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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories FAQ/Walkthrough

Author Joe "Elbombero" Trigg
Version: 2.00
Email: [email protected]

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Update History

27th May 2007, I apologise to all the helpers that emailed, I have been unable
to update earlier because of GCSE revision. This update has all the recent 
email suggestions included so thanks again for them.


Hey, my name is Joe Trigg, known on the Gamefaq message boards as Elbombero.
I live in the south of England in Hampshire. I have written a few indepth 
guides and now I am making the leap into writing a full guide. I'm sure there
are some mistakes so if you spot any or have any comments, suggestions or ideas
to improve this guide then please email me using the contact information at the
bottem of the guide. I wrote this guide to be helpful so please email so I can
ensure that it is. 

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories is the latest in the long running franchise
and is the second time the series has reached the PSP. This guide aims to take
through the game to 100%. Firstly, we work our way through the story to 40%
complete and then the guide looks at all the submissions in the game as well 
as giving information on other aspects such as weapons and clothing.


To help you navigate this guide I have included a code after each section name
in square brackets. In most browsers you can press Ctrl+F to bring up the find
function. Type the code in to jump through the guide and find the section you

Controls 							     [GTAVCSCO]

Story								     [GTAVCSSO]

Characters 							     [GTAVCSCH]

Walkthrough  							     [GTAVCSWA]

- Opening Scene							     [GTAVCSOS]

- Sgt Jerry Martinez   						     [GTAVCSJM]
-- Prologue							    [GTAVCSJM1]
-- Cleaning House						    [GTAVCSJM2]
-- Contact Unbecoming						    [GTAVCSJM3]

- Phil Cassidey							     [GTAVCSPC]
-- Cholo Victory 						    [GTAVCSPC1]
-- Boomshine Blowout						    [GTAVCSPC2]
-- Truck Stop 						            [GTAVCSPC3]

- Marty Jay Williams                                                 [GTAVCSMJ]
-- Shakedown 						            [GTAVCSMJ1]
-- Fear The Repo					            [GTAVCSMJ2]
-- Waking Up The Neighbours				            [GTAVCSMJ3]
-- O, Brothel, Where Are Thou? 				            [GTAVCSMJ4]
-- Got Protection?					            [GTAVCSMJ5]

- Louise Cassidy-Williams					     [GTAVCSLC]
-- When Funday Comes						    [GTAVCSLC1]
-- Takin' Out The White Trash				            [GTAVCSLC2]

- Phil Cassidey 						     [GTAVCSPC]
-- Marked Men 							    [GTAVCSPC4]

- Louise Cassidy-Williams   					     [GTAVCSLC]
-- D.I.V.O.R.C.E  						    [GTAVCSLC3]
-- To Victor, The Spoils					    [GTAVCSLC4]

- ?      (Jive Drive)					              [GTAVCS?]

- Umberto Robina   						     [GTAVCSUR]
-- Nice Package 					            [GTAVCSUR1] 
-- Balls                                                            [GTAVCSUR2]
-- Papi Don't Screech                                               [GTAVCSUR3]
-- Havana Goodtime                                                  [GTAVCSUR4]

- Louise Cassidy-Williams  			                     [GTAVCSLC]
-- Hose The Hoes   				                    [GTAVCSLC5]
-- Robbing The Cradle       				            [GTAVCSLC6]

- Lance Vance            					     [GTAVCSLV]
-- The Audition            					    [GTAVCSLV1]

- Brian Forbes                  			             [GTAVCSBF]
-- Money For Nothing            			            [GTAVCSBF1]

- Lance Vance            				             [GTAVCSLV]
-- Caught As An Act    					            [GTAVCSLV2]
-- Snitch Hitch                                                     [GTAVCSLV3]
- Brian Forbes 						             [GTAVCSBF]
-- Leap And Bound             				            [GTAVCSBF2]
-- The Bum Deal 					            [GTAVCSBF3]

- Lance Vance							     [GTAVCSLV]
-- From Zero To Hero   (Second Island Avaliable After this mission) [GTAVCSLV4]
-- Brawn Of The Dead 						    [GTAVCSLV5]

- Reni Wassulmaier  						     [GTAVCSRW]
-- Accidents Will Happen					    [GTAVCSRW1]

- Lance Vance                                                        [GTAVCSLV]
-- Blityzrieg 							    [GTAVCSLV6]

- The Mendez Brothers						     [GTAVCSMB]
-- The Mugshot Longshot						    [GTAVCSMB1]
-- Hostile Takeover				        	    [GTAVCSMB2]
-- Unfriendly Competition                                           [GTAVCSMB3]
-- High Wire                                                        [GTAVCSMB4]

- Lance Vance                                                        [GTAVCSLV]
-- Tune On, Tune In, Bug Out                                        [GTAVCSLV7]

- Reni Wassulmaier     				         	     [GTAVCSRW]
-- The Colonel's Coke   					    [GTAVCSRW2]
-- Kill Phil                                                        [GTAVCSRW3]
-- Say Cheese                                                       [GTAVCSRW4]

- Gonzalez     							     [GTAVCSGO]
-- Home's On The Range 						    [GTAVCSGO1]
-- Purple Haze                                                      [GTAVCSGO2]

- Lance Vance      						     [GTAVCSLV]
-- Taking The Fall        		     			    [GTAVCSLV8]
-- White Lies                                                       [GTAVCSLV9]
-- Where It Hurts Most              			           [GTAVCSLV10]

- Reni Wassulmaier                                                   [GTAVCSRW]
-- Kill Phil Part 2                                                 [GTAVCSRW5]

- Ricardo Diaz      				                     [GTAVCSRD]
-- Steal The Deal   					            [GTAVCSRD1]
-- The Exchange    					            [GTAVCSRD2]

- Gonzalez                                                           [GTAVCSGO]
-- Farewell To Arms                                                 [GTAVCSGO3]

- The Mendez Brothers  				       	             [GTAVCSMB]
-- Burning Bridges      				            [GTAVCSMB5]

- Lance Vance  						             [GTAVCSLV]
-- Blitzkrieg Strikes Again				           [GTAVCSLV11]
-- Lost And Found  					           [GTAVCSLV12]

- Reni Wassulmaier                                                   [GTAVCSRW]
-- So Long Schlong                                                  [GTAVCSRW6]

- Ricardo Diaz                                                       [GTAVCSRD]
-- Domo Arigato Domestoboto                                         [GTAVCSRD3]

- Reni Wassulmaier      					     [GTAVCSRW]
-- In The Air Tonight       					    [GTAVCSRW7]

- Lance Vance 							     [GTAVCSLV]
-- Light My Pyre  						   [GTAVCSLV13]

- Ricardo Diaz 							     [GTAVCSRD]
-- Over The Top 						    [GTAVCSRD4]
-- Last Stand  							    [GTAVCSRD5]

- Pastimes 							     [GTAVCSPA]

- Odd Jobs 							     [GTAVCSOJ]
-- Vigilante 							    [GTAVCSOJ1]
-- Paramedic 							    [GTAVCEOJ2]
-- Firefighter 							    [GTAVCSOJ3]
-- Taxidriver 							    [GTAVCSOJ4]
-- Beach Patrol 						    [GTAVCSOJ5]
-- Air Rescue 							    [GTAVCSOJ6]
-- Firecopter  							    [GTAVCSOJ7]

- Miscellaneous Jobs                                                 [GTAVCSMI]
-- Phil's Shooting Range                                            [GTAVCSMI1]
-- Vice Sites                                                       [GTAVCSMI2]
-- Swinger's Club                                                   [GTAVCSMI3]
-- Mashing Up the Mall                                              [GTAVCSMI4]
-- Land, Sea and Air Ace                                            [GTAVCSMI5]
- Empire Mode                                                        [GTAVCSEM]
-- Making An Empire                                                 [GTAVCSEM1]
-- Empire Missions                                                  [GTAVCSEM2]
--- Protection                                                      [GTAVCSEMP] 
--- Loan Shark                                                     [GTAVCSEMPL]
--- Prostitution   						   [GTAVCSEMPR]
--- Drugs    							   [GTAVCSEMPD]
--- Smuggling   						   [GTAVCSEMPS]
--- Robbery   							   [GTAVCSEMPB]

- Clothes                          				     [GTAVCSCL]

- Contact Information                                                [GTAVCSCI]

- Thanks                                                             [GTAVCSTH]


For those that for whatever reason need controls here they are:

On Foot

X - Sprint, tap to run faster
[] - Jump
/\ - Enter vehicle
() - Attack/fire weapon
Analog Stick - Move around
L - Camera behind, Fine aim
R - Lock On
Hold L and analog stick - look around
R and L - Look back
<--, --->  - Cycle weapons or targets
Up Arrow - Start special mission
Down Arrow plus R - Free aim

Car/Bike/ Boat

X - Accelerate (Tap on BMX to cycle faster)
[] - Brake/Reverse
/\ - Exit vVehicle
() - Fire
Analog Stick - Steer/lean
L + Analog Stick - Look around
R - Handbrake
<---, ----> - Change radio
Up Arrow - Special mission/end special mission
Down Arrow - Horn

Select - Cycle camera options
Start - Pause


X - Increase altitude/speed
[] - Decrease altitude/speed
/\ - Exit vehicle
() - Fire weapon
X +[] - Hunter machine gun (Cannot be used in Multiplayer)
Analog Stick - Steer/tilt
L - Rotate left rudder
R - Rotate right rudder
L +R - Look back
<---, ----> - Change radio
Up Arrow - Start Special mission
Down Arrow - Centre camera


X - Swim faster (Tap to increase speed)
[] - Pull Up
/\ - Board Boat
Analog Stick - Swim around
Hold L and move analog stick - Look around
R + L - Look back


While targeting:

X - Heavy hit
[] -  Block
/\ - Grab
() - Light hit

while holding from the front:

X - Heavy move
/\ - Throw
() - Light hit

While holding from behind:

X - Knee to back
/\ - Neckbreaker
() - Jab

While targeting prone target:

X - Kick
/\ - Pull up
() - Punch

While targeting dead target:

() - Kick


Vice City, 1984. Opportunity abounds in a city emerging from the swamps, its 
growth fuelled by the violent power struggle in a lucrative drugs trade. 
Construction is everywhere as a shining metropolis rises from foundations of
crime and betrayal.

As a soldier, Vic Vance has always protected his dysfunctional family, his
country, himself. One bad decision later and that job is about to get much
harder. Kicked out onto the streets of a city torn between glamour and
gluttony, Vic is faced with a stark choice - build an empire or be crushed....


Vice City Stories has many varied characters from Transexuals to Phil Collins
here is a short bio of each.

Victor Vance: Victor is the playable character in GTA VCS. 28 years old and 
hailing from the Dominican Republic, Victor is the first Gta character to not 
have a criminal past before you play the game. Victor feels it is his role to
look after the family and at first is against getting involved in the drugs 
trade that is taking over Vice City but everything can change...... 

Lance Vance: Those that played Vice City will be no stranger to Lance Vance. He
still has his "Dance" but there are some differences to Lance as he now wears
glasses and is addidicted to coke. Just like in VC Lance will get himself into
some tricky situations and you will have to bail him out.

Sgt. Jerry Martinez: High ranking officer at the Vice City military base, 
Martinez is taking advantage of the growing drugs trade. Victor works for 
Martinez early in the game but the two do not click immedietly. Martinez has a 
very unreliable nature as we find out early in the game.

Phil Cassidy: A long serving GTA character, Phil still has his strong patriotic
nature and also his love of boomshine. A weapon dealer still, Phil has some
problems early on with some local gangs early on that Victor has to deal with.

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Phil's sister, Victor stikes an instant relationship 
will Louise. A resident of the trailier community near Sunshine Autos she lives
a hard life with her young baby. She is married to Marty Jay Williams but their
relationship is hit by violence. 

Reni Wassulmaier: A movie director that is embracing the glam of 1984. A 
transexual who loves his cocaine and is in Vice City aiming to produce "edgy"
music videos using her experience from her Sex film directing days. Players of
GTA LCS will have heard Reni on Flashback FM as a DJ.

Umberto Robina: Leader of the Cuban Gang in Vice City. Robina still belives he
has mass sex appeal and also still has his obsession with the balls of him
comrades. Robina uses Victor to deal with the Cholos - the Cubans biggest

Diego and Armando Mendez: Two brothers who are the leaders of the drug trade in
Vice City. Not the sort of person you want to cross but this is what the Vances
do and at first the two work for them. The Medezs are the Vances largest 
opponents but who will ultimatly win the drug battle in Vice City?

Marty Jay Williams: Highranking member of the Trailer Park Mafia, Marty teaches
Victor the running of bussinesses in Vice City. Marty has a dark side and
abuses his wife Louise and Victor. How much of this can Victor put up with
before he does something...

Phill Collins: The famous singer arrives in Vice City to play a concert but
immedietly comes under attack. Collins needs Victors help to make sure that
all runs smoothley.

Barry Mickelthwaite: Collins' agent, Mickelthwaite has a strong northen accent
(British North to all the American readers) and is trying desperatly to make
sure Collins' concert runs smoothly. 

Ricardo Diaz: An aspiring drugs baron and owner of the large mansion on 
Starfish Island. Diaz needs Victor to help him achieve his goals, will Victor

Gonzales: Cortez's right hand man and in charge of his drug operations in Vice

Bryan Forbes: A VCPD Undercover agent, the Vance's quickly find this out and
use Forbes to get some leads in the drugs trade.

Ken Rosenburg: Ken only has a small part in VCS as Reni's assistant.


Opening Movie

An army truck pulls into Vice City's barracks to the Foregner classic - "I want
to know what love is", Victor Vance jumps out of the back and an army officer
walks up.

The camera cuts inside an office and we meet Jerry Martinez - an idiot. After a
short chat where Victor explains why he is joining the army, Martinez makes an
offer about "how to make some money", at first Victor is against this but 
agrees to do a "favor"

Sgt Martinez

Overview: Pick up a package from the airport for Martinez
Money: $50 and a pager

After a quick movie where you recieve your pager, you take control for the
first time. Jump on the bike infront of you and make the short jorney to the
airport VIP section. 

You meet Martinez's contact who leads you onto a boat. As it starts to set sail
your boat comes under attack. Victor jumps away at the last second and we take
control again in the water. Quickly tap X to swim faster and you should avoid
most of the fire from the boats. 

When you reach shore you recieve a page form Martinez. Make the short journey
to your barracks where a tutorial will explain saving to you and the first 
mission is now complete. Pick up the pistol and save the game if you need to. 

If you want to explore Vice City feel free to now, when you have explored
enough head to the blip on the map to begin Martinez's second mission.

Cleaning House                                     Location: Martinez's barrack

Overview: Get some money Martinez is owed by an arms dealer
Money: $100

Victor tells Martinez to get rid off the drugs in his barracks. After mocking
Victor, Martinez sends Victor to meet someone who can help Martinez get into
the weapons trade - Phil Cassidy.

Jump on the bike again and make the journey to the docks. After a movie where
Victor introduces himself to Phil and asks for the money Martinez is owned the
action goes back to outside the firing range and Phill offers to take you to 
the money. Hop in Phill's truck and drive to Phil's place a short drive north
there is another movie where Phill explains his gang problem - some Cholos have
evicted him and he can't get to the money he is owed. Helpfully, Phil drives
off leaving you to take on the Cholos alone. If you have a pistol or better
weapon then simply shoot the Cholos outside the house and walk into the marker.

You are now inside the flat, simply kill the Cholos inside by either melee or
gun fire and watch the short movie. Then make the journey back to Martinez and
its mission complete.

There is a short page from your aunt and then Martinez's logo appears again for
his next mission, the shooting range is now open for your personal use if you

Conduct Unbecoming

Overview: Pick up a hooker for Martinez
Money: None

Martinez sends you to get hold of his faveourite hooker for him - Mary and in
exchange Victor wants the drugs moved from under his bed. 

Take the bike and head to Phil's place. Phill gives you a car from Martinez
and although Victor is relctant to he accepts it. Take the car to the marker
in VicePort and you pick up a hooker who tells you how to find Mary in exchange
for a lift to the party. Make the journey to Starfish Island and watch the 

Those partygoers aren't too happy about you taking their girls so kill the two
leaders before they do hurt Mary. After despatching them both hop in your 
choice of car and return to Fort Baxter for some shocking news...

The gate closes behind you and no longer opens. Phil pages you offering work
and a place to stay so, as you have no better options, head to his place.

Phil Cassidey                                           Location: Phill's depot

Following your exjection from the army you are now working for Phill and you 
can now use his place as a safehouse.

Head over to the docks for his first mission.

Cholo Victory

Overview: Help Phil get some revenge on the Cholos
Money: $200

After the movie, drive to the police station on the hunt for Cholos. 
Unfotunatley there aren't any here so Phill tell you to head for the hospital. 
One points round the corner and hops into his car so give chase. Give the Cholo
some shunts with the truck whilst Phil opens fire. 

After a short while the Cholo car will explode. Phil wants to fix the car up so
head to the Pay and Spray - it's free as Phil is paying.

Drop Phil off at the Docks and it's mission complete. You will recieve a page
from Phil telling about his sister's husband who needs some work. However we
are going to continue with Phil so walk into the marker to continue.

Boomshine Blowout

Overview: Rescue Phil's Boomshine
Money: $250

So the Cholos are trying to get revenge by igniting Phil's boomshine. Looks
like we have to stop them, so hop in the truck and drive to the warehouse in 
Little Havana. After Phil sets off the boobytrap the problem is getting worse.
You have to collect the Boomshine crates and load them onto to the back of the 
truck before the heat meter fills. To make matters worse after dropping a crate
off the warehouse starts to crumble making the route harder.

On your first trip just head straight across and quickly pick up a box and load
it onto the truck. The debris has now blocked you from going straight across so
take the only route north and head east through the gap to pick up your second

The second drop of debris has now blocked of  headign straight down your last 
route so head in through the same entrance but head left and work round the
debris, then head straight and you will reach the row where the crates are.

On your trip to pick the last crate the near entrance to the row where the 
crates are is now blocked so head right down to the far side of the warehouse
and use that entrance. Quickly pickup the crate and head back to the truck.

Phil will now drive off with the Boomshine safely on the back of his truck and
disaster adverted! Aunt Enid will send you another page about Lance. Save and
get your health back if you need to and then head back to Phil for his next 

Truck Stop

Overview: Steal some arms for Martinez
Money: $300

Look whos back.. unrepentent about screwing you Martinez tells you and Phil
about a possible arms deal. Jump into the Perrenial and head to the hotel to 
pick up some back up.

With someback up in the car drive over to Little Havana where the truck with 
the arms is. Stay close to the back of the truck but not too close or your
passengers will not be able to shoot the gunmen on the back. After all the men
are shot accelerate past the truck and block it's route.

Now you have to protect the truck as Phil drives it. The two gunmen in the car
with you will provide a good defence but add in your own shunts and nudges to
help. Cars will only come one at a time so the journey should be fairly easy.
Once you reach the docks it's mission complete. Lance will send you a message
suggestion the two of you team up. At the moment however, we have only one blip
left and that is Marty Jay Williams, so head to his trailer near Sunshine Autos
to continue the story.

Marty Jay Williams                                       Location: Trailer Park

Shake Down

Overview: Help Marty enforce his protection racket
Money: $500

After the cold meeting between Victor and Marty, drive the Bobcat to the shop
in Little Havana to help Marty's bussiness partner. 

Quickly kill the two Cholo outside the shop and head inside and kill another 
two inside before they trash the shop. Then drive round to the nearby Cholo 

After Marty confronts the store owener to little success, take the baseball bat
and begin to trash the shop. After smashing a few things some Cholos will enter
to stop you. The first two will have pistols, so despatch them quickly. When
you kill the last Cholo who will be carrying a baseball bat, the owner will 
concede and agree to pay protection to Marty and its mission complete. 

No new threads open so head back to the trailer park for the next mission.

Fear The Repo

Overview: Reposess some debts for Marty
Money: $500

After witnessing another arguement between Marty and Louise, jump back in the
Bobcat and take Marty to his lockup for a shot movie. 

So lets prove Marty wrong. The first thing to get back is someones cheetah from
their garage in Viceport. You can choose to kill the exowner or not. Once you
have hopped in the cardrive back to the lockup and drop the car off. 

The next target is another car this time in Little Havana. The car is on the
move but to combat this just overtake it and block it off. Watch out smashing
this car as you will have to go to the pay and spray cutting into your profits.
When the car has been possesed then drive back to the lockup and drop it off.

The last target is a delivery van in Little Haiti. It is parked with it's two
owners next to it. They will come to attack you so kill them both and jump in
the van. However as you hop in you recieve a 2 star wanted level. Avoid the 
police and head back to the lockup for mission complete.

Lousie pages you askng for you to pop round but we are going to continue with
Marty so head back to his trailer to continue.

Waking Up The Neighbours

Overview: Keep the Cholo from muscling in on Marty's repo business
Money: $500

Before this mission pick up an uzi as it will be invaluble when clearing out

Marty isn't too happy about the Cholo competition in his repo business. Quickly
pick up the grenades and also the shotgun from the bottem corner of the trailer
park. You have 6 minuites to destroy the three Cholo vans, so head to the 
nearest which is one the corner of the gun shop in south Little Havana. Kill
the two guards by driveby - if you have an uzi and then from a safe distance 
throw grenades or use the shotgun to destroy the van.

The next van is located around the corner so head round and drive straight on
to find it. Follow the same tactic as before of eliminating the two guards and
then destroy the van.

However the Cholo are now onto you so you will face some attacks from Cholo 
gang cars. Make the way north to the final truck and repeat the previous method
to complete the mission. 

O, Brothel, Where Are Thou?

Overview: Take over a brothel for Marty
Money: $700

Marty wants to get into the brothel bussiness and guess whos bene sent to do 
this for him. So make your way to Stonewall J's just down the road in South 
Little Havana and enter. Marty has arranged for a free Stubby Shotgun so pick
it up and exit the shop if you do not want to but anything. 

Now make the journey up to Little Haiti and the brothel there. Head round the
back of the brothel and use either the grenades from the last mission or the 
shogun to destroy the gang car. Some Cholo will appear to defend the brothel 
but some close range shotgun blasts will deal with them. When they are all
defeated enter the building.

Once in the building, shoot the only Cholo inside and then use a melee weapon
to trash the cabinet. 

You have now taken over your first bussiness but Marty takes this one. Later 
in the game you can repeat the process of this mission to take over empires.

Got Protection?

Overview: Rescue Marty's girls from the Cholos
Money: $500

After a confrontation with some of Marty's friends, Marty sends you off to deal
with the Cholos who have been attacking some of the brothel girls.

After the short movie, its time to get some revenge on those Cholos. Hop in the
4 seater car across the street and rescue the girls. Head for the northenmost 
girl first, and drive near her and she wil hop in. The girls are all carrying 
Uzis so they will give you some fire support from any Cholo attach. Now head 
for your choice of the two remaning girls as they are fairly close to each 

As you make the drive some Cholo cars will shunt you around, as you have no
time to fight back just ignore them and continue on.

Once you have picked up all the girls return to the brothel and drop them off
for mission complete.

Louise and Phill are avaliable for missions, we are going to head to Louise but
if you want to head to Phill just skip ahead.

Louise Cassidy-Williams                          Location: Flat in Lttle Havana

We met Louise through the Marty strand but now we are going to get to know her

When Funday Comes

Overview: Enter the trailer park race with Louise
Money: $500

Victor decides that Lousie needs to take her mind off her problems so they
decide to go to the race at the Trailier Park. 

Get hold of some wheels and drive Louise to the park. You both hop onto a quad
bike and the race begins. The quadbikes have some sensitive handeling so be 
careful about overaccelaritng and just take things easy. Your competitors are 
fairly forgiving so don't feel too worried if you crash but try to keep the 
crash count minimal. After the two laps of the track, if you win, Louise will
ask you to come over again.

After completing the mission, street races are now unlocked and are avaliable
from Sunshine Autos. Also you can now buy the Quadbike for $3000 from Sunshine

Takin' Out The White Trash

Overview: Get Louise's things back from Marty
Money: $200

Lousie ahs left some of her baby's things at Marty's when she fled him so it's
down to Vic to save the day. Hop in a car and drive back to the trailer.

In the movie , that follows, you are confronted by some members of Marty's 
gang. When play resumes, kill these attackers with the assistance of Louise by
any means necessary. The gang will keep coming for a period of time and the 
attack will end when another movie starts showing the destruction the two of
you have caused. After the movie, drive Louise home for mission complete.

For now, Louise's missions are complete leaving just Phil, so head to his
marker back in the docks.

Phil Cassidey                                            Location: Phil's depot

Marked Men

Overview: Check on some weapons for Martinez
Money: N/A

Phil has to run another errand for Martinez and in not trusting him, he takes
Vicotr as well. Take Phil's truck to the warehouse in Little Haiti and watch 
the short movie.

Well Martinez has done it again sending some more goons do deal with you both.
When you take control again you will be told to eliminate the gang. Phil will
give you fire support but another useful technique is just to run over the gang

When they are all dead, you have to return to Phil's place. However the gang 
that cornered you are not done yet and they will try and stop you. Phil
switches from his gun to thwoing boomshine at the attackers and the boomshines
effectiveness makes this a fairly simple journey as long as you avoid any 
glaring errors. 

When you return, Phil says he is gonig to lay low and you get a page from
Martinez telling you he is still out to get you.

If you have been following this guide you will now get a page from Louise 
warnining that she has some problems with Marty so lets head their now.

Lousie Cassidy-Williams                         Location: Flat in Little Havana

Louise messages you warning she's been having some problems with Marty so its 
Victor to the rescue.


Overview: Rescue Louise from Marty
Money: N/A 

Marty has gone and taken Louse so it Victor to the rescue. Head to the trailer
park whenre you see Marty speed off with Lousie screaming for help while two 
of Marty's men set on you.

Ignore them and jump in the Bobcar parket outside the neighbouring trailer. You
have to stop Marty before he reaches his brothel so step to it. Ram Marty's car
and if you have an uzi add some fire. After stopping the car Marty will jump 
out and set on you with a shotgun. Quickly shoot him dead as he shotgun packs a
mean punch.

When Marty is dead hop in the truck for a short movie. Now drive to safehouse
marker in downtown/North Little Haiti for mission complete.

You can now wear Trailer Trash clothes, to change head to your safehouse and 
walk into the clothes icon. 

The only strand avaliable is Louise so head to her flat for the next misison.

To Victor, The Spoils

Overview: Getting your new empire started
Money: $1500 and yor own empire

So, Lousie has suggested to take over Marty's bussiness and relectantly Victor
agrees but we need to get the basics sorted. So hop in the car with Louise and
drive to the marker to get some muscle to enforce your new regime.

To recuit them target them and press up. With them part of the gang, head to
Marty's loan shark bussiness. With your new backup eliminate what remains of
Marty's gang. With them all dead head off to the next marker to get hold of his
protection racket.

After eliminating the substancially larger gang outside, head inside and kill
the two members in there. When they are both dead there is a short movie where
Victor agrees to take over the bussinesses.

There is now a short movie explaining the basics of empire ownership. I 
reccomend you begin to take over some bussinesses as they proivde an valuble
source of income. 

You have now unlocked some more multiplayer stuff and you recieve a page from
the airport telling you someone is waiting for you. Who could it be.....

?      (Just Drive)                                           Location: Airport

Overview: Meet the visitor at the airport
Money: N/A

With a very different look to that from Vice City, your brother Lance meets you
at the airport. After the two have an argument, Victor agrees to give Lance one

The reunion is spoilt however by the arrival of some Cholos. You are the
passenger and have to shoot while Lance drives. The trick to this mission is to
uuse the fineaim and minimap. Use fineaim to targett the gunmen first and not
the drivers as the drivers can not hurt you. When you enter the open sewer you
will be able to see the gunmen before they come into range so shoot them. 

You reach the end as you hit the ramp following Lance saying "Just one more 
Lance Vance chance". 

Once the car scene stops, you will be stuck facing an attack from Cholos from 
in front and behind. Remember to protect Lance and the bar shows how he is 

When they are all dealt with you have to take Lance back to his hotel with the
added distraction of a two star wanted level. When you reach the hotel it's
mission complete.

Following the short movie you recieve a message from Umberto who wants to talk 
about things....

Umberto Robina                         Location: Umberto's house, Little Havana

Leader of the Cubans, Robina needs your help as he fights the Cholos gang.

Nice Package

Overview: Race someother people to collect a package
Money: $750

Umberto is relectant to form an alliance with you until you have proven 
yourself, so he sets you a tester. You have to race to pick up a package in 
downtown Vice City. 

You already start in a car so begin the drive north usign the long road on the
east of the island. If you are beaten to the package then you have to stop the 
package from getting pack to Robina and you have to sieze it again. When you 
eliminate the first holder of the package you recieve a 2 star wanted level 
and When you have the package you recieve a 3 star wanted level. Once you have
the package race down to the drop off point in the docks for mission complete.

Now that we proved ourselves, head back to Umberto for his next mission.


Overview: Stop the Cholos from causing havoc in Little Havana
Money: $800

The Cholos are causing havoc in Little Havana and its up to you and some of 
Umberto's thugs to stop them. Hop in the 4 seater across the road and head to 
the first marker where the Cholos are causing trouble. Support them by either
uzi fire or by running the Cholos over. Once they have all been dealt with 
drive onto the next spot, north of your position.

There are only two Cholo at this spot so head quickly eliminate them and spin
the car around and head south again to deal with the next group.

On the corner of Stonewall J'S is where this group have congregated, this time
their are three but again this should not cause much problem. The next problem
area is in north Litte Havana opposite the cinema.

This group are in a car however so ram them and provide uzi support alongside
your passengers to finish off these thugs. 

The last group are back around near Stonewall J's and like the previous lots 
should not prove too much resistance. When they have all been dealt with drop
the men back at Umberto's house for mission complete.

Papi Don't Screech

Overview: Get Umberto's dad to his cafe before opening hour
Money: $1000

Umberto's dad needs picking up form the stadium in downtown so head north. 
There is no time limit so don't worry about hurrying - a trip skip is avaliable
to miss this section. Once you reach the stadium pull up to the marker to meet
Umberto's dad.

Umberto's got no time to chat though however. He has never been late opening 
his hotel so you have to race back to Little Havana. However to make things 
difficult, he's forgotten to take his heart medication so traveling at high
speed or collisions may cause him to have a heart attack. This can been seen in
the bar on the screen so be careful not ot travel too fast. 

You have two routes back to the Cafe. One is to head down the grass to the 
left of the road heading down the island. The risk is being attacked by Cholos
but if you use short bursts of speed you should outpace them. 

The other route is to weive through the sideroads arounds Little Haiti and 
Little Havana. This route is safer as you can hide in the sideroads and thus 
not been seen, but get seen and you are in trouble as it can be hard to escape
and if the gang opens fire you are in serious trouble.

Choose whichever route works best for you and drop Papi off at the cafe for 
mission complete.

Havana Good Time

Overview: Get some revenge on the Cholos
Money: $1500

It's time to get the Cholos back big time. Two Cuban vans drive off to get
something, leaving you to kill of the guards to the warehouse guards. I 
reccomend you stock up on arms so head down to Stonewall and get some machine
gun ammo and some shotgun if you can afford it.

Head round to the warehouse and eliminate the guards outside. Once they all lie
dead the vans will arrive with there "surprise". The two Cubans will now load 
the vans up with guns but they need Victor to protect them. Stand about the 
middle to allow you to cover both Cubans. At first the Cholos come one at a 
time from the front but a few will enter from side doors. When the cars arrive
do not be distracted just deal with the Cholos as they leave the car.

When the vans are filled, the Cubans will take one and you have to drive the
other. However the Cholos won't take it lying down and will try and stop you.
The van is fairly durable so as long as you do not get yourself trapped the 
jounrey back to Umberto shouldn't be too much of a challenge. When you reach 
Umberto, relax, sit back and watch the explosion. Well done you have completed
the Umberto mission strand and now you have unlocked the Cuban Style Outift.

Now head to Louise to contiune the game, but I would reccomend you take over a
few more empires to increase your income or upgrade your existing ones.

Louise Cassidy-Williams                         Location: Flat in Little Havana
Its back to Louise and this time she is going to help us with the running of 
our empire.

Hose the Hoes

Overview: Rescue the Brothel form the arsonists. 
Money: $300

Marty's gang are not happy with you taking over their bussiness and so they 
have set your brothel on fire. Quckly jump in a car and take Louise to the fire
truck just north of your position.

When you have the truck quickly drive to the brothel. Your first task when 
there is to put out the fires in the two nearby cars which makes your life 
easier when tackeling the main blaze. The trick to putting out the blaze is to
get then end of the water on the point marked by the arrow. If you hold it here
for a few seconds the blaze will go out and then move onto the next one. 

When all the blazes are put out, Louise will point out the arsonist so quickly
run up the steps to the building accross the street and shoot him and when he 
is dead it is mission complete. 

Edith will message you reminding you of their oblications and the Lance Vance
strand opens but we are gonig to continue with Louise so head back to the flat
for the next mission. 

Robbing The Cradle

Overview: Stop Louise's hitmen from killing the child support officer

Lousie has paid some thugs to kill a child support officer who had been 
threatening to take her daughter away. Victor has to stop them because it will
only cause more problems so qucikly jump in a car and chase down the thugs 
before the officer's health drops to zero.

Once you have stopped the thugs, chase after the officer and nudge him to warn
him off.  The mission wont complete until you scare the officer from the car.

Lousie will message you thanking you and her strand is over. So it's time to go
and visit your brother at his hotel in Downtown Vice City.

Lance Vance                               Location: Hotel in Downtown Vice City

Lance wants the Vance brothers to make a mark on the city's drug trade so his
missions revolve around making a cut.
The Audition

Overview: Pick up a car for one of Lance's partners
Money: $750

The mission starts by giving you an hour to literally travel down the street to
the burger restuarant. But this mission has more to it then at it at first 
seems. After Lance takes a phone call, as they are about to leave the restarant
some gunmen run in. 

Kill the gunmen and head outside where the next twist occurs. The cops think 
you are the robbers! Quickly jump into one of the police cars and pull away.
Your destination is Vicepoint so gun it down the main road avoiding the police
attention from your two star wanted level.

Once you reach the impound yard, grab the motobike and drive up the stairs to 
get onto the roof. Then get a good runup and go fullpelt over the ramp and 
cross into the impound yard - note the ET Easter egg as you make the jump. To
enter the yard simpley drive down the stairs on the side of the roof.

Once you enter the yard kill the guards and hurry to the car as there is a 
deadline until it is crushed. Enter the car and then escape the yard using the
ramp. Make sure to get a good runup and launch over the otherside and after the
short movie its mission complete. You can now drop cars off at the Civil Asset
Impound lot - if you are in a car that is needed a message will appear.

Lance will message you telling you he has dropped the car off and invites you 
to meet him and his contact at his place so head to the F in Downtown for a
new mission strand.

Bryan Forbes                                                 Location: Downtown

Forbes is a drug player who hires the Vances to do work but is there more to
him than at first meets the eye...

Money For Nothing

Overview: Distract the cops to allow Forbes and Lance get hold of some drugs
Money: $1500

So to destract the cops we need a decoy van, so jump in the car and drive to 
the parking where the van is being held and hop in. Now you are in the van 
drive over to the warehouse.

Now the vans look the same, you have to get the cops distracted so the real 
van cna get away. When you take control head down to Viceport and drive around
there until the distraction meter fills. It is important that your wanted level
does not drop so do not head for bribes or pay and sprays.

Once the bar has filled, head to the nearest pay and spray and lose your wanted
level and its mission complete.

Lance will page you saying he has doubs over Forbes and to meet him by the 
arena in Downtown. 

Lance Vance                                           Location: Vice City Arena

Lance needs to see you and he has some revelations about Forbes...

Caught as an Act

Overview: Stop Forbes from escaping with your money
Money: Varies

After letting Forbes get away, hop in the nearby car and chase him down but be
careful as we want him alive. After your first shunt the boot will open and 
money will start to fly out. The longer it takes to stop the car the more money
you lose. The best tactic is to accelerate ahead of Forbes and block his path
and then chuck him out the car. When he is out of the car the mission is over.

Aunt Enid will message you asking if you have seen her sister (Vic's mother), 
opening a mission at Lance's hotel, which is where we are heading.

Snitch Hitch                             Location: Lance's hotel room, Downtown

Overview: Get information on a drugs shipment from Lance's contact
Money: $1000

After meeting your mom and her new man, Lance and Vic leave the hotel to head
to the airport and get some information on a big shipment of drugs coming in. 

You have 3 minuites to reach the airport, so step to it! You can't have a 
wanted level when you meet the contact so be sure to head to a pay and spray if
you pick one up.

Enter the airport to meet the contact. The contact has already sold the details
however so leave the terminal and head to the runway to get the plans.

When you head to the runway, you will see the targets bodyguards so set to work
mowing them down. The bikers will turn up also looking for a slice of the 
action so kill them whil Lance searches for the file on board the jet. 

When all the bikers have bbeen killed there is a short movie and it's mission
complete. Now its time to head to where Forbes is being held and see what 
information can be gotten out of him.

Bryan Forbes                                             Location: Little Haiti

It back to Bryan to see what information the Vance's can extract from him.

Leap And Bound

Overview: Cover Lance as he makes a drug deal
Money: $1500

The drug deal is going down on the small jetty in downtown. Vic has to cover
Lance so head to the building opposite and walk into the marker. To get to the
marker, use the stairs on the side of the building.

After the pause zoom in on the binonculars and follow Lance as he makes the 
trade. When the dealer attack him jump of the building and head forward to 
start another movie. 

Quickly jump in the car Lance used and head after the boat. The boat will head
for the docked ship in the Viceport so head along the grass to avoid traffic.

When you have aproached the ship a movie will tell you Lance has been taken 
aboard. To get onboard yourself, hit the ramp at speed near the boat and you
will launch on. When aboard, head to the marker under the stairs to enter the

Now you are in the ship, head midway down the stairs to get an easy shot at the
door guard. Continue on, walking to the balcony. At the balcony, open fire on 
Lance's guards to start our next objective to free Lance.

Head back the way you came and at the base of the stairs head right and down
the corridor. One the walkway shoot the two gang memebers and head down the 
stairs. If you need some health it can be found under the stairs.

Head through the far door and down the long corridor to enter the large hold 
where Lance can be found. Run over to Lance to start a quick movie where you
free him. We now have to get the contraband. The first piece can be found near
the balcony where we earlier so head back there. 

Now we have to head back on deck and obtain the rest. One guard is now at the
top of the stairs so watch out for him as you leave and another is just to the
right so again watch out. 

We have 3 packages left to find, to get the first two head up the stairs to the
top and pick up the first package ahead of you. There are a few guards up here
so be careful. The next package is right on the top of the ship along with a 
binochular spawn point. On the way down there is another package guarded by a 
single man and can be found by following the walkway round. 

The last package is right at the front of the ship so battle your way round. 
With all the packages, its time to get off this ship. Jump on the Sanchez and
using the side of the ship, get a good runup to the ramp and launch yourself
off and head to the marker to complete the mission.

The Bum Deal

Overview: Meet a contact of Forbes at a bar
Money: N/A

Forbes contact is at the White Stallionz bar so head over there. When there 
shoot the bikers outside and enter the bar for a short shocking movie.

When you take control, pull out a gun and open fire on the bikers. The bikers
are unarmed in this part of the bar so do not worry just keep running around. 
In the main part of the bar, there are some gunmen so kill them off. When they
are all dead leave the bar.

If you had not killed the bikers then you would have been attacked by them now,
with none simply hop on a bike and head back to the safehouse.

Forbes will run out and hop on a bike so chase after him opening fire with an 
uzi if on bike or simpley ramming him if in a car. When he dies, Lance will 
decide he did not want to kill him - great Lance! 

Drop Lance off at his hotel for the end of the mission, with Lance promesing to
track down this big shipment...

Enid will page you about Lance saying he is taking control and this will open
a mission with Lance at the hotel, so turn around and start the mission.

Lance Vance                                    Location: Lance's hotel downtown

Looks like Lance has found out some more about this big shipment, so lets see
what the fuss is about.

From Zero to Hero

Overview: Steal a load of drugs from underneath Martinez's nose
Money: $3000

So it's time to wipe our hands of the drugs trade, and what a way to do it by 
stealing Martinez's coke. You start in a car with baclip so drive down to the
marker in Little Haiti for a movie.

Now you have taken control, head roudn the corner protecting Lance from the
gangmembers. If you need body armour there is some on the bridge opposite. 

Watch out for the targets on the truck, kill them by pistol or manual aim or
you will risk destroying the truck for mission failure. With all the thugs
dead, you and Lance hop into a truck each. Follow after, Lance but be careful
as Martinez's men will chase after you. Use the sheer wegiht of the truck to 
brush them off and continue following Lance. 

Once you reach the southern bridge a helicopter will begin firing. To avoid the
fire simply look at the chain of explosions and swerve around them. once you 
have seen it once it makes sense trust me!

Once you have crossed the bridge, you have a 4 star wanted level slapped on you
by the cops, but try to ignore this and continue after Lance and enjoy the 
sights of the city. When you reach the port from the Cortez missions in Vice
City it will be mission complete. Well Done you have completed the first island
of Vice City Stories!! 

Lousie wil message you afraid that you will now ignore her and you can also buy
a small helicopter from your new safehouse which I definetly reccomend if you
have the money.

When you have finished exploring, head back to Lance's new pad for your next

Brawn of the Dead                    Location: Lance's safehouse in Ocean Beach

Overview: Star in a movie being fillmed in the Mall
Money: $850

Well Lance has dropped us in it again as the coke belonged to the Mendez 
brothers - very powerful drug players in Vice City. Lance says to head off to 
a friend of his in the mall in Vicepoint. There is a deadline so step to it and
head up north.

When there, Spitz offers you a role in his new movie.

To complete the first stunt you have to last 1 minuite without letting the gore
meter depelte. To keep the meter filled simply spin holding down target and 
firing at the zombies. The bar should never fall below 9/10th if you do this.

The next stunt sees you protecting the record store from a zombie attack using
a katana. To last the minuite and a half simply let the targets come to you and
swing wildly. One targeted hit will kill a zombie and after the time is up you
and Lance will head outside. Take Lance back to his appartment for a short 
movie for mission complete. 

Spitz will ofofer you a film part form a film being directed by Reni opening up
that strand so lets head there.

Reni Wassulmaier                                          Location: Film Studio

Reni is offering a part in a series of commercials bieng filmed in Vice Ciry so
its time to be a star and take that part.

Accidents will Happen

Overview: Star in a commercial for Reni
Money: $850

This mission si a typical GTA checkpoint one - you eithe rlove them or hate 
them. If you like them you will find this mission simple but if you do not it 
may take more time to get the hang off. 

In addition to the time to reach checkpoints there is also the added problem of
an action meter. To fill this bar simply hit the red cars as you drive around.
The trick to completing this mission is to relax after the first few 
checkpoints you will have built sufficent time to allow you to relax on the 
accelerator limiting you rmistakes. When you come close to the end you will be
told to hit the ramp at the right speed. When you hit the point on the ally, 
put your foot down and drive straight and you will crash through the window of
the opposite building and it is mission complete.

With this mission complete Lance is the only option avalaible so lets head back
to the safehouse for his next mission.

Lance Vance                                         Location: Lance's safehouse

So lets find out just where those drugs have gone...


Overview: Defend one of your bussinesses from the Mendez's thugs
Money: $500

Note: You need to have 5 bussinesses in order to start this mission.

Well at least the Mendez do not want to kill you now... Quickly drive to the 
bussiness marked in order to prevent the goons trashing it. The best option is
to follow Lance as the mission ends if his bar reaches zero.

Medez thugs will attack you from either side of the street so be on the lookout
for attacks from behind. After what seems like an age of attacks the thugs will
stop and Lance will head off to check on your other bussinesses. Head back to
your safehouse for mission complete.

The Mendezs will page requesting your appearence so let's not keep them waiting
so head to their mansion on Prawn Island.

The Medez brothers  				 Location: Prawn Island Mansion

After stealing their coke the Medezs now want the Vances to work witht them

The Mugshot Longshot

Overview: Prove Martinez ripped the Medezes off
Money: N/A

Vance suggest we should frame Martinez, so the first step is to head down to
Washington Beach Police Station. When you reach the station, park in the 
second marker and whip out the camera and take a picture of Martinez and the 
cop in the car.

If the picture is good- contains both Martinez and the agent, jump in your car
and follow Marinez as he heads to the docks. Be careful to stay the right 
distance from the car or you will be spotted. When you reach the docks, another
movie will start. When over, head round the docks and park on the marker again.

At the marker take another picture of the agent and Martinez. To get this one
out the camera in near max zoom so Martinez is most of the picture and then
take the pic. A good pic will start another movie.

Now you need ot head to your safehouse with the added problem of a 4 star 
wanted level.  This short drive should not cause many problems so just park on
the marker.

Now you have the id, you need to head to the print works in Little Havana. I 
reccomned using the nearest bridge and sticking to the outside of the west. and
the highway of the east island. The drive is a long and hard one so be careful
when driving and also watch out for the road blocks. Be prepared to ditch your
car so be careful for cops. When you reach the print works, there will be a 
movie and its mission complete.

With no mission strands open head back to the Mendez mansion for the next

Hostile Takeover

Overview: Eliminate some people that have ripped Mendez off
Money: $1000

Our next job is to set up a site to distribute coke from and at the same time
eliminate some people that have been ripping the Mendezes off. Hop in a car and
head to the marker in Vice Point. When there, begin eliminating the bikers. The
first target should be the biker on the roof. Bikers will come from the
building and also from the beach so watch out behind you. Some will have uzis,
others baseball bats and some with Aks. When all the bikers have been 
eliminated, some will escape on bikes. Quickly, jump on one of the bikes 
outside the building and chase after them mowing them down with uzi fire.

Watch out as each bike will have a gunner so be careful when riding straight.
If you have no uzi ammo, another tactic is to get in a car and ram the bikers

When all the bikers are dead, it's mission complete. Lance will want you, but
we are going to continue with the Mendez brothers so head back to their

Unfriendly Competition

Overview: Remove some of the Mendezs' competion
Money: $1300

Some drug runners are taking the Mendez's bussiness so it's down to Victor to 
deal with them. The first runner is at his place in Vice Port so get down 
there. When you arrive, set to work killing the runner and his bodyguards. 
They shouldn't prove too much of a problem, just remember to hang back and 
pick them off with your fire, letting them come to you. With them all dead,
head to the second runner who can be found at the Standing Vice Point Hotel -
south of your position. 

Walk through to the marker for a movie, were you find that things are not as
they seem with the women. The trick now is to keep moving and deal with the
birds in turn. The health pick up will reappear so head there if you get low
on health. With all the birds dead, the dealer will hop on a quad bike and set
off. Head through the gate and jump on the quad and set after him. Watch out
for his bodyguard who will shoot at you, once she is dead the dealer will 
start to drop grenades behind him so be careful when trailing behind him. 

When half his health has gone, a helicopter will fly over providing more fire
to cause you problems. Just ignore it and continue shooting the dealer and 
when he hits the floor dead it is misison complete. 

With the mission complete you can now buy a quad round the back of the hotel.

High Wire

Overview: Rescuse some drugs from the police import yard
Money: $1500

Well its time to clear our name from those drugs. Firstly, get in a car and 
head to the breakers yard in Little Haiti.

When there, a short movie explains how you will get the drugs. Using the 
magnet on the helicopter you are going to have to pick them up and drop them 
off at another location. Your man on the ground will keep you posted on the 
drug locations.

So hop in the helicopter and begin the trek down to the import park. There is 
no way of lowering the magnet so you have to land on the container to pick it
up. When you have the container, you need to head to the drop off point in
Escobar international airport. To drop the container off lower down into the
marker until the movie starts. 

One of the containers is now on the move so step to it! The truck is heading
to Little Havana police station so look to cut it off in the Vice Point area.
When you have got near the truck lowerdown over the truck and you should pick
it up. Be careful as the truck is moving so a good technique is to head a 
little bit ahead so you should lower down over the container. With it picked
up your guide will tell you he is off and you will have to head back to the
cargo bay and drop the last of the drugs off. Follow the proccess of dropping
the containter off.

Now you get some news that your guide is under attack from the bikers. He is 
in Ocean Beach so head there. The damage meter will warn you how he is doing.
As with the last moving target aim to land a little ahead so the car 
acclerates onto your magnet. With the car picked off its time to drop him off
down at the parking lot in Ocean Beach. When you reach the parking lot drop the
car off and it is mission complete.

You remain in the helicopter but the magnet has gone. We are done with the
Mendez brothers for now so fly to your brother's safehouse for the next

Lance Vance  					    Location: Lance's safehouse

It's back to Lance for one mission which is one of the bigger challenges so

Turn On, Tune in, Bug Out

Overview: End the bug operation on you and Lance.
Money: $300

The DEA are on to the Vance's so it's down to Victor to knock out the antenna
and render the bugs useless. During the mission there will be an evidence bar
as the bugs work. When this fills it is mission over but as you destroy the
antennas the bar will fill slowler.

Head round to the front of the house and jump in the car. Then make the drive
to ammunation and pick up the rocket launcher Lance has advanced for you.

Leave the store and make the journey to the Washington beach Police station. 
Head round the back and run up the stairs. Pick up the body armour and then set
to work on the antenna. Be aware there are two police officers so deal with
them after you have destroyed the first one. Do not use the launcher to do

With the two antenna in pieces, get behind the helicopter and make the journey
to the Little Havana police station. Land on the building just southen to it
and then take out the next two antenna. Do not use the rocket launcher but if 
you have another powerful weapon use it to destroy the helicopters. Then get
back in the helicopter and make the journey north.

At the last spot, land on the tall building next to the station again and take
out the remaining antenna. Be careful at the edge as you will face fire.

With all the antenna destroyed, the last and hardest part of the mission is to
lose your wanted level. Get back in the helicopter and head to the building 
site across the road. Then get in the rumpo to give you that extra shove as you
make the journey to the pay and spray.

When you have pay and sprayed the mission will end and Reni will page you
offering you some work so with no other missions available it's off to the
movie studio.

Reni Wassulmaier 					  Location: Film Studio

After the difficult mission for Lance it is time for some much easier ones for
Reni at the film studio.

The Colonel's Coke

Overview: Meet one of Reni's contacts and protect him
Money: $850

Reni wants you to meet Gonzalez - one of Cortez men, fans of Vice City will 
know him. Jump in either the car you used to get here or the Deluxo parked 
nearby and head to the meeting point in Downtown.

A short movie will follow, with you next goal being to hop in the helicopter.
You now how to protect Gonzalez as he makes the journey south. The Sea Sparrow
has a minigun on it's front and also has two men either side providing fire.

Now follow the boat and take down any potential targets. The men on the Sparrow
will provide a lot of firepower as will Gonzalez's other guards so do not be to
worried if you cannot get much accuracy with the minigun.

After you pass the last of the three cross island bridges a helicoter will come
but it should not cause you too much trouble. This is the same for most of the
mission as Gonzalez does not seem to take too much damage, it is more you that
does so be careful when flying low as you will take a lot of fire. 

When the boat enters the boat garage on the South of the island the mission 
will be complete and it's time to make the trek back north for the next mission
for Reni.

Kill Phil

Overview: Protect Phil Collins as he arrives in Vice City
Money: $1000

It's time to meet one of the most unlikely of GTA characters - Phil Collins.
Firstly hop in the Deluxo and drive Barry to the marker where a bulletproof
Limo waits.

Now in the Limo, make the journey to the next marker where Phil will make an
all action enterance. Set to work killing the goons using the cover of the 
limo if needed. 

With them all dead another movie will start and the next goal is to take Phil
to his hotel. The nutters men will form opposition but as you are in a bullet
proof limo they will not cause problems, so long as you avoid any explosions
and drive well. 

When you reach the hotel and hit the marker there is a short movie and then 
it's mission over. You can now purchase bulletproof limos from Sunshine Autos.
Gonzalez will page you asking you to meet him but we are going to stay with 
Reni for the time being so head back north to the film studio. 

Say Cheese

Overview: Star in another of Reni's films
Money: $850

It's time to star in another of Reni's movies. Head round to the jetty and hop
on the jetski to begin filming.

When on the jetski, set to work heading throught the checkpoints. Each one you
pass through you recieve 5 seconds to the time so you do not have to hurry as
long as you do not rush. Take things carefully, and when you approach ramps 
take them straight and fast remembering to take a good runup. 

After about 90% of the course is complete you will launch on to the land. Hop 
of the jetski and make the move to the bike. Navigate the remaining checkpoints
with care and race through the green one to end the shoot. Watch the short 
movie and its mission complete. You can now do a submission at the studio on
the jetski and for the moment we have completed Reni's strand so head to
the marker for Gonzalez.

Gonzalez 				       Location: Leaf Links Golf Course

It's time to get bussiness like as we head to the golf course to meet Gonzalez
and practise our swing..

Home's on the range


Overview: Practise your swing at an explosive target

It's time to play some golf with Gonzalez. If you are familiar with Golf games
you will be right at home here. Press X to start the meter and stop it on the
green spot and press X again as it comes back to stop it in the green for 
accuracy. If you can do this then you will hit the target and blow the traitor
to kingdom come. If you fail then Gonzalez will take a shot and so forth until
one of you hits the target. If Gonzalez beats you then you fail but this should
not be a problem and it is another easy mission under our belts. 

When you hit the target there will be a short movie and Lance will page you
with a warning. Martinez has jumped from the FED and that can only mean
trouble... A Lance strand will open but we are continuing with Gonzalez at his
new home in Vice Point.

Purple Haze

Location: Vice Point Hotel
OvervieW: Retrieve some drugs for a deal
Money: $1000

Gonzalez wants you to get hold of some of his boss' coke so head to the lockup
in Ocean Beach. At the lockup get in the Pony and then make the journey to the
drug deal just north of where you are. Park in the marker to continue. 

The guys that got you have head off to the party and Gonzalez wants to know 
whats wrong so in your delirious state make your way to the phonebox for 
another movie.

Gonzalez's buyer is leaving soon, so following your accidental overdose you 
have to reclaim your drugs. Luckily there is a bike round the corner and make
the journey to Starfish Island. Watch out as there is now a timelimit and your
state makes biking difficult so be careful when you make the trip. There is a
quick pause as you cross the bridge, hed round to the party and kill all the
targets. Watch out as some of the partygoers have arms so try and strike from
distance or use some explosives bearing in mind the van.

With the targets dead, get back in the van and head back to the garage. You
have a wanted level so beaware of some police attention. When you park back in
the garage it is the end of this fun mission. Gonzalez leaves and we are done
with him and Reni's strand opens again. Our next stop is Lance so head to his
safehouse in the south. 

Lance Vance  					    Location: Lance's safehouse

It's back to Lance for some missions as you sort out Lance's drug problems.

Taking The Fall

Overview: Retrive some drugs from the Bikers
Money: $300

Lance "claims" that the bikers have stolen some drugs so it's time to retrive
them. Get behind the the helicopter and make the journey the bikers on Starfish

Note, the balance meter. As you fly the helicopter any tilt will cause this bar
to drop and as a result Lance will be less accurate as he shoots. So do not
worry as you fly to the target but try to stay level when you get there. There
is a damage meter so strike the balance between avoiding ground fire and 

The first lot of bikers are on bikes so aim to pull ahead and then pull level
so they advance onto your fire. As a result you should be able to maximise the
balance bar and quickly dispatch the group. With this group dealt with, now
head north to the hotel where more bikers can be found.

The bikers are stationary here, but they are returning fire. Pull away if you
are having problems but you should be ok. Two are to the north with the 
rest standing in a gap on the wall round the back. When all those targets are
dead pull up to the roof for the last of the targets. 

When all the targets have been killed there is a movie as the copter spirals
out of control. When you retain control head through the gap in the building
and set to work killing the bikers. Use the vans as cover or as explosives and
work your way round. 

When you have reached the other side of the building, head up the scaffolding
and wait as you approach the enterance. In there is a mass of bikers, so be
careful. Target the barrels and detonate them to clear out groups at a time and
after a firefight your next goal will appear. 

To find Lance, head over to the far side of the room to start a movie and 
to finish the mission. As you leave take a bike and enjoy the large jump as
you leave the building. Mendez will page you demanding you sort out the still
unsolved drug problem so head back to the safehouse for the next mission.

Note - Lance's safehouse now has a respawning Angel Bike.

White Lies

OvervieW: Retrive drugs, Lance drops out the helicopter
Money: $1500

So we all know just what the Lance Vance Dance is! However, it's not all good
as Victor and Louise have a massive arguement. Lance runs from the house and
you follow and as you take control Lance has set off in a helicopter dropping
drugs behind him. Your task is to follow behind and retrieve the drugs. Stay a
little behind Lance and be careful as the hovercraft is quite responsive and 
does not corner well. Every package you pickup fills up the bar and when it is
full it is mission complete. Lance will keep going so do not worry if you miss
any as the packages do disappear after some time. 

With this mission complete you can now purchase a hovercraft from the Clymenus
Suite. On the way back to Lance's Martinez will page taunting you about Louise. 
Where will that lead....

Where It Hurts Most

Overview: Rescue Louise from Martinez's thugs.
Money: $500

Louise is being stalked by some of Martinez's men so it's down to Vic to sort
it all out. Head down to King Knut's Burger Bar in Little Haiti where Louise
is hiding. Drive into the marker at the side to continue.

Some of Martine's men have driven off with Louise and some more approach you.
Quickly kill them off, and set off chasing after the car with Louise in.

There are three potential spots where Louise may be, each guarded up. To test
to see if Louise is in nudge the car. However testing does not do much as 
Louise is always in the last car you check. I'd reccomend you do the northen
most mark last. 

When you have reached the last site, ensure all the thugs are dead. Then jump
in to the car and drive round the corner to the hospital before Louise's health
reaches 0 - this is why I reccomended leaving the north site last.

When you have parked into the marker it is mission complete. Martinez will page
again taunting you about Louise. The Lance strand is over again for the time
being so head to the Film Studio to meet Reni for the next mission.

Reni Wassulmaier 					  Location: Film Studio

It's back to the studio for some missions with everyones fave director as we 
sort out Phil's stay in Vice City

Kill Phil: Part 2

Overview: Check security at Phil's venue
Money: $1500

Phil is worried that the security isn't up to it so it's down to Victor to 
check out security at the gig.

You have 5 minuites to do this and every second counts. Quickly get to the 
stadium and enter the venue. 

So there are some thugs out to get Phil. The trick to navigating all the sites
in the time limit is the bike. If you have Uzi ammo then you can cycleby all
the thugs or you can cycle, shoot, cycle shoot etc.

After the second location you reach the stage. Be careful as you pass through
as there is a thug at the top of the stairs. After the stage, the next location
is clear so head forward to the last spot. 

One of the thugs has a keycard, when you pick that up head back to the lift.
Just one the path you came from to start a movie revealing what the thugs are
up to. Using the doorway take out the first few guards and then progress 
through the room continuing to use the pillars for cover. When all the thugs
are dead there is a movie and it's mission complete.

Reni will page telling you Ricardo Diaz wants to meet following her 
reccomendation. So let's not keep him waiting and head to his Starfish Island
Ricardo Diaz	                              Location: Starfish Island Mansion

It's time to meet another new character, Ricardo Diaz an up and coming drug
dealer who needs Vics help to move up the drug ladder.

Steal The Deal

Overview: Get back some of Gonzalez's drugs for Diaz
Money: $1500

Lost for leads, Lance reckons staking out the stripclub will find one of 
Gonzalez's men to follow to get drugs. Using Diaz's car head back down to the
club and park on the marker.

The next stage in the mission is to follow the goon. It is standard following
fare remember to stay close but not too close. After a fairly long drive the
goon drops the car and hops onto a jetski. Do the same and continue the 
following until you reach the jetty in the sea.

When you reach the jetty quickly head straight avoiding the boat sentry. Then
set to work on eliminating all the guards as their Aks will cut through the
boat. Do the same for the boats passing around the jetty, and with them all
dead hop in the boat and pass away.

As you leave the jetty all of a sudden lots of boats will begin chase. However
you should have pulled ahead before this happens so just keep the acclerator
down and make the almost straight journey back to Diaz. As you pass throught 
the marker it's mission complete.
 Turn around and run up the stairs for the
next mission.

The Exchange

Overview: Complete a drugs for gun swap
Money: $1750

Diaz is doing a coke for guns trade with the DEA and needs Victor to act as
his representative. Jump in the van with the coke and make the journety north
to Downtown.

As you arrive snipers start to pick off the security. Before the DEA arrive 
your task is to kill them using the nearby rifle. The scope has markers 
pointing you in the direction you need to look. When all the snipers are dead
the trade takes place. Some snipers may be hidden, look away and they will pop
up making themselves easy targets.

Jump in the truck with the guns and drive back to Diaz's. Gonzalez's men will
attack so be warery and make full use of the pay and spray on the way there.
The truck should have enough force to shove most cars out the way but if you 
get bogged down the uzis will do damage. When you reach the mansion, pull up 
to the marker, drive in the garage and leave the truck there to complete the
mission. Well Done! You have just completed one of the hardest driving 
sections of the game.

Gonzalez will page asking for your help so walk up the stairs for this 

Gonzalez 					      Location: Diaz's mansion

Gonzalez needs our help one last time, so it's time to complete his final

Farewell To Arms

Overview: Protect Gonzalez as he leaves Vice City
Money: $2500

The missions is the all traditional of GTA missions the cursor shooter. You
start in the helicopter. THe blue marker on the reticle points you in the
direction of Gonzalez and also enemies. You have a minigun so the trucks 
should not cause too much problems. The trick is remembering to target the
nearest truck first that way you won't get caught out.

In line with the last bride crossing the islands, the truck will stall so
you will have to deal with the trucks more rapidly briefly. The precision aim
works best here allowing you to accuratly more between the grouped trucks.

The next goal is to deal with a roadblock. If you target the middle truck the
explosion is enough to send the other two jeeps flying and thus clear the
block. After the truck has passsed through the first few crossroads, a movie
will start and a forklift will begin loading weapons on the jet. 

Your next objective is to protect Gonzalez's men as they stand on the barrier.
The helicopter will do some very unhelpful circles so target the larger jeeps
as they can take the men out as well as opposed to the men as they leave the
car - unless you get a clear shot as the circling makes this much harder.

After a short while, the helicopter will head to the hanger's other enterance.
This time you are zoomed out but the targets group so it is much easier. Just
aim for the jeeps and this site should clear easily and you head off again to
the other enterance again after a quick zoomed in shootout, you hear some
Sharks have entered the hanger so the helicopter head off to deal with that.

Any shots you can make on the long line will save you later as you now have
to protect the plane as it sets off. Keep shooting at the jeeps and eventually
the plane will set off from the runway and it is mission complete.

The Minigun is now avaliable from Ammunation so enjoy the sheer brute force it
brings. The Mendez's want to talk so lets not waste anymore time as we head
north to their mansion.

The Mendez Brothers			        Location: Prawn Island Mansion

The Mendez want to talk about your worth and it isn't very high anymore...

Note: Do not buy any weapons before this mission as you will lose them all 
at the start of this misison.

Burning Bridges

Overview: Escape from the depo with Lance
Money: N/A

The Mendez are done with you now and leave you in a fuel depot. With Lance
trapped behind some flames it is down to Victor to save the day. 

There is a pressure bar which when full ends the misison. With no weapons 
quickly run up the ramp and pick up the armour and pistol. Through the gap in 
the wall you can shoot the two guards and pick up the uzi spawn. The next 
objective is to cut off the oil.

To do this you need to shoot the three valves (Green markers) whilst under
attack from Mendez thugs and a helicopter. The trick is to keep moving only
pausing to shoot at near thugs. Easier said then done I know, but keep moving
to each marker and eventually they will all be dealt with. Watch out at there
are snipers near valves two and three.

With all the valves dealt with, it's time to escape with Lance. Jump on the 
bike and let Lance do the same. Then speed down the channel, the explosions
are more for show so do not worry - I made it through in a straight line. When
you hit the marker it's mission over and Lance heads off to plan a scheme to
topple the Mendez brothers.

Head to the Lance marker to continue the story.

*Correction - A reader has emailed about a mistake at the start of the mission
as it is possible to get some weapons. At the start of the mission, turn 
around and there is a Sentinel XS by the wall. In front of this are the
weapons you lost, note that you can only obtain these during the mission.

Lance Vance					   Location: Lance's safehouse

It is a good idea to restock on weapons before this mission as we enter the
final part of the game.. To save money, I would reccomend that you complete 
the Shooting Range challenge in order to obtain a discount. See the section of
the guide about that for more information or see the very good indepth guide
on the GameFaqs Gamespace written by Lagunathemoron.
Blitzkrieg Strikes Again

Overview: Protect three of your bussinesses from Mendez attack
Money: $750

To begin this mission you need 7 bussinesses. When you have these return to
start the full mission. Lance will page when you have done this. I reccomend
that you capture the nearest sites to Lance's safehouse as you will see later.

Some familiar faces from before have all assembled to back you up and they
head off to protect your interests. As you take control, the Mendez are
attacking three of your bussinesses. The marker is one so quickly drive there
as time is of the essence as the countdown in the corner shows. The three 
sites under attack are the nearest three to where you are hence why you should
have the nearest three under your control.

When you pull up outside the bussiness, you will see the fire fight so join in
and turn the tide in the Vance's favour. I warn you that you will here a lot 
of Lance's voice during this. The AK or M4 are the best options here but be 
warned Lance loves running into your line of fire and also into hard 
situations so keep an eye out.The attack will be near it's end when the car 
arrives, deal with the passengers to complete this site. 

Quickly, hop back in the car and make the trip to your next site. This time
there will be two cars so the battle, naturally takes longer. When the brains
of all the Mendez thugs have sutiablly messed up the pavement, the marker 
will move to your last site. 

At the last site the fight length will increase again but there will still be
two cars. When the last Mendez thug has hit the ground there will be a movie
where Lance celebrates victory and talks of the successes the others have had.
Lance heads off to meet the man who will lead the fight in taking it to the 
Mendez and Reni pages you asking desperatly for your help. Diaz and Reni and
Lance are now avaliable but we are going to continue with the Lance strand so
head back to the safehouse for the next mission.

Lost And Found

Overview: Rescue Lance and then get revenge on some of Martinez's thugs
Money: $1500

Victor wants to check on Louise after Martinez made threats so make the
journey down to the downtown hospital on west Island. 

Lance on time, ruins the romantic monent with the news that he is stuck in a
burning building. Run to the marker behind you to get in the hospital 

The next objective is to head to one of the Vice Point hotels to see just what
the trouble is that Lance has got in. The helicopter has a damage bar so be
careful when piloting the 'copter to the hotel.

As you approach you get a 30 second time limit to land on the roof of the
hotel. The best way to approach is to pull up above roof height and then push
the 'copter forward to increase speed and then to land on the marker. If when
pulling in you are coming in to low just pull up. You should have some time to
spare when pulling down so do not hurry and cause unecessary damage.

When Lance has hopped in, the next goal is to take out some of Martinez's 
thugs. This stage plays like the biker mission before with balance, however
this time they are on boats and are much heavier armed. There are two
potential tactics to do this so choose which works best.

One method is to lower in and find the height where Lance can shoot but the 
thugs cannot shoot back well. However, this technique can take time and also
with the boats moving getting into range is hard.

The other potential method is to dive in, get balance and shoot and then pull
away before heading in again. This is the method I used and found it worked
well but the trick to this is not staying in too long. If you do you will be
cut up easily so watch that damage bar and pull away if things are getting

When all the thugs are dead, Lance will want to land on the largest boat so
lower in over the boat and a movie will start where Lance heads off. Then to 
finish the misison you need too drop Louise off back at her flat. The marker
is outside the flat with trees either side so watch out when lowering. When 
the helicopter has lowered it is mission complete.

Martinez will send you a message warning you your luck will run out. The Lance
strand will be over for a short while so it's time to finish the Reni stand so
head north to the film studio.

Reni Wassulmaier 			  		 Location: Film Studio

It is time for a short mission for Reni. Before you start the first one I 
reccomend stocking up on Ak ammo.

So Long Schlong

Overview: Help Reni get to the hospital for another sex change
Money: $1000

Reni and Diego were an item ?! We also now know the true answer that she is a 
he. Reni needs to escape from him so Vic decides to create a diversion so Reni 
can head to the hospital for her 4th sex change. As the mission starts, Mendez 
thugs will enter from both the front enterances. Start shooting as soon as 
possible and prevent them from getting to the studio film sets. If one spends 
too long here it is mission failed. The thugs do not really target you so do 
not worry too much about getting hit, just make sure you get them.

After a long fire fight, hence why I reccomended the AK ammo stockup, Reni
will page saying he has been discovered and is hiding at the Malibu. His 
health is on the screen so hurry. Do not worry about the thugs just step to it
as you make the journey to the Malibu.

Reni can be found fairly near, pull round to the open gate and aproach it for
a movie. Now, the obejctive is to kill off all the thugs so set to work 
blasting their brains! This time they will provide some resistance so be 
careful, using the cars to deal with a few enemies at once.

With all the thugs dead, it is time to take Reni to the hospital. On the way 
to the hospital south of the Malibu, some Mendez thugs will attack with Reni 
providing some resistance. The car is not fixed so you can leave but watch out 
with Reni getting caught in any explosions. 

Pull into the hospital marker for a quick movie and mission complete. Reni
needs some time for her operation so it is time to head to Diaz's mansion.

Ricardo Diaz				     Location: Starfish Island Mansion

It's back to Diaz's for a mission that is like none other before in any GTA


Domo Arigato Domestoboto


Overivew: Burn the Mendez's breaker bonds
Money: $2000

Diaz wants you to destroy the Medez's breaker bonds. To do this you will use
some hitech equipment to take over the Domestobot the well advitised robot.

The bot controller has short range so you firstly need to make the trip up to
the mansion up north and jump in the van to continue.

The Domestobot has 4 functions: Pleasure, flame, carrier, cleaning and 
scanning. The main objective is to find the safe containing the bonds but as 
you do this you will be called to do other tasks. The bot works like a car
and the weapon change buttons scroll through the options on the bot.

If you are called to clean, you have to activate the cleaning hand and then
pass over the rubbish, shown on the map.

when asked to get a drink you have to ehad to the kitchen, use the grabbing
hand to pick up a drink and then head to Mendez.

when called to light the Mendez's cigar, activate the lighter and head to 

The pleasure is not used but if you drive to any girl in the house you will
hear some comments. 

To find the safe you need to activate the scanner feature. Then when you 
approach the safe the beeps will gain more rapid. To find the safe head to the
storeroom to the right of the kitchen and approach the marker in the corner of
this room. Then in the basement head round the corner to find the safe. 

To open the safe you need to crack the code. Anyone that has played Mastermind
will be right at home here cracking the code. A light blue marker means you
have the right number in the wrong spot, a green means correct marker in wrong
spot and grey means the number is wrong. You have 20 attempts to complete this
task. If you wish to see the answer scroll down but if you wish to solve it
yourself I reccomend this stratergy.

Firstly, do all 1s, then all 2s etc. You will now know what 4 numbers make up
the solution. Then in your remaining attempts you can put these numbers in the
correct order. The solution to the puzzle is:


With the code input, the door will open. Then change to the lighting arm and
park on the marker to complete the mission. 

It is now time to bid farewell to Reni so head to the hospital for her last 

Reni Wassulmaier			                 Location: Ocean Beach

It is time for Reni's last mission, but it mainly involves Phil and Barry and
the last problems with the gig....

In The Air Tonight

Overview: Drop Reni off at the airport and ensure Phil's gig goes smoothly
Money: $2000

Well Reni's got a brand new look, i'll let you make a judgement on it! Reni
needs you to take her to the airport. You can choose to use car or helicopter
it is up to you - the helicopter is located around the back. I reccomend the 
helicopter as it allows you to avoid any potential problems along the way.

Park the helicopter near the marker where you can land easily, and head into
the marker to bid farewell to Reni as she makes some very untrue comments 
about us Europeans - the sophisticated parts true however! 

The next objective is to head to the Stadium to go to Phil's concert. When
you get there you will have to surrendor all your weapons at the door, you
will get them back if you die or complete the mission.

Some of Giorgio's men are cutting the lighting rig so head around clobbering
any target before the bars on the screen fill. Some men will not be cutting
just acting as a distraction so target the sabotures first. Each time a thug
fills the top bar this will cause the second one to grow a little.

After a few attempts have been made you will see a bit more of the concert but
do not, switch off as there will be more attempts, like I did! After the 
second lot of attempts it will be mission complete. 

You will now be able to watch the show in its full. It is the same as during
the mission but without the gaps for the highly competative price of $6000?!?!
Barry must be desperate to get the money to pay Giorgio off! 

Louise will page you suggesting you head out on a date. I'm not one to keep a
woman waiting so it's time to head down to Lance's safehouse to meet her.
Lance Vance					   Location: Lance's safehouse

It's time for the last mission for Lance Vance, one that is a lot more 
frustrating then it needs to be. Before starting this mission, complete the
fire engine pastime to become fireproof, also pack some body armour and a lot
of ammo for the uzi and also your choice of heavier weapon such as shotgun.

Light My Pyre

Overview: Rescue Louise from the Mendez mansion
Money: $3000

Louise has been take so it is down to the Vances to save the day. As the 
Mendez's thugs have destroyed Lance's car he heads off on his bike. I 
reccomend you get hold of a bike as well as it will make defending Lance much
easier then by car. 

When Lance heads off, chase after him using the bike that can be found next to
the tree to the east. Then when Lance is attacked, use the uzi to fend the cars 
off. Lance will be increadably annoying during this, from getting the way of 
your fire to biking round in circles round targets so be prepared to get very 
annoyed. Once you reach Prawn Island this increadibly annoying section will be
complete. Note - When I ran out of ammo whilst doing this with the scorpion I
recieved 500 rounds out of the blue, please contact if this happened to you or
wheather it was just a very lucky glitch. If you are a gambler you can make the
journey to the island without helping Lance. The next section begins when you
reach the bridge but without your support Lance can die easily.

When you have made it to Prawn Island it is time to storm the mansion. There is
some health on the corner if needed. Firstly, destroy the barracade with your 
choice of weapon. Then, either hang back and shoot the thugs as they leave the
courtway or charge straight in for the door. Either option works it is down to
your paitence and also health levels. The enterance is around the back so head
into the marker to continue.

Anyone who has played GTA Liberty City Stories will be familiar with the top
down section now. Armando Mendez will now set upon you with a flamethrower 
whilst more thugs come in with support. If you have completed the firefighter 
section this part will be easy as the flame will not affect you and you can 
easily shoot him dead. If you have not done this then use the run and gun 
method. If you have the scorpion this is much easier as you can run and shoot. 

When Armando is dead you see a sad movie were Louise dies with Victor trying
to comfort her in her last moments.

After the movie ends it is misison complete and Diaz pages to start the game's
last mission strand.

Ricardo Diaz  				      Location: Starfish Island Mansion

It's time for the game's final strand. Diaz's has the perfect plan to flush out
Diego the last Mendez brother and with the rage due to Louise's death Victor is
out for revenge...

Before you start this mission, restock on heavy weapons and body armour.

Over The Top

Overview: Steal a Hunter from Fort Baxter
Money: $3000

The Hunter is in town and it's down to Victor to get hold of one. To do this
we are gonig to get some backup in the form of Phil Cassidy. So head down to 
his range in Viceport. Along the way you may be ambushed by a Mendez thug,
simply kill him for the marker for Phil's place to return. 

When you reach Phil's, park in the marker. After the movie, get into Phil's 
truck and make the short drive to Fort Baxter. Park in the marker to continue 
and enjoy the game's best quote.

With the distraction in place, head over to the gap in the wall to enter the
base, jump on the window to get up high enough. Now, you should sneak this
section but later as you make the run to the helicopter, by cutting down the
guards that section will be much easier. So, set to work gunning down all the 
men in the base as you head to the admin building - blue marker. When you 
reach the marker, enter the building. In the corridors, kill the two guards 
and head straight on, then enter the opening on the right to find the 
control room. Then enter the marker to open the helicopter pad gate.

The guards are now trying to get the Hunter to saftey so you have 3 minuites
to steal one. Sprint out the admin building. Now you can't head straight too
the Hunter due to the barrier, you have to run right around the block it is in
past the medical hut and enter through that enterance. With most of the guards
dead now, this should be much easier. Enter the hunter and pull right away out
of the base to avoid any surface fire. Then make the trip back to Diaz's 
mansion but I reccomend getting some practise with the weapons now as you will
need it for the final mission next.

When you come up to the mansion, land on the marker for mission complete. 
Martinez will page challenging you telling you it is time to settle it all. 
This will activate the final mission marker but I reccomend restocking on M4
ammo, body armour and a Spaz 12 before you start. When you are ready to finish 
things with Diego and Jerry head in the marker to begin the final mission....

*Alternate Method - A reader has emailed saying you can simply jump over the
barrier to head to the Hunter which will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Last Stand

Overview: Settle things once and for all with Diego Mendez and Jerry Martinez
Money: N/A

Victor's fired and I hope you are to as we begin the last mission. Fly the
Hunter to the Mendez building near the Stadium in Downtown. You can see the 
building as it will have some glass windows.

When you get there, hold down O and pound the building full of rockets till 
everyone of the thugs are dead. The damage bar tells you how you are doing, so
remember to pull away if the bar is filling too much. If missile lock comes on
the screen pull right away as fast as you can as it means a rocket is heading
for you that will fill the damage bar quickly. There are a lot of guys and they
keep coming so don't stop pounding the building with rockets.

When all the targets are dead the Hunter will be attack in a movie. As you take
control, head to the weapons stock and rearm and rehealth yourself if needed.
Then enter the stairwell, where you will on the floor you just attacked but
again restocked full of thugs. I had a M4 at this point but an Ak will do fine
and blast the brains of everyone on the floor. Remember to use cover and do not
bite off more than you can chew. There is a bodyarmour pickup on the floor if
you need, just round the corner from where you start.

After this floor has been cleared head through the marker to go down a floor.
Repeat the proccess from the floor above and when all the thugs are dead there
will be a movie as Martinez and Diego arrive. 

Run round the corner and pick up the bodyarmou and head through the marker to
go back up a floor. Kill the two guards and then take cover from the 
helicopter. Save the rocket launcher and use your M4/AK to attack the 
helicopter as it attempts to flush you out the building. While you attack the
helicopter, more guards will come onto the floor so watch out. 

The patten for this section is, guards come, helicopter attacks, you attack. So
take cover in the middle and let rip either side. When the helicopter's damage
bar has filled and has head off, two more guards will come. Again pick up the
body armour they drop and head to the marker to begin the final showdown on the

Martinez is armed with an AK as is Mendez so our M4 should give us the 
advantage, as well as the rocket launcher we have packed.I found Diego died 
quickly after a sustained burst of the M4 and I then hit Martinez with a rocket 
before running in for the kill with the shotgun.

The run, stop, gun technique is key here and as long as you do not get greedy
and stay still two long the fight should be easy, expecially with the rocket
knocking one guys health down to near nothing.

When both are pushing up the daisys, Lance will come in fasionably late and it
is mission complete and the credits will run. Press X to speed them up - you
can't skip them and you will now recieve some brand new multiplayer content as
well as the Winners outfit, with fans of Wham should recognise - with a slight

with the game around 30% complete it is time to do the remaining 70% which can
be done by completing the many pastimes in the game which is the next section
of this guide.

*Alternate Method - The same reader that helped with the previous mission has
another method for the rooftop battle. After the opening sequence, run behind
one of the roof doors. Then let rip on Martinez with the Ak-47 and then just
turn around and do the same to Mendez, this method can prevent the need for
Heavy Weapons.


The game has a number of pastimes from street racing, to shooting 99 red 
balloons. This guide starts with the core pastimes - Vigilante, Paramedic etc
before moving on to the races.
Odd Jobs

We start with the oddjobs. They are all started in a vehicle which is explained
with the mission. They offer very good bonuses for completion so I definetly
reccomend you complete a few.


Overview: Takedown the criminals of Vice City
Reward: Increase Bodyarmour
Location: Any Police vehicle including the Hunter and Rhino

Vigilante involves taking down the wrong doers of Vice City. To do this you
have a choice of any Police Vehicle and selection is key. The police bikes are
a good option as they allow you to driveby the target from behind easily as
opposed to the raming technique you will need for other choices.

Of course, the obvious choice is one of either the Rhino or Hunter but they
can be hard to obtain early in the game. When you have completed the game, 
dress in your military gear and you can then access the Rhino in the army base
which had previously been locked.

When you have your choice of vehicle, press up to begin the mission. You then
have 5 minuites to head to the target and eliminate the criminals. They may be
on bikes, cars or on foot and they will all fight back - so watch out!

The game will be saved every 5 levels so reach this milestone to continue again
from that point. Once you have reached level 15, you will unlock the increase
in body armour.


Overview: Pickup patients and take them to hospital
Reward: Infinite Sprint
Location: Ambulance

The paramedic missions involve you heading off to people in need in the area
around the nearest hospital and dropping them back before they die from their

You will be given targets around the nearest hospital and then you need to
speed off and pick them up by parking nearby. Then you have to head back to the
hosptial and drop them off in the marker. The ambulance can carry 3 people at
a time and fortunatley the patients seem to be be grouped in threes. This means
bring up the map and have a look and plan your routes based round these. You
gain time for each patient you pick up and drop off, so picking up three in
quick succession gives you a massive boost to your health.

When you have picked up a patient, start to pull away as they are lifted off
the ground. The patient will continue to get in so you have gained a few
seconds of acceleration which near the end levels really adds up.

Each level you complete adds another patient to the list so by level 15 you 
will have 15 trips or, if you use the groups method, 5 trips. The ambulance is
durable but damage does build up and you are unable to change vehicle. As with
all the other pastimes, the game saves every 5 levels. 

Complete level 15 to unlock infinite sprint so you no longer have to repeatly
tap X to make the sprint last that little bit longer.

Overview: Put out fires around Vice City
Reward: Fireproof
Location: Firetruck

THe firetruck pastime puts you behind the wheel of a firetruck as you put out
fires around the city.

To shoot the water you use O, and direct the jet with the D-pad. In theory,
this should seem hard but basically, just stop the truck and then move to the

To put out a fire aim the jet in the general area of the fire. If you can see
the smokey affect it means the fire is being put out so just leave the jet 
there and after a few seconds the fire will be put out. 

Every fire you put out adds 5 seconds, with people fires adding 10. In addition
the money you earn varies on how many fires you put out. Brilliantly, you do
not need to put out every fire to complete the level. If you do not put out a
fire the person will die and you wil lose 15 seconds of your time and some of
the bonus.

So basically, so long as through the first few levels, you are accurate and put
most the fires out - which is very easy due to the generous jet coverage, you
will build up a mass of time that will let you relax and let the people die if
you wish.

Every level you complete adds another flaming target with every 5 level adding
another car. Cars must be put out. Reach level 15 and you will be fireproof
with no flames hurting you. As mentioned easly this makes one of the supposed
harder levels much easier as the Mendez's flamethrower is useless.


Overview: Take customers to locations around Vice City
Reward:  Hydraulic Boost for Taxis
Location: Any Taxi in Vice City

Taxidriver puts you behind the wheel of one of Vice City's many cabs as you do
the trademark work of the cabbie. I really reccomend new comers to the game do
this submission as it will teach you all you need to know about the city and
many of the key locations and routes through the city.

Firstly, you will need to find a fare which can be seen by the blue marker on
the map - you can only have one fare available at any time. If there are no
fares available there will be a message highlighting this so simply drive to a
more populated area where you should find one. 

The timelimit constantly decreases, only rising when you pickup a fare. The
amount the timer increases by is in proportion to the length of the fare, so
longer journeys have a greater timebonus.

In addition to this, the amount earned is worked out by distance with ranges of
$5 to $100. You can add to this amount by the tipbar. The bar decreases as the
taxi takes damage and also if the journey takes longer than expected. The tip
bar is the main way you will make a lot of money from this submission so drive
carefully but also fast.

There are also some special journeys that may occur. One is to follow a 
paticular car, this time if you approach the car too much the tip meter drops
and if stay too far away the car will be lost and the fare will end. Another
mission involves you taking a customer somewhere and them obtaining a wanted
level. You now have to take them somewhere else for the fare to be completed
and the wanted level to be lost. There is a more simple version of this which
involves you taking someone one place and then another.

If at any point your taxi becomes overly damaged, head to the nearest pay and
spray. The game will prompt you to do this but if you have a fare you will lose

After you have earned $5000 worth from the taxi the mission will be complete
and you will unlock the ability to make the taxi's jump by pressing down. The
amount does not have to be done in one go but I do reccomend you try as the
bonuses for completing 5, 10, 15 etc in a row really spead up the whole 

Beach Patrol

Overview: Rescue people at sea or clear bikers off the beach
Reward: No more breath meter
Location: Beach Buggy about midway down the beach.

It's time to act like we are in Baywatch as we take up being a lifeguard. 
Beach patrol comes in two parts and it is random which on you will do - the
first time I played I did the rescuing and the second time the clearing.

The rescuing involves taking the buggy to the sea adn jumping in the boat. Then
you set off throwing lifesupports. To do this, head near to where the swimmer
is and then perform a driveby. This will throw the lifesupport. You do not have
to be completly accurate but getting the boy in the gneral area is useally
sufficent. As you move up the leves, the number of swimmers increases.

The other half to beach patrol sees you remain in the buggy. This time, some
bikers on Sanchezes are tearing up the beach and it is down to you to stop 
them. To do this you can either ram or drive by the bikers until they fall off.

When you reach leavel 15 via either route or a mixture of both you unlock
unlimited swim stamina so the blue bar when in water dissapears and you do not
have to worry about drowning again.

Air Rescue

Overview: Rescue people in need and return them to hospital
Reward: Increas health
Location: Medical Helicopter

Head into any medical helicopter, which can be found on the helicopter pad 
around the hospitals. The mission is very similar to the Paramedic but this
time you use a helicopter to pick up patients and ferry them back to the near
by hospitals. To pick a patient up, approach them and just slow down leaving
the winch near and they will jump on. The same goes for dropping patients
back to the hospital. When you have picked up a patient the nearest hospital
will appear on the minimap so head there. I personally used the stratergy of
picking up all the patients and then dropping them off at the hospital but you
can ferry the patients individually if that works best for you. 

The helicopter is fairly durable but you should still take care when 
approaching patients and hospitals as small damage adds up. The levels work
by adding a patient every 3 level. So levels 1 and 2 are one patient, 3 and 4
are two etc up to a maximum of 4. The patients can die if you are too wreakless 
with the winch so watch where it swings.

When you have reached  Level 15, you will unlock the increase to your max

Overview: Put out fires from the air
Location: A fire copter can be found in the downtown firestation round the back

This submission has no paticular reward as such. However, you will earn a lot 
of money by doing it. Firstly, fly the helicopter to the fire and then simply
release the water to put the fire out. Do not be to heavy on the release as it
means you have to refill which does take time. To refill, simply fly over any
water and let the bucket settle in it. Once you have got the hang of this
process the mission will be very simple and you can simply enjoy the easy
Miscellaneous Jobs

This section contains some of the main subtasks in the game. There have some
good rewards and will not take too long so it is definetly worth putting in the
effort here.

Phil's Shooting Range

Overview: Break the scoring records at the range
Reward: $2500 and a discount at Ammunation
Location: Phil's Shooting Range

The range is the ideal place to practice your shooting skills and at the same
time get a very nice discount at Ammunation. 

The range involves 5 levels: Pistol, Uzi, Shotgun, M4 and Sniper in that order.
You will then be set a target and will have to beat that target by shooting the
targets. For each one you destroy you get 100 points. To make things difficult
for each civilian target you destroy you lose 200 points. It does not matter 
where you hit the target.

The trick to the range is the use of the fine aim. This will allow you to put
it just on the target. Also remember to fire in bursts, as this will a) prevent
you shooting something you do not want to and b) will maximise your ammo life
as the time it takes to reload can make the difference between hitting and 
missing a target. 

To get more detail on the Range I reccomend you follow this link: 


to view Lagunathemoron brilliant guide on this minigame.

Vice Sites

Overview: Take a tourist around the main sites of Vice City
Reward: $500
Location: East side of the airport near the large plane

This side task involes you takeing a tourist to some markers like a taxi 
mission. When you get to the large circle you need to hover around it until a
picture is taken. The fun bar is the key to this mission. Not only is there a
time limit but you must keep this bar full. To do this pull up, pull down or
increase your speed to raise the fun. When you have completed the 5th level
you will recieve your reward.

Swinger's Club

Overview: Practise your golf swing
Reward: $1000
Location: The driving range on the golf course

Once you have completed the mission Home's on the range, this minigame is
unlocked. It works exactly as in the mission. You have 5 shots and the best
way to get a good drive is to stop the marker in both green sections to hit
a long accurate drive. Once you have completed this simple mini game for the 
first time you recieve the money.

Mashing Up the Mall

Overview: Using a BMX pick head through checkpoints
Location: The mall in Vice Point

Hop on the BMX to begin this subtask. The mall is full of checkpoints and you
have to head through all of them within a tight time limit of 4:30 to complete
the task. The checkpoints come in three different colours and they work as

Red: Just head through
Green: Wheelie through (Pull on to the back wheel)
Blue: Stoppie through (Push forward raising back wheel)

The time limit is tough, so be sure to plan your route. With a well planned
route you will be able to shave the much needed seconds of your time to get
the reward. 

Land, Sea and Air Ace

Overview: Comeplete a triathalon
Location: Lighthouse in Ocean Beach

This task involves proving you are a master of three disciplines- Land, sea and
air. You head on a checkpoint race first by Sanchez which is effectively a loop
and then you switch to jetski to head around on the sea before getting to a
seahelicopter and flying through the checkpoints. The time limit is 4:30 and it
is a challenge. Try and get as close as possible to the change over vehicle as
this reduces the cross over time. Another trick is to look at the map and plan
ahead as this will help set you up for corners. 

Good luck for this one, it is a tricky one and a good tactic is to get used to
the route the first time so you can then get a good feel for the track.

Empire Mode

Empire mode is the most important of the side missions as you will have to
do it to progress in the game. Vice City is a city on the grow and thus there
are many business options available for you. With intelligent investments you
can create a solid base to the main missions with massive cash income to make
buying weapons easy.

Making An Empire

To make an empire you first need to capture a site. There are many scattered
around Vice City. Firstly, destroy the gang car outside. This will then trigger
an attack and lots of gang members will come out, simply shoot them all and
you can then head inside. Kill the gang members inside and then the site will
be up for sale. Simply head up to the sign and press up to buy it. 

A site can be any of 6 options. These options come in three forms- small, 
medium and large. The bigger you go the higher the cost but at the same time
the reward is greater. Location is also important. Move smuggling to a 
dockyard plot for example to earn more.

Business         Small               Medium               Large

Protection      $1500               $2900                 $4400
Loan Shark      $2000               $3900                 $5800
Prostitution    $3000               $5900                 $8800
Drugs           $4500               $8900                 $13300
Smuggling       $5000               $9900                 $14800
Robbery         $6000   	    $11900      	  $17800          

To reduce these costs and also increase your income, simply complete the 
missions. The guide to the missions is below.

In attacking empires you may face attack from other gangs. If a site is 
attacked you need to head to it and kill off all the attackers. If the site has
taken any damage then you will need to repair it or you will face a cut in 

Empire Missions

This section takes you through all the missions involved with Empire mode. Some
are easier then others but they are worth the effort as they increase profit
and decrease costs at your assets.


The protection bussiness is the cheapest to get into in Vice City but it also
has the lowest payout. When the missions are complete the price drops
significantly and the income becomes fair so protection is a useful option for
those entering empire mode or low on a budget to get a foothold in the city.

You will already have completed one protection level already. The protection
levels come in a one of three ways. One is to protect exsiting stores from
attack. In this mission the aim is simply to head to the bussiness before the
damage bar fills and attack the gang. Then head inside and finish off what is

You may also have to convert an exisiting store. This is very similar to the 
Marty level earlier in the game where you simply have to trash the store till
the owner comes around to your point of view. A varient of this is to convert
a gang store so you will face gang action during this.

The last option is to rescue a store. A bar will appear and you have to have 
killed all the attackers before the mission completes. 

These missions are fairly quick and straight forward so enjoy the early 

Loan Shark

The next step from protection is the loan shark. This is a very repetative set
of missions that are very simple. Either hijack the bike or truck and drive it
back to your asset. The exowner may fight back, but aside from that there is
little to worry about. When dealing with cargo trucks, be careful when ramming
as it lowers your reward if cargo is lost so give a short uzi burst to get the
exowners out. This is a very simple set of missions so just find a few minuites
and do them!


If you have played GTA San Andreas then these missions will be familiar. You
have to pick up a hooker, drive her to the punter and then pick her up. Some 
times the punter will not pay so just run him over. The other alternative is
that the punter will attack the girl so just rush over and kill him off. As 
you move up the missions the number or hookers will increase as will the time
so so long as you drive sensibly as before these missions should be simple.


This empire starts the patten of completing actual small missions. There are 6
in total to complete. The locations change every time so I have not put any
paticular locations.

For the first one, pick up the money and head outside. Then hop in a nearby car
and make the jorney to the meeting point. Drive down the alleyway
and into the marker. After the handover has taken place, jump into the drugs
can and drive back to your base to complete the first mission. There is no
police attention so it just a simple drive. Take your reward at the end and
head back inside for the next mission.

Head outside and hop in to the marked car. Then make the journey to the trade.
This time however, it is not so smooth. Shoot the two buyers and then hop back
in the drug car. Then make the journey back to the drugs base but be careful
as you will face attack from some of the buyer's gang. Use a pay and spray if
necessary. Head to the marker to complete the second mission.

For the third mission, pick up the money and then head to the meeting point.
This time the DEA have been watching the deal. This means you need to head back
to the drug base with a 3 star wanted level. This should not be too hard a 
journey and as you pull in to the marker, enjoy your monetary reward.

For the next mission, pick up the money and head to the marker. The next
problem is that the drugs are fake! Chase after the dealer and give him some
uzi action. When he is dead you need to pick up the money. Then head back to
base to recieve the reward.

Now for the penultamate mission. Get into the van and make the journey to the
meeting spot. Then you will be attacked by another gang. Get out a weapon and
kill the attacking gang, then pick up the money and get back in the drug van.
Then make the journey back to the drug base being careful for attack along the
way. When you reach the base, drive in the marker for mission complete.

The final level is an easy walk. Head outside to the blue marker and get in the
boat. Then take the boat to the meeting point. From the meeting point make the
journey by jetski back to the jetty were the boat is for mission complete. 

That finishes the drugs section. Enjoy the increased profits and lower costs!


Smuggeling is a nice little earner and it is well worth completing these 
missions. Be careful when you return from the collection because you will lose
money the more packages you lose.

For the first mission, heaed to the jetty in VicePoint. Then hop in the boat
and navigate to the helicopter. This will start a timer. The helicopter will
fly around dropping packages around. Your job is to pick these up with each
package increasing the time by 3 seconds. The packages are dropped in groups
of threes and so long as you have a basic grasp of the boat are easy to obtain.
When 15 packages have been picked up, a new timer will start and it's up to you
to head back to the jetty from before. When this is done you need to get in the
truck and head back to the warehouse before time expires to complete the 

The second mission works exactly the same as the first one. However, when you
are picking up the packages there is some competition. The two helicopters will
drop packages as before so just head to them. A trick is to try and drive by
one of the boats as you both compete for one thus cutting the competition.
However, do not spend too much time doing this. The packages now add 5 seconds
to the game clock. Once the 15 have been picked up head back to the base as
before to receive your cash.

For the third mission we change jettys and this time we head down to the 
Viceport. When there it is the same pick up 15 packages with no competition.
When they have all been done, you will find your self with a 4 star wanted
level. You then have to find your way back to your base. Be careful when 
getting rammed because if you lose all the packages then it is mission 
failure. A trick to maxamise profits is to build a smuggling post near the 
jetty and do the mission there to reduce drive time.

For the fourth mission there is a combination of the previous two. The mission
works just like the previous one but when picking up the packages the mission
works like the one before that. If you found the picking up a breeze then that
aspect should be easy and with a nearby base the drop off is easier then it 
could be.

For the fifth mission, the boat can be found at the jetty from the first two
missions. The drop off point is the same so head to the helicopter and pick up
the fifteen packages. The change this time is that rival gang boats are coming
to get you. So you need to head back to another jetty, this time the one from
the last two missions. The boats will start to pick you up from Starfish 
Island. Do not try to fight, just drive on through heading to the target. When
you reach the jetty, there will be no wanted level on you so the journey back
should be easy so long as you drive quickly. Head back to the marker for 
mission complete.

For the last mission. Head to the jetty in Viceport and get in the boat. Then
head to the drop off point. You will be competing again with the two rival
boats and the aim is to get 20 packages. Every package gvies you 6 seconds so
if you do it right you have time to knock off a rival to make your job easier.
When you have all the packages, head back to the jetty and its back to the 
4 star wanted level. Then you need to make the treck back to base for mission
complete and to finish the Smuggling submissions. It is a hard one so take a
good break and enjoy the increased income!


The last, most advanced and profitable of all the empires is robbery. With
initial high costs, these missions are essential to decrease building and to
descrease turnaround time so you can make your profit.

For the first misison you have to steal a suitcase. Head in a car to the 
location and ram the courier's car. This will set it off, so give chase and
keep the ramming and drive by up. Be carfeul though, do not destroy the car!
When you have done a certain amound of damage back up will come, ignore it and
eventually the courier will leave the car. Kill him and take the case, then to
finish the level you need to head back to your base being careful to ignore the
backup that will still be on your trail.

The second mission involves making a hit on a money truck. The journey is from
the north of Vice City to the airport. When you make the first hit the police
will be called and you get a 2 star wanted level. Eventually, more back up will
be called. The van is bulletproof but you can take out the tyres and that will
make your life easier as the van will sway. After a while the truck will be 
abandoned. While you drive with both back doors off money will come out and 
you will lose money so if you can go to a pay and spray, lose the wanted level
and with the doors back the money loss will be less. The journey will be easier
with just gang action as you can outpace them so head back to base for mission

The third mission needs you to be in a boat so head to Viceport and get in the
marked boat. The courier is in another boat so gun it to the north and counter
the boat as it comes south. When the driver (Courier) is dead, you need to 
board the boat and pick up the case. Be careful as there may be gunmen on the
boat and also gunmen on other boats. Take control of the boat with the case and
head back to base by whatever means you want. There will be no gang action so
just enjoy the trip back for mission complete.

The fourth mission involves another money truck attack. This time however the
journey is shorter and the truck is protected by a two car convey filled with
Ak gunners. In advance get hold of a bullet proof car if you can or take
something big like a firetruck. Use the same tactic of before, gun it up to the
truck, shoot the wheels and ram it till they get out. There is no wanted level
so try and stop the convey as it'll make your journey back a lot easier.

For the penultamate mission, it is another boat based one so head to the jetty
and give chase. The boat has a convey of two and you have two options depending
on your style. You can either take the boat from a distance or you can gun in
then shoot and get out and repeat. Do whichever favours your style and then it
is similar to the last boat mission, board the boat, pick up the case and then
head back. Be careful not to relax as you have a two star wanted level. Head
back to base to complete the mission.

The last mission involves making a hit on a courier in a car. The convey is
two landstalkers filled with ak armed men. The moment you make initial contact
with the convey there is a two star wanted level added as well. The landstalker
drivers are crazy so try and pull away from them. The couriers car is a hard
nut so keep ramming, T-boneing and drivebying the car till the courier gets
out. Now, run the courier over so the warning is there to pick up the 
briefcase. The temptation will be there to run in but hold back. If you have
a distance weapon use that and pick off the AK gun men or they will rip you
apart at the close range. With the gunmen dead then pick up the briefcase. You
then need to make the journey back, be awware that backup will be coming on 
the journy so I reccomend you head to a pay and spray, lose the wanted level
and then gun it back to base. Touch the marker at the base and it is mission
over. Well done you have now finished the empire missions! Enjoy the increased
profits you will now have and also the lower costs. 


During the game you will be able to change clothes. This list shows all the
outfits and also how to get them.

Army Gear:  Beat the mission last stand
Winner's Outfit: Beat the mission last stand
Casual Clothes: Beat the mission Conduct Unbecoming
Trailer Trash Clothes: Beat the mission D.I.V.O.R.C.E
Cuban Style Clothes: Finish the Umberto Strand
Hired Muscle clothes: Buy a high roller Protection building
Mr. Repo Clothes: Buy a high roller Loan Shark building
Track Suit: Buy a high roller Drugs building
Smuggler Clothes: Buy a high roller Smuggling building
Hood Clothes: Buy a high roller Robbery building
Smart Suit: Complete all empire mode missions
Wetsuit: Complete all the Jetski races

Contact Information

I hope there is not but there are bound to be some errors in this guide. I have 
done my best to find them but if you do spot any or have any suggestions for the
guide then please contact me using the email address [email protected] Please
use Vice City Stories Guide as the subject and please be relevant. I will do 
my best to answer any questions. All credit will be given.


CjayC - For creating the brilliant site Gamefaqs.com

You - For reading this guide

Rockstar Leeds - For making this fantastic game

A Reader that wishes to be anonymous - For corrections and a new stratergy for
the Over The Top and Last Stand Missions

Rainman - For correcting a mission name mistake

[email protected] - For correcting a mistake in the Burning
Bridges level

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