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Magi Nation FAQ
 by:  Evil ([email protected])

Version 0.06

Table of Contents:
1.  Version History
2.  Legal Stuff
3.  Note from Author
4.  Walkthrough
5.  Shops
6.  Items
7.  Relics
8.  Spells
9.  Monsters

Version History
0.06  Not so much of an update as it is a clean-up of the FAQ.  There's 
also something I HAVE go get straight with the readers.  It's at the end 
of the walkthrough so go read it NOW!!!
0.05  Went all the way through the Prison detailing how to get 
EVERYTHING.  The guides a bit sloppy right now but seeing as I've got to 
get some sleep, I'll clean it up a bit later.
0.04  Went through how to waste the 3rd Shadow Geyser.
0.03  Followed through the quest for Agadon's boots and all the items 
that could be grabbed with them.
0.02  Added more all the way up to the Docks.  Added in news items and 
monsters to that point.
0.01  Rudimentary FAQ in place.  Far from finished, but it's a good 
start (I hope).

-Legal Stuff-
This FAQ, although written by Evil, is Copyright 2001 by BlankedNews.com  
It is not to be reproduced, in whole or in part, in ANY way without 
expressed written consent from the author.

It is not to be altered in any way.  It is not to be sold.  If it 
appears on ANY site or publication other than GameFAQs.com, Magi-
World.com or BlankedNews.com without my permission, I will not hesitate 
to sue.

If you're interested in using this FAQ, contact [email protected]  
I'm a pretty fair guy, and if you ask nicely I'll more than likely let 
you use it.

-Note from Author-
For all those who are wondering, the in-game text won't be around for 
long.  Once this file gets too large, I will take out all the cinema 
scenes and create a separate story FAQ.  But while it's still a 
managable size, I'll leave it in.

I will also go into further detail with more precise information in 
regards to items and relics.  Such as EXACTLY how much life they restore 
or EXACTLY how they raise stats.  Give me time to experiment and record 
it all.

I would also like to take this opportunity to ask the readers to email 
me ANY information I may have missed.  However, do not send me ANYTHING 
in regards to area's I have not reached, including the Dream Creature's 
in those areas.  I will experience that for myself.

I'd like to thank anyone who's reading this and welcome any suggestions 
as this is my first FAQ.  If you do send me any email, however, please 
be polite.  There is no need to be rude.  I thank you all very much and 
without further adeu, here's the FAQ:

You'll begin the game in a circular room.  The right door will be 
blackened so go through the left door and select new game.

Tavel Gorge 5:32 PM, Tuesday
*The scene opens with two young boys staring into a cave*

Josh: Dude, this place is not safe!

Sly: It's fine!  What's so bad about it?

Josh: If it's so safe, why don't you go in there?

Sly: Hey!  Don't change the subject!  You're the one who's s'posed to go 

Josh: No way!

Sly: Fine, let's get Benny to do it.

*Third, younger boy walks up unaware of the situation*.

Josh: Yeah, he'll do anything!  Hey Benny, wanna go in the cave?

Benny: No way I'm going in there!

Sly: HAHAHAHA, you got told by your little brother!

Josh: Shut up!

*Benny moves to the side as Tony walks up.

Tony: What's up, guys?

Sly: Who the heck are you?

Tony: My name's Tony.  Tony Jones.  I moved here a few days ago.  Who 
are you?

Josh: Haw!  Didja hear that, Sly?

Sly: Yeah!  What a stoopid name!

Josh: Foney Bones is more like it!

Tony: ...no... it's Tony Jones.

Josh: You don't like your new name?  Deal!
*Sly, living up to his name, glances deviously in Josh's direction*

Sly: Hey Josh... c'mere.

*Josh slowly walks over to Sly

Sly:-whisper- -whisper-

Josh: Okay, Foney!  If you don't like your new name, you'll have to earn 
back your old one.

Tony: Whatever.  How?

Sly: Go in this cave and get us a crystal.  Of course, if you're too 

Tony: Fine.  I'll be back shortly.

*Tony walks into cave undaunted, the other boys peer after him.

Josh: Ooooh!  Foney's a tough guy!

Benny: Foney Boney!  HEHEHEHE!

*Camera cuts to Tony in the cave by himself*

Tony: Well, I guess I'd better get this over with.

Okay, now this part is unbearably easy.  Just follow the path until you 
reach the crystal.  There are no branch-offs to explore or items to 

Tony: Got it!

*Cave begins to collapse*

Tony: Oh no!  I've gotta get out of here!

You can try your best to run, but you're going to fall in no matter 
what.  Just best to hurry and get it over with.


*Screen fades to black and then cuts to the outside with boys staring 
Sly: Did you hear something?

Benny: What's going on?

Josh: Uhhhhhh......

*Screen cuts to Tony falling onto a strange beach.  Camera pans up to 
show two goblins*

Zet: murgle murgle...


Zet: muuurgle murk murk murk?


Zet: woink.

*Goblins start running Tony's way but Korg accidently goes the wrong way 
and hits a dead end.*

2: BLORG!!!

*Zet has to wait patiently while Korg figures out that he needs to go 
the other way. Korg finally figures it out and heads in his brother's 
direction. They then rush Tony and surround him while he's lying dazed 
on the beach alongside the crystal*


Zet: marf whokka moo.


*Tony begins to stir and they run back a short distance*

Tony: What the....

Korg: MARF?

Zet: munga mung...

Tony: Where the heck is this?

Korg: GAGAKKK!!!!

Zet: weeeeeg!!
*Korg summons a monster that quickly dash's at Tony*

Monster: ROAAAAARR!!!

Tony: What the...?!!

*Tony slowly retreats and accidently backs into the crystal.  Another 
monster is summoned that hastily dispatches the enemy creature. Their 
only defense laid to waste, Korg and Zet run away like the cowards they 
are.  Not far away, an old man named Eidon hears the fiasco and heads to 
the beach to investigate*

Eidon: Exploding sock puppet!

Tony: What?  I don't understand you!

Eidon: Taxi apple sponge!

Tony: What language are you speaking!?

Eidon: Skunks playing poker, basketball cheesesteak!

Tony: I think he's crazy.

* Eidon looks around and begins to wave his arms at Tony as if trying to 
get him to guess something*

Tony: Two words...  three syllables...  sounds like...  bird?  No 
wait... plane?

Eidon: Dirigible fork!

*Eidon hands Tony a bracelet.  He quickly backs off to show the young 
boy he means no harm*

Tony: Put it on?

*Tony puts it on and then begins to hear clearly(music finally kicks 

Man: Did it work?

Tony: Hey, I can understand you now!

Man: Whew, finally.  That was getting silly.  My name is Eidon.

Tony: I'm Tony.

Eidon: Tony, I saw how you handled yourself against those fiends back 
there.  May I see the ring you used to call that creature?

Tony: ...ring?

Eidon: You don't have a ring?  What's that on the ground?

*Tony walks over and grabs the crystal*

Tony: This crystal?

Eidon: You used THAT to summon the creature?

Tony: I don't know!  I have no idea what is happening here!

Eidon: I've never seen anything like this... you're not from around 
here, are you?

Tony: I'm from Tavel Gorge.  Do you know how I can get back?

Eidon: Tavel Gorge?  Never heard of it.  The world is truly vast!  Well, 
if you don't know your own way back, I'm sure Orwin could tell you.  
He's the elder of Vash Naroom.  Come, I'll take you there.

Tony: Okay.

*Man walks off*

Again, just follow the path.  If you go the wrong way, Eidon will pop 
out and say: This way, Tony!  You'll eventually come out onto the 
overworld map.  Just go to the town directly north.  You can't miss it.  
When you get to the town you'll find Eidon.

Eidon: Hey!  It's Eidon!  Lower the stairs!

*Stairs lower*

Eidon: Come, Tony.

*Tony and Eidon are unaware that the goblins are following them unseen.  
When Tony and Eidon walk into the village, the Goblins stop at the 

Korg: That's the entrance to Vash Naroom!

Zet: Korg, this is the perfect chance for us to get in there and cause 
some disarray.

Korg: Shaddup, Zet!  I'm in charge, and I say we go in and cause di... 

Zet: .........

* Both Goblins slowly begin to follow Tony and Eidon in*

Zet: Hurry, or the stairs will...

Korg: No!  We must not be seen!

*The stairs slowly begin to close with Korg and Zet still on them*

Zet: RUN!!

Korg: Shaddup Zet, I'm in char...

*Stairs retract all the way dropping them far to the ground below*

Zet: ............

*Camera switches back to Tony alone and confused*

Tony: Eidon?  Where'd he go?

Just follow the path straight into town.  This is your first chance to 
talk to some of the townspeople.  They'll welcome you and explain about 
the town a bit.  Feel free to explore, you can examine just about 
anything, many times eliciting a humorous response.  Don't worry about 
talking to the townspeople multiple times as in most RPG's.  They only 
have one thing to say so just talk to them once.

The path to the west from where you enter takes you directly to the Town 
Shop and Poad's Inn.  Make sure to go by the inn and save.  You'll also 
get a Baloo leaf there.

The path to the east from where you enter takes you directly to an old, 
burnt out house and Pruitt's Ring Shop.  The burnt out house is home to 
another Baloo leaf.  Don't bother with the Ring Shop until after you've 
visited Orwin.

The path to the north from where you enter leads you to the town square.  
The house on the east side of the square has yet another Baloo leaf in 
it.  There are also two doorways in the north-west of the square.  If 
you check the picture within the leftmost doorway, you'll receive 5 
animite.  Enter the right door to obtain another Baloo leaf.

The Eastern path leading from Town Square takes you to Tryn and Evu's 
houses.  Tryn's house contains a Remedy Drink.  If you speak with her, 
you may find it of note that she already knows of your presence.  Now go 
to Evu's house.  If you check the fireplace, you'll find a Remedy Drink.  
There is also a Baloo leaf in the house (just unlock the countertop and 
jump the stool to get it).  If you talk to Evu, he'll just tell you to 
go speak with Orwin.

Go to the northeast corner and follow the path up to Orwin's place.  As 
you walk in, the camera pans to Orwin and Eidon in a heated discussion 
with one another.

Orwin: No!  I will not go through this again!

Eidon: But Orwin...

Orwin: NO, Eidon!  You think someone is Kyros every year!  Let's see, 
who was it last year?  Poad?  What were you thinking?!

Eidon: I could have sworn the food he cooked gave me superhuman 
strength!  But this time-

Orwin *shaking his head*: ...and before that was Yaki!  We couldn't shut 
him up for months!  He went around shouting OOOH YEAH!  I'M THE GREAT 

Eidon: Okay, okay, I'm SORRY!!  If you'd just listen, this time...

*Tony walks up and Orwin regards him with extreme skepticism*

Eidon: .........

Orwin: Ah, this must be the boy.

Eidon: Yes.  Tony, I'd like you to meet Orwin, Elder of Vash Naroom.

*Tony politely turns to Orwin*

Tony: Nice to meet you.

*Orwin moves closer to Tony further scrutinizing him*

Orwin: Yes, yes.  So you wish to get home, right?  Where did you say you 
were from?

Tony: Tavel Gorge.

Orwin: Tavel...  Gorge...?  Hmmm...  I've been from here to Orothe and 
back, but that name doesn't ring a bell.  Well, this is a dilemma.  I 
will try to figure out a way to get you home, but you must stay in town 
until then.

Eidon: I told you, I don't think he's from this world.

Orwin *turning to Eidon*: Quiet you!  I need to think.

*Orwin quickly walks away*

Tony *turning to Eidon*: So... what now?

Eidon: Well, I guess you'll have to stay in town.  We'll get you out of 
here soon enough.  In the mean time, take your crystal to Pruitt, the 
Ringsmith.  If you get hungry, go see Poad at the Inn.

Ahhh....Now it's time to get your first ring.  Nothing says "Passageway 
into manhood" quite like jewelry.  Just don't forget to grab the Archai 
Leaf out of the chest to the right before you exit the house.  Now just 
simply head to the Ring Shop and speak with Pruitt.

Tony:  Is this the Ringsmith's shop?

Pruitt:  Yes it is!  My name is Pruitt.  How can I be of service?

Tony:  Hi.  I'm Tony Jones.  I was told by Eidon to show you this 

*Tony sets the crystal on the counter*

Pruitt:  Hmm... let's see...  Oh, this is some Furok Animite!

Tony:  Furok?  Animite?  What are you talking about?

Pruitt:  You don't know about Animite?  Shall I explain it to you?

*Tony nods his head "yes"*

Pruitt:  Well, Animite is a kind of crystal.  We use ordinary Animite as 
money around here.

Tony:  So I can use this to buy stuff?

Pruitt:  No no no!  Well, I mean normally you could, but this is infused 

Tony:  What does that mean?

Pruitt:  Well, if you take infused Animite, and give it to me, I can 
make a ring for you that will allow you to control a Dream Creature!

Tony:  Dream Creature?  Is that what a Furok is?

Pruitt:  Right.  You may have seen a few outside of town.  Both the 
Animite we use as money and infused Animite come from Dream Creatures.  
But a Dream Creature does not produce Animite unless it's been weakened, 
so you must first defeat one to get it.  To do that, you need to use the 
Dream Creatures you have.  I can help get you equipped with one if you 
need it.

Tony:  I guess it's lucky for me that I found this just lying around.

Pruitt:  It sure is!  Well, since Eidon sent you, he probably wants me 
to make this into a ring for you.  Be right back!

*Pruitt takes the crystal to his work bench and pounds on it for a bit*

Pruitt:  Here you go!  

*Tony recieves Furok*

Pruitt:  Ooo, there's a little Animite left over.  I'd really like to 
study this, so can I buy it from you for 50 Animite?

Tony:  Sure.

*Tony gets 50 Animite*

Tony:  Thanks.

Pruitt:  No problem!  Hey, why don't you show that ring to Evu?  I'm 
sure he'd be interested.

Tony:  Who's that?

Pruitt:  Evu's the historian... er, when he can remember.  You should 
meet him.

Tony:  Ok, thanks.

Okay, so you're a big man now.  What next?  Well, if you press the Start 
button, you can bring up the Main Menu Screen.  Since you didn't have 
any previous rings, Furok will automatically be equipped.  Go to the 
"Rings" menu to check out his stats.  Amazing, eh?  Now stop gawking and 
go to Evu's house, slacker.

Once there, speak with Evu, of course.

Evu:  Why, hello there Poad.  Would you like a cookie?

Tony:  Uh, I'm not...

Evu:  Where are my jellybeans?

Tony:  Excuse me, does the historian live here?

Evu:  Ah yes, history.  I dabbled once...  Once...  I remember when they 
made the blue jellybeans...

Tony *Getting annoyed*:  Please don't let this guy be the historian.

Okay, people.  I'm not quite sure how to tell you what to do now.  It 
literally took me HOURS to figure this one out.  Okay, no it didn't.  
It's simple.  Go to Poad's Inn and get jellybeans from him.  I hope you 
didn't hurt yourself racking your brain.

Tony:  Are you the innkeeper?

Poad:  That's me.  Poad's the name.  You want to stay here?  All 
travelers are welcome.

Tony:  No thanks.

Poad:  well, at least have some of my jellybeans before you go.

*Tony receives Jellybeans*

Woohoo!  Now return to Evu's house with your prize and watch as the 
greedy bastard scarfs them down.  Thanks for sharing, pal!

Evu:  Ah... munch munch...  Jellybeans... I feel so much better.

Tony:  Are you the historian?

Evu:  Yes I am, young fellow.  I am also a master spellcaster... or I 
was.  Actually I've forgotten most of them...  I remember one though... 
here, take this spellbook.

*Tony receives Leaf Cut*

Evu:  I hope you can put that to good use...

Man, I feel so...so USED.  Why do I get the feeling this old geezer was 
just playing poor Tony the whole time?  What's the world coming too when 
young boys are taken advantage of by cheeky old men?  Wait a sec...that 
sounded wrong.  You know what I mean.

At this point, you can proceed to ask Evu about any item in your 
inventory and he will give you a short description of it's function.  
Since you don't have much to check out, there's no point in sticking 
around for long.

Okay, so the only order you've been given thus far is to NOT leave town.  
So what's an angst-ridden pubescent to do?  Why immediately leave town, 
of course!

As you hit the town exit, Tony breaks into a mad dash but is suddenly 
stopped dead in his tracks when he hears Orwin and Eidon talking at the 
gates.  Unaware of his presence, the two continue to speak while Tony 
awaits in the shadows, eavesdropping.

Orwin:  Why are you so persistent?  Even if he IS the Great Magus Kyros, 
we'd be better off sending him back to his world!

*Upon hearing his name, Tony moves closer*

Eidon:  Look!  Things have not been right lately...  The Dream  
Creatures have been acting strangely.  Don't you understand what that 
means?  Your stubbornness is going to be the end of this nation!  We 
have to tell him the truth.

Orwin:  I've heard enough, Eidon.  I want you to leave Vash Naroom until 
all this blows over.

Eidon:  But...  I think that Gia would want to meet him!  She might even 
be able to-

*Orwin shakes his head vehemently at this sudden insurrection*

Orwin:  I forbid you to take him from this town.  Magus or not, the kid 
stays here.  My word is final.

*Orwin stomps off and accidently runs into Tony.  Realizing that he was 
listening in on the converation the whole time, he snubs the young boy 
and walks away*

Eidon:  Hmmmmm.....

*Tony walks further up, revealing himself to Eidon saying nothing of his 
run-in with Orwin*

Eidon:  Oh, Tony.  I was just leaving for the Weave.  I see Pruitt made 
a fine ring for you.

Tony:  Yeah.  She mentioned something about Dream Creatures and stuff.

*Eidon glances around to see if they're being watched*

Eidon: Tony, follow me.  There's somebody who I want you to meet.

Tony:  Didn't Orwin say I wasn't supposed to leave town?

Eidon: This is very important.  Trust me.

Tony:  Well, if you say so...

*The duo turn and walk out of town.  Upon reaching the outside, Eidon 
turns to Tony*

Eidon:  Tony, I want you to have this.

*Tony receives an Eldritch Awl*

Eidon:  It will help you escape from dangerous areas.  Do you know how 
to control the power of infused Animite?

*Tony shakes his head "No"*

Tony:  Nope.

Eidon:  Well... Yaki over there is the trainer of Vash Naroom.  Here, 
I'll introduce you.

*The two walk over to speak with Yaki*

Eidon:  Tony, I'd like you to meet Yaki.  Yaki, meet Tony.

Yaki:  OOOOOH YEAHHH!!  How ya doin', brother!  I'm the guy that's gonna 
tell ya how to nab those Dream Creatures and beat 'em senseless!  Er, I 
mean... beat 'em and nab 'em!  WOOO!  So WHATCHA GONNA DO?!

Okay, I hope you've caught the wrestler gag they've got going with Yaki.  
He can't seem to make up his mind which one he wants to be.  Since I 
stopped watching wrestling when I was 5, I can only make out The Macho 
Man Randy Savage and The Nature Boy Rick Flair (can you say "Gigantic 
Sagging Man-Boobs?  I knew you could).  Anyways, wrestling sucks, so who 

Alright, it's tutorial time.  OOOOOH YEAHHH!!  WOOOO!!!! (So sue me).  
Walk up to Yaki and you can ask him about Basics, Action, Tips, or 
Hunting.  Let's start with Basics.

Yaki:  WOOO!  THAT'S THE SPIRIT!  Okay, here's the basics.  There are 
two kinds of battles you can get into.  One is Creature battle, and the 
other is Magi battle.  Creature battle is when you're just fighting 
Dream Creatures so you can nab 'em!  Magi battle is a duel between you 
and another Magi!  All battles happen turn by turn, and you get ONE - 
that's right, just ONE - action each turn.  Each action takes some time 
to perform, so watch it!

Tony:  What can I do?

Yaki:  I'll spare you the details for now, but the actions are FOCUS, 

Tony:  How can I keep from getting hit?

Yaki:  Basically, the creatures you summon take the damage for you.  The 
only time you yourself take damage is when you don't have any creatures 
summoned, or if the opponent has a special ability to do that.

Tony:  And how do I win the fight?

Yaki:  OOOOOH YEAHHH!  THAT'S EASY!  Beat down all those creatures and 
YOU WIN, BROTHER!  And in Magi battles...  this includes the guy that's 
controlling the creatures.  Of course, if you and all your creatures get 
beat up, YOU LOSE!  ...HOWEVER!!!  As long as you still have a creature 
summoned, you can be in the worst shape possible and still win!  So 
don't give up!  And when the fight's over, your creatures' leftover 
energy will return to you!  WOO!!

Alright, onto Actions.  Let's do "Summon" first.

Yaki:  The FIRST, and MOST IMPORTANT ACTION, brother, is SUMMON!!  
OOOOOH YEAHHH!  There's only so much a Magi can do just by himself, so 
SUMMONING CREATURES is the best way to attack your opponents AND the 
best way to defend against them!

Tony:  So what can my creatures do for me?

Yaki:  LOTS OF STUFF!  Different creatures have different actions, and 
each turn, your creatures will do the action you tell them to do.  
Theyget one action per turn, like you.

Tony:  Sounds useful.

Yaki:  BUT REMEMBER THIS NEXT PART!  There are some downsides!!  For 
one, it takes some of your own energy to call one of these creatures.  
Second, you can only have out FOUR creatures at a time!  And third, 
creatures don't get to do any actions on the turn you summon them!!  So 
be careful, dude!

Still in the Actions list, choose "Spell".

Yaki:  CASTING SPELLS!  DIG IT!  Spells can deal damage, cure ailments, 
or power up your creatures.  They also happen faster than most other 
actions.  But spells take your energy to perform, so try not to depend 
on them too much!

Still in the Actions list, choose "Focus".

Yaki:  DIG IT!!  FOCUS can be useful in some situations.  It can give 
you that extra energy you need to bring out that important creature or 
spell.  It can also help you recover when your creatureshave the battle 
under control.

Now pick the final selection in the Actions list, "Item".

Yaki:  ITEMS!  WOO!  Every now and then it helps to restore your 
creature's energy with a Baloo Leaf or improve your creature's power 
with a Power Gem.  items are all over!  You can find 'em, or go to a 
shop and buy em!  But LISTEN UP!  Some items can't be bought at the 
store.  For those items you gotta look around.  it could be lying around 
or a creature might be protecting it!  So explore!

Now that we're through with the Actions list, choose Tips.

Yaki:  Always remember to WATCH YOUR ENERGY!  Don't drain yourself with 
spells if you don't have a good defense.  'Cause if you and your 
creatures run out of energy, it's ALL OVER!

Tony:  Anything else?

Yaki:  Don't be afraid to RUN if you have to!  You don't get any reward 
for running away, but you would think avoiding a huge beatdown is enough 
for most people!  Unfortunately, you can only run away from Creature 
battles.  magi battles are honorable duels so don't do anythin' cowardly 
or you'll be made fun of!

Alright, we're at the home stretch.  Wordy fella, ain't he?  Pick 
Hunting this time.

Yaki:  A Creature battle is easy to get into!  Whenver some creatures 
are nearby, you'll see a burst of Dream Energy!  Just run right into it 
and you'll find creatures!  From there, you can do battle and try to nab 
'em!  Want to know anything else, brother?

Tony:  Uh... no.


Tony:  I think I've had enough of this guy...

SCORE!!!!  Finally done.  It really wasn't that bad actually, and now 
that you know the basics you won't have to go through all that blasted 
learning again.  Bah!

Now that you're done talking to Yaki, you finally get to try your hand 
at battling.  Go speak with the girl, Salafy, who is walking back and 
forth near by.  Let's rock.

Salafy:  I'm Salafy, apprentice trainer!  Ready for a training match?

Tony:  Yes.

Salafy:  Good.  Let's go!

*Camera switches to Battle Screen*

Salafy:  OK!  First you should SUMMON a creature to face me and my 

Choose Summon, dummy!  Then choose Furok and place him down where ever 
you'd like.

Salafy:  Good!  Now, have your creature fight with mine.

Choose Focus, and then Fight.  Choose to attack Weebo.  Tony will also 
gain some energy.  Since Furok is a slower creature, he will always 
attack second in this battle.  Just keep repeating this until you kick 
Weebo's ass.  It should only take a couple turns.

Salafy:  Oh no!  You got my Weebo!  Now your creatures can attack me 

Now that Weebo's out of the way, do as she says and attack her directly.  
Attacking innocent little girls always elicit's a feeling of achievement 
from me!  YESSS!  I'm all hot now baby!  Touch my nipples!  
Uhhh...anyways, keep doing this until she's toast.

Salafy:  That was great!  Come back any time!

Tony:  I'll do that.

Now, another no-brainer.  Just go back and try to leave.  Eidon will 
then speak with you.

Eidon:  Are you sure you've trained enough?

Tony:  Yep!

Eidon:  Well in that case..

*The ground suddenly begins to quake violently*

Eidon:  Huh?

Tony:  What's going on?

Eidon:  I... don't know!  I think it's coming from the glade.

*Eidon hurries off and Yaki runs up*

Yaki:  OOOH YEAH!!!  What's shakin', brother!

Tony:  .........

Simple.  Just follow after Eidon.  Hurry up now.  I SAID HURRY!!!!  Man, 
kids today.

*Tony and Eidon are heading to the glade when they suddenly run into 

Orwin:  Eidon!  What in blazes is going on?!

Eidon:  What are you asking me for?!  I don't know!

Orwin:  And you have the boy with you!  You FOOL!

*The ground quickly shakes again as if to remind them of the real 
problem at hand.  Orwin turns to face the glade*

Orwin:  It's coming from the glade!  I will deal with you later.

*Orwin runs off just as some of the townspeople come up to Tony and 

Young girl:  Eidon, what's going on?

Old man:  I was eating lunch and that quake made me fall right off my 

Middle-aged man:  And I just saw Orwin running through town like a 
madman!  Where's he going in such a hurry?

Eidon:  This isn't good.  Let's go see what's going on.

*The group of villagers, along with Eidon run off after Orwin*


The Beach
Items to find:
Bark Thimble
Rune of Might

Alright, just go south and follow the path back to the beach (don't 
forget to save while on the world map).  Just go the other way this time 
(the way Eidon wouldn't let you go).  Now's your first taste of TRUE 
battle, and I'm not talking about whooping up on little girls.  Don't 
forget to equip Furok with the Archaic Leaf.  Take the time to build 
some levels and get used to the games battle system.  If things get too 
intense, just go back to Poad's Inn and refresh.

Once you go the other way at the beach, you'll come across two treasure 
chests.  One has a Rune of Might and the other has a Bark Thimble.  
Equip Furok with the Bark Thimble for now since you only have two relics 
at this point.  You can use the Rune of Might to increase Furok's attack 
if you wish (it's a consumable item, not a relic) or you can save it for 

Things to find:
Baloo Leaf
Karmic Might
GoldenClover (Energy band required to obtain)

Now leave the beach as if you were heading to Vash Naroom (you might 
want to stop by and save again since it's on your way), but instead of 
going to town, head directly East and you'll see the entrance to the 
glade.  You'll see various villagers around searching for Orwin and you 
can also battle some more.

From the entrance you'll find a Baloo Leaf in a treasure chest to the 
East.  You'll find an inaccessable treasure chest if you take the North-
Eastern path.  We'll come back to it later.

From here there are many branching paths.  EXPLORE EVERYTHING.  It's 
fairly hard to tell you the exact location and way to get everything 
without confusing you at this point, so resort to the list above to see 
if you managed to find everything.  If you didn't, explore some more.

Here's the part of the FAQ I dread the most.  You want to know what 
Level you should be at before you enter the ensuing boss battle.  Well, 
I don't know what to tell you.  I have a lot more patience than the 
average gamer and tend to build my Levels to insane heights.  I don't 
want to just beat the bossess, I want to CRUSH them.  But it's your 
choice.  I guess I'd recommend having Tony at least to Level 5 and Furok 
to 6.

Once you come out of the Glade, you'll see the entrance to another 
section, go in and another cut-scene ensues.

*Camera cuts to Orwin by himself*

Orwin:  What the...?!

*Camera pans a bit more revealing an ominous doorway of some kind*

Orwin:  It looks like ..... a Shadow Geyser!  Oh, no...  This too was 
foretold in the prophecy!  I've got to stop it!

*Orwin tries to walk through the doorway but is viciously thrown back by 
an unseen force*

Orwin:  OOUGGH!! like a million... sharp... needles just pierced my 

*Camera pans to show Korg and Zet laughing at the seemingly disabled 

Zet:  Korg, look!  Orwin's in trouble!  Now's our chance to get him out 
of the picture!

Korg:  Shaddup, Zet!  i'm in charge, and I say we go waste Orwin!

Zet:  .........

Korg:  Let's go!

*The bumbling Duo quickly surround the old man*

Zet:  Ok, let's get him on three...  One....

Korg:  THREE!!!

Zet:  Huh??

*Orwin suddenly dissapears sending Korg plowing into poor Zet, knocking 
him several feet away and rendering him unconscious*

Korg:  Where'd he go, Zet?  Hey, Zet!

Zet:  .........

Korg:  Wake up!!

*Tony finally walks in on the scene, unaware of what just transpired*

Korg:  Huh?  It's that kid from before.  Ha, now I can mess you up for 
what you did to me back at the river!

*Battle ensues*

Alright!  Your first boss battle.  *Sniff*, kids grow up so fast these 
days.  This is fairly simple, straight-forward stuff.  No real skill 
involved.  Just summon Furok and battle as you would a normal creature.

*Tony summons Furok*

Korg:  Now I'll teach you to respect the power of Korg!

Zet:  Korg you're still too weak from fighting Orwin, let me handle him!

*Tony commands Furok to attack Korg*

Korg:  Shaddup Zet!  I'm in charge and I'll handle this!

*Korg turns to face Tony and suddenly realizes there's a problem*

Korg:  Uh, Zet, I don't have enough energy for my Grax.

Zet:  .........

Korg has no choice but to start out the battle by focusing.  Eventually 
he may be able to summon a BlackAgovo.  Furok is weak against 
BlackAgovo's Shade attack, but you're still not in any sort of trouble 
so just keep attacking and don't let up.  Once you eliminate BlackAgovo, 
just refocus your attacks on that big lug, Korg, and you should beat him 
in no time.

*Tony easily hands Korg his ass on a platter*

Korg:  OW!! Ow ow ow ow ow!!

*Korg runs to the spot where Zet lies, still dazed*

Korg:  We're outta here, Zet!

*The cowardly two-some beat a hasty retreat.  Tony begins walking to the 
Shadow Geyser entrance when Orwin, apparently badly injured, suddenly 
appears out of thin air.  Eidon comes in on the scene soon after*

Eidon:  Orwin, what-

*Orwin tries to stand but quickly falls to his knees*

Orwin:  I used my hood of hiding... to save myself...  The... geyser... 
must be... stopped..

Eidon:  You're delirious!  Hold still!

*Eidon walks over to the worn-out old man, examines him for a moment, 
then privately speaks with Tony*

Eidon:  He's in bad shape.

Orwin:  Eidon... the geyser...

Eidon:  You want me to try and stop it?

Orwin:  NO YOU FOOL!... oww... don't try to... enter or... you'll end 
up... like me...

Eidon:  That means, this must be...

Orwin:  Tony, come... here...

*Tony hastily walks over to the beckoning elder*

Orwin:  Take this...

*Tony receives the Energy Band*

Orwin:  This will... let you pass... through the forest.  Go see Gia... 
in the Weave...

*Tony turns to Eidon, as if looking for further guidance*

Eidon:  I'm going to take Orwin back to Vash Naroom.  Right now seeing 
Gia would be your best bet.  That energy band will let you pass those 
blocks to the West of Vash Naroom.

Tony:  Is he going to be okay?

Eidon:  I hope so.  You'd better get going... it's a pretty long walk to 
the Weave.

*Eidon hefts the injured old man in his arms and walks off, leaving Tony 
to his quest*

If you try to enter the Shadow Geyser at this point, you'll just be 
knocked back, so don't bother.  On your way out, don't forget to use the 
Energy Band to kick the rocks out of the way of the previously 
inaccessible treasure chest.  Just walk up to them and press the "A" 
button.  Your reward will be a GoldenClover.

Now before going anywhere, head back to Vash Naroom to save again.  When 
you walk up, you'll be greeted by an elderly man.

Man:  You there!  STOP!  What have you done to Orwin?

Tony:  Huh!?

Man:  He's grown terribly sick since returning from the glade, and 
Eidon's nowhere to be found.

Tony:  I didn't know.

Man:  Well you had better go see Orwin soon.  I hear he's fading fast.

Upon further examination of the town, you find that many of the people 
are blaming Orwin's illness on you.  Wow, didn't see THAT one coming.  
An RPG hero get's no respect, I tell ya.

At this point, you can go make some rings (assuming you have enough 
animite).  What monster's you wish to create are up to you.  I have no 
real suggestions as your choices are pretty much limited to a Weebo, 
Twee, or Eebit.  Maybe a couple more if you really took your time to 

Now I'll attempt to explain the ring creation system to you.  It's 
fairly easy to understand, so you'll probably grasp it pretty quick.  
When you go to create a ring, you'll see something akin to this:

Rabbage      024
 Rabbage     003
 Eebit       001

The top word is the name of the particular creature you are trying to 
create.  In this case, it is a "Rabbage".  The top number next to it is 
how much you will have to pay to create the ring (24 animite, in this 
case).  The other numbers signify how much infused animite of a 
particular type you must have to create the ring.  In this case you need 
three "Rabbage" animites and 1 "Eebit" animite.  Look at the bottom of 
the screen and it will show you something akin to:

Rabbage     001
Eebit       011

So in this case, you have more than enough to pay for the ring (159 
animite), but not enough infused animite to create it.  You have enough 
for the Eebit requirement, but not the Rabbage requirement.  You need 
two more Rabbage infused animites to create the ring.

Many creatures just need one type of infused animite for their creation, 
but some, as in the case of our Rabbage, require more than one type.  If 
you don't understand by now, I'm either doing a crappy job of explaining 
things, or you should just stop playing this game now.

The "Power" option works in much the same way.  But instead of creating 
new rings, you use infused animite to raise the levels of rings you 
already have by 1.

Any rings you make at this point will be automatically equipped.  Until 
you have more than 10 rings (one for each finger), you won't have to 
worry about manually equipping them.

Once you have the rings you want, power them up with any leftover 
infused animite you have.  You may want to switch around what little 
relics you have at this point, but again, it's up to you.  There is no 
real "ideal" setup at this point.  Just make sure if you have an Eebit, 
you equip him with the GoldenClover to raise his luck.  Doing so will 
turn him from a reasonably worthless creature, to a fairly impressive 
ally.  It's time to rock, kiddies.  Let's go find that Seer person.

Just head north-west from Vash Naroom and you'll see the entrance to the 
Seer's land.  Just kick the box out of the way and follow the path up to 
his house.  You can't miss it.  You can take some more time out to build 
up, but this part is fairly short.

Once in the Seer's house, there will be nothing but a single treasure 
chest.  When you touch it, you'll be knocked back and an alarm will go 


*An elderly man appears out of thin air, surprising Tony*

Seer:  You!

Tony:  Wha..?

Seer:  What are you doing here?

Tony:  I was just..

Seer:  Nevermind!  I already know what you are here for.

Tony:  You do?

Orwin:  Yes!  I am the All Knowing, All Powerful Wizard am I not?

Tony:  You are?

Seer:  Yes!

Tony:  Oh...

Seer:  You mean you haven't heard of me?

Tony:  No.

Seer:  I am the Omniscient Enchanter!

Tony:  Impressive...  Can't say it rings a bell though.

Seer:  The Magnificent Magician!

Tony:  Haven't heard of him.

Seer:  What about the Clairvoyant Conjurer?

Tony:  Nope.

Seer:  The...  Ahh..  The Super Sorcerer?

Tony:  No.  Listen, I came here to find the Seer.  Have you seen him 
recently?  The Seer?  You came all the way here just to talk to the 

Tony:  Yes.  Is he around?

Seer:  .......

Tony:  Hello?

Seer:  What?  Oh sorry...  I mean doesn't the title 'Seer' seem a little 
unimpressive to you?

Tony:  .......

Seer:  Don't you think people would respect The Grand Guru or The 
Stupendous Spellcaster more than some plain...

Tony:  Oh, for crying out loud!  Is the Seer around here or isn't he?

Seer:  Well... Yes...

*The Seer turns and walks away a bit*

Tony:  Hey!  What?  What are you doing?

*Tony runs over to the elderly gentleman*

Seer:  I am the Seer.  Why did you come to me?

Tony:  Orwin is sick, and the people of Vash Naroom said you could help.

Seer:  They did!?  ..uh  I mean..  Orwin is sick?

Tony:  Yes...

Seer:  How, uh..  Let's go see him then.

*The camera cuts out and cuts back in with the two back in Vash Naroom 
at Orwin's house.  The Seer is at his bedside examining him and after a 
short time walks over to Tony*

Seer:  Orwin is sick.

Tony:  ...uh..  ..yeah..

Seer:  I think that his injuries are more than just physical.  He has 
burns on his hands and face, but they are not severe enough to weaken 
him this significantly.  I think he is poisoned.

Tony:  Poisoned?!

Seer:  You need to find something to neutralize the geyser's effect.  I 
can think of only one item sufficiently powerful to cure Orwin's 

Tony:  What is it?

Seer:  It is extremely rare and powerful.

Tony:  Yes, but what is it?

Seer:  It must be specially prepared into an elixer to cure Orwin.

Tony:  OKAY!  What is it?

Seer:  It can't be found in any stores!

Tony:  ARRGH!  What is it CALLED!

Seer:  Oh!  A Cloud Frond.

Tony:  Thanks.

Seer:  I will make the Cloud Frond Elixer if you can get one.

Tony:  Where can I find a Cloud Frond?

Seer:  ...Hmmmm  I must meditate on the subject.  Why don't you see if 
you can find one on your own, and check back with me if you need advice.

Tony:  ....Sure.

Seer:  If you need me, I will be back at my boathouse, meditating.

*The Seer walks off*

Tony:  Well, don't strain yourself!

Now, immediately head back to the Seer's house and open the treasure 
chest that set off the alarm earlier.  You'll recieve the "Grow" spell 
which let's you give a monster energy during combat.  It's a very useful 
spell, but keep in mind you're not quite healing the monster.  You're 
giving it YOUR energy.  Keep that in mind and you shouldn't have any 

Now just go south-west from the Seer's house and into the forest.  Just 
kick the boxes out of the way.  If you mess up (if it's possible to mess 
up, that is), just walk off screen and try again.

Dark Forest
Things to find:
Baloo Leaf
Baloo Sap
Rabbage Foot

You'll come across a dark path with more dream creatures.  Take the time 
to battle some more and gain new types of infused animite.  Make sure 
you use your new monsters so you can build them up.  It's very easy to 
rely solely on your powerful Furok, but if you don't work on your new 
monsters now, you'll regret it later.  You want a well-rounded, well-
balanced team.

If you take the Northern path as soon as you get in the Dark Forest, you 
can find a Baloo Leaf, Baloo Sap, and a Rabbage Foot.  As with all 
relics, pay attention to the changes the Rabbage Foot makes as it 
actually zeros out a creature's luck.  Not all monsters can use all 
relics efficiently, so be careful what you equip them with.  There are 
many twists and turns in this area, but none that will take you far from 
the main path.  Make sure to explore well.

After a while, you will come across an old house in the north-western 
sector of this area.  It contains a treasure chest with a GemOfNaroom 
inside, but nothing else despite it's seemingly important appearance.  
Once you've stripped this section of all it's items, go back to the 
entrance of the dark forest but head west this time.

Just follow the path and it will enentually lead you back out onto the 
world map.  New areas to explore, woohoo!  Just head south until you 
enter another area.

Mountain Path
Things to find:
Baloo Sap
Unreachable treasure chests x3

A few new monsters.  Battle some more if you wish.  In fact, I suggest 
to take every oppurtunity you can to battle in new areas from now on.  
Go at it.

As in most cases, this area is very linear, as well.  Just follow the 
path.  Eventually you will hit a section where an old woman begins to 
hassle you.

*Tony accidently hits a dead-end, but when he turns around, an old woman 
who wasn't there before has suddenly appeared*

Old Woman:  You are almost as SMART as these SHRUBS!

*Tony begins to walk towards the woman, but she dissapears.  He shakes 
it off and begins to head the other way but the old woman suddenly 
reappears behind him*

Old Woman:  Are you sure you want to go THIS way?

*The Old woman dissapears.  Tony continues and kicks some boxes out of 
the way.  The old woman reappears yet again to heckle the poor boy*

Old Woman:  You won't find the next CHALLENGE so easy.

*The Old woman pulls yet another dissappearing act.  Tony is getting 
tired of these games but continues on, regardless.  Tony eventually 
crossess a bridge and comes across an entire group of boxes.  The woman 
is on the other side glaring at him mischieviously*

Old Woman:  A boy with PANTS as SAGGY as yours should change his DIAPER 
more often.

*The Old woman dissappears again and Tony dispatches the boxes with 
ease.  Once on the other side, the woman suddenly reappears again*

Old Woman:  I guess even a MONKEY can get LUCKY every once in a while.

You'll come across a few treasure chests that you just don't have the 
ability to reach yet.  Make a mental note of them because once you get 
the required equipment, you can get them later.

Once you reach the other side, you'll be on the overworld map again.  
You'll see three structures.  A windmill, a barn, and a castle-type 
structure.  Head to the windmill, first.

Once inside the windmill, you'll find a Bag of Bones.  Ooohhh.  Creepy.  
Now, go back outside and to the right.  There is a hidden passage in the 
hay.  Just follow it to the end to find a Water of Life.  If you wish, 
you can equip one of your monsters with the Bones for a significant 
attack boost.  Now head to the barn.

Once you enter the Barn, the camera will immediately pan to show Eidon 
chopping wood.

Tony:  Eidon?

*Eidon turns to Tony*

Eidon:  Oh hello Tony, Gia's inside.

Tony:  What are you doing here?

Eidon:  Nobody told you?  I have been training under Gia for years.

Tony:  Oh....

*Eidon returns to chopping wood and Tony enter's Gia's house only to see 
the Old Woman who had given him so much trouble*

Tony:  Hey, you're the old bat from before!

Gia:  Watch your tongue!  I am Gia, the one you seek, Tony Jones.  Or 
should I say, Kyros.

Tony:  Kyros!?

*Tony steps closer to the woman*

Gia:  Your coming has been foretold for many, many years.  Truthfully, I 
didn't expect the Prophecy to be fulfilled for at least a few dozen more 
years, but even I can't be right all the time.

Tony:  Prophecy?

Gia:  It states, 'Dark Forces will abound...  Geysers of darkest Shadow 
will appear...  The Great Magus known as Kyros reveals himself with a 
miracle.  All will be in chaos until the end, which the Great Magus 
shall bring... returning from whence he came.'

Tony:  Hmm...  I'm sorry, but I don't know anything about that.  I just 

*Gia begins to pace back and forth*

Gia:  Yes, I know, you just want to get home to Tavel Gorge.

Tony:  How did you know?

Gia:  Oh, I have my ways.

Tony:  Or Eidon told you!

Gia:  That too.  Kyros, I do not know exactly how to get you home.  I do 
however have a theory.

*Gia walks to the bookshelf, picks up a strange item and sets it down on 
the table in front of Tony*

Gia:  This is the Core Glyph, an old relic which I found on an 
expedition 380 years ago.  Apparently, it can be used to reach the Core 
Region, an area that is fabled to be the center of the universe, a 
dimensional focal point, if you will.  So in theory, you could use this 
to get to your world.  However, the Core Entrance is sealed now, so you 
probably won't be able to get there at this time.  But did you see the 
Shadow Geyser that recently appeared in Naroom?  This Glyph resonates 
with a similar energy to that Geyser.

*Gia turns around and heads for the bookshelf.  With her back turned, 
she does not notice Tony take the glyph out of it's strange box to 
examine it*

Gia:  Therefore, I think the key to using the Core Glyph lies in the 
Shadow Geyser.  Unfortunately, I don't know exactly how it works.  
Anyone who picks up the Glyph experiences intense pain!  Poor Eidon was 
nearly killed by it... but as long as it stays in the box, you should be 
able to...

*Gia turns around and to her horror sees Tony handling the Glyph with 
his bare hands*

Gia:  KYROS!!!

*Eidon, upon hearing the scream, suddenly dashes in*

Eidon:  What?  What happened?

Tony:  So if I take it to the Shadow Geyser, I can get to the Core 

Eidon:  T-Tony!  You... you're holding the Core Glyph!

Gia:  Kyros, did you hear what I just said?

Tony:  You said the key to using the Glyph lies in the Geyser right?

Gia:  No, after that!

Tony:  Oh, sorry, I kind of blanked out after that.

Gia:  Well..... you seem to be all right.  never mind.  Eidon, you are 
excused.  Of course it's quite conceivable that the Great Magus Kyros 
would be able to handle the Core Glyph.

Tony:  ?????

Gia:  Don't worry about it.

Tony:  By the way, where is this Core Entrance?

Gia:  It is west of here.  I live nearby because I am trying to study 
The Core.  you, however, should forget about The Core Entrance for now, 
Kyros.  Your objective lies in the Shadow Geyser.

Once Gia is done talking, hit the treasure chest next to her to receive 
a Wishbone.  This relic will slightly increase a creature's luck.  You 
can also go to the main menu and choose "Glyph" now to see an up close 
picture of the Core Glyph.  Cool, no?  Now just head all the way back to 
Vash Naroom.  Don't you just love that back-tracking?

If you need to go heal, stop by the inn.  Don't forget to buy some 
supplies if you need them, but you're probably okay.  If not, just save 
on the overworld map before you enter the Glade.  Your destination is 
the ominous Shadow Geyser, aka the spot where you fought those two 
nimrods, Korg and Zet, earlier.  

I'm not quite sure what to suggest, Level-wise.  I had Tony at Level 15 
and all my Dream Creatures at 10-13.  Needless to say, I plowed through 
the dungeon with no problems.  You're probably safe if you have Tony at 
around Level 10 or 11 and your Dream Creatures around 8.  With this in 
mind, enter the Shadow Geyser.

Shadow Geyser
Items to find:
Baloo Leaf
Baloo Sap x2
Shield Orb
Remedy Drink

This area is just like any other area, except for ONE major difference.  
Random battles.  Yep.  There are truly random battles in major dungeons.  
And quite a lot of them, too.  No longer can you avoid the sparkle's of 
enemy dream creatures, you're just sucked into battle whether you like 
it or not.  It's a nice way to add to the challenge, but I honestly 
would have preferred them to stick with the ability to see and avoid 
enemy battles.

Personally, I charge into every battle no matter what to build levels, 
but it's a lot more frustrating when you have no choice in the matter.  
Though I will admit the random encounter rate isn't as high as many 
console RPG's and is actually very tolerable.  Anyways, another rant for 
another time.  Let's get to the dungeon, shall we?

Head north and then turn west.  Go immediately South to grab a Baloo 
Leaf, then go further west and then through the northern passageway.  
Follow the path and make sure to look for a switch on the northern wall.  
Hit it.  Now back-track to the grate you saw it open and hit the switch 
it was protecting.  The screen will briefly shake symbolizing the 
opening of another grate.  Now go south and then turn back west.  

Keep going west and you will see a new passageway has opened up.  Just 
follow the pathway and it will take you to a treasure chest with a Baloo 
Sap in it.  Then just head north.

Soon you'll come across a four-way split in the road.  Go west first and 
grab the Shield Orb.  Quickly equip one of your creature's with the 
Shield Orb as it does a great job of boosting defense.  Then go back to 
the cross roads.

Don't bother to head north yet, as a grate will be blocking your way.  
Go east, then south, then hit the switch.  The grate in the north will 
dissapear, so go there now.  Hit another switch that will drop a grate 
to the east.  Now go back east.  Getting annoyed yet?  WHOOO!

Just keep following the path now.  Don't miss the Remedy Drink and the 
Baloo Sap.  Alright, not long after you find the Baloo Sap, you can turn 
north to another switch.  If you hit it, nothing seems to happen.  Hit 
it if you want, then continue along the path.  After a while you'll come 
to another gate that hasn't opened.  It has a strange object holding it 
shut.  Examine the object.

Tony:  Hmmm...  There's a bone stuck in the base of this grate...  I'll 
pull it out.


Tony:  What was that?

Remember that switch that didn't do anything earlier?  NOW go hit it.  
Then go back to the grate and through a big doorway.  Notice the ominous 
claws over head.  Nice atmosphere.

Once through the doorway, you'll be in a small chamber housing another 
strange object.  Walk over to it and examine it.

Tony:  What is this?  Some kind of rock?  I don't think it's animite.

*Room begins to shake*

Tony:  Uh oh, this place is coming apart.  I'm out of here!

*Tony turns to head out the doorway but is violently pushed back by a 
strange man*

Togoth:  STOP!

Tony:  What the...

Togoth:  You will go no further.

Tony:  Who are you?

Togoth:  I am Togoth, guardian of this Core Gate.

Tony:  This... Shadow Geyser?

Togoth:  NO!  CORE GATE!

Tony:  But Gia called it a Shadow Geyser.

*Togoth suddenly jumps back in anger*

Togoth:  What the heck is a SHADOW GEYSER?  What kind of a fruity name 
is that?  If you call it that one more time, I will kick your hairy 
little buttocks!

*Togoth slowly begins to advance on Tony*

Togoth:  The heck with it, I was going to do it anyway.

*Combat begins*

Alright.  This is getting good.  I get a kick out of any videogame 
character that will unabashedly use words like "fruity" and "pansy".  
Despite his strange ways, Togoth is not the pushover that your previous 
experiences have been.  Do NOT under estimate him.

Togoth will summon ShadowVinocs, Koils and Vile Yogs.  ShadowVinocs and 
Koils have a special (Coil) that will lower any of your Dream Creature's 
speed by 20, almost assuring that they go last in combat.  Vile Yogs 
have a pretty mean bite attack.

Make sure you get four Dream Creatures out right away.  Then keep them 
in good condition by using Grow.  If you have a Weebo, use his heal if 
necessary.  Just continue attacking and don't let up.  If you get low on 
energy, don't hesitate to use a Baloo leaf, but try to keep attacking.

Eventually you'll wear through all of Togoth's Dream Creatures.  
Continue attacking even more now than ever.  He'll try to focus, but if 
you remain insistent, you'll keep him from summoning anymore monsters.

Togoth:  Don't worry, this won't hurt for long.

*Tony takes action*

Togoth:  I must keep this Core Gate open.  It is our portal for 
destroying this pansy forest.

*Tony kicks Togoth's butt and runs like there's no tomorrow.  Once he's 
finally outside, he briefly sees a strange hooded figure that quickly 

Tony:  Who was that?

*Tony gives chase*

Okay, before continuing, make your way back to the over world map (just 
go south one screen) and save.  You don't have any boss encounter or 
anything coming up, it's just always a good idea to save often.  Enter 
the cave and you'll find a lone treasure chest.

*Tony opens chest*

Tony:  That's funny... what are these?

*Tony receives Crystal Blades*

Now it's time to go back and see Gia.  Once you get to the Dark Forest, 
you'll suddenly come across a BlackAgovo attacking an innocent 
traveller.  You can dispatch the creature with no trouble at all.

*Tony, seeing that the man is in trouble, valiantly fights off the rabid 
Dream Creature*

Tony:  Are you all right?

Wence:  Yes, thanks to you.  I didn't see that one... must be getting 
rusty.  My name is Wence.

Tony:  I'm Tony.

Wence:  Well Tony, it seems I owe you a debt.  I live near here, so you 
can come around to my place any time you need a rest.  Don't worry if 
I'm not home, feel free to go there anytime.

Tony:  Thanks.

Wence:  See you around, Tony!

*Wence runs off leaving Tony on his own*

In case you're wondering where Wence's house is, it's the old one in the 
northern part of the Dark Forest.  Remember the one where you found the 
GemofNaroom earlier?  Yeah, that's the one.  Don't bother going there, 
it's no different from Poad's Inn.  All you can do is recover and save.  
Continue to Gia's place.

Once you get there, Tony will walk up to Gia automatically and another 
cinema will begin.

Tony:  Gia, look what I found at the Geyser.

Gia:  A stone?  What an unusual shape...  This is what formed the 

Tony:  I guess.  The geyser closed when I removed this from it.

Gia:  Hmm...  The shape is very familiar.  Kyros, could you show me the 
Core Glyph again?

*Tony reaches into his pocket to reveal the Core Glyph*

Gia:  Aha!  That slot is the exact same shape and size as this stone!  
Kyros, put the stone into the Glyph.

*Tony does as he is commanded*

Gia:  That must be the key to unlocking the Core Glyph's power!

Tony:  But there are three more slots.  Where do I get the other three 

Gia:  Perhaps... now that I know what we are looking for, I can try to 
locate them...

*Gia takes a few steps back and concentrates*

Gia:  No good, something is preventing me from seeing it clearly.  All I 
sense is that they are all concentrated in one area, yet always moving.  
This can only mean one thing:  somebody is holding them.  No doubt it is 
the same person who used this stone to form the Geyser in Naroom.  Did 
you notice any suspicions characters around the Geyser?

Tony:  Actually, I did notice someone, but he went too fast for me to 
see clearly.

Gia:  Did you see where he went?

Tony:  He went into a cave.  I tried to follow him, but he disappeared.  
I did find these crystal blades, though.

Gia:  Let me have a look...  Those look like the kind of blades used by 
miners in the Underneath.  He must have taken an old mine shaft...  
Eidon can fit those blades into digging gloves for you.

Tony:  Thanks for your help.

Gia:  Good luck, Kyros!

*Tony goes outside to speak with Eidon*

Eidon:  You need some Crystal Gloves?  I can make you a pair in hardly 
no time at all!

*Eidon takes the Crystal Blades and in a matter of seconds, has the 
finished product ready*

Eidon:  Here you go, Tony!

*Tony receives the Crystal Gloves*

Eidon:  With these you can dig through that softer dirt to the 
Underneat.  The entrance is just North of here.

Tony:  Wow!  Thanks!

At this point, just go up north to the castle looking structure.  Hey, 
at least you didn't have to backtrack all the way back to that cave.  
Thought you were going to have to, didn't ya?

Items to find:
Baloo Leaf x2
RuneOfHope x3
Karmic Hope
Unreachable treasure chests x1

Porkuslime, Weebat, Bisiwog, Brub, Tusk Bwisp, GhostBwisp, Gum Gum, 

Once there you'll see a giant stone goblin head as the entrance.  Just 
walk in.  Your way will be blocked by some dirt and gravel, just press 
the A button (just like when you're moving boxes) and Tony will use the 
gloves to dig.

There's some new monsters in this area, mostly of the fungi-variety, so 
take the time to build some more Levels and gain animite.  Follow the 
path until you see some dirt blocking another path to the west.  Dig 
through it and keep going till you find a set of stairs.  You will see a 
man inside, talk to him and he will tell you that you can only find 
Greater Hyrens (more powerful Dream Creatures) in hidden areas.

If you go directly south from this room, you'll find an area full of 
lava-type monsters.  These monsters are fairly powerful and I don't 
recommend you go here yet.  At Level 17, I did okay, but the challenge 
was still definately there.  I recommend you hold off for a while and 
come back when you've gained more power.

Also of note, the wall behind the man is "unstable".  Could it be one of 
those hidden areas he was talking about?  Hmmmm.  Don't forget to check 
it later as well.  Make a mental note.

Now, go back up the stairs and back to the main path.  Follow it south 
until you find a path going east.  Eventually you will come to a three-
way stop with one path going north and one going south.  Go north first 
and grab the Baloo Leaf.  Then go south, grab another Baloo Leaf then 
head down the stairs.

Here you'll see a treasure chest that you just can't quite reach.  Don't 
worry, you're not supposed to yet.  This is another area that you'll 
have to come back to later.  Make another mental note.

Now just go back to the main path and continue following it some more 
and eventually you'll come across yet another crossroads.  Do a little 
bit of digging and take the southern path first to get a RuneOfHope.  
Then go back to the cross roads.

This time, go east.  Follow the path until you are able to turn west.  
You'll come to a fork in the road.  One fork (heading further west) is 
blocked by some dirt.  Don't go down that one because it will take you 
full circle back to the crossroads.  Take the southern fork.

Follow the path, do a bit more digging, and you'll eventually find a 
Karmic Hope.  Now head all the way back to the fork, and then go back to 
the main path.  Follow the main path until you find another path leading 
east.  There you will find two RuneOfHopes.  Now go back to the main 
path one more time and follow it until you are taken to the world map.  
FINALLY!  Phew, sorry if that got confusing, but there's no other way.

Now on the Overworld map (or perhaps I should say Underworld, 
considering you're now underground), head East until you find a little 

There are really only three buildings of any interest, here.  Ulk's 
house, Gogor's house, and the Scrub the Brub building.  You might also 
want to pay a visit to the inn to refresh, if necessary.  If you visit 
Ulk's house, she will tell you little bit about herself.  

Ulk:  Ah, who are you?

Tony:  My name's Tony.

Ulk:  Wow, it's rare to meet anyone new down here.  My name's Ulk and I 
mine Animite down here.  I was actually waiting for my friend Wence just 
now, but he's not here yet.

Tony:  You're Wence's friend?

Ulk:  Do you know Wence?

Tony:  We met in the forest at Naroom.

Ulk:  Isn't he cool?  I think my sister has the hots for him.  Don't 
tell her I said so, though.

Tony:  Who is your sister?

Ulk:  Her name is Gruk.  She owns the Mushroom Farm just outside of 
town.  She harvests the best mushrooms you'll ever taste!  But lately, 
she's been so tired... harvesting mushrooms is hard work, but I think 
she might be pushing herself too hard.  When I talked to her earlier she 
said she was having trouble sleeping because of loud noises below her 
house.  I tried to get Gogor to check it out but he's SO darn self-
absorbed!  So that's why I'm waiting for Wence...

Tony:  Gogor, huh?

Ulk:  What a buffoon.  He's the hero of our town... a big, narcissistic, 
completely dense hero.  I don't know what the other townspeople see in 
him.  What a fool...  Oh, I'm rambling.  Sorry about that.  Well thanks 
for talking with me, Tony!

If you walk into Gogor's house, he'll just annoy the hell out of you.  
It's hard to believe that THIS guy is the town hero.  What a jerk.  Did 
I mention I hate wrestling?

*Tony walks into a house only to see a huge man, surrounded by body-
building equipment, staring at himself lovingly in the mirror while 
flexing his muscles*

Tony:  Who is that?

*Tony moves a little closer to get a better look and the odd man turns 

Gogor:  Ha ha!  Who is this little cream puff who has come to interrupt 
my favorite routine?

Tony:  My name is...

Gogor:  IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS!!  All that matter is that 
my body is ripped like thick, peanuty nougat!  You however are as flat 
and brittle as a crispy wafer!

Tony:  .........

Gogor:  Now I will tell the tiny one with goofy pants who I am.

*The simple-minded body builder suddenly strikes a ridiculous pose*

Gogor:  I am Gogor, celebrated hero of the Underneath!

*Gogor changes to an even more ridiculous pose*

Gogor:  Master of all things requiring my immense pectorals!

*Gogor changes poses yet again*

Gogor:  The man with the accent that drives women wild!

Tony:  ...oh really.

Gogor:  The bomb!  The man's man!  The bee's knees!  I am all of these 
times twenty!  Not to mention I'm drop-dead gor...

*Tony suddenly walks out in disgust*

Now onto Scrub the Brub.  It's a simple game, and for 30 animite you get 
to stomp Brubs.  You will be placed in a room with 9 holes that Brubs 
will randomly pop out of.  Blue brubs are worth one point and red brubs 
are worth five.  Just walk over them to score.  You can cash in your 
points once you're done for tickets.  Don't worry too much about this, 
the tickets will come into play later.

Once you're done exploring the town, head east to go to Gruk's Mushroom 

Mushroom Farm Path
Items to find:
Baloo Leaf
Baloo Sap
Gibbous Gem
Monsters:  Parmalag, Agovo, CaveRudwot, Tusk Bwisp, GiantKorit

Once you enter, you'll be following a path heading east.  Continue 
following it.  Don't bother going down the first path you see heading 
south.  It's a dead end blocked by boxes.  You have to move them from 
the other side.

Just follow the path until it winds north.  Take the first eastern road 
to grab a Baloo Leaf.  Then get back on the main path and keep following 
it.  Along the way you'll find a Baloo Sap.

Continue along until you're given the choice of going east or west.  Go 
west first to grab a Gibbous Gem, then go east.  You'll find some other 
paths, but they'll just lead you in circles.  Get your bearings and 
follow the path until it winds west.

Here you'll recognize the boxes from earlier, don't bother going past 
them because it will just take you back to the start.  Take the northern 
route right before the boxes and you'll be taken back to the Overworld 
map.  Now just enter the mushroom farm and speak with Gruk.

Gruk:  -yaaaawn-  Excuse me... welcome to Gruk's Mushroom Farm!  Can I 
help you?

*Tony takes a look at Gruk's wares*

Gruk: -yawn-  Thank you.

Tony:  May I ask why you are so tired?

Gruk:  What?  Oh, it's nothing.  I just can't sleep at night because of 
those darn noises in the basement.  I would check them out myself but 
I'm afraid to go down there...

Hmmmm...what to do, what to do.  Well, go into her basement, of course.  
Time to rock.

*Tony takes a few steps into the basement revealing a large door that is 
rusted shut.  Further inspection of the basement reveals several open 
treasure chests in another room.  Upon seeing them, he suddenly hears a 
strange noise*

Tony:  What was that?

*The rusted door in the first room is suddenly open and the camera 
suddenly pans to reveal Gruk, surrounded my that outlandishly stupid 
duo, Korg and Zet*

Korg:  You're coming with us.

Gruk:  You two smell!  Why should I go with you?

Korg:  Because I said so!

Gruk:  Hehe, that's funny...

*Korg and Zet grab Gruk and walk off*

Gruk:  Hey, what are you doing?!  HEY!  STOP!!  AAAAAAAAHH!!

*Tony suddenly runs out of the basement but is too late to see what 

Tony:  Gruk?

At this point you can go back into the basement and explore the 
previously unopened door, but there's really no point.  There is nothing 
down there.  Just make sure to check all the treasure chests, even 
though they are opened.  One of them will contain a OmborsAmulet.  This 
relic will raise a Dream Creature's Resist by 10.  Now follow after 

Back at the Mushroom Farm path, NOW kick the boxes out of the way for a 
shortcut.  Then go back to town.  Upon entering, you will automatically 
be privy to another cinema scene.

*The camera pans to show Korg and Zet in the middle of town confronted 
by Ulk and the town elder, Motash.  Tony runs up just in time to catch 
the conversation*

Ulk:  What did you do with Gruk?  What do you want from us?!

Korg:  We want... uh... I forgot...

Zet:  Oh for crying out loud... we want a Jink Root, Flanderso, a-

Korg:  Shaddup, Zet!  I'm in charge, I make the demands!  We want a 
Jikroot, Flamesol, a... a... uh...

Zet:  ...Gerbasil Frond...

Korg:  ...Gersi-lond, and a...

*Korg turns to look at Zet*

Zeg:  ...Flak Root.

Korg:  FAKROO!

Zet:  .........

Ulk:  This is ridiculous.

Korg:  Anyway, if you want her back you have to give us those things!  
Otherwise you'll never hear from her again!  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

*Korg leaves and Zet takes a quick look at the townspeople*

Zet:  ...  Incidentally, since he failed to mention it, we're in the 
abandoned Tower through the tunnel to the North.  Bring the items there 
if you want to save her.  He he he, we'll be-


Zet:  ...grumble...

*Zet finally leaves*

Motash:  I've never even heard of those things...

Ulk:  Me neither...  What are we going to do, Motash?  What's gonna 
happen to Gruk?

Motash:  I don't know...  I just don't...

*Ulk runs off and Gogor walks up*

Gogor:  What is all this noise here?

Motash:  Gruk was just kidnapped by some really weird-looking creatures!  
They were just in town making demands which we can't meet.  Ulk is very 
upset about it.

*Gogor takes a bit of time to think*

Gogor:  Where did they go?

Motash:  They said they were going to the abandoned tower through the 
tunnel to the North.

Gogor:  I'll take care of this.  Wait here.

*Gogor heads north and Motash goes back home*

Now just head north until you see a cave with a little round building 
next to it.  Go in the building, first.  Inside you'll see a man at a 
table with a strange creature.  You can speak with him for some pretty 
humorous dialogue.


Tony:  Uh... hi.

Man:  Welcome to the Prospector Garage!

Tony:  Berserker what?

Man:  Prospector Garage!  This is the mining headquarters here in 
Underneath.  Miners come here to hang out, have some milk, and buy 
mining equipment.

*Tony turns to the strange creature*

Tony:  What is that?

Creature:  GRRRRRR!

Man:  That's my little bisiwog Worveline!  Say hi, Worvie!

*The strange creature suddenly runs over to Tony and jumps on his head.  
Tony begins running around like a mad man*


*Tony finally manages to shake the creature off*

Man:  Haha hahaha!!  He likes you!

Tony:  Yeah, great...

Man:  Oh, by the way, I'm the guy who sells stuff.  SNIKT SNIKT!

Tony:  Get me away from that thing...

Now you can buy from the man.  His shop doesn't have anything too 
incredible, but stock up if you need to.  You can also speak with the 
other man to forge rings.  If you get any new creatures, you can train 
them for a bit right outside the shop before you venture into the cave.

Items to find:
Monsters:  Tusk Bwisp, Vulbor, Brub, 

Once inside the cave, you'll be given the choice of going north-east or 
north-west.  North-west is a dead end, so go north-east and you'll come 
across Korg and Zet.

*Tony accidently comes across Korg and Zet while traveling through the 
caves.  He stays back in the shadows to avoid being seen and listens in 
on their conversation*

Korg:  ZET!!  I havae a plan so cunning you could brush your teeth with 

Zet:  ...YOU?  Cunning?!

Korg:  I will show you.

*The duo walk over to a big boulder and continue their discusion.  Tony 
creeps closer, but continues to hide*

Korg:  We throw the rock at him, see?

Zet:  Korg, he can just move out of the way...

Korg:  You go down there and push him in the way!

Zet:  I-It would be better if we put some Animite out as bait then....

Korg:  Shaddup Zet!  I'm in charge here and I say....

Zet:  All right!  All right, for crying out loud!!

*Zet looks around nervously and is suddenly pushed down the hill by 



*Once Zet recovers from his fall, he slowly walks off to find a hiding 
spot to ambush Tony*

Korg:  Hmmmm.....  Maybe if I put Animite out as bait this trap would 
work twice as good...

*Korg throws some animite down as bait but missess his mark*

Korg:  Close enough.

*Unaware that he has been listening in the whole time, the duo is happy 
to see Tony walk up.  Korg moves behind the boulder and Zet carefully 
moves into position behind Tony*

Tony:  Hey, there is some Animite!

Korg:  NOW!!!

*Zet rushes to push Tony in the way, but Tony quickly moves and snags 
the animite leaving poor Zet in the path of the boulder*


*Zet is crushed under the huge rock and Tony, playing dumb, turns around 
to view the spectacle*

Tony:  Was that rock there before?  Hmmm...  Oh well.

Zet:  ..........

After this humorous little spectacle, continue following the path and 
you will come out to the Overworld Map.  Save and enter the tower.  You 
will come across Gogor standing at the entrance.

Gogor:  Good, you're just in time, little one.  I can't open this door.  
You will help me!

*Gogor picks up Tony and throws him on top of the building near a set of 

Gogor:  Go downstairs and open this door from the inside!  Do not be 
fooling around!  Do it now!

*Tony hastily runs to the first floor but just as he is about to unlock 
the door, Gogor comes bursting in*

Gogor:  I got tired of waiting.

*Gogor runs off to the second floor.

Make sure to get the Earth's Aura on the first floor and the Baloo Sap 
on the second.  Once you are done, head outside and Gogor will come 
running out the door like a madman with Gruk in tow.

Gogor:  Make way for Gogor!

*Gogor runs back to town with Gruk leaving Tony on his own*

Now, just go back to town.  Yeah, I know you didn't need me to tell you 
that, but this is a FAQ.  What do you expect?  Once you get there, 
you'll be met by Ulk at the entrance.

Ulk:  My sister came back!  I'm so happy!  Are you the one that helped 
save her?

Tony:  Err... actually... well, I mean I was there, but I really-

Ulk:  Thanks, uh... what was your name again?

Tony:  Tony.

Ulk:  Thanks, Tony!  Sis went back to the farm to rest, but she says 
thanks too.

*Ulk begins to walk off, then turns back around*

Ulk:  Tony, I'm not trying to be rude, but why are you here in The 
Underneath anyways?  Are you lost?

Tony:  No, I'm looking for someone.

Ulk:  Really?  Who?

Tony:  I'm not quite sure, but...

*The ground suddenly begins to shake*

Ulk:  Wha whoa!  Earthquake!

*Ulk runs off*

Tony:  Earthquake?  Again?

*Ulk, Motash, Gogor, and a female villager gather in the town square 
with the earthquake continuing to thunder around them.  Tony runs up to 
see what's going on*

Motash:  What a vicious earthquake!

Female Villager:  At this rate, the whole town will be crushed!  What 
should we do, Elder?

Motash:  We need to do something, yes... perhaps we should evacuate to 
the surface...

Ulk:  We can't!  It's too dangerous to wander around now!

Female Villager:  It's just as dangerous to stay here!

Motash:  Hold on, hold on... let me think...

Gogor:  It's just a little quake!  What's the big deal?

Ulk:  SHUT UP GOGOR!!  This is no time to be macho!

*Gruk runs up and Ulk rushes to speak with her*

Ulk:  Sis!  What happend?

Gruk:  Something just burst up from the ground near the farm...  Then 
this quake started and destroyed my house!  Oww...

*Tony, surprised at this information, runs over to Gruk*

Tony:  Wait... what was it that burst from the ground?

Gruk:  Ungh... it was some kind of large... black thing...

Tony:  Another Shadow Geyser?

Gogor:  Huh?  You know something, flabby one?  You had better talk...

Tony:  No time to explain.  If the geyser is closed, the quaking should 

Ulk:  Really?

Motash:  Ulk, take care of Gruk.  We'll go take care of this Shadow 

Gruk:  Be careful... the quake is much stronger there...

Female Villager:  Let's go!

*Motash, Gogor, and the female villager head towards the Shadow Geyser.  
Ulk and Tony examine Gruk*

Ulk:  Can you walk?

Gruk:  Yeah...  I think so.

Ulk:  It's not safe out here.  Come on, let's go wait in Gogor's house.

Gruk:  .........  Why not your house?

Ulk:  ... er... uh...  His place is closer...  Let's just go!

*Ulk and Gruk head for the safety of Gogor's house while Tony runs off 
to catch up with the other villagers*

Just go east and back to where the mushroom farm used to be and you'll 
see it has been replaced by another Shadow Geyser.  Once there, you and 
the other villagers will walk up to examine the Shadow Geyser, resulting 
in another cinema scene.

Motash:  Wow!  I've... never seen anything like this!

Tony:  Careful, it's...

Gogor:  Stand aside, scrawny!  This is a job for GOGOR!!

*Gogor runs over to Tony and violently knocks him down.  Dazed, Tony 
doesn't have the chance to tell Gogor what will happen if he attempts to 
enter the Geyser*

Gogor:  Hmm... now let me see...  Ah ha!!

*Gogor runs off screen real quick as if to get something*

Male Villager:  Where's Gogor going?

Female Villager:  Beats me...

Gogor*from offscreen*:  I'll seal it with this rock!

*Tony suddenly gets up and tries to warn Gogor about the impending 
danger of his decision, but Gogor won't listen*

Tony:  No wait, it won't work!  You can't-

*Gogor runs up, boulder in hand, to try to seal the Shadow Geyser.  He 
is suddenly knocked back by it's mysterious force, and as if to add 
insult to injury, the boulder he was carrying lands on top of him*

Gogor:  .........

Tony*turning to Motash*:  As I was trying to say, you can't seal it that 
way.  It hurts whoever tries to touch it.

*Gogor drunkenly wobbles by, with the boulder still in place on top of 
his head*

Gogor:  Wooh, the world is spinning!  Wheeee!---

Motash:  Don't worry about him.  This happens more than you would think.  
Anyways, how do we stop it, then?

Tony:  Only I can go in, because I have this Glyph thing.

Motash:  That is the Core Glyph!  Then... you must be....  Oh my, this 
is not good.

Tony:  Don't worry, I'll take care of this geyser.

Motash:  Leave the Underneath as soon as you are able, Kyros.  For all 
our sakes.

Female Villager*shocked*:  Kyros?  This is the Great Magus Kyros?!

Motash:  Let's go, everyone!

*The villagers head back to town, leaving Tony to his task*

Man.  How's that for gratitude?  Tony offers to help and this old hag 
tells him to leave ASAP.  It's a good thing Tony doesn't listen to what 
anyone tells him or The Underneath might be in REAL trouble.  Anyways, 
you may want to take a step out onto the world map to save real quick.  
Then enter the Shadow Geyser.

Shadow Geyser 2
Items to find:
Baloo Leaf x2
Baloo Sap x4
Baloo Root
Karmic Hope
RuneOfHope x2
Master Rune
Remedy Drink
Titan Ring
Cave In
Dream Creatures:  Core Grag, BlackAgovo, Shryque, Koil, Grax

You'll be blocked immediately when you walk in.  Just step on the switch 
to your right to lower the pillars blocking your path.  Then continue 
on.  Uh oh.  There's those random battles again.  Oh, well.  Just deal.

The monsters here are fairly tough, so if things get too seedy, just 
make your way back to town, heal, and come back.  Just make sure you 
don't screw around or you'll get eaten alive.  Summon at least 3 
monsters per fight, because if these guys gang up on you, you're in 

Also, don't hesitate to use your creatures special attacks now.  
Earlier, there wasn't much call for it, but now you're going to have to 
start getting more strategic.  The enemy will use their special attacks 
left and right and by eliminating them faster, you'll conserve more 
energy in the long run.  

Besides being more powerful, you've seen most of these creatures 
specials except for one.  Some of the creatures (mainly Shryque and 
BlackAgovo) have a pain in the butt attack called "Prism".  This will 
create a mirror that will reflect attacks back at the Creature who 
initiated it.  The mirror can only do this once, so a good way to get 
around it is have one of your Dream Creatures cast "Heal" on whichever 
creature has a mirror in place.  This will reflect the heal spell back 
at your creature as well as get rid of the mirror opening Shryque up to 

Back to the walkthrough.  You'll come to a fork in the road right away.  
Go north-east first and just follow the path.  Eventually, you'll come 
in a room with a switch up and to your right.  Step on it and some 
pillars will rise and some will fall (Zelda style).  Instead of 
proceeding, go back into the section you just came out of.

Wander around and find another switch.  Just keep alternating switches 
until you can grab all the treasure chests.  Sorry I can't be more 
specific right now.  To be more honest, I kinda screwed up and this part 
of the walkthrough got deleted.  I can only fix it once I play through 
the game a second time, but I'll make it up to you guys.  You can take 
solice in the fact that this part is pretty straight forward and not 
easily screwed up.

You can use the list above to make sure you got everything.  Just make 
sure you DO NOT miss the Thunderquake spell, the Cave In spell, or the 
Titan Ring.  Luckily these are pretty much the easiest items to find.  
You can pass up any of the consumable items, but don't miss something 
like a spell.

Once you've gotten all the treasure chests on the first floor, it's time 
to hit the basement.  To do this, you need to go down wells.  There are 
two in the north-west section and two in the north-east.  It doesn't 
matter in what order you take them, each one simply has a switch inside 
of it that you need to hit.

Once you've hit all four switches (1 in each well), it's time to finish 
up this dungeon and grab the Core Stone.  As long as you've hit all four 
switches, you can access the Stone from any well.  Just walk up to it 
and pick it up.  Now the fun really begins.

*Tony grabs the Core Stone and the Shadow Geyser begins to shake around 

Tony:  That's my cue to get out of here.

*Suddenly, an ugly green "snake-woman" approaches Tony from the East*

Ogar:  Ook... ah, who isss thisss?

Tony:  Who are you?

Ogar:  I sssee... mugh...

Tony:  Mugh?

Ogar:  Geh... Ogar sssmellsss a child... yesss, thisss will be a feassst 
for my petsss...

Tony:  I don't suppose you'll just let me go?

Ogar:  Oogh, Ogar doesssn't let her babiesss' dinner get away...

Ogar:  I figured.

Ogar:  Hee... hehe...

*Tony and Ogar run at one another and the battle begins*

Okay, just like you did in the rest of the dungeon, don't screw around.  
Eliminate her monsters as fast as you possibly can because they've got 
some MEAN attacks.  Do this by using attacks such as Maul (Furok, Tusk 
Bwisp).  Fuel the more powerful attacks by casting Grow once you have 
all four Dream Creatures out.

Also make sure the four strongest Dream Creatures you plan to use are 
equipped with your best relics, especially ones that boost their attack 
like the Bag of Bones and the Titan Ring.  In fact, give the strength-
increasing relics to your Maul using creatures, if you have any.

Ogar uses Chaos Jiles which have an attack called "Consume".  This is 
one MEAN attack and can quite possibly kill your creatures in one turn 
if you haven't been building properly.  They also have a "Barrage" 
special that attacks all of your Dream Creature's.

However, if you've been building properly and are also well-equipped, 
you should do just fine.  With Tony at Level 27 and my Weebo, Furok, 
Tusk Bwisp, and Wasperine all around Level 23, I had no problems 
dispatching Ogar.  She's a lot harder than anything you've previously 
faced, but she's not too terribly hard.  You should be able to take her 
out with Tony at around Level 23-25 and your Dream Creatures at around 

*Tony summons*

Ogar:  Geh.  My kittiesss need dinner.  Heee hee...

*Ogar summons*

Ogar:  Yesss, more kittiesss to play with the child.

*Tony attacks*

Ogar:  Isss the kitty sssuffering?

*After a long, heated battle, Ogar falls and Tony is the victor.  With 
the Shadow Geyser still falling around him, Tony decides to make a hasty 

Tony:  I better hurry out of here!

At this point you'll automatically find yourself on the world map next 
to the Mushroom Farm (it's back!).  Save immediately and then head to 
town.  Upon entering, you'll be witness to another cinema.

*Tony enters the town only to find that it is completely trashed.  The 
hooded man from before and his goons are running around doing even more 

Tony:  Oh no!!!

Hooded Man:  Okay, that's good enough.  Tell the others to return to the 
Core and wait for me.

*The soldier runs off and the hooded man turns away*

Hooded Man:  Ha ha ha ha!  What power!  It just gets stronger every time 
I do it!

Motash:  You... you...

*The Hooded Man suddenly turns to Motash*

Hooded Man:  You want to say something, old woman?

Motash:  I know who you are.  You will not succeed...

Hooded Man:  Hmph.  The fact you know who I am makes no difference.

Motash:  ...I see.  Then am I to meet the same fate as Gogor?

*The Hooded Man turns away from Motash*

Hooded Man:  .........  Heh...  Hehe...  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!  Ah, now that I 
think of it, such a fate is not good enough for a WORM like you!!

*The Hooded Man violently turns around and turns Motash into a snake, 
who then slithers away*

Hooded Man:  HA HA HAHAHA!!  Squirm, you old hag!!

*Tony bravely runs up to the hooded man and confronts him*

Tony:  You!  You're the one I saw in Naroom!

Hooded Man:  Pfft.  Annoying little whelp.

*Tony suddenly finds himself locked in battle with the man*

The Hooded Man starts out with a simple Koil.  Once you destroy it, 
he'll begin to summon Borgors.  Borgor has a mean "Punch" special that 
will knock out your Dream Creature's no matter how much you've been 
building.  This is further outclassed by the "Quake" attack that will 
attack and eliminate all your Dream Creatures.

Here, you will also find out that the man refers to himself as "Morag" 
(you see this when he focuses).  Want more battle tips?  Lose.  Don't 
worry, you're supposed to.

*Tony summons*

Hooded Man:  So, you want to stand up for these people?  You are not 
even worth my time.

*Morag summons a Koil.  Tony attacks and easily destroys it*

Morag:  More impressive than I thought.  This should take care of you.

*Morag begins to summon the infinitely more powerful Borgors.  Try as he 
might, Tony just can't compete and is soon defeated*

Morag:  Ha ha ha ha!  You're the one who keeps destroying my gates?  
What a joke!

Tony:  So it was... you...

Morag:  Yes, and I'll have no more interference from you.  Die!

*Suddenly, Wence shows up in the nick of time*

Wence:  Hold it!

*Wence shoots an arrow straight into Morag's forehead, but instead of 
killing him it causes just enough pain to make him back down*

Morag:  Grr... what...

Tony:  Wence!

*Wence boldly steps up and faces Morag*

Wence:  I don't know who you are, but I owe this guy my life!  Stay away 
from him!

Morag:  Blast it all, this is so annoying!

*Morag turns to Tony*

Morag:  You got lucky, kid.  I'm tired of wasting my time here.

*Morag turns back to Wence*

Morag:  ...and as for you:  my NAME is Morag.  Your life will soon be 
forfeit.  Mark my words!

*Morag dissapears leaving only the arrow behind.  Tony magages to stand 
up and Wence walks over to him*

Tony:  Thanks Wence...

Wence:  No need for that.  I always repay my debts 100 percent.

*Tony suddenly grimaces in pain and looks as if he is about to faint*

Tony:  .........

*Wence runs over to steady Tony*

Wence:  Tony?  Are you all right?

Tony:  I'm... okay... just a little tired...

*Tony suddenly passes out*

Wence:  Hey!  Tony!

*The screen goes blank and comes back to focus in Wence's house.  Tony 
is lying in the bed and wakes with a start.  He gets out of bed and 
examines his surroundings*

Tony:  Where am I?

*Wence walks into the room, greeting Tony*

Wence:  Good, you're awake.  You had me worried there.

Tony:  ... where is this?

Wence:  You're at my home in the forest.  You passed out back in The 
Underneath so I took you straight here.

Tony:  Oh.....

Wence:  Do you know if anyone in town survived?

Tony:  I... didn't get much of a chance to look.  From what I saw I 
don't know how anyone could have survived.

*Wence turns away, grief-stricken*

Tony:  I'm sorry.  I know you had friends down there...

*Wence slowly turns back around*

Wence:  It's all right.  They wouldn't die so easily on me.

Tony:  I have to go after Morag.  He has something I need.

Wence:  I'd like to help you... but I really have to go back and look 
for survivors in The Underneath.

Tony:  I understand.  I hope you find them.

Wence:  I hope you find what you are looking for too, Tony.

*Wence walks away*

Okay, now before you do anything else, walk all the way back to The 
Underneath and go to the ruined town.  Yes, I know it's a long walk, but 
just do it.

Once there you'll find the bearded man who is always looking for Hyrens.  
Speak with him quickly.

*Tony, upon examining the ruined town of Underneath, sees the Hyren-
seeking bearded-man and goes to speak with him*

Tony:  Hello.

Man:  Hey!  Watch where you're walking.

Tony:  Huh?  Why?

Man:  Because you might destroy some of the evidence!

Tony:  Of what?  All I see is a destroyed town.

Man:  Exactly!  And what do you think destroyed it?

Tony:  There's this evil guy who's name is--

Man:  A giant Dream Creature!  I don't know who summoned it, but it was 
bigger than anything ever seen before.  I have suspected that it exists 
here in The Underneath for quite some time, but this is the first real 

Tony:  Really?

Man:  Yes.  And I plan to find and catch it!

Tony:  Really.

Man:  I was.  But you just walked all over the evidence.

Tony:  Oh, sorry.

Man:  It's too late now, you've already ruined it.  The only way to 
track it now is with some glowing Deep Algae.

Tony:  Well, if I ever find some I'll be sure to give it to you.

Man:  Thanks.  In the meantime i'll be at the abandoned fort to the 
North.  See you later.

*Man walks off to the fort*

REMEMBER THIS CONVERSATION!!!!  In the future, if you find Deep Algae, 
you'll need to take it to the abandoned fort north of town.

Before you leave, also make sure to pick up Wence's Arrow.  You can also 
see Motash slithering around as a snake and Tony will comment about how 
he almost wound up like that, but nothing happens.  Don't waste your 
time trying to enter any of the buildings, you can't.

Now simply go back to Gia's (Yes, another long walk) and a cut-scene 
will automatically ensue.  Just make sure to save before you enter.

*Upon entering Gia's property, Tony is greeted by Eidon*

Eidon:  Welcome back, Tony.

Tony:  Something awful just happened.  I need to talk to Gia.

Eidon:  Okay, follow me.

*Tony follows Eidon into Gia's house*

Gia:  How are youdoing, Kyros?

*Tony steps up to Gia*

Tony:  I got another Core Stone...

Eidon:  Good job!

Tony:  ...but the geyser caused a quake in The Underneath, and destroyed 
the nearby city.  I.... don't think anyone survived.

*Gia slowly turns away*

Gia:  No.........

Eidon:  Shameful.  Who would do such a thing?

Tony:  Some guy named Morag.  He nearly wasted me.

*Gia suddenly turns around and gets right in Tony's face, surprising 

Gia:  MORAG?  Did you say MORAG??

Tony:  Uh... y-yes...  Do you know who he is?

*Gia turns around again and resumes her position a comfortable distance 
away from Tony*

Gia:  Morag.... I haven't heard that name for a long time.  There is an 
old and famous legend about how the countries that exist in Magi-Nation 
came to be.  Would you like to hear it?

Tony:  Okay.

Gia:  A long time ago, when the land was ruled by wandering tribes, a 
man named Agadon discovered the City of Ancient Ones.  He spoke with 
them, and they blessed him with Knowledge of the Magi, which he took 
back to his tribe.  But although the Ancients wished to give this 
knowledge as a gift, one Ancient would not accept such knowledge being 
given to an outsider.  He- or she- formed an army of shadow-like 
creatures and sent it to wipe out all of Agadon's tribe.  The one who 
was put in charge of this army was Morag.  Am I boring you, or shall I 
go on?

Tony:  Keep going...

Gia:  There are many individual accounts of the battles that occurered 
in that dark time, but to make a long story short, Agadon sacrificed 
himself, allowing his people to escape to the far reaches of Magi-
Nation.  Finally, the other Ancient Ones intervened, stripped the 
aggressors of their power, and banished them to the barren Wastelands.  
Morag must have found a way to escape somehow.  But... it's strange...  
How did he recover his power?  He is just a man, after all, and any man 
who is stripped of his power by an Ancient loses that power permanently.

*Tony slowly turns away from Gia*

Tony:  Anyway, he has the remaining tow Core Stones, so I have to find 

*Gia and Eidon are silent as Tony heads for the door, but as soon as he 
reaches it, he is thrown backwards by a powerful force and suddenly the 
voice of Morag is heard*

Morag:  You've found him.  Now what will you do?  Ha ha ha ha!

*Morag appears and advances on the injured Tony while Korg and Zet rush 
in and detain Eidon and Gia.  Tony tries to rise to help but is knocked 
back down by Morag*

Eidon:  TONY!!!!

Gia:  KYROS!!!

Zet:  Where do ya think YOU'RE going'?

Korg:  Ha ha ha ha...  Just stay right there, granny!

*Morag moves even closer to Tony*

Morag:  Just be glad that you both get to live, for now.  Korg, Zet... 
we're off.

Korg:  Okay, boss.

Zet:  Roger, boss.

*The trio grabs Tony and leave the house.  The camera fades out only to 
fade back in revealing a tied-up Tony next to Morag.  Morag takes a Core 
Stone and flings it onto a small island surrounded by lava where a 
Shadow Geyser immediately comes into existence and the ground begins to 
quake yet again*

Morag:  Magnificent.  The lava flowing around it insures that nobody 
will stop this one!

*With Morag's back turned to him, Tony manages to free himself of the 
ropes.  Morag turns back around but Tony manages to raise the ropes back 
up in time to make it appear that he is still tied up*

Morag:  Not even you, so-called Great Magus Kyros!  You have not been 
even a  small challenge for me.  Truly pathetic.  But I do so hate to 
dirty my hands with the blood of others.  So rather than blowing you to 
bits, I'll give you a nice, hot bath instead.

*Morag picks up Tony and is about to toss him into the lava when he is 
suddenly interrupted*

Man:  It's stronger in this direction!

Morag:  Huh?

*Tony uses the distraction to throw the ropes off and leap from Morag's 
hands to safety*

Morag:  Damn, I can't let them see me now...  This is NOT over, Kyros.

*Morag suddenly disappears and soon after, a group of people tony has 
never met before run up*

Man*looking at the Shadow Geyser*:  That must be what's causing it!

*An older man suddenly notices Tony and turns to him*

Old man:  What are you doing here?

*The villagers surround Tony preventing him from escaping*

Man:  Who are you anyway?  I don't recognize him...

Tony:  I'm Tony.

Man:  Did you do this?

Tony:  No, it was Morag!  He just...

Old man:  Who?  I only see you here.

Man:  You liar.  You must have done it!  Let's take him back to town.  
The Elder will know what to do with him.

*Before Tony can explain himself, the group of villagers grab Tony and 
carry him to town where he is confronted by the town Elder*

Ashgar:  Well, what did you find?  Who's this?

Man:  There's this huge black mass coming out of the lava pool up there!

Old man:  We found this kid hanging around where it appeared.  We'll let 
you handle it.  Bye!

*With that said, the group of villagers leave Tony alone with the town 

Ashgar:  I'll deal with you later.  I'm going to have a look at this 
'black mass'.  Don't you dare go anywhere!

*Ashgar is about to leave when one of the villagers suddenly runs up in 
a panic*


Ashgar*turning to Tony*:  You unleashed this upon us you fiend!  You'll 
pay for this crime!

*With his piece said, Ashgar leaves to take care of the crisis.  Despite 
the fact that the villagers blame him, Tony won't leave the town while 
it's under attack.  Tony is soon confronted by a Shadow Magi and a 
battle commences*

Shadow Magi:  ROAR!!

Just simply walk forward and you will be confronted by a Shadow Magi.  
Once you're done with him, just walk around town and confront the rest 
of them.  These guys are fairly weak and you shouldn't have much of a 
problem.  The Shadow Magi's will summon creatures like ShadwVinocs, Core 
Grags, Vile Yogus, Shryques, Hook Wings, Koils and DryteFiends.  You can 
build up some of your weaker creatures here if you want, but if you use 
the strategy (Maul) you used on Ogar, this part will be a cakewalk.

Now, if you confront them in the right order, it's possible to take out 
every Shadow Magi yourself.  The more you take out, the better the item 
you will recieve from Valkan later on.  I just wrote the next dialogue 
set according to what is most likely to occur.

After a while you'll be confronted by a trio of Shadow Magi.  After 
kicking their bosses but, they beat a hasty retreat.  

*As Tony is battling the evil Shadow Magi, he sees one of them 
confronted by one of the villagers*

Villager:  Prepare for termination, Shadow Magi...

*The villager hastily dispatches the Shadow Magi and heads off to face 
the others.  Tony is then confronted by a Trio of Shadow Magi*

Shadow Magi Leader:  GET HIM!!!

*Tony beats the leader down with little effort, shocking the other 
Shadow Magi*

Shadow Magi:  He's too powerful!

*The cowardly Shadow Magi run away like true cowards.  Suddenly, the 
villager from before steps in*

Villager:  It's time I end this struggle.

*The villager wastes the final Shadow Magi, ending the battle*

Entire town:  VICTORY!

*The camera fades out and fades in revealing Tony surrounded by the rest 
of the villagers, including Ashgar*

Ashgar:  I guess I was wrong about you, young man...  What did you say 
your name was again?

Tony:  My name is Tony Jones.

Ashgar:  Well, Tony...  It seems we owe you an apology.  I am sure you 
aren't responsible for that thing outside of town...

Tony:  Morag has been creating those Shadow Geysers all over the place.

Man:  Morag?!

Old woman:  Shadow Geysers?

Old man:  What do you know of these things?

Tony:  I know enough to stop them... but I need to get over that lava 

Ashgar:  Well....  Perhaps Valkan can help you.  He is Cald's Master 
Bridge Builder.

Tony:  I guess I'll give him a try.

Man:  You go Tony!

Old woman:  That's the spirit!

Old man:  And...  I'm out!

*Now the entire group of villagers take off and leave Tony to his task*

Tony:  Weird.

Now, before you do anything, take a step out onto the World Map and 
save.  Then go right back into town and explore some.  You'll find a 
Baloo Sap in Ashgar's hut, located right at the front of the village.

To the left of Ashgar's hut is Eryn's.  To the right is an information 
hut.  The inn is in the far north-west side of town.  There is also a 
Baloo Root there.  In the far south-west side of town is the ring and 
item shop.  On the east side of town is an empty hut with a stage nearby 
that you would think would be Valkan's hut, but it's not so just ignore 

You're probably suffering from an over abundance of money at this point 
(as you can only hold 999) so if you want a good way to spend it, go 
north of town on the world map to find a Game Hut to earn tickets in.

Besides Scrub the Brub, there is now a new game:  Aim for Animite.  This 
game is fairly simple and I prefer it to Scrub the Brub.  To play, run 
to one of the shooting points and shoot an arrow.  Each green Animite is 
worth 10 points.  The targets are worth 1, 3, or 5 points depending on 
how fast they are moving.  The faster the targets, the more points it is 
worth.  Keep in mind you can only hold 255 tickets, so don't blow too 
much cash.

Once you're ready to rock, just head east of town on the world map to 
find Valkan's hut.  Another cut-scene will start as soon as you walk in.

Valkan:  Hey!  You're the one who helped stomp those Core creatures.

Tony:  My name's Tony.  Tony Jones.

Valkan:  Nice to meet you, Tony, I'm Valkan.  Here's something for your 
trouble.  It's the least I can do for your help.

*Tony receives an item (determined by how much Shadow Magi you wasted*

Valkan:  So....  What's up?

Tony:  I heard that you are the Master Bridge Builder of Cald.

Valkan:  Yep!  That's me!

Tony:  Well.....  I need a way to get over the lava pool in front of the 
Shadow Geyser.

Valkan:  Lava pool, huh?  Hmmm.....  To build a structure over that 
distance will require the assistance of a Lava Arboll.

Tony:  Lava Arboll?

Valkan:  A flying Dream Creature.  I used to have one, but it escaped...  
Capture a Lava Arboll and I will help you.

Tony:  No problem.

Now just head north of Valkans hut and you will see a small path leading 
into a mountain side.  Just head inside it to begin the next adventure.

Lava Arboll Mountain
Items to find:
Baloo Sap x2
Baloo Root
Dream Creatures:  Arbolit, Kelthet, LavaArboll, Lava Aq, Quor

A few notes on this area, first.  LavaArboll's are just like any other 
Dream Creature, you just defeat enough of them until you can forge a 
ring.  In this case, you only need one LavaArboll animite to create the 
ring.  You can find LavaArboll's right at the entrace of this mountain 
and the rest is just optional.  I figured I'd tell you what else is on 
the mountain and let you decide if you want to get it or not.

Also, occasionally you'll see small sets of stairs leading you down into 
the shallow water below.  Don't do it!  Down here you can run into Mush 
and Cave Hyren's that will beat you silly.  You're not powerful enough 
to take them on yet.  This is another place you can come back to later 
if you want to, so keep it in mind.

Alright, with that said, on with the show.

Just follow the road north until you find a bridge going east.  Cross 
it, then go further north.  Ignore the next bridge going north and 
contine west.  Look around a bit and you'll find a FlameEssence.  Now 
just go back to the bridge, cross it, and head north-east.

Go all the way up north, grab a Baloo Root and then continue east for a 
Baloo Sap.  Now you'll have a choice of north-east or south.  Go south 
because north-east is a dead end (broken bridge).

Turn west when you can and look up for a Baloo Sap.  At this point you 
can choose to go further south, but it's also a dead end so I recommend 
you head to the entrance.  If you have enough animite to make a Lava 
Arboll ring, head to town.  If not just battle until you do.

Once you've created the ring, just equip it and head to Valkan's place.

*After finally finding a LavaArboll, Tony takes it to the waiting 
Valkan's place and is greeted upon arrival*

Valkan:  Good!  You have the Arboll Ring...  Let's go to the Shadow 

*Tony and Valkan go to the Shadow Geyser and with help from the 
LavaArboll, build a bridge to it.  Once through, Valkan inspects the 

Valkan:  It looks good, Tony, now you can--

*Suddenly the bridge begins to fall apart*

Valkan:  Uh Oh...

*Valkan scrambles to get off the bridge and makes it just in time*

Valkan:  Oops.

Tony:  .........

Valkan:  I'm so embarrassed.  Here's your ring back.

*Tony takes the ring from Valkan and walks off in disgust*

Valkan:  Tony!  Wait!

*Valkan begins to run after Tony but stops*

Valkan:  Tony!  Hold up!

*Valkan rushes to stop Tony but the boy keeps walking.  Every time 
Valkan tries to get in front and stop him, Tony just turns another 

Valkan*following Tony*:  I really can't believe that happened.  That has 
NEVER EVER happened to me before!  Where are you going, anyway?

*Tony stops with his back turned to Valkan*

Tony:  I'm going to see the Elder.

Valkan:  Y-you're not... gonna tell him about the bridge, are you?

*Tony suddenly whips around in anger, staring Valkan right in the face*

Tony:  Of course I am!  How else am I going to get his help?

*Tony begins to walk off again and Valkan trails him again*

Valkan*following Tony*:  N-NO!  Y-you can't!  My... my reputation will 
be ruined!  I'll never get a job here again!

*Tony stops walking again, his back still turned to Valkan*

Tony:  Sorry, there's nothing I can do about that.

*Tony begins to walk to Ashgar's hut, but Valkan grabs him from behind 
and begins dragging him back*

Tony:  Hey!  Cut that out!

Valkan:  I have another idea!  Hear me out!  Please!!

Tony:  Fine!  Just let go of me!

Valkan:  In Orothe, there is a vault that contains the most valuable 
treasure of Cald... a pair of Agadon's boots!

Tony:  Footwear?

Valkan:  Not just any footwear.  These boots allow the person who is 
wearing them to jump great distances!  With them you should be able to 
make it across the pool of lava!

Tony:  JUMP across?!  Do I look crazy to you?!

Valkan:  I know it may sound a bit crazy but... I'm not lying!  Just 
trust me, you'll see!  So what do you say?

Tony:  Okay, I'll give you another chance.  So how do I get these boots?

Valkan:  Well, like I said they're in a vault in Orothe.  You'll need a 
key to get in, but I'll take care of that.  Okay, here's the plan...  
I'm going to cause a little disturbance in the town center while you 
sneak into Ashgar's house and grab the key!  Good luck!

*Valkan suddenly runs off to the town center leaving a shocked Tony 

Tony*yelling after Valkan*:  WHAT?!  ME?  Why me?!

Valkan*yelling back to Tony*:  You can do it!  I believe in you!

Tony:  No, that's not what I meant!

*Tony turns around realizing that talking Valkan out of it is hopeless*

Tony:  .........  Oh forget it...

Valkan:  Aaaagh!  Fire!!  FIRE!!!!!!  There's FIRE everywhere!!  Noo!  
Oh, the humanity!  The sorrow!!  It's spreading!!  We'll all be burnt to 
a cinder!  Our flesh will be seared to the very bone!  HOT HOT HOT!!

Tony:  ...they're never going to buy this...

*Suddenly, Ashgar walks out of his hut and heads to the town center*

Ashgar:  What?!  What is going on out here?!

Tony:  .........  Unbelievable.

*Tony takes this opportunity to run into Ashgar's hut to find the key.  
He finds it hidden in the right side of Ashgar's bookshelf he grabs it 
but one of the other villagers suddenly walks in*

Man:  Hey, what are you doing here?

Tony:  I... uh... err...

Man:  Oh, I get it.  You're taking the key, huh?  Don't worry, I won't 
rat you out.  In fact, if I were you, I'd hold on to that!  That key 
unlocks almost every locked door in the world!  Too bad you got it 
before me, but that's life.  See ya!

*The man calmly walks out the door leaving a stunned Tony behind.  Tony 
quickly rushes out side only to see Valkan, Ashgar, and a couple other 
villagers staring into a small hole of lava in the town center*

Valkan:  No, it's fire!  I mean, look at it!

Ashgar:  How many times must I explain it to you?!  It is nothing more 
than a small pool of magma, the same one that has been in that spot for 
over 40 years!

Valkan:  Spare me your dog and pony show!  I know what I see, and right 
there, I see FIRE!

Ashgar:  Oh, for crying out loud...

*Tony walks up as if nothing has happened and upon seeing this, Valkan 
stops his bad acting*

Valkan:  OHHHH!  I get it, this is a pool of magma!  Well thanks my man 
Ashgar!  I had no idea!

*Valkan and Tony suddenly walk off together*

Ashgar:  ??  Uh... yeah.  Sure.  Sheesh, what a weirdo.

Old man:  You know, it does kind of look like fire if you look close 

Man:  Hey, I think you're right!

Ashgar:  Oh, quiet you.

*The camera changes to show Tony and Valkan on the bridge in front of 

Valkan:  Orothe is just across the sea, East of here.  You can get to it 
from the docks located down that way.  Oh, and try not to upset the 
ferryman.  He can be very temperamental.  Well, good luck to you!

*Valkan walks back to town and Tony heads out to search for the docks*

All you have to do at this point is go east of Valkans hut and you'll 
see a tiny cave.  Head inside it and you're on your way to the Docks.

Docks Cave
Items to find:
Karmic Fury
Baloo Sap x2
Baloo Root x3
RuneOfFury x2
Master Rune
Water of Life x2
Dream Creatures: Graw, LavaBalmnt, Raxis, Diobor, Drakan, Sabreback

Just follow the main path but don't bother taking the first southern 
detour because it's a dead end.   Once you get to a section where you 
have several choices, take the south-east path to get a Karmic Fury.  
Once you get that, take the north-eastern path.  Eventually you'll be 
given a choice of north or south.  Go south to recieve two RuneOfFury's, 
then continue north.

Okay, here's where things can get REAL confusing because there are all 
SORTS of twists and turns here.  Besides following my directions, I also 
recommend that you hand-draw a map on a scratch piece of paper to help 
you keep track of where you've been.  You don't have to do anything 
fancy, just decent enough to get the job done.

Okay, follow my directions exactly so you don't have to screw with 
running all over the place.  First go north, west, north, west, and then 
all the way south (meaning you don't take the path to the west you'll 
come along - it's a dead end).  You'll be in a large section with two 
Baloo Saps.  If you notice, there are also several large faces on the 
walls, if you check them all out, one of the faces will actually EAT you 
taking you to a secret room.  Now you have to hit the face JUST right 
(slightly from the left) and I DO mean just right for it to work.

Once in the room you'll find 3 Baloo Roots, a Water of Life, and a 
Master Rune.  There is also a locked door here but you can't open it 
even with Ashgar's key.  Head to the southern end of the hidden section 
and press "A" against every panel.  Eventually you'll hear a click and 
the door will open rewarding you with another Water of Life and a 
Fireball spell.  Once done with that you'll have to kick a box out of 
the way to exit the hidden section.

Once you exit the hidden section, go north, west, then all the way south 
again (still skipping the path to the west).  You'll be back in the room 
with the faces.  Now just go west, north, west, then south and you'll 
come out on the world map near the docks.

Right away you'll see a ship at the docks.  Now all you have to do is go 
talk with the fat flop of a captain who will charge you 300 animite to 
go to Orothe.  It sounds bad, but you should have MORE than enough cash 
at this point so it shouldn't be a  big deal.

Captain:  Can I help you?

Tony:  Can I get a ride to Orothe?

Captain:  Of course!!  That'll be 300 Animite.

Tony:  300?!  I can barely carry that much!

Captain:  Take it or leave it, it's your choice.

*Tony pays the 300 animite*

Captain:  Thanks, ALL ABOARD!

*As the ship is crossing the sea, Tony is on the deck pacing back and 
forth.  He is seemingly unaware that danger lurks nearby in the form of 
Korg and Zet.  The dastardly duo has taken a small raft and is floating 
aside the big ship planning mischief*

Korg:  You go the bom, Zet?

Zet:  Right here.  It's got a long enough fuse that we should be able to 
get away before it goes off.

Korg:  Good.  Put it over there, in the middle.

Zet:  ...Korg, if somebody sees it, they can just dispose of it.  I 
suggest we put it in a well-hidden spot like over--

Korg:  Shaddup Zet!  I'm in charge here!

*Korg takes the bomb and tosses it right on the deck near Tony*

Zet:  .........

Korg:  Let's go!

*Tony suddenly notices the bomb and walks over to it*

Tony:  What the....

*Tony kicks the bomb right over the side of the boat and it just happens 
to land right in the middle of Korg and Zet's raft*

Zet:  Uh, Korg?

Korg:  W-What?

Zet:  You are such a-

*The bomb goes off, destroying the raft and sending Korg and Zet 
spilling into the water*

Zet:  .........

*After a while, Tony finally makes it to Orothe, but before he steps off 
the boat, the captain has a word with him*

Captain:  It will be 300 more Animite for us to wait for you.

Tony:  What!?

Captain:  My time is valuable.  I can't afford to wait around for 

*Tony reluctanly pays the 300 animite*

Tony:  Fine.  Take it.

Captain:  OK, I'll wait.  Be quick!

*Upon stepping off the ship, Tony only sees a single hut.  Perplexed, he 
walks up to it and meets a young girl near the entrance*

Girl:  Hello, traveler.

Tony:  Is this Orothe?

Girl:  Yes it is.

Tony:  Can you direct me to the vault?

Girl:  Vault?  I don't know any vault.  This is all that's left of 
Orothe.  Yeah.

Tony:  What?

Girl:  This island, that hut, and me.  Yup, that's it.  Hee hee...

Okay, back to the walkthrough.  Actually, you don't have to pay him at 
all if you don't want to.  I chose to because my cash was maxed out, 
anyways.  If you don't, the crazy old guy on the pier will be your ride, 
so don't worry about it.

Once you enter the hut, you can look around but all you need to do is go 
to the back of the room and examine the first bookcase on the right to 
open a secret stairway.  Just head down the stairway and you're on your 

Vault Cave
Items to find:
Algae x3
Baloo Root x2
Crescent Gem
Remedy Drink
Water of Life x4
Water Orb
Dream Creatures:  Abaquist, Bwill, Karak, Orpus, Sea Jile, Sharbloot

Okay, the Vault Cave is huge compared to what you're used to, but it's 
not a real challenge.  The monsters here are pushovers and if you 
brought some Cald monsters with you, you'll have even less trouble.

For such a big place, the Vault Cave also has a surprising lack of 
treasure in relation to it's size, but there's still quite a bit to be 
had.  Just make sure you don't miss the Algae or Water of Lifes.

Once you go down the stairs, follow the path until you come to a fork in 
the road.  Go south-west unil you reach a new section.  Here you will 
find a Baloo Root and a Water of Life.  Now go back to the fork and take 
the south-east path and follow it until you are given the choice of east 
or south.  We'll refer to this intersection as "Point A".  Go south.

You'll quickly find that your way is blocked by a large black pit.  Walk 
over to the east edge of it and jump.  Go south and ignore the eastern 
path for now.  Continue south until you find a second path east.  Take 
it for a Remedy Drink, then go back to the first eastern path.

Follow the path unil you find another black pit that takes almost the 
entire room.  Inch your way around it to the east and you will 
eventually come across a Water of Life.

Now it's time to make your way all the way back to "Point A".  Go east 
this time.  You'll soon come to another intersection.  If you go north 
you'll be blocked by a square black pit.  You can't get around this one 
yet, so don't waste your time.  Continue further east.  

You'll soon come to another intersection (there are a lot of them in 
this place, aren't there?), where you will be given the choice of east 
or south again.  Just keep going east.  You'll know you're going the 
right way if you pass a single, square pillar of stone.

Once you enter the next section, you'll see two shimmering objects on 
the floor.  Go pick them up, these are Algae.  Round the corner to find 
another Algae that also has a Water of Life inside.  You should be 
blocked from going any futher by another huge pit.  Just make your way 
to the skinniest section in the middle and jump it to find a Baloo Root 

Now jump back across the pit and make your way back to the single, 
square pillar of stone.  Take the Southern path this time and follow it 
until it takes you to the actual Vault.

When you walk up, you'll see a man walking around in circles guarding 
the vault.  Another cinema scene will automatically kick in.

*After wandering around the Vault Cave for quite some time, Tony finally 
reaches the vault only to find it guarded by a man dressed like a 
pirate.  He is pacing around in circles and Tony comically begins to 
follow him around without the man noticing*

Man:  Arrr...  It be another boring day....  Nothin' ever happens around 
here anyhoo...

*The man suddenly turns around and is utterly shocked to see Tony*

Man:  Avast!!  Anchors!!

*The man quickly runs to the vault door as if to guard it from Tony*

Man:  Ahoy ya scallywag!  Who be ye, and what ye be doin' there?

Tony:  My name is Tony.  I came to open the vault.

Man:  Is that so, ye silly poopdeck swabber?  I think maybe yer up to 

Tony:  No, I was sent by--

Man:  You come to ridicule me, 'aven't ye?

Tony:  No, just listen for a--

Man:  Arr, it's the eyepatch, isn't it?  I wanted a black un but I ended 
up with--

Tony:  LISTEN!!  I was sent by the Elder in Cald.  He told me to open 
the vault.

Man:  Elder?  Cald?  No idea what yer talkin' about, matey.  You'd best 
be givin' up if you want to open the vault.  Nobody's ever been able to.

Tony:  You mean the key doesn't work?

Man:  Key?  What be a key?

Tony:  .........

Man*moving aside*:  Ye may as well give it a try, Tony.

*Once Tony begins walking to the door, he is regarded by the man with an 
amused grin on his face.  But upon reaching the door, Tony nonchalantly 
opens it and walks in, utterly blowing the man's mind.

Man:  Avast!!  Anchors!!  Arr..........!!

Alright, you're in.  Just follow the path to a treasure chest and open 
it.  Agadon's Boots are inside.  WOOHOO!  Now just jump the small square 
pit to your left and grab another chest for a Water Orb.  Once you try 
to exit the vault, the guard will run in and express his surprise.

Man:  Is that all that was in there?  Shincovers?

Tony:  It looks like it.

Man:  What a waste.  But since you cleaned out the vault, that means 
that I'm free!  No sense in guardin' an empty vault, is there?  Thank 
ye, matey!  Thanks a lot!

Tony:  You're welcome...

*Tony leaves the vault, but the man follows him and has a talk with him 
before he goes*

Man:  Wait a second, Toney.  Ye've helped me, so accept my thanks and 
take this.

*The man hands Tony something*

Tony:  A horn?

Man:  Arr!  If yer ever in trouble and I'm in earshot, I'll be comin' to 
help ya out.

Tony:  Thanks, I appreciate it.

Man:  No problem, matey!  Free at last from me boring duty, and I've got 
ye to thank fer it.  Bon voyage!

*The man quickly runs off, exhilirated in his new-found freedom*

Tony:  Oh well, back to Cald.

Okay, despite Tony's last remark, you can't go back to Cald just yet.  
Now that you've got the boots, more areas of the cave are open up to 

First, go back to the room where you found the Algae earlier.  Remember 
how you could only cross the pit at the narrowest section?  Go right to 
that point, but instead of jumping east across it, jump south now, then 
west as soon as you land.  Now you'll have access to a Crescent Gem and 
another Water of Life.

Now just go east and then north to the path that was blocked completely 
by the square pit.  Jump right over it and you'll see a black pit with a 
giant swirling mist in it.  It's a hyren you'll have to come back and 
get later.  For now, just make your way around the pit to pick up a 3-
HeadedCoin and a BalanceScale.

Okay, you've gotten everything and NOW it's time to head back to Cald.  
Just exit the caves, hop the ship and you're on your way.  You'll have 
to pay another 300 animite, but your cash should yet again be maxed out 
if you've been leveling up correctly, so it shouldn't matter.  Make sure 
you choose Cald and NOT Weave.  If you do, he'll take you to the port 
next to Gia's place and you'll be out 300 (not to mention the other 300 
you'll have to pay to get back).

You may choose this if you want to go back and get some items you 
couldn't get before now that you have the boots, but we'll do all that 
in one fell swoop later on in the walkthrough.

When you've made it back to the other port, you're going to have to go 
through the cave again.  It's possible to bypass most of the cave by 
heading north, jumping the lava and then heading east but I don't 
recommend this because you'll be missing some items.

Instead, once you enter the cave go east and follow the path until 
you're in the room with the face that swallowed you earlier (if you've 
been following the walkthrough, you'll know what I'm talking about).  
Now just go north and take the next path east.

Jump the first lava river to receive a Karmic Fury and a RuneOfFury.  
Jump the second for a Water of Life.  Once you've gotten these items, 
you can exit the cave.

Once you're on the other side, it's time for some more item hunting.  
Instead of going back to the town of Cald, go to the mountain north of 
Valkan's hut where you got your LavaArboll.  Make your way all the way 
back up the mountain until you come to the broken bridge from earlier.  
Jump it and follow the path to get a RuneOfFury.  Now go back to the 
world map.

Now make your way north-west of town and enter a tiny cave.  You have a 
choice of three paths.  Take any one as they all lead you to the exact 
same place.  Just follow a path north until you can jump some lava and 
walk into a door.

Recognize this room?  Head up the stairs and you'll be back in the caves 
leading to The Underneath.  Go to the main path and follow it south 
until you see a path leading to the east covered by dirt.  Do a bit of 
digging and follow the new path to a set of stairs.

Once inside, you'll see three treasure chests.  Open the first two on 
the right to get a Baloo Root and a Water of Life but IGNORE THE THIRD 
ONE IN THE CORNER FOR NOW, GOT IT?!?  Jump across to the south side and 
follow the path until you have the choice of going south or north-east.  
Go north-east and you'll eventually come out at the abandoned tower from 
ealier in the game.

Once there, you'll find a note on the door from the hyren hunter that 
says he got tired of waiting for you and went to find the hyren on his 
own.  Now make your way back to the beginning of the cave.  As soon as 
you're there, run outside and save real quick, then go back and take the 
north-west fork you originally came from.

Follow the path until you are back in the room with the three treasure 
chests.  NOW open the third treasure chest and you'll have to fight a 
creature called a Jingjack, but it shouldn't be much of a problem.  Just 
pull out your heavy hitters (probably your Furok) and Maul it to death.  
You'll probably kill it in one or two blows.

Just make sure you get a couple pieces of infused animite from the 
Jingjack.  If you don't, just reset and continue from your last save 
point until you do.  That's why I told you to wait and had you save 

Now just run up the stairs and you'll be back into the caves to The 
Underground.  Act as if you were going back to the stairs that lead to 
Cald, but skip them this time and head north instead.  Follow the path 
and it will take you out near Gia's house.

Run to Gia's house and let them know you're alive.  It's nothing 
spectacular, so I won't bother typing it all out.  As soon as you're 
done, just head north into the path that originally brought you to Gia's 
at the beginning of the game.

Right off the bat you'll see an open door with two more doors inside it.  
Originally, these doors were locked but you can now open them with 
Ashgar's key.  In the one on the right you'll find a Crimson Void.  In 
the one on the left (after kicking some boxes around) you'll find a 
ChanneledGem and a Baloo Root.  You may remember another treasure chest 
that's further up the path, but we'll have to come to it later.

If you'd like, you can go to Vash Naroom and check out a couple of new 
businesess that have opened up.  One of which will allow you to buy a 
blast urn so you can try to go after some hyrens.  However, I won't go 
into detail as I suggest you wait until later in the game.  Don't worry, 
I'll bring it back up when I think the time is right.

Okay.  I bet you all officially hate me now, but I'm just doing my job.  
NOW you can finally go back to Cald.  You can do this by going back into 
the tunnels or taking the ship near Gia's.  Once back in Cald, just head 
to town and Valkan will meet you at the gate.

*Upon entering the town, Tony sees Valkan rushing towards him*

Valkan:  Tony, you're back!  Did you find the boots?

Tony:  Yeah.

Valkan:  Great!  So are you ready to give back the key yet?

Give it back, you've used it for all you can.  If you decide to keep it, 
later on in the game the townspeople of Cald will have NOTHING to do 
with you and that INCLUDES the ringsmith.  Not to mention it's useless 
to you now.

*Tony decides to give the key now*

Tony:  Okay, here you go.

Valkan:  Thanks.  if I can put this back quickly, Ashgar will never 
notice it was gone.  See you later, Tony!

*Valkan runs off to town*

Well, that's that.  Now just head north of town, jump the bridge and go 
into the Geyser.  Just make sure you're well equipped before you go.  

Shadow Geyser 3
Items to find:
Baloo Leaf x4
Baloo Sap x4
Baloo Root
Remedy Drink
RuneOfFury x2
Karmic Fury
565 Animite
Flame Geyser Spell
Dream Creatures:  Shryque, Core Grag, Koil, Borgor

The first thing you'll notice about the monsters in this Geyser is that 
many of them are identical to the ones you fought in the last one... 
almost.  These guys are way tougher than you remember them (around 60 
energy each), but you should still be able to take them without much 

Another note.  If you think you've screwed up, you can leave this geyser 
and everything will revert back to the way it was before you came in on 
the scene.

The beginning of this geyser is pretty straight forward.  Play around a 
bit if you want to and raise levels, but when you're ready just follow 
the path and it will take you right to the first switch.  Hit it and the 
dam next to it will lower.

Move down a bit and jump across a couple blocks (that will now be 
floating due to the lowered dam) to grab a Baloo Leaf.  Move down a bit 
more and hit another switch.  Instead of jumping across the new block 
right away, go west a bit, grab another Baloo Leaf and hit the switch 
south of it.

Now just go back and jump the previous block.  As soon as you jump 
across, you'll see another switch.  Don't hit it quite yet.  Head south 
until you see a set of stairs.  Run down them and you'll see two blocks.  
Kick the one on the right down.  Kick the one on the left up then right.

Now just go back up the stairs and hit the switch.  Jump across to grab 
yet another Baloo Leaf.  Kick the empty treasure chest out of your way 
and head east.  Jump the blocks to grab 100 Animite.  Kick this box out 
of your way as well and head north.

Follow the path until you can head east.  Hit the switch.  You can now 
see a door, but it's just scenery.  You can NOT enter it, so don't waste 
your time.  Get back on the path and go north again.  Jump the block to 
grab a Remedy Drink, RuneOfFury,  Baloo Leaf, Baloo Sap, 200 animite and 
the Flame Geyser spell.

Now go ALL the way back (phew) and hit the switch directly south of you.  
Then take the block heading west then another one south to grab a Baloo 
Root.  Don't hit the nearby switch just yet.

Run down the nearby set of stairs and you'll see three blocks.  Kick the 
bottom one right 6 times.  Kick the middle one right 3 times and down 
once.  Kick the top one down twice.  Now head up the stairs and hit the 

Jump across the blocks you just kicked until you come across another 
block.  Don't jump across quite yet.  Head north and you'll recognize 
the first set of blocks you had to kick in the proper position.  Jump 
across them for 200 animite.  Go back down and take the other path.

This path will take you into a whole new section.  Head east and to grab 
a RuneOfFury but DON'T hit the switch right next to it yet.  Just go 
right back to the entrance and south until you reach a set of stairs.

Run down the stairs to grab a Karmic Fury and see three blocks.  Kick 
the one in the middle right once.  Kick the middle one right once and up 
once.  Kick the top one up 3 and right once.  Kick the bottom one down 
once and right once.  Now head up stairs, hit the switch and jump 

Go south for a Baloo Sap and north for another one.  Go back and then 
head south and then west.  Head down another set of stairs.  There will 
be a couple sets of stairs leading you to 65 Animite and a Baloo Sap.

When you head up the stairs leading to the north-west corner, a Shadow 
Magi, Warrada, will magically appear out of the shadows behind Tony and 
challenge him to a duel without saying a word.

This battle is just a test, nothing serious.  Warrada will summon a 
Shryque and once you beat it and deal her a bit of damage, she'll end 
the battle and do some talking.  If you didn't return Ashgar's key 
earlier, she'll mention it but it's no big deal.

*Tony Summons*

Warrada:  Hmmmm...

*Tony beats the Shadow Magi's creature with little effort*

Warrada:  ...I see.  So that's how it is.

*Battle ends*

Tony:  ??

Warrada:  Tell me, what are you doing here?

Tony:  This Shadow Geyser is causing the people of Cald a great deal of 
trouble, so I have to stop it.

Warrada:  Ha!  Is that the real reason?

Tony:  What?

Warrada:  Foolish boy, Warrada the Shadow sees all.

*Warrada moves closer to Tony*

Warrada:  I have been watching you, Tony Jones.  I know why you need the 
Core Stones.  You don't care at all about the idiots in this world, do 
you?  You even stole a valuable item from them and didn't give it back! 
[She won't say this if you returned the key]  You just want to go home.  
Admit it.

Tony:  .........

Warrada:  Hmph.  You're no fun at all.

*Walks away a bit and turns back around*

Warrada:  But I think you have answered my question.  We will meet 
again, I'm sure.

*The mysterious Magi walks back into the shadows disappearing from wence 
she came leaving Tony to ponder her words*

Now just head south but don't hit the first switch you come across.  Go 
down the stairs after it, first.  Run up the next set of stairs, go back 
around and hit another switch to turn out right back where you were.  
Just go back down the stairs again and head east until you see three 
blocks.  Just kick the first one left once and NOW go back and hit the 

Once you jump across the blocks, go down yet another stairway to find a 
set of five blocks.  We'll deal with the two on the right first.  Kick 
the top one right four spaces and up five.  Kick the bottom one right 
three and up four.

Now go to the left three blocks.  Kick the bottom one right eight spaces 
and up two.  Kick the middle one right four and up one.  Leave the top 
one where it is.  Now go up the stairs and hit the two switches 
necessarly to flood that section with water.

Just jump the blocks and follow the path.  Head down the first set of 
stairs you see and you'll find, surprise surprise!, MORE BLOCKS!!!  This 
time you'll see six arranged in a zig-zag pattern.  This part isn't 
going to be pretty.  Here's the way in which they're arranged:

 f  e  c
   d  b  a

Kick them in this order:
a:  Right three, up seven, left six
b:  Right five, up seven, left three
c:  Right four, up six
d:  Right seven, up four
e:  Right six
f:  Right five

Now run back up the stairs, go around and hit the switch.  Then jump the 
blocks and head west.

This next room is a snap.  As soon as you enter, hit the switch to your 
left and go down the stairs.  Go up to the middle platform, head for the 
Core Stone and prepare for battle.

This guy is a LOT of talk, but nothing to worry too much about.  He'll 
manage to get a monster out before Tony can so he can attack Tony 
directly the second turn, but it's still no big deal.

All Korremar summons is Core Grags, so just pull out your heavy hitters 
and beat them down.  There is no real strategy here because this guy is 
a big lug who's all about strength.  You just have to be stronger (which 
you should easily be by now).

*As Tony heads for the Core Stone, he is cut off by another Shadow Magi*

Korremar:  You...  You are the one who has defeated Togath and Ogar...  
Who are you?  What are you?  How is someone like you able to best two of 

Tony:  Well, I-

Korremar:  SILENCE!!  Agram's mission must be carried out, and you are 
standing in the way.  Whatever reason you might have, it doesn't matter.

Tony:  Agram?  Who is Agram?  What mission?

Korremar:  I will not permit you to hamper our progress any longer.  
Your interference ends here and now.

*Battle begins*

Korremar:  This is for Togoth!

*Korremar summons, then Tony*

Korremar:  I will avenge the loss of the other Core Gates.

*After a bit of battle*

Korremar:  Togoth has been a friend of mine for many years.  You will 
not be allowed to continue.

*The battle rages on but Tony manages to eventually defeat the big 

Tony:  .........  Things just get weirder and weirder...

*Tony grabs the Core Stone and takes off as the Shadow Geyser begins 
falling down around him.  He is soon outside and across the bridge where 
he is met by the Cald villagers*

Man:  Look!  The geyser is gone!

*Villagers move closer*

Old man:  Did you do -aherrrrm!!- -bleck-  Pardon me.  You did this?

Man:  Of course he did!  He's the only one here, right?

*The man moves closer to Tony*

Man:  Wow!  That thing was huge!  How did you manage to stop it?

Old man:  Who cares how he did it?  The important thing is that we're 
all still here!

Man:  We were wrong about you, man.

*The man looks at the other villagers*

Man:  Let's take him to the elder.  He will be very pleased!

*The villagers take Tony and meet outside Ashgar's hut*

Old man:  Hey Elder!  ASHGAR!!!!

*Ashgar steps out*

Ashgar:  I was eating my porridge!!  What is it?!

Man:  The geyser is gone!  We found this kid out by where it was.

Old man:  We trust that you will handle this.  Bye!

*The other villagers take off leaving Tony alone with Ashgar*

Ashgar:  You stopped it?  .........  I'm... sorry.  We should not have 
doubted you.  Please let us make this up to you.

*Ashgar begins pacing back and forth*

Ashgar:  Let me see...  what can we do...

*Ashgar suddenly stops*

Ashgar:  I've got it!  We'll have a celebration!  You'll be our guest of 
honor!  Okay, now that that's settled, I need to go handle the 
preparations.  You may stay here in my home until it's all ready.  
You're probably tired anyway.

*Ashgar walks away and Tony goes into his hut and crawls into bed only 
to wake up hours later*

Tony:  Oh no, I overslept!  They started the party without me!

Go outside and speak with all the villager's before speaking with Ashgar 
for some pretty comical shiznit.  You even get to see Tony dance 
complete with a Michael Jackson ending!  It's hilarious!

Once you're ready, speak with Ashgar and choose to go with him to see 
your surprise.

Ashgar:  Sorry.  We started without you, Tony.  Once the preparations 
were made and the whole town gathered, we just couldn't wait!  Anyway, 
take a look around the town.  When you are ready, we have a surprise for 

*Tony, having looked around town chooses to go with the Elder*

Tony:  Alright, let's see the surprise!

Ashgar:  Okay, follow me.

*Ashgar takes Tony to the front of the stage at the eastern end of town.  
Everything is dark and people are gathered around*

Ashgar:  Please watch from here.  I hope you will enjoy it.

*Ashgar walks out to the middle of the stage and the lights brighten*

Ashgar:  LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!  The Nagamat Stage Actor's Guild proudly 
presents a special production to honor Cald's new hero, Tony!  Yes, 
though originally our townspeople frowned upon him, this brave person 
has saved our town from evil not just once, but twice!  Join us now, as 
we portray his gallant efforts of heroism on this very stage!

*Ashgar walks off the stage as two actors walk on.  The lights brighten 
even further to reveal one actor dressed as a common villager and 
another as a Shadow Magi.  The Shadow Magi begins to chase the villager 
around in circles as Ashgar begins the narration*

Ashgar:  A relentless attack by the Shadow Magi!  There were hundreds of 
them, and they were out to destroy everything!  Could no one help us?  
Oh the cruelty!

*Suddenly an actor steps on stage who looks EXACTLY like Tony and stops 
the Shadow Magi in his tracks.  He then turns the tables and begins to 
chase the Shadow Magi around in circles with the villager following him 
from behind*

Ashgar:  Then Tony came!  The brave soul rushes to save us all!  The 
Shadow Magi are defeated!

Valkan*from the crowd*:  Hey, I helped too!

*The actor portraying Tony finally catches the Shadow Magi and swiftly 
punts him offstage*

Ashgar:  Ah ha!  Take that, you odiferious Shadow Fiends!!  Victory!!!  
The day is won!

*Suddenly, a tiny pulsating Shadow Geyser replica appears on stage*

Ashgar:  Then, a geyser appeared!  Oh, what to do?  How can evil be 

*The actor Tony jumps on top of the mini shadow geyser and stomps it to 
bits, rejoicing with the villager afterwards*

Ashgar:  Once again, like an unfaltering hero of legend, Tony saves the 
day!  Victory!!!  The town is--

*Suddenly the voice of the REAL Morag appears interrupts Ashgar*

Morag:  Oh, this is so pathetic!!

*The actors on stage begin looking around when Morag materializes behind 

Morag:  Out of my way, you wretched charlatans!

*Morag makes his way to the actors, throws them offstage, and continues 
towards Tony.  He is cut off when Eryn, Karyn, and Valkan quickly move 
in front of Tony to protect him*

Morag:  We meet again, Great Magus Kyros!

Ashgar:  Kyros?  You mean Tony is the legendary Great Magus Kyros?

Morag*turning to Ashgar*:  SILENCE!

*Ashgar runs off and Morag turns his attention back to the villagers 
guarding Tony*

Morag:  Hand over the Great Magus.

*Valkan steps forward*

Valkan:  Never!  Who are you?

*Morag makes Valkan dissapear and two Shadow Magi run in on the scene 
behind Morag*

Karyn:  !!

Eryn:  V-Valkan!!

*The sisters look at one another then back to Morag*

Morag:  Fools will be dealt with.  Well Kyros, will you come with me 
now?  Or shall I punish more of them?

*Tony chooses to fight*

Tony:  No!  I won't let you get away with this!

Morag:  FOOL!

*Morag makes the sisters dissapear*

If you choose to run, this will slightly change and the sisters won't be 
killed.  Yes, this does impact the game so I recommend you choose RUN.  
I chose to fight because that is what I would do in real life.  Hey, 
it's my game and I'll play it how I want to.  I'll clarify this my 
second play through the game so DON'T EMAIL ME ABOUT IT.

Morag:  Enough of this.  Seize him!

*The two Shadow Magi run forward and grab Tony*

Morag:  You have been such a nuisance.  Normally I would just eradicate 
you from my life right here...  ...but Agram has other plans for you.

*Everything goes dark and Tony awakens to find himself in a cell*

Tony:  Ouch...

*Tony walk up to the iron bars of his cell and looks around*

Tony:  I've been caught again.  This sure isn't helping my confidence 

*Tony takes a few steps back and regards his situation*

Tony:  I've got to get out of here.

*Tony examines his cell for a while when he is suddenly startled by a 
strange noise*


*Tony looks around but can see nothing due to the darkness*

Tony:  W-What was that noise?

*Tony does not notice the cloaked figure heading towards his cell*

Tony:  .........hmm.  It's quiet again.

*Tony begins pacing back and forth*

Tony:  I wonder who this Agram guy is?  I'd rather not stick around to 
find out...  ...but it looks like I'll have to.

*Tony suddenly hears a strange voice from beyond the bars of his cell 
but is incapable of seeing who it is*

Stranger:  Toast!

*Tony backs away from the bars*

Tony:  ???

Stranger:  Toast!  Horny Toads!

*Tony moves back up to the bars*

Tony:  This is a familiar situation.  Oh no!  Morag took my translation 
bracelet...  Who's there?  I can't see you!

Stranger:  Humongous gravy boat...  felt-tipped pomegranate prophecy!

*Tony backs away quickly as the bars of his cell are quickly blown away 
by magic*

Tony:  GEEZ!  Be careful!

*Tony moves closer to the entrance but doesn't see anyone*

Tony:  Hello?

*Tony walks outside only to find no one in site.  He takes a look at his 
surroundings and is disgusted by the mess*

Tony:  Eww.  I think I liked it better in the cell.  Well, whoever got 
me out of there is gone.  Looks like I'll have to find the exit myself.

Items to find:
Shadow Veil
Shadow Key x7
RuneOfFury x2
RuneOfPower x2
Master Rune
End Bringer
Cloud Frond
Dream Creatures:  Borgor, Sarbil, Kletch, Spindle

Walk out of your cell and you will find a feather in the middle of the 
hallway.  Tony remarks that it sure looks out of place as he puts it in 
his inventory.  Now just go two cells down to get all your stuff back.

Kick the boxes out of your way and head east.  Just follow this path 
until you come to a locked door.  Just hit the switch to your left and 
then go back the way you came and head west this time.  Follow the path 
to grab a Shadow Veil and continue on.

Follow the path until you see the Shadow Key lying on the ground.  
Immediately head back to the previous room and unlock the cell door.  Do 
NOT head all the way west yet.

If you DO head west, a cut-scene will commence where Tony calls Blu 
using the horn he was given earlier.  Blu than helps you out but you 
miss all the great stuff in the dungeon.  It's your choice, but I 
suggest you explore the dungeon more.

When you open the cell door, the key will break in the lock.  No biggie, 
it's supposed to.  Walk inside and talk to the prisoner there.

Prisoner:  Don't hurt me!

Tony:  I'm not here to hurt you, I'm here to rescue you!

Prisoner:  THANK YOU!!

Tony:  See you later.

Prisoner:  Wait, there are more prisoners trapped in here.

Tony:  Well, I'll do what I can for them.

Prisoner:  Thanks!  Well...  Bye.

*Prisoner runs off*

Now just hit the switch that's in the cell and go ALL the way back to 
the eastern side of the prison (remember the locked door?).  Once there, 
kick some more boxes out of your way like a good boy and continue on.

You'll see a locked cell door, but just keep going.  You'll come back to 
it later when you get the next key.  Follow the path until you come to 
an intersection.  If you try to go east you'll be blocked, but the 
mysterious cloaked figure will hit a switch from the other side dropping 
the wall to allow Tony to pass.  He then quickly runs off leaving Tony 
spouting a puzzled "OK, who did that?"

Continue east (as the north and south paths are also blocked) once the 
wall is down.  There will be two chests to the north.  Grab the 
RuneOfMight in the chest on the right and only open the left one if you 
want to battle a Jingjack(I suggest you do it).

Just follow the path further until you come out into an open spot with a 
treasure chest to your right.  Just grab the shadow key from it and head 
back down the path to the last locked cell door.  The key will again 
break in the lock allowing you to walk in and speak with another 

Hit the switch in this cell as well and follow the path back to the 
where you got the last Shadow Key (the one that opened this cell) and a 
new path will be opened.

This time you'll enter a room with a LOT of boxes.  Don't freak out, 
this parts a snap.  Make sure to grab the two RuneOfFurys while you're 
here.  Once you enter the next room, hit the switch to your left and 
head north.

Hit the next swith then go south and then west.  Hit the NEXT switch and 
then go east, north, then west.  Grab the RuneOfPower and hit another 
switch.  Now head east, south, and west until you reach a room with more 

Kick the boxes out of the way to receive another Shadow Key and use it 
on the door north of you.  Go speak with the prisoner and then hit the 
switch in his room.

Once you hit the switch, go back to the intersection and head west.  
Keep going until you notice a new door open to you (has blue goo inside) 
and hit the switch inside.

Now go back to the intersection and the southern path will finally be 
open.  Follow it into a room with a giant screwdriver and screws (I'm 
not making this up).  There will also be three treasure chests.  Open 
the top one for a RuneOfWill, the middle one for an End Bringer, and the 
bottom one to fight a JingJack.

Now go back to the room with all the boxes (by taking the eastern path 
at the crossroads) and instead of going north near the top of the 
screen, head east.

Take the first northern path you see.  Don't worry about heading east.  
You'll be dropped into that room in a bit by a trap door so don't waste 
your time.

Once you go north you'll immediately be given the choice of north, east, 
or west.  Go north first until you find a treasure chest.  When you open 
it, a trap door will open beneath Tony dropping him into another room.  
It's no big deal, so don't sweat it.

*Tony opens a treasure chest and receives another Shadow Key, only to 
have the floor suddenly drop out beneath him*

Tony:  Uh oh...  AAAAAHHHH!!!!

*Tony falls and lands in another room*

Tony:  Oooo, that's gonna leave a mark!

There's a treasure chest south of the path leading out of this room but 
it has a JingJack in it so opening it is your choice.  Just follow the 
path until you can go north.

Once you've gone north, go east and then south.  Kick some boxes out of 
your way to reach a large room with another Shadow Key in it.  Then head 
further south.

Go east at your first chance and into the third cell (one past the 
locked cell with the dragon in it) to get a RuneOfPower.

After you exit the cell I just mentioned, the path will loop back 
around.  Make sure that you notice the cells on the SOUTHERN side of the 
wall.  Due to their placement they can be hard to see.  Make sure you 
unlock the one of the far right first and then hit the switch inside.

There's another cell two doors down to open, but DON'T open it yet.  You 
need to save that key.

Continue west until you can head north or south.  Go south and follow 
the path until you are given the choice of west or further south.  Go 

Kick some more boxes out of the way and grab another Shadow Key then go 
back to the last intersection and all the way back up north.  Now head 
east and kick some more blocks out of the way.  Head further east and 
you'll see two cells, a switch, and a treasure chest.  Open the first 
cell and talk to the prisoner.

Now hit the switch in his room and go into the next cell.  Talk to this 
prisoner, too.

Phew.  Now walk out the cell, trip the switch and grab the treasure 
chest for a RuneOfHope.  Head south and you'll recognize our FAVORITE 
intersection.  WOOHOO!

But the God's have smiled upon you (sort of) as you don't have to use 
that intersection.  Head west from the two cells you unlocked and go 
back down south.  Follow the path until you're back at the intersection 
that gives you the choice of west or south.  Go west, follow the path 
and you'll find a new section has been opened.

Open the treasure chest there for a Screwdriver.  Now go back a bit and 
head south where another new secion will be opened.  Follow the path and 
you'll be given the choice of east or west.  Go WEST, kick some blocks 
out of the way and continue.

Follow the path until it splits north and south a second time (the 
southern split at the first is a dead end).  Go north first and follow 
the path for a StoneOfDoom.

Now go back to the last intersection and head south.  Follow the path 
(ignoring the turn east for now) for a Shadow Key and a Master Rune.  
Now go back and head east.

You'll now be at ANOTHER intersection also going north and south.  Don't 
bother going south unless you want to fight a Jingjack.  So just head 
north and flip the switch you see.  Then just leave this screen and the 
next as well by going back west.

Once you've moved west two screens, just follow the path back around and 
head north.  Don't forget to unlock the guy to your right (the one you 
had to leave earlier) a couple screens up on the way.

NOW go back to our favorite intersection and head south (remember the 
gigantic screwdriver room)?  Right before the gigantic screwdriver room, 
you'll notice a new section has opened up.  When you turn the corner you 
run smack dab into two Shadow Magi's.

Tony:  Uh oh.

*The Shadow Magi on the left confronts Tony and the battle begins*

This guy is a pushover, but nonetheless, don't screw around.  You've 
come too far in this dungeon to goof off and blow it now.  He summons 
wussified monsters like BlackAgovo's and Core Grag.  Bring out your 
heavy hitters and you should have him toasted in a few rounds, easy.

*Second confronts Tony*

Okay, now this guy's not a pushover like the last dude.  Right off the 
bat he summons a Core Hyren, but don't panic.  After all the leveling up 
you've done in this dungeon, you should be able to take it pretty easy.  
He may possibly knock out one of your heavy-hitters but by the time he 
can do that you'll easily have two or three more out.  Just don't jack 
around and make sure you don't let him focus enough to summon another 
and you'll win.

*Tony unscrews the door with the screwdriver*

*The man in the blue cloak runs by in a flash surprising Tony*

Tony:  What was that?

*When Tony goes to investigate, all he finds is another feather and a 
Cloud Frond locked in a treasure chest.  With all the prisoners freed, 
Tony decides to take a cue from them and get outta there*

Walk in and pick up the feather and a Cloud Frond.  Now it's time to get 
the hell outta Dodge!!!  Just head towards the beginning where you got 
the VERY first Shadow Key.  I'm assuming you know where that is so I'm 
not going to give you directions.

When you get to where you found the very first Shadow Key, just keep 
heading west and you'll come to a broken bridge with water underneath.  
A cutscene will automatically ensue.

Tony:  Wow, this is pretty high up, I wonder if I should go back or try 
to find my way down here?

*Tony decides to look here.  He glances way down into the water below*

Tony:  That's a long way down...  The water would soften the landing, 
but I can't swim...  Well, I seem to be in a fix, here...  That guy back 
at the vault said to blow the horn if I needed help... maybe this would 
be a good time...

*Suddenly Tony glances behind him and sees two Shadow Magi's coming his 

Tony:  AIEEGH!!

*The Shadow Magi's move closer*


*The Shadow Magi's begin moving quickly towards Tony*

Tony:  They'll throw me back in that cell!

*Tony turns around and moves close to the edge*

Tony:  I hope this works!

*Tony pulls out the horn and blows on it with all his might jumping off 
the bridge as he does.  Before he even has a chance to land in the 
water, Blue shows up but doesn't see Tony approaching him from above*

Blu:  Wax me wellisks!  Toney's tootin' a shanty on me horn!  But whar 
is the pup?

*Suddenly Tony hits the water and struggles to stay afloat*

Blu:  Arrr!  Wonderful divin', Toney!  A perfect Ten!

Tony:  ACK!  Huff... bleah!  I - can't - swim!

Blu:  Yer quite the weirdo, Toney.  Ah, I know... take this.

*Blu hands Tony the Orothean Belt and Tony is suddenly a master swimmer 
due to it's power*

Blu:  Thar ye go!

Tony:  Whew!  I almost drowned!

Blu:  Anyways, I'll take ye back te Oscent Marrrrr!

Tony:  Oscent Marrrrr?

Blu:  Arr, the city I hail from.  Oh yeah, and thar's somethin' else ye 
ought te be seein'.  Just follow me, Toney!  The belt will let even yer 
landlubber gills breathe underwater.

Tony:  Well, I guess I'll see how well this belt works....

*Shortly afterwards, Tony and Blu arrive at their destination*

Blu:  See that, Toney?

Tony:  Wow, that's a--

Blu:  It's a Black Thingy!

Tony:  ...Black Thingy?

Blu:  Arr, named it maself.  Thar's never been anythin' like it around 
here before so I had ta come up with somethin'.  Anyway, let's go to 
Oscent Marrr.

*Blu turns away from Tony as if to call something*

Blu:  Here, boy!

*Suddenly a huge turtle swims up*


Blu:  Good boy!

Tony:  Whoa...

*Tony and Blu climb aboard the Sea turtle and arrive at Oscent Mar 
almost insantly*

Blu:  Ya know, that Black Thingy is causing some major tide around 
Oscent Marrr and right now we're just trying' ta figure out what to do 
about it.  It's also got this powerful forcefield around it so we can't 
even get near the darned thing.

Tony:  I've encountered these before.  This is a Shadow Geyser.  It 
probably wouldn't really matter if you could get near it, since Magi 
can't enter it.

Blu:  Arr, that stinks.

Tony:  However, I can enter it because I have the Core Glyph.

Blu:  What be that?

Tony:  You... don't know what it is?  I thought everyone in this world 
knew about this Great Magus Kyros stuff.

Blu:  Toney, I been guardin' that vault since I was old enough ta hold a 
trident.  Me daddy was a guard afore I was, and his daddy afore him.  
Nobody ever told any of us about the outside world.

Tony:  Nobody?  Not even your mother?

Blu:  Me mama wasn't really allowed to be around.  Guards like me are 
raised and trained by their paps in seclusion.

Tony:  Doesn't she visit you?

Blu:  Yeah, but she can never stay long.  Arr, now I'm all depressed.

Tony:  Oh, sorry.  Well anyway, I just have to find a way to get to that 
geyser, then I can stop it.

Blu:  Arr, I think I'll go in and tell Mobis yer here, Toney.  There's 
nothing but empty sea everywhere so you shouldn't try ta leave.  Yer 
probably tired from all that swimmin' so feel free ta take a rest at the 
inn.  Mobis is in the structure at the middle.  See ya there!

*Blu swims off*

----------------------->More coming soon!!!<---------------------------


Alright, first off.  For those of you wondering where I've been, thanks 
for the interest.  I've decided to take a week off from the FAQ due to 
reasons I will soon get into.  However, I will start back on it tomorrow 
and should have a true update soon.

Now to the matter at hand.  I originally stated in my author's note that 
readers were welcome to send me any suggestions on the FAQ or 
information I may have missed.  HOWEVER, I made it VERY clear not to 
send me ANY information WHATSOEVER in regards to areas I have not yet 

I am playing the game as I am writing the FAQ so where the FAQ ends is 
where I'm at in the game.  I have a real job (actually two of them) and 
as much as I'd like too I can't spend all my time playing videogames and 
writing FAQ's for free.  That's why I'm still on the first run-through 
of the game.  I haven't even had a chance to touch it in a long time.

I've left the author's note at the top of the FAQ unchanged for now so 
you can see what it stated.  I'll change it soon.  I guess what I'm 
trying to say is stop emailing me information regarding the game, 
PERIOD.  I don't care what it is, stop.  I've had too many ignorant 
morons who are incapable of reading send me spoilers that it is not even 
funny.  If writing this FAQ comes at the expense of playing the game 
unspoiled, then I'll just quit.

Now, I'm not blasting all of you.  Most of you were extremely helpful 
and polite.  I also happen to love hearing that my FAQ is helping people 
out.  It's great to know that this isn't all going to waste.  If you 
still wish to send me email complimenting/insulting me, go for it.  I 
love getting feedback from my readers.

But if you're sending any information regarding the game, whether it be 
about things I missed or things I haven't yet reached, don't bother.  
I'm not even going to bother looking because I'm going to trash it 
immediately.  Then all your work of typing it up is a waste.

I guess that's about it.  Once I've played all the way through the game 
a couple times, I may start asking for reader help again.  But as for 
now, just don't send me any information about the game.  I'm sorry that 
the few brain-dead morons out there ruined it for all of you who are 
helpful and polite, but I guess that's just the way it goes.  I hope you 



Vash Naroom
  Baloo Leaf       015
  Baloo Sap        035
  Remedy Drink     020
  Strengh Gem      005

Prospector Garage (Underneath)
  Baloo Sap        035
  Baloo Root       060
  Remedy Drink     020
  Power Gem        005

  Baloo Leaf       015
  Baloo Sap        035
  Baloo Root       060
  Guard Gem        005
  Remedy Drink     020

Oscent Mar
  Baloo Sap        035
  Baloo Root       060
  Remedy Drink     020
  Power Gem        005
  Crescent Gem     035
  Gibbous Gem      035
  Specimen Jar     511

 Lowers a creature's Luck a little.

Baloo Leaf
 Restores 10 energy.

Baloo Sap
 Restores 30 energy.

Baloo Root
 Restores 65 energy.

Blast Urn
 It's an explosive vase.  You can use it to break certain walls.

Bucket O' Pink
 Lowers a creature's Luck a lot.

Crescent Gem
 Robustly modifies a creature's ailments.

Eldrich Awl
 Will sometimes take you back to a safe location.

Gibbous Gem
 Ornately modifies a creature's ailments.

Karmic Fury
 Raises a creature's Speed a lot, but lowers somethin else.

Karmic Hope
 Raises a creature's Defense a lot, but lowers something else.

Karmic Might
 Raises a creature's Attack a lot, but lowers something else.

Master Rune
 Raises all of a creature's stats.

Plod Spnew
 Raises a creature's Luck a lot.

Remedy Drink
 Cures all of a creature's ailments.

 Raises a creature's Speed.

 Raises a creature's Defense.

 Raises a creature's Attack.

Strength Gem
 Raises a creature's Attack during one battle.

 Raises a creature's Luck a little.

 For use in the Naroom Curio Shop.

Water of Life
 Permanently raises your energy maximum by 5.

Archaic Leaf
 Raises a creature's Skill.

Bag of Bones
 Raises a creature's Strength.

Bark Thimble
 Raises a creature's Defense.

 Raises a creature's skill.

Crimson Void
 Raises your creature's power, but lowers its defense.

Earth's Aura
 Makes your creature strong against Earth, but also makes it slower and 

 Makes your creature strong against Earth, but weak against Shadow.

 Raises a creature's Defense.

 Raises a creature's Luck.

 Raises a creature's Resist.

Rabbage Foot
 Gets rid of a creature's Luck.

Shield Orb
 Raises a creature's Defense.

 Makes your creature strong against Wind, but weak against Fire.

Titan Ring
 Raises a creature's Strength.

Water Orb
 Makes your creature strong against Water, raises all your creature's 
stats, but causes Hiccups.

 Raises a creature's Luck.

Leaf Cut (008)
 Deals a little damage to an enemy.

Grow (012)
 Lets you give a creature energy.

Cave In (012)
 Lowers a creature's Defense.

Thunderquake (010)
 Deals damage to all creatures.

Flame Geyser (004)
 Deals damage to everything.

Dream Creatures

 Scratch (005)Lv.-
 Burrow  (005)Lv.-

 Lamp (008)Lv.-

 Shake (005)Lv.-

 Flame (005)Lv.-

 Bite (005)Lv.-

 Scratch (005)Lv.-
 Maul (010)Lv. 15
 Impale (010)Lv. 35

 Heal (003)Lv.-

 Bite (005)Lv.-

 Flame (005)Lv.-

 Punch (005)Lv.-

 Claw (008)Lv.-
 Maul (010)Lv. 30

 Gust (005)Lv.-

 Bite (005)Lv.-

Tusk Bwisp
 Thrust (010)Lv.-
 Maul (010)Lv.-
 Impale (010)Lv. 25

 Leaf (005)Lv.-

 Scratch (005)Lv.-

 Fang (008)Lv.-
 Sting (010)Lv. 15 Can cause plague.
 Shred (020)Lv. 30

 Heal (003)Lv.-
 Mend (005)Lv. 13

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