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Game Content age rating:7 and up
The greatest RPG for the PC
For the PC
A walkthrough for the demo version
Written by Chaz5000 AKA Chazdork
E-Mail [email protected]
  (Warning-Big spooky spoilers included in this FAQ.  If you don't want any 
of the "Suprise Plot elements" revealed, consult one of the many other good
Wandering Hamster guides out there, HOWEVER)
  A note to the reader:In order to protect the reader from spoilers, some of
the suprise plot elements will be obscured by asterisks.
FAQ Statistics:
  Time spent on FAQ:13 Hours
  Kilobyte Total:19.4
  Number of Sessions spent on FAQ:4
  Number of times I listened to "Barry Manilow LIVE" on 8 Track during FAQ
  Number of cans of SPAM eaten during creation:0
  Version number:1.10(Post Crow-eating)
  Number of hours of sleep during FAQ writing:0(DUH)
  Guide content age rating:All Ages
Legal Information:
This guide is copyright 2001 Chaz5000.  Wandering Hamster is copyright The
Hamster Republic.  SPAM is copyright Hormel.
  To easily browse the FAQ, use the windows "Find" function(Ctrl+F) and input
the code at the beginning of the section.  Be sure to check "Match Case" in 
the find box.
                  TABLE OF CONTENTS
  AA Section 1:What is "Wandering Hamster"
  AB Section 2:The Walkthrough
   B1 Chapter 1-The First Fall of Broaste
    Ba Part 1:Flanat Village
    Bb Part 2:"On root" to the castle
    Bc Part 3-Levelleng...Levelling...Raising levels!
    Bd Part 4:The Final Confrontation until the rest of 'em
   B2 Chapter 2-Lord in the Tower, I need ya' now...
    Be Part 5:Rescue the king111!!!11!!111!1!!
    Bf Part 6:It's just another new save point, It's just a bit of new save
    Bg Part 7:Climbing down the stairs and saving.
    Bh Part 8:Dusty's Trail! 
    Bi Part 9:Freeing Hasim
    Bj Part 10:Defeating Br**ste again 
    Bk Part 11:Epilogue of section 1
   B3 Chapter 3-Dusty go home, and crossing the mountains
    Bl Part 12-Napping on a dead cat, and other anecdotes
    Bm Part 13-Up the mountaintop
    Bn Part 14-Brief interlude
    Bo Part 15-Trolling about
   B4 Chapter 4-Thrice Slain, and goodbye James
    Bp Part 16-Bob the Hamster, Meet...Emperor Broa$te
    Bq Part 17-Bob and James lose their goofy costume
    Br Part 18-Goodnight Mr. Br**ste, where-ever you are...
    Bs Part 19-Adieu to James, and welcome...CATS!
    Bt Part 20-To Be Continued in the next update...
  AC Section 3:The Characters
   C1 Bob the Hamster
   C2 James
   C3 Dusty
   C4 Hasim
   C5 Skeppio and Rathmara
  AD Section 4:Parting Words from Chaz5000
  AA Section 1:What is "Wandering Hamster", and where can I get it?
  Wandering Hamster is an RPG(Created by The Hamster Republic).  It can be 
obtained at "http://www.HamsterRepublic.com"(The Hamster Republic Homepage). 
The plot of the game is quite fascinating-You are "Bob", a hamster(And a   
spiffy one at that!).  The evil Emperor Broaste is attempting to take over 
your kingdom, and only one person can stop him:Bob(And company).  The game
uses a real-time battle engine, and posseses many of the popular elements
of other modern RPGs.  There are multiple bosses, many party members to get,
and a bunch of weapons(Like a can of SPAM or a dead fish, or even a teddy 
bear).  All in all, this is my favorite RPG for the PC(Until I discovered 
Neophyte 3!  Read my Neophyte 3 guide today!!!), and maybe even my favorite
for all systems(Except for Neophyte 3!!!!).
  Being a work in progress, the game has to stop at some point.  To quote the
"This is a Work-in-Progress demo of Wandering Hamster. This version
is playable up to the point right after Skeppio and Rathmara recruit
  There are several "Secret Areas" and surprises in the game that I won't 
spoil for you.  I leave you SOME work(But nothing essential to win the game)
  And finally-Anie mispeelings ar intenshunal :)
AB Section 2:The Walkthrough
  A1 Chapter 1-The First Fall of Broaste
  Ba Part 1:Flanat Village
  When the opening sequence is over, head north into town.  Bob will say that
he needs to visit James in tht middle of town.  Walk to Lew, the big tan 
hamster right north of you and talk to him.
  Yowser-Ten bucks AND a dead fish!  Take note that this is NOT the dead fish
mentioned in the introduction of this guide-but it does have a use.  We'll 
get to that later, but for now, visit James in his house in the middle of 
town.  Once you catch up to him inside, strike up a conversation.  
  Oh no! Battle noises coming from the castle!  You should check this one 
out, but not before some preparation(And playing Neophyte 3).  Raid the two
treasure chests and leave the house.
  Head North-east to the Inn.  Head over to the walrus and talk shop.  Unlike
"Space Quest 6", you can ditch the dead fish early in the game.  Sell it to 
Mr. Walrus for 5 gold and a Life potion.  Leave the store.
  Head south to the house on the corner of the path and go upstairs.  Yay, 
more free stuff.  Open all the chests and head downstairs, then exit.
  Head west to the Weapon Shop, and buy Gloves and a Hammer.  Walk over to 
the Anvil to get 3 carrots, and exit.  Now get on the path to the Castle,
and prepare to begin Part 2!
  Bb Part 2:"On root" to the castle
   My Levels:Bob-2
  Follow the path, until it forks.  Head west and enter the church.  Talk to 
the Monk in the front room.  Leave, and head east at the fork.  Go up to the
castle, get a scolding by the guards, and head back to the church.  Talk to 
the Monk once more, and head back into town.
  Visit James' house, and talk to him.  After the brief conversation,
                                 JAMES JOINS THE PARTY.
  It's time to level-up!
  Bc Part 3-Levelleng...Levelling...Raising levels!
   My levels:Bob-3, James-3
  Leave town to the south.  Head west to the other house, and enter it.  Head
north into the building, and climb the stairs.  Enter the doorway to the 
east.  Now comes time to practice your fighting techniques.  On the last 
fight(#4), you will be facing many Plips.  Though the game says to use the 
Smart Rock, effective management of James and Bob will allow you to keep this
impressive item.
  March about outside a bit to level up, but I normally find that it isn't 
needed(Or as Micky Dolenz would say, 'ne3ded')
  Once you reach town, head to the castle, fight the short battle, and enter
the castle.  It is here where you will confront Lord Broaste and save the 
  Bd Part 4:The Final Confrontation until the rest of 'em
   My Levels:Bob-3, James-3
  Enter the castle, and head straight north through the two rooms, until 
you're in the throne room.  Walk forward to face your first real boss, Lord
   HP:Unknown(Should be in next update)
   Special Attacks:Lightning bolt, Soldiers attacks
   Strategies:Lord Broaste is your first boss, but still isn't very easy.  
He's got a line of 4 soldiers in front of him, and though they don't block 
attacks directed toward Broaste, they do deal a goodly amount of damage by 
themselves.  Be careful when attacking his soldiers however-once all four are
defeated, a new set will appear in a few moments.  Destroy all but one with 
normal attacks OR just use the SmartRock folowed by a couple of wimpy 
attacks, then pull out all the stops and crush Broaste with any Magic you
have.  Cure with carrots if needed.  You get the Tower Key when you lick 
him(Not literally).  
  A2 Chapter 2-Lord in the Tower, I need ya' now...
  Be Part 5:Rescue the king111!!!11!!111!1!!
   My Levels:Bob-3, James-3
  Hmm...Broaste is defeated, all should be happy.  What's missing?  Aha!  A 
king.  Broaste must have locked him up in the castle tower.  It'll be a 
simple matter to trek up to the tower, unlock the cell, and rescue the king,
right.  Oh, some guards are still loyal to Broaste.  Blast.  Well, let's 
head up the tower.  
  Go south a screen, and through the western door.  Open the chests and equip 
the items that you find.  
  Head southwest a screen, then through one of the two inner staircase on 
your left or right. Now head either left or right, and fight the guards on 
either the left or right exit(Doesn't matter).  Head toward the middle 
building on the roof, and save before entering it.  Now head up the staircase
in the middle of the room, grab the goodies on both sides of the stairs, and 
head in the middle room.
  Bf Part 6:It's just another new save point, It's just a bit of new save 
   My levels:Bob-5, James-5(With about 7 exp. to new level for each)
  Ooh, Rolf is standing here!  He sells carrots, and provides a good save 
point.  Buy some carrots, and save.  Now head up the eastern staircase, and 
open the two chests.  Be warned though, one of the chests is a MIMIC.
   HP:Approx. 150-200
   Special Attacks:Ability to hit all party members with fangs.
   Strategies:All right, so he isn't as tough as Broaste, and you can easily 
beat him while only using physical attacks.  I still think he deserves a 
mention here.  So there.
  Use physical attacks, and cure with carrots if needed. 
  Once he's defeated, you get a Mage Potion.  
  Bg Part 7:Climbing down the stairs and saving.
   My Levels:Bob-6, James-6
  Climb down the stairs and save.
  Bh Part 8:Dusty's Trail!
   My Levels:Bob-6, James-6
  Head up the west staircase, and up the next one also.  Walk up to Myrmidon
(The guard standing in the door of a jail cell), and prepare for another 
   HP:Approx. 200-250
   Special Attacks:Can do 3 hits of 15 damage each per turn, for a total of 
45 damage.
   Strategies:Have Bob concentrate on his weakness-Lightning.  4-5 
BoltStrikes will finish him off.  Have James either attack with BloodBubble
to heal himself, or Fizz to heal Bob.
  When Myrmidon is defeated, enter the cell and talk to the dog.  The 
World-Famous-Weiner-Dog-In-Trousers becomes a member of your club.
                        DUSTY JOINS THE PARTY
  Bi Part 9:Freeing Hasim
  My Levels:Bob-6, James-6, Dusty-6
  Head to the cell next door, and open the chest.  You get the Bone, Dusty's 
weapon.  Equip it, and the gloves you got back when you first entered this 
building.  Now climb the stairs to the east, then the ones to the west.  Step
forward to the cell, and free Hasim
                    HASIM JOINS THE PARTY
  Bj Part 10:Defeating Br**ste again
  My Levels:Bob-6, James-6, Dusty-6, Hasim-7?
  Hmm...somebody's back form the dead again.  Well, one thing to do-fight the
   Special Attacks:Strong Sword attack, Knight's Jump Attack
   Strategies:Bob attacks with Smite, James with Spam, Dusty with either 
Smite or Revenge, and Hasim with Opugn.  Heal when needed-Hasim needs it 
often.  Pretty easy actually, at least when your party is level 6 or 7.  
Lightning and Bubble magic are both ineffective.  Save James' MP for Fizz.
  Bk Part 11:Epilogue of Chapters 1 and 2
  My Levels:Bob-7, James-6, Dusty-6
  Peace is restored to the kingdom, and Hasim takes his rightful place as 
king.  To reward Bob and the gang, he opens up the dungeon so that Bob can 
choose ONE item as a prize.  Go south a screen, and through the western door.
Now head down the set of stairs in the middle of the room.
  This next part is one of the most critical parts of the game-all of the 
choices are good, but you only get one(Pfft-sort of like only being allowed 
to have ONE Oreo...).  Anyway, here are the choices, what they do, and my 
Iron Hammer-It may be a 'powerful' weapon, but you'll outgrow it quickly.  
Leprachaunish Staff of Oak-Money for each foe you beat...Hmm...Nice, but not
 needed-your pick.
Sword-No instant gratification, but probably useful later.  In my first 
 version, I implied that Skeppio or Rathmara could equip the ancient Sword.
 As I mention below, I replayed the endgame, and discovered that Chazdork
 was wrong-neither of the cats can equip it.  After feeling like a complete
 moron for a few minutes, I corrected this error.  My review is now:
 Anything that you can't use immediately MUST be powerful later.  You
 should pick this one up, really!
Magic Book-Bloodburble for Bob:My second pick, if you don't take the sword, 
 get THIS ONE!
  Head out the stairs to the east, then head west and out of the area.  You 
can't catch the cactus...Is that a cactus?  We'll see more of the Killer 
Cacti before the next section is over.  
  A3 Chapter 3-Dusty go home, and crossing the mountains
  Bl Part 12-Napping on a dead cat, and other anecdotes
  My Levels:Bob-7, James-7, Dusty-6
  After you leave town, head north, as Dusty suggests.  He leaves you as you 
enter his house.  
  Talk to him a couple times to get your stuff back, and take a nap on his 
stuffed cat.  If you want, you can even battle the stress cat!
   Special Attacks:None
   Strategies:As the name suggests, it is simply for relieving stress.  Fight
him with normal attacks 'til you're bored, then run.
  Leave the house and head west to the mountain range.
  Bm Part 13-Up the mountaintop
  My Levels:Bob-7, James-7
  Walk up the mountain until you catch up with the man pacing back and forth.
  Talk to him, and buy a LOT of Glimmers.  Not only are they powerful against
Zombies, but they also are dandy healing items in a pinch.  Now, before we 
start traversing the mountain, a small sidenote:
  There are a lot of goodies on this mountain.  I'll let you find them 
yourself-I'll simply provide a path off the mountain.  
  Head west across this first bridge, and north to the jar to get James' next
weapon-SmokeySpam.  Head south, then west twice across the next 2 bridge.  
Now move to the west side of this weird structure, and start climbing it.  
Grab the Glimmer and Carrot in the two eastern baskets, and continue 
climbing.  *GASP*  The Killer Cacti returns-wait-where'd it go?  Oh well, 
continue climbing up to the campfire.  
  Bn Part 14-Brief interlude
  My Levels:Bob-8, James-7
  Take a nap, save, and head west across the bridge.  When you finish 
crossing, you'll be ready for the next boss...er...bosses.
  Bo Part 15-Trolling about
  My Levels:Bob-8, James-7
   HP:40-80 each
   Special Attacks:Simply brute force-12 enemies each doing 10-30 damage!
   Strategies:Bubblewall and heal.  Bob can heal or Smite, but James is key 
here-without Bubblewall you're toast.  Once you beat 'em, you can pass.
  Head south a bit(But not across any bridges) and head across the west 
bridge, then the south one.  Head west, then prepare for the next set of 
   HP:40 Each
   Special Attacks:Punches
   Strategies:Bubblewall once should do it, but they still count as a boss.
  Head west across the bridge, then south.  Prepare yourself for the next 
   HP:Alpha 1-100;Alpha 2-400;Omega-900
   Special Attacks:Big punches, Painful punches, Multi-hit punches that take 
off 60 HP.
   Strategies-Fight with normal attacks during alpha 1 Phase, Some Level 1 
Bob attacks during Alpha 2, and pull out all the stops during the Omega 
phase.  You MUST keep James alive, so that he can do TriBubble.  Be sure to 
ALWAYS keep your HP over 70 during this phase.
  After beating Alpha, leave the mountain.
  A4 Chapter 4-Thrice Slain, and goodbye James
  Bp Part 16-Bob the Hamster, Meet...Emperor Broaste
  My Levels:Bob-9, James-8
  Enter the first building you see when you leave the mountain-Broaste's 
castle.  You can buy Life potions and the latest armor in the western 
building under the castle's archway, and the eastern one is an inn.  Sleep, 
buy a few life potions, and if you have the gold, buy the MimeSmack book.
  Now enter the middle building, and head straight north through the castle 
until you hit the throne room.  *GASP*Broaste is alive...well, sort of.  Run
from the battle as soon as it starts-he's currently invincible. Talk to 
Broaste's mom.
  Now head through the western door, checking out all the rooms you go past.
There's some gold in one, and a costume in another.  Get in the costume, and 
go back to the central path to Broaste's room.

  Bq Part 17-Bob and James lose their goofy costume
  My Levels:Bob-9, James-8
   Now head to the eastern door, and follow that path to a set of stairs, 
which lead to the basement.  Go down the stairs, leave the costume, and open
the treasure chest.  This should be able to beat Broaste.  Start walking 
back to the stairs, but before you reach them, you encounter a BOSS.
   HP:500ish Each
   Special Attacks-Multi-Hit punch that knocks off 30-40 HP, Enraged punch 
that knocks off 40-50 HP.
   Strategies:Boiling-multiple times.  Bob heals or BoltStrikes, James 
MegaBubbles or Fizzmores.  A very difficult boss, but not as tough as 
the one to come...
  Br Part 18-Goodnight Mr. Br**ste, where-ever you are...
  My Levels:Bob-10, James-9
  Head back up the stairs, rest at the inn, save, then come back to the 
throne room to slay the next BOSS.
   Special Attacks:THE HANDS. THE HANDS!  Flames, all sorts of nasty stuff.
   Weakness:MegaBubble, MimeSmack, Teddy Bear
   Strategies:In my first version, I was working from memory in order to
finish up the guide before bedtime Tuesday.  I went back and played through
the endgame again, and, to my shock horror, the hands could NOT be attacked!
After eating about half the crow population of North America, I rewrote this
section to be much more accurate.  The hands are heck, but you cannot 
hurt them.  So, have James MegaBubble Broaste, then Bob MimeSmacks,
James does a major attack, and Bob Mimesmacks.  When Bob runs out of
level 2 MP, have him attack like normal with the Teddy Bear-you'll get
higher damage that way than with BoltStrike.  Have James cure with Glimmers
when his MP runs out
  Bs Part 19-Adieu to James, and welcome...CATS!
  My Levels:Bob-11, James-10
  That's right.  While James works on changing the official language of his 
country to Esperanto, Sir Bob the Spiffy must continue his normal work.  His
first job is brought to him by a couple of cats named Skeppio and Rathmara.  
They require help for a mission in the Galopeg forest, and Bob is their only
help.  This ends the current demo, as of June 11, 2001.
  Bt Part 20-To Be Continued in the next update...
  My Levels:Bob-Some, Skeppio-Some, Rathmara-Some  
  AC Section 3:The Characters
   C1 Bob the Hamster:Main character of the game, and a self-professed 
Hamster Ninja.  
  He has many useful techniques, but all but the first two must be aquired in
Book form.  A solid choice for a lead character, and not only that, he's the
ONLY choice for a lead character.
   C2 James:The first supplementary character of the game, you get him near 
the beginning of the game.  A bubble-mage by trade, he later le*ves the party
to become k*ng of Br**ste's kingdom.  He gets a great range of magic attacks,
but is lacking in physical strength.  He attacks primarily with Spam 
cans(SPAM and Smokey SPAM).  I definitely missed him when he became k*ng.
   C3 Dusty:The World-Famous-Weiner-Dog-in-trousers is a good character, even
if you have to fight a boss to get him.  He is only around for a small amount
of the game however-just past after you beat Br**ste for the second time.  He
has the "Refresh" and "Revenge" attacks, both of which are quite handy.  His
only weapon is the Bone, found in a cell right next to him.  Dusty is 
definitely worth beating a boss for!
   C4 Hasim:With you for an entire ONE BATTLE.  He has a nasty "Opugn" 
attack, where he takes 20-30 damage, and does 70-80!  However, lack of 
techniques make him useful only against bosses...oh yeah.  Never mind.

   C5 Skeppio and Rathmara:In the next update

  The only thing that gave me the stamina to complete this FAQ was my Barry 
Manilow LIVE 8-track, which I listened to heavily during the creation of this
guide.  My most sincere thanks to Barry and Arista records for making the 
8-Track, and my local Thrift store for having it and a player in stock!

Thus concludes the first in a series of FAQs for games that few people
care about, the second being for Neophyte 3(Which was double-checked for
accuracy before posting so the PETA People doen't hunt me down for eating
half the crow population of the US).

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