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Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits FAQ / Walkthrough - Version .06
Written by John Mitchell - [email protected]
Last Updated: June 25, 2003

Visit my personal website - http://www.arediza.com

Copyright 2003 John Mitchell

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

Caution! This guide does contain spoilers. I will try to minimize them, though.
Also, this guide is written with the assumpition that you have not played the
previous games.

This is my guide for Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Sprits. I am writting this
guide as I play, so I will add new information as I have it. Please, do not
e-mail me with questions, suggestions, or submissions until I have reached the
full version. Also, this guide should not be found on any sites other than
GameFAQs.com. When I reach the final version, I may distribute this guide, but
not until then (and never to sites like cheatcc.com). So please don't ask. One
final note, although I have played the previous games, it was a while back, and
I don't remember them too well (and I might get them confused with the anime).
If you have a question about previous games, or the conection to this one,
please check one of the message boards.

For your convenience, I have included a search function. just hit Ctrl-F (or
whatever your search command is), and search for the tag for each section.

------Section 1: Contents (al_cont)--------------------------------------------

Section 1 - Contents (al_cont)
Section 2 - Walkthrough (al_walk)
Section 3 - Credits (al_cred)

------Section 2: Walkthrough (al_walk)-----------------------------------------

------Kharg: First Battle------

When the game begins, you will find yourself in Yewbell, Kharg's hometown.


After a conversation, Lloyd will go off and talk to Banjo. You can follow them,
or enter Kharg's house (the closest one). If you do enter Kharg's house, you
will hear a voice. Enter Kharg's mother's room, to find a gem. Exmaine it to
see some of the backstory. When you are done, leave and find Banjo. Speak to
him, and he will tell you about a strange man on Scrappe Plateau. Kharg will
offer to investigate, and Paulette will join you. Explore the town, and leave
when you are finished. On the world map, you will only have one destination.
Select Scrappe Plateau, and you will be off.

----Scrappe Plateau----

When you arrive, you will see an old man being attacked by Suskle Squirrels.
Kharg will charge in to the rescue, and your first fight will begin. It's an
easy fight, and a good way to become familiar with the battle system. Play
around, try out what Paulette suggests, and press buttons to see what they do.
If you do get hurt, both players start with a heal herb, and Paulette has a
healing skill. Pick up any dropped items before the end of the battle, or you
lose them. Paulette is good for this, because she has a lower attack, and can
attack from some distance. After the fight, the old man will introduce himself.
Nothing else can be done here for now, so leave, and return to town.


You must report back to Lloyd, so head to Kharg's house to find him. After the
report, you will learn that some miners have not returned. Head to the refinery
(below the town entrance), and speak to Banjo. After a conversation with him,
head back to the town square, where you will see Morth return from the mines,
wounded. After he is bandaged up, Lloyd will assemble the Defense Force in the
town square. Kharg's mother will ask you not to go, but go to the square
anyway. Lloyd will refuse to bring you, and a guard will prevent you from
leaving the town. Return to Kharg's, for a lecture. After speaking with Kharg's
mother, enter her room, and talk to Morth. Leave Khargs house, and you will
hear a knocking from the other side of the castle gates. Zev wants in, and you
want out, so talk to Defense Force clerk at the bar, to get the key. Unlock the
door, and enter the castle ruins. There is only one path, so find your way out.
Once on the world map, go to the Chaos Forest.

----Chaos Forest----

Here, you will meet Maru, King of the Chaos Forest. Maru will join you to fight
a group of monsters. This fight is still pretty easy. Focus your attacks on the
Wild Slothian, and it should fall quickly. With him gone, the others should be
easy. You can even attack the stump if you want. After the fight, Maru will
join you for a while longer. Leave, and continue on.

----The Edge of a Sea of Trees----

This is just a random battle. Keep in mind, that Maru's attack can hit several
enemies, if they are in a line. Also, try to conserve your Spirit Stones during
this fight. When you are victorious, head to the next site.

----Plumb Canyon----

When you arrive, Kharg will jump in to save Paulette. This time, you will be
fighting Deimos. This fight is harder, but if you play it smart, shouldn't be
too much trouble. Use Maru's special to poison the enemies, and use Kharg's to
do some good damage. Don't worry about burning up to many spirit stones here,
use them if you feel like it. Use Paulette for healing, and don't let your
helth slip too much. The Deimos have strong magic attacks, and can do decent
damage to several people, if they are close. Stick it out, and focus your
attacks on one target at a time, and you should win. After the fight, you will
kind of be scolded again, and Lloyd and Paulette will leave. Maru will leave
your party, but speak to him to get him to rejoin. When you are done, head back
to Yewbell. The rest of this chapter is just cut-scenes, so sit back, and save
when prompted.

------Darc: Awakening------

When Darc's chapter starts, you will be asked to get some Phoenix Blood. Leave,
and head to Orcoth. Along the way, you will have to fight.

----Sabnak Forest----

This is a random battle spot, but this first fight will let you get used to
fighting as Darc. Darc's magic is strong, but you may not want to use 10 spirit
stones. Darc can also heal himself, if he needs it. After the fight, continue


When you enter, you will be "greeted" by Delma. There isn't much you can do now
though, so just explore, and head to the arena when you are done. When you get
there, Densimo and Gorma will be arguing. After Gorma leaves, you may leave
also. When you go back to the city, the Quorup will have arrived. Go to the
previously empty shop, and buy the Phoenix Blood from the Quorup. Try to leave,
and you will be stopped by Zoram and Zugalo. Darc will have to beat them in
order to leave.

The fight can be tough. Try not to get caught between them. Head over to one's
side, and hit him with magic. Two wind attacks should beat each. If you stay
far enough away, you won't be attacked by bot at once. Once you beat both,
return to Geedo's.

----Geedo's House----

Return the Phoenix Blood, and she will ask you to find a Firble. Gorma seemed
to know a lot about them, so return to Orcoth and ask him about Firbles. He
will recommend some place with fresh water, and three new spots will open up on
the map. What you want is at Haystir Marsh.

----Haystir Marsh----

When you arrive, you will spot the Firble. Sneak up on it, and catch it.
Afterward, Darc will hide it from Zoram and Zugalo. When they leave, Darc will
take it to the Church Ruins.

----Church Ruins----

After setting the Firble up with a new home, Delma will surprise Darc. After
their conversation, the two will be attacked by some Drakyr. Fight them like
normal, focusing on one at a time. Delma's fire magic works better than Darc's
wind in this case. Dispatch the invaders, and Darc will have to rush home.

----Geedo's House----

The next morning, Geedo will be gone. Delma will stop buy to check up on Darc,
and Darc will suggest checking up on the Firble. Return to the Church Ruins.

----Church Ruins----

While checking on the Firble, a band of mercanaries will show up looking for
treasure. Fight the humans the same way you fought the Deimos. When they have
been killed, head to Orcoth to seek Densimo's help.


Talk with Densimo, and will we agree to help Darc fight the Drakyr, if he helps
drive the humans away. Densimo will inform you of Humans at the Zedora Abyss,
so head there.

----Zedora Abyss----

Densimo charges in to fight the humans, and Darc is dragged in behind him. The
humans don't have a lot of health, but they do work well together, and do
decent damage. Have Densimo increase the defense of the team, then attack for
the rest of the battle. Have Darc heal when nessicary, and attack when not.
After the fight, return to Orcoth.


As soon as you arrive, the team will decide to find Geedo. Before you leave
though, heal, buy spirit stones, stock up on Good Herbs, and save. When you are
set, go to The Varam Barrens.

----The Varam Barrens----

After some dialogue with the Drakyr, your team will have to fight again. This
is a completly typical fight, so save your herbs and spirit stones (at least
Darc's), unless you need them. After the fight, sit back for a second, and
watch the events unfold. When you wake up, head back to Orcoth to save (and
re-supply if you haven't). After that, head back to the Church Ruins.

----Church Ruins----

When you arrive, you will be greeted by the Drakyr, Geedo, and Densimo. Before
the fight, check out your new skills, make sure you are healed, refill your
spirit stones, and set a few Good Herbs on Darc; this fight can be pretty hard.
For this fight, stay back and let the enemy come to you, and try not to fight
more than one at a time. You will probably be faced by Densimo first, which is
good. Hit him as hard and fast as you can. Take him out first, and use all your
best attacks on him. After he is gone, you will probably face the two Drakyr.
They can deal out the damage, but can't take it. A few attacks should put them
down, leaving only Geedo. She can do the most damage, but has virtually no
defense. A few hit will take care of her too. Though out the whole fight, use
herbs to heal, and use your spirit stones for attacking. If you lose, try again
(had you save in Orcoth for a reason). Otherwise, enjoy the little scene, and
save when prompted.

------Section 3: Credits (al_cred)---------------------------------------------

Really more of a thank you section. But I would like to thank the following

* CJayC
I don't always like him, but there is no dought that he runs the best site
on the net for gaming info and help. And, to be fair, I know that he has
to put up with a lot, and he only does what he has to for the good of his

* You
For reading my guide. I know, a lot of people put this in. But, it's true.
Without readers, our guides are just a bunch of meaningless text.

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