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 / (_)             | |            /
|      __   _  _   | |   _   ,_     ,
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 \___/\__/888|88|_/| \_/|__/   |_/88\/88#####88#@@##@########888####@#@
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      #@[email protected]@@@@@oooo8oo8#@ #@#ooooo88888#8####@@#@@oooooo88#oooooooo8#@@
     #@@@oo#@@    #@8ooooo#8#8#@@ooooooo##@      ####oooO##    ##@@OOOOOO8#@
     #[email protected]@##@@@#@88oooo88###8#@oOoOoOO##@#####@#8##@@OO8#@#  ##@@8OOOOOO##
     #@@8oooooo888Ooooooo#@#@ ##@8OooooO#######8##@##@@8Oo#@#  ##@@OOOOOOOo#
    ##@8oooooooooooooo88##@   #@@8ooooOoOoOoOooo8#@@##@@OO##@ ###@@8OOOOOO8#
    #@@8o888####8oooooO##@@@#  #@8ooooooooooo8oo##@@##@@OO8#@@@@@8OOOOOOOOO#
    #@@8o##@#####@@ooooo8##[email protected]  #@@ooooooo#####@@@@@@##[email protected]#
   ##@@o8##      #@@8ooooo#@@# ##@8ooooo8##@       ###@@[email protected]
   #@@888#@@     #@@88oooo##[email protected] #@@88ooo8o8#@@       ###@@oooooooooooooooo8#@
   #@@88##@@#######8o8oo88##@# #@@88o8o88o#@@#      ###@@8oooooOooOOOoooo#@
  #@@#888o88oo88oo88888888##@   #@@88o888o##8#      ###@@8ooooooooOOOOo#@@
  #@@#888888888888888888###     #[email protected]#@        ###@@o8ooooo8Oo##@#
  ##@@@####888o888888###@#      #@@8888#8##@         ###@@8##@@[email protected]@@o8
      88#########@@@#@           #@##@@@@@#            ##@@@@@@@@@@@


                  Conker's Bad Fur Day FAQ/Walkthrough (N64)
                   Version 1.01 - Last Revised on 05/09/2001
                     By Dallas Scott ([email protected])

             http://www.gamefaqs.com - http://www.dallastm.cjb.net


Legal Disclaimer

 This document is Copyright 2001, Dallas ([email protected]) and may not
 be reproduced nor retransmitted in any form without advance permission from
 the author.  It may not be altered, edited, sold, given as an incentive to
 buy, published, etc. without prior consent from the author.  If the above
 terms are broken, legal action will take place on account of Copyright
 Infringement.  This document is unofficial and is in no way affiliated with
 any company.  Logo is Copyright 2001, Rareware Inc.


Table of Contents

   i.  Introduction and Revision History
   I.  Story
  II.  Characters
 III.  Game Overview
  IV.  Walkthrough
   V.  Weapons
  VI.  Items
 VII.  Cash Locations
VIII.  Tail Locations
  IX.  Multiplayer
   X.  Frequently Asked Questions
  XI.  Secrets/Codes
 XII.  Information

WARNING: Massive spoilers begin in section IV.

                     i.  Introduction and Revision History

Conker's Bad Fur Day is another Rareware platformer.  The game features a cute
little squirrel who has one too many drinks and suffers the consequences the
next day.  The game is rated M (Mature: 17+) due to strong language, mature
sexual themes and animated violence.  In other words, it's what you talk about
in real life put into a video game.

Revision History
v0.1 - 03/10/2001 - Initial release.  Finished up Chapter 1, part of Chapter
2 as well as part of Chapter 3 in the walkthrough.  Story, Characters and part
of Game Overview sections finished.  More to come with the next update.

v0.2 - 03/11/2001 - Finished up both Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 in the walkthrough
as well as added another category to the "Game Overview" section plus level
titles in the walkthrough.  Much more to come.

v0.3 - 03/11/2001 - Started the first part of Chapter 4 and started the
following sections: Items, Weapons, Cash Locations, Frequently Asked
Questions.  Also added another category to the "Game Overview" section.

v0.35 - 03/11/2001 - Finished up Chapter 4 in the walkthrough and added a few
categories to the "Game Overview" section.  Also added another item and cash
location to the respective sections.  Chapter 5 will be coming with the next

v0.38 - 03/11/2001 - Started the Chapter 5 walkthrough and added another
question to the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.  More on the walkthrough
coming later today.

v0.4 - 03/12/2001 - Added a bit more to the Chapter 5 walkthrough and added
some new ASCII art, thanks to AstroBlue!

v0.43 - 03/12/2001 - Just about done with the Chapter 5 walkthrough (I need one
more section, then it'll be done.)  Added another cash location as well as a
new weapon description.

v0.48 - 03/12/2001 - Finished up the Chapter 5 walkthrough and almost all of
the Chapter 6 walkthrough.  Also added a new item and a new question to the
"Frequently Asked Questions" section.

v0.52 - 03/13/2001 - Chapter 5 walkthrough complete as well as the Chapter 6
walkthrough.  The first section of Chapter 7 is done also.  Added two new
weapons to the "Weapons" section, and that's about it for this update.  The
rest of the Chapter 7 walkthrough will be complete sometime later today.

v0.6 - 03/13/2001 - One more section and the Chapter 7 walkthrough shall be
complete.  Added a new weapon description plus another category to the "Game
Overview" section.

v0.64 - 03/13/2001 - Fixed some of the numbering.  I accidentally labeled Windy
(Part 3) as Chapter 7, when it was in fact part of Chapter 2.  That's now
fixed.  Chapter 7 (Spooky) is now complete and the first two and a half
sections of the Chapter 8 walkthrough are complete.

v0.67 - 03/14/2001 - Just about done with the Chapter 8 (It's War) walkthrough.
I have about three more sections to go and then one more chapter before the
walkthrough is complete.  This update also features a couple new weapon
descriptions in the "Weapons" section.  More to come.

v0.69 - 03/14/2001 - I accidentally forgot to add the Chapter 6 "level layout"
in the "Game Overview" section in yesterday's update, so I've done that today
along with Chapter 8's as well.  Added more to the Chapter 8 walkthrough.
About half a section left until that will be done, then I'll start on Chapter 9
for tomorrow.

v0.7 - 03/15/2001 - Didn't get much done in the walkthrough today, as I was
busy working on my new site.  You'll find the link to it at the top and bottom
of the guide, and that's where you can also find the latest versions of all my
guides, including this one.  Aside from that, I've added just a bit more to
"The Countdown" section, which I'll finish fairly soon.  More to come.

v0.8 - 03/16/2001 - Walkthrough is now complete.  Both Chapter 8 and Chapter 9
are done.  I also fixed an error in the "Cash Locations" section plus added a
new item and a few new questions to the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.
Next update will have some new secrets/codes as well as multiplayer strategies
and a new section!

v0.9 - 03/16/2001 - Added a "Codes/Secrets" section with all known current
cheats.  Thanks to XAnimal, Couch Chimpanzee and other users on the RareNet
forums for these.

v0.91 - 03/17/2001 - Started the "Multiplayer" section and added a cash
location to the walkthrough I missed earlier.  More multiplayer strategies to
come as I get to them.

v0.92 - 03/18/2001 - Added a couple more codes to the "Secrets/Codes" section
and added the function of the "DUTCHOVENS" code.

v0.93 - 03/21/2001 - Started the WAR multiplayer strategy (got the colors
section done, but not the total war section yet) and added a bunch of weapon
descriptions to the "Weapons" section.  All code descriptions have been added
as well as a new "Tail Locations" section.

v0.94 - 03/22/2001 - Fixed up the weapon section into two new sections, listed
them alphabetically and added the remaining weapon descriptions I missed.  Also
finished up the WAR multiplayer strategy and the Heist multiplayer strategy.

v1.00 - 03/27/2001 - This guide is now totally complete!  Tail Locations
section is now finished, added the last two cash locations, finished up all the
remaining multiplayer strategies and that's that.  Remember, if you find
something I missed or something I messed up, let me know.  Enjoy the (now 100%
complete) guide!

v1.01 - 05/09/2001 - Fixed the "DRACULASTEABAG" code, thanks to Mark (Samus.)
As for the cash behind the waterfall - THIS LOCATION IS ALREADY COVERED IN MY
GUIDE!  I'm not sure which one it is (as I didn't note it when I first played
through the game) but if you get all the ones listed in my guide, you'll have
gotten them all.

                    I.  Story (from the instruction manual

Conker had mentally left the conversation.  His mind wandered to thoughts of
his girlfriend Berri and why she had such a problem with him having fun without
her.  As he sat contemplating giving her a call, he moved uncomfortably in his
chair.  His bladder ache had now reached the point where it couldn't be ignored.

"Conker!" came the cry from the group seated around the table, making Conker
jump.  "It's your turn."

"Okay, okay.  But first I've got to call Berri to let her know I'll be late."
He stood unsteadily, then just before staggering off, decided that maybe the
toilet was a more pressing issue.

The evening wore on, and the beer kept flowing.  One round became another, and
then another, until Conker reached that awful moment of realization:

"Guys, guys.  I think I've had too much."  He paused for a moment, nearly
retching then and there.  "I gotta go..."

At the next table a couple of pretty little chipmunks sniggered and whispered
something to each other as Conker tottered slightly, then nearly lost his
balance completely.

"I don't think he can hold his drink," he overhead the nearest one say.

"No, indeed," her sly-looking friend replied.

Conker toyed with the idea of vomiting on the both of them but decided that
perhaps it wasn't such a good idea with their boyfriends sitting opposite.  For
some reason, they were dressed in combat fatigues and engaged in a most heated

"The war!  The evil teddy bears have overrun the grey squirrels' homeland!  We
signed up this morning, and you should do the same, Mr. Red Squirrel."  At this
point, several grey squirrels around the alehouse leveled accusing gazes at
Conker.  "If you have any sense of decency and honor, that is."

"I think you just hit the nail on the head," Conker replied as he attempted to
stand once more.  "I'm definitely going now.  Good-bye!"

On the way out, two of his old school chums grabbed him by the arm, shouting,
"One more for the road, Conker?"  And before he knew it...

"Slammers?  Oh no, not slammers!"  They were lined up in front of him -- eight
in total.  Oh well, tomorrow was another day...

                    II.  Characters (also from the manual)

When he was young, Conker's parents always told him, "If you want to get
anywhere in life, don't touch alcohol, don't be materialistic, and never, ever
urinate in a public place." Conker's parents are - to say the least - a bit

The first time Conker introduced Berri to his mates at the bar, everyone
thought that they made an unlikely couple.  Whereas Conker is short, impatient
and cute, Berri is tall, impatient and cute.  They all agreed: "It'll end in

He's usually drunk, but nevertheless, a wealth of knowledge is to be had from
this slightly unsavory character.  If you ever see a scarecrow looking unsteady
on his post, it's probably Beardy, err...Birdy!

The Fabled Panther King
It is said that over three hundred years ago, the great Milk Wars raged between
the Weasel King and the oldest known race of squirrels, the Kulas of Conk.  The
Panther King came to power when he betrayed the Kulas - banishing them to The
Dark Place - and chopped off the legs of the Weasel King.  It is unknown
whether or not any of this actually happened, but it makes for a good story to
scare naughty little squirrels.

The Beast of Poo Mountain
This local horror story started several years ago when a dung beetle named
Tezza mysteriously disappeared during a tea break.  The story goes that one
minute he was sipping away quite contentedly, and the next, a few ripples on
the surface of the sewage were the only indication that he had been there at

The Evil Tediz
The first use of teddy bears as weapons of war seems to stem way back to the
early years of the Milk Wars.  They proved deeply ineffective, as their
stuffing was flammable and their button-like eyes kept falling out.  But now it
appears the Tediz are back, only this time much stronger and in greater numbers.

Gregg the Grim Reaper (a.k.a. Death)
You'll first meet Gregg when you die for the first time.  This is when he'll
explain how the tails (lives) work, and such.  The next time you meet him will
be in Chapter 8, when he equips you with a shotgun and opens the door to the
path of the mansion.  He's rather short and hates cats, but hates the undead
even more so. [Not from the manual.]

                              III.  Game Overview

  L Button       -  Skip cut scenes during the game.
  Start          -  Pause the game and bring up the pause menu.
  Control Stick  -  Move Conker around in the game.
  C-Left         -  Rotate the camera.
  C-Right        -  Rotate the camera.
  C-Up           -  Zoom the camera in and out.
  C-Down         -  Center camera behind Conker.
  B Button       -  Use Conker's basic attack.
  A Button       -  Jump.  Press and hold Z + A to jump higher.
  Z Button       -  Crouch.  Z + Control Stick makes Conker crawl.
  R Button       -  First-person view.

The game features three game save slots; one for each of the tavern's exits.
Your game is saved on the actual game pak, not the memory pak, so keep that in
mind.  When starting a new game, select one of the empty slots and your game
will be saved to it as you play, allowing you to load a saved game after
returning to the game.

Context Zones
These are either the button pads with the letter "B" on them located throughout
the game or just random spots where lightbulbs appear.  When you stand on them,
a lightbult will appear above Conker's head, followed with a "ting!" sound.
When this occurs, press the B button to perform whatever action that Context
Zone has in store for you.

As in any game, the main character has a set of abilities aside from the main
controls.  To make Conker climb up ropes or ladders, jump onto them first, then
press up or down to make him go either up or down the rope or ladder.  To let
go of the rope or ladder, press A and you'll drop down to the ground.  To pull
switches, jump up to them and press down on the control stick to pull.  Conker
also has the ability to swim.  At first, you'll only be able to swim along the
surface of the water, but later on in the game, you'll be able to dive down
using the B button.

While diving, hold down the B button to propel Conker through the water and use
the control stick to guide him in the right direction.  You should also keep an
eye on Conker's breath meter (picture of his face in the corner of the screen)
to see when he's running out of air.  When his eyes begin to bulge, it's time
to surface for some oxygen.  Conker's last main ability is his tail-spinning
move.  Jump into the air by pressing A, then press A again while in mid-air to
spin Conker's tail, allowing him to glide over gaps.

Replenishing Life
After the first chapter in the game, you'll be introduced into chocolate
pieces.  Whenever you see a chocolate piece, eat it to replenish your health.
Your health meter consists of 6 chocolate pieces and everytime you get injured,
you lose a piece.  Chooclate pieces reappear once you eat them, so don't worry
about running out.

The Tails
When you die for the first time, you'll be taken to Gregg, the Grim Reaper.  He
then explains to you how the tails work.  Tails are just another name for extra
lives.  The more you have, the farther away you are from getting game over.
It's good to keep a good supply of tails at all times so you won't have to
restart something because you died.

Franky the Pitchfork
You'll meet several characters in this game, some who are at first enemies but
then turn out to be comrades.  The first one you meet is Franky the
Pitchfork.  After rescuing him from his embarassment, he'll befriend you and
offer you a ride on his back.  When riding him, press A to jump and press B to
stab at something (such as a haystack.)

As in any game, when you fall from a high altitude, you will take quite a bit
of damage.  Normally, if the fall isn't too steep, you'll only lose a piece of
chocolate.  However, if you fall from high up, you'll be destroyed instantly
and lose a tail.  Try using your tail-spin move just before hitting the ground
to avoid taking damage.

The Main Menu
When you start the game, you're taken to the main menu.  From here, you can
choose which game slot you want to play in, set your options or see the
chapters you've already complete.  To see the entire menu, press B to unselect
a saved file and use the control stick to move around.  From the Chapters menu,
you can see all the chapters and quests you've complted so far in the game, as
well as replay cut scenes.  The options menu allows you to change the sound or
enter cheats, and the last menu allows you to enter multiplayer mode.

Cash Prizes
Usually, when you complete a quest, you'll get a cash prize for it.  Some
quests, however, give you nothing.  Most of the time, you'll receive bills in
packs of $100, but other times it can be more or less.  You can see your total
balance by pressing Start and going into the pause menu.

Carrying Items
Whenever you have something in your hands, whether it be a weapon, a key, or
some other item, you cannot jump.  Keep this in mind, otherwise you'll be stuck
in a situation which requires jumping and you won't be able to because you're
carrying something.  You also walk a bit slower than normal when you have
something in your hands.

Chapter/Level Layout
 Chapter 1:  Hungover            Chapter 2:  Windy
    - Scaredy Birdy                 - Mrs. Bee
    - Pan Handled                   - Poo Cabin
    - Gargoyle                      - Pruned!
                                    - Yee Haa!
 Chapter 3:  Barn Boys              - Sewage Sucks
    - Marvin                        - Great Balls of Poo
    - Mad Pitchfork                 - Wasps' Revenge
    - Sunny Days                    - Mr. Barrel
    - Barry + Co
    - Buff You                   Chapter 4:  Bats Tower
    - Haybot Wars                   - Mrs. Catfish
    - Frying Tonight                - Barry's Mate
    - Slam Dunk                     - Cogs' Revenge
                                    - The Combination
 Chapter 5:  Sloprano               - Blast Doors
    - Corn off the Cob              - Clang's Lair
    - Sweet Melody                  - Pisstastic
    - U-Bend Blues                  - Brass Monkeys
    - The Bluff                     - Bullfish's Revenge

 Chapter 7:  Spooky              Chapter 6:  Uga Buga
    - Mr. Death                     - Drunken Gits
    - Count Batula                  - Sacrifice
    - Zombies                       - Phlegm
    - Mr. Barrel                    - Worship
                                    - Rock Solid
 Chapter 9:  Heist                  - Bomb Run
    - The Windmill's Dead           - Mugged
    - Enter the Vortex              - Raptor Food
    - The Vault                     - Buga the Knut
    - End Cutscene
                                 Chapter 8:  It's War
                                    - It's War
                                    - Power's Off
                                    - TNT
                                    - The Assault
                                    - Sole Survivor
                                    - Casualty Dept.
                                    - Saving Private Rodent
                                    - Checmical Warfare
                                    - The Tower
                                    - Little Girl
                                    - Countdown
                                    - Peace at Last!

                               IV.  Walkthrough

The following walkthrough is now complete!  However, it also contains several
spoilers, so read at your own risk.  If you have a questions about anything in
the game, don't hesitate to ask, as I've now finished it.  Find an error?  Want
to submit a tip?  Have a question?  Need me to elaborate on something?  See the
"Information" section for contact information.

                                 The Beginning

You'll start off by viewing the opening cut scene, which details the story of
the game for you (just in case the instruction manual version didn't make much
sense.)  Conker sits on his throne as the camera zooms out, then the doors shut
and his story begins.  You're taken to Berri's house, where Conker calls in to
tell her that he'll be coming home late.  She doesn't hear it because she's
listening to some music, so the answering machine picks it up.

The scene then transfers into the bar, where Conker goes and has one too many
drinks, then leaves the bar, ready to go home.  After puking on the creature
near the front door, he apologizes and starts on his way.

                             Chapter 1:  Hungover

Scaredy Birdy
Start off by circling the fence until you reach the opening; go inside.  You'll
find Birdy to your left.  After talking to him, press the B button when on the
pad - which does nothing for now.  Once the talk with him is over, go out
through the fence that just opened and stand on the next pad; press B.  This
will cure your hangover, allowing you to move around normally once again.
Cross the small river and stand at the edge of the waterfall, where you'll
learn some new abilities.

Pan Handled
Once you know the basic moves, glide over to the log to your left using your
tail-spinning ability.  Continue going up, past the door, until you reach the
top where a large gargoyle is sitting.  After a not-so-friendly conversation,
you're left to play again.  Back up a bit and jump up to the switch to your
right, then push down on the joystick to pull it.

This will open the door down below, so start heading back down to the door you
passed earlier.  Enter the door and approach the key.  This will make Conker
remember how to use his frying pad (B button), so chase after the key, smack it
and pick it up.  Take it over to the door to unlock it again, then continue
back up to the top where the gargoyle is.

Walk up to him and hit him with the pan to wake him up, he'll then be so amused
at your method of attack that he accidentally falls down off of the bridge down
to the water below; causing a large boulder to block the entrance up ahead.
Perform a high jump (Z + A) to get up on top of the boulder then use your
tail-spin move to get up to the top.

From here, look to your right to find a ledge; tail-spin over to it and stand
on the Context Zone switch, then press B to make Conker take out a TNT plunger,
which will blast the boulder away.  Glide back down to where the boulder used
to be and enter the opening to finish off this first chapter.

                          Chapter 2:  Windy (Part 1)

Mrs. Bee
Upon entering this next area, a cut scene will take place.  Watch it, then
you'll be left to play in the next area.  Follow the path down, then turn right
at the "Naughty/Nice" sign to find a weeping bee who has had her hive stolen by
the wasps.  Conker agrees to find it, then you're left to play again.  Go back
over to the "Naughty/Nice" sign again and take the Naughty path this time.
Follow it past the barb wire and up to where the hive stands.

When you pick up the hive, the wasps that stole it will catch you and start
chasing after you.  Run down the hill with the hive and all the way back to
where the weeping bee was.  Once it's returned to its spot, the bee will hop in
and blast those stinking wasps to their death as well as reward you with some
cash for your trouble!  Go forward and you'll meet with Birdie again.

This time, he asks you for $10 if you want the manual.  After you pay him,
he'll start walking away, but the $10 hops out of his pocket and back into
yours.  You'll now be able to read the manual, which teaches you how to use
your catapult.  Aim it at the dung beetles up ahead and fire away.  Once you
hit it once, fire immediately to hit it again - killing it.  Do the same with
the remaining three to kill them, which opens the door up ahead.  Follow the
path up the mountain where you'll be taken to a fork; go right and view the
next cut scene.

                             Chapter 3:  Barn Boys

Okay, head straight and cross the odd-looking stream of water into the next
part of the level.  Turn right at the fork and follow the path up to a stack of
metal blocks.  The bottom one's name is Jack and he wants you to get rid of
that mouse that keeps burping in his face.  Head back down and take the other
path this time to find two more jumping blocks.  Run under each as they jump to
avoid being squished, then continue over to the cheese platforms.

Follow them down into the pit where you'll find several small pieces of
cheese.  Next to these is a gate with Burt, the metal blcok, behind it.  Hop
over the gate and talk to Burt, who will open the gate for you.  Go back into
the pit, whack a piece of cheese and begin carrying it back down to the
mouse.  Avoid being smashed by the blocks and once you reach the mouse, he'll
gobble down the cheese and ask for more.

Head back to the cheese pit, whack another piece and bring it back to the
mouse, who will gladly eat it up and ask for one more piece.  Repeat the
process and the mouse will become filled with gas, causing him to explode,
which will make the block on top of jack hop off.  Use them to get to the top
of the roof, where some more cash and a switch will be.  Step on the switch and
pick up the cash, then make your way down to the door that opened.

Mad Pitchfork
Inside this barn are several haystacks, a mad pitchfork, a paint pot and a
brush.  They argue about who's going to get rid of Conker, then it's finally
left up to the pitchfork.  Approach it and it'll start attacking you after a
conversation.  The goal here is to hide behind the haystacks and wait for the
pitchfork to stab at them.  Once all the haystacks are gone, the pot and brush
will make fun of the pitchfork and suggest that he kill himself with a rope on
the barn's roof.

Upset, the pitchfork does just that, but realizes he doesn't have a neck, so
he's stuck up on the roof while the pot and brush laugh at him from below.
Head over to the switch on the wall and pull it to release the bee sitting next
to the trap door.

Sunny Days
Exit the barn, watch the cut scene with the huge haystack and go over to the
king bee, who will tell you about his fat wife and his lovely sunflower that he
wants to pollinate.  Anyway, go past the odd-looking crate straight ahead until
you reach the sunflower.  Talk to her then go back up to where the king bee is
to find some tickling bees.  Take these bees back to the sunflower and let them
tickle away while you go in search of some more.  You must find four more sets
of tickling bees, so first head back to where the cheese mountain is.

Up on top will be the second set; take them back down to the sunflower, then
hop over the fence where the wooden crate is jumping around and use the two
metal blocks to get to the barn roof where you'll find the third set.  Take
them to the sunflower then go back down to the entrance of this level and
perform a high jump for the fourth set.  Take them to the sunflower and proceed
back to the wooden crate.

Hop over the fence, use the two metal blocks to get up to the barn roof, then
high jump up to the top, where you'll find a water tower.  On the wall of the
tower is the final set of bees.  Collect them and take them back to the
sunflower, where she'll expose her stigmas, allowing the king bee to pollinate
her.  After that, she asks Conker if he'd like a bounce.  High jump onto her
stigmas, then press A just as she bounces you up, then glide into the alcove
for some more cash.

Barry + Co
Head back to where the wooden crate is jumping around and use it to get up to
the ceiling entrance to the barn.  When you enter, you'll be confronted with
bats, so watch out.  Carefully walk along the high beams and press B when the
lightbulb appears to torch away the bats.  Once you reach the end, step on the
Context Button and press B to take out Conker's throwing knives.  Aim them at
the pitchfork's noose and toss away.  A cut scene will take place after a few
throws showing the rope being sliced and the pitchfork falling back into the
barn.  Hop down and talk to the pitchfork where you did the first time.

Buff You
After some arguing amongst the pot and brush, the pitchfork agrees to help you
get rid of that huge monster haystack.  Hop onto the pitchforks back and go
after the haystack.  To jump, press A, to stab, press B.  The only way you can
possibly stab the haystack is if you attack it from behind or in the side.
When you're facing it, it'll just punch you away.  After two stabs, it'll
reveal it's true form: a robot similar to the terminator.  Stab it once more
and you'll drop down into the basement area of the barn where you must continue
the fight, only now it's tougher.

Haybot Wars
Circle around the room as the bot fires missiles at you, and jump when they
come near so you don't get knocked off of the pitchfork.  If you get smashed or
crushed by the bot, you'll lose two pieces of your energy bar, and one piece
for being hit by a missile.  Hide behind one of the three pipes in the room to
find extra chocolate pieces as well as to have a missile break it open, spewing
water out.  Hide behind the waterfall to lure the bot near it, which will
electrocute him back into the center of the basement.

Go up to him and jump when the red button on his back comes near you, then
press B when the lightbulb appears to press it.  This will cause damage to the
bot.  Repeat the following process two more times to defeat him, then you'll
view a cut scene revealing the pitchfork's name: Franky, who is now broken in
two.  After fixing him up with some tape, Conker and he have a short
conversation, then the pipe breaks and begins filling the room with water.
Naturally, Franky flees, leaving you alone in the water.

Frying Tonight
Swim over to the nearest exit sign and climb out the water via the ladder.
Stand on the Context Button and press B to take out your throwing knives
again.  This next part will be a bit difficult.  The goal is to cut off all the
electrical cords dangling from the pipes in the room.  Start by slicing the
three nearest you.  One is behind you, dangling up in the air, next to that is
one that's nearly submerged in water and to the right is another dangling above
your head.  Throw the knives at the tip of the cords to break them.

Once these three have been cut, dive into the water and swim over to the next
ladder, which should be accessible by now.  Climb it, high jump to the Context
Button and press B again.  Take out the one to your left first, as it's the
most dangerous, followed by the one to your right, and finally the one across
the room.  That takes care of all of them.  Take the rising water to the top of
the basement, where you can exit through the opening and into a new room with
the guy you puked on in the opening cinema.

Slam Dunk
Hop onto his stone tablet and prepare to be tossed up to a platform with some
chocolate pieces and of course, you're next batch of money.  Grab the cash,
then proceed out through the lit opening.  Climb the ladder to your right,
avoiding the wasp by continuing up just as it passes the ladder, and up to the
top.  Climb the next ladder, doing the same thing, until you reach the tip
top.  From here, jump out to the chocolate piece you see in the distance, and
immediately hit the B button when the lightbulb appears.

This will turn Conker into a anvil and drop him all the way down into the water
tower where the switch to the gate is; causing the gate to open.  Make your way
down, go through where the gate once was and collect your cash plus a tail at
the exit.  Make your way back to the exit of this area and into Windy.

                          Chapter 2:  Windy (Part 2)

Poo Cabin
Okay, now that you've went right, it's time to go left, into the "pooey"
area.  Once you get there, go through the door of the small house up ahead.
You'll view a cut scene where the Panther King's minion devises a solution to
the broken table issue; he needs a red squirrel, particularly Conker.  After
that's over, you'll talk to the dung beetle who has some rather "nice" things
to say to you involving poo.

Stand on the trap door and press B to anvil through it.  Walk through the short
corridor and hop onto the rope straight ahead.  Climb the rope and glide from
platform to rope until you reach the top of the room.  Wade through the
waterfall of poo and go through the opening at the end where you'll meet a bull
who hates the color red.

Before attempting anything, you must first drain some prune juice into the
feeding pit, so climb up the platform to your left (if facing away from the
door) and avoid the balls of poo that are rolling your way by jumping over
them.  Once you reach the top of the prune juice valve, run around in circles
on it to turn it, causing the juice to pour out as well as making a target

Yee Haa!
Hop back down and stand in front of the target to make the bull charge it.
Doing so releases a cow from the nearby pen as well as bring up another
target.  Stand on top of this target wall and make the bull charge into it,
getting its horns stuck.  When his happens, press B to jump on it's back and
ram the cow while she's eating.  This will engage in a nice little cut scene of
the cow drinking the prune juice and having a rather bad case of of the runs.
Once you're back on the bull, aim for the cow and press B to charge at it,
ripping it to pieces.  Once the bull tosses you off its back, head over to the
target near the Prune Juice sign and have the bull ram it to make another cow
come out.

Head back to the wall target to get on the bull's back and line it up with the
cow, then let her have it.  Repeat this to make her drink some of the prune
juice, which is when she'll have the same problem the first cow had.  Hop onto
the bull's back again and ram her on the grate to tear her up, then head over
to the final target and make the bull ram it to release the last cow.  Hop onto
the bull's back and ram her three times to make her drink the juice, then once
more to get rid of her.  The weight from the bull makes the grating break,
where he falls into all the mess the cows left below.

Sewage Sucks
Go back through the door you used to enter this area and you'll now notice the
room is filled with the cows' waste.  Hop in!  Swim over to the left to find a
Context Button and press B to take a Confidence Pill.  Doing so will teach you
how to swim underwater and you'll also ditch those kiddy arm floats Conker used
to wear while swimming.  Hop back into the poo and go across into the room with
the ropes.  You'll see a beam with a tail at the end of it; collect that then
swim down through the hole back into the poo house entrance.  From here, dive
back down through the door, surface to the top and you'll find some more cash
up in an alcove - that's $600 you should now have total.

Great Balls of Poo
Head back into the main rope room, swim down past the dead bull and through the
hole at the bottom to get back into the entrance of the poo house.  Exit
through the door and back into dry [poo] land.  The dung beetle will now direct
you to your reward - a fresh ball of poo.  Push this one up the left side of
the poo house, going up the poo mountain.  Watch out for the dung beetles that
fly in and out of their alcoves, and continue pushing it to the top.  Once you
reach the end, Conker will shove a stick of dynamite into the poo ball and roll
it off onto the giant dung beetle, who will explode.

Run back down poo mountain and over to your next ball of poo.  Roll it through
the poo river, past the small ladder and off the edge onto the guard standing
below.  Hop down and jump onto the mushroom-like switch in the alcove.  Press B
to turn into an anvil and smash it, draining the lake and killing the two
guards within.  This also opens the entrance to Chapter 4.  Head back through
the clean water and into the poo area again to find your next poo ball.

Push this one up the other side of poo mountain, to the right of the ladder
straight ahead.  Once you reach the top, push it through the hole, where it
will drop down and break open the gate below, leading to Chapter 5.  High jump
to the top where you'll find another wad of cash waiting for you.  Make your
way back down to the bottom, but stop along the way and look off the mountain
using the R button.  Inside of a honeycomb alcove will be another wad of cash
which you can tail-spin to.

It may take a few tries, but you'll need it.  Once at the bottom, wade through
the poo river and down to where you drained your water.  Swim to the right of
the whirlpool and go through the opening to enter the next chapter of the game.

                            Chapter 4:  Bats Tower

Mrs. Catfish
When you enter this area, a cut scene will take place with some blue-blooded
catfish who need you to dispose of the dogfish down below.  After the cut scene
is over, hop into the water and follow the stream until you reach the dogfish.
Avoid it for now and swim through the opening on the floor of the stream, then
surface to the top once you get to the other side.  In this next room, you'll
meet a cog who has two faces - one mean and one nice.  Both tell you the same
thing: you need to find the other missing cogs.

Barry's Mate
If you continue standing in front of the cog after the cut scene is over, he'll
have some rather nasty words for you, so hop down and take the lift up to the
higher level, where you'll see a cut scene with the two red bats.  Begin
climbing the tower, and torch the bats whenever they come near by pressing the
B button.  Cross the first beam, scour the short path, then jump to the rope
and climb up to the next level.  Cross the very narrow beam, then jump to the
next rope along the tower wall.

Continue this until you reach the top rope, then walk along the somewhat-narrow
beam to find the switch; jump to it and pull it.  You'll land in a spiderweb
below.  Climb back up to the top and walk along the tops of the tower wall,
tail- spinning over the armored enemies, until you reach the wad of cash on the
last top; pick it up!  Make your way back to the bottom of the tower and dive
into the water, going through the grate you just opened.

Cogs' Revenge
Avoid the enemies in here, then chase the three cogs into the circular room.
Once you have them cornered, whack one of 'em with your frying pan and take it
back, through the water, and place it in its spot.  Swim back and do the same
thing with the next cog, and finally the last one, then run along the wheel in
the center of the room to turn the cogs.  After a cut scene with the female
cogs beating the pulp out of the obscene cog and putting him on Mr. Big Cog,
the nice side of the cog will tell you that the dogfish outside has been taken
care of.

The Combination
Swim out back to where the dogfish is and over to the catfish again.  They
insist on opening the safe themselves, so you're left to lead the way.  Swim
back upstream to where the dogfish is, but avoid the armored guards in the
water, as they'll come from below and ram you into the air if you don't jump
when they approach.  Once you get to the safe, the catfish will tease the
dogfish, then one of them will enter the combination (RIGHT) to the safe,
opening it; go inside.

Blast Doors
When you enter, the money will wake up and say you aren't his boss, so he hops
down into the water and flees, slamming the door behind him.  Stand on the
Context Button and press B to take out your slingshot and aim it at the
rotating wheel across the room. Here, you must spell out the word "OPEN" by
shooting the letters in order.  If you shoot a wrong letter, one of the guards
will jump up and attack you, so watch out.  After you spell that word, the door
will open, revealing another Context Button - step on it and press B to put on
your miner's hat along with a flashlight.

Clang's Lair
Okay, this flooded area can get both confusing and frustrating at times.  You
will notice several giant metal eyeballs (called "Clangs") that will attack you
if you come near.  Use your flashlight to blind them temporarily, allowing you
to pass safely.  When you first enter, swim all the way down the corridor,
stopping off in the side air pockets along the way for more air.  Once you
reach the bottom, follow the Clang into the corridor with flashing lights and
surface to the top to replenish your air and insert a new battery for your

Dive back down and swim through the blue corridor this time, watching out for
the Clang, and surface to the top to replenish your air.  In this room is a
large switch - jump to it and pull it down.  Dive back down and find the pipe
with the  yellow lights - take it up through the corridor and surface from
there.  You'll notice a large hole in the ground; drop through it.

Walk forward and you'll see a cut scene with two flaming guys who appear to be
smoking.  After that, you'll be left to play.  Stand under the keg and press B
to gulp down some of the alcohol, causing Conker to become wobbly.  Then run
over near the first aid kit to the left and press B to begin.  Press Z to
extend your stream, and aim it at the flame guys.

Make sure one of them doesn't run up underneath you, however, otherwise you'll
lose a piece of chocolate.  If you run out, use the first aid kit to get back
to normal, then go drink some more and do it again.  Once about eight or so of
them are put out, they'll hop into this huge boiler and turn it on, revealing
it's brass balls.

Brass Monkeys
This fight won't be too tough.  In fact, it's quite easy.  Run to one of the
corners of the room and wait for the boiler to run over to the drain on the
ground.  When he's standing on the drain, watch out for his flame breath and
high jump to pull a switch, dumping poo all over him.  Doing so makes him
stumble back into the center of the room, where you must then run up and press
B when the lightbulb appears to do some damage.  Repeat this three more times
until they eventually fall off, and the flame guys inside accidentally
self-destruct the boiler.

Now, to finish this quest off, push one of the balls over into a small
indention on the ground, which happens to be a switch.  This will open the
door.  Now, go back and get the other ball and roll it through the door, down
the ramp, knocking out the armored guard as well as the wall behind it.  Go
through the newly-made hole and collect your cash on the other side and exit
the safe.

Bullfish's Revenge
When you exit the safe, the catfish will ask you for the money.  Being the
greedy person he is, Conker forms a new deal: He keeps the money.  Now that you
have your cash, it's time to make a run for it.  Hop into the water and begin
swimming downstream.  Just as you're leaving, the dogfish's chain will break,
and he'll start chasing after you.  Swim near the catfish so the dogfish will
eat them up while you escape.  Continue all the way to the dock, which the
dogfish will ram right through, leaving him stuck.  High jump onto his back and
up to the alcove for some cash, then head back through the opening and into the
poo area to start on the next Chapter.

                             Chapter 5:  Sloprano

Corn off the Cob
Near the base of poo mountain is the entrance to Chapter 5; go through it and
view the cut scene with the dung beetle who explains what's going on.  Up
ahead, you'll see some sweet corn, which the poo hand wants.  Whack the corn
with your frying pan, and avoid being smashed by the hand, then take the corn
over to the edge and you'll automatically throw it down into the poo liquid
below, where the hand will consume it.  Go over to the left of the hand and
jump/tail-spin over the gap into the next area.

Whack these two corn kernels and drop them off the edge of the cliff as well,
while avoiding the poo drops from the ceiling as well as the hand.  Make your
way around to the final area, where you'll find three more kernels of corn.
Whack them all and toss them into the poo, and watch the cut scene of the Great
Mighty Poo, who has a rather "nice" song to sing for you.

Sweet Melody
This Mighty Poo isn't too friendly, as you can see, and has a pretty bad dental
condition.  His only real attack is throwing pieces of himself at you, which
always seem to land right where you are.  Use the only available Context Button
on the ground to take out your toilet paper and toss it into his mouth when he
starts to sing.  Doing so will make him sing another verse to his song in a cut
scene, then you're left to play once again (the Context Button will also be
covered in poo and another one on the other side of the room will be open.)

Head over to the next Context Button and toss two toilet paper rolls into his
mouth this time to start a cut scene with him telling you he's going to stick
you into his behind once he defeats you.  Run to the last Context Button and
toss three toilet paper rolls into his mouth while avoiding his blobs of poo.
This one will be more difficult, as he moves much faster.  Once the three have
been tossed into his mouth, he'll shatter the glass across the room.

Run over there and snag the pile of cash, then jump and pull the flusher to
flush that big Mighty Poo down the toilet.  This also creates an opening at the
bottom of the toilet which you must go through.  Make your way down carefully,
otherwise you'll fall through the hole and end up back in the poo house.

U-Bend Blues
Once you go through the opening, you'll see a cut scene of someone knocking at
Berri's door - it's a giant rock.  After telling it to go away, Berri's
confronted with a fist in the face, followed by the rock taking her away.  Now
that you're left to play again, hop down and eat some chocolate if you're low
on health.  Grab the tail from the wall then dive down into the water where
you'll find three spinning blades.

First, replenish your air supply with the air pocket down below, then approach
the first spinning blade.  The easiest way to get past these blades is to get
up-close to them (as close as you can get without being sliced in two) and when
one blade passes, make a run for it.  Repeat with the next blade, which will be
more difficult, as it's spinning faster, then head over to the air pocket for
some air.  The final blade is a tough one, but use the same method and you'll
get past it soon enough.  Don't worry about dying, because when you start over,
the tail will be on the wall again.

Once past the blades, replenish your air at the air pocket then surface to the
top.  Swim through the narrow pipe in this room and enter the next, where
you'll find even more spinning blades.  Tail-spin to the rope and climb up to
the top.  Drop down when it's safe to do so and make your way around the path,
jumping as the small blades come at you.  Once you reach the ladder, climb it.

The Bluff
High jump to your right and walk along this narrow strip.  You will soon come
to a short bridge with the Panther King's two guards blocking the path.  You
must have at least $1,000 to pass, so check the Cash Locations section if you
don't have enough.  After paying the toll, the guard will accuse you of being a
squirrel, but Conker tells him otherwise.  After believing Conker is an
elephant, the guard lets you pass, and Conker then whistles and his money comes
jumping back into his pocket.

In this next area, you'll find a structure straight ahead with small dinosaurs
running around it.  If you get near them, you'll get bit, so jump when you see
them coming.  Make your way around to the back of this structure and go through
the opening, which leads to the second level.  Make your way to the back of
this structure and go through the opening in the back to be brought to the top
where you'll find a wad of cash and a statue.  Collect the cash, and high jump
on top of the statue.  Press B in the Context Zone to transform into an anvil
and smash it three times to come crashing down onto a guard in the next chapter.

                              Chapter 6:  Uga Buga

Drunken Gits
High jump back on top of the statue and slam it down once again to create a
tunnel leading from the rock land to the cave land.  Go over to the rock land,
avoid the "gits" hanging around and push the rolled up rock man through the
tunnel and down the ramp to view a cut scene.  The rock man will get rid of the
two cavemen in the cave, plus break through to the other side and land on
another caveman, then break into pieces.

Move on into the next room to view the cut scene of Conker telling the Maestro
to change the music.  Tail-spin out to the rope and land on the platform below.
Behind it, down the ground is a Context Button which takes out your slingshot,
where you can shoot the switches on either side of the wall to raise/lower the
platform.  Go to the right side of the stone dinosaur statue to find a door; go
through it.

Walk along the left circling path, jumping over cavemen as you come to them.
Take a turn to the right to find another creature with a stone tablet - hop
onto the tablet and he'll toss you up to the egg, where a lightbulb will
appear.  Press B and Conker will hatch the egg, revealing a large baby
dinosaur, who crushes the creature with the tablet as he hops out of the egg.
Continue following the circular path and have the baby dino follow you.  He'll
take care of the cavemen for you, so don't worry about them.

Once you reach the door at the end, you'll be brought back into the room with
the giant dinosaur statue (you come from the door to the left of the statue,
which was locked before.)  Lead the dino over to the Context Button and press B
to take out your slingshot.  Fire at the switch to your left (when facing the
statue) to raise the crusher on top of the sacrificing platform, then lead your
dino onto the platform and quickly run back to the Context Button before he can
follow you.  Fire a shot to the switch on the right and watch the cut scene of
your little dino being sacrificed to the statue (or idol, whatever you want to
call it.)  Watch as the creature with the stone tablet comes out of the idol's

Hop onto to the stone tablet and have the creature flip you to the top of the
idol's head.  Walk along the top of it's head and down it's back end for some
cash and a tail at the very end.  Once you've collected both, make your way
back to the front of his head and look on both sides to find his nostrils.
After the smoke has cleared, hop inside and press B in the Context Zone to
shake some pepper into his nose.  Do the same for the other side and watch as
he sneezes all the mucus away!

Climb up his now clean tongue and go through the back of his throat.  Watch out
for his uvula, which is swinging back and forth straight ahead of you.  Turn
right at the fork and hop over the two gaps you come to.  If you fall, just
high jump to get out.  Run past the next uvula and go through the opening into
the next area, where you'll view a cut scene of Conker stealing part of the
sleeping caveman's clothing.  Exit back through his throat and into the area
where you sacrificed the dino.

As you exit the statue's mouth, the cavemen will approach you and begin
worshipping you instead of the statue.  Conker then convinces them to get rid
of the rock men on the other side of the level, then tells them to follow him.
Lead them all over to the ramp that leads up to the exit of this area, and walk
along the wall all the way up there to ensure none of them accidentally fall
off.  Lead them through the tunnel and over to the rock men, where you'll view
a cut scene of one of the rock men smoking.

Go from rock man to rock man and slam each one with your frying pan to make
your worshippers come and break them up with their clubs.  Once all of them are
gone, confront the bouncer of the club and view the cut scene where Conker
mistakes the password for something else.  Eventually, he'll let you in for
fear of being blungeoned to death.

Rock Solid
Enter the club, and step on the switch when you first enter.  You'll notice
Berri was kidnapped in order to become one of the club's dancers, as she'll be
dancing in a cage above the room.  Go down to the lower level and find the
bundled up rock behind the bar and roll him up to the upper level to keep him
on the switch, opening the door for you.  Don't go through it just yet,
however.  Instad, make your way over to the keg and drink up.  Stagger over to
the dancing rock near the door you just opened and press B.

Press Z to extend your flow and push him through the door, where he will land
on the balcony.  Empty out the rest, then use the first aid kit to sober up.
Go through the center door, and push the rock past the two dancing girl rocks
(make sure they have just gone into their alcove before pushing the rock,
otherwise they'll knock him back down to the first floor.)  Push him over to
the switch to open the two doors and close the center door.

Okay, hop back down to the ground level and drink up at the keg again.  This
time, position yourself next to the first rock guy you come to and push him
with your stream into the door on the right, which will cause him to fall on
top of Berri's cage and break to pieces.  Do the same thing with the other guy
on the other side and the cage will break open.  Berri runs off, not
recognizing you with that costume on, and you're left to play again.  High jump
up to where you cage was to pick up the cash, then try to leave the club.

Bomb Run
As you try to leave, the bouncer will take you to see the boss, who fits the
description of a mafia leader.  After a short disciplining of one of his
worker's, he'll assign you a job.  You must take the bomb he gives you and get
rid of the cavemen.  The difficult part is that you have a time limit on it.
Run past the rock men (make sure they don't hit you, or the bomb will explode
in your hands), through the tunnel, past the cave men, and into the room with
the statue.

Go down the ramp to the left, and hop off right when you pass the caveman.  Go
up the tongue of the statue and go inside once again.  Take the left path this
time (as you cannot jump over the gaps with the bomb in your hands) and avoid
the uvulii along the way.  Exit through the end, go past the sleeping caveman
and all the way to the end, where you'll automatically drop the bomb off the
side of the cliff.  Doing so causes a massive lava flow.  Use the stones to
cross over the lava and exit through the opening on the other side.

When you come out, you'll be whacked in the head by a caveman and your money
will be stolen.  The only way to get it back is to race the cavemen and win.
Go up the ramp and through the opening, then drop off the edge of the cliff to
land on Simon's old hoverboard (he's the one who fell into the lava while
mooning you.)  There is no set goal to this race, you just have to catch up to
each caveman and whack him with your frying pan to recover your money.

If you run into walls or pillars, you'll lose a piece of your chocolate bar.
If you crash into a wall or a dinosaur leg, you'll lose your life.  If you
don't jump above the lavafall, you'll die as well.  When you catch up to one of
the caveman, press B to whack them.  Press A to jump, and use the control stick
to steer your board.  After you've taken care of the first two, the gate will
close at the fork, forcing you to turn right.  Remember this, otherwise you'll
crash and die.

Once the last caveman has been whacked, the gate will switch again, giving you
access to the stone ramp.  Once you approach it, the once closed grating will
now be open, and you'll be able to jump into the cave, collect some more cash
and crash into an arena, where you'll view a cut scene with some fat cave guy
and his lovely girl next to him.

Raptor Food
When you're left to play again, approach the drawbridge, where you'll talk to a
caveman just before a huge t-rex comes out and destroys a nearby caveman.  Run
over to the Context Button as fast as you can and press B to take out your
watch and hypnotize him.  Doing so allows you to climb on its back and take it
for a ride!  Press A to jump, B to bite/swallow, Z to bite, and B to headbutt
while running.  Take out all the small cavemen in the arena and Buga (the fat
guy with the cavegirl) will send out the Infantry.

This first batch is pretty easy to kill off.  Run into the pack to pick one of
them up (and scare the rest off) then run ahead of them and swallow the caveman
before the others hit you with their clubs.  If you get hit, you'll have to
re-hypnotize the t-rex, so be careful.  Once all of the infantry are gone, Buga
will send out another round, only these have spears.  If you get hit by a
spear, you fall off.  Repeat this process with this round as well as the last
round, then Buga will jump down from his throne and fight you himself.

Buga the Knut
Buga isn't all that tough, but you might have some trouble with him.  He has
two main attacks: jumping and clubbing.  When he jumps, he sends a shockwave
with it, so jump when you see it coming, or you'll be knocked off the t-rex.
Don't worry about re-hypnotizing him, as he's now befriended you.  A crash from
the bone really hurts, so try not to get hit by it.  After a jump, he'll raise
his bone: this is the time you bite him in his "lower area."  Doing so will
reveal his rear, which you must press B near (rhyme not intended) to bite.

Doing so takes a huge chunk of flesh out of his behind.  Repeat this two more
times and Buga's secret will be revealed!  After the cut scene, go over to
where the infantry first came out and high jump to the plank, where you must go
through the opening.  After another cut scene with Jugga (the girl Buga was
with), you'll be left to chase after the cash that's running away.  Go through
the next opening, follow the path and snag the cash outside the last opening.

If you jump onto the raised platform and high jump to the ledge above, you can
follow it to the last ledge where you'll find a 5-tail.  Go back to the main
path, and follow it to the end.  Drop off to land in that water area with the
spinning blades you entered earlier.  Climb out of the water, collect the tail
and exit back into the room where you fought Might Poo.  Drop down into the
abyss to exit back into the poo house, thus finishing off this chapter!

                           Chapter 2:  Windy (Part 3)

Wasps' Revenge
Upon exiting the poo house, you'll view a cut scene showing the wasps stealing
Mrs. Bee's hive again!  Exit the poo area and go back to see Mrs. Bee, who will
ask you to get it back for her.  Conker, being the smart squirrel he is, makes
Mrs. Bee quadruple the reward money she gave him last time, and she finally
agrees, but this time it'll be more difficult to get back.  Follow the
"Naughty" path and climb up the side of the hill until you reach the wasps'
hive; go inside.

Follow the main path up to Mrs. Bee's hive then jump inside to use the machine
gun!  Press Z to fire, use the control stick to aim, B to reload, and A to exit
the hive.  On the top of your screen is a radar showing where all the wasps are
located and if they're potentially dangerous.  Blue dots are wasps in the
distance, which are not dangerous.  Yet.  Red dots are wasps that are up close
in your face and will sting if you don't take them out immediately.  You will
first have three rounds of three wasps each, followed by wasps pouring out of
all hives at the end.

Take them all down, reloading when necessary and Mrs. Bee will fly into the
have and tell you to make a run for it.  Hop out, pick up the hive and you're
three wasp buddies (who are supposed to be dead from last time) will appear and
chase after you once again.  Run along the path and don't stop, otherwise
you'll get stabbed by a stinger.  Exit the wasps' hive and continue running all
the way back to Mrs. Bee, who will shoot them all up and give you your reward
of $400.

Mr. Barrel
From Mrs. Bee's hive, cross the bridge and turn left to find a mountain, begin
scaling it and you'll be confronted by a mean worm who wants to eat you up.
Jump over him and continue slowly scaling the mountain.  If you go too fast,
you'll run into a worm without knowing it and lose some of your chocolate.
Jump over each worm you come to until you reach the top, where you'll meet Mr.
Barrel.  He requires you to show him your money (if you're missing some, go
back and check the Cash Locations section) in order to gain a ride.

Start down the hill, using the control stick to steer.  Don't worry about the
worms, as you can now just roll right over them without taking any damage.
Just make sure you steer properly or you'll go flying off the mountain, which
you don't want.  Once at the bottom, you'll view a cut scene of the barrel
crashing through the boarded up entrance in the water over Mrs. Bee's hive, and
you'll then awaken during the night.  Hop over Mrs. Bee's hive and go through
the new entrance.  Rocks will fall, locking you in once you enter.

                              Chapter 7:  Spooky

Mr. Death
Follow the main stream through the mines until you're outside again.  Don't
bother going left, as you won't be able to because of the current.  You'll find
Gregg the Grim Reaper up ahead, trying to kill off the catfish.  Turn right and
go through the opening in the water, then jump up to the switch before you fall
off the edge of the waterfall.  Pulling it will open the closed door just
before the entrance to this room.  Drop down and go back to see Gregg, who will
give you a shotgun.

Use Z to fire (hold it for a laser sight), R to aim, and B to put it away.  Go
through the doors you just opened, where you'll be confronted by several
zombies (a.k.a. the Undead.)  When the pop out, run to the nearest gravestone
and high jump onto it.  From here, you can pick off the zombies while not
taking any damage.  You must shoot the zombies in the head to kill them,
otherwise they won't die.  Once the first batch are gone, continue following
the path and kill every batch that comes out.

Once twelve zombies have been taken care of, Gregg will appear in front of the
gate straight ahead.  Approach him and he'll open it for you, allowing you to
pass.  Follow this path, but do so slowly, as there are now skeleton worms that
will attack you if you get near.  Jump over them when you see them and continue
up the path, all the way to the top where you'll find the entrance - go through

Count Batula
You'll start this level with a rather long cut scene with Count Batula, who was
initially going to kill Conker and drink his blood, but then the villagers came
and he needs Conker's help instead.  Shortly after, he'll show you a few of his
"devices" such as the grinder, then the camera pans over to Conker, who is now
a bat!  The goal is to go from room to room, dropping your guano (bat poo) on
the villagers to knock them out, then go swoop down and carry them back to the
grinder to feed the Count.

There are a few villagers in the library, a few in the main room, and a couple
in the garden that need to be taken care of.  Watch out for the spears they're
throwing at you, as you'll lose energy if you're hit by one.  To drop guano,
press Z.  When you're close to a villager, your radar will pick it up and the
villager will turn red when you're near him.  Once you hit a villager with your
guano, go down and pick him up, then carefully fly him back to the grinder,
where you'll automatically toss him in.

After every two villagers that are dropped into the grinder, the Count will
drink more and more of their blood.  After the final set, the Count will become
too fat, and the rope that's suspending him will break, causing him to fall
into the grinder and splashing all of his drinks everywhere.  You're now left
to play again, but you're locked in the mansion with a bunch of zombies.

This part will be a bit difficult.  You must go around the mansion and collect
all three of the keys the unlock the front door.  However, you'll also have to
deal with bats, zombies and heights along the way.  Start in the main room
(facing away from the front door) and pick off the zombie to your left.  Once
he's gone, continue left, through the hallway, killing all zombies you
encounter along the way - this leads to the library.  Kill the three zombies
lurking around in here, then climb the stairs, and when you're about halfway to
the top, jump over to the bookcase in the center of the room.

Press B on the Context Button to take out your crossbow, then aim it at the
oncoming bat.  Hold Z for a laser sight (just like the shotgun) and let go to
fire it at the bat.  Do the same for the remaining three bats in the room, then
tail-spin back to the main path and follow it up to the room with the grinder.
Turn left and follow the broken up path until you reach the dining room.  Have
your shotgun ready because there's a zombie right in your face when you enter
as well as one to the left.  Kill them both then walk along the beams ahead of

Press B on the Context Button to take out your crossbow again and pick off the
three bats on the other side of the room.  Continue following the beams until
you reach the platform with the key on it.  Walk up to it to pick it up, then
carry it back across the beams, over the broken floor in the room with the
grinder, down the library stairs, through the hallway and back to the main door
(watch out for the zombie to the left, as it has reappeared) where you will
place it.

Pick off any remaining zombies in the main room, then take the hallway on the
right, but watch out for zombies.  There are about five zombies throughout this
hallway that you must kill before getting to the dining room.  Once in the
dining room, put your shotgun away and immediately run/jump onto the table and
pick off all the zombies in the room.  Once they're gone, hop down and go
through the next opening which leads into the garden.  Cross the narrow bridge
that was raised when you put the first key in and pick off any and all zombies
you encounter in the garden.

Turn into the main part and hop up on the hedge.  Pick off the zombie in front
of the key as well well as the one to the left of it, then run around the
hedge, killing any zombies left around the outside of the hedge.  Hop down,
pick up the key and take it back through the dining room, through the hallway
and into the main room, where you must place it in the door, thus raising a
ladder which will aid in getting the last key.  Head up the stairs in the main
room and turn right.  Go through this door, which leads to the room with the

Turn right, and tail-spin over to the platform with the ladder; climb it.
Tail-spin across the way and jump to the switch, which will open two hidden
doors.  Carefully make your way back down and into the main room, where you'll
find some more zombies.  Pick them all off and go to the right of the main
stairs to find the hidden door that opened - go through it.  Run across the
ramp and pick up the final key; take it back to the front door to open it.
Before leaving, run back over to Mr. Barrel and hop on for a ride.

Ride him out of the mansion and carefully steer him down the twisting path that
leads to the mansion, crushing the skeleton worms along the way.  Roll on
through the graveyard and back out to the lake - hop in.  Ride Mr. Barrel
upstream to the exit, where he'll break.  If you crash in the lake, you can go
back up near the door that leads to the graveyard to find another barrel.  Go
through the opening at the top of the lake and collect your cash on the other

                             Chapter 8:  It's War

It's War
Watch the propaganda cut scene, then go past the fallen gargoyle and back up to
the Hungover area.  Jump from platform to platform until you reach the top and
go through the opening to enter Windy again.  Take the left (Naughty) path and
hop over the barb wire when you come to it.  Go through the now opened doors
and walk forward to view another cut scene of a plane being shot down.  You'll
then talk to the general who gives you your command.  The first thing you must
do is turn the power back on.

Power's Off
Go around to the left side of this area, past the hopping crates, and jump into
the water, where you'll find an electric eel down below.  Swim as fast as you
can through the small half-circles, coiled to the main electricity source
underwater to make the eel follow you.  After three have been powered-up, the
eel will die and the power will come back on.  Hop out and go up the ramp on
the right to find a men's bathroom.

Press B in front of it to knock, causing an odd-looking man with a barrel of
TNT strapped to his back to come out.  After talking to him, go down the ramp
and push the metal block in front of the base of the ramp, then go back up and
push him down.  The block will stop him from falling in the water, so push him
to the right, where the mines are.  You'll have to carefully make your way
through the minefield to place this guy in his correct place.  The order of the
mines goes like so: outter, outter, inner, inner, outter, inner, outter, inner.
(Inner being nearest the wall, outter being nearest the edge, falling off into
the water.)  Once you get past those, the guy will sit in place.

Run back past the mines and walk down the central platform with the Context
Button on it.  Press B to take out your slingshot and fire it at the TNT guy to
blast away part of the airplane.  Go back up the ramp and knock on the door to
get another.  Push him down, but this time, turn left.  Here, you'll be
confronted with jumping crates and falling metal blocks.  Wait for a crate to
turn around, then follow it until you reach the end.  This will ensure you
don't get hit.  When the metal block rises in the air, quickly push the TNT guy
under it, and repeat these two again to reach the end of the path.

Head back to the central platform, take out your slingshot and fire away to
blast the other part of the plane away.  Go back around to the bottom of the
ramp where you'll find some stairs.  At the base of the stairs will be the
general, who tricks you and whacks you on the head.  The next thing you know,
you're on a boat, with several other soldiers...

The Assault
After viewing the parody of "Saving Private Ryan," you'll be left to play
again.  You'll be on a beach with the evil Tediz firing at you from their death
holes up above.  Run to the first barrier (metal pieces) and hide behind it
with the other soldiers until the bullets stop temporarily.  When this happens,
run to the next one.  If you get lost, just look to see where the other
(remaining) soldiers have gone.  At the last barrier you'll notice an area with
some chocolate pieces - run to it.

Sole Survivor
View the cut scene with the soldier, who is then killed seconds later.  Press B
in the Context Zone to take out a cigar and two guns.  Press Z to fire, A to
reload, R to aim and B to put the guns away.  Collect all the chocolate pieces
from this area, then shoot the lock off the door in front of you; go inside.
This next part of the game is quite difficult, as you must go through the
structure while picking off all Tediz you come to.  View the cut scene, then
you'll be left to play.

In the first room, walk forward a bit to make the Tediz come out.  You must
shoot them in the head to kill them, so pick off the one on top of the box
first.  One will then be in the center, and one on each side.  Pick them all
off then crawl (Z + Control Stick w/o guns out) under the lasers that lead into
the corridor.  In this corridor, you'll find Tediz behind almost all of the
boxes, so watch out.  Walk under the high points of the first two lasers you
come to, pick off the Tediz and turn right to find more lasers.

Keep your guns out and approach the lasers to make a Tediz hop out from the box
to your right.  Take care of it, put your guns away then jump and tail-spin.
When you're parallel with the opening in the lasers, go on through.  You'll be
ambushed by 3-4 Tediz when you land on the other side, so be ready.  Go past
the pipe and two more Tediz will drop from the vent in the ceiling.  Kill them
both and continue moving through the high points in the lasers straight
ahead.  When you start to pass, a Tediz will pop up from the box to the right,
kill it followed by the two that pop out from another vent up above.

Follow the path to the left and be ready for two more Tediz up in the vent
straight ahead.  Once those are gone, kill the one hiding behind the box to
your left and collect the chocolate.  Proceed to the elevator where you'll view
a cut scene with several mines chasing after you.  Just as they approach, the
elevator door closes, taking off one of their legs.  Once you get out, put your
guns away and hop over the two lasers for some more chocolate.  Pick off the
Tediz that pop out from the vent and the box, as well as the two up ahead.
Turn right and watch out for the flamethrower guy; just pass when he stops.

As you go by, two more Tediz will appear, one on top of the box to the left,
and one in your face to the right - get rid of them both and turn left up
ahead.  As you turn, you'll be confronted with about 5 Tediz, so kill them off
and continue going.  Another will pop out from the vent in front of the lasers,
so get rid of it before proceeding.  Carefully walk through the lasers then
take care of the Tediz that pops out from the vent above, followed by the two
behind the next box.

Turn left at the fire barrel and wait for the flamethrower to stop.  Hop over
the three lasers, then pass the next two flamethrowers.  Take out your guns,
turn right and blast away the 5 Tediz that come at you plus the two in the
vents just ahead.  Once you reach the final set of lasers, hop over the first
set on the ground, then simply walk past the high set, collecting the two
chocolate pieces on your way out.

Casualty Dept.
As you enter the next room, you'll view a cut scene with the two Tediz doctors,
who notice you and "get back into character."  Stay where you are and kill the
Tediz as they approach you, just watch out for their attacks.  Once no more
Tediz pop out from the drawers on the side of the room, you've gotten rid of
them all.  Walk to the end of the room and turn right to meet a soldier
strapped in an electric chair.  He asks for your help and you're left to pull
one of the switches.  No matter which you pull, it'll fry him, but he doesn't
die.  Pull the other to open the double doors and go on through.

You'll be confronted with another Tediz in this room, but he'll be firing at
you from his huge machine gun.  Hide behind the boxes to your right and wait
for him to reload.  When he does so, run over to the boxes to your left and
finally the last set of boxes to your right again.  Once he stops to reload,
run and jump up onto the platform he's on; this will ensure you don't get hit
for the time being.  Look around and you'll see a rope with a pipe next to
it.  While he's reloading, run over and hide behind the pipe, then climb the
rope as quickly as possible and jump up to the boxes on top.

Run along to the end and when he's reloading, press B on the Context Button to
take out your Bazooka.  Aim it at him and fire away to destroy him.  Hop down
and get into the seat of the machine gun, where you'll be confronted with even
more Tediz.  Turn to your right to find several of them pouring out into the
room.  Once you take care of them all, turn back to your left and take care of
those.  After that, you'll get two rounds of four each from both sides, then
the doors will open.  Hop off the machine gun and go through the door and down
the ramp to the right.

Saving Private Rodent
View the cut scene of the Tediz trying to execute a soldier, but failing, then
aim your guns at the Tediz and pick them all off before they have a chance to
fire at you.  Walk up and you'll talk to the soldier, who Conker apparently
knows as "Rodent."  After a short conversation, you're left to play again.
Walk along the path straight ahead of you and the bombers will come out.  You
must walk slowly through this area and stay close to Rodent at all times.
Whenever a mine comes your way, hide behind him to avoid getting hurt.  Once
you reach the end, he'll tell you to shoot open the lock on the door.

Go around to the dock and tail-spin across to the raft with the Context Button
on it.  Press B to take out your bazooka and aim it at the four lights
surrounding the locked door.  Don't worry about getting shot, just shoot out
the four lights to open the door then put away the bazooka and go on through.
If you die after opening the lock, don't worry, you won't have to do it again.

Chemical Warfare
As you enter, you'll view a cut scene with a Class-22 tank.  After Rodent goes
inside, high jump and go inside yourself.  Use the control stick to move
around, R to aim, Z to fire, A to get out, and the C-Up/C-Down buttons to zoom
in and out while aiming.  Go down the small hill and blast a hole in the door
across the room.  Get out and go through the new opening.  Drop off the edge
and run through the corridor until you reach a pit of acid.  Jump over it, then
jump right back to lure the mine into the acid, where it will explode.  Do the
same for the next 2, but be careful of the last, as it's pretty quick.

Make your way into the next room and jump up to pull the switch you see.  This
starts filling the room with acid and you're left to run back out before you
die.  You won't be able to see in front of you, as the camera is focused behind
you so you'll know how close you are to the chasing acid.  Hop over the pits
and high jump to the door where you must exit.

The Tower
Hop back into the tank and drive it through the now opened gate.  Once you get
to the first bridge, hop out but make sure the towers don't see you, or you'll
be shot up quite quickly.  Go around to the bridge and press B in the Context
Zone at the end to anvil it back down to normal, then hop back into the tank
and drive it across.  Follow the path, running over Tediz as you see them until
you reach the second bridge.  Watch the tower until it moves out of your range,
then hop out and lower the bridge.

Do this to the last bridge and run over the three Tediz throwing grenades.  Now
that you've lowered all the bridges, go around the area and shoot out the four
black and yellow supports that are holding the tower up to make it collapse.
Drive back to the far end and walk along the narrow log then hop through the
hole which leads into the next area.

Little Girl
When you land, go forward and into the central area where you'll meet a little
girl who tells you about the missiles.  After the cut scene has ended, go to
your right and stand on the Context Button.  Press B to take out your bazooka
and aim for the submarine in the water.  If it fires a missile, aim up into the
sky and blow it to pieces before it has a chance to come near.  Once the first
submarine has been destroyed, another will come followed by one more.  Destroy
both of them and move on in a clockwise direction to the next Context Button.

Here, do the same thing, but now you'll have to destroy five subs instead of
three.  Once these are gone, make your way to the last platform (collect
chocolate along the way if needed) and take out your bazooka.  Here, you must
destroy a total of eight submarines.  Once you're done, go back to the center
of the room and talk to the little girl to view a new cut scene.

The Experiment
Rodent will drop in with the tank and warn Conker to stay away from the girl,
which he does and the hatch she's sitting on will open, revealing a huge, giant
Tediz experiment!  To start off, run over to the tank while the experiment is
giving chase - hop in.  Hide in one of the small tunnels with the chocolate
piece inside and position your turret at the experiment (you can see through
the wall for the time being) while keeping the tank in the same position.  It
will then take out two "mini-guns" and start firing away.

Once it stops to reload, drive in or out and fire a missile (no time for
aiming) and it should hit one of the guns, destroying it.  Do the same for the
other gun then drive out and the experiment will give chase.  Drive out and
quickly take aim at the "little girl" puppet on its hand and fire away to knock
it off.  The experiment will then go searching for it, exposing it's back,
where you must fire another shot.  Quickly roll back into your barricade and
get ready for the next weapon - Magneto Lasers!

The lasers don't need reloading as the "mini-guns" did, so instead you'll have
to make them aim at one side of the tunnel, then quickly roll out the other and
fire away to break one off.  Do the same for the other and repeat what you did
last time (shoot the doll followed by the back) and roll back into your
barricade for the last weapon - missiles!  These won't be too hard to dodge,
but you may get confused in the beginning.  Watch one of the launchers and
count the missiles that come out.

Once four have came out, quickly roll and and fire away (without aiming, of
course) at the launcher to destroy it.  Do the same to the other side, roll
out, shoot the puppet off of the experiment's hand and fire one last shot into
its back to destroy it.  The puppet will then send out two mines to blow up
your tank, killing Rodent, but you're still okay.

After a short memorial to Rodent, the puppet will press a red button, causing
the place to self-destruct in 4 minutes, 30 seconds.  Hop through the hole to
go back into the underground corridors (where the lasers are) and approach the
first set.  Tail-spin over the first two and normal jump over the last one.
Crawl under the next set and you'll reach the verticle lasers.  Find an opening
and tail-spin right through it.  Turn the corner, go through the pipes and hop
onto the box to get in between the next set.

Jump, tail-spin for a couple of seconds and go through the large square break
in the lasers.  Take out your guns (B) and fire at the two Tediz you see
straight ahead.  Hop onto the first box and crawl along under the lasers then
drop off at the end.  Take out your guns again and turn the corner to find
another Tediz - kill it and continue.  You'll now come to what seems to be an
escape-less set of lasers.  Walk up against the left wall and jump, then
tail-spin over the first two, followed by walking under the third.  Continue
along and crawl under the final set then approach the exit.

Don't go too far, as two blue lasers will appear in front of the exit that will
kill you instantly if you get too close.  Instead, turn around, hop on the
nearest box and press B to take out your bazooka.  Pan around the room and
blast away each and every Tediz you see.  Once the last one has been blasted,
he'll land in the blue lasers in front of the exit, removing them.  Head out
through the exit and back onto the beach where you'll be confronted with not
only streams of lead being pumped down at you from the death holes, but several
Tediz with bazookas patrolling the beach.

Don't worry about the shots from the death holes, as they won't harm you this
time.  The only thing you need to worry about are the Tediz, as they have
amazingly accurate aim.  Walk over to the first barrier, take out your bazooka
and fire at the Tediz down the way.  Once it's gone, follow this path, but stop
near the end and pan your bazooka to the right to find another Tediz hiding in
a small alcove - kill it.  If you take a bit of time doing so, the next Tediz
to your left will already be dead from the shots in the death holes, so ignore
it and turn left to the next barrier.

Behind it is the fourth Tediz; kill it, then turn your bazooka to the left to
find the fifth - destroy it and continue.  You'll find three more Tediz up
ahead, so you can either take them out or just run/tail-spin to the exit as
fast as you can while avoiding their shots.  Either way, just make it out of
this place.

Peace at Last!
You'll hop into the back of the boat and view a cut scene of the sergeant
telling you about the generals, and with Rodent, who didn't die after all,
being blasted out of the building; so he survived after all.  There's nothing
to actually do in this section, just watch the cut scene and exit the war area
back into Windy for the final chapter of the game.

                               Chapter 9:  Heist

The Windmill's Dead
Once back in Windy, make your way over the barbed wire and over to where Mrs.
Bee's hive is.  You'll notice the windmill is now lying in a pile of flaming
rubbish.  Go past it and climb the small mountain until you reach the top.  Go
inside and run down the ramp, then drop off at the end to find the Feral
Reserve Bank.  In front of it is the mafia guy you saw in Chapter 6, who is now
out of a job because of what you did to the cavemen.

He wants you and Berri to rob the bank for him, but Conker only agrees to do it
if he gets a nice, new, cool leather outfit like Berri has.  Once you're left
to play, go through the revolving door to enter the bank and watch the rather
nicely done cut scene.

Enter the Vertex
After the Matrix parody cut scene has ended, run up and hide behind the bank
pillar to your left.  Once the shots have stopped and they yell out the word
"Regroup," press B in the Context Zone and you'll jump, gliding across the room
in slow-motion (more Matrix parodies.)  Use the control stick to aim and press
Z to fire your weapons.  Once both guards have been picked off behind the
laser, another two will come in.  Kill them both and Berri will hop over the
lasers and turn them off.

Hide behind the next pillar and do the same thing here.  However, this time
you'll be dealing with three instead of two.  Once both rounds have been
killed, you'll view yet another cut scene parodizing the Matrix, then you're
left to play again.  Hide behind the pillars once again and take out these two
rounds to get to the final set of lasers.  Here, you'll be dealing with four
guards at a time, so be careful, as they can chip off pieces of the pillar
you're hiding behind.  Once they're all gone, view the cut scene of Conker and
Berri taking the elevator to the vault.

The Vault
As you enter the room, you'll find at least 20 crossing lasers blocking your
way, but Berri will easily take care of them as well as open the safe door.
Run through the safe opening and inside you'll find several wads of bills
running around.  Cha-ching!  Run up and smash at least three of them with your
frying pan to collect them, then you'll view a very long cut scene which I'd
rather not detail here.  To put it short: there will be two deaths here and a
huge alien named Heinrich will appear, waiting to tear you to shreads.

Run over to your right as quickly as possible and pull the switch to open the
airlocks, which will suck out the two corpses.  Run around the room until you
find the spacesuit - hop in!  You'll view another cut scene here with the
professor being sucked out into space, killing him (well, at least something
_good_ came from this, so far anyway.)  Heinrich can both chomp at you and
swing his tail at you.  Avoid both by jumping (A) and when it's safe to do so,
run up and begin your punches using B.

Continue punching until you knock him down, then run over to the top of his
tail (not the end) and you'll pick him up.  Familiar?  Yep, it's the same thing
you did with Bowser in Super Mario 64!  Only this time it's much easier.
Anyway, rotate the control stick to spin him around and when he's no longer
scratching on the floor, press B to let go when you're facing the airlock to
toss him out.  However, he hangs on and jumps back in.  The second time will be
a bit tougher, as he now dodges your punches.

Once you have a good shot going, punch away and toss him out the airlock once
again, but he still hangs on.  The final time will be very tough.  He dodges
almost all of your punches and attacks more rapidly.  Here's a tip: when he
bites at you, duck (Z) and he'll miss, dazing him for a moment.  This is when
you can punch away.  Swing him around and toss him out the airlock one more
time, and well, um...

End Cutscene
I know you're probably furious with me now that I've spoiled most of the game
for you.  So, to reward you for putting up with my spoilers, I won't spoil the
ending for you!  Yes, that's right, you can watch it yourself and enjoy the
ending of this wonderful game.  Congratulations!

                                  V.  Weapons

There are two types of weapons in this game: Single player weapons and
multiplayer weapons.  Some of the weapons appear in both single player and
multiplayer, in which case I've listed them under the multiplayer section.  All
weapons are listed aphabetically.

                             Single Player Weapons

This is very similar to the flamethrower in the way it works.  There is no
Context Button to use it, but instead, a random Context Zone.  When you see the
lighbulb appear, press B and if Conker transforms into an anvil, you know it's
time to use it.  Try to aim correctly when you turn into an anvil, because most
of the time, you'll need to hit a switch or a rock or something.

B - Turn into anvil and smash down

Stand on the Context Button to take this out.  It's used in the same manner the
shotgun is, only you can only use it when on the Context Button.  Hold Z for
the laser sight and release to fire an arrow at your target.  Press B to put it
away, and use the control stick to aim.

B - Take out or put away crossbow
Z - Fire at target

Frying Pan
Conker's main weapon (the one he uses whenever he's not in a Context Zone) is
the frying pan.  It really doesn't do much damage to enemies, and you won't
find yourself using it much during the game, but you will need it for a few
things.  When you first start the game, you do not have access to the frying
pan.  You must first move on to the second quest of Chapter 1 for Conker to
remember he has it.  Press B to use it whenever you're not in a Context Zone.

B - Swing frying pan at enemy

Gregg the Grim Reaper will give you this in Chapter 8 - use it to kill the
zombies.  Press B to put it away/take it out, R to aim, and hold Z to bring up
the laser sight.  Release Z to fire.  To kill the zombies, you can only shoot
them in the head; nowhere else.  There is no set limit of ammunition, and you
reload (quickly) after each shot, so don't worry about running out of ammo.

B - Take out or put away shotgun
R - Aiming Mode
Z - Fire at target

After purchasing the manual from Birdy for $10 (actually, it's free since the
money hops back into your pocket) you'll learn how to use the slingshot.  When
on a Slingshot Context Button, press B to take it out.  Use the control stick
to aim at your target and press Z to fire.  There is no limit on your
ammunition, so don't worry about running out.

B - Take out or put away slingshot
Z - Shoot at target

Toilet Paper
Yes, that's right.  Toilet Paper!  In Chapter 5, you'll be confronted with a
large Mighty Poo who's only weakness is toilet paper.  Use the control stick to
aim the roll and press Z to throw it.  You'll be using these as your only
attack against the Mighty Poo in Chapter 5.

B - Take out or put away toilet paper
Z - Throw toilet paper

                              Multiplayer Weapons

Baseball Bat
You'll mainly be using this in the "Heist" multiplayer game.  Press B to take
it out and put it away and press Z to swing it.  There isn't anything complex
about this weapon, plus you can jump and move normally when you have it,
meaning you can take out your opponents easily while keeping your pace at the
same time.

B - Take out and put away bat
Z - Swing bat at enemy

You'll first get to use the Bazooka in Chapter 8.  Use the control stick to aim
at your target, then press Z to fire a blast.  For the first time you use it,
aim it down at the Tediz using the machine gun before he sprays you with

B - Take out and put away bazooka
R - Aiming Mode
Z - Fire Bazooka

These are always found in hovering crates and you can carry them along with a
main weapon.  To use a bomb/grenade, press the C-Down (or C-Up) button to take
it out, and hold it down to throw it farther.  The longer you hold it down, the
further it goes.  Naturally, when it hits its target, it does damage.  Just
make sure you throw it far enough so you aren't harmed by the explosion.

C-Up   - Throw grenade (hold for further throw)
C-Down - Throw grenade (hold for further throw)

As with the katana and the baseball bat, you'll be able to move at your normal
speed while having the ability to jump at the same time.  Also as with the
katana, the chainsaw will destroy your opponent with one slice.  Press B to
take it out and put it away and use Z to slice at your enemies.

B - Take out and put away chainsaw
Z - Attack enemy with chainsaw

There isn't really a Context Button for the flamethrower, but you do have to be
within a Context Zone in order to use it.  When you see a lightbulb appear
above your head, and when the flamethrower comes out, you'll know that it's
time to use it.  There's nothing else you need to know about using the
flamethrower because it's automatic once you press B in the Context Zone.

B - Take out and put away flamethrower
Z - Hold to flame enemies

For those who don't know, this is the sword-like weapon you'll find in the
multiplayer games.  As with the baseball bat, you can move freely and jump as
much as you like when you have this weapon equipped plus it does major damage
to your opponent (i.e. decapitating them with one slice.)  Press Z to slice and
B to take it out and put it away.

B - Take out and put away katana
Z - Slice at enemy

Machine Guns
In Chapter 8, you'll use these two guns to kill off the Tediz.  Use R to aim, Z
to fire, A to reload and B to put them away.  Fire shots to the Tediz's heads
with these guns to kill them.  You cannot jump with these in your hand and you
will also move a bit slower when you have them equipped.

A - Manual Reloading
B - Take out and put away machine guns
R - Aiming Mode
Z - Fire at enemy

Magnum (a.k.a. Hand Cannon)
This powerful gun is rather slow within each shot, but the end result (if you
hit your target) is well worth it.  One shot to your enemy from this thing and
they're gone.  You walk pretty slow with it out and the shots have a delay in
between each one, so only use this if your opponent isn't right up in your
face.  Use R to aim, Z to fire, A to reload and B to put it away/take it out.

A - Manual Reloading
B - Take out and put away magum
R - Aiming Mode
Z - Hold for laser sight, release to shoot

Semi-Automatic Rifle
As the name states, this rifle fires rapidly, but not like a full automatic
weapon (meaning you have to pull the trigger for each shot.)  Press Z to fire
one shot, A to reload, R to aim and B to take it out/put it away.  When used,
you'll have to aim for the head of your enemy or give them several body shots
if you expect to kill them.

A - Manual Reloading
B - Take out and put away rifle
R - Aiming Mode
Z - Fire at enemy (press continually for rapid fire)

Sniper Rifle
You'll be using this quite often in the multiplayer games, and the name is
pretty self-explanatory.  From a high point (such as the top of the tower, or
anywhere above land) press B to take it out.  Use L to aim (bring up the
sight), hold Z for a laser sight, release Z to fire.  The gun reloads after
each shot, so there's no need for reloading.

B - Take out and put away sniper rifle
R - Aiming Mode
Z - Hold for laser sight, release to shoot

When in the tank, use the control stick to move around, R to aim, C-Up to zoom
in while aiming, C-Down to zoom out while aiming, Z to fire and A jump out.
When you're aiming, you're susceptible to enemy attacks, so make sure you're
not in sight of an enemy when aiming, or you'll end up getting hit.

A      - Use nitro boosters if you have them
C-Up   - Zoom in/out when in aiming mode
C-Down - Zoom in/out when in aiming mode
R      - Aiming Mode
Z      - Fire at target

Throwing Knives
You don't need to learn how to use these, but you won't be able to use them
until you reach Chapter 2 (Windy) in the game.  You first use them to cut
Franky the Pitchfork's noose.  Stand on a Throwing Knife Context Button and
press B to take them out.  Aim just like you would with the Slingshot, and
press Z to throw.  Once again, there is no set limit to how many knives you
carry, so don't worry about running out.

B - Take out and put away throwing knifes
R - Aiming Mode
Z - Throw knife at target

Tommy Gun
This is mainly found in the Heist multiplayer game and isn't one of the best
weapons.  Z to fire, B to put it away/take it out.  The firing is quite rapid,
but quickly veers off-path if you continue for so long.  It's best to fire at
your enemy when you're sure you have them in sight if you want to hit them
rather than just randomly shooting in hopes for a hit.

B - Take out and put away tommy gun
R - Aiming Mode
Z - Fire weapon at target

Turret Gun
In Chapter 7, you'll have the ability to use Mrs. Bee's hive turret gun.  Hop
in and use the control stick to aim.  Z fires, B reloads and A lets you exit
the hive.  You can also use the radar on the top of the screen to see what
you're shooting at, so keep an eye on that.  Later in the game is when you'll
be able to use these in chairs.

A      - Get in or get out of turret gun
B      - Manual Reloading
C-Up   - Zoom in/out
C-Down - Zoom in/out
Z      - Fire at target

                                  VI.  Items

Once you meet up with Birdy again in Chapter 2 (Windy), he'll offer you a
manual which teaches you new things along your quest through the game.
However, you must pay $10 for it.  Once you have your first wad of bills, pay
him, but it turns out that you get it for free because the money hops back into
your pocket.

Confidence Pills
In the second part of Chapter 2 (Windy), after defeating the bull, you'll find
a Context Button.  Stepping on it and pressing B will make Conker take out his
Confidence Pills and take one.  The manual will teach you how to swim
underwater when you take this pill and your arm floats will disappear when you
swim in the water.

At random points in the game, Conker will need to take some Alka-Seltzer to
cure his hangover and/or drunkness.  Press B in a Context Zone and if it
happens to be one of these, Conker's hangover will be cured, allowing you to
control him normally again.

Whenever you see a keg, stand under it and press B to drink some.  Doing so
will make you become drunk as well as fill up your bladder.  To sober up again,
go to a nearby first aid kit and press B to take some alka-seltzer which will
cure you and make you normal again.

Hypnotizing Watch
You'll be using this in Buga's arena to hypnotize the t-rex.  Stand on the
Context Button and press B to hypnotize the dino, then hop on its back for a
ride.  If you're doing this for the second time, press B once the Dino's head
falls - that's how you know he's hypnotized.

There are two types of keys in this game: moving keys and non-moving keys.
Both go to locked doors.  The moving keys must be whacked with your frying pan
in order for you to pick them up.  The non-moving ones can be picked up by
approaching them.  Once a key is in your hands, take it to the door it belongs
to which will unlock it.

You'll use the space suit only once in the game: during the final boss fight.
Press Z to duck, B to punch, A to use your jetpacks (jump) and the control
stick to move around.  Ducking will help you dodge certain attacks from the
final boss.

                             VII.  Cash Locations

Chapter 2 - Windy (Part 1)
$100 - Talk to the queen bee who informs you that her hive has been stolen by
the wasps.  Take the naughty path to find a mountain; climb it and steal the
hive at the top.  Run away from the chasing wasps and throw the hive into its
place, where the queen will shoot up the wasps.  After that, she'll give you
this wad of cash as a reward for helping her.

Chapter 3 - Barn Boys
$100 - After feeding Marvin the mouse three pieces of cheese from the cheese
pit, he'll explode and the two metal blocks will form a "stepping stool" for
you to get up to the roof of the barn, where you'll find this pack of bills
running around near the switch.

$100 - Once you release the king bee from inside the barn, go outside and talk
to him, then to the sunflower.  Get the first set of tickling bees from where
the king bee is sitting; the second set from the cheese mountain; the third set
near the entrance of Chapter 3; the fourth set from the barn roof; and the
final set on top of the water tower.  Use the sunflower's "stigmas" to bounce
up to the cash.

$100 - When you rise to the top from the basement after the battle with the
haybot, exit through the lit opening and you'll find a creature with a stone
tablet.  Have him bounce you up to the platform where you'll find some more
cash along with some chocolate pieces.

$100 - Exit the barn and climb the ladder after getting that last batch of
money until you reach the top (avoid the wasps along the way.)  Jump out into
the distance and press B when the lightbulb appears to turn into an anvil and
drop on the switch in the water tower below.  This opens a gate down in the
stream.  Go down and swim through this new opening to find the cash along with
a tail.

Chapter 2 - Windy (Part 2)
$100 - Go to the poo house area and make your way to where the bull is.  After
destroying the three cows and killing the bull, go back and swim through the
poo near the entrance of the flooded room (where you came from the poo house)
and you'll find this cash in an alcove up on top.

$100 - Climb the second poo mountain outside of the poo house and high jump
once you reach the top (where the hole that you pushed the poo ball through is
located) to find this next wad of bills.

$100 - On the way down (or up) poo mountain, look off in the distance and
you'll notice a honeycomb alcove with some cash in it.  Go back into the main
part of Windy and climb up to the wasps' nest.  High jump to one of the
honeycombs, then jump/tail-spin up to the top one where you'll be able to get
this wad of cash.

Chapter 4 - Bats Tower
$100 - Talk to the cog then begin to climb up the tower.  Once you reach the
top of the tower, walk along the tops of it until you reach the one with the
cash on it; pick it up.

$10 - After going through the entire safe in the area with the Catfish, you'll
find a wad of bills, pick them up.  Once you exit the safe, you'll find out
that it's only $10 instead of $100, and it originally belongs to the Catfish,
but since you did all that work, Conker decides to pocket it instead.

$300 - Once you've finished going through the safe, the bullfish will chase
after you and crash into the wall.  High jump onto its back, then high jump
again into the alcove above it for three $100 wads.

Chapter 5 - Sloprano
$100 - After you defeat the Mighty Poo by throwing toilet paper into his mouth,
go over to where he shattered the glass with his mighty voice (where the
flusher is) and after you flush him down the toilet, pick up the cash
scampering around behind the flusher.

$100 - Once you get past the Panther King's guards (with your $1,000), go into
the next area and head up to the structure.  Go around to the back and through
the opening.  Repeat to get to the top where your cash will be waiting in front
of the statue.

Chapter 6 - Uga Buga
$100 - After breaking open Berri's cage in the Solid Rock club, you'll be able
to pick up this wad of bills.  High jump onto the platform, then high jump
again to get up where the cage was and snag this $100.

$100 - After leaving the club and the main area, you'll engage in a race
against three cavemen on a hoverboard.  Whack them all to retrieve your stolen
money, then perform a jump off the stone ramp and into the cave where you'll
gain this next wad of money.

$100 - Once you've defeated Buga, climb up to the plank where the infantry came
out of and talk to Jugga.  After that's over, chase your money through the next
room, across the path and out the other side where you'll find it.

$100 - After sacrificing the baby dino, the idol's tongue will come out of its
mouth, covered in phlegm.  Use the creature with the stone tablet to flip you
up to the idol's head.  Walk over the head and down its back to find this wad
of cash waiting for you.

Chapter 2 - Windy (Part 3)
$400 - Go up to the wasps' nest and hop into Mrs. Bee's hive to use the machine
gun.  Kill all the wasps that come out of the nest, then carry it all the way
back out of the nest and down to where Mrs. Bee stands by the water and you'll
be rewarded with this $400.

Chapter 7 - Spooky
$100 - After going through the entire castle, ride Mr. Barrel out of the
mansion, down the path, through the graveyard, and upstream in the lake to
reach the exit, where this wad of cash awaits you.

                             VIII.  Tail Locations

Chapter 2 - Windy (Part 1)
When you go down the path from the entrance to the Windy chapter you'll find a
sign post which reads "Naughty" on one side and "Nice" on the other.  On the
back of this post will be a tail worth 1.  You won't be able to collect tails
until you die at least once and see Gregg first.

Chapter 3 - Barn Boys
Go to the back area where the cheese mountain is located (where all the small
pieces of cheese are running around) and climb up to the top.  When you see the
lightbulb appear above your head, press B to turn into an anvil and smash down
onto the rock below, where you'll gain a tail worth 10!

Chapter 4 - Bats Tower
Look in the river where the catfish and bullfish are located and you'll notice
a waterfall near the bullfish.  Go behind it and into the secret cave area to
find this tail at the end on a hook.

Chapter 5 - Sloprano
After defeating the Great Mighty Poo, drop down into the hole where you flushed
him and go through the opening to find a pool of water (the one with the
spinning blades inside.)  Just to the left of this is a tail worth 1 hanging on
the side wall.

Chapter 6 - Uga Buga
After smashing the baby dino as a sacrifice, the idol's tongue will come out.
Use the creature with the stone tablet to flip up to the idol's head.  Walk
along its back until you reach the end, where you'll find this tail waiting for
you on a hook.

After going through the entire level and defeating Buga the Knut, you'll be
left to play.  Follow the main path and exit back into the open where you'll be
left with a path leading to the right.  High jump up to the platform and follow
it around to the left to find a tail at the end worth 5.

                               IX.  Multiplayer

The multiplayer mode can be accessed via the main menu, under the "Multi" menu.
You can either play by yourself, play with a friend, with two friends or with
three even.  Below are strategies for each multiplayer game.

                          Settings (from the manual)

AI:         Set the difficulty levels of the robot players to Inbred, Crap,
            Normal, Bastard or Einstein.

Radar:      Turn the radar on or off.

Stopwatch:  Set a time limit.  This will automatically be set to Unlimited
            if you set a number of lives.

Lives:      Determine your number of lives.  This will automatically be set to
            Infinite if you set a time limit.

Score:      Set the victory condition limit to a number of points.

Money Bag:  Set the victory condition to the number of money bags retrieved.
            This option is available in the Heist game only.

Kills:      Set the victory condition to the number of enemy kills.  This
            option is available in Death Match games only.

Laps:       Set the victory condition to the number of laps.  This option is
            available in the Race game only.

Turret:     Give control of the turret to a tankmate.  This option is
            available in the Tank game only.


The race is basically two race tracks (A and B) that you can choose from where
you race against 2-4 players (human or computer) on hoverboards through
lava-filled areas.  In the Set-up menu, you can select how many laps you want
to race (1-20), the AI difficulty (Inbred-Einstein) and how many players there
will be.  When you start the actual race, you can select what type of character
you want as well as how many computer racers will be in the race (1-7) then the
race will begin.

Throughout the race, you'll notice several power-ups lying around.  There are
two types of power-ups in this race: weapons and boosts.  A weapon looks like a
small missile and when used, will hone in on one of your opponents, knocking
him off his board.  The boosts look like small jetpacks and when used, will
give you an extra burst of speed.  It would be best to use these when not in a
confined area, otherwise you'll most likely crash.  If you get close to your
opponent, press B to whack him off his board.

The difference between Race A and Race B is that one has the right path open
and the other has the left path open.  Other than that, the races are identical
and the same power-ups are located in both.  The goal of this game is to place
first, naturally.  If it's too easy for you, try increasing the number of laps,
adding more opponents and changing the AI's difficulty.


Total War
The overall goal if this game is to kill off as many of your opponents as you
can within the set victory condition.  The team with the most kills after the
victory condition limit is over wins.  Basically, you'll be in a large
fortress, Tediz on one side, Squirrels on the other.  Each team has their own
chemical canister, which can be used against them if fallen into enemy hands.
Due to this, aside from manually killing off opponents as you see them, you can
go to your enemy's side of the fortress, steal their chemical canister and drop
it into the vent in the center of the fortress, killing off one of your

If, by chance, the enemy captures your canister, just stay put unless you are
absolutely positive you can pick them off before they get to the vent in the
center of the room.  If not, just stay near the gas masks on the upper level of
your fortress and be ready to use them once the cansiter breaks.  Doing so will
save your life.  You can alter several different victory conditions and
difficulty levels in this game if it's too easy for you.

There are two types of War multiplayer games: colors and total war.  The colors
part is more of a "capture the flag" game than anything.  Basically, you can
select who you want to play as (Tediz or Squirrels) and you go from your base
over to the enemy's base and capture their flag then return it to your base
while avoiding oncoming fire from the enemy.  Aside from this, you must also
guard your flag to ensure the enemy doesn't get hold of it.  You'll notice some
new weapons in this multiplayer game that you didn't have in the single player

To get the enemy's flag, first exit your base (pick up a weapon before leaving,
preferabbly one that's easy to fire at oncoming enemies) then follow the main
path which leads to the enemy's base.  If you run into your opponent, blast
them away before they can reach your base, then continue on your way.  Once you
reach the opponent's base, climb up to the top (where the machine gun is) then
take the left path up to find an opening to the right.  Follow this path down,
collect the katana and you'll find the flag straight ahead.

Drop down from where you are (don't worry about injuring yourself) and run as
fast as you can back to your base to place it in the center stand.  To defend
against your enemies, you can either use the three death holes (machine gun,
sniper, bazooka) in either base (be careful when using the enemy's weapon, as
they may catch you and knock you dead) and pick off any and all of your
opponents, whether they have your flag or not.  Obviously, the team with the
most flags at the end of the time limit you specified wins.  Try altering the
AI difficulties for more challenge.


When you first start this game, the concept is for you and the three other
weasels to all work together and rob the Feral Reserve Bank.  However, the
other weasels are out to impress the big boss, meaning they'll do whatever they
can to get the most money from the vault, even if it means death for you.
Naturally, you are to have the same attitude towards the others.  The cash bag
will always appear in the center of the vault room, so make your way there when
you start.  The cash bag is the white dot on your radar (if you have it turned
on) so keep an eye on that.

If you run into one of the other weasels, you can either use your default
weapon (baseball bat) or if you've picked up a weapon along the way, you can
use that against them.  Whether they have the money bag in their hand or not,
it's always a good idea to knock them out before they get a chance to snag the
cash.  Once you have posession of the cash bag, run it back to your vault while
avoiding the other money-hungry weasels.  When the cash bag icon flashes on the
top of the screen, it means one of the weasels has possesion of it.

Press B to drop the sack of cash if necessary (i.e. if the other weasels are
attacking you and you can't escape.)  However, when you drop the sack of cash,
it hops its way back to the center vault room, so take care of your opponents
quickly then re-snag the cash.  The player with the most money at the end of
the set victory condition wins.


If you choose to play as the Frenchies, your main goal is to escape the Tediz
line of fire and make it to the truck under the Tediz base to escape into
Paris.  The easiest way to do this is to jump and run as quickly as possible
throughout the entire trip across the beach.  You can also use the speed
capsules scattered around the area, which will give you a boost in speed for a
limited time.  If you're feeling lucky, use the TNT plungers to blast the enemy
Tediz.  If you rescue more Frenchies than the Tediz kill, you'll be the winner.
You also gain an extra Frenchie if you blast a Tediz.

Evil Tediz
If you're playing as the Tediz, you have one goal, and one goal only: destroy
the Frenchies before they escape to Paris.  Use the turret gun, the sniper
rifle and the bazooka to blast away any and all oncoming Frenchies and make
sure you kill them before they escape or blast you to your death.  It may be
difficult to see where the Frenchies are, but if you look on the bridge, down
the central path and on the sides, you'll surely find them all.


The Ugas are hungry and the only food worth eating is the dinosaur eggs.  You
have two goals here as an Uga: staying alive and stealing eggs.  You can use
throwing knives, bombs, your bone (default weapon) and a crossbow to destroy
the oncoming raptors, but it'll be pretty tough.  The raptors are not only fast
but can kill you with one bite, so make sure you take care of them before they
do the same to you.  For each raptor you kill, you get 1 point, for each egg
you steal/fry, you get 3 points.

Mama Raptors
The raptors have it easy, really.  They can kill with one chomp, can run at the
same speed as the Ugas and have an advantage in size against the Ugas.  You
have to main goals as a raptor: protect the eggs and feed your baby raptor.
The easiest way to win here is to just stay close to the nest and wait for the
Ugas to approach, then take them out, one by one as they come and carry them
back to the nest for your baby to eat.  For each Uga you kill, you get a point
plus you get another point for feeding the Uga to your baby.


For this one, the goal is to destroy all enemy tanks while staying alive at the
same time.  Use your turret gun to seek out and destroy any oncoming tanks and
make sure you get the chemical canister before they do.  Whoever has the
canister in their possession basically holds the enemies' lives in their hands.
If you have the cansiter, take it back to your base and stay there to ensure
you're not affected by the gaseous air it emits.  Any tanks outside when the
canister explodes will be destroyed.

For each tank you destroy (either using the canister or your turret gun) you
get 1 point.  If the enemy gets the canister, rush back to your base and stay
there until they use it, ensuring you'll be safe.  At the top of the screen,
you can see how many kills you've made and what place you're in when compared
with the number of kills by the enemy.  Around the area are also some power-ups
that enhance your tank.  You can use the shield to reduce damage (when your
tank flashes blue, the shield is on) but it only lasts for a limited time.

The boost power-up allows you to equip rocket boosters to the back of your
tank.  Press A to use them and watch the meter on the top-right corner of the
screen to see how much power you have left.  The telescopic sight power-up adds
a sight to your tank's turret gun, allowing easier aiming at the enemy.  Use
the C-Right and C-Left buttons to zoom in and out when you have the telescopic
sight equipped.  The final power-up is the high-velocity turret power-up.
Basically, it adds range onto your shots to make them travel farther.

                                  DEATH MATCH

This is the multiplayer option with the death skull on it.  Basically, it's an
all out shoot-fest, every creature for itself.  You have access to all the
weapons in this mode and you also have five different levels to choose from
(Colors, Total War, Bunker, Temple and The Vault.)  For those familiar with
Goldeneye's multiplayer mode, this is pretty much identical to it as far as
concept goes.  Kill any other person (other than yourself) whenever you see
them and the person who kills the most, wins.

You can see how many kills you've made at the top of the screen as well as what
place you're in next to that in parentheses.  In the Bunker level, you also
have access to some extended aids in war.  Use the fire switch to torch each
side of the switch from ceiling to floor, burning anything that walks through.
You can also use the electricity switch to electrify the entire room below it,
zapping any enemies walking on it once you step on it.  This multiplayer game
is great for 4-players, but it's also pretty fun playing solo as well.

                         X.  Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do I get the cash behind the waterfall in the beginning of the game?
A.  Read my "Cash Locations" section.  I don't know which one it is, but if
    you all the ones I've listed, you'll have gotten the one behind the

Q.  Hey, I'm stuck and your walkthrough isn't helping!  What should I do?
A.  If you are unclear about something in my walkthrough, see the "Information"
    section for contact info. and I'll try to elaborate for you.  However, I
    will not answer questions already answered in the guide unless you are
    truly stumped.

Q.  Where can I see the names of the chapters and the quests I complete?
A.  In the main menu.  Use the control stick to move around the tavern and
    you'll soon see the "Chapters" option.

Q.  How come I can't swim underwater?
A.  You first need to take the Confidence Pills.  Your must wait until you get
    to the second part of Chapter 2 (Windy) to learn this.

Q.  Can you tell me how to get this game if I'm not 17?
A.  Nope.  There are ratings for a reason, and if your parents don't you to
    have this game, there's a reason.

Q.  Why is the game rated M?  Can you give me a quick rundown about what's in
    the game that makes it have such a mature rating?
A.  Sure.  The game features excessive profanity (cussing), sexual references
    and themes, animal excrements (feces, urine, vomit), and overall lots of
    animated violence (cows being torn to pieces, mouses exploding, etc.)

Q.  Does the game have a multiplayer mode?
A.  Yes.  You can access it from the main menu in the tavern.

Q.  How many save slots does the game have, and can I use any of my paks?
A.  The game has three save slots which you save on the game itself.  You can
    use the rumble pack but not the memory pak.

Q.  What's up with the money?
A.  You'll find wads of bills after finishing certain quests or you'll be
    rewarded with them.  Each wad of bills is worth a different amount, but
    most will come in packs of $100.

Q.  I'm missing some cash, can you tell me where to find it?
A.  Check the "Cash Locations" section.  If it's not there, it will be in
    a future update.

Q.  I've found an error in your guide.  What should I do?
A.  See the "Information" section and contact me about it whenever you can.

Q.  How much does this game currently cost?
A.  $59.99 US Dollars.

Q.  How do you know the names of the characters if they aren't mentioned?
A.  Most characters names are mentioned in the title of each quest or the
    dialogue of the game.  Check the Chapters menu and you'll understand.

Q.  Can you send me any cheats you have for this game?
A.  No.  All codes, cheats and secrets are listed in the "Codes/Secrets"
    sectio.  If you have any more to submit, see the "Information" section for
    my e-mail address.

Q.  How come I can't skip cut scenes even though the game said I could?
A.  You can only skip a cut scene after you view it at least once.  After
    you view it once, press the L button to skip it if you happen to watch it

Q.  I died and now my game is stuck.  Help!
A.  No it's not.  Just press A to close out the death scene.

Q.  I'm shooting the zombies several times.  Why won't they die!?
A.  You must shoot each zombie in the head to get rid of them.  You must also
    shoot from close range, otherwise it won't work.  If you want an easy way
    to kill them, first shoot them in the legs to knock them to the ground,
    causing them to move slower.  Then aim at their heads and fire away.
    Thanks to Evman2005 for this tip!

Q.  In Chapter 8 when I'm supposed to destroy the subs, the missiles keep
    hitting me, what can I do?
A.  You can either destroy them in mid-air while they're coming at you or
    you can back off, let the explode then wait for another round to come and
    run up after both are fired to destroy the subs.

Q.  I accidentally messed up when pushing the poo balls around in Chapter 2,
    how do I get another one?
A.  The poo balls automatically regenerate if you lose them.  Go back down to
    the base of poo mountain and pick up the next one next to the poo cabin.

Q.  How do I knock out the final boss for the third time?  He keeps dodging!
A.  Press Z to duck when he bites, which will daze him.  This is when you let
    your punches fly!

Q.  What's a "katana?"
A.  A sword-like weapon you use to decapitate your opponents.

Q.  I heard about this code not listed in your guide, but I can't try it
    because I returned my game.  Will you test it for me?
A.  No.  There are no more codes in the game.  XAnimal and Parasyte have looked
    through the game extensively and all found codes are listed in this guide.
    If there are anymore codes, Rare will release them in the future.

Q.  Is it true this game used to be called something else?
A.  Yes.  It used to be called "Twelve Tales" in it's early stages of
    development a few years back.  However, the entire concept of the game was
    changed along with the title.

Q.  If I send you a rumor, will you post it in your guide?
A.  Definitely not.

Q.  I like this guide!  Where can I find more of your work?
A.  http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/3855.html

                              XI.  Secrets/Codes

Most of these codes (if not all of them) were posted by XAnimal over at the
RareNet forums, so kudos go to him for sharing them with the public.  All codes
are entered in the "Cheats" menu which can be accessed from the main menu of
the game.

Main Codes
BOVRILBULLETHOLE     - Start a new game with 50 lives
SPUNKJOCKEY          - Weapon altering in multiplayer mode
DUTCHOVENS           - Use frying pan in multiplayer RACE game
EASY                 - Makes the game a bit easier
VERYEASY             - Makes the game even easier

Open New Chapters
PRINCEALBERT       -  Opens Chapter 3 (Barn Boys)
CLAMPIRATE         -  Opens Chapter 4 (Bats Tower)
ANCHOVYBAY         -  Opens Chapter 5 (Sloprano)
MONKEYSCHIN        -  Opens Chapter 6 (Uga Buga)
SPANIELSEARS       -  Opens Chapter 7 (Spooky)
BEELZEBUBSBUM      -  Opens Chapter 8 (It's War)
CHOCOLATESTARFISH  -  Opens Chapter 9 (Heist)
WELDERSBENCH       -  Opens all chapters and scenes

Unlock Multiplayer Characters
BEEFCURTAINS        -  Unlocks the zombies/villagers
BILLYMILLROUNDABOUT -  Unlocks Gregg (Grim Reaper)
CHINDITVICTORY      -  Unlocks Panther King's Minion
EASTEREGGSRUS       -  Unlocks Neo Conker
EATBOX              -  Unlocks Cavemen
RUSTYSHERIFFSBADGE  -  Unlocks the Sergeant
WELLYTOP            -  Unlocks Conker

Debug Mode
First, go to the cheat menu and enter the Debug code, then start a new game.
While it's starting, lift the left side of your cartridge out of the N64 slowly
until a bunch of code rolls by on the screen.  When this happens, quickly push
the cartridge back in and press A to view the debug menu.  What's the purpose
of this?  Beats me.  XAnimal posted it on the Conker's BFD forum, so I thought
I'd let you all know about it.

Skip the "Stupid Logo" Intro
To skip that long and somewhat boring "Stupid Logo" introduction when you first
turn on the game, first turn on the N64, then hit the Reset button when the
"For Mature Audiences Only" message pops up.  When the introduction starts,
press the Start button right when Conker is slicing the N logo in half.  If you
push it before then, it won't work.

Go to the "Cheats" menu and enter some profanity (any four-letter word you can
think of) to hear the fire imp who runs the cheat menu say something funny
about your choice of words.

                              XII.  Information

Credits and Sources
AstroBlue - http://faqword.virtualave.net
  For making the ASCII art you see at the top of this guide and allowing me to
  use it.  Thanks!

Conker's BFD Instruction Manual
  For the story and character descriptions.

Danial Engel
  For the "EATBOX" code found in the "Secrets/Codes" section.  Thanks!

  For correcting my mistake on getting the cash in the honeycomb alcove in
  Chapter 2 (Windy) plus for the new zombie killing suggestion!

Jeff "CJayC" Veasey - http://www.gamefaqs.com
  For hosting this FAQ on his website.

Mark (Samus)
  Corrected me on the incorrect 50 lives code.  Thanks.

XAnimal & Couch Chimpanzee
  For most of the cheats you see in the "Secrets/Codes" section.

Contact Information
Have any comments, questions, suggestions, complaints, contributions, praise,
constructive criticism, or anything else about this FAQ (or any of my others?)
Please contact me via one of the following, and I'll get back to you as soon
as I can.  All questions asked that have already been answered in the guide
will be ignored:

E-mail Address:  [email protected]
ICQ Number:      100893080

Want to host this FAQ on your website?  Please contact me via one of the above
methods and send me the URL of your site, and I'll give you the terms I have
for webmasters hosting my guides.  If you post this (or any of my other FAQs)
guide on your site without asking first, your host and/or ISP will be contacted
and notified of your illegal actions.


          The latest version of this document can always be found at:

                      GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com
                      DS-99 - http://www.dallastm.cjb.net


Copyright 2001 Dallas Scott.  All Rights Reserved.


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