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Treasure Planet
PlayStation 2

Version 1.00
February 4, 2003

by gamers_anony (see last section for email address)


This guide is copyright 2003 gamers_anony.  It was written _exclusively_ for
GameFAQs, http://www.gamefaqs.com.  No other non-private use is permitted.
The contents of this guide have not been registered with the United States
Copyright Office.


Table of Contents

I.    Introduction
II.   General Game Explanation
      II.a) Controls
      II.b) General Moves
      II.c) Advanced Moves
      II.d) Morph Abilities
      II.e) Health
      II.f) Trick Points
      II.g) Other Objects
III.  Areas
      III.a) Montressor
             III.a.1) Clifftops
             III.a.2) Ore Refinery
             III.a.3) Hydro Dam
      III.b) Crescentia Spaceport
             III.b.1) Loading Tower
             III.b.2) Dockside Race
             III.b.3) Crescentia Nightside
             III.b.4) Ferry Port
      III.c) RMS Legacy
             III.c.1) Super Nova
             III.c.2) Meteor Belt
             III.c.3) Arcturian Trader
             III.c.4) Scroop
      III.d) Treasure Planet
             III.d.1) Jungle Floor
             III.d.2) Jungle Race
             III.d.3) Helium Swamp
             III.d.4) Gateway To Below
      III.e) The Centroid Of The Mechanism
             III.e.1) Rapid Descent
             III.e.2) The Centroid
             III.e.3) Ancient Machines
             III.e.4) Silver
             III.e.5) Final Escape
IV.   Enemy List
V.    Wrap Up

(you can find a specific section by searching for "II.a" or "Controls" or
better yet "II.a) Controls" -- just copy-and-paste!)

I. Introduction

First, and foremost, this game is NOT just a second-rate, movie-tie-in money
grab.  It actually has gameplay, voice acting (not just some people saying
lines), and FMVs (full-motion videos) from the movie.  If you cannot get past
your preconceived notions now, then you might as well not even try the game.

That said, the game starts out pretty easy for a platformer.  Even Super Mario
World (my personal gauge for any platformer, 2D *OR* 3D) started easy but then
quickly ramped up.  By the end, you will be trying over and over again some of
the tasks, until you can get them.

Each "level" of the game is grouped into an area, starting with the planet,
Montressor (rhymes with "the dresser").  Within each level, you have specific
tasks you need to accomplish to be awarded a beacon.  Collect enough beacons,
and a new level opens up.

In case you didn't notice, each section will be set off with the line
of hyphens, so you can quickly scan through looking for the correct section.
I will NOT tell you any of the plot details here, as I prefer spoiler-free (as
much as possible) walkthroughs, and I don't need someone to type in summaries
(or the actual script!!) of each cutscene.  As I get to that part, I want to
see it for myself, not read it in the walkthrough.  Um, hmm, back off the

Anyway, each level will have the number of beacons required, what kind of level
it is:
  - [P]latformer, meaning you jump, run, and hit bad guys
  - [S]olar [S]urfer level, meaning you ride your board around
  - [B]oss level, which is like a platformer but you have to defeat the boss.

I also list of tasks you have to perform and a short description of each, and
any strategies I think you might need.  Some of the levels are pretty straight-
forward, so I'll just put a terse message saying this.

Also, make sure you are viewing this in Notepad or something that uses a fixed-
width font, so the following lines are the same length:


Revision History
02/04/2003 - 1.00 - Yay!  Finished all tasks and minimum beacons.  Added the
                    point values you get for tricks.  Added Other Objects
                    section to explain about mines, barrels, etc.

02/01/2003 - 0.30 - Finished the tasks in the second area.

01/31/2003 - 0.20 - Adding minimum beacons for the first two areas, and
                    listing the tasks, with some notes.

01/30/2003 - 0.10 - First pass through, wrote the Introduction, the General
                    Game Explanation, the boss battles, and some notes on some
                    of the more confusing levels.  Most of the minimum beacons
                    are missing, I'll have to replay the game to find them.

II. General Game Explanation

II.a) Controls
I was not going to put a list of buttons here, as your instruction manual will
have a list.  However, I then remembered the last game I rented from [insert
major video chain here, rhymes with "Lock Duster" ;-)], and they do NOT give
you instructions.  When asked, people did not return the instructions with the
games.  Instead of charging the people for this, they just do not give out the
instructions.  Stupid policy.  Hey, where did that soapbox come from?

Depending on the kind of level (Platformer, Solar Surfer, Boss), your controls
will be a little different.  I list the buttons and what they do in each type
of level below.

Control            Platformer / Boss              Solar Surfer
-----------------  -----------------------------  -----------------------------
Left/Right Arrows  Run / look in that direction   Turn in that direction
Up/Down Arrows     Run / look in that direction   Tilt board forward / back
Left stick         Run / look in that direction   Turn / tilt board
Right stick        Spin camera L/R, zoom in/out   Not used
Start              Pause / show menu              Pause / show menu
Select             Not used                       Not used
X                  Jump / double-jump /           Accelerate
                     jump up from edge
O                  Spin kick                      Grab
Square             Punch                          Brake
Triangle           Free look mode (1st person)    Sail Spin
L1                 Crouch / Sneak                 Drop sail / Grind
R1                 Crouch / Sneak / Pick Up       Jump
L2                 Show remaining tasks           Show remaining tasks
R2                 Center Camera                  Show remaining tasks
L1 + Triangle      Not used                       Spin
L1 + R1            Not used                       Inverted Spin

Also, you can use the analog sticks while levels are loading.  The left analog
stick "aims."  The right analog stick up and down speeds up and slows down,
while left and right spins counter-clockwise and clockwise respectively.  Not
useful at all, but it gives you something to do.

II.b) General Moves
Most of the moves are self-explanatory, but I thought it would be nice to list
each of them, and what they do.  See the next section for advanced moves (like
combos).  You do NOT get extra moves as the game progresses (like *RASH
*ANDICOOT or *PYRO), although you do not see some of Morph's Abilities until
later (Speedy Boots comes to mind).

Platformer moves:

Punch:     Jim punches forward, moving himself about a half-step forward.
           This can drop you off of a ledge if you are not careful.  You
           can explode a mine.
Spin kick: Jim spins in place, doing a "Chuck Norris"-style roundabout.  You
           can get some "kickback" from this if it is not the finishing kick,
           which could force you off a ledge, but only if you are pretty
           close already.
Crouch:    When you hold [R1] and you are not moving, you crouch in place.
           This can hide you behind boxes and let you duck under shots or
Sneak:     When you hold [R1] and you are moving, you crouch a little and walk
           softly (where is your "big stick?"  ;-)).  You can also use this to
           walk slower if near the edge (or you could just push the analog
           stick a small amount forward).
Pick Up:   When you have the Cyborg Arms (see Morph Abilities, below), Jim
           picks up a barrel (not the metal ones) or a mine.  When you let
           go of the [R1] button, you throw the barrel or mine.  You can
           jump while holding; if you throw, it goes farther.  You cannot
           Double Jump, Punch, or Spin Kick.  You also walk slower.  The mines
           do not explode while you hold them, but will when they hit anything
           (a wall, an enemy, a tree).

Solar Surfer moves:

Grab:          Jim grabs the side of the board a little.  This slows you a
               little.  If you do not let go before hitting the ground,
               you execute what my son calls the, "Dead Fish," and the board
               flops over sideways.

Sail Spin,
Spin:          The board spins under Jim's feet.  This slows you a little.

Inverted Spin: Jim turns upside down and spins around the sail.  This slows
               you a lot, but can gain you a lot of points as you continue
               to spin (Tony Hawk, eat your heart out!).

Drop Sail:     This lets you slide under things, but will also smash through
               some things (boxes, boarded-up holes, etc.).

II.c) Advanced Moves
This section is to give you some advanced moves to make the game easier.

1) Triple Jump
The "Triple Jump" (as I call it) is a double-jump (X then X), then a Spin Kick.
This will net you a little more distance, and is invaluable when you need that
little extra because you mis-timed a jump.  I use this everywhere, and I think
some of the paths I take are a little easier because I can short-circuit a path
when jumping (A to C instead of A to B to C).  I can also judge where I will
land a little easier, so I could pull back on the stick as landing if needed.

Another advantage is that I am already holding the O button, so if I need to
kick a bad guy, I'm already spinning or I can Spin Kick again after I land.

2) Quadruple Jump
I used this a few times, but it is very hard to use except when you are quite a
bit off of the ground.  First, do a Spin Kick, which will raise you off of the
ground just a little bit.  Quickly press X to Jump, then X again, then finish
it off with another Spin Kick (O).  This gets you a full three jumps (the Spin
Kick is only about a half of a jump), but it was never really necessary, I was
just testing how much freedom I had.

As an aside: After the Double Jump and Spin Kick, you CAN NOT do another jump
or kick.  But hey, try it yourself.  Prove me a liar, and send me an email!

II.d) Morph Abilities
Morph is the little creature that follows you around being annoying.  However,
he (I think) comes in handy because he has special abilities.  All except the
Hammer are timed, so you have to use them before the time runs out.  You press
the X button while on a pad to "activate" the ability, and the timer starts as
soon as you leave the pad.  If you run across the pad while the time is going,
it will reset (so you do not have to stop and press X again).

Hammer:       (You always have this move) Jump (X) or Double-Jump and press
              Square while in the air.  Jim grabs Morph and they smash
              whatever is in front of them.  This activates certain round
              pads (you will know when you see one).

Cyborg Arms:  Morph turns into superman arms.  Your Spin Kick turns into a
              spin attack that hits harder, but you do not leave the ground.
              You can carry barrels and mines and throw them.

Helping Hand: Morph turns into a hand and follows you.  When you get to a
              switch to throw, stop and press the X button.  Sometimes you have
              to spin a dial; grab the analog stick and spin it around.  This
              part is not timed, so if it takes a few seconds to figure out
              what you are trying to do, it won't matter.

Jetpack:      Morph is a fire-belching jetpack!  You can get a lot of altitude
              with this, but is usually very limited time.  Press [R1] to boost
              yourself up.  You cannot boost unless your feet are on the ground
              (hey, don't ask me, I didn't make up the rules!).

Speedy Boots: Morph covers your feet and makes them run faster.  He also
              protects them from burning in lava (although he does let off some
              steam).  You do NOT have to hold the X key as the manual says,
              just run (or, as Weird Al would put it, "run, run, run, like a
              constipated weiner dog").

Glider:       Now you have bee wings.  Press X to get into the air, then hold
              X to glide (it actually seems to go faster than just "gliding,"
              but we will humor the designers).  You can let go of X to fall,
              then hold X again, but you only get one of these; the second time
              you let go, you fall all the way to the ground.

II.e) Health
The health system is so much fun, I had to give it it's own section.  You
start with three "bars" in a circle around your icon.  When you collect small
health dots, you get additional numbers.  If you get to 30, you get an
additional bar (up to 3, sorry).  If you get hit, you either lose all the dots
above zero (if you have more than 0), or you lose a bar (if you have 0).  So
keep collecting dots as you go through.  Some barrels will give you a big blue
dot, this gives you 30 (a whole bar back).

If you get down to no bars, then you die.  However, you don't have to start
back at your last save point, you go back to one of several checkpoints -- the
last one you touched.  This can be aggravating if you came clear across the
level but missed the one closest to where you were when you died, but at least
you don't have to start the level all over again.

When Solar Surfing, you keep the Drubloons you collect, but you lose the green
energies you collected if you didn't get all 10.  The same for rings, or the
time trial checkpoints, but that is how you would expect those to work.

II.f) Trick Points
Some of the surfing levels make you do tricks to get a beacon.  When doing
this, you can hold or do more spins for more points.

I list the points below for a single move; as you add more time or more of the
same move while still in the air, you get lots more points.  The times are
approximate, I didn't use a stopwatch (or even a watch!).

Grab (X)              -   500 (for up to 1 second, then +500 every 1/2 second)
Sail Spin (Triangle)  - 1,000 (x2 = 3,000)
Spin (L1+Triangle)    - 1,500 (x2 = 4,500)
Inverted Spin (L1+R1) - 2,000 (for one spin, then +200 every extra spin)

The best trick if you have time is the Inverted Spin, it adds the most points
for the time it takes.  However, any trick is good, as the number of points
you have to get for a beacon is very low.

II.g) Other Objects
You can interact with other objects while playing.  These are listed below,
with descriptions and how they act.  I am sure there are more that this, but
these are the ones that I thought of.

Closed Crate       - These are the crates you cannot see in.  You can stand on
                     them, but not destroy them.
Open Crate         - These crates have spaces between the boards, and sometimes
                     contain things.  Press L1 to smash through them.
Barrel             - Rounded and wooden, contains either blue dots or Dubloons.
                     You can break any way you want.  You cannot stand on them,
                     you slide off.
Metal Barrel       - Rounded but made of metal, you can only destroy these by
                     blowing up a mine (throwing one or hitting one nearby).
Mine               - The yellow almost-barrels, they blow up when you hit it
                     (after a second), when you throw it and it hits something,
                     like the ground, or even while you are carrying.  If you
                     stand on it, it will blow up after a second.  Useful for
                     opening metal barrels, blowing up enemies, or breaking
                     windows or doors with a picture.
Ships Wheel        - This shows up usually after a helping hand.  Spin the
                     analog stick to make it spin, usually no time limit.
Lever              - Use a Helping Hand to pull these.
Window             - A slightly see-through window with a picture on it.  The
                     picture tells you what you need to break it (cyborg arms,
Door with Picture  - Some doors have pictures on them like windows, use the
                     appropriate tool to open these.
Boarded-up Doorway - Some doorways are boarded up, but there are cracks between
                     the boards.  This is your cue to smash your Solar Surfer
                     to open the way.
Mushroom           - These are either stationary or moving.  You can stand on
                     them.  Some will sink when you stand on them, to get you
                     to a new area.
Green Laser        - This obstacle will hurt you (like an enemy hitting you),
                     and sometimes knock you off of things.
Red Laser          - DANGER!  PELIGRO!  If you touch a red laser, you are fried.
                     Dead.  Finis.  Bought the big burrito.
Lava Pit           - DANGER!  PELIGRO!  If you touch a lava pit, you are fried.
                     Sometimes you can boost your way off an edge, but if you
                     touch the lava, POOF!

III.  Areas

Each area has three to five levels.  Each level has five beacons you can
activate, and you must activate a minimum number of beacons before you can
enter each level.

Each level has some tasks that change the environment.  For example, on some of
the Solar Surfer levels you race three laps, but the course changes each lap.
Once you finish, the course will always have those changes.  Another example is
if you have to finish off all of one kind of enemy.  Once you finish this task,
that enemy is always "finished" (some are gone, others you knock out).

Each level name is followed by P, S, or B, for [P]latformer, [S]olar [S]urfer,
or [B]oss level, and the minimum number of beacons you have to active to enter
that level.

III.a) Montressor

Montressor (mahn-TRESS-ur, rhymes with "the dresser") is your introductory
area.  The game walks you through several of the actions you will have to do
the rest of the game.  You don't see all the Morph Abilities, but you get the
idea on how to use them.

III.a.1) Clifftops - P - 0
Pretty basic level, although there are places to fall.

Tasks:  Reach The First Beacon
        Smash The Red Crates (7)
        Catch Dalilah
        Find 10 Green Energies
        Collect 100 Drubloons

To catch Dalilah, you need to outwit her.  She runs pretty slow on the metal
platform, and you can double-jump over the corner.  The other place is the
last turn before you get back to where you started, you can double-jump to the
top of the next ledge, instead of jumping down and then back up (like Dalilah

III.a.2) Ore Refinery - S - 3
Your first surfing level is pretty simple, just to get you used to the
controls.  Some of the green energies will be hard to get to, so you'll have to
keep practicing and going fast in places.  Remember, you can turn around to
find some of them.

Tasks:  Duck, Jump, Smash
        Race 1 Lap Around The Valley
        Race 3 Laps Around The Valley
        Find 10 Green Energies
        Collect 100 Drubloons

As I mentioned before, the environment changes as you go around each lap.  The
first lap you only have the one arm that shoots out that you have to duck
under; the second lap adds a second arm, as well as a giant buzz saw you have
to deal with; the third lap adds a third arm, and the buzz saw is moving.  Once
you finish the third lap (to get the beacon), then you always have three arms
and the rotating buzz saw.

III.a.3) Hydro Dam - S - 6
Another surfing level, to introduce the rest of the surfing concepts.  You will
fly through the rings, which you do on just about all the rest of the levels,
and you have some grinding.

Tasks:  Fly Through The Energy Rings
        Jump To Hit The Rock Sack
        Grind To Lower The Reservoir
        Find 10 Green Energies
        Collect 125 Drubloons

I would suggest doing the first two tasks before the third, as once the water
goes down, you can slip off the track and then fall into the reservoir.  You
can still do it, but you have to be a little more precise.

The hit the rock sack, you have to hit the two boosts at the end, and just as
you get to the rock (actually any time, but I never remember until it is
almost too late), press [L1] to drop the sail and smash.  Otherwise, you just
hit the rock and bounce off.  If you cannot find how to get to the rock, try
to fly through the rings.  As you hit the last ring, you will be pointing right
at the rock -- you can probably hit the rock right after you fly through the

III.b) Crescentia Spaceport

OK, we changed worlds here.  Same basic principles, though.

III.b.1) Loading Tower - P - 9
Lots of places to fall and die here, so "look before you leap."

Tasks:  Wake The Sleepy Snuffs
        Climb The Crates
        Explore The Steel Mill
        Find 10 Green Energies
        Collect 125 Drubloons

You have to wake the Sleepy Snuffs using the cyborg arms, and they all have to
be woken up with the same time (you cannot wake up some, then run around, and
wake the rest up).  When you step on the platforms, some of them will collapse,
so either double-jump over them or try to use them wisely.

When you finish the Climb The Crates task, it will give you two more floating
platforms, so you can move easier from one place to another.

When you finish the Explore The Steel Mill task, it will open the doors to the
first area, so you can go in a full circle.

III.b.2) Dockside Race - S - 12
A "half-bowl?"  This surfing level is fun, although the rings are harder.
Several places have boxes to smash through (L1) or else you can hit them and
get stopped.  You have to nail the final jump to get those last three

Tasks:  Earn 10,000 Trick Points
        Fly Through The Rings (30)
        Grind To Launch The Ships (5)
        Find 10 Green Energies
        Collect 100 Drubloons

For the "Grind..." task, there are two in the first "half" of the circuit, and
two more in the second "half" (that the rings would take you through).  To
find the final one, in the second "half" the path splits near the beginning.
The rings would lead you to the upper trail, but there is a lower trail also.
The last grind is down there.

Some of the green energies are tough, making you jump across three hard jumps.
You can hit the first one, then quickly stop.  There is just enough room to
accelerate and jump to the second one, but trying to hit all three while
zooming at full speed just didn't work for me.

III.b.3) Crescentia Nightside - P - 15
Everything is a little dark here, but pretty much the same.  You have your
first sneaking level, I'll discuss it below.

Tasks:  Race Through The Rings
        Shuffle The Boats
        Sneak Past The Robot Cops
        Find 10 Green Energies
        Collect 100 Drubloons

To Shuffle The Boats, you have to stand on one side of the boat to make it move
in that direction, but time it so you do not hit the laser beams -- they hit
you like an enemy would.  You have to have the jet pack to get up so you can
get to the next boat, but you have a good amount of time, so do not rush it.
Once you finish this, you get the cyborg arms (to get out), and then you can
get the arms to throw the mines around (to break the metal barrels).

To Sneak Past The Robot Cops, you only have to go from one "safe area" to the
next.  If you are detected, see if you can jump over or around the cops to get
past them.  If not, then they will send you back to the beginning.  They only
see where the yellow beam is shining, so if you get behind a corner, like this:

        (X) = cop moving --->
               | (you)

the cop will not see you as he walks by (I usually duck, just in case), unless
he turns toward you.  Also, you can stand on boxes next to them, and they will
not see you.  They hear footsteps, but not Jim's grunts as he jumps -- although
they will see you jumping if they are looking at you.

All the energies are pretty close together, so they should not be a problem.

III.b.4) Ferry Port - P - 19
The platform levels are getting a little tougher, more jumping around.

Tasks:  Dodge The Traffic
        Smash The Traffic Lights (4)
        Stop The Electrobots (100)
        Find 10 Green Energies
        Collect 100 Drubloons

In the Dodge The Traffic task, you have to run between traffic, like Frogger
(can I say that in a FAQ?).  While running through, make sure to get all the
Drubloons, unless you *LIKE* running through the traffic.  There are only two
places that you have to use the boats to get across, most of the time you can
jump the gaps with a double- or triple-jump (see "Advanced Moves").  Check how
many Drubloons you have before going in, you should find 31 Drubloons as you go
through dodging, not counting the 3 you find just AFTER the beacon.  If you
missed some (and it is easy to miss them), come back around and try the traffic
again.  The Drubloons are sometimes hard to spot, you might have to run left or
right on the "sidewalk" to see them.  Between traffic areas are bad guys and
barrels with blue dots.

To Smash The Traffic Lights, you can use a Spin Kick.  You have obstacles in
the way as the moving platform goes along that you have to jump or double-jump
over.  You can also jump over to the side and run along with the platform.
There are three moving platforms (or maybe four), so if you miss the one you
were on, just wait for the next one.  There are Drubloons on the sides, so you
will want to go over there at some point.  The last Traffic Light is easiest to
get if you start at the "save point" (where the beacon is), and just double-
jump over to the other edge.  Then, run around until you are just after the
two-obstacle section.  Then, jump onto the moving platform, which will take you
up to the arched section, and then onto the last Traffic Light.

To Stop The Electrobots, you have to hammer them (using Square).  They come at
you pretty fast in the middle, but they have a set pattern they walk before
falling into the hold.  Just keep moving the hammer around the edge once they
start coming really fast; the hammer hits pretty fast, so you can keep pounding
the Square.  Keep practicing, you should get it after a few tries.

The green energies are pretty easy, except one.  From the upper part, you can
see it, on a platform above where the boats are.  You have to double-jump
around the corner to get to it.  Then, not die as you jump down to continue.
You could also just get it last, in which case it doesn't matter if you die
trying to get down.

III.c) RMS Legacy

Three levels, and your first boss battle.

III.c.1) Super Nova - P - 24
This level was confusing to me.  The first beacon you find is the last one you
can activate, and the goal is right where you can see it, but you have to go
all the way through the rest of the level before you get to it.

Tasks:  Activate The Hammer Switch
        Clear The Legacy Of Meteors
        Destroy The Stone Salamander
        Find 10 Green Energies
        Collect 150 Drubloons

Like I said before, the Activate task is not the first thing you can do.  If
you look from the edge, you can see the blue glow of the hammer switch.
However, you cannot reach it yet.  Follow the cavern around doing the other
tasks first, you will eventually reach the back side of the ship, and can jump
up onto the overturned ship (watch out for the Meltdown) and then jump to the
hammer switch.

Clear The Legacy is similar to the "Stop The Electrobots" task from the
previous level, except you move the ship like the Labryinth game to get the
meteors to fall through the hole.  I usually tried to get the lower ones first,
then the ones on the upper deck (through the chute).  Not too difficult, just
keep trying.

To Destroy The Stone Salamander, you have to get up to the cannon.  First, you
must get the cyborg arms, to punch through a door at the end.  There are
platforms that fall about a second after you touch them.  The best strategy
here is to double-jump onto the far end of the platform, so you have more time
to contemplate the next jump.  Halfway through the platforms is a Meltdown,
the platform it is on does not fall.  Don't rest too long, your cyborg arms do
not last long.  Finish jumping, and then punch the door.  At the top of the
ramp is the cannon.  The Salamander flies back and forth, you have to hit all
of his legs and the tail.  The hardest part is figuring out where the cannon is
aiming.  Do not worry, you will be using this skill again soon.

The green energies are all near the ground, just double- or triple-jump around
collecting them, avoiding the flames or jumping lava balls.

III.c.2) Meteor Belt - S - 27
Now the surfing is getting hard.

Tasks:  Ignite The Craters (7)
        Fly Through The Energy Rings (30)
        Race Through The Gates
        Find 10 Green Energies
        Collect 100 Drubloons

To Ignite The Craters, you have to figure out where all seven are.  They make
a figure-eight.  I tried to make a text diagram below, so you can visuallize:

i  ______
p /   7  --__
e|  /---__   --           /---------\
>|==|     --(bridge)     /     1  LL \    (Time Trial start -->)
 |8 |                        /-----\  \
 \   \__||--     6                 | 2 |
  \___9_||__                      /LL /
         ^arch      ===(pipes)___/   /
                  |  5||     \\   3 /

|| or == or \\ means a pipe sticking out or arch, you have to drop sail (L1).
LL means a lava pit; if you hit it, you die.

I numbered them in the order that I got them in.  If you don't like it, use
your own order.  I used this order so I could negotiate the lava first; that
way, if I died, it would be quick, not after getting all the other craters.
You only have 15 seconds or so to get all of the craters before the first one
goes out and you have to make the circuit again.

The Fly Through The Energy Rings task was a little harder this time.  At rings
7 and 23, there are boosts nearby, but you need to avoid them, as they give you
too much speed to turn to get the next ring.  The last ring, 30, is above a
rock, you have to jump (R1) from the rock to get it.

The Race task is not very difficult.  There are some masts sticking out that
you have to drop sail to get under, and some jumps that if you hit wrong you
run into things, so try not to jump (R1) -- it just sends you higher into the
air, slowing you down.

The only hard green energy was near the end of the Race task.  You can see it
near the beginning of the Rings starting place, but it is way up in the air.
You have to drop down from above, but you cannot see it from up there, so find
a good landmark and drop down onto it.

III.c.3) Arcturian Trader - P - 30
Lots of jumping with nothing below you -- fun!  Ignore the pink ribbon things,
they are for the glider, I'll discuss it below.

Tasks:  Face Mr. Hands
        Explore The Engines
        Destroy The Meteor Shower
        Find 10 Green Energies
        Collect 150 Drubloons

The first task, Face Mr. Hands, is like a boss battle.  Grab the cyborg arms
(you can damage him some with these, but he ends up hitting you -- not worth
it), and run to the mine.  Pick it up and throw it at him.  After about four
hits, he is dead.  If you start running out of health, probably due to the
horrible camera, throw the mine at one of the four metal barrels.  The one to
your right closest and the one to your left farthest away both have big dots,
the other two have a few dots.

On your way to the next place, you get to use a glider.  However, make sure you
fall down, as there are some Drubloons (and a Noggin) hiding down there.  You
can see them with Free Look (triangle).

To Explore The Engines, go to platform number 6 in the back, where the engines
are firing (the one you start on is number 1, for those of you who program in
C, not zero).  You will see a platform floating in space directly outward from
the platform.  Double-jump, then watch for the "tail" to come down; OK, it is
not a tail, but it looks like the tail of a whale.  Jump onto that, and get all
the Drubloons, then jump to the moving platforms to get more Drubloons, and to
get to the next tail.  Up into the ship again, avoiding the lasers, and the
beacon is up there.  This will activate a vertical platform to get you back
down.  Do not miss the two Drubloons in the engine exhaust, back toward where
you started.

Continue around on the platforms, and you can use the cyborg arms to smash the
window, and then you will use them again to throw a mine into another window to
continue the path (watch out for the Meltdown, he is a good aim).  You will
have to jump around onto platforms that stay out while the cannot shoots, then
drops.  At the top, there is a cannon (next to the beacon), where you have to
use the cannon to shoot meteors.  The meteors are random, and sometimes the
pattern is almost impossible.  Also, the aim is a little different from the
Stone Salamander level.  You have to stop the meteors from crashing into the
ship for 60 seconds.

The green energies are easiest if you wait until you get to the last glider.
Glide right toward the pink ribbon to get one, then hard right around the
building to get the second, then drop right above the Meltdown for the third.
You need to glide into the circular building (hope you already broke the
window) to get a big mass of Drubloons.  All the other green energies are
either in that same "room" where you were gliding, or partway down the
corridors.  None are back with the engines or the cannons.

The Drubloons are pretty easy; as I said before, the only ones that I thought
were "hiding" were below the first glider.  You also have to use the second
glider to get to the tethered ship, not just the platform.  If the ship is
about halfway going down, then you jump, you should be able to glide right
onto the back (the part closest to you).

III.c.4) Scroop - B - 36
In case you are looking, you have to get six more beacons than the last level,
so if you are trying to just get the minimum number, you have to work a little
harder now.  Awww.

Your first boss fight (there are only two, so don't sweat it).  The controls
are just like the other platform levels, you just have to learn how the boss
behaves.  The boss, in this case, is a spider.  The "level" is a small square,
with helping hands on one side, and a lever on the other.  In the middle is
a hatch (opened by the lever), and four squares around the hatch open to reveal
hammer pads.

On all the stages, you can hit Scroop to stun him, but he doesn't take any
damage (notice the damage bar in the lower left corner).  The only way to
damage him is to open the hatch while he is standing on it, then hit the hammer

My general strategy was to get the helping hands, jump over Scroop to get near
the lever, wait for him to get over the hatch, then Spin Kick to stun him.
Double-jump to the lever -- watch out, you can fall, as there is a space
between the stage and the boat that the lever is on -- and pull it with X.
This lifts Scroop into the air.  Then, jump back down to the hammer pad and
jump (X) and hammer (Square).

After you hit Scroop this way, he will lose 1/4 of his damage bar, and run away
to his Snuff buddy, who then sends lines of damaging force across the floor.
You can jump or double-jump over these.  Scroop comes back for more!

Stage 1:  One hammer pad, and a single line going across one way.  It also
opens up some fire pits for you to avoid, and gives you a big blue dot (30
points), in case you need it.  If not, save it for another stage.

Stage 2:  Two hammer pads (after the first is hammered, the second opens), and
two damage lines criss-cross toward each other from opposite sides, then come
back after reaching the edges.  More fire, and another dot.

Stage 3:  Three hammer pads (get the pattern?), more damage lines, more fire,
and another dot.  The damage lines go from adjacent corners, then again, then
you get a line starting from all four sides back and forth.  Lots of jumping!

Stage 4:  Last one!  You have four hammer pads, but you should be getting the
swing of things.  No more damage lines, as Scroop is defeated.

For fun, before leaving, you can jump on, or kick, Scroop.  He twitches!

III.d) Treasure Planet

You have to have defeated Scroop before any of these levels will open, even if
you have enough beacons.  That's OK, as Scroop is pretty easy -- once you know
how to defeat him (see above).

III.d.1) Jungle Floor - P - 36
Wow, we are at the planet already!  And a couple of different enemies are
introduced (Sneak*, Aborigine*, and Goblin* -- the asterisks are because I made
up the name, they do not give them names in the manual).  For strategies on the
new enemies, check out the "Enemies" section near the end.

Tasks:  Reach The Laser Towers (2)
        Glide Through The Rings (12)
        Race Down The Corridor
        Find 10 Green Energies
        Collect 150 Drubloons

The first task you can do is Glide Through The Rings.  Not too hard, as you got
to use the glider in the Arcturian Trader level.  You have to glide and run,
and make sure you run across the glider pads as you come to them, as you will
need the extra time.  You will end up back at the beginning, so you will want
to go back in to get any Drubloons you did not have time to get while doing
this task.

To Reach The Laser Towers, you have to run around avoiding the laser beams
sweeping around.  If they hit you, they will probably sweep you off of the edge
of the path.  The best strategy for the first tower is to wait until just after
the fast laser goes by (stand on the Helping Hands pad, so your time does not
start yet), and then run counter-clockwise (the same direction as the lasers).
You should reach the opposite side without encountering any of the lasers, and
you can jump onto a mushroom and then be off of the mushroom before the fast
laser gets you (it is higher up than the others, and will sweep you off the

The second tower is a little harder, and this time I went "backwards," against
the flow of the lasers.  Double-jump over them, the mushroom is a little closer
to this direction, but still almost exactly opposite where you start on the
circular path.  After pulling the lever, you have to jump up onto the ledges
that you removed the red lasers from, and touch the beacon to activate it.

To Race Down The Corridor, first get the cyborg arms and smash the window, to
reveal some Speedy Boots (yay!).  These protect your feet from lava, as well as
letting you run *VERY* goofy looking (oh yea, and fast too).  Don't worry about
getting the feet, you have to use the Helping Hands just outside of the cave to
stop the lasers, then go get the Speedy Boots.  You can just try to avoid the
enemies (some will try to block you, but you can fake them out), and just run
across the lava.  The lasers still hurt, so jump over them.  When you get the
beacon, the red lasers stay off (the green ones stay), so you can go get any
Drubloons you missed.

The green energies are all in the same place, just explore.  Lots of jumping
onto mushrooms.

The Drubloons are pretty easy, do not miss the ones where you glide, or the
ones near the portal, up on ledges.

III.d.2) Jungle Race - S - 39
An easier surfing level, and another trick opportunity.

Tasks:  Race 3 Laps Round The Forest
        Fly Through The Energy Rings
        Earn 20,000 Trick Points
        Find 10 Green Energies
        Collect 100 Drubloons

As before, each lap the track changes some, adding some obstacles.  Not too
hard for you now.  You cannot be inside the "Race" task and doing tricks also,
so I would just go ahead and do the "Race" task first.

The energy rings are not too difficult, you just have to practice it to get
when you have to jump.

To Earn 20,000 Trick Points, you have to do tricks while running around.  You
have 90 seconds, which is more than enough time.  Just for a challenge, I tried
this only doing grabs -- no problem.  The hardest part is not dying.

The green energies are not very difficult to find; some require big jumps, so
keep trying.

The Drubloons are not hiding, either, just keep going around looking.  Again,
some require big or weird jumps (through the tunnel with three roots, then over
the jump but go left or right).

III.d.3) Helium Swamp - P - 42
Lots of plant-covered ledges with nothing between them or below them; you
have to be careful not to fall.  Another "shoot the rings" without your Solar
Surfer, and some giant cacti -- woo hoo!

Tasks:  Cross The Giant Cacti (2)
        Knock Out The Spore Plants (5)
        Race Through The Rings (10)
        Find 10 Green Energies
        Collect 150 Drubloons

As you start, you will see the giant cacti.  Jump up to the mushrooms and watch
the near cactus, it has spikes on the "arms" that go up and down regularly.
You have to time your jump correctly; jump just before they go down, and you
should land with the most amount of time to spin the camera and get ready for
the next jump.  After a few tries you will get the rhythm down.  The beacon is
straight out past the second cactus, across some ledges with a Sneak.  Do not
forget to fall down under the cacti, as there are barrels below them with
Drubloons in them.  Under the second cactus is a jet pack pad, also.  You need
it to get on top of the second cactus, which has some Drubloons above it.

In the next area are five Spore Plants; ignore the ElectroWolves and hit the
plants one time each to knock them out to get another beacon.

The Race Through The Rings task is not too difficult, you get Speedy Boots to
move faster, and there are only 10 rings.  The only hard part is near the end,
where you run quickly around a sharp corner and the camera does not follow you.
You need to manipulate it, or you are running blind and will probably fall off.

The green energies are near the Spore Plants, none too difficult to find.

The Drubloons are obvious, except for three that are hiding on a platform that
is directly under the path with the rings.  If you are standing on the Speedy
Boots pad, you can see it right under a sharp turn around a big tree.  Find a
landmark, and go get 'em!

III.d.4) Gateway To Below - P - 46
Lots of jumping, and the return of the Electrobots -- they seem much easier
now.  More spore plants, but you cannot knock them out permanently, just for
a while, then they wake up.

Tasks:  Glide To The Far Beacon
        Cross The Flooded Chamber
        Smash The Red Crates (5)
        Find 10 Green Energies
        Collect 150 Drubloons

The first task you will do is to Smash The Red Crates.  Work your way through
the level until you get to the cyborg arms.  There is a red crate right next
to you, one a little further that you can jump to, and then yet another one.
You can get them all with one set of arms, or you can get them separately.  For
the fourth one, you can follow the green vine path up to it.  To prepare for
the last crate, follow the vine path to the end, where it has a glider.  If you
look straight and down, you can see an island.  This jump is make-able, so get
your cyborg arms, and run up the vine until the end, then triple-jump out, and
keep holding the analog stick foward.  You should make it easily.  Then, jump
onto the two circling mushrooms to get the last crate.

The next task should be Glide To The Far Beacon.  You already passed the glider
pad, so get back up there.  Before taking off, Free Look to see the 5 Drubloons
that are hanging in space, to the right edge of the cavern.  You will want to
glide through them on the way to the far platform.  If you miss some, the
easiest way is to just fall into the water, which should put you back up to
where the glider pad is, and try again.  Jump up the platforms to touch the

To Cross The Flooded Chamber, you will have to jump across many mushrooms.  As
you jump across, do not forget to look around, as there are places with
Drubloons floating in space (one has a metal platform, one has a circling
mushroom), as well as Drubloons that are hard to reach jumping one way, but
easy to reach going back.  At the end of the "path" is a corridor to the
flooded chamber.  You will need to polish up your jumping-and-camera skills
here, as you have to jump in a half-circle, but the camera doesn't always
follow you well.  Jump around to the hammer switch, turn around to go back, and
*THEN* hit the hammer switch.  The camera always centers after the bridge goes
across, and you only have a limited time to get across.  Do not forget about
the moving mushrooms, you may have to rest waiting for the mushroom to get
closer to the next platform.  Touch the beacon to activate it.  Do not jump
down too quickly, as there is a jet pack to let you get some hard-to-reach
Drubloons (see below).

The green energies are pretty obvious, and all near each other.  Jumping onto
moving platforms is good, and good for you!

The Drubloons are scattered everywhere here.  When you finish the Cross The
Flooded Chamber task, you will get to a jet pack.  If you stand on the ledge
right there, you can see a mushroom and some Drubloons above it.  You will need
to get the jet pack, and run down the path about halfway before pressing L1 or
R1 to light the pack.  You should have just enough juice to get to the
mushroom, but if you are really close but not quite, press O to Spin Jump and
you will get a little more distance.  The rest of the Drubloons are pretty

III.e) The Centroid Of The Mechanism

Not sure about the name here, it might be "The Center of The Mechanism."
Either way, the last set of levels.

III.e.1) Rapid Descent - S - 50
Probably the hardest level.  You really have to practice going around the
obstacles, and when to boost.

Tasks:  Fly Through The Energy Rings (35)
        Catch The Longboat
        Race Through The Gates
        Find 10 Green Energies
        Collect 150 Drubloons

The energy rings here are HARD!  My strategy is to not boost going downhill,
and boost going uphill.  Ring 15 you have to jump going over the ramp, and some
of the later ones you have to be boosting.  And watch out for the rising and
falling obstacles, they change just as you are aiming for them.

To Catch The Longboat, you have to go faster than him at some point, similar to
Catch Dalilah in Clifftops in Montressor.  He will wait for you if you hit
something and slow down, but is pretty hard to catch.  Just try to boost
downhill (like I told you NOT to do with the rings), I usually catch him while
going down.  Another strategy is to take a different path, like the hard jump
to go down the chute with all the horizontal beams (with 3 green energies).

Race Through The Gates is going backward through the track (from the direction
you are facing at the beginning).  Hard.  Practice.  'Nuff said.

The easiest way to get the green energies is to go backwards, the same
direction that you go for the Race task.  At the split with all the horizontal
beams, you will find three energies.  Go all the way to the ledge that is so
hard to hit forward, and there is a green energy just waiting for you to grab.
Brake and turn around, hit the boost and jump, and you should hit the second
energy.  Keep thrusting until you are above the third energy, you might have to
brake to hit it.  If you miss, go back up to the ledge and try again.  Continue
once you get these, and you should find them all.

The Drubloons are not too difficult, some require precision jumps; if you miss,
just turn around and try it again.

III.e.2) The Centroid - P - 53
Wow, the soul of the machine?  And lots of coins, but I guess you do not really
care about them.  If you played *rash *andicoot 2 or 3, you will love the Find
10 Green Energies task!

Tasks:  Find 10 Green Energies
        Sneak To The Lanterns
        Explore The Centroid
        Defeat The Pirate Gang
        Collect 150 Drubloons

Whoops, the green energies task is first?  Yes, because it is a very different
task.  Find the pirate in a chair with a green energy above him.  Follow the
path down, and you will find Speedy Boots.  Grab the boots, and start running.
After the first lava stream, the camera changes, and the boat starts moving.
Yikes, a *RASH *ANDICOOT chasing level!  Yes, you pull DOWN to go foward, and
try to get all the green energies.  The first time, just run and try to get
used to the path.  You come out near the start again, and can run again.  Keep
trying to get the 10 green energies, then go back for the Drubloons, as you can
die and keep the Drubloons.

You will find a green glowing pit; jump down for the Sneak To The Lanterns
task.  There are four lanterns you have to "touch" to light them, but you have
Robot Cop (or Constable, as the manual calls them) patrolling.  The first thing
to do here is to grab the cyborg arms and punch the door with the arms on it,
this reveals the last lantern.  Now, sneak around until you are near the
lantern -- but do not touch it yet.  When the Robot Cop is far down on the same
side as you, touch the lantern, which will alert the cop.  Now, just run.  For
the other three, try to sneak and run to light them.  You do not have enough
time to just sneak.  I usually try to light the lantern you run past second,
then the back one, then the one near the cyborg arms (in the front).  If you
get too close to a cop that is alerted, he will throw you out, and you will
have to start lighting lanterns again.

To Explore The Centroid, you have to ride around on the moving platforms.  The
lowest platforms run into other platforms on the outside edge, and also the
highest platforms, but none of the others do, making it much easier.  Once you
go around the outside getting Drubloons, get into the center of the spinning
platforms, and then jump up, up, and up, get the last of the Drubloons, and
then go out.  You have to jump down, fighting enemies (ElectroWolves,
Tortillas, and Meltdowns), and collecting coins.  Do not miss the coins that
are in the ledge near the middle of the lasers, and you have to smash the
window to get to a room filled with Drubloon-filled barrels.  At the top, you
need a Helping Hand to pull a lever, then spin the wheel, and go hit the hammer
switch before time runs out.  This lets you out to get the beacon.  From up
here, you can jump across the posts that move the lasers up and down, to get
more Drubloons.

The Defeat The Pirate Gang task is not too hard.  You get into a closed room
and have to fight four Meltdowns, then four ElectroWolves, and finally four
Tortillas.  Each time you defeat the four, you get a big blue dot and some of
the floor falls away.

Again, the Drubloons are scattered everywhere, you will find twos and threes in
lots of spots.  Just keep looking.

III.e.3) Ancient Machines - S - 56
Your last real surfing level; to me, this was not as hard as the Rapid Descent

Tasks:  Defeat 10 Meltdowns
        Race Through The Gates
        Catch The Gunboat
        Find 10 Green Energies
        Collect 100 Drubloons

Remember, any beacon you activate leaves the environment as it is, so first,
go after the Meltdowns.  They shoot right at you, so aim a little to their
left or right, then as you get to them, turn into them to bump them.  Poof!
The third and fourth are up on platforms, so you have to jump and turn into
them.  The sixth one is near the right edge, so stay on the right edge of the
platform, so when you turn into him, you do not fall off.  You have two up on
blocks, you will have to jump (R1) to get to them, and the last one is on a
ledge, so if you miss, you have to go all the way around again.  Now, you can
race and find without having them shooting at you.

Race through the gates is pretty straightforward.  Boost when you can, and do
not fall off (duh!).

To Catch The Gunboat, you have to chase him around.  However, this time he
shoots at you!  Keep a good clean line, but try not to line up with him as he
shoots (you hear a tone when his weapon is ready to fire, and he always fires).
This is very hard, but the course is very short, so you get used to it quickly.

The only hard energies are ones that are hiding under the big ball-looking
thing.  You can also get to this circular area near where the Meltdowns were
standing on blocks, just jump the inside rail.

The Drubloons are pretty easy to see, some of the jumps are a little hard.

III.e.4) Silver - B - 61
Yes, the minimum number of beacons went way up again.

The other boss battle.  Similar to Scroop, you have a small stage to run around
on.  Silver shoots things at you, you have to avoid them.  Between each type of
weapon, his arm jams, you can see the electricity in his arm.  You use the
Cyborg Arms to spin attack him.  If you are fast, you can get two spin attacks
in before he recovers.  Press into him during the attack, sometimes you get
a second hit with the spin, also.

His different attacks repeat until you have given him enough damage; for
example, on Stage 1, he uses his Gun, then the Buzz Saw, then back to the Gun,

His different attacks, and strategies for each, are listed below:

Gun:             Shoots somewhat slow bullets that go straight where he aimed.
                 Just run left or right.

Buzz Saw:        A buzz saw on a pole comes out of his arm.  Jump or duck; the
                 pattern is different for each level (see below).

Homing Missiles: He fires three homing missiles; the first goes straight toward
                 you, the second goes up, and third goes up also.  I avoided by
                 starting on the lower left corner, and after the second
                 missile, I ran to the right, then circled toward Silver, but
                 not so close he could hit me.  Then, I just continued the
                 circle (counter-clockwise); the missiles got bunched into a
                 group, and kept following until they gave up.

Line of Fire:    Similar to the damage lines in Scroop, but much taller.  You
                 have to grab the JetPack and boost while it goes past.

Stage 1
(see above for the overview on how Silver attacks)
Buzz Saw - it goes to the lower left corner and sweeps low (jump over it), then
           gets higher and comes back (duck under).
(repeat until you get him 1/3 down)

The platform starts disintegrating, and you have to Glide to the next stage.
There are four big blue dots, if you hit one or two you are doing well.

Stage 2
Buzz Saw - it starts to the right, and makes an "O" shape as it moves to the
           left.  Time it and just run under it.  When it reaches the left, it
           comes back, so do it again.
Homing Missiles - Just three this time
(repeat until you get another 1/3 down)

Some circular columns fall down, and the platform will disintegrate.  Jump to
each column until you reach the last stage.  Each column has a big blue dot, so
you should be at full health for the final stage.

Stage 3
Line of Fire
Homing Missiles - Usually, Silver would shoot a second round of three missiles
                  before changing arms, so be ready.  His arm only jams when he
                  changes attachments.
Buzz Saw - This time, the saw comes right at you, even if you move left or
           right.  However, it comes out to you and then right back to Silver.
           You have to jump over it as it gets to you; you can double-jump to
           give yourself more time. Silver "shoots" the saw at you twice.
(repeat until Silver is defeated)

III.e.5) Final Escape - S - ?
You must defeat Silver before this level opens up.

You have 110 seconds to go through this level.  No tricks, no rings, just
boosts, bars (L1 to drop the sail), jumps (R1 with the sail up), and some
falling columns.  You have to hit most of the boosts to keep your speed up,
and you cannot hit too many walls that slow you down.

There are two big jumps; you *HAVE* to jump to clear the first one.  Near the
end, you have two columns that fall across the path sideways, completely
blocking the way.  They both have a small space to go under, the first is
toward the left, the second is toward the right.  Obviously, you have to
drop your sail to get under them.

I looked at the clock, it showed 14 seconds as I came to the last big jump,
and I hit the portal at 1.1 seconds.  I didn't look at the time at the first
big jump.

IV.   Enemy List

There are not many different kinds of enemies, but each has a different attack
pattern and number of hits to kill.  A punch and kick seem to deliver the same
amount of damage, so I usually just kick.  I don't have to aim as much, and I
can usually jump over them and kick while coming down.  The cyborg arms make
you hit much harder, it only takes one hit to kill any of these if you have the
arms "installed."

The names below are from the manual, or I made up the name if it has an
asterisk (*) next to the name.

Format is:
Name* (# hits) - description and behavior.

Electrobot      (1) - Small with two legs, and a single eye.    They run up to
                      you, pause, then explode.

Noggin          (2) - Short and chubby, carries a club.  Just run up to him and
                      punch or kick.

Robot Workers   (3) - Has wheels and a pretty good reach with his wrench.
                      Rolls up to you and attacks pretty fast, so be ready.

Robot Constable (?) - You cannot attack, just avoid and sneak around.  If you
                      are fast, you can accomplish your task while he tries to
                      run after you.  The yellow beam shows what he can see.

Meltdown        (2) - Short and fat, carries a large gun and shoots lava balls
                      at you.  Don't run straight at him.  If you get too
                      close, he will hit you with his gun.

Miner*          (3) - Big eyes, only wearing pants -- and pretty goofy looking.
                      Easy to double-jump over, and gets tired of chasing you
                      quickly.  Swings his arms over his head to try to hit

Sneak*          (2) - This red guard turns invisible to try to get behind you.
                      It looks like a cockaroach in armor (skinny arms).  You
                      can see it some, and it pauses just before hitting you,
                      so you can hit it first.

Aborigine*      (3) - Thin and grey, this enemy can throw his small knife at
                      you from a distance, and it returns like a boomerang.
                      While the knife is in the air it is vulnerable.  Can
                      block if you are close and in front of it.

Goblin*         (3) - This enemy is green with floppy ears, carries a spear,
                      and has a very long reach.  However, he gets his spear
                      stuck on the ground, giving you a chance to hit him.  His
                      spear whirls around to hit you, but you are safe on his
                      left side.

Spore Plant     (1) - This plant spits spores up in the air, which kick up dust
                      that damages you.  Hit the plant once to knock it out.

ElectroWolf*    (3) - This wolf howls when it sees you, and charges up an
                      electrical burst that sends shock waves across the
                      ground.  Jump over the shock wave, and he cannot charge
                      up again for a few seconds.

Tortilla        (3) - A spindly buccaneer with two swords, can block your hit
                      when you attack him from close up.  Has a jump move that
                      strikes above and in front of him, so get behind him.

Birds*          (?) - There are several flying creatures that can hurt you if
                      you run into them, but do not actively attack you.

V.    Wrap Up

 - Disney Interactive and Bizarre Creations: duh!
 - CJayC: *THE* walkthrough site!

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