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                     |                                    |
                     |          /|  ____/~~               |
                     |   I      /xxxxxx/x^/~              |
                     | L/^^\  |xxx()xxxxx\~    /\         |
                     | |    >_\vvvvvvvvxx|\   777         |
                     |  \=-/ ~ vvvvvvvxx//   77777        |
                     |  >  >         ////  77  7777       |
                     |             ////  77   777777      |
                     |           /////777    7  7 7 7     |
        A            |    TTTTTTTT/h        7  7  7  L    |         d
       A A           |       TT/// h       ee 7  7   L    | aa      d
      A   A  r rr    ccc     TT//  h hh   e  e       L    |   a   ddd
      AAAAA  rr  r  c|      /TT/// hh  h  eeee//     L    | aaa  d  d
      A   A  r      c|       TT//  h   h  e//  //    L    |a  a  d  d
      A   A  r       ccc     TT//  h   h //eee  /    LLLL | aaa   ddd
                     |         //     //      /           |
                       \ MONSTER GAME with CASINO GAME  /
                         \                 / /        /
                           \             / /        /
                             \                    /
                               \                /
                                 \            /
                                   \        /
                                     \    /
* Nice ASCII isn't it? *


SYSTEM: Sony PS-X Playstation (Japan)
GENRE: Strategy(RPG)
PRICE:4500 Yen
FEATURES:The game to get if you think you mastered Arc the Lad II 
MEMORY CARD: 2-6 Blocks

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A. General information.
B. Monster List.
C. Credits and Contacts.

A. General information.

 As you know this is the latest addon to Arc The Lad II. This game takes
saves from Arc II and takes it into a tangent. You control a character
which just wants to win the tournament. You are able to use your own
monsters to do this. There are 2 types of battle. The systematic battle
and the survival battle. In the systematic battle, you are able to choose
your opponent's team number, if you win you are now able to challenge the
next number, until all 15 teams are defeated. If you win against a team,
you receive the corresponding treasure and the monster, just ask Gogen for
this. In this game there is the 3 party and 5 party battles. The 5 party
battles are unleashed after you beat all the 3 party battles.
*In the 3 party battles, you can only use your captured monsters.
*In the 5 party battles, you are able to use any summon, monster or person.
*When you battle another party, the other party's level is always 5-200
 levels higher than yours. As a rule of thumb, try your highest level times
*After you beat the 5 party battles, you are now able to get the item at
 the Kyukyoku no Ma(‹†‹É‚ÌŠÔ) and able to get the Super Reviving Medicine.
 Which has a defense of 55 and adds 40 to attack. 

B. Monster List.

 This is the monster list and available upgrades. Anything with a * or 560
points required is the best of its class type or a monster I really
recommend. All monsters you capture are within a 'monster catagory' they
can upgrade or downgrade to any of those in the same catagory. The number
at the end is the S required to change to that character. Most of the time,
the higer the S required to class change, the better it becomes. If the
monster is in the same class and has the same S, the higher ID number is

Duo's ratings:
 *=good to have if possible
**=MUST GET!!!

Have to get list which I don't have:

  Name:              Name in Japanese:     S:    ID#:

  Ninja              ƒjƒ“ƒWƒƒ
  Assasin            ƒAƒTƒVƒ“
  Super Shinobi      ƒX[ƒp[ƒVƒmƒr
 *Ninja Master       ƒjƒ“ƒWƒƒƒ}ƒXƒ^[
  Thief              ƒV[ƒt
**Assasin Lord       ƒAƒTƒbƒVƒ“ƒ[ƒh            80

  Death Mage         ƒfƒXƒƒCƒW
  Death Wizard       ƒfƒXƒEƒBƒU[ƒh
  Shinigami          Ž€_
  Death Druid        ƒfƒXƒhƒ‹ƒCƒh
  Death Priest       ƒfƒXƒvƒŠ[ƒXƒg
**Lich               ƒŠƒbƒ`                     152

  Great Knight       ƒOƒŒ[ƒgƒiƒCƒg
 *Kishi no Bourei    ‹RŽm‚Ì–S—ì                  56
  Death Knight       ƒfƒXƒiƒCƒg
  Black Knight       ƒuƒ‰ƒbƒNƒiƒCƒg
  Dark Paladin       ƒ_[ƒNƒpƒ‰ƒfƒBƒ“
  Living Armor       ƒŠƒrƒ“ƒOƒA[ƒ}[
 *Berzerker          ƒo[ƒT[ƒJ[               206

  Ghost              ƒS[ƒXƒg
  Wraith             ƒŒƒCƒX
  Dark Wraith        ƒ_[ƒNƒŒƒCƒX
  Smog Beast         ƒXƒ‚ƒbƒOƒr[ƒXƒg
  Evil Eye           ƒC[ƒuƒ‹ƒAƒC
  Dark Stalker       ƒ_[ƒNƒXƒg[ƒJ[

  Fighter            ƒtƒ@ƒCƒ^[
  Skeleton           ƒXƒPƒ‹ƒgƒ“
  Red Skeleton       ƒŒƒbƒhƒXƒPƒ‹ƒgƒ“
  Hakaizou           ”j‰ú‘m
  Doll Master        ƒh[ƒ‹ƒ}ƒXƒ^[
  Goutou             ‹­“

  Necromancer        ƒlƒNƒƒ}ƒ“ƒT[
  Mage               ƒƒCƒW                 66
  Witch Craft        ƒEƒBƒbƒ`ƒNƒ‰ƒtƒg       72
  Wizard             ƒEƒBƒU[ƒh             60

  Rock               ƒƒbƒN
  Raven              ƒŒƒCƒuƒ“              130
  Nightmare          ƒiƒCƒgƒƒA             88
  Sphinx             ƒXƒtƒBƒ“ƒNƒX          192

  Killer Wolf        ƒLƒ‰[ƒEƒ‹ƒt          160
  Hell Hound         ƒwƒ‹ƒnƒEƒ“ƒh          130
  Kobold             ƒRƒ{ƒ‹ƒg               88
  Anupis             ƒAƒkƒsƒX               88
  Hippogriff         ƒsƒ|ƒOƒ‹ƒtƒH          130

  Skeleton Knight    ƒXƒPƒ‹ƒgƒ“ƒiƒCƒg      140
  Black Skull        ƒuƒ‰ƒbƒNƒXƒJƒ‹        104
  Skeleton Lord      ƒXƒPƒ‹ƒgƒ“ƒ[ƒh      192
  Lizard Man         ƒŠ[ƒhƒ}ƒ“             66
  Knight Master      ƒiƒCƒgƒ}ƒXƒ^[         96
  Barbarian          ƒo[ƒoƒŠƒAƒ“           96
  Dwarf              ƒhƒ[ƒt              130

  Fire Golem         ƒtƒ@ƒCƒAƒS[ƒŒƒ€       66
  Stun Golem         ƒXƒ^ƒ“ƒS[ƒŒƒ€         66
  Iron Golem         ƒAƒCƒAƒ“ƒS[ƒŒƒ€      120
  Tsuchi no Majin    “y‚Ì–‚l               66
  Koori no Majin     •X‚Ì–‚l               96
  Kaze no Majin      •—‚Ì–‚l               66

  Dark Mage          ƒ_[ƒNƒƒCƒW          192
  Arch Mage          ƒA[ƒNƒiƒCƒW          192
  Warlock            ƒEƒH[ƒƒbƒN          252
**Bishop             ƒrƒVƒ‡ƒbƒv            560  134

  Specter            ƒXƒyƒNƒ^[            130
  Red Phantom        ƒŒƒbƒhƒtƒ@ƒ“ƒgƒ€      192
  Blue Phantom       ƒuƒ‹[ƒtƒ@ƒ“ƒgƒ€      192
  Grimlock           ƒOƒŠƒ€ƒƒbƒN          130
  Ectoplasm          ƒGƒNƒgƒvƒ‰ƒYƒ€        168
 *Black Wraith       ƒuƒ‰ƒbƒNƒŒƒCƒX        560

  Gargoyle           ƒK[ƒSƒCƒ‹             88
  Spelunker          ƒXƒyƒ‰ƒ“ƒJ[           96
  Master Gargoyle    ƒ}ƒXƒ^[ƒK[ƒSƒCƒ‹    130
  Master Demon       ƒ}ƒXƒ^[ƒf[ƒ‚ƒ“      140
  Great Demon        ƒOƒŒ[ƒgƒf[ƒ‚ƒ“      192
 *King Demon         ƒLƒ“ƒOƒf[ƒ‚ƒ“        560

  Acid Slime         ƒAƒVƒbƒhƒXƒ‰ƒCƒ€       88
  Elemental Master   ƒCƒŒƒƒ“ƒ^ƒ‹ƒ}ƒXƒ^[   96
  Death Flame        ƒfƒXƒtƒŒƒCƒ€          130
  Dark Slime         ƒ_[ƒNƒXƒ‰ƒCƒ€        130

  Phantasm           ƒtƒ@ƒ“ƒ^ƒYƒ€           60
  Poison Smog        ƒ|ƒCƒYƒ“ƒXƒ‚ƒbƒO       66
  Paralyze Smog      ƒpƒ‰ƒ‰ƒCƒYƒXƒ‚ƒbƒO     96
  Gas Cloud          ƒKƒXƒNƒ‰ƒEƒh          130
  Acid Smog          ƒAƒVƒbƒhƒXƒ‚ƒbƒO      168
  Mage Smog          ƒƒCƒWƒXƒ‚ƒbƒO        252  122

  Manticore          ƒ}ƒ“ƒeƒBƒRƒA           60
  Fire Bird          ƒtƒ@ƒCƒAƒo[ƒh         88
  Thunder Bird       ƒTƒ“ƒ_[ƒo[ƒh        120
  Cockatrice         ƒRƒJƒgƒŠƒX            192
 *Phenoix            ƒtƒFƒjƒbƒNƒX          560

  Lesser Demon       ƒŒƒbƒT[ƒf[ƒ‚ƒ“       60
  Mad Battler        ƒ}ƒbƒhƒoƒgƒ‰[        130
  Mad Stalker        ƒ}ƒbƒhƒXƒg[ƒJ[       60
  Night Stalker      ƒiƒCƒgƒXƒg[ƒJ[       88
  Demon Lord         ƒf[ƒ‚ƒ“ƒ[ƒh        192
**Satan              ƒTƒ^ƒ“                560  128

  SA-100             ‚r‚`|‚P‚O‚O           88
  SA-200             ‚r‚`|‚Q‚O‚O           88
  PA-100             ‚o‚`|‚P‚O‚O          200
  PA-200             ‚o‚`|‚Q‚O‚O          200
  CAA-5              ‚b‚`‚`|‚T            480
  CAM-6              ‚b‚`‚l|‚U            480

  Killer Dog         ƒLƒ‰[ƒhƒbƒO           88
  Death Hound        ƒfƒXƒnƒEƒ“ƒh           96
  Werewolf           ƒEƒFƒAƒEƒ‹ƒt          120
  Were Tiger         ƒEƒFƒAƒ^ƒCƒK[        120
  Were Jackal        ƒEƒFƒAƒWƒƒƒNƒ‹        168
  Wolf Undead        ƒEƒ‹ƒtƒAƒ“ƒfƒbƒh      192  164

  Orc                ƒI[ƒN                 60
  Hobgoblin          ƒzƒuƒSƒuƒŠƒ“           60
  Minotaur           ƒ~ƒmƒ^ƒEƒƒX           88
  Shutendouji        ƒVƒ…ƒeƒ“ƒhƒEƒW         96
  Ogre               ƒI[ƒK                140
  Ogre Lord          ƒI[ƒKƒ[ƒh          168

  Mummy              ƒ}ƒ~ƒB                 66
  Giant Mummy        ƒWƒƒƒCƒAƒ“ƒgƒ}ƒ~ƒB     96
  Master Mummy       ƒ}ƒXƒ^ƒ}ƒ~ƒB          130
  Greater Mummy      ƒOƒŒ[ƒ^[ƒ}ƒ~ƒB      130
  King Mummy         ƒLƒ“ƒOƒ}ƒ~ƒB          192
 *Mummy of Mummy     ƒ}ƒ~ƒBƒIƒuƒ}ƒ~ƒB      560  182

  Yasei Hemogee      –쐶ƒwƒ‚ƒW[          112
  Youshoku Hemogee   —{Aƒwƒ‚ƒW[           80
  Dark Hemogee       ƒ_[ƒNƒwƒ‚ƒW[        130
  Special Hemogee    ƒXƒyƒVƒƒƒ‹ƒwƒ‚ƒW[    160
  Master Hemogee     ƒ}ƒXƒ^[ƒwƒ‚ƒW[      210
 *King Hemogee       ƒLƒ“ƒOƒwƒ‚ƒW[        240  148

  Ayashi Hi          ‚ ‚₵‰Î              192
  Willo Wisp         ƒEƒCƒ‹ƒI[ƒEƒBƒXƒv    192
**Golden Slime       ƒS[ƒ‹ƒfƒ“ƒXƒ‰ƒCƒ€    560
  Slime Bomber       ƒXƒ‰ƒCƒ€ƒ{ƒ“ƒo[      216

  Seed Lake          ƒV[ƒhƒŒƒCƒN           88
  Medusa Lizard      ƒƒfƒ…ƒTƒŠƒU[ƒh       96
  King Lizard        ƒLƒ“ƒOƒŠƒU[ƒh        130
  Death Lizard       ƒfƒXƒŠƒU[ƒh          168
  Basillisk          ƒoƒWƒŠƒXƒN            224
  Giant Lizard       ƒWƒƒƒCƒAƒ“ƒgƒŠƒU[ƒh  224
  Mighty Fly         ƒ}ƒCƒeƒBƒtƒ‰ƒC         66
  Dragon Fly         ƒhƒ‰ƒSƒ“ƒtƒ‰ƒC         96
  Stone Fly          ƒXƒg[ƒ“ƒtƒ‰ƒC        130
  Ice Fly            ƒAƒCƒXƒtƒ‰ƒC          130
  Undead Fly         ƒAƒ“ƒfƒbƒhƒtƒ‰ƒC      192
  Paralize Fly       ƒpƒ‰ƒ‰ƒCƒYƒtƒ‰ƒC      192

  Flesh Golem        ƒtƒŒƒbƒVƒ…ƒS[ƒŒƒ€    156
  Frost Gigant       ƒtƒƒXƒgƒMƒKƒ“ƒg      224
  Earth Gigant       ƒA[ƒXƒMƒKƒ“ƒg        224
  Seinaru Majin      ¹‚È‚é–‚l            130
  Shi no Majin       Ž€‚Ì–‚l              192
 *Ifrit              ƒC[ƒtƒŠ[ƒg          560
C. Credits and Contacts.

Mark Kim for the opening statement.(it was nicely done so i just added it)
Iwata Shoji for the system/title/etc. thing.

This FAQ/Walkthrough was created by Duo Maxwell. Updates are at,
Any additions/questions? E-mail me at [email protected], ICQ me at 13329280,
AIM me at LoneVVolfX or DethScythH, Yahoo page me at F_91 or with IRC my
nick is Duo_Maxwell (DALnet) at the chan #GundamW and #SuperRobotWars.   

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