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                                                   ___        ___
                                                   \  \      /  /
  ____   ___   ___   _  _   __  __   _____   ___  _ \  \    /  /  __
| __ \ /   \ /  _| | |/ / |  \/  | |  _  | |   \| | \  \  /  /  / /
|    / | | |(  (_  |   (  | |\/| | |  _  | | |\ \ |  \  \/  /  / /_
|_|\_\ \___/ \___| |_|\_\ |_|  |_| |_| |_| |_| \__|   \    /  / __ \
                                                       /    \ / /  \ \
Walkthrough by Sharpfeather (Joji Halim)             /  /\  \\ \__/ /
     (sharpfeatherXhotmail.com)                      /  /  \  \\____/
          Version 0.1, 3/13/01                      /  /    \  \
                                                   /__/      \__\

If you need to mail me, please replace the X with the usual @ sign. Please 
do not mail me gameplay questions or flames. Corrections and additional info 
are welcome, however.

Copyright (C) 2000 Sharpfeather / Joji.

  Table of Contents

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                                    LAST UPDATED
| Introduction      - x6intro |     3/13/01 (New)
| Revision History  - x6revh  |     3/13/01 (New)
| Basics            - x6basic |     3/13/01 (New)
| Walkthrough       - x6walk  |     3/13/01 (New)
| People            - x6peeps |     3/13/01 (New)
| Credits           - x6creds |     3/13/01 (New)
| Disclaimer        - x6discl |     3/13/01 (New)

  Introduction                                                   x6intro

  Welcome to my FAQ for Rockman X6. This FAQ is intended to be a full 
fledged walkthrough guiding you through the game, and it will also have 
lists of the different items in the game, and the sort.
  Rockman X6 is the sixth installment in the Rockman X series, a spinoff of 
the popular Rockman series, which started in 1993 with Rockman X. It is a 
side-scrolling action game, but at the same time it is unique and different 
from the millions of other side-scrollers.
  On a side note, I guess you could call this more of an X walkthrough, 
since I never used Zero, and quite honestly, I'm not good playing as him. 
Refer to other walkthroughs when they come out if you need help on Zero, or 
ask on a message board.

  Revision History                                               x6revh

  Version 0.1 (3/13/01)
   -First version.
   -All of the current sections are up with information, however they might 
not be complete or lacking in detail.
   -I will be using the Japanese names in this FAQ, and maybe add the 
English names later on.

  Basics                                                         x6basic

  Here are a few basics of the game, besides controls and stuff, anyway.

- RANK -

  Like in X5, there are rank. However, this time, X and Zero will both start 
at Rank D. I'm not sure, but I think collecting those blue orbs (souls) that 
those Irregulars drop behind raises rank. These Irregulars are octopus like 
and hunt for the people you need to save.
  There is one big advantage to Rank: With higher rank, you can equip more 
parts. For example, I have Zero at 40 souls at Rank D, and he can't equip 
ANY parts.


  Like in X5, there are parts that you can choose to upgrade yourself. This 
time, there are different parts. They are arranged in a certain manner:

-There will be blue parts, or 'X-specific' parts. Only X can equip these. 
These parts are on the top part of the screen.
-There will be green 'Normal' parts, which can be equipped by both X and 
Zero. These parts are on the left side. Normally you can equip up to 2 or 4, 
depending on Rank. I'm not sure but at first you can equip 2 on the left, 
then a Limited part in the center, and 2 more specific or normal part on the 
-There are purple 'Limited' parts, which are activated by 'using' it on the 
sub-screen during play. They all have different effects.
-There are red Zero specific parts, which are on the bottom of the screen. 
These parts, like the blue X ones, are 'Zero-specific'.

You gain parts by saving people. Some of them will give parts to you, others 
will give Heart/Weapon Tank upgrades, and some will give you nothing. There 
are 40 parts in all.


You'll see a -LOT- of people on the battlefield, with a big green 'HELP!' 
above them. These are the people you need to save. There are 128 of them, 16 
in each stage.
If you touch them, you'll gain an extra life and some health back. They'll 
then teleport away, under 'RESCUED' status.
There are different statuses that people can be under:

'NO DATA' - You haven't touched or found the person yet.
'RESCUED' - You touched the person and saved him/her.
'DEATH' - The person has gone Irregular, and you were forced to kill 
'MISSING' - The person has gone Irregular, but you didn't kill him/her.

I'm not sure of the difference between Death and Missing, but I will assume 
they are similar, if not the same. Look in the 'People' section in order to 
find where they are and what they give.


Like your ordinary X game, there are 8 Irregular bosses that need to be 

Commander Yammark - The dragonfly. Left portrait in the upper left part.
Rainy Turtloid - The turtle. Right portrait in the upper left part.
Shield Seashell - The seashell. Left portrait in the upper right part.
Frost Wolfang - The wolf. Right portrait in the upper right part.
Blaze Heatnix - The phoenix. Left portrait in the lower left part.
Infinity Flea - The flea. Right portrait in the lower left part.
Metalshark Player - The shark. Left portrait in lower right part.
Ground Staghorn - The beetle. Right portrait in lower right part.

Like in X5, you don't need to defeat all 8 Irregulars before you can enter 
the final stages, and ultimately, beat the game. Unlike the previous X 
games, not all Irregulars have a weakness, but most do. For example, 
Infinity Flea has no apparent weakness.


In all X games, there are items. The usual items are in this game as well:

-Heart Tanks : They increase the size of your life bar by 2.
-Sub-Tanks   : Otherwise known as E-Tanks, they are reusable life
                supplies. Fill them up by picking energy capsules in
-W-Tank      : The weapon counterpart of the Sub-Tank. When full, it
                will completely fill up all your weapons. This item is
                rather useless, as weapons refill with each life you play.
-EX Tank     : This will allow you to start with 4 lives when you continue
                or load the game, instead of 2.
-Armor Parts : There are two types: the Blade parts and the Shadow parts.
                Collect four parts to form the respective armor. The
                four parts are: Helmet, Breastplate, Gauntlets, Greaves.

In this game, there are a total of 16 Heart Tanks, 2 Sub-Tanks (unless you 
count the 'Full Life' LIMITED part, which makes it 3), 1 W-Tank, 1 EX Tank, 
and 8 Armor parts.


In each stage, you can find a teleporter. If you take this teleporter, you 
will be teleported to a separate section of the stage that will lead you to 
the special boss. Here are the special bosses (they go in order, so first 
time you enter a special boss area, you'll always fight Nightmare Zero, then 
Hi-Max, then Dynamo. After Hi-Max you'll keep fighting Dynamo each time you 
enter a special area):

- Nightmare Zero -

This is the purple colored Zero you met at the beginning. He is pretty easy 
to defeat; use the Beam Sabre on him, and he'll scream like mad and stop his 
attack. Repeat to win. His attacks are hard to dodge, but you should be able 
to nail him down.

- Hi-Max -

This is the black robot you fought at the beginning, after the giant 
Irregular boss. He's quite hard. To defeat him, you need to fire a charged 
shot at him, and while he's flashing, you need to shoot him with a Irregular 
weapon. That said, you'll know you CAN'T use the Shadow Armor.
When you defeat him, you'll be able to open the final stages. I haven't 
tried defeating all 8 Irregulars without defeating Hi-Max and see what 

- Dynamo -

Yes, this is the same Dynamo from X5, with the same theme music. He's a bit 
easy this time. He has no weakness, so just pelt him with charged shots. 
None of his attacks are too dangerous. If he charges a glowing ball in his 
hand, quickly jump onto the wall above him.

  Walkthrough                                                     x6walk

  This section will guide you through the game, tell you what's in a stage, 
and all that.


  The game will begin in the site of the destroyed colony, Eurasia (from 
X5). You'll see a Reploid robot in a lab coat. He'll talk to himself for a 
while, and then discover what seems to be a small metal plate with a green 
  Cut to three weeks later. You'll see the same Reploid in the lab coat, 
laughing. His eyes will glow red, a definite sign that he has been corrupted 
by the Irregular virus.
  Then it will move onto IHHQ, where an alarm rings, and Alia will wake up 
X, who seems to be resting on a pod-like device. Then you'll begin the game 
in the destroyed site of the colony.

  You'll have the Falcon Armor with you. It has been modified from X5; it 
can no longer fly, but an air-dash feature has been added. The air-dash will 
damage enemies if you run into them, just like the fly feature.
  Whenever you see a [!] on the lower right part of the screen, press Select 
and Alia will talk to you. If you don't want to listen to her, then ignore 
the call. I recommend you read them the first or so times you play the game, 
they can be important.
  Walk to the left, killing Irregulars in the way. Climb up the building and 
you will soon get to a block that is invincible to your X-Buster. Alia will 
call you here. Use the Beam Sabre to slash the block open.
  Climb down the stairs, and head right. Use the Beam Sabre on the big 
rolling spiked balls, or just ignore them. The drills can't be destroyed, so 
avoid them. After this short and easy stage, you will come onto the boss 
door, where you will see two injured hunters. X will have a conversation 
with them, before they teleport away. Enter the other boss door.


  This boss is very easy; all opening stage bosses are. You will see a small 
green orb that is powering up the giant robot. Slash at this orb. Three 
slashes will do the job.

  After the battle, you'll see a purple colored Zero teleport in and slash 
the Irregular again, completely destroying it. Alia will say, "Ze... Zero?!" 
and you'll get another warning sign.
  This time, a jet-black Irregular will fly in. After a short conversation, 
you will have to fight him as well.

  BOSS: HI-MAX (first fight)

  Hi-Max is easy this time around. He will fire a rolling orb of energy, 
which you can avoid by climbing onto the wall and dash jumping over it. He 
will also fire slow streams of energy balls. You cannot damage him, but the 
fight will end very soon.

  After another short chat, Hi-Max will leave. There will be a scene between 
Issac (the scientist Reploid with what seems to be toilet paper on his head) 
and X, and after that you will come onto the Stage Select screen.

        ____                   ____
   ____/  2 \                 /  3 \____
  /  1 \____/                 \____/  4 \
  \____/                           \____/

   ____                             ____
  /  5 \____                   ____/  8 \
  \____/  6 \                 /  7 \____/
       \____/                 \____/

  1: Commander Yammark
  2: Rainy Turtloid
  3: Shield Seashell
  4: Frost Wolfang
  5: Blaze Heatnix
  6: Infinity Flea
  7: Metalshark Player
  8: Ground Staghorn

  There isn't much to this. Simply select an irregular to defeat. L1 takes 
you to the parts screen, and R1 will take you to the Rescue list. I 
recommend taking on Commander Yammark first, however on my first game I 
selected Rainy Turtloid.

  Items to be found: Blade Greaves, Sub-Tank, Heart Tank

  This stage is very easy, and most of the items can be found on your first 
playthrough. The little bugs with plates on their back are quite harmless 
and can be used as platforms; leave them alone. The mantis creatures are 
annoying, as they can't be permanently defeated. And, of course, you will 
see the most annoying creatures in the game: The octopus irregulars.
  These things will try to possess the people you have to save, and follow 
you around. It takes three Saber slashes or one Charged shot to deal with 
them. Be sure to collect the 'Soul' they leave behind: A big one is worth 8, 
a small one is 4.
  Be sure to touch the people that have 'HELP!' ontop of them. After the 
first drop in height, head right to find your first piece of armor, the 
Blade Greaves. You'll have a conversation with Dr. Light beforehand.
  Head left afterwards and you'll emerge in a big area. The sub-tank is on 
the upper left part of the area, but you can't make it with the Falcon 
Armor. Leave it for later. Drop down to the area below. You'll eventually 
come upon a blue cavern. At the end of the passage, you'll see two paths, 
however it is unreachable, so drop down below. There are some spikes here. 
Note the first pit you reach; it is actually not a pit but a semi secret 
  There are 2 people to save here, as well as an even more important Heart 
Tank! Nab it, and be sure to save the people before the octopus irregular 
catches them.
  Back up in the path, continue on your way. You'll come upon another big 
area: jump your way through, and at the end, dash-jump onto the higher set 
of blocks to reach a person. At the end of this big area is the boss room, 
and beyond that, Commander Yammark.

  Weapon: Mini-dragonfly shield

  Yammark is VERY EASY. He fights by commanding his little dragonflies to 
shoot green energy balls at you. Simply walk up to him and slash him 
repeatedly with the Beam Sabre. Otherwise you can use the charged laser 
shot. Yammark will go down faster before you know it.

  After defeating Yammark, you will acquire his weapon, a shield weapon that 
makes three dragonflies over around you. Pressing triangle will cause the 
dragonflies to shoot energy balls. This weapon is incredibly useful. It 
destroys practically any normal enemy it touches, and with the added power 
of the energy shots, you can mow down enemy platoons in the stages.

  Ground Staghorn is weak against the Dragonfly weapon, so do him a favor 
and visit his stage next!

  People                                                          x6peeps

   I'll add this when I can get a definite list of who gives 
what item. Maybe with the release of the English version.

  Credits                                                         x6creds

  -GameFAQs message board: For giving me the names of the Irregulars.

  Disclaimer                                                      x6discl

  This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright (C) 2000 Joji Halim, a.k.a. 
Sharpfeather. Do not copy or reproduce without permission.

End of FAQ/Walkthrough.

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