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                           BLINX: THE TIME SWEEPER
                                MICROSOFT XBOX
 ~(FAQ/WALTHROUGH)~~(VERSION 2.3)~~(By:Meyerboy14)~~([email protected])~

                          INFORMATION ABOUT THIS FAQ
 This walkthrough is for the amazing time controlling platforming game for the
Microsoft Xbox entitled Blinx: The Time Sweeper.  This FAQ is intended to help
those who are lost in the breath taking worlds in Blinx.  So if you just need
to know what to do next in the Deja-Vu Canals, or if you don't know where to
find the next secret medal, or if you just need to know what I kind of sweeper
you should get. If so, then you've come to the right place.

                               GAME INFORMATION
 As explained above Blinx: The Time Sweeper is an amazing game.  It's probably
one of the most innovative games on the market as well. Using the power of the
Xbox HDD (Hard Disk Drive), the game records EVERYTHING you do. This leads to
the time control aspect. Blinx can rewind what happened last and rebuild a
bridge so he can safely crossover, or pause the game and stop everything while
you move a swinging axe out of the way or to get free hits on your enemy. Very
cool indeed.


 Blinx is a Time Janitor for the planet B1Q64. The factory he works at
distributes time around the world. The time comes from little crystals
called...well...time crystals. Time crystals are scattered throughout the
world, and it is up to Blinx and his fellow time sweepers to collect those time
crystals before they turn into time monsters (trust me, its not silly). Well, a
rowdy (see: Annoying) bunch of gang members, known as the Tom-Tom Gang has
stolen all the time crystals, and they are turning into monsters on the world.
And gasp...get this, they stole a princess while they were at it (I know you
didn't see it coming). Well, Blinx sees this babe on the big screen when the
whole city is in panic, and kinda falls in love with her (which is seen by the
fact that he has hearts floating above his head. So Blinx, who ultimately is
probably using the wrong head, decides that he shall be the hero of this world.
(Taken from my review of the game).

 This game has an ESRB rating of E for Everyone
 -Mild Violence

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
1. -- Copyright Information

2. -- History and Updates

3. -- Game Basics

4. -- Walkthrough

        -Time Square
        -Deja vu Canals

5. -- Sweeper FAQ

6. -- FAQ Users

7. -- Credits

                             COPYRIGHT INFORMATION
 This FAQ is copyrighted (c) 2002 by Meyerboy14. Any reproduction of this
FAQ without the author's permission is forbidden. If you wish to post this FAQ
on your websites contact me at [email protected] If you wish to use this
FAQ for your personal and private use only, then a printed copy may be made.

  {October 12, 2002} Started the structural layout for the FAQ and added the
table of contents and copyright information.  Started some of the walkthrough
for Time Square. Also added game basics and sweeper FAQ.

  {October 17, 2002} I was sick today so I finished all of level 1 in the FAQ.

  {October 18, 2002} Started some of level 2 and fixed a lot of spelling errors.
Also added people to the Thank You section and added people that can use my FAQ.

                                  GAME BASICS
 If you have just bought the game and you do not know what to do and even how
to start a new profile this is the section of the FAQ that you need.

                             Creating A New Profile

 To create a new game is very simple. First go to the menu that says "New Game".
There will come up a menu with little boxes for you to choose. These are the
different games for you to save. You can save upwards to 3 games. Select one
and a cutsceen will ensue with the beginning of the game.


Button A--Jump. Tap again to double jump.

Button B--Hold down to bring up Time Powers menu. Also exits out of some menus.

Button Y--Nothing.

Button X--Hold suck things up and tap to shoot things out of the vacuum.

Right Trigger--Tap to shoot things out of vacuum.

Left Trigger--Skip through the stages menus

Right Control Stick--Lets you control the camera.

Left Control Stick--Move Blinx around the screen.

D-pad--Used to navigate some menus.

See how simple it is?

                                Time Crystals
Shape                 Color                   Power

Half Moon             Blue                    Pause
Star                  Yellow                  Slow-Mo
Cross                 Purple                  Rewind
Diamond               Green                   Record
Pyramid               Orange                  Fast Forward
Heart                 Red                     Extra Life/Retry


First and foremost create a new game. If you need to know how go to Game Basics

                                  TIME SQUARE


-Level 1

 Ahh, welcome to your first level. This is probably your most strait forward
level in the game. You will get pop up screen telling you how you should do
things for a lot of the time. Read these if your new to the game, it will help
you out a lot.

 You first will enter the level from the time portal. First you should see some
time crystal. 3 pauses and a slow-mo as a matter a fact. Grab them all and you
will get a pause.

 When you enter, seconds later a statue will fall over. This is suppose to
happen. Just walk past it and ignore it. You should come by some trash cans.
Sweep them up so you can use them against your enemies. Sweep up two of them.
Once you get out, you will see your first enemy. It looks kinda like a bouncing
M&M. Spew some trash out at it and you will kill it with a single hit.

 You will see a button right next to the bouncing beast. Jump on it and the
door will open. There should be a monster not to far away from the entrance.
Hit it and move on.

 Once you hit him, move further down the level. You will come up upon another
button. Step on it and yet another door will open. Make your way through the
door and you will come up on a zigzagging path. Walk down it and you will come
up on another one of them bouncing M&M's. Suck up some trash and hit him.

 The time portal will now open up and you are free to go through. Collect some
more trash and fill up your sweeper and you'll get a few more gold.

 Jump on the portal and leave the level. Congrats. First level on stage 1 is


  Secret Cat Medals:

   --Gold Medal: To get the gold medal, stand on top of the head of the fallen
statue. If you have a rewind, then rewind time and rebuild the statue. It will
rebuild itself and put you at the top. Once its fully rebuilt, jump and get the

   --Silver Medal: The silver medal is under the collapsed ruins of the statue.
To get it, you can either rewind time and rebuild the statue, or pause time and
prevent it from falling.

   --Red Medal: The red medal is behind the big 16 ton weight in the second
room. You need a powerful sweeper to get it. Just suck it up and it will be
right behind the weight. This also leads to a secret short cut.

 Time For A+ Ranking: Under 1 minute.

-Level 2

 OK, as always, when you enter ANY level, suck up all the trash you can near
the beginning. You will need this for ammo against the DUN DUN DUN!!! TIME
MONSTERS! OK, suck up the trash and be on your way. You should see 3 pause
crystals, pick em up if ya need em. You should see a series of ramps right
after that. Now these here ramps are some of the most difficult aspects of the
game. It takes precise timing to get it right! No actually, all ya gotta do is
walk down them, simple enough. Near the end of the ramp, you will see some gold
crystals. I recommend you pick these up for money. Further more, you will see
another one of them bouncing M&Ms (which by the way, are called Chrono Blobs,
just incase you hate to call them M&Ms). Hit him with some garbage and be on
your way through the arch.

 Now, as soon as you get through the arch, you will see 2, count em, 2 Chrono
Blobs. But wait a minute, one of them looks a little different you say? Well,
yes, that blue/purple one is a Spike Blob. These guys are a tad bit more
difficult than your average M&M. If you stand next to them to long, they will
turn into a ball of spikes and roll into you. I recommend, that if he's not
facing you, then you should probably just hit him in the back with some garbage.
But if he does come at you for some reason, then all you have to do is simply
side step away and he will roll past you. But seconds later he will turn around
and do it again. So hit him with garbage quick.

 After you've taken care of him, you will see yet another green Chrono Blob.
Kill him, as always. Now, you should see some barrels that look as if though
they are coming out of nowhere and rolling past you. Now don't worry about
these things, they can run into you and you won't get hurt. Just jump over them.
Now you should see a creature that looks like he has a cane and is on a ball.
This guy is called a Dust Herder Watch out! He shoots garbage at you. But
luckily, it takes one hit to kill him from anything. Just hit him and don't
take to long, and you should be OK. Go up the ramp and further on your way.
Note: This ramp has barrels on it to, so just walk past them and jump over them
and you should be fine.

I'll just calmly walk over and...AIIIIIIIEEE!!! Yes, a little man on a hover
bike pops out of the ground from nowhere! Now, this guy is pretty easy really.
He flies around the room trying to hit you, but sadly, he usually never even
tries to come at you. Just stay on the opposite side of him and hit him with
some trash. He doesn't stay immortal for to long, so you can almost hit him
right after the first time. It just takes 3 hits and he runs away. Now when hes
running, your at a loss, you can't kill him so don't waste your time. Just let
him run through the portal.

 Now, to the left of a fallen statue in the same room, you should see a row of
Rewind crystals. Follow them and you will see a button. Simply jump on the
button and a door opens. Go into the open door and you will see two more time
monsters. A guy on a ball, and a Spike Blob. Kill them like you do the others
and those should be your last two time monsters. Near where the guy on the ball
was standing, you should see a button. Step on it and the door right next to
the open door should open. Go back to the room with the guy on the hover bike
and go through the other door. Go up a few ramps and enter the Time Portal and
you will have finished the level. HOORAY!


  Secret Cat Medals:

   --Gold Medal: In all honesty, I have not found this one yet. So sue so me.
If you know where it is, email me.

   --Silver Medal: Near the flying pig on the motorcycle. To get it, you will
have to stand on the short, flat piece of statue that appears to be away from a
lot of other things. Stand on it, and reverse time. Now jump, and you should
get the medal. If not, keep reversing time and try, try again.

   --Red Medal: Remember that first switch that you open the first door with?
Well its in PLAIN open sight right next to the switch. It may be a tad bit
difficult to see, but a second grader could find it.

 Time For A+ Ranking: Under a minute and thirty seconds.

-Level 3

 Again, when you enter this level, suck up trash. Now you should see a few
ramps down the line that has barrels rolling down it. But this time, Artoon
through something else into the mix, DYNAMITE BARRELS! *gasp*. Do not worry
though, just don't touch them and don't get within blasting range where they
explode against the walls and you should be just fine.

 Now hightail it up the ramps and you should be on a roof. There is a little
platform leading to yet another roof with those strange rolling barrels. Just
jump to the next roof where a Chrono Blob is, and hit him with garbage. Now you
on yet another room, you will see a guy that looks like a colorful hot air
balloon. And just like the Dust Herders, they shoot garbage. To hit them, your
gonna have to jump in the air and shoot them with garbage. They are easy to
kill though and they only take one hit. Shoot him and be on your way to *gasp*
yet another roof.

 Collect time crystals if you need them, but on another roof right across from
this one, you will see a Dust Herder, shoot him and go onward to the 3, tiny,
roofs that looks like little ramps. At the end, there will be a Chrono Blob.
You know what to do. To the right of the (hopefully now dead) blob, you will go
to another roof. This one has those a balloon person and a Chrono Blob. Kill
both of them and you will have finished off all he time monsters in this area.
Jump to the roof, and on to another with barrels and exploding barrels. Dodge
those and you will see the platform with the time portal. This level is
officially marked as complete.


  Secret Cat Medals:

   --Gold Medal: Behind the 60 ton weight near the Time Portal. Once you suck
it up (you need the professional grade sweeper), you will come to a room with a
platform on it that goes up and down. Stand on the platform and hit Fast
Forward. You will rocket up and grab the cat medal. In all honesty, this is
about the only time you ever use FF in the game.

   --Silver Medal: On the first roof behind the 16 ton weight. Suck it up and
there will be a little room behind it with the Silver Cat Medal

   --Red Medal: On an edge of the roof near the Dust Herder. Go to the very top
and it will be on a tiny platform on the other side of it.

 Time For A+ Ranking: Under a minute and thirty seconds.


 Low and behold, this is your first boss of the whole game. A giant Dust Herder
looking creature that has no ball to stand on. Now, he may seem intimidating,
but he's actually quite easy. Before you start, it would probably be a good
idea to have some time powers equipped with you so you can get some easy hits
in on him.

 Now when this boss starts, he will just bounce around the room, this is easy
to dodge as long as you stay on the other side of the room. He will eventually
shoot garbage at you. This is your chance, suck the garbage up and shoot it out
at him while he is standing still.

 Other times, you can pause time or something when he is jumping around and you
can hit him with some trash and get a free hit. That is about all there is to
this boss really. Just hit him 3 times and you will have taken him down. Now be
sure to collect all the gold he drops, it will be worth your time. Enter in the
time portal when you are done and you will have beaten the boss.


  Secret Cat Medals:

 Time For A+ Ranking: Under 1 minute.

                                DEJA VU CANALS


-Level 1

  OK, when you start out here, you'll be in a whole new world. IMO, this is one
of the best worlds in the game. So yea, suck up trash around you for some ammo.

  When you venture forth, you'll see 2 sets of "stairs" (or really friggen huge
stairs) and 2 balloon guys. Shoot them both of them and be on your way.
Remember, collect crystals as needed.

  Wade your way through the water and come up to a floatable M&M. Shoot the
little guy and then go up to the platform above the water. Here you will meat a
frog looking creature called a Keropper (the hell do they get these names).
These guys can be destroyed one of two ways.

1)	Suck up a bomb and spit it back out at them, they will suck it up and
will be destroyed in 1 hit.
2)	Find a way to get behind them and hit them with garbage from the back.
This will usually take 2 hits to accomplish.

 Once your done with this, continue on. The water here has a strong current and
will be more difficult for you to move in. Jump from dock to dock in order to
get to the other side. Once there, you will see a high ledge with a ramp, jump
up there and you will meet a Dust Herder at the top. Kill him off and continue.

 But wait, NOOOOOOO! The bridge has fallen and you can't jump across. Well,
sorry kids, this is the end of the game. Hate to tell ya, its been fun.

 No actually, there is a reason why all those rewind crystals are around. Grab
em and rewind time. The bridge will magically rebuild its self allowing you to
cross. OH HAPPY DAY! Once you do get across, you will be met by two Chrono
Blobs. Suck up some trash and kill them. On the same platform, you should see a
button. Hit the button and a member of the Tom-Tom Gang will fly over on the
hover bike with princess in hand. Don't worry, you can't kill him anyhow. But a
door will open. Go down the stairs and you will be met with a different colored
Chrono Blob. The only real difference between the green ones and this yellowish
green one is that it takes a few more hits to kill this one off. No matter,
just two hits and he is dead.

 Go through the door and continue down and you will have meet the Time Portal.
This level is done.


  Secret Cat Medals:

   --Gold Medal: This medal is a bit tricky to get, so if anyone knows a better
way, tell me and I'll put you in the Thank You section. Here is what I did.
Wait for the dust herder in this level to shoot out a tin barrel with sticks
coming out of the top. Go across the bridge and you should see the cat medal
way up high to the left. Suck up another piece of trash and shoot it directly
at the wall. Now get in front of the trash and between the wall and shoot the
tin barrel at the wall. It should bounce and hit the other piece of trash. You
should now be able to stand on top of the barrel and double jump to the top of
the ledge and you will be able to get the medal.

   --Silver Medal: You need the Ice Sweeper for this one. Go to the very last
room with the time portal in it. You should see a chain of gold going down to a
pit (at the left of the room). Go down there and there will be a puddle to
water and a plate covering something up. Turn on your Ice Sweeper and suck up
the water. This will open the plate and you will be met with a treasure chest
at the bottom. Shoot trash at it and it will open, revealing the Silver Cat

   --Red Medal: Near the first Chrono Blob. It's a passage that is covered up
by nuts and stuff. You can't miss it.

 Time For A+ Ranking: Under a minute thirty.

That is it for now, but there is more on the way when I have time.

                               SWEEPER FAQ
 Here is the part where you can get info on the sweeper. I don't know
everything about every sweeper, but email me if you know something about one of

 Normal Sweeper: What you start with in the game. A generic sweeper.

 Aladdin Sweeper: A sweeper that can sweep up sand and expose treasure under
them. Its also quite fast.

 Spiral Sweeper: Has a spiral in the center. It is pretty fast.

 Star Sweeper: Can suck up big objects but not all of them. A good sweeper.

 Fire Sweeper: A sweeper that can sweep up fire. Useful against some enemies.

 Ice Sweeper: Can sweep up water and cause ice damage to fire enemies, killing
them faster.

 Skull Sweeper: Helps do damage to the level 4 boss.

 Professional Grade Sweeper: As far as I know now, the best sweeper in the
game. Sucks up big objects and fast too.

                                 FAQ USERS
This is a list of sites that I've given permission to, to use my FAQ. If you
want to use it, then just email me. Its not that hard and its also illegal if
you do so otherwise.


If you see someone that is not on this list that is using my FAQ, then email me
and I will deal with it.

-Thanks to Ceej for posting this FAQ on Gamefaqs.

-Thanks to Artoon and Microsoft for creating this wonderful game.

-If you send me some info, I will be glad to put your name here.

-I would also like to thank myself for being bored and writing this FAQ for all
those lost in the game.

-And thanks to all these people who helped me out.
 Rickey Allen Smith
 David Auld
 Brad Cable

[email protected]

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