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###### ######  ##       ## #    #     ##       ## ######  ##   #
#    # #    #  # #    #  #  #  #      # #     # # #       # #  #
###### ######  #  #   #  #   ##       #  #   #  # ###     #  # #
#    # #    #  #   # #   #   ##       #   # #   # #       #   ##
#    # #     # #    #    #   ##       #    #    # ######  #    #

###### ###### #####  ##### ###### ######     #   # ##### #####  ##### #
#      #    # #   #  #     #      #          #   # #     #   #  #   #   #
###### ###### #####  #  ## ###    ######     ##### ###   #####  #   #
     # #    # #   #  #   # #           #     #   # #     #   #  #   #
###### #    # #    # ##### ###### ######     #   # ##### #    # #####

                                     #    #
                                    #    #

"Real Combat,                           "I love those little plastic army
men!" Me
Plastic men"
Army Men slogan

This FAQ/Walkthrough was proudly made in the USA

For Playstation, Playstation 2, and Nintendo-64
Army Men Sarges Hero's 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

For both the N-64, Playstation 2, and Playstation versions(But more on the
Nintendo Side)
Walkthrough and FAQ.
By Eric Burkemper
[email protected] (e-mail and MSN messanger address, talk to me all
you want)
Version 2.4
Last update 12/12/00


Hi I'm Eric Burkemper also known as General Eric, I will be writing
this guide and FAQ on Army Men Sarges Hero's 2, not a great game but
this will help you if your struggling through the game. The FAQ/Walkthrough
should be enough for the Playstation version of the game(I rented it for my
N-64 because of the Non-multitap multiplayer  of the N-64)
GameFAQ's always has the latest version of this guide, so if a website has
this that hasn't been updated in a month, then go to www.GameFAQ's.com
because it
always has it new.

Note- All Walkthroughs, FAQ, Enemy info etc. is done on the normal
difficulty setting.

E-mail me if you got any info or stuff this FAQ might need at
[email protected]

Note- I know that the pictures suck but at least there a start.
Note- I use "should" and "will" as the same thing unless other-wise noted.


Copyright info


2. Do not alter this if you put it on my site without my permission.

3. You can e-mail me all you want concerning this FAQ or me

4. This is copyrighted by Eric Burkemper [email protected]

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Stuff you can e-mail me:
1. Level info
2. Maps of levels
3. Multiplayer info
4. Playstation controls and differences between N-64 version.
5. Any mistakes this has.
6. Other stuff this FAQ might need.


Update info:
Version 2.4
I updated the FAQ with more gun info, and spell checked it and put this up
for the Playstation 2 game

Version 2.3
Only 17 days until Chrismas! I have just added a new, better, flashery,
intro name, this is cool!

Version 2.2
Added stuff here and there and added some more tips fo levels, I hope
readers will send me in there times.

Version 2.1
I removed some of the e-mail me this stuff for the stuff I have, added all
level cheat codes,
and added borders to it.

Version 2.0
I going to e-mail this to GameFAQ's and other sites today, I couldn't e-mail
it all the othere times since I
was busy, I put up my MSN address which is the same as my e-mail address,
I'm now putting a
complete enemy guide.

Version 1.9
I JUST PUT UP some tips for the later levels until I'm done doing
Walkthroughs for them,
expect the walkthroughs soon.

Version 1.8
I'm putting more time on my other FAQ's so that's why all the new update is
a new game, The World is not enough to the comparing charts, once I get more
I will continue up-dating it, all I got is one e-mail concernig the
Walkthrough itself.

Version 1.7
Put in the finishing toches to my Revenge map, man, this guide must have the
best and most accurate un-offical Revenge walkthrough in the world.

Version 1.6
Made some changes here and there.Finally completed the Revenge map.

Version 1.5
10:00 AM pacific time
Added some info to the chart.
5:00 PM pacific time
Added Bed walkthrough and the beginning of the Town

Version 1.4
WinZipped the Word Pad one and transformed this into Note-pad,
also did the Goldeneye, Perfect Dark,
and Army Men Sarges Hero's 2 comparing chart.

Version 1.3
Space Bug sent it to me in Word pad format so I'm now doing it in Wordpad,
not Microsoft Word,
the only bad thing about this is that it doesn't have a spell checker.

Version 1.2
Spell checked it, did little stuff here and there.

Version 1.1
Added Revenge walkthrough, maps and desk walkthrough.

Version 1.0
Made it.

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Table of contents:

½ The story,charts, controls etc.
1. Enemy and friendly people info
2. Weapons
4. FAQ
5. Multiplayer
6. Cheat Codes and Other stuff.
7. End notes


½ The story
Ever since they were made, the Tan and Green army have been fighting,
the Green for peace, the Tans for World Conquering, since they have
fought each side had tricks up their sleeves, the greens have a great
helicopter force, and the Tans have a big army and always have
something stored for attack and also treachery, there  leaders, General
Plastro for Tan, and Colonel Grimm for Green have been always targeted
for attacks, they fought the war in the real world, ever since portals
were made, but to the side-affect of being in the real world has been
discovered, if your in the real world too long you will start to turn
into a real world army guy that will become lifeless, but a blue spy
called Brigitte Bleu and a gray scientist named DR. Madd have invented
a serum that makes them come to life again, but there only giving it to
the Tan army, so Coronal Grimm has let Sarge and his troops wage a war
against the Tans.

General Info
>From Nintendo Power #137 and ELECTRONIC Gaming Monthly #135
Publisher: 3DO
Developer: 3DO
1-4 players
Supports Rumble Pack and Controler pack
64 Megabits
17 1 player levels
6 Multiplayer level
Expansion Pack enhancements

My review on the game (from GameFAQ's)
Hi I'm General Eric, I like to say that I rented it a couple of days ago and
this game is worth a rental at least,
the game looks like it should have been delayed a month so it would be made
much better.I was pretty disappointed. Here's my review in sections for
easier findings.

Gameplay 5/10
I will be honest, I was disappointed when I went thru the first level, the
game goes way too fast( WHAT I mean is that it gets confusing after a bit)
and the enemy's are more annoying then hard,
it takes a whole bunch of shots to kill with your standard basic rifle that
you always have and there's tons of slowdown when there's 5 guys on the
screen at once, even with a expansion pack,
also I liked the first Sarges Hero's boot camp better because it appeals to
me more. Over all if you are a Sarges hero's lover you'll like it but if
your a normal gamer you'll find it terrible.
I didn't like the first because it was too hard and I hate the second
because of it not appealing to me very well and plus there's no new weapons
except for dynamite
which I hate and the explosions look way too fake for this kind of game.
Plus the hundreds of medicpacks almost around every turn make the game even
and aiming is the main part here because the gun's auto aim misses about
1/2. Overall its easy to beat until the enemys use explosives, flamethrower
or they lay on there bellies.
You can play as Vikki on a few levels and be silver when you get a shield
like the cheats in the first Sarges Hero's

Controls 7/10
The game controls may be weird for Goldeneye and Perfect Dark players
because A button shoots Z trigger strafes, strafing is bad because it feels
weird and its better to just stand your ground.
Sarge can jump now because I don't think you can jump in the first one sence
I played it 2 years ago.
Other then that the controls are O.K.

Sound and music 7/10
Sound is a problem because the chracters don't speak at all and the music is
barely noticable because your too busy running around
from the gunfire and explosions. I just liked the music and some of the
sound FX, that's it.

Satisfaction 5/10 I felt that the 1st was better when I entered boot camp
and this game would be a little below average of I can say the least,
over all I say that this game is good if you play right thru and ignore the
slowdown and details.

Graphics 5/10 If I didn't say everything in gameplay the graphics are O.K if
I can say the least,
if you put it on high resoltion with a expansion pack you will find slowdown
with 4 enemy's all firing at once,
the graphics look like the originals but slightly better,
I liked it when you blow up a tank or robot because I liked the tank cannon
fly up in the air and the robot's parts flying after you grenade it.
I liked looking around at the gag products and other stuff with funny
writing on it like a milk carton with Plastos face on the back of it.

Multiplayer 7/10
Multiplayer is like the first but with new locations and new people, has
some better graphics but still nothing really much to shout about.

Buy or rent
Rent, you'll find out yourself when you play this game, buy if its 25.00
bucks or less at Funco land or Target.

Final word.
The game itself is slightly better then the original, hard- core gamers that
are into Army men will like the game,
the rest will only like it a little if your not really into Army men, even
though that it sucks a little you should still give it ago, it might appeal
to you.


I have played Goldeneye(GE), Perfect Dark(PD),
and This(AMSH2) and I have made a chart to compare them.
This may be out of order.This also has some worthless information for your
own pleasure.
(Note: Contains some spoilers of the enemies in GE and PD)
27 up to date (10/22/00)
New addition! Damage Incoperated on computer(DI)
New addition! (10/30/00) The World Is Not Enough TWINE added!
I now spaced all of the stuff out for easier reading.

                   | AMSH2           | GE             | PD            |DI
          | TWINE        |

Enemy Smartness(AI)| Average,a little|a little stupid |  Smart        |
Average     |  Average     |

-------------------+ Stupid

Area kills(Headshot|No               | Yes            |Yes            |No
          | Yes          |
kills in one shot) |                 |                |               |
          |              |

Availible weapons  | A few           |      Lots      |    Lots       |
About 15     | Lots         |

How many times they| 3 times         | 2 times        |     3 times   |
Once       | Once         |
can duck.          |                 |                |               |
          |              |

Multiplayer?       | Yes             |       Yes      |  Yes
|Internet       | Yes          |

How many characters| Around 10       |   Around 64    |Around 54 but  |
Around 15     | Around 25    |
in Multiplayer?    |                 |                |can change heads|
          |              |

#Multiplayer levels| 6               | Around 14      | Around 16
|Around 6       | Around 16    |

Sims in MP?        | No              | No             | Yes           |Yes
          | Yes          |

Save files?        |No               | Yes, 4         | Yes 4         |Yes
          | Nope         |

Level design.      |Not very much too| Giant levels w/|Same as GE only|Great
          |  Great       |
                   |look at.         | good design.   | better        |
          |              |

Developer          | 3DO             | RARE           | RARE          |?
          | EuroCom/EA   |

Cheats?            | Yes, passcodes  |yes, time cheats|yes,time cheats|Yes,
keyboard  |Yes,          |
                   | so far.         |and push button | so far        |
          |time cheats   |

Nintendo Power Rate|  7.1            |      9.0       |  9.6          |N/A
          |   ?          |

Cost(now  10/21/00)|   $40.00        |      $30.00    |  $60.00
|10.00$         | S50.00       |

Difficulty         | Mostly Easy     |      Hard      |  Hard         |
Average       |Hard/confusing|

Your enemys       | Gen. Plastro and|Alec Trevelan   | Skedar and
|Miltia's all   |Renard and his|
                   | the Tan army    |and the Russians| dataDyne      |over
the world |guys          |

You are a...       |Green army guy   |British Secret  |Future Spy     |Elite
Marine   |See Goldeneye |
                   |                 | Agent/AKA Spy  |               |
          |              |

Your Commander     | Colonel Grimm   |  Q and M     |Daniel
Carrignton|"Madia"        | See Goldeneye|

Your name          | Sargent Hawk    | James Bond     | Joanna Dark   | ?
          | James Bond   |

Gender             | Male            | Male           | Female        |Male
          | Male         |

Girlfriend/boyfriend|Maybe Vikki     | Lots of women  | Unknown       | ?
          |See Goldeneye |

Trademark weapon   |M-16 like weapon |PP7,PPK,now P99 | Falcon 2      |M-16
          | P2K          |
                   |                 | or something   |               |
          |              |
                   |                 |  like that.    |               |
          |              |

Sidekick           | Vikki           | Natylan        | Elvis         |Your
Troops    |Chrismas Jones|

Famous for...      | the army men    |His movies,DUH! |Being one of   | Not
famous    |See GE        |
                   |  franchise      |                |RAREs creations|
          |              |

Systems            | PS,PS2?PC?N-64  | N-64           |  N-64         |
Computer      |PS2,PS,N-64,GB|

Kind of levels?    | Mostly          |Some Stealth    |Mixture        |
Combat        |Mixture       |
                   |all-out-combat   |More Combat     |               |
          |              |

ERSB rating        | T               |  T             |  M            | N/A
          | T            |

A- Fire
Z- Strafe
Control stick- Move
Top C- Turn to face in back of you
< C- Change weapons
Bottom C- Duck
>C- Same as Bottom C
R- Aimming mode
L- Map shown

Need info on Playstation controls

Differences between PSX, PS2, and N-64

Need info

Strategy Guides for this game (internet and books)

Nintendo Power # 137 (N-64 only)
Rating 6/10 This has basic info on the first 10 levels, it's good and shows
color pictures of the levels, I used this as basic info when I played the
game the first time

Prima's Offical Strategy Guide (both PSX and N-64)
Rating 7/10 This has great info on the weapons from both versions and the
differences, but the only
flaw is all of the pictures and maps are black and white

1.Enemy info and others info

Tan Army people and weapons:

Plastro- The Tan army's leader, a ruthless dictator ruling a strong

Tan Army troops, each troop takes around 3 bullets to kill.

Rifle carrier- the most common enemy, carries a basic rifle like yours
and fires a shot every 1-2 seconds.
Diffuculty 2/10 These guys suck big time, the only time there good is when
there in a group with a bunch of other tannies, but nothing much too fear.
Damage 5-10 out of a hundred

Shotgun carrier- Same as Rifle carrier but has shotgun and fires a bit
4/10 They are better then the rifle carriers and their guns are more
but their bullets are easy to dodge and only a little threat.
Damage 10-15 out of a hundred

Grenade launcher carrier- has a grenade launcher and fires every 2-3
6/10 A sort-of threat, his explosives power is close to the rockets, but his
range is
Damage 40-50

Rocket Launcher carrier- has a rocket launcher and fires every 3-4
8/10 A big threat, he can fire far, but most of the times he will take 3
to pop-out or run for cover to protect himself.
Damage- 50-70

Flame thrower carrier- has a flame thrower and he will go up and fire
continuously at you.
7/10 This guy will shoot at you continueisly so just back off to a safe
and shoot him, if your on fire press the down-c thing and keep on pressing
Damage- 20 at the beginning and a increses slowly after that, will go out in
about 5 seconds.

Machine gun carrier- has a machine gun and will fire repeatedly, a
threat in most cases but is easy to defeat if you strafe.
6/10 This guy will be hard to beat if you have low health or don't strafe.
Damage- Each shot does 3-5 damage

Sniper Rifle carrier- has a sniper rifle and will shoot if you stand
still, bullets will take away 25% of your health if you have no damage
on you, it will annoy you when they shoot and your in the middle of a
fire fight.
7/10 There really annoying because they will shoot from a distant and are
hard to spot, just keep
on moving and shoot when you see them.
Damage- 25-40

Small Army men- There like the regular Tans but there smaller, a tough
because they are kinda like Oddjob in Goldeneye 007.
7/10 There about the size of micro-machine figures compared to you, hard if
they carry explosives.
Damage- Same as normal counter-parts.

Tank- A big armed fighting vehicle, cannon has same power as rocket,
big and should take 2 rockets before it is taken down. A big threat
because its more accurate and more likely to shoot you directly then a
rocket launcher guy.
9/10 This guy is tough, as with the reasons above he will shoot or try to
shoot you if your in it's range, I suggest taking cover and fire explosives
at him
when you get the chance, only explosives can kill him.
Damage- He can't run you over but his cannon is 50 damage on the spot.

Black robot-  As big as a tank and is easy to defeat from a distance
but if your up close it will hit you and take away 75% health if you
have full health, not much of a threat when far away but when up close
it's a major threat, takes 1 rocket or two grenade rounds to defeat.
7/10 Really easy when you got space in front of you, but he's killer when
he's near you.
Damage- His only attack is a claw swipe that can only damage you if your up
but when up close he will do 75 damage to you.

Yellow robot- Giant as a building, it has a machine gun on each arm and
has a flame-thrower in his chest if you go up close, takes a lot of
shots to take down, a major threat, best to hide somewhere where he
can't hit you or can't get accurate shots.
10/10 He's a dangerous one, lot's of damage and takes a lot of shot's,
just hide in a safe place and pummel him with explosives.
Damage- Flame-thrower same as flame-thrower guy's weapon damage and machine
do about 3-5 damage a shot.

Helicopters- They fly and will fire bullets at you, will sometimes drop
troops, will explode if shot at a lot of times, 1 rocket or grenade is
enough to take it out.
8/10 He's dangerous not because of his guns but he will explode when he's
the ground causing massive damage if your near by.
Damage- His gun's do about 3-5 damage a shot but when your near his
it will do about 60-75 damage.

Robot spiders- Are blue and walk around in circles, not much of a
threat but they take a lot of bullets.

Robot scorpions- Same as robot spiders but they are  scorpion-like and
they take less shots.

Spiders- Like robot spiders but weaker and will follow you.

Zombies- Unarmed, will hurt you up close, they take 9 normal bullets.

Friendly people:
Green helicopter-This does more help during cut-scenes and non-scene stuff
then in the
game :), when he's in a level he will just circle around the area
not doing anything he can be taken out but it does nothing in the mission,
but fun to play target practice with :).

Green Tank- Only in one mission, all he does is blow open a hole in a wall
and is then taken out, but if you notice, the cannon doesn't fire anything,
a missle
comes from underneath it and blows the hole.

More coming soon!

2. Weapons

Assault Rifle- Your basic, standard rifle, you always start out with
one with infinite, it fires a shot a second.
Best used as- Use when your low on ammo, or don't have a sniper rifle

M-60 machine gun- Like your Assault rifle but much faster, firing 3
shots a second.
Best used as- Use as your main weapon when you get it, or you can use it to
spray the area with bullets killing all the survivors.

Shotgun- fires buck-shot that stays in a small area, kills most troops
in one shot, fires a bullet every 2 seconds.

Sniper rifle- A slow firing gun with a sight, kill's in one hit to most

Flame thrower - A Flame thrower that kills most enemies only using 5
fire pp.

Grenade: A explosive that you can control where it lands, explodes in
around 4 seconds.

Grenade launcher(N-64 only)- Same as grenade but you can shoot it farther.

Mortar- Cross between a rocket launcher and grenade, you point out
where it will land and it fires in the air and hits the ground.
Very powerful.

Rocket Launcher or Bazooka- Fires a rocket that goes until it hits

TNT- You place it somewhere and after 10 seconds it explodes causing a
major explosion.

Dynamite- You throw it and after 3 seconds it will explode causing a
big explosion.

Air receiver(N-64 only)- You call for a bomb to drop down in front of you
doesn't do any damage to you, the airplane that drops it is a P-51
Mustang, a World War 2 plane.

Throw and pop (PSX only) Need info

Guided missle launcher (PSX only) Need info

3. The walkthrough.

Mission 1: Dinner
1. Find and rescue Bravo team members
2. Go through the Portal

Weapons available: Assault Rifle, Grenade ,Shotgun.

Story- The green troops are attacked by the Tans, Sarge must find his
troops and go through the portal.

At the beginning, you will here helicopter blades, don't worry, its
just your Helicopter and it will just fly around the dinner table doing
nothing,  you will then hear a explosion and a guy will come running in
and then shoot you while he's on his stomach, on to your right, shoot
him and run forward following the green guy that's with you, kill the
tan firing on the mortar green guy and collect a shotgun, head
North-West or right and you should see two green guys, walk  to them
and 3 tans should run to the 2 green guys to your right, kill them with
the shotgun and run toward the portal, 5-6 tans should come-out and
then you should kill them, then a cut scene should appear showing the
Sargent Hawk and his troops walking to the portal while a Blue Spy
watches and then a explosion should happen.
End Level.

|   GM                  M               Portal    |
|  M                                         M    |
|                                                 |
|                                                 |
|                                                 |
|                                            M    |
|  M                                              |
|                                                 |
|                                   GM            |
|  M                                         M    |
|                                                 |
|                         GM                      |
|                      SP                         |

Key: SP starting point.
GM Green men you must save locations
M    Places where medic boxes are.

Mission 2: Bridge
1. Secure the tunnel
2. Secure the portal
3. Keep Vikki alive
4. Escape through the portal

Weapons- Assault Rifle, Grenade, Sniper rifle, Rocket Launcher

Story- Sarge and Vikki must destroy a bridge that's helping trains to
transport the serum.

Walkthrough- At the beginning run ahead and take out the two rifle
troops and machine gunner, collect the grenades and medic kit if you
were injured, go until you see a building and boxes and some tans, get
a grenade and throw it in the area between the building and the boxes,
they should both explode, if they don't or one doesn't try again, then
kill  the 2 remaining troops and collect the body armor that was
underneath the boxes and go to the other side of the building and
collect the bazooka and the sniper rifle, Vikki will go to the right
side of the bridge and will stop, she will then shoot any tans she sees
, go near her and use your sniper rifle to shoot the  guy in each
bunker, after there both dead another guy should run and man the left
bunker, kill him and run toward the portal, kill everyone there until
you hear a helicopter, look around and find it and shoot it down, then
go to the portal and your finished! The cut scene shows Vikki running
toward the portal as the bridge collapses and they going through the
End level.
|                 P                     |
|     T            T                    |
|        T RL                T          |
|        B                   B          |
+------------|       |------------------+
             |       |
             |       |
             |       |
             |       |
             |       |
             |       |
             |      T|
             |       |
             |       |
             |       |
             |       |
             |       |
-------------+       +------------------+
|                    V                  |
< to Beginning             T            |
                       T RL             |
|                    S     T            |
|                                       |
Key- RL rocket launcher locations
T- Tan troop locations
S Shield location
V Area where Vikki will be
P portal location
B bunker locations

Level 3: Fridge

Weapons: Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Grenade.

Story: The blue spy has used the serum to bring Plastro out of his
Frozen state in the real world, Sarge and Vikki have split up to find
the serum.

Walkthrough- At the beginning, walk until you see enemies, take them
out and collect weapons walk until you hit the wall and jump on the
bread and jump up a floor and your on the second floor, kill the 3 guys
on this level and get the grenade launcher, jump on something to get to
the 3rd floor, take out all the tans you see and get the grenade
launcher, wait until you see it and fire until its destroyed, it should
take 4 shots, then jump on the stuff behind the ham, get on the hams
edge and jump toward the 4th floor, throw a grenade to the guys on the
butter and kill them off, go behind the pudding to get  a medic pack
and jump on the butter and jump again to reach the 5th floor, jump on
the Chinese food that's near the corner and you won, the cut scene
shows Sarge getting up a hole in the ceiling.
End level.

Level 4: Freezer

Weapons: Grenade Launcher, Assault Rifle.

Story: Sarge has found the serum and is planning to destroy it,but the
tans won't give up the serum without a fight.

Run toward the Ice cube trays and collect the body armor, ignore the
robot and go left until you see a path, go up it and kill the two tans
there, destroy the two soda cans and collect the grenade launchers, now
go toward the entrance until you can see and shoot the robot and
unleash your grenades, when its destroyed destroy all the soda cans and
jump on the red box in the middle of the area and shoot everyone that
comes out,  then go to the entrance and your done.

Missions 5-7 won't be written right now because there the most annoying
missions and I don't have the patience to do a walkthrough to them so
if you want to make one for this go ahead I might also make them myself
if I have the patience to play them.

Level 8: Tan base

Weapons- Assault Rifle, M-60, Shotgun, TNT.

Story- A spy has told the location of a secret Tan base, Thick and
Sarge go to attack the base.

As you begin get the machine gun that's near you and wait for the green
tank to fire on the entrance to the base, after it hits it,( if you
notice, the tank doesn't fire anything, a rocket comes from underneath
the tank and hits it) the tank is then blown up, go to the area the
tank was in and shoot everyone you see from there using your regular
rifle to save ammo for the M-60, walk through the open wall and thick
will come in and fire at the tans, then go through and thick will go in
and attack keep doing this until he has to stay in a pillbox, use your
basic rifle or shotgun to help him take out the wave of troops, go to
the box ahead of the pillbox and stay behind it to hide from the
machine gunner, when your ready jump over the box and shoot him with
your M-60,  then go through the area he was in and kill the guy behind
the rock, go behind the rock and keep killing the tans,  then go
through to the area left of the tans and shoot the guys on each side,
then hug the wall and shoot the machine gunner, go left and kill the
other troops and collect the medic pack, shoot the guy in the pillbox
and kill the guys by the helicopter, now back away because the
helicopter will explode for some strange reason if it doesn't shoot it,
go to the left of the remains of the helicopter to see a tan, don't
kill him, walk up to him and he will reveal he's a very important guy
in the Tan army, now your done.
End level.

Level 9: Revenge
1. Get Grimm to the Helipad.
Weapons: Assault Rifle, Rocket launcher, grenade launcher,
flame-thrower, Air receiver

Story: The guy you captured in the previous level was signing the peace
papers when Plastro's troops attacked the base, amiss the confusion
Vikki was captured.

In the beginning you should see chaos and explosions happening, don't
bother saving anybody other then Grimm, because even if you do, there
would be an explosion in place of the guy and he would die, follow
Grimm and take out the three machine gunners and Rocket Launcher guy,
follow Grimm until he opens the door, ignore the tank as a side note,
now when he opens the red door, don't follow him go left, and collect
the Grenade Launcher and the blue box thing and kill the 2 (sometimes
3) tans, when Grimm goes to the door he will open it and you have 1
minute to make sure he doesn't die when opening it, collect the
flame-thrower but don't use it, use your infinite ammo Assault Rifle
and take them out from a distance, when he opens the door take out the
2 tans and follow Grimm ignoring the yellow robot, kill the
flame-thrower Tan that's in the alley between the buildings the are to
your right, now find and kill the 2 black robots instead of the Yellow
robots and Grimm will open the next door, kill the two machine gunners
and go to your left for body armor, then  get out your flame-thrower,
strafe  right with the Z button but don't shoot or stop until you see
black robots, continue strafing in both directions, until all black
robots are gone and while doing this ignore the yellow robots, once all
black robots are gone you have beaten the level, the cut-scene shows
the base being captured while Sarge and Grimm are being lifted up by a
green helicopter.
Level Complete.

Revenge full map.

|                                 Y      |
|     Y                              H   )                  AR
|                                        )
|    =                 =     R =    R=   |              ET
|   ====               = R     =  R  = R |
|    =                 =       =     =   |
| A                    M               GL|
|                                        |
|     R    R                     =====   |
|  RL   ================         =====   |
|       ================         =====   |
|       ================M               T|
  T         |
|       ================         =====   |
   T        |
|      T                T        ===== RL|
|   Y                            =====   |
|     T                                  |
|       T                       FT   M   |
|  T =========================           |                   ====
|    =========================           |                  T
|    =========================           ]            =====         ====
|                     GL                 ]
     Portal |

= Building
---- | walls
____  ] ] door that Grimm opens
A body armor
Y yellow robot locations
R black robot locations
H Helipad
T tan troop locations
RL Rocket Launcher
GL Grenade Launcher
FT Flame thrower
M  Place where Grimm stays while you kill the Tan troops and Black Robots
Portal The portal locatin where the Robots come out, DUH.
ET Tan Tank location
)  Location of a door that Grimm would have opened for an easier escape
except there was a tank there.
AR Air Reiciever locater.

Level 10: Desk

Weapons- Assault Rifle, M-60, Air support caller, Dynamite.

Story: Grimm has sent Scorch and Sarge to find Vikki and Brigitte.

When you begin, shoot the guy that's walking in front of you, then stay
where you are, a tan that's on 2nd floor(your on the 3rd) should be
firing on you, get him and there on the 1st floor should be a red box
with Lego's  and a guy between the Lego's kill him and to the
right-hand corner of the box should be a tan, after he's dead walk
forward  near the edge and a guy should roll by a few yards( army men
yards) in front of you, normally if your not near the side he should
roll and be in front of you and start shooting but if your near the
ledge he will roll off the ledge and too his death, stop when he rolls
off and go left to find a tan and some body armor, go back on the
normal path and there should be a tan there, after you get him there is
a green book in front of  you, jump down it and go underneath it to
find a stick of dynamite, not don't jump down yet, instead go on the
little path between the books and you should find a Green army guy's
body standing up with holes in it, there should be a M-60 there, now go
back to the area with the green book you jumped down from, now look
down and jump on the red box, take out the scorpion and the couple of
tans, take out your M-60 and jump down and look around for weapons, now
go to that fort and kill the guys by the cassettes, now go jump on the
cassettes to get to the Boom box, get on the Boom box and run on its
buttons, this will turn on music and two Tans should appear, kill both
of them and get down and get the dynamite that's around where the
cassettes are, now make sure you don't go in the fort, align yourself
so that you can see the machine gunner, throw a stick of dynamite and
the machine gunner and flame-thrower should be dead and then kill the
scorpion, now go to the place where the machine gunner was and run over
a button, a book should open and run in, a grenadier should shoot and
miss, kill him and the machine gunner that's near the two medic packs,
if your health is low collect one and be sure to get the other M-60
that's where the grenadier was, now go to the next area and a bunch  of
tans with machine guns and rifles should be there, back off and throw
dynamite there and they should die, take out the rest and when you get
to the next area, strafe so that you can kill the rocket guy, now go
back to where that ambush was and three tans with machine guns should
come, get them and collect the medic-pack you didn't collect and a
button should be around the area where both ambushes were, after you
touch it run quickly were the rocket guy was and kill the other rocket
launcher tan that came out and run out, if the door closes on you go
back and press the button again, kill the machine gunner and scorpions
and go on the keyboard, a flame-thrower guy should come out and kill
him, collect the med.-pack and jump on the boxes in front of where your
standing, scorch will come out and kill some tans, kill the rest of the
tans that come with him and the mission is over, the cut-scene shows
Thick coming to revive what Scorch is doing and Thick and Sarge going
to go on the table near the bed.

Level 11: Bed

Weapons: Assault Rifle, Rocket launcher, Dynamite, Grenade Launcher?

Story: Thick and Sarge must find and capture Brigitte on the weird landscape
of the Bed.

Walkthrough: As you begin, you should see some tans and two helicopters,
ignore them because they won't
hurt you, wait until a helicopter passes over you and turn around, a machine
gunner will drop off the
helicopter, kill him and wait for Thick to destroy both 'copters, after
there taken out go to the ruler
and climb on it, go over the green book and stop when you get to the second
ruler, kill the two tans there
and follow the path between the blankets, at the end of the path a couple of
rocket launcher tans should
start running to the pencil, dispose of them and go to the path and go to
the area with the med pack and rocket
launcher, only collect the rocket launcher and a helicopter will appear, now
dispose of the helicopter in one
rocket or you will be in trouble later, now collect the med-pack and turn
until your facing where you came from,
keep on walking until you reach the edge, now look down and find a red box
and jump on it, now jump off the box and
take care of the two guys in one corner and the other guy in the other
corner, now look around for dynamite and jump
on the blocks until you reach the bed, thick will be firing at a black robot
and some tans, help him kill them and
go foward until you see a blue tank, take it out with the rest of your
rocket launcher shells, if it doesn't blowup
then get out your dynamite and throw it at the tank, if you miss then you
must suck, go past the tank and climb up
the cover and get the dynamite, throw it at the tank and
if you still miss with both sticks then your screwed, if you
did blow up the tank then go to Thick and Bridgitte and a
cut scene will happen showing a green helicopter coming and Grimm
saying to her that the Blue country(her homeland) is being attacked, she
will then go on your side.
End level.

Level 12: Town

Weapons- Assault rifle, shotgun, rocket launcher, grenade launcher,

Story: After Brigitte's capture Gen. Plastro has invaded the Blue country,
you and Riff must eliminate the Tans and liberate the its capital city.

Walkthrough:In the beginning you'll see two tans and a black robot,
take them out, also in the beginning there is a blue guy, if the Tans didn't
kill him he'll follow you and help take out enemys until he die's, now Riff
and you should go straight to
the burnt out house, a shotgun is there, now here's a map to show you what
to do.
+-------+                                                       Machine Gun
| Burnt |                                                          Point D
|  out  |Point B
| house |
+-------+        Black robot


                                          Blue soldier

                                                             Point C
                         Point A                            Shield and blue
              Starting Point for Sarge and Riff
You begin at Point A, take out the enemys and then collect the Shotgun at
point B, then go to point C and collect the shield, then go to Point D and
the M-60 , arm yourself with the M-60 and go right, you should see some
tans, kill them
and go left, some tans will ambush from both sides but Riff will take care
of them, keep walking straight,
you'll see another Tan, get him and turn left and stop, you'll see a
helicopter, start shooting at it and
Riff should come and start shooting at it, continue shoting and when it goes
down any blue guys following you should die,
now turn 180 degrees with the top C button, and and go straight, you should
hear helicopter rotors and turn
right,a parked helicopter is there and take it out with some bullets, now go
and collect the weapons
that are around it, now go back to the place where you shot down the flying
helicopter and go foward,
now shoot the tan that comes out of the building and jump over the sand bags
to kill the other Tan, if you did
it correctly some Blues should survive, now go to the building where the Tan
came out, and collect the rocket Launcher
now go over the Sandbags and go forward, some tans will be to both sides of
you. Kill them and go thru the burnt out
buildings, collect the weapons there and some tans should come out of the
building in the snow, kill them and go to
where Riff is, he will past the building that's right of the sandbags, there
will be a black robot and yellow robot,
take out the Grenade Launcher and take out the yellow robot, Riff will take
out the Black robot, now go forward after
you kill them both and go down the hill and take out the 3 tans, now go to
the enterance from where they entered , now
go through the buildings, and Bridgatte will be there, ahead of her are two
yellow robots, take out your Rocket Launcher and
start shooting them, when you run out of bullets use your guns or Grenade
Launcher, after there dead go to the
Foward and then Right of the big building and your done, a helicopter will
then pick all of you up.
End level.

Level 13- Cashier

Story- Vikki has been put into a gumball machine for save keeping until
safer Tan times happen,
Sarge must save her from it.

Weapons: Assault Rifle, air support caller, sniper rifle, dynamite, bazooka

Tips for level- First go through the path that's leading to the atm machine
that's to the right
of the gumball machine, walk around the ATM and then go to the cash
register, jump into the now open bin
and collect a quarter that's in there, then take out all enemies near the
gumball machine and go near its
enterence and press B.

Level 14- Train Set

Story- You and Vikki must take out 5 trains that are carying serum to

Weapons- Assault Rifle, Bazooka , sniper rifle, M-60

Tips for level: First collect a M-60 AND TAKE OUT ALL The little troops and
collect 2 bazooka's
take out 3 trains with it(trains take two bazooka shots) and go up the hill,
take out all of the small guys
and find more bazooka ammo (the blue area isn't water, it's just scenery you
can cross) then take out the 2 trains and
go to the portal.

Level 15- Rockets

Story- Vikki must destroy Gen. plastro's rockets before they are shoot at
other county's.

Weapons- TNT, Assault Rifle, grenades, Flame-thower

Tips for level- If you look at the numbes near the rocket lab doors, they'll
a number on them, now find number one and use a grenade on the door to open
and use TNT or grenades or the rocket, if you destroy the rocket in lab 1
you'll get
1 extra minute, this will keep on happening if you destroy the rockets in
each lab like
Destoy rocket in lab 2, get a extra minute, destroy rocket in lab 3, get a
exta minute etc.

Q: How do I get the silver Sarge shown in the magazines?
A: You get Body armor.

Q:Why is this listed in GameFAQ's and others sites under PlayStation and
A:I have seen and read the reviews for both versions, and they look pretty
much the same,
I plan to gather info for the Playstation version,plus the Playstation 2 and
Dreamcast Versions stuff is the same too,
but with some great graphics but they won't change the gameplay.

I need your questions to fill this!

5. Multiplayer
"Multiplayer, it can make or break a game"-Me

Everything you need to know about multiplayer and much more

Easy means that weapons reappear more, normal is medium, har is they
reappear less.


No limit
No limit, duh!

3 to win
You must kill 3 people without yourself getting killed like, If you
just killed 3 people but someone killed you once, your score now is 2
and you must kill one more guy to win unless someone else kills you,
it's like getting a suicide in Goldeneye, they take away a point.

5 to win

10 to win

Family mode is whenever you pick up a weapon it changes right to the weapon
you picked up.
Otherwise it's 3 to win in family mode.
Sent by Erik Thibault

People and colors
Note- If two people are the same color in 3 to win, 5 to win or 10 to
win, there not on the same team.



Expert means they take less shots to kill, easy means they takee a lot of
shots to kill and medium is medium

If I'm missing weapons, its because I rented it for a week, I memorized
the one player levels but I didn't to the multiplayer levels. I'm
planning on renting it again.

Tan Base
It's the Tan base but most of the buildings were removed and you can't
go outside of the base.
Weapons- Bazooka, M-60, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Grenade Launcher

This is the first 3 levels of the fridge level but has some stuff
removed, great because of TNT and Sniper Rifle
Weapons- Grenade Launcher, TNT, grenade, Bazooka, M-60, Assault Rifle,
Sniper Rifle, Flame-thrower.

This is the level of the desk that you jump down to, many things have
been removed.
Weapons- Flame-thrower, bazooka, m-60, assault rifle, grenades.,

The graveyard level from the one player game is here. Its really dark
so its hard to see your opponents.
Weapons- Flame-thrower, assault rifle, M-60, bazooka

A fun 4-story level that's fun to shoot people when they can't even
see you, plus the only level that's not in the game.
Weapons- Assault rifle, M-60, TNT, bazooka

The castle from single-player. Not much else to say.
Weapons- Assault Rifle, flame-thrower, bazooka

Multiplayer scenarios
Here you put multiplayer scenarios for fun times in multiplayer
E-mail your scenarios!

6.Other stuff

Any other stuff goes here.
Misc. Writings on stuff
3DO farms milk that  has a picture of Plastro on back.
Blunder Bread

Ankle biters shoes

Cheat codes
Note: the names after the cheat codes means what I think the message in it
e-mail me one's that you think it means.

Level Cheats
Bridge- FLLNGDWN    Falling down
Fridge- GTMLK       Got Milk
Freezer- CHLLBB     Chill Baby
Inside Wall- CLSNGN
Graveyard- DGTHS    Dig this.
Castle- FRNKNSTN    Fraknstein
Tan Base- BDBZ
Revenge- LBBCK
Desk- DSKJB         Desk Job
Bed- GTSLP          Got Sleep OR Go to Sleep
Blue Town- SMLLVLL  Small Village
Cashier- CHRGT      Charge It
Train- NTBRT
Rockets- RDGLR      Red Glare
Pool Table- FSTNLS   Fast Nails
Pinball Table- WHSWZRD

Character Cheats
Tin mode- TNMN     Tin Man

Gameshark codes (gotten from www.cmgsccc.com)
1E	Enable Code (Must Be On)	EE000000 0000
1M	Activator 1 P1	D017A340 00??
2M	Activator 2 P1	D017A341 00??
1D	Dual Activator P1	D117A340 00??
1	All Weapons	8115D06E 0001
2	Immortal (Invincible)	811636BE 0001
3	Max Ammo	8116368E 0001
4	Continues	8115D062 0001
5	Invisible	8115D052 0001
6	Tin Soldier	8115D072 0001
7	Test Info	8115D3B6 0001
8	Living Large	811636AE 0001
9	Mini Mode	8115D06A 0001
10	Character Modifier	81164372 00??
11	Always Play Level Modifier	81172C0A 0001 810B51AE 00??
12	Enemies Fight Themselves	8005EE9C 0020
13	Incendiary Bullets (Shoot Enemies And They Burn)	8005AEFF 0020
14	Multiplayer Incendiary Bullets (You Burn When Shot)	8005AED5 0001
15	Get Hit, Then Walls Turn Off (Able To Just Roam)	8005AED5 0002
16	Ultra High Jump (Jump From A Running Start)	810BA890 3EFF
17	Super Jump	810BA890 3E80
18	High Jump	810BA890 3E40
19	Jump Feally Far	800B9724 003F
20	Jump Farther	800B9724 003E
21	Move Faster	800B9705 00FF 800B9749 00FF
22	Gigantic Enemies	800B9D70 0040
23	Enlarge Enemies	800B9D71 00FF
24	Shrink Enemies	800B9D71 0001
25	Microscopic Enemies	810B9D70 3E01
26	Enlarge Yourself	800B9CBD 00FF
27	Shrink Yourself	800B9CBD 0001
28	Microscopic Self	810B9CBC 3E01
	Quantity Digits to Accompany Character Modifier Code
	07 - Big Green One 08 - Vikki 09 - Plastro 0B - Another Chick? 0C - Hail
Mendheimicus 0D - Mini Soldier
	Quantity Digits to Accompany Level Modifier Code
	01 - Dinner 02 - Bridge 03 - Fridge 04 - Freezer 05 - Insidewall 06 -
Graveyard 07 - Castle 08 - Tanbase 09 - Revenge 0A - Desk 0B
- Bed 0C - Town 0D - Cashier 0E - Train 0F - Rockets 10 - Pool 11 - Pinball

These were found thanks to countless people who e-mailed me them, I just
to list them and the ones I know didn't tell me who they wanted to be listed

7. Letter's, readers opions, polls, etc.

Here we have anything that you send in.

Send in your fast times for the levels!
All Top 5 times for each level will be posted here!
All of them will be reader fast times!
Pleasee send in your fast times to me!

8.End notes

This walkthrough should give you basic tips on how to beat the levels,
its also my first Walkthrough, I hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks to
Myself, Eric "General Eric" Burkemper for writing this.
Space Bug for transforming it to Word pad format.
GameFAQs For giving me the idea for writing FAQs
Now I'm lisiting everyone who e-mailed me info

Kevien Olson [email protected] for easy,normal hard thing in multiplayer

Heavy Arms [email protected] for giving me cheat codes meanings

Joe [email protected] for giving more cheat codes meanings

Top Cat 66 [email protected] for other stuff

Thank you for reading this FAQ

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