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-=Dual Hearts FAQ/Walkthrough Version 0.1=-

General Info:

Author: Adam "Trunkz0r" Seif
Date: 10/15/02
Version: 0.1
Size: 4.01k

Table of Contents:

Chapter I....................Intro/History 	 dh-1
Chapter II...................Characters		 dh-2
Chapter III..................Controls		 dh-3
Chapter IV...................Abilities		 dh-4
Chapter V....................Walkthrough	 dh-5
Chapter VI...................Items		 dh-6
Chapter VII..................Secrets/Side Quests dh-7
Chapter VIII.................Credits		 dh-8

Legal Info:

This FAQ/Walkthrough is © 2002, Adam Seif.  This document is only to be shown at 
gamefaqs.com. If
you would like to host this document on your web site, email me at 
[email protected] with a link to
your website and ill well let you know if I deem it ok for you to use.

Chapter I -- Introduction -- dh-1

	Another great game at the wonders of Atlus.  Unfortunately, it was 
released to the US at
the same Kingdom Hearts happened to be released.  Probably not coincedently both 
are released at
the same time, but I think Atlus thought Dual Hearts might have brought in more 
sales regarding
Kingdom Hearts as a "Disney" game.

Version History

Version 0.1 -- 10/15/02

*First Started FAQ/Walkthrough

Chapter II -- Characters -- dh-2

Rumble -- The main character in the game.  He is a Ruinseeker, which is the top 
treasure hunter
 rank there is.  He is seeking the dream stone in order to make him more 
powerful.  He runs into
Tumble when sees he has the keys to open the doors of the dream ruins.

Tumble -- Also could be considered the main character.  He (or she, im not really 
sure), is sent
to the real world from the dream world to gather the holy instruments.  He/She is 
the decendant
of a great warrior who sealed the darkness before.

Val -- Rumble's rival in the game.  She is treasure hunter like Rumble and is 
also very

Florence -- A painter who is depressed about her paints and needs rumble and 
tumble to cure her
of her painting woes.

Santa Claus -- Thinking about retiring for being santa since he doesn't have a 
hat to along with
his suit.  Rumble and Tumble help get his hat back.

Dream Mentor -- A Sheep who teaches you about things in the game including when 
you get a new

Gregor -- Guy who was found floating along the shore.

Parfait -- Pet dog of Hannah.  Likes to sleep a lot.

Hannah -- Has a pet dog named Parfait.

Yars -- One of the dream researchers.

Yuri -- Female researcher; you also enter her dream.

Toma -- Male researcher; You receive the sword after beating his dream.

Queen -- Queen of Dreamland; Becomes swept away by the mist of evil.

Chapter III -- Controls -- dh-3

Rumble Controls

X Button -- Action button;  Can be used to jump, talk, look, etc.

[] Button -- Assign button; Assign an orb to the button.  Used as spin in the 
real world.

O Button -- Same as []

/_\ Button -- Used to talk to Tumble

L1 -- Press soft to target item; press hard to lock-on to target.  Also used to 
center your

L2 -- Nothing

R1 -- Nothing

R2 -- Ride Tumble with Rumble

Directional Pad -- Moves Rumble

L3 -- Nothing

R3 -- Adjust Camera

-=Tumble Controls=-

[] -- Dash

X -- Same as Rumble

O -- Breath Attack

R1 -- Nothing

L1 -- Same as Rumble

R2 -- Have Rumble get off Tumble

L2 -- Nothing

Directional Pad -- Same as Rumble

L3 -- Nothing

R3 -- Adjust Camera

Chapter IV -- Abilities -- dh-4


Jump+Attack -- Do a spinning attack towards the enemy usually only resulting in 
hiting the enemy

Jump+Attack+Card Element -- Do a spinning attack towards enemy in form of element 
of the card

/_\ -- Talk to Tumble.  Most of the time will tell you what you are looking for 
or where you
should go.


NOTE: You must first get the coin for the ability before you can use it.

Jump+O Button -- Does a ground pound type move.  Needed to activity many switches 
and other
various occasions.  Uses up one esamon.

Jump+Jump Again -- Does a ear flap and allows him to flutter a great distance.

O Button -- Does a breath attack and uses up one esamon.

[] Button -- Uses the dash ability which can be used to knock some things out of 
the way and can
be used over and over by use of the joystick.  Uses up one esamon for each dash.

Jump while standing on Fly pad -- I'm gonna take a shot in the dark here...I'd 
have to say you'll

Chapter V -- Walkthrough -- dh-5

You start the game by seeing a bunch of movies.  Skip them if you want don't want 
to know whats
going on in the story or you already know what's going on.

Here you will encounter your first puzzle.  An extremely simple puzzle, but still 
a puzzle.  Head
back and take the left path.  Then push the block against the wall and jump onto 
the top of it.
Jump and grab the edge on top of it and jump on the switch.  Then goto the other 
side and jump
onto the log and then onto the ladder.  Jump onto that switch and then a door 
will open.  Next
a scene with your rival, Val and then a scene with Tumble will occur.  Skip them 
if you want.

Then onto the very first dream you enter.

-=|A Strange Place (Val's Dream)|=-

Dream Energy: 0/1
Gold Esamons: 0/8
Dream Coins: 0/100
Dream Keys: 0/1
Other Items: 0/7

First climb the ladder and hit the switch.  Jump down and carry the crate over to 
the other side
and throw it.  Jump on top of the crate and then jump and grab onto the ledge and 
pull yourself
up.  Then throw the red spiral onto the red spiral pad.  Jump across the newly 
appeared platforms
and then climb across the fence thing on the side.  Brings back memories of the 
Super Mario World
age, *sniff*.  Then pull the block onto the switch and proceed.  Now, go through 
the maze like
path, while avoiding the spike balls at the same time and then pick up the 
crate.  Be careful to
time it right so you don't get hit by the spike balls carrying the crate back to 
throw it at the
wall to climb up to the portal.  You'll see a lot of dream boxes that contain HP 
Restore S items.
You can save them if you want for the boss ahead but you shouldn't really need 
them.  You'll
come up to a scene with a giant money bag blocking the path.  Tumble will then 
give you your
first holy instruments to beat up the money bag.  Just hit him a few times and he 
will then run
away.  Tumble will then join you and teach you some abilities as well.  Gather 
the coins around
the edge of the level and gather the four in the center.  Then go talk to the 
sheep.  The sheep
will teach you some more abilities for you to learn.  When you're ready, go 
through the back door
to fight the boss.

BOSS: Moneybag

Strategy: Easy boss, probably the easiest in the game.  Just keep hitting him 
with your spear or
sword and he will go down quickly.  Some times he might chase you or other times 
he might shoot
dollar bills at you from his behind.

Difficulty: Very Easy (1)

You'll then be teleported outta the dream with the sheep along for the ride.

Dream Completed: 23%
Dream Energy: 1/1
Gold Esamons: 1/8
Dream Coins: 23/100
Dream Keys: 1/1
Other Items: 0/7

After returning to the real world, you can now enter one of the doors using the 
dream key you
just got.  You will then have to take the Hall of Treasure - Yellow trial.  Easy 
trial, the only
one that is somewhat difficult is the second puzzle.  First take the far block 
and drag it under
so it is parallel with the top block.  Then jump up and drag the top block out.  
Then take the
bottom block so it's parallel with the top block.  Then take the top block and 
push it across the
bottom block and then put both of them on the two switches.

Chapter VI -- Items -- dh-6

Ragna Sword -- One of the two first weapons you acquire in the game.  Can be 
charged to do a hit
attack which is a wide, long slash.  Can also be teamed up with card elemental to 
create an
elemental sword.

Friendship Sword -- A sword that has more range than the ragna sword.  You get it 
from completing
Toma's Dream.  There's one disadvantage seeing as it isn't quite as strong as the 
Ragna Sword.

Spear -- Another one of the first weapons.  can be charged to do a spinning 
strike.  Can be used
to fling things into the air and works rather well at killing enemies.

Defender -- A shield you acquire after hunting after your first orb.  Very useful 
seeing as it
can't be used to block almost any attack.

Card -- Can absorb different esamons which give different elemental properties.  
It can also be
used like a boomerang.

Here's a list of the elemental properties:

Red Esamon = Fire
Blue Esamon = Ice
Yellow Esamon = Electric
White Esamon = Normal
Black Esamon = Normal

Remote Bomb -- Press button to lay the bomb.  Then go from any distance and 
detonate.  The bomb
does not hurt you which is probably a good thing.  Can be used to blow up things 
and hurt things.

Arbalest -- One handed Crossbow.  Can be paired with Card to use elemental 
arrows.  Can also be
charged to perform a piercing attack.

Snake Fangs -- Snake Fangs are similar to the hookshot from Zelda.

Chapter VII -- Secrets/Side Quests -- dh-7

*None at the moment*

Chapter VIII -- Credits -- dh-8

This walkthrough at this moment solefully written by me and only me.  If you'd 
like to help out
e-mail me at [email protected] or AIM me at XTrunksZetSwordX or even icq at 

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