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        T H E  R E S T O R A T I O N  O F  E R A T H I A

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   HHH    HHH                                                            
   HHH    HHH       O F  M I G H T  A N D  M A G I C  I I I                        
   HHH    HHH                                                           
  HHHHH  HHHHH                                                           

                      Heroes of Might and Magic III
                       Frequently Asked Questions
                              Version 0.6
                     Last Updated in 26 December 1999

By Joseph Andro Artanto
E-mail: [email protected] 
        [email protected]
ICQ   : 55139575
Site  : http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Dragon/3939

This is a FAQ/walktrough for Heroes 3. Im exhausted after creating this 
faq (really). But I will try my best. Thanks!
Feel free to contribute any strategy guides (campaign or just a guide 
for a single scenario). However, I cant take if you rip off my work here 
or selling this walktrough for own profit, so if you did, I'll found out 
and I will put you in the losers contents. This walktrough and future 
revisions of it can be found at : 

- http://www.cheatcc.com/
- http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Dragon/3939
 *note: my site above is "completely uncompleted". 

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-Version 0.1 (12 October 1999). Initial release.
-Version 0.2 (21 October 1999). Layout correction, the strategy guides 
for beginner and expert have been there and many more minor corrections.
-Version 0.3 (23 October 1999). A big update, completed all of the 
strategy guides for basic campaigns. And an update in the beginner 
strategy guides. Minor corrections.
-Version 0.4 (29 October 1999). Layout correction, some new strategy 
guides for beginner.
-Version 0.5 (28 November 1999). Minor corrections. I have ICQ now, 
contact me in 55139575.
-Version 0.6 (26 December 1999). The spell list is finally there now! 
Also, the logo has created, although it is pretty weird. More minor 


IX.   STRATEGY GUIDES (EXPERT) -> Guides for campaigns


There are not many changes in Heroes III, compared with Heroes II, this 
game provides seems to be unlimited variations. The win or lose system 
is changed slightly, you not only have to do some artifact hunting, but 
you also must do some creatures obtain or defeat mission. You also can 
bring some artifact to a town for a victory. There, you have unlimited 
things on your mind to make a great map. Well, its true in Heroes III 
you can edit your map, as usual. The campaigns also has changed, it is 
consist a lot of campaigns, from the knight style mission to some 
devilish plan. Heroes III also have multiplayer type, same as Heroes II, 
some hot seat and internet/modem/network multiplayer type is also there.
Also, the ultimate artifact things has been deleted, exchanged with the 
Grail event, it is different, it is not an artifact, but seems to be 
some material needed to create a building that give you awesome 


This list is only available in the world map of Heroes III, for troops 
or town buildings info, see below. Some objects are only in certain 
terrains (although if the creator want it that way, it can be) and some 
can be placed in any terrain.

--Dirt Objects--
*Abandoned Mines: Fight a horde of Troglodytes to get a gold mine.
*Alchemist Lab: Give you 1 mercury/day
*Crystal Cave: Give you 1 crystal/day
*Gem Pond: Provides 1 gem/day
*Gold Mine: Provides 1000 gold/day
*Ore Pit: Provides 2 ore/day
*Sawmill: Provides 2 wood/day
*Sulfur Dune: Provides 1 sulfur/day
*Water Wheel: Week1 gives 500 gold,each subsequent week gives 1000 gold.
*Colosseum: Give you a choice to +2 defense or attack skill.
*Lake of Scarlet Swan: +2 luck until the next battle, lose movement.
*Fountain of Fortune: -1 to +3 luck until next battle.
*Faerie Ring: +1 luck until next battle.
*Mystical Garden: 50-50 to get 500 gold or 5 gems,recovered each week.
*Fountain of Youth: +1 morale until next battle, +4 movement.
*Crypt: Random fight monster to get gold or/and artifact. -1 morale if 
the guardians already defeated.
*Hill Fort: Upgrade base grade creatures.
*Obelisk: Reveals portion of grail map.
*Trading Post: Trade resources in the rate of 3 marketplaces.
*Sign: Display a customizable message.
*Stables: +6 movement and upgrade cavaliers to champions.
*Tree of Knowledge: pay/not gold/gems to earn a level.
*Magic Well: Replenishes spell points.

--Sand Objects--
*Alchemist Lab: Give you 1 mercury/day
*Crystal Cave: Give you 1 crystal/day
*Gem Pond: Provides 1 gem/day
*Gold Mine: Provides 1000 gold/day
*Ore Pit: Provides 2 ore/day
*Sawmill: Provides 2 wood/day
*Sulfur Dune: Provides 1 sulfur/day
*Campfire: +400-600 gold, +4-6 resource other than gold.
*Crypt: Random fight monster to get gold or/and artifact. -1 morale if 
the guardians already defeated.
*Obelisk: Reveals portion of grail map.
*Oasis: +1 morale until the next battle, +8 movement.
*Pyramid: Defeat 40 gold golems and 20 diamond golems to get random 5th 
level spell. If the guardians have been defeated, luck -2.
*Skeleton: Sometimes (20%) get random artifact.
*Sign: Display a customizable message.

--Grass Objects--
*Abandoned Mines: Fight a horde of Troglodytes to get a gold mine.
*Alchemist Lab: Give you 1 mercury/day
*Crystal Cave: Give you 1 crystal/day
*Gem Pond: Provides 1 gem/day
*Gold Mine: Provides 1000 gold/day
*Ore Pit: Provides 2 ore/day
*Sawmill: Provides 2 wood/day
*Sulfur Dune: Provides 1 sulfur/day
*Water Wheel: Week1 gives 500 gold,each subsequent week gives 1000 gold.
*Colosseum: Give you a choice to +2 defense or attack skill.
*Lake of Scarlet Swan: +2 luck until the next battle, lose movement.
*Fountain of Fortune: -1 to +3 luck until next battle.
*Faerie Ring: +1 luck until next battle.
*Mystical Garden: 50-50 to get 500 gold or 5 gems,recovered each week.
*Fountain of Youth: +1 morale until next battle, +4 movement.
*Crypt: Random fight monster to get gold or/and artifact. -1 morale if 
the guardians already defeated.
*Hill Fort: Upgrade base grade creatures.
*Obelisk: Reveals portion of grail map.
*Trading Post: Trade resources in the rate of 3 marketplaces.
*Sign: Display a customizable message.
*Stables: +6 movement and upgrade cavaliers to champions.
*Tree of Knowledge: pay/not gold/gems to earn a level.
*Magic Well: Replenishes spell points.

--Snow Objects--
*Lean-To: +1-4 resources other than gold.
*Alchemist Lab: Give you 1 mercury/day
*Crystal Cave: Give you 1 crystal/day
*Gem Pond: Provides 1 gem/day
*Gold Mine: Provides 1000 gold/day
*Ore Pit: Provides 2 ore/day
*Sawmill: Provides 2 wood/day
*Sulfur Dune: Provides 1 sulfur/day
*Windmill: +3-6 resources other than wood and gold.
*Water Wheel: Week1 gives 500 gold,each subsequent week gives 1000 gold.
*Campfire: +400-600 gold, +4-6 resource other than gold.
*Crypt: Random fight monster to get gold or/and artifact. -1 morale if 
the guardians already defeated.
*Obelisk: Reveals portion of grail map.
*Redwood Observatory: Reveals unmapped area 20 tiles from the 
*Sign: Display a customizable message.
*Magic Well: Replenishes spell points.

--Swamp Objects--
*Alchemist Lab: Give you 1 mercury/day
*Crystal Cave: Give you 1 crystal/day
*Gem Pond: Provides 1 gem/day
*Gold Mine: Provides 1000 gold/day
*Ore Pit: Provides 2 ore/day
*Sawmill: Provides 2 wood/day
*Sulfur Dune: Provides 1 sulfur/day
*Water Wheel: Week1 gives 500 gold,each subsequent week gives 1000 gold.
*Lake of Scarlet Swan: +2 luck until the next battle, lose movement.
*Fountain of Fortune: -1 to +3 luck until next battle.
*Faerie Ring: +1 luck until next battle.
*Mystical Garden: 50-50 to get 500 gold or 5 gems,recovered each week.
*Fountain of Youth: +1 morale until next battle, +4 movement.
*Crypt: Random fight monster to get gold or/and artifact. -1 morale if 
the guardians already defeated.
*Obelisk: Reveals portion of grail map.
*Sign: Display a customizable message.
*Magic Well: Replenishes spell points.

--Rough Objects--
*Alchemist Lab: Give you 1 mercury/day
*Crystal Cave: Give you 1 crystal/day
*Gem Pond: Provides 1 gem/day
*Gold Mine: Provides 1000 gold/day
*Ore Pit: Provides 2 ore/day
*Sawmill: Provides 2 wood/day
*Sulfur Dune: Provides 1 sulfur/day
*Wagon: Sometimes give you an artifact or gold.
*Magic Spring: Doubles and replenishes your spell points.
*Obelisk: Reveals portion of grail map.
*Trading Post: Trade resources in the rate of 3 marketplaces.
*Skeleton: Sometimes (20%) get random artifact.
*Sign: Display a customizable message.
*Stables: +6 movement and upgrade cavaliers to champions.
*Watering Hole: +1 Morale until next battle, +4 movement.

--Subterranean Objects--
*Alchemist Lab: Give you 1 mercury/day
*Crystal Cave: Give you 1 crystal/day
*Gem Pond: Provides 1 gem/day
*Gold Mine: Provides 1000 gold/day
*Ore Pit: Provides 2 ore/day
*Sawmill: Provides 2 wood/day
*Sulfur Dune: Provides 1 sulfur/day
*Campfire: +400-600 gold, +4-6 resource other than gold.
*Cartographer: Your choice to reveal all unmapped area of land or ocean 
or the underworld.
*Obelisk: Reveals portion of puzzle map.
*Pillar of Fire: Reveals unmapped area 20tiles from the pillar.
*Sign: Display a customizable message.

--Lava Objects--
*Alchemist Lab: Give you 1 mercury/day
*Crystal Cave: Give you 1 crystal/day
*Gem Pond: Provides 1 gem/day
*Gold Mine: Provides 1000 gold/day
*Ore Pit: Provides 2 ore/day
*Sawmill: Provides 2 wood/day
*Sulfur Dune: Provides 1 sulfur/day
*Campfire: +400-600 gold, +4-6 resource other than gold.
*Obelisk: Reveals portion of puzzle map.
*Sign: Display a customizable message.

--Water Objects--
*Derelict Ship: Fight some water elementals for gold /and artifact.
*Flotsam: Sometimes give you woods and gold.
*Shipwreck Survivor: Give you 1 random artifact.
*Shipwreck: Fight some Wights to get gold /and artifact.
*Buoy: +1 morale until the next battle.
*Boat: used as a transport over the water.
*Ocean Bottle: same as sign, but on water.
*Sea Chest: Give you some gold /and artifact if your backpack isnt full.
*Cartographer: Your choice to reveal all unmapped area of land or ocean 
or the underworld.
*Mermaids: +1 luck until the next battle.
*Sirens: Lose 30% of each army,gain 1 exp per hp for the lost creatures.
*Whirlpool: teleport the hero to another whirlpool with the cost of 50% 
of the weakest army of the hero.

--All Terrain Objects--
 Pikeman dwelling.
*Archers Tower
 Archer dwelling.
*Griffin Tower
 Griffin dwelling.
 Swordman dwelling.
 Monk dwelling.
*Training Ground
 Cavalier dwelling.
*Portal of Glory
 Angel dwelling.
*Centaur Stable
 Centaur dwelling.
*Dwarf Cottage
 Dwarf dwelling.
 Wood Elf Dwelling.
*Enchanted Spring
 Pegasus dwelling.
*Dendroid Arches
 Dendroid Guard dwelling.
*Unicorn Glade
 Unicorn dwelling.
*Dragon Cliffs
 Green Dragon dwelling.
 Gremlin dwelling.
 Stone Gargoyle dwelling.
*Golem Factory
 Stone, Iron, Gold, and Diamond Golem dwelling.
 Flag for +1 Stone/Iron Golem generation in Tower towns.
*Mage Tower
 Mage dwelling.
*Altar of Wishes
 Genie dwelling.
*Golden Pavillion
 Naga dwelling.
*Cloud Temple
 Giant dwelling.
*Imp Crucible
 Imp dwelling.
*Hall of Sins
 Gog dwelling.
 Hell Hound dwelling.
*Demon Gate
 Demon dwelling.
*Hell Hole
 Pit Fiend dwelling.
*Fire Lake
 Efreet dwelling.
*Forsaken Palace
 Devil dwelling.
*Cursed Temple
 Skeleton dwelling.
 Walking Dead dwelling.
*Tomb of Souls
 Wight dwelling.
 Vampire dwelling.
 Lich dwelling.
*Hall of Darkness
 Black Knight dwelling.
*Dragon Vault
 Bone Dragon dwelling.
 Troglodyte dwelling.
*Harpy Loft
 Harpy dwelling.
*Pillar of Eyes
 Beholder dwelling.
*Chapel of Stilled Voices
 Medusa dwelling.
 Minotaur dwelling.
*Manticore Lair
 Manticore dwelling.
*Dragon Cave
 Red Dragon dwelling.
*Goblin Barracks
 Goblin dwelling.
*Wolf Pen
 Wolf Rider dwelling.
*Orc Tower
 Orc dwelling.
*Ogre Fort
 Ogre dwelling.
*Cliff Nest
 Roc dwelling.
*Cyclops Cave
 Cyclops dwellling.
*Behemoth Crag
 Behemoth dwelling.
*Gnoll Hut
 Gnoll dwelling.
*Lizard Den
 Lizardman dwelling.
*Serpent Fly Hive
 Serpent Fly dwelling.
*Basilisk Pit
 Basilisk dwellling.
*Gorgon Lair
 Gorgon dwelling.
*Wyvern Nest
 Wyvern dwelling.
*Hydra Pond
 Hydra dwelling.
*Elemental Conflux
 Dwelling for Air, Earth, Fire and Water elementals.
*Air Elemental Conflux
 Air Elemental dwelling.
*Earth Elemental Conflux
 Earth Elemental dwelling.
*Fire Elemental Conflux
 Fire Elemental dwelling.
*Water Elemental Conflux
 Water Elemental dwelling.
*War Machine Factory
 Purchase any of the three war  machines.
*Refugee Camp
 Random creature type available for recruiting every 7 days.
 +03-06 of any random resource other than Wood or Gold.
*Star Axis
 Hero receives +1 Power.
*Garden of Revelation
 +1 Knowledge
*Learning Stone
 +1000 experience points.
*Idol of Fortune
 +1 Luck until the next battle, on odd days of the week not Day7.
 +1 Morale until next battle, on even days of the week. 
 +1 Luck and Morale until next battle, on Day7.
*Library of Enlightenment
 Possibly gives visiting hero +2 Attack, +2 Defense, +2 Power, +2  
*Marletto Tower
 +1 Defense
*Mercenary Camp
 Hero receives +1 Attack.
*School of Magic
 Pay 1000 gold to increase the Power or Knowledge of your hero by +1.
 Pay 2000g for a 'new' Secondary Skill.
 +1 Morale until next battle.
 +2 Morale until next battle, on Day 7.
*Dragon Utopia
 30% Fight 8 Green Dragons, 5 Red Dragons, 2 Gold Dragons, and 1 Black    
 Dragons for 20kgold and 1 Treasure Artifact, 1 Minor Artifact,1 
 Major Artifact, and 1 Relic Artifact.
 30% Fight 8 Green Dragons, 6 Red Dragons, 3 Gold Dragons, and 2 Black 
 Dragons for 30kgold and 1 Minor Artifact, 1 Major Artifact, and 2 Relic 
 30% Fight 8 Green Dragons, 6 Red Dragons, 4 Gold Dragons, and 3 Black 
 Dragons for 40kgold and 1 Major Artifact, and 3 Relic Artifacts.
 10% Fight 8 Green Dragons, 7 Red Dragons, 6 Gold Dragons, and 5 Black 
 Dragons for 50kgold and 4 Relic Artifacts.
*School of War
 Pay 1000 gold to increase the Attack or Defense of the hero by 1.
*Witch Hut
 Random Secondary Skill other than Leadership or Necromancy.
*Subterranean Gate
 Entering the Subterranean Gate leads to the Underground Map, if any.
*Altar of Sacrifice
 Castle,Rampart,and Tower heroes may sacrifice artifacts for exp.
 Inferno,Necropolis,and Dungeon heroes may sacrifice creatures for exp.
 Stronghold,Fortress heroes may sacrifice art/creatures for exp.
*Cyclops Stockpile
 30% Fight 20 Cyclops for 4 of each resource.
 30% Fight 30 Cyclops for 6 of each resource.
 30% Fight 40 Cyclops for 8 of each resource.
 10% Fight 50 Cyclops for 10 of each resource.
*Dwarven Treasury
 30% Fight 50 Dwarves for 2500 gold and 2 Crystal.
 30% Fight 75 Dwarves for 4000 gold and 3 Crystal.
 30% Fight 100 Dwarves for 5000 gold and 5 Crystal.
 10% Fight 150 Dwarves for 7500 gold and 10 Crystal.
*Griffin Conservatory
 30% Fight 40 Griffins to receive 2 Angel into your army's ranks.
 30% Fight 60 Griffins to receive 3 Angel into your army's ranks.
 30% Fight 80 Griffins to receive 4 Angel into your army's ranks.
 10% Fight 100 Griffins to receive 5 Angel into your army's ranks.
*Imp Cache
 30% Fight 100 Imps for 1000 gold and 2 mercury.
 30% Fight 150 Imps for 1500 gold and 3 mercury.
 30% Fight 200 Imps for 2000 gold and 4 mercury.
 10% Fight 300 Imps for 5000 gold and 6 mercury.
*Medusa Stores
 30% Fight 20 Medusa for 2kgold and 5 sulfur.
 30% Fight 30 Medusa for 3kgold and 6 sulfur.
 30% Fight 40 Medusa for 4kgold and 8 sulfur.
 10% Fight 50 Medusa for 5kgold and 10 sulfur.
*Naga Bank
 30% Fight 10 Nagas for 4kgold and 8 gems.
 30% Fight 15 Nagas for 6kgold and 12 gems.
 30% Fight 20 Nagas for 8kgold and 16 gems.
 10% Fight 30 Nagas for 12kgold and 24 gems.
*Dragon Fly Hive
 30% Fight 30 Dragonflies to receive 4 Wvyerns into your army's ranks.
 30% Fight 45 Dragonflies to receive 6 Wvyerns into your army's ranks.
 30% Fight 60 Dragonflies to receive 8 Wvyerns into your army's ranks.
 10% Fight 90 Dragonflies to receive 12 Wvyerns into your army's ranks.
 +400-600 gold. +4-6 random resource other than gold.
*Cover of Darkness
 Regenerates the shroud for enemy heroes, for a 20 tile radius.
*Den of Thieves
 Gives complete thieves guild information.
*Eye of the Magi
 Not interactive, Eyes of the Magi illuminate shrouded areas when a hero 
 visits a Hut of the Magi.
*Hut of the Magi
 Visiting a Hut of the Magi illuminates locations around an Eye.   
*Shrine of Magic Incantation
 Learn level 1 spell.
*Shrine of Magic Gesture
 Learn level 2 spell.
*Shrine of Magic Thought
 Learn random level 3 spell.
 +5 Sea mobility for your ships for each lighthouse you own.
 There are three different cartographers: land, ocean, or underworld.
 A Hero pays 1000 gold to remove the shroud from the land, ocean, or 
*Black Market
 Artifacts may be purchased at the Black Market.
*Monolith One Way Entrance
 Teleports hero one way to a specific map location.
*Monolith One Way Exit
 Exit point for a hero teleporting through a one way entrance.
*Monolith Two Way
 Teleports a hero to another two way monolith, with the ability to 
 return to the gate of origin.
 Location for storing troops at a choke point.
*Anti-magic Garrison
 Location for storing troops at a choke point. 
 Spells cannot be cast in combat.
*Border Guard
 Usually placed at choke points, a hero must visit a Keymaster's tent of                                       
 associated color for the password.
*Keymaster's Tent
 For a hero to pass a Border Guard, the hero must visit the Keymaster's 
 tent of the associated color.
*Cursed Ground
 No spells can be cast while on Cursed Ground.  
 In combat native terrain, luck, and morale have no effect.
*Magic Plains
 All Adventure and Combat spells are cast at Expert proficiency.
 Free a specific hero.  Joins you for free.
*Redwood Observatory
 Shroud is removed from all tiles within 20 tiles of the Observatory.
*Rally Flag
 +1 Luck. +1 Morale until the next battle.
 +4 adventure movement until the end of the day.
 Hero residing here cannot be attacked.
 Learn 1 spell, one secondary skill, or one primary skill.
*Scholar then disappears.
 Seer's Hut
*Heroes may complete a Seer's Quest for a reward.
 Map Makers must specify the quest.
 Purchase a ship.
*Warrior's Tomb
 Ransack grave for 1 random artifact and -3 morale.
 30% Treasure Artifact.
 50% Minor Artifact
 15% Major Artifact
 05% Relic Artifact
 Recruit heroes.  Listen to rumors.
*Magic Well
 Replenishes spell points.
 Events are user created experiences. Events placed on the map can only 
 be triggered by heroes.

*Town Hall: Purchase town and earns your kingdom 1000/day.
*Fort: Provides defensive wall, upg.to Citadel (give you archer tower)
*Tavern: Rumor, Hiring heroes, increases morale for troops in garrison.
*Blacksmith: Provides ballistas.
*Marketplace: Trade resources.
*Mage Guild (1,2,3,4): Allow the visiting hero to kept the spells.
*Shipyard: Allow you to purchases ship.
*Colossus (Grail building): +50% generation, +5000/day, +2 morale to
 all friendly heroes.
*Guardhouse: Pikemen/Halberdier dwelling.
*Archer Tower: Archer/Marksman dwelling.
*Griffin Tower: Griffin/Royal Griffin dwelling.
*Monastery: Monk/Zealot dwelling.
*Training Ground: Cavalier/Champion dwelling.
*Portal of Glory: Angel/Archangel dwelling.

*Town Hall: Purchase town and earns your kingdom 1000/day.
*Fort: Provides defensive wall, upg.to Citadel (give you archer tower)
*Tavern: Rumor, Hiring heroes, increases morale for troops in garrison.
*Blacksmith: Provides First Aid Tents.
*Marketplace: Trade resources.
*Mage Guild (1,2,3,4,5): Allow the visiting hero to kept the spells.
*Spirit Guardian (Grail building): +50% generation, +5000 gold/day,
 +2 luck to all friendly heroes.
*Mystic Pond: Produces a small number of random resources/week.
*Centaur Stables: Centaur/Centaur Captain dwelling.
*Dwarf Cottage: Dwarf/Battle Dwarf dwelling.
*Homestead: Wood Elf/Grand Elf dwelling.
*Enchanted Spring: Pegasi/Silver Pegasus dwelling.
*Dendroid Arches: Dendroid Guards dwelling.
*Dragon Cliff: Green Dragon/Gold Dragon dwelling.

*Town Hall: Purchase town and earns your kingdom 1000/day.
*Fort: Provides defensive wall, upg.to Citadel (give you archer tower)
*Tavern: Rumor, Hiring heroes, increases morale for troops in garrison.
*Blacksmith: Provides Ammo Cart.
*Marketplace: Trade resources.
*Mage Guild (1,2,3,4,5): Allow the visiting hero to kept the spells.
*Skyship (Grail Building): +50% generation, +5000 gold/day, reveals
 entire world map, +15 knowledge to any hero in town only(temporary)
*Workshop: Gremlin/Master Gremlin dwelling.
*Parapet: Stone Gargoyle/Obsidian Gargoyle dwelling.
*Golem Factory: Golems dwelling.
*Mage Tower: Mage/Archmage dwelling.
*Altar of Wishes: Genie/Master Genie dwelling.
*Golden Pavilion: Naga/Naga Queen dwelling.
*Cloud Temple: Giant/Titan dwelling.

*Town Hall: Purchase town and earns your kingdom 1000/day.
*Fort: Provides defensive wall, upg.to Citadel (give you archer tower)
*Tavern: Rumor, Hiring heroes, increases morale for troops in garrison.
*Blacksmith: Provides Ballistas.
*Marketplace: Trade resources.
*Mage Guild (1,2,3,4,5): Allow the visiting hero to kept the spells.
*Guardian of Earth (GB): +50% generation,+5000 gold/day,+12 spell power
 to hero in town only (temporary).
*Portal of Summoning: Recruit creatures from an externally flagged
*Battle Scholar Academy: +1000 exp to any visiting hero once.
*Warren: Troglodytes dwelling.
*Harpy Loft: Harpy/Harpy Hag dwelling.
*Pillar of Eyes: Beholders dwelling.
*Chapel of Stilled Voices: Medusa/Medusa Queen dwelling.
*Labyrinth: Minatour/Minatour King dwelling.
*Manticore Lair: Manticore/Scorpicore dwelling.
*Dragon Cave: Red Dragon/Black Dragon.

*Town Hall: Purchase town and earns your kingdom 1000/day.
*Fort: Provides defensive wall, upg.to Citadel (give you archer tower)
*Tavern: Rumor, Hiring heroes, increases morale for troops in garrison.
*Blacksmith: Provides Ammo Cart.
*Marketplace: Trade resources.
*Mage Guild (1,2,3,4,5): Allow the visiting hero to kept the spells.
*Deity of Fire (GB): +50% generation,+5000 gold/day,every week hereafter
 will be a week of Imp.
*Imp Crucible: Imp dwelling.
*Hall of Sins: Gog/Magog dwelling.
*Kennels: Hell Hound/Cerberi dwelling.
*Demon Gate: Demon/Horned Demon dwelling.
*Hell Hole: Pit Fiend/Pit Lord dwelling.
*Fire Lake: Efreet/Efreet Sultan dwelling.
*Forsaken Palace: Devil/Archdevil dwelling.

*Town Hall: Purchase town and earns your kingdom 1000/day.
*Fort: Provides defensive wall, upg.to Citadel (give you archer tower)
*Tavern: Rumor, Hiring heroes, increases morale for troops in garrison.
*Blacksmith: Provides Ammo Cart.
*Marketplace: Trade resources.
*Mage Guild (1,2,3,4,5): Allow the visiting hero to kept the spells.
*Warlord's Monument(GB): +50% generation, +5000 gold/day, +20 attack
 power to any hero in the town (temporary).
*Hall of Valhalla: Increases attack by 1 once to a hero.
*Goblin Barracks: Goblin dwelling.
*Orc Tower: Orc/Orc Chief dwelling.
*Ogre Fort: Ogre/Ogre Mage dwelling.
*Cliff Nest: Roc/Thunderbird dwelling.
*Cyclops Cave: Cyclops dwelling.
*Behemoth Lair: Behemoth dwelling.

*Town Hall: Purchase town and earns your kingdom 1000/day.
*Fort: Provides defensive wall, upg.to Citadel (give you archer tower)
*Tavern: Rumor, Hiring heroes, increases morale for troops in garrison.
*Blacksmith: Provides First Aid Tent.
*Marketplace: Trade resources.
*Mage Guild (1,2,3,4,5): Allow the visiting hero to kept the spells.
*Shipyard: Purchases ship.
*Soul Prison(GB): +50%generation,+5000 gold/day,+20% necromancy skill of
 all friendly heroes.
*Cursed Temple: Skeleton dwelling.
*Graveyard: Walking Dead dwelling.
*Tomb of Souls: Wight dwelling.
*Estate: Vampire dwelling.
*Hall of Darkness: Black Knight/Dread Knight dwelling.
*Dragon Vault: Bone Dragon/Ghost Dragon dwelling.

*Town Hall: Purchase town and earns your kingdom 1000/day.
*Fort: Provides defensive wall, upg.to Citadel (give you archer tower)
*Tavern: Rumor, Hiring heroes, increases morale for troops in garrison.
*Blacksmith: Provides First Aid Tent.
*Marketplace: Trade resources.
*Mage Guild (1,2,3,4,5): Allow the visiting hero to kept the spells.
*Shipyard: Purchases boat.
*Carnivorous Plant(GB): +50% generation, +5000 gold/day, +10 attack and
 defense skill for hero in town (temporary).
*Cage of Warlords: +1 defense to visiting hero once.
*Gnoll Hut: Gnoll dwelling.
*Lizard Den: Lizardmen dwelling.
*Serpent Fly Hive: Serpent Fly/Dragon Fly dwelling.
*Basilisk Pit: Basilisk/Greater Basilisk dwelling.
*Gorgon Lair: Gorgon/Mighty Gorgon dwelling.
*Wyvern Nest: Wyvern/Wyvern Monarch dwelling.
*Hydra Pond: Hydra/Chaos Hydra dwelling.


--Castle Armies--
 Cost: 60
 HP: 10
 Attack: 4
 Defense: 5
 Damage: 1-3
 Speed: 4
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Halberdier (Upg.Pikeman)
 Cost: 75
 HP: 10
 Attack: 6
 Defense: 5
 Damage: 2-3
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
 Cost: 100
 HP: 10
 Attack: 6
 Defense: 3
 Damage: 2-3
 Speed: 4
 Fly: no
 Shots: 12
 Specials: none
*Marksman (Upg.Archer)
 Cost: 150
 HP: 10
 Attack: 6
 Defense: 3
 Damage: 2-3
 Speed: 6
 Fly: no
 Shots: 24
 Specials: 2 shots per attack
 Cost: 200
 HP: 25
 Attack: 8
 Defense: 8
 Damage: 3-6
 Speed: 6
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: Counterattack against 2 attacker
*Royal Griffin (Upg.Griffin)
 Cost: 240 
 HP: 25
 Attack: 9
 Defense: 9
 Damage: 3-6
 Speed: 9
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: Counterattack against unlimited attackers
 Cost: 300
 HP: 35
 Attack: 10
 Defense: 12
 Damage: 6-9
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Crusader (Upg.Swordman)
 Cost: 400
 HP: 35
 Attack: 12
 Defense: 12
 Damage: 7-10
 Speed: 6
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: 2 blows per attack
 Cost: 400
 HP: 30
 Attack: 12
 Defense: 7
 Damage: 10-12
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: 12
 Specials: none
 Cost: 400
 HP: 50
 Attack: 12
 Defense: 10
 Damage: 10-12
 Speed: 7
 Fly: no
 Shots: 24
 Specials: No melee attack penalty
 Cost: 1000
 HP: 100
 Attack: 15
 Defense: 15
 Damage: 15-25
 Speed: 7
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Extra damage (+5% per hex traveled in battle)
*Champion (Upg.Cavalier)
 Cost: 1200
 HP: 100
 Attack: 16
 Defense: 16
 Damage: 20-25
 Speed: 9
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Extra damage (+5% per hex traveled in battle)
 Cost: 3000
 HP: 200
 Attack: 20
 Defense: 20
 Damage: 50
 Speed: 12
 Fly: yes
 Shots: no
 Specials: +50% damage if attacking devil/archdevil
*Archangel (Upg.Angel)
 Cost: 5000
 HP: 250
 Attack: 30
 Defense: 30
 Damage: 50
 Speed: 18
 Fly: yes
 Shots: no
 Specials: Same as Angel, plus can resurrect dead allies in combat.

--Rampart Armies--
 Cost: 70
 HP: 8
 Attack: 5
 Defense: 3
 Damage: 2-3
 Speed: 6
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Centaur Captain (Upg.Centaur)
 Cost: 90
 HP: 10
 Attack: 6
 Defense: 3
 Damage: 2-3
 Speed: 8
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
 Cost: 120
 HP: 20
 Attack: 6
 Defense: 7
 Damage: 2-4
 Speed: 3
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: 20% magic resistance
*Battle Dwarf (Upg.Dwarf)
 Cost: 150
 HP: 20
 Attack: 7
 Defense: 7
 Damage: 2-4
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: 40% magic resistance
*Wood Elf
 Cost: 200
 HP: 15
 Attack: 9
 Defense: 5
 Damage: 3-5
 Speed: 6
 Fly: no
 Shots: 24
 Specials: none
*Grand Elf
 Cost: 225
 HP: 15
 Attack: 9
 Defense: 5
 Damage: 3-5
 Speed: 7
 Fly: no
 Shots: 24
 Specials: 2 shots per attack
 Cost: 250
 HP: 30
 Attack: 9
 Defense: 8
 Damage: 5-9
 Speed: 8
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: Enemy spellcasters pay extra 2 pts per spell
*Silver Pegasi (Upg.Pegasus)
 Cost: 275
 HP: 30
 Attack: 9
 Defense: 10
 Damage: 5-9
 Speed: 12
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: Enemy spellcasters pay extra 2 pts per spell
*Dendroid Guard
 Cost: 350
 HP: 55
 Attack: 9
 Defense: 12
 Damage: 10-14
 Speed: 3
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Attacked units are stuck in place
*Dendroid Soldier (Upg.Dendroid Guard)
 Cost: 425
 HP: 65
 Attack: 9
 Defense: 12
 Damage: 10-14
 Speed: 4
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Same as Dendroid Guard
 Cost: 850
 HP: 90
 Attack: 15
 Defense: 14
 Damage: 18-22
 Speed: 7
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: 20% chance of blinding opponent, 20% magic resistance.
*War Unicorn (Upg.Unicorn)
 Cost: 950
 HP: 110
 Attack: 15
 Defense: 14
 Damage: 18-22
 Speed: 9
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Same as Unicorn
*Green Dragon 
 Cost: 2400 + 1 Crystal
 HP: 180 
 Attack: 18
 Defense: 18
 Damage: 40-50
 Speed: 10
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Immune to spells below 4th level
*Gold Dragon
 Cost: 4000 + 2 Crystal
 HP: 250
 Attack: 27
 Defense: 27
 Damage: 40-50
 Speed: 16
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Immune to spells below 5th level

--Stronghold Armies--
 Cost: 40
 HP: 5
 Attack: 4
 Defense: 2
 Damage: 1-2
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Hobgoblin (Upg.Goblin) 
 Cost: 50
 HP: 5
 Attack: 5
 Defense: 3
 Damage: 1-2
 Speed: 7
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Wolf Rider
 Cost: 140
 HP: 10
 Attack: 7
 Defense: 5
 Damage: 2-4
 Speed: 6
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Wolf Raider (Upg.Wolf Rider)
 Cost: 150
 HP: 10
 Attack: 8
 Defense: 5
 Damage: 3-4
 Speed: 8
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: 2 blows per attack
 Cost: 150
 HP: 15
 Attack: 8
 Defense: 4
 Damage: 2-5
 Speed: 4
 Fly: no
 Shots: 12
 Specials: none
*Orc Chief (Upg.Orc)
 Cost: 165
 HP: 20
 Attack: 8
 Defense: 4
 Damage: 2-5
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: 24
 Specials: none
 Cost: 300
 HP: 40
 Attack: 13
 Defense: 7
 Damage: 6-12
 Speed: 4
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Ogre Mage
 Cost: 400
 HP: 60
 Attack: 13
 Defense: 7
 Damage: 6-12
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Can cast Bloodlust on allies, 1pt
 Cost: 600
 HP: 60
 Attack: 13
 Defense: 11
 Damage: 11-15
 Speed: 7
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Thunderbird (Upg.Roc)
 Cost: 700
 HP: 60
 Attack: 13
 Defense: 11
 Damage: 11-15
 Speed: 11
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: 20% chance of additional damage (10x #birds)
 Cost: 750
 HP: 70
 Attack: 15
 Defense: 12
 Damage: 16-20
 Speed: 6
 Fly: no
 Shots: 16
 Specials: Can attack siege walls at basic ballistic skill
*Cyclops King (Upg.Cyclops)
 Cost: 1100
 HP: 70
 Attack: 17
 Defense: 13
 Damage: 16-20
 Speed: 8
 Fly: no
 Shots: 24
 Specials: Can attack siege walls at advanced ballistic skill
 Cost: 1500
 HP: 160
 Attack: 17
 Defense: 17
 Damage: 30-50
 Speed: 6
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: attack can reduces target defense by 40%
*Ancient Behemoth
 Cost: 3000 + 1 Crystal
 HP: 300
 Attack: 19
 Defense: 19
 Damage: 30-50
 Speed: 9
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: attack can reduce target defense by 80%

--Tower Armies--
 Cost: 30
 HP: 4
 Attack: 3
 Defense: 3
 Damage: 1-2
 Speed: 4
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Master Gremlin (Upg.Gremlin)
 Cost: 40
 HP: 4
 Attack: 4
 Defense: 4
 Damage: 1-2
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: 8
 Specials: none
*Stone Gargoyle
 Cost: 130
 HP: 16
 Attack: 6
 Defense: 6
 Damage: 2-3
 Speed: 6
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Obsidian Gargoyle (Upg.Stone Gargoyle)
 Cost: 160
 HP: 16
 Attack: 7
 Defense: 7
 Damage: 2-3
 Speed: 9
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Stone Golem
 Cost: 150
 HP: 30
 Attack: 7
 Defense: 10
 Damage: 4-5
 Speed: 3
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: 1/2 damage from spell attacks
*Iron Golem
 Cost: 200
 HP: 35
 Attack: 9
 Defense: 10
 Damage: 4-5
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: 1/4 damage from spell attacks
 Cost: 350
 HP: 25
 Attack: 11
 Defense: 8
 Damage: 7-9
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: 24
 Specials: No melee attack penalty, reduce spell cost by 2pt
*ArchMage (Upg.Mage)
 Cost: 450
 HP: 30
 Attack: 12
 Defense: 9
 Damage: 7-9
 Speed: 7
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Same as Mage, plus can penetrate cover and walls
 Cost: 550
 HP: 40
 Attack: 12
 Defense: 12
 Damage: 13-16
 Speed: 7
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: +50% damage to Efreet
*Master Genie
 Cost: 600
 HP: 40
 Attack: 12
 Defense: 12
 Damage: 13-16
 Speed: 11
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: +50% damage to Efreet,can cast random spell on allies
 Cost: 1100
 HP: 110
 Attack: 16
 Defense: 13
 Damage: 20
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Attacked units cant retaliate
*Naga Queen (Upg.Naga)
 Cost: 1600
 HP: 110
 Attack: 16
 Defense: 13
 Damage: 30
 Speed: 7
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Attacked units cant retaliate
 Cost: 2000 + 1 Gem
 HP: 150
 Attack: 19
 Defense: 16
 Damage: 40-60
 Speed: 7
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Immune to mind spells
*Titan (Upg.Giant)
 Cost: 5000 + 2 gems
 HP: 300
 Attack: 24
 Defense: 24
 Damage: 40-60
 Speed: 11
 Fly: no
 Shots: 24
 Specials: Immune to mind spells, +50% damage to black dragon, no melee

--Dungeon Armies--
 Cost: 50
 HP: 5
 Attack: 4
 Defense: 3
 Damage: 1-3
 Speed: 4
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Poor morale, immune to blinding
*Infernal Troglodyte (Upg.Troglodyte)
 Cost: 65
 HP: 6
 Attack: 5
 Defense: 4
 Damage: 1-3
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Poor morale, immune to blinding
 Cost: 130
 HP: 14
 Attack: 6
 Defense: 5
 Damage: 1-4
 Speed: 6
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: Attack returns them to hex they started on
*Harpy Hag (Upg.Harpy)
 Cost: 170
 HP: 14
 Attack: 6
 Defense: 6
 Damage: 1-4
 Speed: 9
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: Same as Harpy, attacked units cant retaliate
 Cost: 250
 HP: 22
 Attack: 9
 Defense: 7
 Damage: 3-5
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: 12
 Specials: Close up, attack for equal damage using tentacles
*Evil Eye (Upg.Beholder)
 Cost: 280
 HP: 22
 Attack: 10
 Defense: 8
 Damage: 3-5
 Speed: 7
 Fly: no
 Shots: 24
 Specials: Close up, attack for equal damage using tentacles
 Cost: 300
 HP: 25
 Attack: 9
 Defense: 9
 Damage: 6-8
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: 4
 Specials: No melee penalty, melee attack has 20% chance to petrify
*Medusa Queen (Upg.Medusa)
 Cost: 330
 HP: 30
 Attack: 10
 Defense: 10
 Damage: 6-8
 Speed: 6
 Fly: no
 Shots: 8
 Specials: No melee penalty, melee attack has 20% chance to petrify
 Cost: 500
 HP: 50
 Attack: 14
 Defense: 12
 Damage: 12-20
 Speed: 6
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Good Morale
*Minatour King (Upg.Minatour)
 Cost: 575
 HP: 50
 Attack: 15
 Defense: 15
 Damage: 12-20
 Speed: 8
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Good morale
 Cost: 850
 HP: 80
 Attack: 15
 Defense: 13
 Damage: 14-20
 Speed: 7
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Scorpicore (Upg.Manticore)
 Cost: 1050
 HP: 80
 Attack: 16
 Defense: 14
 Damage: 14-20
 Speed: 11
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: 20% chance to paralyze
*Red Dragon
 Cost: 2500 + 1 Sulfur
 HP: 180
 Attack: 19
 Defense: 19
 Damage: 40-50
 Speed: 11
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: Immune to spells below level 4
*Black Dragon (Upg.Red Dragon)
 Cost: 4000 + 2 Sulfur
 HP: 300
 Attack: 25
 Defense: 25
 Damage: 40-50
 Speed: 15
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: Immune to all spells, +50% damage to Giant/Titan

--Fortress Armies--
 Cost: 50
 HP: 6
 Attack: 3
 Defense: 5
 Damage: 2-3
 Speed: 4
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Gnoll Marauder (Upg.Gnoll)
 Cost: 70
 HP: 6
 Attack: 4
 Defense: 6
 Damage: 2-3
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
 Cost: 110
 HP: 12
 Attack: 5
 Defense: 6
 Damage: 1-3
 Speed: 4
 Fly: no
 Shots: 12
 Specials: none
*Lizard Warrior (Upg Lizardman)
 Cost: 130
 HP: 12
 Attack: 5
 Defense: 7
 Damage: 2-3
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: 24
 Specials: none
*Serpent Fly
 Cost: 220
 HP: 20
 Attack: 6
 Defense: 8
 Damage: 2-5
 Speed: 9
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: Dispel beneficial spells on their targets
*Dragon Fly (Upg.Serpent Fly)
 Cost: 240
 HP: 20
 Attack: 6
 Defense: 8
 Damage: 2-5
 Speed: 13
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: Dispel beneficial spells on their targets
 Cost: 325
 HP: 35
 Attack: 11
 Defense: 11
 Damage: 6-10
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: 20% chance of petrifying their prey for 3 rounds
*Greater Basilisk (Upg.Basilisk)
 Cost: 400
 HP: 40
 Attack: 12
 Defense: 12
 Damage: 6-10
 Speed: 7
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: 20% chance of petrifying their prey for 3 rounds
 Cost: 525
 HP: 70
 Attack: 10
 Defense: 14
 Damage: 12-16
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Mighty Gorgon (Upg.Gorgon) 
 Cost: 600
 HP: 70
 Attack: 11
 Defense: 16
 Damage: 12-16
 Speed: 6
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: 10% chance of killing top creature in stack outright
 Cost: 800
 HP: 70
 Attack: 14
 Defense: 14
 Damage: 14-18
 Speed: 7
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Wyvern Monarch (Upg.Wyvern)
 Cost: 1100
 HP: 70
 Attack: 14
 Defense: 14
 Damage: 18-22
 Speed: 11
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: 20% chance of poisoning its target for 3 rounds
 Cost: 2200
 HP: 175
 Attack: 16
 Defense: 18
 Damage: 25-45
 Speed: 55
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Attack all adjacent units, attacked units cant retaliate
*Chaos Hydra (Upg.Hydra)
 Cost: 3500 + 1 Sulfur
 HP: 175
 Attack: 16
 Defense: 18
 Damage: 25-45
 Speed: 7
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Same as Hydra

--Inferno Armies--
 Cost: 50
 HP: 4
 Attack: 2
 Defense: 3
 Damage: 1-2
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Familiar (Upg.Imp)
 Cost: 60
 HP: 4
 Attack: 4
 Defense: 4
 Damage: 1-2
 Speed: 7
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Channel 20% of spell pts spent by opponent to hero
 Cost: 125
 HP: 13
 Attack: 6
 Defense: 4
 Damage: 2-4
 Speed: 4
 Fly: no
 Shots: 12
 Specials: none
*Magog (Upg.Gog)
 Cost: 175
 HP: 13
 Attack: 7
 Defense: 4
 Damage: 2-4
 Speed: 6
 Fly: no
 Shots: 24
 Specials: Attack affects adjacent hexes
*Hell Hound
 Cost: 200
 HP: 25
 Attack: 10
 Defense: 6
 Damage: 2-7
 Speed: 7
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Cerberus (Upg.Hell Hound)
 Cost: 250
 HP: 25
 Attack: 10
 Defense: 8
 Damage: 2-5
 Speed: 8
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Can attack 3 adjacent enemies in a single attack
 Cost: 250
 HP: 35
 Attack: 10
 Defense: 10
 Damage: 7-9
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Horned Demon (Upg.Demon)
 Cost: 270
 HP: 40
 Attack: 10
 Defense: 10
 Damage: 7-9
 Speed: 6
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Pit Fiend
 Cost: 500
 HP: 45
 Attack: 13
 Defense: 13
 Damage: 13-17
 Speed: 6
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Pit Lord
 Cost: 700
 HP: 45
 Attack: 13
 Defense: 13
 Damage: 13-17
 Speed: 7
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Can resurrect dead units as demons 1 per combat
 Cost: 900
 HP: 90
 Attack: 16
 Defense: 12
 Damage: 16-24
 Speed: 9
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: Immune to fire spells, +50% damage against genies
*Efreet Sultan (Upg.Efreet) 
 Cost: 1100
 HP: 90
 Attack: 16
 Defense: 14
 Damage: 16-24
 Speed: 13
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: Same as Efreet
 Cost: 2700 + 1 Mercury
 HP: 160
 Attack: 19
 Defense: 21
 Damage: 30-40
 Speed: 13
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Teleport to any hex, attacked units cant retaliate, +50%
           damage to angel/archangel
*Arch Devil (Upg.Devil) 
 Cost: 4500 + 2 Mercury
 HP: 200
 Attack: 26
 Defense: 28
 Damage: 30-40
 Speed: 17
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Same as Devil, reduces enemy luck by 1

--Necropolis Armies--
 Cost: 60
 HP: 6
 Attack: 5
 Defense: 4
 Damage: 1-3
 Speed: 4
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Skeleton Warrior (Upg.Skeleton)
 Cost: 70
 HP: 6
 Attack: 6
 Defense: 6
 Damage: 1-3
 Speed: 5
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: none
*Walking Dead
 Cost: 100
 HP: 15
 Attack: 5
 Defense: 5
 Damage: 2-3
 Speed: 3
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: 20% chance to cause disease
*Zombie (Upg.Walking Dead)
 Cost: 125
 HP: 20
 Attack: 5
 Defense: 5
 Damage: 2-3
 Speed: 4
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: 20% chance to cause disease
 Cost: 200
 HP: 18
 Attack: 7
 Defense: 7
 Damage: 3-5
 Speed: 5
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: Regenerating
*Wraith (Upg. Wight)
 Cost: 230
 HP: 18
 Attack: 7
 Defense: 7
 Damage: 3-5
 Speed: 7
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: Regenerating, plus 2 spell pts drained from enemy per turn
 Cost: 360
 HP: 30
 Attack: 10
 Defense: 9
 Damage: 5-8
 Speed: 6
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: Attacked units cant retaliate.
*Vampire Lord (Upg.Vampire)
 Cost: 500
 HP: 40
 Attack: 10
 Defense: 10
 Damage: 5-8
 Speed: 9
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: Same as Vampire, plus units resurrect equal to damage.
 Cost: 550
 HP: 30
 Attack: 13
 Defense: 10
 Damage: 11-13
 Speed: 6
 Fly: no
 Shots: 12
 Specials: Damages adjacent hex non-undead
*Power Lich (Upg.Lich) 
 Cost: 600
 HP: 40
 Attack: 13
 Defense: 10
 Damage: 11-15
 Speed: 7
 Fly: no
 Shots: 24
 Specials: Same as Lich
*Black Knight
 Cost: 1200
 HP: 120
 Attack: 16
 Defense: 16
 Damage: 15-30
 Speed: 9
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: 20% chance of cursing opponents
*Dread Knight (Upg.Black Knight)
 Cost: 1500
 HP: 120
 Attack: 18
 Defense: 18
 Damage: 15-30
 Speed: 9
 Fly: no
 Shots: none
 Specials: Same as Black Knight, 20% chance of double damage
*Bone Dragon 
 Cost: 1800
 HP: 150
 Attack: 17
 Defense: 15
 Damage: 25-50
 Speed: 9
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: Enemy units is lowered by one
*Ghost Dragon (Upg.Bone Dragon) 
 Cost: 3000 + 1 Mercury
 HP: 200
 Attack: 19
 Defense: 17
 Damage: 25-50
 Speed: 14
 Fly: yes
 Shots: none
 Specials: Same as Bone Dragon, 20% chance of aging their targets

*Disease: diseased creatures have their attack  and defense ratings         
 reduced by 2 for a period of 3 rounds
*Aging: hit points of all members in aged troop is halved
*Poison: Top creature of a poisoned stack loses 50% of its health/turn
*Undead always have neutral morale


There are several changes in HOMM III, first, there are 4 types of 
magic: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water magic. And each magic has more level 
(level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). You can increases the effectiveness of some magic 
type by learning some ability by your hero (basic earth magic, advanced 
fire magic, expert air magic, etc). You should try yourselves what 
happen with the spells if you learn basic, advanced, or expert.

--Air Magic--
*Level 1*
 -Haste: Increases speed of friendly unit/s
 -Magic Arrow: Causes a bolt of magical energy to strike the enemy.
 -View Air: Reveals all unclaimed artifacts, enemy heroes and towns.
*Level 2*
 -Disrupting Ray: Lowers enemy defense.
 -Lightning Bolt: Damages enemy with a lightning bolt.
 -Precision: Increases ranged attack damage by ally.
 -Protection From Air: Reduces air magic damage.
 -Visions: Shows exact number of wandering monsters, heroes, towns, etc.
 -Fortune: Increases Luck.
*Level 3*
 -Destroy Undead: Hit all enemy's undead units.
 -Hypnotize: Control an enemy unit (temporary).
 -Air Shield: Reduces ranged attack damage causes by enemy.
*Level 4*
 -Counterstrike: +2 retaliation.
 -Chain Lightning: Damage 5 unit, the 2nd unit is half damage, etc.
*Level 5*
 -Summon Air Elemental: Summon a group of Air Elemental. No other
                        elementals can be summoned in the battle.
 -Magic Mirror: Reflects hostile magic to random enemy (40%)
 -Fly: Causes the Hero to fly over obstacle in the adventure map.
 -Dimension Door: Teleport the hero to a location in adv. map.

--Earth Magic--
*Level 1*
 -Magic Arrow: Causes a bolt of magical energy to strike the enemy
 -Shield: Reduces hand-to-hand damage causes by enemy.
 -Slow: Reduces enemy unit speed.
 -Stone Skin: Increases defense for ally.
 -View Earth: Reveals resources, mines and terrains.
*Level 2* 
 -Death Ripple: Damage all non-undead units.
 -Quicksand: Places random 8 quicksand. Visible to caster and native
             creatures. Once hit by an unit, cant move.
 -Visions: Shows exact number of wandering monsters, heroes, towns, etc.
*Level 3* 
 -Animate Dead: Resurrect fallen ally by restoring fixed hp,undead only.
 -Anti-Magic: Defense against all spells.
 -Earthquake: Random damage to four section of castle walls.
 -Force Field: Places a medium size force field.
 -Protection From Earth: Reduces Earth magic damage.
*Level 4*
 -Meteor Shower: Causes a group of meteors to damage enemy unit/s.
 -Resurrection: Same as Animate Dead, but all unit type can.
 -Sorrow: Reduces enemy morale.
 -Town Portal:  Teleport the hero to the nearest town.
*Level 5* 
 -Summon Earth Elemental: Summon a group of Earth Elemental. No other
                          elementals can be summoned in the battle.
 -Implosion: Massive damage to a single creature stack.

--Fire Magic--
*Level 1*
 -Bloodlust: Increases hand-to-hand damage caused by ally.
 -Curse: Causes minimum damage to enemy.
 -Magic Arrow: Causes a bolt of magical energy to strike the enemy
 -Protection From Fire: Reduces fire magic damage.
*Level 2*
 -Blind: Causes enemy unit cant move until attacked or dispelled.
 -Fire Wall: Any units walking through the wall will take damage.
 -Visions: Shows exact number of wandering monsters, heroes, towns, etc.
*Level 3*
 -Fireball: Damage target and any adjacent units.
 -Land Mine: Same as quicksand, but causes damage instead.
 -Misfortune: Reduces enemy unit's luck.
*Level 4*
 -Armageddon: Causes damage to all units in battlefield.
 -Berserk: Causes an unit to randomly attack nearest unit.
 -Fire Shield: No protection, but damaging if touched.
 -Frenzy: Reduces defense, Increases attack.
 -Inferno: Causes damage.
 -Slayer: Increases damage against Dragons, Behemots, Hydras.
*Level 5*
 -Summon Fire Elemental: Summon a group of Fire Elemental. No other
                         elementals can be summoned in the battle.
 -Sacrifice: Destroy friendly group to resurrect dead group.

--Water Magic--
*Level 1*
 -Bless: Increases maximum damage.
 -Cure: Heal HP/cure status
 -Dispel: Removes all spells.
 -Magic Arrow: Causes a bolt of magical energy to strike the enemy
 -Protection From Water: Reduces Air magic damage
 -Summon Boat: Summon a friendly unoccupied boat.
*Level 2* 
 -Ice Bolt: Causes an Ice Bolt to strike an unit.
 -Remove Obstacles: Removes some obstacles in battlefield.
 -Weakness: Reduces enemy attack strength.
 -Scuttle Boat: Destroy a boat you own, permanent.
 -Visions: Shows exact number of wandering monsters, heroes, towns, etc.
*Level 3*
 -Forgetfullness: Forget to use ranged attack.
 -Frost Ring: Damage nearby creatures except the center.
 -Mirth: Increases ally morale.
 -Teleport: Teleport an unit to a location in battlefield.
*Level 4*
 -Clone: Create a clone of an unit. Gone if attacked.
 -Prayer: Increases attack, defense, and speed.
*Level 5*
 -Water Walk: Causes the hero can walk over the water. 


*Pandora's Box: Anything or everything may be put into Pandora's Box.
*Spell Scroll: 1 spell per scroll. Appears in hero's spell book if 
artifact is equipped.
*Grail: Customizable. Buried artifact found via the Puzzle Map.
Placing this object determines the location of grail.
Otherwise, a random location is chosen when an obelisk is placed.

--Class: Treasure--
*Centaur's Axe: Right handed weapon,increases your attack skill by +2.
*Shield of the Dwarven Lords: Left handed, increases defense by +2.
*Helm of the Alabaster Unicorn: Head, increases knowledge skill by +1.
*Skull Helmet: Head, increases knowledge skill by +2.
*Breastplate of Petrified Wood: Torso, increases spell power by +1.
*Quiet Eye of the Dragon: Finger, increases attack and defense by +1.
*Dragonbone Greaves: Feet, increases your knowledge and power by +1.
*Still Eye of the Dragon: Finger, increases your luck and morale by +1.
*Clover of Fortune: Increases your luck by +1.
*Cards of Prophecy: Increases your luck by +1.
*Ladybird of Luck: Increases your luck by +1.
*Badge of Courage: Increases your morale by +1.
*Crest of Valor: Increases your morale by +1.
*Glyph of Gallantry: Increases your morale by +1.
*Speculum: Increases your scouting radius by +1.
*Spyglass: Increases your scouting radius by +1.
*Amulet of the Undertaker: Neck, increases your necromancy skill by 5%.
*Bow of Elven Cherrywood: This bow increases your archery skill by 5%.
*Bird of Perception: Increases your eagle eye skill by 5%.
*Stoic Watchman: Increases your eagle eye skill by 10%.
*Charm of Mana: Recover 1 extra spell point per day.
*Talisman of Mana: Recover 2 extra spell points per day.
*Mystic Orb of Mana: Recover 3 extra spell points per day.
*Collar of Conjuring: Neck,increases the duration of all your spells by1
*Ring of Conjuring: Finger,increases the duration of all your spells by2
*Cape of Conjuring: Shoulders,increases the duration of spells by 3.
*Spirit of Oppression: Negates all morale bonuses during combat for both 
you and your opponent.
*Hourglass of the Evil Hour: Negates all luck bonuses during combat for 
both you and your opponent.
*Ring of Vitality: Increases the health of all your units by +1.
*Necklace of Swiftness: Neck, increases the combat speed of all your 
units by +1.
*Pendant of Dispassion: Renders your units immune to the Berserk spell.
*Pendant of Holiness: Renders your units immune to the Curse spell.
*Pendant of Life: Renders your units immune to the Death Ripple spell.
*Pendant of Death: Renders your units immune to the DestroyUndead spell.
*Pendant of Free Will: Renders your units immune to the Hypnotize spell.
*Pendant of Total Recall: Renders your units immune to the Forgetfulnes.
*Legs of Legion: When equipped by a hero in a town, increases the growth 
of your 2nd level units (in that town) by 5 per week.

--Class: Minor--
*Blackshard of the Dead Knight: Right hand,increases your attack by +3.
*Greater Gnoll's Flail: Right hand, increases your attack skill by +4.
*Shield of the Yawning Dead: Left hand, increases your defense by +3.
*Buckler of the Gnoll King: Left hand, increases your defense by +4.
*Helm of Chaos: Head, this item increases your knowledge skill by +3.
*Crown of the Supreme Magi: Head, increases your knowledge skill by +4.
*Rib Cage: Torso, this item increases your spell power skill by +2.
*Scales of the Greater Basilisk: Torso, increases your power by +3.
*Armor of Wonder: Torso, increases all four primary skills by +1.
*Red Dragon Flame Tongue: Rh, increases your attack and defense  by +2.
*Dragon Wing Tabard: Shoulders, increases knowledge and power by +2.
*Vampire's Cowl: Shoulders, increases your necromancy skill by 10%.
*Bowstring of the Unicorn's Mane: Increases your archery skill by 10%.
*Emblem of Cognizance: This item increases your eagle eye skill by 15%.
*Equestrian's Gloves: Hands, increases your hero's movement rate over 
*Ring of Life: Increases the health of all your units by +1.
*Boots of Speed: Worn on the feet, these boots increase your hero's 
movement rate over land.
*Inexhaustable Cart of Ore: This cart provides you with an additional +1 
ore per day.
*Inexhaustable Cart of Lumber: This cart provides you with an additional 
+1 wood per day.
*Loins of Legion: This item, when equipped by a hero in a town, 
increases the growth of your 3rd level units (in that town) by 4 per 
*Torso of Legion: When equipped by a hero in a town, increases the 
growth of your 4th level units (in that town) by 3 per week.

--Class: Major--
*Ogre's Club of Havoc: Right handed, increases your attack skill by +5.
*Sword of Hellfire: Right handed, increases your attack skill by +6.
*Targ of the Rampaging Ogre: Left handed, increases your defense by +5.
*Shield of the Damned: Left handed, increases your defense skill by +6.
*Hellstorm Helmet: Head, this item increases your knowledge skill by +5.
*Tunic of the Cyclops King: Torso, increases your power skill by +4.
*Breastplate of Brimstone: Torso, increases your power skill by +5.
*Dragon Scale Shield: Left hand, increases your attack and defense 
skills by +3.
*Necklace of Dragonteeth: Worn about the neck, this item increases your 
knowledge and power skills by +3.
*Dead Man's Boots: Feet, increase your necromancy skill by 15%.
*Garniture of Interference: Neck, increases your magic resistance by 5%.
*Surcoat of Counterpoise: Shoulders,increases your magic resist by 10%.
*Angel Feather Arrows: Increase your archery skill by 15%.
*Statesman's Medal: Neck, reduces the cost of surrendering.
*Diplomat's Ring: Finger, reduces the cost of surrendering.
*Ambassador's Sash: Shoulders, reduces the cost of surrendering.
*Ring of the Wayfarer: Finger, increases the combat speed of all your 
units by +2.
*Necklace of Ocean Guidance: Neck, this necklace increases your hero's 
movement rate at sea.
*Orb of the Firmament: This powerful orb causes your air spells to 
inflict an additional 50% damage.
*Orb of Silt: This powerful orb causes your earth spells to inflict an 
additional 50% damage.
*Orb of Tempstuous Fire: This powerful orb causes your fire spells to 
inflict an additional 50% damage.
*Orb of Driving Rain: This powerful orb causes your water spells to 
inflict an additional 50% damage.
*Recanter's Cloak: While wearing this cloak, neither you nor your 
opponent will be able to cast level 3 or higher spells during combat.
*Golden Bow: When wielded, the Golden Bow allows your troops to shoot 
through any obstacle or at any range without penalty.
*Sphere of Permanence: Wielding this sphere renders your units immune to 
the Dispel magic spell.
*Vial of Lifeblood: Increases the health of all your units by +2.
*Cape of Velocity: Worn about the shoulders, this cape increases the 
combat speed of all your units by +3.
*Pendant of Second Sight: Renders your units immune to the Blind spell.
*Pendant of Agitation: Renders your units immune to the Lightning spell.
*Pendant of Courage: Bestows +3 luck and morale to your hero's troops.
*Everflowing Crystal Cloak: This cloak increases your crystal production 
by +1 per day.
*Ring of Infinte Gems: Increases your gem production by +1 per day.
*Everpouring Vial of Mercury: Increases your mercury production by +1 
per day.
*Eversmoking Ring of Sulfur: Increases your sulfur production by +1/day.
*Endless Bag of Gold: the Endless Bag of Gold increases your income by 
750 gold per day.
*Endless Purse of Gold: When equipped, the Endless Purse of Gold 
increases your income by 500 gold per day.
*Arms of Legion: This item, when equipped by a hero in a town, increases 
the growth of your 5th level units (in that town) by 2 per week.
*Head of Legion: This item, when equipped by a hero in a town, increases 
the growth of your 6th level units (in that town) by 1 per week.
*Shackles of War: When these shackles are wielded in combat, neither you 
nor your opponent may retreat or surrender.

--Class: Relic--
*Titan's Gladius: Held with the right hand, this massive relic increases 
your attack skill by +12, but reduces your defense skill by -3.
*Sentinel's Shield: Held with the left hand, this relic increases your 
defense skill by +12, but reduces your attack skill by -3.
*Thunder Helmet: Increases your knowledge skill by +10, but reduces your 
power skill by -2.
*Titan's Cuirass: When worn, this massive relic increases your power 
skill by +10, but reduces your knowledge skill by -2.
*Sandals of the Saint: Worn on the feet, the Sandals of the Saint 
increase all four primary skills by +2.
*Celestial Necklace of Bliss: Worn about the neck, the Celestial 
Necklace of Bliss increases all four primary skills by +3.
*Lion's Shield of Courage: Held with the left hand, the Lion's Shield of 
Courage increases all four primary skills by +4.
*Sword of Judgement: Held with the right hand, the Sword of Judgement 
increases all four primary skills by +5.
*Helm of Heavenly Enlightenment: Worn on the head, the Helm of Heavenly 
Enlightenment increases all four primary skills by +6.
*Dragon Scale Armor: Worn on a torso, this item increases your attack 
and defense skills by +4.
*Crown of Dragontooth: Worn on the head, this item increases your 
knowledge and power skills by +4.
*Boots of Polarity: Worn on the feet, these boots increase your magic 
resistance by 15%.
*Angel Wings: Worn about the shoulders, these wings allow you to fly.
*Tome of Fire Magic: This heavy book contains all spells in the School 
of Fire Magic. It must be equipped for the spells to be available.
*Tome of Air Magic: This heavy book contains all spells in the School of 
Air Magic. It must be equipped for the spells to be available.
*Tome of Water Magic: This heavy book contains all spells in the School 
of Water Magic. It must be equipped for the spells to be available.
*Tome of Earth Magic: This heavy book contains all spells in the School 
of Earth Magic. It must be equipped for the spells to be available.
*Boots of Levitation: These boots allow you to walk across water.
*Orb of Vulnerability: This orb negates the natural magic resistance of 
all creatures on the battlefield.
*Endless Sack of Gold: When equipped, the Endless Sack of Gold increases 
your income by 1000 gold per day.
*Sea Captain's Hat: When worn, this hat increase your movement at sea, 
allows you to summon and destroy boats, and protects you from 
*Spellbinder's Hat: This hat allows you to cast all 5th level spells.
*Orb of Inhibition: Prevents all spell casting in combat.


-Make the special abilities from your creatures as your advantage.
-Sometimes, the shooting units have "broken arrow" attack, but try to 
 let enemy come closer to you until "unbroken arrow" attack appeared.
-Maybe you want to use the "no enemy retaliation" creatures first, as 
 when they attack, the enemy wont counterattack. Usefull to attack 
 strong creatures.
-Use the Vampire Lords for your advantage, necromancer!
-The champions have charging attack bonus, so try to position them to 
 attack from far away but can hit the enemy.
-If you dont have good ballistic skill, use cyclops/cyclops king to 
 damage the siege wall.
-Try to avoid using magic while fighting certain enemies (like golems, 
 dragons, and elementals.
-The Rampart's Dwarven Treasury is very usefull in increasing your gold. 
 Its give you 10% of your gold at the 7th day before day 1 in the next 
-Dont know how to place the hero in garrison? just go to the town window 
 and select the hero, and place them above to the garrison.
-When you have Fly,Dimension Door, and Town Portal spells, use this, 
 these spells are very usefull.
-Keep in mind that contrary to HOMM 2, troops in adventure map dwellings 
 will not accumulate from week to week. So if you don't recruit them, 
 they're lost.
-Don't forget to use mini hero chains to constantly transfer troops and 
 fight more battles each turn. Squires (secondary heroes) can fight 
 battles too. 
-Something very important to keep in consideration : an army with only 
 native troops (i.e. fortress troops here) will have no movement penalty 
 while moving through the swamp.

-If your army is strong enough, there's a 10% base probability wandering  
stacks will join you for free. Having creatures of the same kind 
(upgraded or not) makes this 10% more likely. Having an army that 
"mostly" has the same kind of creatures (more than 50% of your total 
army) makes it 20% more likely instead. Diplomacy improves that 
probability by 10% for each level of the secondary skill. A best case 
scenario, let's say with a strong enough army, "mostly similar" troops 
(ex.: mostly Thunderbirds and you're going up against Rocs) and expert 
diplomacy means that you'd have a 60% chance of the stack joining for 
free. Even if they don't join for free, you've still got a 10% chance 
per diplomacy level (i.e. 10% at basic, 20% at advanced and 30% at 
expert diplomacy), of them joining you for money. The actual formulas 
are more complicated than that but this is roughly how it works. Thanks 
to Gus Smedstad, HOMM 3 AI programmer, for the information.

-Berserk: It can do an enemies army up to nearly unlimited damage, soak 
up counter attacks and turn all the special abilities in the enemies 
army like blind etc against the enemy. It is by far better than chain 
lightning or other spells than it comes to heavy battles. Berserk some 
angels and let them attack the champions (if they are next to the 
angels). You don´t have to bother about the angels i.e. you can 
concentrate your fire on the other units (thus giving you a great 
strategic advantage) and the champions won´t counterattack when you are 
fighting them. Works even better if you berserk enemy units close to 
unicorns, medusas or mighty gorgons. With expert fire magic and three 
berserked enemy units you will lower the enemies army power in that 
round dramatically, give your shooters one extra round to fire, reduce 
counter attacks massively and all the damage the units can do will be 
done against the enemy him(or her)self. Do the berserk against the 
fastest unit and really slow the enemy down. And you can do that in any 
round again. (source: Ye olde sorcerer (Florian Trombach))

-If you prefer magic heroes, then it is a very wise strategy to build up 
your magic guilds very fast -- meaning that you build them up to at 
least 4th level before you decide which magic school you will build your 
heroes' skill up to expert in. All the tips about how worthiness of 
certain school of magic or a certain spell cast at expert level are 
absolutely worthless unless you get those spells in your mage guild. 
What good is expert earth magic if you don´t get Town Portal or 
Resurrection? Chain Lightning and Fly are good spells but expert air 
magic is worthless when you get berserk and frenzy as 4th level spells. 
(source: Ye olde sorcerer (Florian Trombach)) [posted on 10/01/99] 

-If you have a great stack of Archangels, the spell Clone, and expert 
Water Magic, you can clone your Archangels (after facing some losses) 
and let the "ghost"-Archangels resurrect the original archangels. Also 
clone can help you many battles which you assumed to be lost. (source: 
Ye olde sorcerer (Florian Trombach))

-I found a neat glitch in HOMM3 Campaigns. There's a way to edit the 
campaigns in the Map Editor. First, play the campaign until you reach 
the scenario you wish to edit. In your Heroes 3 Maps directory, theres 
one file called "campaign.tmp". Open it with the Editor. The last 
campaign scenario accessed by the game will pop up in the Editor. If you 
want to use the changes you make, though, I think you have to start all 
the campaigns again from the beginning. (source: Poke Slayer ) 

-If you are facing a huge force (6 or 7 stacks) of 2-hex creatures and 
you have expert Air, a smart thing to do is to cast Force field at the 
second row of the right. It will grow to the top of the map, effectively 
blocking 2 or 3 stacks for a number of turns. They can't move because 
they need a 2 hexes hole to get through. An expert force field at both 
sides of a obstacle in the middle can block the entire enemy force from 
reaching your stacks. Very underestimated, that Forcefield!! (source: 
Marin Bouman ) [posted on 07/28/99] Forcefield only lasts 2 rounds 
regardless of power (according to the manual), so it could get expensive 
throwing up a new Forcefield every two turns. Insure that you have 
sufficient mana to pull this trick off. (source: Don Wang )

-If you find yourself in a situation where your troops are blinded but 
you do not have Cure or Dispel Magic, you may still have a powerful 
alternative if you have Teleport. Blinded troops CAN be teleported, and 
what better place than right next to your opponents shooters? That way 
the blocked stack has to attack you at half strength (mostly) and 
"wastes" his own spell. Or he moves his shooters to another spot -- 
foregoing his attack -- and you can teleport again next turn. You need 
to Teleport as soon as one of your troops gets to move because the 
blinded troops won't have a turn. (source: Rich Browne )

-You can make use of more artifacts by changing them around during a 
turn. Artifacts that increase movement (boots of speed, equestrian's 
gloves) need only be worn at the beginning of the turn. Before combat 
you can change the gloves for a ring, or change the boots for something 
that will help you in combat (holy sandals, necromancer's boots). 
Similarly, artifacts that provide gold or resources, or increase 
regeneration of spell points, need only be equipped at the beginning of 
the turn. Artifacts that increase knowledge need only be worn when you 
recharge spell points, such as at the end of the turn you spend in a 
mage guild town, or before you approach a well or fountain. However, you 
may have to take a step or two with the artifact equipped for the 
increase in knowledge to take effect. After your spell points have been 
recharged, you can remove the knowledge-increasing artifact, and even 
equip artifacts that decrease knowledge (such as the titan's cuirass, 
which decreases knowledge but greatly increases spell power) with no 
decrease in spell points. (source: DenverSam )

-Ballistics skill has one tremendous advantage- during the targeting 
phase of combat (which comes before any creatures go), you can cast a 
spell! Use this spell to blind/berserk the defender's fastest troop, to 
do a mass haste, or a mass slow. If you have a squire, give the squire 
all your troops, and head him back to a friendly town. The main hero can 
attack, use his largest damage spell, and then flee. He only needs 4 
creatures (even level 1st will do) in separate stacks, 3 to absorb tower 
fire, and one more to survive the round. (source: Qurqirish Dragon )

-Summon Elemental is generally not worth it because Elementals have been 
weakened so much. Damage spells also are less effective because 
everything has more HP. Spells like Blind are now as good and sometimes 
better than direct damage spells. (source: Don Wang )

-Aging can be cured. In fact, that's probably the one condition you want 
to cure as soon as you can. (source: Don Wang )

-You can pull more Armageddon combos then before. Efreet and Fire 
Elementals, and Gold Dragon are all immune to Armageddon, though Efreet 
and Fire Elementals doesn't have all that much HP to duke it out with 
the enemy. Diamond Golems are also pretty good for this purpose since 
they're tough and take only 5% from Armageddon. (source: Don Wang )

-If you cast Mass Dispel while laying siege to a Tower, you'll dispel 
(eliminate) all of the Tower mines. (source: Dan McGraw )

-"When a month of plague occurs, the following happens:
 •All unpurchased creatures are cut in half
 •All dwellings produce 0 creatures
 •Any dwelling which has horde building built is IMMUNE to the effects 
of plague. Thus a castle with a griffin bastion produces griffins 
normally. Similarly with dwarves, dendroids, imps, cerberi, skeletons, 
gnolls, etc." (source: Qurqirish Dragon (Matthew Charlap) )

-Sacrifice = Most Powerful Spell in the Game? This is a bug (it could 
not be otherwise unless there's something I'm overlooking), but contrary 
to the Sacrifice spell description you can sacrifice enemy troops too 
and not just your own. You select Sacrifice from your spell book, you 
drag the icon over the enemy unit you want to sacrifice, it says 
something to the effect you can't sacrifice that, just click anyway, 
then click on the unit you want to resurrect. Voila, you killed a 
complete stack while resurrecting troops in one of your own stacks. In a 
very extreme case (which I hope isn't possible), you could even 
sacrifice 30 enemy Archangels to resurrect one Imp.

-Sometimes Defending makes more sense than Moving or Waiting. Imagine a 
one-on-one confrontation between Minotaurs (speed 6) and Dread Knights 
(speed 9). Let's say the opponent is clever enough to stay just out of 
range of your Minotaurs on the first turn (and the AI at hard is 
excellent at staying out of range). You could move your Minotaurs closer 
to them or you could tell the Minotaurs to Defend. If you don't have 
Slow or Haste, the best option is Defend at the end of turn 1 because on 
turn 2, the Dread Knights will get the first attack anyway. By 
defending, your Minotaurs get a better defense rating (+5 in this case!) 
possibly meaning a few more Minotaurs will survive the first assault 
that was unavoidable. This is not certain (in fact I'm pretty certain 
other factors enter into this because it's not constant) but as a 
general rule I think the defense bonus given by Defend is the same as 
the creature level (+1 Defense for level-1 creatures, +2 Defense for 
level-2 creatures, etc). (source: Quebec Dragon (Sebastien Patenaude)

-Much less useful than HOMM 2 but still available is the "pocket 
formation". The objective is to surround your best shooter stack with 
walkers and flyers so the enemy cannot reach it. That way, your shooter 
can continue to pick its target each turn and does not have the half-
damage penalty. There are many variations on this but here's a simple 
example. You use tight formation (also called close or grouped 
formation) in the hero screen, you put your Griffins stack in slot 
number 2, the Pikemen in slot 3, the Markmen in slot 4 and your 
Swordsmen in slot 5. On turn 1, you move the Griffins in front of the 
Marksmen therefore closing off the "pocket". (source: Quebec Dragon 
(Sebastien Patenaude)

-Put tough slower walkers units, such as Dendroids, close to your 
shooters but not next to them. The enemy will have little choice but to 
fight them too if he tries to block your shooters (blocking is putting 
your unit next to an enemy shooter so it does half-damage). The tough 
walker stack should be close but not next to the shooter because you run 
the risk of the opponent attacking that walker stack *and* blocking your 
shooter, especially if it's a strong stack. (source: Quebec Dragon 
(Sebastien Patenaude)

-A way to reduce the strength of an approaching enemy army is by hiring 
a bunch of magic heroes one after the other or the same hero several 
times in your town about to be invaded. You give 3 very fast units to 
the hero, leave the rest of the troops in the garrison, make the 
spellcaster sacrifice himself by attacking the invader, you cast your 
best offensive damaging spell (such as Lightning or Meteor Shower) and 
you make your hero flee or surrender right away. If the hero has enough 
spell points (and now enough movement points with the patch), you can 
make another run with the same hero. If not, you hire another magic 
hero. You repeat until you run out of gold. You need 3 split units or 
more against human players, less against the computer (a faster shooter 
and a spell could take out 2 units before you can cast the spell). This 
trick is much less effective in HOMM 3 than HOMM 2 because units have a 
greater speed range and because of the patch preventing rehired heroes 
from getting their full movement back on the same turn. On the other 
hand, starting heroes have much greater starting armies and you could 
create a decent garrison just by hiring and rehiring them. (source: 
Quebec Dragon (Sebastien Patenaude)

-Some veterans might remember HOMM 1 where you could use a fast flying 
unit to avoid slower enemy walking units during a castle siege. The 
indestructible turret could then shoot away for as long as it took to 
destroy all the enemies. With the tougher castle defenses in HOMM 3 and 
a much larger battle field, this tactic has surfaced again. As the 
castle defender, at the end of battles, you could potentially avoid your 
last stack being killed, even get a win from what was a certain defeat, 
by making your unit avoid the last enemy stacks for as long as you're 
able (if you managed to destroy the catapult, you can do this forever 
because your turrets will stay operational). Try to remember that moats 
stop the movement of walker units. (source: Quebec Dragon (Sebastien 

-For the first time in a HOMM game, the catapult can now be destroyed. 
It has a thousand hit points and you'll likely have to use powerful 
damaging spells and hit-and-run tactics with your very fast flyers but 
it is possible. The main benefit of this is that once it is destroyed, 
the invader cannot take out your walls and turrets anymore who will 
continue firing until the battle is over. Once the enemy's spell points 
and flying units are gone, you can stay cozy and safe behind your wall 
waiting for your turrets to do the dirty work (in fact, let they flying 
enemy units come to you behind walls). Enemy shooters are unlikely to 
make a difference (with the wall and distance penalty) unless they're in 
much bigger numbers than your troops. (source: Quebec Dragon (Sebastien 

-What to do if your opponent is devious enough to destroy your catapult? 
You have several options : cast multiple Earthquakes, cast Teleport to 
get your troops inside (you need expert water magic though) or Hypnotize 
an enemy stack so it opens the main gate for you. (source: Quebec Dragon 
(Sebastien Patenaude)

-If you got the secondary skill of "Ballistics" and tackle a castle, 
target the main tower... you'll ALWAYS hit the lower tower. (source: 
Emmanuel Issaly )

-When Magic Plains says all spell is cast at Expert level, they really 
mean it. Not only do your heroes cast at Expert level, your Master 
Genies also cast their spells at Expert level, too. So instead of having 
one stack with every enhancement in the book, you can now have every 
stack loaded with every enhancement in the book! If possible, get as 
many Master Genie stacks as you can spare without compromising firepower 
(after all, if you're having all but one or two stack with Master 
Genies, it's almost the same anyway because you'd cast all your spell on 
the one or two powerful stacks). (source: Don Wang )

-If your Necromancer has skeleton warriors and has the rest of his/her 
slots full (no normal skeletons) the resurrected skeletons will come 
back as skeleton warriors. (source: Steve Church )

-While Titans and ArchAngels seem to only produce skeletons when shoved 
into the gaping maw of a skeleton transformer, your Hydras and Assorted 
Dragons are transformed into Bone when sacrificed in the same manner. 
(source: DarkKittin )

-Staight from Maranthea on the message board, this is the formula to 
calculate scores in HOMM 3 stand-alone scenarios. 
Base Score = 200 - (days+10)/(Towns+5) + 25 (if you defeated all 
enemies) + 25 (if you got the grail)
Final Score = (Base Score)(Difficulty level map was played on)
In English, it gives us this: 
•1. Start with a score of 200
•2. Add 25 points if you beat all enemies
•3. Add another 25 points if you get the grail
•4. Subtract an inefficiency penalty: The number of days to complete - 
10, divided by the number of towns on the map plus 5 (in other words, 
the more towns to beat, the more time you can take without being majorly 
penalized) This will give you a score up to 250. 
Multiply this by the difficulty rating (0.8, 1, 1.3, 1.6 or 2) to get 
final score. Theoretically, the max score would be 500 (defeat any map 
in 10 days on impossible while killing all enemies and getting the 
grail). Map difficulty (easy normal hard, expert) seems to be 
irrelevant. (source: Maranthea on the 3DO Message Board and submitted 
here by Quebec Dragon and Angela )

-If you didn't save and start with the proper saved game and you are now 
at the end of all three initial campaigns without being able to go on to 
the next campaigns without replaying all the first three; then you may 
wish to download Quebec Dragon's special Unlocked Campaigns file which 
is a saved game after the third campaign. You will also find a complete 
description of the problem by Timothy Duncan in the Question of the 
Week! section or in the Q of W archives.
(source: Quebec Dragon )

-When visiting locations that are protected by guardians, locations such 
as Dwarven Treasuries, Naga Banks, Griffin Conservatories and several 
others, it's often a risk because you don't know how many troops you'll 
face exactly. A way to make taking this decision easier is by always 
saying no when the prompt asks you to fight. You can then right-click on 
the structure and you will get a rough estimate of the number and types 
of creatures you'll have to fight. You'll lose a couple of steps but in 
the long run it's a good way to avoid foolish battles.
(source: Quebec Dragon )

-In multiplayer, when it's your opponent's turn, click in the bottom-
right corner box where you see his flag. You'll see how many towns he 
has and of what hall type (village hall, town hall, city hall, capitol).
(source: Quebec Dragon )

-Split up the Wraiths in your army. For each wraith stack you have, the 
adversary will lose 2 spell points each turn.

-Split up your Mighty Gorgons in several stacks. Several with single 
units and one with the rest, or all stacks of equal numbers. Each stack, 
even if it contains only 1 Mighty Gorgon, has a chance of using death 
stare on the target killing its top unit outright, no matter how 
powerful it is. If you have more than 10 Gorgons in one stack, you could 
even kill 2. See strategy for Spoils of War 3 (Greed) at the Rally Flag 
for more details on how the Mighty Gorgon death stare works.
(source: Quebec Dragon)

-Split up the Master Genies in your army. Each Master Genie stack you 
have can cast one beneficial random spell each turn. Keep in mind that 
although only 3 spells are shown at one time, more than 3 spells can 
affect the unit. Only the 3 most recent effects are shown.
(source: Quebec Dragon )

-There is an additional, unforeseen benefit to actually buying those 
ammo carts, healing tents and ballistas. It will soak up damage from 
Chain Lightning ! The war machines are considered suitable targets as 
far as that spell is concerned. You'll also see quite regularly that the 
powerful enemy stacks will ignore your own living troops to take cheap 
shots at those war machines in order to destroy them. Therefore that 
enemy stack who could have hurt you badly wastes its attack on something 
that you can easily replace. It will often happen when the retaliation 
of your stack would have inflicted losses on the attacker.
(source: Quebec Dragon )

-HOMM 2 veterans had learned that the AI always targeted their strongest 
shooter stack first. Even if you had one Halfling and 50 Ogre Lords next 
to it, that stack of enemy Dragons would attack that lone Halfling who 
could never have hurt it in a million years. The HOMM 3 AI is smarter 
and won't always target your shooters anymore. However, it's still not 
that brilliant and you can use a variation of the old shooter bait trick 
to cut your losses significantly. Use split-up low-level units (doesn't 
matter if it's shooter, walker or flyer but levels 1 are better) in 
small numbers alongside one, two or three really strong higher-level 
stacks. The enemies on the other side are likely to target those low-
level units first because the retaliation of the higher-level stacks 
would hurt them too much. It won't always happen like that but it can. 
For example, I was attacking an opponent who had six Black Dragons 
(split in two or three stacks) with four Black Dragons of my own and my 
6 other slots taken by single-units Troglodytes. The enemy Black Dragons 
attacked my Troglodytes instead of my Black Dragons!
(source: Quebec Dragon )

-A clever use of this wait feature is, when fighting slower enemy 
walkers or fliers, to "wait" at the beginning of the turn until after 
the enemy moves. Then at the end of the turn move forward and attack 
them. At the beginning of the next turn, run away again so that they 
never get a normal attack on you. Works great with Archangels and 
Dragons and (I would imagine) Archdevils against things like Dwarves. I 
recently took on "lots" of dwarves with a single gold dragon and lost, 
but then reloaded and used this trick and won easily. 
Having Mass Haste and Mass Slow (Haste and Slow at expert level) makes 
these waiting tactics even easier to accomplish.-- QD
(source: Samuel Martin Ventola )

-When fighting wandering stacks composed of walkers and flyers that 
cannot reach your side in one turn, it's almost always better to make 
all your units wait. This gives you a double advantage. Your units have 
the first strike and some of your shooters will not have the broken-
arrow range penalty (shooters have a 10 hex range, beyond that, they 
inflict half damage).(source: Quebec Dragon )

-This has been true since HOMM 1 and it hasn't changed for HOMM 3. It's 
always better to attack on day 7 and day 1 of each week before the enemy 
has a chance to buy more troops. It works on day 1, too, because your 
day 1 turn is before the computer's day 1 turn; so its troops are 
unbought when you attack. You can sometimes capture lightly defended or 
empty castles that way. Most importantly, you can hire all those troops 
yourself while preventing the enemy from getting those reinforcements. 
It's also quite possible that the enemy will buy new structures for you 
during that week from which he'll not really be able to benefit from. 
Letting the computer build stuff for you will save you a lot of gold and 
resources. Against human players, this is different, it's not always the 
host who goes first each turn anymore, it's now the player picking the 
color that's higher in the advanced options list. On smaller maps, this 
is a tredendous advantage as you can bring day 1 reinforcements from 
your own town (by hero chain) and attack the enemy's town before he has 
the change to buy day 1 troops of his own. 

-Hiring more heroes on day 1 from your tavern is something that most 
players should do. Players will often start exploring with only their 
starting hero, possibly buying just one more, and staying with only 1 or 
2 heroes for the rest of the week, sometimes longer. Learn that often 
more heroes sooner are better. As a general rule of thumb, hiring 2 or 3 
additional heroes on day 1 is a good idea at hard difficulty. At normal 
difficulty, hire 3 or 4 extra heroes. It's not an exact science though, 
so go with your instincts and particularly what you see of the immediate 
area around your town. If you see lots of gold piles and chests, hire 
more heroes. If it looks pretty barren, hire less. Combine practically 
all troops (don't forget to buy troops from your starting town) on the 
same hero who will become your main hero, fighting the majority of 
battles, and who will climb levels quicker than the rest of your heroes. 
If possible, try to hire heroes associated with your main town so you 
have less problems with morale.(source: Quebec Dragon )

-If you have Ghost Dragons, fill your open slots with one single Ghost 
Dragon in each. Make sure they attack before your main stack. Let them 
attack the opponent's main stack (for instance, Titans). You have a good 
chance (20% for each Ghost Dragon stack you use) of aging them (halving 
the hit points of all members in the stack), making it considerably 
easier for your main stack of Ghost Dragons to finish them off. The 
first single Ghost Dragon who attacks also takes up the retaliation.
(source: Jaxe )

-Troops with multiple grid attacks (dragons for instance) should be 
positioned when attacking to angle their attack down (or up) through a 
first aid tent, ammo cart, or ballista. This way, they can hit the enemy 
troop on the other side of the war machine and not suffer a retaliation!
(source: Paramjot Oberoi )

-You can pull more Armageddon combos then before. Efreet and Fire 
Elementals, and Gold and Black Dragon are all immune to Armageddon, 
though Efreet and Fire Elementals don't have all that much HP to duke it 
out with the enemy. Diamond Golems are also pretty good for this purpose 
since they're tough and take only 5% from Armageddon.(source: Don Wang )

-If you like high level units (6 or 7), a good way to go is to form one 
or two stacks of those guys and as many stacks of Master Genies as there 
is space left. The Genies can cast a lot of magic -- just about all of 
them useful except for Frenzy, which is sort of a double-edged sword.
(source: Don Wang )

-The cost of upgrading troops at a Hill Fort: •Level 1: Free •Level 2: 
25% of normal cost •Level 3: 50% of normal cost •Level 4: 75% of normal 
cost •Level 5: normal cost •Level 6: normal cost •Level 7: normal cost
(source: Quebec Dragon )

-It was late in the game, I had maybe 10 to 20 Titans and lots of spell
points. here was a Gold mine that was guarded by literally hundreds of 
Black Knights. If I went in with a "normal army" I was quickly crushed. 
The trick was to leave everyone in the home castle, and only take the 
Titans. When the battle started, I moved the Titans into the upper left 
corner of the battlefield and cast ForceField right in front of them. 
The Knights couldn't touch the Titans, as the Titans slowly shot all the 
Knights. (source: KenD)

-A huge number of people have been asking for cheats. Luckily, a few 
(dozen) people have been sending me email telling me all the cheat codes 
they have just discovered. The following are verified by numerous 
people. There are others that are unverified and will be posted when 
they, so here they are... 
Hit the TAB key and then type...
•nwcphisherprice: brightens screen (not considered a cheat) 
•nwctrojanrabbit: wins scenario 
•nwcsirrobin: lose scenario (obviously not considered cheating) 
•nwcalreadygotone: Reveals grail map (if any) 
•nwcgeneraldirection: reveals map 
•nwconlyamodel: All towns you control build all buildings possible to 
them, including Grail structures. 
•nwcshrubbery: +100 of all resources, +100,000gold 
•nwcavertingoureyes: 5 archangels in each empty slot on hero 
•nwcfleshwound: 10 black knights in each empty slot on hero 
•nwcigotbetter: Selected hero gains a level. 
•nwccoconuts: unlimited movement 
•nwcmuchrejoicing: Selected unit will always have +3 morale for the rest 
of the game. 
•nwccastleanthrax: Selected unit will always have +3 luck for the rest 
of the game. 
•nwcantioch: all war machines 
•nwctim: 999 spell points and all spells 


--Guides for Campaigns--
(5 campaigns strategies available)
* means the campaign's number.

*                Liberation 1: Steadwick's Liberation
                      by: Sebastien Patenaude

Remember that somewhat tougher scenario where you took the capital 
Steadwick with your Dungeon/Inferno troops, having to deal with General 
Kendall along the way ? Well it was all for nothing since you now have 
to take back Steadwick with the good forces. No rest for the weary I 
guess. In more concrete terms, this means that the general geographical 
layout in this large map called "Steadwick's Liberation" will be very 
similar to the one in "Steadwick's Fall", the third scenario in the 
Dungeons & Devils campaign. Very similar but with differences. You start 
in the southwest corner but there will be a catch this time, the Dungeon 
Overlords have blocked off access to Steadwick from the surface so 
you'll have to venture in the underground to reach it. On my first play, 
I finished on month 3, week 2, day 5. 

0) I suggest picking the 2 Archangels starting bonus. They're better 
than Titans are. 

1) You start with Christian the ballista specialist and two towns: 1 
Castle and 1 Tower. 

2) Hire 4 extra heroes: two in the Castle and two in the Tower (could be 
1 and 3 too or just 1 and 2). If you get knights/clerics, buy them at 
the Castle, if you get wizards/alchemists, buy them at the Tower. If you 
get heroes with pathfinding or a resource bonus (got Saurug giving +1 
Gem each day !), jump on them. 

3) Your 2 free Archangels are waiting in the Castle. Form an army with 
just them. Give them to Christian. Don't forget to buy him a spellbook. 

4) You have a war machine factory next to your Castle. My initial tip 
would have been not to buy any and save your gold, but in hindsight, I'd 
suggest buying a First Aid Tent and Ammo Cart for Christian. The First 
Aid is useful even without the secondary skill (because you have 
Archangels) and the Ammo Cart might seem useless but it has the 
unforeseen benefit of soaking up damage. Enemies just seem to love 
wasting attacks on war machines as stupid and useless as that might be. 

5) Christian should go roughly east with his Archangels beating the 
wandering stack blocking his way to the dirt area. 

6) Give the rest of the knight troops to another hero who should go 
west. The third hero near the Castle should go south to grab the Ore 
Pit, then go back north and east following Christian a few days later. 
He'll be used to grab resources that Christian frees up Christian won't 
pick them up right away instead continuing to move and fight as many 
stacks as possible each round. Do take items and flag mines he goes 
near. Just don't pick resource piles right away with Christian, they can 
wait. Extra wandering stacks joining him should be dismissed because 
they would slow him down or else given to the squire if he's not too far 

7) Pick gold from chests in the first 2 weeks except for Christian who 
should sometimes pick experience from 2000 gold/1500 experience chests. 
8) There are 3 types of chests (plus the one giving free items): the 
1000 gold/500 exp. (chest A); the 1500 gold/1000 exp. (chest B) and the 
2000 gold/1500 exp. (chest C). It's more worthwhile to pick experience 
from chest C, pick gold from chest A and flip a coin for chest B :-) 
More seriously, in the early game, I strongly suggest always picking 
gold from chests. Lack of gold will be your most frequent bottleneck and 
you can get enough experience later. 

9) Here are my building orders for both the Castle and Tower in week 1. 
I decided to forget about level 6 or 7 troops in week 1. 
•1) Mage Guild (don't forget to buy spell book for Christian!) •2) 
Blacksmith •3) Monastery •4) Griffin Tower •5) Griffin Bastion •6) 
Marketplace •7) Citadel 
•1) Town Hall •2) Mage Guild •3) Parapet •4) Sculptor Wings •5) Golem 
Factory •6) Mage Tower •7) Citadel 
I had to trade to get enough gold for the second citadel (don't trade 
gems or crystal!). It's quite possible you might not be able to get two 
Citadels in week 1, if so buy the missing one by the end of week 2. 

10) I had wood problems but it's because I didn't initially go west from 
my Castle. 

11) By the end of the week, try to get the knight town in the southeast 
corner with Christian. 

12) Do not attack that stack of Black Dragons in front of the 
Subterranean Gate. We'll have to go back there eventually but not for 
quite a while yet. 

13) During week 1, the 3 heroes who stayed there should explore most of 
the grass area (before the garrison). Christian and his squire should 
have explored a good section of the southeast corner in the dirt area, 
still leaving quite a few black spots though. 

14) In week 2, buy a Tavern, Town Hall and Marketplace in the southeast 
knight town, then forget about it. 

15) Make Christian go north until he comes upon an Inferno that he 
should be able to conquer if he has any luck. I did almost lose an 
Archangel because of the turret. 

16) I was going for the Cloud Temple in the Tower and better gold 
production in the Castle. My building orders for week 2 were: 
•1) City Hall •2) Upgraded Archer Tower •3) Upgraded Griffin Tower •4) 
Skip •5) Skip •6) Stables •7) Training Grounds 
•1) Marketplace •2) Skip •3) Altar of Wishes •4) Golden Pavilion •5) 
Blacksmith •6) City Hall (build sooner if you can!) •7) Cloud Temple 
The City Hall in the Tower could have been built as soon as day 3 but I 
wasn't sure if I could build the Cloud Temple AND get the City Hall. It 
looks like you can. As an alternative to the City Hall, you could buy 
the Castle in the Tower. In fact, it might be the better choice. 

17) Build another City Hall in the Inferno 

18) Watch out for your Inferno, mine got attacked on day 7 of week 2. 
The one hero (which I traded to buy), a knight with 5 Archers and 13 
Pikemen barely managed to repel the assault from the Demoniac attacker 
who had about 1 week's worth of Inferno troops. I split the Pikemen to 
protect the Archers in the upper right corner. Christian should have 
attacked that hero and would have won but didn't see her in time. 

19) Your week 3 objective is to get the Portal of Glory 

20) Buy all the Royal Griffins, Halberdiers, Marksmen and Monks in your 
Castle. Transfer to your main hero who will go northwest past the 
crystal mine protected by that level 5 stack. For me it was lots of 
Mighty Gorgons so I decided to wait until week 4 where I would have even 
more reinforcements. In hindsight, I could have taken them in week 3 so 
that's why I'm suggesting it here. 

21) The 2 Archangels were quite sufficient to defeat most wandering 
stacks encountered up to now except that Black Dragon stack. 

22) Buy 1 or 2 Resource Silos during week 3. 

23) Make sure you buy the Castle structure in both your Tower and 
knight's Castle (I just love the fact the town and that structure are 
named the same ;-) by the end of week 3. 

24) Don't forget to visit your windmills each week with a secondary 

25) Buy the Capitol in week 4. 

26) I made a mistake, which you shouldn't make. From the Inferno, I went 
west, saw a knight town and tried to waltz around avoiding the strong 
hero inside. The problem was that a mountain chain blocked my way to the 
west and I was caught by that enemy and killed. To make it worse, I 
didn't even have enough gold to surrender with my Archangels (although I 
did flee in time). My suggestion to you is to explore north of the 
Inferno with Christian instead of going west like I did. If you want to 
take the risk of exploring west of the Inferno, do make sure you have 
enough gold on hand to keep your Archangels ;-) 

27) Week 5 was my "upgrade the level 7 structure" week, i.e. the Portal 
Glory and Cloud Castle. No Angels or Giants had been bought until then 
and wouldn't be bought for several weeks yet. As you no doubt noticed, 
most wizard troops were left unbought, they were accumulating for later. 
For now, just the knight troops from the Castle were plenty enough. 

28) I even managed to buy the Forsaken Palace in the Inferno! 

30) I captured a neutral knight town in the northwest corner with my 
knight army on month 2, week 2, day 1. If you attacked the level 5 stack 
protecting the crystal cavern in week 3, you can probably reach it 
sooner. Don't forget to bring in reinforcements (from your Castle) by 
hero chain though. 

31) Liberate Kendall from his northwest prison. The pack of ArchDevils 
was tough and I lost about half my Marksmen. If they had been any 
slower, I could have easily protected my Marksmen by surrounding them 
with walkers and covering the front with Cavalry or Royal Griffins. This 
strategy used to be very popular in HOMM 2 and it can still be useful in 
HOMM 3 but it seems to be less so these days since most walkers/flyers 
can cut off enemies before they reach the shooters on your side. A side 
effect of the bigger battlefield and flyers not being able to reach the 
other side in one turn I guess. 

32) Kendall possessed the Ladybird of luck that was necessary to 
complete a seer quest. 

33) Instead of walking the item all the way back to the Seer's hut with 
Kendall or another hero. I simply made Kendall sacrifice himself on a 
nearby wandering stack and rehired him at my Castle. A very weird bug 
happened though. I didn't see him in my tavern but when I right-clicked 
on both heroes there, I saw he simply had acquired the portrait of Lord 

34) I just received a lousy badge of courage when I completed the Seer 
Quest. On the positive side, this magic artifact would be carried over 
to the next scenarios. 

35) On week 6, I got lucky and captured the central knight town with 
only 3 Devils and 9 Efreets while the enemy hero was away. You can 
probably do the same by fooling the hero outside of town with a 
sacrificial hero but if not, don't worry too much; either your inferno 
army or the knight army coming in from the northwest will be more than 
strong enough to take it. 

36) Buy a spell book for Kendall, make him visit the Library of 

37) Buy all the Titans and Archangels you have and give them to Kendall. 
Buy 3 or 4 Mater Genies and split them up. Each Master Genie stack can 
cast a random beneficial spell each turn. That means 3 or 4 free spells 
each turn for your Titans and Archangels. Keep in mind that any given 
stack can only have 3 spell effects on them at a time. On the fourth 
spell, the first spell cast will be gone. Watch out if you get the spell 
Frenzy, this cuts down your defense to zero. Bless is useless on 

38) Kendall had 12 Archangels and 10 Titans before he went east to 
attack the pack of Black Dragons protecting the underground. Buy the 3 
War Machines before going! 

39) There's an unprotected subterranean gate in the northeast corner. 
Who knows what might have happened if Christian had not lost his 
Archangels earlier? I would have probably gone there after having 
cleared the northeast surface section or... being the reckless Dragon 
that I am, I might have gone underground right away trying to catch an 
unprotected enemy town by surprise. 

40) The battle against the pack of Black Dragons was very easy since the 
War Machines soaked up most of the initial attacks. This is certainly a 
big AI flaw in my eyes. If the Black Dragons had concentrated on my 
other troops, they could have inflicted more losses. You could have also 
used more split-up sacrificial low-level troops to draw fire from the 
Dragons. It seems the AI is often scared of suffering too much 
retaliation damage and will waste its attacks on less-powerful stacks 
and even war machines. 

41) By end of week 7, I had total surface control except of course for 
the cut-off Steadwick valley. 

42) Kendall went underground and his army fought 2 consecutive battles 
against very strong Dungeon armies near the center. I did beat them 
(taking two Dungeon towns too, one in southeast corner, the other in the 
center) with only my Archangels & my Titans. I still had plenty of them 
left after the battles. This army combo was particularly effective as I 
thought it would be. Of course you could decide to wait longer and buy 
all the troops in your Tower and Castle before starting your underground 

43) An unforeseen advantage of only going in with Titans and Archangels 
is that the enemies will come out of their towns to attack you, thinking 
that you're easy prey. With luck, you won't have to deal with fighting 
those powerful Dungeon armies when they're hiding inside their towns. 
Fighting outside means that the turrets will get less time to hurt you 
(you should expect token garrisons in towns anyway but those can easily 
be beaten in 1 or 2 turns). 

44) My knight army (with Royal Griffins, Marksmen and the rest) entered 
the northeastern subterranean gate and captured the dungeon town near 

45) You'll soon come upon a rather strong garrison in the underground. 
The gate leading to Steadwick is just beyond. The garrison's roster 
includes 40 Evil Eyes, 30 Minotaur Kings, 20 Scorpicores, 10 Black 
Dragons, 20 Scorpicores, 30 Minotaur Kings and 40 Evil Eyes in that 

46) I knew my remaining Titans and Archangels would probably not be 
enough so I added some other good troops brought from my Tower and 

47) The army that beat this garrison was composed of 45 Zealots, 36 
Master Genies, 130 Royal Griffins, 10 Titans, 61 Crusaders, 24 Champions 
and 9 Archangels. 

48) Strategy for this battle: Cast Mass Haste (I hope you have it ;-), 
make your Archangels wait, the Black Dragons will likely attack the 
Titans and be in range of all your other troops, the Genies should wait 
and attack the Evil Eyes. Make the Archangels attack the Scorpicores. 
Blind one stack of Minotaur Kings on day 2. I only lost 34 Royal 
Griffins and 1 Titan, which is pretty good overall. 

49) Continue northwest to the Subterranean Gate. 

50) Capture Steadwick (northeast of the Gate but hidden by a cover of 
darkness). It should be a real cakewalk compared to what you faced up to 
now. Just ignore the heroes around, you don't need to beat them and your 
heroes don't carry over anyway so the extra experience serves no 

*               Liberation 2: Deal With the Devil

Deal with the Devil, the second scenario in the Liberation campaign, is 
a medium-sized map pitting the Rampart and the Castle against Inferno 
towns. The victory objective is capturing a town called Kleesive where 
Roland, Catherine's husband, is apparently held captive. Since it's the 
first campaign scenario dealing with the Rampart, there are several 
general tips applying to that town inside the walkthrough. I finished on 
month 2, week 1, day 5. 

0) There is no clear better choice in the spell scrolls given as the 
starting bonuses. I suggest picking Icebolt because it will make the 
starting game easier. Protection from Fire is a level 1 spell so easier 
to get than Precision or Icebolt. 

1) You start with 1 Rampart town and 2 Castle towns (one having the 

2) Hire one extra hero at the Castle, 2 heroes at the Rampart. Do not 
make an Eagle Eye specialist your main hero (goes for all other 
scenarios too). In other scenarios with the Rampart (and no other town), 
I'll sometimes form two armies, one with only Centaurs and Wood Elves 
and the other with all the other troops including (or not) the Dwarves. 
This permits me to cover more ground, more quickly at the expense of 
having less wandering stacks join me through greater glory. 

3) Leave the Dwarves in the Rampart for now. They would simply slow you 

4) Build Town Halls in your Castle towns. 

5) Crystal will be your most-needed resource since you're playing as the 
Rampart and that town requires a lot of crystal to build its level 7 
creature dwelling, the Dragon Cliffs. The Castle would also need some 
crystal for the Portal of Glory but we won't really need it to win this 
scenario. Ore is the second most-needed resource in the Rampart (you 
need 30 ore for the Dragon Cliffs!) 

6) There is a Crystal Cavern just west of your Rampart and another one 
much farther east. Flag them as soon as possible. 

7) There is a Trading Post (works as if you had 3 marketplaces) east of 
the main Castle town (southern one) although you probably won't need it 
in week 1. If you need to trade, do not trade wood, ore or crystal and 
leave at least 10 units of the other resources (10 is arbitrary, it 
could be 5 or 8 too, just leave yourself a little of each resource). 

8) Here are my week 1 building orders for the Rampart and the main 
Castle town. Try to get in a routine, always build at one town (your 
favorite that will lead the first offensive) then the other. I suggest 
building first at the Rampart, then at the Castle and most often at the 
end of turns when your heroes have picked up some more resources and 
chests. The exception to that rule would be when you want to transfer 
troops (a part from a newly-constructed structure such as Homestead) to 
the main hero by hero chain before he gets too far away. 
 Rampart Building Order 
•1) Mage Guild (you could wait until week 2 since you can't build the 
Dragon Cliffs in week 1 but why not have your heroes start with 
spells?). •2) Homestead •3) Enchanted Spring •4) Dendroid Arches •5) 
Unicorn Glade •6) Dwarf Cottage (or Dendroid Saplings) •7) Citadel 
General Rampart building considerations : It is quite acceptable to skip 
the Dwarf Cottage in week 1, it's not a requirement for any other 
creature dwelling. The Dragon Cliffs are extremely unlikely to be built 
in week 1 so don't even attempt it. To get them so soon, you would need 
to start with a free Dwarf Cottage (in starting games, either the level 
2 creature dwelling will be built or it won't, it's random) and then 
build a Mage Guild Level 1, a Mage Guild Level 2, the Homestead, the 
Dendroid Arches, the Enchanted Spring, the Unicorn Glade and the Dragon 
Cliffs on day 7. Unless you're drowning in resources and gold, it won't 
happen. It is much better in my opinion not to be in such a rush and 
build it in week 2, even week 3 if necessary. My first 2 builds for the 
Rampart are usually different than those above. The vast majority of the 
time, I'll start with Mage Guild level 1 then build a Town Hall on day 
2. I didn't do it this time because I had a secondary town. 
I prefer to have the Citadel in week 1 instead of either the Dendroid 
Saplings (Dendroids +2) or the Miner's Guild (Dwarves +4), those 2 horde 
production buildings will usually be built in week 2 along with the Mage 
Guild Level 2 and the marketplace. My first town upgrade is always the 
Upgraded Homestead and I try to do it early in week 2, also changing 
Wood Elves into Grand Elves. By day 6 of week 2, I usually have a good 
idea if I'll be able to make the Dragon Cliffs this week or not. If by 
providence and sheer luck it's possible, I'll even build the Castle on 
day 6 and the Dragon Cliffs on day 7. If the Dragon Cliffs are not 
possible, I'll buy the Castle on day 7. 
I have heard, yet not tested myself, that going for the Capitol (or at 
least City Hall) in week 1 and the creature dwellings in week 2 was 
better and that you would feel the usual cash crunch much less. In my 
usual play philosophy, I always pick gold from chests in the first 2 or 
3 weeks and I do not buy any extra creatures from the town in the first 
two weeks except perhaps those up to level 3 at the start of week 1 (I 
do not buy Dwarves) . The combined armies of my starting heroes (I 
usually buy from 2 to 4) are usually more than enough to deal with the 
wandering stacks around. 
 Castle Building Order 
•1) Town Hall •2) Blacksmith •3) Barracks •4) Archer's Tower •5) Griffin 
Tower •6) Griffin Bastion •7) Citadel 
Yes, this town will have an amazing Griffin production. 

9) Your main Castle hero should go east from the main Castle and take 
both the lightly protected Sulfur Dune and Alchemist's Lab. Your 
secondary hero should follow the road, flag the Guardhouse, the Ore Pit 
and the Saw Mill. 

10) Try to take the gold mine north of the secondary Castle town by the 
end of week. 

11) It's usually not a bad idea to wait until week 2 to attack wandering 
stacks that protect little caches of goodies (in other words, non-
essential resources and chests that don't block your way to somewhere 
else). It is especially true against wandering stacks such as Elves 
(shooters) and Royal Griffins (quick flyers that can reach you in 2 
turns) that would inflict some casualties in your ranks. If you wait in 
week 2, the goodies will still be there and if your army is stronger (as 
it usually is by then), the wandering stack is more likely to join 
instead of fighting. Knowing when to pick a fight with wandering stacks 
is an acquired talent. Most people err on the side of caution so I 
suggest you learn becoming aggressive (if a fight goes too badly, just 
reload), this will help you if and when you ever want to tackle HOMM 3 
multiplayer where the aggressive (but not reckless) player usually wins. 

12) Your week 2 objective is to get the Dragon Cliffs at the Rampart. 

13) Start your week by buying a Town Hall in the Rampart. 

14) Upgrade your Homestead and Archer Tower (wait for later in the week 
for Archer's Tower upgrade). The upgraded shooters, Grand Elves and 
Marksmen, will be much better, being able to shoot twice per turn 
instead of just once. 

15) By day 2 or 3 of week 2, buy all available Centaurs, Grand Elves, 
Pegasi and Unicorns. In week 1, you should have bought only Pikemen, 
Archers, Centaurs and Elves. By hiring several starting heroes, your 
initial army is usually strong enough to survive in the first few weeks 
while you build up your town. In this scenario, I bought some higher-
level troops sooner because I wanted to make an early strike in enemy 
territory. This proved to be a risky dangerous move so it might be 
better to wait until week 3 for newer less adventurous players. Those 
would use the same type of army (no Dwarves or Dendroids) but simply 
more in each stack (rest of the tips are valid just delayed by one week) 

16) Do not buy any new knight troops this week. 

17) In the middle of the week, attack the Pit Lords east of your 

18) Capture an inferno town (the one just southeast following the road) 
by the end of the week then go south-southwest leaving no troops inside 
the town (you could not really hold it at this time anyway). Watch out 
for enemy heroes wandering around, I encountered a guy with a 2-week old 
strong Inferno army and lost all my troops except 3 Unicorns and my 
Grand Elves (see I told you it was a risky move :-). 

18b) You could also capture the Inferno town and try to hold it until 
reinforcements arrive the next week. It's certainly possible but more 
risky especially if you get caught at the end of the week. The AI won't 
split its troops retaking an empty town like it did in HOMM 2. If you go 
for that option and do not go south with your Rampart army (see 
paragraph 22), you should wait around in this area until you're ready to 
launch a simultaneous assault on two fronts (northeast with Rampart 
troops and southeast with Castle troops) 

19) With some aggressive trading at the Trading Post, you can build the 
Castle (for added production) in your Rampart on day 6 and the Dragon 
Cliffs on day 7, plus the Monastery and Castle in the Knight's Castle 
(yep it's confusing for me too :-). In my game, I didn't get the Castle 
in the Rampart but it would have been doable. 

20) In week 3, get reinforcements from your Rampart and transfer them to 
the hero in the lava terrain. If you suffered some heavy losses (like I 
did) I suggest upgrading the Cottage right away and hiring Battle 
Dwarves. At speed 3, Dwarves are almost useless, at speed 5, they're 
more acceptable. I will usually never buy Dwarves until the building is 

21) Trade Gems, Mercury and Sulfur at the Trading Post for extra gold 
when needed. 

22) Make your Rampart hero go south at the border between lava and 
grass. He will visit the Observatory Tower, kill the first stack of Pit 
Lords protecting the Castle valley then go back north. 

23) Buy the City Hall in your Castle. 

24) Send in one or two scouts east through the lava terrain (optional 
but it's usually better to send an expendable hero before committing 
your main army to an invasion). 

25) Let us evaluate the value of upgrades in the Rampart except for the 
Gold Dragon, which is a significant although expensive upgrade like 
every other level 7 unit in the game. Unlike most other towns, all the 
Rampart upgrades are worthwhile although at varying degrees. In first 
position as most valuable upgrade, I would put the Grand Elf with its 
ability to shoot twice. The main weakness for Rampart troops being lack 
of speed, the Battle Dwarves and Dendroid Soldiers upgrades help out in 
that regard (although I do wish Dendroid Soldiers were at speed 5 
instead of 4). The extra 20% of magic resistance for the Dwarves and the 
extra hit points for the Dendroids are not to be forgotten also. The 
Silver Pegasi with its +4 speed increase will give you the all-important 
first turn in every battle except against Dragon Flies, Efreet Sultans 
and certain level 7 creatures, you'll also be able to reach the other 
side in one turn. This, for me, is the second most valuable upgrade in 
the Rampart. The War Unicorns benefit from having 20 more hit points and 
a +2 speed increase. Although less valuable than others, I'll often do 
this upgrade sooner because Dwarves and Dendroids are often left behind 
on first strikes and not bought until much later. Centaur Captains are 
another worthy upgrade if not for the extra 2 hit points then for the 
little extra speed making them the quickest level (and arguably best) 
level 1 units in the game. 

26) If possible try to end turns in towns so you can replenish your 
spell points. This is very easy to overlook even by veteran players. 

27) In week 4, buy all available Halberdiers, Marksmen, Royal Griffins 
and Monks. Go east and kill the second stack of Pit Lords blocking the 
Castle valley. 

28) Buy all Rampart troops you can afford (Dendroids and Battle Dwarves 
being bought last) and transfer them to your main Rampart army. If you 
do decide to get Dendroids, upgrade the structure before buying. 
28b) (Little bonus tip I had to insert somewhere :-). Although less 
beneficial than in HOMM 2, the "pocket" formation can still be useful. 
The pocket formation consists of surrounding your best shooter stack 
(often the only one) with 3 other stacks so enemy units cannot engage it 
hand-to-hand. That way, the shooter stack stays effective for the whole 
battle : it does not suffer the half-damage penalty (when engaged in 
melee) and can pick the most favorable target each turn. You must 
usually choose tight formation for this to work properly but it's not 
always necessary (if you have 6 or 7 stacks or if you have tactics for 
example). An example of the pocket formation with Rampart troops would 
be to put the Grand Elves in the middle (slot 4) flanked by the Centaurs 
and the Unicorns. The Pegasi (slot 2), moving first, close the pocket by 
flying in front of the Grand Elves. With a full roster of Rampart 
troops, you could easily replace the flanking Centaurs and Unicorns with 
Battle Dwarves and Dendroids. There are many variations. 

29) There are 2 rocky roads: one going west to east near the Rampart 
(road 1) and the other going west to east near the Castle (road 2). I 
suspected there were other towns along those roads and I was right. 

30) The two main armies (Castle and Rampart) followed the roads taking 
the Infernos along the way. The Rampart army took road 1 and the Castle 
army took road 2. 

31) By end of week 4, I had captured the four Inferno towns in the lava 
terrain. The only things left to do were to chase down straggling enemy 
heroes and explore the two sections protected by Arch Devils. Your 
victory objective, Kleesive is in the east section. The west section, 
the valley between the Rampart and Castle, contains a gold mine, a hut 
of magi, refugee camps and piles of resources you don't need at this 
point. However, if you want to get minor magical items to carry over in 
the last scenario, you must visit there (see paragraph 35). 

32) Buy new scouts in your Infernos and explore around. It's a good idea 
to buy new heroes in newly captured towns that will flag the mines 
around it so your main army can continue on its destructive path without 
being sidelined. 

33) Buy Orders of Fire in the new Infernos you capture and nothing else. 
It's cheap and gives +1 power skill to heroes. Visiting the four 
Infernos here could give you +4 power. 

34) The first Seer Quest seems useless because he simply exchanges a 
sword giving attack +6 for a shield giving defense +6. However, the 
second seer in the southeast corner asks for this magic shield (that you 
can't get any other way) and gives you a Tome of Fire Magic in exchange, 
a book giving you all the spells in the School of Fire! I didn't find 
out about this nice bonus until after I finished the scenario and 
checked to see if I had missed anything. This tome of Fire Magic will 
not carry over to the last scenario and it will not help you in the 
final battle (capturing Kleesive, see paragraph 36) but for any battles 
until that time, it will be helpful. Favorite spells in the Fire School 
of Magic include Blind, Berserk and Armageddon. Least-useful spells 
would include Fireball, Land Mine and Misfortune (all the level 3 spells 
surprisingly), which all seem either underpowered and/or unreliable. 

35) To get magic items that will carry over to the next scenario of the 
Liberation campaign (either number 3 or 4), you need to have completed 
the seer quest from scenario 1. With the Badge of Courage (given by the 
seer quest in scenario 1), you can unlock a blue border guard and get a 
Charm of Mana giving you +1 spell point per turn. If however you played 
scenario 3 (Neutral Affairs) before scenario 2 and already opened the 
blue border guard there, your starting hero will have a Pendant of Life 
instead of the Badge of Courage. With the Pendant of Life, you can open 
the green border guard giving you a Spyglass for the next scenario. 
36) You can take as much time as you need before attacking Kleesive, the 
last Inferno town, it is doubtful that the hero inside can break out of 
its valley anytime soon. Myself, I attacked in week 5 with knight troops 
only. Be sure to ferry troops to your front line hero before attempting 
your final assault. That last battle was surprisingly easy because the 
enemy in the castle had very few troops and so I wondered why that was. 
I do not know for sure but from checking the full map with the reveal 
map cheat code after the game was over, there was an hero near Kleesive 
called Clan Leader that I never encountered in my own game. I speculate 
that he lost his army while trying to beat the several Arch Devils near 
36b) While reloading and finishing my turn just before assaulting 
Kleesive, the stronger army I expected all along, led by the Clan 
Leader, came out of the Inferno to attack me. With intelligent use of 
the wait command, my Royal Griffins with unlimited retaliation and my 2 
shooter stacks (monks and marksmen), the battle was not even close. It 
is extremely easy to outmaneuver the enemy with wait if you're the least 
bit attentive. To make it even easier, you can bait him outside so you 
don't have to suffer as much from the turrets. In my opinion, the 
Inferno town is far from a match for the Castle town and this little 
battle just proved it to me. If we compare units level by level, the 
Castle town is superior in every way. The Magogs, almost a liability for 
their own troops, are dominated by the Marksmen. The Halberdiers beat 
the fragile Imp Familiars that are not even real flyers despite their 
little wings. The Royal Griffins are more numerous flyers with unlimited 
retaliation while the Cerberi are slower less numerous ground-pounders 
(although their multiple attack (useless against good human players) and 
them suffering no retaliation is nice). Still if I had the choice, I'd 
take the Royal Griffins over the Cerberi simply because of Castle 
sieges. The Horned Demons get chopped off by Crusaders who attack twice. 
The Pit Lords are walkers and one of the worst level 5 units out there 
(much better to have an extra shooter or flyer stack in my opinion). 
Only the last 2 units of the Inferno are really good and even then 
Archangels beat Arch Devils. If I had to combine armies of an Inferno 
and a Castle, only the Efreet Sultans would possibly take the place of 
the Champions because they're very fast flyers. 

37) If you have to fight the Clan Leader with all the normal inferno 
troops he should have had by this point, I suggest combining the best 
surviving troops from your Rampart and Castle. A good hypothetical army 
would consist of Marksmen, Royal Griffins, Monks, Champions (or 
Crusaders), Grand Elves, Green Dragons and Unicorns. Since you're on 
cursed ground, you cannot rely on any magic spells (because you can't 
cast any) and your Tome of Fire magic is useless. Keep that in mind and 
use a might hero if you can. 

**            Long Live the Queen 1: Homecoming
                Map Type: HOMM3 Campaign Map

It's unlikely you'll have much trouble winning this one but I'll use 
this particular strategy to introduce some of the concepts HOMM veterans 
have known for quite a while and that might appear evident but are not 
always so especially for beginners. Pay attention as some of those 
concepts might reappear relatively often in upcoming strategies and I 
might not always describe them. There is no time limit here so take your 
time, experiment and most importantly: have fun! It might seem a bit 
overwhelming at first for new players who've never played HOMM before 
but this series prides itself on being very accessible and simple to 
learn while being very deep in terms of strategy and tactics. 

0) Before the scenario starts, take the rare resources bonus although 
you'll not really need it since you start with plenty of resources 
already. Most other scenarios won't be so generous. 

1) Something that might be very easy to overlook if you don't pay 
attention is the special victory condition. The vast majority of 
scenarios have the same victory condition that we call standard: 
eliminate every other enemy color and castle on the board. Several 
scenarios also add an extra victory condition to that standard victory 
condition that might be much more achievable. Some scenarios might have 
only the special victory condition and not the standard. In this case, 
the objective is capturing the town Terraneus so even if you capture 
every other enemy town it does not really matter, you need to capture a 
particular one. 

2) You start with a Castle, home of knights and clerics and 1 hero 
called Christian that has ballista specialty. 

3) As you can notice, you're surrounded by pikemen and archers, most 
scenarios won't start like that but in this case, it was safe to assume 
that those were free troops, meaning that when you meet them, they'll 
join your main army free of charge. 

4) Having wandering stacks (they don't really wander but this name is 
used to designate all troops on adventure screen that are not led by 
heroes) join your heroes is of prime importance in HOMM 3 and the most 
successful players will learn quickly how to maximize their chances of 
that happening. General rule is that your army should be twice as strong 
in terms of total hit points as the wandering stack (at least it's the 
way it worked in HOMM 2) although the exact ratios and probability of 
stacks joining you in HOMM 3 are unknown at this time. If your army is 
strong enough (read intimidating enough), the wandering stack will 
either flee (most often occurrence), offer to join for money (if you 
have diplomacy) or join for greater glory (free troops !). What is 
fairly certain though is that troops part of the same faction as your 
main hero will be a bit more likely to join. For example, with my knight 
hero Christian, I'd suppose that pikemen, archers, griffins, swordsmen, 
monks, cavaliers and angels would be more favorable to join if your army 
is impressive enough. (Update note : Since I first wrote this, I learned 
that the system was much simpler. The hero class does not affect the 
probability of wandering stacks joining. You won't get the probability 
bonus (10%) if your troops are of the same town... to get it you need 
some units in your army that are *the same* as the wandering stack 
(upgraded or not doesn't matter). If your army is comprised of more than 
50% of the same unit as the wandering stack, then you get 

5) Move your starting hero in your main castle and buy a spell book for 
him (or her) by clicking on the Mage Guild. It's only 500 gold but you'd 
be surprised at how often people forget to buy them for their starting 
heroes or might heroes they hire. Each faction has one associated might 
hero and one associated magic hero (heroes of might & magic, get it ? :-
). For Castle, the knight is the might hero (starting with no spell book 
and most likely to improve in attack and defense) while the cleric is 
the magic hero (starting with spell book and most likely to improve in 
spell power and knowledge). So, always buy spell books for might heroes 
as soon as you hire them so they are able to cast spells too. 

6) We'll now constitute your main army. You buy all troops available in 
your current dwellings and most importantly, you hire more heroes, the 
more the better. At first, always try to hire heroes associated with 
your faction if possible and also pay special attention to their 
specialties, some are better than others. This serves several purposes: 

•a) By combining all troops on one hero, that we usually call the main 
hero, the army will be much stronger, you'll fight less often and more 
wandering stacks will join. Let's call this concept: instant army. •b) 
More heroes cover more ground which is especially important in the early 
game when you need lots of resources. Main hero will fight battles, free 
passages and conquer towns, the secondary hero will be behind picking up 
resources, items and mines (although most often main hero will flag the 
mine himself). The secondary hero can pick up most of the stuff on the 
ground leaving the main army free for more important tasks. Let's call 
this concept: the pack mule. •c) More secondary heroes also means that 
you'll see more of your surroundings quicker making you less likely to 
be surprised by enemies or to travel in the wrong direction with your 
main army. Let's call this : the scouts. •d) The hero chain (which I'll 
explain later). •e) Extra heroes are convenient for carrying extra 
troops that might slow down your main army or when your army is full. 
Let's call this: the squire. Having more heroes early in the game than 
my opponents has proven to be the secret to many of my HOMM 2 victories. 
So in the starting game, you'll have 1 main hero that will fight the 
battles and secondary heroes that will act as pack mules, squires, 
scouts and links in hero chain, most often they'll serve most if not all 
of those functions. 

7) I know that more advanced players will argue in favor of having 2 
main armies, splitting troops in various combinations. It does make 
sense and we'll use it in later scenarios but I don't want to go too 
much in-depth on that right now. 

8) Secondary heroes who will serve as scouts should have 2 or 3 of the 
fastest available troop in separate single-unit stacks. In HOMM 2, we'd 
have used 2 Gargoyles in packs of 1 for example. This is so that the 
hero can move farther each turn on the adventure screen (see bottom of 
page 15 for explanations). This advantage seems less pronounced than in 
HOMM 2 but doing that for scouts still has another advantage. If those 
scouts are caught unaware by enemy heroes (and they will be), they'll 
have a better chance of fleeing so you don't lose them.

9) In the early game, when you're not too much in immediate danger, you 
can easily live with giving only 1 unit to each secondary hero although 
if a scout gets ahead in unknown territory, it should really have more 
than 1 unit. 

10) As a general rule of thumb, I'd say that hiring 2 or 3 more 
additional heroes on day 1 is a good idea at hard difficulty. At normal 
difficulty, I'd say more 3 or 4 more extra heroes. It's not an exact 
science though so go with your instincts and particularly what you see 
of the immediate area around your castle. In this particular scenario 
where I was rolling in dough, I could have hired 7 more heroes (for the 
max of 8) on day 1 but I decided to pace myself by only hiring 4 more 
and not even hiring more during the week. 11) But heroes cost 2500 gold 
each time you say, it's too expensive. I personally find that extra 
heroes will pay for themselves very soon and that their usefulness 
warrants the cost. 

12) Still in the early weeks, almost always pick gold from treasure 
chests as that's what you'll badly need. Only exception to that general 
rule would be for main hero who gets chests of the 2000 gold/1500 
experience point variety where I'm often tempted to choose experience 
because the experience per gold is the most favorable ratio of all the 3 
chest types (but even then, picking experience would be rare). 

13) Think of an extra hero as about 2 chests. Or 1 chest and 1 pile of 

14) Back to this particular scenario, I decided to go with 2 extra might 
heroes (knights) and 2 extra magic heroes (clerics) who by luck were all 
of the same faction. 

15) Now should be the time to decide who should be your main hero and 
that you'll develop more than the others. Pick the one with the best 
specialty or the one that appeals more to you. In HOMM 2, I'd have said 
to develop barbarian hero no matter the castle but in HOMM 3 it's 
tougher to make that decision. Never forgetting about the specialties, 
I'd say that in small/medium maps I'd develop more a might hero and that 
in large/huge maps my main hero would tend to be more of a magic type. 
I'm saying that because magic will not play such a huge factor on 
smaller-sized maps so attack-defense are more important. Still it 
doesn't mean your main hero should not have a spell book! 16) Ideally, 
in large maps, I think I'd eventually develop both a high-level might 
hero AND a high-level magic hero, possibly 2 magic heroes... 

17) In Homecoming, from the choices I got, Valeska was more attractive 
than the others for main hero position because of her archer/marksmen 
specialty. I decided to develop more Christian anyway because that one I 
knew everybody would have. 

18) 2 heroes immediately boarded the nearby boats and started navigating 
around picking up all the stuff. 

19) Building orders will likely change for each scenario as I experiment 
and depending on what is already built. But for this one, I decided to 
buy the Archer's Tower upgrade right away because marksmen can shoot 
twice instead of once and that's a huge improvement. I also noticed that 
upgrading existing troops (in this case Archers) was a lot more cost-
effective than in HOMM 2. 

20) Perhaps, something I was too used too in HOMM 2 and knights always 
needing wood, I made my first objective the sawmill west of me. With all 
the wood in the water, it was not that urgent anyway and I could have 
gone the other direction :-) 

21) As you become more proficient, you'll probably notice that there's 
always one (sometimes two) particular resource that's more important 
than the others for a given faction, give particular attention to that 
kind of resource and look for it everywhere. It's often the resource 
that the resource silo will give you (for example mercury for Inferno 
and sulfur for Dungeon). 

22) You'll also learn that some resources are less-needed for a given 
castle, so those resources you could trade for more gold (especially 
good if you find trading post in starting game). 

23) A possible building order for this particular scenario that gives 
lots of resources. I decided to emphasize creature production. Usually I 
think I'd skip cavaliers for angels instead but we couldn't build portal 
of glory in this scenario since it was grayed out. 
•1) Upgraded Archer Tower (to upgrade all those free archers) •2) 
Blacksmith (not for war machine but because it's required for Barracks) 
•3) Barracks •4) Monastery •5) Stables •6) Training Grounds •7) Citadel 
(to improve production by 50%) 
Possible alternative, forget about Upgraded Archer Tower until week 2 
and go for the Town Hall. 

24) With your initial army, most stacks will certainly flee except those 
in snowy valley west of starting castle. Those mines, I decided not to 
liberate (too many potential casualties but perhaps not) and instead I 
went back and took the north branch.

25) Deciding which fights to pick with wandering stacks is something 
very important to learn. In week 1, several, packs, and lots of level 1 
and level 2 troops are prime targets, level 3 troops in some cases if 
the reward is worth it. Walkers and flyers that aren't too fast are 
especially desirable targets while archers are much less so. 

26) If a stack wants to flee you and it would have inflicted some kind 
of casualties, let it flee (especially if they're shooters !). The 
experience they give out is often not worth it. If you have necromancy, 
you don't want to let anything flee of course as you'll get more 
skeletons if you slaughter them :-) 

27) For now and since you're learning the game, fight those stacks that 
are fleeing to get the hang of combat. Makes for good practice when 
things will become tougher. 

28) Learn to love and respect the wait command more particularly on turn 
1 against wandering stacks. Every stack should wait in the majority of 
cases. You can always move your flyers after the shooters on the other 
side have had their turn. That way, their first shot will be hampered 
(broken arrow meaning half-damage). 

29) The range of the shooters where they can inflict maximum damage is 
10 hexes. Keep that in mind. 

30) It's usually not a good idea to upgrade any creature dwelling in the 
first week. You need the gold and resources to build the creature 
dwellings you don't have. 

31) Start of week 2 is the time to reinforce your main army by buying 
the best troops you can afford. Take more than 1 day to buy troops if 
you need (but not more than 3 before leaving castle). If you're really 
short on funds and you need reinforcements sooner, buy the troops that 
would be of most immediate help in battles, such as shooters and fast 
walkers/flyers than can get to the other side in 2 turns. The best 
offensive units if you want. Higher-level troops are usually more 
desirable than lower-level units but be careful about that. 

32) For example, in knight castle, swordsmen and pikemen would 
definitely be bought last because of their relatively low speed and 
because they're walkers. 

33) To bring reinforcements to the front lines (read: troops from castle 
to main hero), you use the so-called hero chain (it also goes under 
other names). You move the first hero in the chain (usually one in 
castle) to the second hero (a scout) about one day away more or less, 
you transfer all troops to him except one low-level rather fast troop. 
This second hero then moves his full movement allowance until he reaches 
the third hero whom he transfers all his troops too except 1 or 2. The 
third hero then moves to main hero and gives him the reinforcements. 
Hero chains can be shorter or longer but they're very useful as you can 
move troops several days worth in only 1 day. 

34) At the end of week 2, near the first enemy town I took, the one 
called Mirham, located in the center of the map, I then decided to split 
my combined army roughly in half in order to cover more ground (gave 
monks to Christian and left swordsmen with Valeska for no apparent 
reason :-). Valeska went southwest while Christian explored the area 
around Mirham. 

35) Oh yes I forgot, before the hero chain started, one of the heroes in 
boats returned to main castle with all the items found in the water. I 
used him as first link in the hero chain. The items eventually got to 
the main hero like the troops did.

36) At the start of week 3, I really started to feel the money crunch. I 
regretted not taking the gold mine earlier. Gold mines are "extremely" 
desirable locations to flag and worth several deaths to get one. 

37) I decided to trade most (but not all) of my resources for gold at 
the trading post. I wasn't really going to buy mage guilds in this map 
nor was I going to really upgrade creature dwellings except those that 
fit my fancy. 

38) I bought Capitol in week 3 that gives you 4000 gold each day. It 
looks expensive but you can recuperate your investment in about 5 days. 

39) By end of week 3, I captured Plinth (southwest town near river) with 

40) I also saw the first enemy signs near the center town of Mirham. 
Luckily, Christian was still around to deal with invaders and so he 
pressed on his attack into enemy territory eliminating tan eventually. 

41) By week 4, I had found underground entrance with Valeska (southwest 
area) and was busy exploring it. It was very long and winding and I 
still didn't know where the objective town of Terraneus was located. 

42) During all this time, I was concentrating on boosting the 4 heroes 
(3 knights, 1 cleric in my case) that would accompany me in the next 
scenario. They had to reach level 6 (or close to it) and I also made 
them visit the most stat-boosting structures possible (like the tower 
giving +1 defense for example). Remember earlier when I said not to 
really pick experience more experience from chests with no problem at 
all, and not just for the main hero either. By the end, I had two level 
6 heroes (Christian & Valeska), one level 5 hero (Sorsha) and one level 
4 cleric (Loynis). 

43) I finally managed to reach Terraneus at the end of that very long 
underground tunnel and proceeded to conquer it with just Valeska. She 
still had about the same army that she had when the army split occurred 
in Mirham back in week 2. Casualties were not that important, because 
there would be no battle after that. Still if I didn't feel confident in 
winning, I would simply have had to give her more troops by hero chain. 
So I won this scenario exploring almost everything, on month 2, week 2 
day 5. Locating Terraneus took the most time. 

**              Long Live The Queen 2: Guardian Angels
                    Map Type: HOMM3 Campaign Map

Guardian Angels, the second scenario in the "Long Live the Queen" mini-
campaign, is designed to show you the amazing power of the Angels. This 
small scenario should normally be even easier than the first one. I 
finished in month 1, week 3 day 7 on my first play. I replayed the start 
of scenario after it was over to test a few theories. 

0) I picked the one Angel as starting bonus although in hindsight 
picking the 3 Zealots might have been good too. 

1) The objective is a bit misleading at first, it says you must reach 
Fair Feather before the enemies, it's true but it's extremely easy to 
reach being just north of your starting position and unprotected. 

2) You start with the 4 best heroes of the last scenario (Homecoming) 
which should be around level 6. 

3) Combine all troops, except one Angel, and give them to Christian the 
expert in artillery. 

4) The Artillery secondary skill is for the ballista (giant arrow 
shooting machine working in all combats) while Ballistics deals with the 
catapult that you'll only see in castle sieges and that serves to break 
castle walls. It's easy to confuse the two. 

5) Give your lone Angel to your best magic hero (in my case a cleric 
named Loynis) and attack the stack to your northwest, the one with 2 
chests and 1 item in the niche behind. 

6) The 2 other heroes will have the fastest low-level troop you can give 
them. 1 Griffin each if you start with them. 

7) Take experience from chests unless it's of the 1000 gold/500 exp 
variety (I admit that I took more often gold than experience in my first 
try because I didn't know what the scenario was like) 

8) Christian will head east with his army taking and visiting everything 
on the way. He might look too weak to take on the stacks you'll 
encounter but with the ballista, he should be ok. The ballista at expert 
skill does a lot more damage than you might first expect if you right-
click on it or if you check the range of damage given when you pass the 
cursor over an enemy (information window at bottom). For example, when 
fighting Troglodytes that were close enough, you'd get a range of damage 
between 30-50 (theoretically) with the ballista. Now imagine you roll 40 
points of damage, that will be doubled to 80 points of damage (first 
shot) then the ballista shoots again for another 80 points of damage 
(second shot). So in fact, you did 160 points of damage in one turn with 
your ballista not just 40 ! Quadruple the damage range when you pass the 
cursor over the target and you get the real damage you'll inflict when 
you're an expert in artillery. 

9) Keep in mind that with expert artillery, the ballista shoots twice at 
double damage each time. Christian's specialty with artillery helps too 
making it even more devastating. It looks pretty wimpy (even useless) 
when you start in the first scenario and Christian is at level 1 so 
don't dismiss this secondary skill too quickly like I did. 

10) Your magic hero will see a few Angels blocking his passage north. 
This might scare you off but in fact, all Angels you'll encounter in 
this scenario as wandering stacks will join you free of charge (with one 
possible exception). So go ahead, attack it and you'll get one extra 
Angel (you're now at 2). 

11) Make your 3 heroes enter this little green valley, go for the castle 
Fair Feather, having another free Angel join you. The heroes will flag 
every mine, pick the resources and visit the sights. 

12) This castle is quite special since you already have the Portal of 
Glory built for you. Go ahead and hire one more Angel. You know you want 
too even though they're quite expensive at 3000 gold a pop. While you're 
at it, buy 1 or 2 more extra heroes (you can wait if you want) 

13) The Angels in front of the Portals of Glory will join you but you'll 
have to fight 3 Angel guards in each one. For my first battle, it was 5 
Angels Vs 3 and I didn't lose any of my own. 

14) If you want to be especially careful of not losing any Angel, you 
can cast spells like cure, slow, haste or bloodlust (one of those will 
suffice). Make sure you get the first strike whatever you do. 

15) Angels are not immune to magic. Bless is wasted on Angels since they 
already do maximum damage on each hit. 

16) Buy the Angel in portal of glory and go liberate the other one, 
picking up the free Archangel along the way. 

17) Seeing how the castle was, I decided to forget about getting other 
troops and just concentrate on Angels instead. I knew my revenue would 
not be great by that time, barely enough to buy the possible Angels. My 
objective was getting the castle by end of week 1 which I did. First 
thing I bought though was a town hall (to get 1000 gold per day). Also 
later in the week, I bought a marketplace. 

18) Being relatively new to the game, I thought that building the 
citadel would net me another Angel per week. I was wrong. The citadel 
improves current base production by 50% rounded down. Meaning that since 
the default is one Angel per week, with citadel, it's 1.5 rounded down 
to 1, meaning it's still only 1 Angel. Let's take another example to 
illustrate this, your default production is 7 Griffins per week, the 
Citadel will not double your production to 7 more (14 per week), instead 
it will improve it by 50%. So you take 7 multiply it by 50%. It gives 
you 3.5 more griffins per week which rounded down means 3 additional 
griffins per week for a new total of 10. 

19) To check the breakdown of creature production, right-click on 
creature icons in the bottom-left corner. You should see with the Castle 
built: Weekly Angel Growth is 4, Basic Growth 1, Castle +1, External 
dwellings +2. For most other creatures, you'd get different numbers 
(naturally :-) and a number next to Citadel. 

20) Make your best magic hero continue north on the road visiting the 
Seer Hut along the way who asks for the Angel Wings. 

21) Fairly early, after you visited the Observation Tower, you'll 
probably see enemy heroes appear from the subterranean gates. Don't 
worry too much about them but stay clear with Christian. 

22) Out of your small valley, you'll see another stack of Archangels 
blocking your way. What was not my surprise to find out that those did 
attack me instead of joining! I lost an Angel that way having 5 Angels 
and 1 Archangel left. Now on my second try, I checked this out again, 
and this time those archangels joined me, boosting my initial army to 6 
angels and 3 archangels! I suggest not taking any chances and attacking 
those with one of your 4 main heroes and a strong Angel army of your 
own. Do not use a scout for this. 

23) At the northern exit of the valley, you have 2 options. You can 
split your army in twice. One with 6 Angels going west and the other 
going east with 3 Archangels. If you're stuck with less, you could split 
it roughly in half. The other option is keeping all your Angels together 
with the same guy and going west. It's what I did in first game and it 
worked very well, wandering stacks either fleeing or joining. 

24) Something you might has well learn now, your main hero (the guy with 
the army fighting the battles) should not waste his time picking up 
scattered resources and items in little closed-off niches, he should 
continue on his way fighting as many battles per turn as he can. Chests 
are another thing altogether, at low level, picking experience from them 
is pretty desirable, but at higher levels, the experience it gives you 
might not be worth the detour. 

25) It's better if it's the secondary heroes coming up behind who pick 
up the things in the niches. It's quite possible that some items might 
be protected by token armies though so that's a risk although you'll 
have the choice of battling the defenders or not. Worst that could 
happen is that your main hero might have to go a little way back if the 
item was really wanted. 

26) By end of week 1, my Knight castle produced 4 Angels per week and I 
had 2 more in the Portals of Glory (something easy to overlook). 
26b) It's quite probably you'll be lacking gold to buy all of them. Just 
trade resources for gold at your marketplace to buy those Angels sooner. 

27) In the northwest corner, your hero should eventually reach the 
Angels Wings. 

28) Those are extremely powerful permitting your hero to fly over any 

29) Still, the seer asked for them and you should bring them back to 

30) Just click at your destination and you'll hear wings flap while your 
hero flies over the mountain and back into your base valley. When you 
return the Angels Wings, you'll get 10 free Angels! Yes 10 more Angels 

31) So if everything went perfectly, you could possibly have 22 Angels 
and 3 Archangels in week 2 ! I don't need to tell you that by this time, 
you're pretty much invincible. 

32) All this time Christian was continuing on his merry way in the 
southeast corner of the map. If you feel confident, he might even 
continue on to the subterranean gate and attack right now (even more 
recommended if the split hero with the 3 archangels arrives from the 
northeast and joins you). If you really don't want to take any risk, go 
back with Christian to get reinforcements. 

33) In week 2, I constituted 2 armies. My best warrior had 10 Angels 
plus extra troops. My best spellcaster had 9 Angels + 3 Archangels 
(perhaps it was 1 ?). (The extra troops in the first army were not 
really necessary and slowed me down but I didn't know what I was going 
to face next. Better to create a third army of non-angelic troops I 

34) Those 2 big armies each entered one subterranean gate for the 
assault on the underground killing every enemy hero along the way. 

35) There are 4 underground castles, one in each corner. I had 2 
captured by end of week 2 but I was taking my time. 

36) No army should be a match for yours in the underground but make sure 
you hire 8 heroes before you finish the scenario so that on the next 
one, you start with 8. 

**             Long Live The Queen 3: Griffin Cliff 
                   Map Type: HOMM3 Campaign Map

0) The bonus at the start was tougher to pick than usual because all the 
magic items offered were pretty attractive. With the Golden Bow, I 
wouldn't have to worry about doing half-damage with my shooters anymore 
even when capturing castles. The Lion's Shield of Courage (which has 
same effect as the Ultimate Crown in HOMM would boost considerably the 
strength of my main hero. The Endless Sack of Gold would give me 7000 
more gold per week. I decided to pick the Lion's Shield on a whim but 
the other choices are good too. 

1) Normally, you should have 8 heroes carrying over from the last 
scenario with 4 heroes noticeably better than the rest. At least one 
high-level magic hero is preferred. If you have less than 8 heroes, hire 
more so you have 8. 

2) You start with 3 towns in rough pyramid formation with the better 
town at the top. 

3) The town at the top, will be your main town and concentrate on 
producing troops 

4) The 2 towns at the bottom will be the secondary towns and will be 
developped to boost revenue. 

5) When you start scenarios with more than 1 town, it's probably better 
to work like that. One town where you produce troops, the other one that 
produces gold to buy those troops. 

6) Build Town Hall in the 2 secondary towns on day 1 

7) Flag mines and combine all the troops of your heroes on 2 different 
persons. Thus, you will form 2 main armies. The rest will be squires and 

8) Do not attack those hordes of Magogs you see. Casualties inflicted 
would be too much. 

9) A general tip : on any given turn, try to move all your heroes before 
making any purchasing decisions for your towns. It might sound evident, 
but you have more gold at the end of a turn than at the start. 

10) Here's the building order for my main town : 
•1) Town Hall •2) Archer's Tower •3) Mage Guild Level 1 (not for spells 
but because of Portal of Glory requirement) •4) Blacksmith •5) Barracks 
•6) Monastery •7) Portal of Glory 

11) And for the secondary towns, here's what I built in week 1 although 
the days and order of constructions might be wrong : Marketplaces, 
Resource silos (? not sure if I built two), Blacksmiths, Mage Guilds, 
City Halls, 

12) Do not attack the Griffin conservatory north of the main town. It's 
too dangerous for now. For myself, I completely forgot about it and it 
was never liberated. The Qurqirish Dragon told me that if I did fight 
the Griffin guards, the conservatory would have given me Angels, 
something that would certainly have helped. I know for a fact though 
that I didn't want to fight that horde of Royal Griffins and lots of 
Griffins (those numbers are random apparently) in the first few weeks. 

13) The Pikemen and Halberdiers protecting those mines are very likely 
to join you. In any case, they're extremely easy to defeat. 

14) Use your best spellcasters to clear the Hell Hounds blocking the 2 
roads, one going northeast, the other going northwest. If you don't want 
to take risks, you can combine the 2 main armies into one for those 
battles and stay with one really big army for the rest of the map. 

15) Don't forget to use mini hero chains to constantly transfer troops 
and fight more battles each turn. Squires (secondary heroes) can fight 
battles too. 

16) Not knowing the map layout, I didn't see the 2 Inferno towns just 
northeast and northwest of the main town until too late because I could 
have taken them easily in week 1. They were so badly protected (by Imps 
!) that even one scout with magic arrow (okay perhaps lightning or 
icebolt :-) would have won. 

17) I noticed that no enemy heroes were ever hired from those 2 Inferno 

18) Other than those Hell Hounds blocking the road and those 
Pikemen/Halberdiers, I really didn't fight any other wandering stacks in 
the first week. They seemed too strong. Even low-level troops were in 
horde numbers. 

19) I explored the southwest and southeast corners with scouts but I 
didn't fight the wandering stacks there until near the end of the 
scenario (week 4 and 5 where I did so just to check out the items 
given). The rewards given and the goodies in the niches were not 
necessary for victory. 

20) Going by the northeast road, I came upon a seeminly empty knight 
town. I should have known it was too good to be true. My scout was 
ambushed out of nowhere by a strong dungeon army one step in front of 
that town. The morale of the story is, if something seems to be too good 
to be true or if you have doubts about something, use a secondary hero 
to check things out and not your main army (especially true for liths). 
I lost a level 4 cleric (I should have given him more than 2 single-unit 
troops) that way but it could have been worse. 

21) There's a twin knight town at the end of the northwest road with a 
similar kind of ambush. 

22) Something that wasn't explained properly in the manual (page 45) are 
the effects of native terrain. You might say to yourself, big deal, no 
movement penalty on grass for the Castle troops, there wasn't any 
penalty in the first place. Well you'd be right on that point but what 
you might not know is that on grass, your knight/cleric troops have a +1 
hex bonus to their movement during combat ! When you right-click on one 
of your units during combat, you'll see on the speed line, a number in 
parentheses next to the default speed, that's the modified speed of your 
unit for the current battle. 

23) I also found out, quite by chance, that heroes having some kind of 
troop speciality, such as Valeska with her Archers/Marksmen speciality 
for example, will give a +1 speed bonus to those particular troops in 
combat ! So when fighting on grass, the Archers led by the knight 
Valeska had a speed of 6 instead of 4. +1 due to fighting on native 
terrain and +1 because of the speciality. 

24) By the end of week 1, I had explored most of the surface grass 

25) By now, at least one of your magic heroes should be expert in some 
kind of elemental sphere, preferably more than one. It's time to enjoy 
the power of mass spells (actually you've probably been casting those 
since scenario 2 :-). Low-level spells cast at expert level often become 
mass spells and it's a tremendous boost to your effectiveness on the 
battlefied. I personally love Mass Haste and Mass Slow very much and 
will start practically every combat with either one of those spells when 
I have it. On second turn, depending on what I have and if I deem it's 
necessary, I'll cast something that will make my troops inflict more 
damage (Mass Bless, Mass Bloodlust, Mass Precision) or that make the 
enemies inflict less damage on my own troops (Mass Shield, Mass Stone 
Skin, Mass Curse). 

26) In week 2, your main objective should be to capture those 2 Infernos 
if you haven't already done so in the first week. 

27) Anything above level 2 wandering stacks, you should think twice 
before attacking. 

28) All the troops in my main castle were bought by day 3, the hero that 
was inside proceeded to transfer those troops to my main army by hero 

29) Some structures built in my main castle during week 2 : City Hall, 
Citadel, Griffin Tower, Stables, Training Grounds, Castle. 

30) Return the bird items requested by the seers with secondary heroes. 
The seer on the right will give you 50 free Griffins, the one on the 
left only gives you Expert Eagle Eye, which won't really be useful. 

31) Capture those 2 knight towns at the end of the roads (don't worry 
too much if you do it during week 3 instead, the troops in those 
invisible ambushes stay the same) 

32) When I capture new enemy towns, the first thing I'll usually build 
is the Town Hall. I will rarely build any creature-producing creatures 
in them. It's pretty certain that in the tougher scenarios to come, this 
philosophy might change but for now it served me well. 

33) By end of week 2, I had almost total control of the surface with 
every enemy town captured in the grass area. The north dirt section was 
not a priority at that point and was left unexplored. I was making 9000 
gold per day and every creature-producing structure in my main castle 
was built but not upgraded. Most niches were left intact protected by 
wandering stacks. 

34) Week 3 was for boosting my main army and preparing for the 
underground assault, consolidating my dominance on the surface. 

35) I upgraded most of my troops for fun although it wasn't necessary to 
be so thorough. I wanted to see what upgraded knight troops were like. I 
found the upgrade to Marksmen and the upgrade to Crusaders particularly 
good because it made those troops attack twice per turn. I had so many 
Griffins that upgrading them to Royal Griffins, mostly because of 
improved speed, made a lot of sense. The Archangel upgrade was divine if 
you'll pardon the bad pun :-) 

36) My 3 best heroes visited the 2 Libraries of Enlightenment that seem 
to work like an improved Xanadu : +2 on every primary skill if you're 
level 10 or above (diplomacy lowers that level requirement) for each 
visited library. 

37) I also started building Mage Guilds in my secondary starting towns 
(because I could) but I found out that they weren't really necessary 
because the underground towns you'll capture will already have one or 
two built-up mage guilds. 

38) The tan enemy was eliminated by default on week 4, day 1 because it 
had no towns left. 

39) By the end of week 3, the underground invasion had already begun. 
With my high-level heroes and my stronger armies, all battles there were 

40) The Orange enemy did manage to take back one knight town (at the 
northeast end of road) but didn't press his advance after that, staying 
near it and the underground entrance. I knew I could defend my home 
territory anyway, because his armies were pretty weak, so my main army 
continued its rampage in the underground. 

41) I experimented and found out that 2 Angels were quite able to defeat 
a throng of familliars or lots of almost every other kind of troop below 
level 4. That was with a level 8 knight. 

42) In my game, orange was eliminated in the middle of week 4. It might 
seem quick but my main army did not really hang around to visit 
underground locations, it just went methodically castle after castle 
sometimes changing hero so it could cover more ground in one day. 

43) The objective of the map is flagging those 7 Griffin Towers so you 
don't really need to conquer the underground, but it will make your life 
easier if you do, not to mention unlimited time to build up forces 
strong enough to tackle the north section of the surface with those 
tough garrisons and wandering stacks. 

44) If you take all castles of a given color, any hero left of that 
color (no matter how mighty) will be abandonned by their troops and 
vanish from the board. I made a powerful stationary enemy hero 
(protecting north passage leading to Griffin Towers) disappear like that 
without needing to fight him. 

45) As an indicative of what kind of troops I had when I cleared out my 
first garrison. My best warrior doing the northeastern side had 13 
Champions, 100 Royal Griffins, 30 Zealots, 54 Marksmen and 30 Crusaders 
while my best spellcaster, doing the northwestern side, had 6 
Archangels. They were more than enough to do the job although I did lose 
a few Archangels. By having 2 armies like that, it also made quicker the 
flagging of those Towers. 

On my first play, the Long Live the Campaign was finished in 98 days for 
915 points and a Griffin rating which considering the last scenario was 
quite an appropriate rating :-)

***                Dungeons & Devils 1: A Devilish Plan
                      Map Type: HOMM3 Campaign map

This medium map of easy difficulty makes for a nice Inferno town 
introduction and tutorial. I finished in month 1, week 4, day 5. The 
only objective is to kill the Gold Dragon, protector of the Elves of Av-
Lee, but I did eliminate the red enemy too even though it was 
unnecessary. Don't let my time intimidate you, you can take all the time 
you need and I was using hero chains extensively. You can carry over 8 
heroes to the last scenario of the mini-campaign but they're limited to 
12th level in this one. It turns out that improving the heroes here 
wasn't that important, the 8 heroes in the next scenario 
(Groundbreaking) will likely turn out to be better because there's an 
extensive underground and above ground section. In "A Devilish" plan, 
the action mostly takes place on the surface with a small foray in the 
underground near the end. 

0) Of the bonuses offered, the 100 additional Imps seemed the most 
attractive. It would certainly make my starting game easier. 

1) While hiring my 5 extra heroes on day 1 (3 or 4 are good too if 
you're concerned about gold), the best one available was Jeddite, a 
specialist in resurrections. With heroes starting with a specific spell 
like here, it's always good to improve the elemental skill associated 
with that spell as soon as possible. For Jeddite and his Resurrect 
spell, I would try to improve his earth magic skill. 

2) I decided to form 2 main armies that would go in different directions 
: one composed of Inferno troops exclusively and the other one composed 
of all the other types. 

3) When you hire more heroes on day 1, start by hiring the hero who's 
associated with your starting town and who has troops similar to your 
starting hero. Then, depending on the choices offered, try to hire 
heroes of your town-type and at most 2 other town types (okay perhaps 3 
other town types if you're really stuck). When you combine armies, the 
number of troops in each stack should be significant enough to be useful 
4 Dwarves are not that useful and it slows the army down on the 
adventure screen, 10 Dwarves on the other hand... that's better) and 
there shouldn't be too much of a morale penalty when the different troop 
types are together (-1 for each troop type beyond 2, plus undead that 
lower your morale by another -1). To take an extreme example, something 
like 10 Imps, 5 Magogs, 10 Pikemen, 5 Archers, 20 Troglodytes, 3 Wolf 
Raiders, 4 Dwarves is to be avoided (that's 5 different troops types, so 
you have cumulative morale penalty of -3 !). Keep also in mind that if 
your army is only composed of troops of the same type, you get a +1 
morale bonus in battle and no penalty when moving on native terrain. 
This can be very significant for tower troops in snow and Fortress 
troops in swamp and in those cases, you should think a lot more 
seriously about not mixing them. 

4) When deciding which heroes to hire, get used to right-clicking on 
them to see their specialty. Certain heroes giving +350 gold per day, or 
+1 (resource) per day are very desirable and should be hired right away 
no matter the troop type. Heroes that have pathfinding, scouting or 
navigation as secondary skills should also be looked for (See Samuel 
Martin Ventola's article on secondary heroes at School of War for more 
on this). Another factor in hero hiring should be the starting troops. 
Some heroes will start with pretty good troops (sometimes even level 3) 
while others will start with pretty pathetic ones. 

5) Oh yes, don't forget to buy spell books for your might heroes :-) 

6) Give one Hell Hound (speed 7) to each scout. That's 2 extra tiles of 
movement per day instead of if you were using 1 Imp (speed 4) for each 
scout instead (see Movement Allowance table on page 15 of manual). You 
can use single-unit troops of speed 6 or better instead of Hell Hounds 
if you want. No real risk of ambush in this map anyway. 

7) Concerning the building order, I decided to take it easy and not 
worry about the Forsaken Palace in week 1 although it's certainly doable 
in this particular scenario. On maps of normal or hard difficulty 
though, I doubt you could get the Forsaken Palace until week 2 or 3 
anyway especially on unknown maps you're playing for the first time. So 
my building order for the Inferno: 
•1) Mage Guild Level 1 (so all heroes can start with some spells and 
might heroes can get spell books, it's also requirement for Forsaken 
Palace) •2) Demon Gate •3) Fire Lake •4) Hell Hole (you can reverse 
number 3 and 4 if you want :-) •5) Citadel (to improve production by 
50%) •6) Birthing Pools (extra imps) •7) Kennels 

8) Demoniacs are the might heroes and Heretics are the magic heroes. I 
still confuse the two all the time and Heretic being an action game 
doesn't help :-) 

9) Southwest of your initial town, there's a free rampart village that 
is not upgradable. 9b) Don't forget to visit the red keymaster's tent 
south of your initial town too. This will open a barrier later on. 

10) Do not always use 1 or 2 heroes exclusively, use mini hero-chains 
(transferring troops from one hero to the other so troops can move 
several days worth in one day) to always go farther and fight more 
battles each turn. 

11) For example, one hero (with the troops) reaches the end of the path, 
he can go back, give the troops to another hero who will go forward. 

12) You don't need to buy any upgraded structures in your Inferno town 
(not that you would really upgrade anything in week 1 for any kind of 
town as a general rule) because there is a nearby Hill Fort in the 
center of the map. Hill Forts are one of the best locations you can find 
in any map, they upgrade your level 1 troops for free and they also 
upgrade all your other troops for a fee (difference of price between 
upgraded and non-upgraded creatures multiplied by number of creatures in 
stack). It's well protected (minotaurs in my case) but you don't need to 
liberate it in week 1 anyway. Wait. 

13) Make your heroes visit Learning stones whenever you can and if 
they're not too out of the way (+1000 experience). All my starting 
heroes visited the learning stone east of my town. 

14) In this first week, I mostly explored the south section of the map. 
I even managed to grab a gold mine which is always excellent in the 
early game. 

15) Take the village in the southwest corner. It's always better to 
attack on days 7 or 1 if you can. Remember that. 

16) On week 2, your main objective is to build the Forsaken Palace so 
you can get Devils. 

17) Before that though, build a Marketplace, Blacksmith and City Hall. 

18) Buy inferno troops and transfer to the hero that will start 
exploring the area north of your starting town (if he hasn't already 
started doing so). This transfer should take place on day 2 or 3. 

19) If you need gold, trade everything but keep all your mercury (for 
Devils) and 10 of each resource (just as a precaution :-) 

20) I found a trading post one day too late. It's north-northwest of the 
Hill Fort. Trading posts are also valuable locations in the early game 
that improve your exchange rate as if you had 3 marketplaces (same thing 
as HOMM 2). So when you have 1 or 2 marketplaces, always trade at the 
trading post. 

21) Pass the red border guard in the southwest corner that gives you 
access to the green keymaster's tent. 

22) The green border guard is in the northeast corner of the map (Hut of 
Magi will reveal its exact location). 

23) By the end of the week 2, I had liberated the Hill Fort and upgraded 
everything more or less. 

24) Your week 3 objective is to finish up the surface and eliminate your 

25) I encountered something that surprised me, it seems diplomacy 
(hiring troops for money) works even when you don't have the diplomacy 
skill. That's a big change compared to HOMM 2. 

26) The best players will maximize their chance at wandering stacks 
joining their army while still not suffering heavy casualties if the 
wandering stack does indeed fight. Picking your fights better is 
something you'll learn to do with experience. My HOMM 2 experience 
served me well here. As examples of what kinds of troops joined me in 
this scenario, there were 20 Elves, 25 Centaur Captains and even 26 
Mighty Gorgons that joined me for free in week 3 ! I do admit that this 
last one was a big risk. Mighty Gorgons are extremely tough and 
dangerous. You'll learn to respect their death stare. 

27) The "hot zone" is in the northwest corner. This is the base of 
operations for the red enemy. Be careful with your scouts. Try to end 
the turn in a sanctuary if you can and don't go too far in. 

28) Use the Rampart in the Northwest corner to increase revenue by 
building City Hall. 

29) Build a Castle and a Capitol in your Inferno. 

30) On week 3, day 6, the red enemy was gone. 

31) To attack the Dwarven treasury or similar locations where you're 
surrounded by troops, learn to put your best shooter stack in the center 
(that's the 4th slot in the army row of hero screen) so that the enemies 
have a longer way to go to reach it. I haven't confirmed this but it's 
possible that with tight formation (another option in bottom-right of 
hero screen) your shooter stack in the center might be protected by the 
troops around him. 

32) Starting on week 3, I almost always took experience from chests 
because I was thinking of the carry-over heroes (I did continue to take 
gold from chests of the 1000 gold/500 exp. type). Turns out it doesn't 
matter, my carry-over heroes would be the ones used in the next scenario 

33) Week 4 is for finishing up and killing that Gold Dragon hiding in 
the underground. 

34) I brought reinforcements by hero chain to my main army, stopping by 
the Hill Fort to upgrade them. 

35) Kill the pack of Green Dragons in front of the subterranean entrance 
(northeast corner just north of green border guard) with the best troops 
you've got and one of your better heroes. 

36) Prepare yourselves, those are only the first Green Dragons you'll 
encounter, not the last. More to come in the underground. 

37) Underground, you'll see 3 Green Dragon stacks blocking the east, 
west and south passages. The Gold Dragon is at the end of the south 
branch but just for fun, fight those 3 Green Dragon stacks anyway. It's 
good practice and if you do decide to carry over the heroes from this 
scenario, they'll be stronger. 

38) Most importantly, practice the art of hero chaining, I managed to 
fight those 3 Green Dragon stacks in one turn, believe it or not. 3 
Different heroes, same troops. Try it. At the time, I did not know how 
vast this underground was or where the Gold Dragon was located so that 
way I had cleared 3 passages a lot more quickly leaving my scouts to 
explore farther down the branches while my main army continued down one 
of the paths. 

39) If you really want to give yourself an edge, you could easily build 
a level 5 Mage Guild and make all your heroes visit before finishing up 
the scenario. I didn't do that myself and it isn't necessary. 

40) My heroes at the end were level 9,8,7,7,6 and 3. I do know that's 
only 6 heroes out of 8, I forgot to hire 2 extras at the end ;-) 

***              Dungeons & Devils: 2 Groundbreaking
                    Map Type: HOMM3 Campaign map

Groundbreaking is the first campaign scenario featuring the Dungeon, the 
new Erathian domain of my favorite class in HOMM 2 : the warlock. It's a 
medium-sized scenario of easy difficulty. With the previews, the more 
evil emphasis and all the changes to the roster, I was wondering if I'd 
even like playing that faction anymore. It turns out that the Dungeon is 
as fun to play and as powerful as before. The units look neat and you 
have a nice combination of 2 shooters (Beholders, Medusas), 3 flyers 
(Harpies, Manticores, Dragons), 1 reasonable low-level walker 
(Troglodyte) and another tough high-level grunt (Minotaur). Overall I 
like the Dungeon a lot more than I thought I would and I'll certainly 
practice it often. 

0) I took the Mage Guild Level 1 Bonus although the other options are 
not bad 

1) Buy spell books for any might heroes you have and that you hire 

2) The Pillar of Fire will help you see your surroundings and make a 
better guess as to which direction to explore first. 

3) I probably went a little overboard by hiring 6 heroes on day 1 but 
there were so many different passages that I thought I should. 

4) I suggest taking the west path, you'll encounter a free unprotected 
Dungeon village pretty soon. When you capture it, build the Town Hall 
right away). 

5) Try to always leave a spot empty in your main army for possible 
wandering stack joiners. Having to scrap troops because of a new joiner 
of a different type can be frustrating. 

6) Have a squire follow the main hero around to pick up extra troops. 

7) A little trick to maximize movement is to leave only the fastest 
troop with your main hero at the end of the turn while your squire 
temporarily takes all the slower troops. The movement rate of the next 
turn will be calculated according to the army you had at the start of 
the turn even though your hero might lead very slow troops during most 
of the turn. At the start of the next turn, your squire gives back the 
slower troops to the main hero keeping only one or two of the fastest 
low-level units. I might be wrong but it seems this little trick has 
been minimized in HOMM 3, at least if I base myself on the Movement 
Allowance table of the manual (bottom of page 15). Not a bad thing I 
think because constantly switching troops like that was becoming 

8) Send the scout outside by the subterranean exit 

9) Like in HOMM 2, to build Dragon Towers and keep Dragons, you'll need 
sulfur and lots of it. Due to bad luck, I didn't find a sulfur mine (now 
called sulfur dune but I know I'll keep making the mistake :-) until 
late in the game but I managed anyway. 

10) You can never underestimate the impact of wandering stacks joining 
you for greater glory. I was lucky enough to have a pack of Beholders 
join me pretty early in the game giving me a total of 21. If your troops 
are of the same type as the wandering stack, it's a little more likely 
to join. 

11) This was my build order for week 1 for this partially built-up 
Dungeon at easy difficulty. As usual, I went for creature dwellings and 
production instead of economic buildup for my main town. If the Mage 
Guild and Town Hall hadn't been built already, those would have probably 
been my 2 first building choices. 
•1) Pillar of Eyes •2) Chapel of Stilled Voices •3) Labyrinth •4) 
Citadel •5) Mushroom Rings •6) Mage Guild Level 2 •7) Manticore Lair 
Of the choices above, Mushroom Rings and Mage Guild Level 2 could have 
waited until week 2, especially if the Mage Guild level 1 and the town 
hall aren't built. 

12) You should try to have the tactics secondary skill for almost all of 
your heroes. It's excellent in more than one way. You don't have to 
worry about grouped or spread formation anymore because you can 
rearrange your troops at the beginning. It makes protecting your 
shooters so much easier. It also makes tackling shooters much more 
easier too because your troops will reach them quicker perhaps even in 
one turn. So Tactics is great, learn it, love it, use it :-) 

13) While I'm on the subject of secondary skills, those elemental 
secondary skills are very useful too. Try to have at least 2, possibly 
more for each of your heroes. And advance one to expert as soon as you 
can because that's when the mass versions of spells will arrive. 

14) Blind doesn't work like HOMM 2, if you attack a blinded enemy, it 
won't lose its current turn. 

15) Studying again my week 1 on this map, I should have perhaps hired 
one less hero and not have built up to the City Hall right away in the 
second town (the free Dungeon town to the west). It could have waited 
until week 2. 

16) In the southwest corner, I encountered a wandering stack of 
Manticores, I did not want to press my luck by fighting them. That was 
probably a mistake since hidden just behind it and out of sight was a 
sulfur mine. A sulfur mine, you'll badly need and which I didn't get 
until very much later myself. 

17) In week 2, I had big cash problems at the start of the week (see 
number 15 on why :-). My main hero came back east and I used a hero 
chain to transfer troops from him to the castle to another hero. 

18) My initial squire had separated from the main hero around the second 
Dungeon town and was exploring a passage going north. I learned from 
that scouting, that the stacks in that section were a bit too strong for 
my current army. 

19) I had Ajit, a beholder specialist in my army, so getting more of 
them might be interesting. 

20) Harpy Hags are a hassle to defeat because of their boomerang attack 
from which you cannot retaliate. So please be careful and avoid those 
kind of battles in the first two weeks if you can. 

21) Of the possible purchase choices and due to limited finances, I 
bought Beholders, Harpies and Manticores, leaving the Minotaurs and 
Medusas for later (in hindsight, I should have purchased Medusas instead 
of Manticores). 

22) Avoid Mysticism and Eagle Eye as secondary skills. They weren't that 
useful in HOMM 2, they still aren't that useful in HOMM 3. 

23) How to fight Beholders is a tough question, they are shooters and 
yet they don't have the usual hand-to-hand penalty that most shooters 
have. Harpies are cannon fodder for Beholders and cannot stand against 
them. Yet if you use Manticores, you run the risk of losing at least one 
each time (since all Beholder stacks will concentrate their rays on it) 
and they're quite expensive. So perhaps, the best way to beat them is to 
exchange shoot for shoot from afar with stronger shooters on your side, 
beholders and medusas. A damaging offensive level 2 spell also helps a 
lot. The spell Precision might also be good but I usually prefer a more 
direct approach. If you were lucky enough to develop the Archery 
secondary skill, that might give you a big advantage against the 

24) Something you should learn, there are 4 types of Magic Arrows, one 
for each elemental sphere, make sure you cast the one your hero is the 
most proficient in. Right-click on Magic Arrow icon to see how much 
damage it will do. 

25) I had to forget about getting the Dragon Tower in week 2, I still 
had no sulfur mine. One was well-protected in the southwest corner 
(which I didn't know about anyway at the time) and the other one was far 
away in the northeast corner still weeks from being found. 

26) Try to buy a City Hall in both your towns although you might not 
quite make it in week 2. You don't want to suffer another cash crunch 
like the one at the start of week 2. 

27) Attack those 2 other Dungeon towns north of your initial town. 

28) Use secondary hero to do the shuttle between the 2 fighting heroes 
so you can take them quicker. That way, I managed to conquer those 2 
towns on the same day! 

29) Build the Town Hall in both these new towns right away. 

30) In week 3, make sure you have marketplaces in all towns to have a 
better exchange rate. 

31) Harpy Hags are a very useful upgrade so try to get them now and 
change your current Harpies that died in droves to Harpy Hags (upgrading 
22 Harpies only cost me 880 gold). The price of the upgraded dwelling is 
also quite reasonable. Only 1000 gold plus 2 Crystal and 2 Sulfur. The 
Harpies you'll save by upgrading them will make it worthwhile soon 
enough. If you're in a hurry, you could buy the upgrade in week 2. 

32) Buy some more Medusas, Beholders, Harpy Hags and Troglodytes. The 
Manticores and Minotaurs are too expensive for now. 

33) My army at that time was composed of : 14 Evil Eyes (joined for 
greater glory), 34 Medusas, 49 Beholders, 34 Harpy Hags and 131 
Troglodytes. Don't panic if you're not close to those numbers, several 
stacks joined me for free or simply fled. 

34) But the Castle for the creature production bonus and the Capitol for 
added revenue. 

35) My army was boosted tremendously by wandering stacks joining. Some 
might have been set for joining you regardless of what happens but I 
can't be sure. Most of the stacks in the underground are from the 
Dungeon so each one joining up was another big benefit and surprise. 

36) Do not take unnecessary risks by attacking high-level wandering 
stacks that might inflict heavy casualties. Do not fight a stack that's 
too dangerous just because you think it might join. I wish I could be 
more specific on this...but it's difficult. If you really screwed up or 
are still learning the game, don't hesitate to reload the autosave. 

37) With some heavy trading, I could have had Dragon Tower on week 3 but 
unfortunately didn't make it in time. 

38) Resource silos, marketplace upgrades, give you one 1 extra sulfur 
per day, this is something to consider if you have the gold. The sooner 
you buy it, the more the sulfur will accumulate. 

39) You might want to try buying the Artifact Merchant just for fun. 
It's 10,000 gold though plus you have to pay high prices for items, 
still you might find some pretty good deals. 

40) I only got my first Sulfur Dune at the end of month 1. 

41) I finally got the Dragon Cave by the end of week 4 and none too 

42) In week 5, I bought 2 nifty items from the Artifact merchant. 
Equestrian Gloves improving movement (movement is everything in HOMM) 
and a Red Dragon Flame Tongue (attack/defense +2) 

43) I had 3 big armies by that point. 
•a) 38 Evil Eyes, 36 Harpy Hags, 64 Beholders, 111 Medusas •b) 9 
Manticores, 37 Minotaur Kings, 131 Troglodytes, 3 Red Dragons •c) 7 
Manticores, 44 Medusa Queens, 16 Harpy Hags, 15 Beholders, 9 Minotaur 
Kings, 9 Medusas. 
As you can probably notice, this is not only from my Dungeon creature 
production, many stacks joined for free. The 2 first armies are 
particularly interesting since they use different troops. One that's 
shooter centric and the other one that's more with walkers and high-
level flyers. It worked out great. It's possible you might only be able 
to make 2 armies or one big army, that's okay too. It will just take you 
a bit longer to finish the scenario. 

44) In month 2, was the surface assault on multiple fronts. All this 
time, I had been exploring the underground boosting my forces and 
popping in and out of subterranean entrances to see quickly what was 
around. All the underground entrances were protected by good wandering 
stacks that I didn't feel an urgent need to destroy until now. 

45) I noticed a Hill Fort near the Northeast underground exit. It was 
too well-protected when I found it so I forgot about it (I shouldn't 
have :-). During the assault, I used it to upgrade all my creatures that 
weren't upgraded yet. For the first army, I changed the roster to 2 
stacks of 51 Evil Eyes plus that huge stack of Medusa Queens. The Harpy 
Hags weren't numerous enough to make a difference. 

46) I delayed the victory because I wanted to finish the northwest 
underground corner with all the Scorpicores and Dragons. 

47) Before capturing the knight town in northwest surface corner, look 
around, you'll find a prison with a level 6 Death Knight inside: Vokial. 
A powerful midlevel hero that has expert necromancy and expert tactics. 

48) Make sure you buy 8 heroes before the end because in my opinion, 
it's likely that heroes from this Dungeon scenario will be more powerful 
and higher-level than the ones from the Inferno scenario (A Devilish 
Plan) simply because in Groundbreaking, the underground area is as large 
as the surface. 

49) I decided to beat the Dragon Utopia in the northwest corner for 
making my main hero even stronger. It was certainly tough but the reward 
was unbelievable. If you're got the army, this place is a must-visit 

50) If you really want another edge in the last Dungeons & Devils 
scenarios, you could buy level 5 Mage Guilds in 2 of your Dungeon towns 
(the initial one and the one in the northwest corner because it will be 
closer to your best heroes). There is no time limit in this scenario. A 
quick and rather cheap way to make a hero travel a long distance is by 
making him flee away from a wandering stack he's attacking and rehiring 
him where the good spells are. Make sure you leave the troops with 
another hero before you do that though. If none of your heroes have 
expert wisdom (unlikely but possible) then there is no need to buy level 
5 Guilds since your heroes could not learn them. 
At the end, I had the following levels of heroes : 12 (Overlord), 11 
(Overlord), 8 (Demoniac), 7 (Alchemist), 6 (Death Knight freed from 
prison), 5 (Heretic), 4 (Druid), 3 (Ranger). It turned out that my best 
heroes were might heroes. I didn't know that at the time but it would 
prove beneficial in the last scenario of this mini-campaign. 

***             Devils & Dungeon's 3: Steadwick's Fall
                   Map Type: HOMM3 Campaign map

This scenario has gained the reputation of being a rather difficult one 
and also the one where requests for help on the strategic games 
newsgroup are the most frequent. Steadwick's Fall is not that tough 
except for one super-hero called General Kendall that, according to 
rumor, is supposed to be toned down in the first HOMM 3 patch. The 
following strategy was written based on my first play and with the 
original unpatched version of the scenario. I had no problem beating 
this scenario in its original incarnation so hopefully my tips will 
prove to be useful even in the easier patched version. 
Your victory objective in Steadwick's Fall is to capture the town called 
Steadwick and NOT to eliminate every computer opponent on the map. You 
can also start with a maximum of 8 heroes carried over from either of 
the first two scenarios in the Dungeons & Devils mini-campaign (carrying 
over heroes from Groundbreaking is more highly recommended because 
they're more likely to be of higher-level). In my first game, I captured 
Steadwick by mistake on month 2, week 1, day 7 without encountering Gen. 
Kendall (I thought that town was more in the Northwest corner). Being 
curious as to what the fuss was all about, I decided to reload before 
taking that Steadwick town and to attack General Kendall. I was 
literally crushed. I reloaded yet again, bided my time for 2 more weeks 
and then attacked General Kendall yet again... This time it was no 
contest and it was me that destroyed him easily. I won on month 2, week 
3, day 6 beating General Kendall and taking Steadwick. 

1) This scenario has a 3 month time limit but with the following tips 
you'll probably finish it in less than 2 months. Anyway, you're not in a 
rush, you can wait until month 3, week 4, day 7 if you so desire. 

2) Check your starting heroes to make sure they all have a spellbook. 
They should. Also make all your starting heroes visit the nearby town, 
you'll get extra spells from the Mage Guilds which you might not have 

3) You start with a partially built Inferno on the surface and a 
partially built Dungeon in the southeast corner of the underground. The 
underground portion of this map is very small. 

4) Your 2 weakest heroes will start in the southeast corner near a 
knight town. Combine their troops to form a stronger army and make your 
best hero travel roughly west. 

5) The other 6 heroes will be split in 2 groups of three, one group will 
start around the Inferno and the other group will start around your 
Dungeon. Your 2 highest-level heroes will not be together. One will be 
near the Inferno, the other near the Dungeon. Those two highest-level 
heroes will become your main heroes fighting the majority of battles. 

6) Buy all the initial troops in the Dungeon and Inferno. Combine 
starting armies on your two best heroes leaving one single fast unit for 
the others who will serve as scouts, squires and pack mules. 

7) When combining troops, be careful about morale. The morale you see on 
the hero screen is not your real morale, it does not take into account 
the types of troops in your army. If all the creatures in your army are 
of the same type (i.e.: all inferno troops) then you get a +1 bonus to 
morale. You get a minus 1 morale penalty for each troop type mixed 
beyond two (for example, dungeon, inferno and castle troops mixed in the 
same army, you get -1 to morale). Any undead in your army causes another 
minus 1 morale to your living troops. See page 44 of your manual for 
more details on this. To confirm the real effects of morale on your 
army, you've got to do this. Go into the hero screen, double-click on 
one of your troops, on the creature stat window that appears, locate the 
morale box (gold birds) and right-click. You'll see a detailed breakdown 
of morale effects on this troop. Undead, Golems and Elementals don't 
have morale. Minotaurs always have at least +1 morale. 

8) It turns out that around the Inferno town, I had enough units to make 
an initial army composed only of Inferno troops and so could field a 
second hero there with the other troop types (starting heroes there were 
of different types with one heretic among them). If you're not sure 
about this, just combine all your troops on your main hero (always 
keeping morale in consideration, -1 cumulative morale might be 
acceptable but not beyond that) 

9) Get the Imps from the Imp Crucible, go to Inferno and upgrade. Do the 
same with the Troglodytes in the Dungeon area. 

10) Don't give Vokial's undead troops (if you freed him from Prison in 
Groundbreaking) to another hero. Leave them with him and possibly give 
him any extra troops that don't fit in with the main army. 

11) For the end game, having a powerful might hero will be better than 
having a powerful magic hero. I'll explain more about this later. 

12) As far as secondary skills are concerned, I tried to develop 
Tactics, Wisdom and the 4 elemental magics (although not all elemental 
magics for each hero). I also took logistics and diplomacy whenever I 
could. Pathfinding is not that necessary since most of the terrain is 
grass and dirt. Archery and Offense were also favorite choices 
especially for my might heroes. 

13) After day 1, try to make your town buying decisions after you moved 
your heroes (i.e. : at the end of the turn). You never know what a scout 
might find on his way and this might save you from unnecessary trading. 

14) In the Dungeon Area, do not attack the Manticore Lair or the several 
Black Dragons. The Dragon Cave, you could possibly attack right away (3 
Red Dragons) but you'd suffer casualties. I did wait until later before 
conquering it and it didn't really hurt my progress. (see Addendum) 

15) You'll have to deal with the construction of 2 towns at the same 
time. Some might prefer to concentrate on only one from a creature 
production point of view (the other being developed more for increasing 
revenue) but I suggest buying creature dwellings in both of them as fast 
as you can. Depending on where you go and what you find, you might have 
to skip a few dwellings or build them in a different order. 
My week 1 building order for the Dungeon was: 
•1) Upgraded Harpy Loft (not really necessary but I like upgraded 
harpies) •2) Chapel of Stilled Voices •3) Labyrinth •4) Marketplace •5) 
Manticore Lair •6) Had to skip •7) Castle 
(Do not buy Manticores and Minotaurs in week 1) 
My week 1 building order for the Inferno was: 
•1) Mage Guild •2) Demons Gate •3) Skip •4) Hell Hole •5) Marketplace 
•6) Birthing Pools •7) Fire Lake (traded some crystal to get it) 
(Do not buy Pit Fiends and Efreets in the first week) 
As you can see, it's possible to buy the first 6 levels of creature 
dwellings in both towns in one week. If I had concentrated less on 
Inferno, I might even have been able to buy the Dragon Cave in the 
Dungeon (starting level 2 Mage Guild helps with that) 

16) In your third starting town (knight town in southeast corner) buy 
Tavern, Town Hall and Marketplace. 

17) Above ground, exploring the dirt area (brown section on your map) is 
quite safe provided you know how to pick your fights with the wandering 
stacks. You won't see the computer enemy there. 

18) Underground, I wanted an endless bag of gold (learned later by 
testing, this is a random item) protected by a pack of Medusa Queens. It 
was a bit risky but I knew that my combined armies could take them down 
and the reward given was worth it. I was pleasantly surprised when they 
joined me for greater glory. This is an example of picking a fight 
wisely. I would not have attacked them right away if they were lots 
because it would have been too dangerous, I might have also not attacked 
them if the only reward for doing so was a measly chest. I also knew 
that I'd win even if they fought and that the casualties inflicted would 
be minor. Keep in mind that if your army is composed in majority of 
troops of a certain type, then wandering stacks of that type are more 
likely to join you. Such was the case for Medusa Queens and my Dungeon-
centric army. 

19) The importance of picking your battles with wandering stacks 
carefully cannot be minimized. In singleplayer games, you can experiment 
and take unnecessary risks because you can reload. In multiplayer games, 
you won't have that luxury. I prefer to take the cautious approach 
myself and play the singleplayer game like in multiplayer, i.e. : no 
reloading. In multiplayer, if I was really curious as to whether or not 
I could take a particular wandering stack and I badly wanted what it was 
guarding (most notably when fighting lots of a certain troop that could 
be anything from 20 to 49), I would sometimes sacrifice a secondary hero 
to check on the actual numbers of the troops. Better losing 2500 gold 
than losing your troops in an unwise battle. (I even got 21 Medusas to 
join a little later) 

20) I removed the Gremlins from my main Dungeon army fairly soon. This 
had a dual purpose, I got back the +1 morale bonus for only having 
troops of the same type and it made the wandering stacks a bit more 
likely to join (although I wonder if the probability is increased or the 
same when fielding an all-Dungeon army compared to an army where Dungeon 
troops are the majority) 

21) The very small underground section was completely explored in less 
than a week. Most of the surface dirt section was also explored by the 
end of week 1 although several little portions were still dark and not 
all wandering stacks were eliminated. 

22) Use your weakest hero to stay around the Dungeon. He will serve as 
the first link in a hero chain to bring Dungeon Troops more quickly to 
the surface. 

23) The Warrior Tombs give random items to the cost of -3 for the next 
battle. If you check in the editor, you'll see that you might not only 
get minor items either, major items and relics are also possible 
(although less likely). I got lucky and got the Boots of Speed. I love 
items that improve adventure screen movement. In HOMM, good movement is 

24) The Refugee Camps make a random troop available each week so make 
sure your secondary heroes visit those locations each week. The unit(s) 
given could be even be a powerful level-7 creature that would give you 
the early game advantage. I bought an Angel which I used in the 
secondary army (Vokial) 

25) Do not buy Elementals, they're usually not worth it. You only get 3 
per week at their Conflux (they don't accumulate) and they count as a 
different troop type in morale calculation. If you have a stack of those 
join for greater glory, then you might have consider getting more of 

26) In week 2, buy Inferno troops (with the possible exception of Pit 
Fiends) before Dungeon troops (which you might not need to buy this week 
anyway, I didn't), Ajit (the main hero that started near the Inferno in 
my game) will need reinforcements sooner than Dace (main hero that 
started near Dungeon and that mostly had Dungeon troops). I will refer 
to them by name from now on for identification purposes but it's pretty 
certain your 2 main heroes will be different. All inferno troops were 
bought by day 3 and the hero chain to Ajit started 

27) Ajit went north of Inferno (grass section) 

28) Dace, the Overlord, had finally reached expert Air but he had very 
little knowledge (1 !). Still even with such low numbers, he could cast 
Mass Haste or Mass Precision to give his troops a much needed advantage 
in tougher battles. 

29) Dace started traveling more to the southwest. 

30) Starting around the Alchemist's Lab at the transition between dirt 
and grass (south-center), the wandering stacks become tougher, do not 
get cocky or overconfident. I lost a lot of Dungeon troops to a pack of 
Cavaliers (level 6 troops) although the mercury given by the Lab was 
necessary for Arch Devils. 

31) Cast View Air and/or View Earth and you'll see the enemies are 
mostly located in the northwest making the northeast and southwest 
sections much safer to explore. I saw by visiting the Den of Thieves 
(that serves the same function as the Oracle in HOMM 2) that General 
Kendall was one extremely tough customer (attack 21 and defense 20 I 
think). I'd need to build up my heroes and armies a lot before going 
anywhere near his territory 

32) With Advanced View Air, you can track down enemy heroes and avoid 
ambushes easily. Not very useful now, but use it often later on. 

33) In the Dungeon, I bought a Blacksmith and a City Hall 

34) In the Inferno, I bought a City Hall 

35) Most of the week after having built my City Halls, I saved gold for 
the Dragon Cave and possibly even a Castle in the Inferno. 

36) Turns out that I could build the Castle on day 6 and that at the 
last second, I barely had enough gold to buy the Forsaken Palace too 
(trade some crystal and gems if you're lacking gold but keep around 10 
of each, then trade ore and wood if you still need more) 

37) By end of week 2, a good portion of the right-half of the map was 
explored and the southwest section was started. In the northeast corner 
of the map, I captured a neutral rampart town with 2 Hell Hounds and a 
level 5 hero casting Magic Arrow (town garrison: pack of Centaurs, 
Several Dwarves). In the southwest, I captured a red Knight town with 

38) Watch out for level 5 and level 6 wandering stacks !!! Especially in 
the southwest and northeast corners. They often protect mines but the 
casualties you'd suffer are not worth it. 

39) In week 3, buy a Capitol as soon as you can. The Inferno town is 
more likely to be attacked than the Dungeon but having the Capitol in 
Inferno probably makes your turrets more damaging if you ever need to 
buy them (I didn't need too). 

40) The more marketplaces you have, the better your exchange rate. 

41) Build City Halls in your new secondary towns. Build the Castle or 
the Forsaken Palace in the Inferno if you haven't done so in week 2. 

42) Start considering doing some upgrades to your dwellings although 
they're not extremely urgent yet and you won't necessarily buy those 
troops right away. I decided to go for Scorpicores (still unbought at 
that time) because of their 20% paralyzing special ability and for Black 
Dragons in the Dungeon town (Harpy Hags were already upgraded from week 
1). In the Inferno, I decided to go for Efreet Sultans (mostly because 
of speed increase) and Arch Devils. I had also built the Upgraded Hell 
Hole (for Pit Lords and ability to resurrect dead stacks into Demons) 
but those troops turned out to be totally inconsequential and 
unnecessary. So eventually upgrade your level 6 and level 7 creature 
dwellings, the level 7 upgrades being absolutely necessary. 

43) A quick way to get back to any town, mostly to get high level spells 
from newly built Mage Guilds, is to give all the troops to a squire 
(except a couple) and make your main hero attack any wandering stack. 
You make the hero flee right away (casting a damaging spell on the stack 
if you so desire :-) and you rehire him at the town with the good Mage 
Guild. I also used that to make my other strong hero visit the library 
of enlightenment (+2 to all stats) in the southwest corner. This little 
trick can save you weeks of travel. 

44) In addition to upgrading decisions, I also considered if I should 
build up my Mage Guilds or not. I only built up to level 4 in one town 
because my main heroes were Overlords (might heroes) and only had 
Advanced Wisdom. For the 2 toughest battles you'll face later on, you 
won't be able to use any magic so high-level spells are not that 
important after all (with natural exceptions of Dimension Door or Fly 
that might make your life a lot easier and permit you to avoid those 
tough battles altogether). 

45) In week 4, I saw the first red enemy appear. 

46) Use Summon Boat to explore the lakes (you could have done this 
before too). The most useful thing you can do here is to disembark on 
the shore of the lake where you see the Cartographer, this will reveal 
the complete northwest corner of the map. It's possible you might get 
ambushed as soon as you get out of the boat next to the Cartographer. 
Cast View Air to avoid that. 

47) With Ajit rehired in my Dungeon town, I finally decided to attack 
those several Black Dragons in the southeast corner to get at the 
mystery item behind, flag the Dragon Cave and the Manticore Lair too 
while I was there. I bought the 5 Black Dragons in my Dungeon and went 
at it. I didn't lose one single Black Dragon in those battles and I 
learned that low-numbered units of Troglodytes and the Ballista made 
excellent Dragon baits. In other words, instead of attacking my Black 
Dragon stack, the enemy Dragons killed those. The Dragon Cave would 
provide me with 1 Red Dragon per week. A Red Dragon that would be 
upgraded to Black Dragon right away each time. The Manticores would also 
be upgraded to Scorpicores. In hindsight, I could have taken that Dragon 
Cave much sooner (only protected by 3 Red Dragons) and it might have 
been a little better if I did although not dramatically better. 
Attacking it only on week 4, I missed 3 Black Dragons that way. 

48) The mystery item was a tome of magic, giving your hero all Air 
spells including Chain Lightning, Dimension Door and Fly! It's about 
this time that you wish one of your 2 main heroes has indeed reached 
expert air magic :) If so, give it to him (or her) a.s.a.p. (note : This 
item is random, you might not get the Tome of Air but the item you'll 
get will undoubtedly be excellent) 

49) IMPORTANT : Contrary to HOMM 2, creatures in adventure map creature 
dwellings DO NOT accumulate from week to week. For example, if you don't 
buy the Red Dragon a given week, you won't get 2 Red Dragons the next 
week and 3 Red Dragons the week after that. You need to visit those 
important creature dwellings each and every week with your secondary 
heroes or you lose potential troops. Another example to better 
understand, the free Troglodytes in the Warren (14) won't accumulate 
from week to week, they'll always stay at 14 if you don't get them. 
Creature dwellings will be replenished to their maximum on day 1 of 
every week. The maximum is the normal basic growth of the associated 
creature (i.e. : 1 level 7 creature, 2 level 6 creatures, 3 level 5 
creatures, etc.) 

50) A red enemy took the center knight castle near the end of week 4. He 
had hordes of everything, I should have taken that Castle sooner. 

51) I still hadn't bought any new Dungeon troops since early in week 1 
except those 5 Black Dragons... 

52) In week 5, I finally bought all those Black Dragons, Scorpicores, 
Medusa Queens and Beholders that had accumulated in my Dungeon town all 
this time. 

53) Dragon production with the Castle Built in the Dungeon and the 
Dragon Cave flagged is 4 each week. 1 as basic growth, +1 from Castle, 
+1 from External Dwelling and another one you can recruit directly from 
the Dragon Cave in the southeast corner. (see Addendum on how to have a 
production of 5 Dragons per week) 

54) My main army in week 5, to give you an idea of what I had and what 
you could possibly have (more or less), was 6 Arch Devils, 10 Efreet 
Sultans (I could have had more, those suffered casualties), 21 
Scorpicores, 63 Medusa Queens, 74 Beholders and 23 Pit Lords (which you 
don't really need to buy). This strong army had 2 powerful level 7 
stacks, 2 level 6 flyers and 2 shooters. Feel free to substitute if you 
have better stacks but the Black Dragons are necessary and the Arch 
Devils help out a lot too. 

55) My best hero, Dace the Overlord, was level 13 with expert tactics, 
expert offense, expert logistics, expert air magic and advanced wisdom. 

56) Attack the knight town in the center. If possible, try to attack 
while the enemy hero is out of the castle. Even if he's not, you should 
win anyway. (I lost 12 Scorpicores in that battle) 

57) Eliminate any enemies scurrying around the castle. 

58) You could fly or dimension door over the garrison west of the knight 
town (the one sparkling) if you got those spells from the Tome of Magic 
or from your level 5 Mage Guilds but most likely you'll have to fight 
the garrison to proceed forward. 

58b) You can easily bypass that garrison by using Summon Boat or Water 
Walk (at the lake just south of there) although it will take you a few 
more days to reach Steadwick that way. 

59) I left my Pit Lords in the Knight garrison in case a red enemy came 
out of nowhere. 

60) That garrison fight was quite interesting. You could not use magic 
and you had to beat the following army : 18 Zealots, 24 Royal Griffins, 
15 Champions, 15 Champions, 24 Royal Griffins and 18 Zealots. The most 
dangerous stacks by far being the Champions. 

61 a) I suggest attacking one stack of Champions with your Arch Devils 
and the other stack of Champions with your Black Dragons, being careful 
so your Arch Devils are not in the Black Dragon's 2-hex attack path. 
Leave every other troop in the back out of reach of the Champions but 
able to attack the Griffins or Zealots on turn 2 (Efreet Sultans and 
Manticores). Your shooters should each target one stack of Zealots. Most 
likely, one stack of Griffins will be fried by the Black Dragon 
retaliation. On turn 2, finish up the Champions with the Arch Devils and 
the Black Dragons, attack with the Scorpicores and Efreet Sultans. If 
done well, you should only lose 1 Arch Devil. You might ask why I simply 
didn't wait on the first turn with the Black Dragons and the Arch 
Devils, it's because I didn't want to lose a lot of my shooters to the 
Champions/Royal Griffins in case those stacks got a morale bonus 

61 b) After the game was over, I replayed that battle making the Black 
Dragons and Arch Devils (plus Efreet Sultans and Scorpicores too) wait 
their turn and it's better that way (provided Champions don't get a 
morale bonus). The Medusa Queens attack one stack of Zealots, the 
Beholders (or Evil Eyes) attack the other, the Pit Lords eliminate one 
stack of Royal Griffins, the Efreet Sultans finish up the south stack of 
Zealots (had moved them 2 steps forward with Tactics), the Scorpicores 
attack the other stack of Royal Griffins, then the Black Dragons and 
Arch Devils destroy the Champions. With luck, both Champions stacks will 
be vulnerable to the 2-hex fire breath of the Black Dragons. 

62) After the garrison, go west-northwest being careful not to go past 
the Arena you'll encounter. General Kendall has a limited patrol radius 
around Steadwick and with your current army and statistics you could not 
take him down (I tried and got crushed). 

63) Wait until he's out of Steadwick (most likely to visit the nearby 
Windmill) and attack the castle. If you succeed, then you'll win the 
scenario and the mini-campaign. 

64) It's possible that General Kendall will stay inside Steadwick. If 
so, you could do this. a) Use a secondary hero to bait him out of the 
castle so your main army can attack Steadwick in peace. b) If you've got 
logistics, stay at the extreme range of your possible movement in one 
day. General Kendall will think you can't reach Steadwick, get out of 
the Castle a little, while in reality you can easily reach it on the 
next turn c) Dimension Door over to Steadwick while the General is out 
(easier with good magic hero). 

65) In my first game, I didn't pay attention and thought Steadwick was 
the town that was more in the northwest corner, therefore I didn't 
expect to find General Kendall so soon. I thought he'd be patrolling 
around that northwest town (yes the scout who went to see Cartographer 
was ambushed) and that's why I attacked so soon: to get that 
intermediate town that turned out to be Steadwick (there was another 
strong Inferno army coming up behind). I was very lucky in winning 
without encountering Kendall the first time, he was on the windmill next 
to Steadwick while another weak enemy hero was in Steadwick's garrison. 
If Steadwick had been the town in the northwest corner and if there had 
been no cartographer, I'd have sent in scouts first to explore the 
northwest area and not my main army. 

66) I felt a bit unsatisfied as to this surprise victory so I decided it 
might be fun to kill that Kendall fellow AND take Steadwick to see if 
that was possible. It was. Here's how I did it: I reloaded before 
fighting the garrison, I waited 2 weeks to fight more wandering stacks 
(some even joined, most notably a pack of Scorpicores) and boosted my 
main armies while buying every single Inferno and Dungeon troop in my 
towns. I also went in the northeast corner of the map to fight a pack of 
Black Dragons. They were protecting an excellent item called the Helm of 
Heavenly Enlightenment that boosts your 4 primary skills by 6. This helm 
gave Dace stats similar to General Kendall. 

67) My armies on month 2, week 3 were those: 
Dungeon army : 250 Infernal Troglodytes, 98 Medusa Queens, 39 Minotaur 
Kings, 42 Scorpicores, 96 Harpy Hags, 18 Black Dragons and 56 Beholders. 
Inferno army : 9 Arch Devils, 59 Cerberi, 35 Pit Lords, 19 Efreet 
Sultans, 76 Magogs, 231 Imp Familiars and 38 Horned Demons. 
Kendall's army was : 67 Zealots, 74 Crusaders, 117 Marksmen, 16 Cavalry, 
32 Champions and 116 Royal Griffins. 

68) Kendall's wears a magic item preventing the casting of any spells so 
it would be a contest of might and tactics. 

69) My Dungeon army was obviously stronger than my Inferno army so I 
decided to trade the 250 Infernal Troglodytes for 9 Arch Devils and 
attack with Dungeon troops. It was an interesting battle against Kendall 
but I won easily. I was happy to have Expert Tactics because he had it 
too so that way they countered each other and we could not move our 
initial troops at all before the first turn. 

70) I reloaded and did some experiments trying to beat him with only 
Dungeon troops, then only with Inferno troops. With the Dungeon troops, 
I won, although with a bit more difficulty, with the Inferno troops, I 
weakened him a bit but he won handily. 

71) If you want to be absolutely certain of beating him, I suggest 
attacking with your Inferno army first to wear him down, then finishing 
him off with your Dungeon army. Leave the Arch Devils with your Dungeon 
army if you want. There's no way Kendall could have survived both 
My final score for the Dungeons & Devils mini-campaign was 112 days and 
380 points for a rating of Zombie on my first play. It was also the same 
exact score when I beat Kendall and finished in 125 days. I'm not sure 
of that but those low ratings seem suspiciously like a bug. For Live 
Long the Queen and Spoils of War, I was around the 900 points mark. 
ADDENDUM: The Dragon Cave could have been flagged much earlier than week 
4 providing you with even more Black Dragons than you'd get my way. Most 
importantly, if you flag *only* the Dragon Cave and build the Portal of 
Summoning in your Dungeon, you'll get 1 extra Red Dragon each week. The 
Portal of Summoning is supposed to select a random creature from your 
flagged creature dwellings on the Adventure Map. If only the Dragon Cave 
is flagged, the only possible choice for the Portal is to summon Red 
Dragons. So your maximum weekly dragon production could be 5 instead of 
4. And those Red Dragons can be upgraded to Black...

****                Spoils of War 1: Borderlands
                   Map Type : HOMM 3 Campaign Map

This medium map of easy difficulty will likely serve as the introduction 
of many players to the Fortress, arguably the weakest town type in HOMM 
3. Its troops are generally weaker or, to be kind, in the lower echelons 
compared to troops in other town types of the same level. The Fortress 
also cannot build its Mage Guild beyond level 3 and only has 1 shooter, 
the Lizardman, which compares unfavorably to almost every other shooter 
unit in Erathia. The Fortress does have some redeeming features though 
such as troops, native to the swamp, that won't be penalized in movement 
for moving through it; some excellent upgrades, such as the Dragon Fly 
and the devastating Mighty Gorgon; being one of the only 3 towns where 
you can build shipyards; and one of the towns where it's easiest to 
reach the level 7 creature dwelling in the first week (the other being 
the Stronghold). All in all, in a small or medium map where you start in 
swamp terrain or that is mostly swamp, the Fortress is a very good town 
The victory objective in Borderlands is to flag all the mines, something 
that is much easier (as are most special victory conditions) if you 
defeat all your enemies first. There is no time limit so you can take as 
much time as you want and experiment with troop upgrades and town 
purchasing decisions. In other words, check out what the Fortress is 
like and how it plays. I finished rather quickly on month 1, week 4, day 
5. If you're a true beginner, don't be panicked by this time, it is only 
there (as the times and scores are in other strategies) so you can see 
when I finished. For intermediate and advanced players, the scores and 
times you will see are far from optimal because those are based on my 
first play of the map (where everything is unknown), I will rarely 
reload and I'll also tend to delay victory so I can see more of the map. 
So for those types of players, my average scores and times are only 
included for comparison purposes. 

0) The starting bonus this time around is not that important. I picked 
Verdish because I wanted to see if the First Aid skill was any good. I 
suggest picking Korbac instead for his Serpent Fly specialty and basic 

1) You start with 2 Fortresses, one roughly in the northeast and the 
other more in the northwest. Usually, I'd tend to develop the money 
structures in one town and the creature structures in the other town but 
since we're at easy difficulty (plenty of gold and starting resources) 
and it's an introductory almost tutorial scenario, we'll build creature 
dwellings in both towns. 

2) Something very important to grasp, is that an army containing only 
native troop types will not be penalized when moving through its native 
terrain. For the Fortress troops whose native terrain is swamp, the 
worst terrain to cross, you should always keep this in mind. The 
advantages are a big movement advantage in the swamp and a much harder 
time for enemy heroes to reach your towns and assets. The disadvantage 
is that mixing fortress troops with other troop types is not 

3) In swamp battles, the fortress troops will also have a +1 speed bonus 
even if they're mixed with other types (other advantage of native 
terrain not mentioned in the manual). You also get a +1 morale bonus if 
all troops in your army are of the same type, in this case fortress 

4) Hire a second beastmaster/witch in your northeast Fortress. Buy the 
troops in the town and combine everything on one hero, while the other 
has 1 Serpent Fly for scouting. 

5) Hire 3 heroes in your second Fortress, the northwestern one, 
preferably beastmaster/witch or at least two of the same types so it's 
easier to combine troops. You don't have much of a choice so combine all 
your troops, even non-fortress ones on the same hero, leaving Serpent 
Flies for the scouts/squires. 

6) If you haven't noticed by now, Serpent Flies with their speed of 9 
and no movement penalty in swamp are great for scouts. To make those 
scouts even safer, you could give them 2 Serpent Flies each (in 2 stacks 
of one) but here with the garrisons blocking the access to the red 
knight towns, it's not necessary. 

7) Your Observatory tower will reveal a good portion of the area around 
it. Huts of the Magi will reveal the area around each Eye of the Magi on 
the map (usually there will be more than one). Those 2 "of the Magi" 
locations are linked together. Observatory towers, Huts of Magi, 
Gaslight Towers and Cartographers should always be prime targets for 
your scouts especially if they're deep in enemy territory. 

8) As a general rule, when playing against the AI, don't buy troops 
beyond level 3 in your starting towns in week 1, even though you'll 
usually build creature dwellings beyond level 3. The combined armies of 
the heroes you bought on day 1 plus the troops from your initial 
dwellings should be plenty enough to deal with the wandering stacks in 
your home territory. You'll need the gold to buy structures. 

9) Your starting territory will mostly have Gnoll wandering stacks. Some 
will likely join and those that won't are rather easy to defeat unless 
they come in hordes. Attack the lots of Gnolls/Gnolls Marauders before 
tackling something tougher. The stacks that will join you for free will 
boost your initial army enough so that the hordes aren't so dangerous. 

10) It goes without saying but with battles between low-level troops 
like this, the first strike is primordial. Use wait often. This is 
problematic when both troops are of the same speed (such as Gnolls 
against Gnolls) This is where slow and haste come in handy. Magic Arrow 
against low-level troops is also pretty good. I also tend to prefer 
Bloodlust over Bless (if I have both) unless the damage range of the 
troop is significant enough (for example, with a low damage range of 2-3 
for Gnolls, I'd tend to use Bloodlust, for Hydras having a high damage 
range of 25-45, I'd tend to use Bless) 

11) My building orders for the 2 Fortresses, one where I wanted to have 
Gorgons and the other where I wanted Hydras. The Gorgon lair is not a 
requirement for the Hydra Pond so it's likely that in other games, where 
you have less resources, you'd have to decide to buy one or the other in 
week 1. 
First Fortress (northeast) 
•1) Mage Guild Level 1 (None of the creature dwellings of the Fortress 
require a Mage Guild so contrary to other towns, skipping it in week 1 
makes more sense) •2) Town Hall •3) Serpent Fly Hive •4) Lizard Den •5) 
Gorgon Lair •6) Basilisk Pit •7) Citadel (a week 1, day 7, mainstay for 
all towns in the way I play) 
Second Fortress (northwest with Lizard Den already built) 
•1) Town Hall •2) Serpent Fly Hive •3) Wyvern Nest •4) Basilisk Pit •5) 
Hydra Pond •6) Citadel (it's possible you might lack a few wood) •7) 

12) In week 1, you have 2 main armies and 3 or 4 scouts exploring all 
around, picking up resources and flagging mines. 

13) In week 2, get the Dragon Fly Hive in your both your Fortresses, 
eventually upgrade your existing Serpent Flies to Dragon Flies. 
Congratulations, you now have the fastest troop in the early game (speed 
13 !) making your scouts safer and virtually insuring you'll get the 
first turn in every battle. 

14) Build up to the City Hall in your first Fortress. 

15) During week 2, your northwest Fortress hero should reach the beach 
in the northwest corner and clear the stack protecting the boat. Make a 
scout board it. 

16) In your northwest Fortress, hire 3 Hydras and go south. In the early 
game, I often like to create an army with just level 7 troops so that I 
can cover more ground and defeat more wandering stacks. Level-7 troops 
(except Hydras and Behemoths) usually having more speed than low-level 
troops, their associated heroes can also move farther each turn (see 
Movement Allowance table on page 15 of the manual to see what I mean) 

17) Buy marketplaces in your towns in week 2 so you can trade 
unnecessary resources for gold. In my case, I had a lot more Gems than I 
could ever use so I traded that. Sulfur, Wood and Ore are the important 
resources for the Fortress. 

18) Visit the 3 Lizard Dens in the northeast corner. 

19) How to attack with Dragon Flies ? Those big insects can easily reach 
the other side in one turn and they always move first. Making them fly 
to the other side right away is a bad idea since, due to their 
fragility, the enemy troops will destroy them (swatting them off like 
flies ;-). It is much better to wait with the Dragon Flies so that they 
move last in the turn, then you make them attack an enemy stack. The 
Dragon Flies will also move first on the second turn so that in 
practice, you have 2 consecutive turns with them ! On their second turn, 
you either attack again right away or retreat back to your side if the 
casualties suffered would have been too severe. 

20) Feel free to buy 1 or 2 more heroes. Do buy one more hero in the 
northeast Fortress. 

21) I like casting Haste on Hydras so they're even more dangerous. 

22) During week 2, clear and visit everything in your half of the map 
(your home territory, the section before garrisons) except the Gorgons 
wandering stacks, which you do not want to tackle at this time. Mighty 
Gorgons are especially dangerous. 

23) Near the end of week 2, I bought all the Dragon Flies, Gnolls, 
Lizardmen and Basilisks in the northeast fortress and decided to attack 
the nearby garrison. My objective was to reach the first knight town 
before day 2 of week 3. Why ? Because even on day 1, you turn is before 
the computer so it doesn't have time to buy the weekly troops in its 
town. In the newly-captured town, you can then buy those new troops 
yourself. Most veteran players of HOMM have learned that attacks on day 
7 and day 1 are extremely desirable and will do so at every opportunity. 

34) Kill any heroes along the way so they don't become pests and make 
you have to come back. 

35) By pure luck, the first town east of the garrison was empty and 
there were no enemies around, so I used a scout to waltz right in, 
leaving the bulk of my forces with my best hero (Verdish) who rushed 
south by the road. This hero reached the second knight town on day 1 of 
week 3 and captured it. 

36) Verdish's army was composed of 58 Lizardmen, 106 Gnolls, 41 Dragon 
Flies, 10 Basilisks, 107 Gnoll Marauders and 30 Lizard Warriors. 

37) Still attacking so soon is a bit extreme and I could not have done 
it, without extensive use of hero chains. You should feel free to delay 
this invasion of the knight territory until week 3 or even week 4. I 
doubt very much the red enemies can mount an adequate defense since 
you're totally overproducing them. 

38) The only thing you'll have left to do is capture the last town in 
the southwest corner and flag all the mines. 

39) Since your 8 best heroes will carry over to the third scenario of 
this mini-campaign (either them or the 8 heroes of scenario number 2 
with the Stronghold), you should hire 8 of them before finishing. I also 
recommend taking elemental skills, logistics and pathfinding when your 
heroes level up. 

40) Before I flagged the last mine (which I delayed a bit doing), I had 
killed almost every wandering stack except a few Gorgons stacks which 
were too far away. 
My 8 heroes were levels 12,10,8,7, 3, 3, 2 and 2. 

****                  Spoils of War 2: Gold Rush
                     Map Type: HOMM3 Campaign Map

Gold Rush, one of the first two choices in the Spoils of War mini-
campaign, is a medium sized map of easy difficulty that will introduce 
players to the Stronghold, the new Barbarian castle. Like the Fortress, 
it seems a bit underpowered compared to the other good and evil town 
types. It also has a very peculiar building order. Most towns usually 
have one creature dwelling you can skip to reach the level 7 creature 
dwelling sooner (examples of creature dwellings you can skip: Training 
Grounds for Castle, Tomb of Souls for Necropolis, Kennels for Inferno, 
Gorgon Lair for Fortress, Dwarf Cottage for Rampart) but all the other 5 
creatures dwellings are requirements for the last one (for Dungeon and 
Tower, you need all the 6 creature dwellings built to reach the last 
In the Stronghold however, it's very easy to get the level 7 dwelling in 
the first week as the only requirements for it are the Wolf Pen and the 
Cliff Nest. Even more peculiar is how there are 2 different building 
branches, one leading to the Behemoth Lair and the other leading to the 
Cyclops Cave, two branches that are mutually exclusive to each other. If 
you go for the Behemoths, you won't get Cyclops until much later, if you 
go for Cyclops, you won't get Behemoths until much later. Consequently, 
when you'll play at higher difficulty levels and start with only 1 
Stronghold, you'll have to decide early which branch to build up. In the 
Behemoth branch, you'll have strong walkers/flyers but be very lacking 
in the shooter department. In the Cyclops branch, you'll be strong with 
shooters but rather weak in the walker/flyer department. 

There is no time limit in this easy scenario and the objective is 
accumulating 200,000 gold. As usual in scenarios containing a special 
victory condition, I like to defeat every other enemy color anyway so I 
can finish and explore at my leisure. You will go up against Knight 
towns, which due to map layout are very unlikely to provide any threat 
whatsoever. Therefore see this map and this strategy as a way to 
familiarise yourself with the Stronghold. On my first play, I finished 
on month 2, week 1, day 4. 

0) The starting bonus consists of a choice between 3 Thunderbirds, 2 
Cyclops Kings and 1 Ancient Behemoth. However due to a peculiar bug, my 
choice did not register and so I had no bonus (no starting heroes either 
for that matter). Even with the patch installed, my savegame (after I 
had finished Spoilers of War 1 Borderlands) had the same problem. I did 
test the start of the Spoils of War campaign again (not using previous 
savegame) and this time it worked, I had 2 starting heroes and my bonus 
troops. So I guess the patch did fix it after all even if it did not fix 
old savegames. There are no really bad choices but I'd tend to suggest 
picking the Ancient Behemoth and using it as the only army of one of 
your heroes. It should be enough to kill most level 1, 2 and 3 wandering 
stacks easily. 

1) You start with 2 Strongholds. Usually I'd recommend developing gold-
producing structures in one and the creature dwellings in the other but 
since we're at easy difficulty and here to experiment, why not have some 
fun... My week 1 building orders were therefore chosen to explore the 2 
different building branches (the Cyclops branch and the Behemoth branch) 

2) Hire 2 extra heroes in each town on day 1. Combine troops as usual 
(forming 2 main armies). Leave the Ancient Behemoth as its own single 
army. Give 1 or 2 Wolf Raiders to scouts. 

3) From the south Stronghold, have a scout go northwest by road to grab 
the gold from the 6 nearby chests in the niche. Have your main army go 
northeast and capture the gold mine protected by the Archers. 3rd hero 
from the south Stronghold should flag mines and pick up resources 
around. Usually, you would not really know where to go like that (in my 
first game, I did not find those chests until the end of the week and 
the gold mine until week 2). A good early strategy is to fan out your 
heroes so they go in different directions, perhaps keeping a squire near 
your main hero to pick up resources so the main hero doesn't have to 
waste the moves. You might also like to keep a hero in your town until 
day 2 or day 3 so you can buy more of your initial troops (up to level 
3) and then transfer to the main guy (or gal) by hero chain. 

4) From the north Stronghold, a scout should go south towards all those 
white creature dwellings you see : Goblins Barracks, Wolf Dens and Orc 
Tower. Recruit all the troops there. Your main hero from the north 
stronghold should not go too far north or east until all those new 
troops have been transferred to him. The hero with the Ancient Behemoth 
should go west then roughly north, flagging everything along the way. 

5) Keep in mind that contrary to HOMM 2, troops in adventure map 
dwellings will not accumulate from week to week. So if you don't recruit 
them, they're lost. 

6) Here are the week 1 building orders I used. Due to not knowing the 
map layout and not having the initial bonus, it is far from optimal. 
Still, do notice that the town halls were built in both towns on day 1 
instead of mage guilds unlike what you'll often see in my other 
strategies. Contrary to most other towns, in the Stronghold, the mage 
guild level 1 is not a requirement for any other creature dwelling. You 
should take this into account. Sure, having early spells is nice but in 
the Stronghold's case (Fortress too), it might be better to simply 
capture a computer enemy town and use its mage guild. Back in HOMM 2, I 
always proceeded like that, never really buying mage guilds in my 
initial town and developing those in enemy towns I captured. In HOMM 3 
with magic more important, not to mention the mage guild a frequent 
requirement, I prefer to buy a Mage Guild on day 1 most of the time so 
all my heroes can start with a variety of spells and my might heroes 
with spell books. 
North Stronghold (Cyclops building branch) 
•1) Town Hall •2) Orc Tower •3) Ogre Fort •4) Marketplace (unnecessary, 
see tip 9) •5) Mess Hall •6) Cyclops Cave •7) Citadel 
South Stronghold (Behemoth building Branch) 
•1) Town Hall •2) Cliff Nest •3) Behemoth Lair •4) Skipped •5) Mess Hall 
•6) Skipped •7) Citadel 
(I was saving Ore for the Cyclops Cave. That explains in part why it 
seems I skipped certain possible building choices in the south 

7) During week 1, take it easy and explore most of the rough section : 
your home territory. 

8) Or you could use a more aggressive approach... go east from your 
north Stronghold, kill the Pikemen/Halberdiers protecting the grass 
area, proceed northeast (perhaps stopping at Hill Forth to upgrade 
troops) and rush the knight town before day 2 of week 2. Why day 2 and 
not day 1 ? Because your day 1 turn is before the computer's day 1 turn, 
it won't have time to buy its new troops. It's a fluke going back to 
HOMM 1 making day 1 attacks even more advantageous than day 7 attacks. 

9) Marketplaces I'll usually buy in week 2 or in week 1 if there are no 
other building choices available. In this scenario, I built the 
marketplace and didn't really need too since there was a trading post 
just east of the gold mine (found too late). A trading post works as if 
you had 3 marketplaces and it's a real advantage when you can find one 
early in the game. 

10) In week 2, I bought a boat at the shipyard and used a scout to 
navigate the river. Nothing really worthwhile on it but at least it 
provides you with a little reconnaissance. 

11) Buy Behemoths and Rocs to boost one of your armies. 

12) Go for City Halls and Castles during this week If you don't manage 
to get the Castles, it's not a big deal. 

13) If you haven't found it by now, there's a Hill Fort east of your 
north Stronghold. The Hill Fort is by far one of the most useful 
locations in HOMM 3. You can upgrade your level 1 troops for free and 
you can upgrade all your other troops too, even with a discount up to a 
certain level ! When you find a nearby Hill Fort like that, you can 
usually afford to delay or forget completely about upgrading your 
creature dwellings in towns. This is also the kind of location I would 
certainly suffer heavy casualties to get. 

14) Try to get into the habit of checking which new heroes are available 
each week. If you see specialists giving +350 gold or +1 of one 
particular resource, hire those right away. 

15) Try to finish exploring most of the island, both rough and grass 
sections. Capture the knight town if you haven't already done so (or you 
could do in week 3 or 4, doesn't matter). Don't go in the underground 
right away. 

16) When I give times in my strategies, such as "do this particular task 
at that week", those are rough estimates achieved with a rather 
aggressive approach and lots of hero chaining. In other words, it's 
perfectly all right to take more time (a few more weeks, not more months 
or else the rest of my strategies won't make sense :-). However, I often 
suggest attacking sooner while the computer is still weak instead of 
waiting in your little corner. Most contests against the AI can be won 
in the early game simply by rushing it. 

17) In week 3, trade everything for gold except about 10 units of each 
resource (who knows what you might need ;-). I did keep the crystal 
because the Strongholds need it and because I already had enough gold to 
buy every troop in one town. In small/medium maps where high level mage 
guilds might not really be a factor, trading almost every resource for 
gold to buy more troops sooner is another way to gain an early advantage 
(especially if you have a trading post or more than 1 marketplace). 
Against the AI, buying several heroes on day 1 is another way to gain 
the early advantage. 

18) You could buy the Capitol and Resource Silos if you felt like it but 
it's not really necessary until after you buy all the troops in that one 

19) Transfer those troops by hero chain to the Hill Fort to upgrade 

20) I noticed that starting with week 3 or week 4, gold usually becomes 
less of a problem and I then start to pick experience from chests a lot 
more often especially for my main heroes. Always picking gold from 
chests in the first 2 or 3 weeks makes a lot of sense in my humble 
opinion and it served me well up to now. 

21) Before venturing in the underground, I split my 2 armies like this : 
a) Ancient Behemoths, 32 Royal Griffins, 11 Thunderbirds (Royal Griffins 
joined for greater glory, if you don't have them, you might want to use 
an alternate stack) 
b) Ogre Lords, 14 Orc Chieftains (lost a lot of them before), 219 
Hobgoblins, 110 Wolf Raiders. 
You could easily keep all the troops together if you wanted but it would 
take you a little more time to complete the scenario. 

22) The underground has 2 branches, one south, one north, each leading 
to a different enemy island. The north enemy island (with 2 knight 
towns) is more dangerous and so your better army should be used there. 
If you don't split your army, go by the north branch first. 

23) In week 4, I traded even more resources for gold, buying all the 
troops in my second Stronghold. Those reinforcements didn't really prove 
necessary (don't even recall if they arrived in time to the front lines) 
but something can be said for overkill ;-) 

24) Also in week 4, was the simultaneous assault on the 2 enemy islands 
(northeast and southeast). 

25) In the upper left corner of the map, protected by a red border 
guard, the piles of gold you see there are not normal, they give 10,000 
gold each for a total of 100,000 gold, half of your objective. The red 
keymaster tent is on the north enemy island, not far from the 
subterranean gate. If you don't feel like capturing all the enemy towns, 
you could simply grab those piles and wait a couple of weeks to achieve 
your gold quota. Actually, you wouldn't even need to get those piles of 
gold at all OR capture any enemy towns, it would just take a bit longer 
to win. 

26) Conquering the enemy does have the advantage of making your heroes 
stronger for the last scenario where you'll have the choice of carrying 
over either your 8 best Stronghold heroes (from this scenario) or your 8 
best Fortress heroes (from the scenario Borderlands). 

27) To give you an idea, the timing in my game was pretty good, I 
finished the red enemy just before winning by reaching the amount of 
gold required. You could trade resources for gold to win sooner when the 
opposition is dead. 

28) When you have more than 3 marketplaces, there's no need to use the 
trading post anymore. 

29) If you want to have an easier time in the last scenario of the 
Spoils of War mini-campaign, you could build up the Mage Guilds in the 
Knight towns (up to level 4). You'd probably have to be careful not to 
reach the 200,000 gold total before having built them up though. You can 
delay victory by simply buying more troops or expensive dwellings, even 
trading a bit of gold for the resources you're lacking. 
My heroes at the end of this scenario were level 11,9,9,6,4,4,4,2. 

****                 Spoils of War 3: Greed
                  Map Type: HOMM3 Campaign Map

The last scenario in the Spoils of War mini-campaign is quite special 
since you have the choice of deciding which side you will endorse while 
fighting the one you spurned. This map is a classic contest between the 
Stronghold and the Fortress; the advantage probably going to the 
Fortress since most of the map is in swamp terrain. The 16 heroes you 
developed in the first 2 scenarios (8 from Borderlands and 8 from Gold 
Rush), will be both your starting heroes and starting enemies according 
to their affiliation. The following strategy is for the Fortress. A 
strategy for the Stronghold side is not likely to happen until I'm 
finished with all the other campaign scenario strategies. 
The heroes associated with the Stronghold, the barbarian and the 
battlemage, will tend to favor attack while the Fortress heroes, the 
beastmaster and the witch, will tend to favor defence. I personally 
think attack is better than defence (higher attack means you do +5 % 
damage per point above, while with higher defence, you only suffer 2% 
less damage per point above). Therefore, I find Stronghold heroes 
superior to Fortress heroes. On the other hand, the native terrain of 
the Stronghold is less advantageous, since with rough terrain you only 
need basic pathfinding to eliminate the movement penalty. With swamp 
terrain, the native terrain for Fortress troops and the worst terrain 
type in the game, enemies will have a much harder time reaching your 
town (if the Fortress starts in a swamp that is). Both neutral towns 
will be the towns where it's easiest to achieve the level 7 dwelling 
with the Stronghold being quicker and having the better creature 
(despite the multiple attack capability of the Hydra which I admit could 
cause havoc but not so much against a savvy human player). The Fortress 
also has the advantage of always going first in battles because of the 
Dragon Flies. It also sports a unit with one of most of the devastating 
special abilities in the game, the Mighty Gorgon. Fortress troops are 
very weak in the shooter department (their only shooter, the Lizardman, 
shooting once) yet they have one more flying unit than the Stronghold. 
The Stronghold only has one flying troop but one more shooter unit than 
the Fortress. The 2 different building paths (Cyclops branch and 
Behemoth branch) can cause problems too compared to the Fortress, which 
has a more straightforward building path. Both neutral towns are also 
limited to level 3 Mage Guilds, which in larger maps could be a big 
disadvantage against other factions. 
I finished this large map of normal difficulty on month 2, week 4 day 5 
delaying victory so I could see more of the layout. 

1) You start with your best 8 heroes from Borderlands so you don't need 
to buy a bunch of heroes on day 1 yourself, therefore saving you some 
much needed gold. 

2) You also start with 3 Fortress towns in the northwest corner of the 
map. 1 already having a fort and the 2 others: simple villages. Your 
main opposition, the Stronghold purple, is in the southeast town and 
also has 3 towns. You'll have to deal with a buffer zone of Knight towns 
first though. 

3) The best Fortress (the one that is the more to the northwest) will 
serve for creature production while the 2 other will serve to increase 
revenue. When you start with several towns, it's a good philosophy to 
adopt : only one town where you really buy creature dwellings in the 
early game. 

4) On day 1, build town halls in every town. 

5) Buy war machines for your 2 main heroes at the War Machine factory. 
You can use secondary heroes and transfer them to the main heroes. You 
could do without the ammo carts which in my opinion is the least useful 
of all war machines. 

6) Something very important to keep in consideration : an army with only 
native troops (i.e. fortress troops here) will have no movement penalty 
while moving through the swamp.

7) Try to give those extra starting heroes (that are not Fortress 
native) to a hero possessing pathfinding skills. If none have it, it's 
not a big deal. 

8) Here's the building order for my north-western Fortress that I'll now 
refer too as the main town from now on : 
•1) Town Hall (You could pick Mage Guild too but since your heroes 
probably have some spells from the last scenario, why bother right away) 
•2) Serpent Fly Hive •3) Lizard Den •4) Basilisk Pit •5) Wyvern Nest •6) 
Citadel •7) Hydra Pond 

9) Go for City Halls in your secondary towns. It's possible to buy them 
both by the end of the week but they're not that urgent. Make sure you 
keep enough gold for the Hydra pond. 

10) Do not attack the garrisons in week 1. 

11) There are 2 gold mines protected by Greater Basilisks in your home 
territory. It's quite a good idea to take them as early as possible (I 
took them early in week 2 simply because I discovered them a bit too 
late). If you combine a few armies on one of your better heroes 
(preferably a spellcaster), that stack is not that tough to defeat. 

12) I was tempted to buy resource silos in my secondary towns but didn't 
because I wanted enough gold to buy more troops early in week 2. 

13) On week 2, buy all troops by day 2 or 3 and transfer. Upgrade all 
Serpent Flies to Dragon Flies. 

14) My building order in the main town for week 2 : 
•1) Upgraded Serpent Hive •2) Marketplace •3) Resource Silo •4) Gorgon 
Lair •5) Captains Quarters •6) Upgraded Gorgon Lair (I practically never 
use simply Gorgons) •7) Castle 

15) Your secondary heroes should all eventually have 1 single Dragon 
Fly. This will make them move a lot farther each day. Try to end turns 
with only one or two heroes having the slower troops. 

16) Get the 2 gold mines if you haven't taken the risk of fighting the 
Greater Basilisks in week 1. From there, go east with your main army. 

17) Flag the Gnoll Huts in the northeast clearing by the end of the 

18) That pack of Serpent Flies next to the Serpent Fly Hives will join 
you for free (southwest) 

19) Build Resource Silos in your secondary towns. 

20) I'd like to discuss the relative value of the upgraded versions of 
Fortress units. My first upgrade is almost always the Dragon Fly simply 
because of the huge speed increase of +4. It makes all scouts go faster. 
You now have 1 unit that can reach the other side in one turn (although 
Dragon Flies should almost always wait before attacking so they get 2 
consecutive turns). And last but not least, they'll insure you get the 
all-important first turn in battles until the level 7 creatures come 
into play. My second favorite upgrade would be the Mighty Gorgon mostly 
because of its death stare power, a special ability that's better than 
many other special abilities even those from higher-level units. That 
10% probability is misleading as the death stare is better than that as 
will be explained in the following tip. In the almost worthless upgrade 
category, I'd certainly enter both the Gnoll Marauder and Lizard 
Warrior. If only that Lizard Warrior upgrade shot twice like the 
Marksman or the Grand Elf, it would have made all the difference. The 
Greater Basilisk is simply average in terms of benefits since the 
special ability is not improved. The Wyvern Monarch is a good upgrade 
because of the extra speed (+4) and because of the higher damage 
inflicted. However, the special ability is not that great and the manual 
is even wrong about it because it's not 50% removed from the top 
creature each round, it's 10%. As all level 7 upgrades are, the benefits 
are quite significant for the Fortress' Hydra also. The little speed 
boost helps out as does the 75 extra hit points. The upgraded structure 
to get Chaos Hydras is quite expensive though. 

21) I'd like to thank our resident Astral Wizard site's mathematician 
Qurqirish Dragon for investigating how the Mighty Gorgons special death 
stare works in term of probabilities. It seemed to be better than 10% 
(working more often than 10% of the time and killing more than one unit) 
and it is. It's not 10% for the whole stack no matter what the number 
is. The probability is stronger, the more Mighty Gorgons you have. 
Here's how Qurqirish Dragon explained it (edited for the statistically-
impaired :-) : 
"Apparently it DOES follow pure probabilistic patterns, with each Mighty 
Gorgon in the stack having a 10% chance to kill a creature. There is one 
restriction however: you cannot kill more than 1 creature for every 10 
MGs you have (rounded up). Thus with less than 10 MGs, you can only kill 
one ,and with 11-20, you can kill up to 2, and so on. Once you get 10, 
there is a 35% chance to kill (exactly) 1, 19% chance to kill 2, a 6% 
chance to kill 3, and small chances of more. There is a chance that the 
death-stare will fail, even in a fairly large stack." 
So in layman terms, it means you have a 10% chance of killing one unit 
PER MIGHTY GORGON but not being able to kill more than one unless you 
have at least 11 Mighty Gorgons in a stack. You could even potentially 
use the Mighty Gorgon bomb dirty trick (affectionately nicknamed the mad 
cow bomb by yours truly), a bit like players used to do with Genies in 
HOMM 2. You split your available cows in single-unit stacks and attack 
those high high-point level 6 and 7 units. Death staring Archangels that 
cost 5000 gold a pop for your opponent is quite fun indeed. 

22) Back to the strategy at hand, you'll notice in my week 2 building 
order that I upgraded the Gorgons fairly early. It's because I 
instinctively learned to respect the power of the death stare in other 
scenarios (even before learning with mathematics it was even better than 

24) Do NOT trade sulfur away for gold. 

25) In week 3, buy all troops. Transfer by hero chain to your best hero 
next to the northeastern garrison. 

26) Attack the garrison. My army at this time (to give you a general 
idea) : 37 Dragon Flies, 9 Mighty Gorgons, 4 Hydras, 51 Lizardmen, 18 
Basilisks, 315 Gnolls and 9 Wyverns. 

27) The most dangerous enemy stack in that garrison is the Thunderbirds. 
Blind or slow it. Do something so it's incapacitated. I lost 27 Dragon 
Flies, 5 Basilisks, 33 Gnolls and 5 Wyverns in that battle. Acceptable 
losses to attack the knight towns earlier and by surprise. If you don't 
feel confident enough to tackle the garrison in week 3, wait 1 or 2 more 
weeks. The number of troops in the garrison doesn't grow anyway. 

28) Visit the nearby Library of Enlightenment with your 3 best heroes. 
You need to be level 10 for it to work (each level of diplomacy reduces 
this requirement by one level of your hero, with expert diplomacy, you 
only need a level 7 hero). 

29) Cast View Air regularly (advanced level) to track down enemy heroes 
and avoid ambushes. 

30) Watch out on the roads ! There are invisible ambushes! The first 
one, being on the east road after the garrison and consisting of 50 
Lizard Warriors and 100 Gnoll Marauders. 

31) The main hero should have 6 stacks, not 7 and a squire should follow 
him around. It's simply because you don't want to have to dismiss good 
stacks when new stacks join for greater glory. 

32) The majority of wandering stacks after the garrison are too strong. 
Feel free to skip them unless you're really confident of victory. 

33) Go for the City Hall in your main town. 

34) Go roughly south-southeast after the garrison, attack the red knight 
towns one after the other. Don't detour from your objectives until 
they're all captured (perhaps just killing heroes along the way so they 
don't go back on your tracks). 

35) During those battles against the knight troops, always try to 
incapacitate the strongest stack early on with a Blind spell (second 
turn or first turn if the most dangerous stack is Marksmen). Mass Haste 
and Mass Slow are very good opening spells. 

36) Don't forget to enter the knight towns to get new spells. Upgrade to 
level 4 Mage Guilds if you want. Oh and build City Halls too 

37) By week 4 day 1, I had captured the 3 red towns and that color was 
eliminated ! This left me free reign over the huge center portion of the 

38) The Stronghold heroes won't break out of their starting territory 
until much later. They also have to deal with strong garrisons. The AI 
is a lot more cautious than a human player is. 

39) At about this time, build a fort in a second Fortress and build up 
its creature dwellings up to Hydra Pond. 

40) Bring reinforcements by hero chain or you could wait another week. 

41) I got 18 Wyverns by visiting 2 Dragon Fly Hives and defeating its 
guardians. Having only one stack of Hydras attacking is very good and 
will reduce your casualties. Cast cure and defensive spells to keep that 
top hydra alive longer. 

42) On all those special structures where you have to fight a random 
number of Guardians (Cyclops Stockpile, Dwarven Treasury, Naga Bank, 
etc), I love to visit it, say no and then right-click on the structure 
to know how many creatures I'd have to really fight. This simple tip can 
save you from a lot of risky battles even though you'll lose 2 steps 
each time you do it. 

43) I beat lots of level 1 units with 1 Dragon Fly and 1 good 
spellcaster. Several variations on this trick exist where you can beat 
much stronger stacks simply by avoiding the attack and casting spells. 
Used to do it with 1 Gargoyle and Magic Arrow against Goblins in HOMM 2. 

44) After the last knight town, I went a bit more south then mostly 
west, then north again towards the garrison protecting the other side of 
my home territory. 

45) In week 5, I started fort in my last Fortress and built creature 
dwellings there also. 

46) I lost a few scouts to invisible ambushes on the roads. Be warned. 
Your main army will win but a scout with a Dragon Fly should surrender. 

47) In week 6, I bought all the troops in all my Fortresses sent them to 
main town to be upgraded. 

48) By that point, my army was composed of 203 Dragon Flies, 47 Wyvern 
Monarchs, 16 Chaos Hydras, 145 Lizard Warriors, 80 Greater Basilisks and 
33 Mighty Gorgons. 

49) In the southwest corner of the map, there are 2 pretty good items 
you might like to have. They look like blue orbs. The Orb of Firmament 
will make your air spells do 50 % more damage while the Orb of the 
Driving Rain will make your water spells do 50% more damage. 

50) When you finally attack the purple territory (and believe me it 
won't pose much of a challenge if you followed the tips above even with 
a few weeks' delays), forget about the mines, go for the towns and the 
enemy heroes. The Spoils of War mini-campaign was completed in 112 days 
for 890 points and a rating of Fire Elemental.

*****         Long Live the King 1: A Gryphon's Heart
                  Map Type: HOMM 3 Campaign Map

The first scenario in the Long Live the King is a small-sized map of 
normal difficulty but which I would evaluate as being fairly easy. It is 
also the first scenario in the campaigns where you play as the 
Necromancer. Therefore, it serves as a nice little tutorial of that 
town. I will include several general Necropolis tips in this article 
along with my usual assortment of other general tips not necessarily 
related to the scenario. The objective of "A Griffin's Heart" is to 
bring the Spirit of Oppression (that's an item) to the red knight town 
called StoneCastle. The catch is that there is no such item on the map. 
However you can get it anyway by following all the Seer Quests one by 
one (more on this in the strategy). The tomb you see behind StoneCastle 
is for decoration purposes only (supposed to represent King 
Gryphonheart's tomb) and is not supposed to be accessible. There is a 3 
month time limit but believe me you won't have to worry about it. 
Contrary to most strategies where the scenario is only played once, this 
one I played twice, since although I won the first time around, I had 
been much too aggressive for my tastes, suffering too many casualties by 
far. This, in turn, would have caused problems for average players 
trying to follow it. Surprisingly my times for the first play and second 
play were nearly identical: month 2, week 2, day 2 (first time) and day 
3 (second time). 

0) I originally thought the spell Death Ripple would be the best 
starting bonus to keep and it is indeed nice to have, however I think 
that buying the skeleton transformer instead might be wiser. I picked 
Death Ripple both times but you don't need it or the transformer to win. 

1) Buy 3 or 4 more heroes on day 1 (with 3 heroes you'll have less 
trading to do later on), preferably Necromancers and Death Knights if 

2) I suggest 3 options at this point 
a) Combine all troops both living and undead on the same hero who will 
go south towards the first garrison 
b) Create an army with living troops and another with undead troops. 
Make one go south and the other towards the Subterranean gate. 
c) Stick all living troops you got, except shooters, in the skeleton 
transformer. Wizards and Alchemists starting armies are especially 
useful in that regard. Form only one main army who will go south. 

3) Necropolis players in particular have an harder time combining troops 
from different starting heroes because of the undead penalty which is 
added to the penalty for different troop types. 

4) Death Knights are some of the only might heroes who start with spell 
books. So you save about 500 gold for each :-) 

5) Best Necropolis hero you could get is arguably Thant who starts with 
Animate Dead. Another highly desirable Necropolis hero would be Aislinn 
who starts with Meteor Shower. I personally like to hire Isra and 
Vidomina for their necromancy specialties also. Galthran, the skeleton 
specialist, makes those units you'll eventually get in high numbers even 
more effective. 

6) I consider Walking Dead "dead weight" if you'll excuse the 
expression. They're slower than Skeletons and they don't even grow 
exponentially like those. By the time they get to the other side, the 
combat will often be over. You might want to stick your starting Walking 
Dead in the skeleton converter and transform them into Skeletons. After 
that I strongly suggest forgetting about buying any more, unless your 
main town gets attacked (no risk of that in this scenario unless you're 
careless). Keep your gold for the really good troops that in the 
Necropolis' case go from level 4 to level 6. 

7) As a general rule though, I always buy the level 1 and 2 troops in my 
starting town to provide an additional hit point boost to my starting 
army. Although Walking Dead are practically useless, they do have more 
hit points than skeletons and an higher hit point total in your army 
means the wandering stacks you'll encounter will be more likely to flee 
or join. 

8) Leave one hero in town for the moment so it will be able to ferry 
troops a little later on. If there's a statistic booster nearby (such as 
a Gazebo), you could visit it and then go back to the town. 

9) Here was my building order for week 1 in the Necropolis. It's close 
to what my standard would be except for the two last choices. 
•1) Mage Guild Level 1 (you'll notice this is a frequent first choice in 
all my strategies because having starting heroes with a few spells and 
spell books is very important) •2) Town Hall (for extra revenue 
naturally and the sooner you build it, the more profits accumulate. If I 
had a second town, I might skip it in the first town) •3) Graveyard (not 
because it's good but because it's a requirement for other structures, 
sometimes this will be already built) •4) Estate (Vampires are okay but 
Vampire Lords rule) •5) Mausoleum (The perfect complement to the Vampire 
Lords in the early game and your only Necropolis shooter) •6) Citadel 
(Usually this would go on day 7 and I'd go with Hall of Darkness here 
but in this map not enough Ore) •7) Tomb of Souls or Skeleton 
Transformer if you haven't picked it as starting bonus. 
The Tomb of Souls is really not required and I will often skip it in 
week 1 unless there's nothing else to build. So my standard building 
order for almost any town goes a bit like this : Mage Guild, Town Hall, 
4 Creature Dwellings and Citadel on day 7. Then early in week 2, I go 
for the City Hall. 

10) For most towns and not only Necropolis, I will often survive in the 
early game with my combined starting armies and I will not buy any 
troops beyond level 3 in week 1, sometimes even week 2. Certain slower 
troops I will tend not to buy such as Dwarves, Golems and Walking Dead. 

11) Attack the garrison south of your town but do not proceed forward 
with your main army. Make it go northwest to attack the second garrison. 

12) A secondary hero (give 1 or 2Wights to the secondary heroes or a 
couple of faster troops if you have them) should go south past the first 
garrison. Take the Gem Pond but do NOT go west of this. You do not want 
to attract the attention of the red cleric there. Fortunately, it seems 
the red faction has no Tavern in its town because it will have but one 
hero for the duration of the game. It also seems that the cleric has a 
patrol radius, meaning that it can't go beyond a certain place on the 
map. In this case, the limit of its radius is just east of the Shrine. 

13) Make sure you visit the first Seer Hut. You'll be asked to bring 
back the Pendant of Dispassion but you'll actually complete another Seer 
Hut Quest before this one. 

14) After beating the second garrison, flag the Crystal Cave and Gem 
pond that are there. Make a secondary hero do it. Main heroes should not 
waste too much time flagging mines (okay they should indeed flag mines 
if no other heroes are nearby because every day a mine is left unflagged 
is a day where potential resources are lost). They should not waste time 
picking up resources and items if they don't have too (this point is 
particularly important). Their job is to fight as many battles as 
possible each turn and clear out passages. 

15) That being said, do not attack the third garrison right away. 
Instead, make your main hero take the Subterranean gate in the northwest 
corner, flag the Sulfur mine and proceed east. You'll come upon a pack 
of Marksmen, which you should be able to take down if it does not flee 
(let it flee if it does). 

16) Haste is an excellent spell for Skeletons especially if you don't 
have Magic Arrow. 

17) A little comparison between Magic Arrow and Death Ripple and when 
it's better to use each. As a general rule, the more stacks you face, 
the more advantageous it is to use Death Ripple even if the spell point 
cost is twice that of Magic Arrow and its damage is half that of Magic 
Arrow on an individual stack. While facing 1 or 2 stacks, it's better to 
use Magic Arrow, when you face 3 stacks, it about the same either way, 
when you face more than 3 stacks, it's better to use Death Ripple. I'll 
spare you the math but I took into account the spell point cost, damage 
for each spell and numbers of times it could be cast. It goes without 
saying you don't want to use Death Ripple if you have any living troops 
in your army. 

18) Around the end of week 1, start of week 2, the main hero will 
eventually reach the first Subterranean Gate (northeast corner), do not 
go through it, go south and attack that Horde of Skeletons. 

19) Lo and behold, it will join you for greater glory ! I tested this 
with a wimpy hero and this stack is friendly, meaning it was set in the 
map editor to join the hero. However, in most games, you would never 
know if stacks would be compliant or not so it's important to have an 
army strong enough to win if it comes down to a fight. In this 
particular map, you could have taken that horde of Skeletons in week 1 
with but a simple scout leading only 1 little Wight. 

16) In my first game, I bought most of my Vampires and Liches by day 4 
of week 2 and I transferred them by hero chain to continue my 
exploration past the third garrison. This is doable but kind of a 
strategic mistake since it will make your life (unlife) much harder 
later on. 

17) It is much wiser to use week 2 as a buildup phase so that in week 3 
you have a much stronger army ready to venture forth. 

18) In the underground, past the horde of friendly skeletons, you'll 
come upon a second Seer Hut. This guy asks you to bring him back a 
Hourglass of the Evil Hour (gotta love those scary names ;-) 

19) Oh by the way, do pick gold from chests and not experience. I often 
do that in the first 3 weeks. 

20) There's a chest that's partially hidden by scenery just below the 
Marletto Tower (very easy to overlook). It's much easier to hide stuff 
behind scenery than in HOMM 2 so in order not to miss anything, I 
suggest checking the overland map more regularly. 

21) Tactics is a great secondary skill to have for Necromancers/Dead 
Knights. Makes your stack of skeletons reaching the other side much 

22) Leadership is also nice to have in order to counter the undead 
morale penalty but Necromancers/Death Knights cannot learn that. And if 
you use another type of hero, then you don't get the benefits of 

23) Try to get your Necromancy secondary skill at expert level as soon 
as possible. 

24) However, do not ignore opportunities to gain basic levels in 
elemental spheres such as Earth, Fire, Air and Water. In another game, 
Thant who was around level 13 never got Earth Magic skill offered to him 
even once. And since he was a specialist in Animate Dead, that really 
hurt his usefulness. 

24) As a reminder, do not buy extra troops in week 2, you need the gold 
for structures. 

25) My suggested building order for week 2 is : 
•1) Marketplace •2) Blacksmith •3) City Hall •4) Tomb of Souls (if you 
haven't got it already but in hindsight it's not really necessary) •5) 
Unearthed Graves •6) Necromancy Amplifier •7) Hall of Darkness or Castle 
The order can be easily changed if you want. I was hurting for resources 
and gold in this map, particularly Ore. Otherwise, I would have bought 
both the Hall of Darkness and the Castle in week 2. Building the Capitol 
in week 2 before the level 7 building (yes I know the Hall of Darkness 
is level 6 but I'm speaking in general terms for other maps ;-) also 
makes a lot of sense. That is if you can afford it in week 2. In most 
games I've played, I like to build the Capitol and the level 7 Dwelling 
in week 3. However, if I can make the Level 7 dwelling in week 2, I'll 
usually buy it even though I shouldn't because it will delay the Capitol 
until later. Call it HOMM 2's professional deformation :-) If you're 
still reading this paragraph (I do like to rant :-), please try to 
remember that Level 7 creatures are much less dominating than they 
previously were in HOMM 2 and that being stuck with lots of accumulated 
creatures and no gold to buy them is quite frustrating. In multiplayer, 
it can even cause your doom. 

26) In this particular map, I suggest going for Hall of Darkness instead 
of the Castle. Affording those extra Liches and Vampire Lords would 
delay your departure even more. 

27) In week 3, upgrade the Estate. Buy almost all the Liches and Vampire 
Lords available. You'll have to trade your rare resources (crystals, 
gems, sulfur, mercury) for gold but don't worry, you won't need to build 
up your Mage Guild and the Dragon Vault is not necessary either. By day 
4, you should be ready to start the long hero chain (in my case 
comprised of 5 heroes) to transfer troops from the town to the main hero 
just in front of the third garrison. 

28) As a general rule, I like to trade my rare resources until I have 
about 10 of each. When I really need gold, I might go as far as 5 of 
each. If it's a smaller map, and I'm preparing for a final assault, I 
could easily trade everything. Since each town usually has a resource 
requirement that's higher than others, I will not trade those. The AI 
will trade for gold almost everything that's above 20 of each resource. 

29) The trade ratio when you have but one marketplace is pretty 
horrible. Keep a lookout for Trading Posts (unfortunately none in this 
map) or secondary neutral towns you can capture. 

30) For those interested in my army at that time : 10 Wights, 7 Elves, 
16 Walking Dead (starting troops and from day 1), 173 Skeletons (which 
although numerous never really participated in the other battles), 16 
Vampire Lords and 10 Liches. Those 2 last stacks would do most of the 

31) The main hero will clear the third garrison, defeat the Swordsmen 
and follow the road at the west edge of the map. Be sure to buy some 
Marksmen and to keep your other living shooters with your main army not 
because they'll really be useful but because they will be great baits in 
the coming battles. If you're going to play the Necropolis, you might as 
well be devious :-) 

32) Permit me to discuss Necropolis upgrades for a short while before 
moving on. The first most essential upgrade would definitely be the 
Vampire Lords. Without it, your Vampires will die like flies (I know, it 
happened in my first try at this map), with the upgrade, you'll keep 
them alive (okay undead) and their numbers will stay constant. My second 
favorite upgrade would be the Dread Knight. Those double damage 
deathblows are really devastating. Only Naga Queens come close, in terms 
of overall value, to the Dread Knights for a level 6 creature. As for 
the other upgrades, I do not place a high priority on them. You will 
already have a huge stack of skeletons on the front lines so why add a 
smaller bunch of skeleton warriors to them ? The Power Lich upgrade is 
nice but the main advantage is that you'll get 10 more hit points. Just 
use Animate Dead instead :-) Walking Dead suck and their Zombie 
upgrade... well it sucks too unless you're stuck with nothing else and 
you have to defend the town. Wights and Wraiths seem rather weak for 
their level. Wraith Bombs are fun and do have a certain usefulness 
though (see next tip). As for Ghost Dragon upgrade, I like it but more 
for the speed boost than the aging ability. In smaller maps, I'll often 
be happy to ignore the Dragon Vault altogether and buy more levels 4 to 
6 troops especially Dread Knights. 

33) The infamous Wraith Bomb consists of filling up the free stacks in 
your army with Wraiths (even if each has a single unit). For each Wraith 
stack you have, the enemy hero on the other side will lose 2 spell 
points each turn ! 

34) Back to the scenario at hand, make sure you visit the third Seer 
Quest hut along the way. It will ask you for the Pendant of Total Recall 

35) Enter the Subterranean gate in the southwest corner. 

36) Welcome to the Monk Caverns, you'll have to deal with several Monks 
and Zealot stacks. 

37) Don't forget to buy the Castle in the main town in week 3. 

38) During week 4, you'll clear the Monks and Zealots stacks you'll find 
underground. With the strength of your army, it's quite possible some of 
them will want to join you for greater glory (talk about traitors to 
their cause). In my case, 4 stacks wanted to join but since a bit of it 
was luck I decided to kill them all anyway. Plus it was more fun that 
way :-) 

39) Blind is quite useful here (you can get it from shrine but that's 
random) as is those shooter stacks (Marksmen, Elves, etc) that will 
absorb first attacks from the Monks/Zealots while your Vampire Lords 
close in. 

40) In my first try, where I used Vampires and attacked that section 
about one week sooner, by the end I only had 13 Walking Dead and 1 
Zombie left. 

42) In my second try, practically all my undead troops survived 
unscathed. The skeleton stack had become the main target focus after the 
living shooters had been eliminated. The skeletons gained through 
necromancy attenuated their losses. 

43) Since we're on week 4 and gold is not such a pressing issue anymore, 
feel free to take experience from chests. 

44) In the southwest corner, beyond a Zealot stack, you'll find the 
Pendant of Total Recall, one of the items for your Seer Quests. 

45) After everything has been picked up and killed in that section go 
back to the surface, and visit the first Seer Hut on your way. The Seer 
will give you the Hourglass of the Evil Hour as a reward. You bring that 
Hourglass to the Seer who asked for it (that's the one underground 
beyond the horde of Skeletons you took). He will give you the Pendant of 
Dispassion. As you've probably guessed it by now, you bring this Pendant 
to yet another Seer Hut. This last Seer will finally give you what you 
wanted all along : the Spirit of Oppression. 

46) With that item of Oppression in your possession, your main minion 
can now destroy the opposition. (ouch :-) 

47) You trade every resource you have left for gold to buy troops, you 
buy what you can afford, starting with Vampire Lords, Liches and Black 
Knights and then you attack StoneCastle. You can ignore the cleric along 
the way if you want. 

48) To win, you absolutely have to enter the town with a hero that 
carries the Spirit of Oppression. 

*****          Long Live the King 2: "Season of Harvest" 
                     Map Type: HOMM 3 Campaign Map

When you complete the first scenario in the Long Live the King mini-
campaign, you'll get the chance to choose between two scenarios. Season 
of Harvest is one of them and the one selected by default. It takes 
place on a medium-sized map and it's sort of similar to another popular 
campaign scenario in HOMM 2 called Rebellion (evil campaign number 6) 
where you had to create thousands of skeletons to have any hope of 
winning. However, this particular "harvesting"-type scenario in HOMM 3 
is much less challenging because, although you have to contend with a 
time limit, the enemy colors will never hire any heroes and they don't 
have any to start with! So the only opposition you have to contend with 
are the wandering stacks and the enemy-controlled towns. The only way 
you can lose is by going over the time limit. I finished this map in 
month 2, week 4, day 1 on my first play. That's with a little more than 
a month left to spare. 

0) For the starting bonus, I suggest taking the Vampire Cowl. The 
Unearthed Graves are not good enough compared to the other bonuses. The 
Necromancy Amplifier you can buy yourself later on anyway: only 1000 

1) The victory objective is to accumulate 2500 skeletons in 3 months, 
i.e. before month 4, week 1, day 1. 

2) It's usually recommended to let wandering stacks flee especially if 
they would have inflicted losses on your army. When you deal with 
necropolis armies however, this is different: you don't want to let 
anyone flee because the dead corpses provide you with Skeletons to make 
your army grow. 

3) The common sense exception to the rule above is if you think the 
losses inflicted on your army would be higher than what you could get 
back as skeletons. Be particularly careful when you fight medium-level 

4) Vokial, a vampire specialist, and Vidomina, a necromancy specialist, 
are your starting heroes. Both have expert necromancy. 

5) Buy every undead unit available in your Necropolis except for the 

6) Hire 2 extra heroes. The first one hired should be an extra 
Necromancer/Death Knight (you always get at least one native town hero 
you can recruit on day 1 of every scenario). The second one should be 
chosen in function of how many living troops it has. The more, the 

7) Here is the recommended building order for week 1. In my game, I went 
for a slightly different order but the same structures. I put Mage Guild 
in first place this time around, because in hindsight, it would have 
been better to have a few more level 1 spells for my heroes. 
•1) Mage Guild Level 1 •2) Fort •3) Skeleton Transformer •4) Necromancy 
Amplifier •5) Unearthed Graves •6) Citadel •7) Upgraded Estate 

8) Keep living troops in the Necropolis until you buy the Skeleton 
Transformer. Put every living troop in the Skeleton Transformer except 
shooters (and possibly level 3 troops). If you feel particularly cruel, 
why not drop the Walking dead into the Skeleton Transformer too? They're 
mostly useless anyway. 

9) Vidomina is specialized in necromancy so in the long run, and 
especially in this map, she's the better hero to use. We'll use both 
heroes extensively to cut down on our time. 

10) Vokial starts with the Spirit of Oppression, an artifact that's 
supposed to prevent morale and luck bonuses from occurring in battle for 
both opponents. Now if that artifact prevented morale penalties too, and 
perhaps it does, I'd say to keep and cherish it even more so, because 
you're leading necromancers/death knights with dead and living troops 
combined (very bad for morale) and no chance to ever get Leadership. 
However, I'm not sure of that. If the "Spirit" only prevents "good" 
morale bonuses during battle (attacking twice with the same unit) and 
does "not" prevent morale penalties (freezing in place and losing a 
unit's turn), I'd recommend leaving it at home. I'll look more into 

11) The undead troops of the Necropolis are not affected in any way by 
morale either good or bad. They are affected by luck though. 

12) With the Vampire's Cowl and the Necromancy Amplifier built, Vokial 
will be able to raise 50% of the troops that die in battle against him 
(30%: Expert Necromancy, 10%: Necromancy Amplifier, 10%: Vampire's 

13) Even your own troops and enemy troops that are already dead (all the 
Necropolis units) can be "raised" again as Skeletons. 

14) A little tidbit of information you will not use in this map but 
that's still fun to know. You can convert Dragons and Hydras into Bone 
Dragons by using the Skeleton Transformer. (Now which despicable fiend 
would ever want to do such a thing to those magnificent Dragons!?!?). 

15) Wood will be a problem in the early weeks. You get a free boat near 
where Vokial is. I suggest waiting later in the week to buy a boat from 
your shipyard. Wait until week 2 if you're really lacking wood. 

16) Pursue and engage every stack you encounter (just a reminder ;-) 

17) Make Vokial board the free boat with 2 Black Knights and half the 
Skeletons you have around (this implies you go north for a bit to trade 
troops). If you want to make things easier for Vokial, you could give 
him all the Skeletons you currently have instead of just half of them. I 
don't think it's necessary though. 

18) Vokial should navigate west and disembark near the Pikemen. 

19) If wandering stacks want to join (and they will), accept for now, 
you can always convert them into Skeletons later. 19a) If you want to 
complete a Seer's Quest later on, pay attention to a little niche 
protected by Pikemen where a gold medal is located (northwest from 
initial landing). See paragraph 33 to know the reward. 

20) Those lots of Pikemen stacks will become hordes in week 2. Don't 
panic, it just means their numbers grow by 20% each week, as do all 
wandering stacks by default. It's more Skeletons for you in the long run

21) On week 2, I upgraded my Tomb of Souls on a whim. 

22) There's a Sawmill not far west from where Vokial disembarked. Flag 
it as soon as possible. That's +2 wood per day! 

23) Buy all Skeletons, Wraiths and Vampire Lords and board a boat around 
day 4 of week 2 with Vidomina. 

24) Try to buy the Mausoleum and the Hall of Darkness in week 2. If 
you're lucky, you can even make the Dragon Vault (you do not need to 
build it at all btw) 

25) A cartographer west of the Rampart town (where Vokial is) will 
reveal the entire surface map. 

26) Try to take that blue Rampart town with Vokial by the end of week 2. 
The garrison is stronger than what you might expect : around 30 Centaurs 
and 21 Dwarves. If you wait until later, it will grow even stronger. 
It's worth taking because there's a Level 3 Mage Guild inside. Vokial 
will finally get more spells. If you get Animate Dead, consider yourself 
very fortunate. 

27) Look around the map for a prison (it's center-west). The old fan 
favorite Sandro is in there enjoying the amenities. You're not strong 
enough to free him yet (jump to paragraph 48 for a spoiler that will 
make this map even easier). 

28) Vokial should go in a southeast direction from the Rampart, killing 
almost everything along the way. 

29) Vidomina should go roughly west-northwest on the main island. 

30) Try to keep Skeletons safe. It's the other troops that are more 
expendable especially the living troops. 

31) You'll badly need wood to build structures. Look around for it. 
Trade other resources if you have too. 

32) Take experience from chests for Vidomina. 

33) Vokial will come upon a Seer's Hut (it looks like a tree). The Seer 
will ask for a Badge of Courage (this is the medal just a little 
northwest of where Vokial originally landed, see 19a). The reward is a 
Teleport Spell Scroll. Don't worry if you did not get the badge, I did 
not get it myself until much later. 

34) Centaurs are a bit problematic to kill. Here's how to deal with 
them. You either slow them down or you haste your Skeletons after the 
Centaurs have moved. That way, you insure your Skeletons get the first 
strike on them. Works on big stacks of Pikemen too. 

35) In week 3, buy a third boat. 

36) Buy all troops in your Necropolis (except the Walking Dead) and 
transfer them to a hero on the boat, who will then go south, disembark 
and transport to Vokial's location. Vokial can go towards that secondary 
hero to make the troop transfer quicker if you prefer. 

37) Buy a marketplace and a Castle in week 3 if you haven't already done 
so. Try to go for the City Hall too. 

38) There's a Trading Post in the northwest corner of the map. This 
works as if you had 3 marketplaces. 

39) Eventually transfer living troops (Pikemen, Centaurs mostly) to the 
boat for "conversion" into Skeletons at the Necropolis. First "trip" 
should be the hero who exchanged troops with Vokial. 

40) Be careful with Dwarven Treasuries, visit, say no, go one step back 
and right-click on the structure. Will give you a rough estimate of what 
numbers you'll have to face. This little trick works for all similar 

41) It's always better to make your Vampire Lords wait on the first turn 
so they go last instead of first. You also get the benefit of 2 
consecutive attacks with no retaliation. 

42) In week 4, take the second blue town, another Rampart, in the 
northwest corner with Vidomina. Blue shall be eliminated. 

43) There is a level 5 Mage Guild inside the Rampart !!! Unfortunately, 
it's quite possible Vidomina will not have enough wisdom to learn the 
level 4 and 5 spells. It happened to me. 

44) Still in week 4, buy a Capitol and a Resource Silo in your 
Necropolis. The resource silo is optional but depending on your speed, 
you'll make up the cost when you trade the extra ore and wood later on. 

45) On week 5 (or month 2, week 1), get reinforcements from your town 
but this time, split them roughly in half. One half will go to Vidomina 
and the other half will go to Vokial. 

46) I destroyed the red knight town in the southwest corner on month 2, 
week 2. 

47) Vidomina and Vokial will meet again in the southwest corner, north 
of the knight town. Combine armies and free Sandro from prison. 

48) The undead wandering stacks guarding him will likely join you for 
greater glory (I think they're set to compliant) but there was no way to 
know that beforehand so it was better to be prepared for the battle just 
in case. This goes for every HOMM 3 map. You cannot assume a strong 
stack will join you! Don't take the chance of fighting them if you think 
the potential battle would cripple your army. 

49) Sandro turned out to simply be a level 5 Necromancer with very few 
troops. Freeing him was not really worth the bother but the troops 
guarding him and that joined you made the attempt worthwhile 

50) Return all the troops to the Necropolis to be transformed into 
Skeletons when the majority of wandering stacks on the main island is 
destroyed. I got 613 extra Skeletons when they were all transformed (I 
transformed the other undead troops too even high-level ones). 

51) You do not need to have 2500 Skeletons in the "same" stack on one 
hero. They can be in different armies. 

52) If you want to be devious and win cheaply (not from a monetary point 
of view but from an ethical point of view ;-) and no doubt more quickly, 
you could hire heroes over and over again, transforming their living 
armies into Skeletons. Wizards/Alchemists are pretty good in that regard 
with their starting Gremlins that go from 50 to 79. 

*****          Long Live the King 3: "Corporeal Punishment"
                     Map Type: HOMM 3 Campaign Map

"Corporeal Punishment" is one of the two choices you have after 
finishing the first scenario in the Long Live the King campaign. This is 
a medium-sized map and the objective is to defeat the Death Knight Mot 
who refuses to follow King Gryphonheart, the new Lich King. I finished 
on month 2, week 1, day 2 on my first play. 

0) I'm at a bit of a loss regarding which bonus to choose. I practically 
never use any Protection Of "Element" spells, since you're never sure 
what the opponent might cast so let's do without that Protection from 
Earth scroll altogether. The Pendant of Death, giving you protection 
from Destroy Undead might have benefits especially if Mot starts with 
that spell. There's just a little catch though... Mot's side only has 
Necropolis towns and will fight with undead troops like you so the enemy 
would be very stupid using that kind of spell. This leaves us with the 
only possible choice: 25 Zombies. Not a great bonus, but it will make 
the starting game easier. All that being said, I think I took the 
Pendant of Death bonus for my only game because I did not know the map 
layout ;-) 

1) You start with 2 Necropolis towns, one in the center and one in the 
northwest. The one in the center is more vulnerable to enemy attacks. 

2) As we usually do when we start with more than 1 town, we'll make one 
concentrate on creature production and the other on gold production. The 
one in the center being more vulnerable to attacks and closer to the 
enemy also, it makes sense to have that one develop in creature 
dwellings first. 

3) Here are my building orders for week 1 : 
Center Necropolis 
•1) Mage Guild •2) Town Hall •3) Graveyard •4) Estate •5) Mausoleum •6) 
Hall of Darkness •7) Citadel (don't worry too much if you can't buy 
Northwest Necropolis 
•1) Mage Guild •2) Town Hall •3) Marketplace •4) Blacksmith •5) City 
Hall •6) Skeleton Transformer •7) Unearthed Graves 

4) Go crazy on heroes. Buy 3 of them at the center town. Buy 3 of them 
at the northwest town. Try to hire the Necromancers/Death Knights at the 
same town (preferably center one). Combine troops, form 2 main armies. . 
4a) In hindsight, since the hero in the northwest corner will have 25 
Zombies, you might want to hire 4 heroes in the center town and 2 in the 
northwest town. Everything depends on the kind of random hero mixes 
you'll get. Hint : Hiring heroes of the same type at the same town is 
good :-) 

5) If you manage to get a necromancy specialist, try to make it one of 
your two main heroes. Not because it's necessary, but because it's fun 
making more Skeletons ;-) 

6) I always like to pick Earth Magic (Death Ripple, Animate Dead are 
Earth spells) and Wisdom for Necromancers/Death Knights when they level 

7) Did I forget to mention about not buying troops from your towns after 
day 1 until the end of the week ? 

8) You'll soon come upon a Hut of Magi that reveals most of the map. 
You'll see 3 red necro towns: in the southwest, southeast and northeast. 
Mot is in the southeast corner. Garrisons block the south hemisphere. 

9) It's possible you might want to create a living-only army (making 
this a third active army). I did so in the northwest corner by combining 
armies of 2 heroes of the same faction. 

10) Take gold from chests in week 1. (As a general rule, and in most 
maps, I almost always pick gold from chests for the first 3 to 4 weeks). 

11) One of your main armies (the guy who'll lead the 25 Zombies) should 
head west from the center town to flag the Crystal Caverns. (You might 
want to make him or her visit the Learning stone just south of the town 

12) Mines are protected by lots of Walking Dead. By combining all troops 
on the same hero (like I recommended), you make it more likely for them 
to join you. 

13) There's something little known that will also improve chances of 
stacks joining you. This is important so please pay attention. If your 
army is strong enough, the wandering stack you attack might join for 
free. There's a 10% base chance of that happening. If you have a unit of 
the same type in your army as the one you're attacking, then you improve 
the probability of the wandering stack joining. 
Having creatures of the same kind (upgraded or not) makes this 10% more 
likely. Having an army that "mostly" has the same kind of creatures 
(more than 50% of the total army) makes it 20% more likely. 
Diplomacy improves the probability even more, even allows you to 
persuade them to join for money but we won't talk of this here (keep an 
eye on our AW Site's School of War for Diplomacy tips and article). 

14) How do you evaluate if your army is strong enough? In HOMM 2, you 
could roughly evaluate this by the total number of hit points your army 
had compared to the total of the wandering stack (you needed something 
like double the total). In HOMM 3, there's still an army comparison 
going on but it's based more on rough total AI values modified by the 
attack and defense of the hero than just on hit points. The AI value is 
a hand-balanced number reflecting the rough value of a creature, 
including attack, defense, hit points, and special abilities. (Thanks to 
Gus Smedstad, HOMM 3 AI programmer, for the explanations). For 
simplicity's sake, I'd suggest evaluating your chances of stacks joining 
by still doing a general hit point comparison. Go by a x3 ratio and 
reduce it according to how strong your hero is. I admit I go by a x2 
ratio myself and I choose my battles very carefully, taking special care 
against shooters and high-level faster units. 

15) From the northwest town, go east with your main hero, flag mines and 
reach the shipyard by the end of the week. Buy a boat and board it with 
a secondary hero. 

16) Go south with the boat, disembark and flag the Lighthouse. The hero 
can reboard the boat right away or hang around a little longer to pick 
up resources from the Windmills 

17) In week 2, buy all the troops (except Walking Dead) in the center 
Necropolis by day 2 or 3. Transfer them to the main hero who's west 
beating up wandering stacks. Read the building orders below first 
because you want to buy Vampire Lords not simple Vampires ;-) 

18) Here are my building orders for week 2. Yours will likely be 
different depending on where you go: 
Center Necropolis (creature production town) 
•1) Necromancy Amplifier •2) Upgraded Estate •3) Marketplace •4) Castle 
•5) ---- •6) Tomb of Souls •7) Dragon Vault 
Northwest Necropolis (gold production town) 
•1) Necromancy Amplifier (you get a 10% necromancy bonus for each one 
you build) •2) ---- •3) Citadel •4) Castle •5) ---- •6) Capitol •7) Tomb 
of Lost Souls 

19) Transform remaining living troops into Skeletons eventually. 

20) Buy a second boat and make another secondary hero board it. This 
hero will go northeast towards the Whirlpool. The first navigator will 
take the stuff in the northwest bay. Lots of flotsam, wood and sea 
chests free for the taking. 

21) Week 3 is time for your first assault. (It's amazing how in most of 
my games, I often end up taking my first enemy town on week 3.) 

22) Upgrade your Hall of Darkness (not totally necessary if you're short 
on gold) 

23) Buy all the troops from your center town except the Walking Dead 
(noticing a trend? ;-) by day 2 or 3. If you're really lacking gold, you 
might wait to buy the Bone Dragons and the Wraiths. 

24) Defeat the garrison linking your 2 home territories. (You could 
transfer Skeletons bought from northwest town at this point but I don't 
remember if I did that myself) 

25) Attack the northeast red town. My army for the invasion at this 
point was comprised of Liches, Vampire Lords, Dread Knights and about 
half my total of Skeletons (around 170). If you like playing Necropolis, 
you'll notice sooner or later that the AI just adores attacking those 
Skeletons (same goes for Troglodytes). You can use this at your 
advantage to reduce casualties in your other stacks. 

26) What of the Bone Dragons, Wraiths and the other half of my 
Skeletons? They were in a different army, busy attacking the garrison 
south of the central town around mid-week (do not confuse with the 
garrison southeast, leading to Mot's territory). 

27) Go for the City Hall in your center town during week 3. 

28) It's possible to capture the northeast and southwest enemy towns by 
week 4, day 1. At least I did. 

29) You could probably rush Mot during week 3 and win more quickly 
instead of taking those 2 towns you don't really need to take... 
However, you get a higher score in HOMM 3 when you capture all the 
towns. Besides, it's more enjoyable that way :-) 

30) In week 4, you could buy your Mage Guilds level 2 or 3 in your new 

31) On cursed land, the Vampire Lord regeneration doesn't seem to work! 
However, I don't know if this was due to me killing off undead or the 
magic-draining properties of the cursed terrain. 

32) At that time, it's your 4 Necropolis towns against just 1. Mot has 
no chance. 

33) You might want to use Wraith bombs: consists of splitting up your 
Wraiths in different stacks so that each stack drains 2 spell points off 
the enemy every round. 

34) You could even build up Mage Guilds until you got Animate Dead but 
it's far from necessary. 

35) For the final assault, you can win without Skeletons. They'll only 
slow down your main army. 

36) If you're concerned about Mot's magic, just fight him on cursed 
land. Makes Pendant of Death and Protection of Earth scrolls even more 
useless as starting bonuses. 

37) Little bonus tip : Make a squire take all the troops from your main 
hero except the Ghost Dragons (fastest troop) at the end of a turn. On 
the next turn, your main guy will move much farther. Transfer back 
slower troops to main hero before moving. This trick is used extensively 
by advanced players to maximize movement, especially movement out of 
towns (you put slower troops in the garrison row and the fastest stack 
in your hero's row). 

38) My army for the final battle was 4 Ghost Dragons, 37 Vampire Lords 
(12 from northwest town), 22 Power Liches, 54 Wraiths and 13 Dread 
Knights. To tell you how much that army was superior, I only lost 1 
Ghost Dragon, 7 Vampire Lords, 5 Power Liches and all my Wraiths (which 
absorbed the early blows that would have normally been aimed at the 

*****             Long Live the King 4: From Day to Night
                      Map Type: HOMM 3 Campaign Map

The last scenario in the Long Live the King Campaign pits Necropolis 
forces against Castle forces in a large-sized map. You start with 3 
Necropolis towns and your opponent has 5 Castles. By building 
intelligently, we'll outproduce and overrun those Castles without even 
breaking a sweat. I finished this scenario in month 2, week 2 day 5 on 
my first play. 

0) All the bonuses are good. I took 3 Ghost Dragons myself. It will make 
your starting game easier. 

1) Your 3 starting heroes are set. They are Thant, the Animate Dead 
specialist, Vokial the Vampire specialist and Septienna the Death Ripple 
specialist. Vokial is a Death Knight of level 3 while the two others are 
Necromancers of level 2. 

2) Here are the building orders I used. You'll notice I went with the 
usual strategy of 1 town focusing on creature dwellings (which I'll call 
main or primary town) and the others on gold production (secondary 
towns). Which town you pick as the creature production capitol does not 
really matter. I'd suggest picking one where the Graveyard is already 
built or you could do like me and go with the centrally located one 
(choice taken because I did not know the map layout at the time or the 
opposition strength) 
West Necropolis where Septienna starts (gold production) 
•1) Town Hall •2) Mage Guild •3) Marketplace •4) Blacksmith •5) City 
Hall •6) Skeleton Transformer •7) Unearthed Graves 
Center Necropolis where Vokial starts (creature production) 
•1) Mage Guild •2) Graveyard •3) Estate •4) Mausoleum •5) Citadel •6) 
Hall of Darkness •7) Castle (or Dragon Vault but I recommend Castle 
because you'll only lose 1 Bone Dragon by delaying it until next week) 
East Necropolis where Thant starts (gold production) 
•1) Town Hall •2) Marketplace •3) Mage Guild (gold problems or Mage 
Guild would have been on day 2) •4) Blacksmith •5) City Hall •6) 
Skeleton Transformer •7) Unearthed Graves 
For the west or east Necropolis towns, it's quite possible to build an 
Estate around day 6 but I did not. Your building orders might be 
slightly different depending on where your heroes go and that's quite 
normal. Remember that what you want to maximise creature production in 
one town and build City Halls in the 2 others. You might have to trade a 
few resources for gold near the end of week. 

3) Did you know that by default in HOMM 3, either the first creature 
dwelling or the two first creature dwellings will be built? This is 
random unless the mapmaker sets the structures in the editor. It's 
possible the building orders in my strategies might be a little 
different than yours depending if you get the second level creature 
dwelling or not (in this case: the Graveyard). 

4) Vokial will start with the 3 Ghost Dragons (speed 14). There's just a 
small problem though...the Skeletons (speed 4) he will produce through 
necromancy will slow him down. Therefore, I suggest hiring 1 extra hero 
in each town (by day 2) and more particularly a non undead might hero in 
your center town that will lead your Ghost Dragons (and only the Ghost 
Dragons) instead of Vokial (I picked good old Crag Hack for the job). 
That way, you'll have one army that will move approximately 20 tiles 
instead of 15 each turn.

5) Week 1 is for the usual exploration of the home territory. You pick 
gold from chests, you flag mines, etc. 

6) Do not buy Walking Dead from the Graveyards on the adventure map but 
do flag them. 

7) Do not attack Griffin Conservatories in week 1. (Looks like I never 
attacked them after all even when I could have). 

8) Crag Hack (your might hero with the Ghost Dragons) should go behind 
the center Necropolis, kill the Zombies and take the gold from chests. 

9) Here's a little tip that might seem minor but that I like to do: take 
the mine before the resource pile(s) in front of it. You have limited 
movement and by picking the resource pile, you might not have enough 
movement left to flag the mine. The resource pile will be the same 
whether you pick it today or tomorrow. With the mine, you'll lose 1 or 2 
resource units if you pick it tomorrow instead of today. As the cliche 
goes, every little thing counts. 

10) The spell Cure is nice to keep your Ghost Dragons in operation a bit 
longer as are the defensive spells like Shield or Stone Skin. Cure is 
almost always more advantageous with higher-level creatures than with 
lower-level ones. I don't think I ever used it on a unit of less than 
6th level. Not a favorite spell you should cast regularly but it does 
have its uses. 

11) Haste is my favorite first level spell to get with Necropolis towns. 
You have no idea how much units you'll save in the long run just by 
being able to haste your skeletons. 

12) I combined the undead armies of Vokial and Septienna in mid-week 
(make Vokial lead the combined army). 12b) I'll rarely tell when I buy 
additional heroes after day 1 in my strategies so most of the time, it's 
better if you don't rely on me to decide when to buy them. I do try to 
hire a maximum number of heroes (8 that can move) as soon as I can 
afford them, sooner than usual if there seems to be many free paths to 
explore. By looking at my savegames, I see that I did buy a seventh hero 
by the end of week 1. Probably explains why I had to trade a few 
resources for gold also. 

13) The garrisons leading out of your home territory include 30 Pikemen, 
20 Archers, 10 Griffins and 5 Swordsmen. Would 3 Ghost Dragons be enough 
to win? The answer is yes, especially with a few statistics-boosting 
items on your hero. Attack the stack next to the Archers (Griffins more 
likely) while blocking off the Archers (so they do half-damage). 

14) Took garrison south of the center town with Crag Hack. If your own 
might hero follows the road, he'll come upon a useful Redwood 
Observatory at an intersection. 

15) Make Septienna visit all Mage Guilds so that at least one of your 
heroes has most of the level 1 spells. 

16) By the end of week 1, the majority of the "dirt" section before the 
garrisons should be explored. 

17) Week 2 begins. Make your hero with the Ghost Dragons continue east 
by road so that he clears out a second garrison (the one below the 
northeast Necropolis). 

18) Buy a ballista for Vokial at the War Machine factory. Buy a First 
Aid Tent for Crag Hack. It's possible to trade "war machines" between 

19) In week 2, one of your gold-producing secondary Necropolis towns 
should be mostly ignored (I ignored the east one). In the other 
secondary Necropolis (for me, the west one), start buying creature 
dwellings up to the Hall of the Darkness then build the Citadel (and 
possibly even the Castle if you're lucky). 

20) Every town should have the Necromancy Amplifier because each one 
boosts the necromancy skill of all your heroes by 10%. In the town you 
chose as your first creature production base (the center Necropolis for 
me), upgrade your Estate. Do buy the Town Hall later on in the week 

21) The underground is full of unprotected goodies and mines. Send in 
some scouts as soon as possible. 

22) Buy the maximum number of Vampire Lords and Black Knights (possibly 
a few Liches too if you're really rich) by day 3 of week 2 and transfer 
them to Vokial who hopefully is not too far away. 

23) Use Vokial's army to get the bunch of resources protected by the 
Pikemen (just north of the Observatory Tower) 

24) One of your scouts, exploring the dark sections of the grass 
terrain, should find a gold mine. (It's roughly southwest from the first 
garrison you cleared out). 

25) Your 2 main armies should not stay around to pick resources. That's 
a job for secondary heroes. 

26) Learn to ignore distracting resources so you can reach enemy towns 
sooner. It's what I did to reach the first red knight town, located 
center-east of the map by the end of the week. I was lucky enough to 
catch it empty but even if there had been a garrison, I'm pretty sure I 
would have won. 

27) Buy a City Hall in that new town (wait until next week if you have 

28) Hire a hero in that knight town that will pick up resources. 

29) In week 3, you should go for the Capitol in one of your towns. 

30) But first, you want to buy all troops in the primary town except 
Walking Dead, Wights (and possibly Bone Dragons). You then transfer them 
by hero chain to your hero on the front lines (Vokial or Thant according 
to your preference ;-) 

31) You might decide to upgrade the Mausoleum before buying Liches if 
you feel like it. You get 10 extra hit points and +2 speed compared to 
the standard Lich. 

32) Start taking experience more often from chests for your 3 best 
heroes (in my case Thant, Vokial and Crag Hack). 

33) Since week 2, I had 2 scouts exploring the underground. I don't 
remember them being ever menaced. 

33b) The northeast section of the underground, protected by a black 
border guard, has excellent stuff you can steal. The items given were 
not really used in my game. 

34) After your troop purchases, you should have plenty of resources and 
4 marketplaces. I traded for gold to buy the Capitol sooner (completely 
unnecessary but I had so much resources so why not ;-). 

35) Crag Hack (still with Ghost Dragons) continued south by road to the 
southeast corner. 

36) Do not attack Medusa Stores or Cyclops Stockpiles with Skeletons, or 
else they'll all get killed. Besides, you don't really need what they 
give you. 

37) Waste of good troops perhaps, but I like to give 1 Vampire Lord each 
to my squires and scouts. 

38) Start building creature dwellings in your 3rd Necropolis town. 

38b) In hindsight, those troops were never needed, you should perhaps 
keep your gold instead. If you're not too sure of your playing skills, 
do build up those dwellings. It's always good to have troop reserves in 
case something goes wrong and in more competitive maps (especially 
against humans), you'd have been happy to have them. 

39) I quite expected Crag Hack to meet some real opposition soon enough 
and he certainly did. He got ambushed by a knight army including 39 
Archers, 45 Griffins, 104 Pikemen, 14 Swordsmen and 3 Monks. Being the 
reckless Dragon I am, I decided to fight the battle anyway using Blind 
extensively. Naturally, despite his better stats, Crag Hack got beat and 
so I rehired him at my northwest Necropolis. 

40) Actually I wasn't so reckless after all... You see I had forgotten 
to leave myself enough gold to surrender with my Ghost Dragons. I was 
going to lose them anyway so why not fight and inflict as much damage as 
possible? By being just a little more careful in the southeast corner, I 
could have kept my Ghost Dragons. Try not to make the same mistake I 

41) Here's a general battle tip, which I found useful on more than one 
occasion. Your Skeletons will often be the primary targets of your 
enemies; however, it's possible to use living troops as baits to 
preserve your undead force. Just advance them enough to make a juicy 
opportunity target for the other side while other undead forces (your 
big skeleton stack) will be just close enough to pounce on the foolish 
enemy unit that thought this would be easy pickings. It doesn't always 
work but it's so satisfying when it does ;-) 

42) Attack the red town in the center by end of week 3 with Thant or 
Vokial (I suggest Thant). My army for those interested was 3 Bone 
Dragons, 10 Black Knights, 15 Power Liches, 353 Skeletons and 18 Vampire 

43) Make your troops wait but at least one stack should advance enough 
so that a knight stack inside the town stupidly opens the front gate. 
This tricks works for almost all towns. The AI who would often be better 
off staying inside his town walls as long as possible will make a 
sortie. Then with luck, you can often destroy that stack while it's 
still on the gate therefore leaving it open. 

44) Take notice how your Skeletons and the Pikemen (if some joined for 
greater glory) will absorb most of the turret shots. 

45) With Animate Dead, at the end of that battle, I had only lost 2 

46) In week 4, buy all troops in your northwest Necropolis (troops had 
been accumulating since week 2) except the Walking Dead. Also buy all 
troops in your primary town (except the Walking Dead). Combine them 
together for a massive army. I had bought around 161 Skeletons too but I 
decided to leave them behind because they would have just slowed me down 
and I did not think they would be necessary with the strong army I 
already had (see paragraph 49) 

47) Trade resources to buy the troops sooner. Leave 10 of each resource. 

48) A big red guy in the southwest corner decided to attack me. Thant 
who was still around slaughtered him. 

49) I went southeast with Crag Hack to pay a return visit to the knight 
hero who had been so rude... My army included 5 Ghost Dragons, 21 Power 
Liches, 27 Vampire Lords, 14 Black Knights and 60 Wraiths. Those were 
the troops from the 2 Necropolis towns bought earlier this week; it was 
not combined with the other big army (Thant's) already on the field. 

50) While this was going on, Thant was making his way southwest with 
about the same army, he had for capturing the town in the center of the 
map (paragraph 42) 

51) At the end of week 4, I captured the knight town in the southwest 
corner with Thant. A few days later, I captured the knight town in the 
southeast corner with Vokial (Crag Hack had transferred the troops to 
him so it could be reached sooner). 

52) In the fifth week (month 1, week 1), there was only one enemy red 
town left in the northwest corner and not its strongest one either. Only 
the clean-up phase remained. I finished the Long Live the Campaign in 
157 days for 1090 points and a rating of Dendroid Guard. (only 5 points 
less than for Liberation but who cares about silly artificial scores 
anyway ;-).


Unpublished work Copyright 1999 Joseph Andro Artanto

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([email protected]). All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged
and respected that are not specificially mentioned in this FAQ.


-New World Computing for making such a great game!
-Sebastien Patenaude (Quebec Dragon) for the strategies.
-Kao Megura, for his disclaimer.
-All other people who have posted their strategies (listed above, mainly 
in the strategy guides section).
-Other people who have sent their info, suggestion, critics, etc to me.
-You all readers, without you all, this faq is not possible!
Feel free to send info/strategies/critics/suggestion/etc to me. 
Mail me at [email protected] or by ICQ: 55139575

Unpublished work Copyright 1999 Joseph Andro Artanto.

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