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___                    _            ____             ____________
¯| |                  //\          ¯|  |¯¯          //¯¯¯¯¯----\ \ 
 | |       |\        //\ \          |  |           //           \ \              
 | |       | |      //  \ \         |  |          //             \ \              
 | |_______| |      ¯    \ \        |  |        _//               \ \        
 |   ______  |     - ¯¯¯¯   \       |  |        ¯¯       (¯¯)-    | |==
 |  |      | |    / /¯¯¯¯¯\  \      |  |                  ¯¯      / /         
 |  |      | |   / /       \  \     |  |_____/|   //             / /            
_|  |      | | _/ /         \  \   _|         |_  
\\____________/ /                        
¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯         ¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   \_____________/           

            _____   ____    __    __    ____          _______
           /       /    \   | \  / |   |    \    /\      |
          |        |    |   |  \/  |   |  : <   /__\     |
           \_____  \____/   |      |   |____/  /    \    |

        ______            _____                  ______    ____
        |         \    /  /     \  |     \    /  |         |    \
        |-----     \  /   |     |  |      \  /   |-----    | () |
        |______     \/    \_____/  |____   \/    |______   |____/

Game: Halo: Combat Evolved
Platform: Microsoft Xbox
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Creator/Developer: Bungie
Author of this FAQ: Little_Jewell
E-mail: arminjewell[at]yahoo[dot]com
Type of FAQ: FAQ/Walkthrough
FAQ Version: 0.25


1. Version History
2. Copyright Information
3. Introduction 
4. Basic Controls and Information
   a. Controls
   b. Game Start-up
   c. Profiles
   d. Heads Up Display (HUD)
      i. Weapon Indicator
      ii. Health/Shield Indicator
      iii. Flashlight Indicator                      
      iv. Directional Damage Indicator               
      v. Navigation Points
      vi. Target Indicator
      vii. Motion Tracker/Radar
   e. Saving/Loading Games
5. Characters 
   a. Human
   b. Covenant
   c. Flood
6. Story
7. Legendary Walkthrough
   a. The Pillar of Autumn
   b. Halo
   c. Truth and Reconciliation
   d. Assault on the Control Room
   e. 343 Guilty Spark
   f. The Library
   g. The Two Betrayals
   h. Keyes
   i. The Maw
8. Weapons
   a. Human Weapons
      i. M6D Pistol
      ii. MA5B Assault Rifle
      iii. M9 HE-DP Grenade
      iv. M90 Shotgun
      v. S2 AM Sniper Rifle
      vi. M19 SSM Rocket Launcher
      vii. M41 LAAG
   b. Covenant Weapons
      i. Plasma Rifle
      ii. Plasma Pistol
      iii. Needler
      iv. Plasma Grenade
      v. Stationary Gun (Shade)
9. Vehicles
   a. Human Vehicles
      i. M12 LRV (Warthog)
      ii. M808B Scorpion MBT
   b. Covenant Vehicles
      i. Ghost
      ii. Banshee
10. Multiplayer
   a. Multiplayer Modes of Play
      i. Cooperative Play
      ii. Split-Screen Play
      iii. System Link Play
   b. Multiplayer Levels 
      i. Battle Creek 
      ii. Blood Gulch
      iii. Boarding Action
      iv. Chill Out
      v. Chiron TL34
      vi. Damnation
      vii. Derelict
      viii. Hang 'Em High
      ix. Longest
      x. Prisoner
      xi. Rat Race
      xii. Sidewinder
      xiii. Wizard
   c. Multiplayer Games
      i. Slayer
         a. Slayer
         b. Slayer Pro
         c. Elimination
         d. Phantoms
         e. Endurance 
         f. Rockets
         g. Snipers
         h. Team Slayer 
      ii. Oddball
         a. Oddball
         b. Reverse Tag
         c. Accumulate
         d. Juggernaut
         e. Stalker
         f. Team Ball
      iii. King of the Hill   
         a. King
         b. King Pro
         c. Crazy King
         d. Team King
      iv. Race
         a. Race
         b. Rally
         c. Team Race
         d. Team Rally
      v. Capture the Flag (CTF)
         a. CTF
         b. Invasion
         c. Iron CTF
         d. CTF Pro
11. Tips/Tricks
   a. Cheats
   b. General Tips
   c. Enemy Tips
   d. Weapon Tips
   e. Level Tips
   f. Multiplayer Tips
   g. Miscellaneous Tips
   h. Glitches
12. Credits

/                                                                     \
||                    1. Version History                             ||

0.25 - March 15, 2003 - I finished the walkthrough for Halo.

0.2 - March 2, 2003 - I did some more of the walkthrough for Halo, and 
I pretty much finished the multiplayer section and the weapon section.  
I added another contribution as well.

0.15 - February 23, 2003 - I finished the characters section, and did 
some of the walkthrough for Halo.

0.1 - February 15, 2003 - Started the FAQ and I finished the first 
section of the walkthrough, along with sections 1-4, 6 and 12.  I did a 
lot of section 11.  I need contributions greatly, like mission 
strategies, and such.

/                                                                     \
||                    2. Copyright Information                       ||

This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright 
Convention of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only--it cannot 
be reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any 
form (written or otherwise).  It is a free document that cannot be used 
in any sort of commercial transaction, including selling it or giving 
it away as a gift.  This FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, or used by 
anybody (including webmasters, publishers, and magazine staff) without 
my expressed written permission.  This FAQ was created and is owned by 
me, Armin Jewell .  All copyrights 
and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not specifically 
mentioned herein.  This document is copyrighted 2002 by Armin Jewell.

/                                                                     \
||                         3. Introduction                           ||

This is the best first-person shooter ever created.  There have been 
many attempts to please the audience, but this is my kind of first-
person shooter.  Ammo can be wasted pretty easily, and health is not 
that big of a factor, because you can get hit without having to seek a 
medical kit or something like that.  It can also get REALLY, REALLY 
hard, especially if you choose legendary difficulty, you will be in for 
a long hard battle to win.

I am going to take this opportunity to give you my e-mail policy.  I 
will answer any questions about the game, as long as they aren't 
already answered in the FAQ itself.  If you need clarifications I will 
also answer your questions.  These are things you can send me:

Send me:
Constructive Criticism

Do not send me:
Hate mail
Destructive Criticism

By the way, there are SPOILERS in this FAQ, so read on at your own 

/                                                                     \
||                   4. Basic Controls and Information               ||

This is basically the introductory part of the game.  This information 
all is courtesy of the Halo manual.

{                                                                     }
{---------------------------a. Controls-------------------------------} 

   ___                            ___
  /_l_\                          /_m_\
 /     \                        /     \
/       \______________________/       \
|    _                          [a]    |
|   {e}           XBOX             [b] |
|                             [g]      |
|   _||_              _    [i]   [h]   |  
|   -||- (f)         {k)      [j]      |
|      __                      __      |
\     /  \\    [d]   [c]    ///  \     / 
 \   /    \\\\          /////     \   /
  \_/        \\\\\\\\\\\\\         \_/ 

a: White - Flashlight On/Off
b: Black - Switch Grenade
c: Start - Pause/Resume
d: Back - Go Back
e: Left Thumbpad - Move/ Crouch when pressed
f: Direction Pad - Move
g: Y Button - Switch Weapon
h: B Button - Melee Attack
i: X Button - Reload/Pick Up Weapon/Action Button
j: A Button - Jump
k: Right Thumbpad - Look, press to aim with scope
l: Left Trigger - Throw Grenade
m: Right Trigger - Shoot weapon

{                                                                     }
{--------------------------b. Game Start-Up---------------------------} 

Campaign Mode

This is the regular first-player mode of the game.  The hardest 
sections of the game are right in here.  When you go in, you can go 
into your old profile or if you don't have one you can start a new one.  
See the Profiles section for more details on that.

Multiplayer Mode

This is what you play once you get bored with the campaign mode.  You 
can either play head-to-head or in a co-operative on one of the 
campaign missions.  See the Multiplayer section for more details.


This is where you can edit your profile.  For more information on 
profiles and editing the, look at the profiles section.

Game Demos

This is pretty obvious, it is the game demos that come with the game.
{                                                                     }
{----------------------------c. Profiles------------------------------} 

This is who you are in the game.  You need to create a profile if you 
want to anything in Halo.  There are several options to consider.  To 
create a new profile, press Y at the select profile screen.  When you 
do this, you will get a menu with the following options.

*Change Name: Exactly what it says, you can choose your name.  If you 
don't choose a name it will be New001.  

*Controller Setup: This is where you set the controls.  You can choose 
from several preset options or you can make your own option.  Go into 
Advanced Setup from here to get a couple of things to setup.
   -Invert Thumbstick: You can choose either Yes or No, and choosing 
yes will make it so when you push the right thumbstick up, you will 
look down.  If it is off, then when you push it up it will go up.

   -Look Sensitivity: It starts on three, and that is usually good 
enough.  It goes from 1-10, and 1 is too sluggish and 10 is ultra-
   -Invert Flight Control: The same things as inverting the thumbstick, 
except when you are in a flying vehicle.  Inverting it will make it 
more realistic to how it is in real life, but you can do whatever is 
the most comfortable for you.

   -Auto-Center: This will ensure that your crosshair will stay in the 
center after you let go of the thumbstick.

*Change Color: This is really cool, but it is ONLY for multi-player.  
There are 18 different colors to choose from, all to each person's 

*Save Changes: Obviously, if you want to save what you changed or did.

{                                                                     }
{----------------------d. Heads-Up Display (HUD)----------------------} 

This is the same thing as your screen, and what is on your screen.

i. Weapon Indicator
The weapon indicator is the same thing as what your weapon is.  It is 
located in the upper left hand corner of your screen.  It shows how 
much ammo is left in the gun, how much is left in the clip, how many 
grenades you have, and how much flashlight battery you have left.  Here 
is an ASCII art of a pistol weapon indicator.
 __________  ____
/ 120 X 1 / /()3/
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯

In this example, there is one shot already fired so there are only 11 
out of 12 total in that clip.  There are 120 extra bullets in the gun, 
and there are 3 plasma grenades.

ii. Health/Shield Indicator
 \  / \             SHIELD             |  
  \/   \________________________       |  
  |¯|   |¯||¯||¯||¯||¯||¯||¯||¯||      |  
|¯   ¯| | ||H||E||A||L||T||H|| ||      |  
 ¯|_|¯  |_||_||_||_||_||_||_||_||______|  
 |¯\--\ \          FLASHLIGHT          \  
 |_/--/  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  

(Thanks to NeoGamer)
This is the health indicator.  As you see there is your health and 
shield.  When your shield not necessarily runs out, but when it blinks 
red and beeps at you, you are susceptible to losing health.  The shield 
can be regenerated if you give it a little bit of time.  

iii. Flashlight Indicator

The flashlight, as shown above, appears right beneath the Health bar.  
It is a blue bar, which runs out as the battery of the flashlight runs 
out.  Luckily it is a magic flashlight, so the battery recharges when 
you turn it off, and very quickly I might add.

iv. Directional Damage Indicator

|                                                                     |
|                                                                     | 
|                                                    |\               |
|                                                    | \              |
|                                                    |  \             | 
|                                                    |   \            |
|                                                    |    \           |
|                                                    |    /           |
|                                                    |   /            |
|                                                    |  /             |
|                                                    | /              |
|                   \¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯/     |/               |
|                    \                        /                       |
|                     \                      /                        |
|                      \                    /                         |

Here is an example of the damage indicator.  These arrows will flash 
into your screen as red arrows, pointed in the direction they came 
from.  In this example, it cam from behind you and to the right.

v. Navigation Points

Navigation points are little red triangles that appear in your screen, 
showing you exactly where you are supposed to end up in that specific 
level at that specific time in the level.  Also, it will show a 
distance away in meters, or if it is far away enough in kilometers.
 \  / 
345.6 m

 \  / 
1.9 km

vi. Target Indicator

A target indicator basically is your crosshair locking in on an enemy.  
There are several types of crosshairs in the game, here are just a few.  
I will get all of them soon.

{} Assault Rifle

0 Pistol

0 Sniper Rifle

0  0  Ghost/Banshee
 (  )
(    )  Shotgun
(    )
{____}   Rocket Launcher

vii. Motion Tracker/Radar

  /   |   \ 
 /    |  {}\
 \ [] |    /

0 (White)= Your location
{} (Red)= A MOVING enemy's location
[] (Yellow)= A MOVING ally's location

This is located in the bottom-right hand corner of your screen, and it 
shows you as a yellow circle always in the middle of it.  It will track 
and show any moving bad guys on any level.  Whether it is 10,000 feet 
above or below you it will show it.  But remember, it only shows up 
when they are moving.

{                                                                     }
{-----------------------e. Saving Loading Games-----------------------} 

The concept of saving and loading in this game is unique in its own 
way.  During the game you will encounter many, many checkpoints.  Not 
only is this an indicator that you are going the right way, but also 
that you can save.  The save mechanism in-game is save and quit.  It 
will save from the last checkpoint exactly what you had with health, 
weapons, etc.  

When loading, you must go into that same level.  Before that however, 
to confirm you did it right, at the level select screen go to the level 
you were on and it should say as a description that you already have 
progress in this level.  Once you go into the level, you MUST choose 
the same difficulty or the save data will be lost, as warned in the 
game as well.

/                                                                     \
||                        5. Characters                              ||

There are 4 different races in this game, if you include the Sentinels 
as a race, and they are all against each other.  These races are the 
human, covenant, flood, and robots.  Thanks to the Halo manual for most 
of this information.  Without further ado, here we go.

{                                                                     }
{-----------------------------a. Human--------------------------------} 

Here is an introduction to every human involved in the game, their main 
ship, the Pillar of Autumn:

The Pillar of Autumn is a Halcyon-class warship that has seen decades 
of service.  An aging but sturdy vessel, and one of the smallest 
cruisers in the human fleet, the military High Command chose it 
specifically as an inconspicuous launch pad for a covert offensive 
against the Covenant.  Genetically-engineered cyborg soldiers in state-
of-the-art battle suits were supposed to board a Covenant vessel and 
locate the Covenant home world.  A surprise Covenant attack on the 
human military base on the planet Reach annihilated all but one of the 
SPARTAN-II soldiers.  The remaining SPARTAN-II, known only by his rank 
of Master Chief, was stored in a cryosleep chamber upon the Pillar of 
Autumn shortly before the ship made a blind jump across the galaxy in a 
desperate effort to lead the Covenant away from Earth.  The Master 
Chief is easily the best soldier aboard the Pillar of Autumn, but many 
of the human military 's finest also call the ship home.

The Marines

A rugged and diverse assortment of soldiers, the Marines on the Pillar 
of Autumn are fighting a losing battle against the Covenant 's superior 
weaponry and numbers.  Under the leadership of Captain Keyes they 
continue to wage a furious struggle against the Covenant, even as their 
numbers dwindle.  They 're the best of the best - but they 're only 


Cortana is the highly advanced AI at the heart of the Pillar of Autumn.  
Her design allows her to be uploaded into an appropriately configured 
battle suit for safekeeping.  She is capable of hacking into alien 
computer systems, and has used this skill to intercept Covenant 
communications during combat.  She interprets this data to provide her 
caretakers with directional waypoints and the best available 
information about troop movement and strategy.

Captain Jacob Keyes

Twenty-six years into his military career, Captain Keyes commands 
respect as a keen strategist and inspirational leader of his men.  He 
became a minor hero early in his career, when he led a small group of 
security troops against a Covenant ambush of the colony ship Meriwether 
Lewis and held them off long enough for the ship to escape.  His many 
decorations and years of combat experience against the Covenant made 
him a natural choice to command the Pillar of Autumn and its secret 

{                                                                     }
{---------------------------b. Covenant-------------------------------} 

Here is an introduction to the main reason we play this game, to get 
rid of the Covenant and to stop them from invading Earth.  Here is a 
backround on them.

The Covenant forces have spent more than thirty years trying to wipe 
out humankind.  Because their efforts have been so successful, and 
because few Covenant troops have ever been captured alive, little is 
definitively known about their origins, society, or motivations.  
Intercepted communications and battlefield reports indicate a religious 
underpinning to their genocidal campaign. What follows are brief 
descriptions of the alien races known to belong to the Covenant 
collective, gathered mostly from encounters on the battlefield.

The Grunts

Approximately 5 'tall and relatively weak, Grunts tend to travel in 
packs and stick close to more powerful allies.  Individually they are 
easy to defeat, but in groups they can overwhelm careless Marines.
Their armor seems to house some sort of life-support mechanism.  They 
are known to use a variety of weapons including the plasma pistol, 
plasma rifle and plasma grenades.  

Grunts are the second easiest enemies in the game.  They are very bad 
with their battle tactics, and they are very weak and die very quickly.  
There are a couple different kinds of grunts.  To be exact there are 
three different types, each with their own difficulty.  There is one 
thing I am not sure of.  Every once in a while after you kill someone 
by them, they run away.  I don't know how Bungie programmed this, but 
every once in a while they will run away.

These guys are horrible.  They usually sport a nice plasma pistol or a 
needler and they are very easy to defeat.  They are super-easy by 
themselves, and a little harder in numbers.  If you are playing in the 
higher difficulties such as Heroic or Legendary, they will throw 
grenades at you if they are in a crowd with a bunch of other enemies.  

Now it gets a little bit more challenging.  These guys are a little 
tougher to defeat, and some of them hold needlers while some hold 
plasma pistols.  But new to this species, they can also hold the deadly 
plasma rifle, so be careful.  They will throw grenades at you much more 
often then the orange grunts.  They will not present too much of a 
challenge to you, but they can get hard to defeat if you aren't 

You better watch out now.  These guys are tough.  They only appear in 
the last few levels, but they are still challenging.  They have a 
little bit more intelligence then a red grunt, but with a little twist 
to them.  They hold in their hand fuel rod guns, the same weapon as 
Hunters.  When they are killed, they drop their gun, and their gun 
becomes a bomb waiting to explode, so be careful after you kill them.  
Because the gun explodes you can't use their gun.  They also throw many 
more grenades than any of the other grunts.

The Jackals

With superior senses of sight, hearing and smell, Jackals serve as 
scouts and assassins for the Covenant forces. They use plasma pistols 
and carry a strong energy shield to compensate for their physical 
weakness; a well-positioned Jackal can hold his own against several 
Marines, though grenades are effective against them.  They stand 
approximately 5 '8 "tall.

Jackals are a lot of fun to kill.  In truth, they are pretty weak, and 
they might even be as easy as the Grunts.  But, they have a big old 
plasma shield with them that will give you all sorts of troubles.  This 
can easily be solved in the earlier levels by just blasting your 
bullets at them.  Eventually they will roll out of the way, and you 
will get an open shot.  Another way is to shoot with a plasma gun, 
which will deteriorate the shield.  Once their shield is off, they are 
VERY weak, if they don't die after you destroy their shield.  These 
guys only sport the plasma pistols, but they know how to charge them up 
to hit you, so beware of that.  There are only 2 types of Jackals 
throughout the game, one a little bit stronger than the other.  When I 
say the color of the Jackals, that is the ORIGINAL color of their 
shield.  They all start out blue or orange, but can turn red when fired 


These are your standard low-level jackals.  They do everything listed 
above; they use the plasma pistols only and rarely charge up, depending 
on the difficulty of course.  They also just roll out of the way on 
grenades, giving you a free shot at them if the grenade doesn't kill 
them.  They are very easy to take out, and melee attacks will go right 
through their shield.


These guys are a little bit more challenging, as they are more savvy 
with their guns, as they charge up a lot more.  You will also find them 
a little bit harder to kill, as their shield is a little bit stronger 
and they are smarter with their rolling out of the way.  Usually melee 
attacks won't kill them unless you are on Easy mode, but that will set 
you up nicely to shoot their brains out.

The Elites

There are a few varieties of the Elite, but all are roughly 8'6" tall 
and incredibly strong. Their strength allows them to rely on brute 
force when necessary, but they 're quite capable of brilliant 
battlefield tactics as well.  Their natural resilience is augmented 
with full-body energy shielding which recharges when depleted.  They 
wield plasma pistols, plasma rifles, grenades and needlers.  

Wow.  That's all I can say for these ultimate-fighting machines.  To 
put it in simple terms, they are a slightly weaker version of you.  Of 
course, they get pretty equal later on in Legendary mode, especially 
with those Gold elites...whew, those are tough times.  They have a 
recharging shield, just like you.  Their main skill that will haunt you 
is there ability to dodge your attacks.  They have an amazing skill at 
doing that.  If they feel they are taking too much damage, they will 
hide, so you can't sense them on your radar.  That is how smart they 
are.  Their only weakness however, if they get hurt badly, they tend to 
rush you and try to melee attack you.  These guys can use ANY covenant 
weapon.  Their main weapon is the plasma rifle, followed by the 
needler.  You can tell when there is an Elite around when you hear 
their characteristic yell.  They also have a very good firing rate with 
their guns.  You will hear the difference between Grunts firing a 
Needler than an Elite firing one.  There is one part of an Elite that 
is killer.  They can also have a plasma sword that is VERY, VERY 
powerful.  Unless you are on Easy mode, it will ALWAYS kill you in one 
hit no matter what.  You can't use it however, just like you can't use 
a fuel rod gun.  I think the best way to kill them is using grenades, 
it has the best effect.  There are actually many types of elites, five 
types to be exact.


These are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to Elites.  However, 
these are still tough and should never be taken lightly.  They are 
tough to defeat, and they are almost always equipped with the Plasma 
Rifle.  They usually are not alone, making them even tougher than if 
alone.  Elites alone are MUCH easier to defeat then with company.  
Also, these Elites have much more of a tendency to charge you when they 
are hurt to Melee you.  


It gets a little more challenging now.  These guys are much more savvy 
and they are the people who ALWAYS throw grenades at you.  The later 
guys don't throw them as much as the Red Elites do, especially when in 
an open space or at different levels.  They will more frequently than 
the Blue Elites have a Needler as their weapon.  This guy will 
basically take more damage and fire faster.


These guys can be a real pain.  Not only do they have the powers of an 
Elite, they are invisible!  The only way you can see them is if they 
are moving, they create a blurry background where they are when they 
move.  Also, if you see energy coming at you from an invisible source, 
shoot near it.  The ones with plasma rifles aren't so bad, but these 
are the first Elites to use the Plasma swords.  This can be 
devastating, and Bungie could have made it impossible by not letting us 
see the sword either.  But, you can still see the green-blue glow when 
it is invisible.  A helpful hint is that they will ALWAYS hold it in 
their right hand.  So when figuring out where to throw the grenade or 
whatever, throw to your right side if it is looking at you, and to the 
left if he is going away from you.  You can tell be which way he is 
walking.  Even after all of this, they really aren't that tough health 
wise.  The do not have a shield, just invisibility, and they die pretty 
quickly, even on Legendary.  If you can get one bullet on him, he will 
die very quickly.


Many people confuse these with Red Elites, as they look pretty similar, 
but they are MUCH different.  These guys are insanely tougher and they 
are very hard to defeat.  They also throw many grenades, even more than 
the Red Elite!  Beware of these guys, usually they have Plasma Rifles 
or Needlers, but they never have the swords.  They are even quicker 
then the rest of Elites, and will dodge most of your attacks with ease 
while hitting you very easily.  Beware of the Black Elites.


Oh, boy.  Get ready for the best warrior of the game.  I think that he 
is the hardest warrior in the game.  They are extremely quick, VERY 
smart, and they are extremely accurate as well, when they have guns of 
course.  When they are running and you are running, they are much 
faster than you and will close in on you extremely quickly.  Actually, 
they very rarely have any guns at all.  They usually are equipped with 
the famed Plasma sword.  Not only are these guys tougher than heck, 
they have a plasma sword.  Oh, boy.  Be very careful with these guys, 
and using grenades is advised heavily.  Beware with grenades however, 
if they are plasma grenades make sure he gets it from far away, so that 
you don't die in the blast as well.

The Hunters

Hunters stand 12' tall, though in their combat state they contract to 
approximately eight feet.  Hunters fight with a fuel rod gun integrated 
directly into their armor.  They carry an enormous and nearly 
impervious metal shield made of an unknown alloy, which they sometimes 
use as a melee weapon.

This is arguably the hardest unit in the game to defeat.  There are 
only one kind of these monsters.  I disagree because I think that it is 
not very smart, just super extremely strong.  They have this shield 
that NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING can get past.  I don't know what it is 
made of, but it is definitely strong.  On their other arm, literally in 
their arm, is a fuel rod gun that can fire twice in a row.  The reason 
you can't have their gun is because it is built into their arm, so it 
is unattainable.  They themselves are also very strong and take a lot 
of ammo to destroy them, or simply one rocket.  However, there of 
course is a weakness to this monster.  On its back and neck are orange 
like places.  These are very weak, and they can be killed fairly easy 
if you can get several consecutive hits on it.  The best weapon is 
actually the sniper rifle, but the most practical and effective gun is 
the pistol.  Grenades are surprisingly weak against these guys, and I 
think it is because Bungie wanted one enemy that wouldn't die from one 
grenade.  There are several good ways to kill a Hunter, and they are 
all said in the tips section of this FAQ.  

{                                                                     }
{-----------------------------c. Flood--------------------------------} 

These creatures first appear in the sixth level of the game, 343 Guilty 
Spark.  They are another alien life force trying to take over the Earth 
with the Covenant.  However, they are not on the same side as the 
Covenant, and throughout the game they have many battles with each 
other while you sit there and watch.  The types of Flood don't really 
have names, but I will classify into 3 different types of Flood


These are little baby flood that attack you by attaching on to you and 
exploding, or popping if you will.  Now these guys barely hurt you, but 
when there are more than ten, it can be trouble, because the damage can 
start adding up.  The easiest way to kill them is with an Assault 
Rifle, hands down.  The easiest way to kill them is to kill the first 
one, making him pop.  If the others are close enough it will cause a 
chain reaction, killing most of the other little flood by it.  These 
guys are very easy, and they are the easiest enemies in the game.


I am calling these guys fighter flood because that is what they do.  
They are about as tall as you, but they are a pain in the butt.  They 
will hold ANY weapon, it doesn't matter, I have seen them with every 
single weapon in the whole game.  These guys can shoot you, or they can 
run up to you and melee you.  They have the biggest jump and it is 
unrealistically incredibly high.  They also have a tendency to play 
dead.  If you shoot them from far away, then they might not die.  They 
will lie on the ground, wait a few seconds only to get back up and 
melee attack you.  It can get really annoying; so make sure you are 
careful with that.  Be careful with these guys, they can get kind of 


Well, I didn't know what else to call them, because they look like they 
are bloated.  These guys do not attack you directly, but when they get 
close to you they will duck into a fetal position and explode causing 
some serious damage.  These guys also spill out the baby flood after 
they explode.  You can however shoot them before they reach you.  This 
can be very effective is a fighter flood is nearby.  An explosion from 
that will kill any flood that comes close to it, kind of like a 
grenade.  These guys don't pose much of a threat, but still be careful 
and watch out for these guys, because they do not appear on the radar.


Wow, are these guys tough.  They only, thankfully, are the ones that 
melee you and they never have a gun.  They are the same form as a 
fighter flood, just invisible like the invisible flood.  The only time 
that I have seen them is on Legendary difficulty in the Maw.  When you 
have to blow up the 4 fusion reactor things, and you run out of ammo, 
Cortana tells you to go to the armory just outside of the place.  Well, 
once you get there you will find lots of ammo, and you will also find 
the invisible flood there, as well as some visible flood.  Be careful 
with these guys.  They are always running towards you, so you can sort 
of see them.

/                                                                     \
||                          6. Story                                 ||

(This is out of the Halo manual)

The year is 2552.  Planet Earth still exists, but overpopulation has 
forced many of her former residents to colonize other worlds.  Faster-
than-light travel is now a reality, and Earth 's unified government, 
through the United Nations Space Command, has put its full weight 
behind the colonization effort; millions of humans now live on 
habitable planets in other solar systems.  A keystone of humanity 's 
colonization efforts is the planet Reach, an interstellar naval yard 
that builds colony ships for civilians and warships for the UNSC 's 
armed forces.  Conveniently close to Earth, Reach is also a hub of 
scientific and military activity.

Thirty-two years ago, contact with the outer colony Harvest was lost.  
A battlegroup sent to investigate was almost completely destroyed; only 
one badly damaged ship returned to Reach. Its crew told of a seemingly 
unstoppable alien warship that had effortlessly annihilated their 

This was humankind 's first encounter with a group of aliens they 
eventually came to know as the Covenant, a collective of alien races 
united in their fanatical religious devotion.  Covenant religious 
elders declared humanity an affront to the gods, and the Covenant 
warrior caste waged a holy war upon humanity with gruesome diligence.

After a series of crushing defeats and obliterated colonies, UNSC 
Admiral Preston Cole established the Cole Protocol: no vessel may 
inadvertently lead the Covenant to Earth.  When forced to withdraw, 
ships must avoid Earth-bound vectors - even if that means jumping 
without proper navigational calculations.  Vessels in danger of capture 
must self-destruct.  

On Reach, a secret military project to create cyborg super-soldiers 
takes on newfound importance.  The soldiers of the SPARTAN-II project 
rack up an impressive record against the Covenant in test deployments, 
but there are too few of them to turn the tide of the war.  

Existing SPARTAN-II soldiers are recalled to Reach for further 
augmentation.  The plan: board a Covenant vessel with the improved 
SPARTAN-IIs and learn the location of the Covenant home world.  Two 
days before the mission begins, Covenant forces strike Reach and 
annihilate the colony.  The Covenant are now on Earth 's doorstep.  One 
ship, the Pillar of Autumn, escapes with the last SPARTAN-II and makes 
a blind jump into deep space, hoping to lead the Covenant away from 

/                                                                     \
||                  7. Legendary Walkthrough                         ||

The reason I created this FAQ in the first place is because there 
wasn't any other FAQ that covered the game with in-game strategies 
needed on the hardest difficulty of the game, Legendary.  Now don't get 
me wrong, the walkthrough will work for all levels of difficulty except 
for Easy, because on Easy you don't have to do as much in a couple of 
the levels such as Truth and Reconciliation.  For each level, I will 
walk you through it, as a walkthrough should do and I will give the 
little subtitles that show up every once in a while during the game.  
Now without further ado, let's begin.

/          /  = This indicates a subtitle at the bottom of the screen
>> = This is an objective in the mission.

***Mission Overview*** = At the level select screen, it will give a 
small description of your mission objectives in that particular 

{                                                                     }
{---------------------a. THE PILLAR OF AUTUMN-------------------------} 

***Mission Overview***
Escape intact as Covenant forces board your ship.
>> Complete Diagnostic Training

You start out in the Cryo-Tube and looking around.  If this is the 
first time in the real game you will have to go through a tutorial to 
set up your suit.  If you have to go through this, read the next 
paragraph.  If not, skip the next paragraph.

They first ask you to look around, before you can get out.  They then 
give you your health by "bringing your health monitors online."  Then 
you are able to get out, by pressing the X button.  You will se a cut-
scene of you coming out of the chamber.  Go to the red square indent in 
the ground next for target testing.  If you want, you can look and move 
around to get used to the controls.  Once you get into the square on 
the ground, they tell you to target the 5 yellow things on the wall in 
front of you.  At first your controls are not inverted, but once your 
target hits all of them for the first time, you get to try it out 
inverted.  You can then decide which setting you like, I prefer the 
normal settings, but that is just what I am used to.  Once you decide 
which one you want, go to the other side of the structure in the middle 
of the room to see another indented square in the ground for you to 
stand in, this time it is a yellow square.  Face forward so you are 
looking at a bar.  Once the guy talks to you some more press A to get 
your shields online.  You will get your shield; then they will test its 
recharging capabilities.  Once everything works you will be set to kill 
all of the monsters on Halo, potentially.

You will see an explosion, and in the room up above the guy will get 
killed by invading Covenant.  Captain Keyes then requests for you over 
the intercom, so you have to make your way over there.  

>> Find Captain Keyes on the Bridge

Head through the towards the door and the guy will say follow me, 
follow him for a little while, but don't follow him to the door, wait 
back, and you will see him die in an explosion.  Don't fret, look to 
the left to see some pipes, jump over them into the hallway, and head 
through the open door.  In the next hallway, watch out!  Before you get 
to the door, you will see another explosion, hopefully you avoided it!  
Keep going down the hall and you will see a door that is halfway 
closed, push and hold down on the Left Thumbstick to duck underneath 
it.  You will see on the other side some marines and workers from the 
ship trying (Key word in that is trying) to fight those damn Covenant.  
WAIT!  Don't go through into the line of fire yet.  Look to the right 
and you should see a door closing between the Covenant and the marines.  
Every time you see a Covenant fighting marines, there will be a door 
that closes eventually, so just wait so you don't get hit in the 
crossfire.  Once the door closes, go into the open door.  To know if 
you are going the right way, on the ground there are arrows pointed to 
different places in the ship.  Follow the blue arrows, they also say 
Bridge on them, to get to the Bridge.  Look ahead to see more marines 
fighting more Covenant.  Turn left and go down the hall until you see 
even more marines fighting even more Covenant.  Geez, they just don't 
stop!  It will get MUCH worse then this.  Again, wait for the door to 
close, then go to the Marine with an assault rifle in his hand.  He 
will tell you to follow him, and do so.  Go through the room with a 
bunch of dead marines and into a room where, you guessed it, marines 
are fighting Covenant.  You can ignore it this time, and just follow 
the Marine.  He will stop in a doorway, and look for a blue arrow 
leading right.  Follow the hallway to complete your first objective by 
finding Captain Keyes.  He knows that the Covenant are too strong, so 
he puts the extremely intelligent Cortana in your suit, and tells you 
to escape from the Pillar of Autumn.  Before you go, he gives you an 
unloaded pistol.
>> Escape from the Pillar of Autumn

Well, now the fun part starts, as now you actually get to find some bad 
guys with your own guns.  Exciting, huh?  When you leave, turn left and 
follow it to a hallway, and keep going until you get pistol ammo and 
you take out your gun.  Reload your gun to make sure you have full 
ammo, then go behind the door and use its scooping power to scope in on 
the dark area up ahead.  There should be 3 grunts waiting for you to 
kill them.  Beware that they don't throw a grenade on you, as all 
Covenant tend to do.  Aim for their head to kill them each in one hit.  
Once you have killed three, go through the dark area left and look 
right into a doorway, where you will pick up your shiny new assault 
rifle!  Now here is your first real battle so be careful and don't be 
reckless, be smart.  Many people here hide back and try to let the 
Marines do the work.  Hmm, maybe on easy and normal mode, but on 
Legendary?  If you don't help the Marines they will die quickly, 
leaving you all alone to fight about 5 Elites to start out and a couple 
more Grunts at that.  Not good.  Go in right away with your pistol to 
help take out the original blue Elite that shows up.  Once he is dead, 
right away ditch your pistol and take the plasma rifle that the Elite 
held, this weapon will be the only weapon you need in this level.  Make 
sure you have at least 2 marines alive if you can, so when the 
additional two or three elites show up the Marines will distract them, 
making it easy for you to just plant grenades and clean everything up.  
Once they are all dead, you can move on.  

Follow the next hallway and if you go the right way, you should see an 
elite with his back to you.  Don't waste a grenade, just melee him in 
the back to instantly kill him.  Keep on following the hallways, 
killing some puny grunts on the way, until you see two Marines guarding 
a door.  It will explode very soon so throw a plasma grenade right next 
to the door, so when it explodes it will hit the Covenant coming out of 
the pod.  There will be a couple grunts and an Elite, do what you are 
trained to do.  Inside the pod are two over shields, use the very 
wisely as they help tremendously, especially on Legendary.  Go into the 
hallways until you get to a fork.  Staying to the left will keep you 
safer and fighting with marines.  Going right then left however, gives 
you a good vantage point to chuck some grenades at the unsuspecting 
Covenant warriors.  There will be many waves of them so be careful.  My 
suggestion is to have your over shield taken away after fighting all of 
the guys.  Yes, it is not a typo, because then you can go get a fresh 
one without having to trace too far back later on in the level.  
Remember on or by most doors there are health packs, so use them 
whenever you need it.  Follow the halls until you get to a dark 
hallway.  When you get to a fork, to the left will be the marines 
fighting and going straight will get you to the place where the 
Covenant are fighting.  Again, you can go either way.  Going with the 
Marines will make it safer, but less effective.  Going to the Covenant 
is a little more dangerous can be potentially much more effective.

Continuing on you will get to more Covenant blasting in from their 
pods.  Continue to do what you hopefully do best to eliminate all of 
the foes.  Another pod means...more over shields!!  Actually there is 
only one this time, but it is better than nothing.  Kill of the 
remaining elites, picking up plasma rifles as needed since you can get 
new ammo for the same gun.  Once you get to the next part you will see 
stairs ahead of you.  This is probably the hardest part of the level 
because you are at a disadvantage and kind of at the mercy of the 
Covenant, not good.  Rush VERY quickly up the stairs and you can hide 
behind the little "flaps" coming out of the wall.  From the top level, 
you are once again more equal to the Covenant, and you can destroy 
them.  I think there are two elites and maybe four grunts or so.  Once 
they are all dead, go into the opening of the door.  Now you will come 
to a closed door.  Just wait, if you are in the right place, you should 
get a navigation point to go to after some talking by Cortana.  Once 
you get there the door will open to a dark narrow hallway. Continue 
until you reach a fork, then turn at it and follow it until you reach 
an opening.  You should next reach a bunch of guys who are trying to 
get rid of your presence, but hey are all in one space, so use your 
rocket launcher.  Oops, did I say rocket launcher?  I meant grenades.  
Once they are all dead move on to a very open hallway with three grunts 
standing stupidly at the other end.  If you happen to have a pistol, 
use its zooming feature, or just use your plasma rifle as normal, 
because it has very good range as well.  You will then go into the 
Maintenance Shafts. This is a very complicated place, with many exits.  
Whichever one you end up on you will find some Covenant.  If you are 
really patient and observant you could go to all of the exits to kill 
almost all of the Covenant unnoticed, but either way you will succeed.  
Now keep heading forward and if you are going the right way, you should 
pass where you were before with the cry-tube and such, but you are 
looking at it from above.  Keep on heading forward, and you will see a 
Red Elite waiting for you at the end of the hall.  Keep blasting him 
and moving forward, and soon there will be an explosion there, which 
will leave him every weak and easy to finish off.  Turn right into the 
open space to see some Grunts, don't worry too much about them, and 
explosion will eventually kill them too.  

Now we get to go back into the maintenance shafts.  Yay!  You will now 
if you are going the right way when you see a Grunt at the end of a 
hall.  Now wait!  Right to the right at a dead end will be another 
Grunt waiting for you to kill him.  Now head forward in the only places 
you can go, you will get to three exits.  Take the last one after 
launching a couple grenades through each one along the way.  After 
securing this area, head to the open door.  It is the right door, if 
you see a few grunts in there waiting for them to die.  Then follow the 
hallway right to get into another good position to fight.  Once you 
kill everyone jump over all of the junk in the floor to get to the last 
part of the level.  You should see a barrier, with about 5 grenades on 
the right side of it.  Keep crouched this whole time, and just launch 
all of your grenades over to the other side.  You can take a peek every 
once in while to see where they are, but once they are all dead Cortana 
will tell you to leave.  Get to the escape pod on the left to trigger a 
cut scene of you finishing the first level!!  Great job, be we are just 
getting started.

{                                                                     }
{-----------------------------b. HALO---------------------------------} 

***Mission Overview***
Seek out surviving Marines and help them take out the Covenant.
>> Evade the Covenant patrols looking for you
>> Head for higher ground
>> Search for other lifeboats

You start out in a lifeboat that has crashed.  Get out and get all of 
the items that are right in front of your pod.  You should have full 
armor for both your assault rifle and the pistol that is in your 
inventory.  From there, cross over the long bridge that is to your 
left.  Right as you exit the bridge on the other side, you should see a 
large shadow over you, that is the covenant dropship.  It will give out 
2 Banshees, which will please you immensely.  I would just ignore them, 
and after a while they will start heading off into the distance.  If 
you are daring and risky, and you think you can do this without losing 
any health, you can kill one or both of the Banshees.  If you do this 
now, they won't show up later in this same level, so it is your choice.  
I would suggest on Legendary to wait until you have some guys to help 

Once those Banshees leave or blow up, courtesy of you, follow the left 
rock wall until you reach a more open area.  In this area are several 
grunts and a couple of Elites.  Take care of business.  The thing I 
like to do is use the zoom feature on the pistol to snipe out the 
grunts at least, and then go on against the elites.  When fighting 
against the elites, there are many rocks in this area that you or they 
can use for cover.  If they use it for cover, stick a plasma grenade on 
the rock, not on the elite, so it will hopefully be unnoticed by the 
Elite, leading to his doom.  Once you kill everyone in the area, you 
will get a checkpoint signaling this, and head through the narrow 
passage way.  If you do all of this fast enough, the enemies from the 
dropship coming from behind you will not catch up to you.  If they do, 
I would suggest reading this next excerpt.

(Here is another way to do the first and second fights thanks to 

When you begin the level, run out, fill up on goodies, and walk over 
near the bridge to trigger the dropship. Your escape pod cut a swath in 
the ground as it crashed. Follow the line of this smoking furrow back 
to the river. Soon two elites and six grunts will disgorge from their
dropship. You should be out of their range, but still close enough to 
snipe the grunts with your pistol. Some of the grunts will head 
straight across the bridge, so plug them before they get safely to the 
other side. There's plenty of ammo at the crash site, so go through as 
many rounds as you want. Once absolutely all the grunts are dead, we're 
ready to take out the elites. Two against one isn't really fair odds, 
so we aren't going to play fair either. We're going to get our feet a 
little wet and sneak around behind them. Hop into the river and head 
back to the waterfall. Once you're far from the keen eyes of the 
elites, turn right and hug the wall heading back west towards the 
escape pod. Keep yourself pressed against the wall until you reach the 
edge of the abyss, then follow the edge north out into the open in 
front of the escape pod. If all goes well, you should be staring at the 
backs of two elites who have no idea you're there. Now of course you 
should beat them to death. Quickly fill up your pistol, grab the 
secondary weapon of your choosing (I like the plasma rifle), scavenge 
for grenades, but don't get the health pack yet.

Cross the bridge and look out for any grunts that might have gotten 
through your hail of bullets. Two banshees will start making your life 
difficult right about now, but if you keep an eye on them and only run 
between cover when you're clear, they will turn around and just leave 
once you get far enough along. If you want to be extra thorough, use up 
all that assault rifle ammo on them. It will just go to waste 
otherwise. As you're making your way up the hill, stay relatively close 
to the right edge. When you're all the way up as far as the edge goes, 
turn left and look for a big rock against the wall to hide behind. 
There are four grunts and an elite frolicking in the rocks here. Peek 
out and snipe until all the grunts are dead, then ruthlessly slaughter 
the single remaining elite however you choose. A charged shot from a 
plasma pistol will drop his shields nicely and force him to run for 
cover. Don't forget the goodies back at the escape pod if you need 
anything at all before going on to the next area.  Now you can get the 
health pack. After you're full, head out to save the marines.

You should get a checkpoint just before you start the next fight. Save 
and quit when you hit it.  Checkpoints have a nasty way of creeping up 
in this area just after you've shot your last bullet and have no health 
left. If this happens, just turn the machine off and restart your game. 
This area is the hardest part of the level. There are six dropships 
that will land in rapid succession at three different landing sites. 
You'll get a checkpoint after you've taken out each dropship's 
complement of Covenant, but only save it if you've killed all the 
elites, most of the jackals and grunts, left the rest behind for the 
marines, and are already in range of the next dropship's landing site.

By the way if at any time the dropships get ahead of you and you begin 
to get absolutely overwhelmed, skip down past this section and read my 
strategy for when things get all screwed up. You can always run down 
the hill as well and wait around far from the action for about fifteen 
minutes. Foe Hammer will show up and all of the Covenant will 
mysteriously vanish. But that's no fun.

The first complement of troops has already engaged the marines by the 
time you arrive. There are two elites and two grunts on the right and 
four grunts on the left. Throw a frag grenade at the elites then take 
out the grunts on the left. They're easier to kill and they throw 
grenades.  Throw another frag then follow up with the pistol. 
Hopefully, the elites on the right side will be busy with other things 
by now, so throw another grenade or two then clean up as necessary.
Scavenge as you run. Head immediately up the ramp over the structure, 
stopping to pick up the health pack and goodies at the top if you need 
them. Run a few feet down the ramp on the other side and drop down. 
Keep going and you should see the next dropship in front of you.
There is some randomness to the number and type of Covenant on these 
dropships, but there are two elites, two jackals, and two grunts on 
board this one. Run to the right and approach the port (left if you're 
on the ship facing forward) side of the ship. As soon as the doors 
open, stick a plasma grenade to the elite furthest back in the ship 
nearest the gun. By the way plasma grenades stuck to the ship don't 
seem to do much, so make sure it's on the elite. If you're fast and 
accurate, you can stick a second to the other elite before they jump 
out of the ship. If not, throw another one where he'll land. Hopefully, 
they'll both be dead now. Toss another grenade at the jackals and move 
on. Don't worry about a few leftover grunts or jackals. The marines 
will take care of them. But grab any plasma grenades lying around.

The next landing site is past the escape pod on its right, past the 
pipe structure, and on a slight hill. There's a health pack on the way, 
but only get it if you really need it. This ship usually contains two 
elites and five grunts. Again the elites will come out on the port side 
near you, so stick plasma grenades to them or have some waiting for 
them when they land. Now run back to the first landing site. This is 
where dropship number four is touching down. Your path will take you 
through a pile of grunts from the other side of the dropship. Take a 
moment to kill any that are easy pickings and take their grenades if 
you're not full. Again leave the leftovers for the marines. The 
important thing is to keep moving.

Dropship #4 once again offers two elites and five grunts for your 
killing pleasure. And once again the elites will be coming out of the 
port side so run around the ship to the far side and stick it to them 
as usual. There are probably a few grenades lying around here from the 
first fight, so be generous with them. Hopefully there will still be 
some marines around to clean up after you, but even if there aren't, 
scavenge and move on. Paste a few grunts to the hillside on the way if 
they regain enough courage to attack you.

The fifth dropship lands back on the hill where number three landed. 
This one has three elites and four grunts. As before the elites are on 
the port side. Take them out as usual, but since there are three be 
extra generous with the grenades. If you've got a spare frag, chuck one 
towards the grunts. Scavenge at least one plasma grenade from the 
bodies then head on around to where the second dropship landed.

This is the last one. Usually it has a slightly smaller complement of 
nasties. Only one elite, one jackal, and four grunts. Stick a grenade 
to the elite then throw all you have left to kill off this group as 
quickly as possible.

Clean up by sniping at any surviving grunts from afar with your pistol 
or a needler. Use the buildings to sneak up close to (and preferably 
behind) any jackals that are still around and let 'em have it. Whew! If 
you've managed to save any marines, you rule.

Ok, now my strategy for when things get all screwed up. I can usually 
get to the fourth ship, but the fifth and sixth almost always require 
this plan. First locate a small walled-in area directly in the path of 
the escape pod. If it had kept sliding it would have run straight into 
one of its walls. There are two entrances to this place. One is very 
near the escape pod; the other is going to be our back door. Grab a 
needler if you can and head in. Once you're there, peek out the 
entrance towards the escape pod and snipe at grunts and jackals. Wait 
around for all the dropships to unload and go away while you're picking 
them off. You should be able to duck back in here and only very rarely 
will any Covenant follow or throw grenades close enough to hurt you. 
Once everybody is gathered, let them have it. Throw two or three 
grenades out at a time into their midst. Use up all your grenades and 
most of your pistol ammo. Keep sniping until elites are the only 
Covenant left. If you have a needler, use it now to hopefully reduce 
the number of elites. This next part requires a bit of luck. Sneak out 
the other entrance and run far, far away. If nobody sees you, you can 
now roam around freely on the other side of the main structure 
gathering supplies. Once you have a full needler and as many grenades 
as you can find, sneak back in the back way. They'll never know you 
left. If they do figure it out, it'll be too late. A full needler and a 
few grenades should do the trick, but you can always sneak out for 
more. Once you have cleansed the area, scavenge thoroughly then hop in 
the warthog for the next section. Keep your pistol and needler.

>> Stay with the survivors
>> Protect the human survivors
>> Wait for an evac dropship to arrive

I would recommend saving and quitting at a lot of the next checkpoints 
in this part of the level.  This is one of the hardest battles in the 
whole entire game; so don't get discouraged if you can't do it at 
first.  There is a really wussy way to do this, if you find it too 
frustrating and you are patient, go towards the other end of where you 
come in to find a sloping hill that leads to an entrance into a 
Covenant structure, which is a tunnel.  Go towards the entrance of the 
tunnel and wait about 15 minutes, or until you hear Foe Hammer calling 
for you.  There will be no enemies left.  Of course, if you really want 
to earn your living, read on.

There are several dropships that will come in, and they will make your 
life miserable.  Each one usually has an elite or two with some grunts 
and jackals to compliment them.  The best way is to kill these guys 
before they get out of the ship.  If you can do this, it will make it 
ten times easier.  Obviously, stick to going for the Elites only, then 
scavenge the rest of the guys off.  If you can, leave the grunts and 
jackals for the marines.

Again, if you get overwhelmed, just go and chill in the hill area until 
all of the guys are gone.  This is a tough section so be patient.  I 
would suggest that using the health pack is a very big lasI think the 
strategy above is also really helpful if you get too overwhelmed.  Once 
you beat all of the dropships, you will find Cortana talking to Echo-
419 about the survivors on this planet.  The Pelican will disengage its 
Warthog for your use, and if you have trouble finding it, they will 
give you a navigation point.  If you have any Marines left (which is 
very hard to do), they will hope into the gunner seat to help you.  You 
will also get some new objectives.

>> Search for three additional groups of human survivors
>> Protect the human survivors
>> Wait for an evac dropship

Continue straight past the Pelican, and go opposite the direction you 
came from.  You will find that hill, that famed hill, to go down to 
find a Covenant made tunnel for you to go through.  Maneuver your way 
through the tunnel until you get to an open area.  There will be guys 
on both sides of the raised "roadway" if that's what you want to call 
it.  Where you need to go is on the right side of where you came in.  
Most of the time, I repeat, most of the time the people on the left 
don't come and attack you, but every once in a while if you get too 
close they will pounce from both sides, rendering yourself helpless.  
It is up to you, but I would stick to the right side for ammo saving 
purposes.  BTW, I suggest you have a pistol and either a plasma rifle 
or Needler.  Once all of the guys are taken care of, look for an uphill 
incline, which is a very narrow type of hallway leading to a sharp left 
turn.  DON'T GO UP IT YET!  Now, since this is Legendary difficulty, 
you will find not one, not two, but three elites just around the bend 
waiting to kill you.

This part can get a little bit tricky.  If you go too far up the ramp 
they will jump all over you and you will be dead pretty fast.  This 
will test your fragmentation grenade throwing, and if you can get them 
to die or at least back up you will win fairly easily.  Once you beat 
them head across to the place where you will find a switch to turn on 
the light bridge.  Do so, and watch the cut scene and then hop back in 
your Warthog and head across.  Keep going straight, there aren't any 
more guys here.  Follow the path around into the open to get a new 
During this part there are a couple of options actually.  Since you are 
recovering three dropship inhabitants, you can go to which ever one you 
want whenever you want.  I will give I walkthrough for the way that I 
do it, but you can do it in any order.

As you come out of the tunnel, head across the river at whatever point 
you can and continue in that direction.  You will come upon a crashed 
life pod, so pick up the well-deserved ammo and health.  Also in this 
area is a sniper rifle, which I highly recommend you pick up, it will 
prove much easier to use this and fight like a coward then to fight 
like a real soldier.


Looking behind you, where you came from, you will see a slope, and a 
path leading up to the right.  You will also see that there are a 
couple of Jackals that can really make your life miserable.  Use your 
newfound sniper rifle to blast them all out of the water.  Once they 
are dead, head in that direction and go up the slope and to the right 
to find the first drop ship landing site.  Proceed with caution, there 
could be guys from anywhere, especially those tricky Elites, usually 
Red ones at this point.  Straight ahead of where you came in is a 
structure, go around it, bad guys permitting, and enter it through the 
other side.  You will have to leave your current marines in the Warthog 
to die, don't worry; you will get more very shortly.  You can use that 
as a distraction if you can't take care of the entire Covenant by 
yourself.  Head down into the structure, killing a few Jackals and 
Grunts along the way, to find a whole new group of marines.  Lead them 
out through the other side, killing guys on the way up, but don't 
totally go out the door.  There is usually an Elite and a Jackal around 
here that could tear you to shreds.  Again, use the marines as bait, 
and while the Covenant fire at them, you unload on them, killing them 
much faster.  Once you are sure the area around you is secure, head 
back to your Warthog, and scavenge around for any remaining Covenant.  
Once they are all gone, you will get a message from Echo 419 that they 
are coming to pick any remaining marines.  It would be very good if 
there were maybe 2 or even 3 marines left, but that is a stretch.  Most 
of the time you won't have any left.  After Echo 419 leaves, with or 
without marines, head to the next dropship.  

>> Search for the two remaining groups of human survivors
>> Protect the human survivors
>> Wait for an evac dropship


From where you came in to this first dropship, take a right and go 
along this wall, until you get to another opening off to your right.  
Take that opening, and to your right again will be the dropship, so 
stock up on ammo and health.  Beware, however, the Banshees are back, 
and if you have a Marine, it will be very easy to take care of the 
Banshees.  If you don't, I would suggest unloading on them with the 
Assault Rifle that is lying around by the drop ship.  You shouldn't 
carry that gun normally anyway, so you can waste some bullets with this 
gun.  Beware again, do not, I repeat, NOT stand in one place while 
shooting, because the Banshees will not hesitate to run your ass over.  
Once the two Banshees are taken care of look across the river and look 
until you see some Grunts running around.  That is your next target.  
Snipe them all away and head in.  You should find a similar set up to 
the last drop ship, except there is more of a cliff.  As soon as you 
get to the area with the structures, head right and you will need to go 
up the hill to find some Marines waiting for you, have them hop in and 
unleash hell on the Covenant forces.  Again, you have to kill EVERY 
last guy, so stay around this place until you hear Cortana or Echo 419 
say so.  The marines at the top of the hill will stay there, so if your 
marine happens to die in combat, just get to the top of the hill to 
restock and get some more.  Once that is done, head out of the place 
the same way you came in and you will see the final area that you need 
to go for the final drop ship.

>> Search for the last group of human survivors
>> Protect the human survivors
>> Wait for an evac dropship


This last dropship, is more towards the end of the river, and it is 
more of a steep incline to get to it.  Remember it is marked by blue 
glowing...markers, to help you go the right way.  If you can't find it, 
e-mail me and I will try to clarify any confusing things in this guide.  
Anyway, if you are in the right place, you will see a bunch of large 
rocks with a few overhanging cliffs.  You should come to a broken down 
dropship, so stock up on sniper ammo and health.  If you really want 
your Warthog in the rock structure, which I recommend, take it all the 
way around to the right to find a place to bring it up to the top.  My 
suggestion is to find the top cliff and snipe everyone as much as 
possible, and try to avoid going down to finish the last guys, unless 
no Marines are going towards it.  After you kill the guys that were 
already here, a drop ship will come in giving you more guys to have fun 
with.  A tip on the sniping, snipe the hardest guys first, namely the 
Elites, then the Jackals, and then finally the Grunts.  Also, be aware 
of your motion tracker.  If you see red dots behind you, that means 
that they are on to you and are about to attack you, or your Marines, 
from behind.  After the first dropship leaves, another will come in by 
the broken dropship.  This makes it much easier to snipe, so fire away.  
When you are sure you killed all guys from the second dropship go down 
to check again, and have your gun ready.  They are only all dead when 
the evac dropship comes in.  Once they are all dead, head to the evac 
dropship, which is marked with a Navigation Point.  Cortana found 
Captain Keyes!  So now you will go find him, as he is being held by the 
Covenant in a ship called the Truth and Reconciliation.  Press X to 
enter the Pelican's side seat and you will complete the mission!!  Yay!

{                                                                     }
{--------------------c. TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION----------------------} 

***Mission Overview***
Board a Covenant ship in an attempt to rescue Captain Keyes.
>> Board the Covenant Battle Cruiser

*Coming Soon*

/                                                                     \
||                          8. Weapons                               ||

The most essential part about this game, since it is a shoot-em-up 
game.  There are weapons created by Humans, and weapons created by the 
Covenant.  Thanks to the Halo manual for some of this information.  I 
will give you certain information and rate them on certain things.

Ammo: What kind of ammo it uses.
Effectiveness: I will say against the flood, covenant, and sentinels.
Reload Quickness: The name says it all.  The different ratings will be:  
                  Very Slow, Slow, Average, Quick, and Very Quick. 
Overall Rating: How much I like the gun. :)
Additional Information: Anything else I have to say about this gun.

{                                                                     }
{-----------------------------a. Human--------------------------------} 

These guns use bullets, and are re-loadable by humans, specifically the 
Master Chief.  Your weapons arsenal makes you lethal on the 
battlefield.  You're probably already familiar with them, but here are 
briefs on the weapons. Since you carry only two weapons at a time 
besides grenades, you need to know the pros and cons of whether or not 
to swap one weapon for another in a given situation.  

MA5B Assault Rifle

This rifle is gas-operated and magazine-fed.  It fires 7.62mm armor-
piercing rounds.  Rate of fire is limited by a soldier 's ability to 
aim, fire and change magazines.  Short, controlled bursts are more 
accurate than fully automatic fire.  The MA5B 's integrated computer 
displays rounds left in the magazine and the relative direction of the 
gas giant, Threshold, for point of reference.  This feature is 
particularly useful for orienting you in areas where it 's easy to get 
turned around and lose your sense of direction.  

Ammo: 7.62mm armor-piercing bullets
Effectiveness: Covenant: 5/10
               Flood: 7/10
               Sentinels: 6/10 
Reload Quickness: Quick
Overall Rating: 6.5/10
Additional Information: 30 bullets per clip, can hold a total of 630 

M6D Pistol

This pistol is a recoil-operated, magazine-fed handgun.  It is issued 
with a smart-linked scope capable of 2x magnification (press in the 
Right Thumbstick).  It fires 12.7mm semi-armor-piercing, high-explosive 
rounds.  It can shoot either semi-automatic or automatic fire (pull and 
hold the Right Trigger for automatic fire).  Shot placement is very 
important.  The only shot that guarantees immediate and total 
incapacitation is one roughly centered in the head, above a horizontal 
line passing through the ear opening and below the crown of the alien 

Ammo: 12.7mm semi-armor-piercing bullets
Effectiveness: Covenant: 7/10 
               Flood: 7.5/10
               Sentinels: 6.5/10  
Reload Quickness: Quick
Overall Rating: 7.5/10
Additional Information: 12 bullets per clip, can hold a total of 132 

M9 HE-DP Grenade

The M9 high-explosive, dual-purpose grenade is a thrown fragmentation 
device.  Use it to suppress or disable vehicles, except tanks.  It can 
be thrown, rolled, bounced or ricocheted into places direct fire 
weapons can't reach.  Increase the angle of the throw to toss it 
farther, or to get it over obstacles.  Be careful not to throw it too 
close to your own location.

Ammo: N/A
Effectiveness: Covenant: 9.5/10
               Flood: 9.5/10 
               Sentinels: 3/10
Reload Quickness: Very Quick
Overall Rating: 9/10
Additional Information: You can hold a total of 4 of these at a time.  
They explode a split-second after it stops moving.

M90 Shotgun

The shotgun is a pump-action magazine-fed (dual tubular non-detachable 
type) weapon.  It fires 8 gauge magnum (3.5") rounds.  This weapon is 
very effective against targets at close range and may be used to engage 
several targets simultaneously at medium and long range.

Ammo: Magnum 3.5" bullets
Effectiveness: Covenant: 8.5/10 
               Flood: 9/10
               Sentinels: 8/10
Reload Quickness: Very Slow
Overall Rating: 9/10
Additional Information: 12 shots per clip, can hold a total of 72 

S2 AM Sniper Rifle

This rifle is a gas-operated magazine-fed weapon.  It is issued with a 
smart-linked scope with two levels of magnification (press in the Right 
Thumbstick once for 2x, press again for 10x, and once more to 
deactivate).  Also, while still in zoom mode you can press the White 
Button to activate light amplification.  It fires 14.5mm armor-piercing 
fin-stabilized discarding-sabot rounds.

WARNING: The 14.5x114mm APFSDS round is an anti-materiel ammunition. It 
can easily over-penetrate several armored soldiers.  Be sure of what is 
on the other side of your target before firing.

Ammo: 14.5mm armor-piercing bullets
Effectiveness: Covenant: 9/10
               Flood: 9.5/10
               Sentinels: 6/10 
Reload Quickness: Very Slow
Overall Rating: 8/10
Additional Information: Can hold 4 bullets a clip, can hold 28 bullets 
total, except on Truth and Reconciliation, where you start out with 68 


The Warthog 's M41 light anti-aircraft gun is a three-barreled, 
electric-powered, linkless, drum-fed weapon.  It fires 450 to 550 
12.7x99mm armor penetrating rounds per minute.  Turret traverse rate is 
100 degrees per second and weapon elevation rate is 60 degrees per 
second. Recoil from sustained fire is prodigious and negatively impacts 
accuracy at long range.  

Ammo: 12.7x99mm armor-penetrating bullets
Effectiveness: Covenant: 9.5/10
               Flood: 9.5/10 
               Sentinels: Unknown
Reload Quickness: N/A
Overall Rating: 9/10
Additional Information: Infinite ammo.

M19 SSM Rocket Launcher

The M19 SSM is a man-portable and shoulder-fired rocket launcher.  It 
has two major components, the launcher and the magazine.  The magazine 
(the expendable part of the system) contains two 102mm shaped-charge, 
high-explosive rockets.  It is designed for fast, easy detachment from 
the launcher.  The launcher contains the sighting and fire control 

Ammo: 102mm high-explosive rockets
Effectiveness: Covenant: 10/10
               Flood: 10/10
               Sentinels: 9/10 
Reload Quickness: Slow
Overall Rating: 10/10
Additional Information: Holds two rockets before you have to reload, 
can hold a total of 10 rockets at once. 

{                                                                     }
{---------------------------b. Covenant-------------------------------} 

These are the Covenant's guns and they can be very effective. 
Surprisingly enough, they are the most effective against the Covenant 
themselves.  You should also be aware of the weapons the Covenant use 
since you can pick up and use any that you find by walking over them 
when you see them lying on the ground.  The Covenant seem more 
vulnerable to these weapons, so take advantage of this weakness 
whenever possible.

Stationary Gun (Shade)

Although the Shade appears to be a light anti-vehicle weapon, the 
Covenant uses it almost exclusively in an anti-infantry role.  The 
operator sits directly behind the gun and an armored control suite, but 
relies entirely on infantry support for protection to the sides and 

Ammo: Plasma
Effectiveness: Covenant: 9.5/10
               Flood: 9/10
               Sentinels: 9.5/10  
Reload Quickness: N/A
Overall Rating: 8.5/10
Additional Information: Infinite ammo.

Plasma Grenade

This weapon is similar to our own hand grenade in that it is a thrown 
anti-infantry and anti-vehicle weapon.  It has some kind of internal 
mechanism that allows it to distinguish between targets and background.  
For example, it will stick to a soldier or vehicle, but not a tree or 
wall.  It has a three-second fuse that is activated after it sticks to 
a target or otherwise comes to a rest.

Ammo: N/A
Effectiveness: Covenant: 9.5/10
               Flood: 9/10
               Sentinels: 9/10 
Reload Quickness: 10/10
Overall Rating: 10/10
Additional Information: Can hold 4 at a time.

Plasma rifle

Core power output: 100-150 Kv @2-3 dA
Rate of Fire: 420 to 600 RD/MIN
This is a directed energy weapon.  It is capable of either 
semiautomatic or automatic fire (pull and hold the Right Trigger for 
automatic fire).  Continuous rapid fire overheats the weapon - this in 
turn depletes the weapon 's power core.  We currently do not understand 
how to replace or re-charge a power core.
Note:  This weapon will deplete its energy source as you use it.  It is 
wise to replace it as often as possible.

Ammo: Plasma
Effectiveness: Covenant: 9/10
               Flood: 7.5/10
               Sentinels: 9.5/10  
Reload Quickness: N/A
Overall Rating: 8.5/10
Additional Information: None.

Plasma pistol

Core power output: 100-150 Kv @2-3 dA
Overcharge power output: 1.5 Mv @2-3 dA
This weapon is a semi-automatic directed energy weapon.  If you pull 
and hold the Right Trigger, the weapon may become over-charged; when 
the Right Trigger is released the bolt is launched.  After the over-
charged bolt is launched the weapon temporarily stops functioning as it 
dumps waste heat.  Use of the over-charge capability rapidly depletes 
the weapon 's power core.  We currently do not understand how to 
replace or re-charge a power core.
Note: This weapon will deplete its energy source as you use it.  It is 
wise to replace it as often as possible.

Ammo: Plasma
Effectiveness: Covenant: 8/10
               Flood: 7/10
               Sentinels: 10/10  
Reload Quickness: N/A
Overall Rating: 6/10
Additional Information: None.


Very little is known about this weapon other than that it is a magazine 
fed weapon capable of automatic fire.  Its projectiles penetrate soft 
targets no matter what the angle of impact.  They ricochet off of hard 
surfaces at oblique angles, however, and are always deflected by energy 
fields, the only exceptions to this being the shields generated by the 
MJOLN R battle suit and the Elite 's combat armor.  The composition and 
energy signature of its projectile is unknown.  The manner in which the 
projectiles home in on their target is also unknown.

Ammo: Needles
Effectiveness: Covenant: 8/10
               Flood: 7/10
               Sentinels: 0/10  
Reload Quickness: Very Quick
Overall Rating: 7/10
Additional Information: Can hold a total of 95 bullets, 15 per clip. 

/                                                                     \
||                          9. Vehicles                              ||

These are such a huge part of this game.  Not only do they go MUCH 
faster, but they also make it much easier to kill guys, if you know how 
to use the vehicles correctly.  Halo is vast and you will need to cover 
a lot of ground quickly, so vehicles are indispensable.  Therefore, 
hijacking Covenant vehicles is useful and necessary.  The strength 
provided by your MJOLNER armor allows you to right overturned vehicles 
by standing next to the vehicle and pressing the X button.  

{                                                                     }
{-----------------------------a. Human--------------------------------} 

Humans brought the following vehicles with them on the Pillar of 

M12 LRV (Warthog)

Crew: 1+1 (plus 1 more in rear)
Weight: 3.25 tons
Armament: 12.7mm three-barreled machine-gun
The M12 light reconnaissance vehicle, or Warthog, is the standard 
vehicle of the UEG armed forces.  It is fast and maneuverable, but 
prone to rollovers during hard cornering.  A three-barreled machine-gun 
is mounted in the rear of the vehicle.  Armed passengers significantly 
increase the unit 's anti-infantry capacity.

M808B Scorpion MBT

Crew: 2 (or 1 cyborg)
Weight: 66 tons
Main gun: 90mm HV (High Velocity)
Secondary/coaxial gun: 7.62mm AP-T
(Armor Piercing, Tracer)
The Scorpion Main Battle Tank is primarily an anti-vehicle weapons 
platform, but it also has very high anti-infantry capabilities. Its 
ceramic-titanium armor makes it nearly invulnerable to small arms fire, 
but its deep dead-zone, or the area within which fire from the tank 's 
guns cannot hit targets, puts it at risk from enemy anti-tank infantry.  
Up to four soldiers may ride on (and fire from) the Scorpion 's track 
pods.  Riding on a tank is always hazardous and should be done only 
when the advantages outweigh the risks.

{                                                                     }
{---------------------------b. Covenant-------------------------------} 

You may encounter the following standard Covenant vehicles on Halo:


Crew: 1
Weight: 3.25 tons
Armament: Two Plasma Cannons
(100-250 kW range)
The Ghost is the Covenant 's standard reconnaissance and rapid attack 
vehicle.  It is equipped with two of what are now accepted as the 
standard light vehicle mounted weapons: a directed energy weapon 
capable of projecting a bolt of super-heated plasma in the 100-250kW 
range.  While the vehicle is fast and maneuverable, the driver is 
virtually unprotected.


Crew: 1
Weight: 2.25 tons
Armament: Two Plasma Cannons
(100-250 kW range)
Secondary weapon: Two Fuel Rod Cannons
The Banshee is the Covenant's standard ground assault aircraft.  It is 
very fast, extremely maneuverable and capable of hovering.  It has two 
weapon pods mounted to either side of the fuselage.  Both of these pods 
contain a light plasma cannon and a fuel rod cannon.  Though small arms 
fire may disrupt or disable the pilot, only heavy weapons are capable 
of inflicting damage or destroying the vehicle.

/                                                                     \
||                         10. Multiplayer                           ||

This is what you do when you are bored of doing it solo, then you go 
for the Multiplayer mode!!
{                                                                     }
{--------------------a. Multiplayer Modes of Play---------------------} 

Multiplayer allows you to play Halo in a number of exciting and varied 
ways, and with a few features that differ from the main Halo campaign, 
such as the liberal use of ammo and health power-ups in many of the 
multiplayer environments.  Read the descriptions below to find the type 
of game you 'd like to play and then follow the setup instructions.

Cooperative Play

This option allows two players connected to a single Xbox video game 
system to play through the entire single player campaign side by side.
To start a Cooperative game:
1.Select Multiplayer from the Main screen
2.Select Cooperative Play from the Multiplayer screen.
3.Each player presses Start or A to join the game.  Each player must 
select a custom player profile.
4.Select the difficulty level for the campaign.
5.Press Start or A to begin.

Split Screen

This option allows up to four players to play in split screen mode on a 
single Xbox video game system. You'll pick your own maps and game 
To start a Split Screen game
1.Select Multiplayer from the Main screen.
2.Select Split Screen from the Multiplayer screen.
3.Each player presses Start or A to join the game.  Players may select 
a custom player profile if desired.
4.Select the map you 'd like to play on.
5.Select the game type you 'd like to play.
6.Press Start or A to join the game.

System Link Play

You can connect two Xbox consoles together using an Xbox System Link 
Cable, or up to four Xbox consoles using an Ethernet hub and standard 
Ethernet cables.
To start a System Link Play game
1.Physically connect two Xbox video game systems to each other using 
Xbox System Link Cables, or up to four Xbox consoles using Ethernet 
cables to plug them into a 10Base-T network.  Refer to your Xbox 
Instruction Manual for more information about how to do this.
2.Select Multiplayer from the Main screen.
3.Select System Link Play from the Multiplayer screen.
4.Each player must press Start or A to select a profile and then join 
the game.  Halo attempts to find an available game on the linked 
5.If there is no game and you 'd like to start your own, press X or A.
6.Select the map you 'd like to play on.
7.Select the game type you 'd like to play.
8.Press A to begin.

{                                                                     }
{------------------------b. Multiplayer Levels------------------------} 

(Thanks to xbox.ign.com's Vincent Lopez)

Rat Race
"Up the Ramps, Down the Tubes" 
2-6 Players 
Simple corridor match with an overhead cavern that allows you to get 
from one end to the other, one particular corner with two shield stands 
where you can properly camp in the public eye. Look for the shotgun and 
the overshield at the end of one of the overhead caverns, the Halo 
equivalent of Quad damage. A couple of portals keep this from just 
being a running game. Make sure to sneak up behind your opponent with a 
shotgun for a good one-shot kill. A good map overall for small groups, 
especially two players. 


"Get on Top" 
2-8 Players 
It's built like a multi-story mall, and there's plenty of space for 
grenade tossing, especially if you're on top. Risk the bottom level for 
the active camouflage (aka invisibility) in the center of the map. 
Remember, you can actually leap most of the platform gaps on the higher 
levels, so don't think you're stuck walking around the edges. Not 
really recommended for two players -- we'd recommend at least four for 
this one, as it's too easy to play chicken in the interior of the 

Hang 'Em High 

"Tombstones for Everybody" 
4-16 Players 
This one's got a little bit of everything -- a maze of pylons to run 
around in, a shotgun to blow people to smithereens in, and some nice 
high ledges to snipe from. It's wide and open, so if you don't have 
enough players, you may be a little bored -- unless you're a marksman, 
of course. Play it on Snipers mode for some real fun fun fun. 
Definitely more fun as a Capture the Flag map than anything else. 

Chill Out 

"Dude, you really need to..." 
2-8 Players 
One of the best maps for small group battles, especially if you've only 
got two players. There's a good variety of weapons (even a Sniper 
rifle), and lots of twisty corners to turn. If you're not familiar with 
multi combat, this is a non-threatening, intimate map to get you 


"Deep-Space Anomaly #0198" 
4-8 Players 
I'm not a huge fan of the open courtyard type maps, which is what this 
one is. If you're a good Sniper this can be some fun. This level works 
best if you're playing a game like King, where you've got to control a 
point. With little room to camp, this one's a tough battle. 

Boarding Action 

"Ship-to-Ship Combat" 
4-16 Players 
Another one for rocket fanatics and snipers. You've got two ships split 
open like apartment complexes, and all sorts of long range weapons to 
use on one another. If you're a rocket arena fan, you'll like the 
strategy in this one, but close combat fans will be bored. Definitely 
more exciting in concept than execution, unless you're a long-range 

Blood Gulch 

"The Quick and the Dead" 
4-16 Players 
A fantastic map that is just screaming for you to play it in Capture 
The Flag. You've got your bases. Made for huge numbers, but even 
smaller groups can get into it because of the open fields of play, and 
nice selection of vehicles and weapons to play with. Try it out in Team 
Rally mode, where you're racing to get to checkpoints, for some jeep 
racing fun. Get a good gunner on the back of your jeep, and you're 


"Round and Round and Round" 
2-8 Players 
Not being a fan of courtyard battles, this one tended to bore me, at 
least in two player games. There's a limited selection of weapons, and 
generally little to do other than shoot blindly. Things get more fun 
when someone grabs the Active Camouflage, though. Another one that's 
good for beginners, since it's really, really straightforward. 

Chiron TL34 

"Spartan Clone Training Complex" 
2-6 Players 
An insanely claustrophobic corridor battle with little variety in 
weaponry, and one well-placed packet o' instant Active Camo. Tons of 
little evil slits in the scenery for you to fire through, a myriad of 
portal points, and some nasty little hiding spots make this a vicious 
game for campers and close-combat freaks alike. If you can keep from 
getting lost, this is a fun, fast-paced CTF game for tiny groups. 


"A long walk down a short hall..." 
2-8 Players 
This level's skinnier than the casting call for Ally McBeal. There's 
not much room to move, so you'll have to know this level inside and 
out, and most important, find that shotgun! Get a perch and get it 
quick. Sort of insane for any team games, which is actually the best 
part, if you've got some fragging experience and want a close combat 
challenge. Weird and fun. 

Battle Creek 

"Splash Splash, Bang Bang" 
2-8 Players 
If you're looking for a way to show off the beauty of the game in 
multi, this and Sidewinder are the levels to use. It's a really natural 
landscape, complete with a river, and two conveniently located 
fortresses on either side. This is a traditional CTF map, complete with 
some Sniper locations and a maze-like fortress to keep your sacred flag 
well-protected. Use the trees to keep you covered, as well as all your 
Quake-honed CTF techniques, and you'll be fine. 


"Red Blood, White Snow" 
4-16 Players 
One huge ice field and two fortresses make for some heavy combat. This 
one's good with four players, but you'll find that it ends up being a 
corridor battle in the "hidden" walkways that lead through the mountain 
to each base. Get over eight players involved though, and throw in some 
Scorpion tanks, and you've got yourself a war. Multiple snipe 
locations, a variety of attack points for the bases, and some cool 
crisp snow make this a fun one for game parties. 

"Covenant Hydro-Processing Center" 
4-8 Players 
Damnation, AKA "extra-cool bump-mapped level galore", takes the most 
practice of any of the levels. It's a little odd in the way it's laid 
out, and you've got to have your long and short range skills together 
if you think you're going to survive this one. CTF is extra-fun given 
the "walk of death," a long walkway with deadly gaps in clear view of a 
conveniently-located ledge full of sniper rifles. If you're not 
comfortable doing quick jump-turn maneuvers in odd directions, you 
better practice on some other maps first. 
The only bad thing about multiplayer Halo is that they treat it like a 
PC multiplayer game -- namely that most games with under four players 
suck. Get your friends to forklift over their Xbox and an Ethernet 
cable, and you'll be a lot happier. 
As un unrelated tip, remember that cracking someone on the back the 
head with your weapon is a really, really effective attack, if they're 
not facing you. And you can always skip the "level will load in 10 
seconds" stuff by just pressing A repeatedly. 

{                                                                     }
{------------------------c. Multiplayer Games-------------------------} 

(Thanks again to xbox.ign.com's Vincent Lopez)


Angel of death, angel of deaaaawwwwth! All apologies to Kerry King for 
that one. Though not sponsored by the band Slayer, this mode certainly 
exemplifies them -- ruthless, brutal, and fast as hell. It's a classic 
Deathmatch, where you'll need 15 kills to win. What level you play 
decides whether you'll have access to vehicles or specific weapons. If 
you're just beginning, this will keep your head from spinning... too 

Slayer Pro 

Like Slayer, only this time you'll need 25 kills to win. That's a 
marathon, folks. Thankfully, in this mode you start with a Pistol, 
Automatic Rifle, and Grenades to make the killin' a little quicker. 

Team Slayer 

You pick your teams, and the one to reach 50 kills first (total between 
your team) wins. The extra gimmick here is that the more you kill, the 
slower you'll move, but the more you die, the faster you'll be able to 
frag. Remember that you choose your teams at the start up screen, so 
you can mix this up in whatever fashion you like. Four newbies can take 
on two seasoned veterans, or you can have an even three on three split 
if you've got two consoles and two TV screens. Team games are 
especially fun when you've got multiple TVs, cos you can keep one team 
in one room, and another team in another room, provided you buy long 
enough Ethernet cable to go between the two. Hint: buy reeaaaally long 
Ethernet cables. More expensive but worth the price in the long run. 


This one's quick and dirty, and better suited to levels that give you a 
little room to dodge. Play it on Longer and you'll find yourself with a 
shorter (sorry about that one) game. This mode's great on levels like 
Boarding Action, where precise shooting means that the game's usually 
drug out longer than usual anyway. 

Mmmm... yummy Phantoms. All players are "invisible," meaning that 
everyone's got on Active Camouflage, making them almost impossible to 
see unless they're firing directly at you. Fortunately, all your 
opponents have nav points, so you'll be able to tell how far away they 
are from you, as well as their direction. This is a fun one in a 
variety of levels, whether you're tying to snipe ghosts of your 
enemies, or chugging it out in tight hallways. 


You've got five lives, and the winner is the first person to score ten 
kills. The clincher? Respawn Time Growth and Odd Man Out rules apply. 
Time Growth means that ever time you die, your respawn time will 
increase by five seconds... but every time you kill someone else, your 
time will decrease by five seconds. Play clumsy, and you'll be waiting 
ages to get back into the game. Odd Man Out rules mean that if you die, 
you can't respawn until someone else assumes the role of Odd Man Out by 
dying. It's a rotating afterlife, made worse by the time increments. 
This doesn't work with two players, for obvious reasons, so get a big 
group to make this one really frustrating. 


Don't be daunted by the 25 kills needed to win this game. Remember that 
one rocket blast will nail someone in a flash... and since that's what 
you've all got, this one flies by. The catch (and have you noticed that 
all Halo multiplayer games have one?) is that nobody's got a motion 
tracker, so you'll have to use your eyes and the rocket scope if you 
think you're going to nail someone from afar. 


Everyone with snipers! Fifteen kills are needed to win this one, but 
with Respawn Time Growth rules in place, if you're not quick you'll be 
waiting in the afterlife for what seems like hours to get back into the 
game. Get the lead guy out of the picture as quick as possible if you 
don't want to see them snowball the whole game. 
It's simple -- hold the skull for two minutes, and you win. Of course, 
there'll be a ton of people on your tail trying to take it from you, 
but don't worry about that. About 10 seconds after play begins, a skull 
is dropped somewhere on the map. Find it, and your timer will start 
counting down from two minutes. Make it to zero, and you win -- but 
remember that you can't use your weapons while holding the skull, 
leaving you vulnerable. The skull's a brutal melee weapon however, so a 
good knock over someone's unsuspecting head can help take out a 
potential noggin stealer. The weapons depend on the level, so try a few 
out in Oddball and see which ones suit your playing style the best. 

Team Ball 

The first team to hold the skull for two minutes wins the game, so make 
sure to protect your buddy holding the skull to keep them from getting 
killed. A 10 second respawn time makes it tough to simply tag along and 
protect your buddy, however. 

Reverse Tag 

The first one to score a kill on the map is "It," and a counter starts 
counting up to two minutes. The first one to reach two minutes win -- 
but the one who's "It" runs slower than the competition. Fun for all! 
In case you need pointers, look for the big target symbol over their 
head to know to nail with your sniper. Remember, so check up on 
everyone's times, including your own, press the Back button. 


You've got to stay "It" for five minutes, but it's not as long as it 
sounds -- if you're it, and score kills, you get a timer speed bonus 
for each one. Get a few kills and keep "It" and you'll win in no time. 
Get killed, though, and you'll lose "It" status, as well as any time 
bonuses you accrued while playing. 


The first one to kill becomes the Juggernaut, and does extra damage 
with all weapons. Kill the Juggernaut, and steal his powers for 
yourself. It's as simple as that. Ten kills will nab you the game in 
this mode. 
One player is invisible on the map, but if you can find and kill him, 
you get his powers. Wanna guess that the person sniping you from the 
hills is the invisible one? Get 10 kills, and victory is yours. 
Somewhere on the map is an area surrounded by a moving square ring -- 
get inside it and stay there for two minutes, and you win the match. 
Simple, huh? Of course, everyone else is trying to stay in the same 
place as well, so don't blame us if things get a little heated. For 
even more fun, try it out on levels like Prisoner where the ring is at 
the top, and in the middle of, the entire level. You may think your 
safe, but a good grenade toss is all they need to take you off your 

King Pro 

Like King mode, only you start the match with grenades, a pistol and an 
automatic rifle. 

Crazy King 

Like King mode, but with one little difference -- the "hill" location 
changes during the match. 

Team King 

The same two minute rules as King, only now you're a team, and it's the 
team total that counts. A ten-second respawn time makes this one 
tougher, however. 
Follow your nav readout onscreen and touch a series of flags laid out 
around the map of your choice. Do three laps first by touching all the 
flags in order, and you win. This gets real fun when you big vehicle-
based levels like Blood Gulch -- it becomes a flat-out racing game... 
with guns, of course. 
Team Race 
Get a team and play a level with vehicles -- you'll be able to shoot at 
your enemies while racing for the next flag point. Quake may have quad 
damage, but it certainly never had racing with guns. 

This one's a race without the laps -- collect 15 flags first, and you 
win. Of course, the designers have made it so that you're definitely 
getting in one another's way while trying to get to the flags first. A 
pistol will do the trick. 

Team Rally 

The team version of rally runs a lot quicker, because you've just got 
to grab five flag points to win. Of course, everyone on your team has 
to collect five flag points, so if one of you is lagging... 

Capture the Flag (CTF)

An FPS classic. Capture your enemy's flag and return it to you base 
three times, and you win the game. You can't fire while holding a flag 
however, and everyone will be alerted when a flag has been stolen from 
a base. Battles of epic proportions have been waged under this 
pretense, so beware -- your free time is at stake. While CTF is fun in 
small groups, the true beauty of the game type comes when you get eight 
or more players involved. 

Iron CTF 

All players have 200% health, and both teams start with Scorpion tanks. 
If you think you can get away with this with only four players, it 
doesn't work as well as you think. Play it with at least six or more, 
and you've really got a party going on. You'll only find this mode in a 
few types (because you really can't fit a tank that well in a hallway), 
but seek it out. It's definitely worth some play. 

CTF Pro 

This one's a killer, and I only advise playing it if you've got a 
super-sized group ready, otherwise no one's ever going to score on this 
one. CTF pro plays just like CTF, only this time you've got to have 
your flag at home base in order for you to score. Not only do you have 
to sneak into your enemy's base and steal their flag, but you've got to 
make sure that your flag's intact at the same time. Great fun if you've 
got a good team to work with. 


A fast food version of CTF. You've already got your enemy's flag, and 
now you've just got to get it into their base and plant it onto their 
flag station. Do it three times and you win -- but you've only got five 
lives to work with. It's quick, it's dirty, and it's ruthless. Once 
you've mastered the general CTF skills, then move onto this one for a 
different sort of challenge. 

/                                                                     \
||                         11. Tips/Tricks                           ||

This is the general hints and tips section of this FAQ.  There aren't 
really any cheats so this is the best I could come up with.
{                                                                     }
{----------------------------a. Cheats--------------------------------} 

-Different Ending: 
Beat Halo's Campaign on Legendary to see a slightly longer ending 
movie.  The new ending features a human and alien fighting hand to 
hand. The human will say "Its over", and then they hug because they 
know the explosion will kill them both.
Information in this section was contributed by Nathan Benton.

-Secret Cave: 
There is in level 5 a secret cave at the bottom of the map entrance. It 
comes out on the side where they are not expecting a side attack from 
that side and it shall be easier. 

{                                                                     }
{-------------------------b. General Tips-----------------------------} 

-Standing in one place is not good.  In Legendary, they will hit you 
almost all of the time, so moving will help prevent that a little bit.

-Part of moving all the time includes strafing.  You need to be very 
good at strafing, if not awesome, to be successful in Legendary mode of 
this tough game.

-Remember, you are going to die at least once unless you are extremely 
good at this game, as many people are.  Even then, those damn Flood 
with rocket launchers always seem to get lucky and hit you.  Don't fret 
if you die, just don't get angry and turn of your system without saving 
and quitting, losing your checkpoint.

-Remember in Easy mode where the Flood would always kick the Covenant's 
butt whenever they went head-to-head?  Now it will change.  The Elites 
are much too strong for the Flood, and they kill the Flood every time, 
luckily for you.  This might prove a little bit harder, but it is 
Legendary so what did you expect?

-In Easy mode it didn't really matter, but in Legendary you must know 
the weaknesses of each enemy.  Like for example, using a Plasma Rifle 
against an Elite will shut them down, as well as using a Shotgun to 
take out the grown-up Flood.  Make sure you use the right gun for the 
right situation. 

-This is my biggest tip.  USE THE ROCKET LAUNCHER!!  If you find a 
rocket launcher somewhere in the level, you will probably need to use 
it later on against a Banshee or Ghost or Hunter, etc.  I know this may 
come as a shock, but you can use it on guys.  It does have a 2X scope 
feature, very handy for unsuspecting groups of baddies.  This is a very 
effective weapon, if you know how to use, like how to not kill 

-Use the vehicles to the MAXIMUM!!!  They are your greatest asset in 
this game, and use them well.  
{                                                                     }
{---------------------------c. Enemy Tips-----------------------------} 

Battling Covenant
Like it says in the Halo manual, using Covenant weapons hurt the 
Covenant more, with the exception of Hunters.  If you know that all 
levels have Covenant in them, and I think all of them do, then you 
should carry at least one Covenant weapon.  Here are a couple pointers: 

* Use grenades, don't be afraid to use your grenades.  They are really 
helpful and if you see a bunch of guys standing around, chuck a 
fragmentation grenade at them and kill them all.

* I think, and most people would agree, that the best Covenant Weapon 
is the Plasma Rifle.  It is a very quick firing rate and it is semi-
automatic.  It is VERY effective against the Covenant.  This weapon is 
the best elite-killer.  When being hit by this they won't duck and 
dodge out of the way like when being shot with an assault rifle.   They 
just twitch until they die.

* There are places (especially in the first level) where a groups of 
Covenants are, waiting for you to barge in and start shooting.  If you 
can, sneak to the aliens and throw a grenade into their midst.  It is 
best when a plasma grenade sticks to a Grunt, because he will run 
behind the rest of his companions. One simple grenade can take out five 

* When trying to kill Covenants, jump over them (so you can look at 
their back) then shoot or hit them with the butt of your gun.  This 
might not work in Legendary very often, but it is worth a shot to get 
some sort of advantage on the opponent.
*Another elite-killer that works fairly well is the needler.  Empty a 
whole clip into him and he should die from the explosion, maybe even 
hurting other enemies nearby.

* When a Covenant dropship is getting ready to unload a group of 
Covenants, throw a grenade into the door as it opens. The blast will 
kill several of the enemies since they are all in one area.  Make sure 
you are running away afterwards, or the guys you didn't kill will make 
mince meat out of you. 

* Defeating Grunts:
-When the Grunts are sleeping you can beat them to death with the butt 
of your gun without waking up any of the other Grunts. You can usually 
kill a four to seven of them before an alien spots you. They start 
sleeping in level 5, Assault on the Control Room. Just remember not to 
shoot or they will wake up.  They will also wake up if you hit them 
with melee and don't kill them.

* Defeating Hunters:
-Normally Hunters are the hardest Covenant to kill, due to their 
powerful armor and shields. However, even the strongest armor has weak 
spots. If you look at their necks or backs, you can see an orange spot. 
Aim for it.  There are many different weapons that are effective 
against it, the most effective being the sniper, but the most practical 
being the pistol.  
-If you are being chased by a Hunter or an alien with a sword, run 
backwards while facing the alien. Jump when they try to slash you.  
Throw a plasma grenade at the alien and it will stick to him. Turn 
around and run in a zig-zag pattern to make sure he does not catch you 
in the explosion.
-You can kill the Hunters in a head-on assault. Get in close and use 
the pistol or shotgun. Aim for the head holding down the trigger. Your 
first shot(s) will knock back the head, exposing the unarmored neck. 
One shot in the neck and they should die.  If they don't die you still 
have them one down on them.
-Throwing plasmas grenades on them is pretty challenging. It may take 
some practice to get them stuck on a Hunter, but with two or three 
grenades, he will probably be dead.  Make sure you realize that it is 
hard because it will bounce right off of his shield.

-My personal favorite way to kill Hunters is to get close enough so 
they rush you.  When they get fairly close, sidestep them so they miss, 
exposing their vulnerable orange back, waiting for you to shoot.  
Especially on Legendary, you might have to do this several times before 
it dies.

* Defeating Jackals:
-Use a photon or energy weapon to destroy a Jackal's shield quickly. 
You can also run up and hit it with your weapon AKA melee attack.  This 
might not kill them, but it will leave their body waiting for you to 
shoot them.

-When you are a far way away from Jackals and have a sniper, they will 
sit in the defense position and leave very little uncovered. You will 
notice that on the right or left is a small notch in the shield.  Boom!      

Battling flood: 
* Using a combination of assault, Shotgun, and grenades works best... 

* Warning: Only use the [sticky] grenades at a far distance, especially 
for the little ones. 

* Shotgun - use on big floods, and little floods.  When those little 
guys, that jump up at you, are all grouped together use the shotgun, it 
shoots out a lot of bullets at a time (you can see this if you shoot at 
a smooth wall, or the ground, you can see all the marks it makes). 

* Use Assault rifle if the guy is standing still, if he or you are 
moving too much it moves your aim very badly and you waste bullets and 
have to re-load more often and then they have a clear shot.  For the 
grenades use them when you know something is behind a wall. 

* For sticky grenades you MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER to use them at a safe 
distance because if you shoot it on one of those little guys that 
follow you, you will get hurt bad too because of the blast that they 
brought with them, same with the big guys. 

* Don't use your grenades all at once. They are too important, and 
sometimes rarest when you need them.

* Do not try to take out any Flood types with a sniper rifle. It will 
simply go through their bodies without killing them. The weapon of 
choice is the shotgun. You can take them down with one shot. Remember, 
the closer they are, the faster they fall.  However, beware because 
they can fall down and still get back up and attack you after you blast 
them once with the shotgun.
* On the small crawling Flood, use your assault rifle in short 
controlled bursts. Once one pops, it will also pop the ones nearby.  
Save shotgun and pistol ammunition for the working class Flood to drop 
them fast. It is also a good idea to hit them with your gun after they 
fall to make sure they are dead. On the fat Flood, use the shotgun to 
pop them, and then clean up with rifle. 

* When you first meet the Flood, they will outnumber you in groups. For 
the large Flood, use a shotgun, rocket launcher, or most importantly, a 
fragmentation grenade.  Use plasma grenades with EXTREME caution.  The 
bigger flood close in on you quickly, and attaching a plasma grenade 
can be bad news for you because of their massive jumping abilities. 

* When you get attacked by the Flood, after you make them fall down the 
first time, shoot their head or arm or leg or something off while they 
are on the ground. If you do it while they are on the ground, they will 
not get back up.  Or, after you have knocked one of the enemies down, 
hit them with the butt of your gun to kill them permanently.  They will 
not get back up.
* Most of the Flood attack you with weapons and strong melee attacks 
with their arms. Some of the combat form Flood are harmless. They may 
chase you, but they cannot inflict any damage. You can tell that they 
are harmless by noticing that they have no arms. Do not waste 
ammunition on these harmless flood, just melee attack them. Be careful 
not to mistake the harmless for the harmful types.  Usually they get to 
have no arms because you shot them once and they got back up.  It is 
kind of creepy because they stand right next to you trying to attack, 
but they can't.
* When battling the Flood, use human weapons such as rockets, 
fragmentation grenades, pistols, assault rifles, and especially 
shotguns. These are MUCH more effective than Covenant weapons.
{                                                                     }
{--------------------------d. Weapon Tips-----------------------------} 

* Faster reloading:
To reload most weapons faster, press X and shortly after that press B 
to melee. Note: For the shotgun this will cause you to stop reloading 
all together.  

* Faster Warthog weapon use:
This trick works best in multi-player mode. Drive the warthog in a 
straight line. When you see an enemy, jump out of the Warthog. Tap X 
repeatedly and sidestep to the right. If you are quick enough, you will 
exit the Warthog and jump on the LAAG gun without stopping, while the 
Warthog slows down. This also works well on ice, because you keep 

* Kill Banshees easier:
-Wait until a Banshee is directly above you, and then shoot it in the 
belly with your shotgun.  This spot on the Banshee is the weakest, and 
on Legendary mode it will only take a couple of shots there to kill it.  
Moving forward when you do this can keep the wreckage from falling on 

{                                                                     }
{---------------------------e. Level Tips-----------------------------} 

The Pillar of Autumn

* Shields:
-In level 1, there are some empty airlocks that the Covenants have 
entered from. After killing the Covenants, go inside to find two extra 
shields. These shields are better than your normal shield protection.

* Invincible marines:
In the first mission, when you get your pistol from Keyes, go back to 
him. Melee attack him or shoot him.  Cortana will say something and 
call for backup. You might want to have extra ammunition. The door to 
the right (when you are going back out) will open, and lots of 
invincible Marines will appear and attack you.


* Halo: Three Warthogs:
Get in the Warthog and drive around to the second group of trees. You 
will find another Warthog. Get in and proceed through out the level. 
When the supply ship crashes there will be another Warthog, giving you 
a total of three.

* Fast kills:
During level 2 "Halo", you will hear the warning "Take cover -- Covent 
ship is in boundaries". Run into the ship that you landed in and wait 
for the enemies to appear. Your motion detector will indicate when they 
are present. They will eventually walk by, not noticing you. Throw a 
grenade and start shooting to kill them much faster.

* Sniping location:
When you go to the second lifeboat, get the sniper rifle and ride the 
Warthog to the right of the first structure and up the hill. Note: This 
will only work if you go up the shadow of the tree. This is very useful 
under the legendary difficulty setting.
Silent Cartographer

* Shortcut:
Jump all the way down off the ledge where you see the Chief kick a rock 
off the edge by getting an overshield from outside. If you make it, 
look down at the next level. There is another overshield. Jump -- you 
must land on the overshield or you will die.  If you do this, you will 
be very far ahead in the level.

Assault on the Control Room

* Easy completion:
(Thanks to DJSKIZO090)
Go to the area where the Goliath tank is located. Take out the tank, 
but do not go past the pond that it sits on.  After you take it out, 
look up on the wall until you find a ledge sticking out with a light on 
it. Shoot the middle of the pad on the underside. This may take a few 
attempts until you get the Banshee that falls off the ledge. Get in and 
fly down the tunnel. Take out the Hunters at the bottom, then get out 
and open the door. Fly to where the bridge is broken and take that 
enemy out. Get out of the Banshee and snipe the enemies on the other 
side of the gap. Get in the Banshee and fly to the door. Open it and 
fly through. Keep going in the Banshee until you get to the area with 
the second tank. Go to the ledge and grab the other banshee on the 
large middle island.  Take it and keep flying in the same direction 
until you see two bridges. Go to the one next to the one above the door 
on the ground. Go until you come out on the bridge where the "I wish I 
had a super weapon" message appears. Take one of those and fly to the 
top of the pyramid and finish the level. This is a good way to easily 
complete this level under the legendary difficulty setting. 

* Sniping location:
As you exit the lower door into the valley, head to the large vertical 
support for the pyramid. There is a large crack where this support is 
anchored in the ground. Jump in -- there are weapons and health located 
here.  After arming yourself with the rockets and sniper rifle, go to 
the beginning of the vertical support. Hop on it and start walking up. 
You cannot go all the way to the pyramid, but you will be high over the 
enemy, who you can pick off at will. The tank is the only weapon that 
can hit you. However, if you go to the correct location the snow bridge 
that you crossed will block the shots. This will work going in and when 
you exit later. 

* Spinning ring:
(Thanks to John Davis and YoshimitsuNik11)
At the Halo start up screen, choose multiplayer mode. Choose 
cooperative play at the next screen, then choose your profiles at the 
next. Choose the level where in the beginning it says, "I would have 
been your daddy" (Assault On The Control Room). On the difficulty 
screen, choose legendary. When the level starts after the introduction 
sequence, have one of the players quickly press X when the "Press X to 
get on the Pelican" message appears. That player will re-board the ship 
and start flying with it down the hole. The other player will quickly 
die because of the aliens, and will be respawned on the spinning ring. 
Make sure to jump where there are gaps. If you are good enough, you can 
even jump to a nearby ledge. Additionally, once you are respawned on 
the ring, quickly jump off and fall to your death. Sometimes you will 
be respawned on the lowest ledge in all the blue haze, and a "Press X 
to flip the Pelican" will appear that the top of the screen very 

* Early Banshee:
(Thanks to larry derosiers)
Get the rocket launcher and sniper rifle from the area where your men 
are fighting near a flipped Warthog. Play the level until you get to 
the Scorpion Tank. Take the tank through the cave. There will be a 
small hill after the cave. Kill the Wraith Tank from on top of the 
small hill. Take any enemies out without passing the small hill.  Get 
out of the tank and turn around to your right. Look up and you should 
see a platform with a blinking light.  Note: if you move past the 
little pond that the Wraith Tank was on, there is an elite guard there 
that will pilot the Banshee, thus costing you to lose the chance of 
getting it. Take the rocket launcher and fire at the center of the 
platform (underneath). This may require a few shots. When you hit the 
correct location, you will see the Banshee fall off the platform and to 
the ground. The Banshee is now yours for the taking. You can find 
another Banshee on top of the large pillar in the center of the canyon 
after the caves.

* Later Banshee:
At the end of the level when you begin crossing the snow covered 
bridge, after the "...If I had a super weapon" message appears, run 
straight ahead until you see the first controllable Banshee. Shoot near 
either the first or second Banshee with your rocket launcher. It will 
fall off the bridge and be available when you emerge from the ground 
floor door when you have to climb the pyramid structure to end the 

* Easier Way To Get Later Banshee:
(Thanks to Will Jarvis)
I think the scene is called "...I Wish I Had A Super Weapon" but I 
could be wrong there is a part where you are expected to cross an ice-
bridge. There are 3 elites, 3-4 Grunts, and a couple of jackals.  There 
are two banshees on the middle of the bridge...here is an awesome 
shortcut: When you get to the door, make sure you have a fragmentation 
grenade and a fully loaded Needler, throw the fragmentation grenade 
right when you get to the door towards the banshee, this will cause one 
of the elites to jump off thus leaving an extra banshee that will not 
be used against you. As soon as you throw the grenade go crazy with the 
Needler to kill the other elite and then use whatever weapon to finish 
off the rest (including the banshee that is now attacking you) but 
guess what, you can now fly that other banshee to the right thus 
avoiding the hunters on the bridge and all of the other steps until you 
get to the control room open the door and wait for grunts and elites to 
come out...its pretty cool when you can get it to work (I can do it 
maybe 50% of the time and I have finished the game on legendary about 
15-16 times)...just let yourself get killed (as you are at a 
checkpoint) if you really want to try it.

343 Guilty Spark

* Active camouflage: 
Just before the area where the Covenant are guarding the entrance to 
the facility containing the Flood disease, you will see a large rock on 
the right side of the screen. Jump above the rock to find an active 
camouflage hidden behind a bush -- look carefully.

* Shortcut:
(Thanks to kris)
Tap X to get back in the Pelican. It will fly onto a ledge. Walk along 
the ledge in the direction you are going to end up above the tunnel 
where the Marines are fighting. Jump down to the tunnel, then continue 
the level.
The Maw

* Grunt message:
(Thanks to LaytonE895, Alex Mortlock, and David Suhdolc)
There is a Grunt in the level that will give you a message. To get to 
him, go all the way past where the drop-ship is going to pick you up. 
About three rooms after that, there will be a shortcut to your right. 
Go in it.  In the middle will be two doors, to your left and right. 
Unlike the shortcuts, the door to your right will be open.  Enter it. 
At the end of the hallway, get out of the jeep and the Grunt will be 
there. He tells you something that sounds like "It's a good thing there 
was food on this Starship cause I worked up a big mighty thirst!" 

* Killing enemies:
(Thanks to LaytonE895)
Use the following trick to kill the two Hunters, the Sentinels and the 
Flood. When you are in the maintenance access ways, you will see a 
black Grunt run from the Flood directly in front of you. Kill the Flood 
and turn left instead of going straight where the hunters are. Go where 
the Grunt went. When you get there, the Grunt will be standing in the 
doorway. Kill him and you should be in an enclosed room with many dead 
bodies on the ground. When you enter, turn to your right to find be 
some burning boxes. Go to them, and the Sentinels should be on the 
other side of the blast door. Shoot the glass and the bullets should go 
through the door and hit the enemies on the other side. The glass 
should not break, so the enemies cannot shoot you back. 

* Destabilize engine:
(Thanks to LaytonE895)
When you open the vents, instead of going to the bottom floor to 
destroy the engines, jump on the coupling that is moving away from the 
engine. From there, destroy the engine. When the couplings start to 
pull back and reach the platform where the computer you pressed to pull 
the couplings back is located, jump back on it.  Note: You cannot make 
the jump if you are on the white part of the couplings. To make it, 
there is a brown part on the very end of the couplings. You have to 
jump from that part to make it across.

* Save time:
On the last part when Echo 4-19 is supposed to pick you up and Cortana 
tells you to stop, do not do it. It is a waste of time because Echo 4-
19 has been hit and crashes where you land. Keep driving straight 
towards the next beacon.

* Shortcut 
(Thanks to Andy Schmidt)
In The Maw level, when you are driving the Warthog through the Pillar 
of Autumn, there is a curvy hallway you have to go through where there 
are a lot of the metal flying robots. On the left wall when you enter 
the hallway, there is a hole that you can drive your Warthog into. This 
cuts off the entire long curvy hallway and takes you out at the end of 
it, saving lots of time. Note: This was done under the Legendary 
difficulty setting.

* No Flood in engine room: 
(Thanks to campvictoryfan)
Play through the level as usual until you get to the engine room or the 
first time you go to the open armory.  Before you go into the room, 
turn your flashlight on. If it is a cooperative multi-player game, have 
player two watch the back door with his flashlight on while player one 
gets all his items, then switch. Once you both get your ammunition, 
walk backwards out of the armory then continue as usually. If done 
correctly, there should be no Flood in the engine room. Note: You still 
may run into the invisible Flood in the armory and the little Flood in 
the engine room, but not the big ones.

{                                                                     }
{-----------------------f. Multiplayer Tips---------------------------} 

 * Instant kill: 
When you are facing a partner in multi-player and you cannot find 
ammunition, sneak up behind him and hit him in the back for an instant 

*Instant full life: 
This trick works better in cooperative mode. If you need life and you 
have a partner, wait until you have killed 90% of the enemies around 
you. Then, have your partner hit you in the back with a gun. You will 
respawn with full life and assault rifle ammo. In single player mode, 
you can blow yourself up with a fragmentation grenade, but your weapons 
might fly across the screen and you will need to find them.

* Extra ammunition: 
In cooperative mode, have your friend kill you by hitting you in back 
with a melee attack. Then, have him pick up your ammunition, respawn 
again, and repeat. Have him keep killing you until he is full, then 
have your player pick up your ammo after he kills you. You will then 
have maximum ammunition. Note: this only works for the machine gun.

* Fly in Ghost: 
(Thanks to YoshimitsuNik11)
Go to the multi-player screen with the Slayer, King Of The Hill, and 
other options. Select "Create" Allow all vehicles in multi-player. Go 
to either Blood Gulch or Sidewinder. You can find Tanks, Ghosts and 
Warthogs.  Set up a Tank in a strategic place for some fun, then get 
out, get in a Ghost, and go as fast as you can at the tank, towards the 
front. When you hit it, you will fly into the air and land hard. 

* Stuffed in hole: 
(Thanks to IPFREALLY)
In the second level in multi-player mode, when you get to the light 
bridge have one person activate the bridge as another one is about to 
drive off. The second person (in the vehicle) will be warped to the 
light bridge switch, but the Warthog is nowhere to be found. You cannot 
really do anything now. However, if you walk about halfway across the 
light bridge, you can see the metal "arms" that came out. It is 
difficult, but possible, to jump down onto the arms. If you have good 
balance, you can walk on the narrow arm to the wall. Once there, you 
can duck down and crawl into the hole. Have the second player kill 
himself so that they are in the hole with you. There is a small drop 
off that leads down a hallway, then a wall. If one person is against 
the wall and kill the other one, the other one will respawn on top of 
their head. The player that just died can duck, jump forward, and land 
back on the arm. You can either kill your friend or leave him there. 
Crawl out of the hole and jump back onto the bridge.

* Warthog on top of base at Blood Gulch:
(Thanks to Mcenttfly1)
Create a multi-player game with two people and enable all vehicles. 
Take the Warthog and ram it in the side door leading up to the top of 
the base. Then, have that person hold Up so it does not fall out. Next, 
have the other person use the Tank and ram the back of the Warthog. If 
it does not pop up, try the Ghost and ram it again.  If done correctly, 
the Warthog should pop up to the top of the base. Note: If one side 
does not work try the other side. 

* Snipe other players in Blood Gulch:
You can easily snipe the other players with a tank. Go to the end of 
the two parts where there is a large hill.  Drive up there in a tank 
and aim at the other players. You will be able to see the entire level.

* Completing under legendary difficulty:
(Thanks to Dark Link)
If you are playing the levels in cooperative mode under the legendary 
difficulty setting, have one person stay behind and the other one 
charge into battle. Keep doing this until the room is cleared. Have the 
person with the worst inventory go into battle. When they lose their 
items when they die, you will still have the good weapons.

* Fun with vehicles: 
In multi-player, split screen mode, create a game type that has all the 
vehicles. Set up the tanks and Warthogs.  Get in a Ghost and try to run 
into the tanks to do some really cool tricks. Your also can get the 
warthog to do some tricks.

* Warthog on base:
(Thanks to LeoPat)
Go to the Blood Gulch level. Set the level on all vehicles. Park the 
Warthog's tail end touching the base in between one of the gaps of the 
"shields" up on top. Get the rocket launcher (or tank) and start 
shooting the Warthog towards the middle of where it is above the 
ground. The Warthog will fly up in the air and land on the top of the 
base. This will not always work on the first attempt -- keep trying. I 
promise it works. You can do the same with the Ghost, which is easier. 
Park the Warthog as done before. Then, get some space and hover as fast 
as you can directly into the center of the warthog. You once again will 
fly up on top, usually on the first try. Either way, they both make 
good turrets. Note: You must be careful. If you drive incorrectly on 
top of the base, you could fall through the center, and thus have no 
Warthog for the rest of the game. The same applies with a grenade, 
rocket, tank shell, etc.

{                                                                     }
{----------------------g. Miscellaneous Tips--------------------------} 

* Flashlight:
(Thanks to Thomas and John Taylor)
When you get to the part when the people and aliens infected by the 
Flood start coming after you, turn your flashlight on and point it at 
them. The large one will stop running and jumping so that they are 
easier to shoot.  However, if you raise your gun to reload, turn away 
from them or take the light off of them in any way, they will resume 
running around and try to kill you again. Although the creatures 
infected by the Flood stand still when you point the flashlight at 
them, they may still shoot if they have a gun, so kill them quickly.

* Do it yourself grenade launcher: 
Get two plasma grenades. Place a grenade down, then place the second 
grenade in front of it about one to two feet away. Stand back, and when 
the first one explodes.  It will send off a duplicate of the remaining 
grenade.  When one of the copies stays, the other blasts off in the 
direction the first grenade was sent it in. Wait for the second 
grenade's time to go off and watch the explosion either in the air or 
on the ground. Note: Do not stand too close, as the grenade may cause 
injury, burns, and/or even death.

* Alternate way to change weapons: 
(Thanks to Michael Desimone)
If your weapon change button is Y and your melee attack is B, it can be 
fun to run up to something while carrying the rifle. Then instead of 
pressing B, roll your thumb over Y, then B. This will cause the Master 
Chief to melee with his other weapon without having had to take it out 
(for example, shooting with the shotgun and clubbing with the rocket 
launcher). This can also be a sly way of changing weapons.  

* Survive almost any drop with any vehicle:
Immediately before you go off any high drop, send your vehicle into a 
360-degree turn. This works best with the Warthog or Ghost. You can 
fall an incredible distance and receive no damage. 

{                                                                     }
{----------------------------h. Glitches------------------------------} 

* Shorty:
On the Halo level, during the FMV sequence when you turn on the bridge, 
you can make yourself shorter by breaking the glass below the 
activation of the bridge machine.
* 343 Guilty Spark: Trip to heaven: 
(Thanks to DSK6789)
As soon as the Pelican is about to let you out, throw a plasma grenade 
out of it while you will stay in the Pelican. It will take you to a 
high land, while a flying explosion will kill a group of Covenant. You 
will also see the end of the level -- all whiteness. The Pelican will 
land and let you out. You can walk through background forests, and if 
you go far enough, you will see a marine in a brown suit standing there 
for no reason. 

* 343 Guilty Spark: Mendoza alive: 
(Thanks to Oopaphant)
Immediately after exiting the Pelican at the start of the level, run to 
the front of the Pelican to find a rock. Jump onto the rock and then 
onto the Pelican. Run to the back of the Pelican. As the Pelican lifts 
upwards to take off, you will be able to see a ledge. Before the 
Pelican takes off, jump from the Pelican to the ledge. Continue on the 
ledge and eventually you will see a Marine. He is Mendoza, one of the 
marines from the intermission sequence, showing the introduction of the 
Flood. He is unarmed and he does not move. Killing him does not affect 
anything later in the level.

* 343 Guilty Spark: Floating guns:
(Thanks to Oopaphant)
Immediately after exiting the Pelican at the start of the level, run to 
the front of the Pelican to find a rock. Jump onto the rock and then 
onto the Pelican. Run to the back of the Pelican. As the Pelican lifts 
upwards to take off, you will be able to see a ledge. Before the 
Pelican takes off, jump from the Pelican to the ledge. Continue on the 
ledge, looking off of it every now and then to see where you are. When 
you get to the doorway that you would enter to get to the elevator that 
takes you into the complex, walk of the ledge slowly. Do not walk far 
away from the door. After entering the door, walk out of it backwards 
and you will see floating guns shooting at grunts. If you hit the guns, 
they make a metallic thud noise. After awhile they will disappear and 
you may continue the level.

* Assault On The Control Room: Bypass sections:
(Thanks to ViciousGerbil and Alec Baird)
In Assault On The Control Room, towards the end of the level you will 
cross a snowy bridge with two Banshees on it. Run and quickly enter one 
of the Banshees. You can skip the last part of the level by simply 
flying to the top of the large structure below, where the large door is 
located. If you are in cooperative play mode, have the other player die 
and they will reappear next to you. Have them open the door and then 
you can simply shoot down the masses of Covenant waiting inside. Fly 
inside and have the other player open the next door. The third door, 
before the control room and level ending sequence, is now in front of 
you. Arrange it so the second player is now in the Banshee and fly it 
directly in front of the door. Have the first player open the door. If 
done correctly, the Banshee will fly in, killing the first player. The 
game will not know what to do and will show various camera shots of 
places in the room. Eventually, Cortana will appear out of the console 
as she is supposed to and will carry out her conversation with the 
disembodied voice of the Master Chief.

* Assault On The Control Room: Phantom voice dialogue:
(Thanks to S. Holmes)
In Assault On The Control Room, get to the snow covered bridge. Rush to 
take control of one of the Banshees, to skip the last part of the 
level. Kill all the Covenant and head towards the control room. Take 
care of the Covenant on the way, and park the Banshee next to the door 
operator. Open the final door and quickly hop back into the banshee. 
Start moving forward as the doors open. The FMV sequence will start, 
and the Chief will jump out of the Banshee and immediately get run over 
by it. He will be laid out on the ground, but the voice parts will 
continue. The Chief will work his way to standing while leaning on the 
assault rifle. 

* Assault On The Control Room: Wraith Tank:
(Thanks to DSK6789O)
Take the Scorpion Tank and flip the Energy Tank. The man will fall out. 
Go up to the tank and the game will say press X to flip Wraith. However 
you cannot drive it.

* Assault On The Control Room: No enemies:
(Thanks to Marius Boran)
Kill the Covenant and get to the first bridge. Get to the lower level 
of it and at the side closest to the entrance, fall onto a nearby edge. 
You will make it with three health. If playing in cooperative mode, go 
to the lowest point, kill your partner, then fall. With some practice 
and luck, your dead partner will re-spawn on another lower ledge. Now, 
walk as far to the right as possible and fall where some marines are 
standing. You should make it with one power. Have your partner kill 
himself and re-spawn down with you. There will now be no enemies during 
the rest of the level.

* Assault On The Control Room: Frozen Marines:
(Thanks to DSK6789)
Shoot the Banshee off the ledge before you pass the ice with the Wraith 
tank on it. Then, take it into the building until you get to the big 
room. Destroy all the enemies, then open the next door and quickly fly 
out.  When you get your checkpoint, go back and look at your Marines. 
They will be frozen in the running position.  This happens because the 
load point went far ahead. 

* Assault On The Control Room: Crashing Pelican:
(Thanks to Oopaphant)
This trick can only be done in two player coop mode. After exiting the 
Pelican, continue normally until you reach the first bridge where you 
can see the Pelican descending. After exiting the door that opens to 
the bridge, have one person run to the left edge against the wall and 
jump over the edge. They will land on a ledge and will live (unless you 
jump too soon). Meanwhile, have the other player kill himself. The 
player on the ledge has to continue on the ledge until they reach a 
point that has a slope off the ledge to the left. Then, slowly walk off 
the ledge. If done correctly, the dead player will re-spawn on the 
overhang near the bottom of the chasm, while the other player continues 
falling to his doom. Note: You sometimes may need to kill the enemies 
on the bridge or the dead player will not re-spawn, but doing this will 
make it so that you cannot see the Pelican crash. Then, walk on the 
overhang until you reach another slope off to the left and slide down. 
If done correctly, you should land with one brick of life remaining, or 
rarely, no damage at all. If you were quick enough, the Pelican should 
be dropping off marines and a jeep. The best way for the glitch to work 
is to have one person enter the Pelican and have the other drive the 
jeep. Continue following the Pelican until you reach the Scorpion Tank. 
The pelican crashes next to the already crashed Pelican. This is 
strange, because they are actually the same Pelican.

* Assault On The Control Room: Unlimited ammo:
(Thanks to link2064)
It is possible to get unlimited ammunition in this level in multi-
player mode. To do so, get to the under ground tunnel and to the 
loading point. Have one player reload and the other go through the 
loading point at the same time. The player that reloaded will have 
unlimited ammunition for that gun. However, if you change guns or press 
X you will lose your unlimited ammunition. You can go back and do the 
trick again. Both players can have unlimited ammunition. If player two 
reloads his weapon as player one crosses the checkpoint, the weapon 
being reloaded will never run out of ammunition. You will still need to 
reload it as usual but the clip value will not decrease. This state 
will continue until you change weapons, or die. 

* Halo: Crazy camera:
(Thanks to Master Chief Cookie)
In the level 2, "Halo", under the easy difficulty setting, play through 
the sections normally but make sure that the last lifeboat you find is 
the one obtained by entering the building to find the marines. When the 
Pelican arrives for you to get on and fly away, go to your Warthog 
instead. Drive it up close to the Pelican, making sure that the side 
seat is facing the opening of the Dropship. If done correctly, the 
Pelican will fly off, but the camera will not know which vehicle to 
follow. The camera should fly around and go haywire. Note: This does 
not happen all the time.

* Silent Cartographer: At the top of the world:
(Thanks to DSK6789)
Take a Warthog directly to the part before you first fight Hunters (the 
part that opens when you complete that level). Park it by the rock that 
you squeezed through. Make the gunner point up at the rock wall. Climb 
up it to get on top. At the beginning you see a silver/gray ledge. You 
will be on top of it if you walk over to it on the ledge.

* Silent Cartographer: Dead on the other side:
(Thanks to DSK6789)
When the door locks there is a window in it that you can shoot through 
and kill the Covenant swordsmen. Go through the level until the FMV 
sequence in which the swordsmen walks out begins. He will be standing 
on a dead version of him.

* Silent Cartographer: Rocket at sea:
(Thanks to DSK6789)
Once the Pelican crashes, get the rocket launcher. Shoot it in the 
direction of the sea. It will go for quite a while, then explode.

* Silent Cartographer: Waiting for you:
(Thanks to DSK6789)
Take the Warthog down to the floor where the door locks. Make sure you 
have marines in the Warthog. Park it in front of the door and leave 
them there. Do not go too fast before the door shuts, or your wheel 
will get stuck in the door. Play the game through until the FMV 
sequence showing the covenant swordsmen running out begins. He will run 
right into the warthog and start shooting. The marines will also shoot 
at him. However, when you go back the marines will still be there, and 
the swordsmen will occur later as normal.

* Silent Cartographer: Walking on water:
(Thanks to DSK6789)
When they give you a Warthog, the marines will try to get in. Slowly 
drive backwards toward the ocean. The marines will follow you. Stop 
where you want them. They will walk back and forth in the ocean.

* Silent Cartographer: Warthog vs. Echo 4-19:
(Thanks to DSK6789)
Take the second Warthog on the island and put it were the Echo will 
crash. Resume playing the level through.  When it crashes, look at the 
Warthog. It should be stuck in the Echo. 

* Silent Cartographer: Flip a flying Pelican:
(Thanks to Robert McKellar)
When you get off the Pelican, go in between both of the Pelicans and 
run straight out to the sea. Both pelicans will turn at the sea. You 
should be under the Pelican. If you jump, a "Press X to flip the 
Pelican" message will appear, but will not allow you to actually do so.

* The Maw: View screen:
(Thanks to MaxPayne5040)
When you get to the bridge and the FMV sequence starts, quickly skip it 
and the main view screen will still be there. If you watch the 
sequence, the view screen will be shattered and the Sentinels will have 
a clear shot at you. This is especially useful under the legendary 
difficulty setting.

* The Maw: Grunt dialogue:
(Thanks to targetacquired and DrunkenIrish)
After you see E4-19 shot down, continue on until you see the Grunts 
running away from you. Turn sharply to the right and go through the 
tunnel. Halfway through it, there will be a path leading from that 
tunnel to another one on your right. At the very end of the tunnel is a 
Grunt that will not attack you-- he just stands there. After a couple 
screams of terror he will say "Good thing that food nipple's waiting 
for me at the starship, cause man, have I worked up a big grunty 

* Truth And Reconciliation: Shoot through door:
(Thanks to Jmscool007)
Go to the landing where the two Hunters are after you. Kill all the men 
there, then go to the bottom. You will notice that the Elite has closed 
the door, but you can still kill him. This works well when playing with 
a friend.  Jump up and when you see him, fire through the glass. A clip 
or two may be required. This trick works in any location where the 
doors are part glass. 

* Truth And Reconciliation: Forget Captain Keyes:
(Thanks to DSK6789)
As soon as you press X to lower the Covenant dropship, hurry and kill 
Captain Keyes. Instead of showing the FMV sequence, the game will take 
you directly to the next level. 

* Duplicating Warthogs:
(Thanks to HaloWarthog)
Place a Warthog where the drop ship will crash, then disable the 
security system. When you return, there will be a Warthog a short 
distance from the crash and one inside it. To get it out, use the 
rocket launcher by the ship. Go to the right side of it and shoot by 
where the Warthog is located. Then, go to the left side and shoot again 
where the Warthog is stuck. After that, you should be able to drive it 
out. You can now have three Warthogs in the level.

* Fall to death:
In level 5, the section "I Want To Be Your Daddy" is the first that you 
see. In order to do this trick you have to be in single player mode. 
When the Dropship is about to let you out, quickly press X button to 
sit back down in the seat. You will fly down the pit and go around in 
circles as the Covenant tries to shoot you down. Once you wait long 
enough, the Dropship disappears from sight and you will float down to 
your doom.

* Living dead:
After someone dies, throw a plasma grenade on them. After it explodes, 
the corpse will fly in the air and flail its arms as if it was still 

* Master Chief vs. fiery Phantom: 
(Thanks to Doug Sisk)
Go to any level that has Phantoms. Reduce the Phantom's life to one red 
bar. Go to a high location where you can land and stick a plasma 
grenade to the inside of it. Quickly get into the Phantom and fly 
forward. The grenade will explode and Master Chief will fly out in 
front of the flaming Phantom looking as if he is running from it.

* Master Chief flies:
(Thanks to annafgoodow)
If you have one or more plasma grenades, try to find a patch of them 
grouped into one area. Throw your grenade directly below you. When it 
explodes, it will cause a chain reaction that sets off all the 
grenades. If done correctly, the Master Chief will fly extremely high 
in the level.
* No head:
(Thanks to Jack Story)
On the first level when you get out of the tube, press X when prompted 
to exit the cryo-tube. Watch your character get out. The screen will be 
white and coming into view. After you take control finally, turn and 
jump in the cryo tube before it closes. When you get in and it closes 
with you inside, you are stuck. When you cannot move in the tube and 
look up in a certain manner you will see yourself, but with no head.

* Skip FMV sequence:
On any level before a FMV sequence, throw a grenade. Most of the time 
the game will skip the FMV sequence.

/                                                                     \
||                           6. Credits                              ||

-Thanks for contributions from all that was noted in the FAQ. 

-Thanks to the Halo Manual

-Thanks to Bungie for a great game!

-Thanks to Microsoft for hosting the game

-Thanks to CJayC for a great site in GameFAQs.com and for posting my 
FAQs, including this one.

Copyright Armin Jewell 2003

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