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                 Written by Andy Wilson (a.k.a. Andy787)
                               Version 0.1
                     Contact: [email protected]

----------------------------TABLE OF CONTENTS----------------------------------

1. o LEGAL
      a. Captain Olimar
      b. The Pikmin
      c. The Enemies


This FAQ and all of its contents are Copyright (C) 2001 Andy Wilson. This FAQ
may not be sold, distributed, or reproduced without my concent. This FAQ can
not be used on any website that is not outlined in the closing of this
section. If this FAQ is used without my permission legal action may be taken.
This FAQ can be used or printed by anyone for PERSONAL use. All contributions
are used with permission and are Copyright (C) 2001 Andy Wilson and their
original owners.

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Here you will find the story from the instruction manual. From reading the
story you should not only get your grounding on the game's concept, but also
get used to the great way the game presents it's dialogue -through Olimar's
thoughts and experiments.

"Olimar's Disaster...

My name is Captain Olimar. On my home world of Hocotate, I am a well-known
navigator of the stars. I used my faithful ship, the Dolphin, to carry small
freight and deep-space minerals from planet to planet. It is a job of no small
importance, and I take it seriously.

For a long time I had been working too hard, a tendency of mine, so I decided
to take some time off by myself to recuperate. The night before I left my wife
prepared my favorite soup. This soup is a famous dish on my planet, made with
three large onions and hundreds of miniature red, yellow, and blue carrots.
Once I had my fill of this delicious dinner, I climbed into my warm bed and
began to think of the leisurely vacation that would start the next mourning. I
finally fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.

The journey began well. With no destination in mind, I simply allowed the sleek
Dolphin to make its own efficient way through the vast reaches of space. A
strange feeling came over me... I then felt a premonition that my short trip
would soon become an epic adventure. I dismissed the thought as foolishness
from my overactive brain, then switched the Dolphin to autopilot and stood up
from the control seat to make a hot cup of tea. Just then, a massive jolt shook
the Dolphine! For a brief moment, my mind reeled with the possibilities of what
might have happened, but I had little time to react. I was thrown against the
control panel, and I blacked out.

When I came to, I found the Dolphin has crashed on a strange planet, in a place
whose name and location I could not guess. I thanked the laws of chaos that I
was at least, for the time, safe. After some inspection, I noticed the Dolphin
was so shaken during reentry that several of her pieces had been jarred loose,
probably scattered around the planet. To make matters worse, my space suit's
sensores indicated that the planet's atmosphere contained oxygen, an element
incredibly deadly to my people. Fortunately the life-support system built into
my suit seemed unharmed, but I knew that it had only enough remaining battery
power to function for another 30 days. If only I could find the engine, then at
least I could fly within this planet's atmosphere to search other parts...

Will I be able to find the missing parts from my space ship? Will I be able to
return safely to my home and family? I must steel myself against fear and
loneliness if I am ever to see them again.

I have decided to record all of my observations and experiences in my journal
until I am able to leave this forbidding planet. My only hope lies in the
promise of two strange encounters that I had today. The first was the discovery
of a large object, similar to the onions on my planet. But it was enormous,
and it rested on three legs. The other was the appearance of a small life-form
eerily similar in appearance to my planets miniature carrots. I have decided to
name this small life-form... Pikmin..."

To really be successfull in Pikmin, you're going to need to be very comfortable
with the controls. Luckilly, in true Nintendo fashion, the controls are easy to
pick up, but extremely intuitive as well. Listed here is a quick reference of
Pikmin's controls.

Control stick - When tilted slighty the control stick moves the cursor around
                Olimar. When tilted further the stick controls Olimar.

D-Pad         - Not used

C-Stick       - Use the C-stick to control the Pikmin you have currently
                selected. You cannot control them from a far distance, the
		C-stick is only used to control them while they're close to
		you so you can make sure they don't fall into the water or go
		somewhere you don't want them to go.

A Button      - The A button is the primary button in Pikmin. The A button has
                many uses including picking Pikmin from the ground and throwing
		Pikmin on enemies or objects. You can also press the A button
                in combat to do a small amount of damage to your enemy.

B Button      - The B button is used to call your Pikmin. This is a very
                important part of the game, as your Pikmin frequently stray
		from the group. When you use the call, any Pikmin within the
		call circle automatically rejoin the group. The longer you
		hold the B button the large the call circle will get.

X Button      - The X button is very useful in Pikmin. Pressing the X button
                dismisses your Pikmin from the group into seperate groups by

Y Button      - Press the Y button to bring up Olimar's monitor. This is your
                basic status screen, displaying many different statistics about
		your progress, as well as the map and various other features.

L Button      - Press the L button to reposition the camera behind Olimar's

R Button      - Press the R button to change how close the camera is to Olimar.
                Often you will need to bring the camera far out to see
                everything on-screen.

Z Button      - Press the Z button to change the camera's point of view.

Start Button  - Press the Start button to bring up the Pause menu.



As little Olimar regains his conciousness from the crash, he turns around to
see his space ship in shambles! Olimar turns around to tell you the situation,
how he crash landed on this strange planet and now needs to find a way to get
his space ship back together within 30 days. He says if he can't repair his
space ship before 30 days, that his life-support system will fail and he'll...
well you know. We must help Olimar find the missing parts and repair his space
ship before it's too late!

Walk out into the small clearing until you see a fairly large dark red object.
When Olimar walks into the object, it springs out from the ground and stands
tall on its three large legs. Olimar says there are vegetables on his planet
that resemble this object. On his planet these objects are called Onions
(fancy that :P).

When the Onion sprung from the ground, a single seed fell from it. This seed
produces a sprout that draws Olimar to it. Have Olimar pick the sprout out of
the ground with the A button to discover an adorable little creature fly out.
Olimar says the creature's shape resembles a Pikpik carrot from his planet, so
he decides to call the little creature a Pikmin!

Olimar is intrigued with the little Pikmin he found, and wants to try a few
experiments on it. Try throwing the Pikmin with the A button. Then try
dismissing him with the X button and calling him with the B button.

Once you are more comfortable controlling the Pikmin, lead him to one of the
flowers with a red pellet in it. Point the cursor at the stem of the flower
and press the A button to throw the Pikmin onto the flower. The Pikmin will
smack the flower (yes, smack the flower) a few times until it falls, leaving
a red pellet on the ground. The Pikmin will then carry the pellet to the Onion,
and the Onion will suck it up and spit two more seeds out from the top of it.
Pick the sprouts from the ground, now two more Pikmin are at your disposal!

Take your group of Pikmin to the other flower with a red pellet and repeat the
process, bringing your total Pikmin to 5. Take your Pikmin up the tree stump,
past your space ship and to the left to find yet another pellet. Bring it back
to the Onion as well to bring your Pikmin total to 7. You now have more than
enough Pikmin to take over to the cement area and bring back the large red
pellet (you can tell how many Pikmin a pellet takes to carry by the number on
top of it). The large pellet makes the Onion spout out 5 more Pikmin to add to
your growing group! After bringing the large red pellet to the Onion, go back
to the cement area to find another flower on a ledge behind where the pellet
once stood. Bring it back to the Onion to bring your Pikmin total up to 14.

You should've noticed a large brown box, passing by it several times. Well now
it's time to move past this area. To do so, you must take your Pikmin to the
box, throw them on the box and watch as they work together to push the box out
of your way. Olimar is very impressed with the Pikmin's team work and thinks
with their help, there may still be hope for him to repair his ship and
escape... before it's too late.

Continue past the brown box into the clearing. What's this? Could it be? Yes,
it's your space ship's engine! Olimar's luck is surely shining bright today.
Unfortunately, you still need a way to bring it back to your ship, as you
don't have enough Pikmin to lift it, it looks like Olimar isn't so lucky
after all.

But hope is not lost, as Olimar is lucky to have us to guide him on his quest.
Turn around and run up the ramp, over the box that the Pikmin pushed into place
to find your self in a large circular area. In this area you will find many
more pellets, three small and one large. Let your Pikmin have at them, and
follow them back to the Onion. With so many Pikmin to pick at once, Olimar
tells you that you can pick all of them quickely by pressing the A button
repeatedly. Olimar also tells you how to tell Pikmin in your group apart from
ungrouped Pikmin. With that, head back to the engine, now with 25 Pikmin in tow
you can surely life the engine back to your ship! Toss the Pikmin onto the
engine and follow them back to your ship. The ship sucks up the part and is
now capable of liftoff!

Congratulations, you've just finished your first Pikmin day! As night falls,
Olimar prepares his ship for liftoff to the next area where he will continue
to search for the remaining parts of his ship. To Olimar's surprise, the
Pikmin, loaded in the Onion, liftoff as well and follow the little space man.
It looks like Olimar has found some friends with the Pikmin!

-Eternal Fuel Dynamo

Now on the second day of our adventure, you should have learned much from the
first day and be pretty comfortable with Pikmin's general gameplay.

Beginning the new day, go to the Onion and press the A button to unload all of
your Pikmin. Take note of the area around you, this little clearing is your
home base for this level. First thing is first, let's clear up this area. Have
your Pikmin pull down the two flowers here and take the pellets back to the

Look around the area for a white gate in the wall and throw all of your Pikmin
into it. The Pikmin will start smacking it to bring it down, allowing you to
progress outside of your area. It will take a while for them to take it down,
so be patient. Before you head out go back beside the space ship. You should
see what looks like two large yellow drops of water. Have your Pikmin walk into
the drops to see them start drinking it. This isn't water Olimar says, it's
nectar from the plant here! Watch as the Pikmin drink the nectar to see their
sprouts change into flowers. Once all of your Pikmin have flowers on their
heads, venture out side of home base.

In front of you you should see a bunch of pellet flowers and two grup dogs.
These are small grup dogs and don't pose much of a threat. Go over to them with
your Pikmin and throw about 5 Pikmin on each. You shouldn't suffer any
casualties here. Have your Pikmin take the grup dogs back to the Onion and
have the rest take down the 5 pellet flowers. There is also a large red pellet
on a ledge if you go up and left a bit. Throw a few Pikmin on that to send it
back as well. Go back to base and pick all of the Pikmin, which should bring
your total to 53. Before you head back out, find the other plant in your base
clearing and have all your Pikmin drink the nectar and sprout flowers.

Head out and turn slightly to your right. You should see two more small grup
dogs, a large red pellet, a small red pellet, some flowers, and a large grup
dog. Don't be alarmed at the large grup dog, it's asleep. Now we've got to get
our Pikmin group as big as possible before we wake the large grup dog up and
challenge him. First, take out the two small grup dogs and have them sent back
to base. Now throw 10 Pikmin at the large red pellet, having them take that
back as well. With the rest of the Pikmin, head a little further out and to the
left and you'll see some pellet flowers... and what's this? You've found
another part to Olimar's space ship! You've found the Eternal Fuel Dynamo!

Don't worry about the Dynamo for now though. Right now you don't have enough
Pikmin to carry it back currently in your group, so have the rest of your
Pikmin take down and bring back the three pellet flowers by the Dynamo. Head
back to the Onion to find plenty of Pikmin to pick, after you've picked them
all you should be at a grand total of 79 Pikmin! Quite a formidable group you
now control. Anyway, it should now be around noon, let's head back out!

Now with your large force, you have plenty of Pikmin to carry back the Dynamo.
Throw 40 Pikmin onto the Dynamo and follow them back to base for the space ship
to suck up. Now head back out with your group to take on the large grup dog.
It's a very good idea to sneak up behind the grup dog before you throw your
Pikmin all over him as it will surprise the grup dog, keeping Pikmin casualties
down much lower than if you attacked from the front. To sneak up behind him you
may need to use the C-stick to keep your Pikmin from waking him up. Once you
take down the large grup dog, throw enough Pikmin on him to take him back to
the base. There should also be two pellets by the large grup dog. Make sure to
send those back to base as well.

With your remaining Pikmin, take them a little further behind where the large
grup dog used to be sleeping and you'll find another white gate like the one
you took down before. Have all of your Pikmin work on this gate while you head
back to the base to collect all of the other Pikmin. Once you have all of the
Pikmin from base, take them back to the gate which should now be taken down.
Your total Pikmin should be 94 now (or less if any of your Pikmin died while
fighting the large grup dog).

Looking into the gate you should see another large grup dog sleeping, but this
time there is a small grup dog playing next to it (the large one must be the
mother ^_^). This poses a problem -if any of your Pikmin get close enough, the
small grup dog will try to follow it, but before it leaves the area it will
wake its mother. To further the problem, on your way past the grup dogs there
are two pellets that your Pikmin will try to take back. The C-stick will be
very helpful now. Use the C-stick to keep the Pikmin to the wall, try going
fast so the Pikmin don't try picking up the pellets. Now behind the large grup
dog, use the same strategy as before and take down the large and small dog.
You might suffer some casualties here as it's pretty hard not to wake the
mother before you get behind her. After you defeat the two grup dogs it should
be getting close to sunset. Quickly have your Pikmin take down and bring back
the four pellet flowers and the two grup dogs. This should be your last task
for this Pikmin day. Your final total of Pikmin should be 120 or a little less
depending on how many casualties you suffered.

Continued soon...


0.1   -   Got the basics up, walkthrough for the first two days finished, Story
          section finished, and Controls section finished.


Thanks to CJayC for the best site on the Internet, and my writin' skillz.

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