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                         BALDUR'S GATE: DARK ALLIANCE
                   Copyright © 2002 Marc "Darth Maul" Binda
                          E-mail: [email protected]

                               File Information
Version   : 0.3
Updated   : January 13th, 2002

                                Version History

0.1 - Preliminary version. Not released.
0.2 - Completed FAQ up to the end of Act 1.
0.3 - Completed FAQ up to the end of the Burning Eye Mountain part in Act 2.
      Resubmitted FAQ in ZIP format to fix the formatting of the text.

                               Game Information
Title     : Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
Platform  : Playstation2
Player(s) : 1-2 player (2 player mode is cooperative)
Year      : 2001
Company   : Interplay Entertainment
Producer  : Black Isle Studios
Developer : Snowblind Studios


Set in the very popular Forgotten Realms Dungeons and Dragons world, Baldur's
Gate : Dark Alliance puts you in the role of an adventurer (either a Human
Archer, a Dwarven Fighter or an Elven Sorceress). You arrive in the city of
Baldur's Gate, on the Sword Coast, looking for fame, fortune and glory. Your
first night in the city isn't very pleasant though. You get attacked by
brigands. They knock you unconscious. You awakened by the city's watchmen. You
realize that the brigands have taken all of your gold and possessions, except
the clothes on your back. The watchmen suggest that you take shelter in the
Elfsong Tavern that's nearby and that maybe there, you can find someone who can
tell you where to find the brigands that attacked you.

Thus begins your adventure...

                                Playing History

Game #1: Easy   - Dwarven Fighter - Level 17 - Completed in about 8 hours.
Game #2: Normal - Dwarven Fighter - Currently in progress. Started FAQ.

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- GAME BASICS -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

0-1. Background Story
0-2. Controls
0-3. Heroes of Baldur's Gate
0-4. Character Statistics Screen
0-5. Character Abilities
0-6. Spells and Feats
0-7. Weapon List
0-8. Armor List
0-9. Magical Items List (Rings and Amulets)
0-10. Helpful Tips

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* ACT 1 - BALDUR'S GATE *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

1-1. The Elfsong Tavern
1-2. The Cellars
1-3. The Sewers
1-4. The Crypt
1-5. The Thieves' Guild

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* ACT 2 - THE SUNSET MOUNTAINS *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

2-1. Wind's Walk
2-2. The Mining Camp
2-3. Burning Eye Base
2-4. Burning Eye Summit - Part 1
2-5. Burning Eye Summit East
2-6. Burning Eye Summit West
2-7. Burning Eye Summit - Part 2
2-8. Burning Eye Peak

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- ACT 3 - THE MARSH OF CHERLIMBER -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-


-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- SECRETS -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

4-1. The Gauntlet


5-1. Credits and acknowledgments

0-1. Background Story

[Taken from the game manual]

Have you not heard of Eldrith the Betrayer, the Traitress of Swords, Eldrith
of the Westering Sun? That she has been forgotten is an... irony of a sort.

Eldrith was one of the greatest generals of the Sword Coast, commander of the
Company of the Bladed Crescent, sworn sword and defender of Baldur's Gate. She
served with honour and distinction in the first and last seasons of the
Sundering War, the Stillwater Port siege and finally, the campaign against the
Black Horde. In all these battles, she was victorious.

I do not know when pride burrowed into her heart, but it poisoned her. Eldrith
had fought too many battles, achieved too many victories, and she had come to
see the city of Baldur's Gate as her own.

On the day of the Great Betrayal, Eldrith's company took the field against the
Black Horde and scattered them, even though the orcs and goblins outnumbered
her troops five to one. Still, in the rout, almost half their forces survived
and fled the field. Eldrith was determined to pursue them. The Dukes of
Baldur's Gate refused. Too many good soldiers had been lost, the Dukes told
her. They - and the people - wanted no more of blood and death, and they felt
the Horde would not return.

Eldrith was furious. Even though she had lost many men, she felt it was better
to deal a deathblow to the Horde and insure they never threatened Baldur's Gate
again. And so she defied the Dukes, and led her soldiers to their deaths.

Far from Baldur's Gate, she cornered the Horde in a narrow defile, but once
their retreat was denied to them, they proved more vicious than we had
anticipated. Eldrith, fearing of losing the field, sent a messenger back to
Baldur's Gate for reinforcements before the Horde broke free of her trap. The
reinforcements never came, and the Horde overran Eldrith's weakened troops.
Eldrith survived... but many of the Company of the Bladed Crescent did not.

Eldrith became a creature consumed by fury. Wounded, she returned to Baldur's
Gate to demand an audience with the Dukes. Instead, she was met at the gates
and told that for her disobedience upon the battlefield, the walls of Baldur's
Gate would be forever closed to her and the Bladed Crescent.

Eldrith gathered all of the Bladed Crescent who remained, all who had sworn to
serve her, and she ordered her broken company to attack the walls of her
city... she swore she would take it from the Dukes and put them to the sword.
It would be justice, she said.

Eldrith's attack was like a charge of a maddened animal. It was suicide.

The Bladed Crescent were slain almost to the main, and they were driven from
the city, hounded by the remaining troops of Baldur's Gate. They pursued
Eldrith for leagues, all the way to the Marsh of Cherlimber. As the last of her
soldiers floundered and died within the marsh, the soldiers closed upon her.
She was no longer recognizable - blood caked her armor, her helmet, barely able
to put one foot in front of the other - she was dying, but even in death, she
still struggled onwards, fueled by her vengeance.

Fearing her skills with the sword, the soldiers band did not approach within
arm's reach of her - instead, they felled her from a distance with crossbow
bolts. It was a cowardly execution, one without honor.

As Eldrith fell, she cursed Baldur's Gate and all within it. And with her
death, the Dark Alliance was born.

0-2. Controls

L1 button       	Automap Toggle
R1 button               Block/Parry
L2 button       	Drink Rejuvenation Potion
R2 button               Drink Healing Potion
R3 button               Reset camara angle
X button                Attack
Circle button           Use Feat or Cast Spell
Triangle button         Jump
Square button           Action/Talk
SELECT button           Inventory screen/Character Statistics/Level up
START button            Pause/Menu

Directional buttons :
Up/Down                 Toggle Spells and Feats List Up/Down
Left/Right              Toggle between melee and ranged weapons
Left analog stick       Move character around
Right analog stick      Rotate camera angle

0-3. Heroes of Baldur's Gate

You can choose from three character classes in Baldur's Gate : Dark Alliance.

[Taken from the game manual]

Vahn, the Arcane Archer :
Arcane Archers are archers known for their supernatural accuracy with a bow and
the ability to imbue their arrows with magic. A fusion of skill and innate
magical ability has turned them into fearsome and respected warriors. A good
character for taking down opponents from a distance, the Arcane Archer employs
a number of magical powers related to his archery skills, including the ability
to enchant arrows with magical accuracy, create fire arrows, exploding arrows,
and even fire off several arrows at once.

Kromlech, the Dwarven Fighter :
The youngest of the Bruenghor Clan in the Sunset Mountains, this gruff and
opinionated dwarf is a fearsome warrior - tough, strong and devastating in
combat when wielding melee weapons. A good character for hand-to-hand combat
and sheer toughness, the dwarf also has access to a number of specialized
fighting feats unavailable to the Arcane Archer and the Sorceress.

Adrianna, the Elven Sorceress :
A strikingly beautiful female elf with exotic features, the Elven Sorceress can
create magic the way a poet creates poems, by drawing on the raw power within
themselves... and unleashing it with devastating effects. The Sorceress has the
ability to cast spells, an ability unavailable to the Dwarven Fighter or the
Arcane Archer, and she has a number of specialized metamagic fields and spells
available to her as she advances in level. Unlike the Dwarven Fighter or the
Arcane Archer, however, the Sorceress cannot use weapons that require more than
one hand such as two-handed swords and two-handed axes.

0-4. Character Statistics Screen

[Some parts taken from the game manual]

This screen can be accessed by pressing the SELECT button. There are different
tabs for each of the types of information presented.

Carrying Capacity: On the main screen, in the top left corner, there's a
percentage of the character's total carrying capacity. The number on the left
is the current weight of the equipment and loot you are carrying. The number on
the right is your total weight capacity. You cannot carry more than your total
carrying capacity. Your carrying capacity can be increased with the Endurance
feat (Arcane Archer and Dwarven Fighter only, see section 0-6. Spells and

Gold Piece Total: To the left of the Carrying Capacity, there is the total
number of gold pieces you are carrying. There is no limit to the number of gold
pieces you can carry.

Weapons Tab: You can view the weapons you carry on this screen. Weapons that
are currently equipped have a green background. To equip/unequip a weapon,
press the X button. To drop a weapon, press the Triangle button. You can only
have one melee and one ranged weapon equipped at a time.

Armor Tab: Here, you can view the armor you are carrying/wearing. You can wear
shields, helmets, chest armor, gloves/bracers, leggings and boots. Equipping,
unequipping and dropping armor is done the same way as with weapons.

Potions/Magic Items Tab: This tab lists all of the potions and magic items your
character is carrying. Potions include:

- Healing Potions: These potions heal damage your character has taken. They
  come in many varieties, each which heals a varying amount of damage to your
  character (3 types of potions: Lesser, Normal and Extra Healing Potions).

- Rejuvenation Potions: These potions can restore arcane energy (which is used
  when casting spells or using active feats). They also come in many varieties,
  each which restores a varying amount of arcane energy to your character
  (3 types of potions: Lesser, Normal and Extra Rejuvenation Potions).

- Recall Potions: These potions can teleport your character to the nearest safe
  area (which may be many maps away from your current location). Within
  Baldur's Gate for example, recall potions teleport you back to the Elfsong
  Tavern. Please note that there are times in the adventure where recall
  potions can't be used, such as when a safe area hasn't been discovered yet in
  a new act of the game, for instance.

  You can use recall potions by pressing the START button and choosing the
  Recall option. Using the Recall option again will return you the the previous
  location, as long as you don't leave the area you have recalled to.

Statistics Tab: This tab lists all of your character's abilities, which are
explained in the Characters Abilities section (0-4).

Journal Tab: Your current quests/tasks are listed here.

Spells and Feats Tab: List of your character's spells, feats, and their
respective ranks.

0-5. Character Abilities

[Taken from the game manual]

There are a number of abilities that define your character:

This measures your character's physical power. Characters with a high Strength
have a better chance to hit opponents in melee combat, do more damage when they
hit, and can carry more weight than weaker characters.

This determines how well your character learns and reasons. The higher your
character's Intelligence, the faster your arcane energy regenerates, and the
more arcane energy points you gain each time you advance a level.

This describes your character's willpower, common sense, perception and
intuition. The higher your character's Wisdom, the more experience points your
character will gain when they kill monsters and accomplish quests.

This measures your character's hand-eye coordination, agility, reflexes and
balance. Characters with a high Dexterity have a better chance to hit opponents
with ranged weapons and have a better Armor Class.

This represents your character's health and stamina. A high Constitution means
your character will have more hit points and a faster hit point regeneration

This measures a character's force of personality, persuasiveness, personal
magnetism, and physical attractiveness. The higher your character's Charisma,
the less trouble they will have buying and selling items at the local store or

NOTE: As you gain levels, you will gain points to spend on increasing these
abilities. Every four levels, you will be able to increase one of your ability
scores. You get one point at level 4, one at level 8, one at level 12, etc.

You get experience by either killing monsters and creatures or finishing the
quests you receive. When playing in the 2-player game, the player that kills
the monster gets 60% of the experience while the other gets 40%. However, the
two players receive both 100% of quest experience point rewards.

Next Level:
The number of experience points needed to reach the next level of experience.

Total number of hit points. Number on the left is your current total. Number
on the right is your total. When a character has 0 hit points, he or she dies.
Hit points can be recovered by either using Healing Potions or with time. High
Constitution makes hit point regeneration faster.

Arcane Energy:
Total number of arcane energy points. Number on the left is your current total.
Number on the right is your total. When a character has 0 arcane energy points,
he or she won't be able to use spells or active feats. Arcane energy can be
recovered by using Rejuvenation Potions or with time. High Intelligence makes
arcane energy regeneration faster.

This represents your character's Armor Class. The higher this score, the
better. You can increase your AC by wearing armor, with a high Dexterity score
and with the Dodge feat (Arcane Archer and Dwarven Fighter only, see section
0-6. Spells and Feats).

Base Attack:
This is the bonus your character has to hit an opponent in combat. The higher,
the better your chances of hitting your enemies. You can increase your Base
Attack by going up levels, with a high Strength, with a magical weapon and with
the Sword and Fist  feat (Dwarven Fighter only, see section 0-6. Spells and

The amount of damage your character inflicts on a successful hit. The higher,
the better. You can increase your Damage by going up levels, with a high
Strength, with a magical weapon and with the Sword and Fist  feat (Dwarven
Fighter only, see section 0-6. Spells and Feats).

0-6. Spells and Feats

[Some parts taken from the game manual]

Spells and feats are special abilities your character gains, such as new attack
types, additional hit points, and so on, that help to customize your character
as you go up in levels. Each time you gain a level, you gain a number of skill
points equal to the level you have just acquired. Therefore, you gain 2 points
at level 2, 3 points at level 3, 4 points at level 4 and so on. Some spells
and feats cost more points than others from skill level to skill level so it's
sometimes a good idea to save points from a level for later on, once you level
up again. Some spells and feats have more than one rank. The more points you
place into a spell or feat, the more powerful it is. Certain spells and feats
are only accessible to certain classes.

There are two types of Feats in the game : Passive and Active.

Passive Feats are always on and do not need to be activated.

Passive Feats

Accuracy: (All) Improves the accuracy of your ranged attacks. You'll find it
much easier to wound creatures at a distance when you have this feat.
NOTE : Vahn, the Arcane Archer, starts with one rank in this feat.

Arcane Quiver: (Arcane Archer) This feat reduces the weight of arrows in your
inventory, allowing you tol hold enough to take down an army.

Combat Reflexes: (Arcane Archer and Dwarven Fighter) With this feat, your
attack speed increases slightly, allowing you to hammer down your foes more

Death Blow: (Arcane Archer and Dwarven Fighter) If you take the Death Blow
feat, your critical hits will deal more damage.

Deflect Missiles: (Arcane Archer) This feat gives you a chance of automatically
blocking missile attacks. This is useful when a swarm of kobold archers
suddenly pops up from around the corner.

Dodge: (Arcane Archer and Dwarven Fighter) If you don't like being hit, take
the Dodge feat. It gives you a +1 bonus to Armor Class and makes your enemies'
lives much harder.

Enchant Arrows: (Arcane Archer) With this feat, every normal arrow you fire
becomes echanted, doing additional damage when it hits.

Endurance: (Arcane Archer and Dwarven Fighter) Increases your carrying
capacity, allowing you to haul more loot out of dungeons.

Improved Block: (Dwarven Fighter) Improved Block allows you to block with a
melee weapon, without having a shield equipped. Perfect for characters who
prefer two-handed weapons but still want the ability to block when need be.

Improved Critical: (Arcane Archer and Dwarven Fighter) Increases your chance
of scoring a critical hit in combat, something your enemies won't care for too

Intestinal Fortitude: (All) Intestinal Fortitude increases your health
regeneration rate. This reduces the amount of time you have to spend to wait
to get back up to full health in the dungeon.
NOTE: Kromlech, the Dwarven Fighter, begins the game with one rank in this

Meditation: (All) Increases your arcane energy regeneration rate. Just as
Intestinal Fortitude aids your health recovery, Meditation reduces the amount
of time you have to spend to wait to get back to full power in the dungeon.

Shield Expert: (Dwarven Fighter) Your character really knows how to use a
shield. This feat gives you an additional armor class bonus when you have a
shield equipped.

Sword and Fist: (Dwarven Fighter) This feat increases your chance to hit with
melee weapons (Base Attack) and your damage.

Targeting: (All) Helps you aim your ranged weapon by providing a targeting line
on the screen.

Toughness: (Arcane Archer and Dwarven Fighter) This feat grants you a
permanent +3 hit points per rank bonus.

Willpower: (All) This feat grants you a permanent +5 arcane energy points per
rank bonus.

Active Spells and Feats

Active spells and feats need to be selected from the spell and feat list and
activated by pressing the Circle button.

Ball Lightning: (Sorceress) A ball of electricity travels forth from the
caster, striking all nearby foes with lightning. Much like the Arcane Archer's
Hail of Arrows feat, Ball Lightning helps you clear a room quickly.

Bull Rush: (Dwarven Fighter) This is a short, powerful charge that inflicts
tremendous damage. It costs arcane energy to use, but the results are worth it.

Burning Hands: (Sorceress) The Sorceress automatically begins the game with
this spell. When cast, Burning Hands turns the sorceress into a magical
flamethrower, emitting a cone-shaped blast of fire from her hands to torch
any enemies within range.

Clangeddin's Fist: (Dwarven Fighter) A gift of the dwarven god Clangeddin, this
feat allows you to strike the ground with a warhammer to smite your foes.

Exploding Arrows: (Arcane Archer) Enchants arrows so that they explode when
they strike a target. Perfect for scaterring large clumps of monsters quickly.

Fire Shield: (Sorceress) This spells encircles the caster in a flaming wreath
that damages any enemy that comes into contact with it. Perfect for those
close-quarters combats when you're being mobbed from all sides.

Fireball: (Sorceress) A D&D classic, a fireball is a burst of flame that the
sorceress can hurl at a target. It detonates when it hits, doing damage to all
creatures within its radius; the greater the number of ranks in the spell, the
more damage it does.

Flaming Arrows: (Arcane Archer) This feat grants a flaming aura to your arrows,
causing them to do more damage when they hit.

Hail of Arrows: (Arcane Archer) Allows you to fire multiple arrows at once,
starting with two arrows at rank one, all the way up to six arrows at rank 5.
This feat allows you to get more bang from your buck from any quiver of arrows
you pick up in a dungeon.

Ice Arrows: (Sorceress) This feat echants your arrows with an icy aura,
increasing their damage and can freeze opponents struck by them.

Lightning Bolt: (Sorceress) When cast, a bolt of lightning streaks from the
sorceress toward a nearby enemy, inflicting electrical damage. At higher ranks
of this spell, it evolves into chain lightning, allowing the sorceress to harm
multiple enemies in the bolt's path.

Magic Missile: (Sorceress) When used, a missile of magical energy darts forth
and unerringly strikes a target. The Sorceress gains an additional magic
missile for every two levels she is above the first (at 3rd level she fires
two missiles, at 5th she fires three missiles) up to a maximum of 5 missiles.

Melf's Acid Arrow: (Sorceress) Named for the famed elven adventurer Melf, this
spell causes a magical arrow of acid to spring from the sorceress' hand, doing
acid damage to any creature struck by it.

Meteor Swarm: (Sorceress) When cast, the heavens open up and meteors rain down
around the caster, doing tremendous damage to any enemies in range. This spell
is the ultimate spell in the sorceress' arsenal, and puts the skies themselves
at her command.

Mordenkainen's Sword: (Sorceress) This spells summons a magical weapon of force
to your aid, slashing at enemies within range. For every rank of this spell,
the weapon and the damage it does improves.

Otiluke's Icy Sphere: (Sorceress) This spells summons a sphere of intense cold
to strike targets, doing frost damage and freezing targets in place.

Repulsion: (Arcane Archer) Repulsion causes a ring of force to spread out from
the archer, driving enemies away and doing damage to them in the process. It's
useful for telling a horde of melee attackers to "back off."

Shock Arrows: (Arcane Archer) This feat enchants arrows with an electrical
aura, increasing the damage they do and shocking opponents. At higher levels,
shock arrows gain an electrical trail that damages any enemies along their

Snowblind: (Sorceress) A mysterious spell from the wizards of the Far North,
Snowblind causes a cone of frost to shoot forth from the sorceress' hands,
doing frost damage to any targets within range. It behaves similarly to
Burning Hands, except that it also has the power to freeze enemies, reducing
their movement rate and combat ability.

Whirlwind Attack: (Dwarven Fighter) When you equip a two-handed axe or hammer,
you can put this feat to good use. The whirlwind attack costs arcane energy to
use, but it causes you to perform a devastating circular attack on any
opponents within reach.

0-7. Weapon List

Here's a list of all the weapons I found in my games :

NOTE: I will not include Keen weapons in this list seeing as the only change
in the statistics of the weapon is that the weapon has an increased chance
of scoring critical hits.

Weapon                                   H     Damage  Weight
Rusty Dagger                             1        1-2     1.0
Rusty Short Sword                        1        1-3     3.0
Rusty Handaxe                            1        1-3     5.0
Rusty Spear                              2        1-3     8.0
Rusty Lt. Mace                           1        1-3     6.0
Rusty Long Sword                         1        1-4     4.0
Rusty Warhammer                          2        1-4     8.0
Rusty Battle Axe                         2        2-6     7.0

Worn Club                                1        1-2     3.0
Worn Staff                               2        1-3     4.0
Worn Shortbow                            2        2-4     2.0

Dagger                                   1        1-4     1.0
Club                                     1        2-3     3.0
Handaxe                                  1        1-6     5.0
Lt. Mace                                 1        1-6     6.0
Spear                                    2        2-6     8.0
Scimitar                                 1        5-7     4.0
Warhammer                                2        1-8     8.0
Long Sword                               1        2-8     4.0
Shortbow                                 2        4-8     2.0
Battle Axe                               2       4-12     7.0
Bastard Sword                            2       8-18    10.0
Halberd                                  2       2-14    18.0

Lt. Mace of Disruption                   1        1-6     6.0
Staff of Disruption                      2        1-6     4.0
Warhammer of Disruption                  2        1-8     8.0
Fine Club of Disruption                  1        3-5     3.0
Spiked Fine Club of Disruption           1          5     3.0
Spiked Staff of Disruption               2          6     4.0

Fine Club                                1        3-5     3.0
Fine Dagger                              1        2-6     1.0
Fine Short Sword                         1        2-9     3.0
Fine Lt. Mace                            1        2-9     6.0
Fine Warhammer                           2       2-12     8.0
Fine Long Sword                          1       3-12     4.0
Fine Battle Axe                          2       6-18     7.0
Fine Morning Star                        1      12-18    12.0

Mithral Handaxe                          1       3-18     5.0

Masterwork Staff                         2       2-12     4.0
Masterwork Warhammer                     2       2-16     8.0
Flaming Masterwork Lt. Mace              1       4-24     6.0

Spiked Club                              1          3     ???
Spiked Masterwork Club                   1          6     3.0
Serrated Dagger                          1          4     1.0
Serrated Scimitar                        1          7     4.0

Frost Short Sword                        1       2-18     3.0

Dagger +1                                1        2-5     1.0
Club +1                                  1        3-4     3.0
Lt. Mace +1                              1        2-7     6.0
Serrated Dagger +1                       1          5     1.0
Mithral Scimitar +2                      1      21-27     4.0
Icy Burst Mithral Dagger                 1       6-48     1.0

Spear +1                                 2        3-7     8.0
Jeweled Fine Spear                       2        3-9     8.0
Fine Spear +3                            2       8-14     8.0
Serrated Fine Spear                      2          9     8.0

Short Sword +1                           1        2-7     3.0
Short Sword +2                           1        3-8     3.0
Long Sword +1                            1        3-9     4.0
Flaming Long Sword +1                    1       4-15     4.0
Frost Bastard Sword +1                   2      10-31    10.0
Flaming Burst Masterwork Long Sword +1   1       8-30     4.0
Masterwork Great Sword of Speed          2      20-48    15.0
Wounding Scimitar                        1        5-7     4.0

Shortbow +1                              2        5-9     2.0
Fine Shortbow +1                         2       8-14     2.0
Fine Shortbow +2                         2       9-15     2.0
Masterwork Shortbow +1                   2      10-18     2.0
Frost Masterwork Shortbow +2             2      14-44     2.0

Fine Handaxe +1                          1       3-11     5.0
Battle Axe +1                            2       5-13     7.0
Flaming Burst Battle Axe +1              2       6-19     7.0

Morning Star of Disruption +1            1       9-13    12.0
Masterwork Morning Star of Disruption +1 1      18-26    12.0
Flaming Burst Darkwood Staff             2       6-36     4.0
Frost Masterwork Warhammer +2            2       8-44     8.0
Halberd of Defense +4                    2       6-28    18.0
Icy Burst Mastework Battle Axe +2        2      14-52     7.0

Weapon Special/Magical Attributes
Rusty      : This weapon causes half damage to creatures.
Worn       : This weapon causes less damage than the normal version.
Fine       : This weapon causes more damage than the normal version.
Mithral    : This weapon causes more damage than the normal version.
Masterwork : This weapon causes more damage than the normal version.
Spiked     : This weapon causes a fixed amount of damage.
Serrated   : This weapon always causes the maximum amount of damage.
Jeweled    : This weapon is worth more gold when sold.
Burst      : ???
Fire       : This weapon can do fire damage to an opponent when it hits.
Frost      : This weapon can do frost damage to an opponent when it hits.
Icy        : ???
Shock      : This weapon can do electrical damage to an opponent when it hits.
Keen       : This weapon has an increased chance of scoring critical hits.
Disruption : This weapon can destroy undead creatures if hit strongly enough.
Defense    : This weapon raises your AC by +X points.
Wounding   : ???

0-8. Armor List

Chest Armor                        AC  Weight
Clothes                             0     5.0
Worn Padded Armor                   5    12.0
Padded Armor                        6    12.0
Padded Armor +3                     9    12.0
Leather Armor                       9    15.0
Leather Armor +1                   10    15.0
Studded Leather Armor              12    17.0
Studded Leather Armor +1           13    17.0
Scale Mail                         21    30.0
Elven Scale Mail +2                23    15.0
Chain Mail                         24    40.0

Boots                              AC  Weight
Cloth Boots                         0     3.0
Worn Leather Boots                  1     2.0
Padded Boots                        1     2.0
Padded Boots +1                     2     2.0
Padded Boots +2                     3     2.0
Leather Boots                       2     2.0
Leather Boots +1                    3     2.0
Studded Leather Boots               3     3.5
Studded Leather Boots +1            4     3.5
Scale Boots                         5     3.0
Chain Boots                         7     4.0

Gloves/Bracers                     AC  Weight
Cloth Bracers                       0     1.0
Worn Leather Gloves                 1     1.0
Padded Gloves                       1     1.0
Padded Gloves +1                    2     1.0
Padded Gloves +2                    3     1.0
Leather Gloves                      2     1.0
Leather Gloves +2                   4     1.0
Studded Leather Gloves              3     2.0
Studded Leather Gloves +1           4     2.0
Scale Gloves                        5     2.0
Scale Gloves +2                     7     2.0
Chain Gloves                        7     2.0

Helmet                             AC  Weight
Worn Padded Helmet                  0     1.0
Worn Leather Helmet                 1     1.0
Padded Helmet                       1     1.0
Padded Helmet +2                    3     1.0
Leather Helmet                      2     1.0
Leather Helmet +1                   3     1.0
Studded Leather Helmet              3     2.0
Studded Leather Helmet +1           4     2.0
Scale Helmet                        5     3.0
Chain Helmet                        7     2.0

Shields                            AC  Weight
Worn Wooden Shield                  1     5.0
Wooden Shield                       2     5.0
Iron Shield                         4    15.0
Wooden Shield +2                    4     5.0
Iron Shield +2                      6    15.0

0-9. Magical Item List (Rings and Amulets)

TIP: Mundane rings and amulets, just like jewels like rubies, can be sold for
extra gold. Make sure to sell them whenever you visit a merchant. It also might
be a good idea to sell off weaker magical rings and amulets once you get more
powerful ones.

Rings                          Effects
-----------------------------  -----------------------------------------------
Ring of Protection +1          Raises AC by 1 point.
-----------------------------  -----------------------------------------------

Amulets                        Effects
-----------------------------  -----------------------------------------------
Amulet of Dexterity +1         Raises Dexterity by 1 point.
Amulet of Protection +2        Raises AC by 2 points.
-----------------------------  -----------------------------------------------

0-10. Helpful Tips

1. In the beginning of the game, your character is weak. If you get swarmed
   by many enemies, retreat to a safe place and fight them one by one. This
   also allows you to recuperate your hit points and arcane energy.

2. Smash and break everything you can. Barrels, urns, crates and vases
   sometimes contain gold pieces and other useful items.

3. Watch out for exploding barrels. If you approach a barrel and it says
   'Ignite', wait for the right moment and ignite it with the Square button
   when enemies are near it. Make sure to be far away from the exploding

4. Save often. As in any game of this type, saving your game often is a
   necessity. Contrary to some other RPG games, there is no penalty in this
   one for saving often so use it well.

5. Recall potions are useful, especially in the later parts of the game where
   convenient exits back to a safe point aren't near. Always make sure to carry
   at least 4 or 5 recall potions on you at all times. Also, remember that you
   can use a recall potion when you're in a safe point to return to your
   spot in the dungeon or wilderness.

6. Use the map. It's an often forgotten extra feature in games like these.
   Using it makes the game a bit easier but it's useful whenever you are lost
   in a dungeon or the wilderness somewhere.

NOTE: Look for more helpful tips and hints scattered throughout this document.

*                  A C T   1   -   B A L D U R ' S   G A T E                  *

1-1. The Elfsong Tavern

After entering the tavern, you speak to the half-elven bartender, Lady Alyth.
She tells you about the eerie song being sung by the elf maiden spirit. You
ask her about the thieves that attacked you in the streets. She says they
might be members of a new thieve's guild in Baldur's Gate. It seems this new
thieve's guild is at war with the old thieve's guild. She warns you about them.
You insist on finding them. She suggests you try the sewers. She thinks they
are using them to move around the city and that maybe that's why there are
sewer rats being driven to the surface. She says there's a gate in the cellar
of the tavern but that the door that leads to it is locked. She proposes a
deal. If you help her clear out the rats that are infesting the cellars of her
tavern, she'll give you the key that leads to the sewer gate and a few gold
pieces to help you get back on your feet. You accept the deal. The door to the
cellar is locked and she says you can get the key from Ethon.

Go talk to the guy standing next to Alyth near the bar. His name is Ethon and
he's a regular of the Elfsong Tavern. You ask him to get the key that leads to
the cellar, telling him about the deal you made with Alyth. You ask him about
the thieves that attacked you in the streets. You insist that you wish to find
them, even after he warns you to stay away from them. He also warns you about
the rats in the sewers. He gives you the key to the cellar and a dagger. He
asks that you don't stay down there too long or he'll have to come get you.

Sleeping at a table, you can try talking to him but he won't respond.

This man is standing near the door to the cellar. You ask him about the thieves
that are in Baldur's Gate. He tells you about Alyth cutting him off from
spending gold at her bar. With the cellars locked, he can't get a bottle to
tide him over. He asks you to find a bottle for him. He says he'll make it
worth your while.

Bartley the Shop Keeper
Bartley has set up shop inside of the tavern because of the thieve's guilds
war. You can buy weapons, armor, potions and other equipment from Bartley. You
can also sell off excess equipment to him to get gold to purchase better
weapons and armor. However, you have no gold to start with.

Head down to the cellar by unlocking the door next to Nebbish and going down
the ladder.

1-2. The Cellars

TIP: The first act of the game is extremely straightforward. If you ever get
lost in the cellars, sewers, crypt or thieve's guild, I pity you, very much. ;)
This game features one of the best auto-map features I've seen in recent
memory. Use it often whenever you're not sure about where you are and where you
are going. I suggest you put the map in the top right corner of the screen
because having the map over the main screen can get distracting after a while.

Navigate through the cellars, killing rats, breaking every barrel and urn you
encounter, looking out for gold pieces and potions. Keep an eye out for
treasure chests containing among other things, gold pieces, a Rusty Short
Sword, a Ruby and a Worn Wooden Shield. After killing all of the rats, you can
either go back up to the tavern to collect your reward from Alyth, sell some
stuff and buy new equipment or you can continue exploring. You'll encounter
kobolds further into the cellars. Be on the lookout for the wine bottle for
Nebbish. You find a Rusty Long Sword and a Rusty Battle Axe in treasure chests
along the way. You'll also encounter some spiders down in the cellar. Be
careful to not let them swarm you. You should eventually reach a locked door
that leads to the sewers. Before heading back up (either by walking back or by
using a Recall potion), make sure to search for the secret passage in the north
of that room. It leads to a room with loot inside. Go back to the tavern.

Talk to Alyth. She asks you if you saw Ethon down in the cellars. He followed
you down there not long ago to look for you. She's worried that he might be
lost or that he even wandered down into the sewers. You tell Alyth that you'll
look for Ethon down in the sewers. She gives you 75 gold pieces for the reward
and the key that leads to the sewers. You also gain 200 experience points for
completing her quest.

Talk to Nebbish. Give him the wine bottle you found in the cellars. He gives
you an Extra Healing Potion in thanks. You also gain 100 experience points for
completing this quest.

Finally, before heading to the sewers, sell off your excess equipment and
jewels to Bartley and purchase better weapons and armor, if you can. I suggest
you sell off all your Rejuvenation Potions for extra money, unless you're using
the Sorceress.

1-3. The Sewers

TIP: If you head back down the cellars on your way to the sewers, keep an eye
out for any left over barrels, crates and urns you might have missed during
your first trip. Also, there are some random gold pieces lying on the ground.

When you first enter the sewers, you see a cutscene with Karne, the thief that
attacked you in the streets. He has captured Ethon. Karne orders a thief to
take an orb to the shrine of Ilmater.

Sewers Level 1

You'll encounter rats when you first enter the sewers. Beware of the kobolds in
the next room. Some of them wield spears. To proceed further, you'll need to
push a lever in the adjoining room. This will slide open the door, allowing you
access to the next room. There will be four kobolds throwing spears at you
behind some crates. Head into the waterway and you'll encounter some more rats
and kobolds. Watch out for the bugbear leading a small group of kobolds in one
of the rooms. Beware the large group of spear-wielding kobolds waiting for you
at the end of the big hallway. Retreat back into the safety of the crates and
boxes if you need a breather. Pull the 3 levers in this room to open the door
to the next area. Battle some rats in the shallow water. Climb up the crates
and jump to get to the crate pile with two chests on top. There's also another
treasure chest atop a crate pile further on. Climb up the crates again to get
to the next area. There will be a bugbear and a few kobolds waiting for you.
Continue in the sewers, fighting kobolds along the way. You'll arrive in a big
room with shallow water. Spear-throwing kobolds are in the middle of the pool.
Get to them quickly. From there, head east, pushing the crates out of your way.
You'll find your way to a small complex filled with kobold bodies. In one of
the rooms, you'll encounter a giant rat. Make sure to loot all of the bodies
of the dead kobolds on the way. Head back to the big room, save your game and
go north, pulling the lever to open the door. You'll encounter another bugbear.
In the next big room, you'll encounter the bugbear chieftain you saw conversing
with Karne in the previous cutscene. He orders his kobolds to attack.

| BOSS: Bugbear Chieftain |

Actually, the biggest threat to this boss are his kobold lackeys. Don't let
them swarm you. Just hack away at the kobolds, taking shelter if they outnumber
you too much. Once the kobolds are out of the way, hack away at the bugbear
chieftain and he'll eventually die. Keep an eye on your Health Bar at all
times, drinking Healing Potions when necessary. You'll find a prison cell key
on the chieftain's body.

After defeating the bugbear chieftain and the kobolds, loot the room. Head to
the east and you'll find cells. Ethon is in the middle cell. Open the cell door
with the key you found on the chieftain to rescue him. He's grateful for the
rescue. He felt guilty about you heading down in the sewers so he decided to
follow you down. No sooner did he enter the sewers that he was knocked down by
kobolds and brought to this prison cell. He used the entrance to the sewers in
the city to reach the sewers. He admits he was once a thief in the old guild
but has long since retired. He managed to pick a key on the bugbear chieftain
that might lead deeper into the sewers. He also overheard a conversation
between some thieves about something they're planning. He doesn't know what but
he says you'll have to head deeper into the sewers to discover what. He says
he'll meet up with you in the Elfsong Tavern and that you should come back to
him once you learn what the thieves are up to.

At this point in the game, you should have achieved level 3 of experience.
However, you might be carrying a lot of loot that you could sell off. Climb the
stairs in the room where you fought the chieftain and the kobolds to head back
to the city and go back to the Tavern to sell the stuff to Bartley.

Elfsong Tavern

Talk to Ethon and he'll offer you 100 gold coins and an Amulet of Dexterity +1
for rescuing from the sewers. You also get 200 experience point as a quest
reward. Talk to Alyth and she'll also offer you 200 gold coins for your
troubles. You'll also get 300 experience points as a quest reward. Finally,
you'll notice two new patrons in the tavern.

Talk to Ipswitch. He came to Baldur's Gate to pay his respects at the Shrine
of Suffering, the Temple of Ilmater. He came to find the temple sealed. He
fears that something bad has happened but he doesn't know what. He wanted to
visit the shrine to pay his respects to his brother and to take his medallion
back with him. It was always his brother's intention to pass the medallion down
to the family and since Ipswitch has a son now, he wishes to hand him the
medallion. However, since the temple is sealed, he doesn't know what to do.
Offer your help in retrieving the medallion.

Talk to Osala. She wants to be left alone. She seems distraught and is waiting
for someone, her man, Keissen. He left for an expedition to a place called the
Battles of the Bones, in the North, but he hasn't returned. He'd been asked to
retrieve an orb by someone and was getting paid handsomly for it. She said that
before he left, he acted strange around her, almost hypnotized, like he was
charmed or something. He was obsessed with finding his orb for his new
employer. She says they agreed to meet here, in the Elfsong but she hasn't
heard from him. She fears that orb he recovered might have done something
horrible to him. You offer to tell her about Keissen should you see or hear of

When you are ready to proceed, go back to the room in the sewers and open the
door leading north. You'll find stairs leading to the second level of the

Sewers Level 2

Head north and you'll encounter some bugbears. In the water-filled room, you'll
fight some gelatinous cubes, which usually bear some good items worth looting.
Head east and you'll fight some bugbears and kobolds. You'll also encounter
green slimes for the first time. At the save pedestal, head east, passing by
steam pipes. You'll fight more green slimes. Pull the lever in the room at the
end. Head back west and go north, watching out for the steam coming out of the
pipes again. At the crossroads, head west and fight a gelatinous cube. Back at
the crossroads, head north. More green slimes and gelatinous cubes. You'll
reach a circular room with a pool of water. Green slimes and chest. Exit room
and head east. At the end of the hallway, watch out for the room filled with
green slimes. Retreat if low on health to drink healing potions. Pull the lever
in the small room. Go back to crossroads. Head west. Even more of the slimey
creatures. You'll notice a save pedestal to the north with closed doors. Head
east to find yet another circular room with a pool. More green slimes that
surround another lever. Pull it and head back to the save pedestal to go north,
through the now opened doors. You'll reach a staircase that leads to a crypt.
Climb down.

You'll see another cutscene with Karne discussing with his employer. They
discuss the magical orb that the thief is bringing to the crypt. His employer
asks to bring him the prisoner. Karne admits that the prisoner has been rescued
and his employer isn't happy. He orders Karne to have his men search the

1-4. The Crypt

NOTE: After playing for a while, you should now be accustomed to using the map
feature in the game to find where you are where you need to go. Therefore, to
not bog down this document too much, I'll skip giving directions unless some
are absolutely needed.

TIP: Try to avoid using slashing or piercing weapons in the crypt since the
skeletons are strong against those types of weapons. Use blunt weapons like
maces, clubs or morningstars. Also, if you've found a good blunt weapon that
has the Disruption magical ability, equip it now.

Crypt Level 1

Explore the rooms in the crypts, watching out for the zombies and skeletons.
You'll encouter a priest of Ilmater named Fayed. He tends the crypts and
performs burial rites here at the Shrine of Suffering, the Temple of Ilmater
in Baldur's Gate. He's distraught about a strange set of tracks he found that
lead to a strange magical orb. He escaped when he noticed undead walking
around. He sealed off this level. However, undead creatures still lurk on this
level. He mentions the way he barricaded this level by knocking off urns from
their pedestals to seal off the lower levels of the crypt. He believes the
undead are coming from that strange orb down in the crypts. You can ask Fayed
to heal you. You agree to seek out and destroy the foul orb that's raising all
of the undead in the crypts.

Continue exploring the crypt, watching out for the skeleton archers along the
way. You'll notice some tracks on the crypt floor at regular intervals. Seems
someone has passed through here recently. You can follow the trail if you wish
but you'll lose it sometimes. Explore all the rooms and passages of the crypt,
cleaning out every undead creature you find. When you get to the large room
with the save pedestal in the middle, save and head east. You'll find another
large room with undead creatures. Go to the end of the room and keep an eye out
for the medallion for Ipswitch on top of a stone coffin lid. Go back to the
room with the save pedestal and head north. Watch out for the large group of
skeleton archers in the next room. You'll notice three urns lying on the ground
which you can push. For now, climb the stairs leading back up to town. The
stairs will come out near the Temple of Ilmater, on the surface. Head to the
Elfsong Tavern.

Elfsong Tavern

Give the medallion to Ipswitch and he'll offer his thanks and a very potent
weapon to use against the undead, a Lt. Mace of Disruption +1. You also get 300
experience points as a quest reward. Sell off your extra stuff.

TIP: If you have enough money, buy the suit of Scale Mail. The undead creatures
will have a hard time hitting you if you're wearing Scale Mail.

Once back in the crypt, push the three urns onto the stone squares at the north
end of the room. You might need to place them in a certain order. Place the
golden urn on the eastern square, the silver urn on the middle square and the
bronze urn on the western square. The stone disk covering the stairs leading
to the second level of the crypt will slide open, allowing you access. Climb
down the stairs.

Crypt Level 2

From the stairs, head west then north. You'll pick up the trail again. Destroy
the undead creatures in your path. At the intersection, go east and west to
small alcoves with undead, then head north. Another large room with more undead
creatures. Keep an eye out for one of the chests at the end of the room, near
the save pedestal. It contains a very useful Morning Star of Disruption +1.
Continue heading north and reach the next save pedestal. Boss fight coming up.
Head north. You'll enter the Chamber of Ashes that Fayed talked about. In the
middle of the room, there lies the strange orb that seems to be animating the
undead in the crypt. It rises up and suddenly, skeletons surround you...

| BOSS: Orb of the Undead |

First, attack the orb while it's low on the pedestal. Eventually, it will rise
up into the air and summon skeletons to attack you. Defeat the skeletons and
the orb will lower itself again. Attack it again. It will summon a few waves
of skeletons. After hitting the draining the orb's energy by attacking it, it
will shatter. Just make sure not to let the skeletons gang up on you, moving
away if need be.

Once you've destroyed the orb, Fayed enters the room. He wonders where that orb
came from. You search the body of a thief that's lying on the ground. You find
a map of the sewers on him. You swear to Fayed that you'll find those
responsible for this horrible act. He appreciates your help, offers you an
Amulet of Protection +2 for your efforts and says he'll consult with his
colleagues concerning this matter. He says to watch for a messenger at the
Elfsong Tavern if they ever find out more info. You gain 750 experience points
as a quest reward for destroying the Orb of the Undead. You can either walk
back to the stairs leading up to town or use a recall potion to return to the
Elfsong Tavern.

Elfsong Tavern

First, go talk to Osala and mention the body of the thief you found in the
crypt. She'll thank you for putting her soul at ease and offer you a Ring of
Protection +1 as thanks. You get 750 experience points as a quest reward.

You'll notice a new male patron standing next to Ethon at the bar and another
female patron on the other side of the bar, near the save pedestal. Talk to
Alyth first. She says the man has been waiting to speak with you and that he's
been talking to Ethon for hours. Talk to Ethon. He says the man's name is
Jherek and that he wants to speak with you. He's worked with him in the past
and says you can trust him. Talk to Jherek. He's intrigued by your bravery and
efforts in the sewers and in the Shrine of Suffering. He admits that Ethon and
he are members of the Harpers, a group of good-aligned people sworn to protect
the Realms against evil. He invites you to join the Harpers. You can refuse,
of course, but you won't be able to get any further if you don't, so accept his
offer. Jherek has a task for you. He says the orb you encountered was put there
for a reason, to cause chaos, to distract the city watch so that another group
could act freely. The new thieves' guild which has declared war on the old
thieves' guild. He asks you to infiltrate this new guild and to find out who or
what is behind it. He says another agent tracked down a secret door on the
first level of the sewers that might lead to this guild. He says it's locked
magically and that they haven't found a way to open it yet. You show the key
you found on Keissen's body. Jherek takes the key and places an echantment on
it. He says to bring the key close to the secret door in the sewers and the key
will open it.

Talk to the new female patron, Keaira. She mentions the thieves plaguing
Baldur's Gate. She's part of a merchant caravan that got attacked by thieves
outside of the city. They killed off most of the guards and stole most of the
goods of the caravan, including a rare box of spices from Amn. She has tried
to track down the guild but with no luck. You offer to keep an eye out for the
box of spices, since you are looking for this guild yourself.

Head out into the city and enter the sewers via the grate. From the stairs,
head east, past the cells where you freed Ethon. Go at the end of the hallway
and the secret door to the thieves' guild will open.

Another cutscene with Karne and his employer. They talk about the destruction
of the orb in the Shrine of Suffering. Karne mentions you to his employer. His
employer is revealed to be a beholder! The beholder says that if Karne fails,
he'll see to the matter, personally. ~gulp~ Heh heh.

1-5. The Thieves' Guild

Thieves' Guild Level 1

Head east and you'll encounter a trio of thieves. Search the weapon racks. You
will also encounter some kobolds and some more thieves along the way. You'll
come to a room with a throne at the end of the room with a treasure chest next
to it. There's a Long Sword +1 inside the chest. In that room, there is also
a stairway leading back up to the city. Come back here if you need to restock
your potion supply or sell stuff to Bartley.

Continue exploring the rooms and hallways of the guild. Watch out for ambushes
by large groups of thieves. Don't let them gang up on you. Head north, past
the save pedestal, searching the side rooms for loot. After the save pedestal,
go east and follow the hallway. Kill the beholder spores. In the room at the
end of the hallway, there will be several treasure chests and the box of spices
Keaira is looking for. Among the weapons you'll find the chests are a Shortbow
+1 and a Battle Axe +1. Now would be a good time to head back to the Elfsong
Tavern by using the staircase you found earlier.

Elfsong Tavern

Give the box of spices to Keaira. She'll be grateful and offer you an Iron
Shield +1 as gratitude for your actions. You'll also get a 500 experience point
quest reward. Make sure to sell all your extra stuff to Bartley and to stock up
on potions before heading back to the guild. There's a stairway leading to the
second level of the guild at the north end of the hallway, north of the save

Thieves' Guild Level 2

You'll enter a series of various traps and pitfalls on this level, including
pillars that throw fireballs and stone platforms that fall after you step on
them. The level is thankfully spattered with save pedestals so use them wisely.
You'll encounter a group of thieves in some shallow water. Also, watch out for
spiders and a very large specimen later on in the level, after jumping across
the large stone platform maze. The very large spider can poison you so keep
an eye on your health meter. You'll fight some more smaller spiders along the
way, some green slimes, a gelatinous cube, a large group of beholder spores, a
group of spiders lead by a very large spider again, a group of rates and
finally, another gauntlet of pillars that throws fireballs. Save at the
pedestal. Make sure you have at least 20 healing potions in your inventory. If
not, head back to town to buy some. You'll fight Karne.

| BOSS: Karne |

Watch out for the daggers he throws, they are fairly lethal. He'll eventually
use smoke bombs to confuse you. Keep hacking away at him with everything you
have and keep an eye on your health bar. After you've defeated him, loot his
corpse for some nice magical items and proceed to the third level of the guild.

Thieves' Guild Level 3

TIP: Make regular trips at the Tavern if you find yourself low on potions. Make
sure you will have enough for when you'll face Xantam, the beholder.

Pull the lever to lower the force field. In the next room, watch out for the
rotating eye. If it catches you in its line of sight, it will shoot some
disintegrating rays at you that are lethal. Next, you'll face pillars that
shoot arrows at you. Navigate through, trying not to get hit too much, saving
at each pedestal you find. You'll encounter more of the disintegrating eyes.
Pull the levers while avoiding their deadly gaze, taking cover behind some
barricades when necessary. You'll also encounter a room filled with levers that
need to be pulled. There's a rotating eye at the middle. Time yourself well.
In the last room before the throne room, you'll face three bugbears. Save your
game and enter the throne room.

| BOSS: Xantam the Beholder |

Xantam uses the magical eyes he has at his disposal. Evade their effects as
best you can, occasionally moving in to hack away at the beholder with your
weapons, arrows or spells. You'll find that his bite isn't as lethal as his
magical eyes. If you're wearing strong armor like Scale Mail, he'll have a hard
time hitting you.

After killing Xantam, Jherek enters the throne room and shows you the map
hanging on the wall. It shows Baldur's Gate, the Sunset Mountains and the
Marsh of Cherlimber linked with black lines. There's a teleportation gate in
the throne room that Jherek says leads to the Sunset Mountains. He entrusts you
to go through the gate to investigate what is going on in the Sunset Mountains.
He offers you a Flaming Long Sword +1, a Fine Shortbow +1, 2000 gold pieces and
you receive 2000 experience points as a quest reward. Whenever you are ready to
proceed, head through the teleportation gate, to the Sunset Mountains...

*           A C T   2   -   T H E   S U N S E T   M O U N T A I N S           *

2-1. Wind's Walk

You emerge from the teleportation gate in some kind of desolate place. Start
walking along the path in the moutain, fighting gnolls, ogres and yetis along
the way. You'll eventually reach a mine camp.

2-2. The Mining Camp

This is a dwarven mining camp. Head into the camp and talk to Branoch the Shop
Keeper. You can sell your extra stuff to him and purchase some new weapons and
armor. Continue wandering in the camp and you'll meet Torrgeir. If you're
playing as the Dwarven Fighter, you'll recognize him as one of your clan
brothers. He says a patrol of drow raided their mines and were forced to
establish this camp. They sealed off the mines and trapped the drow inside. You
offer to enter the mines and drive off the drow. Torrgeir tells you about some
warriors led by their leader, Kolgrim, that went to the Burning Eye to light
the fire to signal their allies in Easting. He says he has heard no news of the
warriors. The gate to the mines were closed with the Key of Dumathoin. He says
Kolgrim has the key that leads to the mines. You tell him that you'll try to
find Kolgrim and persuade him to let you use the key to enter the mines. Leave
the village by going east, towards the Burning Eye Base.

2-3. Burning Eye Base

Travel in the forest, fighting wolves along the way, following the trail. The
trail will start climbing into the moutains. You'll find a gnoll camp along the
way. The mountain path will start getting icy. You'll fight some more wolves
and some snow yetis. Before continuing north to the Burning Eye Summit, head
east and you'll find a cave. Inside, there are some wolves, some gold and some
healing potions.

2-4. Burning Eye Summit - Part 1

Head north and you'll find an Ice Cave. Inside, you'll find some chests, crates
and exploding barrels. Head outside again and continue north. You will fight
some more gnolls and ogres in their camp. Continue north and you'll have three
path choices : east, west and north. Head east first.

2-5. Burning Eye Summit East

Here, you'll fight some wolves. Head down the path and you'll end up in a large
camp site for some gnolls and ogres. Search all of the camp site, killing every
gnoll and ogre you find, searching chests, crates and weapons racks. In the
southern part of the camp, you'll find the remains of a dwarven fighter. Search
his remains and you'll find a torch for lighting the Signal Tower. Exit this
camp and return to the crossroads to head west, this time.

2-6. Burning Eye Summit West

Carefully navigate the icy walkways, fighting gnolls, ogres and wolves along
the way. Keep an eye on your map to figure out where you need to go. This area
is fairly vast so make sure to kill everything you can, for experience and
gold. You will eventually discover an Ice Cave. Inside, there will be yetis
and the remains of another dwarf. Search his body to find a slab of flint,
for lighting the Signal Tower. Head back to the crossroads and go north.

2-7. Burning Eye Summit - Part 2

After going north at the crossroads, you'll see two paths, one heading higher
into the mountain and another one, heading west. Take the one heading west
first. You'll find another Ice Cave. You'll find Kolgrim inside. He's badly
wounded. He says you need to light the Signal Fire at the top of the Burning
Eye mountain. You ask him about the key to the mines. He says that one of the
others has it. They were attacked by a dragon and most of the warriors were
frozen solid. The one carrying the key is frozen next to the signal fire. He
says you'll have to light the signal fire to get to the key. To light the fire,
he says you'll need to find the fuel and tinder his comrades are carrying to
light the flame. He offers you a flask of oil to fuel the Signal Tower. His
wounds are too great and he dies. Exit the cave and head back east, then head
up the mountain, to the Signal Tower. Make sure you have all three items needed
to light the Signal Tower : the torch, the flint and the oil flask.

2-8. Burning Eye Peak

At the peak of the mountain, you'll find some gnolls bodies lying everwhere and
you'll encounter some will o'wisps. Continue heading up the mountain. You will
reach the Signal Tower. Light it with the three items you found and the frozen
body of the dwarf will melt away, allowing you take the key to the mines. A
cutscene will be shown. It seems the Signal Tower you've just lit has attracted
the attention of a white dragon... Anyway, head back to the mining camp, by
either walking or using a recall potion.

The Mining Camp

5-1. Credits and acknowledgments

ffixeiko - Thank you for recommending this great game to me. ^_~

Portions of this FAQ/Walkthrough are taken from the game manual.

This FAQ/Walkthrough may be distributed, but not modified in any way without
explicit permission from the author.

Copyright © 2002 - Marc "Darth Maul" Binda.
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance © 2001 Interplay Entertainment Corp.

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