will 
give you plastique, which Roll can turn into Power Blaster L.
The second bomb can be turned into the Power Blaster R. After the race 
check the garbage pails for the BlureBear parts which can be made to 
make the Machine Buster.

[29] ))))))))))))) Hot Pursuit ((((((((((((((((((

Watch the T.V. in the Flutter and go to the Downtown area. Shoot the Red 
car in the trunk around ten or so times and the car will explode. I 
don't recommend shooting the police car. Grab the case, toast the lego 
men. You now have two choices. You can either talk to the inspector and 
get 20,000 zenny from him OR walk out of the downtown door (anyone will 
do) and you will get an option to steal the money landing you a cool 
200,000 zenny! Also talk to the officers inside the police HQ for the 
real story. Whoops! My bad.

[30] ))))))))))))))) Helping Hand ((((((((((((((((((((

 Things To Get:
 Flower Pearl

Talk to the nurse in room 305 at the hospital in Uptown. Then talk to 
the girl in the lobby. Like this supposed to *sniff* make you *sob* sad 
or something *Honk* excuse me.... Now goto the mayor and talk about the 
hospital equipment. Use the 20,000 Zenny on the equipment, go back and 
talk to the girl for the Flower Pearl. She sure does say Again weird. 
Use the Flower Pearl with the Gatling parts for the Gatling Gun Buster.

[31] ))))))))))))))) Bag-O-Zenny ((((((((((((((((((((

 Things To Get: 
 Support Arm

 Talk with the inspector and talk with the man in the Police HQ lobby 
also. Go to Taple Electronic Goods store in apple market, now talk to 
the cashier. Run over to the Jetlag bakery and talk. Talk with the
Liberian at the Downtown library. Now talk with girl at the Northern  
soda pop machine in the Downtown area. Finally talk to kid in red near 
the library three times. Look in the garbage pail near him for the Bag. 
After you are done playing Mega Man P.I. go back to the Police HQ and 
talk with the Inspector for the Support Arm.

[32] )))))))))))))) Jim's Clubhouse ((((((((((((((((((((

 Things To Get: 
 MarlWolf Shell

 Go to Yass Plains and look for a house with Jim and gang inside. Talk 
with Jim, say yes and go to the City Hall area. Talk to the man in hard 
hat by bank. Get the pickax and return it to Jim. Play some mini games, 
enhance some special weapons, anything to kill time. Return. Not bad, 
not bad at all. They need a saw. Talk to same man that gave you a pick, 
then look around some garbage pails in the Downtown area. Return to Jim 
after you get the saw. Kill some more time. Hey hey! I like these guys 
style! Talk to Jim, then check the pile to the right for a MarlWolf 

[33] )))))))))))))) Kids Collection ((((((((((((((((((((

 Things To Get: 
 Stag Beetle
 Old Heater
 Comic Book
 Broken Circuit
 X Buster

 Go Cardon Ruins area, find a girl on the mound and look around the 
trees to find a icky beetle just squirming there. Pick it up (ew) and 
take it to the Jim. Give him the beetle, look in the pile for the 
heater. Now go to the second part of yass plains and check by a mound 
near the corridor entrance for another beetle. Take it back to Jim, get 
the broken circuit from the pile. Now go behind the Junk store in Yass 
Plains where you got the helmet and pick up the red flat object, the 
comic book. Why couldn't all the items spin like that? Take it to Jim, 
say yes, get the X buster out of the pile. 

[34] )))))))))))))))) Sick Wife ((((((((((((((((((((((

  Things To Get: 

Talk to the Grocer man at Apple market. His wife is missing. Go out to 
the Cardon Forest and look around the 3rd corridor entrance (not inside, 
outside) for a women who looks like she is sobbing against the cliff. 
Choose to take her to the hospital. Watch the neat camera angle go out, 
go back in and talk to the guy in the orange cap for the sun-light.

[35] )))))))))))))) Item Round-Up ((((((((((((((((((((((

 Things To Get: 
 Blaster Unit R
 Weapon Plans
 Rapid-Fire Barrel
 Shiny Object
 Old Laucher
 Main Core Shard

Time to round up all those loose items left in the corridors and sub 
gates. Basically the only ones left should be in the 3rd Sub Gate. Equip 
the Drill Arm, you will need it. Once inside go to the center of the 
corridor (the place with the tall platforms, Shadow bots and doors on 
almost each side of the room). Once inside go into the middle door 
through the huge pillar. Take a right then a left to go to a very 
different corridor. Here you probley got the ancient book earlier. Drill 
through the big stone wall on the left and jump up on the small opening 
above to get the Blaster Unit R and Weapon plans from the hole in the 
wall and the chest. Now goto the right side and take out the wall. Jump 
up on the ledge and get the Rapid-Fire Barrel from the chest.
Continue on and up the ramp. Pass up the Jump bot, time yourself on the 
pendulums then take out the boxes from a distance. Check each side of 
the ledge for the holes in the walls for Zenny.
 Drop down off the ledge go up the next ramp and go left for the chest 
with more Zenny. Drop off that ledge and continue on. Avoid the 
exploding bots until you come to the last ledge. Jump up to it and open 
the chest for even MORE Zenny! Now turn 180 and go down the unexplored 
hall. Go through the door and turn the crab bot over. Keep going past 
the hall to your right, check the hole in the wall for a Shiny Object. 
Now go down the right hall avoiding the pendulums and keep going. Once 
through the next door go right. Pass up the shadow bot and go into the 
next room, open the chest for the Old Launcher (Finally). Turn around, 
go forward, left, left, right, right and right (Dis way, No dat way!) to 
get to a treasure filled room. Just open the middle one the other two 
are traps. Ignore the stone wall the other way when heading back, it 
just leads to the 2nd Sub gate. Go back to the left door you have not 
entered yet. Enter it and go right for a chest with the pen-light 
inside. Break open the first set of stone walls and check the hole in 
the real wall for some Zenny. Repeat this with the next two sets of 
stone walls, while avoiding the shadow bots, to get even more Zenny and 
the Main Core Shard. Sorry if this is confusing the place is big. Now 
that all this is done go back out the way you came and exit the 3rd Sub 
gate (one long trip). Once back outside and in the Flutter have Roll go 
to work. She will give you the Spread Buster for the Old Launcher, Arm 
Support and Ancient Book. She also takes the Broken Circuits, Main Core 
Shards and Sun-light to make the Omni-Unit Omega. The Rapid-Fire Buster 
is used for the Machine Gun Buster plus she should put together anything 
else from the bonus games. Also remember to take back ALL items to the 
art museum. A girl in a green dress will appear upstairs, so talk to her 
and say yes to get the cursed (go through all that work to get a cursed 
weapon part... Cute, rrreeaaalll cute) prizm crystal. The crystal is 
used with the Weapon plans and X-Buster to make the Shining Laser, which 
can take out the last boss in mere seconds if fully upgraded. Whew!

[36] )))))))))))))) Battle Of Eden (((((((((((((((((((((

 Things To Get:
 Power Stream
 & a can o'whoop A$$ !!!

Well, this is it. Make yourself as powerful as possible and go back to 
the main gate. Once in the spiral section, go all the way down to the 
bottom. Open the door and enter. Use the 3 keys on the doors to the 
right. Go up to the door and watch the important cut scene. Afterwards, 
blow away the big mouth bot in front of you and turn over the crab bots. 
Open the chest for the power stream buster part, which makes your 
busters attack power MAX. Go on and check out the pretty refractor. Take 
a left, dispose of the Sun bots and then take a right. After the horde 
of sun bots are gone, enter the final room. Data is here. This is the 
Final save point and energy boost. Save here. You can go back up and to 
anywhere you want, don't worry. 

Final Boss: Mega Man Juno

 OK, this is it! Snob boy (or girl as I like to call him) has some fast 
and powerful attacks, make sure you have full canisters and all that 
jazz. He will begin with a piledriver, fire and jump away. When he says 
"Ready?" he will execute a double arm laser, try to keep in the center 
when this happens. Fortunately his endurance is low so give'em all ya 
got from the start.
 After finally defeating him, he will go into a back armor machine ala 
sigma style. Dash around and run around him in circles nail him with a 
volley of active buster shots. The fight will go fast if you do it 
 If you have the Shining Laser, at full upgrade, this fight is all too 
easy. Just fire straight ahead. Juno's power goes down in a good 4 to 8 
seconds in both forms! Ouch!

Watch and interact with the ending (walk around and talk with the towns 
folk) talk to Roll, say you are ready and stay after the credits to see 
a "Surprise". Timing in the game can effect a new game since you may 
start off with dash parts at the beginning if you had a good time like 
around 8 hours or so. You can change the difficulty from Normal to Hard. 
Once you beat it on Hard, you can change it to Easy. Easy gives you one 
amazing Blaster you will have to see for yourself. IT ROCKS!!! Some 
things may be missing from this Walkthru is so, please contact me 
 if you find anything.

[37] )))))))))))))) Normal Items (((((((((((((((((((((

Name                    Location    
Ancient Book            3rd Sub-Gate
Spread Buster Special Weapon (With Old Launcher + Arm Supporter).

Antique BellClozer      3rd Sub-Gate
Gift to the Museum.

Arm Supporter           Police Station
Spread Buster Special Weapon. (With Old Launcher and Ancient Book) 
Reward for finding the Bag.

Autofire Barrel         Main Gate
Auto Battery Buster Part (With Generator Part).

Bag                     Downtown
Give it to the Inspector.

Beetle                  Cardon Ruins Area
Give it to the kid in the Club House.

Blunted Drill           Main Gate
Drill Arm Special Weapon.

Blurebear Parts         Downtown Garbage Pail
Machine Buster Special Weapon.

Bomb                    Downtown
Power Blaster R Buster Part. After finding one the the 
two bombs.

Bomb Schematic          Barrel's room in the Flutter
Grand Grenade Special Weapon.

Broken Circuit          Club House
Omni-Unit Omega Buster Part (With Sun-Light + Main Core Shard). In 
exchange of the Stag Beetle.

Broken Cleaner          Apple Market Garbage Pail
Vacuum Arm Special Weapon. (With Broken Motor + Broken Propeller)

Broken Motor            Downtown Garbage Pail
Vacuum Arm Special Weapon. (With Broken Cleaner + Broken Propeller)

Broken Propeller        Uptown Garbage Pail
Vacuum Arm Special Weapon. (With Broken Motor + Broken Cleaner)

Camouflage Shield       Junk Shop
Makes you invisible for a time.

Cannon Kit              2nd Corridor 
Powered Buster Special Weapon.

Comic Book              Lying behind the Junk Shop in Yass Plains
Give it to the kid in the Club House.

Defense Shield          Junk Shop
Makes you invincible for a time.

Energy Canteen          Junk Shop
Tank used to store energy for later use.

Energy Square           In ruins
Depending on the size, they refill your Life Bar energy.

Extra Pack              Junk Shop
Adds one energy unit to your Energy Canteen. (Up to 99)

Flak Jacket             Junk Shop
Absorbs 1/4 of your damage.

FlowerClozer            Woods
Gift to Roll.

Flower Pearl            Hospital
Gatling Gun Special Weapon. (With Gatling Part) 
Reward for helping Hospital girl.

Gatling Part            2nd Sub-Gate
Gatling Gun Special Weapon. (With Flower Pearl).

Generator Part          2nd Corridor 
Auto Battery Buster Part (With Autofire Barrel).

Giant Horn              KTOX Studio
Gift to the Museum.
Technical Race Class A price.

Grenade Kit             1st Sub-Gate
Grenade Arm Special Weapon. 

Guidance Unit           3rd Sub-Gate
Active Buster Special Weapon.

Hyper Cartridge         Junk Shop
Refills your current Special Weapon.

Joint Plug              2nd Sub-Gate
Adapter Plug Special Item.

Kevlar Jacket           Junk Shop
Absorbs 1/2 of your damage.

Kevlar Jacket Omega     Junk Shop
Absorbs 3/4 of your damage.

Life Gauge              Junk Shop
Add one bar to your Life Bar.

Main Core Shard         3rd Sub-Gate
Omni-Unit Omega Buster Part (With Sun-Light + Broken Circuit).

MarlWolf Shell          Club House
Shield Arm Special Weapon. (With Mystic Orb) 
Reward for helping the kids.

Music Box               KTOX Studio
Gift to Roll. Straight Race Class A price.

Mystic Orb              KTOX Studio
Shield Arm Special Weapon. (With MarlWolf Shell) Balloon Fantasy Class A 

Old Bone                1st Sub-Gate
Gift to the Museum.

Old Doll                1st Sub-Gate
Gift to the Museum.

Old Heater              Club House
Gift to the museum. In exchange of the Beetle.

Old Hoverjets           2nd Sub-Gate
Jet Skates Special Item (With Rollerboard).

Old Launcher            3rd Sub-Gate
Spread Buster Special Weapon (With Arm Supporter + Old Launcher).

Old Shield              Corridor ???
Gift to the Museum.

Pen Light               3rd Sub-Gate
Blade Arm Special Weapon (With Zetsabre).

Pick                    Man near City Hall
Help the kids Club House.

Plastique               Downtown
Power Blaster L Buster Part. After finding on the 
the two bombs.

Prism Crystal           Museum
Shining Laser Special Weapon (With X Buster + Weapon Plans). Reward for 
giving the Giant Horn to the Museum.

Rapid Fire Barrel       3rd Sub Gate
Machine Gun Buster Part.

Refractor Shard or Zenny  Everywhere
Used as money, the bigger they are, the more they worth!

Ring                    2nd Sub-Gate
Gift to Roll.

Rollerboard             Corridor 4
Jet Skates Special Item (With Old Hoverjets).

Safety Helmet           Box in Yass Plains
Helmet Special Item.

Saw                     Man near City Hall, then Downtown
Help the kids Club House.

Shield Repair           Junk Shop
Repairs your Life Shield.

Shiny Object            3rd Sub Gate
Gift to the Museum.

Shiny Red Stone         Main Gate
Gift to the Museum.

Splash Mine Kit         Junk Shop
Reward for helping the Junk Shop Man.

Spring Set              1st Sub-Gate
Jump Springs Special Item.

Stag Beetle             Yass Plains second screen
Give it to the kid in the Club House.

Sun-Light               Hospital
Omni-Unit Omega Buster Part (With Broken Circuit + Main Core Shard). 
Reward for helping the Grocer's Wife.

Target Sensor           3rd Sub-Gate
Sniper Scope Buster Part (With Tele-Lens).
Tele-Lens               3rd Sub-Gate
Sniper Scope Buster Part (With Target Sensor).

Trunk                   Downtown 
Taken from the Bank Robbers.
Weapon Plans            3rd Sub Gate
Shining Laser Special Weapon (With Prism Crystal + X Buster).
X Buster                Club House
Shining Laser Special Weapon (With Prism Crystal + Weapon Plans).
In exchange of the Comic Book.

Zetsabre                KTOX Studio
Blade Arm Special Weapon. (With Pen Light) Beast Hunter Class A price.

[38] )))))))))))))) Special Items (((((((((((((((((((((

Name                 Location (Combination)Description
Energy Canteen       Junk Shop
Energy Tank you can refill at the Junk Shop. 
The more Extra Packs you'll buy, the more units of energy it will 
contain. (Up to 99)

Helmet               Yass Plains
Protects your head better. Don't forget to equip it!

Jet Skates
(Rollerboard + Old Hoverjets)Allows you to dash, making 
you go faster. Don't forget to equip it!

Jump Springs
(Spring Set)Makes you jump higher. Don't forget to equip it!

Armor                Junk Shop
Protects your body better. Don't forget to equip it!

Adapter Plug
(Joint Plug)Allows you to equip three Buster Parts 
instead of two.

Blue Refractor       Prologue Corridor
No use...

Yellow Refractor     1st Sub-Gate
Used for powering up the Lake Jyun Boat.

Red Refractor        2nd Sub-Gate
Used for powering up the Flutter.

Class A License      City Hall
Given by the Mayor after you beat Bomb 
Bonne. Allows you access to the Portals 2 and 3.

Class B License      City Hall
Given by the Mayor after you beat the 
MarlWolf. Allows you access to the three Sub-Gates.

Citizen Card         Cardon Woods
Given by a police officer after Roll fix the 
Support Car. Allows access to the city.

Walkie-Talkie        Support Car
Given by Roll in the Support Car after you got the Class B License.
Key            Downtown
Taken from one of the three Servebots tanks. Allows 
access to the City Hall.

Cardon Keys          1st Sub-Gate
Three Starter keys allowing you to lower the shield around the Yellow 

Lake Jyun Keys       2nd Sub-Gate
Three Starter keys allowing you to lower the shield around the Red 

ID Cards             3rd Sub-Gate
Three access cards allowing you to activate the Main Gate.

Sub-Cities Keys      One in each three Sub-Cities
Sleeper, Dreamer and Watcher keys allowing you to enter the deepest 
corridors of the Main Gate.

[39] )))))))))))))) Buster Parts (((((((((((((((((((((

Name                 Location (Combination)Ratings

Auto Battery(Autofire Barrel + Generator Part)              ENG MAX
Blast Unit           Junk Shop                         ATK+1, ENG+2
Blaster Unit Omega   Junk Shop                         ATK+2, ENG+3
Blaster Unit R       3rd Sub-Gate               ATK+2, RNG+2, RPD+2
Buster Max           Given when you begin the Easy Mode
                                ATK MAX, ENG MAX, RNG MAX, RPD MAX!
Buster Unit          Portal 2                          ATK+1, RNG+2
Buster Unit Omega    Junk Shop                         ATK+3, RNG+3
Gatling Gun(Gatling Part + Flower Pearl)        ATK+1, ENG+4, RNG+1
Laser                Junk Shop                                ATK+4
Machine Gun(Rapid-fire Barrel)                         ENG+3, RPD+1
Omni-Unit            Curve Race Class   AATK+1, ENG+1, RNG+1, RPD+1
Omni-Unit Omega(Main Core Shard + Sun-Light + Broken Circuit)
                                         ATK+2, ENG+2, RNG+2, RPD+1
Power Blaster L(Plastique)                             ATK+2, RNG+1
Power Blaster R(Bomb)                                  ATK+2, RPD+1
Power Raiser         Prologue Ruin                            ATK+1
Power Raiser Alpha   Junk Shop                                ATK+2
Power Raiser Omega   Junk Shop                                ATK+3
Power Stream         Main Gate                              ATK MAX
Range Booster        Junk Shop                                RNG+1
Range Booster Alpha  Junk Shop                                RNG+2
Range Booster Omega  Junk Shop                                RNG+3
Rapid Fire           Corridor 1                               RPD+1
Rapid Striker        2nd Gate                                 RPD+2
Sniper Range         Junk Shop                                RNG+4
Sniper Scope(Target Sensor + Tele-Lens)               ATK +1, RGN+5
Sniper Unit          Junk Shop                         ENG+1, RNG+2
Sniper Unit Omega    Junk Shop                         ENG+2, RNG+3
Triple Access        2nd Corridor               ENG+1, RNG+1, RPD+1
Turbo Battery        Junk Shop                                ENG+4
Turbo Charger        Junk Shop                                ENG+1
Turbo Charger Alpha  Junk Shop                                ENG+2
Turbo Charger Omega  Junk Shop                                ENG+3

[40] )))))))))))))))) Weapons (((((((((((((((((((((

Left and Right Kick
Basic attacks when outside a hostile area or when you don't equip a 
Special Weapon.

Mega Buster
Always equipped on the left arm, limitless ammo. You can equip it with 
two Buster Parts. (Three with the Adapter Plug).

Normal Arm 
Right kick, when you don't equip a Special Weapon. Weak.

Powered Buster          Cannon Kit
One of the best Special Weapon you'll use 
most of the game. Enhance it as soon as possible! Poor firing rate, 

Grenade Arm             Grenade Kit
Throws one grenade at a time.

Vacuum Arm              Broken Motor + Broken Propeller + Broken Cleaner
Used for sucking Refractor Shards and Energy Cubes without effort. 
Upgrade it to the max in the beginning and you'll be able to get items 
from really far away! Harmless.

Blade Arm               Zetsabre + Pen Light
Slashes with an energy blade, poor range.

Splash Mine             Mine Parts Kit
Drops mine in front of you. First Special Weapon.

Machine Buster          Blumebear Parts
Weapon with a high rate of firing, but not powerful.

Drill Arm               Blunted Drill
Close range weapon, can also be used to destroy walls!

Spread Buster           Old Launcher + Arm Supporter + Ancient Book
Throws multiple bombs at a time.

Active Buster           Guidance Unit
Homing missiles. When fully enhanced, it's the best weapon. But it's 
VERY expensive!

Grand Grenade           Bomb Schematic
Throws bigger grenades than the Grenade Arm.

Shield Arm              Mystic Orb + MarlWolf Shell
Creates an energy field in front of you. Harmless.

*Shining Laser*         Prism Crystal + Weapon Plans + X Buster
Shoots a continuous laser, very destructive!

[41] ))))))) GameShark / Pro Action Replay (((((((((((((

 And now for those intelligent people (cheaters) here are two codes that 
will insure your completion of the game. Codes Made & Tested on 2.00 
Version Game Shark. Note: I have not verified all codes, so please do 
not e-mail about failed codes.

 | NAME                                    |  CODE           |
 | Infinite Zenny                          |  800C1B2C 423F  |
 |                                         |  800C1B2E 000F  |
 | Infinite Life                           |  800B521E 00C4  |
 |                                         |                 |
 | Equipped Buster Parts Position Modifier |                 |
 |                                         |                 |
 | Slot 1                                  |  300B5600 00??  |
 | Slot 2                                  |  300B5601 00??  |
 | Slot 3                                  |  300B5602 00??  |
 |                                         |                 |
 | Buster Parts Slot Position Modifier     |                 |
 |                                         |                 |
 | Slot 1                                  |  800B5604 00??  |
 | Slot 2                                  |  800B5606 00??  |
 | Slot 3                                  |  800B5608 00??  |
 | Slot 4                                  |  800B560A 00??  |
 | Slot 5                                  |  800B560C 00??  |
 | Slot 6                                  |  800B560E 00??  |
 | Slot 7                                  |  800B5610 00??  |
 | Slot 8                                  |  800B5612 00??  |
 | Slot 9                                  |  800B5614 00??  |
 | Slot 10                                 |  800B5616 00??  |
 | Slot 11                                 |  800B5618 00??  |
 | Slot 12                                 |  800B561A 00??  |
 | Slot 13                                 |  800B561C 00??  |
 | Slot 14                                 |  800B561E 00??  |
 | Slot 15                                 |  800B5620 00??  |
 | Slot 16                                 |  800B5622 00??  |
 |                                         |                 |
 | Time 00:00                              |  800C1B1C 0000  |
 |                                         |  800C1B1E 0000  |
 |                                         |                 |
 | Have All Normal Items                   |  800BE420 FFFF  |
 |                                         |  800BE422 FFFF  |
 |                                         |  800BE424 FFFF  |
 |                                         |  800BE426 FFFF  |
 |                                         |                 |
 | Have All Special Items                  |  800BE41C FFFF  |
 |                                         |  800BE41E FFFF  |
 |                                         |                 |
 | Have All Special Weapons [Note 3]       |  800BE410 FFFF  |
 |                                         |                 |
 |Equipped Special Weapon Modifier [Note 1]|  300B5322 000?  |_____
 |                                         |_____                  |
 |Equipped Special Weapon Always Active Modifier |  300B5320 000?  |
 | [Note 1]                                ------             -----
 |                                         |                 |
 | None Event Based Special Items [Note 2] |  800BE41C 03F7  |
 |                                         |  800BE41E FFFF  |
 |                                         |                 |
 | Mega Buster Always Enabled              |  300BE321 0001  |
 |                                         |                 |
 | Infinite Special Weapon Power (BPC)     |  800357FC D623  |
 |                                         |  800D895E 2400  |
 |                                         |  800D8B5E 2400  |
 |                                         |  800D8BBE 2400  |
 |                                         |                 |
 | Invincible MegaMan                      |  300B52C0 0001  |
 |                                         |                 |
 | Invisible MegaMan                       |  300B52C1 001F  |
 |                                         |                 |
 | Chameleon Net Always Active             |  800BBD96 06BB  |
 |                                         |                 |
 | Defense Shield Always Active            |  800BBD94 031E  |
 |                                         |                 |
 | Random Sounds [Note 4]                  |  80100E02 2400  |
 |                                         |                 |
 | Air Walker                              |  D00C0C26 4000  |
 |                                         |  800B51B8 0001  |
 |                                         |                 |
 | Mega Jump                               |  D00B52CC 4000  |
 |                                         |  800B51D2 FA00  |
 |                                         |                 |
 | Infinite Life Boat & Airship            |  800C1B6C 0800  |
 |                                         |                 |
 | Quantity Digits for Character & Stage Modifier Codes      |
 |                                         |                 |
 |                                         |                 |
 | 00 - Nothing                            |                 |
 | 01 - Blaster Unit Omega                 |                 |
 | 02 - Sniper Unit Omega                  |                 |
 | 03 - Laser                              |                 |
 | 04 - Sniper Range                       |                 |
 | 05 - Turbo Battery                      |                 |
 | 06 - Power Raiser Omega                 |                 |
 | 07 - Range Booster Omega                |                 |
 | 08 - Turbo Charger Omega                |                 |
 | 09 - Blast Unit                         |                 |
 | 0A - Sniper Unit                        |                 |
 | 0B - Power Raiser Alpha                 |                 |
 | 0C - Range Booster Alpha                |                 |
 | 0D - Turbo Charger Alpha                |                 |
 | 0E - Power Raiser                       |                 |
 | 0F - Range Booster                      |                 |
 | 10 - Turbo Charger                      |                 |
 | 11 - Buster Max                         |                 |
 | 12 - Power Stream                       |                 |
 | 13 - Blaster Unit R                     |                 |
 | 14 - Buster Unit Omega                  |                 |
 | 15 - Omni-Unit Omega                    |                 |
 | 16 - Auto Battery                       |                 |
 | 17 - Sniper Scope                       |                 |
 | 18 - Rapid Striker                      |                 |
 | 19 - Gatlin Gun                         |                 |
 | 1A - Omni-Unit                          |                 |
 | 1B - Power Blaster R                    |                 |
 | 1C - Power Blaster L                    |                 |
 | 1D - Machine Gun                        |                 |
 | 1E - Triple Access                      |                 |
 | 1F - Buster Unit                        |                 |
 | 20 - Rapid Fire                         |                 |
 | 21 - Helmet                             |                 |
 |                                         |                 |
 | Quantity Digits foruipped Special Weapons Modifier        |
 |                                         |                 |
 | 0 - Kick                                |                 |
 | 1 - Mega Buster                         |                 |
 | 2 - Machine Buster                      |                 |
 | 3 - Powered Buster                      |                 |
 | 4 - Drill Arm                           |                 |
 | 5 - Grenade Arm                         |                 |
 | 6 - Spread Buster                       |                 |
 | 7 - Vacuum Arm                          |                 |
 | 8 - Active Buster                       |                 |
 | 9 - Blade Arm                           |                 |
 | A - Grand Grenade                       |                 |
 | B - Splash Mine                         |                 |
 | C - Shield Arm                          |                 |
 | D - Shining Laser                       |                 |
            (38 codes total)

Note 1: These codes are to be used with have all Special Weapons code!

Note 2: It seems to mess up when you give the red crystal to Roll early 
in the game....also the citizen cards still don't work nor does the 
other crystal...Use the code to give you the only special items that 
work early in the game! Just active code save it and turn the code off!

Note 3: Since Roll is the one that has to equip the weapons before you 
can even use them...Use the Equipped Special Weapon Modifier 
code to remedy that problem!

Note 4: Game did a funky thing for me on this. It may lock up at the 
Capcom FMV and start playing random sounds!

Note 5: With this code, if you go too far on the other side of a wall 
you may not be able to get back to a position to where you can go on.

[42] )))))))))))))) Enemy Glossary (((((((((((((((


Zakobon (Onion Bot)
Description: The "Goomba" of Megaman Legends. Often waddles and falls 
down easily.
Main Attack: Endless bomb toss and a quick bum rush. Try to avoid/kick 
the bombs and keep your distance.

Arukoitan (Leg Bot)
Description: Tall mindless reaverbot that marches around corridors.
Main Attack: Shoots energy balls and unending bum rushes.

Orudakoitan (Beacon)
Description: The main core of the Arukotian bot, it serves as the 
activator of any nearby Arukotian.
Main Attack: Helpless. Fire away at it before nearby Arukotian can 

Shekuten (Exploding Bot)
Description: Puny little bot. Awakens when Mega is in the area and 
begins to walk on two small rods.
Main Attack: Self-destruction on contact, just run past them since they 
come in groups and carry little zenny.

Mirumijee (Snake Bot)
Description: Small four part bot with movements of a snake.
Main Attack: Nothing more than a sprint attack, an easy target.

Guru (Crab Bot)
Description: Slow walking and heavily armored bot. Flatness and speed of 
a turtle or crab.
Main Attack: A quick unexpected skittle can knock Mega down in seconds. 
Fire a endless burst from your buster or try some of your special 
weapons to make it land on it's back.

Miroc (Tissue Bot)
Description: The smallest bot in the game. Rolls around on the ground 
and body looks like it is made of tissue.
Main Attack: A spiked head-butt, also they are very quite, but easy to 
take out.

Mimic (Trap Box)
Description: Looks exactly the same as a regular treasure box. 
Main Attack: Spouts out bombs when opened. Jump out of the way and fire 
for a zenny gold mine.

Jakko (Corpse Bot)
Description: Eerie small hovering bots that form from a "nest".
Main Attack: Endless swoops of death. Take out the nest and stay away 
from being underneath the Jakko's.

Sharukurusu (Jump Bot)
Description: My favorite bot in the game! Has huge arms to it's side and 
some come in stealth.
Main Attack: A surprise dash from behind. When they appear take the 
advantage when the stall to blast. Lots of endurance on this one.

Firushudot (Croc Bot)
Description: A rare bot that easily looks like a croc or gator.
Main Attack: In-land flopping and crawling plus a powerful shockwave. 
Hide and fire, most will leave if there is no danger.

Gorubeshu (Shadow Bot)
Description: Very Japanese looking bots with large shields.
Main Attack: A block and hide tactic works well with these guys. A 
stream of buster fire and special weapons, plus some dodging of the 
fireballs works good here.

Foo-Roo (Sun Bot)
Description: A golden hovering eye. Often comes in groups.
Main Attack: A sneak self-destruct attack. Try to lock-on and take them 
out, plus never turn your back on one.

Cannam (Spider Bot)
Description: A wall crawling spider like bot. Often comes in green.
Main Attack: Not too much attack wise, use your lock-on to take the high 
endurance out.

Karubun (Big Mouth Bot)
Description: A very rare and large bot, if not dumb looking. Think along 
the lines of a tank.
Main Attack: A powerful smash and dual bomb throws can cause a problem. 
Keep your distance and fire like there is no tomorrow.

HanmuruDoll (Spike Bot)
Description: Wooza! This sucka is big! Containing large block like legs 
and some very long arms to boot.
Main Attack: Lots of endurance is the least of your problems, an easy 
side step and you have it made because the arms often come down in a 
predictable place. Try to fire from behind and take use of it's slow 

Karumuna Bash (Cerebus Bot)
Description: Here doggy doggy... OUCH!! GET IT OFF ME!!! HEELLLPPPP!!!!
Main Attack: Some impressive long range flares and fast tackles make 
this a tough cookie. Keep on the move, carry lots of energy and unload 
as much weaponry as you possibly can. Good luck!

Gai-ne Tooren (Caterpillar Bot)
Description: The longest bot in the game, but also somewhat weak.
Main Attack: While it doesn't actually attack, it does produce reavers 
bots from it's backside like a factory. Wait till the backside opens and 

Garudoriten (Behemoth Bot)
Description: An odd looking but large and powerful toy bot. King Of The 
Main Attack: A sonic wave and a high kick that are energy suckers. Fire 
at the head and jump after a few shots.


Blumebear (Tri Bots)
Description: Large tank like bots that coem in red, blue and yellow.
Main Attack: High rapid fire guns, fast wheels and all around three is 
not a good number. Go for the red first off, then the yellow, then blue.

Drache (Jet Bot)
Description: Bulky looking jets.
Main Attack: A simple machine gun fire, lock-on and with a few hits they 
will start to chug some smoke.

Feldynaught (Octo Bot)
Description: Trons very cool mech! Large, red and fast!
Main Attack: Contains a falcon cannon, multi dash and bomb brigades. 
Keep your health up and don't be afraid to get close.

Maiberu Haagen (Ram Bots)
Description: Semi-powerful bots that look like they are used more for 
contruction then destruction.
Main Attack: A straight forward ram that can take out the near-by 
buildings. Unload as much onto them as you can and remember to take out 
the Flying Bots first.

Horunisse (Flying Bot)
Description: High flying carrier bots that come in red, blue and yellow.
Main Attack: It swoops down low to drop off ram bots and bombs. Try to 
take them down before they can get away.

Bon Bonne
Description: Large hovering baby like bot.
Main Attack: Missiles take part as well as a clapping motion and long 
tongue attack. Try to run underneath Bon when he fires the missiles, 
jump to the side when the tongue comes and star away when his hands come 
up for the clap.

Leopordo (Tank)
Description: Mini-tanks which serv bots navigate.
Main Attack: A machine gun or a bomb tosser, circle and fire until done 

Gun Battery (Turret)
Description: An annoying and weak gun turret.
Main Attack: An explosive gun, not to difficult, sneak up from behind 
and blast away.

Marlwolf (Drill Bot)
Description: Marlwolf is an amazingly tough worker bot and has two huge 
drills to boot.
Main Attack: A feather bomb attack, large green energy balls and even 
the actual bot can all throw Mega to the ground. Check out the Marlwolf 
section for full strategy.

Zuuf Geleido (Sub Bot)
Description: Small sub like bots that can damage your boat!
Main Attack: STA missiles and torpedo's can be a problem, concentrate on 
the actual missiles instead of the subs.

[43] )))))))))))))))) Extra Stuff (((((((((((((((((

  This is the part where I throw everything else in that is related to 
Legends. If you have something to add don't hold back! E-mail 
 me right away!

- The save icon for the memory card is a glowing Bonne symbol (A skull).
- In the Running Battle Mode on "Pocket Fighters" also for the PSX,     
these characters makie an appearance.
  + Legends Edition: Mega Man, Roll, Tron & A Servebot. Cool!
  + Regular Edition: Mega Man, Roll & Rush.
  + X Edition: Mega Man (X), Zero & Iris.
- Mega Man Legends first prototype name was "Mega Man Neo".... Maybe     
they could use that for the sequel?
- Mega Man Legends in Japan is titled "Rockman Dash".
- II Air [Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major, BWV.1068] will often begin   
to play during the game.

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and I am credited. Please do not drink and read this WalkThru at the 
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//////////////////////////// Thanx \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

- In order of latest help:

Capcom... I can't remember why though.

Sony, for making the best CD Console system to date.
And now for the important people, the players....

- For keeping this Walkthru at Gamefaqs 

- For keeping this Walkthru at the Playstation Haven    

Yuri Dieujuste                     
- For keeping this Walkthru at the Playstation Network   

Anthony Newman "Genji"              
- For being the FIRST to give the location of the Helmet.

Vic Jimenez                      
- For also giving the location of the Helmet and more shark codes.

Bio Ice                          
- For location of helmet and help on special sub quests amoung other     

- Big Ol' Thanx to Tommy Boyer         
- For numerous graphs,locations and character info.    

- Michael Klucher                       
- For more info on the Helmet.

- HngKong                               
- For a direct hint to the Helmet.

- Martin Pytluk                  
- For some excellent

- Robert Fellinger                       
- For some good tips.

- Jason Holmes                      
- For even MORE info on the Helmet.

- Tommy Williams                          
- For a detailed hint on the Helmet.

- Justin Strauss                        
- For pointing out that there was a Megaman Stategy guide from Prima 

- Thunder                            
- For the excellent Gameshark Codes!

- Joseph Plempel              
- For some more good info.

- Luke                                  
- For the helpful "steal the zenny" trick in the "hot Pursuit" sub-

- Alex Javelly                             
- For the color change trick and more info on timing of the game.

- Nick Goebel                          
- For the free pop trick.

- Mike                               
- For the improved boat & airship gameshark code.

- Nathan Prima Suwanto "The Blue Dragon" 
- For description of traps and location of Triple Access.

- TheFreak                            
- For a vital location description of the Old Shield.

- Michael Boyce                   
- For a confirmation on the location of the Old Shield.

- Sean Collishaw                      

- For some great info on the Cerebus bots.

                       Thanx Everyone!

Thank YOU for reading (and playing), I hope this walkthru helps in any 
way it can. Some (VERY few) items are still missing. If you would like 
to improve this walkthru in any way send suggestions, changes and 
comments to [email protected] 

Written By Anthony Hartley 

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