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    //&&&&&&&&&&&(    )(    )   &&&&&   )(    )&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&\\        
   //&&&&&&&&  &&&&  &&&&  &&   &&&&&  &&&&  &/    \&&&&&  &&&&&&/\&&\\        
  //&/\&&&&& /\ &&&  &&&&  &&   &&&&&   )&&  |  &   &&&& /\ &&&&//\\&||       
 //&//\\&&&  ¯¯  &&  &&&&  &&   &&&&&  &&&&  |  &   &&&  ¯¯  &&//&//&||      
||&|\\/\\&  &&&&  &  &&&&  &&       |   )&&  &\    /&&  &&&&  //&///\\|
 \\&&\\/&&&/                                                  \&\\////
  \\&&&&&&/                                                    \ \///
   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                                      ¯¯¯¯
By: RWAD64
Email me at: [email protected]
Last updated on: 02/08/01

1. Introduction
2. Updates
3. Story
4. Moves & Items
5. Level stuff
6. End
7. Legal Junk

1. Introduction
Weeell, my next FAQ on one of my favorite games on gameboy! Seeing as 
how no one has a FAQ for the GB one, I thought, might as well! So here 
it is! Enjoy! 

NOTE: I can't beat all of this game yet, but I will add in what happens 
after where I can't get past ASAP! ASAP in this case means "As Soon As 
Pigs fly".

2. Updates:
02/08/01 – Fixed the ASCII art to something that actually looks like 
the real logo, not the crap that it was before. Hey, it was just my 
second FAQ...maybe third. Also fixed some names. Still haven't seen my 
friend that can beat this, or done it myself. Sorry...I might get to 
see him sometime soon. Let's keep those fingers crossed...

07/30/00 – Added more level stuff, and the story, and sent it in. lets 
just have some faith now that it will get posted...

07/28/00 – Added legal stuff, and level stuff.

07/27/00 - Added moves, and did some other stuff.

07/24/00 - Started this, and went up to level 3 on strategy.  Got up to 
level 4 on the intro. Didn't have enough time to work on the ASCII 
stuff. But I will. Soon. Not good layout for the FAQ either, but it is 
still okay. Good enough...
3. Story
*Straight from the instruction manual...*
While partying on Lost Vega, a deep-space leisure station, the three 
Battletoads - Zitz, Rash and Pimple, get pleasantly side-tracked by a 
Thallian Thorax Dancer. Unfortunately, the dancer isn't what she 
appears to be - and soon reveals herself as the evil Dark Queen! The 
'toads fight valiantly against overwhelming odds, but are are 
eventually overpowered. Yet, all is not lost! Although Rash and Pimple 
are taken prisoner, Zitz makes it to the Toadster and burns space back 
to the Vulture and Professor T. Bird, the Battletoads' mentor. Rash and 
Pimple are taken away in the Gargantua to the planet Armagedda, but 
luckily Zitz and the Professor are hot on their trail... So, there's 
the situation, Zitz: the Dark Queen's 'toadnapped your best buddies – 
what're ya gonna do about it? You're gonna get real MAD, that's what 
you're gonna do - and then you're gonna get EVEN! Professor Bird's 
gonna set you down on Armagedda, but from then on it's up to you. 
You've got a long way to go, Zitz - into caverns, across swamps and 
even through the belly of the dreaded Wurm. And ultimately, of course, 
you're gonna have to defeat the terrible, the towering, the truly 
'toadsplatting Robo-Manus mutant! Have you got what it takes to be a 
bona-fide Battletoad? We'll soon see, one way or another... 

Normal moves:
A – jumps, hold for longer jump.

B – punches.

Left or right and B – makes you do a headbutt.

+ Control pad – moves you in that direction.

Vehicles, etc
Plane – you are in a plane, shooting at enemies.
A – nothing

B – shoots gun

+ Control pad – moves plane

Jetski – you get on a jetski
A – makes zitz bounce you and the jetski over any obstacles.

B – Jawbuster Jet Ski Swing

+ - Makes you move.
On a rope – well, you are on a rope! No duh!
A – stomp feet downward

B - punch

Hold the + pad towards the side of the wall when against it – swing 
across, hitting and killing any enemies. (But not spikes)

+ Control pad – move

Axe: Hard to use, don't pick it up
Level it is in: 1

Bird spine: Useful for killing dingoes on balloons, but is a bit more 
difficult to kill birds now.
Level it is in: 7

5. Level stuff

Level summery:
Nice, simple place to practice your moves. Easy boss, just nice and 

Level 1 intro
(Dark Queen's phrase is randomly picked from the below)
Dark queen:
Go ahead Battleburp – if you're cruising for a brusin, come on and make 
this lady's day!!

Enter my darknesssss if you dare! There are things in here that'll 
slice, dice, and ice ya!!

Let's see if you've got what it takes to trip the dark fantastic, 

Don't be shy, come out into the dark where I can see you – see you and 
splatter you!!

Professor Bird:
Ok Zitz! Get on down and get ready to rumble!

General Slaughter:
At the end it's a slaughter!

~A bit of help~
I find the axes that the pigs drop to be just harder to use than normal 
punching. However, you may find it easier. But remember this: if you 
grab them it makes the other pigs MUCH harder to kill. Just a warning.

~ Level Strategy ~
First off, from the start, run to the right and attack the pig with the 
axe. Now go to the right. Kill this pig. Now keep going and kill this 
one! (I sound like a broken record, huh?) Now keep going and kill the 
freaky guy who just looks... umm... on game boy color pink... can't 
describe him well. Uhh...big mouth...yep... okay, just kill whatever it 
is, and keep going to meet up with another pink guy and a pig. Kill 
them both, and for me, it is easier to kill the pig first. Now keep 
going and you find two pigs. Kill 'em both and keep going. Now it is 
two pink guys. (one comes from the bottom of the screen) keep going and 
you jump off a cliff to get to an alien. Just wait for him to shoot, 
then he moves down. Just punch, and he won't move or attack. Just keep 
it up for a while and he will be gone. Now keep going and you find 
another alien. Kill him and keep going. Now we have one pink guy. Kill 
him, and jump off the cliff. But hold on! What's this? As soon as you 
jump off a hand comes out of the cliff with a club in its hand! Punch 
it and kill it, and try to stay below it for the best chance of not 
getting killed. Now kill the pink guy and alien, but the alien doesn't 
come down! What now? Well, kill the pink guy and then it comes down. So 
then kill it and keep going. Now we have two pink guys. Kill 'em both, 
and keep going to find a hand come out of a cliff! Kill it and now we 
have the...

General Slaughter is your first boss! He walks onscreen, and has horns, 
armor, and looks like a much bigger and less fat pink guy. To beat him, 
just punch him when he jumps, while in the air, and soon you got him! 
Remember this technique, as a later boss is just like him, except he 
takes loads more hits to kill and when you get pounded by him, it hurts 
lots more. 

Level 2 intro:
Professor Bird:
Way to go Zitz!

Now it's the need to speed toad!

Rap with the rat rocket!

Level Summery:
Why did we fly off that last level in a plane? Well, here is why. For 
the whole second level! You just fly the plane. And one part here makes 
it one of the hardest levels in the whole game!!! AND IT'S JUST THE 
SECOND LEVEL!!! AHH! Why, rare, why?

Level Strategy:
First just shoot any birds that get in your way, until you get to the 
checkpoint (the black line) now you meet up with a robot thing, when it 
opens its self, just shoot like crazy at it, and dodge the shot. Do 
this 2 more times, and it's outa here! Now we get a checkpoint, and 
meet the walls. Yay. The part that makes it hard. I hate this place. 
Just go through the open part of the wall, and as quick as you can. Oh, 
HAVE TOTALLY KILLS YOU! Have a nice day. Now keep going, get the 
checkpoint, and kill this robot, the same way as the other. Now you get 
to the flying dingos. Just shoot them, and don't get hit. They are just 
like birds, except larger. Be careful. They speed up. Then you get a 
checkpoint. Then onto...

Rat Rocket, the second boss in the game. First of all, shoot the weird 
dealy doobers sticking out of the machine that fire at you. There are 
4, one on top, and 3 on the bottom. Once that is done, the shield 
breaks off, and we see why it is called the rat rocket, as this looks 
lots more like a rat's head then the other form. Here you shoot the 
mouth area, and blast the thing shooting you from inside. Soon you will 
beat him.

Level 3 intro:

Professor Bird: Mad, bad, an crazy toad! 

Keep your green hide motervatin!

Don't dance with the darkling!

Level 3 summary:
Ah, nice, fresh dirt. Or something. Anyways, you finaly landed and are 
done with flying. Good. Hate that last place. Now back to normal 
fighting, except with bottomless pits. Why, rare, why, must you torture 
me like this...

Level 3 strategy:
First go to the left and beat the two dingos,(these must be the flying 
dingo flunkees) dodging the flames. Now keep going, and toss this dingo 
off the side. (get up close so that you are on top of him, and press b, 
then move to the edge, and press b again) That got him quick. Now keep 
going to find a tornado. Weird, these guys don't even do damage. Just 
jump, punch some and keep moving to find...A dingo, tornado, and cliff! 
DANDY! Beat the dingo, and wait for the tornado to come over to your 
land. Then punch, and keep going. Now jump onto the next platform, and 
throw the dingo off, and keep moving. More flying school flunkees. 
Throw 'em off. Next we find...A ROPE! So what now... first wait for the 
dingo to jump off himself, then jump on the rope, and swing over, then 
jump off. Jump to the next platform, then jump on this rope, and swing, 
and jump. Kill the tornado, then the next one. Now we jump to find... 
some weirdos... just throw them off too. Keep moving, throw this guy 
off, use the rope, kill the tornado, and now we have a...

Darkling, a big, flying, dingo. Yep. To beat him, just stand still, and 
when he gets close, jump, punch him as much as you can without moving, 
and keep up this process until done.

Level 4 intro:

Professor Bird: Excellento Zitz! Quick! Down to the river and strap on 
your jet skis!

Wicked Wurm: Whup the wicked wurm!

Summary: easy level.

First off, jump to the right to land on the island. now jump right 
again. Kill the freaky thing on the ground, and jump onto the next 
island. Kill the thing on it. Now jump across the rocks to the next 
island. But beware! They sink! I find it easiest to skip the first rock 
and just jump to the second. But you may find it easier to it another 
way. Anyway, I will say which way I find most easy. So once across, 
kill this goober, and keep going until you find a big area of water. 
Wait for the rocks to come up. Try jumping on the first rock only to 
get across. Now kill the weirdo, and keep moving. Now you jump to 
another island, to find another rock place. Jump on the second one and 
then across. Now kill the goober here, and jump to the next island. Now 
you see the jet ski! Jump on it. Now stay on the bottom. Logs come at 
you. I find it easiest to jump over them if you stay on the bottom. 
There are 13 logs that come at you when on the bottom. Now go through 
the checkpoint, and you dodge whirlpools. Stay on the top. There are 6 
whirlpools. Now go through the checkpoint to dodge roots. Stay on the 
top. There are 13 roots. Now keep going to dodge enemy boats. Stay on 
the top. There are 13 boats.

Wicked wurm
This guy is easy. Just keep whacking at him, when he he is down to 
about 1/3 health his body falls off and he flies around. Just keep 
whacking at him and he will be dead in no time.

Level 5 intro
Professor Bird: Woooo! You're the biz toad! It's a race to be ace or 
you'll end up as an empty space!

Very stupid and just plain annoying level.

This is a super hard level. You have to race some big stupid blob of 
snot or something to the end, and if it touches you, then you die. No 
checkpoints. Lasts a long time. Pure torture. I can't really give much 
strategy on this, but as soon as you press right, you don't' need to 
tap it to run, in this place, as soon as you press right, you are in 
running mode, which is only in this level. It just keeps you from 
having to tap it. So just keep going, and after lots of practice, you 
beat him to the end and win the level. Just be careful. Sometimes (VERY 
EXTREMLY SLIM) the game will mess up and if you fall into one of those 
corners near the part where you fall a ways at the beginning, 
sometimes, the game glitches up and you won't get killed there. It will 
just not hit you. But this is very hard to do, I haven't ever done it 
before, but a friend of mine has, but just once.


Professor Bird: All right! You're doing great! Now hold tight toad! The 
turbo cables are going to take you down, down, down!!!

Big Blag: Watch out! Watch out! Big Blag's about!

Level 6 strategy
Okay, first off, kill the 2 birds, and try to not get the feather they 
drop when you kill them. Now keep going down and kill the three birds 
here. Remember the get up against the wall, press the button to lean 
against it, and press B to swing across, killing anything in your way, 
as it is an extremely useful move. Kill the dingo on balloons here, and 
dodge the spikes. Now you find 2 birds. Kill them, dodge the spikes. 
Now you find 2 dingoes on balloons here. Kill both of them, and you 
find a bunch of spikes. Do your best to dodge them. Now kill the dingo 
on a balloon, and keep going. Now you meet up with some weird parana 
plant dudes. Kill them, and now you fight some 2 goopy guys, and when 
they touch you, they automatically kill you. Just do your best to kill 
them first. Kill these 2 parana plants, and keep going to find another 
parana plants, and 2 more goopy guys. Once killed dodge the spikes.  
Now it's time for a...

Big Blag. To kill him, punch him in the air when he jumps, as you can't 
hurt him on the ground.


Professor Bird: Yeah! Yer realy kicken tail toad! so pump up the pecs, 
(bah. Didn't catch all the words. Anyone know all of them here? Lots of 
words here. If anyone knows what he says here, tell me.)

General Vermin: Exterminate the vermin!

Jump to the platform to the right, and try not to get hit by the axe.  
Keep this up, and kill the flying freak you come to. Now, I always die 
around here, so I don't know how to kill vermin, so if anyone knows, 
tell me. Anyways. Good luck! I will add in more ASAP!
More walkthrough coming as soon as possible! Which could be a while...

General Vermin – Don't bother calling an exterminator. You're on your 
own with this repulsive, rodent leader of the Dark Queen's legion. 

Death phrases: (in order of levels that she says them)
Level 1:Too bad, battlebarf! Worst luck next time...

Level 2:Boo-hoo! The battlejerk's bitten the dust!!!

Level 3: ?

Level 4: ?

Level 5:You lost the race, ace, cuz you can't keep up with the Dark 
Queen's Pace! HAHAHA!

Level 6: ?

Level 7:Hey look! The Zitz Got squeezed!!! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

Level 8: ?

If you know any of the quotes that aren't listed, tell me!
6. End
Well, I can't get any farther than level 7 so if you know what to do, 
tell me!

Anyway, thanks to...
My parents, for taking me to the store that I bought it at on my last 
My friend, for showing me what to do in it
Nintendo, for making it
Rare, for making it.
www.world-of-nintendo.com, for having the instruction manual there. Now 
I know some of the proper boss names.

Hate to...
CODES... drives me insane trying to beat that stupid race level again 
and again...ugh...I need a Game Genie desperately for this game...or 
just have my friend over who can beat it all. Too bad he lives so far 
away. He is my best friend too. The next time I see him, or if I can 
manage to get farther myself, then I will update, but that probably 
won't be often, cuz I am really stuck.

7. Legal Junk
No, this has nothing to do with a Chinese boat. Don't use my FAQ on 
your site unless you are:
If you do want to use my FAQ on your site, email me. I will look at 
your site and decide. Oh, yes, don't even bother sending me something 
about some poor limbless kids in packachansalastan are starving and you 
need money to help them(yeah right). I don't care. If I want to help 
some kid in a distant place, I will do it myself, thank you very much. 
And for chain letters, no, no, and no. btw, NO. have I made myself 
clear? I won't reply do a chain letter. Oh my. that tree out there in 
my lawn will fall on me now? No, I don't think so. The last time I was 
outside, it was perfectly rooted in.

Email me at [email protected]

This whole FAQ is 8 pages long. So it more than likely won't kill you 
to print the whole thing out. If it does kill you...well, I think that 
something would have gone wrong.

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