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                              Double Cast

                          Version 1.0 (5/11/99)

Game Description
Settings Menu
Replay Mode
Omake Mode
Starting the game
Base translation of each of the choices
Game summary:
 Important Note
 The Bangaihen
 The Meeting
 Point 1
 Point 2
 Point 3
 Point 4
 Point 5
 Point 6
 Point 7
 Point 8/9
 Point 10
 Point 11
 Point 12
Hints & Tips to Reach 100%

--------------------------------GAME DESCRIPTION--------------------------------

Double Cast is the first game in the "Yarudora" series (short for Yaru Dorama, 
"a drama you do.") released by SCE. The Yarudora series is a series of four 
"forking" adventure games. This is a game genre that apparently does not exist 
outside of Japan; it basically consists of you reading/watching a story, with 
the game stopping at various points in the story, giving you a list of choices, 
and whatever you pick determines the flow of the rest of the story. It's 
somewhat like an "interactive anime" game. Each of the Yarudora games has a 
different theme; DC's is that of a love story/psycho thriller. Because it would 
probably not sell, DC, or any other game like it, will probably not ever see the 
light of day outside of Japan.

Basically, the purpose of this FAQ is to cover/summarize the plot and choices 
for the non-Japanese speaker. As much as I hate to say it, even with a direct 
translation, you still won't be able to get the full effect of DC without being 
able to read/understand Japanese. Still, the game is so good that it deserves an 
FAQ to at least introduce it to non-Japanese speakers. If you DO understand 
Japanese, odds are you're not going to need this FAQ, except for the 
Variables/Endings/Reach 100% sections, as you'll just be reading through 
summaries of stuff you already understood. (Though quite frankly, I doubt very 
many people, Japanese speakers or no, are going to be reading this FAQ, so...)

One thing important to note about Double Cast is that there are multiple 
endings, 27 in total: 4 Good Endings, 6 Normal endings, and 17 Bad Endings. 
(There is also one Good Ending with 2 variations) Once you finish the game, you 
can save it, and play through the game again once you reload the game. All the 
endings and scenes you have seen are recorded with each play through of the game 
like this, and the game keeps track of how many endings/what percentage of the 
game you've seen with each play through. Once you reach 100% after seeing all 
the endings, scenes, and text, you will get a special ending.  Note this is a 
lot tougher than it sounds; some of the Bad Endings are just as hard, if not 
harder, to get than Good Ending 1, and some lines and scenes will only come up 
with specific selections of choices.


Here is a quick introduction of all the major characters in the game:

Basically, all the Yarudora games cast the player as the hero, without ever 
showing any "detailed" info on him. Double Cast is no exception; you never see 
his face, get any background info on him, or hear a voice for him when his lines 
are spoken. Basically, you are a college student that just joined a film club 
during summer vacation; aside from that nothing to distinguish you is given. 

The heroine of the game. Mitsuki is a very energetic girl who pulls you out of 
the garbage after you fall asleep there, extremely drunk, after a night on the 
town with your new film club buddies. She has completely lost her memory, and 
only remembers her name. Mitsuki is also slightly unusual in that when she 
speaks, she uses words and a manner of speech that normally only men do, and 
overall she is very tomboyish. Throughout the game you try to figure out who 
Mitsuki is, how she lost her memory, and what is behind the strange events that 
seem to revolve around her...

Haruka is the head, or "Bucho" of the film club that the hero enters. Her sense 
of responsibility and control are very strong and make her a natural leader. 
Because of this she holds the club together very well. She is an upperclassman 
at the college you attend, and is several years older than you and most of the 
rest of the film club, and fills a "senpai" role.

Futamura is a new recruit to the film club like you and is also the lead 
cameraman, with you as his second. He is really into moviemaking and becomes 
good friends with you very quickly, the two of you working together with 
whatever jobs you are assigned with the club.

Sakuma is another member of the film club, and is the senpai of you, Futamura, 
and a lot of the other new recruits. He is primarily an actor, and takes the 
lead role in the movie you shoot in the game. Sakuma is very much a "pretty-boy" 
and is very popular with the ladies.

Shoko is the same age as you and Futamura, and is the makeup artist for the film 
club. She is very energetic and serves as somewhat of the "mascot" of the club. 
While throughout most of the game she seems peripheral to the main story, she 
does play an important role in several points...

Gouda and Hanazono are the same age as Haruka, and are the "senpai" of basically 
everyone else in the club. They basically serve as Haruka's all-muscle-no-brains 
flunkies, and are often used as comic relief. Every time you finish the game 
(with the exception of the Normal endings and Good Ending 1) they give you hints 
on what you did wrong and what you should do after the ending.

----------------------------CONTROLS & SETTINGS MENU----------------------------

Control Pad: Select Choices
Circle Button: Pick a choice or scroll through text
X button: Cancel in general, and Answer yes/no questions no.
Triangle Button: Skip button. Hold this down to skip by any scenes you've 
already seen/read.
Square Button: Take away any menus/text boxes, and just see the background.
Start Button: Pull up options menu.
Select Button: Turn off Replay/Skip message that appears on the top of the 
L1 Button: Same as Circle
L2 Button: Same as X
R1 Button: Same as Up key
R2 Button: Same as Down key
L1+L2+R1+R2: Soft Reset


Screen Settings: (‰æ–ʐݒè)
Default, (•W€) Wide 1, and Wide 2.
Speech Settings: (‘䎌Ý’è)
Voice only, (‰¹º‚Ì‚Ý) Words + Voice, (•¶Žš+‰¹º) Words only (•¶Žš‚Ì‚Ý)
Frame Display: (˜g•\Ž¦)
Translucent, (”¼“§–¾) Opaque (•s“§–¾) or None. (‚È‚µ) Affects the text box in the game.
Wallpaper (•ÇŽ†)
Only On and Off appear here.

SOUND: (ƒTƒEƒ“ƒh)
BGM: Alter BGM volume.
Sound effect + Voice (Œø‰Ê‰¹+‰¹º): Alter Sound effect/Voice volume.
Channel: Select from Stereo or Monoaural.
Music select (‹È–Ú): Play any of the BGM in the game.

On or off: Turn save function on or off. If the function is on, you can save the game between 
chapters; if it is off, you can only save at the end of each game.

On or off.

Resets the settings to their default position.

-----------------------------------REPLAY MODE----------------------------------

Once you have finished a run through the game and saved, by selecting Replay 
mode, you can watch the game from start to finish like a movie.

-----------------------------------OMAKE MODE-----------------------------------
The Omake mode is only available when you have seen all four Good Ends and an 
80% clear rating. Then you select Omake Mode, you can view close-ups of several 
different DC images of character designs.

-----------------------BASE TRANSLATION OF EACH OF THE CHOICES------------------

Note: Choices with a "*" by the number you won't get until you finish the game 
with a Good Ending. A "#" marks the choice the game chooses by default (if any) 
at that point in the game.


1) I guess I can take a little more. (‚à‚¤‚¿‚å‚Á‚ƂȂ畽‹C‚©‚ȁH)
Bucho, I've had enough... (•”’·A–l‚Í‚à‚¤c)

2) Let's go!! (s‚±‚¤II)
I'm going home! I've had enough! (–l‚Í‹A‚éI‚à‚¤‹A‚éII)

3) I've had it....Senpai, let me go home...(‚à‚¤ƒ_ƒ‚¾cæ”y‹A‚点‚ĉº‚³‚¢)
We're still going on? (s‚­‚Ì‚©c)

4) I'm not sleepy! (–°‹C‚È‚¼I)
I'm going to sleep! (–°‚Á‚Ä‚â‚éI)

5) I'll talk to Mitsuki-chan (”üŒŽ‚¿‚á‚ñ‚Ƙb‚µ‚Ä‚Ý‚Ü‚·)
Could you please talk to Futamura about it? (“ñ‘º‚Ƙb‚µ‚Ä‚à‚炦‚Ü‚¹‚ñ‚©H)

6) Never mind it (‚â‚ß‚Æ‚±‚¤)
Let's check it out (‚¢‚Á‚Ă݂悤)

7) It's probably just a cat (‚«‚Á‚Æ”L‚©‚È‚ñ‚©‚¾‚ë)
Let's check it out (s‚Á‚Ă݂悤)

8) Nah, I must be remembering wrong. (‚¢‚âA‹L‰¯ˆá‚¢‚¾)
Let's check it out (s‚Á‚Ă݂悤)


1*) Who the heck was that anyway? (‚È‚ñ‚È‚ñ‚¾A‚¢‚Á‚½‚¢H)
Goodbye... (‚³‚æ‚È‚çc)
# Ah, thatÕs right, I need to thank her! (‚ A‚»‚¤‚¾A‚¨—ç‚¢‚í‚È‚«‚á)

2) You should go get a checkup at a hospital. (•a‰@‚Őf‚Ä‚à‚ç‚Á‚½•û‚ª‚¢‚¢‚æ)
What...youÕre trying to trick me again. (‚»‚ñ‚ȁc‚Ü‚½ƒ_ƒ}‚»‚¤‚Æ)
Hmm... (‚¤`‚ñc)

3) WhatÕs your address? (ZŠ‚́H)
WhatÕs your birthday? (¶”NŒŽ“ú‚́H)
What are your three sizes? (ƒXƒŠ[ƒTƒCƒY‚́H)
WhatÕs your name? (–¼‘O‚́H)<--This one doesnÕt show up until youÕve picked one of the first 

4) Uh, never mind....(‚¢A‚¢‚âc‚ׂ‚Ɂc)
ItÕs a big deal! (‘å‚ ‚肾‚æI)
I just wanted to ask (–l‚ª•·‚«‚½‚¢‚¾‚¯)

5) ThatÕs a good name! (‚¢‚¢–¼‘O‚¶‚á‚È‚¢I)
ThatÕs an average name. (‚ӂ‚¤‚Ì–¼‘O‚¾‚Ë)
ThatÕs an unusual name... (’¿‚µ‚¢–¼‘Oc)

6*) # Why donÕt you come to my place? (–l‚ñ‚Æ‚±‚ë‚É—ˆ‚éH)
You really should go to the hospital (‚â‚Á‚Ï‚è•a‰@‚Őf‚Ä‚à‚ç‚Á‚½•û‚ª‚¢‚¢‚æ)
The police should be able to help you. (ŒxŽ@‚É—Š‚߂΂Ȃñ‚Æ‚©‚µ‚Ä‚­‚ê‚é‚æ)

7) Why donÕt you come to my place? (–l‚Ì‚Æ‚±‚ë‚É‚­‚éH)
No, you really should do that! (‚¢‚âA‚»‚¤‚µ‚½•û‚ª‚¢‚¢I)

8) Why donÕt you come to my place? (–l‚Ì‚Æ‚±‚ë‚É‚­‚éH)
The police should be able to help you. (ŒxŽ@‚É—Š‚߂΂Ȃñ‚Æ‚©‚µ‚Ä‚­‚ê‚é‚æ)


1*) How about "Kisetsu o Dakishimete?" (u‹Gß‚ð•ø‚«‚µ‚߂āv‚́H)
Let's see "Sampaguita" (‚±‚ê‚É‚µ‚悤AuƒTƒ“ƒpƒM[ƒ^v)
How does "Yukiwari no Hana" sound? (uáŠ„‚è‚̉ԁv‚È‚ñ‚Ä‚Ç‚¤H)

2*) #Wow, you walked here? (‚Ö‚¥A•à‚¢‚āH)
That's incredible! (‚»‚è‚ᐦ‚¢I)

3*) #What about your ID? (‚¾‚Á‚Ä—š—ð‘‚ÍH)
Oh, really... (‚»‚¤‚È‚ñ‚¾c)

4) Is a Family Restaurant all right? (ƒtƒ@ƒ~ƒŠ[ƒŒƒXƒgƒ‰ƒ“‚Å‚¢‚¢H)
I know a great Ramen place! (‚¨‚¢‚µ‚¢ƒ‰[ƒƒ“‰®’m‚Á‚Ä‚é‚ñ‚¾I)
Would hamburgers be OK? (ƒnƒ“ƒo[ƒK[‚¶‚áAƒ_ƒ‚©‚ȁH)

1*) #"Kakohime no Heya" is... (‚©‚±‚Ђ߂̕”‰®‚Ƃ́c)
It's a famous scenario that everyone knows. (‚Ý‚ñ‚È’m‚Á‚Ä‚¢‚é—L–¼‚ȃVƒiƒŠƒI‚¾)

2) Hmm, I see... (‚Ӂ`‚ñA‚ ‚Á‚»c)
What!? (‚ȂɁI)

3) N, not really...(‚ׁA•Ê‚Ɂc)
Sort of... (‚¿‚å‚Á‚Ɓc)

4) Have you been able to memorize your lines? (ƒZƒŠƒt‚Æ‚©Šo‚¦‚ç‚ê‚Ä‚éH)
Have you gotten used to your job at the gas stand? 

5) Better be careful. (‹C‚ð‚‚¯‚È‚¢‚Æ)
Aren't you overthinking about this? (l‚¦‰ß‚¬‚¶‚á‚È‚¢‚́H)

6) Yeah, it was from Futamura. (‚ ‚ A“ñ‘º‚©‚ç)
No, don't worry about it. (‚È‚ñ‚Å‚à‚È‚¢‚æ)


1*) Definitely...(Šm‚©‚Ɂc)
No, movie making requires stamina! (‚¢‚âA‰f‰æ‚­‚è‚Í‘Ì—Í‚¾I)

2) Is this the grave of the first filming's heroine? (‘æ‚Pì–ڂ̎剉——D‚Ì‚¨•æH)
Is this the grave of a famous movie figure? (—L–¼‚ȉf‰æl‚Ì‚¨•æH)
Is this a grave of one of your relatives maybe? (•”’·‚̐æ‘c‚Ì‚¨•æ‚Æ‚©H)

3) Oh! (‚¨‚§I)
Eh!? (‚¦‚ÁIH)

4*) Mitsuki's incredible...(”üŒŽA‚·‚²‚¢‚ȁc)
Grave-visiting, huh....(•æŽQ‚è‚©c)

5) I'm sure you'll remember soon. (‚»‚Ì‚¤‚¿‚È‚É‚©Žv‚¢o‚·‚æ)
Once we stop filming, let's try and find clues (ŽB‰eI‚í‚Á‚½‚ç’T‚µ‚Ă݂悤‚æ)
What are you going to do, Mitsuki? (”üŒŽ‚Ç‚¤‚·‚éH)

6) Yeah, you're right... (‚»‚¤‚¾‚ȁc)
I doubt you'd need to worry about that, don't you? (‚»‚̐S”z‚Í‚È‚¢‚ñ‚¶‚á‚È‚¢H)
How about I send a gallant knight to save you? (—킵‚̃iƒCƒg—l‚É‚Å‘—‚Á‚Ä‚à‚ç‚Á‚½‚çH)

7*) #What's wrong!? (‚Ç‚µ‚½‚ñ‚¾I)
She's just pulling a bad joke (‚½‚¿‚̈«‚¢ç’k‚¾)

8*) So now she's pretending to cry... (¡“x‚Í‹ƒ‚«ƒ}ƒl‚©c)
I made her cry...better apologize. (‹ƒ‚©‚µ‚¿‚á‚Á‚½cŽÓ‚낤)

9) What's wrong!? (‚Ç‚µ‚½‚ñ‚¾I)
Pay no attention (‚Ù‚Á‚Æ‚±‚¤)
If you don't give it a rest you'll piss me off! (‚¢‚¢‰ÁŒ¸‚É‚µ‚È‚¢‚Æ“{‚邼I)


1) N, Nobody's here (‚¾A’N‚à‚¢‚Ü‚¹‚ñ‚æ)
I've got a friend over... (‚¿‚å‚Á‚Æ—F’B‚ª—ˆ‚Ăāc)
Yeah, they come out a lot. (‚ ‚ŸA‚æ‚­o‚é‚ñ‚Å‚·‚æ)

2) Aw, do I have to!? (‚¦‚¥A‚»‚ñ‚ȁc)
L, Lucky!! (ƒ‰Aƒ‰ƒbƒL[I)

3) Leave it to me! (”C‚¹‚Ä‚æI)
I'll just follow your lead (”üŒŽ‚ɃtƒHƒ[‚µ‚Ä‚à‚炤‚³)
I'm not exactly confident... (‚ ‚Ü‚èAŽ©M‚ª–³‚¢‚ȁc)


1*) #Don't we get a rest? (‹x‚Ý‚È‚¢‚́cH)
Movie-making is Stamina! (‰f‰æ‚̗͑́I)

2) Change the subject (˜b‘è‚ð‚©‚¦‚悤)
Continue on this topic (‚à‚¤­‚µ‚±‚̘b‘è‚𑱂¯‚悤)

3) She's a...a friend! (‚ƁA—F’B‚¾‚æI)
She's my, uh, cousin (‚¢AƒCƒgƒR‚È‚ñ‚¾)
She's kind of my girlfriend (‚Ü‚ A”ޏ—‚Á‚Ä‚Æ‚±‚©‚È)

4) All right...(‚Í‚Ÿc)
OK (‚Í‚Ÿ`‚¢)
Yes ma'am! (ƒnƒCII)

5*) #Don't make it sound so easy, Mitsuki (ŠÈ’P‚ÉŒ¾‚¤‚¯‚Ç‚³”üŒŽ)
I'm so pathetic...(î‚¯‚È‚¢c)


1) Well what do you expect? (‚µ‚å[‚ª‚È‚¢‚¾‚ë)

2) Just an innate ability (“V«‚Ì‚à‚Ì‚¾‚Ë)
Because of me? (–l‚Ì‚¨‚©‚°‚©‚ȁH)
You have nerves of steel (_Œo‚̃Y‘¾‚³H)

2) I wish they'd set them down firmly (‚¿‚á‚ñ‚ƌŒè‚Æ‚©‚µ‚Ä‚¨‚¢‚Ä‚Ù‚µ‚¢‚æ‚È)
Could it be that someone deliberately dropped it? (‚Ü‚³‚©A’N‚©ƒƒU‚Ɓc)

3) She's probably OK now. (‚à‚¤•½‹C‚¾‚낤)
I'll stay with her tonight. (–l‚ªˆê‚É‚¢‚悤)
She should stay with the bucho (•”’·‚ƈꏏ‚ª‚¢‚¢‚¾‚낤)

4) From above? (ã‚©H)
From the veranda next door? (—ׂ̃xƒ‰ƒ“ƒ_‚©H)
From somewhere else...(‚»‚êˆÈŠO‚Ì‚Æ‚±‚ëc)


1) Go get a breath of fresh air (ŠO‚Ì‹ó‹C‚Å‚à‹z‚Á‚Ä‚±‚悤)
Take a load off in the bath (‚Ђƕ—˜C—‚тăTƒbƒpƒŠ‚µ‚悤)
Go to sleep (Q‚悤)

2) Did you see his face? (Šç‚ÍŒ©‚½‚́H)
Any ideas who it could be? (S‚ ‚½‚è‚́H)
Don't worry about it. (S”z‚È‚¢‚æ)

3) Let's go back to the house (•Ê‘‘‚É‚à‚ǂ낤)
We'd better practice our lines a bit more. (‚à‚¤­‚µƒZƒŠƒt‚Ì—ûK‚ð‚µ‚È‚¢‚Æ)
Just stay with me here a bit longer...(‚à‚¤­‚µ‚±‚±‚Ɉꏏ‚É‹‚āc)

4) I've got to get out of here! (‚È‚ñ‚Æ‚©“¦‚°‚È‚«‚áI)
I don't want any misunderstandings (‚Ö‚ñ‚ÈŒë‰ð‚³‚ꂽ‚­‚È‚¢)

5) Wow, you're really sharp! (‚³‚·‚ª•”’·Ž@‚µ‚ª‚¢‚¢)
I can't see anything with all the steam (“’‹C‚Å‚º‚ñ‚º‚ñŒ©‚¦‚È‚¢‚Å‚·‚æ)
Older women aren't something I peek at (”Nã‚̏—«‚͑ΏۊO‚È‚ñ‚Å)

6) I don't know, I don't know! (’m‚ç‚È‚¢ƒ]A’m‚ç‚È‚¢c)
Let's just say it's mine (Ž©•ª‚́A‚Æ‚¢‚¤‚±‚Æ‚É‚µ‚Ä‚¨‚±‚¤)
I've got to play dumb! (‚·‚Á‚Æ‚Ú‚¯‚邵‚©‚È‚¢II)

7) I've got to go after her! (‚¨A’Ç‚¢‚©‚¯‚È‚­‚¿‚áI)
Damn...she misunderstood...(‚à‚¤‚¾‚ß‚¾cŠ®‘S‚ÉŒë‰ð‚³‚ꂽc)

8) ....Mitsuki....(c”üŒŽc)
W, well in other words...(‚±A‚±‚ê‚͂‚܂èII)

9) I want to clear up the misunderstanding (Œë‰ð‚ð‰ð‚«‚½‚¢)
We'd better go back (‚à‚Ç‚Á‚½•û‚ª‚¢‚¢)

10) If you change the way you think about it...(l‚¦•û‚ðl‚¦‚Ä‚Ý‚½‚çc)
You don't have to think about it now (¡‚͍l‚¦‚È‚­‚Ä‚à‚¢‚¢)

11) No, I'm sure I heard it...(‚¢‚âAŠm‚©‚É•·‚±‚¦‚½c)
It must have been my imagination...(‹C‚Ì‚¹‚¢‚¾‚«‚Á‚Ɓc)

12) Ah, she must have been talking in her sleep (‚È‚ñ‚¾QŒ¾‚¾‚Á‚½‚ñ‚¾)
Let's knock first (‚Æ‚è‚ ‚¦‚¸ƒmƒbƒN‚µ‚Ä‚Ý‚Ü‚µ‚傤)
I'll kick in the door! (‚±‚¤‚È‚Á‚½‚çƒhƒA‚ðR”j‚Á‚Ä’†‚ɁI)

13) Hmm....(‚¤`‚ñ)
It had to have been (‚»‚¤‚ÉŒˆ‚Ü‚Á‚Ä‚é)

14) All right, I'll open it (‚í‚©‚è‚Ü‚µ‚½ŠJ‚¯‚Ü‚·)
I can't do it...(‚â‚Á‚Ï‚è‚Å‚«‚Ü‚¹‚ñc)

15) She might still be alive! (‚Ü‚¾¶‚«‚Ä‚¢‚é‚©‚à‚µ‚ê‚È‚¢)
It can't be that she took a hit for Mitsuki...! (‚Ü‚³‚©”üŒŽ‚̐g‘ã‚í‚è‚ɁcI)
We've got to let everyone know! (‘‚­‚Ý‚ñ‚È‚É’m‚点‚È‚¢‚ƁI)

16) First I've got to tell Gouda-senpai! (‚Æ‚è‚ ‚¦‚¸„“cæ”y‚½‚¿‚ɁI) 
I'm worried about Mitsuki! (”üŒŽ‚ªS”z‚¾I)

17) It can't be....a fire! (‚Ü‚³‚©c‰ÎŽ–I)
The doorknob's glowing? (ƒhƒAƒmƒu‚ªÆ‚ê‚Ä‚¢‚éH)

18) Damn it, I can't take him any more! (‚ ‚¢‚A‚à‚¤‹–‚¹‚È‚¢I)
The Bucho is in danger! (•”’·‚ªŠë‚È‚¢II)
Let's get out of here (‚Æ‚É‚©‚­“¦‚°‚悤)


1) Yeah (‚¤‚ñ)
I want beer (‚â‚Á‚σr[ƒ‹‚Å‚µ‚å)
I'd like some hot tea (”M`‚¢‚¨’ƒ‚ª‚¢‚¢‚È)

2) Nah, it's OK (‚¢‚âA‚¢‚¢‚æ)
Eh!? Take a bath!? (‚¦‚¦`•—˜CIH)
OK, let's take one together (‚悵Aˆê‚É“ü‚낤)

3) Aah! I'm going for it!! (‚¦‚¦‚¢Iˆê‹C‚ɉŸ‚µ“|‚¹II)
No! I've got to restrain myself! (‚¾‚ß‚¾I‰ä–‚µ‚È‚­‚¿‚áII)

4*) #Mitsuki, could you get the door? (”üŒŽAŒºŠÖ‚Ì‚Ù‚¤‚¨Šè‚¢)
Hold on a second, Bucho (•”’·A‚¿‚å‚Á‚Æ‘Ò‚Á‚Ä‚­‚¾‚³‚¢)

5*) No, that's not what I meant...(‚¢‚âA‚»‚¤‚䂤‚킯‚¶‚ác)
Yes, there is! (ƒzƒ“ƒg‚Ƀ}ƒYƒC‚ñ‚Å‚·I)


1) I want to know who you like (“ñ‘º‚̍D‚«‚ȏ—‚ÌŽq‚ª‹C‚É‚È‚é)
I want to know about the rumors around the scenario (ƒVƒiƒŠƒI‚̃EƒƒT‚ª‹C‚É‚È‚é)
I want to know about the actress that killed herself (Ž©ŽE‚µ‚½——D‚ª‹C‚É‚È‚é)

2) Shoko-chan? (ãÄŽq‚¿‚á‚ñH)
The bucho? (•”’·H)
It can't be...Gouda-senpai!? (‚Ü‚³‚©A„“cæ”yH)

3) All right, I won't tell. (‚í‚©‚Á‚Ä‚é‚æ)
Hmm...what should I do... (‚Ç‚¤‚µ‚悤‚©‚È‚Ÿ)

4) Oh, so he died... (‚»‚¤‚©Ž€‚ñ‚¾‚Ì‚©c)
That's a lie! (ƒEƒ\‚¾I)

5) You just made that all up. (“ñ‘º‚̍ì‚è˜b‚È‚ñ‚¾‚ë)
It wasn't REALLY a bike accident, was it? (ƒoƒCƒNŽ–ŒÌ‚¶‚á‚È‚¢‚ñ‚¾‚ëH)
Your friend is still alive, isn't he? (—F’B‚̓zƒ“ƒg‚͐¶‚«‚Ä‚é‚ñ‚¾‚ëH)

6) Yeah (‚¤‚ñ)
Now I REALLY can't sleep (‚³‚ç‚É–Ú‚ª‚³‚ß‚¿‚á‚Á‚½‚Ý‚½‚¢)

7) Avoid answering (‚È‚ñ‚Æ‚©‚²‚Ü‚©‚»‚¤)
Make something up (“K“–‚ȃEƒ\‚‚¢‚Ä)
Tell the truth (³’¼‚É”’ó‚µ‚悤)

8) Tell the truth (³’¼‚É”’ó‚µ‚悤)
I can't tell him (‚â‚Á‚ς茾‚¦‚È‚¢)


1) Uh, the movie's not finished yet....(‚Ü‚¾‰f‰æ‚Å‚«‚Ä‚È‚¢‚¯‚Ç)
I missed you (‰ï‚¢‚½‚©‚Á‚½‚æ)

2) Sorry (ƒSƒƒ“c)
I'll clean it up now (¡‚©‚½‚¯‚é‚æ)
Well excuse me! (ˆ«‚©‚Á‚½‚ȁI)

3) Run (‚Æ‚É‚©‚­“¦‚°‚悤)
I've got to do something about that knife! (‹¥Ší‚ð‚È‚ñ‚Æ‚©‚µ‚È‚¢‚ƁI)
Aim for the legs! (‘«‚ð‘_‚¨‚¤I)

4) Is this place that dangerous? (‚±‚±‚Í‚»‚ñ‚ȂɃ„ƒoƒCŠ‚È‚Ì‚©H)
Was he after me? (–l‚ª‘_‚í‚ꂽ‚Ì‚©H)

5) Talk about the photos (ŽÊ^‚Ì‚±‚Æ‚ð˜b‚µ‚Ă݂悤)
Not right now (¡‚Í‚â‚ß‚Ä‚¨‚±‚¤)

6) All right (‚í‚©‚è‚Ü‚µ‚½)
No, let me watch Mitsuki (‚¢‚¦A”üŒŽ‚ÌŠÅ•a‚ð‚³‚¹‚ĉº‚³‚¢)

7) Come to think of it, those photos... (‚»‚¤Œ¾‚¦‚΁A‚ ‚̎ʐ^c)
About that flower pot... (—Ž‚¿‚Ä‚«‚½A–Ø”«c)
Was it Sakuma after all? (‚â‚Á‚ς荲‹vŠÔ‚©H)

8) She was in her room (Ž©•ª‚Ì•”‰®‚É‚¢‚½)
She was in the kitchen (ƒLƒbƒ`ƒ“‚É‚¢‚½)
I don't know (‚í‚©‚ç‚È‚¢)

9) She was in the first-floor lobby (‚PŠK‚̃ƒr[‚É‚¢‚½)
She was in her room (Ž©•ª‚Ì•”‰®‚É‚¢‚½)
I don't know (‚í‚©‚ç‚È‚¢)

10) He was in the first-floor lobby (‚PŠK‚̃ƒr[‚É‚¢‚½)
He was in his room (Ž©•ª‚Ì•”‰®‚É‚¢‚½)
I don't know (‚í‚©‚ç‚È‚¢)

11) They were in the first-floor lobby (‚PŠK‚̃ƒr[‚É‚¢‚½)
They were in their room (Ž©•ª‚Ì•”‰®‚É‚¢‚½)
I don't know (‚í‚©‚ç‚È‚¢)

12) She was in the first-floor lobby (‚PŠK‚̃ƒr[‚É‚¢‚½)
She was in the kitchen (ƒLƒbƒ`ƒ“‚É‚¢‚½)
I don't know (‚í‚©‚ç‚È‚¢)

13) He was in the first-floor lobby (‚PŠK‚̃ƒr[‚É‚¢‚½)
He was in his room (Ž©•ª‚Ì•”‰®‚É‚¢‚½)
He wasn't there (‚¢‚È‚¢)

14) I know who it is (‚í‚©‚Á‚½)
I don't know who it is (‚í‚©‚ç‚È‚¢)

15) Call Mitsuki (”üŒŽ‚É“d˜b‚¾)
Call the Bucho (•”’·‚É“d˜b‚¾)
Call Futamura (“ñ‘º‚É“d˜b‚¾)

16) Should I get another helper? (‚à‚¤‚ЂƂ肢‚Ä‚à‚¢‚¢‚Ì‚©‚ȁH)
I should tell the secret to as few people as possible (‚â‚Í‚è”é–§‚͏­”‚̐lŠÔ‚Łc)


1) I'll come too (–l‚às‚«‚Ü‚·)
All right (‚í‚©‚è‚Ü‚µ‚½)

2*) #Will you take a look? (Œ©‚Ä‚­‚ê‚é‚ˁH)
You know without having to look (Œ©‚È‚­‚Ä‚à‚í‚©‚é‚Ë)

3) My head then? (“ª‚ª‚¢‚¢H)
My legs then? (‘«‚ª‚¢‚¢H)
No, wait! Hold on! (‚¢‚âA‚¿‚å‚Á‚Æ‘Ò‚Á‚Ä‚­‚ê)

-------------------------IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE YOU START------------------------

The content of your game choices, and where you start the game, depends greatly 
on how many times you've finished the game and with which endings. The first 
time you play through the game you won't get any of the extra choices and will 
automatically start at the "meeting Mitsuki" chapter. Eventually, after 
continuing a game after finishing it, you will gain extra choices to start from:

Meeting Mitsuki (”üŒŽ‚Ƃ̏o‰ï‚¢•Ò)
Living together with Mitsuki (”üŒŽ‚Æ‚Ì‹¤“¯¶Šˆ•Ò) [point 1]
The Bangaihen (”ÔŠO•Ò) [Bangaihen]
The Filming Trip (ŽB‰e—·s•Ò) [Point 5]

The Bangaihen starts out with the drinking trip that you were on right before 
the game starts out normally. Depending on your actions there, you can end up 
drunk in the garbage and proceed normally to the "Meeting Mitsuki" section, or 
proceed to alternate storylines with the characters in completely different 
situations. (for example, a Mitsuki that never lost her memory)

-----------------------------THE BANGAIHEN (”ÔŠO•Ò)-----------------------------
The film club is leaving a bar. "Let's go to the next bar!" Gouda and Hanazono 

(Choice 1)

After leaving the second shop, the senpai say "Now the true battle starts!" and 
prepare to go to the next bar.

(Choice 2)

You and Futamura tell the Senpai that you'll both drink as much as you possibly 

(Choice 3)

Hanazono says "From now on, it's our treat!" Let's go to the next store!

This is a (long) Normal Ending. Go to Normal Ending 1.

You run away from the others; they try and stop you. You catch your breath, 
realizing that running while drunk is not easy. You're very sleepy, and see a 
pile of appealingly soft garbage bags...

(Choice 4)

You go get a coffee, and then see a girl lying down on the counter. It's 
Mitsuki; she wakes up, then goes to the bathroom and freaks over her appearance. 
She tries to fix a cowlick unsuccessfully and you laugh at her. You apologize 
for laughing later, and ask why she was sleeping on the counter; she says she 
drank too much and was taking a nap. You ask where her friends are. She says she 
was drinking alone; she was depressed after breaking up with a guy she liked. 
She says that he apparently liked another girl. "I wonder how far he got with 
her" you say. Mitsuki is distressed, and you apologize, then advise her to talk 
to him again. You leave with Mitsuki, saying that sitting in the hamburger place 
won't do her any good.

At the film club, Hanazono and Gouda are doing a flexing competition. You bring 
in Mitsuki as an actress for the film you're shooting. Haruka asks where 
Futamura is; he's not there. When you start filmin, Futamura comes on, and is 
shocked when he sees Mitsuki. He tries to leave, saying that he can't do the 
film with her. You ask why, and Mitsuki sees Futamura. The two shrug each other 

You talk to the Bucho, surprised about how Futamura was the guy that Mitsuki was 
going out with. You wonder if you can bring the two back together again; Haruka 
says that'll be tough, and even tougher to shoot the movie with both of them in 
it. You say that you need Mitsuki as the heroine, and Futamura is necessary on 
the camera. Haruka says that it would be good if you could get the two back 
together, but doesn't know how.

The senpai let you go home without complaining. As you walk by a cherry tree, 
you see someone lying down under it.

(Choice 6)

You decide that it must be some drunk and move on, then realize that YOU'RE the 
one that's drunk. As you pass by an alley, you think you see someone in it.

(Chioce 7)

After moving on, you think about the cat that was visiting your house. You then 
notice a mansion nearby you and have some vague memory about it.

(Choice 8)

You notice the time and realize it's so late, so you go out to try and find the 
others and drink with them until morning...

----------------------------THE MEETING (”üŒŽ‚Ƃ̏o‰ï‚¢•Ò)----------------------

First thereÕs a little intro with a "People have many different faces" narrative 
by the hero. Then you are woken up by a girl. You ask the girl who she is. She 
says "What do you mean, we're not strangers any more" and goes on as if you had 
"pulled something." She laughs and says she's kidding, and you realizes you had 
gotten drunk and passed out. The girl says she pulled you out of the garbage 
before the crows attacked it in the morning. She then starts to leave. (Choice 
1) Either way, you end up treating her to lunch as thanks for pulling you out of 
the garbage.

In the fast-food place, the girl says that even though you asked who she is, she 
doesn't know the answer.

(Choice 2)
The girl doubts you believe her.

(Choice 3)
If you ask her her three-sizes, she will start to tell you, then realize what 
you asked and get angry and says "What difference does that make!!". Then:

(Choice 4)
Mitsuki gets really angry if you say "It's a big deal!" and you tell her it's 
important for when she's buying clothes, but she still stays mad.

Once you ask her name, she tells you it's Akasaka Mitsuki.

(Choice 5)

Mitsuki she says she doesn't know anything else, and isn't even sure that's her 
real name. She says "What should I do?"

(Choice 6)
(Depending on what you pick in Choice 6: Choice 7/8)

You invite her to your house, but then stop and think "What am I saying!?" You 
try to explain yourself and say that you live alone without any relatives, than 
say "No, that's not what I meant!" Mitsuki is psyched that she has a place to 
crash, and offers to pay for the meal, until she finds out that she has no 

-------------------------------------POINT 1------------------------------------
You narrate about how you start to live together with Mitsuki. You say that you 
checked all the newspapers and TV reports, but couldn't find anything that would 
suggest where Mitsuki came from or what she should do. 

You go to meet Mitsuki to watch a movie.

(Choice 1)

Mitsuki is really hungry. She says she's tired from walking to the theater. 

(Choice 2)
It took her four hours to walk to the theater. You ask her why since you gave 
her transportation fare. She mentions that she found a part-time job at a gas 

(Choice 3)
If you ask her, Mitsuki says she faked her ID and paperwork by copying yours. 
She says that she feels bad freeloading off you without pulling her own weight. 
She offers you some soda, and you run to get another.

After the movie, you offer to take Mitsuki to a restaurant as celebration of her 
new job, and she says she's full with the popcorn, although her rumbling stomach 
betrays her. You ask her what she wants, and says she doesn't remember what she 
likes, so lets you decide.

(Choice 4)
It doesn't really matter which you pick, but Mitsuki really likes Ramen. The 
cook tells her that it won't run away, and she laughs. As the restaurant owner 
leaves to pick up a delivery, the TV turns to a psychologist, Morisaki Manami, 
who talks about the effects of stress on one's auto-defense reflexes. Then the 
owner changes to a basball game. Mitsuki is glued to the set.

-------------------------------------POINT 2------------------------------------

This point starts in your Movie Making club. Haruka, the Bucho (club chief) 
gathers the movie club together and says that you are going to make a movie to 
show at the movie festival. One of her flunkies, Hanazono, gets the script. The 
name of the movie is "Kakohime no Heya." (Kakohime's room)

(Choice 1)

You narrate: "Kakohime no Heya" is a famous movie from your college and was 
written by a former student of the school. Whoever wrote it took the penname 
"Kura Natsuki," and wrote it for the same club you're in now. The story begins 
with a man who picks up an "enclosed woman" (this is a kanji dualism with the 
name of the movie) The "enclosed woman" becomes his lover, and she was initially 
sleeping in a coffin under a bridge. As the woman becomes closer to the man, she 
starts to demand more and more from him, and the man not only uses up all of his 
savings to please her, but also consumes him emotionally and physically. The 
movie was first filmed less than 10 years earlier, and to start with the filming 
progressed normally, but then the lead actress started changing, and got so into 
the scenario she could no longer separate it from reality. The rest of the staff 
got freaked out by this and all left, until only two people were remaining: the 
director/cameraman, and the actress herself. In the last scene of the movie, the 
heroine jumps off the top of the school and dies. Except that the actress jumped 
off the school roof for real, and consequently dies. And then the cameraman also 
jumped off the top of the roof and died. This is only a rumor, but in any case, 
both of their bodies were found on the ground the next morning, and no film was 
found in the camera. Nobody knows whether or not it was never there to start 
with, or if someone took it; the whole thing was declared a double suicide. The 
script and all the film that was available was taken as evidence.

Haruka says she got the script back, but says that you have to change it so that 
there's a happy ending. She says that because of the double-suicide incident, 
nobody wants to play the heroine, so she asks the club to try and find someone 
to play the role.  Futamura Naoki, a newcomer to the club (like you) is really 
excited about being able to do the movie. You and Futamura get together, copy 
the script, and read it.

Once you get home, you relate the story to Mitsuki. You then start to ask her if 
she'd be interested in the role, and Mitsuki sort of spaces out, and asks you to 
repeat yourself.

The next day, you bring Mitsuki to the club and introduce her. (She agreed to do 
the role) After checking her out, Haruka says she passes and lets her do the 
role. She then tells the club "Rule #1! The staff may not touch the cast during 
filming!" Mitsuki says "But after the filming is done, it'll be OK, right?"

Mitsuki introduces herself as Akasaka to Sakuma Yoshiki, the male lead. Sakuma 
asks Mitsuki her personal name. As he is somewhat spaced, Haruka says "Are you 
hitting on her right in front of me!? You know that's not allowed!" Sakuma 
denies it. While shopping, Mitsuki relates the story of Sakuma asking her name 
straight out to you.

(Choice 2)

Depending on what you picked, Mitsuki asks if it bothers you.

(Choice 3)
Depending on what you said, you tell her that Sakuma has been known to "have 
fast hands with the girls."

Mitsuki says "I've stolen another man's heart, what a criminal I am." You say 
"What do you mean another?" Mitsuki says "You're the first, right?" You reply in 
a semi-annoyed tone.

(Choice 4)

After practically getting run over by the bike, Mitsuki says "He was trying to 
hit me..." Once you get home, Mitsuki tries to convince you that he was trying 
to kill her.

(Choice 5)

You play back your answering machine. Futamura has left you a message saying 
that the place to start filming has changed and you have to meet at the station. 
You think for awhile whether or not Mitsuki was really being targeted. Then you 
wonder about why her memory is gone.

(Choice 6)

You ask Mitsuki if she's going to take a bath already. She says she wants to 
take a load off. "Go ahead" you say. "Don't try and peek!" Mitsuki says. "Just 
go in!" you say. She does.

The phone rings. The voice on the other line says "Stay away from that woman." 
You ask who it is, and the voice says "Get away from her as soon as you can. 
Don't go near her."

-------------------------------------POINT 3------------------------------------
Haruka is complaining about how "young people are so lazy." Futamura says "Not 
even those in sports clubs have to do this kind of stuff!"

(Choice 1)

You wonder where the bucho wants you to film, dragging you up such a long hill. 
Mitsuki tells you to hurry up. You run over the rest of the film crew.

Haruka brings you to a graveyard, to the grave of "Nakagawa."

(Choice 2)

If you get it right, Haruka is impressed. The grave is that of the lead actress. 
Haruka says that since she died before the movie was finished her spirit might 
not have yet passed on (cultural reference) and that you have come to tell her 
that you will finish what she started.

(Choice 3)

Depending on what you say, you will remark that since it's time for the Bon 
festival, her spirit might be at her house. (another cultural reference) 

You wonder if Mitsuki is all right, then note that often her manner of speech is 
similar to that of a man's. (Japanese reference) With the first shooting, 
everyone is shocked as how good Mitsuki's acting is. Sakuma is spaced though, 
and misses his cue.

(Choice 4)

This choice apparently makes no differece at all. In both, you are really 
surprised at how good an actress Mitsuki is. You will note Mitsuki by herself 
and ask her what the matter is. Mitsuki says that she has the sense that she's 
been where she is before. You say "Then you must have come to visit a grave 

(Choice 5)

While this choice is not important in terms of what ending you get, here's a 
quick summary of the three choices:

1) You'll remember something:
Futamura asks Mitsuki if she's OK. "It's nothing...." she says. She asks if it's 
time for her scene yet. Haruka calls you and Futamura, telling you not to slack 

2) Let's look for clues later:
You suggest looking for "Akasaka" graves to try and find any connections to 
Mitsuki's identity. Mitsuki is afraid of the idea. You ask why. At this point 
during the filming, Futamura says "Oh, this will be a convenient place to shoot, 
there's an 'Akasaka' right here!" You check it out. Futamura asks Mitsuki if 
it's a relative of hers. As Mitsuki can't answer, Futamura checks it out.

3) What will you do?
Mitsuki doesn't know what to do. You note that as most temples look similar, 
this doesn't make for much of a clue. Mitsuki is not pleased to be here. You 
wonder if she came here alone before, or perhaps with someone else. 

After the filming, you wonder about the various events that transpired. Sakuma 
is pissing you off, trying to get too close to Mitsuki. Annoyed, you leave on 
your own without Mitsuki. Mitsuki asks you to hold up, and says "Why are you 
going ahead? What would you do if I got attacked by a pervert?"

(Choice 6)

Whatever you say, Mitsuki will say "You're jealous!" You ignore her and walk 
away. Mitsuki tries to call you back, saying she was joking, then says "I may 
get dragged off for real!" Then she screams.

(Choice 7)
(Choice 8)

After seeing that she was only faking, you ignore her and walk on. She screams 

(Choice 9)

The biker takes off, and you throw a can at him and hit him. Mitsuki is very 
shaken up. You ask her if she's all right and offer her a soda. You ask her 
what's wrong. Mitsuki says the biker said "There's no way you could still be 
alive" to her. Mitsuki wonders if she shouldn't be alive for some reason. She 
breaks down, wondering who she is, (it gets worse depending on what happened at 
the graveyard) and her entire manner of speech changes. When Mitsuki finally 
gets to sleep, you worry about her for a bit, then wonder who the biker was, 
whether or not he was some lunatic or somebody Mitsuki knew. 

-------------------------------------POINT 4------------------------------------

A little more narration about how things contined normally for awhile.

Later, at home, the Bucho calls you. She notes that the static is bad and asks 
if someone else is there.

(Choice 1)

Once outside where the static is less bad, Haruka tells you that the reason that 
Sakuma didn't come to the shooting is that he broke his arm in an accident on 
his way to work. You mention that without Sakuma you can't film, and Haruka 
tells you that she will just use a stand-in instead. After asking what she will 
do, she tells you that as your height and weight are closest to Sakuma's you 
will fill the role.

(Choice 2)

Haruka tells you that the the climax scene will be shot at her summer home. She 
tells you where to go and asks you to tell Mitsuki, then hangs up.

On the boat to the Bucho's summer home, you talk to Mitsuki. She asks where 
everyone else is, you tell her that they're all smashed.  She asks how it feels 
to be the fill in for the lead role.

(Choice 3)

It doesn't matter too much what you choose, but you will talk about how Mitsuki 
being a good actress might be a clue to her past.

-------------------------------------POINT 5------------------------------------

Mitsuki and Shoko love the view from Haruka's summer home. Haruka says as soon 
as everyone is settled in filming will start, and tells you to hurry up.

(Choice 1)

Inside the mansion, Futamura says "The legend is still alive." You are confused, 
so Futamura says that "we get overworked and die. The scenario's cursed; last 
shooting, people died; now we're the ones to go."

(Choice 2)

1) Continue the conversation:
You say that nobody saw the two jump off the roof, so nobody knows for sure if 
it's true. Futamura says he's just inclined to be a little superstitious in that 
sense. You tell him that as you went to the grave, there should be no problems. 
Go to "Shooting"

2) You change the the topic to how good Mitsuki is as an actress. Futamura is 
impressed, but wants to know how you know her.

(Choice 3)

Futamura doesn't believe you, and extorts food out of you in exchange for not 
probing further, and you have a short exchange about both being poor college 

After remembering the Film Club Rule, you try to cover up, and Futamura says 
"I'll just pretend I didn't hear that." Then he talks about how good an actress 
she is and how she seems to become a completely different person.

Futamura eventually buys it, and says that she's interesting in that she 
occaisonally starts talking using male speech, spacing out, etc. and fun to be 
around. You think that she always speaks using male speech to you. Futamura says 
that everyone seems to be after her. You ask if he is too, and Futamura starts 
to say something about how he likes someone else, then says "Never mind!"


While practicing your lines, Haruka calls you and asks if you're ready.

(Choice 4)

The more enthusiastic you are, the more pleased Haruka is. As you contine 
reading, Mitsuki tells you that the scenario is the same every time, and that 
you can ad lib a bit if necessary.

(Choice 5)

You do the scene, but fail miserably...

-------------------------------------POINT 6------------------------------------

Mitsuki complains about your failure.

(Choice 1)

You tell Mitsuki how you are impressed with how good an actress she is even 
though she's supposedly never acted before.  "Maybe I was a travelling actress" 
Mitsuki says. You ask if she remembers that, and she says she's kidding. You 
then ask her if she remembers acting before, or if perhaps the reason she's so 
good is (you choose)

(Choice 2)

Mitsuki either cheers you up for feeling bad about messing up the scene, or 
comments about maybe why she can act; either way, she ends up going inside to 
cook some food.

As you lie back, a flowerpot falls from the sky right toward you. If you get hit 
by it, skip ahead to Point 7's "Genocide-Hen." If this is your first time 
through the game, however, skip to Point 10 if you get hit.

After dodging the flowerpot, you note that if it hit you right on the head, it 
could have killed you.

(Choice 3)

You hear Mitsuki scream from her room upstairs. You run inside to see what's 
wrong; Haruka says the door to Mitsuki's room won't open. Hanazono suggests 
breaking the door down. Haruka brings the master key instead to open the room. 
Inside there are fragments of glass all over the floor, and a broken chair.

Mitsuki is lying on the floor. She is very freaked, and speaks in her 
"disturbed" manner of speech. Haruka asks what happened, and Mitsuki says she 
broke the mirror. When Haruka asks why, Mitsuki says that she saw someone 
watching her from the mirror. Behind the mirror is a window, so Haruka notes 
that that that someone was watching from outside. Mitsuki says that she was so 
scared when she tried to break eye contact that she broke the mirror before she 
knew what happened. Haruka notes that it would be difficult to climb up to the 
veranda from the first floor. You think that it might have been the person on 
the bike, and wonder if he either followed you, or was among the film club. 

(Choice 4)

Whatever you suggest Mitsuki should do, they follow your advice, unless you 
suggest she stay in your room; in that case, the Bucho suggests that Mitsuki 
stay with her tonight. Outside on the veranda, you find the marks that the 
flowerpot was on. You note that whoever dropped it probably did so intentionally 
to hit you. Realizing it must have been whoever was watching Mitsuki, you try to 
figure out where he could have come from.

(Choice 5)

You get a view from up top to see exactly where the culprit might have come 

You get a view from the adjoining veranda to see how far it is.

Somewhere else:
You talk to the Bucho and tell her about the bike incident. She tells you that 
it's unlikely that someone went via the adjoining veranda, as it was from her 
room; as she was in her room at the time, Haruka doesn't think anyone could have 
gotten there without her noticing.

-------------------------------------POINT 7------------------------------------

You can't memorize your lines, as you are worried about what happened earlier 
with Mitsuki.

(Choice 1)

This is a fairly wide-branching point, so I've divided it into four sections:


You practice your lines outside. Mitsuki finds you and after teasing you a bit, 
helps you practice your lines. After you drop your lines you tell Mitsuki, who 
berates you, telling you if you don't act it out, you'll never remember them. 
After you finish the lines, you ask if there's anything else. Mitsuki suggests 
"Let's just stay like this for a bit." You bring up the evening's event, and ask 
if she remembers it anything about it. She says it might have just been her 

(Choice 2)

Don't Worry:
You tell Mitsuki not to worry, saying that you and the others will be there for 
her if she needs you. She asks you why you're willing to help her; you are at a 
loss for words, and Mitsuki says "never mind, but thanks, I feel better." Go to 
Point 8/9

Any ideas:
You suggest it might have been the biker, and Mitsuki agrees; you think some 
more about the biker might have in terms of a connection to her past. Mitsuki 
teases you a bit before going back, saying she feels better. Go to Point 8/9

See his face:
Mitsuki says she saw his face, but only really remembers that she was really 
scared, and that there was something that bothered her, as if she'd seen the 
face before. You ask if it might have been the biker; Mitsuki says "you think 
so?" Mitsuki says that she feels better and can sleep now; you on the other hand 
are wide awake. Mitsuki asks what to do:

(Choice 3)

What happens with each choice is fairly straightforward. Go to Point 8/9, 
depending on what you pick.

Note: You can't take a bath the first time you select it, as the bathroom will 
be closed, and you will just go to sleep. You have to select to take a bath 
twice before you can actually enter. IOW, you won't be able to take a bath until 
your third time through the game at the earliest.

While in the bath, you try and memorize your lines, then wonder what the purpose 
of building such a huge bathroom is. You hear someone come in, then realize it 
must not be a woman as you put a paper up to say you are inside; however, upon 
looking back you see it IS a woman; it's the Bucho.

(Choice 4)

If you pick "escape" you will get caught, and wake up the next morning. You 
apologize to the Bucho; she says it's OK since she missed the paper. Mitsuki and 
Shoko will give you a hard time, insinuating that you were hiding so that you 
could see her naked.

Assuming you call out to the Bucho, she tells you that without her contacts she 
couldn't see it, then insinuates that you intended to try to see her naked.

(Choice 5)

It doesn't really matter what you pick here. Once you're outside in the outer 
bath, Mitsuki comes in. Then you realize that as Mitsuki caught you leaving the 
inner bath, and that the Bucho is still in there, she might misunderstand what 
happened. Mitsuki asks if the Bucho's stuff is yours.

(Choice 6)

No matter what you choose, Haruka will ask you for the basket, and Mitsuki will 
run out.

(Choice 7)

If you pick "She misunderstood..." skip ahead to the Genocide-hen section. 
Otherwise you run after Mitsuki, and she asks what's wrong; you mention that she 
ran out all of a sudden, and she says that she didn't really misunderstand. She 
says it's odd that she feels sad since all you are doing is sympathizing with 
her and just trying to help her, and she says she feels as if she's getting too 
close to you. You mention to her that you don't just feel sorry for her, but 
that your current relationship will not last forever, as Mitsuki now is not the 
"real Mitsuki." Mitsuki is worried that once she gets her memory back that you 
will no longer like her as your help would no longer be unnecessary.  You just 
tell her that "you are you" and her past isn't that important.

(Choice 8)

Mitsuki says she feels she's taking advantage of you, and says that she's only 
being a burden on you and the rest of the film club with all the trouble she 

If you picked: "...Mitsuki..."
(Choice 9)
If you select "Let's go back" you tell her that the Bucho will explain the 
situation; Mitsuki says she's not misunderstanding anything and says that being 
targeted she is causing problems for the club and would be better not to be 
there. You manage to convince her otherwise and she thanks you. If you try to 
explain the situation you don't do a very good job.

If you picked: "In other Words.."
(Choice 10)
If you select "change the way you think about it" you suggest that Mitsuki is 
not being targeted specifically, and that she is only being targeted because she 
is the actress, as if someone didn't want this movie shot. Mitsuki realizes it 
could be that it's not her fault and thanks you before returning to the house.  
Go to Point 8/9

When you go to sleep, there are two possible places you can end up. If you told 
Mitsuki to sleep in the Bucho's room, then go to Point 10. Otherwise, go to the 

If you end up here, you are dead. No matter what choices you choose, you are 
going to get killed in one of 6 bad endings. However, if you play your cards 
right, in one of the bad ends you can get a glimpse of the killer's face before 
you get knifed to death.

Anyhow, the Genocide-Hen is fairly straightforward even if you can't understand 
Japanese. So as not to spoil anything, I'll just give a quick flowchart of the 

(Choice 11)
(Choice 12)---->(Choice 13)
    |                |
(Choice 14)<---------|
(Choice 15)---
    |         |
(Choice 16)   |
    |         |
(Choice 17)<--|
(Choice 18)

------------------------------------POINT 8/9-----------------------------------
Point 8 and 9 are identical. The only difference is what happens in the very 
beginning, and depends on your choices in Point 7.

After the shooting of the final scene, you narrate that no problems happened on 
the island afterwards, and everyone was happy and enjoyed themselves so much 
that you practically forgot about the incident with the flowerpot and the 
intruder on Mitsuki's veranda.

After you get home, Mitsuki is very tired and says "It's good to be home...but 
then again, this isn't my house." She goes to the fridge, and says "I'd like to 
break out some beers but cola's good enough, right?"

(Choice 1)

Note: Depending on what you picked earlier in the game, at this point sometimes 
you will hear a psychologist, Morisaki Manami, who talks about the effects of 
stress on one's auto-defense reflexes on TV, but you'll turn it off mid-program.

No matter what you pick, you'll end up drinking cola; there is no beer and it's 
too hot for tea. Mitsuki likes the drink but says she's still really sweaty, and 
says "Want to take a bath?"

(Choice 2)

After some daydreaming, Mitsuki says, annoyed, "Are you actually taking me 
seriously!?" saying that she was only joking.

Nah, it's OK:
Mitsuki says that if you don't take care of your hygiene better you will never 
lose your image as a film club geek. She starts to sniff you up to see if you 

(Choice 3)

Mitsuki asks if you regret having her around, and you tell her you don't. 
Mitsuki then thanks you for helping her out and apologizes for not saying so 
earlier; she says it's amost like she doesn't care if her memory comes back 
since she can enjoy talking to you. She also thanks you for introducing her to 
the others and giving her the opportunity to act. 

At this point in the game, the doorbell will ring. On the intercom, Murayama 
from next door tells you she has your stuff you left with her on your trip. As 
you go out to open the door, the phone rings, and the Bucho calls; she asks if 
anyone's with you, and you say no. Murayama then rings the doorbell.

(Choice 4)

Mitsuki, get the door:
After Mitsuki screams, you run to see what's wrong, and see that it's the Bucho 
that is at the door, who was pretending to be Murayama. "I've come to take my 
female lead back" she says. (skip ahead to the next long paragraph)

Hang on, Bucho:
You tell the Bucho you'll be with her in a minute. You open the door and she's 
there waiting. You ask where Murayama is; the Bucho was faking her voice. You 
think "I'm glad I didn't send Mitsuki out to get the door." Haruka starts to 
come in. You try and stop her, and she says "Is there something in there you 
don't want me to see?"

(Choice 5)

The Bucho shoves past you, goes inside, and finds Mitsuki.

Haruka says that she won't mind you having a couple of porno magazines lying 
around; you are glad that she didn't figure it out. She starts to enter, and you 
grab her leg, telling her that nobody is there. She says she never asked 
anything about that, then says "I'm sure nobody is here anyway....except for 

Mitsuki and you explain the situation about her being amnesiac to Haruka, who 
believes the story. She asks Mitsuki how long she's been going out with you; 
Mitsuki says "We haven't been going out..." Haruka laughs, saying she doesn't 
have to answer so seriously. You ask "Then you don't have any problems with 
this, right?" "Wrong." Haruka says. She explains to you that since the lead 
actress and cameraman before got together and got killed, she doesn't want the 
same situation to repeat and therefore as her responsibility as Bucho, she can't 
let Mitsuki stay with you.  She tells you that she will let Mitsuki stay with 
her until the end of the shooting. She promises not to tell anyone about how 
Mitsuki was staying with you, and says that after the movie is finished she can 
move back in with you if she wants, but that you have to follow the rules of the 
club until then. There's some narration where you talk about how it was 
difficult getting used to Mitsuki not being around.  Then you talk about how a 
few days after Mitsuki left you started getting harrassed by someone. Someone 
put a dead cat in your mailbox, and spraypainted your door. (they're all insults 
and phrases like "Die," "go to hell," etc.) You wonder if Haruka really kept her 
promise not to tell anyone. You say that there might a rumor about Mitsuki 
living with you floating around, and that the vandal is most likely someone 
within the film club. You watch some filming of Mitsuki, and think "Something's 
weird here?" The phone rings, and it's a message that filming has started again.

You say that Sakuma came back, although his cast wasn't off yet, and that he did 
all the shots that you had done before. You say that Mitsuki is still as 
energetic as ever, but stays away from you; you wonder if she doesn't really 
care any more (for a very short time). Go to point 11.

-------------------------------------POINT 10-----------------------------------
You can't fall asleep and wake up. You wake up Futamura and tell him about the 
flowerpot. He agrees that it is suspicious but doesn't want to think the culprit 
is someone in the movie club. He asks you if you know why someone might want to 
drop the flowerpot. You avoid the question and ask him what he thinks about the 
scenario. He says that it's a great scenario, and it seems weird how it seemed 
to predict the current Psychopath Thriller boom despite being written 10 years 

(Choice 1)

Who do you like?
Futamura insists he's not after Mitsuki and tells you he already likes someone 

(Choice 2)

If you get it wrong, you will end up going to sleep; skip to point 8/9. If you 
get it right:

(Choice 3)

It doesn't really matter what you choose; you will end up promising not to tell. 
If you say "Hmm, what should I do?" then Futamura will be more than a little 
upset. Go to Point 8/9.

What about the scenario?

Futamura tells you a story about a friend of his that lived nearby him as a 
child and whose parents ran the cafeteria in the college, and got to know the 
filming staff. He made friends with the people shooting "Kakohime no Heya," but 
was friends with the people that left rather than the ones that stayed so for a 
while wasn't involved. But on the shooting of the last scene with the jumping 
off the roof, the actress asked him to help; while he didn't like the director 
he liked the actress so he helped her tie a rope to herself so she wouldn't fall 
off the building when doing the last scene. As a joke, he loosened the rope for 
a second, but before he could retie it, the cameraman yelled "start" and the 
actress jumped off the roof and died, as she wasn't firmly fastened. Then the 
director ran up the stairs angrily, and Futamura's friend, who was really 
scared, made a trap for the director with the rope, and after losing his 
balance, he fell off the roof too; that is how it became a "double-suicide" 
incident. You ask about his friend, and Futamura says he died in a bike 

(Choice 4)

He died:
You say that even if the story is true, everyone involved is dead so there's 
nothing the police could do about it. "Yeah, that's true" Futamura says. You 
thank Futamura for the story and go to sleep.
Go to Point 8/9.

You're lying:
Futamura says "What's a lie?"

It wasn't a bike accident:
You suggest that Futamura is only covering for his friend, who really committed 
suicide. Futamura admits it and says that his friend jumped off a building too. 
You say "So this is why you got so interested in filming." "Yep." Futamura says. 
Go to Point 8/9.

He's still alive, isn't he:
Futamura still insists that his friend is dead. Go to Point 8/9.

You just made that up:
Futamura says "Ah, you could tell? Damn!" You tell Futamura he certainly has 
well-developed stories. Futamura says "If you're going to make movies, you gotta 
have at least this good an imagination." Futamura says "Can you sleep now?"

(Choice 6)

Go to point 8/9.

What about the actress?
You wonder about the first actress killing herself. Futamura asks you if you've 
heard the rumor; you ask, and he says that the original actress looked like 
Mitsuki. You're surprised, and Futamura says that he doesn't know where the 
rumor came from so he can't confirm it, but says that it's a possibility that 
Mitsuki is a relative of the original actress. He goes on to say that Mitsuki 
would hate the film that killed her relative. You ask what he means, and 
Futamura says that in revenge Mitsuki will take out the cast and the staff one 
by one. You think that perhaps she knew you were a film club member to start 
with and faked the amnesia to get close to you. Futamura says "I was only 
kidding; you're not taking this seriously, are you?" You laugh and say "Yeah, 
right." Futamura says that he knows nothing about Mitsuki anyway, and says 
"You're the one that brought her here anyway, right?" He then asks you where you 
know Mitsuki from.

(Choice 7)

Trick him:
You dodge the question. Futamura says you don't need to hide it; he says that he 
has no interest in Mitsuki. (Go to as if you had asked Futamura who he liked)

Tell the truth:
You tell Futamura everything about Mitsuki being amnesiac, how you are living 
together, and how you got attacked. Futamura tells you that there is a rumor 
that in the original filming at the jump-of-roof scene, the actress' body was 
never found. You say that it was reported as a double suicide; Futamura says 
that there were several eyewitnesses and tangible proof that the actress jumped 
off. You note that the camera was empty. Futamura says it's only conjecture, but 
that he thinks the actress might have disappeared when she jumped off the roof; 
the cameraman saw the actress jump off the building but she disappeared, and 
thought that she might have gone into another dimension, and therefore tried to 
follow, but hit the ground instead. Futamura suggests that the actress might 
have been someone who could only exist within the context of the film; when it 
is being shot, she exists, when it ends, she disappears. And when it starts to 
be filmed again, she reappears, naturally without any memory of the previous 
time. You say "So it's Mitsuki then?" Futamura asks what you think of his story, 
and you don't answer. Futamura says that the original cameraman was also the 
director and male lead; while the Bucho is the director, you are the cameraman 
and male lead, and therefore are the closest person to the first cameraman. You 
note that there's no jumping-off-a-building scene in the remake. Futamura says 
that in the case there's a fill-in scene, you should keep close track of 
Mitsuki. Go to Point 8/9.

You tell Futamura you knew Mitsuki for a year; Futamura catches the lie, saying 
that Mitsuki told him that she has only known you for a little while. He says 
that she doesn't want to talk about it for some reason, and asks if there's some 
reason you can't talk about it.

(Choice 8)

If you tell Futamura everything, it's the same as if you had done so in Choice 
7. If you choose not to tell him, you apologize and tell him when the time comes 
you promise to tell him. Futamura says that you apparently have some serious 
issues going on, and tells you if you ever need advice to ask him. You thank 
him. Go to Point 8/9.

-------------------------------------POINT 11-----------------------------------
In terms of content, this is probably the most complicated point in the game, as 
it differs greatly depending on your choices earlier in the game.

Mitsuki knocks on your door.

(Choice 1)

It doesn't really matter what you pick; Mitsuki comes back, saying that even 
though the movie's not finished, all the scenes have finished shooting, so it's 
OK for her to move back itn. She complains about how messy the kitchen got in 
her absence.

(Choice 2)

Whatever you say, Mitsuki will wash the dishes and tell you to continue editing 
the film. The phone rings; it's Sakuma. You're surprised he knows your number; 
he tells you that the Bucho told him. Sakuma says "You know Akasaka Mitsuki, 
right? I need to talk to you about something in her past." He tells you that 
it's tough for him to explain over the phone, and asks you to meet him. He wants 
you to meet him alone in front of the run-down hospital near the school. You 
tell him you'll need to borrow a bike to get there first, and arrange to meet 
him in two hours. You tell Mitsuki about meeting him and start leave, saying 
that you can eat dinner once you get back. "OK" Mitsuki says, and you tell her 
although you doubt it's anything to worry about to call the Bucho in case you 
don't come back for awhile, since she knows the location of the hospital.

At this point, depending on some choices you made earlier in the game, Mitsuki 
will tell you something. (If she doesn't say it, skip ahead to the next 
paragraph unless you want to get spoiled) Mitsuki tells you that she has the 
sense that Sakuma was the guy on the bike that attacked her, and tells you to be 
careful. You tell her you'll be careful.

When you finally get to the run-down hospital, nobody's there. You wonder why on 
earth Sakuma would call you out to a place like this. You check your watch, and 
Sakuma's more than an hour late. You see a light flashing upstairs, and assume 
that Sakuma must be inside. As you reach the top of the stairs, a shadowy figure 
is waiting for you. You call out, assuming it is Sakuma, only to get slashed 
with a knife.

(Choice 3)

You kick the attacker down the stairs, and he drops the knife. You chase after 
him, and manage to track him down to a dead-end. Go to "Hospital End."

You kick the knifer downstairs and run. After awhile, you realize you're not 
getting chased and rest.

(Choice 4)

After me?:
You think that it might have been Sakuma that attacked you, or someone he called 
to attack you. Then you realize with Mitsuki all by herself at home, she might 
be attacked with you called out to the hospital to get you to leave. You hear a 
scream, and run downstairs to try and catch the knifer. Go to "Hospital End."

This place that dangerous?:
You wonder if maybe this is a place used for drug deals, and you came at the 
wrong time. You then wonder if you were maybe targeted, then realize that would 
be straight out of a drama so is unlikely. You wonder if the knifer was Sakuma, 
or whoever attacked Mitsuki.  You hear a screan and run downstairs to try and 
catch the knifer. Go to "Hospital End."

Your attack is on the mark; the attacker trips and falls down the stairs, 
dropping the knife. You run after him; he tries to escape but you manage to 
chase him to a dead end. Go to "Hospital End."

You enter a dead-end and find someone on the ground. You say "Show yourself," 
and the figure turns around; it's Mitsuki. You say "What's Mitsuki doing here!? 
What's going on...where did he go!?" You run to the window to see the biker 
speed off. You chase after him, but are too late. Mitsuki comes stumbling out of 
the hospital and asks if you're OK. She says that Sakuma called her, saying that 
you'd been injured and asking her to come help you. She passes out.

You take Mitsuki to the Bucho's place, telling her you weren't sure whether or 
not it would be best to call an ambulance given the circumstances. Haruka says 
she thinks you made the right decision and asks you how your injury is. You tell 
her it was already treated; you told the doctor you fell while holding a knife. 
She asks you if Sakuma gave you anything.

(Choice 5--Only if you found anything)

If you say "yes": (obviously skip ahead if you didn't find something and don't 
want to get spoiled) you tell Haruka that the pictures are probably of Mitsuki 
when she was in high school. You look at the envelope, which is labeled with the 
name of a nearby hospital.

At this point, Mitsuki wakes up. Depending on your earlier choices, she either 
remembers (or doesn't remember) the attack. You tell Mitsuki to concentrate on 
healing, saying that only the Bucho and you know about the attack. After you 
leave, the Bucho asks you to finish editing the movie, telling you that she will 
take care of Mitsuki.

(Choice 6)

This is where things get complicated; depending on your choices up until now, 
you may go straight to one of several endings, or end up in a new set of 
choices. Assuming you get the choices:

You look over the same piece of the old film, trying to figure out what's weird 
about it. Then you think about the series of weird events and try to connect 
them; the graffiti, the dead cat, Mitsuki getting attacked twice, you getting 
assaulted in the hospita. Sakuma has disappeared, so you can't reach him to find 
out what he had to say. You wonder what the criminal's motivation must have 

(Choice 7)

You decide that it's unlikely that someone could have come from outside, made it 
to the veranda, and drop the pot; you decide it must be someone among the 
filming crew. You then have to remember the exact location of each of the cast 

(Choice 8)
(Choice 9)
(Choice 10)
(Choice 11)
(Choice 12)
(Choice 13)

Only if you get them all right are you allowed to proceed. Otherwise, go 
straight to point 12.

Assuming you DO get them all right, you think of it in reverse order, and come 
to the conclusion that of all those people, there's only one person who could 
have snuck onto Mitsuki's veranda and dropped the flowerpot.

(Choice 14)

If say you know who it is, go to "Solved?" Otherwise, go to Point 12.

You looke closely at the photos and wonder what they mean. You wonder why the 
biker had these photos, and why he forgot them.  You then realize "it can't 
be...." and wonder why someone said something, and then you realize what's weird 
with the photos. You then think about the veranda, and realize that there's only 
one person who could have made it to Mitsuki's veranda and dropped the pot.

(Choice 14)

If say you know who it is, go to "Solved?" Otherwise, go to Point 12.

You wonder why Sakuma would want to go after you. You try and figure out who 
would like least to see the film made. You think that it would most likely be 
the director who got the actress to commit suicide; you guess that perhaps 
Sakuma is the son of that director. You then wonder why Sakuma would go to such 
complicated lengths to stop the production. Realizing that you're merely 
grasping at straws, you try to figure out who it might be if it's NOT Sakuma. 
You have no idea, so you wonder if perhaps it's a third party you don't know of. 
Go to Point 12.

You decide you need help to trap the criminal.

(Choice 13)

You make the first call, then wonder if you have enough help.

(Choice 14)

If you decide not to call for another accomplice, go straight to Point 12. 

(Choice 13)

Now go to Point 12.

-------------------------------------POINT 12-----------------------------------
Mitsuki comes in during one of your final edits of the movie. It's not quite 
done yet, but is close. Mitsuki asks where everyone else is. You tell her that 
Futamura's coming later.

At this point, if you figured out the mystery, continue. If you were wrong, or 
didn't solve it, you die. Assuming you figured it out:

Futamura calls. He hangs up immediately. Haruka says that he called, said 
"They're gonna kill me!" and hung up. She says she's going to go to his room and 
check to see if he's OK.

(Choice 1)

No matter what you say, you'll end up staying in the room, as Mitsuki cries not 
to leave her behind; Haruka goes by herself. Mitsuki says she's afraid to be 
alone, and you tell her you're right here. You tell her to watch the screen, as 
you've seen something odd. You show her some scenes with her in it, where she 
uses both her right and left hand dominantly at different times. "Are you left 
or right handed?" you ask. Then a voice plays. "You know who this person is, 
don't you?" you ask. Mitsuki says she doesn't. You tell her it's Dr. Morisaki, a 
doctor at Nansei Hospital. 

(Choice 2)

If you pick "You don't need to see this" you just skip by the breakdown of the 
case. You can't pick it the first time you see this scene. Dr. Morisaki says "I 
know her, she's Shiho." You see a flashback, where you say that her name is not 
Shiho, but Mitsuki. Dr. Morisaki says that Mitsuki is Shiho's older sister, who 
died a while back. You are very surprised, and Dr. Morisaki says "Don't know 
know anything about it? About her older sister, and her sickness?" She insists 
that Mitsuki is dead. You ask if Shiho is still alive. Dr. Morisaki says yes. 
You tell her about how you know someone named Mitsuki who is amnesiac. Dr. 
Morisaki asks if the person in the photos is the Mitsuki you know; you say yes. 
She asks if the person in question calls herself Mitsuki; you say yes, and ask 
about her sickness. "Not physically though; mentally." she says. She asks you if 
you are Akasaka's boyfriend; you reply "yes." Dr. Morisaki shows you a film 
taken during Shiho's treatment and shows it to you; you then show it to Mitsuki.

In the film, Shiho says that her parents died in a traffic accident when she was 
5. She and her older sister Mitsuki moved in with her grandparents afterward, 
and became extremely close. After middle school, she and her sister went to 
different high schools, and lived off their parents' life insurance. At that 
point, Mitsuki got a boyfriend, but he was a "bad apple" that abused her; as a 
result she developed an extremely strong distrust of men. And because of that, 
whenever Mitsuki saw Shiho talking to a man, she would beat her up as soon as 
she got home. At this point, Shiho's tone changes drastically, and she says 
"What are you talking about!? I did this all for Shiho's sake!" She goes on to 
say that "by disciplining Shiho whenever she talked to men, I could save her 
from the same fate I did!" She continues, saying that Shiho ignored her and 
continued to make friends with men, and that "I was betrayed by both men and by 
Shiho!" Therefore, she killed herself. Dr. Morisaki explains that Shiho was the 
one who found her sister's body, and the combined effect of her love toward her 
sister, her negative feelings toward her sister due to the treatment she 
received, and her sister's suicide sent her over the edge and she went insane.

You ask Mitsuki if she remembers her past now, then tells her why you thought 
she was asking strangely: first, Mitsuki told you that Sakuma called her to the 
hospital. "How did Sakuma know that you were at my house?" you ask. You tell her 
that Sakuma might have seen her come to your house, but since he should only 
know your cellphone number, he couldn't have called since you took your 
cellphone with you. You tell her that even if he did manage to get your number, 
the call would have been recorded, as your answering machine records the call as 
soon as the receiver is picked up when it's on, and nothing was recorded on the 
tape. Mitsuki says that she turned off the answering machine, then Sakuma 
called, and then she turned it back on as soon as she left. You tell her that 
you can't turn off the answering machine without the code, and only you know it. 
"You were the one that attacked me at the hospital, weren't you?" you ask. You 
tell her at first you thought Sakuma ran out the window to his bike, but then 
realized that's impossible with his broken arm; he could never have gotten out 
that fast with only one arm. Furthermore, the figure attacked you with its left 
hand, and it's unlikely Sakuma would attack with his arm that is both not his 
dominant arm and in a cast. You tell her the envelope you found showed Mitsuki 
playing tennis with her wrong arm, and the name on the envelope led you to find 
Dr. Morisaki, who told you that Mitsuki was left-handed, but Shiho was right-
handed. "Which are you now?" you ask. "Shiho, or Mitsuki?" 

You hear more from Dr. Morisaki; she says that the emotional shock Shiho had 
caused her to develop split personalities: one of her own and one of Mitsuki's.  
Because of this split personality, her mind is messed up which is why her memory 
is gone; her "regular" personality as Shiho is what normally shows, but inside 
her Mitsuki personality can come out due to various shocks. She warns you that 
Mitsuki is jealous, violent, and unpredictable, so there's a chance she will 
attack any man that Shiho is close to.

After knocking you to the floor, Mitsuki applauds your deduction, and tells you 
that she was the one that dropped the flowerpot, sent the dead cat, drew the 
grafitti on your door, and attacked you in the hospital. She then runs out the 
door, telling you she "won't give you Shiho."

Outside, Haruka laughs, telling Mitsuki that this was all a trap to bring out 
her true personality. Mitsuki runs away, and Futamura tells her she's heading to 
a dead-end. You tell Futamura "Bring it out!" 

On the roof, Mitsuki goes toward the edge, telling you that she would rather 
kill herself and Shiho together than give Shiho to you. You try to call her off 
the edge, telling her that Mitsuki is not her personality. You try and convince 
her that her personality has been replaced, and that if she jumps off, the only 
one that will be happy is her dead sister. Mitsuki starts to recall. You ask her 
if she's remembering. "Yeah, right!" Mitsuki says, slashing your arm. She picks 
up a metal pipe, berating you for falling for her act, and swings it at you.

If you picked the wrong choices, you die here. Otherwise:

Sakuma catches the pipe, and explains he made it to the hospital late because of 
his arm, and apologizes for getting frightened and running off when you yelled 
at him. He explains that he knew Shiho before, as someone who the real Mitsuki 
tried to keep her away from; he says he was surprised when Mitsuki, who 
supposedly was dead, suddenly appeared, which is why he said "There's no way you 
could be alive" when he stopped her on his bike the first time. He said that he 
eventually figured out that Shiho was going under her twin sister's name, and 
looked into it when he was recuperating from his broken arm.  She had been at 
counseling, and as everyone that lived around her had thought she had been 
committed never looked for her when she disappeared.

"Whoops, looks like I broke his arm again" she says. She then asks which bone 
you'd like broken first; your legs or your head.

(Choice 3)

It doesn't really matter what you pick, you will stop and tell Mitsuki she can 
kill you if she wants, but you want a quick death, so you ask her to push you 
off the building. Mitsuki agrees, and complains about how everyone cares about 
Shiho and nobody about her, and about how all men are pigs, etc. She tells you 
she'll tell Shiho that you went far away, then starts to push you...

The game ends. Odds are if you've made it this far gotten a good ending here; 

Unless you want to get spoiled, don't read on; included herein are spoilers to 
different parts of the plot.

There are a series of variables within DC that determine what endings you get 
and what events happen when. Here is a list of each.

Mitsuki's Despair
Mitsuki normally has a favorable impression of you, but depending on what you 
say, you can hurt her and turn on the "Mitsuki's Despair" flag. If this flag is 
on at Point 6, the game punishes you for being mean to Mitsuki by making the 
flowerpot hit you. Choices that can turn on this flag are:
P2,3: N, not really...(‚ׁA•Ê‚Ɂc)
P2,5: Aren't you overthinking about this? (l‚¦‰ß‚¬‚¶‚á‚È‚¢‚́H)
P3,6: I doubt you'd need to worry about that, don't you? (‚»‚̐S”z‚Í‚È‚¢‚ñ‚¶‚á‚È‚¢H)
P3,8: So now she's pretending to cry... (¡“x‚Í‹ƒ‚«ƒ}ƒl‚©c)
P3,9: Pay no attention (‚Ù‚Á‚Æ‚±‚¤)
Even if Mitsuki has this flag on, you can turn it off by picking either of the 
two following choices:
P3,8: I made her cry...better apologize. (‹ƒ‚©‚µ‚¿‚á‚Á‚½cŽÓ‚낤)
P3,9: What's wrong!? (‚Ç‚µ‚½‚ñ‚¾I)

Mitsuki's Love
In order to turn on this flag, you have to pick one of three choices; it will 
affect which Good Ending you will get:
P7,3: Let's go back to the house (•Ê‘‘‚É‚à‚ǂ낤)
P7,3: Just stay with me here a bit longer...(‚à‚¤­‚µ‚±‚±‚Ɉꏏ‚É‹‚āc)
P8/9,3: Eh!? Take a bath!? (‚¦‚¦`•—˜CIH)

Mitsuki's Trust
This flag affects the appearance of several different events and choices. 
There's only one choice that can turn this flag on:
P3,9: What's wrong!? (‚Ç‚µ‚½‚ñ‚¾I)

Mitsuki's Kiss
There's also only one choice in the game that can turn this flag on; it also 
affects which Good Ending you will get:
P7,3: We'd better practice our lines a bit more. (‚à‚¤­‚µƒZƒŠƒt‚Ì—ûK‚ð‚µ‚È‚¢‚Æ)

Haruka's Trust
Earning Haruka's trust can mean the difference between a Good or Bad ending, or 
which Good ending you'll get; the following are the choices that will earn it:
P3,2: Is this the grave of the first filming's heroine? (‘æ‚Pì–ڂ̎剉——D‚Ì‚¨•æH)
P3,2: Is this the grave of a famous movie figure? (—L–¼‚ȉf‰æl‚Ì‚¨•æH)
P4,2: L, Lucky!! (ƒ‰Aƒ‰ƒbƒL[I)
P5,4: Yes ma'am! (ƒnƒCII)
P6,4: From somewhere else...(‚»‚êˆÈŠO‚Ì‚Æ‚±‚ëc)
Here are the choices that will lose her trust:
P4,1: Yeah, they come out a lot. (‚ ‚ŸA‚æ‚­o‚é‚ñ‚Å‚·‚æ)
P5,4: OK (‚Í‚Ÿ`‚¢)
P11,5: Not right now (¡‚Í‚â‚ß‚Ä‚¨‚±‚¤)

Futamura's Trust:
Futamura's trust works in the same way as Haruka's trust; it affects the 
occurance of a Good/Bad ending, and which one you will get.
P5,2: Change the subject (˜b‘è‚ð‚©‚¦‚悤)
P10,7: Make something up (“K“–‚ȃEƒ\‚‚¢‚Ä)
P10,7: Tell the truth (³’¼‚É”’ó‚µ‚悤)

Photos Found:
In order to find the photos in Point 11, you need to see the TV show with Dr. 
Morisaki. There are two ways to find it:
1) Select:
   P2,4: I know a great Ramen place! (‚¨‚¢‚µ‚¢ƒ‰[ƒƒ“‰®’m‚Á‚Ä‚é‚ñ‚¾I)
2) If you haven't already seen it by Point 8/9, select anything BUT:
   I want beer (‚â‚Á‚σr[ƒ‹‚Å‚µ‚å)

Case Solved:
In order to solve the case, you must first have the photos. Then you have to 
answer the series of questions in the end of point 11 in either of these orders:
1) P11,7: Come to think of it, those photos... (‚»‚¤Œ¾‚¦‚΁A‚ ‚̎ʐ^c)
   P11,12: I know who it is (‚í‚©‚Á‚½)
2) P11,7: About that flower pot... (—Ž‚¿‚Ä‚«‚½A–Ø”«c)
   P11,8: She was in her room (Ž©•ª‚Ì•”‰®‚É‚¢‚½)
   P11,9:ÊShe was in her room (Ž©•ª‚Ì•”‰®‚É‚¢‚½)
   P11,10: He was in the first-floor lobby (‚PŠK‚̃ƒr[‚É‚¢‚½)
   P11,11: They were in the first-floor lobby (‚PŠK‚̃ƒr[‚É‚¢‚½)
   P11,12: She was in the first-floor lobby (‚PŠK‚̃ƒr[‚É‚¢‚½)
Then you have to telephone both the Bucho and Futamura.

The Genocide-Hen:
There are three ways to get to the Genocide-Hen:
1) Have "Mitsuki's Despair" flag on the second time through the game or after.
2) Select one of the following choices:
P6,3: She's probably OK now. (‚à‚¤•½‹C‚¾‚낤)
P6,3: I'll stay with her tonight. (–l‚ªˆê‚É‚¢‚悤)
P7,1: Go to sleep (Q‚悤)
3) Select P7,7:Damn...she misunderstood...(‚à‚¤‚¾‚ß‚¾cŠ®‘S‚ÉŒë‰ð‚³‚ꂽc)


GOOD END 1: Double Cast
You need the following Flags on to get this ending:
Mitsuki's Love, Mitsuki's Trust, Mitsuki's Kiss, Haruka's Trust, Futamura's 
Trust, Photos Found, Case Solved.

Shiho wakes up. She apologizes for falling asleep, especially with the movie 
finished. You say it's not surprising considering you all pulled 5 all-nighters 
in a row to get it done. Shiho feels guilty for troubling everyone, especially 
for breaking Sakuma's arm again. You tell her that everyone understands so she 
doesn't need to worry about it. Shiho says she was really surprised you would 
pull her off from such a height; you tell her it was a plan to give her a shock 
in case she couldn't wake up from Mitsuki's personality. You point out that her 
other personality hasn't come out since, so it was a good plan. Shiho says that 
she kind of wants to thank her sister since she wouldn't have been able to meet 
you if she hadn't lost her memory. You say "Well personally, I hope IÊnever have 
to see her again." Shiho tries to kiss you, and you say "Everyone's watching." 
Shiho says "They're all asleep," only to see they're all awake. "Don't worry, 
it's not like it's the first time we've seen it" Futamura says. He points at the 
screen, which is film of you kissing Mitsuki on the dock. Shiho screams and says 
"YOU were the one that was watching!" Futamura says that he had to keep a good 
eye on you two to make sure no funny business happened. Shiho tells him to say 
he's filming next time, because she has "preferred angles to be shot at." 
Everyone laughs.

Good end variation 2:
Sometimes when you see this ending (if you have found out that Futamura likes 
someone other than Mitsuki) there will be a scene where Futamura says to Haruka 
"too bad, you were after him too, weren't you" (referring to you) Haruka asks 
him where he got that idea; Futamura points out that she knew that Mitsuki was 
living with you for a long time, but only broke the two of you up when it 
started to become dangerous for you, and after the hospital incident made you 
edit the film to protect you from being near Mitsuki. "You better not have told 
anyone about this" Haruka says. Futamura tells her he hasn't, but blackmails her 
by saying that she has to go out with him to keep his mouth shut. "I'll think 
about it" Haruka says.

You need the following Flags on to get this ending:
Mitsuki's Kiss, Mitsuki's Trust, Photos Found, Case Solved, Haruka's Trust, 
Futamura's Trust. 
The following Flags must be off:
Mitsuki's Love.

The movie opens. You recall landing on the mattress by the building; it was a 
last-ditch attempt to give a shock to Mitsuki if she didn't wake up from her 
Mitsuki-Personality. Shiho comes up and asks what you're thinking about. You say 
that Shiho went back to the Mitsuki you know, the one with a melded personality 
from the two. You say that after the fall, she forgot everything about Shiho and 
Mitsuki, but remembered everything else, as if she sealed off the negative 
memories. You say that you think that the two personalities accepted each other, 
even though Dr. Morisaki thinks it's unscientific. Shiho asks what you're spaced 
out about; you tell her you were thinking about her sister. Shiho says that she 
can't remember her, but has the sense that she's really close. Then she suggests 
you go to a live showing later. You suggest getting something to eat first, and 
ask why she wanted to help everyone else set up all morning. "I wanted to be 
with you" Shiho says. She asks if that's a problem; you say no, and Shiho asks 
what you want to eat.

GOOD END 3: Mitsuki
You need the following Flags on to get this ending:
Mitsuki's Trust, Photos Found, Case Solved.
You must have ONE of the following Flags off:
Mitsuki's Kiss, Mitsuki's Love, Haruka's Trust, Futamura's Trust.
(One Mitsuki flag off and one Trust flag off is also OK)

You are waiting to go to the movies with Shiho. She arrives, and tells you not 
to be so nervous since this is your first date, and that she's only going 
because Haruka said you saved her life. You recall landing on the pillow as a 
last-ditch attempt to save Shiho's personality if she couldn't snap out of 
Mitsuki's personality. You narrate that when she got the life-threatening shock, 
she lost ALL of her memory; that she had a sister Mitsuki, that she was Shiho, 
that she had ever met you, etc. You say that her personality is different now 
too, and that Dr. Morisaki said it's as if the two personalities had become one. 
Dr. Morisaki also thinks that her split-personalities might come up again, but 
you don't think so; you think although it's not scientific, that the two 
personalities accepted one another and decided to coexist.

GOOD END 4: Torawareta Kokoro (Stolen Mind)
You need the following Flags on to get this ending:
Mitsuki's Trust, Photos Found, Case Solved.
One of the following Flags must be on:
Haruka's Trust OR Futamura's Trust
BOTH of the following Flags must be off:
Mitsuki's Kiss, Mitsuki's Love

The movie starts. You recall falling off the building; it was a last-ditch plan 
to shock Shiho in case she couldn't wake up from her Mitsuki personality. 
However, after the fall, Mitsuki never went back to Shiho's personality; instead 
of being a split-personality with Shiho and Mitsuki, she is now constantly with 
Mitsuki's psychotic personality. A lot of psychiatrists are putting their heads 
together to try and treat her, but Dr. Morisaki said there hasn't been much 
progress. You wonder whether she was Mitsuki to start with, and not Shiho, and 
that Shiho was the one that killed herself. You are wondering whether or not you 
will ever see the Mitsuki you know again, when Haruka butts in front of you and 
says "You've been crying again, haven't you?" She tells you forcefully that you 
have to take a more positive attitude or else you will be attacked by Shiho 
again like the last time you tried to visit her at the hospital. Haruka goes on 
to say that once you show her the movie, Shiho's memory will probably come back, 
as many positive memories for her were made during its filming...

Pick BGH,1: Bucho, I've had enough... (•”’·A–l‚Í‚à‚¤c)

The Bucho allows you to go home, and asks you to take Shoko home, since she's 
also feeling ill. You agree. The Bucho asks Shoko if she can walk; she says yes, 
but doesn't demonstrate it. You ask if she'll be OK; Shoko says she will. The 
others leave, and Haruka tells you not to pull anything with Shoko.
At the train station, you ask Shoko if she wants to rest a bit. Shoko says yes; 
you ask how she feels. She says she's find, and asks you how you are, calling 
you "new boy." You point out she joined the club the same time you did. Shoko 
points out that's what everyone calls you, and the name fits your image. She 
asks if you're OK; you give a "V sign," but say it's a "Stomach's good" sign 
Shoko asks when you first got interested in movies. You say you've liked them 
since you were a kid. Shoko asks if you want to work in the industry in the 
future. You say you'd like to, but don't know about job prospects. Shoko asks if 
you're thinking about going to Hollywood; you say yes. Shoko says she came to 
college against her parents' will; you ask why she joined. Shoko says that as 
she does makeup in the film club now, she wants to be a makeup artist in the 
future. You tell her she's good at it; Shoko says although she doesn't wear 
makeup herself, she likes to make other people up and "watch them change." She 
goes on to say her parents don't like the idea of her choosing a career with so 
little job security. You make a comment about how parents are always worrying; 
Shoko says that she doesn't want to quit before getting a chance to try 
anything. You have a short exchange about college students having no money/high 
tuition, then Shoko talks about maybe going to Hollywood too. You tell her that 
she still has a chance to do so if she just saves some money after leaving 
college. Shoko says "let's not sit here, let's go to the regular place."
At the diner, Shoko says you'd probably fit in well with love story movies. You 
say you'd rather do an action or suspense movie. Shoko says she thinks you'd do 
well in a love story since you're kind. You ask "How do you know I'm nice?" 
Shoko says she saw you pick up an abandoned puppy in the rain and take him home 
earlier. "You saw that?" you ask. Shoko says "It was a coincidence, but yes." 
You said that nobody would have abandoned the puppy in a situation like that. 
You talk about afterwards how you had a lot of trouble trying to find an owner 
for it. Shoko says she knew about that too; you say that you eventually found an 
owner whose dog recently died, and when you went back recently the puppy had 
become huge. Shoko says she likes that part of you; you spill your coffee all 
over yourself. Shoko apologizes for surprising you and says she might still be 
drunk. You tell her about a situation you oversaw with her; she had been talking 
to a little boy at the train station, keeping him company. But the person the 
boy was waiting for didn't come, so she took him to a police box to find his 
parents, and when his father came, Shoko started crying. You said that image of 
her stuck in your head, and for some reason you didn't want to forget that 
image, so Shoko starts crying. You apologize, and tell her to stop, thinking you 
upset her...

NORMAL END 2: Eiken (Film Club)
Pick BGH,5:  I'll talk to Mitsuki-chan (”üŒŽ‚¿‚á‚ñ‚Ƙb‚µ‚Ä‚Ý‚Ü‚·)

Mitsuki says she doesn't want to act in the movie any more. You say "it's 
because you'll have to see Futamura..." You say that if that's the problem, 
you'll get someone else to do the filming. Mitsuki says that's not the problem; 
even if Futamura's not there, he'll end up seeing the movie and seeing her as "a 
past woman." You ask her if she's tried talking to Futamura; Mitsuki says "it's 
over between us." You ask if she tried to get in touch with him; she said she 
left an message on his answering machine, but he never responded. You call the 
Bucho, and say that you weren't able to do anything. She says you should look 
for a new heroine. You ask for one more chance. You write a letter to Mitsuki, 
saying that you were really only thinking about your own self-interest in trying 
to get her to be the actress, but that after seeing her in action a bit, you 
realized that she really is the best person for the role. You suggest that if 
she continuously just runs away, she might be hurting Futamura in addition to 
herself, and that he wasn't just seeing her half-heartedly. You ask her to "show 
herself happy to Futamura."
The next day, you wait to see if Mitsuki will come or not. Shoko comes, and 
Haruka is less than enthusiastic, saying that there's no need for a makeup 
artist if there's no heroine. "She's right over there..." Shoko says. Mitsuki 
says that she might as well finish what she started, so she will act. Futamura 
says he has no problem either, and is willing to do the filming. You start 

NORMAL END 3: Shinyu (Best Friends)
Pick BGH,5: Could you please talk to Futamura about it? (“ñ‘º‚Ƙb‚µ‚Ä‚à‚炦‚Ü‚¹‚ñ‚©H)

Haruka agrees; you thank her. She tells you to talk to Mitsuki. In her talk with 
Futamura, Haruka asks him what the deal with Mitsuki was. Futamura says how 
before he had been traveling from woman to woman, but Mitsuki was different; she 
made him feel weird so he decided he had to get away from her, which is why he 
broke up with her. Haruka tells him he should be honest about it; Futamura says 
he doesn't know if he can.
The next day, you wait to see if Mitsuki will come or not. Shoko comes, and 
Haruka is less than enthusiastic, saying that there's no need for a makeup 
artist if there's no heroine. "She's right over there..." Shoko says. Mitsuki 
says that she might as well finish what she started, so she will act. Futamura 
slaps your hand, saying it's your turn to do the camera, and he'll do the 
assisting. The filming starts.

Pick BGH,6: Let's check it out (‚¢‚Á‚Ă݂悤)

This ending is basically a preview of the second game in the Yarudora series, 
"Kisetsu o Dakishimete."

Pick BGH,7: Let's check it out (‚¢‚Á‚Ă݂悤)

This ending is a preview of the third game in the Yarudora series, "Sampaguita."

NORMAL END 6: Hananori (?)
Pick BGH,8: Let's check it out (‚¢‚Á‚Ă݂悤)

This ending is a preview of the fourth and final game in the Yarudora series, 
"Yukiwari no Hana."

BAD END 1: Shojo (Girl)
Pick TM,2: You should go get a checkup at a hospital. (•a‰@‚Őf‚Ä‚à‚ç‚Á‚½•û‚ª‚¢‚¢‚æ)
Then Pick:
TM,4: ItÕs a big deal! (‘å‚ ‚肾‚æI)
OR TM,4: I just wanted to ask (–l‚ª•·‚«‚½‚¢‚¾‚¯)
Then Pick:
TM, 8: The police should be able to help you. (ŒxŽ@‚É—Š‚߂΂Ȃñ‚Æ‚©‚µ‚Ä‚­‚ê‚é‚æ) 

After being harassed by you and being told to go visit the police and the 
hospital, Mitsuki says "All right already, I get it" and leaves...

BAD END 2: Yume no Tsuzuki (Continuation of the Dream)
Pick TM,2: You should go get a checkup at a hospital. (•a‰@‚Őf‚Ä‚à‚ç‚Á‚½•û‚ª‚¢‚¢‚æ)
Then Pick:  
TM,7: No, you really should do that! (‚¢‚âA‚»‚¤‚µ‚½•û‚ª‚¢‚¢I)

Annoyed, Mitsuki thanks you for the coffee and leaves. You chase after her, and 
fall down the stairs. You wake up in the garbage and think "Was this a dream?" 
You then notice Mitsuki at the fountain. You walk up to her to take advantage of 
your second chance....

BAD END 3: Kyoki 1 (Madness 1)
Pick P7,11: It must have been my imagination...(‹C‚Ì‚¹‚¢‚¾‚«‚Á‚Ɓc)

Pretty straightforward, like all the Kyoki endings; Futamura saves you from 
getting stabbed to death, but gets so surprised once the lights go on and the 
murderer is unmasked that he loses his grip and gets killed...and so do you...

BAD END 4: Kyoki 2 (Madness 2)
Pick P7,13: It had to have been (‚»‚¤‚ÉŒˆ‚Ü‚Á‚Ä‚é)

You decide to go back to bed...the next day on the news, a story about the 
Bucho's house being burned to the ground, with many charred, stabbed bodies 
being found inside is on the news...

BAD END 5: Kyoki 3 (Madness 3)
Pick P7,17: The doorknob's glowing? (ƒhƒAƒmƒu‚ªÆ‚ê‚Ä‚¢‚éH)

After the door blows up, only you and the Bucho made it out; she pulled you out. 
You worry about Mitsuki; the Bucho tells you she'll tell you about it later. You 
pass out due to your burns.  Then a lone figure walks out of the house, wielding 
a knife....

BAD END 6: Kyoki 4 (Madness 4)
Pick P7,18: Let's get out of here (‚Æ‚É‚©‚­“¦‚°‚悤)

This one is also fairly self-explanatory...Gouda tells you to get upstairs and 
help the Bucho, but you are in no condition to do so and are at the mercy of the 
murderer, whose face you get a quick glimpse of before you get stabbed to 

BAD END 7: Kyoki 5 (Madness 5)
Pick P7,18: The Bucho is in danger! (•”’·‚ªŠë‚È‚¢II)

You manage to escort the Bucho out of the house, but the two of you are too 
wounded to move any further. A lone figure comes out of the house; the Bucho 
thinks it's Gouda, but it's really the murderer...

BAD END 8: Kyoki 6 (Madness 6)
Pick P7,18: Damn it, I can't take him any more! (‚ ‚¢‚A‚à‚¤‹–‚¹‚È‚¢I)

You grab the murderer before the Bucho can get killed. But as the figure comes 
in the light, you are so surprised to see who it is that you lose your grip and 
get stabbed by the murderer....

BAD END 9: Kakohime no Heya
Pick P10,6: Now I REALLY can't sleep (‚³‚ç‚É–Ú‚ª‚³‚ß‚¿‚á‚Á‚½‚Ý‚½‚¢)

Since you can't sleep, Futamura asks if you'd like to take a look at some film 
he brought. You see it and say "What is this?" Then you realize that the 
"friend" that Futamura was talking about was actually him. Futamura says he 
entered the film club solely to finish this movie, and that he faked the letter 
from the original scenario's writer to allow you to film it. He says that he 
Futamura: I was scared! With the director angrily coming up the stairs like 
that...I entered this college and this film club in order to finish this movie. 
He says "Isn't this a great last scene? I'm going to use this part in the final 
film. The others in the club will just help me do the others. You'll help me 
too, right?"

BAD END 10: Satsujinki (Murderer)
Have "Mitsuki's Trust" flag off.
Pick P11,3: Run (‚Æ‚É‚©‚­“¦‚°‚悤)

BAD END 11: Shinhannin 1 (The true culprit 1)
Get to Point 12 with "Case Solved" flag off. Also, one or both of "Mitsuki's 
Kiss" and "Mitsuki's Love" flags must be off.

Pretty straightforward...after Haruka goes upstairs to check out Futamura's 
injury, you get your brains splattered on the wall...

BAD END 12: Shinnhannin 2 (The true culprit 2)
Get to Point 12 with "Case Solved" flag off. Also, both of "Mitsuki's Kiss" and 
"Mitsuki's Love" flags must be on.

Basically the same as Bad End 11: You get your brains beat out, except Mitsuki 
doesn't kill you in the first blow.

BAD END 13: Todokanu Omoi (Uncommunicated emotion)
Case Solved Flag must be ON.
Mitsuki's Trust flag must be OFF.
You must pick P12,1: I'll come too (–l‚às‚«‚Ü‚·)

Mitsuki kills you with the metal pipe on the roof, without Sakuma coming to your 

BAD END 14: Shimai (Sisters)
Case Solved Flag must be ON.
Pick P12,1: All right (‚í‚©‚è‚Ü‚µ‚½)

When you try and reason with Mitsuki on the roof, her personalities come in 
conflict, and confused, she almost falls off the ledge. You grab her, and the 
Shiho side thanks you for being nice to her, then cries out how she doesn't want 
to die. You start to drag her up, but then the Mitsuki side takes over and 
forces her away from you, and she falls to her death...

BAD END 15: Shuen (Demise)
You need the following flags ON to get this ending:
Case Solved, Mitsuki's Trust.
You need the following flags OFF to get this ending:
Mitsuki's Kiss, Haruka's Trust, Futamura's Trust.

You jump off the roof with Mitsuki. However, Futamura and Haruka the Bucho have 
not prepared the mattress to land on; both you and Mitsuki are killed. Futamura 
says "This script really is cursed..." Haruka crys, saying "That's why I said 
love between club members wasn't allowed...!"

BAD END 16: Kioku (Memory)
You need the following flags ON to get this ending:
Case Solved, Mitsuki's Kiss, Mitsuki's Trust.
The following flags must be OFF:
Haruka's Trust, Futamura's Trust.

After jumping off the roof with Mitsuki, you wake up in a hospital. Somehow, you 
managed to survive the fall off the building. The Bucho and Futamura are there 
waiting for you and are glad to see you wake up. However, you have lost all your 
memory...of both of them, and Mitsuki as well....

BAD END 17: Shinjitsu wa....(The truth is...)
Pick P11,6: No, let me watch Mitsuki (‚¢‚¦A”üŒŽ‚ÌŠÅ•a‚ð‚³‚¹‚ĉº‚³‚¢)

The movie opens. After the hospital incident, all of the harassment to you and 
Mitsuki end completely. However, you wonder what it was all about. Mitsuki asks 
what you're so deep in thought about and starts walking away. You narrate that 
all of the scenes that Sakuma was in were replaced with scenes with you in them 
instead. Outside, you wonder: "there's one more thing I don't understand. Why 
did Sakuma jump off the top of the school?" Mitsuki asks what you're spaced 
about. You tell her you were thinking about Sakuma; you wonder if he really 
wanted to stop this movie that much, and why he jumped off the roof the day 
after the hospital incident. Mitsuki ignores your questions and tells you to 
come to a live show later. You suggest getting something to eat first, and ask 
why Mitsuki wanted to help everyone else set up all morning. "I wanted to be 
with you" Mitsuki says. She asks if that's a problem; you say no, and Mitsuki 
asks what you want to eat.

----------------------------HINTS & TIPS TO REACH 100%--------------------------

Getting a 100% rating in DC is extremely difficult, especially for those last 
few percentage points. Even if you select all the choices and see all the 
endings in the game there are still specific combinations that you'll need to do 
and that are easy to miss. Here are a couple of tips for reaching 100%...

First, there is a hidden code within DC that displays the % complete value 
throughout the entire game in a corner of the screen.  You need to enter this 
code when you turn on the game, from when the little green creature appears 
until the "Production I.G." code disappears. The code is:
Right, O, Left, X, Up, O, Down, X.
Note that you have to enter this code QUICKLY. Once this code is in, you can see 
the percentage change directly, which makes it easier to keep track of which 
scenes you've seen, and which scenes you haven't.

Here are a couple of easy-to-miss spots:

The "Meeting Mitsuki" chapter has probably the most spots you can miss. They 
1) Tell Mitsuki to go to the hospital twice (in both TM,2 and TM,6)
2) Go to sleep in the garbage in the Bangaihen (BGH, 4) and then say "Goodbye" 
in your first choice in the "Meeting Mitsuki" chapter.
3) Tell Mitsuki to go to the police (TM, 8) after telling her to go to the 
hospital, (TM,2) and likewise, tell her to go to the hospital after telling her 
to go to the police.

In Point 7, you say something different for each of the choices in P6,4.

In Point 11, you can not run away and still not get the photos; to do this, you 
have to pick anything but the Ramen store in P1,4, and then pick I want beer 
(‚â‚Á‚σr[ƒ‹‚Å‚µ‚å) in point 8/9.

At the end of Point 11, you have to try EVERY combination of people to call, 
including calling the same person twice. (IOW call Mitsuki-Mitsuki, Futamura-
Futamura, and Bucho-Bucho)

Finally, there are two different versions of Good End 1; one where you ask 
Futamura in P5,3 " She's a...a friend! (‚ƁA—F’B‚¾‚æI)", and one where you didn't ask him.

If you know of any more easy-to-miss scenes, let me know.

This FAQ is ©1999 Ian Kelley. Please do not use this walkthrough on your 
website without asking me for permission first. (I guarantee I'll grant it, but 
please do so anyway) I do not want this walkthrough altered in ANY way, and it 
must remain in its original form on any websites. This walkthrough MAY NOT BE 
USED FOR ANY COMMERCIAL PURPOSE. This includes importers selling/giving this 
walkthrough away to people that buy the game, printing it in a magazine, (though 
I can't imagine anyone would want to) putting it on a commercial web site, 
publishing it or incorporating it in a publication,or anything else. YOU KNOW 

I apologize if this sounds strict, but recently there have been unfortunate 
occurances of certain unscrupulous individuals using FAQs written by other 
people to sell games for their own profit, and even publishing such FAQs as 
"unofficial" guides, making money off of somebody else's work. This walkthrough 
is meant to be free and I want it to stay that way.

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