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--Colony Wars: Successful Mission FAQ/Walkthrough--
By: Mike Ram (AKA SOFChance)
E-Mail: [email protected]

...To my good friend Enigmaopoeia. Her "Did You Notice?" guide to LUNAR SSSC
was the first faq that I really involved with. Enig's high praise for my
submissions really meant a lot to me, and gave me enough confidence to do this
guide. Thanks, Enig! Luv ya!

--Table Of Contents--
1. Updates
2. Welcome
3. Legalities
4. My Review
5. The Basics
  A. History
  B. Controls
  C. Your HUD
  D. Weapons
  E. Basic League Information System Use
  F. Intro Movie
6. Walkthrough: Training Missions
7. Walkthrough: Campaign Missions (Inc)
8. Cheat Codes / Game Shark Codes
9. Your Submissions (Inc)
10. Smell What The Ram Is Cooking
11. Final Comments (Inc)

1. --Updates--
**Next update: About 2 weeks? Planning on Act 2 at least.**

-Updated on 02.10.01: Through Act 1. Cheat codes up! Also added some more sites
that host my FAQ. Finally, I went over everything again and re-typed a lot of

-Public Release on 02.01.00: Everything through the Training Missions.

-Created on 01.10.00 (!), continuously updated through 02.01.00.

2. --Welcome--
I'd like to welcome you all to this Colony Wars (successful mission only)
faq/walkthrough. So why am I writing this? Well, first off, as far as I know,
there are no faqs for this game on the internet. Also, it would be a shame for
such a great and immersive game not to have a faq.

This guide is made to help you successfully complete all the missions and get
the best ending in the game. While this faq may never be completed due to my
lack of skillz (LOL), time, etc., I do hope to get as far as possible.

As this is my first faq EVER, please excuse and errors which might occur. I am
very meticulous in my work, but even the most observant typist makes errors
sometimes. If I DO make errors, grammatical or gameplay-related, or if you have
something to say, positive, negative, or otherwise, feel free to e-mail me.
Also, if I get stuck and you have advice that could help me, that would be most
appreciated. I try to check my e-mail a few times a week.

This faq will be updated only when I feel like it, and when I have time. Also,
if there is a lack of interest in this faq, it will dampen my spirits and force
further delays. Of course, the opposite is also true. Regardless, I plan on
doing some other faqs in the future.

3. --Legalities--
Cheat Code Central................................{www.cheatcc.com}
PSX Codez.........................................{www.psxcodez.com}

 These are the sites I am currently allowing this faq to be on. If you want
this faq on your site, you'll have to e-mail me first. If I decide to allow it
on your site, you must include the ENTIRE text of the faq as well as give FULL
CREDIT to ME. You better recognize!

-This entire faq is a (c) Copyright 2001 by Mike Ram.  Don't steal, alter, or
sell this faq for personal gain. This faq must be used for private use ONLY. In
that fashion, it can be electronically reproduced. It can't be reprinted or
displayed in a magazine, newspaper, online message board, etc.

4. --My Review--
This is my short review of Colony Wars.

Story (7/10): Basically, this game takes place in the future, where you are a
young pilot fighting against a powerful enemy. That all sounds a little cliche,
until you get deeper into the story. In this game, you're not fighting for
Earth; you're fighting against it. Earth's naval forces are destroying entire
solar systems to continue the harvest of resources for a failing ecosystem on
Earth. The evil Czar leads these abominable attacks with an iron fist. The
alliance you play for in the game is the League of Free Worlds, which is
fighting against the Czar and his forces. Every mission in the game is preceded
by a mission briefing, and there is constant verbal communicaton, even in the
missions themselves. This all adds up to an immersive, if still somewhat
sparse, story. Still, you're not playing this game so much for the story as you
are for the gameplay, right? Which brings me to:

Gameplay/Control (8/10): Great and smooth gameplay. There is a good variety of
missions to perform, everything from protecting transports to attacking bases.
In some cases, you even have to do the opposite to your opponents. For
instance, in one mission you have to defend some convoys, but later you have to
destroy some while the enemy defends them, just like you did (Confused yet?).
Every three missions, you can save your game. This, in my opinion, isn't great
because you can get stuck on the third mission and fail it, and instead of
letting you play it over, the game just puts you in the next mission. This
means you have to play through the previous missions again. Okay, I admit it,
it sucks, but it's not so bad playing the missions over because they're fun.
But it does suck when you fail a mission and you can't replay it! The game also
has multiple endings based on how you perform in the missions. Fail a few, and
the game ends quickly. Succeed, and continue. KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS GUIDE WILL

Every aspect of the control setup lets you feel like you're actually in a 3D
environment. You can fly around large cruisers or chase small fighter craft,
all with the same ease. At first, the controls seem a little disorienting, but
it only takes a few minutes of tinkering around to adapt to the setup. The only
real problem I have with the setup is the lack of a Z-axis. While it's
impossible to get it into a game like this without sacrificing ease of control,
I sometimes found it hard to target small areas on some large objects without
flying perpendicular to them and then making a right-angle turn. If that sounds
confusing, it is, but play the game and you'll get what I mean. Finally, the
Dual Shock controller is almost a must for this game. While the rumble feature
doesn't work in the game, the analog control stick make piloting your craft a
lot easier. Just make sure you don't get distracted by the sights and sounds of
your craft:

Graphics (9/10): Psygnosis games are known for their killer graphics (Played
Wipeout 3?), and their tradition continues with this game. I knew from the time
I first saw the loading screen that I was in for a treat, and the game doesn't
disappoint. All the ships and other craft look awesome, whether they're flying
around or getting blown up. There are a few minor qualms, though. For instance,
the circular targeting reticle is a bit dark, which makes it hard to target
enemy craft sometimes. And some space phenomenon look a bit grainy. However,
even with all the small nitpicks, the graphics will still dazzle the eye. And
what about the sounds?

Music/Sound (10/10): The music in this game really sets the mood for each area.
I noticed that the same theme gets used for several missions. The thing is,
most of the time you won't even notice the music. It's very subtle, but fits
the game well.

Soundwise, this game IS AWESOME. Every mission briefing has a great voice. The
same goes for the interface in the game. Even during missions, several voices
will speak to you about your status. This might have been distracting (but
still realistic) had there not have been subtitles, but there are subtitles
that compliment the voices perfectly. When it comes to the actual ship sounds,
they are great and diverse as well, from weapons to shields to explosions.
Every three missions, there is a movie, and the deep voice of the actor gets
somewhat overplayed by the music, but not much. Now, is the game hard?:

Challenge (6/10, w/1=easiest and 10=hardest ): Hey, I admit, I used to
suck at this game, but I got better. Some of the missions thus far have been
quite difficult though, and I'm still in the beginning of the game. I'll let
you know about how challenging the game REALLY is once I get farther into it.
And will I play it again when I'm done?:

Replay Value (?/10): You can bet your ASS that I won't play this game again.
I'm a college student with 3 hours of hw a night and usually over 10 hours of
hw on any given weekend. Plus, I procrastinate a lot, and lose interest in most
games quickly. Don't get me wrong; I love this game. But the way the semester
has been, I can't even play my other games much. But that's just me. For a
person with mots of free time, this game will be a blast. So what do I think of
the game overall?

Overall (7/10 ): While this game does have it's little problems, and
some might find it frustrating to play through a few missions over and over
again just to get a chance at an already failed one, I really do adore this
game. It's better than any other space game I've ever played. Of course, this
will probably change once I play Star Trek: Invasion, but this game will still
be playable and fun. BTW, Is anyone going to write a guide to that game?

5. --The Basics--
  A. History
Since 3095 AD, the Earth Empire has been invading and colonising star systems
for it's own gain, with hardly any regard for the local population or the
environment of these planets. The Empire's main goal is to sustain life on
Earth's failing ecosystem for as long as possible in order to keep it as a home
base of operations. The Czar commands Earth's Colonial Navy, which is the
space-venturing section of Earth's military force.

The League of Free Worlds was originally created to ensure proper treatment of
citizens during Earth's colonisation processes. However, when Earth viewed this
protection as a threat to it's efforts, it became brutal in it's treatment. The
League, lead by it's leader "The Father," combined to create a small freedom
fighting force. Although the Navy has vastly superior forces and technology,
the League has been successful in several attempts to thwart it's efforts for
colonisation. Most recently, the Battle of Bennay proved that meticulously
planned attacks can catch the Navy off guard.

Key Points:
-The bad guys/Earth Empire/Colonial Navy are led by the Czar.
-You represent the good guys/League of Free Worlds, which is led by The Father.

  B. Controls
The key to piloting any spacecraft is remembering that you are occupying a
three-dimensional plane. Always keep this in mind, whether you are engaged in
battle or simply maneuvering around a large object.

Directional Buttons:
-Left and Right: Banks (turns) your craft left or right, respectively.
-Up and Down: Up dives your craft, or tilts it's nose down. Down climbs your
craft, or tilts it's nose up.

Control Stick:
-This is basically the same as the directional buttons, but it allows for more
accurate movement. This means that the more you push in a direction, the faster
your craft will move in that direction, and the less you push in a direction,
the slower your craft will move in that direction. I strongly recommend you use
this rather than the Directional Buttons. It gives you smoother and more
accurate control.

Main Action Buttons:
-Circle Button: Select primary weapon (lasers, guns, cannons).
-X Button: Fire primary weapon
-Triangle Button: Select/Disarm secondary weapon (missiles, torpedoes, Grapple
-Square Button: Arm/Fire secondary weapon.

L and R Buttons:
-L1: Slow/Reverse thrust.
-R1: Increase/Forward thrust.
-L2: Roll left.
-R2: Roll right.
-R1+R2 Simultaneously: Aft view. Good for avoiding enemy fire, but remember
what's in front of you!

Keep in mind that when you roll, your craft does not remian in the same basic
position in space. It moves in a kind of circle. Although rolling occassionally
comes in handy when avoiding enemy fire, I recommend you don't use it too much,
since it is very disorienting and doesn't do much to help you avoid enemy fire.

Other Buttons:
-Select: Change view. Keep in mind that changing your view during the game can
disorient you for a few seconds.
-Start: Pauses the game. You can replay the mission briefing, tune the audio,
or quit the mission.

There are 3 views:
>COCKPIT: Inside your ship. Shows inside of the cockpit of your craft, with the
HUD on the bottom of the screen.
>INTERNAL: The same thing, only the cockpit frame is not visible, and the HUD
displays are on the top of the screen.
>EXTERNAL: Shows the view from behind your ship. The HUD and other displays are
on the top of the screen. This is the ONLY view I recommend using, since it is
perfect for maneuvering. While targeting is a bit difficult using this view
(due to the reticle being so dark), it is easy to get used to, and very cool to
look at ~_-.
In any case, you start off in the view you choose in the options menu.

  C. Your HUD
HUD is short for Heads-Up-Display. Basically, the little bars and computer
VIEW ONLY. The only thing that changes when you change views are the basic
locations of the displays (they might move be on the top rather than the
bottom, for instance)

-Upper Left: Your craft's shields. Blue. Once your shields are destroyed, the
craft will give you a voice message. Once your craft loses it's shields, the
bar will turn red and now represent the hull integrity of your craft. If it
falls too low, your craft will be destroyed, the auto-ejection-system will kick
in, and you will fail the mission.

-Just Below the Upper Left: Your craft's speed.

-Just to the Right of Those: Your craft's primary weapon temperature. If it
goes too high, your primary weapon will start to fire sporadically. Stop firing
for a moment to cool the weapon down. Secondary weapons don't overheat.

-Center of Screen: The dotted circle in front of your craft is a targeting
reticle. Once your craft is in range of a target, a colored diamond is
projected across the surface of the target. If it's green, you're targeting
friendly units. If blue, enemy units. The dotted circle also changes color. If
the dotted circle has a triangle on it's side, then the target is either off
center or off screen. Fly in the direction of the triangle to center the craft
on your targeting reticle. The targeting reticle changes into a locking reticle
if you arm a scondary weapon (more on this in the weapons section).

-Spherical Projection: This is your Holo-Radar. Your craft is always located in
the center of the sphere. Enemies units appear as blue dots, and friendly units
appear as green dots. If the craft is behind you, it's a hollow dot. If it's in
front of you, it's a solid dot. Your targeting reticle is supposed to aid you
in finding enemy craft, using the triangle on it's side that I explained
earlier. DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE RADAR. Most of the time, you'll be able to find
your way without even glancing at it. In fact, you'll almost never really need

-Upper Right: Targeted enemy craft's shields. Blue. Once the craft's shields
are destroyed, the bar will turn red and now represent the hull integrity of
the craft. If it falls too low, your craft will be destroyed.

-Just Below the Upper Right: Targeted enemy craft's sensors. Ship sensors are
affected by EMP weapons only. Once this bar turns from blue to red, the enemy's
sensors are disabled, amd the enemy can no longer fire weapons until the EMP
weapon's effect wears off.

-Just to the Left of Those: Your craft's secondary weapon availability. Each
bar represents ons shot/missile/torpedo. Once it's empty, the weapon becomes
unavailable. Try to save your secondary weapons for the more difficult enemy

-Mid/Upper Left: A hollow green 3D icon of your primary weapon selection comes
up if you press the Circle Button. After choosing a weapon, the icon

-Mid/Upper Right: A hollow green 3D icon of your secondary weapon selection
comes up if you press the Triangle Button. After choosing a weapon, the icon

  D. Weapons
Notes on primary weapons:
-They overheat is used excessively. Stop firing for a moment if the rate of
fire becomes sporadic.
-Some League craft are equipped with rear laser weapons. To fire them, switch
to the aft view.

Primary Weapons:
-Anti-Shield Laser: If an enemy craft has shielding, use these lasers to break
the shields down. These lasers cause negligable hull damage; switch to another
primary weapon when the enemy's shield is down.

-Conventional Laser: A rapid-firing weapon that causes respectable hull damage.

-Scatter Gun: A more advanced laser weapon, which affects both the shields and
hull of the targeted craft. It's rapid firing rate comes at the cost of having
a small firing area. You can put this to good use when targeting small fighter
craft. I recommend you use this once an enemy craft's shields are down for a
quick and easy (and fun!) kill.

-EMP Gun: Small projectiles impact on an enemy craft, causing sensor failure.
The affected enemy craft can't fire at you for a short time until it's sensors
are back on-line.

-Plasma Cannon: Fires a very slow-moving plasma ball, which can cause heavy
damage to enemy craft. A nice effect of this weapon is that it causes hull
damage, even to heavily shielded enemy craft.

Notes on secondary weapons:
-Missiles: Press the Triangle Button to select the weapon. Remember that you
only have a few shots for each weapon. Press the Square Button to arm the
weapon. This gets it ready for firing. When a target is in range, the circular
targeting reticle will be surrounded by a red targeting locker. Keep the target
near the center of your reticle. Once the lock has been obtained, a small sound
will occur and the red locker will change into a diagonal crosshair. Fire and
the missile will reach it's target. If a target-locked craft flies out of
range, it will have to be re-targeted. If you don't have a lock and you fire an
armed missile, it will fire straight out in front of the craft.
-Torpedoes: Press the Square Button to arm the weapon and begin charging it. A
torpedo takes about 2 seconds to charge. Press the Square button again to fire
the charged torpedo.
-Tractor Beam: Press the Square Button to arm the tractor beam. Obtain a target
lock, which is indicated by a red cross with a target in the center. Fire when
ready with the Square Button. A tractor beam is useless without a target lock.
Press the Square Button to disarm the beam.
-Mines: Mines can be dropped to disrupt missile homing mechanisms. They attract
homing missiles away from League craft. Drop them by switching to the aft view
and pressing the Square button. Mines should be dropped when incoming missile
alarm is activated. Because missile flight times are very short, it's very hard
to do this.

Secondary Weapons:
-Stun missile: Takes out the sensors of small craft for a time. Much like the
EMP gun.

-Motion Missile: Tracks the motion of enemy craft. However, if the target drops
to a lower speed, the missile may loose it's target.

-Tracker Missile: Targets the heat from a ship's engines. It's more effective
than Motion Missiles, but has a shorter life.

-Anti-Shield Missile: Destroys sections of shielding from a target. Save these
for larger enemy craft.

-EMP Missile: Missile-based EMP weapon. More effective than the EMP Gun, but
try to save these for small enemy fighter craft.

-Anti-Shield Torpedo: A torpedo version of the anti-shield missile. Faster and

-Plasma Torpedo: A powerful weapon that can cause both shield and hull damage
on enemy craft.

-Burst Torpedo: This weapon fragments in to seperate boolts 5 seconds after
being fired. Great weapon for fighter groups or large targets.

-Grapple Gun: Tractor beam weapon. You can use it on large ships if you're a
small craft.

-Mole Missile: Tags target for tactical location. Once a ship is tagged, a
beacon transmits precise location and ship data to the League central command.
Tagged ships appear on your radar as flashing targets.

-Special: Attacking A Defended Target: Try to position yourself so that the
defending enemy craft is far away from you, with the defended craft directly in
front of you. Also, if the defended craft are being launched by a Navy Frigate,
stay in front of it rather than behind it so your craft isn't hit by the
frigate's weapons. In fact, it's almost always a good idea to stay in front of
the defended craft. Just engage the reverse thrust on your craft and keep
firing. Try to destroy defended craft quickly, because if there are more than
one, the other ones might slip past you.

  E. Basic League Information System Use
The League Information System is basically the "internet" of the game. While
it's main purpose is to act as an interface to the missions, you can also do
many other things.

Voice: "Welcome to the League of Free Worlds Information System."

I won't walk you through every aspect of the IS, but there are some things you
should check out before you go into the training missions.


-Begin/Continue Campaign
-Pilot Statistics: See stats on how you've been doing so far.
-Craft Database: See and hear about fighter or fleet craft. Encountered craft
-Systems Database See and hear about General Data, Historical Data, Military
Data, or Planetary Data. This will have more information as you progress into
the game.
-Training Missions: See the Training Missions section.

-Memory Card: Load, Save, Copy, Delete File. Keep in mind that the game only
saves back to the beginning of each act, or the beginning of every three
-Password: Every time you complete a set of 3 missions, you get a password
which you can use to access them again. You can also use cheat codes to alter
you game, which I have supplied later.

-Intro: Plays back the intro movie.
-Game: See some demos of gameplay.
-Credits: See who made the game.

-I think you can figure this one out. :)

In the game, you can pause the mission and access these options:
-Continue: Keep playing the mission.
-Mission Brief: Replay the Mission Briefing.
-Audio: Tune your audio options.
-Quit: Quit the mission. This counts as a failure. If you're going to fail a
mission, at least do it while in battle!

  F. Intro Movie
Narrator: "When I was very young, the Earth Empire controlled the skies. The
Czar and his battle fleet saw everything, knew everything, punished everything.
Those of us in the colonies never imagined there could be another way, but then
the real slaughter began. Now, there are thousands like me, Veterans of the
League of Free Worlds, who yearn to fight against the savage Empire. Our famous
victory at the battle of Benay gave us confidence, and the time to strengthen
our fleet. And it gave our leader, the father, some reason to believe in the

6. --Walkthrough: Training Missions--
Whether you save the game after completing the Training Missions or not, they
will all reset to incomplete the next time you turn on the game. While I admit
that it's weird you can't save in these missions, they are not terribly
important unless you're playing the game for the first time. In any case,
they're good for improving your skills, whether you're a newbie or not.

  --Training Mission 1: Flight (Beginner)--
Briefing: "This training mission will allow you to become accustomed to your
crafts's control system. You will be able to fly freely in any direction colse
to Bennay. After a short while, a jump gate will be visible from you craft. You
are required to maneuver the craft until you are in range of the jump gate.
This will end the mission."

-Basically, fool around and learn the maneuvering controls of your craft. If
you have an analog controller, see how much the ship moves when you push the
stick a little bit as opposed to all the way. Try rolling. See how your ship
moves in a circular pattern? That's why rolling is a bad thing to do in most
situations. See the aft view. Try to avoid the asteroids (one heads straight
for your ship when the jump gate opens!). Fly around the League Starport. Once
you're somewhat comfortable, head for the jump gate. If you can't find it, it's
represented by the flashing red dot on your radar.

  --Training Mission 2: Flight (Intermediate)--
Briefing: "Basic but disciplined control of your craft will be required to
successfully complete this mission, in which you must fly through a series of
rings. As your craft passes through each ring in the correct sequence, the ring
will change color. Once your craft has passed through all the rings in the
correct sequence, a jump gate will open. Head for this to end the mission."

-Fly through each ring in sequence. The next ring you need to fly through will
be colored green with a series of circling formation lights on it. Another way
to find the next one is by using your targeting reticle and following the
triangle if the ring is off-screen. You can also locate the next ring by using
your radar (they're the blue dots). The radar method comes in handy when you're
trying to find the next ring against the sun.

  --Training Mission 3: Flight (Advanced)--
Briefing: "Tight craft control will be neccessary to negotiate the busy
spaceport in this training mission. A dron craft will follow a course across
the space port in the Bennay zone. Closely pursue the drone, which will be
highlighted on your scanner, as it approaches a jump gate. Avoid other vessels.
Enter the jump gate to end the mission.

-You call this a busy spaceport? Follow the drone. If the voice says it's out
of your visual range, it's talking about the in-cockpit view, so try navigating
in that view just for this mission. At certain points, the drone will stop.
This means you have to approach it so it can go to the next point. Also, there
are a few asteroids in the mission, but they aren't much of a bother.

  --Training Mission 4: Weapons (Beginner)--
Briefing: "This training mission will allow you to use basic weapons to shoot a
number of static tragets. Occassionally, a target may be protected by a shield;
you will have to switch from conventional to anti-shield lasers in order to
destoy the shield, before switching back to conventional lasers to destroy the
target. Once all targets are destroyed, the a jump gate will open. Approach the
jump gate to end the mission.

-There are 4 targets. Destroy them one by one. If a target has a shield (in
other words, if conventional lasers flash on the target's blue shielding),
destroy the shield first with anti-shield lasers, then destroy the target with
conventional lasers.

  --Training Mission 5: Weapons (intermediate)--
Briefing: "Drone craft will act as slow moving targets in this training mission
close to the planet Fortuna. YOu will be required to follow their course,
attempting to destroy them using your conventional lasers. The drones will be
protected by shields; consequently, anti-shiels lasers will also be required in
order to break down their defenses. Once all the drones are destroyed, a jump
gate will appear. Enter the jump gate to complete the mission."

-After you destroy the first drone, two more will appear from jump gates. Keep
up with them, take 'em out, and that's it!

  --Training Mission 6: Weapons (advanced)--
Briefing: "In order to learn advanced weapon handling techniques, you will be
required to destriy a disused fleet craft and a number of drones. The drones
wioll be beahving as though they are defending the fleet ship. Using missile
and torpedo weapons, target and destroy the craft, then enter the jump gate to
complete the mission.

-You can either destroy the drones first or the fleet craft first. You have 1
plasma torpedo and 2 tracker missiles. Remember that you have to arm the
secondary weapons, get a lock, and then fire them to ensure a hit. I recommend
you head for the fleet craft and fire your plasma torpedo, which destroys it in
one shot (!). Don't worry about the drones, as their weapons are very weak.
Then use anti-shield lasers on the the 2 drones to take out some of their
shielding. Then use your use one tracker missile for each drone, followed by
conventional lasers if they aren't already destroyed. Congradulations, you've
completed the training missions.

7. --Walkthrough: Campaign Missions--
  --Act 1--
Narrator: "The Navy was stretched across the star systems, governing and
oppressing, then transporting it's spoils back to Earth. The League was small
and tightly-knit, able to hit the Navy quick, before disappearing into
darkness. But when we heard there was a new threat to Gallonigher, our own star
system, the bold fleet felt the cold rush of fear. The Battle of Bennay had
lifted us all in experiences of war, but now the entire system was at stake.
This time, our families needed us. This time, we were protecting out homes."

  --Act 1: Mission 1--
Briefing: "Navy missions withing Gallonigher appear to be increasing; it is
feared that protracted military incursions are planned. Intelligence data
indicates concentrated targeting of planetary zones; civilian areas are not
excluded. Navy fighters are currently on course for Midas Spaceport. Docked
civilian transports are believed to be the target. Serious potential civilian
damage; cargo destruction is also likely. The installed defense grid cannot be
used due to proximity of civilian craft. Navy incursions within Gallonigher
system are unacceptable. Intercept and destroy all enemy craft. Civilian
vessels must be protected. Immediate response required."

-Head for the spaceport, and target one of the 3 enemy craft. Aside from your
lasers, you have 2 stun missiles. These enemy craft are much faster than the
drones you chased in the Training Missions. Keep them in you sight by reducing
your speed and turning towards them rather than chasing them. Take the enemy
out one by one, using your stun missiles to aid you. Keep close to the civilian
ships, but don't fire on them!

  --Act 1: Mission 2--
Briefing: "Attack on civilian centers are resulting in major skill shortages
throughout Gallonigher. Scientists and engineering staff are required for
urgent inter-base transfer; dedicated staff transport networks now established.
Network inspectors within Acheron zone report potential threats to skilled
flight craft technicians in convoy from Midas - destination classified. Enemy
cells in vicinity known to favor use of anit-civilian aggression. This convoy
is regarded as a high risk target. Join the convoy as armed back-up. You are
cleared to engage hostile enemy craft; use absolute aggression. Ensure safe
passage for civilians."

-You have a friend in this mission. The 3 enemy craft have missiles, so be
careful. Your craft has more weapons this time, so stay with one craft and take
it out before heading for the others. Your friend will help you out, and might
even destroy one of the enemies without you. After destroying the 3 enemies, 3
more will appear near the convoy. These are faster and have better shielding.
You have some tracker missiles, stun missiles, and anti-shield missiles. Use
these to your advantage.

 --Act 1: Mission 3--
Briefing: "Increased Navy hostility now resulting in violent outbreaks deep
within Gallonigher system; all available League resources are recalled in
system's defense. Warp hole entry data indicates frequent Navy clusters
entering illegally; enemy personnel count within Gallonigher is high and
ascending. Current prisoner of war holding facilites are inadequite; large
scale POW transfers in progress. Captured assault forces in transport between
Proteus and Midas have been subject to intensive Navy scanning signals; risk of
Navy interference is high. Escort this prison bay and supply full response
capabilites; these prisoners must not escape. Accept no Navy aggression. You
have permission to engage enemy on sight."

-Another friend. Do what he says, and take out one of the enemy craft while he
takes out the other. He's awesome, and will probably destroy it before you can
destroy yours. Once they are destroyed, a Navy Frigate will appear and start to
reel in POW escape pods. If you're far away form it, it will use a beam weapon
which seriously hurts your craft, so get in close before it can hit you again.
Ignore what the transport says (don't worry about the pods!), and face the
frigate. Try to avoid it's lasers. Keep facing it while moving backwards and
forwards as you hit it. You have anti-shield, tracker, and stun missiles. Take
out the frigate's shields and then launch everything you have at it. Your
lasers will cause a respectable amount of damage if you continuously pound the
frigate. I recommend you do strafing runs across it's hull once it's shields
are down to inflict heavy damage.

  --Act 2--
Narrator: "Lights on the seven planets of Gallonigher were extinguished as the
invasion threat grew. We even built anti-reflectors over the phosphorous lakes
of Acheron. They'd've attracted the Navy like moths to a flame. And somewhere,
on one of those terrified planets, was the father, watching, waiting, preparing
himself and his army for the onslaught. Everyone knew the Earth wanted to take
Gallonigher and crush the laegue forever. But no one knew the father. In those
dangerous times, we trusted a stranger, and he, in turn, trusted us."

  --Act 2: Mission 1--

8. --Cheat Codes / Game Shark Codes--
All these cheats used with kind permission from www.cheatcc.com. I haven't
verified any of these.

Level Select: Enter 'Commander*Jeffer' as a password.
Unlimited Primary Weapon Power: Enter 'Tranquillex' as a password.
Unlimited Secondary Weapons: Enter 'Memo*X33RTY' as a password.
Unlimited Shields: Enter 'Hestas*Retort' as a password.
Disable All Cheats: Enter 'All*cheats*off' as a password.

Game Shark Codes:

Infinite Shields:
800463B4 00EE
Infinite Missiles:
80119CC0 0006
Infinite Anti-Shield Lasers:
80119C4C 0000
Infinite Secondary Weapon:
80119D28 0005
80119D5C 0005
800FE472 0005
80119CF4 0005
Energy Weapon Never Overheats:
80119C4C 0000
80119C80 0000
80119CB4 0000
80119CE8 0000
80119D1C 0000

Fast-Fire Codes:
Anti-Shield Laser:
80119C50 0000
Conventional Laser:
80119C84 0000
EMP Gun:
80119CB8 0000
Scatter Gun:
80119CEC 0000
Infinite Secondaries:
80119CC0 0002
80119CF4 0002
80119D28 0002
80119D5C 0002

9. --Your Submissions--
Nothing yet. (Inc)

10. --Smell What The Ram Is Cooking--
This section will have some of the things I have done around the 'net, my fav
things, etc., and maybe a small bio on me (minus the personal stuff). Should be
up by the next update. (Inc)

11. --Final Comments--
Umm...Thanks for reading? So far. (Inc)

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