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Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
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V. Basics
 Va. Storyline
 Vb. Controls
 Vc. Moves
 Vd. More Basics
VI. Characters
VII. Walkthrough
   VIIa. Geyser Rock
   VIIb. Sandover Village
   VIIc. Sentinel Beach
   VIId. Forbidden Jungle
   VIIe. Misty Island
   VIIf. Fire Canyon
   VIIg. Rock Village
   VIIh. Precursor Basin
   VIIi. Lost Precursor City
   VIIj. Boggy Swamp
   VIIk. Mountain Pass
   VIIl. Volcanic Crater
   VIIm. Snowy Mountain
   VIIn. Spider Cave
   VIIo. Lava Tube
   VIIp. Gol and Maia's Citadel


                           =-+-= V. Basics =-+-=


| Va. Storyline |

Jak & Daxter takes place in a fantasy world of what time period? I have
absolutely no clue and not too much care for that matter, so let's carry on.
For some reason that I have yet to decipher, Jak and his friend Daxter are off
in Misty Island, against "one of the wisest men on the planet"'s much better
judgment, and Daxter falls into a pool of Dark Eco, which is the most dangerous
substance on the planet. He then turns into a cross between an otter and a
weasel... a very deadly combination. So then the task is to collect Power Cells
to enable themselves to get to Gol & Maia's Citadel at the northern part of the
world, but at the same time they get involved with something far, far bigger.

| Vb. Controls |


Left Stick  - Move Jak
Right Stick - Move Camera
X           - Jump
Square      - Punch
Circle      - Spin
Triangle    - Zoom
L1          - Crouch
R1          - Crouch
L2          - Stats
R2          - Stats
Start       - Game Menu
Select      - NOTHING!

Flut Flut

Left Stick  - Move the Flut Flut
Right Stick - Move Camera
X           - Jump
X + X       - Hover
Square      - Charge
Circle      - NOTHING!
Triangle    - NOTHING!
L1          - NOTHING!
R1          - NOTHING!
L2          - Stats
R2          - Stats
Start       - Pause
Select      - NOTHING!


Left Stick  - Move the Zoomer
Right Stick - Move Camera
X           - Accelerate
Square      - NOTHING!
Circle      - NOTHING!
Triangle    - NOTHING!
L1          - Jump
R1          - Jump
L2          - Stats
R2          - Stats
Start       - Pause
Select      - NOTHING!

| Vc. Moves |

Jak is an agile character with a variety of different techniques and attacks.
He's got a lot of things he can do, and a lot of them will come to use at
different times. So with that...


You will need to use the jump in a lot of circumstances, and it's also the
simplest of moves, simply using the X button to hop into the air. Unlike Crash
Bandicoot, though, you'll really only get one use out of the jump, and that's
using it to, well, jump, and not land on the heads of enemies. Plus, even if
this was effective, then you still have your punch and your spin, so stick with
those instead of trying to pull off very unusual tactics, and you'll be good to


The most easily used and most effective skill that Jak has in his entire
arsenal, the punch is strong and can be used in conjunction with just about
everything. Used with Square, it'll give you a push forward, and what's more,
it's very good for opening things. So you'll use this quite a lot, and it's
even better if you're using it with combinations, namely the Ultimate Combo,
which is mentioned below.


The Spin is great for handling anything that's around Jak, but you won't get as
much out of it as you would the Punch. That's probably because the Punch is
better for starting combos and stuff, but the Spin is good if you're surrounded
by enemies, and need something to take everyone out. However, the Spin is also
good for gaining mobility, by jumping in the air and using the Spin in midair.
In fact, you'll use it quite a lot, so keep the Circle button handy.


The Roll is useful if you're going to use it in conjunction with a jumping
attack, but there is only ONE possible situation in which you might need to
trigger this move alone, which can be used in midrun by just tapping L1 or R1,
and that's if you're being fired at from long range, and such a thing very
rarely happens in the world of Jak & Daxter. So use it in helping for
techniques, but otherwise you won't use this much on its own.


Now here's something that you'll probably never use... if you press L1 or R1,
hold it down, and then use the analog stick, you'll begin to crawl. By doing
this you can get next to an enemy in a stealthy manner, and he probably won't
know that you're there, but why bother with that when most enemies are cinches
anyway and you can bust right through them? Yeah, BUST A MOVE! Still, it's
something else to use when the going's tough.

Head Dive

Probably the simplest of the combination attacks, you can trigger the Head
Dive by pressing X so that you jump into the air, and then descending with
Square. It's hard to believe this isn't really one of the "main line" attacks,
those being the Punch and Spin, because you'll use this a lot. It's very
effective in taking enemies out, and let me guarantee that it proves its use
against enemies that move a lot. You'll use this a lot, trust me.

Roll Jump

An essential move in which you will need to use a LOT (Spider Cave comes to
mind; just try getting through that place without Roll Jumping), you can do this
by simply rolling by moving and pressing L1 or R1, and then jumping into the
air with X. You'll get a much longer range of jump, just not much altitude.
However, there is a risk in doing this. That is, if you're too close to the edge
of a cliff and then roll, you'll probably fall off. So you need to be careful
when you do this.

You'll also need to watch out, that you don't land into anything nasty. But if
the Roll Jump isn't enough for you, you can add stuff onto it by just pressing
Circle at the end of the jump, if there's enough time. If you do a full Roll
Jump with a spin at the end, there should be pretty much no distance that you
can't make.

Double Jump

You'll never really get much use of the Double Jump because there's a jumping
technique that's quite a bit better, that being the Crouch Jump, but to execute
it, just jump in the air, and then just press X again to add some altitude into
it. The only reason that you'd use this instead of the Crouch Jump is if you
want to move while jumping, so use it as you will. I, personally, would prefer
to use the Crouch Jump, though.

Crouch Jump

A higher jump than the Double Jump, to do this all you need to do is press L1
or R1 while STANDING STILL, then jumping with the X button. Be noted right now
that if you're moving while pressing L1 or R1 and then X, you'll do a Roll Jump,
and they're two completely different things. =) The Crouch Jump goes higher
than the Double Jump, but there's no distance that it'll travel, really, and you
can't move while using it. Still, I use it more than the Double Jump.


I can think of a good instance in which you will have to use the Uppercut, and
that's in Sentinel Beach, when you're punching the pillars up so that you can
use them from above. So in using this, all you need to do is press L1 or R1,
and then use Square. I think there's another way to use it, but this is the
simplest way to do it. The best use for it is punching those pillars up, but
it's also good for flying enemies, or ones that are too high up in the air to
convenience you naturally.

Ultimate Combo

This is the best of the best, the strongest of the strongest, and the ultimate
thing that you can use that doesn't involve Yellow Eco. Start by doing a punch
with the Square button, and then tapping X to jump into the air with an
uppercut. Now land down with the Square button, which is already enough damage
as it is, but you can even add one last spin on to it with Circle. And after
that, you can finish it off with a punch (Square), and then you can just start
the whole thing allll over again.

So to put it simply, this one is hard to utilize correctly, and you'll have to
be past and use a bit of muscle memory to get it all down, and you can destroy
pretty much ANYTHING with this. So practice a little bit, and you'll dominate
anything that you fight.

| Vd. More Basics |

Alright, now here's the real part of the basics besides all that mushy bare
bones stuff. ;) Jak & Daxter has three "worlds", those being the Green Sage's,
the Blue Sage's, and the Red Sage's (there are realistically four, but one is
so small it kinda fits into the Red Sage's). Each one consists of the "home
world", an "entrance level", those being Geyser Rock, Fire Canyon, Mountain
Pass, and if you count another level, Lava Tube, and three other levels. The
Red Sage's world has two, however, unless you count Lava Tube or the final

Your main goal is to collect Power Cells and Precursor Orbs. Power Cells are
the true embodiment of this game; you need to collect a total of 20 to get to
the Blue Sage's world, 45 to get to the Red Sage's, 72 to get out of the Red
Sage's, and you need to get four more in the final world. You can collect these
by doing tasks like giving Precursor Orbs to people, discovering secrets, or in
some cases, progressing through the level. They're not usually that hard to get
except for some secrets.

Precursor Orbs can be found scattered around areas, and they can be exchanged
for power cells by giving 90 to villagers, or 120 to oracles, which are found
in the home worlds. In addition to these, there are seven Scout Flies in each
level, and if you collect all of them, you'll pick up another Power Cell. But
anyways, to aid you in your quest you'll find assorted bundles, as well as
vents of energy, known in this game as Eco. There are five kinds of Eco (there
are actually six, but we won't venture into that yet), listed here.

Green Eco

Green Eco is the most essential, and definitely the best Eco that you'll find
in the entire game. It's the energy of health, so the more Green Eco that you
have, the more healthy you are. You have three points of health, so if you take
three hits, you die, unless you have 50 small bundles in addition, so then you
can take four hits. There are two kinds of Green Eco, small and large. If you
collect 50 small bundles, which are scattered around the world, you'll get an
extra hit point, or one large bundle will get you that hit point back right

For the reason of Green Eco alone, I'd recommend that you open any treasure
chest that you find, as they usually have 3-4 Green Eco bundles in there alone.
Green Eco is different from the other types in that you won't get an energy bar
for it, but just note that if you enter one of the very rare vents of Green Eco
in this game, you'll instantly get four hit points restored right there. =) So
if you haven't grasped the message yet, Green Eco is very important.

Blue Eco

In relative terms, Blue Eco is the "best" Eco in the game if you don't count
Green Eco. It's the energy of motion; with Blue Eco you're faster, probably a
little bit stronger, and you can use the techniques that you have quite a bit
more easily. It's also the most common Eco, and you'll find vents for it
everywhere. That is, if you unlock the vents in Forbidden Jungle, which will
make Blue Eco vents open all over the world. Make sure you do that, and you'll
be forever thankful.

Besides making you a lot faster and such, Blue Eco is also necessary for
fiddling with devices. There are a lot of these in Lost Precursor City, as a
good example. These include power devices, doors, and launchers (Sentinel Beach
cries out as an example here). Also, you can use them to unlock the assorted
platform here and there that'll open and reveal a lot of Precursor Orbs. So in
short, Blue Eco rocks.

Red Eco

Red Eco is probably the most useless Eco in the game, but it'll give you the
energy of, well... power. With Red Eco, you can smash through just about
anything except metal chests, which is one of the reasons Yellow Eco is so much
better than Red. But anyways, you'll become far stronger with Red Eco, and you
can beat most enemies in just a single hit. And it'll even give your attacks a
slightly longer range (i.e. your punch will go a little further if you're
boosted with Red Eco).

However, there are catches. Red Eco is very rare; you'll find it in Misty
Island, Snowy Mountain, and... well, that's just about it. As well as that, you
will become slightly more vulnerable if you're using this to punch through
enemies, but that's only to be expected. And what's more, Red Eco will even
slow you down. Ever notice that you run faster normally without Red Eco than
with? So it's a nice boost when you use it, plus you can smash right through
shielded enemies, but it's the least useful Eco.

Yellow Eco

Another extremely useful type of Eco, Yellow Eco will give you the power of...
well, range. It's much better than Red Eco, in my opinion, because not only
will it give you pretty much the exact same power that Red Eco will, but you
can shoot the power out. So you can just aim and fire. Boggy Swamp is a great
example of where you'll find Yellow Eco and need to use it to aim. And another
excellent thing about Yellow Eco is that you can break metal chests with it.
It WILL slow you down just as much as Red Eco, but all the same, it's great.

Dark Eco

This is to be AVOIDED by all means! Dark Eco can be found in two different
ways: there are occasionally large bodies of it (Spider Cave, anyone?), as well
as individual chests that contain Dark Eco. If you even run into a Dark Eco
chest, it'll just explode in your face and damage you. And if you fall into a
large body of Dark Eco, it won't just be turning into something small and
fuzzy; you'll die right there. So AVOID Dark Eco completely and entirely.


                          =-+-= VI. Characters =-+-=


I'm not going to go ahead and spoil every single character you'll meet in
Jak & Daxter, but here are just a few of the more important characters.

|        JAK        |

Jak is the calm, cool, and more silent of the two. Or actually, we have no
flippin' clue of what Jak's personality is, unless you play Jak II or Jak III,
but we won't go there. We know very little about Jak overall unless you play
into further games, but for now I'll say that he's the offensive of the two.
You'll play as him for the entire game, and his main line of attacks is in
martial arts. Or whatever you want to call it.

|       DAXTER      |

Daxter is the exact opposite of Jak; he's loud, outspoken, and you at least
know a little bit about him. He's Jak's friend, and at Misty Island with him,
fell into a pool of Dark Eco to turn into an otter-like thingy with orange fur.
And as you can guess, he's not entirely pleased with this. You'll never get a
chance to play as him in the original game, but for now he hangs around on Jak's
back and gives him "advice".ÊOr so we call it.

|       SAMOS       |

Samos is one of the four (or five or six, if you count Gol and Maia) sages of
Eco, thus one of the wisest men on the planet, and he's the ruler of Green Eco.
It would seem that he takes care of Jak and Daxter, or at least a little more
than Jak's uncle does, although we never learn why Jak and Daxter are always
with Samos. He has very low expectations for both Jak and Daxter, and is
generally very strict and short-tempered.

|       KEIRA       |

Keira is Samos's daughter, if you could believe that, because they have entirely
different personalities (while Keira is calm and sweet, Samos is angry and
loud). But anyway, Keira is a mechanical genius and has the potential to be a
future sage, even if she isn't exactly the smartest when it comes to dressing
oneself. And obviously, she has a bit of a crush on Jak but somewhat of a
dislike for Daxter.

|        GOL        |

Gol is a sage and a master of Dark Eco, but mainly because of his involvement
in the subject (at least, so we think), he lives to the far north and hasn't
been seen for ages. So he and his sister haven't been spoken to in ages, but he
is the only person who has the power to change Daxter back into a human. All the
same, you can't help but think Gol might have become a little occupied in a
subject like Dark Eco.


                          =-+-= VII. Walkthrough =-+-=


Well here ya go. Here's the meat and bones of the guide itself. Just note that I
tend to throw my incredibly asinine sense of humor into the guide, so if you're
going to complain to me about that, you're asking I empty myself out. Besides
that, there should be nothing else... this guide will be as spoiler-free as I
can make it, except for the first few things, of course. With that, I've
rambled enough. Walkthrough time.

|| VIIa. GEYSER ROCK                                                        ||

The classic first level that we all appreciate, and such. Geyser Rock is, quite
obviously, the first and easiest level that the game will throw at you, but an
introductory note first. I'm going to take you from power cell to power cell
here. Not something you expect in my walkthroughs, but I'll detail one power
cell and then move on to the next. So with that, TRUE walkthrough time.

Find The Cell On The Path

Really no easier than this... you'll start right outside Samos's hut, and you
have a clear path to follow. You might as well get a feeling to how Jak controls
right now, though, since later you'll NEED to know it, obviously. Kick, punch,
and do whatever else comes to mind, and then jump up the steps in front of you.
There are a few Precursor Orbs on it, in which Keira will at once introduce. If
you see any of these, make sure you pick them up. They can be traded for power
cells, which are quite obviously the essence of Jak & Daxter.

So anyway, continue jumping up the steps, and then follow on the path a little
bit, and Jak will shortly come to a pit of spikes in front of him. You'll need
to avoid things like these, as they'll take quite a bit of green eco off of you.
But with that, you can go under the bridge to collect the power cell, and when
the need comes, take the steps above you.

Open the Precursor Door

M'kay, let's just hope that you didn't have any problems doing that. Once
you've done that, beat any enemies that are nearby, and make sure that you
check around to collect the Precursor Orbs. They're a great source of getting
Power Cells, and the best you can get as of now, so get any that you can find.
Just a little bit past there, you'll find the seven scout flies. Refer down
below to find out where they are, but MAKE SURE that you get all of them!
These are very easy to collect, so that's one worry off of you.

Here you can take a left and find Blue Eco on the path. The door that we have
to open requires Blue Eco, but don't bother trying to open it with this. All
the same, enjoy having this Blue Eco, since it'll make you a lot faster, and
make collecting and breaking things much quicker and easier. Now continue to
follow the path until you find the Precursor Door. Now it's time to open it.
Ready for DIFFICULTY?!

Simply follow the path beyond the door, and you'll find a Blue Eco vent there.
These are incredibly useful when you see them, so make use of them as they'll
always have something you have to do with them. Soak some Eco from this one,
head back, and stand next to the door. Easy as that; the Power Cell will be
right in front of you.

Climb Up The Cliff

Having done that, head over to the platforms on the right, and climb up the
cliff above. Ignore the water below unless you want to pick up the Precursor
Orbs there, and especially avoid water in the outside world. Because as we all
know, there's this law of life that water and small, fuzzy mammals like Daxter
are enemies. So might as well obey it and just head up the platforms, and on
that ledge there, take a right across the bridge.

Follow the path, and soon you'll reach a circle of small Green Ecos, which are
always good. Collect 50 of them and that's a whole health point restored, so...
whoop-de-doo there. Don't forget to get the Precursor Orbs that are above the
platforms here, by doing a large jump with R1 and X. And with that, jump over
to the left, and you'll find the Power Cell there. Hmph, some cliff. From there,
you can use the platform there to descend to the ground, and use the teleport
to return to Samos's lab. But not before...

Free 7 Scout Flies

To get this (which should have been done before getting the last two Power
Cells), simply headbash the red crates that hold the Scout Flies. They're much
harder in the future, but these are all gathered together.

1. Right ahead of the Power Cell across the spike pit at the very beginning of
   the level.
2. Near the tree there, a little bit in front of the last Scout Fly.
3. Up one step to the left, in front of that last Scout Fly.
4. Up the second step; still quite close to the last Scout Fly.
5. Right near that one is another Scout Fly.
6. One step down from there is another Scout Fly.
7. At the top of the steps is the final one.

And with that done, you should be fully ready to move on from Geyser Rock and
enter some slightly harder terrain. Congrats on your first level completed, but
if you're still missing Precursor Orbs, you may want to check either near the
second Power Cell, or at the beach at the very, very beginning of the level.
If you can fully investigate that, Geyser Rock should be completely wrapped up.

  VIIb. SANDOVER VILLAGE                                                    ||

The first "home world" of Jak & Daxter, Sandover Village is a fairly simple
area. Let's just hope that you're collecting Precursor Orbs, however, since to
get all the Power Cells here, you need 420 of them. And they don't exactly
generate from the mind. With that in our knowledge, let's go on.

Bring 90 Orbs to the Mayor

From that teleport gate in whence you entered from, head down the path just
outside of the hut, and make your way down to the main area. A majority of this
place consists of houses, and one of them around the center of the area is the
mayor's house, and he has two Precursor Orbs to offer. You'll know that it's
him when you see a man in a light red suit and a blue moustache. What an odd
combination. But anyways, you can give 90 Precursor Orbs as a donation for one
Power Cell, and connect the village energy beams for another.

Bring 90 Orbs to Your Uncle

Oh wait, did I mention the village energy beams? Ah yes, I'll get to that later.
Meanwhile, once you get another 90 Precursor Orbs, you can go to the house
that's right nearby the mayor's house and talk to Jak's uncle, who will offer a
Power Cell for 90 Precursor Orbs. You can concentrate on getting these Power
Cells after you finish one or both of Sentinel Beach or Forbidden Jungle, so
don't be too concerned with this right now.

Herd The Yakows Into The Pen

With that, there's a sandy area with green grassy steps near it (those lead to
the Fire Canyon), which also is NOT the beach, it's taking the path which is
close to the beach, however. Follow that path to find two more houses nearby;
one of them is the house of a birdwatcher who will give you a Power Cell if you
can push the egg of a Flut Flut to the ground and break it, but we'll get to
that soon enough. For now, head further on to find a farmer sitting outside his
house, sleeping, and talking to himself.

As much as people like this annoy, speak with him and he says he'll give you a
Power Cell if you can get his yakows into the pen there. There are five yakows
which are scattered around this area, and if you punch 'em into place, they'll
follow into the yakow pen. But together with this, I'd recommend climbing the
grassy steps behind the farmer's house to get the few Precursor Orbs that hang
around there, but don't head beyond there. It's Fire Canyon, and it burns. In a
bad way.

So anyway, about these yakows. There are two right near the pen itself, so you
can just punch them and they'll probably go to the pen instantly. And with them
done, there's another one right up ahead, in front of the Forbidden Jungle. So
just lead it over to the pen, and then take a right to reach the water itself,
where there are two yakows just waiting to be led back. And with that easy task
finished, talk to the farmer again for a Power Cell. Sweet.

Bring 120 Orbs To The Oracle

You read that right, 120 Orbs; that's far beyond what you want to try for right
now. But anyway, there are some very large steps near the entrance to Forbidden
Jungle, in which you can reach with the R1 + X jump, so once you get to one of
them, jump up to the next one, and you'll find some Precursor Orbs there. From
there, you'll need to do roll leaps by getting a running start and then using
R1 + X. After a couple of those, on your left you'll have a Scout Fly and a
straight path to the oracle, who wants 120 orbs.

Bring 120 Orbs To The Oracle

So, 120 orbs later, you'll have to repeat the process and get another 120 orbs.
My recommendation is that you just forget this for now and finish the other
three levels before doing this. That way, you can complete Sandover Village,
forget about it, and just move on to something else without having to make your
way back to the oracle. So forget about this for now.

Free 7 Scout Flies

1. There's one in the fisherman's house. So that you know which one it is: it's
   near the dock, full of fish and nets, and empty.
2. In a side room of the mayor's house, one of these is lying around. It's
   across from the fisherman's house; you can't miss it.
3. There's a bridge that leads to the sculptor's house (that is near Sentinel
   Beach). Under it is a Scout Fly.
4. Look near the entrance to Sentinel Beach, at the beachy area below. There's
   another Scout Fly there.
5. Inside the farmer's house. He's the one below Fire Canyon and closest to
   Forbidden Jungle.
6. Climbing up the cliff that leads to the Fire Canyon, you can find a Scout
   Fly at the top.
7. This last one is on the exact same ledge that the oracle is on. But you do
   NOT have to climb up there an additional time. ;)

All the Precursor Orbs in Sandover Village are easy to get. Just make sure that
you get the ones on the cliff behind the farmer's house, near the path that
leads to Fire Canyon, and the ones near the oracle and Forbidden Jungle, as
those are a tad easy to miss.

  VIIc. SENTINEL BEACH                                                      ||

This is an incredibly easy level in which you should have little to no problems
with, but once again I will state that I am a very kind individual and will
walk you through it anyway. Gotta love me.

Unblock The Eco Harvesters

So, from where you left Sandover Village near the sculptor's house, follow the
steps down a little bit, and note that there are lamps nearby. Your primary
destination, which is the eco harvesters, can be accessed very easily by just
following these lamps. But either way, there's some Blue Eco and assorted
treasure chests here, so make sure you pick up everything. Continue to follow
this beach path, and eventually you will come to a fork which isn't instantly
apparent, but definitely exists.

You can continue to follow the path over to the left, or you can climb up the
wheel on the right. The path on the left will lead over to some metal treasure
chests, but will leave you susceptible to bombs which are being shot from a
cannon on a tower in the distance. There's also a pelican here, and I believe I
have stated in numerous guides how much I hate video game birds, but you can try
to collect the Power Cell there, and the pelican will collect it with its damn
floppy beak, and you can go chase it. Always a beginning to a new Power Cell.

And if you take that path, you can continue up the steps there, so that'll be
all for that path. If you use the wheel, which is probably easier, you'll come
to some moles which burrow in the ground and occasionally come out to attack.
They're very little realistic problems, however, so don't worry about them. If
you continue a bit from there, you can drop down and get the Explore the Beach
Power Cell, which is always quite nice, but let's worry about the Unlock the
Eco Harvesters Power Cell now.

That path will then end, and you can head up the steps there for some Precursor
Orbs. From there, take the path over a little to the left, and you'll find the
five eco harvesters, which are all blocked by stone. It's very fragile stone at
that, as you can simply charge it and it'll break. Plus it's Green Eco vents,
which will fully restore your health. =) Head up the steps and follow along to
break the all of them, and the last one will drop a Power Cell. Not too hard,

Push The Flut Flut Egg Off The Cliff

Yet another easy Power Cell, this one will follow the path directly after the
last one. Simply follow the path that leads up past the hill with the Eco
Harvesters, and follow it a little bit to get some Blue Eco. Hang onto it,
because there's one of those platform devices that, once charged with some blue
stuff, will rise and reveal a lot of Precursor Orbs. There are some jumps that
you'll have to make along this path, so make sure you're always looking at the
ground below you.

At the end of the path, make sure you get all the Precursor Orbs that will be
revealed upon the impact of the platform device, and then charge into the huge
egg there thrice. Quite a big egg, and quite a big beast, but you'll know that
you had to do this if you spoke with the birdwatcher earlier. She'll tell you to
meet her down there after you push the egg down, but all you have to do is just
drop down, and she'll give you a Power Cell. This task is very important, not
just for the Power Cell, but it'll give you access to the Flut Flut in the
future. So make sure you do this!

Get The Power Cell From The Pelican

REVENGE AGAINST THE PELICAN! Yeah, I hate creatures like that too. You'll need
to head back, around where the entrance of Sentinel Beach began in the first
place, and once you get to the, well, beach, you'll find the pelican flying
around. Once again, I'll remind you that the Explore the Beach Power Cell is
right between the steps and the hill up there, but for now, walk up to that
Power Cell that's just lying around, below the pelican. He'll swoop it up with
his beak, and you'll have to retrieve it. There are two ways of doing this.

Method #1
This is easily the harder of the two methods, but it'll work, regardless. Swim
over to the pelican's nest, in which it'll fly to after you try to take the
Power Cell, and don't worry about the sharks. They don't like the shallow water
that you're swimming in, so they won't bother you. However, there are some
Precursor Orbs around, so make sure that you get those on the way. In any case,
get to the bird's nest, and punch the pelican to get him to spit that Power
Cell out... quite a long way.

Now you'll have to race him to the Power Cell, but this is quite an easy task.
Start by doing a roll jump down into the water, so that you can gain some
distance quickly. Add your spin onto it, and you'll practically be halfway
there. And once you get to the surface, the Power Cell will be right there, and
the pelican will be taken care of for good. Yeah, this method is more fun than
the other one, but Method #2 is easier. Your choice.

Method #2
I will state right here and now that you need to have turned on the Blue Eco
vents in Forbidden Jungle if you want to do this. So if you're following this
guide in order, then you'll have to go with Method #1. But for some literal
easiness, follow up on the Launch Up To The Cannon Tower Power Cell (wow, that
is an unintentional and thoroughly original rhyme made by yours truly), so that
you get up to the cannons. It's Blue Eco, of course, but with the cannon, you
can just blast the pelican on its nest with the bombs, and make your way down to
its nest and get the Power Cell.

It's easy whichever method that you use, but if you're planning on doing the
Launch Up To The Cannon Tower Power Cell right now, then I'd go with Method #2
to do everything all at once.

Chase The Seagulls

From here, you'll have to make your way over to the far part of the beach
itself. To do this, start from the pelican's nest, and roll over to where the
pelican WOULD have spit the Power Cell out if you used Method #1, and here
you'll find the three sentinels that give this place its name. And crowding
around the first one are a huge flock of seagulls. That's two video game bird
scenarios in one level, so strike two for you, Naughty Dog. Oh well, they're
the only ones in the game.

Once you get to that sentinel, the seagulls will get scared and instantly fly
away. FOR GOOD JUSTICE, I SAY! Follow them to the second sentinel, and then
they'll just fly away to the third. Also note that there are Precursor Orbs
behind these sentinels, and you can get the Climb The Sentinel Power Cell by
simply jumping up the stairs here. But anyway, when they're on the third
sentinel, you can follow and they'll cause an avalanche. Just how did THIS
happen? Either way, the Power Cell is near the Green Eco harvesters.

Launch Up To The Cannon Tower

I will make a note of it right here so that you can notice it: YOU HAVE TO HAVE
CELL! See it, know it, understand it, apply it? Good. From there, head on to
where the sentinels are.

Nearby, there's a platform you can climb to, with a Blue Eco vent and a launcher
there, so get some juice from the vent and use the launcher to get to the
platform there. And from there, use the next launcher to get to the next
platform. You can really skip around here, but there are some metal chests on
the launcher platforms, so you'll want to land on all of them to make sure that
you aren't missing anything. Note that you can't use your punch to break them
open, so you'll need to land on them.

Making sure that all the platforms are clear of Precursor Orbs, use the
remaining few launchers to get to the large platform at the center of the area,
and take out the two Lurkers that are there, just waiting for you to give them
the punch of death. And a Power Cell will drop out from there; not only that,
but you have the cannon at your disposal. Make sure that if the Lurker didn't
do it for you, you blast open the metal chests near where the pelican used to
be. Or you can use this for Method #2 of Get The Power Cell From The Pelican.

Explore The Beach

This Power Cell really could not be any easier to find, similar to the next one.
And it's a wonder why they put this after Launch Up To The Cannon Tower, but
whoops, I'm babbling. Start from the beginning of the whole area, or where the
pelican is. From there, advance towards the grassy steps that go upwards, and
take a right. It's hidden a little bit in there, below the plateau above and the
grassy steps, but there's a Power Cell in plain view once you turn around. And
the next one is even EASIER.

Climb The Sentinel

Head back to the beach itself, where the three sentinels are. Going from left to
right, you can climb the stairs on the first one to get a Scout Fly, and the
stairs on the second one to get a Power Cell. The third one loses out by not
having any, but hey, that's not even all of it. Explore behind them to find the
odd Precursor Orb here and there, and that's all the main Power Cells. Yeah, the
seventh one was a lucky joke.

Free 7 Scout Flies

1. Right at the entrance, mixed in with a lot of other chests. It's easiest to
   break with Blue Eco.
2. A little bit before the Flut Flut egg. Once again, you'll probably have Blue
   Eco and will be able to get this one easily.
3. Across from the pelican's nest, and on a branch from the path that goes to
   the Green Eco harvesters.
4. On the top of the first sentinel, this one is simply lying there. Can't
   forget the Power Cell on the second one either.
5. On the path going to the Green Eco harvesters, and near the waterfall, you'll
   find this one near some other boxes.
6. This one can be found with #7, if you look across from the sentinels, in the
   watery area with the poles sticking up. There are two of them here, and if
   you use your uppercut, you can punch them up so you can collect two Scout
   Flies above. Use the uppercut three times on each of them, and then head to
   the area with the Green Eco harvesters, and jump on either of them to climb
   up to a Scout Fly.
7. Whichever one you didn't take that time, you can now climb up the other pole
   and get the other one. Don't forget the Precursor Orbs either.

There aren't that many difficult Precursor Orbs to obtain in this place. Just
make sure that you get the ones that are underwater (they surround the pelican's
nest for the most part), the ones at the back of the sentinels, and the ones
that are in the metal chests. Remember that to break those open, you'll need
bombs. And once you finish that up, you can leave Sentinel Beach and head on to
Forbidden Jungle, which you'll have to do anyway if you want the Launch Up To
The Cannon Tower Power Cell anyway.

  VIId. FORBIDDEN JUNGLE                                                    ||

Forbidden Jungle is far, far greater in both the enjoyment and the difficulty
factor, than Sentinel Beach. It's far longer, more diverse, and harder than
Sentinel Beach, and as you progress through Jak & Daxter, that's exactly how
you'll like it. Forbidden Jungle features one of the game's three bosses, and
you'll just have to finish up Forbidden Jungle to finish Sentinel Beach, or get
to Misty Island. So dig into this place and enjoy it; it's not as complicated as
it might seem at first glance, and it's just a fun place.

Connect The Eco Beams

Remember talking to the mayor, earlier in Sandover Village? He said he'd give
you a Power Cell if you could redirect the energy beam to his house, so let's
start doing that right now. When you first enter Forbidden Jungle itself (that
is, you're still on the beach), hop up the step in front of you, then to the one
on the right, and then walk a little bit over to the left and use the bridge to
get to the other side. Some planks are missing from it, so make sure that you
jump the gaps.

After you get past that bridge, Jak has a fork in front of him. In interest of
simplicity, you can head over to the left to get closer to the Eco beam, but
if you want everything else, make sure you take the right. There's lots of
Precursor Orbs, as well as a Scout Fly there, so you won't complete this place
unless you also go there. So once you finish up with the path on the right,
return to that fork and take a left to advance further into the heart of
Forbidden Jungle. I already love this place.

Once you get past there, you've got another bridge, with yet some more planks
missing from it. If you fall down here, you can get started on the Catch 200
Pounds Of Fish mini-game Power Cell, so remember this bridge. But for now,
keep on going to the other side, and follow the path until Jak gets to yet
another fork. It's again, a left and right, but before that, make sure that you
climb the platforms in the middle and do a power jump to get as many Precursor
Orbs as possible, even if you can't get all of them now.

If you take a left, you'll immediately find some Dark Eco chests. KEEP AWAY
from these things, or you'll just get a health point exploding away. Instead,
use the little trampoline there and get any loot that lies on that little ledge
there, and then return to the fork and take a right to reach another bridge
with several planks missing. Here, I would really recommend that you fall
through one of the spaces in the bridge, because that'll make the going to the
Power Cell easier.

On the ground there, you'll find some assorted things, including Lurkers and
Dark Eco chests, so make sure to be alert of all that. Follow the path along
the river, until you find several bundles of Blue Eco, and eventually a
launcher at the end. However, if you follow the river out of the canyon, the
Blue Eco still in your possession, you can head out a little bit, find a Power
Cell on that lone platform (see the Power Cell: Follow The Canyon to the Sea),
and with the Blue Eco, gather some Precursor Orbs below. Sweet overall.

But anyway, with that Blue Eco we'll really have to use that launcher. It's
not that strong, but with some blue juice in you, use it to reach the ledge
above, where you'll see a huge machine in front of you, a locked Precursor
door on the right, and some pistons which are moving up and down, and you can
climb to get to the top of the machine. Might as well use those, as that's the
only thing you can do now that directly relates to what we're doing.

The pistons, like I said, are moving up and down, so when the one you're on
ascends while the next one descends, make sure you jump from one to one, and
don't jump to the machine itself until the third piston. Once on the machine,
walk forward while being careful not to fall off, and smash the mirror in front
of you. With that, the eco beam will be directed below, and you'll have to
manually guide it all the way back to the village, which is a royal pain. But
anyways, I'll explain.

You'll have to activate five towers, and direct the beam on it to the next
tower. The first tower is directly below the machine, so just jump right down
and direct that beam in the direction that the flame in the center of the
target points, and then you have another one to fiddle with. This one's not too
bad; head to the end of the machine (the side with the pistons), and jump to
the jungle area there, where you can take care of that one.

The next tower is near the Precursor tower, and also close to the jungle, so
you'll have to do a large jump from the nearby surrounding area to get up
there. But once you get that done, the next one is below, quite easy to locate,
and quite easy to point the beam at. It's below, near the spike traps, and
closer to the entrance of the area itself. Now direct that one in the direction
of the beach, and we get yet one more tower that we need to concern ourselves
with. Don't worry, this is the LAST one. For real.

Take all of those bridges back to the beach at the very beginning of Forbidden
Jungle (practically overlapping Sandover Village), and point that beam at the
windmill in front of the mayor's house. And just as Daxter points it, the mayor
owes you big time, cuz we're STILL not done. You DO have to make your way all
the way back to the mayor's house to claim your Power Cell. Whew, at least that
one's finished with.

Get To The Top Of The Temple

Alright, now start from either that machine, or the bridge that I told you to
fall through. If you're starting from the back side of the machine (the side
with the pistons), head to the front side of it, and you'll notice some steps
that go over to the left, and down. So just take those, and it'll take you
straight to your destination. Or if you're near that bridge, just take it and
follow the path right to the broken bridge below, and a Blue Eco vent there.
The latter is a rarity now... but soon it won't be.

So anyway, soak up the Blue Eco and stand next to the gap that's in between you
now and the temple in the distance, and then the energy will cause the pieces
below to form a bridge that'll lead to the other side! Great, great. It does
have a lot of holes in it, though, so jump across carefully. Once you reach the
other side, Blue Eco still in possession, you're immediately faced with two
trampolines, thus a fork. For now, take the right one, and you'll be on a path
on the outside of the temple.

Follow it a bit, and it'll end with some Precursor Orbs and a Scout Fly. See,
told you I always take the less relevant one first. =P Make sure you jump
carefully across that walkway on the outside of the temple, because if you fall
off, not only will it take a bit off your health, but it'll be quite long making
it all the way back up to the temple again. So stay on one side of the bridge
and get to and back carefully, and after you have the Scout Fly, take the left

On the ledge you land on here, open the chests to get some Blue Eco, and
continue moving up. Now you'll be further up on the temple, but we're still not
there yet, are we? Still, there's a Blue Eco vent here, so use it to proceed
further up the temple, proceeding from ledge to ledge, until you find the top
itself, where you need to use your last bit of Blue Eco to provide energy to the
three floating platforms here... now the nasty jumping begins. When a platform
gets close to another, that's when you jump. Do NOT fall off the top of the
temple! Quite infuriating when that happens. When the third platform reaches its
peak, grab the Power Cell at the top.

Find The Blue Vent Switch

But it turns out that the top of the temple was a bit more than that... stand
in the center, where the blue button is, and it'll fall in and take you into the
temple itself. Yep, the place full of almighty secrets. I think I'll just hide
in here in the darkness and as you proceed through the next hall, whisper all
the things that you never wanted anyone else to know. HAHA, I BE A VERY EVIL

Just kidding about that. There's really only one way to go from here, and that's
through the hallway that is missing quite a bit of the floor (apparently), and
has an ocean's blend of color. The platform at the entrance will constantly tip
over, so jump across it carefully, and on to the next ledge. Forward, you have
some platforms which move from left to right, and some Precursor Orbs at the
sides. To get these, do a power jump when the platforms get to the walls.

One thing you have to watch out for is that you don't do a power jump and just
land in the void below, because that be bad. But wouldn't there a basement in
this place? Hmph, that just shows what I know. The path will then turn to the
right, and you can jump a few more platforms with some caution, and you can take
either of two paths to reach a Power Cell on top of a large machine. But once
you take that, the whole room will fill up with blue, and Blue Eco vents will
open all over the world! AWESOME!

Defeat The Dark Eco Plant

Yeah, we're soon to fight the first boss that this game has to offer, but there
are a couple things to do before we take care of that. Take the path through
the hallway that you just finished (either that, or you can just fall through
the floor and you'll be instantly returned to the center of the room), and you
will find Blue Eco spurting out everywhere! Use the Blue Eco, however, to open
the door there and use the launcher there. You'll then jump up and collect five
Precursor Orbs that are caught in the air.

As strange as that is, you just got 1/18 of what it takes to get a new Power
Cell. So hip-hip hooray there. Return to the center of the room, get some Blue
Eco, and then jump up to the ledge above, with the blue light coming from it.
Nope, it's not another large Blue Eco machine. Make sure you use the launcher
for another 1/18 of what it takes to pay someone for more Power Cells, and jump
across those platforms carefully. Because at the end of that hall, you'll face
the boss. As I always say it... BOSS TIME!

\\ BOSS: Dark Eco Plant \\ Difficulty: Easy                                 \\
|| Ah, yes. What would just about any game be without a good share of boss  ||
|| fights? Jak & Daxter has only three, but they can all be appreciated for ||
|| what they are. The Dark Eco Plant is a rather simple enemy, and just like||
|| the other two bosses in which you'll fight later, you can't just damage  ||
|| it at any time. But I'll get to that in a minute; it'll start the fight  ||
|| off by sending a porcupine out to chase you.                             ||
||                                                                          ||
|| DON'T just charge at this porcupine, or you'll just get hurt yourself,   ||
|| and have to go back after it while you're temporarily invincible. Just   ||
|| wait around, and pretty soon the thorns will go down. Charge, spin, or   ||
|| headbash the porcupine to get rid of it, and then the Dark Eco Plant will||
|| root up and let some flowers grow, which will serve as stairs up to its  ||
|| "head". Must be some pretty hard flowers if you can use them as stairs,  ||
|| but climb up anyway.                                                     ||
||                                                                          ||
|| At the top here, charge right into the Dark Eco Plant's head, and it'll  ||
|| shake in da MAD PAIN. Feel the groove of it all. And with that being     ||
|| done, it'll send two more porcupines out to chase you. Once again, jump  ||
|| over them and avoid them until the thorns go down, and then charge them. ||
|| Also don't get too close to the plant's head, or it'll swoop down and it ||
|| bites, let me tell ya. Repeat this process twice, the second time having ||
|| to deal with three porcupines, and the Dark Eco Plant, and the roots     ||
|| that stick out around Forbidden Jungle, and memories.                    ||

And after you beat the Dark Eco Plant, he'll drop out a Power Cell, and not only
that, but the roots won't be sticking out all over the Forbidden Jungle, so that
is one less enemy to deal with. Make sure that before you leave, you jump on the
Dark Eco Plant's head five times to claim five respective Precursor Orbs. Yeah,
those are really hard to miss, so make sure you get them. There's a Blue Eco
vent here, so soak up some blue, and use the launcher there to get yet some more
orbs, and leave the temple for good. Oh yay, back to the jungle.

Catch 200 Pounds Of Fish

Close to where you are, and also close to where the entrance is, there's the
second bridge, in which I told you to remember earlier. Look down below there,
and see if there's a river there with a fisherman sitting near it with a basket.
That's where you need to be; jump down there, and talk to the fisherman, who
will give you a Power Cell and let you borrow his boat, if you catch 200 pounds
of fish. This Power Cell is absolutely essential to collect, because you NEED
to do this to get to Misty Island. And directly, you HAVE to do this to get to
Fire Canyon.

This mini-game is fairly simple. You have a net, and your objective is to get
the pounds of fish collected up to 200. There are three kinds of collections in
this river, those being green fish, gold fish, and poisonous eels. Green fish
are worth one, gold are worth five, and you'll restart all the way back to zero
if you catch even one poisonous eel. And there are a lot of them, so you'll
have to watch out for them. And also, if you miss 20 pounds of fish, then you're
screwed; you have to start over.

So with that, hold the net steady at the middle, and when fish start coming
from either side, start quickly moving it there and getting them in the net,
and then moving to the other side to get any fish that are there. You only need
to touch a fish with this net to get them, but make sure that the net does NOT
touch any poisonous eels, because at one point, a lot of them will come on the
screen. And keep a good eye for gold fish, and don't miss them, or that's 5
pounds that you missed. It shouldn't be hard to get 200 pounds if you keep a
good eye to what's going on. And you get your two rewards after that; snappy.

Follow The Canyon To The Sea

You should have already gotten this one already, but head to the third bridge
(near the machine with the pistons), and jump into the river there. Make sure
you get some Blue Eco, though, and follow the river to the end, and it'll peak
out toward the sea. On the lone island there is a Power Cell, but make sure
that you don't miss the Precursor Orbs down below. For easiest collection, just
have Blue Eco draw all of them toward yourself, and that's that.

Open The Locked Temple Door

This one is almost as easy as the last one, seriously... go back up to where
the Blue Eco vent is, and you can either jump down below and get some more Blue
Eco, then use the launcher to get to the ground above, or you can just jump up
the steps to get near the machine. But either way, to the right side of the
machine, there's a locked door with the usual lightning symbol above it... you
should have plenty of Blue Eco and thus be able to get the one and only thing
inside that door: a Power Cell.

Free 7 Scout Flies

1. This is under the third bridge, which goes to the bridge that enters the
   temple, and after the bridge above the fisherman. Drop down there, and you
   will find it near some Dark Eco chests. Must be an omen.
2. Continue on from the last Scout Fly, and go on through the river. You'll
   find this Scout Fly at the end there.
3. Right when you enter the Precursor Temple (not the inside, just the outside
   part), take a right and follow the walkway to a spare Scout Fly.
4. About halfway going up the tower of the Precursor Temple, you'll find this
   one lying around as well.
5. Around the edge of the cliff of the machine with the pistons, you'll find
   this one.
6. Close to the second Blue Eco tower, this Scout Fly is just lying around.
7. This one's next to the fourth tower, up a few platforms. Don't you just
   love those.

As for Precursor Orbs, there are quite a few that are easy to miss here. Most
notable are the ones inside the temple. Make sure that you use all of the
launchers, and that after you beat the Dark Eco Plant, you jump on its head
five times. And don't forget the Precursor Orbs that are underwater, close to
the Follow The Canyon To The Sea Power Cell. Other than that, it's fairly easy
to get all the Precursor Orbs here if you don't miss the "useless" sides of the

  VIIe. MISTY ISLAND                                                        ||

Before I even start this place off, I will tell you right here and now that you
NEED to have gotten the Catch 200 Pounds of Fish Power Cell in Forbidden Jungle
if you want to go to Misty Island. Otherwise, the boat that goes there won't
work. I'll also note that if you completely finished Forbidden Jungle, now you
can go to Sentinel Beach to get the Launch Up To The Cannon Tower Power Cell,
or Method #2 of Get The Power Cell From The Pelican.

Something else that you should also do is trade Precursor Orbs for Power Cells
with Jak's uncle and the mayor. Don't bother with the oracle if you don't yet
have 240 Precursor Orbs, however, because getting to it is too much of a hassle.
But you should now have 28 Power Cells, minus one or two from the oracle. Don't
go to Fire Canyon yet, though, since we still have a few things to do. To get to
Misty Island in the first place, find the dock in Sandover Village with a
steamboat there (not the one with a hole in it), and jump in and go. Easy.

Catch The Sculptor's Muse

So anyways, when you land at the dock of Misty Island, you'll instantly
recognize it as the "puffy" looking place where Jak and Daxter were at the
beginning of the game. And yes, it's a bit more difficult than Forbidden
Jungle in terms of enemy difficulty, but it's easier than that place in terms
of how much you'll do, even if at first, it looks like a very large and
confusing place. It's dark and dangerous, and that's exactly what defines the

Head a little bit unto the path, and you'll notice a catapult to the left.
You'll find a lot of these in Misty Island, and their main use is to get a lot
of Precursor Orbs that are in the air. To use them, simply jump on the side of
the catapult that DOESN'T have a rock on it, and then just headbash. How Jak's
head is heavier than that big rock, I will never know, but it'll flip you up
into the air. You can use this to gain height, get Precursor Orbs, and who knows
what else.

Jump up a few more steps, and you'll come to a fork. But anyway, here is where
I'll make a note that your objective is to catch the sculptor's muse (you'll
remember this if you went into his house in Sandover Village, which is near
Sentinel Beach). It's pretty hard to miss the muse; he's gold and looks like a
big squirrel, but it's much more difficult to catch him. Here's an ASCII map of
the whole area.

OR = Origin
oo = Other Area
NM = Not Muse
x = Bone Bridge
~~ = Mud

  /    \
 /   x  \    ----
/  /  \  xxx     > xxx
\  \   \ --- ----  --- oo
 \  \                 \  \
 ~~~~                 |NM|
 |  |                 |NM|
oo  |                 |NM|
 \  /                 |NM|
 ~~~~                 |NM|
 |  |       _____     |NM|
 |  |  xxx /     \    |NM|
 \__/  ___ |     |    |NM|
           |     |    |NM|
           \__ __/    |NM|
             |x|      |NM|
             |x|      |NM|
            _|x|_     |NM|
            \   /     |NM|
             | |      |NM|
             |_|      |NM|
              _       |NM|
             | |      |NM|
             \x\      |NM|
         \oo\ \x\     |NM|
          \  \_\x\____/  /
           \  \ ____oo__/

The "NM" part isn't where the muse will run to at the beginning, and that also
isn't accurate, but it's not important to this because hey, I can't draw a
completely proportional map. He'll use that to get back at the end, though. So
anyway, you'll see the muse right at the beginning of the fork, and he'll run to
the left. The left will then split into two, once again a left and a right. The
left is a normal path into the muddy area itself, while the path on the right is
a bone bridge. You'll come across a lot of these bone bridges in Misty Island, a
few which are major pains.

Take the right; the left doesn't show any relevance if you're trying to catch
the muse, and as it shows on the map, it's an outside area. Jump up the bone
bridge as it moves up, and then Jak will soon be faced with a gap in which you
will need to show the brilliance of the Roll Jump to scale. Then after you do
that, the muse will jump over to the left, and should you? NO! That's a long
gap, and there's a much easier way to cross it. It'll delay you a little bit,
but it's worth it.

There's a large bone sticking out of the ground just a little bit in front of
Jak, so walk up to it and punch it a few times, and it'll fall right down,
providing a bridge for Jak to cross. You'd think the muse would be miles ahead
of Jak by now, but he's not, because he'll just be sitting right there in a
daze, waiting for you because he's superbly stupid. Don't worry about the bone
bridges much anymore, and just cross the one you've just made, and then quickly
take a left to get to another one.

At the next area here, jump to the platform, and then across the mud. Not only
are there enemies in the mud, but it'll slow you down a lot, not only in moving
through it, but trying to get out and catch up with the muse again. After a bit
of mud, you'll come to a left and straight fork, but ignore the left because
whether you're trying to catch the muse or no, it's quite useless. Just continue
to follow the path, across some more mud, and up there, Jak will have another
option: catapult or path.

The muse will take a left and head up the path, and I recommend you do that for
now as well, that is if you want to catch it. Roll jump up while being careful
not to fall off, and as you continue up, you'll get to another one of the bone
bridges. Treat them like you normally would, and then you'll just have one more
bone bridge and another path (the NM path above, in which the muse WILL take,
but not normally from the other way), and you'll be back at the beginning of
this area.

So anyway, the next time through will be much easier, and you should definitely
be able to catch the muse now that the bone bridges are done and you know the
path well. Don't sweat if you don't catch the muse on the first way through, or
don't get all the Precursor Orbs. And once you have the muse, you have to return
to Sandover Village all over again and return the muse to get the Power Cell.
Don't you just hate that system. Eh well, a Power Cell is a Power Cell. Moving

Climb The Lurker Ship

Alright, now it's time to get to the heart of Misty Island itself. Remember the
VERY first fork that we faced? EH? I bet you don't because it seems like years
ago already, but it's the one where the two paths on the left led forward or up
to the muse, and the path on the right went into a different area of this place.
Now it's finally time to take a right, and once you get there, jump and keep
following the path above the area below.

You CAN jump down, but it probably isn't safe, because there are large Skeletons
down there who take two hits to take down. All the same, going down there will
allow you to knock a bone bridge down for further access (extremely useful in
the future), and you can find some Eco which will prove its purpose. So if
you're down there, prepare to deal with quite a few annoyances in the enemies.
And if you're up there, make sure you walk carefully, because the ground will
collapse as you walk across it.

So once you get to the end of that path (make sure you pick up the Scout Fly
on the overlook along the way, but DON'T jump into the water, for crying out
loud), jump down to the right, and enter the room in front of you. Feel free to
get the Blue Eco, even if it won't do much for you in the long run in here.
As soon as you walk a few steps inside, all the doors shut, and Lurkers will
surround you. As Daxter quite so literally put it, IT'S AN AMBUSH! And quite a
bit of one.

This place is surrounded with metal chests, but don't even think of it. Lurkers
will be swarming at you, one by one, and skeletons will be with them, every now
and then. Try and get them all together, and punch through a lot of them at one
time. You're bound to take hits, but they'll drop a lot of small Green Eco
bundles. Not only that, but as you punch through enemies, they're likely to
drop Red Eco. Probably your first experience with it, right? 'Twon't be your
last either.

Pick up some Red Eco and punch through a lot of enemies, you'll see how well it
works (quite well). And it'll take the skeletons out in a single hit, which is
always great. So soon enough, all those enemies will be down, and you can take
the stairs up on the left to get the Return to the Dark Eco Pool Power Cell, the
event in which we remember oh so fondly from the very beginning of the game, so
get that if you want, but our main focus now is on the Climb the Lurker Ship
Power Cell because of the weird order the game puts it in.

So head out the door in front of you, where three skeletons and a few Precursor
Orbs will greet you. I do NOT recommend charging at them; instead, take a left,
get the Red Eco there, and THEN smash them. Red Eco is the least useful in the
game, but still, this is just great. From there, take a left and jump across
the mud, preferably without Red Eco, or you'll just be slowed down. And on the
other side, you get more skeletons (you probably won't exactly have Red Eco at
this point) though, and a bone bridge. Great.

Punch the bone bridge down, and carefully get rid of the skeletons, and then
you might want to consider getting some Blue Eco, because right up ahead is one
of those Precursor Orb platforms which need to have Blue Eco taken to them. So
get that done quickly, and then jump up ahead to the large ship there. There are
a few Lurkers on there, so what. Big deal. Punch through some of 'em if they
bother you, and at the top you'll find that Power Cell we've been looking for.
Time to follow it off.

Stop The Cannon

So anyway, it's most likely that you just got the Climb The Lurker Ship Power
Cell, and there's nothing wrong with that. Getting Power Cells is good, ya?
But from here, where you are, take a left to the long bridge there, where you'll
find a "puzzle" in which you'll instantly recognize if you've played Crash
Bandicoot. Barrels will be coming at you, two at a time just rolling along, so
you'd have to jump over them, and after those, a third will come which bounces
across the bridge.

I recommend just heading back a bit if necessary when the third barrel comes,
and letting it go over you, then continuing onward. Soon the bridge will come
to its end, and plus if you need, there are some branches of this bridge which
reveal some Green Eco (one at the end has a large Green Eco bundle in it,
actually), and after you get past the bridge, head up a little bit to find the
cannon there, and punch the Lurker who's using it down. And out from there
will come a Power Cell. Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash!

Return To The Dark Eco Pool

Excruciatingly simple; remember where the Lurkers ambushed you, in that large
room which was kinda in the center of everything? If you want a really good
shortcut to getting back there, you can drop down from here, but with that
few Precursor Orbs if it's not necessary? And once you do that, drop down there
and go up the stairs, and get this Power Cell. Hell (yeah that rhymes too), I
bet you already have it.

Destroy The Balloon Lurkers

Leave in the direction of the water, from right below the Lurker ship. Yeah,
know where that is? You should be able to find it from the outer exit of the
room where the Lurkers ambushed you earlier. Follow the path there out to the
ocean, until you find a blue circle flashing to show that you can use your
Zoomer there. That's what we're looking for; get into the Zoomer, and it's time
to zoom that ocean up, to speak in a relative way. And your objective is to
find six Lurkers here, which aren't exactly hard to find.

I'll note right now that some Precursor Orbs here can be quite tough to find,
so make sure you zoom (hahaha) through this place and get all of them. But with
that, there are six dirigibles floating around here, piloted by Lurkers. They
will constantly go from up to down, so you'll have to go for the Lurkers when
the dirigibles are down. However, they have mines on them as well, so you can't
be aggressive. =( Just find all of them and charge through the Lurkers, and then
in the middle of the ship, you'll find a Power Cell. M'as well.

Use Zoomer To Reach Power Cell

Alright, now you probably noticed a Power Cell floating above the air earlier,
as well as bridges that lead up the ship and to... pretty much nowhere. Don't
know how many people are reading my controls section at the beginning of the
guide or not, but you have to press R1 to jump in the Zoomer. Not that hard, and
at the end of a ramp with the Zoomer, you can go pretty far if you jump at the
end of it. And that's exactly what we'll have to do here.

Find the beginning of the bridge, which is kind of in front of the beachy area
where you first got into the Zoomer, and head up the bridge. Make sure that you
grab the stuff which is on this bridge, though, it's not just a Power Cell. Take
a right as soon as you get the opportunity, and you'll come to a left and
straight fork. If you jump off straight, you can get some Precursor Orbs, and if
you jump off to the left, which is a pretty easy jump to reach your destination,
you'll get a few Precursor Orbs and a Power Cell. So do them both!

Use Blue Eco To Reach Power Cell

Here's another one you might have noticed, but didn't bother to get. Now it's
FINALLY time to head all the way back to the beginning of the area (the first
and seventh Power Cells are the only ones which use it). If you don't remember
how to get here, you'll have to head up the path from where you get off the
Zoomer, and it'll take you to the room where you got ambushed by Lurkers. And
from there you can leave through the other exit, and get to the beginning of the
area. And that's where you should be 'radnow.

You're going to have to do some long jumps here, if you don't knock the bone
bridges down. But also try and get some Red Eco if you can, so you can get rid
of the skeletons. But anyway, there's an island nearby with a large upstanding
bone bridge, so knock it down if you need to, and get the Blue Eco next to it.
Now cross the bridge you have burned (or rather, made), then get the Blue Eco
there. Yes, it's important to get a LOT of Blue Eco! So follow closely, young

There's a platform on the other side of that one which has some Blue Eco, so
get that if at all possible, and now roll jump in the opposite direction from
the room where the Lurkers ambushed you, and when you finally reach true
ground, away from the mud and stuff, take a left and you'll find the Blue Eco
platform we're looking for. So just sit back and you'll land on an island with a
lone Power Cell, waiting for you to snag.

Free 7 Scout Flies

1. If you chase the sculptor's muse, you'll come across this Scout Fly along
   the way, near one of the bone bridges.
2. There's one Scout Fly on the ledge to the left wall, above the area with
   the Blue Eco, right before the room with the Lurker ambush.
3. Not too far from there, you can continue up the ledge there, and at the top
   you'll find it around there.
4. This one is at the top of the Lurker ship. Not following the bridge with
   the barrels rolling down, just at the top of the ship itself.
5. Following up the ship while avoiding the rolling barrels, you'll find this
   Scout Fly along the way.
6. There's a catapult which can easily get you up to this one, which is right
   before the bridge. Look around there somewhat.
7. You'll find this one on the bridge while using the Zoomer on the water. Refer
   to around the Use Zoomer to Reach Power Cell part.

There aren't really any particularly tricky Precursor Orbs here, but it still
seems to be one of the hardest places in the game to get all the Precursor Orbs.
Make sure you use the cannon to break the boxes in the room where you got
ambushed by Lurkers, and also use the Zoomer to navigate the full reaches of the
water and get all the Precursor Orbs there. And last... maybe you're missing
some in the first area if you fall short of 200. But oh well, you should still
have 420 - minus what you've traded in, which is enough for all of it.

  VIIf. FIRE CANYON                                                         ||

Before you go on to Fire Canyon, trade your Precursor Orbs into the oracle,
Jak's uncle, and the mayor. You need a combined total of 420 from any of Geyser
Rock, Sandover Village, Sentinel Beach, Forbidden Jungle, and Misty Island, and
you can check how many you have in total by going to the menu and then pressing
X. So get all of the Power Cells in Sandover Village, and you should have, in
total, 34 Power Cells, which is more than enough to power your Zoomer. So enter
the canyon, talk to Keira, and let's do this.

Reach The End of Fire Canyon

Hop on the Zoomer, and note a thing or two about this place. This place mainly
consists of fire, in which you'll start driving on right now. If you just sit on
it, then it will heat your Zoomer up. Yes, you DO have a limit to how much your
Zoomer can take; once it reaches 500 degrees (or rather, the gauge on the lower
right fills up completely), you're dead as a scorched man and his ottsel. So
you'll want to keep moving so that you can get out of overheating, which is your
only danger except Dark Eco, which is everywhere.

There are wooden paths released everywhere, which will keep you off the hot
ground, and stop you from heating up too quickly. So if you see one of those,
make sure that you drive on it. And aside from that, you've got cooling balloons
released all over the Fire Canyon, which will drop your temperature a bit. Those
are always useful, so just remember for now that any blue stuff in the Fire
Canyon is good, be it Blue Eco (which will speed your Zoomer up), or cooling

I can't exactly give too much of a walkthrough for Fire Canyon, but I'll make
some notes here. Stay OFF open lava, which is even more orange and blatant than
the fiery ground you're driving on. Your temperature takes precedence over
everything else, so if you have to miss a Scout Fly for a cooling balloon, so be
it. Use ramps and wooden paths as often as possible, as they'll conserve heat.
And watch OUT for gaps, Dark Eco, and pillars, which will either slow you down,
damage you, or kill you. Fit 'em together. The place ends quickly enough.

Free 7 Scout Flies

I'm not even going to walk you through the seven scout flies, as they're all
clumped together on the path somewhere. Just keep an eye out, and don't try to
concentrate on getting them too much until a second time around. The same
applies to Precursor Orbs. They're all plain in sight and not too difficult to
find, but if you miss a few, no problem, you can go through Fire Canyon as
many times as you want. But all the same, it's nice to get two Power Cells,
seven Scout Flies and fifty Precursor Orbs and finish up with this place.

  VIIg. ROCK VILLAGE                                                        ||

As soon as you enter Rock Village, follow the path a little bit until you find
a large hut, set above the water. Yeah, as it would turn out the Blue Sage had
a bit of fun. Enter the hut and stand on the button near the teleport gate,
and your new objective is to find 45 Power Cells. You SHOULD have 36 Power Cells
(yet unfortunately, few do), but the main thing you need to collect all over
again is numerous Precursor Orbs. So as Samos says after you let him in, GET TO
IT! Fur balls included, lovingly. =)

Bring 90 Orbs To The Gambler

So... leave that hut, as Samos quite angrily commands, and you have a left and
right fork, with the left going back to Fire Canyon. Do I need to tell you
that's the wrong way? Nope... pat yourself on the back if I didn't need to. =)
Jump across the small platforms on the right, and you'll soon get to a sandy
area which will unwrap deeper into Rock Village, but don't forget the Scout
Fly that's below you. It's somewhat hard to notice, so I even stated its
location twice. Gotta love me.

Head to the right once you get back down, and you'll see the geologist on the
left, but that's a time we'll tackle pretty soon. For now, head up and when
you get a bridge to your immediate availability on the right, take it and once
there, you'll find a gambler who is standing (quite literally) inside a barrel,
and a warrior who is mourning his defeat. Speak to the gambler, and he'll offer
you two Power Cells, one for 90 Precursor Orbs (*cough*), and one for something
in the Precursor Basin. Deal with the former whenever possible.

Bring 90 Orbs To The Geologist

Before dealing with that geologist chick, head outside, and you'll find some
Blue Eco. Now head back around the rocks that surround this area, and take the
other one to go near the geologist, because there's one of those Precursor Orb
capsules that requires Blue Eco to open. Don't forget that, since this place
completely revolves around the collection of Precursor Orbs. The geologist,
dressed in aqua nearby, will give you one Power Cell for giving her 90 Precursor
Orbs, and another Power Cell for doing something else in the Precursor Basin.
Bah, humbug. Just cough up the orbs.

Bring 90 Orbs To The Warrior

It gets asked a lot, but you do not NEED to do this; you'll see why the
question might be asked in a second. The warrior, who's in the center of the
area along with the gambler, wants 90 Precursor Orbs if you want him to fix
the bridge nearby, and he'll even drop in a Power Cell. But you know that the
warrior does NOT want to fix the bridge in the first place, so why he would do
this is beyond me.

The bridge that he will fix can be followed over to the far right if you want
to enter Boggy Swamp, and forward will reveal a large machine that Keira
talked about earlier. If you get 45 Power Cells, the machine will be activated
and lift the machine so that you can proceed to the Mountain Pass. And yes, you
will have to get there, but if you're really good, jump well, and get to the
planks that are there (don't ever take chances with the Lurker Sharks!), and
you'll make it there without needing the bridge.

Bring 120 Orbs To The Oracle

So... you probably ran across the oracle on the way, but to get there, use the
bridge that leads out from the center of Rock Village, where the gambler and
warrior are, to the main path where the geologist is, and you'll find the
oracle there, across from the geologist and the Precursor Orb capsule. Like I
said in Sandover Village, 120 orbs is quite a lot, and for the meantime I'd
recommend giving your orbs to the warrior, geologist, and gambler, by going to
Precursor Basin.

Bring 120 Orbs To The Oracle

Exactly like it was in Sandover Village, except I personally finished up with
Rock Village quicker than I did Sandover Village, possibly because I had some
leftovers from there, AND the stuff from Fire Canyon. I thoroughly recommend
going for the 90 orb Power Cells before this, though, and getting this before
you leave for the Mountain Pass after you get 45 Power Cells, which shouldn't
take too long.

Free 7 Scout Flies

1. Probably the easiest one in Rock Village to miss, there's one right outside
   the Blue Sage's hut, on the balcony at the side.
2. This one is on the sand between two of the steps that lead up to the Blue
   Sage's hut. And it's easy to miss, so make sure you grab it.
3. There's another one behind the rock behind the geologist. It's a path and
   stuff, with a Scout Fly on it.
4. Near the path that leads to the central area, and also close to the flaming
   boulder and Blue Eco there.
5. There's yet another Scout Fly, right near where the warrior would build the
   bridge that goes to Mountain Pass and Boggy Swamp.
6. Close to the bridge that goes to Lost Precursor City, there's one on the
   outside of the area with the gambler and the warrior.
7. After crossing the bridge that the warrior made for you, there's a Scout Fly
   lying in wait right outside Boggy Swamp.

There aren't any Precursor Orbs that are hard to FIND in Rock Village, the only
question is hard to GET. The Blue Eco capsule near the geologist is difficult
to get the Blue Eco into, even if you get two of them, so if you're missing a
few, they're probably in there. Other than that, as long as you get the ones a
bit behind the path to Lost Precursor City, you shouldn't have any problems
clearing this area of Precursor Orbs.

  VIIh. PRECURSOR BASIN                                                     ||

Precursor Basin is right behind all the geologist's equipment in the main path
of Rock Village. It might not immediately strike you as being a level, though,
since it is a bit unusual, and is just shaped like a large land mass that comes
across looking like a part of Rock Village itself. And it's not a normal level
either; the whole place is played out in Jak's A-Grav Zoomer. You know, what
you used to get past the Fire Canyon. However, the Precursor Basin is an
excellent source of Precursor Orbs. So eat 'dis schtuff up, yo.

Herd The Moles Into Their Hole

As soon as you enter Precursor Basin, head down the cliff that's near the
entrance, and jump into the Zoomer that's there. We've got a lot of work to do
here, so we should only get started by doing the geologist's task first. She
comes before the gambler cuz she's so much better looking. Obviously. Oh, my
bad. Head up the cliff in front of you, and you'll probably find red squirrels
(oh my bad, they're actually supposed to be moles), running amuck. And no, they
are not enemies.

There are four or so of these moles, so find some of them, and start chasing
them all around the area. After one or two are in the hole which is close to
the entrance, it seems that just about all of 'em want to crawl in there, so as
long as you can at least find them, which usually isn't too bad, there's a good
chance that you can chase them into the hole. And after that's done, you still
have to go back to the geologist to claim your Power Cell, but do that after
we're done here, m'kay?

Catch The Flying Lurkers

Now this is, in my opinion, one of the most frustrating Power Cells to collect
in the game. To start off with, there are four purple Lurkers which fly around
the area, and to get a Power Cell out of this mumbo-jumbo ideal, you need to
chase them and catch them. And they're roughly the same speed as your Zoomer, so
because they obviously start ahead of you, you'll usually need to make shortcuts
if you want to catch them. Shortcuts being like cutting a corner when they
make a turn, and there aren't too many of those.

Something else that you need to watch out for is accidentally moving in front
of the Lurker, and this especially holds true when a Lurker is descending
somewhere, since wings can go up, but your Zoomer sure can't. But anyway, as for
their locations, there are two relatively easy ones around the entrance, one
closer to the mole hole, and there's another one a little closer to the
entrance, near the arch there. You're yet to see it.

Let's at least move on to the next area, which can be accessed by taking the
side path that's on the wall of the first area. In here, there's a ramp nearby
which will take you up and onward to get the Get The Power Cell Over The Lake
Power Cell (wow my typing is getting redundant), which a Lurker will take, and
that's the prime example of when not to cut in front of a Lurker, or face the
consequences. Another one flies near the dark, poisonous plants at the upper
right part of the area. So chase 'em all... it's long, but doable.

Beat Record Time On The Gorge

To gain easy access to this one, just head to the right as soon as you enter
the second area of Precursor Basin. You can tell this area apart by just looking
to the upper right. Are there dark, poisonous plants there? If so, take a right
and go through the checkered rope there, and it's time to start racin' racin'...
the clock. This is a rather fun mini-game, so might as well make the most out of

Follow the path in front of you, driving very carefully. Make sure you maintain
a good speed, but don't drive too fast so that you'll just crash into things
here, because that will slow you down. A lot. Keep on going forward, collecting
the Blue Eco on the way if possible (yeah, Blue Eco speeds you up, a LOT), and
then you'll find a ramp that heads upward. Might as well; follow that a bit
until you come to a drop. Here's where some might get confused. When you fall
there, immediately turn around.

So when you land, you're faced in the opposite direction from whence you
originally started. Continue zoomin', not crashing into anything of course, and
getting any Blue Eco you can while not going for the one that's on the hill
that you'll soon encounter, being that it's too difficult to collect, and take
a small turn to the left to get to the end. If you finished less than 45
seconds, then you can go back to the gambler and claim your hard earned Power
Cell. That wasn't too bad, was it?

back in Rock Village, then went to this place and tried this, yet didn't get
better than 45 seconds, but then go back to the gambler and speak with him
again, I have heard that you can't collect this Power Cell. It's never happened
to me before, but I've heard of it in the past, so I thought that I'd warn you
beforehand, because missing out on Power Cells is always bad.

Get The Power Cell Over The Lake

You might have, quite a few times, noticed the ramp that's right at the
entrance of the second section of the Precursor Basin. Now it's time to make
full use of it. Follow it up from the entrance and carefully navigate around it,
getting Precursor Orbs but being careful not to fall off, which is quite easy
because of how narrow the path is. At the end of the path the Zoomer will get to
a jump, and you'll have a new ramp to follow up, by going to the right and then
the left.

Now you'll need to make a couple jumps from platform to platform. That is the
definition of Precursor Orb bounties... didn't I tell ya that the Precursor
Basin is an excellent place for finding those orbs? At the end of those jumps,
you'll find a Scout Fly as a reward, and then by getting to the end of the ramp,
you can jump over the lake there. To jump to it (this is similar to a Power Cell
back in Misty Island), make sure that you jump at the very end of the ramp here,
and give it all the acceleration in your Zoomer. That's all I can say... good

Cure Dark Eco Infected Plants

This is quite obviously done in the second area of the Precursor Basin, which
can be easily characterized by the black plants around the northern part of it.
You also might have noticed there's a Green Eco vent near it, which means just
a little more than restoring your health to da max. Start by zooming into it,
and you'll notice that there's the usual bar on the right which gradually
decreases. It turns out you need to use it to purify the Dark Eco plants, or
rather, get rid of them.

Charge through the plants, letting the Green Eco take effect all over them.
Zoom back and forth all over those plants, letting them disappear one by one as
you go through them. To get a Power Cell out of this, they ALL need to
disappear, and the only hard thing is that if there are any of them left, they
will just respawn and give birth to new ones. It'll take a few vents worth of
Green Eco to get rid of all of them, and I can't really give much strategy other
than keeping close to the vent right before the bar goes out and not bumping
into the rocks, but just keep at it, and you'll get this Power Cell quickly.

Navigate The Purple Precursor Rings

High on top of the first area of Precursor Basin, you'll find a purple ring in
front of you, which can be accessed by all the ramps and paths and stuff. As
soon as you fly through it, another one appears close to it. And you'll have to
follow through no less than 26 of these, until at the end, a Power Cell drops
out of the last one. And quite naturally, you have a time limit for going
through them, which I think is something along the lines of ten seconds. But
that's irrelevant; start zoomin'.

Make sure that you always keep going straight through these rings, so that you
don't become totally lost when looking for the next one. Usually, they'll just
appear right in front of you, so you might as well take advantage of that bonus.
They'll be a little tough at the end, since it'll use all the stuff in the
second area, but just as long as you keep your eyes open and concentrate, you'll
be fine. A Power Cell is, quite obviously, your reward for that. You'll need to
do this for the next Power Cell, so just make sure you finish this.

Navigate The Blue Precursor Rings

There's a blue ring (yeah, we have to do some more of this crap), in the second
area of Precursor Basin, on top of one of the ramps. When you go through that
one, you'll have to follow no less than 27 blue rings, and these are quite a bit
harder than the last ones. They are, usually, close to or in front of the last
ring, but they're much further spaced out. All the same, you'll need to use some
logic and look around, and almost all of the time you'll be able to find a blue
ring before the time gives out.

However, there are a couple of tricky spots. What was I think the seventh ring
is high in the air above a rock. To get this you'll need to charge at the rock
in the direction of the ring and jump off of it. This usually isn't too hard,
but do it fast in case you screw up. And you'll also need to go back near the
entrance of the Precursor Basin, to get one that's all the way down there near
the Zoomer pad, and one that's up above. Go AROUND the Zoomer pad, and DO NOT
TOUCH IT! Or you'll just dock it and need to start over. Just make sure you
watch out for those, and you'll get the last one near the plants.

Free 7 Scout Flies

1. Close to the entrance, you'll find a Scout Fly at one of the far sides.
2. Really close to the mole hole, you can't really miss the Scout Fly hanging
   around there.
3. On one of those platforms that you'll have to jump on in the second area of
   the place. Blargh.
4. This one is right below the last one; just fall off and you'll immediately
   find this.
5. Just before the ramp that'll lead to the Get The Power Cell Over The Lake
   Power Cell, there's this babe.
6. Right before you'll do the jump to the first purple ring. It's clear and easy
   to collect.
7. And similarly, right before the blue ring jump. That was hard.

There are absolutely no hard to find Precursor Orbs in Precursor Basin. As I've
stated many times in the past, it's a great source of them, since there are 200
squeezed into a place as small as this. Just make sure that you snag all the
chests and get the ones near the Get The Power Cell Over The Lake Power Cell.
It's a very easy 100%.

  VIIi. LOST PRECURSOR CITY                                                 ||

One of the most vastly confusing places in the entire game, don't enter the Lost
Precursor City if you aren't prepared for a long and fairly difficult, as far as
navigation goes, place. And if that weren't hard enough, it's probably the
longest place you've encountered yet, even beating out Forbidden Jungle. So when
you're ready, having traded some easy Precursor Orbs for Power Cells in Rock
Village, cross the bridge at the lake on the edge of the central area, where
the gambler and warrior are.

Raise The Chamber

So, once you get to that platform in the center of the structure that you'll
reach after crossing that bridge, or lack thereof, and you'll descend to the
lost city of Atlantis itself. Well, all it's referred to as is a "Lost Precursor
City", so let's leave it at that. Anyway, a note before we begin, is that the
place is full of electric acid, and it's quite damaging. So I recommend avoiding
not only that green flashy stuff, but water in general, because usually it'll
switch between being water, and electric.

Take the only door that's there as you enter, and follow the path to the next
room. Note that there ARE two things that can damage you in here, and those are
the pipe thingys on your left and right, and the electric acid at the far side
of the room. Just be alert as you go through this place, and head through the
door in front of you. This is a really large room, and the Precursor Orbs in
here may be quite hard to find. So if you want, get to the other side of the gap
immediately in front of you by using the platform when possible.

If you choose to do that, then to get the Precursor Orbs on your right, you'll
find the walkway is constantly moving from left to right, and you'll have to
constantly jump over the electric pipe if you want to get them. Just letting ya
know before you start trying anything. As for the floor level, it almost
entirely consists of water, which is very dangerous as it constantly switches
between being electric acid and water. So basically what you need to do is

But you can jump down to the floor, and you'll find a blue switch there to
headbash. Collect some Blue Eco along the way, while following the platforms
that the blue switch will create, and on the other side you'll find a Blue Eco
capsule platform. From there, jump up or back across the platforms, and use one
of those platforms to get back to the entrance. Now let's start anew from the
perspective of where you came in. When a platform gets to the level that you're
at, jump on it and take it to the upper level, and follow that path on to the
next room.

Well, that room was confusing enough. And it just gets worse. Jump across the
water, cautious as always, and you'll come to what you might call a theme in
this place: moving platforms. These work in unusual ways, though. If you jump
on one of them, the other one moves around in a counter-clockwise fashion. If
you want, jump down below and take out the piggyback Lurker (as I quite so
cleverly named it because it's carrying another Lurker around, FEAR ME) by
attacking the guy on top and then the big guy, but let's consider the platforms.

Ignoring the ledge on the right except for the goodies on it, jump on the
platform in front of you, and then the other one will move in front of this one,
just so long as you stand still. When it aligns itself with you and the path
on the left, jump off of the one you're on and cross the gap. From there, it's
a simple path to an even larger and more confusing room, but hey, that's just a
practice of life. The whole world is out to get you.

With that ALWAYS in mind, there are more platforms like the one in the last one
in here, in which you can use to travel across the entire room. Eh, we'll
return to it next Power Cell. For now, jump over to the left and simply head on
to the next room, where you'll find the seventh Power Cell here, the Reach The
Center of the Complex one. If you want to get it now, that's good with me, but
otherwise, cross to the upper-right room, where you'll find some relatively new

To deal with these, you'll have to headbash them. I think that's the first one
that we needed to do that? But anyways, it's a left-right fork, and to head on
to where you'll get this Power Cell, take a left. From there, quickly cross the
electric acid, and on the other side there, you'll find some ledges that for
easiest reference I'm not gonna lead you to... yet. ;) Instead, take a right and
head down the slide there.

There are quite a few Precursor Orbs here, as well as electric tubes and Dark
Eco chests. There are also metal chests here, which *gasp* can be broken by
simply slip slidin' away into 'em. Try to miss as few as possible, and with that
having been done, you'll end up in another room, which is full of those enemies
which need to be headbashed. Give them full throttle, and now let's start with
the puzzle itself, which is fairly easy. Start by removing ALL the enemies in
here, upstairs and downstairs.

Alright. There are five devices in this room, some upstairs and some downstairs.
To start with, grab some Blue Eco from the vent there, and you'll need to
charge all five of 'em with it. There's one on the floor, right nearby. Get that
quickly, then head to the right and up the stair there, which has another one.
Climb up to the walkway above, and circle around it to get the two devices there
charged, and then jump down the stair on the opposite side, which has another
one. That's it. All five of them are charged.

Once that's done, the door in the center of the room will open. Just head
inside, and then that room will rise over sea level! Yep, you're back in Rock
Village now... but that sure was impressive. From where you land after all of
that, head over to the cliff that's on the right. Climb up the few steps there,
and here's where some might screw up. You need to GET to that Power Cell that's
on top of the city section. To do this, execute a double jump at the end of the
path, and continue with a spin. With that kind of jumping power, you'll reach
the top and finally claim that Power Cell.

Follow The Colored Pipes

The bad part of all the matter, is that you have to go all the way back
through Lost Precursor City ALL OVER AGAIN. Never exactly fun, but anyway, I'll
see you on the dark side of the moon. Or actually, I'm not too far. I'm thinking
of that room where you jumped off to the left to go to the room with that Power
Cell in the center, in which I said you'll use platforms to get through just
about the entire area. And that's right, if you want to get to otherwise ledges,
Scout Flies, and Precursor Orbs here, play around with the platforms.

But anyways, you want to reach to reach the other side of the room, and to get
there, start by stepping onto the platform in front of you. With that, the other
one will move in front of you... repeat the process over and over again until
you reach the ledge on the other side, which is characterized by seeing three
buttons, and three pipes, one of which contains a Power Cell, and two of which
contain Scout Flies. It's pretty obvious we're going for the Power Cell, so
headbash the button on the left.

After you do that, the Power Cell will go through the pipe and transport to a
ledge high above, to the left. You need to get to this one QUICKLY QUICKLY, or
it'll be sucked up into the pipe. Follow on the platforms to the left, but be
quite cautious, as they'll just enter the wall, while the next one will come
out. So jump off when the one you're on is entering the wall. The only tricky
part is at the end, when one will rise above you. Make sure you jump before this
happens, and if you get the timing, you'll quite easily reach the platform with
the Power Cell.

Reach The Bottom of the City

So now, let's move on... and quite a bit, at that. Take the slide back down to
the room where you charged the devices to get the Raise the Chamber Power Cell,
and head out through the upper left. Here you'll have to cross the electric
acid very carefully, so roll jump to your liking, and you'll get a geyser
operated platform, as odd as that might seem, which you can use to reach a Scout
Fly above. Do this if you wish, since Scout Flies lead to extra Power Cells. And
once you're done with that, more slides. Yay.

Take the slide on the left, which is in essence, pretty much the same as the
last one. There are more obstacles, though... watch out for the pipes, and also
at the end, slide carefully since if you want to get all those metal chests,
you'll need to go right between two Dark Eco chests. But aside from those, pop
open any normal chests that you can, since there are a few large Green Eco
bundles in there. Let the slide end itself, and at the end you can jump to a
rather lone platform which has a Power Cell. But then the challenge for Climb
The Slide Tube begins... but not in this guide! Refer to that with a Ctrl + F.

Quickly Cross The Dangerous Pool

Fast forward a little bit, and let's go back to right before the first slide,
which led to the devices. Don't take that back down there, obviously, but stop
right before that. Remember those ledges I spoke of earlier? You can't get to
the one on the far upper right, but for now, headbash the button in front of
you, and then very, very quickly jump across the platforms which appear across
the electric acid. Don't roll jump or anything, just double jump at the very
most, and get to the other side where you'll get a Power Cell. And to reverse
that, just pound the button there to do the exact same thing.

Match The Platform Colors

Odds are you don't, but you might remember that you reached a left-right fork
in the room BEFORE the Quickly Cross The Dangerous Pool Power Cell. You took a
left to get a lot of the Power Cells you owned now, so might wanna take a right
now. Cross the water/electric acid carefully, using the whirlpools to your
advantage if need be, and then you're faced with another one of those paths that
moves left and right below an electric pipe. Not too hard to cross, but the
puzzle is to begin.

Right after you get past that, you'll see thirteen platforms in front of you,
as well as a Lurker flying around there, who is in direct violation and needs to
be spinned and eliminated before doing anything else. But with that, you'll need
to jump on all thirteen of those platforms, and only ONCE, to get a Power Cell
for this. And not only that, but you need (actually you don't need to, but it's
highly recommended), to reach the upper central platform last. So with that,
here's my UBER MAD 1337 ASCII SKILLZ to the rescue.

 __           |13|           __
|5 |    __    |13|    __    |11|
|11|   |6 |          |12|   |3_|
       |12|          |4_|
 __            __            __
|4 |          |7 |          |10|
|10|    __    |7_|    __    |2_|
       |2 |          |8 |
 __    |8_|    __    |5_|    __
|3 |          |1 |          |9 |
|9_|          |6_|          |1_|

Basically what the rectangles are are the platforms (duh), and the upper numbers
represent the path you can take. The lower numbers... are a side path! There are
innumerable ways that you can do this, but those two paths are just two ways
that you can do it, just by going from platform 1, to 2, to 3... just don't
combine the two paths or anything, because that would be bad. Once you get to
the thirteenth platform (assuming the others are all jumped on), a door will
open which reveals a Power Cell.

Climb The Slide Tube

Ahem... sorry for that "minor" interruption from what we were doing. Remember
getting the Reach the Bottom of the City Power Cell? After you stepped on that
platform in the center, it sank and the Dark Eco below started rising... scary.
There's some Blue Eco directly in front of you, so make sure that you use it and
instantly get up before you get swallowed. But it doesn't matter, you'll start
have to run in circles all around the room, slowly advancing upward to get out
of this madness.

Continue over to the right, careful of the usual dangers which plague this
place. Also worth noting are Precursor Orbs, which are your best friends in any
given situation. Continue walking while jumping up ledge to ledge, and also
being very cautious at those platforms that we walked across to get the Follow
the Colored Pipes Power Cell, as they go in and out a lot. After a couple of
those Blue Eco launchers, you'll end by launching out of that chaos. I would
think the Dark Eco could break through the seal, but there's a Power Cell here,
lying in wait.

Reach The Center of the Complex

One of the most blatantly obvious Power Cells in the entire game, you'll find
this one to the left of the second room, where the platforms are circling it.
These platforms will frequently tip over, which prevents you from crossing them
with ease. If one of them that you're standing on starts tilting, then
immediately get off of it and jump to the other one. Doesn't help that a place
like this had to be a haven for Precursor Orbs, but in the center of this
complex puzzle (hah, I'm so witty), there's a Power Cell.

Free 7 Scout Flies

1. There's one at the side of the floor of the first room. The floor being the
   bottom with all the water, that is.
2. On the right ledge of the room before the first and second rooms, in which
   you'll first encounter these damn platforms.
3. There are two Scout Flies in which you can get near the Follow the Colored
   Pipes Power Cell, but they're a little tough to get. Start by getting the
   platforms so that you can reach this ledge, and then after you headbash the
   button for the second one, it'll transport to the pillar in the center.
   Quickly jump back to the last platform, and then play around from there to
   get this one.
4. This one works exactly the same as the last one... headbash the third
   button, and the Scout Fly will transport over to the ledge on the far right,
   but this one doesn't last very long. Very quickly get the platforms to lead
   up to that ledge, and if need be, do a roll jump to reach this Power Cell.
5. Close to where the last Scout Fly will be dropped off, but on the other
   section of the wall. To easily get this one, just use the platforms.
6. On the way to the Follow the Colored Pipes Power Cell, you'll locate this one
   on a ledge in between.
7. Standing quite a bit out from the other Scout Flies, this one is in the room
   right after the room where you charged the five devices, and before the
   second slide.

Lost Precursor City is, in all honesty, one of the hardest places in the entire
game to get all 200 Precursor Orbs in. There are a lot of hard to find Precursor
Orbs in the first and second rooms, mainly around the water. There are also a
few on the slides which are quite easy misses. Basically every room in all of
Lost Precursor City, particularly the first and second large ones, need to be
searched completely if you want to find everything.

  VIIj. BOGGY SWAMP                                                         ||

A surprisingly easy place for the end of the Blue Sage's world, the Boggy Swamp
is a marshy and somewhat annoying place, but it comes across to me as being the
shortest main level in the whole game besides Sentinel Beach. And so long as
you can find the rocks which hold the zeppelin in place above the swamp, you
can VERY easily wrap this place up, Power Cells and all that, in about 15
minutes. Let's do that, m'kay?

Ride The Flut Flut

Before I say anything else, you are going to have to have rescued the Flut Flut
in Sentinel Beach before you try to do this. So go there or do something else
in this place before trying this, if you haven't gotten it rescued yet. All you
have to do is find an egg and punch it off a cliff, so it'll only take a couple
minutes to do that if you haven't yet.

When you start the place itself from jumping across the platforms in the water
that separates the area with the warrior and the gambler from Mountain Pass from
Boggy Swamp, you'll find a left-right fork, but that's really useless since they
meet up in... two seconds? Eh, something like that, carry on. Wade through the
mud just in, punching through the rats if you want, and you'll get introduced to
some of the best stuff in the game: Yellow Eco. Step into it, and you can shoot
from afar. I'M A SNIPER, DUDE!

Use the pole there to hurl yourself up to the tree above, where you can bust
open some chests and get more yellow stuff. As I always say, you can never have
too much yellow stuff. Jump back down to the mud, and then jump on the rock
nearby. To get through here, do as long a jump as you can without doing a roll
jump, but this place is full of sharp thorns. Just don't step on those, because
it's discrimination against furry things. Whatever. On the other side of that
mayhem, follow the bridge.

You'll then find some bats above (they look like big pink birds to me, but hey,
what do I know), in which you can either duck under or shoot with the Yellow
Eco, which is generally far more appealing. After the bats are done with, carry
on from there, where you get your first introduction to rising poles with
spikes. Jump above those when they're down, and you'll prolly be fairly good,
but they always have a relatively easy pattern to figure out. Just beyond there
is a rat's nest... so, RATS! Yeah, not literally.

Blast down the nest to your liking and follow the path to reach a left and
straight fork. The straight will be relevant soon enough, but for now take a
left. In the cave there, you'll find more of those spiked poles, as well as some
Yellow Eco and Dark Eco boxes... those really go hand in hand with each other.
Shoot down the rat's nest along the way, and then take the bridge outside and
use the poles to swing up to a ledge with several chests, which you can open to
reveal a lot of Green and Yellow Eco. Not a bad combination.

Hop down, breaking the tether along the way (Powah Cellah!), and then head on a
bit to take a very hard right. There you'll find another rather uneventful cave,
but there are four Dark Eco chests blocking the way (only slightly) into a new
area, so if you have any Yellow Eco, get them chests broken and then move on.
However, there's a launcher over to the right, and you'll need that for the
Defeat The Lurker Ambush Power Cell. So just remember that and head onward, it's
not too much further forward.

Take the mud a little bit more, ignoring the purple frog with a big tongue...
that be bad, yo. There's a Flut Flut pad there, so you can just hop on the bird,
and you'll have to take a few platforms up and forward. This is extremely easy;
just look ahead while making larger jumps by mashing X, and you'll come to a
Power Cell in a matter of seconds, but you can take it even further than that
for a Scout Fly.

Protect Farthy's Snacks

A rather fun Power Cell to collect, just follow the mud path that goes on from
riding the Flut Flut, and you'll find the swamp's "owner" sitting near the hut
there, moaning the loss of his hedgehog Farthy. So you get to play a mini-game
at a constant spot of Yellow Eco, firing at the rats there to protect the
mushrooms there. Snacks? Gimme a break.

This is easy enough, so long as you are constantly observing the whole area of
water. There are three rounds that you'll have to get past for the Power Cell,
each one increasing in difficulty, but just as long as you shoot down the rats
that are closer to the mushrooms first, together with the rats that you're
the least likely to see, you should have absolutely no problem getting this one,
if only after a couple tries. Enjoy a Power Cell for your effort.

Defeat The Lurker Ambush

Alright, rewind over to that room with the Dark Eco chests and the launcher on
the right. Get past the chests and soak up some Blue Eco, and then go to the
launcher to jump to a desolated area in which you'll get ambushed. The ambush
is very easy to defeat, however, since there's Yellow Eco around this place and
it can easily take care of anything that the ambush throws at you. Stay at the
center when not getting Yellow Eco, and just move around to suit your needs.
You'll have a Power Cell in no time.

Break The Tethers To The Zeppelin x4

You may have noticed one of four rocks that tethers are tied onto, which are
holding a large zeppelin in place over the Boggy Swamp. What you need to do is
use Yellow Eco and blast them all away, and that zeppelin will leave. And you
get a Power Cell for ALL of them! With that, here are the precise locations of
all four of them.

1. When you reach that left-straight fork that I mentioned in the first Power
Cell description, it's time to head straight. Ignore the poles there, and just
head over to the other side, and use the Yellow Eco to break the rock in the
center, which will reveal a vent... awesome. Destroy the rat nests before
moving on, and when you reach the mud and mushrooms there, you can just head up
and blast the tether down.

2. Follow that left path all the way over to the poles across the mud, and after
you hurl yourself up to the four chests which contain Green and Yellow Eco, you
will find a tether right in sight, so you can simply move over to that and use
the Yellow Eco you have to destroy it.

3. Head to the cave with four Dark Eco chests and a launcher on the right that
leads to the Defeat The Lurker Ambush Power Cell, and get some Blue Eco so that
you can get to the launcher on the other side of the chests. From there, use
the launcher and you'll land in a small cave which is full of rats. Muster the
ability to be able to destroy the rat nests, and with the Yellow Eco that will
reveal itself afterwards, destroy the tether.

4. At the huge mud field which lies directly after the Protect Farthy's Snacks
Power Cell, head to the water and jump across the mushrooms with those last bits
of Yellow Eco that you have in you. This is probably the hardest of the four
rocks to break, but it's worth it.

Free 7 Scout Flies

  VIIk. MOUNTAIN PASS                                                       ||

So... supposing you've finished up with Boggy Swamp and the rest of the Blue
Sage's world, and have 64 Power Cells at this point, head on over to the
machine that Keira's tinkering with, and speak with her. Mountain Pass itself
is divided into two parts: the battle with Klaww and the part afterwards, which
requires the Zoomer. Both parts feature two of the best music themes in the
entire game, so enjoy the place while it lasts.

Defeat Klaww

From where Keira is, head up the hill there, being careful not to accidentally
jump into the fiery boulder or the energy beam, as both sting. Keep jumping up,
and then when you reach the turning point, land on any of the three stones
there. The boss fight against the rather big and ugly eyesore known as Klaww
has begun.

\\ BOSS: Klaww \\ Difficulty: Medium                                        \\
|| This battle is quite a bit more difficult than the one against the Dark  ||
|| Eco Plant, but all the same it's enjoyment of the finest nature, since   ||
|| fighting bosses is more certainly the greatest part of all these games.  ||
|| Erm, moving on. Almost all of this takes place across the three stones   ||
|| here, and your greatest worry is not what Klaww will do, but rather what ||
|| the lava will do. If you fall in there, you're dead, no matter how much  ||
|| health you have. Avoid it under all circumstances.                       ||
||                                                                          ||
|| Anyway, the battle starts once you land on one of those three stones.    ||
|| Klaww will begin by throwing stones at you, which you'll have to avoid by||
|| jumping from stone to stone. These are fairly easy to avoid so long as   ||
|| you jump quick enough, so just make sure that you have your eyes open,   ||
|| and his assault will end quickly. Then after he's done doing that, he'll ||
|| jump into the lava, and some Blue Eco will appear. Grab it, and it'll    ||
|| form a bridge shaped like this:                                          ||
||                                                                          ||
    __ __
   |  |  |
   |  |  |
   |  |  |
   |  |  |
   |  |  |
   |  |  |
||                                                                          ||
|| Fairly simple. Just cross to the other side, and then you'll get two     ||
|| bundles of Yellow Eco on the other side, while Klaww is busy trying to   ||
|| conjure up a large boulder. You can guess what to do... grab the Yellow  ||
|| Eco, and shoot, shoot, fire like a drunken man at the corner of the bar. ||
|| With enough Yellow Eco down his throat, he'll get hit over the head with ||
|| the boulder, fall into the lava, and the boulder will chase you. Do a    ||
|| couple roll jumps and then get back to the stones; you won't be touched. ||
||                                                                          ||
|| Having done that, you'll be back on the stones, and Klaww will launch    ||
|| some more boulders at you. Withstand all of that (there are more this    ||
|| time, and they're slightly faster), by generally trying to keep to the   ||
|| center, and jumping to the sides when the center is being aimed at. After||
|| some more wild boulderness, get that Blue Eco bundle, and a different    ||
|| bridge will form, this time in a "S"ish shape. Not entirely accurate, but||
|| this is what I mean.                                                     ||
||                                                                          ||
      |  |
   |  |  |
   |  |
   |  |  |
      |  |
   |  |  |

||                                                                          ||
|| Boulders will be rolling across it, so what I'd recommend is that you    ||
|| jump from side to side while constantly moving forward. Don't roll jump  ||
|| or anything, just avoid the boulders while, once on the other side,      ||
|| shooting off Yellow Eco at Klaww under the boulder drops on his head.    ||
|| When it starts rolling at you, be careful not to fall into the lava, and ||
|| you'll get to the other side to finish it all off. He'll fire a LOT of   ||
|| them at you, but just use the strategy I listed above. I doubt you'll    ||
|| come to much harm from that. Aaand... Blue Eco forms this.               ||
||                                                                          ||

         |  |
      |  |
         |  |
      |  |
         |  |
      |  |

||                                                                          ||
|| Not 100% accurate, but anyway, you can just jump from left to right on   ||
|| this one, while moving onward, and the boulders won't touch you. At the  ||
|| end, just continue to fire off the Yellow Eco at him, and then he'll just||
|| get crushed under the boulder and sink into the lava. And you don't even ||
|| have to chase a boulder; you can just claim your Power Cell right there. ||

Reach The End of the Mountain Pass

Time to finish up and get to where the Zoomer part of the Mountain Pass
actually begins. Do not jump to the big molten rock in front of the bridge
which is now there permanently, or you be burned, ya'ol big boy. Instead, just
follow the stones that form on the right, and keep following them until you
reach the other side of the lava. Hard to believe it looks this docile just a
bit after all that lava, but that's beside the point. Grab the Zoomer in front
of you, it's time to race.

You'll notice the whole place is littered with explosives; zoom into one of
those, and you're a dead man and ottsel. You'll also have to beat the three
Lurkers here to the end of the racetrack, or all of the explosives detonate.
So basically what you're watching out for here are large gaps, Dark Eco chests,
and explosives. And also large pieces of land that might be in your way, cuz
if you bump into those, you're slowed down. So keep a good pace through here,
not going too fast.

If you want, you can take the upper right path that's immediately faced in
front of you, but that's not really much of a shortcut. Shortly after that,
you'll come to a really large ramp jump, with some Blue Eco at the top... just
try and zoom fast on top of that, or you might land in the void below. Keep
on going from there, and you'll arrive in the cave. So long as you don't go too
fast and land in the pits, it isn't too bad except for the end.

You'll make a large jump here, and if you veer over to the left, you'll crash
into the ramp there and fall right down into the dark abyss. What I'd suggest
is that you veer to the right no matter how much health you have, because losing
everything is better than possibly losing one to some Dark Eco chests. The
Lurkers here are overall fairly slow, so if you weren't going TOO slow, it
shouldn't have been any problem to reach the end here, and not blow up the pass.
And hey, you get a Power Cell.

Find The Hidden Power Cell

Don't even try to do this before you get the first Power Cell in Snowy
Mountain because... to make a long story short, it's impossible. Once you have
the Yellow Eco vents opened all over the world, head right out before the cave
at the end of Mountain Pass, and you'll find a Yellow Eco vent right in the
middle of everything. Soak up some yellow stuff, and shoot away at the boulder
to the right to reveal a passage... which is enough to warrant a Power Cell, in
my opinion. There ya go.

Free 7 Scout Flies

Again, I'm not going to walk you through all of the Mountain Pass, but I'll say
that they're generally pretty easy to find. I wouldn't recommend going for them
until after you've taken care of the detonator, but you'll probably get the vast
majority of them before you finish the place up. Just look around the cave and
close around the edges of the grassy area, and you'll find them all without a
problem. And with that, you can head on to Volcanic Crater.

  VIIl. VOLCANIC CRATER                                                     ||

Volcanic Crater... the final of the three home worlds, and it's a bit different
from the other two. First of all, it's not a village, it's a bit shorter and
more, how shall I say, "in-depth" than the other ones. For another thing, there
are some miners here that require 360 Precursor Orbs, for no less than four
Power Cells. There's the oracle, as usual, so you need 600 orbs in total to
finish this place up.

When you enter through the mountain pass, follow the rocky path a bit in front
of you, and then take the bridge into the hut there. Once inside, step on the
switch there to let Samos and Keira in... and after a very entertaining and
interesting scene, you'll need to gather 72 Power Cells so that you can go
through the Lava Tube and enter the Yellow Sage's place. This is Jak's job,
accompanied by a range of flea bags. Yaaayyy... erm. Right.

Bring 90 Orbs To The Miners x4

You have to take orbs to these guys FOUR TIMES, so I'm not even going to
separate it this time. But let's start off from the Red Sage's hut. If you fall
into the lava, you'll start off near a gondola, which will take you to Snowy
Mountain if you have 50 Power Cells. A snowy mountain in a fiery place like
this, with names like Volcanic Crater and Lava Tube? You can also get near this
gondola by taking one of the bridges, so there are a number of ways to get to
this place.

The train tracks up ahead can be jumped on and taken to Lava Tube or Spider
Cave, but more easily when the carts come along. So Volcanic Crater is a bit of
a confusing, yet small and easy place to explore. As for the miners, you can
find them in the cave behind the gondola. There's lots of blue-ish light coming
from there, mainly due to the gem that's inside. Follow the short path into the
cave, and every time you give these two guys 90 Precursor Orbs they'll give you
a Power Cell. Only last four times, but just bring 'em in and get paid big.

Bring 120 Orbs To The Oracle

The oracle itself can be found on a path below the area with the gondola and
the cave. Use the other bridge out from the Red Sage's hut and follow down the
left path, collecting the Scout Fly along the way. Continue down under the
path there, and you'll find the oracle there, in a rather uneasy location. He
needs 120 orbs, as par usual, so you have a choice between paying it and the
miners... make it your choice.

Bring 120 Orbs To The Oracle

Yes, there is another one of these, but note that while the other worlds had
three levels, Volcanic Crater has only two, those being Snowy Mountain and
Spider Cave. So if you aren't anywhere close to getting all the Precursor Orbs
needed to pay the miners and the oracle off, you'd better go back to other
levels from other worlds, especially being that it's very hard to get all the
orbs in either Snowy Mountain or especially Spider Cave. 600 orbs in total for
Volcanic Crater... wow.

Find The Hidden Power Cell

Fast forwarding over to around the entrance to Spider Cave, you'll find across
from the entrance, a metal box lying on the stone there. How are you POSSIBLY
gonna open that? First of all, getting into Spider Cave in the first place.
With the miner cave behind you and the gondola in front of you, head to the
left and jump on a cart that might appear, and when it goes to the other side
of the rail, jump on the other cart that's taking the other train tracks. That
will take you to Spider Cave.

Now you'll have to go into Spider Cave, head to the area that hangs right above
the entrance, get some Yellow Eco from the vent there, and then jump down and
IMMEDIATELY dash across those platforms and up to Volcanic Crater. There, you
can launch Yellow Eco up to the chest, where it'll break and reveal a Power
Cell. To get a good position, you'll need to jump down from the cliff, roll
jump through, and with just a sliver of Yellow Eco left, fire it at the chest
as soon as you get into Volcanic Crater ground, with a train track in front of
you, and no more jumps.

Free 7 Scout Flies

1. To the right of the way that goes into Mountain Pass, just a little near
   the place.
2. One is en route to the miners, lying near a rock there close to the entrance
   of the cave.
3. There's one on the path to the oracle, at the very beginning of it to be
4. A bit between the gondola and the carts that take the tracks. Can't really
   miss it.
5. On a rock across from the first train track. Shouldn't be too hard to get if
   you get to it right.
6. On another rock, which is near the other set of train tracks. Once again,
   jump to it right, and it's an easy collection.
7. The final one is right before the entrance to Spider Cave.

There are absolutely no difficult Precursor Orbs in Volcanic Crater. As long as
you get the ones that go to the oracle, and the ones above the train track,
there are no hidden locations or tough corners in all of the place. You should
easily be able to get all of them in the whole level without a problem... which
makes up for the 600 needed to finish Volcanic Crater.

  VIIm. SNOWY MOUNTAIN                                                      ||

Snowy Mountain is quite a tough place compared to most places you've accessed
so far, and it's one of the most in-depth levels that the whole game will
offer. You can access it by standing on the gondola in Volcanic Crater once it's
activated (I think the criteria for that is 50 Power Cells), and then it'll
take you to Snowy Mountain. You've got quite a bit to do in this place, so we
as well get started on it.

Find the Yellow Vent Switch

When you land on the white, vast lands of Snowy Mountain, or something like
that, you'll find a bunny, a large switch which is surrounded by a light
barrier, and a gap in front of you. For smoothest sailing, headbash the bunny,
and then walk a small distance off from the barrier, and double jump to the
switch there. If you touch the barrier, it'll repel you, so you need to jump to
the top of the switch without getting hit by the barrier, which is easy enough.
There are 14 of these, so if you see one of them, take care of it.

After you do that, do a roll jump across the gap there. Don't worry if you
fall; you can just head up the path again, but I dislike falling off gaps, in
my elderly gaming bias. Whatever. On the other side of the gap, you're
faced with a left and straight fork. The left will prove its use pretty soon,
despite the rolling boulders which are obviously an annoyance, but for now,
take the path straight. You'll have to pull off some pretty tough jumps here,
so make sure you've got your X finger itchy.

Jump across the platforms here, but be very careful not to touch the bunny (not
in THAT way you sicko), or be left hanging off the edge of one of them. And
don't roll jump either, or you're asking for a quick trip to the grave. Three
platform jumps, and you'll come to a narrow path which is worth applying some
caution to. Just don't fall off there and regret it for thirty years to come,
and then do a few spin jumps across the next few platforms, and end on the
other side there. Nothing to it.

From there, jump up the hills in front of you, ignoring the metal chests. We'll
get those, don't worry. On the other side of those hills, you'll find some of
those switches with the barriers on them (which I have made note of a few times
already), but they may be a little difficult to get to what with the ice.
You'll need to walk quite a bit from the distance if you want to jump to them,
or you
will just barely get started before the barrier repels you. Annoying, ice is.
Use the Red Eco as much as you want, though, cuz the stuff rocks.

A little forward from there, you'll come to another fork, this one being left
and right. The right is a bridge which leads to a Flut-Flut ride, and as fun as
that is, take a left for now. Follow the path a little from there, and then
climb down the steps there, feeling free to roll jump a couple gaps that might
stand in your way there. And once you land, you'll come to a big icy area which
the sane people quite obviously loathe. Doesn't help that it's full of switches
with barriers either.

Keep going on the path down, and you'll find some trees to your immediate left.
Not that anyone listened to Willard babbling off in Volcanic Crater, but
there's a secret passage behind those trees. Go on between the trees and walk
them, and you'll get to this hidden path... sweet. The place starts with icy,
and a large piston shooting out to try and push you off... wow, bad start so
far. When it starts going back in, dash past, because now you have to use that
acceleration to make a jump to the platform here.

When it comes about halfway toward you, move forward and jump to it, but make
sure you get a little run in first, or you'll just fall into the void below.
From there, you'll get off the ice and onto snow... that's sure pleasant.
You'll do a couple jumps from there, avoiding those pistons, which is
relatively easy.
A little bit beyond there, you'll come to a piston at the end of an icy path,
which is easy enough to avoid, but don't take chances with getting pushed off
the ice with that piston.

And after you get past that, it's just a simple snowy path to follow, and
you're below the ice you walked across right after those five platform jumps
not too
far from the beginning. Stand on the switch there, which has a Power Cell on
it, and Yellow Eco has been unleashed all over the world! Boggy Swamp, Mountain
Pass, Snowy Mountain itself, Spider Cave... they have now all been enriched
with the stuff. But anyhoo, if you want an instant return to before the trees,
just fall into the gap below. Purdy simple.

Stop The 3 Lurker Glacier Troops

Relatively simple, this... you might have noticed some machines that the
Lurkers were using, to jam poles into ice. Well, you need to find the three of
beat the Lurkers that are using them, and then you're done; that's relatively
simple. Start from the very beginning of Snowy Mountain, which isn't too hard
to access. Remember the left-straight fork that's barely a bit away from the
entrance? Take a left here, and proceed up the hill naturally, even if there
are rolling boulders here. Avoid 'em, as par usual.

At the top of the hill here, grab some Red Eco and then take a left to the area
at the top, where you'll find one of those heavy, shielded Lurkers. He's a tad
bit of a tough customer, so once he jumps off of the machine, give him a face
full of Red Eco. From there, one down, two more to go! Now head over to the Red
Eco that's near the ice above the Yellow Eco switch, and before the left-right
fork, where the left went to the steps that led to the trees, and the right
went to the Flut-Flut. Fairly easy to see the Red Eco, which really stands out.

Soak some red stuff up, and then take a left at that fork. Before the steps,
you'll see the Lurker there without a problem. And from there, head down those
steps again and get to the icy area down there. Walk forward a bit from the
trees, and you'll see yet another area down there. That is your precise
destination. Simply jump down there, and you'll see a few platforms which will
lead up to the final Lurker. Make sure you have some Red Eco, and you can just
smash his face and end with a Power Cell. Yay!

Deactivate The Precursor Blockers

These Precursor blockers, so they're called, are those switches scattered all
over Snowy Mountain, which are covered with barriers. Headbashes will take care
of them, and basically you'll just have to headbash the all of them. You can
find them all by starting, jumping the gap to the other side, perhaps climbing
up the hill to the left to collect things up there, continuing onward to the
next area, finding some blockers on the ice while continuing down over to the
fort, heading left, and finishing everything up there.

Open The Frozen Crate

For this... it kind of fits into opening the Yellow Eco vents, in fact you'll
have to do that to get this. But anyways, remember all those metal chests near
the beginning of Snowy Mountain? Grab the Yellow Eco vent there, and look over
to the left to see the ice on the wall. There's a metal chest in there, and all
that you'll have to do is shoot that and you get a Power Cell right there...
and you may have already done this in Volcanic Crater with another metal chest
there, so figures.

Get Through The Lurker Fort

Alright now... this is a rather painful Power Cell to get, but start by
walking over to the tower at the back side of the inside of the Lurker fort.
Head to the left side and do a Crouch Jump to reach the ledge above, and then
walk over to the left to find a rail directly in front of you. You'll have to
jump across several of these rails, and it gets even worse when you get to
Spider Cave... bleh. Anyway, after a few rails, you'll have to tackle the curse
of the evil moving platforms.

Jump on these when they come near you, and continue to move over to the left.
You'll have to do harder and harder leaps as they come, but eventually it'll
end the path up with a few jumps and a Power Cell at the top. And while you're
at it, might as well make your way over to the tower in the center, climb up
and get the Blue Eco, then drop down to the ground and activate the three
Precursor Orb launchers for a helluva lot of orbs.

Open The Lurker Fort Gate

Now it's time to make use of dat furry Flut-Flut, duuude. Start by going to the
icy area above the Yellow Eco switch, which is right past the hills. And nope,
there's no more use for the Red Eco there, so no need for that. Remember me
stating that left-right fork, with the left going to the steps that went down
to the trees, and the right going to the Flut-Flut? It's time to take that
right at last. Carefully jump across the icy planks there, and on the other
side, jump on the Flut-Flut.

From here, step on the switch to the left, and this will be the first of three
sets of platforms that you'll have to cross. This first set isn't too bad,
since the platforms are all stationary. Use the wing flap if need be, and
you'll get
through those easily. On the other side, however, there's another one of those
switches which will reveal much harder ones. Don't worry about the time limit
here, just wait until the platforms get closer or below you to jump to them.
The third set is exactly the same, yet perhaps easy. So long as you
concentrate, it won't be any harder than the second set. And it ends with a
Power Cell, and it'll open the front gate that's near the trees. Great.

Survive The Lurker Infested Cave

Lurker infested caves... fun stuff. Start from the large gate that you opened
a bit back by riding the Flut-Flut. Begin with the entrance to that gate, and
take a left. You'll find a different path branching off to the left along the
way, but do not bother with that. Keep going on that path, cursing at the ice
to your heart's content, and you'll end with a bridge that goes to the left.
Ignore the ice on it, and once on the other side, you'll find some Red Eco, and
a cave that you can take a step into...

...and immediately get ambushed by Lurkers! This is quite a trouble spot, as
you need to either defeat or dodge literally a hundred Lurker bunnies, and if
wasn't bad enough, you have those friggin' Dark Eco chests to bother with as
well. With the Red Eco that you have, wait at the entrance, and pound the
Lurkers when they come near. A main rule of thumb is that you should NOT keep
trying to advance, or you WILL get hit. And if you don't... stop reading this
guide, now. Head up the steps there, while being very careful; your spin move
is absolutely invaluable. Resupply on Red Eco if necessary, but this is a
fairly tough ambush to thwart. But in the end you'll finish with a Power Cell,

Free 7 Scout Flies

1. Fall off the cliff you'll reach once you enter Snowy Mountain, and claim a
   Scout Fly down there.

  VIIn. SPIDER CAVE                                                         ||

Spider Cave is, in my opinion, the longest, hardest, and most confusing and
in-depth level in the entire game. In fact, it's almost impossible to believe
that this level and Sentinel Beach are even in the same game. Spider Cave will
take awhile to finish, and it's a dark and difficult area overall. So when
you're ready to lay down about half an hour or so, leave through the last
train track of Volcanic Crater, and it'll take you into the cave of creepy
arachnids itself.

Use Your Goggles To Shoot The Gnawing Lurkers

When you enter the Spider Cave itself, jump across the platforms in front of
you and walk forward, where you'll find a centipede gnawing on the wall. Yeah,
those are what you'll need to destroy... each and every single one of those
Lurker centipedes, by using some Yellow Eco from above. Let's just hope that
you've gotten the first Power Cell in Snowy Mountain at this point. If you move
to the left, a spider which takes two hits to defeat will descend from the
ceiling. You'll also notice the whole place is surrounded by Dark Eco... bleh.
Don't fall in, or kiss 3 Green Eco points goodbye.

Jump across the platforms on the left, and then head over to the left and make
your way up the cliff there. Here you'll find some platforms moving around a
large gap, and you'll need to cross them to get over to the other side. Easy in
practice, not difficult in execution either. On the other side, you can follow
the path forward to find some Yellow Eco, or make your way all around the room,
going over to the left, wooden part of the room. There's some Yellow Eco over
there, but you can stick where you are for now.

Using this Yellow Eco, you'll need to locate each and every pillar in the whole
room, and fire Yellow Eco at the centipedes that crawl through them. And it
takes several hits from the Yellow Eco to finally destroy them completely, so
that makes this a very grueling task. You'll need to get near every one of the
pillars and watch them carefully to see if no centipede lurkers are crawling out
of there, continuously moving around the room to get to the other pillars, so
expect this one to take awhile.

Destroy The Dark Eco Crystals

You may or may have noticed one of five Dark Eco crystals that are scattered
across Spider Cave... to get these, you need to touch them and then move away
before they explode and get Dark Eco all over you. There are only five of them,
but it's much harder to find all of them than it sounds. Here are the precise
locations of all of them:

1. At the very top of the first room, you can take some of the platforms and
reach the upper level of the room, where you can jump over to it, touch it, and
then quickly get away.

2. Continuing past the first room and going into the path at the northern side,
past two metal chests, you can find this crystal over to the right. It's a large
pool of Dark Eco and a few small platforms, so it'll be a bit tough to get out
of there without taking a faceful of Dark Eco.

3. Following the path up to the top of the first area and then continuing
through the other passage, you'll find a cliff over to the left. Just recently
however, there was a Yellow Eco vent, so you should probably have enough
Yellow Eco to fire at the Dark Eco crystal up that cliff. =)

4. Continuing from above, there was a cliff on the left, and some platforms
that will take you over to the right. As soon as you take a right there, there
is an immediate left-right fork. To the right you'll find a pool that you can
dive into, but to get there you'll have to do the longest jump in the game,
which is still easily accomplished with a roll jump. Dive into this pool, touch
the Dark Eco crystal inside, and then immediately ascend.

5. Take a left at the previous said fork, and you'll reach the dark path which
is covered in the next Power Cell description. Refer to below as for how to
get there, but you'll reach a left-right fork at the fourth crystal. Take a
left, and then descend into the pool there to claim the fifth crystal, and
second Power Cell, whoo-hoo.

Explore The Dark Cave

Refer to the above paragraph as for how to get there, but you'll reach a fork
across Dark Eco, take a right, and then reach another left-right fork. From
here you'll have to take a left, and from thereon you'll see absolutely nothing
but pitch black darkness and some crystals. And these are crystals of green
light, not Dark Eco. So that's a relief... start by hitting the one in front of
you, and then proceeding forward. This whole place is full of obstacles and
spiders, plus the light is very temporary. So move through here quickly.

Head forward a little bit from that crystal, and then continue over to the next
crystal. Around here, you'll start finding the floor going out under you, so
I recommend roll jumping, spin jumping, and moving through here as rapidly as
at all possible. You'll then find the third crystal in the wall, and then you
can move over to the right and hit the fourth crystal, where you'll find that
left-right fork that I mentioned earlier, where the left leads to a pool with
a Dark Eco crystal. So grab that if you haven't already.

Just a little bit ahead, you'll come across a spinning platform. Don't worry
about the light at this point, just concern yourself with getting past these
and jumping onto them when they come close to you, and if the light goes out,
spin jump as much as possible so that you avoid the floor and gaps around
them. Around the end, you can finally take a couple elevators, and at the top
you'll pick up a Power Cell and be able to quickly return down to the normal

Climb The Giant Robot

One of the most depthful and far-fetched Power Cells in the entire game, it'll
all start from the second area. Start by climbing up the ramp that's in front of
you, and you'll find a lot of those Lurker drillers along the way. Roll jump,
spin, etc. when they're faced the OPPOSITE way, and then take a right there to
quickly come to a left-right fork. There's some Yellow Eco over to the left
which is worth picking up, but after that you can pretty much forget about the
left, and take a right.

At the elevator here, which will be going up and down consecutively, jump on it
when it's just come back up from having been down. Once on it, it'll take you
up so that you'll reach a left-right fork. As is quite frequent with this kind
of thing, the left leads to a balcony and nothing more, so just take a right.
From here, you'll pretty much have to follow one old boring path all the way
over until you come to a corner with a left turn. Just avoid those drills in
the floor until you reach that turn.

There's an elevator there which is only up, so take it when it's down without
worrying about it going down to a great big nothing. When it ends up above,
just follow the path in front of you while jumping across the floor so that it
doesn't go out from under you, then take the rail on the right above the flames.
After a couple more rails and drills, you'll come to several rails above the
great space below... don't fall now. Jump from one to one carefully, and at the
end jump at the very straight top of the rail, to reach the rail above, and then
hurl yourself over to the right and follow the path to claim a Power Cell.

Launch To The Poles

In the second area, with the large robot, head to the far upper-left side of the
area, where you'll find a single cluster of Blue Eco. What to do with this?
Jump down below, or you might see a platform going up and down, so that may
signify it more easily. Anyway, you'll land on a launcher down there, so just
jump from there and you'll land on some poles up above. Now just jump over to
the left, perhaps swinging to reach the Blue Eco that you'll see, and make
your way over to the far left to find the end of this, and you know what else.

Navigate The Spider Tunnel

Let me state right now that it's a very good idea to get the first Power Cell
in Snowy Mountain before attempting this. With that firm in mind, take the
path that leads over to the second major area of the Spider Cave, with the giant
robot. Follow the bridge and drop down to the ground, and look at the spiderweb
trampolines behind you, which will lead to some strange cave. Or as Daxter more
appropriately put it, it's a spider nest. Don't go in there if you aren't
confident of being able to make a few jumps across Dark Eco though. =P

Inside the nest itself, you will HOPEFULLY find a Yellow Eco vent at the
entrance, so you can take some of that and then walk forward. There are eggs
everywhere with spiders bursting out of them, so either spin or shoot your way
out of those, but don't even THINK about trying to get rid of all of them,
because they're just going to come out through the holes, plus that's really
pointless. Supposing that you make it to the back, you can take the Power Cell
there, but how do you get out? Simply get some Blue Eco, punch some arachnid,
and jump on the launcher there to get outta that pit of dark hell.

Climb The Precursor Platforms

This Power Cell is really simple; all you have to do is reach the top of the
first area, where the left path leads to the Dark Eco pool and dark cave, and
continue up to the top to take a few platforms. They'll take you right to the
very top of the level, where you'll find a Power Cell at the top. You can also
start by heading to the upper left of the first area and then climbing up and
taking the platforms from there, but you really can't beat going from the top of
the area.

Free 7 Scout Flies

1. A bridge around the upper part of the first area will lead to a Scout Fly
   lying about. Grab dat schtuff.
2. Further ahead from the path near the Dark Eco crystal above the first area,
   you'll pick up a Scout Fly.
3. Almost directly above the entrance of Spider Cave, you can head to the upper
   level and find this baby resting there.
4. This one rests around the first elevator that you'll take in heading up the
   large robot in the second area.
5. Around the top of the trek up to the top of the robot, you can find a side
   path by using the windmills. And they're rather rewarding, too.
6. There's another Scout Fly on one of the small islands that you'll find when
   going to the dark cave.
7. Inside the dark cave itself, you'll more than likely pick up this final
   Scout Fly along the way.

This is another very difficult place for collecting Precursor Orbs. There are
metal chests everywhere, so if you don't have Yellow Eco ready to destroy
everything that lies in waiting, you are going to have a fairly tough time
getting all of it. Don't forget about the spider's nest, the path that leads to
the second area, the dark cave, or the upper part of the first area, even if
that place has no metal chests in it. It'd help if this place wasn't so
frickin' BIG, but hey, you do have 94 Power Cells at this point... right?

  VIIo. LAVA TUBE                                                           ||

When you're finally capable of leaving Volcanic Crater (and hopefully having
94 Power Cells), jump on the first train track and take the cart over to the
heart (baka baka my rhymes RAWK) of the cavern here itself. Once inside, meet
Keira there and she'll tell you that you can only withstand heat up to 800
degrees. It used to be 500 degrees, but we only have 3.6 times as many Power
Cells as we did leaving Sandover Village, but life works that way. Anyhoo, Lava
Tube time.

Cross The Lava Tube

This place is just like the Fire Canyon; you'll go through it in the Zoomer,
and have to worry about heating up, but don't even look at that, because for
half of this place you won't even be near fire... makes you wonder why this
place is called "Lava Tube" when there's no lava and no tube anywhere. Aside
from that, the first part of this place is the harder and more fire-filled
area. Fly through that place while dodging the many obstacles that litter the
place, and eventually you'll reach a large room circled by Yellow Eco.

There's a machine at the center of the room which spins around, and you'll
need to use the Yellow Eco (which heats up your Zoomer) to destroy it. Keep
firing while keeping an eye on where it spins, and after you get it blasted to
pieces, leave through the northwest passage. After a short bit, you'll be taking
a metal path(s) over the fire, and since you're so far above it, there will be
next to no heat-up. Just take the upper path over the fire, and before you know
it, you'll land at the, ummm... Yellow Sage's lab!

Free 7 Scout Flies

This is exactly like Fire Canyon and Mountain Pass; this is extremely easy and
should not challenge you in any way, shape, or form. Just concentrate on being
able to get through the place at first, though, just to make sure that you have
the capability of collecting all the Scout Flies. But after you get all seven of
them, all 50 Precursor Orbs will very quickly follow. Just land at the ummm...
Yellow Sage's lab.

  VIIp. GOL AND MAIA'S CITADEL                                              ||

When you reach the Yellow Sage's lab, or lack thereof, land on the teleport
gate and Keira will tell you the situation. Now enter the citadel on the left
and follow the path in front of you to enter the citadel itself. There'll be
a scene as you enter, and now you will need to free the four sages. A glitch
I've noticed is that if you quit here, you'll be taken to the top and be able
to instantly rescue the Green Sage (which you shouldn't be able to), but then
when you free the others, the game will freeze. Sucks, so don't do that.

Free The Blue Sage

At the very entrance of Gol & Maia's Citadel, you'll find a left and right
fork as soon as you jump on the spinning platform in front of you. Jump on that
first of all, and then take the path on the left and keep following it. The
first left that you see is NOT the way to go; just keep following the path until
you get another chance to take a left. From there, follow the bridge by not
stepping on the same color twice. That's a key theme of this place.

From there, continue across the bridge, and in the room there, jump over to the
platforms, and once you get to the other side, do a really long roll jump over
to the left to reach a wheeling platform with a laser in the middle of it which
burns real bad. Head further up from there, and then to your right you'll find
a platform moving back and forth. Jump onto that, and then leap forward again
to find some Blue Eco, and further platforms that need to be made use of. They
will "activate" themselves with Blue Eco anyway.

Did ya ever heard that activation rawks? Eh, just jump across the platforms and
across, you'll find platforms that continually move forward, but there's a laser
above one spot. Just stay where you are, and you'll be moved forward, but when
you get to that spot, immediately leap forward. There are two of these, and then
if you still have some Blue Eco left, you can use it on the Precursor Orb
launcher there. Yeah, there are a lot of these here, so make sure you find
them. In the next room, there's a machine to the left which can be broken to
give you a Power Cell and a scene.

Free The Red Sage

At the very entrance of Gol & Maia's Citadel, you'll find a left and right
fork as soon as you jump on the spinning platform in front of you. Jump on that
first of all, and then take the path on the right and keep following it. Fairly
soon you'll come across a branch off to the right, and that's the way to follow.
You'll have to keep in mind that a theme of this place is those bridges that
will collapse as you walk across a certain color. In the room ahead of that
bridge, this will entirely come to life.

You'll find a large abyss covered completely with blue, green, yellow, and red
platforms, and it'll take a little bit of working with it to cross this. You
can pretty much do this by roll jumping steadily, so long as you don't land on
a gap, try and do too much, or be on the edge of a platform as it falls...
that is something that you'll grow to hate. Once you get to the other side,
enter the room in front of you, and what will you encounter? A huge ambush of a
LOT of Lurkers. Hah, gotta love this crap.

There's Yellow and Red Eco all over the room, and trust me when I say that
you're going to need it. Break through the Lurkers in front of you, but don't
just stay in one place, since the Lurkers are all generated from three machines
at the back. So get some Eco, charge through the Lurkers slowly, and once you
get to the other side, break those machines. From there, you only have the rest
of the limited Lurkers to finish off, which won't be hard if you don't try and
rush it. After you do that, the Red Sage is in the room on the left.

Free The Yellow Sage

At the very entrance of Gol & Maia's Citadel, you'll find a left and right
fork as soon as you jump on the spinning platform in front of you. Jump on that
first of all, and then take the path on the left and keep following it. You
probably already have the Blue Sage freed, so you may remember not taking the
immediate path on the left. Now it's finally time to take that path, yet again
I'll remind you of the colored bridges. Last time, ya!

In the room that you'll enter, look ahead of you to find a bunch of launchers,
and that's it. Start by collecting the Blue Eco from the vent on the right, and
using it on the Precursor Orb launcher on the left to get some Precursor Orbs,
and then jump on the launcher and continue moving from launcher to launcher
until you get to the other side of the room. There are quite a few Precursor
Orbs hidden around here that are quite hard to find, so if you're going for all
of them, make sure you look for those. This jumping puzzle is relatively
simple, so long as you DON'T stand around waiting for anything. Eco is limited.

Free The Green Sage

Back in the main area of Gol & Maia's Citadel, platforms will rise to form
stairs to the upper part of the citadel. This is a bit tricky to access, since
it'll involve some really tight jumps, but just try to bear with it. Start from
the first elevated platform and continuously hop up until you get to the ledges
above, and then turn around to find a large spinning machine with several
additional platforms moving everywhere. Yeah, is it just me or is this also
becoming a key theme of this cruddy place?

Climb up these platforms and when you see another one moving up in front of you,
jump to it, and really quick. You'll have to climb up these, and these aren't
exactly very easy jumps. Fall, and you'll be right back at the beginning. Just
keep waiting on all of them until you come across a platform which looks kinda
like a ramp/hill thingy, and when it gets in place, hop over to the walkway that
goes across the ceiling. Follow it to the end, and you can break the usual
machine, which leads to the usual scene, and access to the final boss.

Free 7 Scout Flies

1. At your right as soon as you enter. It's so obvious that it's really easy to
2. On a platform around the first left branch that you'll come across if you
   take a left at the entrance.
3. Along the way to finding the Blue Sage, you'll pick up a Scout Fly along the
   way. A fairly easy one at that.
4. Right after the huge chasm that you encounter on the way to the Red Sage.
   Can't miss either of them.
5. Around the left of the Yellow Sage's launcher jumping puzzle, you'll find a
   path which leads to this Scout Fly.
6. Once you have the Yellow Sage freed, head to the far left to find a lone
   Scout Fly there.
7. On top of the machine in the center of the citadel. You'll almost definitely
   come across it when going over to free the Green Sage.

You'll have to very carefully navigate this entire place, particularly the
center of the area. The Yellow Sage's area also comes to mind, primarily due to
the bird's eye perspective that you'll be in half the day, thus making it
impossible to see anything. As large as this place is and as carefully as you
will have to search to find those occasional last Precursor Orbs, this is NOT
the hardest collection in the game.

Defeat The Final Boss

I will state right now that destroying the Precursor Robot is NOT a Power Cell.
In fact, you SHOULD have 101 Power Cells at this point, but that goes without
saying. When you're ready to tackle the game's final boss, jump into the
elevator to the left of the Green Sage, and you'll be taken up to the roof of
the citadel. There are several chests there, which will give you all the Green
Eco you could possibly need, as well as Blue Eco. Jump on the platform there to
land on the silos. Final boss time.

\\ BOSS: Precursor Robot \\ Difficulty: Medium                              \\
|| Gol's robot here is, indeed, the final boss, but that does not in any way||
|| mean that is tough, or even harder than Klaww, for that matter. In fact, ||
|| when you start the battle, Gol is doing next to nothing except firing a  ||
|| laser at the silos. Collect the Yellow Eco that circles around the area, ||
|| and then jump up to fire at the laser carefully. You may indeed need to  ||
|| jump or position yourself to an easier location from where you can blast ||
|| Gol's laser, but in time, you'll target it and it'll burst.              ||
||                                                                          ||
|| After that core laser is destroying, Gol will unleash a bomb that hovers ||
|| above the area and quite literally takes nearly years to explode, but if ||
|| you get caught in it, you're in major trouble. Get some Blue Eco and hop ||
|| in one of the launchers, and just hover above the explosion. Once that's ||
|| done, you may notice that the silo in the center has been slightly       ||
|| opened. If you fall in there, then you will die right there. So I don't  ||
|| need to say it, but AVOID THE SILO. Thank you.                           ||
||                                                                          ||
|| Gol will then fire green energy into the silo, and then Lurkers will     ||
|| emerge from it. Take them out VERY carefully with Yellow Eco. They are   ||
|| quite dangerous, and pose much more of a threat than anything else. Once ||
|| you have them taken care of, another bomb will be launched, so just use  ||
|| your own personal launcher to remedy that. And now, finally back to      ||
|| damaging Gol's robot again. One of his arms will begin to shoot fireballs||
|| around the silos, which will explode in a large radius that you have to  ||
|| jump over. Probably the most dangerous thing Gol himself will ever do.   ||
||                                                                          ||
|| Either way, it isn't too hard to avoid. Get some Yellow Eco from side to ||
|| side, and then stay at the back and keep firing at the cannon. When the  ||
|| radius approaches, simply jump over it, and that's that. Double jump if  ||
|| you must. Soon enoguh the cannon will be destroyed, and they'll send out ||
|| another bomb, but I'm not even gonna comment on that. And now for the    ||
|| third phase of the fight. Gol now starts charging extremely large beams  ||
|| at you, and they're a tad unpredictable as to when they'll be released.  ||
||                                                                          ||
|| However, it's technically impossible for these blasts to hit you if you  ||
|| are always moving around, so don't worry about that at all. Instead,     ||
|| worry about landing hits on the cannon with your Yellow Eco, since it    ||
|| takes a huge beating to take down. Eventually, though, the robot will be ||
|| maimed without arms, and the sages combine their power to form Light Eco!||
|| After a short scene, Gol will release about five explosive bombs to      ||
|| litter the silos, but it doesn't matter. Just follow the clouds and pick ||
|| up some Light Eco, and the robot will be blasted to oblivion. Easy!      ||

After that rather effortless victory, the silo closes and the Dark Eco has
infected no one except, well... Daxter. Only that was a long, long time ago.
Congratulations on beating the game! After the ending, walk up to the door at
the top of the citadel, and if you have 100 Power Cells, the door will fill
itself and give you the second ending. Awesome; from there you have completely
wrapped up J&D. Give yourself a pat on the back, and if you're a GTA fan, also
consider picking up Jak 2, which is inferior but still decent enough.


                            =-+-= VIII. FAQ =-+-=


[Q] Is there any point in getting all 2000 Precursor Orbs?

[A] If you're a perfectionist, you might as well go ahead and try to get every
    single one of them. But no, you will not get an extra ending or anything
    else. All you need is 420 orbs for Sandover Village, 510 for Rock Village,
    and 600 for Volcanic Crater. That's 1530 orbs, which isn't too bad. The
    other 470... just exist to make getting 1530 easier. =)


[Q] How do you break open metal chests?

[A] For those of you that are too lazy to read the walkthrough... Red Eco can
    NOT break metal chests open. Yellow Eco, on the other hand, can, which is
    one of the reasons why it's better. And you can use cannons to fire bombs
    at them, but that's it. Think either the yellow stuff, or the rare cannons.


[Q] How do you get the second ending?

[A] You'll need to find 100 out of the 101 Power Cells in the world. Have a
    whole lotta fun doing that.


[Q] Can Scout Flies be used for anything?

[A] Nope; Scout Flies have no purpose other than for you to find seven of them
    in every world and get a Power Cell out of the deal.


[Q] Are there any bugs or glitches in the game?

[A] I've encountered one myself. In Gol and Maia's Citadel, I walked in and
    talked to the Green Sage, then saved and turned the game off. When I came
    back later, I was already at the top of the citadel and could free him
    right there. But then when I got back down to free the other three sages,
    when I freed them, it just froze up. Sure, I got the Power Cell, but not
    the scenes. And having your console freeze up three times isn't exactly

    I've also heard of another bug, in which if you talk to the gambler in
    Rock Village, then go off to do the race in Precursor Basin, fail, and
    then talk to the gambler again, you can no longer do the race again. That
    is a lot more serious than the game freezing up, as you can no longer get
    all 101 Power Cells, but oh well, 100 is all you need to get the second
    ending anyway.

     Thank you for reading my FAQ!
My next FAQ is Jak 2 so be there for it!

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