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Mario Party 6
By JONNY2X4 (AJ Kleeh)
Email [email protected]


Table Of Contents

Section 2 - Various Information
Section 2A - Story
Section 2B - Controls
Section 2C - Characters
Section 2D - Items
Section 2E - Boards
Section 2F - The Microphone
Section 2G - Frequently Asked Questions

Section 3 - Gameplay Modes
Section 3A - Party Mode
Section 3B - Solo Mode
Section 3C - Mini-Game Mode
Section 3D - Mic Mode

Section 4 - Mini-Games
Section 4A - 4-Player Mini-Games
Section 4B - 2-Vs-2 Mini-Games
Section 4C - 1-Vs-3 Mini-Games
Section 4D - Battle Mini-Games
Section 4E - Duel Mini-Games
Section 4F - DK Mini-Games
Section 4G - Bowser Mini-Games
Section 4H - Rare Mini-Games



                     * Section 2 - Various Information *

                             Section 2A - Story

Brighton and Twila - the sun and the moon - watch over Mario Party World from 
the sky and host the best parties. The two celestial party animals have 
always been good friends. That is, until the day Brighton asked Twila, "Who's 
more impressive, you or me?"

Brighton and Twila argued furiously about who was more popular and 
impressive. The sky thundered with the fury of their cataclysmic squabble! 
Mario and his party-hearty friends tried to get them to make up, but nothing 
they said could settle the spat in the sky. That's when Mario came up with a 
brilliant plan to harness the power of the stars to end the feud!

They decided to throw a massive Mario Party to collect stars and fill the 
great Star Bank! Determined to end Brighton and Twila's feud, they started 
partying right away. But will the power of the stars be enough to end the 
furious feud?


NOTE: This story is taken from the Mario Party 6 instruction manual and was 
not written by me, please don't give me credit for it. I'd also like to 
comment that it hardly makes much sense and is best ignored.


                            Section 2B - Controls

Start Button
Press this while on the board map or in a mini-game to pause.

A Button
Use this to confirm your selection whereever it might be, while playing 
certain mini-games, and to hit the dice block.

B Button
Press this to cancel a selection, while playing certain mini-games and to 
return to the previous screen.

X Button
Use this on your turn to scroll around the board map and when playing certain 

Y Button
Use this on your turn to view an overhead map of the entire board and when 
playing certain mini-games.

L Button
Used to play certain mini-games and scroll through pages on the mini-game 
explanation screen.

R Button
Used to play certain mini-games and scroll through pages on the mini-game 
explanation screen.

Z Button
Press this to practice before playing mini-games.

Control Stick
With this you can move your character or cursor, make menu selections, scroll 
around the board, play certain mini-games, and more. Basically, anything that 
requires you to move something uses this, it's the main control of the game.

Control Pad
Used in certain mini-games.

C Stick
Used in certain mini-games.


                           Section 2C - Characters

*All characters have the same characteristics, just play with your favorite.*

Playable Characters
Before Mario Party 5, Boo used to be the main method of stealing coins and 
even stars from others. Now, a different ghost has taken Boo's place.

The second of the two princesses is enshrouded in mystery. Not much is known 
about her, but she's back again for another Mario Party.

Koopa Kid
Could Koopa Kid be Bowser's son? Some claim he is, others don't believe it. 
Either way, Koopa Kid can be considered Bowser's substitute in this game.

Luigi is Mario's little green brother and sidekick. This is his chance to 
beat Mario in a Mario Party game.

Without him, this game and many other games would never exist. Mario is 
obviously the main character of the game, as it is named after him.

She is Bowser's main kidnapping victim, and Mario almost always goes out to 
rescue her. She used to be known as Princess Toadstool.

Brother of Wario, or related to Wario in any way? That's unknown, but he's 
always been Wario's sidekick and thus it's logical he's in this game.

Here we have Mario's arch-rival, one of the original characters. He's always 
been a thorn in Mario's side.

Princess Peach's servant (one of many) is one of many new additions to the 
game. Never really seen much action, apart from being kidnapped by Bowser.

The most recent character addition to the Mario Party series is Toadette, who 
was introduced in Mario Kart: Double Dash. It costs 30 stars to unlock her.

The big, green dinosaur, who has always assisted Mario in his adventures, is 
here for another round of partying.

Non-Playable Characters
This guy has been around forever in his relentless pursuit to kidnap the 
princess. In Mario Party 6, he annoys people with his own board space. If you 
land on it, you could lose coins, stars, and items.

The sun, who hosts the games with Twila. When the sun is out, certain aspects 
of the board and some mini-games change. 

Donkey Kong
This ape used to be a member of the playble Mario Party cast, but in Mario 
Party 5, he earned his own board space and will reward you with coins, stars, 
and items if you land on it.

E. Gadd
He is the host of his board map, E. Gadd's Garage. He has a ton of machinery 
and experiments, and probably has created one of the best board maps ever.

Twila is the moon, and hosts the games with Brighton. When the moon is out, 
some aspects of the board and some mini-games change.


                             Section 2D - Items

In Mario Party 6, items are called orbs because they are enclosed in little 
capsules. Some of these items can be thrown on certain board spaces, which 
turns them into a character space. Anybody who lands on this is affected, 
except for you. If you land on it, you gain five coins. For some items that 
are intended to block or slow you down, you just need to pass it to be 
affected. A gray picture of your character will appear straight up above the 
space. You don't gain any coins for landing on these.

There are four types of orbs, and you can determine which one is which by the 
color of the capsule.
Green = Orbs that you use on yourself.
Yellow = Orbs you throw on certain spaces to make them your character space. 
Opponents are affected only if they land on the space. These do not disappear 
after somebody lands on them.
Red = Orbs that you throw on certain spaces to block or slow your opponents 
down. It takes effect as soon as you pass it. These disappear when somebody 
passes by them.
Blue = Orbs that you hold, and cannot be thrown or used.

You can now buy items again from item shops in Mario Party 6. However, it is 
impossible for me to tell you the exact price of each one, because a new 
feature in the game is that the prices of the orbs change every time you 
enter and leave. All I can give you is an approximate range. So in each 
description, you'll get the name of the orb, the color of the capsule, and 
the coin amounts that I have seen.


Bob-omb Orb - Red Capsule - 5, 10, 15 coins
This item will slow your opponent down by cutting the remaining number on the 
dice block in half. If somebody lands on the space, it has no effect.
Boo Away Orb - Blue Capsule - 5, 10, 15 coins
This prevents you from having coins or stars stolen when an opponent summons 
Boo. Very useful to have one of these.

Bullet Bill Orb - Green Capsule - 15, 20, 25 coins
When you use this, a Bullet Bill will appear. You hit a dice block, and 
anybody that you pass will lose twenty coins, and these coins are given to 
you. Only useful if there are people close to you or in your path.

Cursed Mushroom Orb - Green Capsule
Why is there no coin amount? Because from my adventures, you can only find 
these in Solo Mode, and because Solo Mode doesn't have any item shops, you 
can't buy them anywhere. Anyways, this items will reduce the numbers that 
appear on the dice block to 1, 2, and 3.

Flutter Orb - Green Capsule - 20, 25, 30 coins
Use this and you'll be taken directly to the star. Keep in mind that you 
still have to pay for the star, though. If I have the coins, I'll pay for 
this item at any price, because even if you don't need it right away it is 
always good to have in the future. 

Goomba Orb - Yellow Capsule - 5, 10, 15 coins
Any opponent who lands on this will have to hit a dice block that determines 
how many coins you get. The numbers on the block are 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25. A 
very helpful but hard-to-find orb.

Kamek Orb - Yellow Capsule - 5, 10, 15 coins
If an opponent lands on this, Kamek will appear and turn somebody's character 
space into yours.

Klepto Orb - Yellow Capsule - 5, 10 coins
When an opponent lands on this, they return to the start.

Koopa Troopa Orb - Red Capsule - 5, 10, 15 coins
When somebody passes this, you trade spaces with the person who placed it. 
Don't place it on the board if you don't want to lose your position, because 
you WILL be switched.

Metal Mushroom Orb - Green Capsule - 5, 10, 15 coins
When you use this on yourself, you are covered in a metal coating that 
protects you from all effects that your opponents have placed on the board. 
It disappears after your turn is over.

Mr. Blizzard Orb - Yellow Capsule - 5, 10, 15 coins
If an opponent lands on this, they lose all their orbs. But in my opinion, 
it's probably one of the most useless items, because on many occasions your 
opponents will lose very little to nothing, and you don't gain anything.

Mushroom Orb - Green Capsule - 5, 10 coins
Use this and you get two dice blocks instead of one. I would never buy this 
for anything more than five coins, though.

Pipe Orb - Green Capsule - 5, 10, 15 coins
If you use this, you will switch spaces with a randomly chosen opponent.

Piranha Plant Orb - Yellow Capsule - 10, 15, 20 coins
By placing this on the board, you force any opponent who lands on it to 
surrender half their coins and give them to you.

Podoboo Orb - Red Capsule - 5, 10 coins
Any opponent who passes this will lose 10 coins. They are not given to you. 

Sluggish Shroom Orb - Green Capsule - 5, 10, 15 coins
Very useful. When you use this, the dice block will roll very slowly, making 
it extremely simple to get the number you want. When you're trying to get the 
number, don't hit the dice block when it is exactly on the number. Hit it one 
number too early, as there is a small delay while the character hits or 
punches the block.

Snack Orb - Blue Capsule - 5, 10, 15 coins
This item is only of any use on Snowflake Lake, where everyone starts with 
five stars and the intention is to summon Chain Chomp to steal stars from 
other players. It prevents a Chain Chomp from stealing from you. 

Spiny Orb - Yellow Capsule - 5, 10 coins
Throw this on a space, and if someone lands on it they will lose 10 coins, 
all of which are given to you. This is one of my personal favorite items. My 
suggestion is to buy several of these, and place them all in an area that 
everybody commonly passes. You'll quickly gain coins both from opponents 
landing on it and from landing on it yourself. Extremely useful. 
Super Mushroom Orb - Green Capsule - 5, 10, 15 coins
Use this and you get three dice blocks instead of one. Helpful for getting 
ahead of everyone or beating your opponents when you're all in a close race 
for the star.

Thwomp Orb - Red Capsule - 5, 10, 15 coins
THE best item for stopping anybody in their tracks. All opponents who pass 
this are pounded into the ground and must stop immediately.

Toady Orb - Yellow Capsule - 5, 10, 15 coins
When you place this on a space, anybody who lands on it has to forfeit an orb 
and give it to you. Useless if they don't have anything.

Tweester Orb - Red Capsule - 10, 15 coins
Anybody who passes this is randomly sent to another space. Could be a great 
change or a terrible one, using this is all about luck.

Zap Orb - Red Capsule - 10, 15, 20 coins
Place this on the board. When an opponent passes it, they lose five coins for 
every space remaining. Only good if they roll a high number.


                             Section 2E - Boards

Mario Party 6 features nine new board maps. Six of them are for Party mode, 
and the other three are for Solo Mode. Almost all of the party mode maps 
follow a different gameplay function, you're aren't simply supposed to get 
the randomly-moving star. I'll split this section up into two, with each part 
covering the board maps for their respective modes. For Party maps, I'll 
explain the map, how it functions and give some advice. For Solo maps, I'll 
simply explain how they work, because there isn't as much to talk about.

Party Mode Boards

Castaway Bay
Out of all the newly introduced methods of playing, this is probably the most 
strategic. Basically, there is a medium-sized path that you go around. When 
you reach the end of the path, there are two ships - Bowser's ship and DK's 
ship. If you hop aboard DK's ship, you'll be given the opportunity to buy a 
star. If you hop onto Bowser's ship, he'll steal coins or even stars from 
you. Here's the catch. You don't have a choice which ship you go onto. After 
somebody jumps on one ship, the two of them change positions. You can also 
make them change by landing on a '?' space. So, depending on who's waiting 
for you, you'll either want to move as many spaces as possible, or move as 
slowly as you can. 

The best advice I can give you on this stage is to buy as many Thwomps, Super 
Mushrooms and Sluggish Shrooms as possible. These are all the best items you 
can ask for when you need to beat someobdy to the star (Super Mushrooms), 
stop somebody from getting ahead (Thwomp), and slow yourself down or get an 
exact number so that you land on a '?' space. Also remember to make good use 
of the raft on the uppermost path. If you know that by using it, you'll reach 
DK, go for it! The only downside is that it costs ten coins, and you might 
not have enough left to buy the star. And finally, remember that at night, 
Boo can come out and steal coins or stars for you (again, the uppermost path).

Clockwork Castle
This board is a lot about luck. It's also the only unlockable board map, and 
it costs 100 stars. Here's how things work. In the daytime, you will move 
clockwise, Brighton will award prizes to anybody who stops on a certain 
space, and DK will be on the board. He will roll a dice block just like you 
and everybody else, moving around the board. What you're supposed to do is 
catch up with him or let him catch up to you, then you can buy a star from 
him. However, stay near him too long and you'll regret it, because at night, 
you'll move counter-clockwise, Twila will award prizes to anybody who stops 
on a certain space, and DK will transform into Bowser. If you catch up with 
Bowser or he catches up with you, he'll take coins and stars from you. So as 
you can see, a lot of this one depends on the roll of the dice.

Just like with Castaway Bay, I reccomend you stock up on Super Mushrooms and 
Sluggish Shrooms. However, instead of Thwomps, I suggest Koopa Troopa orbs. 
They can get you out of a jam quickly if placed on the board properly, or put 
you right beside DK if you're on the other side of the board. And while they 
are expensive and rare, Flutter orbs are perfect for getting the star when 
you're far away and for tailing behind DK after that turn. Just watch out for 
Bowser at night! 

E. Gadd's Garage
I have heard many people call this one of the best board maps ever to appear 
in a Mario Party game, and you might agree. This medium-sized garage is 
filled with unexpected surprises. There are several different events that can 
happen on the board map, such as turning your capsules into coins and vice-
versa, transporting yourself from one place to another, a turntable in the 
middle that switches at day and night, and more. Because of all these 
innovative things, and the fact that the board map is well-constructed and 
laid-out, this is the all-time favorite of many.

In the daytime, the turntable switches, and the large machine will exchange 
your orbs for different ones. In the nighttime, the turntable switches again, 
and capsules will be turned into coins. The intention is to win by getting as 
many randomly placed stars as possible. My advice for you here is to purchase 
many of the cheapest and most commonly found items, because if you reach the 
large machine during the day, you'll get what is most likely to be a better 
selection of items. During the night, try to pick up some free items and 
exchange them for coins. You also might want to buy some Sluggish Shrooms so 
that you can land on the transporter spaces. When the star is in proper 
position you could be right next to it by using this teleporting device.

Faire Square 
Another big-time favorite of many players is Faire Square, the board where 
stars are found only on one space and the game can change completely in only 
one turn. Here's how it works. During the daytime, the star costs 20 coins. 
At night, Twila will hit a dice block to determine the price of the coins. It 
could be 5, 10, 20, 30, or 40 coins. If you pass by the star space, you could 
purchase as many as five stars in that one turn, which will have an immediate 
impact on the game! Also, scattered around the board are games of luck, which 
can get you free coins and stars, or could rip you of all your coins and 
stars. However, you're almost always given a choice as to whether or not you 
play the game, whatever it may be.

On this board map, you simply have to win your mini-games. You could miss out 
on a brilliant opportunity to gain stars and take a large lead simply because 
you don't have enough coins. Also, make sure to set up a large zone around 
the star filled with your character spaces, because doing this will not only 
benefit you but frustrate your opponents. Instead of three stars, they may 
only be able to buy two, because they landed or passed by one of your 
character spaces. Finally, always make sure to have a lot of Mushrooms And 
Super Mushrooms on hand, depending on your position, how high you roll and 
how many coins you have, you could get 15 stars in one turn, as unlikely as 
that may be.

Snowflake Lake
Here we have another new and innovative addition to the Mario Party series. 
This board is entirely based upon stealing stars from other players by 
summoning Chain Chomps from their homes, which can cost different amounts of 
coins depending on the situation. In this game, everybody starts with five 
stars. As you venture around the board, you'll be confronted by Chain Chomps, 
asking you if you want them to steal stars. If you say yes, make sure that 
there is actually somebody in front of you or close to you, or it's of no 
use. Some Chain Chomps charge more than others or allow you to choose how 
many dice blocks you want to roll. In the daytime, all paths are open, but at 
night, Freezies block some of the paths.

When I play this stage, I make sure I always have at least one Snack Orb, 
usually two. You can never have enough of these. With them, you are immune to 
any Chain Chomps that pass by, you cannot lose stars at all. They are the 
first key to winning. The second key is to save up as many coins as you can. 
Win mini-games, land on blue spaces, whatever needs to be done. If you have 
the opportunity to land on a Duel space, take full advantage of the 
situation. It may be a risk, but don't duel for measly amounts of coins if 
you don't have to. The more coins, the better.

Towering Treetop
This board takes place on a large tree, as you could probably tell from the 
title. It is a large board that somewhat mirrors itself with various paths 
and places to go. The intention is to win by getting as many randomly placed 
stars as possible. During the daytime, the flower on the right side closes 
and the one on the left side of the board will open. You'll be able to choose 
whether you want to take the ladder or the floating logs. The tree is good 
during the day you can gain coins and items. During the nighttime, it's the 
exact same thing except the flower on the left closes and the one on the 
right opens. The tree also becomes evil and will make you lose coins and 

My advice on this place is to cover the entire bottom area with as many of 
your character spaces as possible. Everybody has to pass this area at one 
point or another, so it's perfect for hitting people hard. My personal 
favorite item to use for this, as I've already mentioned, are Spinys, because 
they are cheap and effective in bunches. Another thing I reccomend you do is 
to purchase a lot of Mushrooms, as the star could end up anywhere on this 
enormous map and Mushrooms will help you beat your opponents in any close 

Solo Mode Boards

Astro Avenue
The theme of this board is outer space. This is the best place the come if 
you're trying to unlock 1-Vs-3 mini-games, as the board is packed with them. 
There are 25 spaces in total on the board. If you land on a '?' Space, a 
rocket will take you closer to the end of the board.

Infernal Tower
Here we have Bowser's tower, which is loaded with 4-Player mini-games, so if 
you need those, unlock them here. There are 35 total spaces on the board. If 
you land on a '?' space, a Chain Chomp will come to take you back to the 
start, which can be good in the sense that you get another chance to unlock 
more mini-games and gain more coins.

Thirsty Gulch
If you need a quick stop for stars, then play this board map, because there 
are only 15 spaces. This board is mostly made up of 2-Vs-2 mini-games for you 
to play and unlock. If you land on a '?' space, you'll drop down one level to 
the lower '?' Space. Again, this can be a good thing.


                         Section 2F - The Microphone

One of the newest additions to Mario Party 6 is the microphone, which is 
included with the game. This will allow you to play various mini-games by 
simply shouting a command or telling your player to move. When you're in 
Party Mode, 1-Vs-3 mini-games will occasionally select a game that has the 
solo player using the microphone. There is also a Mic Mode that allows you to 
use the microphone to play all these mini-games, and two other games 
called 'Star Sprint' and 'Speak Up'.

The microphone plugs into Memory Card Slot B. You could also plug it into 
Slot A and have the memory card in Slot B, but the game wouldn't detect your 
saved game file and thus you'd be forced to start a new file without saving. 
When you're talking, make sure the top of the microphone is pointed at the 
sound source, that your speech is clear and understandable, and that the 
button on the microphone is being held down. If you don't do both of these 
things, the game will not detect anything or work improperly. Playing in a 
quiet area also helps.

I can't give you too many suggestions if you're having trouble with the 
microphone, however, I reccomend you do a Microphone test in the Options Menu 
if you're having trouble. Also make sure that the microphone is fully 
inserted into Slot B, and that you're talking loud enough and clearly.


                Section 2G - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Any questions that I expect will be asked very frequently or that I've seen 
very commonly on the message board or through e-mail will appear here. 
Hopefully any of those little things that the rest of the FAQ may not cover 
will be found here.

Q: Is DK a playable character again?
A: Nope.

Q: What's the easiest, quickest, and best way to gain stars for the star bank?
A: I've found that Snowflake Lake in Party Mode is where you'll get the most 
stars, and that Solo Mode is the quickest. The best? Probably Solo Mode. 

Q: Are there any other unlockable characters apart from Toadette.
A: Unfortunately, no.

Q: Is it possible to make the computer's turns take less time?
A: No, the only thing you could do is speed up the pace of movement on the 
board map.

Q: What is Progressive Scan Mode?
A: Basically, Progressive Scan Mode is a feature that allows the game to be 
set to a higher resolution on TVs that support it. (EDTV, HDTV) To play in 
this mode, you need a TV that can accept this type of input and a GameCube 
Video Cable. To activate this, you hold B while the GameGube logo is 
appearing, and the game will ask if you want to play the game in Progressive 
Scan Mode.


                       * Section 3 - Gameplay Modes *

                          Section 3A - Party Mode

Party mode is the meat of all Mario Party games. Without it, there is hardly 
much of a game. In this section, I'll explain how to set things up, the 
available options, the spaces on the board map, and more.

Setting Up And Playing Your Party
Before you start playing, you need to choose your game settings. There are 
seven steps to doing this.

1. Select how many humans and how many computers are playing.
2. Have every player select their character, and if necessary, select the 
computers and their difficulty level (Weak, Normal, Hard, Brutal)
3. Choose a board map. (See Section 2E for details on this.)
4. Decide if the game will be a free-for-all or with teams.
5. Choose how many turns you'll be playing for.
6. Decide which mini-game types you want to play with. You can choose to play 
all of them, easy games, hard games, action games, and weird games.
7. Decide if there will be bonus stars given out at the end of the game. The 
bonus stars are... 
a) Mini-Game Star (Player who collects the most coins from mini-games.)
b) Orb Star (Player who uses the most orbs during the game.)
c) Action Star (Player who landed on the most '?' Spaces during the game.)
8. Add any handicaps to any of the players.

Once you've done all this, your party will begin. Each player will roll a 
dice block to determine the order, and then you'll begin. 

The game follows a basic formula. 
- Every player hits the dice block and any events on the board map that may 
occur will be completed. 
- After that, everybody plays a mini-game for ten coins. Depending on the 
color of the space you and your opponents land on, you could be playing a 4-
Player mini-game, a 2-Vs-2 mini-game, or a 3-Vs-1 mini-game. In some cases 
the mini-game will be a battle mini-game, or allow you to control your own 
destiny by being awarded the amount of coins you win in the mini-game. 
- Every three turns, day turns to night and vice-versa. 
- When there are five turns left, landing on the same space as another player 
will cause a duel mini-game to occur. Also, the player in last place spins a 
wheel that will affect the game in one of four ways. Here's what could happen.
a) Amount of coins you get on Red and Blue spaces is tripled.
b) The player spinning the wheel gets 40 coins.
c) A Bowser Revolution begins. (All players switch positions.)
d) The player spinning the wheel gets five character spaces which are placed 
randomly upon the board.
- When every turn has been completed, the bonus stars are awarded and a 
winner is announced.

Board Spaces
In Party mode, there are various types of spaces you can land on. Here is the 
list of them.

Blue Space
You gain three coins. Very common.

Red Space
You lose three coins. Very uncommon.

'?' Space
Landing on this will trigger an event related to the board map. There is 
usually nothing you can do to stop it. Uncommon.

Duel Space
Landing on one of these allows you to challenge somebody to a duel for coins 
and stars. You can bet coins for coins, a star for a star, a star for coins 
and coins for a star. However, you cannot bet anything more than what you or 
your opponent have. Uncommon.

Miracle Space
Landing on this will send you to a special area where you can completely 
change the game. Some of the possible changes include swapping coins and 
stars, giving up all your orbs, giving up all your stars, and so on. Very 

DK Space
When you land on one of these, DK will appear, and you'll do one of three 
things. You could play a DK Mini-Game in which every banana you get is 
exchanged for one, two, or three coins. The player who landed on it could hit 
a dice block and if they get a higher number than DK, a star is awarded. 
Lastly, they can simply roll a dice block and be given coins and sometimes, a 
star. These only appear in the day, and change into Bowser spaces at night.

Bowser Space
When you land on this, Bowser will appear to make to game worse for you. He 
might take stars, coins and even orbs, or he might send you and the other 
players into a Bowser mini-game, where you must survive to protect your 
stars, coins, and orbs. These are only seen at night, and change into DK 
spaces in the day.


                           Section 3B - Solo Mode

Solo mode is the newest version of one player. The old storylines that 
appeared in previous Mario Party games have been scrapped, and this has been 
put in it's place. Many people prefer this over story mode, simply because it 
makes it easier to unlock mini-games, and it's much more entertaining.

Setting Up And Playing Solo
Before you start playing, you need to choose your game settings. There are 
five steps to doing this.

1. Select the difficulty level of the game. (Easy, Normal, Hard, Brutal)
2. Choose your character and your partner for 2-Vs-2 mini-games.
3. Choose a board map. (See Section 2E for details on this.)
4. If everything looks okay, choose Yes.

Once you've done all this, the game will begin. Here's how things basically 
work. In solo mode, the objective of the game is to collect as many coins and 
mini-games as you can. Coins are straight-forward, but with mini-games, you 
simply have to win, and you unlock them. Dice blocks only roll up to six 
instead of ten - this is because the board maps are much smaller. There are 
only two items you can use in solo mode, which are only found on board 
spaces. These are Sluggish Shrooms and Cursed Mushrooms. 

At the end of the map, there is a rare game space. If you land on it, you 
unlock a rare mini-game that can't be found anywhere else. However, if you 
pass this space, you will fall off the board and you'll lose everything you 
won, so be careful and use items to your advantage. You will be awarded stars 
at the end of the game that are added to your star bank. That's about it! 
Have fun!

Board Spaces
4-Player Spaces
You will play a 4-Player mini-game with Bowser's Koopa Kids.

2-Vs-2 Spaces
You will play a 2-Vs-2 mini-game with the partner you selected and Bowser's 
Koopa Kids.

3-Vs-1 Spaces
You will play a 3-Vs-1 mini-game with Bowser's Koopa Kids.

Battle Spaces
If you land here, you will play a battle mini-game against Bowser's Koopa 

'?' Space
Landing on this will trigger an event related to the board map. There is 
nothing you can do to stop it. In solo mode, landing on one of these sends 
you closer or further away from the end of the stage.

Bowser Space
When you stop here, Bowser will have his Koopa Kids challenge you in a 4-
Player mini-game. If you lose, he'll take mini-games and coins from you. If 
you win, you get 10 coins.

Duel Space
If you land here, one of Bowser's Koopa Kids will challenge you in a Duel 
mini-game. If you lose, he'll take mini-games and coins from you. If you win, 
you get 10 coins.

Rare Mini-Game Space
This is always the last space on the board. If you land here, you'll unlock a 
rare mini-game which can't be found anywhere else!


                         Section 3C - Mini-Game Mode

In mini-game mode, you can play all the mini-games that you've unlocked in 
Party Mode and Solo Mode, except for Mic mini-games, they can only be played 
in Mic Mode. There are six different ways to play. For more detail on each of 
them just scroll down a little bit.

1. Mini-Game Tour: Hop on the bus and play any mini-game of your choice.
2. Battle Bridge: Challenge three others and try to be the first to win 
three, five, or seven mini-games.
3. Treetop Bingo: Try to be the first to match up a certain amount of lines 
to win the game.
4. Mount Duel: Play Duel mini-games and win you way to the top.
5. Decathalon Park: Play random mini-games and earn points. Finish with the 
most points at the end and you're the winner.
6. Endurance Alley: How long can you last? Try to win 100 mini-games in a row.

Mini-Game Tour
When playing this mode, you'll hop on the Mushroom Bus and you can try any of 
the mini-games that you've unlocked, except for Mic mini-games, which can 
only be played in Mic Mode. For a complete list of all the mini-games, 
section four has that and specific information for each game.

Battle Bridge
In Battle Bridge, you can play 4-Player mini-games, 2-Vs-2 mini-games, and 1-
Vs-3 mini-games in an attempt to win three, five, or seven mini-games first. 
This is a straight-forward and fun way to practice your mini-game skills.

Treetop Bingo
In Treetop Bingo, you will face three other opponents in a race to try and 
get one, two, three, four, or five lines in a row horizontally, vertically, 
or diagonally. First person to do this wins. Here's how the game works: You 
play a mini-game. After the mini-game, the winner gets to pick one number on 
their board that they want to remove. This number will not only be removed 
from their board, but from everybody else's, so that person should take a 
look at everyone else to see how it will affect them. This process repeats 
until a winner is determined. On occasion, the winner will get to take two 
numbers off of their board, and this is called a lucky turn. Very addictive 

Mount Duel
This is basically the re-created version of the mini-tournament mode from the 
previous Mario Party game. To start off, the four players will randomly be 
divided into pairs, and they will each face each other until a winner is 
determined. A third-place match is played, and then the final match is 
played. The winner of the final match is the champion of Mount Duel. This is 
a brief way to hold a small tournament. Too bad you couldn't have more people 
entered in the tournament, then this could be a bit more entertaining.

Decathalon Park
This is one of the best and newest ways to play Mario Party mini-games. 
Myself, I haven't unlocked it just yet, but when I do I'll be able to provide 
more detail on it. However, I do know from Mario Party 5 that the game is 
based on a point system. Every mini-game is one that keeps track of records. 
Depending on how well you do, you will be rewarded points for completion. 
However, even if somebody has already finished, you still have to as well, 
because the clock keeps ticking for you to determine your point total. More 
on this soon.

Endurance Alley
Here we have one of the most difficult Mario Party games ever created. 
Endurance Run puts you through your paces in every mini-game except for 2-Vs-
2 and, if your Mic isn't plugged in, Mic mini-games. You'll all by yourself 
in an attempt to win 100 mini-games in a row. There is no way to stop, no way 
to save, and even one little mistake can ruin everything. Anybody who 
completes this can, in my opinion, be considered a Mario Party Master. Good 


                           Section 3D - Mic Mode

If you want to use the Mic as the basis for mini-games, this is the place to 
come. Here you will find all the Mic mini-games that you play in Party mode, 
plus two extras, called Speak Up and Star Sprint. These two mini-games are 
the only ones that will be found here instead of section four, simply because 
they're not actual mini-games. I also do plan on writing walkthroughs for all 
of the three Star Sprint levels, but not at this time. So, let us begin.

Speak Up
Here we have the Mario Party 6 trivia game, where the intention is to say the 
correct answers out loud into the microphone. This game can only be played 
with humans, as it is impossible for computers to fairly give correct 
answers. Whoever finishes with the most points at the end wins. Depending on 
how many people are playing, more or less questions in total will be asked.

2 Players = 10 questions
3 Players = 15 questions
4 Players = 20 questions

There are five different categories to choose from, each of them pertaining 
to a different subject. 

Picture Quiz = Identify a blurred, spinning hard-to-see character.
Counting Quiz = Count how many characters are on the stage.
Memory Quiz = Remember what happens, and then answer the question.
Comparison Quiz = Compare different things, then answer the question.
Variety Quiz - Could pertain to anything.

For each category, there are five different questions, labeled one, two, 
three, four, and five stars. The more stars, the harder the question. 
However, you can only pick harder questions if you have answered the easier 
ones first. Basically, you can't pick level four if you haven't completed 
level three yet.

Now I'll explain how the point system works. Depending on the difficulty 
level of the question, you can gain 10 to 50 points. However, the quicker you 
answer, the more points you get, because the point total is like a timer that 
ticks down to zero. If you play level five and answer the question after 
three seconds correctly, you'll probably gain 43-45 points, but if you take 
20 seconds to answer it, you'll probably only get 15-17 points. The harder 
the level, the faster the clock ticks down.

Everybody gets one chance to answer the question correctly. If you need a 
hint, say 'Give Me A Hint' into the microphone. You only have a limited 
amount of hints. If the first player to answer gets the question wrong, the 
other players have an opportunity to answer it by pressing A on their 
controllers at any time they think they know. If nobody gets the question 
right, no points are awarded.

On occasion, you may get a special panel that will have an effect on what 
happens if the question is answered. The game only reveals four, but so far 
eight in total have been found.

Normal Quiz Panels
Brighton & Twila = Makes the point counter tick down at a slower rate.
Flower = Makes the question one level easier.
Mushroom = Double the points when question is answered correctly.
Star = If you get the question wrong, you are given a second chance.
Super Mushroom = Triple the points when the question is answered correctly.

Bowser Time Panels
Bob-Omb = Makes the question one level harder.
Pipe = Allows the correct person to get their coins from a different player.
Ztar = You'll play a special Bowser game.

Lastly, on occasion during the game, Bowser will decide to 'drop in' and 
control the game for a few turns. When he's the host, anything can happen. 
However, apart from threatening everybody and making his little comments, he 
doesn't really have much of an effect on game, unless you get a Shadow Star 
panel, in which he becomes involved.

Star Sprint
In Star Sprint, you must speak certain commands into the microphone to carry 
a star and complete the three available levels, which contain various 
obstacles, power-ups and more. There are three 'paths' that you can run on. I 
do intend on adding a complete walkthrough for all three levels, but for now, 
I'll simply outline the commands you can give and the three stages, which are:

Meadow Road (Easy)
Dark Path (Normal)
Magma Tower (Hard)

The commands you can give are:

Run = Say it four times to get up to full speed.
Move Up = Move up one path.
Move Down = Move down one path.
Freeze = Stop running.
Reverse = Go backwards for a limited distance.
Jump = Jump in the air, obviously.
Grab The Star = Pick up the star, you can't run without it.
Mario Party = Get other characters to give you a hand.

Obviously, remembering all these commands for the first few times can be 
somewhat of a task, so Brighton/Twila will appear at the top of the screen, 
telling you what to say in certain situations. That may seem like giving the 
game away, but after time it becomes obvious as to what's next and you won't 
give it much of a thought.


                          * Section 4 - Mini-Games *

                       Section 4A - 4-Player Mini-Games

In this section, I will go through each 4-Player mini-game with a detailed 
description that will give you the controls, information, and strategies. 
They are listed in alphabetical order.

Blooper Scooper
Control Stick = Move
A = Swim (Tap repeatedly)

You'll be merrily floating through the ocean on a boat, and suddenly, and 
enormous Blooper will split your ship in half and throw you in the water. The 
objective is to stay alive for thirty seconds while swimming in a whirlpool 
that sucks you into Blooper's grasp. As the game progresses, Blooper will get 
in your way by sticking his arms in your way, and debris from the ship 
crashing will also rain down upon you. If you're hit by anything, you're 
temporarily stunned, and you'll need to tap A as quickly as possible to get 

My best advice for you here is to stay on the outside of the whirlpool for 
the entire time. If anything gets in your way, stop tapping A and you'll be 
sucked into the whirlpool, avoiding the obstacle. Once it's passed, swim back 
to the outside. If there are multiple things in the way, you might be forced 
to actually manuever through or around them by using the control stick.

Cannonball Fun
Control Stick = Move
A = Fire Cannonballs
L = Lean to the left
R = Lean to the right

You and your three opponents will be placed in a hovercraft, all in a small, 
enclosed area with pillars that are useful to hide behind. Your objective is 
to shoot and hit anybody five times. The first person to do this wins. This 
does NOT mean you have to hit only one person, you can spread yourself out 
across the arena and hit the best target. 

If you want a defensive approach to the game, you should hide behind the 
pillars, and when somebody is within range, lean to the left or right to hit 
them. I've found this works very effectively, because most humans and the 
computer almost always tend to bunch up, making them easy targets. An 
offensive approch would be to simply jump in the fray with everybody and hope 
you're the first to reach five. An important thing to keep in mind is that 
once you shoot somebody, they are immune for about a second before they can 
be hit again. Use this to your advantage and against your opponents.

Catch You Letter
Control Stick = Move

This game can frustrate you to no end, but it can also be very entertaining. 
The mailroom is overloaded with letters, which causes the roof to explode, 
sending hundreds of them into the air. Your mission to pick them up off the 
ground and deliver them to the Shy Guy, who is scrambling around like mad, 
making it difficult to simply hand him a letter. When you approach a letter, 
your character will automatically pick it up, so there's no need to press A. 
On occasion, pink love letters will fall to the ground, and they are worth 
three points. Whoever finishes with the most points wins.

In this game, the key is being in the right place at the right time. If 
you've just given the Shy Guy a letter and you see him about to run to the 
right side, don't pick up a letter on the left side. Prepare for the future. 
Also, you'll need to shove your opponents out of the way, or they'll 
interfere when you're trying to give the letter to Shy Guy. Push the control 
stick against them so that they move away, giving you more room.

Circuit Maximus
Control Stick = Move

Circuit Maximus is a circular track that has you doing a full lap around it, 
avoiding the still and moving amps as you go. If you touch an amp, you'll be 
zapped and temporarily stunned. There are eight sections that you'll pass 
through, with each one having a small opening in the wall that allows you to 
pass through. This is nearly impossible to complete without getting zapped, 
so prepare for the worst. 

When you're moving through the maze, make sure that you look ahead to see 
what's coming your way. If necessary, take the long route if it'll save you 
from getting zapped by an amp.

Daft Rafts
Control Stick = Move
A = Jump

You and everybody else are on a bridge overtop a running waterfall, and the 
bridge breaks! You are dropped on one raft of many. Your objective is to 
survive jumping from raft to raft until you reach the final raft, which will 
pull you to safety. All the rafts are shooting down the waterfall, so if you 
stand on one too long, you're finished. There are approximately 15 rafts, 
sometimes one more or less. During the daytime, any obstacles that you 
encounter on the rafts will be spiked Koopa shells, and at night they will 
become fiery Podoboos.

This game is entirely about survival, not beating your opponents, so don't 
feel that you have to get as far ahead as possible. I tend to stay at the 
back until everybody's passed by, then I can go at my own pace and still win. 
However, don't stay near the back on one raft for too long, or you'll be 
dead. Also, when jumping, don't underjump. Always go a little farther than 
you think will be necessary, because while you're in the air, the rafts are 
still moving, so you'll almost always land if you act as though it were still.

Freeze Frame
Control Stick = Move Camera
A = Snap Picture

This is an extremely annoying game. The intention is to snap a photograph of 
as many Goombas as you can. For each Goomba visible in the picture, you'll 
get one point. If you get a Shy Guy (which appear during the day) or a UFO 
(which appear during the night), you'll get three points. You have ten 
seconds to take the picture, and once it's taken, you can't take another one, 
so take a picture when you have a chance, don't stall.

Here's what makes this game annoying. You may clearly be able to see a Shy 
Guy or a UFO in your picture, but the game won't count it. Then you might 
have a Goomba behind a pole or obstacle, and it'll give you the point for it. 
This makes the game based a lot on luck, because even if you might see 
something, you still won't get a point.

Granite Getaway
Control Stick = Move
A = Jump

You and everybody else are in a cavern, and suddenly an enormous earth-
shaking boulder will drop through the roof and start rolling, crushing 
everything in its path. Your objective is to survive about a 45-second run 
through a cave, over a bridge, down some stairs, and through a temple. There 
are small chunks of rock that have fallen from the ceiling that will stop you 
in your tracks if you don't jump over them, and some will even stun you 
temporarily. Like Daft Rafts, whoever is left standing at the end wins, it's 
purely a survival game.

Despite what you might believe, it is not necessary to hold the control stick 
down to move your character, they'll run automatically, all you need to do is 
move them left and right. This might save you from having your thumb slip off 
the control stick. When you see an obstacle, time your jumps depending on how 
high it is. When you're running over the bridge, there is only enough room 
for two people to run side by side. DO NOT jump on the ledge to move 
alongside everybody else, because it is not necessary, it is only dangerous. 
Simply run behind the leaders. My last piece of advice is to always try and 
stay on the outside of the pack. If you're stuck in the middle you have no 
room to move around, and it could be what causes you to lose.

Lift Leapers
Control Stick = Move
A = Jump

This might just be one of the greatest mini-games ever created, and you'll 
understand why once you've played it. It's very addictive, fun, and will have 
you coming back again and again to try and beat your time. Anyways, this is 
basically a 3-D version of classic Mario side scrolling. There are four small 
sections that you have to go through, each one containing different 
challenges that get in your way. At the end of each section, there is a pipe 
that will take you to the next area. First one to step on the cloud at the 
end wins.

You'll start off on a small platform. Wait for the moving platform to come 
towards you, then jump on it, and when it reaches the other side, jump off. 
Now, wait for the platform to reach you, and when it's close enough, jump on, 
and then jump off and go into the next pipe. You should blaze through that 
section if you timed it perfectly. In the second section, jump onto the 
platform that's moving up and down, and wait for it to reach it's peak, and 
jump to the next moving platform over the spiked balls. Once you're high 
enough, jump to the stationary platform. Perform the same technique that you 
did to get past the wheel in the first section, and enter the pipe.

Now comes the hard part. There are three columns of elevator platforms. Jump 
onto the first one, and when it reaches its highest point, jump to the one 
above on your left. Repeat this process until you reach the pipe, and enter 
the final section. You will first have to jump on the rotating wheel, so use 
the same technique you used before. After that's been passed, you'll see 
three small platforms, moving up and down. If you want to get by them 
quickly, jump directly to the middle one, and then jump on the goal platform. 
You've reached the finish. That's the best advice I can give you!

Memory Lane
Control Stick = Move

This mini-game is incredibly simple, you shouldn't have any trouble at all. 
Basically, at the start of the game, a Shy Guy will walk on the ice squares 
in a simple path to the other side. You have to follow suit and do take the 
exact same path. The first one to the goal wins. The only possible advice I 
can give you for this is to know your opponents. If you're playing against 
Weak or Normal computers, or humans that can't memorize anything, don't rush 
it, take your time and get it right. If you are playing against tough 
challenges, you might want to hurry it up a little bit.

Money Belt
A = Open Box

I hate this game. The intention is to open boxes that contain coins and money 
bags, and depending on how many coins you finish with, you'll get to keep 
them. There are also boxes that contain bob-ombs and fists that pop-up and 
punch you, and they both stunn you for about two boxes. You'll know what is 
what because every box passes through an x-ray machine. However, the x-ray 
machine is almost impossible to understand, because it gives you a symbol 
that is almost the same as a different symbol. Even then, if you were able to 
understand what the symbols were saying, you have to wait for three boxes to 
pass by before you can open whatever you may have seen, which confuses you to 
no end.

My advice to you is that you hope you never have to play this game, because 
you'll probably do better playing a game that only one person wins. However 
if you do get unlucky and have this show up, then I recomend you just open 
everything, because trying to make sense of whatever's being given will 
simply make matters worse. Good luck with this game, you'll really need it.

Control Stick = Move left or right
A = Move Forward
B = Move Backward

The controls are kind of awkward in this game, it'll stop you when you're 
trying to turn more than 180 degrees, not sure why. Despite that, it's still 
a pretty entertaining game. Basically, you have to mow as much of the 
overgrown grass as you can. The person who cuts the most grass in 30 seconds 
wins. Pretty straightforward and shouldn't be too difficult.

Personally, I think that the best way to win is to stay away from the crowds. 
People tend to bunch up in areas with large amounts of uncut grass, but if 
they're constantly getting in each other's way, then they're not going to get 
anything done. You'll do better cutting grass in small amounts than getting 
in a jam with everybody else. Also, make good use of the B button here. Even 
if you don't cut any grass when you're going backwards, it's still better 
than smashing into somebody else and accomplishing nothing.

Note To Self
Control Stick = Move
A = Jump

In this game, everybody will be on a stage, and there will be three circular 
note blocks that will bounce off the walls and characters. Your objective is 
to hit the note blocks as many times as you can in 30 seconds. Your character 
won't be able to jump even halfway to the top of the stage, so you can bounce 
off your opponents, which will both give you and higher jump and squash 
whoever you jumped on top of, which stuns them for about two seconds.

The best thing you can do here is trap a music note in one of the corners, 
and keep smashing it into the corner for more points. If you do this 
correctly, and nobody comes along to get in your way, you'll easily win the 
game. Also, make sure to constantly stomp on your opponents, even when 
they're not much of a threat to you or there's nothing above you to hit. 
Stunning them for about two seconds is much better than it sounds, and can 
give you a huge advantage in the game.

Odd Card Out
A = Select Card
B = Select Card
X = Select Card

This game can either be completely based upon being the first to hit a button 
and get it correctly, or it can be about finding the card that is different 
from the bunch. It simply depends how you and your opponents play. If they 
mash the buttons and hope for the best, it simply becomes luck, but this can 
be pretty entertaining if you play properly. What you do is try to pick out 
the card that is different from the three choices. Each card is assigned a 
button, so if you're the first to press the button and you get it right, you 
get one point. First person to get two points wins. If you get it wrong, you 
get squashed by a Thwomp and miss a turn.

It's hard to give advice for such a game. If everybody plays by trying to 
mash the buttons, then look for patterns in the correct answers. If there 
hasn't been an X for five turns, then it would be smart to assume that the 
next turn, there will be an X, so hit that button. If you're playing by 
trying to actually get it correct without mashing buttons, then look for the 
most obvious differences in the cards. You might look too hard and miss the 
simplest thing.

Pokey Punch-Out
Control Stick = Move
A = Jump
B = Punch
A + B = Kick

You're in the middle of the desert, and the purpose of the game is to punch 
as many of the body parts of the Pokeys, which appear out of the ground at 
random. The Pokeys can be as high as 10 parts, or as low as three parts. You 
can't punch any body parts that are higher than four parts, unless you use 
the enormous stone steps near the top of the arena. You can also punch your 
opponents, which will leave them temporarily stunned for a few moments. 
Whoever punches the most body parts at the end of 30 seconds wins.

The key to winning this game is to go for the heads of the Pokeys, because if 
you knock one off, all the remaining body parts will be automatically 
destroyed and you get a point for each one of them, which will have an 
immediate effect on your score and the game. For tall Pokeys that are close 
to the stairs, make good use of them, because you'll easily be able to knock 
off the heads of Pokeys if you go high enough. Also keep in mind that it is 
possible to punch your opponents, which will stun them and leave you free to 
continue beating up on the Pokeys.

Same Is Lame
A = Select Button
B = Select Button
L = Select Button
R = Select Button

This game is entirely based upon luck, or cheating, if you're playing with 
humans. Here how the game works. You have five seconds to select a button, 
and you can change any time in those five seconds if you wish. When time is 
up, the buttons that you pressed, along with everyone else's, is revealed. If 
two or more people pressed the same button, they stay where they are. If a 
person was the only one to press a button, they move up one level. First 
person to move up three levels first, wins. The only advice for this mini-
game that I could give would be to look at your opponent's controllers, but 
this can only be done if you're playing humans, obviously. If you're playing 
the computers, you'll need pure luck to win this.

Control Stick = Move
A = Jump
A -> A = Ground Pound

In this game, everybody is dropped in an area with 16 lights. These lights 
will come off and on at random. Your goal is to ground pound the lights when 
they are on. For every light you ground pound, you get one point. You can 
also ground pound your opponents, which will stun them for a few moments. 
When the lights turn blue, they're about to turn off in a second or so. 
Whoever finishes with the most points in 30 seconds is the winner.

I have a few strategies you might find useful in this mini-game. Firstly, you 
should not wait for your character to be as high in their jump as possible 
before hitting A again to ground pound. You'll save a lot of time if you 
ground pound as quickly as possible; this means mashing A twice as fast as 
you can. Secondly, as idiotic as it may sound, you should stay in the areas 
that have few to little lights that are on. This is because the lights in the 
area are bound to turn on soon enough, whereas you won't be able to ground 
pound fast enough if you head to any area filled with lights. Finally, make 
good use of the ability to ground pound your opponents. Hammering your 
opponents into the ground and stunning them for a few seconds makes all the 

Snow Whirled
A -> B -> Y -> X = Hit the buttons in this order until you reach the ground

This game is very fun. Everybody is on a ramp, and one by one, you'll each 
slide down, and try to do as many spins as you can until you hit the ground. 
You do a full spin by hitting A, B, Y, and X in that exact order as many 
times as possible. Whoever can get the most spins is the winner. It is 
believed that the maximum possible amount of spins will total 9720 degrees.

Because this game so addictive and fun, many strategies have been developed 
for getting the best possible score. After a bit of research and testing it 
myself, I've found that a user named KyleSinclair from the GameFAQs Mario 
Party 6 message board has come up with the best possible strategy. With your 
left hand, slide your finger/thumb over A and B, and with your right hand, 
slide your finger/thumb over X and Y. As difficult as it may seem, it is 

Sunday Drivers
A = Select Button
B = Select Button
X = Select Button
Y = Select Button
L = Select Button
R = Select Button

Sunday Drivers is entirely based upon speed. To win, you've got to hit the 
button that the Shy Guy raises on a sign as quickly as possible to hit a golf 
ball. Whoever is able to 'drive' 10 balls first is the winner. Very simple, 
and it's easy to get 10 without making a single mistake, but it's annoying if 
you make even one error, because that can cost you the game. This game is 
easy to play, so the only advice I could give you is to try and keep at least 
one of your fingers/thumbs on the buttons. The only thing making this 
difficult is that your left hand might not be big enough to hit L and B, but 
I doubt such a thing will be a problem.

Throw Me A Bone
A = Throw Bone

This mini-game is very similar to the mini-game from Mario Party 5, where you 
were able to move your character and you had to call the Chain Chomp with a 
whistle. The only difference here is that you're sitting on the Chain Chomp 
and throwing a bone instead of calling with a whistle. You'll start at the 
back of small valley, and blocking your way to the other side are a ton of 
dirt and metal pillars. You are supposed to throw the bone into an open space 
by aiming with an automatically scrolling arrow, and keep doing this until 
you reach the other side. If you hit a pillar, your Chain Chomp will be 
stunned for a few seconds, wasting precious time. The first person to the 
goal wins.

It's hard to give advice for a game like this, because there are many 
different possibilities to win. However, I've found that the easiest way to 
win is to keep throwing the bone in one direction until you reach the valley 
wall, then throw in the opposite direction until you reach the goal. It's 
easier than trying to zig-zag through the pillars.

Trap Ease Artist
A = Drop Cage

This is very similar in the sense that you have to capture Goombas, except 
this time it isn't on camera, it's in a cage. When the time is right, drop 
the cage by pressing A on any Goombas that might be below. You have 10 
seconds to drop the cage, and only one chance, so make it a good one. You'll 
get one point for every Goomba you trap, and three points for any Golden 
Goombas. Advice here? Don't take forever to drop the cage. Seize any 
opportunities you may have, because you might not get a better one.

Treasure Trawlers
Control Stick = Move
A = Drop Crane

This game has you and everybody else in control of a crane, floating on the 
water, in an attempt to find treasure. When your controller rumbles, there's 
something below you. It could be a normal treasure chest, which is worth one 
point, a golden treasure chest, which is worth three points, or a Bob-Omb, 
which will stun and stop you momentarily. At nighttime, the only difference 
it that it will be raining. The person with the most points after 45 seconds 

When playing, people tend to feel the rumble, but keep moving until it's too 
late. This shouldn't happen, because then you'll lose the rumble and you 
won't get the chest. Make sure you stop instantaneously, once you feel your 
controller starting to shake. Also, as is with all mini-games like this, 
don't crowd with your opponents. There shouldn't be any reason to, anyways.

Tricky Tires
Control Stick = Move Left Tires
C Stick = Move Right Tires

The controls in this mini-game will frustrate you to no end, trust me on 
that. It would have been way easier and would have made this a better game if 
normal racing controls had been used, but unfortunately, they weren't. It's 
actually easy once you've got the hang of it, though. Basically, you have to 
control some sort of steamroller vehicle and guide it through a maze of 
Whomps, then you have to get by a couple of Thwomps without being squashed. 
If you are, then you'll be stunned for about four seconds. If you've made it 
this far, then you have to pass some rotating and moving bars to cross the 
goal line and win. 

I reccomend that you practice this mini-game before actually attempting it in 
Party mode, because if you don't, you'll lose not because of a lack of skill, 
but because of the controls. Once you've got it down pat, You should be fine 
to weave through the Whomps. When you're at the Thwomps, wait for them to 
start going back into the air before moving past. If they're about to smash 
you, then why would you go underneath? Common sense. Once you've past the 
Thwomps, foillow the same strategy for the rotating and moving bars - wait 
for them to move away, then try to get by, or else you could be there for 
ages, then somebody could catch up, shoot by and win. It's happened to me a 
couple of times, so watch it.

What Goes Up
Control Stick = Move
A = Jump

This is probably the smartest idea Hudson came up with, it's pretty much two 
mini-games in one. During the daytime, you'll have to make your way upwards 
as far as you can in 30 seconds by jumping on clouds and Paratroopa, and 
whoever travels the highest (most amount of yards) wins. During the night, 
you'll start 150 years in the air, and have to quickly guide your character 
to the ground, avoiding any clouds or Paratroopa that might get in the way. 
It's addictive and fun, and a great idea because it's actually two different 

My advice for you for when you're going up is to try to jump on the edge of 
the Paratroopas so that you'll be able to jumpo to the next one without 
hitting your head underneath it. You can't go through Paratroopas, only 
around them and through clouds, so watch it. When you're going down, look as 
far down as possible to see what's coming up so you can prepare for it. Also 
look for the open spaces and where the Paratroopas are moving. 


                        Section 4B - 2-Vs-2 Mini-Games

In this section, I will go through each 2-Vs-2 mini-game with a detailed 
description that will give you the controls, information, and strategies. 
They are listed in alphabetical order.

Body Builder
A (Both Players) = Hit Block

In this game, you'll be partnered up with somebody, and your intention will 
be to create a robot. This is a very simple game, you merely have to press A 
at the right time to hit a block which will stop a wheel. There are several 
selections on the wheel, but you want to stop it at the highlighted part, or 
else you've wasted a turn. You take turns with your partner hitting the 
block. The game continues until the first team completes their robot and wins.

Originally, I made the mistake of pressing A at the exact moment that the 
highlighted piece was passing through the wheel. However, I quickly noticed 
that there was actually a one-second delay before the wheel would actually 
stop, just like when you used a Sluggish Shroom on the board map. So, if you 
want to hit the piece, you have to tap A one part before the highlighted one, 
or else you'll always miss it. Once you mastered this tactic the game will be 
over in mere seconds.

Control Stick = Move
A = Jump

I've always liked this game. The concept is simple - you and a partner are 
standing on a platform across from your opponents, who are also on a 
platform. Surrounding you is lava, and in the middle is an enormous 'stick' 
that swings faster and faster as the game goes on. Your goal is to avoid 
getting smashed into the lava by this 'stick', and to survive as long as 
possible. You can move around on your small platform if you wish. The team 
who lasts the longest wins. Even if only one player is remaining, both 
players still win. However, I've always wondered, if somebody is knocked out 
of the arena, but their partner still wins for them, how exactly does the 
KOed person get back onto the platform to celebrate? What a mystery...

Anyways, my advice to you on this stage is to try and stay on the outside of 
the platform. The 'stick' will pass by you much faster, so you won't have to 
stay in the air as long, whereas on the inside of the platform, you'll be 
jumping much more frequently and you'll have to stay in the air for a bit 
longer. Just make sure not to push your partner off the platform.

Control Stick (Both Players) = Move

This is probably the easiest coin mini-game, or one of the easiest, ever 
created. You can get 20 coins in no time at all. What will happen here is 
that you and a partner will be bounced into the clouds. Above the clouds, 
there are 20 coins, and you have to try and get as many of them as you can on 
your way up. When you come back down, you'll land on your side of the 
catapult, and they will also be flung into the air to try and collect coins. 
The process then repeats, and once each player has had two turns, the game 

There are two efficicent methods that I've found in this mini-game. The first 
one is to fly up in a straight line and grab the coins without moving, then 
fall back to the ground. Do this perfectly and you'll get an easy 20 coins. 
The second method is to zig-zag through the air, collecting coins as you go. 
By the time you reach the last player's final bounce, there will probably 
only be one or two coins in the air left to be easily grab, if you can 
maneuver yourself over there.

Clean Team
Control Stick = Move
A (Player With Foam Bottle) = Spray Foam
A (Player With Cloth) = Wipe Windows

In Clean Team, you and another player will have to clean dirty windows by 
moving up and down ladders and across paths. The only obstacles that will be 
in your way are water buckets, and your partners, if you get jammed in a 
corner. Anyways, the player with the foam bottle must first spray the windows 
with foam, so that the player with the cloth can clean it. You cannot clean a 
window if it isn't covered in foam, so don't waste your time trying. The 
first team to clean all their windows wins.

Obviously you need to move as fast as you can, but it's hard to do this if 
the person with the cloth is trailing behind the person with the foam bottle, 
because neither one of you will be able to go anywhere. Spread out, don't 
crunch up in the same area. Also, a reccomended srategy for the beginning of 
the game: let the person with the cloth spray at least one window before the 
person with the cloth tries to clean it. It may seem like a waste of time, 
but in the end it makes things easier, because you won't be struggling to try 
and get out of each other's way, and it also gives enough distance between 
the two of you for you to both do your jobs.

Garden Grab
A = Pull Carrot
B = Pull Carrot
X = Pull Carrot
Y = Pull Carrot

This game will have you and a partner struggling to pull an enormous carrot 
out of the garden by pressing the buttons indicated on the screen. The game 
will first start off by having you hit random buttons, then after time will 
tell you to button-mash something, and the first team to do all this wins. 
Fortunately for anybody who happens to make a mistake, there is no delay or 
stunning if you accidently press the wrong button. Advice on this place? Hard 
to give. The only thing I could tell you is to always keep your hand on the 
controller, because as already stated you are never stunned if you press the 
wrong button.

Gondola Glide
A = Move (Tap Repeatedly)
B = Move (Tap Repeatedly)

This is simply a button-mashing game that splits you into teams and then puts 
you on some sort of flying gondola, where you have to smash whatever button 
appears in the middle of the rings you pass through. As you pass through 
different rings, the button you have to press will change. If you are 
pressing the wrong button, you'll slow down or stop completely. The first 
team to reach the goal is the winner.

Two bits of information here. Do not start to smash the next button right 
when you see it. Wait to pass through the ring, first. I've wasted valuable 
time in the past pressing the wrong button in preparation for passage through 
the ring, don't make the same mistake. Also, if you're good mashing buttons 
with more than one finger, try to put your other finger on the other button. 
This way, you can easily switch from one to the other without wasting time. 

Jump The Gun
Control Stick (Jumper) = Move
Control Stick (Player Controlling Cannon) = Select Target
A (Jumper) = Jump
A (Player Controlling Cannon) = Shoot Bullet Bill at Selected Target

This game is yours to win or yours to lose, it simply depends on where the 
player controlling the cannon shoots the Bullet Bills and how much talent the 
jumper has. The intention of the game is for the player controlling the 
cannon to create a path for the jumper to move across. Make it too small, and 
you're wasting time. Make it too big, and the jumper can't make it across, 
falling into the hole, wasting time while the jumper is picked up. It has to 
be perfect. The first team to have their jumper reach the goal are the 
winners. Simple, yet complicated.

When firing Bullet Bills, keep in mind the height of the jumper and the 
length of the target. There are four possible heights for the jumper, so 
shoot the Bullet Bills accordingly. If the jumper is at the maximum height 
and has to jump down, fire the Bullet Bill four spaces away. If the jumper 
has to jump to the exact same height, fire it three spaces away. If the 
jumper is at the lowest height and has to jump upwards, fire it two spaces 
away. Those are the three basic rules that cover all the possibilities in the 

Light Breeze
L > R = Swing Fan

I've always found it a bit more difficult to mash L and R, but a lot less 
tiring. In this game, the electricity to all the houses has broken down, so 
you have to generate it with a partner by swinging a fan at a 
turbine/windmill, which will move faster and faster until finally it is 
moving very fast. There will be a bar at the top of the screen, and as the 
two players on a team generate electricity, the bar will slowly fill up on 
both sides. You don't have to generate equal amounts, just enough to fill up 
the bar. The first team to do this wins.

The easiest method of mashing L and R that I've found is to hold the 
controller backwards and hit them with your thumbs. Also, don't lift either 
button up all the way after you've heard the click - just enough to 'un-
click' it, so that you don't waste time pushing it all the way down again.

A = Jump (Daytime)
A > A = Ground Pound (Nighttime)

This game will have you and a partner smashing Monty Moles back into the 
pipes by jumping above you in the daytime and ground pounding below you at 
night. When you hit a regular Monty Mole, you get one point. If you hit a 
rare Golden Monty Mole, you'll get three points. If you hit a Piranha Plant, 
you'll be temporarily stunned. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Your partner always seems to interfere on this stage, and the only way around 
this is to jump over their heads. The best strategy, however, would be to 
stick to your own sides, as this prevents you from crowding and also makes 
things easier for both of you.

Pixel Perfect
Control Stick = Move
A > A = Ground Pound

I've found that this can be the simplest mini-game if you've got a good 
teammate. What happens here is that a small diagram of black and white 
squares will appear on the screen. You and your partner have to copy that 
diagram onto the floor by flipping tiles until you've got it. To flip tiles, 
you press A and then press A again, and you'll do a ground pound. Extremely 
simple. The first team to complete two diagrams is the winner.

When playing this mini-game, do not bunch up. Split the field into two halves 
and focus only on your section. This makes it simple and easier to complete. 
However, if you're done your half and your partner is still working, 
obviously you should give them a hand! Also, you should not wait for your 
character to be as high in their jump as possible before hitting A again to 
ground pound. You'll save a lot of time if you ground pound as quickly as 
possible; this means mashing A twice as fast as you can. 

Rocky Road
Control Stick = Move
A = Punch
A > B = Kick

Another fun mini-game here. You and your partner will be riding in a nice car 
with a Shy Guy as the driver, but there will be obstacles that ruin the ride: 
enormous rocks. When the car stops in front of these rocks, punch and kick 
them so that they smash and break. Kicks are stronger but take more time, and 
puches are not as strong and take less time. I'll give you a mini-walkthrough 
of what you'll be facing.

The first obstacle will be two small rocks. Each player takes one rock, and 
quickly punch them until they're gone. You'll then meet one rock of the same 
size. Beat up on this with punches, and move on. The third thing will be 
three rocks of the same size as the other two. Kicks may come in handy here 
on the outer rocks, and then punch the middle rock as quick as possible. Once 
you're done that, you'll meet your fourth obstacle - two larger rocks that 
will take longer to smash. Kick these as quickly as possible, and move on. 
Finally, your last obstacle will be an enormous rock that completely blocks 
all view of the road ahead. Kick this thing until it smashes, then cruise to 
the finish.

Slot Trot
A = Move Slot Forwards
B = Move Slot Backwards

This mini-game is very straightforward, just like pretty much all the other 
mini-games that are 2-Vs-2. Basically, there will be two sheets of paper that 
flip randomly to a new symbol after every turn. Your objective is to match up 
the symbol on the sheet with the one on the wheel you're standing on. If 
you're standing on the left wheel, you line up the left symbol. If you're 
standing on the right wheel, you line up the right symbol. When the stars 
flash around your symbol, you've got it right. The first team to line up 
their symbols gets a point. The first team to get three points wins.

If you aren't careful, you could lose because of this small mistake, even if 
the symbols are lined up perfectly. When the stars are flashing around your 
symbol, stop spinning the wheel immediately, as you have it correct and even 
the slightest movement will cause the stars to stop flashing, basically 
killing your chance of getting a point.


                        Section 4C - 1-Vs-3 Mini-Games

In this section, I will go through each 1-Vs-3 mini-game with a detailed 
description that will give you the controls, information, and strategies. 
They are listed in alphabetical order.

Ball Dozers
Control Stick - Move
A Button - Swing Hammer

In this mini-game, you'll be dropped onto an enormous pinball table with many 
wooden logs being placed all over. The goal is to get the ball to roll down the 
table into the pipe at the bottom by smashing the logs to alow the ball to pass 
through. The single player has a smaller ball, while the three players have a 
bigger one (fair enough). A good strategy if you're the single player is to go 
ahead and smash the necessary logs before smashing the log that allows the ball 
to go through. It generally works and is usually faster.

If you're one of the three players, spread yourselves out. Have one person in 
charge of getting the logs around the ball, and the other two can go down 
below, clearing out the table. Because you have the bigger ball, make sure that 
the space is wide enough for it to fit through. 

Cash Flow
Control Stick = Move

Your goal in this mini-game is to collect as many coins as you cain while 
sliding down an enormous water slide. You get to keep all the coins you grab. 
The single player is able to move freely wherever they want, whereas the three 
players are all tied together and will need to co-operate if they want to 
collect as many coins as possible. The best position to be in is the single 
player position, but three players isn't too bad either if you're playing with 
humans. Otherwise, you'll need to co-operate with computers to win.

Note that there will also be the occasional Spiny Shell that gets in your way, 
and you'll have to avoid it or be paralyzed for a few seconds.

Conveyor Belt
Control Stick = Move
A Button = Drop Thunderbolts (Single-Player)

Personally, I think this one's a bit more balanced towards the three players. 
Conveyor Belt has the three players running over a conveyor belt while the 
single player hovers above and drops thunderbolts wherever they please. If any 
of the three players touch the thunderbolt they are dead. If you're the single 
player, the best spot to be dropping thunderbolts is near the front of the 
conveyor belt, so that they don't immediately get sucked away and removed. If 
you drop them carefully you can trap your opponents and prevent them from 
getting out. Note that dropping thunderbolts on the spikes doesn't work.

If you're the three players, stay near the back of the conveyor belt. It allows 
you to avoid any thunderbolts until they actually approach you, and also makes 
it easy for you to get away from them if they're actually dropped near you. If 
the single player moves to the back then just run to the front.

Crate and Peril
Control Stick = Move
A Button = Jump (Three players)

This one is ridiculouly biased towards the single player, probably more than 
any other mini-game. The single player shakes around a box with two spiked 
shells that slide around inside, while the three players are dropped inside and 
have to avoid them for 30 seconds. Not only is this ridiculously hard, but the 
fact that it only invloves a simple control stick movement for the single-
player makes it impossible. I've only seen the three players with this once 
before. Just hope you're on the winning end of this.

Dust 'til Dawn
Control Stick = Move
A Button = Dust

A fairly simple mini-game, all you have to do is dust the entire room until 
it's spotless (how anybody can accumulate so much dust is beyond me). It's 
pretty balanced, but it's all about who can press the A Button the fastest. The 
room for the three players has more to clean, of course, and the smaller room 
has less. There's no right or wrong for this mini-game, just co-operate with 
your teammates if you're one of the three players and do not leave an area 
until you see it's clean. Complete it from start to finish.

Pop Star
A Button = Swing Hammer (Single Player)
A Button = Jump (Three Players)
A > A = Ground Pound (Three Players)

Another button mashing game. Both teams are attempting to blow up a balloon as 
fast as they can. The single player does this by pressing A repeatedly as fast 
as they can. The three players do the same thing by ground-pounding as quickly 
as they can. The team that blows up the balloon the fastest is the winner, 
although it tends to be the single-player most of the time (it's easier to win 
by button mashing than it is by ground-pounding).

Ray of Fright
Control Stick = Move (Three Players)
A Button = Fire The Laser (Single Player)
L Button = Rotate Counterclockwise (Single Player)
R Button = Rotate Clockwise (Single Player)

In this mini-game, the single player controls a laser cannon, while the other 
three players try to avoid being zapped by it. When fired, blasts of light will 
bounce off the walls of the arena and die out after a few seconds, so the three 
players will have to get out of the way. Note that if you touch the shining 
light on the end of the cannon, you're out of the game.

The single player should pay attention to how the light bounces off the walls. 
By effectively using angles you can trick your opponent into thinking you're 
going to pull one move, and then hitting them after it bounces off the wall. If 
you're the single player, constantly moving around and staying near the walls 
is key, so that you can predict where the blasts of light are going and it 
might force the single player to fire them at you.

Sink or Swim
Control Stick = Move
A Button = Drop A Mine (Single Player)
A Button = Swim (Three Players)

This mini-game is a bit more favorable towards the single player, so the three 
players will have to play cautiously. This time around, the three players are 
trying to dodge mines that are being dropped down into the lake that they are 
swimming in by the single player. If they are touched by a mine, they're out. 
They also have to come up for air every couple of seconds, and this can be 
determined by the heart with the meter inside that moves up and down. You can 
get some air yourself, or it will do it automatically for you. Not the optimal 
choice, but it might give you those spare seconds you need to survive.

If you're the single player, you have many options to go with. One of the more 
effective strategies would be to force all three players into a corner, then 
drop a mine in that corner and when they swim away, drop another mine in front 
of them. Or, you could just drop a mine occasionally and when they come up for 
air, immediately drop one on their head. Both methods work.

Snow Brawl
Control Stick = Move
A Button = Throw A Snowball
B Button = Make A Snowball

This is a pretty fun game. The single player is joined by four Monkeys or Shy 
Guys, and they fight against the three other players. Obviously, the single 
player's teammates aren't very effective, but they can be used as defensive 
barriers once they're frozen. Or you can just stand back and let them do all 
the work. If you're the three players, you've got a slight advantage in the 
sense that you can cooperate with each other to target the single player, 
because once he's frozen, that's it, the game is over.

Stage Fright
Control Stick = Move (Single Player)
A Button = Shoot Balls (Three Players)

In this mini-game the three players will be moving automatically back and forth 
on small platforms, aiming to hit the single player, who is running back and 
forth on a stage about 10 feet in front of them. The platforms move at 
different speeds - the slowest one is at the front and the fastest one is at 
the back. It isn't too hard to shoot down the single player if you have good 
timing, and becuase the game lasts for a full 30 seconds. But if you're the 
single player, it's good to pay attention to the locations of the three players 
on the conveyor belts so you can get out of the way and act accordingly.

Surge and Destroy
Control Stick = Move The Orb Horizontally (Single Player)
Control Stick = Move (Three Players)
C Stick = Move The Orb Vwertically (Single Player)
A Button = Jump

A pretty unbalanced mini-game, generally in the favor of the single player. 
This game has the single player controlling a massive orb that lets out huge 
amounts of energy in a bolt of electricty on all four sides. If the three 
players touch one of these sides, they are stunned temporarily. If they touch 
the orb in the middle, they are knocked out of the stage. So the single 
player's goal is to touch each one of the three players with the orb to win.

If you're the single player, make sure to use both the Control Stick and the C 
Stick at the same time to move quickly and smoothly across the stage to the 
side you want. It's not too hard to trap a player in the corner and knock them 
out, which is what you should be doing with every player. If you're one of the 
three plyers, never let yourself get trapped in a corner, always be moving 
around near the sides of the stage and jumping to avoid the electricity bolts. 
If you want, you could just stand in position to avoid the electricity until 
the single player realizes and decides to come after you.


                        Section 4D - Battle Mini-Games

In this section, I will go through each battle mini-game with a detailed 
description that will give you the controls, information, and strategies. 
They are listed in alphabetical order.

Control Schtick
Control Stick = Control Left Hand
C Stick = Control Right Hnad

This mini-game is extremely intense and can go right down to the wire. It will 
also get a lot of "WHAT!"s when players complain they had it correctly. The 
goal in this game is to move your hands using the Control Stick and C Stick in 
the direction indicated on the screen in front. At first the game will be 
ridiculously easy, but wih time it'll speed up and continue to speed up until 
somebody loses. There's no real advice I can offer for this mini-game, it's all 
up to good reflexes and timing.

Hyper Sniper
Control Stick = Move Crosshair
A Button = Shoot

This is a fairly simple mini-game. All four players will be standing in front 
of a huge target board with various circles of different sizes plastered all 
over it. There are also numbers on these circles, signifying the amount of 
points you'll recieve if you hit it. The board will scroll upwards to reveal 
more of these circes until the mini-game finally ends. The player with the most 
points wins. There are also giant Bowser circles, and if they're hit, the 
player will lose all their points.

Generally the best strategy for this one is to aim above the target you plan on 
hitting, because while the bullet flies through the air the board will continue 
to scroll upwards. This is especially true with some of the smaller circles, 
mostly the 50s and 100s. When it gets near the end and there are many Bowser 
Circles surrounded by 100s, make sure to be always glancing at the score to see 
if you actually need to take chances.

Any button may be used in this mini-game.

I absoultely despise this mini-game because it's all about who gets to pick 
first. Basically, each player selects a different type of insect vehicle, and 
then hops in. They then race to the finish line by using their unique formula 
of button-pressing, whatever it may be. What makes it incredibly unfair is the 
fact that you take turns choosing, meaning first come, first serve.

There are four bugs to choose from. 
1) Press a certain button ten times as fast as possible.
2) Press the buttons as instructed.
3) Press the A Button when the arm extends.
4) Press the eight buttons as instructed.

Stamp By Me
A Button = Swing Hammer Right
B Button = Swing Hammer Left

There are two conveyor belts on your left and right in this mini-game, and they 
move at different speeds with letters on them. Your job is to take your 
stamping hammer and stamp the letters as they go by. Because the conveyor belts 
move at different speeds, you'll need to find a pattern in which ones to hit. 
Generally it's Left, Left, Right, but occasionally the letters will change 
order and you'll have to find a different rhythm. You can also be off by a 
little bit, you don't need to stamp the letter completely. You'll know you've 
hit it when the letter lights up all around.

Strawberry Shortfuse
Control Stick = Move the Cursor
A Button = Confirm Selection

This is a pretty intesnse and fun memory mini-game that requires a good eye as 
well as luck in being able to go first. There will be many monkeys, each 
carrying different items. Most of them will carry a cake, but some of them will 
carry Bob-Ombs. If you get a Bob-Omb, you're out of the mini-game. At the 
beginning, all the monkeys will stand in rows and reveal the item they're 
holding. They'll then close the lids on their item and shuffle around for about 
10-15 seconds, and you'll need to keep your eye on a couple of the monkeys who 
are carrying cakes.

The only problem is that if you don't go first, you won't get the first shot at 
picking the monkeys with the cake. Therefore, if all four players memorized the 
same monkeys, and you're last, somebody else is going to get to it, first. This 
game is about luck just as much as it is about memorizing correctly.

Wrasslin' Rapids
Control Stick = Move
A Button = Jump
B Button = Punch
A > B = Kick

This mini-game is a simple fight to the death on a sailing platform that 
travels through a river in the jungle. Your goal is to knock all the other 
players off into the water and remain the last one on the platform. There will 
also be falling nuts as you glide through, and even cannons firing at you. This 
means you'll need to pay attention to your opponents and other obstacles. 
Kicking your opponents is more powerful than punching, so be sure to use it 
often, and also note that you can stomp on your opponents, temporarily 
paralyzing them and giving you a free hit.


                         Section 4E - Duel Mini-Games

In this section, I will go through each duel mini-game with a detailed 
description that will give you the controls, information, and strategies. 
They are listed in alphabetical order.

Asteroad Rage
L Button = Dodge Left
R Button = Dodge Right

Yay for dodging asteroids. You and an opponent will be placed into two seperate 
spaceships, and you'll be dodging asteroids that are being flung at you. As 
time goes on, the asteroids wil come at you faster and faster, and you'll need 
to dodge them quicker to survive. The best method of performing this task is to 
constantly be looking two rows of asteroids ahead, so you always know what's 
coming and which path to take if you have two options. Ties always tend to be 
frequent in this game because both players are facing the same challenge, and 
usually will crash at the same points.

Black Hole Boogie
A Button = Press Repeatedly To Get Away

Argh, another mindless button-mashing mini-game. You and your opponent are 
being sucked into a massive black hole, and you're trying to get out. Do this 
by pressing A as quickly as you can. As the mini-game goes on, the black hole 
will start sucking you in even faster, until eventually someone gives in and 
can no longer survive. The key is to get the upper hand at the beginning, so 
that later in you'll have a slight advantage.

Boo'd Off the Stage
Control Stick = Move

In this mini-game, Pink Boos will fly back and forth across the stage randomly. 
They are different sizes and shapes. If they touch you, you'll be sucked into 
them and you lose. There are also small barriers scattered around the stage in 
an attempt to deter your progress. Always try to move back into the middle in 
between the breaks that occur every few seconds, so that you can be prepared to 
move in any direction. If your opoponent runs in the same direction you do, 
either get in their way or make sure to stay ahead of them so that they can't 
get past you.

Control Stick = Move

A very addictive mini-game that you'll always want a second try at. You and 
your opponents will be in a small battlefield, and there will be about 50 mini 
Pink Boos scattered across the stage. When you approach them, they run away 
from you, so you want to get them from the opposite side so that you get push 
them into your cage, which is on either the left or the right (the side you're 
standing on when the mini-game starts). A nice strategy is to get more of them 
on your half of the field so that your opponent has to run around after they've 
gotten the ones around them, while you can just stroll over and within seconds 
have 10 in your cage.

Cog Jog
Control Stick = Move
A Button = Jump

In this mini-game, both you and your opponent will be hopping across various 
gears and devices in an attempt to get to the other side. If you fall off, 
you'll be snagged from the pit by Lakitu and sent back to the start. There are 
many different methods of performing this task, but it's up to you which one 
you want to attempt. You can go for the quick and easy win by hopping on the 
edges of the spinning stars in the middle of the stage, then hop to the other 
side, or you can take the long route to the finish. Keep an eye on the clock as 
you play, in order to keep in mind how much time you have left and which path 
you should select. Also note that every time the Thwomp pounds down, the gears 
will switch directions.

Full Tilt
Control Stick = Move
A Button = Jump

This is a very addictive mini-game that can last forever, depending on how 
quickly the contestans are able to complete it. You and your opponent will be 
walking across seperate path that swing back and forth, and you need to safely 
navigate your way from one end to the other. There is one checkpoint in the 
middle of the race, so if you fall off after reaching this checkpoint, you'll 
be returned to the same spot instead of the beginning. The key to winning is 
making sure you're always pushing the Control Stick in the opposite direction 
of the leaning pathway. Also keep in mind the ups and downs of the pathway 
(meaning that you shouldn't jump down a slope that tilts in the opposite 
direction), or anything similar to that scenario.

Light Up My Night
Control Stick = Move
A Button = Light A Candle

Race through the maze in an attempt to light as many candles as you can. The 
first person to light five candles wins the game. As you light more and more 
candles, the stage will become easier to see. As well, when you're running 
around with your torch a small area around you will also light up as well. 
You'll quickly see the full maze and easily be able to find the candles that 
remain for you to win.

A Button = Light Jet Pack

This is quite possibly my favorite of all the mini-games. Your goal is to land 
on the platform below as close as you can to 0 seconds. You can control how 
quickly you fall by pressing and holding down the A Button to light your Jet 
Pack. When lit you fall slower than you normally would. There's no real 
strategy for this game, although I do find dropping to the bottom quickly and 
then using the Jet Pack for the remainder of time works effectively. And is it 
possible to get exactly 0 seconds? Yes.

Mass Meteors
Control Stick = Move

In this mini-game, the screen is split into two and you and your opponent have 
to navigate your way through space and through a massive path of asteroids that 
stand in your way. Because you can float you are able to easily get around most 
of them, although at some points in the course it will become extremely 
difficult and you'll likely hit a couple of them. Just make sure to keep an eye 
on what's coming up, and when you're near the finish, stay as close to the 
right of the screen as you can.

Control Stick = Move
A Button = Jump
A > A = Ground Pound

This is purely a luck-based mini-game that requires you to Ground Pound the 
stage's various circles in an attempt to find three of the ones marked with an 
'O'. You get a quick chance to glance at the locations of the O's at the 
beginning, but then it quickly spins away, making it nearly impossible to 
remember exactly wghich one is which. The only thing you can do is remember the 
general location of them, so if you see two close together at the beginning and 
you find one halfway through, you can look around in the area, or something 
similar to that example.

Control Stick = Move
A Button = Select A Rope

Argh, another luck-based mini-game. In this one, you select a rope, then your 
characters will line up and grab the rope, then swing across. They'll let go of 
the rope, and randomly fall into the pit or onto one of the platforms. If they 
fall onto a platform, they win. If both players fall in the hole, Fly Guy will 
go down and randomly select one of them, then come back up with them and drop 
them on the platform, and they'll win. You have no control over the result in 
this one.

Something's Amist
Control Stick = Move
A Button = Grab Gem

In this mini-game, you and your opponent will be fighting for gems, which are 
buried underneath the thick fog that covers the entire stage at the beginning. 
The only way to detect where they are is by the rumble feature on your 
controller, or if that's disabled, by the exclamation mark that appears above 
your character when you walk by. It's a lot of lck becuase you have no clue 
where the gem is going to appear, but if you want to play a more defensive 
game, stay near your opponent at all times, so that if they get the signal, 
you're right by to grab it if they miss. The first player to colelct three gems 

Sumo of Doom-o
Control Stick = Controls Left Wheels
C Stick = Controls Right Wheels

In this mini-game, you'll take control of a tank-like vehicle, and slam it into 
your opponent's in an attempt to knock them off the stage. The controls are 
annoyingly difficult to master, but once you've played the mini-game a few 
times, you'll catch on quickly. As the match goes on, the outside ring of the 
platform will drop off one by one, until eventually all you have left is a 
small square in the middle. The key is to stay in them middle so that you're 
never in risk of falling off because the stage breaks loose. Also take 
advantage of when your opponent is trying to recover and hit them again.

T Minus Five
A Button = Jump
A > A = Ground Pound

In this mini-game, there are five transporters, but you can only activate them 
if you Ground Pound at the moment the panel beneath your character lights up. 
If you have good timing and prediction skills, you'll be warped to the next 
section, where it gets faster and harder. This process continues until 
eventually, somebody reaches the spaceship after the fifth transporter. Usually 
the fourth and fifth are the hardest to get, but for the fifth one, you can 
easily get it by Ground Pounding when the lighted panel is at the other end of 
the stage. Also note that if you miss the lighted panel, your character will be 
elctrocuted and stunned for about a second, making you unable to move.

Trick or Tree
Control Stick = Move
A Button = Select A Tree

In this mini-game, there will be four dark trees hidden in the shadow. You'll 
be able to see which one is the tallest, then it'll go back to the bottom and 
they'll start shuffling around. It is difficult, but possible, to memorize 
which one is the tallest one. Once they stop shuffling, select a tree, then 
start climbing. The player that climbs up the taller tree wins.


                          Section 4F - DK Mini-Games

In this section, I will go through each DK mini-game with a detailed 
description that will give you the controls, information, and strategies. 
They are listed in alphabetical order.

Banana Shake
A Button = Press Repeatedly To Shake Tree
B Button = Dodge Hammers

This would be a complete button mashing mini-game for coins if it wasn't for 
the hammers that drop down every now and then while shaking the tree. In this 
mini-game, each character presses A as fast as they can to shake a tree and 
knock out bananas for themselves. Occasionally, hammers will drop down that you 
can dodge. Make sure to be paying attention to the screen while playing to keep 
track of falling Hammers, because if you just button mash with your eyes on the 
controller, you won't win.

Pier Factor
Control Stick = Move
A Button = Confirm Selection

This is purely luck-based, because it is impossible to keep track of every 
banana and where the barrel you select is going to roll. Basically, all you 
have to do is select a barrel, then jump in and watch it roll down the 
pathways, colecting bananas as it goes. It will turn left, right, and crash 
into other barrels as it goes along, until eventually, it reaches the finish. 
Just hope you make a good choice on this one.

Tally Me Banana
Control Stick = Move
A Button = Bounce

In this mini-game, there will be a large pool in front of you, surrounded by a 
small deck as well as barrels inside the pool. Your job is to bounce onto the 
stage and go from barrel to barrel, opening them and collecting bananas as you 
go along. If you fall into the water, you're out for the rest of the game, and 
can't collect any more bananas. If somebody has fallen in the water, you can 
use them as a stepping stone for your convience, in case there aren't any other 
barrels around to jump on.


                        Section 4G - Bowser Mini-Games

In this section, I will go through each Bowser mini-game with a detailed 
description that will give you the controls, information, and strategies. 
They are listed in alphabetical order.

Dark 'n Crispy
Control Stick = Move

In this mini-game, you and your opponents are all dropped onto the four corners 
of a stage with Bowser in the center. Bowser hits the lights, and you're a 
mostly darkness. Bowser will then stomp around, trying to hit someone or flame 
them with his fiery breath. If he hits you, you're out of the game and you'll 
pay the price of failure. If you're able to survive the 30 seconds, you'resafe 
for the time being. Note that you can also fall off the edge of the stage to 
your demise, so be careful of that, too.

Dizzy Rotisserie
Control Stick = Move

This is an intense and fun minigame where you have to exit the room safely 
before a huge firely inferno begins. The only problem is that your character is 
a bit dazed. That means you won't just walk out in a straight path, you have to 
tilt the Control Stick in random directions until you can figure out which way 
is straight, then try to get around the Bowser statues to exit safely. If you 
don't get out within 30 seconds, Bowser will close and lock the gate and 
anybody trapped inside will be burned in flames.

Pit Boss
Control Stick = Move

This time around, Bowser will be in control of a large stadium, and will drop 
down spiked balls on you and your opponent. All you have to do is dodge them. 
Easy? Not really. These spiked balls are fairly huge and hard to avoid. It's 
easy to be cornered and even easier to lose the mini-game. Fortunately, there 
will never be more than three spiked balls in the arena at a time, but that 
still doesn't help very much as you'll dodging for as long as you can.


                         Section 4H - Rare Mini-Games

In this section, I will go through each Rare mini-game with a detailed 
description that will give you the controls, information, and strategies. 
They are listed in alphabetical order.

Block Star
Control Stick = Move The Cursor
A Button (Press And Hold) = Carry Block
A Button (Release) = Drop Block
B Button = Raise Stack

Yay for random puzzle games. The objective of this game is to move blocks 
together and link five or more of them to make them disappear. Clear away all 
of the Star Blocks to beat the level. If you can clear away a Time Block, 
you'll add an extra 15 seconds to the timer. This is useful as you get extra 
points for any remaining time when you clear a level. Also note that blocks 
will flash red and drain precious seconds from the timer if they stack too 
high. Avoid wasting any time.

Dunk Bros
Control Stick = Move
A Button = Jump/Shoot
B Button = Pass/Steal
X Button = High Pass

Nice! This rare mini-game is extremely fun to play multiplayer. All that 
happens is that you and a teammate are dropped onto a street ball court for 
some two-on-two basketball. Except with this game, you can stomp on opponents 
and squash them, slowing them down. When shooting, you'll need to hold on to 
the A Button for a while and float through the air for a couple of seconds, 
because otherwise your shot will fall short. Hold it for too long, however, and 
your shot will go too far. It'll take a couple of games but eventually you'll 
be able to perfect that shot.

Make sure to frequently incorporate stomping into your gameplan. High passes 
are also equally important for lobbing the ball over defenders to your teammate 
for an open shot, or for alley-ooping them to your teammate for an in your face 
style dunk. This game is simple, very simple, yet fun.

Lab Brats
Control Stick = Move
R Button = Overhead View

In this rare mini-game, you take control of your character and meet up with 
Professor E. Gadd, who introduces you to his maze manufacturing machine and 
challenges you to solve all his mazes within the time limit. There are a total 
of five mazes, and along the way, you'll meet various different characters, and 
they'll follow you to the end of the maze. There is one of these characters per 
maze. The more you get, the higher your rank will be at the end. These mazes 
are randomized, so there's no strategy for them. Use the overhead view 
frequently is the only important one. Good luck.

Seer Terror
While this isn't a real mini-game, you do get your fortune told by Bowser. All 
you have to do is look into the crystal ball and select a rope, then you'll see 
a small scene of the fortune that you've been granted. As Bowser's the one 
telling your fortune, it'll generally be bad, but this is good for a couple of 
laughs and not much else.



Well It looks like thats all I wrote I really hope that you enjoyed it

Thank You For Reading!!!!

@Copyright 2006 (AJ Kleeh)

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