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A Faq/walkthrough for .......... [drum roll]

                 <     <>    /     /         /  <>  \           \
                 < |           |      |         /     _    \    <>  |
                 <     <>    \    \___/__/   \    \          |  |_____
                 < |        \     /    \       /              \     ___\   |
\         |   |  /   _____\  ____\    _____\>
                 < |          \  / <>\      |      <>     |     |___
|  |  \       |   | |    |_____ \  \____\   \_____
                 < |   <>    |   _    \     \______/  _____\ |  | \  \
|   | |    _____/  \___   \  \ ____    \>
                 < |          /   /   \   \     |  <> /      |  /  |  |/
/  |  |   \   \  |   | |    |____      ___\   \        __\   \>
                 < |___/ /_/      \ _\   |  |  \_\     |/    |_| \_\|_|
\ __/   \_____/    / _____\     /_____\>


                                   Title :	BLADE OF DARKNESS
                                    Written by:  Geodeath    (George
		    E-mail:	  [email protected]
                                    written on  1 of July 2001

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ANY way, shape, or form (including reprinting, reference or inclusion),
without the express written permission of the author, myself. This FAQ
was created and is owned by me, George Ioakimidis (Geodeath). All
copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are
not specifically mentioned in this FAQ. To continue, this FAQ and
everything included herein is protected by International Copyright Laws.


WOW! This game is the fourth i written its faq for and i was trully
amazed! The game is awesome! And it this wasn't enough, here comes the
secrets of the game and its lasting ability. I played this game at least
for a month! Of course i was writting the faq along, but, hey, which
game do you remember, except baldur's gate and co that lasted you that
long? I dont! Anyway, its the graphics, the sound, (eax 2 with 4
speakers trully make a difference in gaming-try it!) the gameplay, all.
I really enjoyed doing this faqs, and i hope you enjoy reading it too.
Just for info, i would like to say that this faq, written in real paper
(i first write it in real paper, cause when i play such games, i cannot
alt+tab back to win and back) took almost 60 pages!!!!!! God! I was
bored to type it! If i knew from the start how long it would take me
only to type it, i guess i wouldnt even try to do it. Anyway, i hope you
enjoy it. No silly questions in my inbox please! This means NO where can
i find this weapon, or why that, not that? Everything i could ahve
covered, is in the faq! I played with the barbarian, so i ONLY know the
barbarian. Questions about other characters WILL be sent directly to the
trash! cheers!

My email address is [email protected] You can send whatever you like,
but NO silly question please, as stated above! I DO NOT PLAY  THAT GAME
100 times already. Internet cost and bad speed here in Greece where i
live keep you away from online gaming. When i have a dsl, i 'll


I would like to say that in this faq, i use some phrases and words that
you may not understand as i exactly meant. When i say "follow the path",
"move on the path" "go on the path" e.t.c. i mean you should go down the
path stated. Also, when i refer to some enemies, i dont refer to them
with their real names, except for some of them. For example, i use the
word "enemy" for the lousy goblins. You wont see goblin stated anywhere
in this faq. Also, sometimes i tend to get naughty and say some bad
words. When you reach the place i told the naughty word about, you'll
know why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, try to understand that this game has
VERY much exploration, so i could not make the faq simpler, by no mean!
It is as simple as it goes...... So, when you see 1000 turn left, then
1879 turn right, 356 follow the path and 234 go through the door/path,
consider that this was as simple as it could be, photos-free. If this
was html it would be far easier, but it would also be 3-4 megs. thanks
for understanding. Also notice that the faq works for other characters
too. The only missing thing will be each other character's first level.
The only thing different between characters, is their first level. Play
this on your own, and then the faq is ok! When i have time, i'll update

BARBARIAN 1st level

Go forward ti you reach the bridge. Kill 1 enemy on it and
1 in the house behind you. Take whats in the house. Go up
the bridge and into the cave. Kill 2 enemies and climb the
wall to the left. Do not go right through the destructed
bridge, unless you want to take the bow. Go left and use
the switch. Go into the door that has just been opened and
go through the opening on the rocks on the right. Kill the
monster. Expect another, else you'll find it further on.

Get out of the room and move forward. climb almost
immediately right, till you find the broken bridge. Run and
jump over it. Move along the ledge till you come outside of
another room. Kill the enemy inside, and take everything by
destroying the crates. If you need health, jump over the 2
big crates and take the life potion from the skeleton. Go
out of the room, and go forward. You'll see that you are
directly over the place you were before, but a little
further on. If you didnt kill the enemy before, take out
the bow and do it now. Clib as high as you can, and drop
into the hole on the floor.

You can take the cheese if you destroy the crate or the
chaos sword which you already have. Then go down the stairs
and out of the room. Here is an enemy that cannot reach
you. You can kill him with the bow if you like. Proceed
right. Another enemy. Proceed forward till you reach the
locked gate. Right of the gate is a stone. Walk up to it
and climb. From there you should see a big enemy ahead. If
you can, kill him with the bow. After he is dead, take the
axe and his shield. Go into the room on your right and kill
the enemy. If you want any health destroy the barrels. Go
out and go far forward, north of where you killed the big
enemy with the axe. There are 2 rooms. Go to the right one
and kill the enemy inside. Go out and go into the left one.
Brake the crates, and climb up to the wall using the crates
behind them. Once up, dont go out yet. Instead, go into the
small room on your left, using the door in fron of you.
Take the mace (21 POWER!!) and now get out.

With the mace, the zombies are easy to kill, as long as you
approach them one by one. If you are poisoned, wait a while
and it will pass. Remember all the health bonus in the
previous rooms?(If you need health). From here, go right
over the wooden "bridge" and there, kill a handful of
zombies too. You can break the door on your left by running
to it and hitting it. There is a life potion inside. Go out
and proceed to the fountain. More zombies arise. By the
time you kill them, you should be around level 4 or close.
Go into the room opposite of the fountain. The floor
brakes, and you land on level below. Kill the spiders and
destroy any crates. One holds a 500 life potion. Step up
the crate and climb up. Go one floor up. Just at the
staircase end, you can go left or forward. the door brakes.
Kill the enemy and go through the broken door.

From here you can go either left through the 2 door, or
north. go north. Another door brakes. Kill the monster. You
can take the bittin axe. Now go left, through the 2 doors.
Kill the zombie. Go to the next floor using the stairs. You
can either break the door, or go left, over the broken
floor. Go to the latter and get out. Go near the the door
ahead and kill these suckers from a distance. Go back into
the room and now break the door. In the new room, go to the
upper floor only if you need health. Else, go out using the
door on the left. Out, on your left, is the door from wich
behind you killed the suckers. There is now a zombie. Kill
it. Explore the place.

There is an open window next to a closed gate, and a small
window next to a closed door. Go in using the small window.
Raise the lever to open the door. In the room also, is the
round shield. Take it and go out. Go through the open
window now. Go up the stairs. You are now out again, but
from the other side. Walk up to the totem (the pillar) and
use it. Use it as a bridge to cross the gap. Go through the
entrance. BEWARE! Here are 2 skeletons, which are VERY
deadly. Kill both and explore the place. There are 2 exits.
One directly behind the throne, and one on the right of the
throne. Go into the one behind the throne, kill the enemy
and take the key. Then, go back to the throne room and go
through the path right of the throne. Kill the 2 enemies.
Use the key on the lock on the wall, find the lever (it is
northeast as you enter) and use it. Another exit opens,
this time left of the throne. Go down and go throught it.
When the door behind you shuts down, use the four triggers,
2 left and 2 right to open the door. Go out! Take the left
one here, it leads to a potion. Go back and take the right
one. Run past the bridge. When the rock falls, turn around
and take cover on the path to the left. Move into the path
till you see a door on your left. Go in and kill the
skeleton. Take the Eclipse!!!! Then get out. When the rock
falls, return to that room to take cover.

Move in the path again. you'll come across 2 skeletons and
a zombie in the circular room. From here, explore the place
yourself. You'll see there is only one exit out of this
long road. When you reach something like a central hub,
enter through the door on the left. Here you must fight 4
skeletons. When you kill them, a door opens, revealing a
switch. Use it. Some stairs that were locked, are no
longer. Kill the 2 monsters that stand in your way and go
there. When you walk up the stairs, you arrive at something
like the stonehendge. CUT-SCENE. In the selection menu
choose "Fortress of tell hallaf".
--------------------------------END OF CHAPTER-------------



After the cut-scene, go left and move forward. Do not enter
any rooms yet, just explore the courtyyard. You will find
3-4 enemies. The 3 first can be easily defeated using even
the bow! But the last one is an orc with a very powerful
weapon. Kill it, drink the health potion and take his
weapon (def 10 attack 40!!). Now go to where you started
and enter the first room on the left. Take the stairs. Up,
kill the enemy and head outside. Go through the door in
front of you, kill the enemy and take the naginata! Go down
the stairs and get out.

Go to the next room on the left you find. Go up the stairs
and use the lever. Kill the enemy and go out. Kill the
archer and enter the room opposite. Take the light edge
(pow 100!!!!!!!). Go down the stairs. Use the lever. Go out
and use the lever near the gate too. Explore the
courtyyard. Kill the monster. Use the bow to kill the
archer. Kill the other enemy coming at you when you
approach the alcove. Then kill the orc far ahead. Then,
again, go back and enter the rooms one by one. In the
first, go up the stairs. Kill the enemy lurking at halfway
up the stairs. Then go out. Dont take the spear. It is
useless. Go through the door in front of you, and down the
stairs. Go out, turn left and go forward. Enter the door by
the gate. Also, use the lever on the gate to open it. In,
go up the stairs and use the lever.

Kill the orc (very difficult!) and go through the other
door. Go down the stairs and use the lever. Go back up,
where you killed the orc and go through the path the orc
came from. Use the lever and go down. Kill the archer. Go
through the down side of the stairs, and  kill the enemy.
Move on till you reach the next alcove. There, kill the
enemy and the archer and take the scythe. Do not go up the
stairs. Go beneath them. Kill the archer and the enemy. Go
to the last set of stairs you passed and go up this time.
Use the lever and go down again. Go as forward as you can.
Use the lever by the gate to open it. To go to the gate you
pass out of an open room. Go inside and kill the enemy and
the orc. You can go either left or right. Each will lead
you to the next floor. Once up through the right one, kill
both enemies and head right. Use the lever to open the
gate. Then turn around and head for the same but opposite
gate, left as you came by the stairs. Use that lever too.

Now go one more floor up. Kill the two enemies and go into
the room next to the stairs.  The chest holds a full life
potion. Now, get one more floor up. Up, kill the 2 enemies
and the orc, head up the stairs and take the death sword.
Go and explore the two gates you opened with the lever
before. ATTENTION! There is an archer in each gate now! In
one of the gate's balcony, stands a dead body. Climb there
and walk to the ledge till on your left you see  a wall you
can climb. Climb it, take the key next to the body, and use
the levers. Then go up again, to the room just before the
staircase you walked to take the death sword. Use the key
on the lock, by the door. Use the lever on the left wall to
reveal a hidden elevator. Step on the elevator and use the
lever ([email protected]#[email protected] levers!) to open the hidden door. Walk by the
balcony and go down the stairs. After the cut-scene go to
the opposite hallway of the one you came from and use the
hey on the lock. Another elevator. Use lever, blah blah...
You end up in a wet place. Go forward till you see the
gate. Use the lever to open the gate. Notice that along
with the gate opens a wall too.... Use the rune on the wall
near the gate and enter the new room. Go as far as the path
goes. You can pick up the trident too. Use the lever. After
the cut-scene, try to go back. There is a trap! It is easy
however. Go up again and exit through the gate you opened
previously....  On the selection menu choose the MINES.
---------------------------------------END OF CHAPTER------


As you start, jump to the other side, over the gap. Walk a
little and do that again, ever the next gap. Move along the
path. Try to climb the wall in front of you. As you try, a
boulder starts rolling at you. Just stay close to the wall
and the boulder will pass over you. Now climb the wall and
move along the path. When you reach the point the boulder
started its course an enemy sees you. Kill him. Go forward
till the big gap. There, turn left and go forward. Kill the
enemy, and go through the door on the left. The moment you
get out, another boulder starts rolling. Just keep close to
the wall again to avoid it. You can even see the boulder
pass over an enemy!!! Spectacular!

Go down the path the boulder did. Run up the minecart's
lines to their end. If you need health, break the crates.
Otherwise, go up the stairs. Kill the sucker at the other
end of the bridge with the bow if you can! Else kill him
normally. Jump! Once on the other side, turn left and run
over the bridge (it collapses) and move along the road.
There is 1 archer and 1 orc. Kill both and use the key on
the lock, by the gate at the end of the road. This tunnel
leads outside again. You will find 4 shit creatures in it
(how should i call them!?). Outside, 2 enemies confront
you. Kill both and go forward. Kill the orc and take the
first entrance to the right. Move along till you come to
the elevator. Use the lever to call it, and step on it.
Once down, fall down to the grass and enter the opening on
the wall. Once you walk a little, you'll find 4 spiders.
Kill them and take the power potion.

Continue moving through the opening to the outside. You go
to a place with a big wooden barred door. Climb the wall
opposite of it. Once up, follow the road till you reach the
broken bridge. Jump to the other side. In the next broken
bridge dont try to jump, it is too far. Instead fall down
on the rocks on the left side of the bridge. Jum from one
point to the other till you reach the other side of the
bridge. Climb it and go up the stairs. When you reach a red
diamond on the floor, three enemies confront you. Take the
diamond and go up the wall the first enemy fell from. Move
along the road till you are in the mine. At the end of the
road use the lever and go through the door. Step on the
elevator and use the lever. It gets you up, where you were
before. Go back up the stairs, to the big opening. Now, you
can take the second entrance to the right cause it is
locked. Take the next right. You can go left and right.
Choose right. Move along.

At some point, there is a cutscene showing you a little
[email protected]#[email protected]# bastard eating the blue gem. We must find him. Fall
left of the bridge you are on, and go left. Move along the
left path. You should encounter some of there little
bastards, but they are not the one wee seek. At the point
the path you took intersects with the other (the red one)
you will be confronted by an enemy, an orc and probably the
small sucker we're searching for! After you kill everyone,
take the gem. If it isn't there, search around for the
sucker. All paths end to the same place. When done, use the
iron key on the lock just next to the point you fell off
the bridge. After some walk, there is an orc. Kill it and
continue walking. Use the lever and "WOW"! You are at the
big opening once again. Go to the room you went before (the
third on the right) but now take the left one! The bridge
here collapses. Jump over it. Use the lever at the end of
the road. Step on the elevator. When down, go straight.
Kill the enemy and the orc and walk the minecart's lines
into the cave. Kill another enemy. and walk the second
minecart's lines from the cave to enter the tunnel. Kill
the 2 enemies here, and get out sneaking, so the archer
wont hear you killing him! Jump over the gap and walk into
the new room.

Grab the quiver on your left and get out again. Drop onto
the floor right of the exit. You can : either break the
door ahead to the right, or you can go left, droping from
platform to platform to find the greengem. Of course we
prefer the latter. Go left, drop continuously till you
reach the gap. Jump over it and go into the new area. In
here kill 4 spiders and drop down continuously till you
reach ground level of the room, to get the gem. Once you
have it, kill the suckers that arise and go up where you
jumped over the second gap and this time break the door to
the right (remember. We went left to grab the gem, right
was a locked /barred door) and get in.
Drop down, kill the 3 spiders and move along till the
cutscene in this room. You must climb quicker than the lava
to survive. Its very easy though. In the first step of the
climbing "procedure" there sits the heavy mace. Pick it up
if you want. On the top, cutscene. When cutscene ends, walk
along the newly created bridge and use the switch on the
right of the door. You are back to the top again. Go back
to the elevator from here. Go up and get out to the opening
again. Now take the path to the  left, that leads down.
Place each of the three gems into its place on the wall.
Once every gem is in place, a cutscene will be shown. Down,
kill the orc and get out. (it is the only way out. You
can't get lost!). Be careful, though. When you hear
something like an erthquake, stick to the opposite wall to
avoid the falling boulders. Get out and jump over the gap.
Explore the place to find a hole in the ground. Drop in and
get close to the carving of the king on the far wall.
-----------------------------------------------END OF



 Go forward, enter the room and kill the orc. Get out and
head up the ramp to kill the enemy. Explore the balcony
better and you'll find an enemy and an archer. Kill both,
and go back at the ramp. Where the ramp ends, proceed left
through the alcove and to the room on the left. go up the
stairs, kill the archer far on and enter the room to the
right to kill the enemy. Go back where you killed the
archer from the balcony and fall down. Kill the orc. Get
into the room in front of where you dropped from. If you go
to the top of the building, you can take the long sword.
Otherwise dont go, there are 2 enemies and one orc on the

Either way, go where you dropped down again and go through
the two alcoves on the left. Kill the three suckers and one
more further on, and an orc at the end of the path. Use the
lever. Go back up where the long sword was supposed to be.
In the first floor, there is a hole on the floor. Drop
down, take the piece of paper on the table, and the key.
Then use the lever to open the door, go back down, and go
to the ramp again by using the door near the orc, you
opened previously. Use the key on the hole left of the
ramp, through the alcove to the right. Go through, but do
not enter the room immediately on the right. Instead, go
forward and enter the first room on the left. A door opens
as you enter and 3 skeletons arrive. Kill them. After you
kill them, go through the rightmost door as you entered the
room. BEWARE! In this balcony there is a skeleton too. Run
to him and kill him.

Now go down the stairs opposite to where you entered the
balcony. Turn left and go forward. If you look close on the
wall you will see a hole. Climb in and drop down. The
enemies that arrise are dead easy cause they are S-L-O-W!
Equip youself with the long sword and they are history. By
the way, you should be around level 9 now. Anyway, go
through the door right of where you fell down from. It
takes you out. Turn right and go through the door in front
of you. Another bunch of these enemies appear. Kill them
and take the war hammer. Go back where you fell from and
climb up again. In the proccess, another bunch of such
enemies arrise.

Out again, go up to the balcony, and go through the door
behind the place the skeleton was. Into the new room, kill
the skeleton and through the door on the right. Kill
another skeleton here too. Now get up the stairs, you end
up in a floor with holes and a door on the left. Go over
the holes to reach a door. Go in. Kill 2 skeletons and take
the key and the potion. Go back to the room with the holes
and take the left door now. Go down the stairs. In the new
room fall down the hole north of the stairs you came by.
This place looks familiar! Explore it out, you'll see it is
the place you met the slow and dull enemies, and the war
hammer. So, get out again and use the key on the lock north
of where you climbed up. Here kill the 5 skeletons that
arise and go into the tomb, left of where you entered the
graveyard. Inside, go close to the tomb. An ancient
skeleton arrise! Kill him as usual and take his shield and
the idol on the tomb. Look close above the skeleton's
coffin. You should see a rune symbol that is actually a
button. Throw an arrow on this button with the bow and the
wall will open, leaving the path to the 3rd rune open. Go
down the stairs keeping a close eye on the whereabouts,
cause there is a trap. When you see a long hallway with
stairs, you will know this is the trap. A hanged fireball
keeps moving forward and backwards. You should run and hide
in the first opening on the wall when it is far from you
and stay there, till its safe to run to the other hideout
on the wall, and the same again till you reach the other
side safely. Take the rune and come back to the coffin
room. Dont worry, the trap is dead now. Get out of the
tomb, to the graveyard. Just opposite of you is a set of
stairs. Take them and use the lever on top. Kill the
skeletons and go through the door to the right.

Drop down and kill one more bunch of skeletons. Now go to
the graveyard to take the stairs again. But up, instead of
dropping down again, go left, and go through the door at
the far north, left of the gate. Inside kill the 4
skeletons and go close to the big statue. Use the idol
behind the statue. Now look for a staircase. It is next to
the door you came in from. Go up and kill the skeletons.
Use the levers at each end of the balcony and get down to
the big statue again. Get into the room on the statue's
left and through the open door. Go down the stairs and try
to go to the next room. Be quick! The floor opens, just to
let you fall onto spikes! Draw you weapon and be quick. On
the opposite side, shoot the far trigger with the bow
through the door and go into it. Kill the enemy that
appears. He is dead slow and easy. Take the queen's sword.
---------------------------------------------END OF



Move along the road. When you find 2 zombies, you can go
left or right. Take the right one. Go through the small
door and get to the outside. Dont kill the zombie, go
straight through the door far north. Kill the 2 zombies and
go up the stairs. Kill the skeleton and go to the room
ahead. Kill the skeleton and take the key from the table.
Go back where you got out on the balcony, but now use the
key on the lock behind you. Get through the door. You'll
end in a staircase. Go up. Kill the skeleton and get out.
Kill 1 more here and drop down through the floor's holes.
Here, take the slaying sword and use the lever on the left.
Get out and kill the 2 skeletons. Go back in the room
between the one you took the sword and the outside and turn
left. Go forward and go through the hole on the woods. Move
along till you find 2 enemies. Kill both and drop through
the holes left, on the floor.

Climb up the left side of the water pool and pickup the
great hammer. Now go through the center of the room. Kill
the big guy and continue forward. Continue forward till you
find 2 more zombies. Kill them and go further north. Kill
one more and go left, to the outside. Explore it. You'll
see you can go down using some sets of stairs. Go there.
Kill 2 more enemies and proceed to the next room. Kill 2
more and go down the stairs. Move along and go up the
stairs. Drop into the water. Pickup the key on the table
and kill the bunch of zombies that arrise. When everybody
is dead, go up the stairs north of the table. Use the

Get out, turn right and go forward. Use the lever on the
wall and go through the newly opened door. A wall breaks on
your right and 3 skeletons come out. Kill them and go as
north as you can, to the locked door. Use the key on the
lock and go through the door. Kill the big buddies and go
through the first door on the right. Kill the @#@#@! there,
he is easy. Get back and go to the second door to the
right. Go up to the second floor (ignore the first) and
cross the bridge and go through the door on the other side,
after using the lever next to it to open it. In, kill 2
more of these [email protected] @#@tards. Go right. In the next room,
kill one more, and move quickly past the window to avoid
being hit by a skeleton archer. Go through the door and go
up the stairs. Go through the first door on the left and
kill 2 more. Near the enemies is a lever. Use it.

Then drop down via the square hole on the floor. Down, kill
the 5000 energy gargantuan [email protected] and take the tower key.
Go through the only open door. 2 more enemies appear. Kill
them too and go up the stairs. Go through the first door on
the right and go close to the lever you used before. Go
through the bridge and the opened door. You are in the
circular ramp room again. This time, go as high as you can,
cross the bridgem use the key on the keyhole and go through
the door. The whole idea here is: That you must reach the
top level. There are 3 levels/floors total. The ground
level, the first floor and the second floor. If you want
you canalmost bypass ground level and 1st level, but in the
ground level there is a power potion and in the 1st floor a
sword. Do what you want.

In the second floor, kill the skeletons and go upstairs.
Here, after a little walk you meet a quick but dumb enemy.
Slay him. You should be around level 13 now. When it is
killed, move along, till you find the altar. Cutscene.
After the cutscene return to the previous room to have one
more fight. This enemy has a weapon and a shield that when
touched, they drain your energy! This means that for every
hit you take from him, not only you lose health, but he
takes it too! So the only weapon of choice here is the
queen's sword, cause this does the same to him!!! Your
first activity however, should be to destroy his shield.
Hit him only once at a time (no combos) till his shield
breaks from your attacks (with any weapon) and then take
out the queen's sword. Hit him with the combo (< + attack,
down and >). See the moves list by pressing f11 too. You
need to attack him with the vampire kiss attack (or
something like that..). You should bring him at 1500-2000
with only one hit! But after the 2000 barrier, he
continuously dissappears and appears behind you, so be
careful, and when he appears behind you, make a circle as
close to him as possible and hit him with the combo again.
Or you can run to the hall leading to this room and keep
you back to the wall, so he cant appear behind you, but
next to you :).
----------------------------------------------END OF



As you start, go right and go outside. Outside, follow the
orc. Kill the 2 enemies and go into the room ahead. Kill
the orc, take the bottle ahd use the key on the lock to the
left. Go through the door. Run till you reach the other
side, past the 2 archers and kill the 2 orcs. Go through
the door past the archers and use the lever to get up. Once
up, run towards the nearest archer of the two and kill him.
Then run again to the second archer and kill him too. Then
drop down and go up the path left of the room you used the
elevator in, before. A boulder starts rolling at you. Go
back the corner to avoid it and go back into the path

At the end of the path, kill the 2 enemies and go through
the alcove right. Kill the orc, break the door on the
right, and take the armor and the flat sword. Go through
the alcove forward. Turn right and head up the stairs.
Watch for the archers. If you want, kill them. Anyway, go
through the door by the alcoves right. Kill the orc and
explore the place. Go down the stairs right of the bull's
head on the wall, and walk this path to its end. Climb the
wall and kill the 2 enemies. Then go up the stairs north
and right of the wall you climbed previously. Explore this
balcony. Kill the orc to take the iron key and the potion
and drop throgh the hole on the floor. You are behind the
iron lock. Use the key on the lock and go up the stairs

Outside, kill the 2 enemies and the 7500 energy monster
too. Then kill the last one and go where he came out from.
Use the lever and if you want, climb on the wall to the
left, till you reach a room. In there, is a weapon for the
knight and a power potion. The lever opened a door north
and left of where you first came out. Go there and go down
the stairs. Use the lever and go through the door. You are
in a familiar room, no? Now you got the cell key, look for
a pair of stairs leading downstairs, right as you enter the
room. Once down, use the dungeon key to go through the
door. The general idea here is this: You got a hell of sets
of stairs, from which there is only one exit! So kill
whoever you find till you find that exit. Its past the
cells and the cell lock. Kill the orc and continue on.
You'll come to a big room with torture devices in ( you may
have to use a lever to get in). Inside, kill the 3 enemies.
The big one has the cell key under his possesion. Move
north of the room's entrance. Use the key on the lock and
go up the stairs. Go forward and use the key on the lock
next to the locked cells door and go down the stairs. Down,
unlock the third door on the right. Cutscene. After the
cutscene, kill the orc and go down the stairs. Kill the 2
orcs further on and use the key on the lock by the wooden
door. Move further on and the stage is complete!
----------------------------------------END OF CHAPTER-----



Go north. On the third opening to the left, turn left and
climb the stones. Climb the open part of the wall ahead and
kill the 2 knights. Use the key on the lock on the left as
you climbed up and go through the door. Go up the stairs
and kill the 2 knights. Go forward. After the wooden door
on the right, explore the place. You will find 4 knights
total. "Total" them and climb the window in the western
side of the place's entrance. Drop down, kill the knight
and go through the small wooden path in the opposite
corner. Take the key and use the lever. Go through the
door. You are back to the previous place.

Now go to the wooden door located right of the place's
entrance and open it with the key you took previously. Go
through the door and right. Kill the 2 knights and stick to
the wall to the left. Step by step, ensure that the archers
above you are visible and then kill them with the bow. Kill
one more knight close to you, and go left and forward,
close to the wall, till you reach a locked door with a
lever. Use the lever, go through the door and up the
stairs. Up, go left and kill 2 knights. Go back and go
forward this time (left of the stairs as you came up).
Follow the stairs. On the second set, kill a knight. Dont
go left into the small room cause there is nothing of
interest inside. Go forward instead. Do not go right down
the stairs, unless you play with the dwarf. Go forward till
you reach a right turn and a knight.(dont go into the small
room on the left here too-nothing good inside). Kill the
knight. Go through the path left of the knight. Go left.
Follow the road.

You'll come across 2 more knights. Kill both. Do not go
further, turn back to the path's start and go right this
time. When you reach the room with the wooden floor, you
can kill a knight on the left with the bow. He is one floor
below. There is also a monster on the right, but it is
untouchable by your arrows. Now go back where the knight
was and go down the stairs. Go through the door and move
till you find 2 levers. The one releases the big monster,
and the other a path to the outside guarded by a knight. I
did both. Go to the outside and go to the first path on the
left. It leads to a gian 16000 energy monster that is going
to get you around level 16!!! Then kill 2 more knight
coming in. Kill them and get out. Go to the opposite side
and use the key on the lock, by the wooden door. Move on,
kill a knight, and one more further on. Continue, and use
the key on the lock on your right. Go through the door.
Move to the northern part of the room. You'll find 2
knights. I suppose you know what to do with them.

At the far end, turn left and go up the stairs. After you
get up the stairs, turn around and inspect the wall
directly in front of you, high up the stairs. You'll see a
rune symbol/button on it. Shoot it with an arrow to make a
wall ahead open. Go through it and walk far ahead. When you
reach a trigger on your left, be cautious!!!! Use the
trigger to open a door ahead, leading to a rune. But there
is a trap in the path to the rune room. 2 sets of spikes
will hit you if you walk further. Pick up something (e.g. a
bone) from the floor and throw it at the trap. The trap
will hopefully start. While the spikes are getting back in
their default position after  hitting the bone you can run
past them, without being harmed. go into the room ahead. If
the door to the room closes down, dont worry, cause it is
timed. Do not make such foolish ideas to return back to
activate it again, cause you can always trigger a trigger
by shooting an arrow to it. If you aint got arrows, well,
then you must go and reactivate the trigger and be faster
this time! Go into the rune room and after the cutscene run
up again, where you shoot the rune button with the bow.
Dont worry, the trap will not activate again. Back where
you hit the rune button, continue along the path. Go left.
Kill 1 more knight here and go through the alcove. There is
an archer to your left. Kill him and go further forward.
When you reach the place where you can see 2 small bridges
to the left and right of your path, take the left one and
drop onto the platform. Use the lever. Down, follow the
road until the second grave.

Further on the path is a trap. Run towards the other side,
but stick to the center. If you are correctly placed, the
trap wont harm you. In the next room, lies the ice axe.
Take it and go back, to the platform with the lever. You
are going to meet a fire skeleton (which is dead easy with
the fire axe) and 3 normal skeletons on the way. When you
reach the platform, use the lever to go up. Up, go back a
couple of steps, where a locked door was next to some
spears, and jump on the roof on the left. Fall down to the
snowy place. Here you must kill approximately 15-20
skeletons in pairs. After you kill them, take the unholy
pedestal lying on a grave around and go up again using the
elevator nearby. Go where you took the platform to go to
find the ice axe again, but this time fall down in the snow
again. Here, kill as musch skeletons as before, and take
the 2nd pedestal lying again on a grave around. When all
skeletons are dead, a door around opens. Go through it. Go
up where you fell from before and go forward to the next
big room. Use each pedestal on its appropriate panel to the
left and right of this room. Go into the new room. After
the cutscene, fight the demon and take the opal.
---------------------------------------END OF CHAPTER------



Cross the bridge and kill the 2 enemies. Go into the small
cave and take the travel rations. Go out and go to the path
to the left of the bridge. Take the first left, and left
again to the stairs. Go on the path till you find an enemy.
Kill him and jump to the left. Kill the enemy there too,
and drop down. Kill the 2 enemies and the butcher, then get
up where you dropped from and follow the steps to the
right. Get up and kill the archer. Take the potion too.
Drop down where you were before and head left. Go by the
stairs and follow them. At a point, the floor brakes, and
you're falling onto spikes. If you have enough speed,
you'll end after the spikes. If you do, climb up again, and
return to this place and of course, jump over them. Follow
the path and drop down at its end. Now, read carefully!!

The path in front of you, leads to a set of staircases and
dungeons. You need to know only these: the only route
needed to finish the chapter is the northeastern one (from
the entrance). Explore the place of course, fighting will
give you experience needed to reach new levels of your
character. Go through the northeast path. After some time,
it will lead you to the balconies. There, beware of a
hidden archer. In the second-third room on the balconies,
on a table, you are going to find a glowing ball. take it.
Explore the possible paths. There are 2 obelisks: one
further on, and one directly below your position. Use the
glowind ball in the near of the two (the far one has an ice
hammer next to it). 2 doors, on your left and right, open.
Go through one of the two and take the purple key.  Go out.
You are going to fight the ice golem. Keep your distance,
and hit him only once per each contact for maximum safety.
No combos! After you've beaten him go through the path
northeast of where you entered. Kill the 13.500 monster on
the way. By the way, you should be around level 17 now.
Continue on the path after the moster and the stage is
------------------------------END OF CHAPTER---------------



Go forward. Kill the enemy. Stick close to the left wall
and go through the door on the left. Kill the enemy and
destroy the crates if you need energy. Get out again and go
through the door opposite of you. Kill the enemy and again,
destroy the crates only if you need energy. Else, drop into
the water and go through the door ahead. Kill the enemy
further on, go down the stairs on your left and kill 2
more. Kill the archer. Go down the next set of stairs and
kill one more archer above and forward of you. Then move
down the path to the right.

Further on, after the room on the left, kill the orc and 2
more enemies a little further more. Go through the 3
openings on the wall and climb up the wall to the right.
Drop down and kill the orc, then go thorugh the path on
your right as you dropped down. After the cutscene, go down
the stairs and drop into the water. Kill the emerging
zombies, and go back up where you killed the orc. Go to the
direction the orc came from and kill the 3 archers and the
enemy. Then go through the path at the northeast corner of
this place.

Explore the place. When you find an orc, kill it and break
the bricks on the orcs room, on the right. Take the potion
and use the lever further on. Go through the door and take
the big sword from the middle of the lake. Kill the golem
and take the full life potion located in a nearby room. Use
the lever on the wall (in the lake room) and go through it.
You are back in the 2 sets of stairs. Go down the second
set of stairs and use the key on the lock, further on, on
your left. Go down the stairs and kill the 4 enemies that
appear after a while, then continue going down the stairs.
When out, enter the door located directly opposite of you
and drop in the water. Use the lever and take the key. Go
through the door that opened by the lever, and at the
junction go straight. Go up the stairs, take the key and
after the cuscene, quickly use the key on the lock nearby
to get out! Now you got this key, go back where you met the
orc before and broke the bricks to take the big sword. Next
to the broken bricks in the lock. Go through the door and
go left. Down, kill the 2 enemies and take the full life
potion. Go back up, and take the right one.

Up, kill the orc and go out. Here, step on the middle block
of the 3 (the blocks of the castle's wall), holster you
weapon and run and jump towards the right wall. When there,
use the lever and get back down where you took the full
life potion before. Now, the door ahead is open. Go through
it. Explore and stay on the balcony. You are going to meet
3 skeletons. Kill them and go as north as you can, from the
entrance. Look for the rune button/trigger above you
somewhere. When you see it, shoot it with an arrow to open
the wall below the trigger. Go through the opening and go
as far as it goes.

When you reach the end of the path, do NOT step immediately
on the center of the room. Take out your bow and make sure
you have at least 4 arrows. Else, take the quiver lying
around. Step on the center of the room. You'll see the 2
heads around you going alive and having their eyes turn to
blue. You have 4-5 seconds to shoot with your arrows the 4
triggers around the room. If you fail, the head's eyes turn
red and begin the throw fire at you, killing you instantly.
If you succeed, a bridge extends. Cross it, take the rune
and go back up where you shot the rune trigger. Go down
each set of stairs you like (there is one left and one
right). Down, use the lever to go to the room behind the
locked door. Here, you'll notice that there are 6 pillars
and that one of them is raised and leaves a button in which
you can step on, visible. Step on it. Another pillar
raises, leaving its stepping button visible too. Do this
loop, until all of the pillars aer raised and stepped on.
Take the lem key and use it on the lock nearby. Kill the
golem. After it is dead, step on each block/pillar again,
till you find the one that can be pressed. When a certain
block of the 6 is pressed, its pillar comes back down
again. Then, while it is down, you must step on the correct
next one, or the previous pillars that came down will go up
again! The schematic is this:

  6                  2              4
  1                  5              3

. When all are pressed down, go where the golem came from.
Go through the path that opened by the pillars. You'll
notice that in the new room there is a central cylindrical
building and a small bridge to it. Go to that bridge and
look down. There are 2 more, each one on a level below the
previous one. Drop from one to the other till you reach the
floor again. Go to the door nearby. Its a butcher again!
Kill it and go where it came from. At the end of the path,
jump over the gap, and follow the path. Kill the 2
skeletons and the golem and follow the path till you get to
the big door. Here, dont go through the door yet, instead
take the left path and explore it. You will kill 2
skeletons and you are gonna take a full life potion. Then
return to the door. Go in and let the 4 skeletons hit each
other, so it is easy for you to kill the remaining ones.
Once the skeletons are dead, examine the graveston. An old
friend of yours hops in. Kill him too and the chapter is
----------------------------END OF CHAPTER-----------------



Go out of the temple and follow the path. Kill 2 enemies in
the tunnel and continue. The path will lead you to the
palace that can be seen from the outside of the tunel. Once
there, kill the enemy and the archer and go through the
only open door. Move further on. When you get to the
outside, kill an orc to the right, but watch for an archer!
Kill an enemy on the left and then go below the archer, and
go 3-4 steps back so you can see him. Then kill him with
arrows. Go through the wooden path nearby and kill an enemy
that approaches you.

Dont go into the room ahead, it has nothing to offer yet.
Instead, go out via the way the enemy came from before.
Watch out for an archer here too! Do the same.... Then go
to the left. Kill the enemy and the archer above and go
through the wooden path. Outside, kill the archer above.
Then go back out of the wooden path and go straight ahead
of where you killed the archer. There is a ramp on the
left. Follow it. Up the ramp, kill the enemy and go
forward, to the next area. There, go right and jump over
the gap, go forward and turn right. Kill the 2 orcs. Then
go throught the door on the left. Go up the stairs to meet
the archer and make him go to "sleep". Then go into the
room ahead to find a 500 potion and a quiver. Then go back
down the stairs. If you want, go down the next set of
stairs to take the combat axe. Go out and kill the archer
to your left. Go down the path where the orcs came from. Go
past the archer on the left and go through the door left.
In, take the bottle and go up the stairs. Up, kill the
enemy, and cross the wooden bridge to the second building.

This building has a hole on its up side, so jump to it and
when down, pick up the potion and use the lever to get out
back in the streets. Go into the room you got the empty
bottle from and go up the stairs again. Cross the bridge,
but this time, instead of dropping in the hole, look for
another possible jump area to the right. Over the river
gap, you can jump on the place the archers were pointing
you from! Jump there, use the 2 levers and explore the
place to kill all the nearby enemies. Finally, go into the
room ahead of where you fell down from the jump, the only
room with no door/gate. Go into this room and kill the
golem. Left of the room's entrance is a differently colored
part of the wall. Destroy it and go through it. After some
walk, you'll see a room with 6 rune tiles on its floor. you
must jump from rune to rune to get to the other side, else
if you step on a normal tile, you're going to fall to
infinity, to your death. it is fairly easy however. Once
you are at the other side, go into the rune room and take
the ianna rune.

Return back to the outside of the empty bottle room again
by going as far left of the place you landed when you
jumped, and jump from the ledge to the streets again. It is
easy trust me. When out of the bottle room, turn around and
go forward. Jump over the gap ahead and kill the orc
lurking on the right. Go in the path located forward and
left. You are back in to the big opening again. Go to one
of the 2 wooden paths you explored way before and locate
the one containing the pool of the sacred water. Use the
bottle while in the pool to fill it up with sacred water.
Now go exactly where you killed the orc before and use the
full bottle on the water altar in the centre of that place.
Now, go and jump across the river gap to the ledge again,
as you did before to go back to the streets after the rune,
but do not go far. Just to your left, there are some
torches. Take one and jump back to the streets again. Now
head on to the other wooden path, that has the sacred fire
and use the torch on the fire to light it up.

Now hurry to the fire altar, which is located north of this
wooden path's exit, up the ramp. use the torch on the fire
altar. Return to the big central area, the big opening as i
like to name it and you'll see 2 knights coming your way.
Kill them and go to the door that has opened, near the
place you met the knights. In, kill the knight to take his
key and use it on the lock in a nearby small room. Go
through the door and go forward. Kill the knight and
continue forward. Past the stairs right, and a little
further on, you'll find a 1000 potion. Go back where you
killed the knight. If one more is there, kill him too.
Finally, go up the stairs, forward and right of your
position. Up, turn right and go forward to reach the
balcony. There, kill the 2 knights and explore the balcony
to find a 500 potion in its other end. Finally, go down the
stairs north of where you entered the balcony from. Use the
lever and go through the foor. Cross the bridge and go into
the room ahead.

Although this room looks complex, there is only 1 exit,
just opposite of its entrance. It has also a hole on the
floor. First, drop through the hole on the ground and pick
up the crypt key. The golem north of you awakens. When it
is killed, 2 doors, leading to one of the wooden paths
each, are opened. Go up again, into the room you fell from.
Go through the other exit, opposite of the entrance, cross
the bridge and go into the room ahead.  Go up the stairs on
the left and kill the orc. Turn right, go forward, right
and left. You should be able to see 2 knights further on.
Kill them. Go forward and go down the stairs on your left.
Use the lever. Go back up and turn left. Go forward and
follow the path. Kill 1 more knight further on and go
right, to the outside. take the rhino club and go through
the door next to it. Go down the stairs and use the lever.
Go through the door. It leads to the balcony. Fall down  in
the center of the room below the balcony and go through the
unlocked door again.(located directly north of where you
fell from) Take the left road until you find the crypt
lock. Use the key on the lock and go through the door.

Move on, and explore the place. You will meet 5 zombies and
an exit northwest of the entrance. Kill all the zombies and
go northwest to through the exit. Dont forget to grab a
torch near the first bunch of zombies you met and light it
up, cause you aren't going to see anything. Go through the
exit and keep going on killing zombies (you must be around
level 18) and lighting up the bowls and the torches you
find every now and then. Finally, you are going to go into
a trap room. Quickly push the trigger behind you to lower
the ground. Go down the stairs that has just been lowered
and pick up the staff by the throne. Go back up and through
the door. With the staff in hand, you must return to the
big opening (the place where the 2 wooden paths are
accesible from, remember?) and use it in the hole in fron
of the giant door in the center of the place. So go there,
and place the staff in the hole. The door ahead opens. Go
through it. Approach the altar in the center of the room
and use it. 2 knights arrive. Kill the and go through the
door they came from. Go up the stairs and kill a knight on
the way up. Up, you can go either left or right. Each one
will do the same. Go through one and kill the knight there.
Take the green gem. Go back down, where you killed the 2
knights. Place the green gem in the empty gem hole on the
carving on the wall (notice that from the 2 gree beams, one
has only one "sub-beam", while the other one has 2!) Go to
the part of the wall where the one sub-beam comes from and
place the gem there. After it is placed, the beam goes to
the other eye too, and a door directly north of the place
you placed the gem opens. Go through it and go all the way
down. Down, approach the fire. Kill the 5 skeletons that
emerge and drop into the hole in the ground that opened
after the last skeleton's death. Down, take the key and go
on through the opening door. The only way out is to climb
on the rocks left of you, further on. Climb to the top and
jump to the other side. Move on till you reach the palace.
There, kill the twin golems (20000 HP) and the stage is
-------------------------------------END OF CHAPTER--------



 Go forward, up the stairs. Go through the door and up the
stairs. Follow the path till you find an orc and an enemy.
Kill both and go up each of the two set of stairs you want.
You'll see you can only drop down, as there is no other
way. Do it and kill the 2 enemies hiding down. Use the
lever on the wall and go through the open door. Walk the
path to its end and go down the stairs. Use the lever and
jump to the other side of the bridge. Kill the 2 knights
and take the 1000 potion. Move on the next room and jump
over the lava gap. Use the 2 triggers and go back over the
gap again. Now a door to your right is open. Go through it.
Kill the 3 zombies ahead and go up the stairs. Go right,
over the bridge. Kill the zombie and walk across the
bridge.  Move on, to the crates.

TRAP! The floor smashes, and you land a level lower. Dont
worry. Explore the place. You 'll soon find a fire
skeleton. Kill him and use the lever ahead. This lever,
when used, releases lava in this room, so to save yourself,
run to the point you landed after the floor smashed, and
climb on the stone for your safety. Up, take the crown and
go to the ledge, right through the alcoves. From there,
jump on the bridge to get back to the stairs. When you
reach the stairs, go up. Jump over the gap and go up again.
Go right, to the bridge again. Jump to the other side.
There, kill the 3 zombies and take the fire sword. Go back
to the stairs. Go up again and forward. Go into the room
ahead. 2 knights appear. Kill them and go up the stairs
located northeast of the entrance. Fall down to the right
of the stairs. Kill the huge moster and the knight. Climb
up and open the door nearby using the key you just got. Go
through the door and cross the bridge. When on the other
side, go down the stairs killing zombies, till you reach a
wooden bridge.

Cross it and go into the room ahead. Here, kill 3 skeletons
with caution, or do this: Step in, so they see you, and
then withdraw on the bridge, to have them all come from the
same direction. Then kill them one by one. When everybody's
dead, go into the room again and take the path leading
down, paying attention to not get hurt by the fires. Jump
over the gap and kill the 2 knights. Take their potions.
Then go at the end of the path. Climb up the wall on your
left and from there, jump to the ground north of the wall's
end. Go into the room and use the lever. A door ahead open.
Jump to it, with your weapon holstered.

When you land, you have 2 options :
1) to go left and fight a knight and a butcher together, or
2) to go right, step on the elevator, use the lever and
avoid them.
You can do some tricks too. Here is what i did. I went
right, and used the elevator. BUT, as the enemies hunt you,
the knight and the butcher came to the elevator too! The
monster is programmed to return to its position if it gets
away, while the knight does not. So, i went down with the
elevator, i went left and jumped over the lava to the place
we were before when we landed from the jump! The butcher
could not see me, so i went to the elevator again, to find
the knight alone!!!!! I killed him and then i went into the
butcher's hiding room to kill him too! The butcher CANNOT
pass through the 2 pillars in its room, so if you trap it
there, and you are in the opposite position, he wont be
able to hit you, and you can hit him once, let him attack
and loop till he is dead! When both the butcher and the
knight are dead, go take the elevator again and head left,
to the weaponstore. Open it, but leave, as there is nothing
really for the barbarian, unless you play the game with
another character. Go back to the elevator but this time,
go right of the elevator. You'll see an opening on the
wall, from which you can jump on some stone steps with lava
around them. Jump to the first, then to the second, and
loop this action untill you are to the other side of this
path. When on the other side, move forward to see a
cutscene. After the cutscene, 2 NOT 1, but TWO butchers
come to kill you. Do the same old trick of letting the one
hit the other and after a little time, there should be only
one remaining. Now you know what to do....

When both are dead, 2 doors open. Go through the door (each
will do) and follow the path, killing zombies till you
reach the stairs. Ignore the bridge right. Up, jump to the
other side and kill the fire skeleton. Move on till you
find him, if he is not there. Continue moving on the path.
At the very top of the stairs, kill the skeleton and cross
the bridge to fight one more. Jump over the gap and go to
the stairs ahead. Go down the stairs and follow the path
leading down. Make your way killing zombies till you find a
knight. When you kill him, you take the key for the door
further on. Go there and unlock it. Go through it and kill
the knight on the left. One more appears. Kill him too.
Move further on, and kill one more knight hidden right
behind the next door. Then go on, into the big room. 2
enemies from the past make their presence. Kill both, they
are very easy! Take the fire axe. Then move on to the big
open place ahead. The floor smashes and a fire golem
appears. It is fairly easy to kill now you are level 19 or
around anyway.
----------------------------END OF CHAPTER-----------------



Move on. Go to the big ladder ahead. Move on. When you find
the 2 triggers, use them and go through the doors. Each
will do the same. Kill the golem. If you want, you can trap
it in one of the two doors you came in from. It cannot pass
through! After ut us dead, go throught the door to the
right and move on. Left of the pillars ahead is a room with
a 1000 potion. Go right of the pillars. Here, find the
broken pillar and fall on it. Use your bow to hit the
trigger on your right, far ahead. 2 paths open up :

One back up to the balcony where you fell from and one
down, if you fall from the pillar. Go up to the balcony one
first. Go through the new path. Before you fall into the
water, you can go left. Go as far as you can, into the
altar room. There, a cutscene is shown, showing you
offering the first key. Go out and return to where you were
heading before.(through the balcony path, but in the water
this time).  Once you fall into the water, you'll notice
you can get either left up the stairs or forward. Go
forward. Do not proceed further when you can see the 2nd
altar room ahead, cause it is a trap. Throw an arrow to the
scull above and forward of you to disable this trap. Then
go to offer the second key. After the cutscene, go back to
the water, and this time go up the stairs. Move on.
In the temple, climb up the wall ahead and drop down. You
can only go right. Go right and down the stairs. Ahead, in
the big room with the fat pillars, go straight to find a
altar ahead - but no road to it!-. There are also 2
triggers, one left and one right. Use both and then quickly
turn around, and climb the wall to the left. After you are
up, run RUN RUN forward. Take the first right, and again
take the first right and then as forward as you can! The
bridge to the altar you saw previously extends itsleft to
get closer to you. Jump to it and walk to the altar. After
the cutscene, go through the newly destructed door ahead.
In this place you'll meet 2 enemies. Kill both. Then move
on ahead. You'll see that a group of  3 enemies get closer.
Kill these too and go on ahead. One more team of enemies
come to you. Kill these too, then finally get down the
stairs ahead, which lead you back before the temple. There
are 2 archers, one left and one right. Kill both with
caution and climb the wall ahead and drop down.

You are now back in the room with the broken pillar. 2
enemies await you. Kill them of course and go down the
stairs. Go forward and jump in the water. Kill the butcher
and take the power potion and the bracelet. Go up, into the
room with the broken pillar again. Climb up to the balcony
and go left. Kill the 2 enemie there, and return to the
balcony and go forward. Watch for an archer above you. If
you are not in a hurry, kill him. Else, go to the stairs
ahead. 2 orcs salute you. Kill both and take the full life
potion! Now go into the room ahead and climb the wall and
fall into the water. QUICKLY run to the north, to the place
with the many pillars, to get protection from the 3 archers
on top of the building. Sadly, the pillar's area, happens
to be inhabited by a 30000 butcher!!!!!!! Kill it and move
on. You can only go in one direction anyway. Ahead, lies
the final altar. Go to it. When you past the first set of
doors, they fall down. Now, liste carefully: There are 2
switches. One left and one right. The right one opens the
door to the alter, while the left one, keeps a purple beam
by pointing at you, and it sends it somewhere else! Of
course, as you may have already imagined, this beam is far
from friendly! So, we have the left switch pressed in order
not to get killed by the beam.

If  you look closely to the pillars that keep the walls
from falling down, you'll see that the wooden pillar next
to the left switch is already in a bad condition. So, hit
it continuously, until the wall's "ingredients" fall on the
switch and keep it permanently pressed! Just be sure you
are not to close when they fall..... Now head to the altar
to see the 4rth offering cutscene. Return back through the
first set of doors that fell down as you walked below them.
Go forward through the open door and jump to the other
side. Drop into the hole on the floor. Dissapoint the 3
skeletons that want your head for souvenir ahead, and move
on. Finally, you'll end in the water, with a trigger on
your left and another on your right. Use both and climb up
the parts of the wall that has benn lowered. Further on,
you'll meet a level 25 knight. Kill him and go further on.
A butcher and a knight come together for a surprise party.
Kill both and go on. Further on, you 'll meet 2 skeletons
and a golem in your way. Kill all and continue moving on.
You'll finally come to the door that hides the blade of
darkness!! But as usual, some jerk must ruin the moment.
This time it is a red knight. This is the strongest knight
you'll ever meet. But he is very slow. Which gives you the
oportunity to use the special attack of the rhino club
(left + attack, left +attack again) which will drain at
least 2000 from him for each hit! After he is dead, go
through the big door to finallo take the blade!!!!!!!!!!!
-------------------------END OF CHAPTER--------------------



When you start, take out the blade of darkness and inspect
it. If it is glowing, and you can perform its special
attacks (press F11 and go to the leftmost tab to find them
out) you have taken ALL the six runes before you took the
sword. Else, i STRONGLY suggest you dont go further into
the game, but load the game in the previous level again and
finish the stage again, so when you have a choice of where
you want to go on the world map, to go to the place which
rune you are missing. It is not to difficult to spot stages
in which you have missed runes, as only places that have
rune not collected yet are selectible. In other words, if
you can select another stage(s) in the world map than the
TOWER OF GUL RAK, you are missing a rune in each! In my
guide I have ALL the rune locations combined in the
walkthrough, so you must really have played the game
without paying attention to the faq at all.
(except if you wanted help in only a singe point...).

 Anyway, on to the faq for the 2nd last stage of the game.
Go forward. When you reach the fire, 2 enemies come to you.
Kill both. Go close to the fire, just to meet one orc with
a desire to die! Kill him too and go through the left path,
paying attention to the archers above. When you reach
outside again, you have 2 enemies to kill, but also, one
archer to avoid :). Ignore them and go through the path
northeast to avoid the archer. This path is dead end, it
only serves as a place to lure the silly enemies there. Do
so, and kill them without being scared of the archer. When
they are dead, go into the room ahead and kill the knight
inside. Watch for an archer located on the stairs ahead!
Approach quickly and carefully and kill him. Go up the
stairs. Kill one more archer and get to the top of the

When you reach the circular arena like room, 2 butchers
approach you. Kill both and the knight that comes after
them. Then go down the path the butchers came from and take
the 1000 potion. Return to the arena and get up the stairs,
throught the small open door and kill the knight on top.
Use the lever and drop down to go through the door on the
left. Follow the path till the stairs. Go up the stairs and
go forward. The door behind you falls down. Its a trap! You
must kill 3 enemies and an orc. When everybody is killed, a
door on the right opens. Go through it. Here, you must kill
a golem, but stick to the left wall to avoid being hit by 2
archers (as always, one on the left and the other on the
right). Kill the golem (you should be level 20 by now) and
if you want, kill the archers too. Then go through the door
opposite and right of the room's entrance. Move down the
path and kill the knight. Go to the outside and kill one
more knight ahead. Then go through the path on the right.
Go up the stairs, and kill 3 knights on the left and one on
the right (good luck...!). Go ahead in the room with the
staircase and  kill 2 more knights. You cant go up the
stairs, so go through the path right of them. A knight
hides himself under the second alcove on the right. Kill

Move into the next room. Eat the meat. Move to the next
room. Here, hide below the alcoves to the right to avoid
the archer's arrows  and pickup all the arrows you can!(if
you killed the archers in the golem's room before. Else
these will be still alive!). Then go below the archer and
bow him till he is dead. Move to the second next room to
find a butcher. Kill it. After killing the freak, go to the
elevator at the end of the path and use the lever to get
up. Up, go into the next room and take the potion below the
stairs, then go up the stairs. Go into the next room, and
go through the door to the right. The door shuts behind you
and two steel golems appear. Kill both and go through the
opening door. Go right and up the stairs when you meet
them. Up, go again into the door on the right on the next
room. Actually it is a one-way path filled with fire
skeletons. Kill and walk, till you find the altar with the
fires around it. Skeletons will be rising from the fires.
After killing 4-5 couples of them, the room lightens up a
bit and you can continue exploring. Climb on the shortest
pillar and jump from one to the other tiil you reach a
door. Take the crown from a pillar on the way. Move down
the path. In the big room, you are gonna fight a fire golem
and 2 demons. Kill them and exit through the door to the
lava. Jump to the room with the stairs and go up the

You are going to cross 2 bridges, one after the other. On
each, there will be 2 fire skeletons. After you cross them,
you'll enter a room in which you'll need to kill 6 (!)
demons..... When they are dead, go through the open door.
Here, you must jump and climb from one platform to the
other WITHOUT falling into the lava! Just up of the last
platform is a 1000 potion. 2 500 and 1 full life potions
are further down..... And more further down, you 'll meet
the necromancer, who will meet you to a friend of  him.
Just be patient and hit him once at a time. He is slow too.
When he is dead, follow the path till you reach the room
with the necromancer inside. After a cutscene, you have to
kill 6-8 skeletons in pairs.

After the skeletons are dead, the necromancer himself
tries to fight you. But he is protected by a magic shield,
represented as a coloured circle around him when he is hit.
Its starting color is blue, which means his protection is
at 100 percent, and its weakest color is red which means
that his protection is soon to wear off. You must attack
him until his protection is off. While the protection is on
he attacks you in 2 different ways, depending on your
distance to him. If you are far away, he will throw some
green balls and if you are close he will throw a magical
arc to you. While his protection is on, he will stay on his
position until you get too close to him. When you do, he
will change position. Both his attacks can be avoided by
staying behind a wall, so they hit the wall instead of you!
you can do 2 things to make his protection wear off. The
first is to use the second special attack of the ianna
sword while you have him locked. With 2 hits of this attack
his protection is off. The other thing you can do if you
didnt collected all the 6 runes (since the special effects
of the sword will only acivate if you got all 6 of them and
return to the temple to use them AND id you are level 20)
is to keep hiding behind the pillars opposite of his
position and get out occasionaly to throw arrows at him.
Empty you quiver(s) at him in every attempt and then get
close to him to force him change position so you can
collect all of your arrows again. Repeat until his
protection is off.......it will take 5-6 attempts. If you
dont even have arrows.......then the only thing you can do
is to try to catch him before he dissapears if you get
close to him and hit him as hard as you can and loop all
this thin again and again. WHAT TO DO WHEN HIS PROTECTION
IS OFF : When his protection is off, he will start moving
normally to your position. While he is away from you, he
will throw VERY deadly magical arcs to you. When he is
close to you, he will only do 2 kind of attacks. He will
either hit you physically or he will throw his weapon like
a boomerang and he will wait to take it back. THIS IS YOUR
CHANCE! When you does this thing, hit him with the ianna
sword by using the simple barbarian combo that hits left
and then right (left+attack, right +attack). After a few
attacks he should be finally dead. PHEW!!!!!! GOOD
LUCK!!!!!!!     Depending on if you collected all the 6
runes you'll either see the lame ending and the game will
end here, or you will be sent to the next stage.
-----------------------------END OF CHAPTER----------------



Follow the path. Cross the bridge and follow the path. When
you jump over the gap, you are being shown a cutscene.
After the cutscene kill the 2 knights and go in the room
ahead. Go left and at the end of the path take the key and
kill the 2 golems. Go back in the previous room and go
forward. Go down the stairs. Down, kill the huge monster
and follow the path to the left. Kill a skeleton, go
forward, kill one more and jump over the gap. Kill one more
skeleton, move forward and jump to the other side. Kill the
butcher and follow the path right.

At the end of it, climb quickly the wall, cause after a few
seconds, the whole path collapses. Immediately after
climbing, kill a skeleton archer ahead, and a knight a
little further down. After the knight is killed, one more
butcher comes to ask why. "Tell" him why and follow the
path. Jump over the gap and jump down ahead. One more
butcher is here. Kill it and jump over the gap ahead.
Follow the path. When you are close to the locked door, one
more skeleton comes. Kill him and unlock the door. Go
through it. Go down the stairs. Follow the path, jump over
the 2 gaps and go down the stairs. Down, kill 2 skeletons,
a normal and a fire one. Kill both and go up the stairs to
the right. Jump over the gap and kill the knight ahead. 2
more come. Kill them too. In one of the rooms you will find
the doom axe! Go back down the stairs and unlock the door
on the right. Go through it. Go down the stairs and step on
the cross like floor and take the vampire key. A golem
falls down! Kill it by using the doom axe's special move.
Only 2 hits needed.

When it is dead, go through the other path, not the one you
came from. Follow it, there is no complex paths or battles.
You'll come to a huge wooden door. Open it by using the key
on the lock next to it. Go through the door. Here, you can
only go some stairs ahead, so do it. When the camera
changes to 3rd perspective, move quickly forward. Be
careful not to be squashed by the door shutting fast behind
you. Run forward. When you pass through this point, you'll
see you are back, around the big wooden door area! Get down
to the door again. You are going to have to get rid of 4
skeletons on the way. Enter the room behind the big door
again. Go close to the center of the room. A friend from
the old appears. Kill him and go down the left stairs.
Follow the path. Go to the outside. Kill the demon. 2 more
appear. Kill these too. The door ahead opens. Go through
it. 4 skeletons are coming! Kill them too. Go further on.
This time, you got to kill 2 red knights!!!!!  When they
are dead, follow the path and jump on the elevator. It will
start going down once you step to the center of it. One
more red knight appears. Kill him too and follow the path.
You'll have to fight a 30000 creature too on your way. When
it is killed follow the path again. It will lead you to a
tomb with an old man on it. After the cutscene, the man
combines himself with a moster coming from behind. They
become a 80000 energy moster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is easy
to defeat through. The only thing you should watch is the
purple ray he throws at you, and his projectiles. Both can
of course be avoided by staying behind a wall. When he is
killed its game over, with one of the DULLEST, LOUSIEST AND
WORST LAME ENDINGS I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!! #@%#%#[email protected]
ARGHHHH! Even zelda on the gameboy beats this ending (and
the game in my honest opinion)!!!!!
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
==================END OF THE GAME====================

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