FAQ/WALKTHROUGH part 1 - Guide for Dragon Warrior 7

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                        DDDDDDD    W              w     7777777777
                        D      D    W            W               7
                        D      D     W     w    W               7
                        D      D      W  W  W  W               7
                        DDDDDDD        W     W                7                      
                           Step-By-step Walkthrough                                  
1.Estard Island
2.Rexwood region
3.Engow region
4.Dialac region
5.Orph region
6.Falrod region
7.Verdham region
8.Deja region
9.Dharma region
10.Dune region
11.Krage region
12.Litorud region
13.Hamelia region
14.the quest to awaken the GREAT HERO
15.Probina Region
16.Loomin region 
17.Marda region
18.Lefa region
19.Labres region
20.Coastal region
21.Confronting the DEMON LORD
22.Reviving GOD
23.The passage of time
24.awakening the WIND and TERRA SPIRITS
25 The end of the DEMON LORD

                            Estard Island

1. After you talk with Maribel,exsplore the town then go home to bed.

                                sorry. I`ll finish this later.

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