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                FAQ/Walkthrough written by and copyrite bes4360

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PART 1: Pertinant Info
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Table of Contents|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

PART 1: Pertinant Info

001................Table of Contents
003................Game Info
004................Version History
005................Legal Info

PART 2: The Story

008................Twinleaf Town
009................A Trip to the Lake
010................Prof. Rowan
011................Your First Pokemon
012................Return Home


013................Jubilife City
014................Rival's Challenge
015................To Oreburgh
016................Oreburgh City
017................Gym 1: Roark and the Coal Badge


018................Return to Jubilife City
019................The Road North
020................Floaroma Town
021................Team Galactic?
022................The Valley Windworks
023................Showdown with Commander Mars
024................The Road North Part 2
025................Eterna Forest
026................Eterna City
027................Gym 2: Gardenia and the Forest Badge


028................Team Galactic Part 2
029................Showdown with Commander Jupiter
030................A Bicycle
031................An Explorers Kit
032................Leaving Eterna City



00W................Final Notes
00X................Contact Info


Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Pokemon Diamond.  Generation 4's seemingly 
more popular game.  In this walkthrough I will guide you through every step of
the game.  Collecting every pokemon and beating all of the challenges to be
found.  I hope you enjoy my FAQ and that it helps you get through the game!

PS. I should also note that this Walkthrough will get you through Pearl version
as well as Diamond but you will have to (in your head) input the changes from
Diamond to Pearl.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Game Info|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pokemon Diamond is one of the two Generation 4 games in the Pokemon series.  It
adds many new pokemon to be caught, new gyms to be challenged, a new storyline
to be followed and more as you explore the region of Sinnoh !  The featured
pokemon, the legendary Dialga adds adds a twist of time to the game.  Your new
foes, Team Galactic are out to create a new world and destroy this one.  Why?
Well let's find out!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Version History|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Sept. 29, 2008
Completed the basic sections including Game Info, Intro etc.  More to come 

Sept. 29, 2008
Completed through the Walkthrough section.  This adds TONS of info to the 

Sept. 30, 2008
Completed section 008 and added a little bit about game controls.

Oct. 08, 2008
Completed a few more sections (up to 013).  FAQ still in BETA form so expect 
quite a few more updates.

Oct. 20, 2008
A massive update.  Added a bunch of information and sections.  My next update
should be within the next week.

Oct. 20, 2008
A minor update.  Added sections but they don't add up to much.

Nov. 26, 2008
Another minor update.  I'm pretty busy right now so things are kinda backed
up.  Bear with me!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Legal Info|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyrite Matt Besonen (bes4360) and is to be used ONLY
for personal and private use.  Any other use of this FAQ is STRICTLY 
prohibited.  The following websites and people are allowed to use this FAQ:



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If you see this FAQ ANYWHERE else please email me at: mbesonen AT up DOT net.


Here you'll find answers to many questions you have.  If you don't find the 
answer here, feel free to email me or go to: www.gamersgalaxy.forumotion.net
and leave me a message there.  (I own gamersgalaxy so I am free to put this 

Q: What types of pokemon are there?
A: In total, there are 17 different types of pokemon.  They are:
Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Fighting, Psychic, Dark, Ghost, Rock, Ground, 
Poison, Flying, Steel, Bug, Dragon, Electrical, and Ice.

Q: What are weaknesses?
A: A weakness is when a pokemon's type is weak to another pokemon's attack 
type.  For exapmle, Bulbasaur has a weakness to Fire because he is a Grass
type.  Here is a list of all of the weaknesses:
Fire is weak against water, ground and rock
Grass is weak against fire, poison and flying
Steel is weak against ground, fire and fighting
Ice is weak against steel, rock, fire and fighting
Ground is weak against water, ice and grass
Fighting is weak against flying and psychic
Ghost is weak against grass, ghost and dark
Psychic is weak against bug, dark, ghost
Dragon is weak against ice and dragon
Bug is weak against rock, fire, flying and poison
Electric is weak against ground
Rock is weak against water, grass, ground, fighting and steel
Poison is weak against ground and psychic
Flying is weak against electric, rock and ice
Normal is weak against fighting
Water is weak against electric and grass

Q: What are strengths?
A: Same thing as weaknesses except the reverse side of things.  For example,
Fire type attacks are strong against Grass type pokemon.  A complete list of
Fire is strong against grass, ice, bug, and steel
Grass is strong against water, ground, rock and ghost
Steel is strong against ice and rock
Ice is strong against grass, ground, flying and dragon
Ground is strong against fire, electric, poison, rock and steel
Fighting is strong against normal, ice, rock, dark and steel
Ghost is strong against psychic and ghost
Psychic is strong against fighting and poison
Dragon is strong against dragon
Bug is strong against grass, psychic and dark
Electric is strong against water and flying
Rock is strong against fire, ice, flying and bug
Poison is strong against grass and bug
Flying is strong against grass, fighting and bug
Normal isn't strong against anything
Water is strong against fire, ground and rock


Probably the resason you are looking at this in the first place.  This is the
Walkthrough.  Where I take you through every little aspect of the game.  From
getting your first pokemon to the Elite 4 this part of the guide will explain
it all to you in detail.  But before we actually get started, here's a list of
some useful things:


Appendix A:
Pokemon Abilities:
Every pokemon has abilities in addition to attacks and types.  Every ability
has a different effect and a certain species may have different abilities.  No
pokemon has two abiilities though.  Here is a list of all of the pokemon 

Name: Description 
Air Lock: Is not effected by weather.
Arena Trap: The opponent cannot run nor switch. Flying-type Pokemon and Pokemon 
with the Levitate special ability are uneffected. 

Battle Armor: The opponent's moves cannot Critical Hit. 

Blaze: When HP is below 1/3rd, Fire's power increases to 1.5 times.

Cacophony: Uneffected by sound moves.
Chlorophyll: When sunny, Speed doubles.
Clear Body: Opponent's moves that lower ability values have no effect.
Cloud Nine: Is not effected by weather.
Color Change: Becomes the type of a damaging move that hits it.
Compoundeyes: Accuracy is raised to 30% in battles.
Cute Charm: The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with ATTRACT when 
using a direct attack against this Pokémon.
Damp: Neither side can use Explosion or Selfdestruct.
Drizzle: Rain falls when the Pokemon enters battle.
Drought: Sunlight shines when the Pokemon enters battle.
Early Bird: SLEEP conditions lasts for half as long.
Effect Spore: The opponent has a 10% chance of being induced by PARALYE, 
POISON, or SLEEP when using a direct attack against this Pokémon.
Flame Body: The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with BURN when 
using a direct attack against this Pokémon.
Flash Fire: Fire-type moves deal 1.5 times damage. Immune to damage from 
Fire-type attacks. 

Forecast: Its type and figure change with the weather.
Guts: raises to 1.5 times when induced with a status. 

Huge Power: Attack power is doubled in battle. It will return to normal if 
special ability is taken. 

Hustle: Damage from attacks is 1.5 times, but average accuracy is only 80%. 

Hyper Cutter: Opponent cannot lower Attack value. 

Illuminate: If the Pokémon is in the lead spot, chance of encountering a wild 
Pokemon raises. 

Immunity: Cannot be POISON condition.
Inner Focus: Will not flinch.
Insomnia: Cannot be SLEEP condition. 

Intimidate: Upon entering battle, the opponent's Attack lowers one stage. 

Keen Eye: Opponent cannot lower accuracy. 

Levitate: Damage dealing Ground-type moves have no effect.
Lightningrod: Electric type moves are drawn to it. 

Limber: Cannot be Paralyze condition.
Liquid Ooze: When the opponent absorbs Hit Points, the opponent instead loses 
Hit Points. 

Magma Armor: Cannot be FREEZE condition.
Magnet Pull: Steel types cannot run nor switch.
Marvel Scale: Defense raises to 1.5 times when induced with a status.
Minus: When battling with PLUSLE, Special Attack becomes 1.5 times. 

Natural Cure: Status is healed when withdrawn from battle.
No Ability: No special ability 

Oblivious: Cannot be Attract condition. 

Overgrow: When HP is below 1/3rd, Grass's power increases to 1.5 times.
Own Tempo: Cannot be confusion condition.
Pickup: May find an item after battle.
Plus: When battling with MINUN, Special Attack becomes 1.5 times.
Poison Point: The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with POISON when 
using a direct attack against this Pokémon.
Pressure: When hit by a move, the opponent's PP lowers by 2 rathern than 1.
Pure Power: Attack power is doubled in battle. It will return to normal if 
special ability is taken. 

Rain Dish: A little bit of HP is restored every turn that it is raining.
Rock Head: Does not receive recoil damage from moves such as Double-Edge and 
Volt Tackle. 

Rough Skin: The opponent is hurt by 1/16th hit points of recoil when using a 
direct attack against this Pokémon. 

Run Away: Except for trainer battles, can always run from battle.
Sand Stream: Sandstorm blows when the Pokemon enters battle.
Sand Veil: During a sandstorm, evasion rises.
Serene Grace:  The chances of a move having an effect doubles. 

Shadow Tag: The opponent cannot run nor switch.
Shed Skin: Every turn, it has a 1 in 3 chance of healing from a status 

Shell Armor: The opponent's moves cannot Critical Hit.
Shield Dust: Opponent's move do not have an additional effect.
Soundproof: Uneffected by sound moves.
Speed Boost: Speed increases by one stage each turn.
Static: The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with PARALYZE when using 
a direct attack against this Pokémon. 

Stench: If the Pokémon is in the lead spot, chance of encountering a wild 
Pokemon lowers. 

Sticky Hold: Item cannot be taken.
Sturdy: One-hit knock out moves have no effect.
Suction Cups: Cannot be switched by the opponent using Roar or Whirlwind.
Swarm: When HP is below 1/3rd, Bug's power increases to 1.5 times.
Swift Swim: When rainy, Speed doubles. 

Synchronize: When the Pokemon becomes Poison, Paralyze, or Burn, so does the 

Thick Fat:  Fire and Ice-type moves deal 50% damage.
Torrent: When HP is below 1/3rd, Water's power increases to 1.5 times. 

Trace Special: ability becomes the same as that of the opponent.
Truant: Cannot attack consecutively.
Vital Spirit: Cannot be SLEEP condition.
Volt Absorb: Healed by up to 1/4 maximum Hit Points when hit with Electric-
type moves. 

Water Absorb: Healed by up to 1/4 maximum Hit Points when hit with Water-type 

Water Veil: Cannot be BURN condition.
White Smoke: Opponent's moves that lower ability values have no effect.
Wonder Guard  Only harmed by Super Effective damage.    


Appendix B:
This is a complete list of all of the items in the game.  This includes Balls
and Key Items.


Credit goes to Shuko for the guide.


Appendix C:
This is a complete list of all 493 pokemon.  


Credit goes to Marriland for the guide.


And now, on with the Walkthrough!

PART 2: The Story
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Twinleaf Town|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As our adventure begins, Professor Rowan visits with us and asks us a few 
questions.  But first, he will tell you to touch the center of the pokeball on
the bottom on the screen.  Do so, and Munchlax will pop out.  Prof. Rowan,
(refered to in the rest of this guide as Rowan) will tell you a little bit 
about himself and the world of pokemon.  He will eventually get around to 
asking you what gender you are.  It won't matter which gender you choose but it
is reccomended that you choose the same gender as you are.  Then, he will ask 
you your name.  If you chose male the default name will be Lucas.  If you chose
female, the default name is Dawn.  I will refer to you, however, as "Player" 
throughout the rest of the guide.  You will then be asked to name your rival. 
I will simply call him "Rival" throughout the guide.  Player will then be 
shrunk and thrust into the world of pokemon! 

I thought I should take a little time to explain controls to you.  So here is a
list of all of the controls in the game:

A~~~~~~~Observe objects/talk to people
B~~~~~~~Run (after obtaining Running Shoes)/Change Bike gears
X~~~~~~~Open Menu
Y~~~~~~~Not Used
SELECT~~Not Used
START~~~Not Used
L~~~~~~~Not Used
R~~~~~~~Not Used

D-Pad~~~Navigate Moves/Items
A~~~~~~~Select Move/Item
B~~~~~~~Undo last action
X~~~~~~~Not Used
Y~~~~~~~Not Used
SELECT~~Not Used
START~~~Not Used
L~~~~~~~Not Used
R~~~~~~~Not Used

D-Pad~~~Scroll through choices
A~~~~~~~Select option
X~~~~~~~Open/Close Menu
Y~~~~~~~Not Used
SELECT~~Shuffle Items
START~~~Not Used
L~~~~~~~Not Used
R~~~~~~~Not Used

Now that you are actually in control.  Take some time to get used to the 
controls.  Walk downstairs and talk to your mom.  She informs you that Rival 
wants to see you.  Leave the house and head for the large house on the north
east of town.  As you approach the door, Rival will come charging into you with
a THUD!!  (get used to it, this won't be the last time).  He tells you to come
with him to the lake or he'll fine you multiple-millions of dollars.  What a 
jerk.  Then, he realises that he's forgotten something and he heads back
inside.  Better follow him.  Head upstairs and he will talk to you.  He leaves
and heads back outside.  Head North (UP in this guide) and out onto the Route
beyond.  Rival is here and he talks to you about the TV show you watched 
earlier that morning.  He says it was about The Search for the Red Gyarados.
He rambles on about finding something spectacular like that in the lake near 
where you live.  Oh well, we'll play along...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|A Trip to the Lake|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Rival begins to follow you like you're his mother as you head to the lake.  
Lead him to the West and you'll see an opening in the trees to the North.  
Walk towards them and go into the opening.  When you enter, you'll see an old
man and a younger person with him.  They will change you'r life in a minute.
The young person identifies him as Prof. Rowan.  

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Prof. Rowan|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Surprised?  Anyway, after a bit of talking, they head towards you.  Instead of
stopping to introduce themselves, Rowan rather rudley demands that you let them
pass.  Like we had any plans of stopping them.  They leave and Rival sees that
they left something.  Too bad it's in the middle of the tall grass where
pokemon live and you don't have a pokemon for protection.  Rival somehow
convinces you to go with him and examine it.  Oddly enough, once you get to it,
two Starlys appear. Rival acts like he's never seen a pokemon before and freaks
out.  He then opens the briefcase to find 3 pokeballs inside!  He says for you
to choose one.  Here comes the most infulential choice you make in the game.
Choosing your starter pokemon.  Choose wisely because the one you choose is the
one you will have for the rest of the game.  And only through trading can you
get the others.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Your First Pokemon|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

WOOT!  Your first pokemon!  Better make a good choice right?  Well, fortunatley
for you, I have played the game once around with every starter.  Here's the 
bottom line:

Choice #1

Type: Grass
Pokedex #: Sinnoh 001/Kanto 387
Pros: Turtwig has massivley high defense.  This aids in protecting against
weaknesses but also provides a stable backing for attacks by lessening the 
amount of items you have to use.  
Cons: Slow.  Turtwig is slow.  This may cause some problems against types he's
weak to because of that.  Even with his high defense, he still may be 
innefctive because of his speed.
Evolves into: 

Type: Grass
Pokedex #: Sinnoh 002/Kanto 388
Pros: Basically the same as Turtwig except that Grotle has much higher stats.
He also learns some good attacks as Grotle (don't let him learn Curse however,
he's slow enough as it is).
Cons: Again, Speed is his main drawback.
Evolves into:

Type: Grass/Ground
Pokedex #: Sinnoh 003/Kanto 389
Pros: Ground type.  He learns Earthquake immediatley upon evolving.  This is 
the one reason you should choose Turtwig is because he evolves into Torterra.
Cons: Speed.  At Lv.100 he is still slower than some Lv.75 pokemon.  This can
hurt your chances of winning a battle not to mention what it does to Torterra's
self esteem!

All in all, I would make Turtwig a 2nd choice for beginners and a 3rd choice
for those with more experience.

Choice #2

Type: Fire
Pokedex #: Sinnoh 004/Kanto 390
Pros: Chimchar is Fire type.  The amount of Fire types is very low in this game
and boy will you need one.  Chimchar's stats are very balanced and very high.
His variety of Fire type attacks makes him a VERY formidable foe.  He learns
a strong Fire type attack very quickly (Ember, Lv.7) whereas, Piplup learns
his first strong attack LATE (Bubblebeam, Lv.22).  This gives Chimchar a HUGE
advantage over the other starters in terms of power.
Cons: Weaknesses.  Over time, Chimchar amasses the following weaknesses: Water,
Ground, Psychic, Flying.  Those are some very powerful weaknesses.  However, I
do believe his strengths (Grass, Ice, Steel, Dark, Normal) outweigh his 
Evloves into:

Type: Fire/Fight
Pokedex #: Sinnoh 005/Kanto 391
Pros: If you think he was good as a Fire type, watch what happens when he 
evolves and becomes the Fight type too.  He learns some awesome attacks and 
his stats get a huge boost too.  He learns his first Fight type move upon
evolving (Mach Punch, Evolve) and it has the same power as Ember (40).  He 
gains some strengths too, he was strong against Grass, Ice, and Steel before
but now he adds Dark and Normal to his strengths list.
Cons: He adds weaknesses too. Instead of just Water and Ground, you now have to
worry about facing Psychic and Flying type enemies as well.  This still doesn't
affect how good he is though.  Just have a backup for him when he hits tough
opponents.  One more thing, Monferno is ugly.  Very ugly.  Evolve him ASAP.
Evolves into:

Type: Fire/Fight
Pokedex #: Sinnoh 006/Kanto 392
Pros: This is as good as it gets right here folks.  With sky high stats and 
intense moves, he becomes an irreplacable vector in your team.  This is the 
stage where you learn such moves as: Close Combat, Fire Blast, Blast Burn etc.
This here is the reason for choosing Chimchar in the first place.
Cons: Same as before.  Weaknesses.  Infernape, I believe, can overcome his
weaknesses better than the other starters so this really doesn't affect his

This is my top choice of starter.  For beginners I make him #1.  #2 for those
who have experience as a trainer.

Choice #3

Type: Water
Pokedex #: Sinnoh 007/Kanto 393
Pros: Very few MAJOR weaknesses.  Also, strengths against quite a few types.  
This is all I can really say in Piplup's favor.  He does have fairly high stats
but he doesn't learn any GOOD moves until late.
Cons: Wow, where do I even begin?  Piplup is a pokemon for a VERY experienced
trainer.  He has so few strengths against the first few types you encounter 
that it's not funny.  He has trouble even against types that he's strong 
against because he learns so few strong moves.  If you can handle Piplup.  I
commend you.
Evolves into:

Type: Water
Pokedex #: Sinnoh 008/Kanto 394
Pros: Again, no really major weaknesses to be overcome.  He retains even higher
stats than Piplup so he may bring you some joy.  He also learns his first Steel
type attack (Steel Wing) in preparation for his evolution.
Cons: Intensly underpowered seems to describe this Water type that had SUCH 
potential.  He really only learns Brine in his favor as far as strong moves and
his stats (although higher than Piplup) are still badly placed for the style of
attacks he learns.
Evolves into:

Type: Water/Steel
Pokedex #: Sinnoh 009/Kanto 395
Pros: He begins to learn some powerful attacks at this stage including Hydro
Pump (120 Power).  This makes him stronger and relieves any grief he caused
you back in the Prinplup days.  His stats balance out to be more favorable to
his new attack style too.  This is th eone reason for choosing Piplup.  Also,
after attaining a certain area of the game, he can learn Hydro Cannon (150 
Power).  This is an ULTRA powerful attack so I guess there IS another reason to
shoose him.
Cons: WHAT??? He loses his resistance to Fire???  That's right!  With the 
addition of the Steel type to his profile (which is weak to Fire), Empoleon
has lost his resistance to Fire.  This, coupled with his ither cons from his
previous evolutions, makes him an EXTREMELY hard to win with pokemon.  I don't
know what the developers were thinking when they pulled this one...

This is easily the hardest of the three pokemon to raise.  Even so, I say for
trainers with more experience he is your 1st choice.  But for beginners? 3rd

Now that youv'e made your choice, we can continue with the game.  When we left,
You were attacked by two Starlys.  I should note here that whatever pokemon you
chose, your rival chose the one that it's weak to.  Hence if you chose: Rival




So take that into consideration.  Now, back to that battle.  As Starly attacks
you you send out your borrowed pokemon.  This battle will be very easy as the
Starly is only Lv.2.  Take him out and head OUTTA here!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Return Home|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Travel out of the Lake Verity area and head out onto the road.  As you head 
back towards your home, you run across Rowan and Mentor standing in the middle
of the road.  As you approach Rowan stops you and talks to you.  After a 
strange conversation, Mentor suggests that you visit their lab.  Rival insists
that he wants to spend more time with "this little guy" so you may as well head
home for now.  When you arrive at home, you tell your mom what happened at Lake
Verity (from now on, refered to as Verity).  She acts surprised and then tells
you that you should go visit Rowan.  Yeah, definatley a good idea since you 
still have his pokemon.  She gives you your first Key Item before you go.  The
Running Shoes.  If you thought the walking around was slow, now when you walk
"Press B to blaze new trails of adventure".  Before you can leave, another
interruption occurs.  Rival's mom rushes in asking if Rival is here.  After
assuring her that he isn't she asks you to deliver a Parcel to him.  She says
that he probably wne to Jubilife City.  Wonderful.  Now, leave the house and 
head back up to the north and go East (always to the right) on the path.  Walk
through the grass battling whatever pokemon come up.  You'll probably only see
Starlys and Bidoofs though.  Once you reach Sangem Town, it's time to find
Rowan's Lab.  Ironically, it's the first building you come to.  Mentor is
standing outside and talks to you.  He has you go inside and you meet with 
Rowan for your first REAL visit with him.  He says a lot of stuff about the
wonderful feeling you get when you travel with pokemon.  Then, he tells you 
he wants you to keep the pokemon you found in the suitcase.  Awesome!  Give it
a nickname if you wish and then he gives you the assignment.  He asks you to
fill a PokeDex for him.  Hooo boy.

A PokeDEX (refered to in this guide as either SDEX or NDEX.  S for Sinnoh and 
N for national) is a high tech encyclopedia that records information on all of
the pokemon you meet and even more info if you catch them.  Your goal in the
game is to catch all 493 pokemon.  Sound daunting?  It is.  You start with the
SDEX and once you see (you don't have to catch) all 150 (151 if you count 
Manaphy, but you don't have to see Manaphy to complete the SDEX) pokemon in 
Sinnoh, your dex will be upgraded to the NDEX.  The NDEX contains slots for 493
pokemon.  To complete it?  Catch all 493 pokemon.  Good Luck!

Leave the lab and head outside.  Mentor decides that it is his job to show you
around.  Let's tag along shall we?

Mentor shows you how to identify important buildings by the color of their 
roof.  Here's what he shows you and even what he doesn't.

Roof Color: Orange
Building: Pokemon Center
Use: Heal and restore your pokemon.  Connect to WiFi and other DS's.

Roof Color: Blue
Building: PokeMart
Use: Buy and sell items that help you on your adventure.

Roof Color: Brown
Building: Pokemon Gym
Use: Battle tough Gym leaders that have a type bias to obtain Pokemon Leauge
     Badges.  There are 8 Pokemon Gyms in Sinnoh with the following type 
     bias's:  Rock, Grass, Fighting, Water, Ghost, Steel, Ice, and Electrical.

This concluded, Mentor suggests that you head home to tell your mom that you 
are leaving on an adventure.  Good idea.  Head back to Twinleaf and talk to 
your mom.  She hears of your adventure and congratulates you.  She also 
presents you with an awesome new item: The Running Shoes.  Now, to speed up?
Press B to "blaze new trails of adventure".  Awesome.  Now, before you can head
out on this wonderful adventure, a new interruption occurs.  Rival's mom comes
in and asks if Rival is there.  After she hears that he isn't, she asks you to
deliver something to him.  She gives you a Parcel and tells you that you should
head to Jubilife City as that's where he probably is.  Fine, we'll run an 
errand for you.  She thanks you and heads off.  Now we can get back to our


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Jubilife City|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Return to Sandgem and heal, etc.  Then, head north through the grass until you
meet up with Mentor.  Mentor decides to teach you how to catch a pokemon.  Pay
as much or as little attention to this as you want because I am going to 
explain it to you in great detail.  

Here I will explain the most important part of the game.  Catching pokemon.  To
catch a pokemon all you have to do is throw a pokeball.  Unfortunatley this
doesn't always work.  Here's a good strategy to use:

1. Weaken
Weaken the pokemon by lowering it's HP/stats and/or inflicting a status 
problem (preferably asleep, paralyzed, or frozen)

2. Attempt to Catch
Try throwing a few pokeballs at it after weakening it.  You shaouldn't have any
dificulty catching them at this state.

3. Repeat
Supposing you just can't seem to catch it.  Go back, lower it's stats some 
more, and maybe even lower it's HP down into the red zone.  No lower though.
Repeat unil caught

Here is a list of all of the PokeBalls in the game:

Catch Rate: *
Levels: 1-10
Color: Red/White

Great Ball
Catch Rate: **
Levels: 11-20
Color: Blue/White

Ultra Ball
Catch Rate: ****
Levels: 21+
Color: Black/Gold

Nest Ball
Catch Rate: Goes up the lower the level
Levels: -15
Color: Camoflauge

Net Ball
Catch Rate: Better on But and Water types
Levels: 20-45
Color: Blue, Net pattern

Quick Ball
Catch Rate: Better the earlier it is used
Levels: 20+
Color: Blue/Gold X

Timer Ball
Catch Rate: Better the later it is used
Levels: 20+
Color: Black/White/Orange

Dusk Ball
Catch Rate: Better at night or in caves
Levels: 20+
Color: Black/Purple

Premier Ball
Catch Rate: * (MILDLY RARE BALL)
Levels: 1-15
Color: White/Red

Cherish Ball
Catch Rate: *** (VERY RARE BALL)
Levels: 15-30
Color: Red

Master Ball
Catch Rate: PERFECT (never fails to catch)
Levels: 75+ (works at any level, 75+ is reccomended usage)
Color: Purple/White

Continue to head north battling the trainers that you come across.  Note that 
you cannot run from a trainer battle.  Eventually you will come upon Jubilife 
City.  Save the game and heal at the local poekmon center.  Head towards a
building that looks like a school.  Well guess what, it is.  Go inside and 
head up to the chalkboard.  Look who's here!  Rival is standing there.  Talk to
him and hand him The Parcel.  He looks inside and finds 2 Town Maps.  Why would
he need two?  He obviously thinks the same thing and decides to give you one.
How nice!  He leaves and you may now look at the chalkboard if you wish.  It
describes many of the status problems that may affect your pokemon (not
including Infatuation).  Read them if you wish.  Leave the school and head N. 
You'll run into a guy with a very interesting thing to tell you.  If you can
find 3 clowns and answer their questions correctly, he'll give you a nice 
prize.  Let's do it.  When you find all 3 clowns (all within under 75 steps of
each other) and answer their questions correctly (here's a hint, all of the
answers are the first choice).  Return to the man and he will give you a 
PokeTCH.  A PokeTCH (refered to as TCH in this guide) is a pokemon watch with 
tons of interesting applications.  A watch, item finder, etc.  Have fun with 
it.  Now, head back to the trainers school.  Inside and to the right are two
trainers.  Talk to the boy and defeat his Abra.  Then, talk to the girl and 
defeat HER Abra.  Then, talk to the boy again and he will give you a TM with a
move that you've probably gotten used to while battling these two trainers.
Hidden Power.  Leave the trainers school and heal up.  Head out of the city to
the E to spark a new segment of your adventure.  

NOTE: I don't explain TM's here because they will explain them and I don't need

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Rival's Challenge|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As you leave the city, Rival will show up and challenge you to a battle.  This
will be fairly tough because he has everything that your starter is weak to.
Defeat him as quickly as possible.  Heal up at Jubilife and return to this 
road.  This time, continue on, battling trainers and catching wild pokemon.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|To Oreburgh|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Continue along the road until you come to a cave.  Enter this cave and travel
along the route.  Along the way, you will be stopped by a hiker who has a
pleasant suprise for you.  A HM.  A HM is a special move that can be used 
outside of battle.  Moves like (the one he gives you) Rock Smash which can move
craggy rocks from your path.  The catch?  You can't use them outside of battle
until you obtain certain Gym Badges.  Continue along battling the two campers
in the cave and try to catch yourself a Geodude to learn Rock Smash for you.
At the end of the cave is...Oreburgh City.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Oreburgh City|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Walk into the city and get stopped by some kid.  He walks up to you and says 
that you're a newb.  Great, what a warm welcome.  He shows you where the town
gym is and points out the fact that Rival is standing there.  Go talk to rival.
Then, head to the local center to heal up.  Then head S and go into Oreburgh 
Mine.  After you walk around the walkway you will come to a miner in a red hard
hat.  Talk to him and he introduces himself as Roark.  But not until he
demonstrates the importance of Rock Smash.  He leaves the mine and says he's 
going to the gym.  Hmm... Leave the mine and head back to the center to heal
up from the excursion into the mine.  Head back to the gym.  You can go in now.
Enter the gym to take on your first hurdle in becoming the Pokemon Leauge


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Gym: 1 Roark and the Coal Badge|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Gym 1 Info:
Leader: Roark
Type Bias: Rock
Badge: Coal
Weaknesses: Water, Fight, Grass
Strengths: Fire, Electric, Poison Rock, Steel, Ice, Flying, Bug
Trainers: 2

Head into the gym and choose one of the following paths:

1. Battle Trainers
2. Don't Battle Trainers

1. Go straight up the middle and battle trainer #1 then, battle trainer #2 at
   near the top of the stairs

2. Go the long way around and dodge the second trainer.


Trainer: Brock
Rank: Gym Leader
Type Bias: Rock
Gender: Male
Relations: Fantina (GYM5), Byron (GYM6)
Pokemon: Geodude, Onix, Cranidos

If you chose:

Use water based attacks.  They are 200% and 400% effective against his pokemon.
If you are already in Prinplup stage (which I hope you are) this battle will be
very easy.

Use your Razor Leaf attack.  This will smash up most of his pokemon.  Cranidos
may give you some trouble but not too much I shouldnt think.  I hope again that
you are in Grotle stage already.

You had better be in Monferno stage or you may as well just leave and train him
until he does evolve.  Good luck winning without Mach Punch.  If you have Mach
Punch, have LOTS of potions on hand to heal him up occasionally.  This battle
will be tough in any case.

Defeat Roark to obtain...

THE COAL BADGE!!!  Congratulations!

This badge will allow you to use Rock Smash outside of battle.  It also allows
pokemon obtained in trades to obey you at a higher level than before!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Return to Jubilife City|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It is now time for you to make your way back to Jubilife City.  This place
will be the focal point for your travels for awhile.  Once here you may as well
heal up because if you thought the first part was tough, you are in for a
rather large suprise!  From here, we head towards Badge #2.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|The Road North|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now you must head N out of Jubilife.  You will run into Rowan and Mentor 
before you can go far however.  They are having some trouble with  some
bluehaired people.  They are trying to stela Rowan's research.  Hey!  Let's
give our old pal a hand!  Battle with mentor and defeat the two "grunts".  
They will run off and it's time for you to be back on your way. After working 
your way to a cave, head inside.  However complex this place looks, it is 
really very easy.  Simply head up the stairs and rock smash your way East.  
Immediatley you will find a cave opening heading outside.  Use it and viola!  
You are outside!  Now, head N again and you will find a very clearly marked 
path.  Follow it, defeating the trainers, catching pokemon, seeing pokemon 
etc.  Eventually you will battle a set of twins.  Afterwards, you will come 
to a fenced in path.  Follow it and you will find yourself in Floaroma Town.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Floaroma Town|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Head north through the flower covered fields and you will notice two 
blue-haired people standing in one corner.  Rather suspicious eh?  
Now, head E out of town and a girl will stop you.  She will ask you to please
rescue her father from some "spacemen" that have gone into the Valley 
Windworks.  How rude of them!  Let's help her out.  Head E and you will come
to a building with windmills around it.  There is a bluehair outside of the
building.  He tells you that he is gonna lock himself in and that the other key
is in safe hands with the other bluehairs in the field.  Hmm.  Lets go get it.
Head back up there and you will notice that they are gone!  Head through the
break in the trees and you will see these thugs ROBBING a poor honey gatherer!
Let's show these thugs some manners!  Beat up their pokemon and the man thanks
you by giving you some honey (I'll tell you what to do with it later.)  He also
finds a key.  He generously gives it to you and sends you off.  Let's try using
this key back at the windworks.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Team Galactic|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Needless to say, youv'e probably discovered that these "bluehairs" are called
Galactic Grunts.  Now, if youv'e played previous pokemon games, you will know
what these people are.  [If you played Kanto (Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/FireRed/
LeafGreen) you are probably familiar with Team Rocket].  If you haven't played
previous games, I'll explain to you what Team Galactic is.  Team Galactic is
an organization that seeks to destroy this world and create a whole new world
where they rule.  Sounds like nice people huh?  I think not.  There are Grunts
(which are generally easy to beat), Commanders (which are hard to beat), and
there is the Boss.  The Boss is very hard to beat and he has some very good
pokemon.  Here is a list of the Galactic commanders:

1. ?????
2. ?????
3. ?????

Boss ?????

As you defeat each one, I will fill in the blanks.  This keeps a little bit of
suspense.  This section was simply to prepare you for what's next.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|The Valley Windworks|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Head into the Windworks (yes, the key works).  Inside, you will encounter the
Grunt you met outside.  He seems rather suprised to see you (even though he 
told us where the key was?).  He runs off.  Better follow the little bugger.
Chase him around the Windworks defeating Grunts along the way.  Eventually you
will get to a red haired woman who makes you a deal.  If you can beat her, she
will leave.  If not, you have to leave.  Hoo-boy.  She then introduces herself

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Showdown with Commander Mars|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Galactic Commander Mars

1. Mars
2. ?????
3. ?????

Boss ?????

Well, may as well do this.  Battle your first Galactic Commander.  This battle
won't be TOO difficult especially if you chose Chimchar.  If he knows any
fight type move like Mach Punch or Close Combat, he will lay her most
powerful pokemon, Purugly, out like a rug.  Defeat her and all of the Galactic
thugs disappear.  Good.  Now the girl rushes in and congratulates her daddy. 
And thanks you for the help.  She then tips a hint about "the baloon pokemon".
Interesting.  Let's come back on Friday and check it out!  Continue with
your adventure now by advancing to the next section.  But before you go, let 
me elaborate on the "baloon pokemon" thing.  Come back on a Friday and there
will be a purple baloon outside of the Windworks.  Talk to it and it reveals
itself as Drifloon, the baloon pokemon.  Catch him.  Now, move on!  
(By the way, the baloon pokemon only appears between about 10am and 4pm).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|The Road North Part 2|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Head out of the Windworks and turn N.  You may now advance yourself towards
Eterna Forest.  Head up the path defeating trainers, catching pokemon etc.  
Head towards a break in the trees at the top of the path and enter Eterna 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Eterna Forest|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Inside of the forest, you will encounter a girl with green hair.  She is scared
to traverse the forest alone so she asks to go with you.  You decide to go with
her and she joins you.  Head through the forest following the path.  There will
be several trainers here but nothing you can't handle.  TAKE NOTE: In the far
NW corner of the forest there is a green rock.  Remember where it is!  Head 
out towards the exit of the forest and take note of something just to the N of
you.  It is an abandoned mansion.  Ignore it for now but remember it's location
as there are many secrets it holds including a legendary pokemon.  Head E and
out of the forest.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Eterna City|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Welcome to Eterna City.  Here you may as well hit the pokemon center and heal
up.  I hope you have a fire or bug type with you.  Head south through the city
and head BEHIND the Gym to find a cool item!  Then head into the gym.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Gym 2: Gardenia and the Forest Badge|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Gym 2 Info:
Leader: Gardenia
Type Bias: Grass
Badge: Forest
Weaknesses: Fire, Bug, Flying
Strengths: Water, Rock 
Trainers: 4

In this gym, you must battle all 4 trainers before you can face Gardenia.


Trainer: Gardenia
Rank: Gym Leader
Type Bias: Grass
Gender: Female
Relations: Candice (GYM7)
Pokemon: Roserade, Roselia, Turtwig (I think, email me if this is wrong)

If you chose:

You are in for major trouble.  Better have a Kricketune or Ponyta with you or
you may as well give up.  Even if you manage to get past the first two, 
Roserade will kick your backside.

Concentrate on keeping your Power Points (PP) up.  If you lose them you will 
get KO'd because you will have very few (if any) super effective attacks 
against her pokemon.

If you chose Chimchar, this battle will be too easy.  You will lay her pokemon
out like a rug.  You don't even need a strategy.

Defeat Gardenia to obtain...

THE FOREST BADGE!!!  Congratulations!

This badge will allow you to use Cut outside of battle.  It also allows
pokemon obtained in trades to obey you at a higher level than before!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Team Galactic Part 2|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Head over to the building in the N of town (with the spiked walls) and use Cut
to enter the building.  Once inside, it is fairly easy to work your way through
and reach the top.  Once you get there, you must fight another Galactic 
Commander.  At the top, there is a purple haired woman whom you must approach.
Do so and she will introduce herself as...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Showdown with Commander Jupiter|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Galactic Commander Jupiter

1. Mars
2. Jupiter
3. ?????

Boss ?????

Nothing too difficult.  Basically a lot like Commander Mars except that Jupiter
has some slightly better pokemon than Mars does.  Just make sure to bring along
MANY potions and other healing items.  Defeat this woman and she will leave
you with a promise that Team Galactic isn't done with yet!  The guy you just
unknowingly rescued from her (yep, this is our good deed for the day) tells you
to meet him at his bicycle shop.  Why not?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|A Bicycle|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Head S through town until you pass a building with a sign telling you that it
is the bicycle shop.  Owned by Rad Rickshaw, they sell the fastest bikes
available.  Head insind and talk with Rad.  He thanks you for saving him and
GIVES you a bike!  Awesome!  I reccomend that you go to your Key Items slot
in your bag and set your bike to be used every time you press "Y".  Now that
we have this, out traveling speed goes up by at least 3x.  Now, on to our
next little errand.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|An Explorers Kit|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now, before we can leave the city, we have to make one more stop.  Head over to
the explorers house (next to the PokeMart) and head inside.  There you will
recieve an Explorers Kit.  Use this to travel to the underground.  The things
you can do down there are extensive and include the following:

1. Meet with (I believe) 50 people and you can recieve a special pokemon at
   a special place.

2. You can build a secret base and play with your friends there.

3. You can dig for treasures.

4. You can dig for spheres and trade them in for treasure.

Now that you have this, you can now leave Eterna City.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Leaving Eterna City|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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